August 18, 2013: The “magical light” has moved from Bethlehem to Helsingør, where I will be born as my new self/everything


Summary of the script today

17th August: My sister including my family, Karen and previous employers gave me the kiss of death supposed to terminate me/life

  • Dreaming of Sidsel having a 20 times bigger standard of living than me, still suffering, many famous people will become teachers of mine, especially selected people to join the secret network of the World Elite, where they do “dirty dancing” together.
  • My sister feels horrible by being “portrayed” by me as one who cannot ask questions, listen and understand anything else (in relation to me) than her own strong voice and as one, who shows WRONG behaviour. It is only because of her that I am still given cough of darkness to continue the game, and it is only because of love of my mother that the world did not explode. I received the taste of vomit because of darkness of my mother/sister sent to me. I tried to make my mother and John understand about the Big Lie of Big Pharma, but was met by incredible negativity, inability to listen/understand and I was attacked by simple-minded and better-knowing ignorance (“of course we need medicine to be cured” – not understanding that it is NOT medicine but the right LIFESTYLE and BEHAVIOUR of people, which is the cure) and treated as a lunatic receiving infuriating impertinence and being both ridiculed and degraded when Johan asked me “why doesn’t the (spiritual) Council just fix all of this” (?) making me incredible sad and disappointed – this was my own mother and John being completely brainwashed by the system and my sister, and when they cannot read my website on this and listen to me, they cannot and will not believe. These were the cold sores (from GIANT sneezes) and the worst of all diarrhoea = destruction, which I have received this week, which we had to go through to reach the Source, which has already happened (October 31, 2012), and you have also had the golden chain delivered to you, and your son has been born etc., so this was basically only about how to share the last darkness, which is coming to an end now – the game is breaking up, I am very close at stopping my work, and there will be no negative consequences now. It was only decimals remaining from the original creation when returning through darkness to the Source, but we brought creation self, which is what we have used to re-establish everything, which is really about filling up the fuel deposits.
  • It was when I lived in Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune (2009-11) that the director of this commune, Tim Andersen, received an order from the top of the society to lock me up on mental hospital via the new method (abduction, deletion of my identity and to be killed via heavy medicine), but it had to look good as if it was my own family who wanted me to be locked up. When I moved to Helsingør, this “task” was transferred to Bjarne Pedersen, the director of this Commune, who was about to do all of this but he regretted when I published all of his actions including the fake declaration of “crazy Alex”, the psychiatrist, wrongly stating that I am crazy as the official tool to get rid of me. The Commune received my dead sentence from my own family and previous employer too stating that I am crazy and that it was alright to lock me up, and it was all because of my sister’s acceptance of her new system meaning the eradication of people, and I was told that she knew that this is what I would become. This was set up when I was dying from starvation in 2010 and had no contact with my family, who had deserted me leaving me to die, and this is the extreme darkness (strength of the opposite world), which what was required to open the gates to Heaven to bring us all back to the Source after I had reconnected with the Source in the summer of 2010. My sister gave me the kiss of death supposed to terminate us all, and she was also assisted by Karen as part of the system. All of this was because it was a condition to remove me as a threat to the World Elite and its dark New World Order – an old plan of theirs from when I was little.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the lose plate being cut out, an elderly couple in bed, many “together melted heads”, “take our your car-corks (?) now old man”, people gets sick (of darkness), and sophisticated ladies with big hats.

18th August: The “magical light” has moved from Bethlehem to Helsingør, where I will be born as my new self/everything

  • Dreaming of the end of my work coming, working inside of darkness to broaden out my website to everyone, receiving darkness from Helle Aa., my dull work of writing is bringing confidence, faith of Rikke J. is opening to a large deposit of life, and “thank you for playing with me” (in this game of ours).
  • I have reached the end of the pipe including badminton balls to become everything, which is. I can first be given birth when there is no more darkness, so I will decide myself when I will finish my work and the game, which I will do very soon now (in not very many days, unless something new turns up). We also have the course set directly for Bethlehem, where it is also not going to become boring – right there where I was born as my previous self. This is about the birth of me, and what does Bethlehem – the birthplace of my previous self Jesus – truly hide, which has been classified from the world (?), and yes Stig will not return to here, but to Helsingør, is this what you can see from this place (?), which Israel does not want to say to protect “the holy land” with them, thus becoming the worst darkness self. But this is how to remove it because we do NOT like secretiveness, so even though this really could not be removed, this is what we have done, to the very place of where I live at “Kingdom of Heaven”, which is the name of the land that I live, and it is here that we will open the “magical light” of this birthplace again, which will assemble the entire world here because I am everything, so this is the birth of my new self as everything together with the birth of everyone as their new selves.
  • I did the hardest work a man has ever done writing now approx. 10,000 pages since May 2009 (while being more death than alive as a “zombie”), while my family, friends etc. decided to feel insulted because of my “negative writings” on them (= the truth of their bad behaviour, “inability” to understand etc.) thus focusing on themselves and not the big picture and also not understanding what I truly did and how incredible painful it was, which is showing the greatest selfishness in the world. All of my close family, friends etc. loved me despite of what they did against me. I was shown my father as a little Devil in front of me, who has performed as Sanna, Karen, Jack etc., and when I will stop the game/my work soon, they will come to me. We had to use a cutting torch to come through this darkness, and now you know just how dense/thick this darkness is after my script of yesterday. We have now returned to the Source inside the Pyramid. If I had given up during my journey, it would have opened my mother spiritually and also led to losses of the world.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show bigger and bigger lumps of life, the hole of the North Pole, big bad Africans, Michael Jackson in the middle of Earth (song), someone hiding under the big hat, a bad connection of the telephone line, a bride of darkness, a fountain helping to wash souls, the Dragholm family, and all originates out of one glass – amazing grace.
  • Short stories of the murder of Lady Diana and the systematic plan to eradicate all “dissidents” including my mother and I, simple minded people of Helsingør laughing of me and throwing me out of a Facebook group, and the death of Rolv Wesenlund and his character Fleksneks as the ultimate symbol of the death of darkness of my sister.


