August 24, 2013: I was not designed to play “the game” at this level saving the Old World before the start of our New World


Summary of the script today

23rd August: I was not designed to play “the game” at this level saving the Old World before the start of our New World

  • Dreaming of the ENORMOUS house of the Source and houses of creation in front of it, Espergærde Youth School being on my side, and the Source being inside the world.
  • The radio spoke inspired about “sweeping fantastic” etc., which is about my journey. Leif and people of Helsingør are giving me STRONG darkness. I continue work on my new website now also finishing my chapters on HAARP, the Doomsday Weapon of the World Elite, weather and mind control, and while doing this, we are drilling the finest holes into the deepest part of the Source. The world would have been eliminated a long time ago if I had not continued my work, and I was not designed to keep “the game” going at this level, but this is what I decided to do as Stig refusing to let invincible darkness defeat me before the opening of something new and better. My mother did not turn into a “Medusa” to bring out my “old nightmare”, thus the end of the world. The smile of me which the world see on the sky, is the New World. It required the STRONGEST love of my mother and family in me to “accept” what they believe I have done to me, and this is the love I normally meet from people because of my heart/love of man, but NOT when they “cannot” understand me, thus wrongly sending me negativity instead, which is what everyone then did! The British Intelligence Service were the worst of all giving me the worst sufferings. Steffen Kretz, the host of DR1 TV news, is the worst journalist in Denmark having access to the highest level, and the real estate chain EDC-gruppen was – as Danske Bank – working for the dark New World Order.
  • From out of nowhere, two UFO’s were flying close to my window giving strong pulsating lights from them, and I was told that “we are not here either, and have not been sent out by the United Nations”, and it came together with a feeling of some fear that these UFO’s could have shot (beamed) me do death (as they tried to do many times), but now they are free, and this was to say that the United Nations orders these UFO’s to execute me as they have done to Syria too, which is sadly their agenda (came during Naser Khader speaking about Syria on TV).
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show shadows as important as illuminated heads.
  • Short stories of asking Inger Støjberg when she and the Liberaly Party will start behaving properly, receiving a nice email from a lady of faith, Scribd is starting to cure itself again, and Margrethe Vestager is also going to the reception of our New World.

24th August: It is time for the Son to take over from the father – and for my son to take over from me

  • Dreaming of closing down the Old World and incredible rich people spending incredible much money.
  • It is time for a change of stage, which is about the Son taking over the centre from my father, and afterwards my son after me. And I am gathering my “family” around me, which are all people, who have been around me all of my life, whom we have followed all of them, and all diseased too including my grand parents, who have prepared work on the spiritual side. I may have approx. a week of work remaining (revealing thus stopping the dark New World Order) before I expect to stop working – unless something new will happen – being so incredible tired and close to fainting that it is “impossible” to do. The music industry could not locate me as the Source thus believing that the end of the world would come making them feel awful.
  • I gave Misheck my watch in Kenya in 2009 to let the faith of him and his/Elijah’s family start up our New World, but I failed (when not inviting him inside the LTO circle), which is why we had to find an alternative solution.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a big forehead, lots of faces, like a thief – disguised, angels take you under the wings, sweet dreams, and a visit from Queen Elisabeth and Prince Philip.


23rd August: I was not designed to play “the game” at this level saving the Old World before the start of our New World

Dreaming of the ENORMOUS house of the Source and houses of creation in front of it and the Source being inside the world.

I went to bed at 23.00 and slept until 08.00 receiving these dreams.

  • The son of a black family wants to go with an elder, he is ordered to take a shoe on handicapping him, one wants to save him but is not allowed. It is Saturday and I want to do sport at the sport hall, but I arrive too late, maybe tomorrow. There is the biggest and most impressive house – it is HUGE – and it has its back to the King Road to act as protection and in front of it are very beautiful houses in two floors of 158 square metres each and in front of these is a hill where there is the best view to Helsingør harbour and the sea, we have eaten right at the best spot with the best view, and when walking back to the houses, one is looking for earthworms and faeces and a lady saying that she does not believe that the hill will ever become “delicious”. A 18 year old daughter is not allowed to sing to the piano for her father. A Danish musical set up in Berlin received fine reception, and it will run there for 14 days, the feeling is that it is Danish and is an amateur play.
    • Difficulties to continue the game/sport, the big house will have to be of the Source with the small houses being creations, and still there is more darkness in the hill. This amateur play is about Espergærde Youth School – famous for their plays – being on my side now.
  • While awake, I was told that Jette does not receive mind control, which is why she was able to understand and have faith in me. And I received Robbie William’s “Angels” and the part of the lyrics including “salvation”.
  • Kim S. is running his business from my mother’s apartment. There is a TV both in the kitchen and the living room with one showing handball against Spain, and another football where David Bowie – to my surprise – is playing on one team shooting a perfect ball in over the opponent’s penalty area. Else (my own DFM colleague) is feeling pressure from Kim to finish her work making her do poor work, and I tell her that she has a good skill and to take her time no matter what, which makes her start doing finer work. Kim is closing the doors in the middle of the apartment.
    • Kim is the Source and here at my mother’s apartment, i.e. inside the world. The football/handball is about my continuous play against darkness (of Spain).

