August 20, 2013: Robbie Williams brought me my new self as the Son from God’s “spaceship of everything” – everything is ready


Summary of the script today 

19th August: My inner self is the smallest and strongest unit of all, which I will spread out over everything at my birth

  • Dreaming of SAGA sending me darkness, working with a little less speed, darkness from Africa and receiving more life from God and exposing new life.
  • I continued work on the dark New World Order and started researching on HAARP – weather control/warfare machine to destruct and kill horrific amounts of life (!) – and this project destroyed my sexuality as a human being and brought me negative voices too, this is how man made me suffer directly because of their evil plans killing life, which was killing me actually “begging” and forcing me to destruct the world, and they would have succeeded not only killing Earth and man, but God and life self (the old parts) if I did not go up against it absorbing these sufferings.
  • World governments were full of nay voters when they took a vote on my New World Order because they belong(ed) to the secret network of the World Elite. We have received many free newspapers (creations) because of this voting spreading the news of and faith in me. It is possible to see your smiling face all over the world by now. It is my inner self being the smallest and strongest (black) unit of all, which I will spread out over everything, which is what will happen with my birth. It was right of me to divide into a male and female side, which is how everyone will be divided in our New World.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the Dragholm’s in one eye-glass, Johannes Møllehave, filled up with well-known people, Crown Prince Frederik doing an Ironman symbolising my tough journey, mixed up – look carefully, strive push squeeze, my sister biting the sour apple, salvation, many little windows to unite, still hiding?, Why fight – we are family, cheap fight, hundreds of souls gathering to be one, pollutionists still arrogant, do and not want to spoil this by paint.
  • Short stories of the negative, simple minded and lazy people of Helsingør again going bananas on me, which also brought faith in me and energy to lift us all up preparing for my/our new birth.

20th August: Robbie Williams brought me my new self as the Son from God’s “spaceship of everything” – everything is now ready

  • Dreaming of my mother’s attitude leading to termination of life, and I have difficulties paying the rent on time, i.e. to finish my work.
  • I received the silver bag of my mother/our New World. I asked the world to stop all military activities including all “silent weapons”, mind control etc. of the dark New World Order. Negative voices including “kill, kill” etc. was coming to me from the HAARP weapon (weather weapon, mind control etc.) of the World Elite, which also interferes and manipulates with the human mind, and they used it for mind control at me and my surroundings trying to stop me working and my family, friends etc. to believe in me. They also tested the worst cancer forms on my father and mother, and to bring me voices and to let medicine remove these voices, but they could not remove the voice of God coming to me working on other frequencies. It all leads to the central police headquarters of Copenhagen, so will you please put forward ALL INFORMATION on me including your “secret plans” to kill/disable me?
  • I watched Robbie Williams live in concert from Tallinn, Estonia, in Helsingør Cinema, where I was told that the music industry knows about me and they are suffering too to help the world enter the Source, and they will continue supporting me until we finish, and they cry together with me because of the sufferings I go through. They – the music stars of the world – are the closest around me at the Source. If I had stopped working, it would have started the end the world, and the music industry/stars would be the first to receive this decision and they would bring their greatest sacrifices to see if they could make me change my decision by bringing me more energy to work, but all of this protection is now not needed at all. I felt my inner self of light on the way in to me as the last at the cinema, and I was told that we have now made everything ready for you, which Robbie has brought to you because he is the only one having been inside God’s/Stig’s UFO (“spaceship of everything”), which herewith has been delivered to you, which is my inner self as the son, who was hidden inside of Robbie of all people (!), so thank you for helping out, Robbie, and thank you for a wonderful concert/performance :-).
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a bird above a chameleon, removing arrogance with the washing machine, filling up the helmet, pollutionists ready again,  proposal (?), and lots of life inside a hurricane.
  • Short stories of telling the radio that Soulaima is a very poor listener, and there is a “pressure on” Michael Hardinger.


19th August: My inner self is the smallest and strongest unit of all, which I will spread out over everything at my birth

Dreaming of working with a little less speed and receiving darkness from Africa

I went to bed at midnight and slept until 08.30 receiving these dreams.

  • The library, SAGA and a snake following us everywhere with threads from my scripts.
    • Are Michael and Jim from SAGA following my Facebook updates and still sending me darkness?
  • I follow the process to make sure that the ALDI supermarket get fresh white bread to Jutland (from Zealand) every morning. I have my father living with me, the apartment is cold and clothes lies everywhere on the floor. An old truck drives with 70 km/h where it is allowed to go 80, and it is going to Sweden to receive its last fuel.
    • White bread = the Source, clothes is more life to be saved, cold is suffering, the old truck is the old world via me now going with a little less speed.
  • I am in my car playing music from my computer at a cross next to a motorway in Africa, where I am arrested.
    • Is this about Elijah sending me negative thoughts and darkness, and yes still quiet he is, and no, he is NOT reading my scripts, so difficult to keep your faith when you cannot behave and act properly, Elijah?
  • I am in Africa at work, Morten J. is resigning, and he goes through his advanced IT system including market information systems with an African lady, and he allows us to save print outs from the system. I am working myself with many printouts of art paintings.
    • Still receiving more libraries/life from God, and still exposing new life.