17th August: My sister including my family, Karen and employers gave me the kiss of death supposed to terminate me/life

Dreaming of famous people will become teachers of mine and especially selected people to join the World Elite

I slept from 01.00 to 08.30 having these dreams:

  • Sidsel as a giant country estate 20 times bigger than mine, and mine belongs to Elton John. Both of us would like to meet.
    • Apparently Sidsel thinks of me again, and her estate may simply be her standard of living compared to mine.
  • I was on ski holiday without remembering the details.
    • I.e. ”sufferings”.
  • A computer man has great success in his job. I am working but seek entry with the college of education as alternative, and it is amazing to see all of the famous people seeking in here.
    • The computer man designs our New World. The college is education teachers of mine.
  • It is impossible to get a job, and what would I do it I could start from scratch (?), which would be to help people, which may be my future role too. I am at a course where 23 have been especially selected from Denmark including Søren H., and they dance a “strange dance”.
    • The course felt as people being invited to participate in the secret network of the World Elite.
  • I woke up to “I’ve had the time of my life” from the movie “dirty dancing” with both this and also the lyrics “Yes I swear it’s the truth”, and this is about these people of the secret network especially selected/head hunted, who do “dirty dancing”, and yes I wonder why you like to add Søren H., as psychopath, to your network and you have not invited me (?), but I was not good enough or simply your opponent?

  • Half awake I was told that it is as if darkness has taken me over now and I have to live out this the worst darkness.

My sister including my family, Karen and previous employers gave me the kiss of death supposed to terminate me/life

(Alternative headline: I went through the worst of all darkness destructing most of creation to reach the Source, which has now been re-established).

I was destroyed by tiredness this morning having more impossible work to do, and no I cannot work on the website today, if I can finish and publish my script of yesterday I will be happy, which is more than difficult enough.

You are the smallest pizza delivery boy in the world now.

We also cannot burn/destruct now, remember?

It feels like your mother is returning from a farm holiday in Austria.

We lack a crane driver to lift this up, don’t we?

Talk about emotions of my mother one moment believing you are the one and the next that you are not, and how many went through this “not being able” to tell (because you “could not” read and understand).

Was it a surprise to Vera, your old class teacher, that it was you who were writing these incredible long scripts in English, which you did not believe I had the potential to doing judging me (wrongly) in school, Vera?

No, Jens Rohde was not silently asked to leave as the leading EU candidate of the liberal party last year, was he (?), and eeehhhh, it was also because of you, Stig, wasn’t it?

I received the feeling of the spirit of Berlusconi entering me, and also that he is accepting me and my New World Order and also that he is furthermore happy for this.

And again, both my sister and mother “cannot” understand that when they decide to be weak and do what is wrong, they are not only hurting themselves but me too, and why don’t you just do what is RIGHT and to UNDERSTAND this connection, how difficult can it be (???), and yes to do as I would always do instead of doing what I would NEVER do, and still I have to take on the sufferings you bring me.

So it was only immensely failure of your parents when you were growing up, which made it possible for you to become both as strong and sensitive as a condition to go through what you did.

So who else had an “interest” in me “losing my voice”, and yes Johannes had this too for a long time for me to stop criticizing “his city” for harassment etc. (?), and yes because of Bjarne influencing him negatively/wrongly, and it took for him to understand that you are right to change side.

How do you think it feels like for your sister to be “portrayed” by me that she cannot ask questions and listen – but only listens to her own strong voice (?), and yes “horrible”, right Sanna (?), and instead of opposing me with silence and talk about me behind my back, all you had to do was to behave correctly and speak to me directly, which was not too much to ask for, was it?

I continued working until 15.15 – from shortly after standing up as I do every morning – before I had finished the script of yesterday (far too much to write compared to how I feel) and before I had published it to Facebook, and yes, this in itself seemed completely impossible to do this morning because of the coat of darkness (thank you Sanna and mother etc.!) keeping me in tiredness/sufferings.

Do we feel surrounded (everything of the New World around me), and yes, now we start remembering how it was again (after having gone through the worst darkness of my sister and mother), and no, you have still not sent your email, and my mother and John are still living, and yes I will not rush, still the message here, Obama whom I feel.

And no, mother, not easy to believe in Stig, who was “crazy” when showing you UFO’s some months ago, is that what you think (but is not sure of) (?), and you did not realize that it was because you “could not” look carefully and did not want to believe (?), and now this new website on the dark NWO.

Why doesn’t the World Elite just remove my website and other Internet accounts/profiles (?), and yes as long as you are not adducted/”deleted”, they “cannot” because you will just write about them, which is what they hate.

I was first recommended to play “summertime” by Barbara Hendricks after the opera yesterday, but I got her name mixed up, but here she is in a truly astonishing beautiful version of this very beautiful song :-).

We did this last work to show you just how heavy our behind is.

I received the taste of vomit this afternoon – because of my mother/sister – and as if I was going to through up myself.

Your mother just had to say “voices” and then everyone knew that Stig was mad because this is what the system claims that voices are, and all people are brainwashed believing in the system and Sanna instead of being able to being open minded and listen to and understand me, no this is completely impossible of my family to do.

I was shown a river mammal and was told that they have also started the eradication of animals as a natural consequence of their evil, wrong and misunderstood actions, and how does all life connect (?), and yes “scientist” have made some tests on gen-modified plants and life too (?), and based on what apparently works, they have decided that this will then work in their “new world” and “dumb politicians/world elite” have passed this now knowing anything about this, and isn’t this what you call a risky decision (?), and yes here we call it plain dumb for man trying to act as God not having any idea of what you are doing – but believing that you are – which is what led you directly to the end of the world.

I was shown my monitor changing colour from “super yellow” to white and told that you will decide the colour yourself.

So it was only a matter of a few more months of work which changed the result 5-1 to 6-0 to save all present life from the experience of becoming terminated before the start of our New World.

I was shown and told about when I worked for Fair Insurance in 2006 and we were all visiting the new mother company of Gjensidige Insurance in Norway and where we were divided in groups and shown around the head office including a look into the office of the CEO Helge Baastad, and then you don’t get any higher in the (money) elite of Norway, and this is what all of the buying up of Fair by Gjensidige was about including the visit of all of Fair to Oslo, Norway.

And this was also the beginning of the end of the Danish CEO Peter A., who would have liked more power/influence, but instead he was dismissed in 2007 or 2008, which he could not imagine that he would become, and that was because he decided to let me go in early 2007 when he did not want to give me the job as BDM, which was “mine” but decided to do it himself, which he could not!

It is only because of Sanna that I am still given cough here and that we are playing, and it is only because of love of my mother that we did not explode.

Even Facebook has divided common people into “different classes”, which ultimately is about “win or disappear”, which is also what decides who will get access to your “secret area”, where you also discuss me behind my back, and no, Mark, you do NOT provide access for your servers to be “surveilled” as you told the public, and do you believe in Santa too (?), and this song is one of those 100 point songs too :-).