I was not designed to play “the game” at this level saving the Old World before the start of our New World

Isn’t it Sanna speaking negatively/wrongly about my back, which gives me darkness and not mind control (?), and yes the story of yesterday may be “too much”.

I was told that the British Intelligence Service has tried to destroy Queen Elisabeth’s device, and it has also been on display there, but now they leave it with enormous speed, and also that they tried to turn my mother into a call girl via their mind control schemes. The British Intelligence are the worst of all giving me the worst sufferings.

I was shown Henning W’s wife Benedikte as a living crocodile working for them to remove Henning as my friend – and some of these stories are “crazy”, which may be because of darkness, but then again, they may also be true, what do I know?

I was shown “TV Køkkenet” – TV food programme from the 1970’s – and was told that “we have cheated in advance”, which is still about having already finished what we are now (apparently) going through.

I was told that Steffen Kretz, the host of DR1 TV news, is the worst journalist in Denmark having access to the highest level.

It was IMPOSSIBLE to start working again this morning, the hill was STEEP, but I had to, so I did it …., and this is how it still is everyday and “more or less” that is.

At around 09.00 I was encouraged to play something with the Danish hiphop band Malk de Koijn, and no, I will not because their lyrics include too much swearing and sexuality, and we know, when I know, I don’t like it, and I am not going to use time trying to read their lyrics to find a song with nicer lyrics.

I received “Private Idaho” by B52 and was told that the story from the other day about Jack first becomes good when it is connected with the concert of the band at Amager Bio August 26, 2013, and who will be there (?), and yes, let us guess that Jack will, and you do remember that I was there last year so “exchange of energies” my friends (?), and yes maybe you will play the rock lobster too?

I spoke to my mother over the telephone, and she sounded HAPPY saying that that it was NOT heart inflammation that John is suffering from but the catheter, which is again not working, so they will not operate a new catheter into him for the third time, and is there a more visible way that I can show you that I do NOT like dialysis (which is what this catheter is used for) (?), and yes there is nothing wrong with John and I am all he needs to be cured, but otherwise he is doing fine as my mother said, and she was happy too because I will visit her this evening.

Did you hear P6 this morning between 10.00 and 11.00 and how the two hosts were playing around like small kids, which came to them inspired because of incredible happiness of my spiritual friends, and yes also including Devil exorcism, which is the reason of our happiness.

At 11.25 I understood why I was encouraged to play Maik de Koijn earlier because they played them at P6 radio, and the fine host – I like both to these two hosts during mornings, they have a passion about what they do, which MANY do not (!) – said just before playing them that a listener had won a “fejende flot fængende P6 t-shirt” (“sweeping, good looking, catching P6 t-shirt”), which is about all of these positively loaded F-adjectives, and yes I like the music, but no, I do NOT like the lyrics at all, which is why I will not play the song they played on the radio, which at the same time is also to show you a sign of the “old nightmare” – sexual torment – still given to me.

They had more inspired speech between 11.00 and 12.00 including a “birth” and at 11.47, they said that Hammershus on Bornholm is a “fantastisk forrygende sted i Danmark”, which was more about these positive F-adjectives (“fantastic, breathtaking”).