My inner self is the smallest and strongest unit of all, which I will spread out over everything at my birth

It may look strange/funny, but he will be born with a guitar in his mouth, which is what you have had installed some days ago.

It is too late to get a doctor now even if somebody should want it because the united medical system has voted no, we do not want to bring him in, and is this the council of the Danish medical elite (?), this is how I felt it.

The Central Station, add “money” and you have life that is the simple formula.

It is like having been home at your apartment.

Are you ready for your birthday?

I was given thoughts of my discussion with my mother and John the other day, which came because of my mother thinking of it and sending me darkness, and yes I truly need her, and what will I do when she has gone away (?), and yes she has many WRONG thoughts about me, and again, I cannot tell you just how uncomfortable they made me feel because they could not be open, patient and listen/understand without attacking me with their wrong beliefs.

I was shown a passenger airplane just in front of me and myself quickly entering when I will finish my work.

I was given a sudden sharp pain to one of my left hand fingers, and I was told that it is this energy of “everything” above me in Helsingør, which Putin can see and knows about, which is making him suffer and yes “have to give up, little Putin”?

I was given the taste of a very sour orange looking like a blood orange, and isn’t this what my mother – and John too – are going through, and yes it is their disgust for you to be who you are, which is what is making it “impossible” too for them to understand you, and then it is “much easier” just to believe in Sanna.

What does the TRUE “police report/journal” say about me (?), and yes, there is also such a report, which is also kept a secret to me, and don’t you believe that it is about time for you to publish this too including “all of your secrets”?

We will not say that it was a matter of seconds only that we got you through that evening at the SAGA concert, and I am here given the feeling of Simon Cowell, who has also been working as my “protector” because of your big mouth speaking about me, Simon (?), and yes the British music industry knows about me, and you were part of the spreading of the news.

So it is the December apartment we are now setting up.

I received a sudden strong cough and then a sudden pain to the outer joint of my left little finger as if it was breaking off and also pain to my left knee and all of this is coming to me because of extreme pain of my mother in relation to me, and yes, still completely unnecessary of course.

I was surprised to have more work than expected to finish and publish my script of yesterday, which I first did at 15.20 today, so now it is time to do a little more work on my new website if I can, and yes let us use a few hours on this too.

I started researching on HAARP – weather control/warfare machine to destruct and kill horrific amounts of life – and I was told in a very direct language how this project destroyed my sexuality as a human being, this is how man made me suffer directly because of their evil plans, and parts of my negative voices too, because they were killing life, which was killing me actually “begging” and forcing me to destruct the world, this was the meaning of what they did, and they would have succeeded not only killing Earth and man, but God and life self if I did not go up against it absorbing all of these sufferings.

And as usual, there is much more information beneath the surface than I really have time to look into, but I have decided to take my time no matter what because I want to finish this work, so this is how it becomes, and no, I could not do one item per day making 3-4 days what it would take to finish, and yes just HAARP climate and mind control weapons will take some time to do, and it really depends on how much time I have per day, and today I decided to spend three hours on it, and we will see over the coming days.

I met Leif at the library for the first time in days, and he told me that he had been to a silver wedding “inside the forest”, which is how he said it, and yes partying in the forest is “celebration of God”, that’s why.

Has my mother started hearing from people in town that “your son really needs a doctor”?

If you look carefully it is possible to see your smiling face all over the world by now.

I was told about Jack that “he is like your brother” meaning that he will also wake up to become another part of me, and this was the nice song I received.

So it is me being the smallest and strongest (black) unit of all, which I will spread out over everything, which is what will happen with my birth – where I will spread my arms (everything) as I was shown.

You will decide yourself how much you will include on your dark New World Order site, and the email to the United Nations of the world is really to announce my birth.

I was told that the British Parliament was full of nay voters when they took a vote on my New World Order and I understood that it was because they are/were part of the secret network of the World Elite, and this was the case all over the world, and “not easy” for you to do the RIGHT thing when “politics” made you decide to vote on basis of everything else than what is RIGHT?

So we have received many free newspapers from here, which is about this voting and the spread of me bringing increased faith.

You will be born in a perfect village, which they will know in your city of Helsingør, and this came after my new battle today with simple and insane people, see the short stories.

I noticed my mother reading my website about my father today after having searched on his name on Google, so “sad” is what she is too because of his death.