Think that we have finally come home at our very own parking place.

It required a quiet look into my father’s kingdom to make Anton follow you, and does he now understand that you brought him this, which he has not had since (?), and yes funny, right?

These were the cold sores (from GIANT sneezes) and the worst of all diarrhoea = destruction, which we had to go through to reach here, and since we have re-established everything when we entered here, so all of this destruction, which you experience now, has already happened (thinking of October 31, 2012), and you have also had the golden chain delivered to you, and your son has been born etc., so this is basically only about how to share the last darkness, which is why your mother and John are in danger again, who therefore needs my healing this evening, and that is because I have not yet shared our sufferings with the world via the new email to the United Nations.

I went to my mother and John this evening, and John had gone through new surgery yesterday to receive a new catheter followed by a new dialysis, which made his blood pressure fall drastically, and he slept first for 12 hours afterwards, and then a long sleep again.

At dinner my mother – as she also did last week – asked me to have my blood pressure measured (I understand that they have the equipment to do this), and I told them that my health is and has always been perfect including my blood pressure – but feared that it was not (!) – and when John started speaking about medicine as “chemicals”, he provoked me to speak about the Big Pharma as one big lie, which I had otherwise told myself not to do, and I soon discovered that it was COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE for both John and my mother to listen patiently with an open mind because it immediately developed into a “war on arguments”, where all of their “arguments” were made up by brainwash of the medical system for years (and my sister too telling them that I am writing “crazy things”) and mine was based on “objective facts”, which they however “could not” listen to, and it developed their negative feelings and temper including direct attacks on me for example when they asked me to answer “yes” or “no” to the question about whether ostomy operation is good and helps people (?), and this is how SIMPLE MINDED and DUMB people act instead of simply being open minded, patient and ask questions to listen and doing their best to understand the big picture, but no, they cannot, it is one-liners fired directly against me, and when I told them that I know nothing of ostomy but have read about cancer, HIV/AIDS and “mental diseases”, which are all FRAUD to make money for the industry, my mother made this into that I rejected what she said, and did not listen, which I NEVER do thus NEVER understanding what they say, and “I know because I have been working on Coloplast for MANY years”, and yes, what can you do to unskilled and simple minded people, who will not just like give up on “everything” they know, because now I brought them a shock completely changing their view on the world, which they don’t want to be changed, and yes my mother repeated this 10 times, and everytime it made me SAD and I could only say that this is WRONG, and yes I was made into one who never listens and have a closed mind with the truth being the directly opposite, and again I told them that I do listen and understand every word they say, but what if the premise of the Coloplast company itself is WRONG (?), and yes I told them about drugs being WRONG, and about how finance turned drugs into a money making industry changing the medical text books including the psychiatric, which is based on one big lie, which only brought me even stronger and more negative reactions because of course this was “insane” talk, because Sanna has to be right, right (?), and eeehhh, isn’t there a small opening Stig, because they know/remember that psychoactive drugs are making people into zombies, and they know that chemotherapy is directly life dangerous, so how far is it for their thoughts to walk in my direction to understand that everything I say is “simple logic” as I told them.

And I told them as mentioned that DRUGS ARE NOT THE ANSWER, but poison, and why people live a normal and healthy life, this is the cure, which then made John interrupt me, which they did constantly not being able to control themselves and he said that that this is what he did so why did he become sick then, and yes all of the time with this accusing undertone of “you are mad”, and I told him that if they just wanted to hear what I said because everything is made of energy, and when you and/or your surroundings decide to be negative instead of positive and to show wrong behaviour etc., this is coming towards you as sicknesses instead of lifting you up – like what people being in love are as example – and you know how sad you become as example when you have a quarrel with your spouse, so when you are down and sad, this is developing sicknesses, and when you are in love, have good social relations, sleep well, do exercise etc., this is curing sicknesses including lifestyle sicknesses like diabetes, and this was really also with the message that this is what John does himself, which is to sleep long and sit in his chair most of the day reading the newspaper or watching TV thus draining me from energy too to heal him.

And yes, before all of this talk, John had looked at me asking about where the Council is in all of this, and why they don’t just fix this, and I had to ask him three times about which “council” he meant, and yes then it suddenly came forward that it was the spiritual Council of mine, which he meant, and yes I did not believe my own eyes that this is what he was asking, this was directly infuriating impertinent, ridiculing and degrading me, and on such a low level that only the most simple minded and crazy people operates (!), and I could only tell him that all people have an “inner voice”, thus also you, John, and here you decide to listen to this and take decision on this instead of looking at objective facts on my website, which millions of people all over the world are discussing on the Internet, and no, focus on this information I have sent you and understand this, and no, he “could not” because he had “skimmed” my email and my website, and yes, I thought that at least he and my mother would read and understand the summary I sent with the email, which would motivate them to open my website to see/read the pictures and at least some of the text with “exciting” headlines, but no, they could not, they are simply far too lazy and better knowing, and yes I was completely appalled and very deeply hurt by both my mother and John for attacking me and showing their true faces as the Devil working through them because of brainwash by the system and Sanna, and this is what is not only killing me but also them in fact, so what I did my best to do here was to bring an opening for the light/truth to enter in order to save them, and this is what they did everything they could to avoid by showing me the absolutely worst behaviour, and yes I now better understand how talk about me is behind my back when John and my mother explains just how seriously sick I am to John’s family – and Kyril and his wife especially, and yes isn’t it funny that in everything else we speak about, I am completely normal, but when we speak of my true work, which we hardly ever do, I am suddenly turned into the absolutely worst creep of all, and yes a dangerous man!

And yes what you see of green pollution on Google Earth is my own family being my worst enemies, and they feel hurt having no idea exactly how much they are hurting me and making me sad – this is their WRONG feelings, which will continue to empty me from energy, and yes my mother also shook her head and turned her eyes in disbelief about me and just said “no, no no”, and yes COMPLETELY DEAF is what they were, and she told me that without medicine for her collapsed lung in 2009, she would not have been saved, and no, mother “completely impossible” for you to understand that it was darkness of Sanna making you ill almost killing you and yes because of WRONG BEHAVIOUR, and yes especially the part of everything being connected sending positive of negative energy made her almost furious of anger because of how crazy it sounds like, and this is how you are killing me, mother, and when you are sad yourself afterwards because of your misunderstandings, you are pulling out even more energy from me killing me in order to make you live, do you see (?), and yes, I realises that they are sadly still treating me as if I am completely insane still trusting in the system of Sanna.

