August 26, 2013: The World Elite decided to steal my power/mind for man to become God, which would have brought termination!


Summary of the script today

25th August: When I complete work, I will receive the Crown Jewels of God, which will turn everyone into God/Buddha

  • Dreaming of finishing the final setup of the two parts of me, I am completely stripped down living on the least possible energy, still balancing the accounts of life, having a connection to the Source, still cleaning up darkness and getting to know the judges.
  • I continue working and playing my game against darkness, but I receive less work to my scripts enabling me to finish work on my website. I am becoming the watch, which is the same as gold, because of the spreading of my new website. We have transformed from a freezer to a refrigerator, i.e. turned ourselves around, and doing it all from behind, which was “impossible” but the only way to do it, and could we have done it the other way around, it would have been without any trouble at all. We had to create a whole new life form including energy and much else to have the precious stone of your mother including physical life to return. I started the month working on my new website, which was impossible to do because of how I felt/feel, and if I could not do this, we would not open to you. When I will complete this work I will receive my crown jewels, which we will bring everyone thus turning everyone into God’s in their own right – also meaning that we will all become Buddha.
  • I was told that faith of Elijah and his family will not be the foundation of my birth, but the British Royal Family will, and also about how could the Source be inside the device of Queen Elisabeth when we have been bringing the piano of the Source inside the world (?), which was a game maybe meaning that Elijah in fact will be the guarantee of my birth, we will see.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the coming oneness, like flowers and corn, behave and take care of your children, no more war – no more waste, why must they spoil the Earth?, fireman and smokers, and pollution from drugs from Netherlands.
  • Short stories of Scribd is now “cured” again, bathing in melted water from Greenland (?), stars create the David star now as they also stood when Jesus was born – making my inner self enter me, and Helena has nothing against Henrik Sass.

26th August: The World Elite decided to steal my power/mind for man to become God, which would have brought termination!

  • Dreaming of my father stopping work – and still working against me, Helsingør Dagblad/Daily News are the worst darkness, “how am I gonna get it through” (?), and I still receive threats of my “old nightmare” being close to celebration.
  • Again I was completely broken down today but still working all day on my script and to finish my new website now looking at the rotten banking system standing behind the World Elite, and this is about becoming “completely empty” and “not living” as my old self to enter the Source, which corresponds to completely burning down the old Christmas Tree before getting my new.
  • All major institutions of the world have now given in to you – including Monsanto – meaning that the same spoon (of the World Elite) is feeding you, which was destroying you until recently, so instead of letting this World Elite explode me, we have taken on the task to convert it and to make it follow you, this is the essence of the work you/I are doing. The World Elite was following/surveilling me waiting for one thing only, which is “when will Stig break down” (?) and to let them continue their plans, but no, I decided not to break down. The World Elite agreed for me to be a slave to my mother including sexual oppression, which is the scheme they put on me, and they also tried their HAARP “death ray” weapon on me in 2012, but could not get it to work because of energy of the Universe working against them. It was this giant power of the World Elite who used my sister against me and my mother in an incredible cunning plan to transfer my power/mind to them for them to become God (!), and it was love between my mother and I breaking down their plans. Had they succeeded to break me down, it would have triggered my final weapon, which would have exploded the world, which is what would have become their “prize” (!), but when I am winning, the world don’t come to an end before the creation of our New World. Now my new power is being written to this evil system including my sister, and I was shown three UFO’s telling me that “the road is clear”, they are now following me and not the World Elite.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show faces going together, hello all, blessed in Heaven – Fayed and Diana with Elton John playing, can I play with all the new ones (?), how can a cat sleep after all of this (“a kat la vær” = “I cannot avoid it”).
  • Short stories about a clear symbol showing problems to give my new self birth (….?),I keep on working only because of self discipline, “simple minded hello’s”, and is Naser Khader a marionette to the World Elite not understanding what it is about?


25th August: When I complete work, I will receive the Crown Jewels of God, which will turn everyone into God/Buddha

Dreaming of finishing the final setup of the two parts of me and I am living on the least possible energy

I went to bed at midnight.00 and slept until 08.00 receiving these dreams.

  • I am finishing the final setup of the second of two racer bicycles, which I have bought from Preben. I removed all paint of first one and now the second seeing the frame itself, and I use a special sandpaper, which is difficult to bend, which gives welding sparkles from it when using it, and I think that I should have bought a completely new frame/bicycle instead.
    • Bicycles are both “sufferings” and me, and here it is the second part of me finishing, which has to be about Karen and I as one.
  • I have received a new company car. It is a fine Audi limousine, however it comes completely stripped from any extra equipment – not even a radio or proper information system in colour – in order to get it safely beneath the max. limit of 6,000 DKK in monthly lease, and I think that I will be able to upgrade this afterwards. Preben used to have the same model as I, and he is surprised that I keep on working. Two days ago, I bought two small crème’s to use for a test, and I am with Peter A. (from Fair), who offers me to become part of his network/school where he writes about and teaches his network in different business topics, and he can have a maximum of five people per day, which is 300 DKK each, as he explains, and his school is at Price Waterhouse on the beginning of Amager (part of Copenhagen).
    • A car is “me”, and I am completely stripped meaning that I am living on the least energy required to be able to live, and one reason is darkness of Peter A. still thinking about his business before me, Peter (?), and you do know that “Amager” is darkness and Price Waterhouse is an accountant firm, so this is about making sure that we have all accounts balancing, i.e. having all life with us.
  • I woke up to the song “yer so bad” by Tom & Jeff – one of my favourites of theirs – and the lyrics “yer so bad, best thing I’ve had, in a world gone mad” and “yer so bad” was made into “yer so mad”, which is because this is what Peter A. still believes (as part of the mad world, he is), and yes just how crazy/stupid can you get, Peter (?), and you were CEO with Fair Insurance, and I wonder what qualified you?