I went to the library after lunch meeting Leif in our “two room office” and he told me that yesterday afternoon, he had told an old lady no to work at the free second computer because he was expecting someone (me!) – but I was working at the floor below yesterday because there was a crowd on 3rd when I arrived earlier – and also that he did not want her to sit there with her lunch pack eating (!), and when he said this, I was made to overturn my coffee pot and I “could not” speak (find and say the words), which I bring every day, and this was about STRONG darkness, which this man brings me because of his POOR and WRONG behaviour speaking wrongly about me behind my back, and yes I told him that it was wrong not to let the lady in, and no, he does not mind himself eating when he is in there, and yes “lunch pack” is a symbol of the Source and spill of coffee is lack of warm feelings, which is about how Helsingør has received me, so Leif is telling them that he does not have faith in me too?

So you might say that people of Helsingør of the Facebook groups have taken over the roll of Espergærde Youth School to send darkness to me.

I continued being tired – still using the last of “no energy” to finalise work – and at 13.30 I had finished work on my script of yesterday also publishing this on Facebook, so now there is the new website again until this evening when I will visit my mother …..

We are theoretically working as long as there are still stores to transfer darkness via, and shortly thereafter I received sudden great pain in my left knee, which is because I have published my draft of the HAARP climate and mind control weapon today, which is also hitting the world elite very directly.

I was told with a low voice that we are really still in a hurry if you want to save your mother’s and John’s lives, and no, I don’t care about threats, they will live, and I will finish my work taking as long as it takes.

And I was told about my sister watching a film over 16 because she don’t like to follow the development of my scripts.

Are we drilling the finest holes into the deepest part of the Source (?), and I see sand paper covering small tunnels made into this part, and still it is my work driving this forward (and a little help from the man upstairs).

Your mother would never have crossed the stream here if it was not for you, she – and the world – would have been dead/eliminated then for a long time, which your mother does not know about yet not knowing about the enormous impact of your decision to keep on working, which is also keeping John alive, and do you think that she will become happy when she will know (?), and I feel YES VERY MUCH. And this will first come when we bring the long awaited layer cake, which we have ready for you here.

You – yourself, your mother and the world – were not designed to play the game/football (still) at this level, but this is what you have decided to continue doing.

I continued working on the HAARP, climate and mind control chapter finishing it, but still I need to go through it also tomorrow, but it is starting to look like what I wanted it to look like.

I was told about Italians wanting to become “larger than life”, so this thing about the World Elite “performing an act” of God via mind and climate control was part of the work of these Christian Democrats.

I WAS INCREDIBLE TIRED during the afternoon being in hell and the worst torment to go through.

Is this then the next level that we are going to open to you now when you have got this right on place (?), and yes some of the information I have on my Judgment Scenario and Signs III websites, which I did in 2011, is (deliberately) wrong because this is how far I was able to make it back then, and now I have been given the approval to extend this because of world development, which is why I now do this work, and yes I will correct/delete wrong information on these two sites later – before I finish this work – and I felt that this is what also brought me resistance of darkness during my journey.

Who wants to live forever (?), yes the world saw your link on Facebook (two days ago) including this fine Queen concert, and here is their beautiful song about who wants to live forever coming to me here, which of course is about what we will do in our New World.

No, we don’t need to drive to the police station at all, and this is the play we would have done if you did not finish your work on this entire operation of the dark New World Order, which you had no idea just how difficult it would be to do because of yes how you/I feel, and I feel my sister here, who is making this possible as well as giving me extreme sufferings.

I decided that it has to be a combination of mind control of man and darkness of God that I have experienced during my journey because I don’t believe that the systems of man are so advances that they can detect wrong/negative speech and behaviour in relation to me behind my back and to turn up my sufferings because of this, so this is the balance I decide for not really knowing, but this is what I believe in.

And no, I don’t have an official Top 20 or 100 list of favourite songs, I have one of favourite artists, and you do know that Electric Light Orchestra without a doubt is no. one artist on my list and if there is any Electric Light Orchestra song on my Top 10 favourite song list (?), and no, there is not, the best songs of David Bowie, Simple Minds, Siouxsie, the Cure, the Jam, Morrisey and Rolling Stones are rated higher, but still there is NO DOUBT that Electric Light Orchestra and Jeff Lynne is my favourite artist, and yes it is “the sound wallpaper”, it is the atmosphere, it is “everything”, it just “is”, which is making me lift this up in a level of itself superior to all other music (in my taste), but still I like individual songs of other artists better – but when hearing Electric Light Orchestra and Jeff Lynne no matter which song, this is just “superior”, and yes, this is the truth, this is exactly how I feel almost as if this music is the Source and the other artists are part of the Source.