During the talk, I was about to “lose it” and deciding to give up, and then I was told that the last darkness will be sent to my mother then, which may or may not kill her and John (?), and even though I know that after the opening of our New World, this is without importance, this is a thought I cannot take, and this is what I was given the understanding and belief of again, which lasted until I came home, when I understood that this is not longer the case – it is only a play you know.

And what if John indeed saw/read pictures of your new website, and has started thinking about the “simple logic” you told him including the negative temper of your mother making him sick, and yes, is it starting making sense to you too, John?

Just after this talk, my mother said that Sanna had told her that she feels a big loss of my father, which meant much to her, but she does not miss him because they had no contact, and yes I understand as I told her, and also that I don’t feel the same, but no, my mother was still in the “shut off mode”, so now she also “could not“ understand this simple thing (!), and told me “can’t you understand that this is how people can start feeling” (like Sanna), and yes I told so, mother, but you cannot listen to and understand that this is not how I feel, and no she did not want to listen because her simple mind had decided that I am wrong and not understanding her, and her “wise/sane daughter”, Sanna tells her the truth, and everyone knows that I am crazy, and am treated as such as you can see, and this makes my mother killer darkness, which is what she sends me thus killing me and herself too, but still I am saving her.

Before all of this, she had been kind to buy me a cinema ticket for three days from now to see Robbie Williams live from a concert in Germany, so now you know too, Robbie, that I will be watching you live, and here is a song both my mother and I love much, and I had brought this jazz CD of Robbie for us to listen to during dinner, and yes “something stupid” was the theme of the evening, but it did not come from me.

And yes, when listening to this CD, John asked about Sinatra, and two seconds thereafter, the duet “it was a very good year” of Robbie William with Frank Sinatra started playing, and later, two times directly after each other, John was thinking of one name and “could not help” saying another name, and I told them that this is how it is, and they knew that I was speaking about my spiritual friends doing this, but my mother was so negative and opposing everything by principle that she now said that this is how it is when people become old, and yes she was so sick and tired of me that she just swept everything away, and that is also because of what Bjarne, the director has told her, and yes he is “of course not wrong”, or what, mother (?), and yes I was shown the face of Sanna as part of my mother facial expressions, and it was negative and infuriating provocative, which is what she decided to show me, and yes because of my mother being so weak that she cannot control her feelings, so this is how you were attacking and killing your own son and all life, mother, and when you don’t do it to me, you do it to John, and still you always have a good time together????

And what did bring your mother the crazy idea to invite you to the cinema on Tuesday to watch a broadcast of Robbie Williams live (?), and yes, we did because this is of course the symbol of opening our New World, and yes we know, for how long can I continue working (?), is it a matter of days only before I will give up/stop?

When I arrived home, I was reminded that I only absorb a little of the immense force of “the old man”, so what difference does it make if I complete the last details of my work (website + sending the email) or not, and probably not much except from the honour of doing it, and yes I am in the wheelhouse and decide that my mother and John will not die, this will have to be the conclusion then, and yes pretty clear it is, but I just had to come through the worst darkness of all this week in order to show you.

I was so sad about what I had experienced with John and my mother – despite of deciding to be strong – that this in itself was very close to make me give up/stop work, “it can be the same then” (because of just how negative, wrong and hurting to me as they were), but still I decided that this is also NOT going to break me and to start becoming negative, which is still a force/desire given to me, and yes my game is too deeply rooted inside of me for me to start doing what is wrong.

And I was told that I can decided not to send any negative to John and my mother – at least not to die from – because we have now turned around so much of the apparatus/camera.

I was reminded of a very old dream of mine, which may be approx. 20 years old, which is about visiting amusements of Bakken and ending up at the end of the park at an area including a Gold washing plant, and this is to say that the visit to Bakken with my mother and sister is what was decisive making us all survive without the need for the Old World to terminate first.

I was now shown my new mother – from our New World – coming through darkness to me from the balcony, and yes we cannot carry out your “old nightmare” now meaning that there will be no destruction.

I was told that my visit to the Helsingør city museum last year was incredible important too because we had collected items/energy there for hundreds of years for you to collect, and as another example, our visit to the Chinese Restaurant approx. half a year ago was also “not without importance”, and who did they speak to after us?

I felt Holger Danske/Ogier the Dane inside of me, and was told that you decide when to end this game after having gone through the hardest week.

We soon have a happy message for you, and I was shown Fuggi and I playing music in the music/song room of Mørdrup School, which we did in the beginning of the 1980’s, and the message is that Fuggi has helped bringing you/I in, and isn’t it strange that Fuggi has decided to be completely silent on Facebook too even though he used to use it often, and no, he does not want to become part of my scripts.

I was shown the different levels of terraces of Brede Park and a keyboard with a black blanket over it, which is now being removed, and I was told that this is also because of Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune, and you ARE this top level deciding yourself how much darkness to bring out.

No, Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune cannot read and understand the loyalty and hard work you did to their completely rotten “activation system” at the park, because they felt that I was disloyal to them with my writings on their crazy system.

It was Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune, which received the notice about me and as usual it was the director – not the mayor – taking care of it, which is Tim Andersen, and it included to use the new system (of abduction/isolation/official deletion) against me, but no, before they had gone through the phases of this, I had moved to Helsingør (in 2011).

And was this also why Søren Pind was negative at me deciding to block/report me on Facebook (?), and yes who is Stig (?), and yes the crazy man, you know.

I felt John around me, and was told that he is mixed up in all of this and is this because it also meant that Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune called my mother/John back then (?), and no one could understand me, which is how the system of hell is, and it was around this time that Sanna was involved the first time, so the catastrophe in your family is far greater than you should think, and yes we will accept that Stig will be hospitalised, and yes because he is dangerous and negative (?), and this was truly the opposite world, and so powerful that this is what opened the gates to Heaven, and it was at the time when I was dying in front of everyone to see/read from my scripts, but my family had deserted me leaving me to die because they felt insulted and were afraid and nervous of me (everything a play inside their sick and misunderstanding minds). And still to this day, they have no idea about how wrong they were, which is why we still play a game.

The World Elite also includes “common people”, who also could not read and understand about me even though they had access to read the truth about me via their secret network, and it took gossip about me to spread around this network to increase faith, thus bringing us our survival, and I am here tasting a delicious Barolo wine, which I look forward to being able to afford again some day.