  • Something about working at Danske Bank, Freeport, and a connection between me and the money safe. Something strange is happening, Bent’s heir to the throne says, and he disappears and asks if there is anything we should do, which there is not. Some plants have been planted on the floor, which I believe should be cleaned away, and they don’t believe that there will come cleaning, but I tell them that there will.
    • The money safe is the Source, and the rest will have to be about further cleaning of darkness.
  • I am watching the Eurovision Song Contest including famous singers, and the judges show all of their personalities when they vote/speak, and I like to get to know them.
    • The judges are the “the old man” and heirs to the throne.

When I complete work, I will receive the Crown Jewels of God, which we all will turning everyone into God/Buddha

Yesterday, I received a couple of shooting and very uncomfortable pain to the right side of my chest, which continued this morning.

This is like taking a picture of yourself going through this way (opening our New World from the old without terminating), and when choosing from two bad’s, this or termination, this is what we chose.

We cannot allow ourselves to be disappointed with what is coming now, yes the financial crisis and planned breakdown, where you expect to use a few hours today and tomorrow before you will start writing this chapter, so maybe this is done in 4-5 days too, we will see.

I heard the words “retvisende billede” (“true and fair picture”) at 10.27 today on radio P7, which is what Mærsk McKinney Møller used to say, and I felt him and was told that he worked hard for the New World Order of the World Elite too without truly knowing what it meant, and this is the “irony” of it, which is really the message of my coming email to the United Nations of the world.

I am still given sounds to the chairs of my balcony, we are still playing football.

I was told that Danish politicians fear “trouble” when it will be revealed that they put the Constitution out of order when signing on new pacts of the dark New World.

This “family” is everyone I have met, who have been protecting me.

Was it also decided who would go through your things in your apartment (after being abducted), yes.

We have not at all been into “HURLUM HEJ” (“hullabaloo”) at Tivoli yet (?), which is about pent-up happiness.

Hearing voices, isn’t it funny if this is what your mother has started doing, and she doesn’t like to tell?

I was given the feeling of the atmosphere of Arthur Stanley College and was told if people are seeing you (in visions) inside of the small book-store there.

I continue receiving feelings/visions of the Danish comedian Frank Hvam, and then in Danish/English: Hvem (?), Hvam (!), and yes wig, WAM, thank you mam :-).

You were given the thought that if you gave up, it would become much worse for you including much pain, when it would simply become easier, but your mother/the world would suffer more to help you doing the last part of your work.

I receive less work on my scripts enabling me to finish work on my website, and already at 12.30 today I had finished work of my script of yesterday and published it, and no, I don’t feel much like continuing work, but at least I feel better than yesterday.

Can we serve this with tennis digits 6-0 (?), and yes this is about the conclusion written on my new website of the dark New World Order that this will now NOT become reality because the World Elite has given up to me.

Is it so that your mother and family know that you have defeated the system succeeding to stay out on free foot?

I was given the feeling of Ulla Plesner again, and isn’t it funny that you have moved inside the inner circle of the Elite (when she worked for Danica as example, and no, Ulla, I never saw “a big light” in you – of what I saw – not at all).

No, we have not reached Søren Frank yet, and this is about the name of this leasing Danish wine/restaurant reviewer, which I have been given several times the last days, and this is because I am not finished working, but when I am, dinner and wine is served :-).

You have not become a watch, which is the same as gold, already now (?), and yes the spreading of your new website is making this happen.

And it was all because my mother decided that there were no evil spirits having taken over her son, but good, which was really what brought victory, and this is because everyone can see that you are happy and positive.

I used the afternoon to further edit and improve the chapter on HAARP including climate and mind control until I received the feeling that “now it is there”, which is also the feeling of bringing in a closet as I am shown here also with the help of my mother, and “whew, it is not easy” as my actor shows me here.

We have now also told Billy Cook – the Arthur Stanley College teacher – about you, but he has decided to be silent about you too, and yes “the wise thing to do” is what he believes too!

My mother called, and she had received the brilliant idea to see Michael Falch live in Tivoli – at the beautiful Glassalen venue – in September because “you have always said that he is special”, which he surely is, and yes a new album made in Berlin, which I told Michael on Facebook the other day that I am looking forward to hearing, and yes this was the connection, the message went straight in as I was told thus giving my mother this idea, so now you know that we are both coming to see you, Michael, and yes don’t play too loud, my mother does not like it will you (?), which also may be about what you told friends etc. about me (?), and just wondering I am.

It is not for everyone to hear – not possible we thought – but we have transformed from a freezer to a refrigerator, i.e. turned ourselves around.

We have not turned around everything from the back, which was “impossible” to do – turning around the most important at the end – have we?

This is how to break out of this prison, which is to market your work, and now via the Facebook publish of my new chapter of HAARP.