Run away with you” – was this the attitude of the superior World Elite to you because they could “everything” with their weapons (?), which they also tried using against me, but no you “could not”.

The smile of me which the world see on the sky, is the New World.

I visited my mother alone this evening with John still being at the hospital, and John has received inflammation around the place at the top of his chest where the catheter is inserted, and he was supposed to have a new – the third one – operated in today, but it will first be in one week from now, and they have decided to keep John at the hospital for 3-4 days for observation, which is really the worst they could do, because it is via me that he receives healing/cure.

My mother told me about how happy Niklas had become for my greetings for him, and I was told that it required the strongest feelings of love of my mother and family to me in order to be able to “accept” what they believe I did to them during my journey.

Niklas girlfriend Isabelle did not see her parents for years, but started seeing them again maybe one year ago, and now they are “best friends”, and they are rich with the father having a Ferrari, so Isabelle has now started racing with her father, and are on holiday with him in Spain doing exactly this, which is to “burn off money”, which to me is truly the worst behaviour of careless people not helping out my LTO friends or myself for that matter.

I was shown a giant gun aimed directly at me, which was darkness of the world and its war games against mankind, thus me, and this was meant to bring own goal, i.e. my death and the termination of the world, which is because we had something better for you, but I refused.

I was told that my mother did not turn into a “Medusa” and bring out my “old nightmare”.

We had a nice evening together, and enjoyed watching “Danish Diva’s” perform on DR1 TV.

I had difficulties all day/evening to remember words, which is about “lost memory”, i.e. loss of life, but I do hope we will find it.

When coming home, I met my neighbours Knud and Jan on the hallway, and I told Jan about using cannabis oil as the wonder medicine healing just about everything (cancer, mental sickness etc.) instead of the traditional medicine, he receives, and yes, he knows about it, and no, I don’t believe that he will do it because when I told him the story of Cocaine/amphetamine being almost the same as Ritalin, he said that of course he would not give his child the first two, but if the doctor prescribed Ritalin, he could decide to do it because in some cases, it is good making people calm down (!), and yes, this is truly what he said (!), and I told him that it is all inside of his mind – brainwash – and I am here tasting bacon, and yes it is clear that these two mean also like me much as I like them, and yes you can see that on people, and this is really how all people should meet me because this is how I am, and you know if they don’t misunderstand me of course.

If I had given in to darkness during my journey, I would have experienced that the gold of the Source would get longer and longer away from me being impossible to reach, i.e. bringing an explosion.

I still receive negative voices mostly lighter now but in periods still pretty strong, which is as annoying/tiring as ever, and I still feel this as a game of the actor.

I gave my watch to Mischeck – Elijah’s brother – in Kenya the day I met him, and this was for his faith in me to help save the watch, i.e. creation, but no, I received “kill kill” voices here because of him, which is because Elijah “cannot” read and communicate my stories to him and his family thus making Mischeck lose faith, and yes I had the option to invite Mischeck to become part of the LTO family in 2009 and to include him on my email list afterwards to receive my scripts, which would probably have been the right thing to do, but I did not because I did not believe there was work and also not money enough for all of us, and yes a wrong decision is what this probably was turning him against and not for me.

I was told that all of this incredible darkness I have gone through lately is really of my mother because I am nothing (as the Source), and we could have decided to put you in prison if it was not because of love of your mother and family, and I felt my cousin Jan still inside of this darkness, and I did not succeed to open him and his safe.

I was surprised to hearing this because this darkness is the Source not being turned around, isn’t it (?), but then I was told if it is not only darkness of your mother/the world between you and the gold, which almost made me believe in this, but then I remembered about the HEAVY PIANO of the Source, which we have brought inside the world, and that’s all (!), no more game here, and yes it tried to convince me about the risk of suffering been given to the world and my mother/John dying, but no, I don’t believe in this now.

I was told about the biggest real estate chain of Denmark, EDC-gruppen, which Kim S. and I had as client in the 1990’s, and was the board of this chain, which I met several times when we did insurance programs for them, also involved in “secret work” of the World Elite (?), and have they also been asked to evaluate me on basis of our meetings (?), and yes it was Kim leading the word for us back then and me doing the work as the typical abuse of skilled people by managers.