So all of this was destroying me, and it was exactly as difficult as expected to enter the Source.

The spirit of my mother decided that creating your physical mother just as simple minded as she is was the only way to return to the Source, and yes there was not much space to enter through, but we did it.

How much remained from the original creation (?), which was only decimals, but we brought creation self because we did not break down, and this is what we have used to re-establish everything, which is really about filling up the fuel deposits.

I was told that my mother sees me being bathed in light in visions/dreams, but still it does not sink in.

And Sanna understood at Bakken that I am normal but still it is impossible for her to read, understand and have faith in me, so she continues to influence negatively.

I watched an amazing concert with Hej Matematik and Veto on DR TV this evening from this year’s Skanderborg Festival playing 2 x 10 famous songs with different singers, which I enjoyed much watching, and when Hej Matematik ended by playing their own MEGA HIT “Walkmand”, which is one of the biggest hits here the last 10 years and an old cover version of Michael Hardinger (who is attending in the video below too – but the concert from Skanderborg was really even finer with a big crowd singing along), suddenly it stood clear to me why this was helped to become this MEGA HIT because they sing “Now I have bought myself a walkman, the forest now sounds as New York man”, and the forest is a symbol of the Source and New York is the big apple symbolising our New World, so now you see why this was helped to become this huge a hit, and when you understand that Søren Rasted from the band is also part of the band Aqua – yes it is them with “Barbie Girls” and more – you might understand that he is an “inspired” artist too.

So all that I experienced and went through of people talking and acting wrongly about me behind my back was because they were NEGATIVE, and it was Tim, who was ordered by the police, and it was from there that they asked to receive a dead man, and what did you get, and yes nothing, and when I moved to Helsingør, this “request” followed too from Tim to Bjarne, who received a new contact to the police, and yes Stig is dangerous, don’t arrest him but take him in via the new approach without contact to his family etc., but we have to make it look nicely as if it was the family who wanted this to happen, so whit is what made Bjarne do as he did, and yes Bo (from Dahlberg) also signed my dead sentence, and this was because of Sanna’s acceptance of her new system meaning the eradication of people, and did Sanna know that this is what I would become (?), yes (!), and I am told that Pia Kjærsgaard and others know too because this has been circulating on the secret part of the Internet too, and you sister has told you mother about this, but not John, and yes my friends, because of misunderstandings of people. (And is this darkness speaking because my mother would NEVER accept the system to kill me, but to lock me up maybe back in 2010/11, yes probably).

I was told that my father’s wife Kirsten has also spoken to the Commune.

There is also an old Swedish report on you “how to get him lose from there”, and yes planned for along time you see.

So it was your mother being cheated by your sister, and it was your sister being corrupted by the system requiring her to sacrifice her brother.

So your sister was able to follow from the side line what Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune was doing.

And this is how it feels like to kiss a sandpaper, the kiss of death by my sister.

And still they sent you out to Falck because it had to look good.

(I do wonder if this is the truth or if it is still darkness coming in to me, but this is how the story was given to me, and yes it just may be the truth, the worst part usually is).

This is what we will now put in glass and frame.

And this is what has given you the stomach and spinal column pain when the Commune has thought negatively about you, and yes when is it time to strike (?), and yes NEVER was the right answer because there was always something blocking it, and yes first we had to have the declaration of crazy Alex to declare you crazy, and what did he do with that, and eeehhh he published it, and have you heard anything as crazy as that (?), and yes your decision to published their every move is what stopped them, they lost faith in their evil agenda, and can it be that Stig is the one started taking over, and who did not know, and yes Lisbeth the wise lady, you know.

So therefore Dragholm it was good to work quickly, and did they speak to my father’s Kirsten too, sure.

And eehh, then there remains only one, and is that Karen, and yes she is a doctor too, and did she play a part of the game too of the system to get their hook on you, and yes, Karen why don’t you turn around from your dark side and look Stig directly into his eyes and ask for absolution and tell him that you love him because you do right (?), and yes the whole system knows about you two.

And is it all of this that your mother now compensates via gifts, money, and yes because her son is not dangerous at all, right, and when she told the system, their cover story dissolved, and this is now coming back on Sanna – and Karen too – because they were both equally guilty, and that is because I am gaining strength all of the time.

So when you receive only a little stomach and spinal column pain now, it is because your sister is realising her defeat and has started destroying evidence of you at her office, is this it, Sanna (?), and you have decided to say nothing too?

So who has she dried off her lies to?

And all of this was because it was a condition to remove Stig as a threat to the World Elite and its dark New World Order, so it is from here that it was thought and decided.

No, your mother has no holes in her ears, they were destroyed by your sister filling her with lies.

And this is how we have played to bring the telephone through in stormy weather.

And is this what Hans has told your sister, i.e. that the game is over?

This is as close to the top that you get.

So Sanna was part of the story of Frankenstein, i.e. of man playing God trying to create a new kind of life, which included the elimination of me.

So this is the cover up I had to go through, my sister and my own mother having decided to kill me, which is in practise what it was about.

Google Earth: The lose plate being cut out

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the lose plate being cut out, an elderly couple in bed, many “together melted heads”, “take our your car-corks (?) now old man”, people gets sick (of darkness), and sophisticated ladies with big hats.

FB 170813 Jette 1

FB 170813 Jette 2

FB 170813 Jette 3

FB 170813 Jette 4

FB 170813 Jette 5

FB 170813 Jette 6

FB 170813 Jette 7

FB 170813 Jette 8

FB 170813 Jette 8b

FB 170813 Jette 9

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Scribd shows that this has been tough days with many days of “terminations”.

Scribd 1708 including 160813

  • Niels Harrit is one of the serious scientists telling the truth to the world about 9/11, who has been ridiculed by the system via the Danish media calling him “crazy/a fool” and this man showing his silver paper hat also to show that Niels is crazy/paranoid, which is what it means, and yes as I was also a victim of in one of the Helsingør Facebook groups some time ago, and yes, this is how the official system ridicules people speaking a child-language, which simple minded people understand, who cannot and will not understand the serious talk of Niels Harrit (and me for that matter).

FB 170813 911


18th August: The “magical light” has moved from Bethlehem to Helsingør, where I will be born as my new self/everything

Dreaming of the end of my work coming and my dull work of writing is bringing confidence

I went to bed at 00.35 and slept until 08.35 receiving these dreams.