This corresponds to not having to set up any telephones, and that is if we could have started all work with the beginning at the end, but we could not, this was the challenge, you see.

And this is what required darkness to do, for your mother to swallow 14 hippo’s each day and so on.

Something about a knee operation to lift up “a million tons”, i.e. of the Source, which is about the pain to my knee I have been given.

You did not move into a room in Southern France as Jesus – you were killed – and now you are the same man again, incredible.

So now we are not only one toilet, but an endless stream of them, yes we see them coming and eehhh am I the last one to be turned around myself (?), and yes I have seen this coming.

I continued working until closing time at the library at 16.00 today, and when I came home, I decided to write the script so far today and to start tomorrow on learning about the financial part of the dark New World Order, which may take a few days to do before I will start writing it, we will see how much information there is on this.

So you really had no family as your new self meaning that we have also recreated your family with “the right ones”, and yes you heard right, which has to mean that my mother was not my mother, who was also lost with the killing of Jesus, and yes what does this lead to (?), and yes I was killed as my old self Jesus, which also killed all life back then and since we have been copies of who we used to be, is this it?

And this means that my mother will first arrive now as her true self, which everyone else will too.

Isn’t it funny that Belgium – i.e. the EU and I feel chocolate, i.e. selfishness – was the key to the refrigerator (?), and yes via their knowledge and process surrendering to you.

I was told about the Danish Film director Ole Bornedal, and he has not made a film about you, has he?

Did Søren Pind “help” the Liberal Party and Inger Støjberg to launch its attack on me because he was “mad” at me having lost his temper when I had told him the truth on Facebook, is this how “easy” you were to manipulate, Søren?

Compared to a long time really and especially to yesterday, today I had much less pressure of darkness making me able to think and live giving me the feeling of relief and freedom – however not entirely – compared to being pressured down by a dark force, which is really “not nice” you know.

So we had to create a whole new life form including energy and much else to have the precious stone of your mother including physical life to return.

I received Robbie’s “old before I die, which is about the feelings of my mother when she feels good, which makes her want to live for as long as possible, and this is when John, Sanna and I – and the whole family – are doing well.

I started the month doing this work on the new website, which was impossible to do because of how I felt/feel, and if I could not do this, we would not open to you meaning that we would have to enter via your right testicle.

So this is the story about completing this work and then you will have my crown jewels.

I was happy with my work today improving work on my new website so far and publishing it on Facebook, so I will first start on the finance part tomorrow, and yes I was happy with what I did also today lifting it to a higher level.

I was told that I received help from the world suffering more to make me feel better today.

I felt my new inner self as a not very big and light spirit coming to me from my balcony.

It was also me being the TV-series “Dallas” – one of the strongest symbols of darkness of my scripts – which was also an entrance to darkness, and I feel JR/Larry Hagman and was told that he also thought of me when dying, and I felt that we were “hidden” in this TV-series, and what happened after I had written about Dallas (?), and yes it received a revival with a follow-up series from 2012, which is what became Larry Hagman’s death.

And everything was controlled by your father, and eeehhh when you will become your new self, is it so that we will give everyone the same crown jewels by spreading the Source to everyone thus turning everyone into God, and yes, this is how it is, which makes me think of how you be life of one world and become God yourself in a New World, which also will be full of life with each human also being a God (?), and I was just told “a genius new system”.

I was told by my new inner self that I enter disguised as darkness as this evil world of the World Elite.

If you said that work did not matter – because you “could no more” – it would be the same as saying that I, my new self, also did not matter.

Lars Løkke also used the surveillance system of UFO’s as his source of information about me, and yes it is WRONG to have secretly recorded people, and I ask you NOT to save all of this information unless it is approved by people individually when we become our New World, and this only goes for “good/innocent information” and all “wrong” information (sexual etc.) will NOT be saved.

It is also me being Buddha, the one with the Crown Jewels also meaning that we will all become Buddha.

This is why Elijah is not here for your birth – he does not receive my emails/scripts when he is off my email list and I can see that he does NOT read my website directly – so we will not use him and his family as the watch, but a long way around via the British royal family, which is how it became, which is also the reason why it took the time to do as it did.

And everything is still based on Sanna, we can everything, and no the connection to Elijah’s family was not strong enough to give you birth.

And when my sister, Karen and mother drove around enough times we had the engine opened to the British Royal Family, otherwise I could not be born, and I feel again the lacks of Elijah and his “inability” to read, understand and communicate about me to his family to make them understand and have faith too.

This is the story about how you are born, which is impossible without Elijah, but no, not quite, but difficult, and I wonder what is true and false information given to me here, but this is how it is given to me.

It is us – the world – outside here, which has no more energy, which makes sure that you don’t fall asleep, and we can also not enter you without being nothing, and first when you are ready, we can open to the Source receiving all of its force to stop our sufferings.

So how could we hide inside the world when the whole game was to bring in the piano of the Source, and yes the first and old story was to reconnect with the Source and to bring everything in, which has to be right, and what does this mean to the device of Queen Elisabeth (?), and yes she may have one but without the Source as I understand it, and this will have to mean that faith of Elijah and his family s strong enough to bring me birth, we will later see what is right and wrong in this, and yes difficult to enter it is.