And I was told that you don’t get any higher in the community than this, and what do I remember of this chain (?), and yes Poul Erik Bech was the “fine chairman” and Tage Hjort was the vice chairman being one of the strongest hawkers I have ever met totally obsessed with money/profits not having a poor conscience stopping his greed, and yes GREED is the name of the game here, so something about how to trade real estate in our dark New World, is this what you were asked to do (?), and this is the work I could have been asked to do if I had received the job as marketing manager of this chain some years ago, but no, you “did not” want me, and why was that?

I saw Naser Khader live on DR1 TV (“Deadline”) as usual speaking about Syria and going up against the extremely heavy United Nations-system, where nothing can be agreed upon thus allowing this war to continue without the world stopping it because the world wants it to continue as its true and hidden agenda, and when he said that this is a “game changer”, it was really about me changing the game and the New World Order from “dark” to light”, and yes he spoke about sitting on the fence while a genocide is taking place, which was about the world sitting on the fence not speaking out loud in relation to the planned genocide of the world as you can now read from my website – not least when using the “Doomsday Weapon” of HAARP!

I received the feeling of Naser playing a game as part of the dark system of Washington – despite of his true feelings for Syria – and then suddenly from out of nowhere, two UFO’s were flying close to my window giving strong pulsating lights from them – shifting from one to another – and everyone seeing them would be able to see that these were very close on and surely NOT aeroplanes, which cannot do this, and I was told that “we are not here either, and have not been sent out by the United Nations”, and it came together with a feeling of some fear that these UFO’s could have shot (beamed) me do death (as they tried to do many times), but now they are free, and this was to say that the United Nations orders these UFO’s to execute me as they have done to Syria too, and yes, this is sadly their agenda – I feel Naser – and you do know, Naser (?), and are trapped in a game working on the dark side to save your own behind when you are truly a good man only wanting the best, is this the story of you?

I was told that the game also required that my old friend Christian E. thought that I was an even bigger “lady’s man” than himself, which it takes much to do because he is truly a BIG “lady’s man”, and yes I was able to “score” Henriette, which he was not (!), and our tour to his big farm on Funen around 2005, I believe, where we including myself were in the company of ladies too, and this is like having Kim S believe that I work better than himself, which was also “impossible” to do because he was doing the finest work in the insurance business, which is how I always presented him, but just maybe he and others believe that this is what I did, when they really think after.

I was told that the top teachers of Arthur Findlay College were also victims of mind control to help them focus on themselves and not the world agenda, and yes to pacify them.

Google Earth: Shadows as important as illuminated heads

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show shadows as important as illuminated heads.

FB 230813 Jette 1

FB 230813 Jette 2

FB 230813 Jette 3

FB 230813 Jette 4

FB 230813 Jette 5

Ending the say with these stort stories.

  • Inger was angry because of someone driving into her car giving her a parking-damage and asked “when has it become out of fashion to behave properly”(?), which made me wonder when it came from her so therefore I told her that this is also when you are in government and is minister (?) – with her leading the knife to cut me down when she was minister until 2011 – and when has her Liberal Party started behaving properly, and doesn’t it become funny when all secrets will get out (?), and yes you have something to look forward to, Inger, but no, she “could not” comment my reply, but some other people thought I was out of context and was sour – no, I was not, you just cannot and will not understand – and other liked my comment, and did you like it too, Inger (?), or does this make you feel “ugly” too?

FB 230813 Inger

  • I was happy to receive this email from a lady by the name of Susan, who encouraged me to see her website, which I used a few minutes to do including her main PDF-document, which looked very fine, but I was feeling so awful and busy that I could not do anymore than this.

Susan 230813

Susans homepage

  • Scribd is starting to cure itself again.

Scribd 2308 incl 220813

  • Margrethe was at a RECEPTION and inspired to write about this in continuation of my Rolling Stones “reception” the other day, which you know is about the reception of our New World, do you see, Margrethe (?), but still you still “cannot” write or call me, and why is that, you say (?), and I feel Helle Thorning too, and why don’t you take each other under your arms and drive up here to get a cup of coffee (?), and if there are more of your colleagues wanting to join you, they are very welcome, and yes, you do remember me from Hørsholm Midtpunkt, don’t you, Margrethe, when you stood together with my brother-in-law some years ago and I encouraged your party to get a new chairman, which then became you  :-). 