I continued receiving periods of strong sexual torments, and also some heart pain.

We were choking Helsingør with plague (many years ago) and John when he saw your new website the other day, and this is when we have to bring the truth forward, but no, John “could not” tell my mother or me about this.

There is still a potential VERY BIG darkness at my balcony “beaming” into the back side of my right lower leg, but you have decided not to be afraid.

So it was right of me to divide into a male and female side, which is how everyone will be divided in our New World, and we are now in control of this process too.

I was told that when SAS as an example of a big airliner – primarily owned (funded) by the Scandinavian states – orders new aircrafts, it finances the dark New World Order.

I was shown my old kindergarten at Nørregade in Copenhagen, and was told that even from here, they have gathered information about you.

I was shown work done to the roof of my building – laying a new lawn – because of the work I did today looking into HAARP.

I was shown the fish wheel pulling in the string, which is creation being pulled in to the Source, and it is me – my inner self – pulling the line in.

Isn’t it funny that it is you and Robert, who were decisive for the development of Danske Bank (?), and I hardly remember Robert, but it was in DanskeBank-Pension when we sometimes had a visit from Robert, who was retarded in some way (?), and I have a very weak memory of this only, so is this how it was?

We will probably have to set up and adjust the antenna ourselves, and yes it is him there, that human being who said “fino, come right in”, so it is here that we prefer to be.

And yes, much less work today showing that we are gearing down.

Google Earth: Crown Prince Frederik doing an Ironman symbolising my tough journey and my sister biting the sour apple

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the Dragholm’s in one eye-glass, Johannes Møllehave, filled up with well-known people, Crown Prince Frederik doing an Ironman symbolising my tough journey, mixed up – look carefully, strive push squeeze, my sister biting the sour apple, salvation, many little windows to unite, still hiding?, Why fight – we are family, cheap fight, hundreds of souls gathering to be one, pollutionists still arrogant, do and not want to spoil this by paint.

FB 190813 Jette 1

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FB 190813 Jette 17

Ending the days with these short stories:

  • My comment to Lars in the “crazy about Helsingør” Facebook group yesterday woke up the simple minded Devil of this town once again, and they “could not” help being tempted just how simple and crazy they are because they cannot and will not understand anything else than themselves, and Charlotte said that “we are many watching out on Lars”, and yes as if I was going to attack him physically (?), and yes incredible what people with a negative view can make out of nothing (i.e. also our New World, which was also how my family and Commune thought in the beginning (!), and yes “completely out of order” they were, so I had to tell her that there is no need of this and they are cheated by their negative feelings, and Carsten, one of my evil spirits, said that “you are a very negative person in my view” (!), and yes this is exactly what he said (!!!), and then he added that the greatest and most happy event in life is when you are born and also when you become parent, and yes this is exactly my message as I then told him, which is about my/our new birth as you could see from my new script, and this is really how I sent this message to my city, that we are now very close to my birth, and I had to tell him the story about Thomas Blachman, who has to tell contestants of X-factor VERY CLEARLY that they cannot sing because they believe they can when people have told them that they cannot having the courage to speak out the truth, and anyone can see the big heart and love of Thomas, and this is exactly the same I am given you with the message to improve your behaviour, work and communication in order to receive and give other people a happy life, and yes I simply speak out the truth directly of what I see, and here I still  see negative, lazy and simple people with a better-knowing ignorance, and funny enough, it made Susan with inspiration say that “now the story to me is all the way out in the hemp”, which is one of those things we say here, and hemp is of course a reference to the “miracle drug” of God, which man misused to smoke and the world elite/medical world banned it because it cured people!

FB 190813 HGOR

FB 190813 HGOR2

  • And when I speak the truth, people have a tendency to lose their temper, which Carsten also did saying that he will block me and report me to the administrator of the group, and nobody is calling him “lazy”, and he used the word “fandegalme”, which directly translated means “the Devil – crazy – me”, which is really very directly saying that it is the Devil working inside of him making him shut off his ears and mind from impulses and taking control over him making him do “crazy” things. And I told him that now he could add “uncontrollable negative feelings” and rotten behaviour to the list, and I came with happiness and positive messages to you, but you showed me the poorest behaviour in the world, and the mayor, director of the Commune, and director of the newspaper know about me but are still WIMPS not speaking out the truth.