I was given marks to my left hand and was told that the story about the crucifixion of my previous self – including the death of everyone – was not for fun.

Your mother does not run around constantly with cigarettes.

Who asked for time to think during the United Nations vote on you (?), no one.

Your mother and you are now in the Latin Quarter, which to me is the best quarter in Copenhagen and I believe Paris too.

Was it the soil pipe that we let fall as long as it is?

Who should have thought that we asked for telephone number twice?

I still receive a negative voice with a pretty strong desire given to me to be negative about everything.

It was your mother playing cards – with John, Kyril and his wife – which is was punched a hole to the dark wall (because she could not stop speaking wrongly about me).

So we have won twice x 6 to 0.

We could also have told that the size did not fit (the Source in relation to the world) or we could not afford to bring it in etc. 

Google Earth: No more war – no more waste

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the coming oneness, like flowers and corn, behave and take care of your children, no more war – no more waste, why must they spoil the Earth?, fireman and smokers, and pollution from drugs from Netherlands.

FB 250813 Jette 1

FB 250813 Jette 2

FB 250813 Jette 3

FB 250813 Jette 4

FB 250813 Jette 5

FB 250813 Jette 6

FB 250813 Jette 7

FB 250813 Jette 8

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Scribd is now “cured” again – all terminations have been recreated.

Scribd 2508 incl 2408

  • Michael Wulff thought he was funny again again when he wrote about the world community criticizing Greenland fore melting of the ice cap, and he asked what is the problem, it is just more water to bath in (?), and I decided to use his “funny” story to bring seriousness, which is a good and working cocktail you know, and I told him that this may be true, but what is really about, which you cannot read in any newspapers because they are part of a dark world order, is a plot, where a pair of bathing suits doesn’t help much, and where there is only one who can help, which “he” already has done, and then I brought the link to HAARP as the explanation of the global warming, and do you think that they got it (?), and yes all of these know-all types like Lasse Rimmer & Co. of Danish comedians (?), and yes it gave maybe 30 visits to my site, and when I also shared this information in the “information for the Danish people” Facebook group, I received a couple of new Facebook friends, so there are people out there understanding what this is about, not to mention people of the World Elite self starting to understand too.

FB 250813 MW

  • Kevin said that this evening a constellation of stars create the David star as they also stood when Jesus was born and when Camilla asked him “will there come a new Jesus then” (?), he replied “I don’t think so but don’t know, it probably means more changing energies”, and yes how difficult can it be to understand that I am your Facebook friend, Kevin (?), and especially after answering your prayer the other day (?), and yes just wondering I am, and I was told that these star pictures just mean that I am walking directly into you – without your family of anyone else knowing that I am born.

FB 250813 Kevin

FB 250813 Kevin 2

  • This is a two day old post by Helena about Henrik Sass and she loves a good comeback as she said, so no, she has nothing against Henrik Sass, it seems.

FB 230813 Helena


26th August: The World Elite decided to steal my power/mind for man to become God, which would have brought termination!

Dreaming of my father stopping work – and still working against me, Helsingør Dagblad/Daily News are the worst darkness

I slept from 23.35 to 08.00 receiving these dreams.

  • Morten J. is stopping work, and I am taking over as the new manager. He has put forward all of his ideas to me, but he has also decided to turn negative to me wanting to fight me, which is what he did wrongly, he cannot see the new place. Ford wants to buy Rover from us. I am playing football against Morten on one half of a football lane. I have invented sales reports for our client GE Capital Bank selling our insurances, but there are so many reports that I have to do manually that they are killing me, and Morten has done these for me. Lisbeth works there too, and she does not want to do reports for her clients because they also show her client how she is doing, which is up and down. I meet Michael Bondesen from Shu-bi-dua and I ask him to play the song about coffee from their album no. 13 and also for the band to play concerts only including songs, which they normally never play, which he has not thought about. We are four who are going to sing songs, which I was not prepared on, and when it is my turn, I start singing one song, and Rikke H. sings along saving it home for me. Morten J. decides to sing a song by Shu-bi-dua, but he sings it poorly. I am cleaning up the offices and find a block of chocolate, and decide to break off a couple of pieces keeping myself. Jørgen has stopped working there in 1993, and the first report we did to GE Capital Bank is still what pays us. I see a report of Nordic sales and a Norwegian who normally is the best salesman. We will have to find out who is the best seller with us in Denmark.
    • I do believe that Morten symbolises my father, who is working against me (!), and I am taking our the crown jewels from him. The sales reports are about the work I do to my new website, which is really far too much work, but this is also “sales work” to the (official) world to make it understand what the dark New World Order was really about. Michael Bondesen is still with me, the coffee song is about the family coming for coffee, which is to unite all “family” of mine, who has been close to me during my life, and I wonder why bands of today almost always only play their greatest hits at concerts. The chocolate is about my own selfishness, as much as I can get for a budget between normally DKK 1,200 – 1,400 per month.

  • Half awake I was told that Helsingør Dagblad/Daily News are the worst darkness, which was necessary either to break or make me.
  • I woke up to “what have I done to deserve this” by Pet Shop Boys, one of my favourite of theirs together with the incredible singer Dusty Springfield, and the lyrics “how am I gonna get it through”, which is my feeling every single day; how in the world am I gonna finish my work feeling as poorly as I do?