FB 230813 Margrethe

  • I was happy to hear from Meshack again, who once again is in Uganda, and “cold and rainy” is approx. 25 degrees as I have just looked up (!), and yes, happy to hear about your family too, which is what I would like to hear about from Elijah (and also John) too, and I do understand the stress of your 12 hour road home because just the public ride from Nairobi to your rural village – taking is it approx. three hours (?) – via the worst roads imaginable, which I remember doing with Mischeck, was a nightmare, and yes you should try the roads up here, Meshack, it is completely different, and you know material goods in plenty, but lack of the human warmth and honesty, which you yourself is the best example of in my books.

FB 230813 Meshack

  • Australia was inspired by the Pink Floyd song I brought yesterday.

FB 230813 Australia


24th August: It is time for the Son to take over from the father – and for my son to take over from me

Dreaming of closing down the Old World and incredible rich people spending incredible much money

I went to bed at 23.25 sleeping until 08.10 receiving these dreams.

  • Kim S. and his wife Pernille are packing because they are moving out. He says that he has been accused of lying as an insurance professional towards a cleaning company stating that a suicide was not a suicide in his belief, which has importance in relation to paying out the insurance sum, and this statement was based on simple minded people giving him wrong information. I sit down outside on the hallway reading the documents of the law suit, and I see that he has received the sentence to stop his business within the next 14 days meaning that everything will be removed including us as employees, but he reassures me that he will do everything he can to start up a new business. A lady sits down next to me, I know her. I think if this means that I will become a new manager, but also that my plans are to move to Helsingør where I do believe that Allan (from the library) will have a new job for me, and if not, I should be able to survive on cash help.
    • This will have to be about the closure of our Old World, and let us hope and believe that the insurance sum of the Source will be “paid out”, and Kim symbolises my father being God, and as the Son I will become the new God (everything), but I give this “job” on to my son straight away.
  • I remember glimpses of a dream of the incredible rich Lars Seier – being together with employees of his company – throwing out more than 200 Ferrari cars from a crane, I believe, down on the quay of Helsingør Harbour in front of the library.
    • Incredible rich people spending incredible much money burning off life in the process.

It is time for the Son to take over from the father – and for my son to take over from me

It is because you are so close to the centre of Earth (at the Source) that I have to die to make room for you, and no, no one is going to die here!

This corresponds to be on election on a day in the beginning of may.

It is days since I had diarrhoea and I also almost don’t have heart attacks anymore, but I am still given loud sneezes, which however are a little less in strength than days ago.

It is time for a change of stage, which is about the Son taking over the centre from my father, and afterwards my son after me.

Do you know where your mother was about to throw you as the mummy to (?), and yes on a dog sleigh in Greenland.

No, we will never experience that you will “lose it”, which would be to shout out my negativity, which is what has pressured so hard on me for years and still does, and yes maybe one week of work remaining before I can relax a little (?), and yes I decide to pull myself together to finish this including the email to the UN.

I felt my father, and also that Greenland is our refrigerator, which is “all content of life”.

I received the feeling of Naser Khader, and then even more unbearable darkness coming to me pressuring me even deeper down.

I finished work on the script of yesterday at 14.00 being so tired that it is impossible to work again today, and a mountain of pain I have to go through the coming days to finish my work – if I can.

I was told about information of my old Signs III website hardening, which was information of the “secret Government”, which was not nearly enough to uncover it, and when I did not do this when doing this site in 2011, it meant that this dark New World Order would become the end of the world self, so everything they did to “depopulate” the world, change climate and food etc. would simply lead to the end of the world, which they “could not” understand.

Greenland has my whale tooth.

I continued work until closing hours of the library at 16.00 today, and did some shopping and cycled approx. 6-8 kilometres despite of almost fainting because of lack of energy.

I was told about the world reading my new website with Kenya (“this is exactly how it is”, i.e. killing your population) and India being used as examples.

I was even closer to fainting today than for a long time, actually since February, which was as disgusting as it gets, and tiredness was even deeper than for a long time making me feel AWFUL at the end of the afternoon, and I was told that this has to look like doing my absolutely last to reach the gold, and this has to be because I published my script on HAARP including climate and mind control yesterday, which is giving me reactions from the World Elite.

I was told that when I have started inviting people for coffee – as I do in some emails and Facebook posts – it means that I am removing darkness around me, and I received the strongest feelings of both crying and incredible happiness because we are almost breaking through.

Surely you don’t go all the way to Kenya to find faith, which I had to do when it was impossible for people here to listen and understand in the beginning, which it was not for some of these people not being subjects to mind control, and I was told that this created “desperation” of you following me.