FB 190813 HGOR 3

  • This made these simple minded people now start speaking about the local mental hospital, and Lars had now also become VERY tired of me and my twist of facts as he said – is that a fact, Lars, or maybe a “feeling” (?) – and he wanted me to stop messing his name, which I do not, this is what you do to me, can you see the difference (?), and he believed that I have a sick eagerness to save Earth and I should start helping myself because I truly need it, and who says that (?), and yes he does as “everyone else” did from the beginning in 2008 when I published my scripts to my sister because “of course Stig is mad” – or what (?), and yes this was really also to bring more faith in me and energy to help lifting us up to become our new selves and without this alarm of the city, we also “could not” do it, and yes, there are people having “caught this”, i.e. understood what this is about, but no, not yet your mother, and we had promised not to sing birthday songs, but we do now because it is these people of Helsingør helping you to be born. I was accused of “ugly speech”, and had to tell them that I am only bringing them the mirror and telling them the truth about themselves, which they cannot bear to hear and instead they decide to attack me, and yes as simple minded and thoughtless that only the Devil can do, and incredible that they were exactly to stupid, but this is how they decided to portray themselves to the world, and yes Sisse believed that the psychiatry had completely failed in my case and Karl said that I need acute hospitalisation and also a strait jacket, and yes tell me about “uncontrollable feelings” of misunderstanding and better-knowing people – amazing right?

FB 190813 HGOR 4

  • And Carsten decided to write directly on my timeline that “you will be packed into 1,000 pieces tomorrow, you will be accused after the penal code §267… So you can learn that you have messed up with the wrong people”, and this paragraph is about defamation, so you do believe that I have been “offensive” and insulted/violated your “honour” (?), and yes only a man without honour could even dream about accusing me of this when I only speak the truth, and I wonder if he will be too lazy to contact the police about this (?), and yes COME ONE AND GIVE ME THE BEST YOU GOT, Carsten, and this is probably more about his “house” breaking apart and yes into 1,000 pieces, which this is about and yes the breaking up of the most dense darkness, and this is also a reference to the very beautiful song “1,000 pieces” by Anne Linnet, which is also about being able to differentiate between truths and lies, and above the clouds, the sky is always blue, but it can be difficult to tell when you cannot see it – exactly as Carsten & Co. “cannot” – and also “Everything can break, a heart can go into 1,000 pieces,  if you called me a friend once, I am probably still here”, so despite of everything I am still your friend, got it? So this is how you were “inspired” directly from God, do you understand, Carsten (?), or are you still momentarily insane having lost control over your feelings?

FB 190813 HGOR 5


20th August: Robbie Williams brought me my new self as the Son from God’s “spaceship of everything” – everything is now ready

Dreaming of having difficulties paying the rent on time, i.e. to finish my work

I decided to go earlier to bed to receive more out of the next day, Bowie, so I went to bed at 23.15 and slept until 07.10 receiving these dreams.

  • I live at an apartment above my mother’s store, and when I leave, I normally leave via the left exit, and she has never said it directly, but now I understand her that she would prefer me to leave via the right exit, and I did not even know that there was an exit this way.
    • Left is to save life, and right is to terminate, so this is the meaning of my mother’s inability to understand.
  • I have taken the morning off from school because of tiredness. I watch video and I am tempted to watch pornography, but I don’t. A man is knocking on the main door to the apartment block, and it is to a neighbour of mine, a young man, and the visitor complains about how payment of rent is always late, and I tell the young man that I don’t want this to happen when I stay here. I collect my clothes from the pedestrian street of Strøget.
    • I am truly tired again this morning – because of negative reactions of people of Helsingør yesterday – making the first hours of work today very difficult, and the rent is to bring energy to save life, and I am late with my site on the dark New World Order, but only compared to what I thought, and not what it takes to do work of this calibre.

Robbie Williams brought me my new self as the Son from God’s “spaceship of everything” – everything is now ready

I received the old feeling to my throat of life passing through, and I felt “telephone line”, so these people from Helsingør sent me so much negative power that it went more to come through this old channel of mine.

I received both “Creatures of love” by Talking Heads, and was told that there is nothing better than Depeche Mode and to be walking in my shoes, i.e. to get out of this darkness of people tormenting me, which is now the simple minded people from Helsingør.

I was reminded about not having had a virus protection for my computer since 2008 or even before, and then I felt my mother – her darkness – and was told that computer viruses are also created by the World Elite to destabilise the world, but you were never able to bring powerful enough viruses to my computer to break it down?

When do you think Claus von Bülow will stand forward, and also Jan Bonde Nielsen (?) – as members of the World Elite too.

Do you think that Stig has the telephone number to call home to me too?

I like to listen to Danish P6 “Beat” radio – both because of the music and not least because they know what they speak of, which so many sadly do not – and this morning at 09.50, they spoke of band names, and something about a band called “I love you but I have chosen darkness”, which made me think that this is a “crazy” name, which a little later inspired the commentator to suggest “Los Hitlos” (!) as a band name, and yes “darkness” is what you were speaking of and what was working through you here, my friend.