  • I am at a nightclub where they have sold me Champagne of 2,000 DKK, but the bottle is too warm. Something about a theatre not returning but I have signed an order including music by Mauro Scocco etc., and then hell will return far strong, but everything is an illusion, which is from where we have received chocolate etc.
    • Too expensive and too warm Champagne also suggesting that it includes my “old nightmare” – but close we are to celebration. And why not play one of the best pop songs ever in my mind, and yes the biggest hit by Mauro Scocco – listen to the immense beauty of this song :-)..

  • I am starting work at Danica, together with a lady. Something about wanting to drink beer Friday after work, but the coffee is not … – can’t you invite on wine tomorrow (?); which I don’t know if I can afford.
  • Steen Kofoed is hospitalised three weeks because there are spelling errors in his messages. There was a beautiful lady included in several of these dreams.
    • “Crazy” he is because he still thinks that I am crazy?
  • I woke up to Siouxsie & Co’s “into the light” and the lyrics “standing in the light”, which is what I do, but do not feel yet, and yes listen to this, and you have my favourite music.

The World Elite decided to steal my power/mind for man to become God, which only would have brought termination!

Your mother will not become free of debts before you.

Again this morning I was far too tired to work, and yes the pressure of darkness is back dragging me completely down, and it still requires the highest self discipline to work and let us see for how long I can do this today, and yes focusing on the time until maybe 16.00 to 18.00, we will see.

I am still given almost a cold together with strong sneezes.

I was told about the Queen being used to people making a curtsy to her and Lama Yönten being the same, and when it has “always” been like that and a man then enters refusing to bend down to the Lama, as I did in 2010/11, you should believe that it would make him think “who is Stig” (?), and “can it be that he is the one”?

There is nothing that your sister/darkness can do when your mother and you continue seeing each other making her feel “uplifted” and “there is nothing wrong with Stig”, and yes at least when we don’t speak about my website/work.

I sneezed again and was asked if it is now John becoming weaker once again?

I was given the “crazy” song “Mark og Ronni” by Shu-bi-dua and told that this is the principle of eternity, which is what inspired them to make this song (!), and it is about repeating over and over again, and here it is about two boys by the name of Mark and Ronni being told that dinner is served and when they asked what dinner is, they are told “macaroni”, which they believe is “Mark and Ronni” thus repeating the same scene over and over.

I finished work on the script of yesterday at 12.45, and I was completely feeling blue and black, almost as two days ago, and the question is truly for how long I can keep working today.

I was told about the Ruhr-district, and then our old Physics teacher from Mørdrup School, Ruhr, and “do you remember Stig” (?), which is what teachers etc. from the school have been talking about.

No, you don’t need to have your leg in plaster, so when will we get that off (?), and yes you are not feeling well today (?), and no, my whole body is tired from inside and out.

We have only brought the old man out here at the end and yes to show the world that you can still take on sufferings to help your mother/the world come home the best way possible.

At the library, Leif told me that he had almost not come today because a lady was driving over red light at the dangerous cross at Stubbedamsvej, which he was about to cross, but something kept him back, which saved his life, and yes good to have the highest powers with you, Leif (?) as I told him, which may have helped him to “think” about me, and we know RED LIGHTS can be dangerous when you don’t follow them, but here it is just my favourite “underground” song by Siouxsie & Co., and yes TAKING PICTURES is what we like the most to do here, i.e. to bring you your new life, and no, I don’t know what the lyrics of this song is about, and if it is not nice, I am sure they will become in the future.

Does my mother also think “I do not hope that I have scared him away” (?) – also because of John’s behavior towards me that day a couple of weeks ago.

I continued being told about Egypt and Syria “peace be with you”, which is what is coming, which “everyone” of the world elite knows.

No, they did not know how to “cure” you when you are alright according to your mother.

I was told about Lisbeth, my old colleague/friend, and “can you keep a secret, my friend Stig believes he is Jesus”, and yes this is how it worked.

So this corresponds to completely burning down the old Christmas Tree before getting your new.

No, we don’t need the voice of your mother when we have the youth school, which is what we could have told you as part of the end game, but no WRONG.

We will also not begin the story about the ones who never caught the airplane, because you told us to bring everyone. This would be to let the world swallow the Source, which it could not bear.

All major institutions of the world have now given in to you – including Monsanto. And this means – how incredible it might sound – that the same spoon is feeding you, which was destroying you until recently, the change over of the world still in full progress.

But all of this would mean nothing if René – your old friend – had not also started backing you.

And it comes together with the break-down of the “throne” of Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune too.

So it is all of the fabric softener we are using to make the world perfect, and yes even the former US Secretary of State Rumsfeld is coming my way too, and yes seen him in visions the last couple of days I have.

So instead of letting this world explode me, we have taken on the task to convert it and to make it follow you, this is the essence of the work you/I are doing.

I was told that Obama was also following me on this network of UFO’s surveilling me as every other leader of the world connected to the same network was, and again I feel Rumsfeld, and all of these leaders have waited for one thing only, which is “when will Stig break down” and to let us able to continue our plans, is this it?

It is from this network of leaders that one informer is sticking out.

And what do they see now (?), which is you starting to work on the banking system to learn how it poisoned the world.