  • I woke up with my left knee and the back side of my right lower leg hurting, and I was told that it is because the system decided to break me, which became its own end.
  • Driving in a Citroen, and something about something not having been changed after having paid duty 6 months ago. I only wear short white shorts, and no I cannot read it, and not easy to write on a telephone with “intelligent dictionary” when you are tired in the middle of the night, and can anyone read this? “Citroën kcustgrs ikke skidtet ne Olfert betalt fyld sdgift 6 mdr siden. Kun koetbhvide shorts beklggwr fortller hn prtner rette betyde flå købelovens symbol komme besøg med kommer ikke og nr troe jeg ikke hører det idiot mv. Ss en ring @ive mig noget andet. Ndre. Tp på nund.”
    • Citroen are “poor cars” to me, which is about my decision of the end of my work coming.
  • I have started working for Danske Bank at very good looking offices. I received a free ride. They ask about my website, and I tell them that I have a private website and am about doing a business website too, but I don’t understand that the text of my site does not show when I see on the words of it. I see a closet with drawers – both horizontal and vertical – and when I pull in the drawers, I understand that this is my old website, and when I change the direction of some of the drawers, it automatically gives me the design for my new business website.
    • Danske Bank is still darkness, which I am working inside. I have not experienced any problems myself using Google to search on my website, but this dream says that I have been censored? And what is the difference between my private and new business website (?), and yes a private website is “private” and a business website comes out to everyone, so this is about making it big – receiving the attention of all :-).
  • I am invited for a party and really don’t want to go because I am way too tired. When arriving, I don’t have any cigarettes, but I meet Helle Aa., whom I know will borrow me some. I have en ENORMOUS washing machine cleaning MUCH clothes.
    • Helle Aa. cannot understand me and brings me darkness too speaking and thinking wrongly about me, Helle? And I have much faith as condition to have this big washing machine to clean darkness.
  • Johannes the mayor does not tell the truth about me to the media.
    • I have received many indications for some time that Johannes speaks wrongly and maybe even negatively about me?
  • Half awake I was told that October 10, 2010, when John and I visited the opening of the cultural yard together, was a day where planets were in-line together, which is where we started the opening of “Heaven”, and this was necessary in order to avoid a breakdown of my mother/the world.
  • I am working together with Kim S. and he shows me two different reports about how to write memos, and he asks me to follow the recommendation of a memo to fill a maximum of 2,600 words, which is less than I normal do, and he tells me that this is what automatically brings in new business/clients (because of faith in our professional advice). Rikke J. (another old colleague from Fair) works at the Insurance Association, and she has automatic access to the swimming hall, and inside of this she has access to a big bank vault, which she opens for.
    • This is about how Kim took advantage of me to do his work writing all of his “dull memos” when we worked together in the beginning of the 1990’s, and he was the ONLY one working like this in the insurance sector and I have NOT had colleagues before or after doing as him (using a skill of lawyers, and yes his wife Pernille is a lawyer), and this is a skill bringing confidence, which I brought with me afterwards, and I have used it also doing my writings since 2009, and it may also be about my “dull work” of writing all of this, which however is bringing confidence. It seems that Rikke J. (another Rikke this is) is thinking of me and has faith in me, and also that she is the access point to a large portion of money, i.e. energy/life, and no, it was not coincidental that we met back in 2008/09, I believe, at the old café on the main street of Hørsholm.
  • Kim S. is using my computer, and I am thinking that he may look at pornography, which he however is not. I am part of a company and have played together with wonderful managers, and I am told “thank you for playing with me”, and I am told “green, green, green”. Kim S. has returned to get a bundle of key, which he has forgotten, and besides from this, I also have a new extra, small key. When I leave the office and walk down Store Kongensgade in Copenhagen, I see a street sign, which is a commercial for Kim’s company, and I am surprised to see that water sprinkles from it down on pedestrians.
    • Kim does not bring me darkness in the form of my “old nightmare”, which may be because he does not speak negatively/wrongly about me to others, but the water from the street sign is still about sufferings that he brings me. And the playing is about our game, which is soon coming to an end when I will decisively decide and declare that I have stopped my work on these scripts and my website, but we are not there yet. The bundle of keys is for everything and my new extra key is for what I have expanded “everything” with.

The “magical light” has been removed from Bethlehem to “Heaven” in Helsingør, where I will be born as my new self/everything

In reality I was stuck to the Earth Globe though ”many” ions.

We also have the course set directly for Bethlehem, where it is also not going to become boring, and yes, right there where I was born as my previous self.

This morning once again I had absolutely NO desire to work at all following the feelings of yesterday and also knowledge that I really don’t have to do this, but still, I “cannot” just stop like that.

We had to use a cutting torch to come through this darkness, and now you know just how dense/thick this darkness is, which is what you can read from my script of yesterday with my mother and John being the worst solid darkness.

What about playing “my own private Idaho” by B52 (living inside your own little potato, where you did not pay attention to understand me in the beginning, Jack?) for Jack because wasn’t he part of the group to kill you, and yes the combination of Sanna, Jack and Karen inside the system of darkness was a lethal cocktail, which could have bombed us away, and yes, do you now realise that Jack loves this band, and yes much more than I, to me they are “pretty good” maybe 70-75 on a scale of hundred, where I do believe they are between 90-100 for Jack.

Hours later, I saw big fires of Idaho, USA, which I understood this was also a reference too, and the change of climate of the US via chemtrails is also “helping” these big fires of USA, which we have seen now for a number of years, and NO, I DO NOT LIKE IT!

We have now returned to the Source inside the Pyramid.

I continued working at the library this afternoon until 16.00, and when I came home, I really did not want to continue working, but I decided to do the script so far to bring me more time tomorrow – hopefully – to start work on the final parts of my new website.

The Society of Jesus did not believe it was alright, and this is about an official message all religions have received, which is about my request for them to close down.

You are the only one who could enter here (at the Source) without approval, and you decided to bring the world.

Again I was told about the world being happy for me to clean everything up, and also Russia in relation to USA.

I received the beautiful song ”she” by Charles Aznavour and the lyrics ”til the day I die”, and I was told that he is part of this secret network and also that people decided to become part of it instead of resisting it because of their fear of dying.

I was told that it takes a “trained eye” to understand me, which is repeatedly to be exposed to my messages, for example via Facebook, and not only a few times as for example my mother and John, who “cannot” no longer follow me via Facebook as they only did for a short period of time, and yes Käte and Inge follow me, but still they are told by my mother and John that I am crazy (?), and no, not easy for them to tell?