My dark and simple minded voice asked: Have we then built our self a white horse, a whole new white palace (?), starting to understand that he is going to be replaced by a completely new self inside of him, which is a message, which has come through to some people in Helsingør.

“Take no prisoners” (!), which is about the order from top to kill the world, which must have been “difficult” for you to do, Clinton & Co.?

No, they (Helsingør Commune) is not planning as much “sunshine” as they do on the Town Hall Square in Copenhagen (celebration of my arrival), and maybe their will be some reggae too (?), and yes “bob bob bob” as we say here :-).

I was told that all of what I have eaten, we have been diving into what is good and bad to bring “good” with us only.

I was told about this device to change the clock frequency on CD/DVD-players etc., which I remember reading much about approx. 10 years ago, which is also a symbol of turning around the clock of everything to the right phase you know.

So it is like putting a screw into the lake (engine to the world).

Isn’t it funny/incredible that Stig had all gold chains inside of him as part of my sexuality.

I will turn myself in to be released, which is about the feeling of people of the Helsingør Facebook group, who “cannot” continue because of just how tough and “wrong” I was at you – still not realizing that it was really the opposite way.

I finished work to my script of yesterday and the script of so far today at 13.25, and I was still as tired and destroyed as I also was in the morning – one of the serious tiredness because of the Helsingør Facebook group – and we will now see if I can continue working on HAARP for my new website, and no, not very nice to do when you can throw up because of disgust.

This was the handbag, which we almost lost down into the lake, and is this everything of the Source, which would have made the Old World explode (?), and yes, but now we managed to do without.

I keep hearing that “his mother lives at Lappen 35”, which is about talk on me in Helsingør and people.

Don’t you think that John’s fear of your new website was “you don’t just go in there asking them to stop doing what they do”, and yes, John, this is pretty much the idea, and yes for me to do this without having to fire one single bull other than using the power of my words/writings, which you know is my weapon.

Yes, he is serious about writing this HAARP chapter – even though it is not easy because of how I feel – and this feels like receiving my new silver bag, and yes you do remember that the colour of your new mother/me is silver, which we told you a few years ago.

No, you are not “gross” at all, this is what Denis made Karen believe of you.

Do you know just how much we brought out of this silver bag via Jesper (the other day), and yes I understand that he was a key player in this, which is why it was important to influence him for you and against the ridicule of Berlingske against me, which is also made up because you see my comments on Facebook at different places.

I was shown a whole motorway being turned around, and it is really the turning around of the last part of me, which is what will happen at our birth.

And it is “impulses” sent out from John – and my family including my late father – which made the world go mad including the creation of this insane HAARP weapon, which I am still learning about this afternoon, and now dividing information logically into chapters, and yes taking much information, condensing it and getting a not too big chapter out of it, and this takes some days to do, but it is worth while.

I was told that negative voices including “kill, kill” etc. is coming to me because of this HAARP weapon, which also interferes and manipulates with the human mind – when working on low frequencies – and “then we cannot say it any clearer” as I was told.

And is it possible to direct so much energy into the atmosphere, to bring it back and to control where it is released for example as an ultra strong beam to kill people (?), and yes, now you know what I have also guarded you against, and this has to be what I was told when I was out cycling one time last year that they can do.

Believe it or not, the work you are doing is still bringing you and everyone up to higher ground, and yes simply by understanding the nature of this nightmare of a weapon.

Are we now going to shut this thing (HAARP – all of them!) off (?), and yes, Stig has not told us too, and if you have not received the message yet my ladies and gentlemen of the World Governemt: I ASK YOU TO SHUT DOWN YOUR ENTIRE PROGRAM OF THE WORLD ORDER INCLUDING ALL (SILENT) WEAPONS AND HERE WEATHER MODIFICATION, mind control etc., and yes all military activities without exception, and what do we do with all existing weapons etc. (?), and yes DISMANTLE them, so you better get started!

Did they do tests on your father up until the minutes before he past away as they would also have done to you father had you not saved her, which they would also have done to you, and was the idea for man to put forward this information saying that we have not taken over God (?), no, right (?), or just maybe they were this crazy, and no, they had no idea that a man could carry the arsenal of defence weapons as you did, and everything was based on “will power” together with faith in me ….

No, it was also determined not to let you end your Commercial School to start breaking you down already then …

And yes, they send out “voices” from computers via low frequency to enter the mind of people as they did to me too, and I am here told “also heart attacks”, which is what I have kept on receiving and yes since when (?), and we know 1998, so does this mean that I have been a victim and maybe even a test person of this mind control system for such a long time?

During my work on HAARP, I read the following here.

“Another source says that these have been fed with the world’s languages and synthetic telepathy will reach into people’s heads making people believe God is speaking to them personally to enact the Second Coming, complete with holograms!