So this is how we transformed toilets into bank books, and yes “money makes the world go around”, and this is coming to me because I am watching the history of the US banking system and all of its deceits controlling the government and people only to become richer themselves in this film, and yes what a film, it made an incredible impact on me and just gave me the final leads/links to what I need to end my story too, and yes what a man leading Infowars standing behind this, I am going to learn much more about you over the coming days J. BE PATIENT AND WATCH THIS BRILLIANT FILM!

So we know that we did not come too late for the airplane meaning that we did not blow up the world because you prevented it – as Mitterrand told us that you would.

The World Elite agreed for you to be a slave to your mother including sexual oppression, which is the scheme they decided to put on me.

It was first when the world saw your work for Falck including that memo there, that they started understanding your purpose, which was to save the world from the end, which they brought.

And when your father died, there were certain people believing that they had won the war, whom you also had to take on.

And Rumsfeld holds the key to “all of this”, and yes the “warfare documents” against mankind and so on.

No, he was not going to get in to one of the apparatus there to head up/kill people, but he liked to laugh about it as I am here shown, and I also see someone else, and who is that (?), a familiar leader too, and yes it is the former Vice President Dick Cheney.

And they hoped that it would be “nighty, night, Stig”, but you “could not” make your weapon work against me (?) – yes, the cycle tour in the forest, you remember – and what happened (?), and yes your HAARP weapon “could not” load because there was another greater power than yours interfering, and this was another major sign to tell the world that when Stig has decided to win, this is what he is going to do, so this is how it was, the World Elite was not only leading war against mankind, it was leading war against me/God, because it thought that it was sovereign and could win after it had killed my father.

It was this giant power of man – the World Elite including bankers, politicians and the lot – who used your sister against you and your mother in an incredible cunning plan to transfer your power to them for them to become God, yes this is what they thought they could!

It was your mother awakening the voice of this World Elite because her love for you is “simply impossible” according to their schemes, and yes because of the mind control you are exposed too, but as I have told you, there is no higher love than between you as mother and son.

And all of this is what you/we have pulled through the telephone line.

They know that you don’t lie too.

So they tried everything to make you surrender to the voice of your mother, but they could not.

Was it the voice of Tommy who was supposed to lead John against you?

There is only one thing they regret now and that is that they did not kill your mother instead of your father because they undervalued the meaning of your love, which was stronger than all evil of the world.

So they wanted to overthrow you, and to steal your “mind”.

And what would happen if I fell into their big, black sea (?), and yes, you guessed it, this would trigger off the only weapon I had left, which was to explode the world, so this is what this World Elite was up against in its battle to “win”, which would become the world’s end.

I keep on being told about this or that place that the World Elite were surveilling me – in Amsterdam (2006), in Naverland (2000-2002 when working for GE Insurance) etc.

So we are now coming in, and you don’t require of us to take off our clothes first, i.e. for the world to end for which we are grateful, yes this is what this world elite is starting to understand, that their evil plans were destructing the world self.

So this was a war without shedding blood, which could not be won, but still you decided to win it.

We now know that we made you eat ice cream in unprecedented volumes because we were desperate to win the war bringing your mother against you, and this brought the end but when you were stronger than us, you decided to let us pass.

They thought that if they could get you out on town (in 2008) and for you to meet a lady, they would be able to break down your “mysterious power”, which is also what is protecting Obama, but no, they could not even though this was all that I wanted because this power would not let me, and this was really the battle of the world taking place there.

And they also made it “impossible” for you to stop smoking in 2009 as so many other things going against “free will”.

Leif has had his attention directed for days towards a visitor drinking beer inside one of the small offices of the library, which he wants to stop, and it is only a symbol of course of stopping the Source, and now you are starting to become his best friend too.

Is a new truth of you also being implemented in your sister now, and is your power so strong that you are overriding the systems of this evil World Elite and now making your sister follow you, and not vice versa, and yes my friend, this is how it is when you are now becoming big, and maybe in Japan too (?) where we will always be forever young, but of course :-).

So Hitler was trapped by this World Elite of bankers etc., who wanted to do the same to you, and yes it seems as if they were already working through him in the 1930’s to bring tyranny via the third Reich in order for them to work undisturbed through (see the video above).

No, you/Stig is not a strategic goal, and how much force/will power/courage did it take for President Obama to decline the military and their proposition to hunt me down (?), and this is what I am told that he did, which was really also to protect himself, USA and its original values of FREEDOM, the world and our survival, and this is what was necessary for us in conjunction to defeat this impossible to defeat world order of the elite.

So I was supposed to be used as the star at the top of their tree providing the basis material of survival of man.

No, people of Helsingør don’t know that you have not opened yourself yet, and I was shown a point towards Leif sitting on the other side of me at the library as he does most days, and yes they “cannot” read/listen to understand you know.

They used my mother and cough given to me as weapon to defeat themselves, and yes how many of you discovered that you were part of my game rather than I was part of yours (?), and that was in order to save the world and create our new, and how many of you decided to “let it go” because you really wanted to get out and to become truly FREE (?), and yes to go along with my and not yours New World Order.

Eventually, I kept on working really against all odds until 18.15 at the library, which was way above what I could.

I felt light penetrating my face from above in thin tunnels all over.

And this is also the story about collecting the big picture of the New World Order, which otherwise is “impossible” to find on the Internet in one place even though everyone could do as I do – and feel better and have more time doing it.