I was told that the management of Helsingør Psychiatric Hospital also knew about who I am in 2008 when I was hospitalised there against my will – and good they received my email to the United Nations too.

I received a strong “moving feeling/mark” inside my nose, which is still having the after effects of the greatest sneezes, and I was told that we are sitting in here, and yes I shouldn’t be surprised at all.

So it is really easy because you have reached the end of the pipe including badminton balls to become everything, which is and when you dig out the next level, this become your new child/”badminton ball”.

I am told that the “Nazi-doctor” Per Fink now knows about me too and “rumours spread fast”, and yes Stig wants you to free Karina, and what do you want to do about this, Per, do you want to pretend that nothing has happened like everyone else and do you want to hide behind a bush, and yes just like Søren Busk (= bush) as I feel now, and he is a football player of the national team of the 1980’s also knowing about me.

The big concentration of banks and all of the mergers over the last 10-20 years are not only about becoming bigger, but also a part of the preparation for one big and good looking New World and is that according to you Danske Bank (?), and yes how did you receive monopoly on funds transfer, and yes is this because Peter Storgaard, the manager of this, who was part of the division under Flemming Duus around 1990 as I was too, and Peter became a “big cigar”, so this is how it had to go, and how do you believe it is, Peter, to see your life work being destroyed by me, because you do realise that I mean business when I tell you that there will be NO BANKING SYSTEM IN MY NEW WORLD?

I was thinking of when I explained the New World Order to Kim S. and Preben at our meeting in 2010, which Kim listened to, understood and agreed in, and even though Kim was not completely open throughout our meeting, he was in relation to the story of the New World Order and I wished that my mother and John was the same yesterday.

I received appraisals for not having given up during my journey, which would have opened my mother spiritually and also led to losses of the world.

Don’t you believe that Karen has (had) poor conscience over you too? And all of your close family, friends etc. loved you despite of what they did against you, and they all believed that you had done them wrong when you simply spoke out the truth about them.

We have not forgotten about giving you an Oscar, which I was shown coming in from the balcony.

I was shown a plate with a knife and fork right in front of me feeling that the knife is my father and the fork is my mother.

So it is me – my father – a little Devil as I was shown in front of me, who has performed as Sanna, Karen, Jack etc., and when I will stop the game, they will come to me.

And it is like this that you can first be given birth when there is no more darkness, so you will decide yourself when you finish your work and the game.

I was told that the death of other parts of me – Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Margaret Thatcher, Sai Baba and many others – every time made me weaker, but nothing was as strong as when my father died.

Is Google Earth street view also part of surveillance/control of man?

What if the radioactive pollution of Fukushima is also planned by the World Elite to kill/torment life and make the world give up to the Old World and accept their New World Order?

What do we lack as the last to receive, which Fuggi brings in (via faith), and yes is this the wheelhouse itself, which is why I went to Kronborg Castle the other day, where this is located, and it is from here that we have controlled everything including my mother, i.e. the Old World.

I was told that my neighbour Preben is also a homosexual having a desire for me.

I felt Sanna and John, and I was told that the combination of these two is the last and strongest, because of love, which will close for us.

No, it was no co-incidence that I brought the song “Israel” by Siouxsie & Co. the other day, because this is about the birth of me, and what does Bethlehem – the birthplace of my previous self Jesus – truly hide, which has been classified from the world, and yes Stig will not return to here, but to Helsingør, is this what you can see from this place (?), which Israel does not want to say, thus becoming the worst darkness self.

Formaldehyde, what is that (?), and yes another toxic substance fabricated by the world.

It is the difficult fight self to return to the Source which made creation.

It is this secret of Bethlehem that Israel has fought to protect, and eeehhh to protect “the holy land” with you (?), but no, this is how to remove it because we do NOT like secretiveness.

So we will soon open to the birthplace again, which we have removed to Helsingør, and that is right here at “Kingdom of Heaven”, which is the name of the land that I live upon in Helsingør as this description from my Google Map says, and I have received a feeling for days to bring this brochure again, so this is what it was about.

From the pictures/map below from this brochure, you can see that I live at Hellebo Park (no. 24 at the map) at the area called ”the Kingdom of Heaven” (“Himmerig”) with the neighbouring area ”the Kingdom of Earth” (“Jorderig” – no. 19 at the map) being separated by the path “the end of the world” (no. 22 at the map), which we have now passed bringing the New World to everyone. My move here October 13, 2011, has been planned for centuries as you will understand :-).



And it really cannot be removed, but when you don’t want to open to it, this is what we had to do, and voila, gone it was, and what is lacking there in the birth church of Bethlehem, which is now located here (?), and is that a magical light, which will assemble the entire world at one place, which is here because I am everything, so this is the birth of my new self as everything together with the birth of everyone as their new selves, and this is what is now close to happen.

The preservation of this secret is also what Israel was fighting the Arabs about. And is this the energy, which the world feels gathering here over me (and as “oneness” on Google Earth).

Don’t you believe that Hans is almost exploding by excitement because he has read about this from the secret network?

I did the hardest work a man has ever done writing now approx. 10,000 pages since May 2009 (while being more death than alive as a “zombie”), while my family, friends etc. decided to feel insulted because of my “negative writings” on them (= the truth of their bad behaviour, “inability” to understand etc.) thus focusing on themselves and not the big picture and also not understanding what I truly did and how incredible painful it was, which is showing the greatest selfishness in the world.

It is also a “Svendeprøve” (“journeyman’s certificate”) for me, and I felt the late Svend Auken coming in from the balcony, and later I felt Rolling Stones and everyone else out here, which is where all genuine life is, and this is the energy we bring to become part of the new birth.

So you will become Jesus – under the name of Stig – as the last of everything, and yes, there was enough energy to bring all of this through.

I was given many songs, which I decided not to bring, but it was a sign of love.

We did not need Toulouse to help us, and I was told that people of the Tour de France could not keep their mouths shut thus spreading the rumour of me from town to town.

Even the Beefeaters of Tower of London could not keep their mouth shut about me, and it was also impossible to keep my stories a secret as it was with my description of my sister, mother etc., so many understood, but my mother and John “could not”.

And what happened when I told people that “now things will happen” as I did to my mother and John too (for example in December 2012 that I would finish my work), and yes it made impatience people like them lose faith in me making it possible to continue the game too.