You went directly into the incredible rotten lake – i.e. the world – deciding to improve/change/start everything from here.

I was wondering how the world make scientists, researchers and others working within climate, cancer/other sicknesses etc. to keep their mouths shut about the on-going deception and to make a show/act out of their “research”.

Later I was told that many of these “researchers” have been turned around now producing the diseases etc., which they officially work to prevent!

So we will just walk into our refrigerator?

I was given a sound to my oven and was told that we have decided to open to this without an explosion.

We have gathered all of the family including Tyrol, which is about my Austrian neighbour Manuella, and I was given the feeling of her and her mother, and can it be that her mother is also half-sister to my mother via their father (?), this was the feeling.

I felt Robbie & Co. of the music industry, and can you imagine how it feels like not being able to locate/enter the Source, which is what they knew would become the end of the world, which is why they initiated a research for me, and eeehhh where is he (?), and yes can it be that some could not find me, and others were reading my website and Scribd via the secret network (?); this is what it seems like.

Is it possible to believe that Robbie has now shared his new knowledge about me and Denmark, and yes Maitreya is not in the UK, it is quite true.

So is it first now that the big world is locating me (?), no they know from their secret network!

I felt old childhood friends from Rørholmsgade (until 1972) and was told that we are collecting all of my “family” of people of my life, whom we have followed all of them, and all diseased too including my grand parents, who have prepared work on the spiritual side, so now we are entering the most delicious supermarket – again feeling with the help of Robbie.

And all of this was because of Sanna leading the road.

I was shown myself inside a dark train wagon with everything outside being light, and I received pain to the back side of my left lower leg and was told that they are on their way in.

It is the entire police, i.e. “family”, that we have turned around.

I was told that the system had ordered a single room for me to be kept in isolation, and I received the feeling that this was with the Nazi-doctor Per Funk, whom I have been putting a pressure on too lately to release his prisoner Karina as you have seen on Facebook.

You are not a modern form of theatre, are you?

I was told that the watch I gave Misheck was for faith of him and his/Elijah’s family to start up our New World, but you failed, which is why we had to find an alternative solution.

An ending is coming to the wars/riots of Syria and Egypt, and NO, I did NOT like the use of nervous gas in Syria killing hundreds of people, and was this to make it publically accepted for USA to occupy Syria (?), and we will see what will happen, and wasn’t the idea that the wars/riots of these two countries would come to an end with my arrival (?), we will see.

I was shown the United Nations secretary Ban Ki-Moon and was told that he has been trying to write me too but how do you excuse on behalf of a whole world?

I was told about the Commune that they know that I am not unemployed but they ended up keeping me on cash help, which I can only get – according to the rules – if I am unemployed, and yes, “impossible” it is to keep this cash help according to the stiff rules, but this is what they decided to do, and no, they have not removed it.

Google Earth: Angels take you under the wings and a visit from Queen Elisabeth and Prince Philip

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a big forehead, lots of faces, like a thief – disguised, angels take you under the wings, sweet dreams, and a visit from Queen Elisabeth and Prince Philip.

FB 240813 Jette 1

FB 240813 Jette 2

FB 240813 Jette 3

FB 240813 Jette 4

FB 240813 Jette 5

FB 240813 Jette 6

FB 240813 Jette 7

FB 240813 Jette 8

FB 240813 Jette 9

Ending the day with this short story:

  • I received this new Facebook friend today, who was “single” and just wanted “to make a friend”, and I was completely down in the coal basement not finding it amusing to have “small talk” with one who might be another cheater trying to get me hooked on her, but no, I did not know if this was the case, but her profile showed “signs” of this, and in the end, I simply could not take anymore, I was fainting you see, and to me this was another sign of my “old nightmare” coming when I was the absolutely most broken.

FB 240813 Loveth

FB 240813 Loveth 2



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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2 Responses to August 24, 2013: I was not designed to play “the game” at this level saving the Old World before the start of our New World

  1. Jette Uhlott says:

    er spændt på om ‘læsertallet’ stiger – lagde et tweet – tror det var den 24. dagene løber sammen – jeg sidder her ofte over midnat – og skal også ud for, at samle lidt brænde til vinteren – arbejder ikke så hurtigt med 1 øje og griber ved siden af tingene. Tirsdag skal jeg til forundersøgelse for operation af grå stær – har gode forhåbninger. Take care.

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