I was told that John’s brother Tommy decided to be on my side because of his wife Inge, who is my Facebook friend, and maybe also Inge’s daughter, Kirsten, i.e. my old friend.

The World Elite and the world – including Obama – are seeing that I am coming closer to finish my work.

I received the very fine song “I de stores spor” by Michael Falch and the lyrics “I alt for små sko med vores alt for store ord” (“it way too small shoes with our way too big words”).

Your mother will become the one bursting out the biggest joy when she will understand that John, Sanna and other gave her wrong faith, and what can you learn from this (?), and yes to listen and understand that the most unlikely is the truth.

I watched Aftenshowet on DR1 TV this evening including the actors of the new film of Simon Spies and Mogens Glistrup, which you know are two of the biggest “originals” ever in Denmark – other parts of me – and when one brought this story of Simon Spies, it was about using the telephone line to come home. Simon as told that “God is seeking you” and he answered “I am in the telephone book”!

I was told that Ben Affleck – and other actors – know that they had to act towards enslaved/mind controlled people, which is “not funny”.

I was told about another of my old clients, which was the law firm Kromann & Münter as they were called at that time in the beginning of the 1990’s, and were they also used by the dark New World Order (?), and do you still remember me too at this firm (?), and yes who did your pension scheme, do you see (?), and yes also wrote the chapter on pension and insurance in lawyer Jørgen Boe’s book “Direktørkontrakten”, which was to include my spirit as part of all management contracts mad with this book as template.

A bird was flying close to my balcony, and I was given a vision of darkness including it together with a big apology of my mother.

Klaus Rifbjerg, the greatest living Danish author, was also interviewed on DR1 TV’s Aftenshowet, and he said that he speaks directly out of the bag, which makes some people believe that he is arrogant and superior, which is what my mother wrongly believes of me in certain matters.

He continued saying “enough is enough”, which I do believe that I wrote somewhere the other day (?), and I have heard this via inspired speech elsewhere too these days.

No, Karen has not forgotten about you, and has she started looking forward to Christmas to receive news from you (?), and yes I have felt this message coming for days, and here it was, so thoughts of her.

For weeks I have liked to see the former professional racing cyclist Jesper Skibby standing forward in a TV documentary about doping fully admitting to his misuse in the 1990’s and how much harm these drugs have done to him, and I felt that this came to him “inspired” too, and what about you Bjarne Riis (?), your chicken, and why did you not want to show at Tour de France, and are you trying to run away from me too (?), and no, there is NOTHING better than telling the truth, don’t runaway from me!

I have been given the words “Vuelta, Vuelta” some times (!), which is about the Vuelta, the Tour of Spain on racing cycle, and this is because the field is speaking of me, and really all of the caravan of love, but no, I don’t have time to watch it on TV, so sorry, guys, I cannot comment events from there.

Have we all from the Russian Elite been on UFO excursions to see where Stig lives (?), and have we killed him by now (?), no, now he has “killed” us, which is the message now going the other way, and yes remember the oligopoly of Russia also being a power factor of the world too.

Surely you have not been a laughing stock to these people because of your writings, which is how he has decided to hit us (?), and they did not know that I influenced their thoughts, which was my way of mind control making you follow me.

What have we done inside that national football stadium (in Copenhagen) (?), is it “our beer”, i.e. gold, which has returned together with Ståle Solbakken returning to win (?), and yes it is his will of victory, which he gives the players and me too, and when FC Copenhagen had an incredible poor start of this season, it is only to show you that I have been going through incredible strong darkness, and this is the secret that we are bringing, which is the combination of Norway and Denmark; Ståle is from Norway and he was close to die from a heart attack years ago, which is how darkness normally kills other parts of me, you know, and his performance is lifting me up, so thank you for doing your best, Ståle, and I am sure that you are going to win soon again.

I received a noise to my oven and felt how everything from here is now inside of my head, and this is how everything/everyone is becoming Buddha.

I continue receiving feelings/visions of Peter T., my old class friend, and it is a big pressure of his not knowing if I will come out as the Source.

I was told that when my mother last year first offered me 5,000 DKK for furniture/cycle, and refused when I did not want to not write about it – because of her “fear” of Sanna discovering it (!) – and when she later decided that it was alright after all, this was the decisive step upwards – because she chose me and not to have fear towards Sanna.

I was told that Oliver (from A2B – the beginning of 2010) and no one wanted to release me because they were not happy about my writings, which first changed when my mother accepted my writings knowing that she could not stop me, and also to convince Sanna still to see us, and I wonder if my message for Niklas the other day was strong enough to still make my sister want to see me despite of my writings lately on her.

The out of this world pain to my right ankle are more advanced versions of sneezes, and all of this is helping us to come closer to you when you don’t give up yourself because the other side of your old self is your mother (a hybrid being of my father of the Source and mother of the world), and we can only continue working and playing the game when you decided that you can. This is why you are the only one who can tell for how long this game will continue, and you are born with the attitude that “I will never give up”, so now I will finish the work on my new website, which is the worst work I have done but still easier than to do the new chapter on creation, which I never did.

I felt my father and was told that when he died, he became part of the old world of my mother to attack me, this is how we organised it, and this is because he had “explosion” build inside of him, which is what he was sent out to do, and his death made the World Elite excited because it was breaking me down without knowing that this just meant that we were coming very close to termination. And it is from outside here that we have installed all of the parts he had inside of him, which he otherwise would have exploded, but as you know it required my giving up/acceptance to do, and this is what made my mother and I have to fight for our lives as strongly as we did previously in 2013.