So is this what I am experiencing (?), no, because you have seen all of the thousands of signs/proofs, haven’t you (?), and I know my spiritual experiences going much deeper than this.

And you saw that you could not mind-control me, your systems were not strong enough to remove my will-power and control to do what is RIGHT?

Is it connected this way that you are given voices on one hand by powerful machines, and the “test medication” of you was to discover how much was needed to remove it again – but they did not take into account that God self can decide on exactly which frequency to send, which you don’t know about thus not being able to remove my voices after all?

And this is because they did not receive access to “our special keys”, which we use at our UFO’s from the most inner Universe, you know, and this is what is stronger than all of their “stuff” you know.

I was shown the central police headquarters of Copenhagen, and told that it all leads here, and yes, whom of you wants to stand forward telling the truth about me, what you were planning to do and all of your files, and yes whom influenced you, anyone?

I continued working at the library until 19.00 as I had originally planned and to go from there directly to the Helsingør Cinema – grapping a shawarma on the way – to watch the live concert from Tallinn, Estonia, with Robbie Williams.

On my way out I was given a taste of blood to my mouth, and I was told that this is what HAARP made me do; to taste blood symbolising the end of the world, which is what they were playing with messing up with the upper atmosphere not knowing what it really contains (“everything”) in all of their games of war and desire to be in control over man.

I was told that it was also mind control of HAARP making it impossible for my mother, Karen etc. to understand me, and also that it controlled Karen’s wrong sexual desires.

When the balance changed in my favour, the World Elite started coming over on my side because “he has the best chance of winning”, which is what became the death of their dark New World Order.

I was told that the negative voices etc., which I have continued receiving – on a lower level most of the time but not all of the time – have been given to me because we as actors have learned from the world, and when did the world stop this mind control game (?), which I understand that they have, an this has to be when I was given the sign of it approx. 2-3 weeks ago when I felt a sudden decrease of negative voices given to me.

I arrived at the cinema at 19.45 and was told that it is not impossible that I, now the voice of Robbie Williams, have a declaration that God is born, but it is too early I know, and I was told that Robbie is following me too and received the story about Jack/B52.

I continued receiving Robbie’s voice and was told, that we will continue holding out all of us with you pulling us forward (to the Source), this is how much we understand, but all of this part with drugs etc. is “long-haired”, yes we don’t have time for.

No, we – i.e. the top music stars – have not received the same kind of darkness as you, but we have had our share, and yes what did I – still Robbie – do years away from show-business chasing UFO’s as the media said (?), and why did I return to Take That, and I was told that the latter part was to please my mother and I, which we truly appreciated (to show friendship and good communication instead of the opposite).

And I know that I have given you sexual torments too, which I here received, because I had my nose stuck too much forward, which was part of my development, which was to find love and not casual sex.

I was given the feeling of my father’s wife Kirsten and she wants to apologise to me, and is Robbie on the same channel as she (?), and has the music world also prepared a surprise for you, and yes I am an ambassador too, as the voice of Robbie said, and yes, I will also choose my favourite songs this evening, Robbie, as I did with Sting.

We – the music industry/stars – are also part of the waffles and not the ice cream (with ice cream being creation, and waffles the bearing structure of it), and we know all of us, and I now better understand why music is and has been playing such a big role in my life.

I still often receive feelings of my father, and can HAARP do this too, provide feelings and also visions?

So we are all going through this darkness together with you, we are all suffering.

Why do we still have to play hide and seek with you as I am told that my father in law, which has to be Karen’s father, is saying, and I am not allowed to come forward yet (?), and I felt my inner self of light on the way in to me at the cinema, and yes you are welcome, but I am not finished with my work yet, and until this, please keep the game playing.

We stand right outside here, and I felt them just outside the door of the cinema, and they had a dozen of roses with them.

Your new voice is not completely ready yet.

I was given a strong feeling of tears coming to me, and was told that we – the music industry – are crying with you too because you are alone with no one of your surroundings understanding you etc.

Robbie had by now started playing “let me entertain you”, and it was truly a great show in Tallinn, Estonia, with 70,000 enthusiastic people and we had fine picture and sound in the cinema also making it a great pleasure to watch this concert this way, and all of the production was at a high level, and I was thinking that Robbie is truly a sublime performer by the grace of God, and I was thinking of him at the same high level as Mick Jagger and Freddie Mercury from Queen.

So you will receive such a “Mandela concert” including your favourite artists.

We have new pants for you, which is about new sexuality, which goes for the whole world, and this is the last pin we will implement.

Robbie played “sin sin sin”, and I loved the music but disliked the message of sexual sin, and when Robbie sang “It’s what Jesus would do, we’re made in his image baby” waving to the camera at the same time as if he was waving at me, the result was that the picture was lost in our cinema and an error message said “no signal” (!), and besides from my dislike of the message of the song, it was a result of my decision to continue the game making darkness do this.