I was told about my old “manager”, Jens M. from Aon (after Kim S., and yes, you take the prize as the most unqualified manager ever, Jens), and I was told that he had “myrekryb” (the creeps) about me (because of my fight against Niels de Bang, and Jens was on Niels side – to benefit his own career (!) – thus also against me even though he hated Niels for a good word!), and what do you believe the management of Danica Pension (where Jens is today) believe of you (?), and have they had many emotional talks about you (?), and yes I have worked together with some of you and knows others of you, so what did you decide to “believe” in me (?), and yes did I have someone not believing and others believing in me (?), and you “could not” just read and understand me (?), and by the way, Jens, who is the “most clever/skilled” you have worked together with (?), and yes him too.

But no one is mad with you – because of what they believe are “insults” of them in my scripts – and that is because they like/love me as I like/love them.

I was told about the high frequent parts of the sufferings I have received, which is about people of other civilizations and destructions of their lives.

So the meaning was for your mother and John not to being able to understand you to bring sufferings/friction, but still to hold you together because of your love.

I was given a cold feeling to number five tooth in my lower jaw from the right back as I have never felt like before (normally it is the fifth tooth from the left back), and I was told that we had kept this tooth open to for us to come through.

I was told about the largest aircraft manufacturers making airplanes using old technique to make money to invest into new (and secret) airplanes and man-made UFO’s.

It was primarily my mother’s extreme and uncontrollable temper and negativity, which made my growing up “the worst”, and yes she also had the other side.

I was shown one of my old running routes in Hørsholm and given the feeling every single time when starting to run, which was “impossible” to start doing and every time it was the hill of darkness of your mother that you have to pass, and this was all of my life while Sanna had things automatically given to her.

I was told about Filip from Selvet (our thread from March 2010) and his friend, the belly dancer, whom I healed the neck of (which physically was put right), and I was told that we could also not have done it without Filip because he had faith in me all of the time (!), and I wonder what happened to him because he is no longer active on Selvet, and no, I cannot look him up, I don’t have his sir name, and I wonder if an accident happened to him?

I was told about Tim, the director of Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune, again, and shown him inside a radio/TV store, and he was the one starting it all, which is why I now send emails also to Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune for him to understand what has happened, and also that the system could not get me.

Again, I was given diarrhoea and I still receive some sneezes, but the extreme strength has been reduced, and I received incredible pressure from a negative voice (because of my mother) again putting me on the limit of losing it.

I was told about Berchtesgaden and was shown a ship together with this, and I was told that we were about to send everything out to Filip because of his faith.

My decision to end my work “soon” also means that we are about to call home all dog sledges from Greenland, which is envoys working for me during my journey, for example as my sister.

Have we now all entered the new building, yes, which was part of the work after December 21, 2012, and what the pain to my left testicle is about.

And my approx. 10,000 pages since May 2009 is what sounds and is “complete madness” because of how I felt doing this work, and it is so much that it is “impossible” for people of the World Elite to start reading.

I was told that I have also been surveilled via video equipment for years.

Google Earth: Michael Jackson in the middle of Earth (song), and all originates out of one glass (cell)

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show bigger and bigger lumps of life, the hole of the North Pole, big bad Africans, Michael Jackson in the middle of Earth (song), someone hiding under the big hat, a bad connection of the telephone line, a bride of darkness, a fountain helping to wash souls, the Dragholm family, and all originates out of one glass – amazing grace.

FB 180813 Jette 1

FB 180813 Jette 2

FB 180813 Jette 3

FB 180813 Jette 4

FB 180813 Jette 5

FB 180813 Jette 6

FB 180813 Jette 7

FB 180813 Jette 8

FB 180813 Jette 9

FB 180813 Jette 10

FB 180813 Jette 11

FB 180813 Jette 12

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was told about this new information – “that the Princess of Wales, Fayed and their driver Henri Paul were killed by a member of the British military” – that it was released because of the progress of my work, and Diana’s death was part of a systematic plan to eradicate all “dissidents”, which also included my mother and I, and how could I otherwise turn up the heath as I did if I had not known about these plans, and yes in the first week of September 1997 after Diana had died, where it became “magical” 30 degrees here, which it otherwise NEVER does at this time of year.

Guardian 180813

  • Lars wrote in the “crazy about Helsingør” group about airplanes (one motor/one pilot) flying low over Helsingør yesterday, which I also noticed, and he said that it was because of an air-show in Roskilde and a queue in the air making they have to fly above Helsingør, and then he was “funny” to say that he could shoot theories about UFO’s and other funny things to the ground with a bang, and Brian laughed because he was becoming afraid again, and Lars believed that the one with the silver paper hat was justified and laughed big, and yes which only the biggest fools do, Lars, and isn’t it funny that Lars in his own group, the “Helsingør in pictures” group simply have thrown me out because you don’t want me to “pollute” your nice, little neighborhood with my “crazy posts” (?), and yes there is no limit to how stupid, lazy and better-knowing you can get without knowing anything, and you can add poor and hurting behavior on top of that, and that goes with all, and that is “more or less” you know.

FB 180813 Lars Aa


  • I decided to bring my reply to Lars telling him about his and other people’s inability to understand me because of their laziness to read me, simple minded attitude and better-knowing ignorance, and also that he is one of the people taking the prize for the poorest behavior in Helsingør, which is now how the world knows him, and does that make you proud or just embarrassed, Lars (?), and yes, you could have decided to understand and welcome me with open arms, but you “could not” because of your WRONG behavior, which is easy to understand, right?

FB 180813 Lars Aa 2

  • The beloved Norwegian actor/comedian, Rolv Wesenlund, died today, and this was so great a story/tragedy that even the Norwegian Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, said that Rolf managed to do the small of community big as his greatest accomplishment via Fleksneks and other characters of his, and isn’t it wonder that the Norwegian Prime Minister also decided to block my freedom of speech so I now cannot comment to your posts anymore, Jens (?), and maybe you would like to tell the world why (?), and besides from this, the death of Fleksneks is the ultimate symbol of the death of darkness of my sister because there will be no “mayday, mayday” as Fleksneks was famous for saying in one of his sketches, and this is because the ship of the world will NOT go down, and later I received Rolv/Fleksneks coming to me from my balcony, shouting “DAY O” with his characteristic happiness/simple minded attitude, and this was of course to show his happiness about the saving of everything including all of the “good news from the next world” too, and as the HAPPY song says: “day o daylight come and me wanna go home”, so this is what we will do :-).

FB 180813 Fleksneks død

FB 180813 Stoltenberg



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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