I was told that it was stories like the one on Peter Gabriel some weeks ago, which had a tendency to spread, which also brought faith in me.

I was happy when I saw three pulsating lights of slowly flying UFO’s on the sky, and I was told that “the road is clear” meaning that there are no UFO’s surveilling me anymore, and it was us hidden inside darkness of the back side of my left lower leg wanting to terminate me/us, and now I feel that there is hardly anything remaining.

I was told that my father would also have been proud of me in my new Mercedes car in 2008, and yes he reacts the same way as others that making money etc. is what makes you successful (!), and he was NOT proud of me being on cash help being “no one”, and yes not really understanding that I was doing the best and most important work in my life and of any man.

These UFO’s are now following me and not the World Elite, and my decisions to delete all information you have, which is “not clean”, and to make people individually decide if they want to keep other information for the future for individual use and for them to decide what they want to share if any. And these are also the UFO’s bringing home my father, and it is my father too giving me sounds/vibrations to the frame of my glasses, which I just received here again.

I was given pain to the right side of my body, and I understand that this is about receiving my father now as the last?

I was told something about it being incredible that people don’t see my true self when they look at me, they look without looking.

You don’t come through this without Leif, who was just honest about what he saw, which was “Stig is normal”, and he was our weapon to influence Helsingør.

I was shown the inner of the finest shopping centre of Moscow, and saw the finest gold almost everywhere, which is how it is when you have removed the worst darkness.

The other day I shared a Facebook post including sand magnified so much that it looks like gem stones, and I wrote “precious”, and I was told that this was because we knew what was coming with the invitation to see Michael Falch in Tivoli, and you do remember how “precious” Michael Falch loves the story of Gollow from Lord of the Rings, which made him say “precious” when I saw Michael in concert in Tivoli was it in 2011?

I was shown three silver shining fish inside a car tire, which is how it is everywhere here.

I was told that Kristian Thulesen-Dahl from Danish People’s Party also wants to enter, and I was given a knock to my left shoulder as if he was knocking, and I was shown solid wood, which is what he is knocking on, and yes here is Bob Dylan, and this is because I was given Bob’s name a couple of hours ago.

What have they received now after Henrik Sass-Larsen has been implemented as new minister (?), have they succeeded to get the shovel underneath Lars Løkke and all of his system (?), which was Henrik’s task to do, which he and also Helle Thorning-Schmidt were only waiting for him to do, and Helle was expecting my help to do this (?), and yes, this is part of the end game, which is why this is first happening now, and what do I see there underneath Lars Løkke (?) – I am shown a man of light standing up, which is my new inner self – and it was his task to deliver his head on a disc to me, but he could not before now.

I was told that back in 1998, Henrik was picked out to become new Prime Minister of Denmark – not Helle Thorning-Schmidt – but this did not happen, which was only to confuse the enemy.

This is how my father has helped to empty the bag of my mother.

I was shown my sister arriving in a small, dark horse carriage to my castle, and I was told that her tour to Peru recently corresponds to this; for her to return home.

Google Earth: Fayed and Diana with Elton John playing

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show faces going together, hello all, blessed in Heaven – Fayed and Diana with Elton John playing, can I play with all the new ones (?), how can a cat sleep after all of this (“a kat la vær” = “I cannot avoid it”).

FB 260813 Jette 1

FB 260813 Jette 2

FB 260813 Jette 3

FB 260813 Jette 4

FB 260813 Jette 5

FB 260813 Jette 6

FB 260813 Jette 7

FB 260813 Jette 8

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Elephant is a symbol of God, and this night a dead calf was born at Copenhagen Zoo, which should symbolize trouble about giving me birth, and yes the symbol is very clear, but then again, I have not planned for this to be a problem.

FB 260813 BT elefant

  • Michael was inspired again again when writing about Danes being “doped” by so called “self discipline”, which is what is keeping me working and nothing else, and this was the inspiration given to him.

FB 260813 MW

  • When you are completely down as I have been these days, there is nothing as discouraging than to receive these “simple minded” “hello’s’ from a new Facebook “friend”, who may be a friend or may be one trying to take advantage of me, and when I decided to write her, she decided to shut up.

FB 260813 Loveth

  • Danish Muslim’s in Syria shoot at pictures of famous Danes including Anders Fogh and Naser Khader in a new video, and Naser talks about this video as a spaghetti-western video, where “western” is symbolising darkness, and as if they have made a mess in their pants, which is symbolising “destruction”, and “fools” like that should not have weapons in their hands, but strait-jackets, which is really what this system of the worst darkness of yours (here supported by symbols of darkness given to you), Naser, wanted me to have, and again, the World Elite is training jihads to become terrorists in order to make the world fearful so that the World Elite one day can take over with one world government offering apparent “protection”, which people will then be willing to give up their freedom to, this is the idea, and is it so, Naser, that you also sold your soul to the Devil of this system, and now you are publicly going against the ones that your system is training up yourselves (?), and yes how stupid can you get (?), and is it so that you simply have not understood what the evil New World Order is about being a marionette of their game yourself?

FB 260813 Naser



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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