And one minute after, the picture returned exactly when Robbie in his next song “bodies” sung “Jesus really died for me”, which was simply to say that I am absorbing your sins, sins, sins as my sufferings to make you live.

I was told that Prince was also watching Robbie Williams live knowing that I was too.

If I had stopped working or said “you are not welcome”, we would have asked you if it was time now to end the world, but no, we never asked this question, and I felt Prince and was told that we – the music industry/stars – would be the first to receive your decision and we would bring our greatest sacrifices to see if we could make you change your decision (by bringing me more energy to work). But all of this protection is not needed at all, we now know. And this is the game we would have played also if you had given up lately, but then it would only have been a game.

And it would first be with this possible decision of mine that we would feel the world breaking apart doing our best to make you change your mind, and your mother would start feeling it too.

We have now brought everything inside of you (including the Source self), so it is only I with the farm roses – my inner self as the son – who is missing.

Robbie was feeling inspiration when he from “out of no where” decided to sing “we will rock you” by Queen, which you know was because I was thinking of him as a performer at the same high level as Freddie, this is how it works, you know :-).

We have now made everything ready for you, which Robbie has brought to you because he is the only one having been inside God’s/Stig’s UFO (“spaceship of everything”), which herewith has been delivered to you, which is my inner self as the son, who was hidden inside of Robbie, and yes of all people (!), so thank you for helping out, Rob :-).

So we are now here all of us including your father, who arrived earlier (the son was at the very end).

I liked many of the songs including the new ones that Robbie played, and I have brought my favourites of the evening as videos here (normally “Feel” is one of my favourites, but I liked the other songs here live even more than “Feel”).

I felt Michael Sadler from SAGA and was told that we (the band) are also with you now, and I understood that Michael was also important in order to spread the news about me within the music industry.

We have “forced” Karen to be together with you – when she was the only one you thought intimately about – in order to create your son/daughter, which we could no have done if she had not loved you with her pure heart and only rejected me in physical life because of her misunderstandings, and it was only me, i.e. God/my inner self, who knew this, and without this, there would also have been no New World, which required the inner self of Karen to approve me, which you/we received plenty of.

Can they – HAARP – also regulate genes making you fat, and yes this is also part of their game to make me “crazy” in the eyes of my mother – potentially believing that I was not in control over myself – which you decided not to fight (by eating so little to keep me slim), which required that I had to set up a new scheme.

And they have put out schemes in relation to Kim S., my father’s wife Kirsten and everyone around you making it impossible for people to understand you, which was to protect themselves, and who did understand me then (?), and yes the World Elite self, who were protected and not part of this mind control scheme, and it was their understanding and human weakness to “gossip”, which made faith of me spread/grow, which they had not protected themselves against (no schemes controlling themselves!) and not thought about and that is because “we are the upper class, we are protected and not part of these schemes of the lower class”, but you were not protected against me, which is what brought you to the end too.

What is CERN really (?), and was it about finding God’s/my particle for man to conclude that we don’t need God now, we are now God ourselves, man has taken over, but no, this is NOT how the piano plays!

Robbie said that his back was hurting so much that “this gig almost did not happen” and he thanked “drugs” of Estonia for making it possible for him to do the gig and he also thanked the Lord for drugs (!), and you really don’t have to do that, Robbie, because drugs don’t belong to me, but the Devil, but in this case, you/we used darkness to make this gig happen, so thank you for biting the pain in you and do this, and as you may understand, I was also myself “handicapped” by incredible tiredness today making it almost impossible for me to go, but we made it :-).

The fine show was coming to an end after two hours, and one lady of the cinema was humming a few keys while Robbie were speaking to the audience in Tallinn asking the ladies to sing along on the word “smiling” in one of his most beautiful songs, “she’s the one”, and right after the lady of the cinema had hummed these few notes, it made an inspired Robbie encourage all cinemas all over Europe also watching the concert to sing along, and this was really to underline the word “SMILING” because this is what the world can see by now – your smiling face all over the world – also here when ending this show in great style watching Robbie and the band and not least the audience showing white light from their mobile phones all over making it a breathtaking view, and I thought to myself that I would like to dedicate this beautiful song to Karen because “she’s the one”, you know :-).

I received a new period where the outer three toes on my left foot were physically moving/crumbing, which I have experienced many times over the last few weeks, and I was told that this was a symbol of difficulties to bring in the last of me.

Robbie started the show with “Let me entertain you”, and of course he ended with “Angels” – what else (?) – and I smiled when he said that “the Lord said, start with “Let me entertain you” and end with “Angels””, and no, I don’t believe that the audience understood the true meaning of this message, and when he sang this in front of the enthusiastic 70,000 people singing along and continuing to show white lights from their mobile phones, I received one of those incredible deep feelings because of the sheer beauty of what I saw and heard, and I told myself that this truly has to be one of the most beautiful songs ever made, and yes I LOVE IT (!), and when Robbie ended the show, I liked very much to see that he and the band stayed on the stage receiving and thanking for the big applause, and when he continued singing “Angels” without the band now a cappella together with the audience, it only further strengthened my feelings of this moment, it was truly immensely beautiful, and I was given Robbie’s voice in the background saying “we love you”, which was the feelings of the music industry in relation to me, and also that they know that we were close to sending the taxi into the lake without you (to end the world without my arrival), and yes I love you too and thank you for a fantastic performance and great entertainment, Robbie ♥.

A little later in the evening I sent this thank you to Robbie and the band – I was truly ENTERTAINED and we are all loving angels instead, Robbie :-).

FB 200813 Robbie

FB 200813 Robbie 2

And yes, I had STRONG darkness coming to me during all of the concert including sexual torments and negative speech keeping me on my edge again, and as with the Sting concert, I had to write down notes constantly, which I was NOT happy about also thinking about the potential annoyance this gave to other people at the cinema noticing the light from my phone on and off constantly.

On my way home from the concert, I was told that Michael Jackson, “whom we are in contact with”, will also be part of the concert for me.

I returned home at 22.25 truly making this a long day, but I did it as planned despite of incredible tiredness – “thank you”, Helsingør!

I was told that the strength of the mind control of HAARP that I received was equivalent to the wrong story I was the other day at Kronborg about the World Elite planning to go underground when sun flares would come in September, which was not that strong and easy to overcome when I know the truth, but the problem was lazy people not knowing the truth simply giving in to this wrong voice, and I am here given Leif as example, and what do you think and feel of me Leif, after seeing my comments on Facebook and people of your standard attacking me (?), and yes a dilemma for you whom to decide to believe in?

I was told that the problem of the World Elite was to get enough computer power to be able to run individual mind control schemes of everyone, which they could not do, but they decided to point our and run schemes against their “worst enemies” including me, and yes, this is how they wanted to control man playing God by deciding to bring diseases (and death) and also individual “medicine” designed for people, and yes, you must have a very ugly taste in your mouths, my ladies and gentlemen, and yes one thing is that you were all under the mind control of the Devil bringing out the worst of you, another thing is that you decided to do this incredible evilness having a free will to decide what to do, and yes, how could you sink so low?

So this is why we made Frankenstein, which was about man’s desire to be God creating a MONSTER of man and also belief that he would succeed.

“A lad insane” (“Aladdin sane”) is not invented by me, which is about the song of Bowie believing that he did it, and no, he had to learn that it was not him but me bringing the song as “inspiration” to him.

I have received “final countdown” for days by Europe, so this is what it is, and yes let us say for the start of our New World.

Google Earth: A bird above a chameleon, and filling up the helmet

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a bird above a chameleon, removing arrogance with the washing machine, filling up the helmet, pollutionists ready again,  proposal (?), and lots of life inside a hurricane.

FB 200813 Jette 1

FB 200813 Jette 2

FB 200813 Jette 3

FB 200813 Jette 4

FB 200813 Jette 5

FB 200813 Jette 6

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Soulaima is living a “marvellous life” with no ends to the success the receives travelling all over the world meeting leaders of the world elite (!), and lately she has been named one of the 20 greatest thinkers in the Nordic countries, and is on TV and here on radio, and I encouraged the radio to ask her if she is also a great LISTENER, who UNDERSTANDS people – having patience to listen to others than herself – and I gave the answer myself saying that she has not, which I have experienced myself and shown you, and yes to a very deep degree I might say, and from this reason alone she is MUCH overvalued, and I asked them to send her my best regards, and yes she does remember me well (after having blocked me months ago giving her the same “medicine” as she does to others, which was to tell her the truth very directly, which she simply could not take or understand!). And it did not take more than 10 minutes before I received a new out of this world pain to my right ankle, and yes my message has sunk in.

FB 200813 P4 Soulaima

  • Later in the day, Michael Hardinger was guest with Alex Madsen on the same radio station, and I simply said that “then there is really pressure on” with “pressure on” being the title of one of Shu-Bi-Dua’s old hits, which Alex “liked”, and I asked him to send my regards to Hardinger, and yes “the sensation pressure on”, and I wonder if this is how you feel, Hardinger, which is to have a “pressure on” because of being part of my scripts and for having blocked/reported me to Facebook approx. one year ago, and do you understand better now (?), and yes you are welcome to send my an apologise too, if you are not a wimp, but you probably are together with the rest of the world.

FB 200813 Madsen

  • I was happy to be hearing from David again.

FB 200813 David



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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