August 30, 2013: Putin was “the kiss of death”, who decided to use his Doomsday weapon to terminate all life not to be disclosed!


Summary of the script today

29th August: The big bankers ordered my elimination and Putin would trigger his Doomsday weapon to avoid disclosure

  • Dreaming of wrong culture/attitude at BT/the media, I don’t need a taxi anymore to drive us to the New World, and darkness does not want me in but still they want to staying alive.
  • I felt so poorly and tired again and it seemed impossible to work, and it became a fight about whether or not I will stop work now before having accomplished everything of this dark New World Order, but I decided to focus on working everyday until between 16.00 to 18.00, and I will continue until the middle of September where I hope to have finished everything. I am starting to write about this global money system and its engineered collapse as their “end game”, which they did not believe that Obama and I would be able to understand.
  • I received the clear smell of dust, which is about “Ashes to ashes; dust to dust”, and I was told that the order to eliminate me came directly from these bankers (rulers of the world), who have followed me “always”, and do no spare any means at all. The global money control goes directly up to Putin who had decided to trigger his before mentioned Doomsday Weapon (terminating all life) if I continued continue chasing him/the system in order not to be disclosed to the world, but he cannot any longer because we are a New World now where this weapon no longer works.
  • We have gone through the place where you and Karen were born a long time ago, and have now returned to a common address/name of Karen and I, where we are one with everything being part of me.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the grail-story, the crystal ball – looking into the future, dimensions trix, severe T. S. Kong Rey, wake-up call for the Russians, people are no boxing balls, the female energy, safe journey, Spain is looking old, the safe landing of the Source, and playing with a tornado.
  • Short stories of people talking and laughing about the “completely crazy” decision to forbid liquorice pipes, which was a MISUNDERSTANDING symbolizing what all people did to me – talking and laughing about me being “completely crazy” not realizing that there were MISUNDERSTANDING me (!), WIMPS of world leaders, the “biggest event ever” in Helsingør “Index Awards 2013” united VIP’s and media from around the world while I was sitting alone again a few meters away inside the library.

30th August: Putin was “the kiss of death”, who decided to use his Doomsday weapon to terminate all life not to be disclosed!

  • Dreaming of not being able to bring out the last life of darkness, bring out the best of me if I have energy to do it, not finishing my final exam (according to my dream maker, but not myself!), I don’t have time enough to make my school, and being able to receive life from everywhere and spiritual communication improving.
  • I received the best haircut I have ever had at a new Egyptian hairdresser in Helsingør as a symbol of the finest hair of the Source, and a new connection has now been created between me and Alexandria.
  • Obama and the world feared the Doomsday Weapon of Putin, which Putin did not mind speaking about, which brought me pain – as the only thing – to my left eye: “I will destruct the world/mankind if I want to” as he told the world that he would do if he did not get his will (as a small boy) for example in relation to Syria. My writings on Putin is what you can get indicted/killed for in Russia because of “treason” but Putin knows that there is nothing he can do to me, he was the most eager to kill me, but could not (via his man-controlled UFO’s and HAARP – I was protected by energy of faith of the Universe), and his attitude was that either he and the dark New World Order will win, or he would push the button of this weapon to dissolve man/life self by turning energy into nothing. He was the only one finding the answer to the mystery of life, which he grossly abused. This is about finally getting Putin over on my side, a man who is completely in love with himself thinking that he is invincible, but he is just a corrupt dictator and manipulator grossly raping the Russian and world population, the worst Devil of them all, a true lunatic and also an unreliable and lying psychopath, who was born with an inferiority complex meaning that he has a lust of power bigger than anyone, like Hitler. On the other hand, this also means that he is an Indian inside darkness, i.e. original life and part of me (as darkness before being turned around to light), and he is really pulling the duvet of our new creation in over me. He was indispensable to the saving of the world because he was destroying it as darkness while I was keeping it up (friction between light and darkness = creation). Putin would have been able to destroy man/life, but this threat was eliminated together with the creation of our New World meaning that he would only be able to destroy the last of the Old World including himself. Putin was meant to terminate the world, and when he was losing, which was “impossible” to do, this meant that this is what he actually decided to do by starting his weapon a few months ago to dissolve/terminate life self in order not to be disclosed (!), and he did not understand that this could not be done because we were practically now our New World and because I was able to absorb the last of this darkness too. This was “the kiss of death” coming to me/us as I showed and told you about a few months ago. Putin wanted to terminate all life and instead I saved him too. He underestimated me and my “nonsense” writings for a long time, and behind the facade he is only a small and scared boy, and I ask him to surrender to Obama, who is practically named as the New World President.
  • Short stories of Helena showing “liquorice darkness”, Dan Rachlin loves to speak out the truth directly and hates when people “cannot” understand him – the same way as he cannot understand when Thomas Blachman or I speak out the truth directlty, more examples of STRONG DARKNESS of better-knowing ignorant who believed I was crazy, SYRIA: HELP PEOPLE IN NEED AND STOP MORE ENCROACHMENT, I am sad having only little money not being able to help LTO better and to buy my mother a proper birthday present.


29th August: The big bankers ordered my elimination and Putin would trigger his Doomsday weapon to avoid disclosure

Dreaming of wrong culture/attitude at BT/the media and darkness does not want me in but still they want to staying alive

I slept from 23.20 to 08.00 receiving these dreams.

  • I am shown around the editorial office of the newspaper BT, a new team starts at 04.00 and I see that it floats with paper/garbage etc. all over the floor, which is because of their wrong attitude/culture because it is completely unnecessary doing this. I drive down with the lift together with the previous finance director of Fair, and later I am levitating. I drive my car through snow in Hørsholm, and later there is a taxi supposed to take me on an ultra short trip, which I forget about. A burger at a burger bar in Hørsholm is 27 DKK, which I cannot afford, a beautiful girl of 20 sticks her hand in my back pocket to hold something, and I tell her that this is not necessary anymore. I am shown news at a light newspaper on running Venetian blinds, which don’t seem to work as intended.
    • Wrong culture (“values”, i.e. behaviour) at BT (and the media), which is “impossible” to change when there comes no changes from above. It seems that I don’t need a taxi anymore to drive us to our New World bringing me/us alive because we are already there.
  • I am calling Søren H. in Sweden distorting my voice, and Søren asks “who is there” (?), and when he discovers, he is not happy hearing from me, and he cannot use me at his new insurance company, which he has together with Torben S. (from Aon/Dansk Pensionsrådgivning), who does not want to return my call. I am at their Danish branch where they believe that Søren H. is in control. They have a branch in Britain and their expense vouchers include my name. Kenn has stopped, a previous much liked manager, and a new woman is training up employees and they tell her that she could be Kenn. Something about they talking about me working for them, “Stig would like to”, but no.
    • This is about darkness not wanting me in and still they are withdrawing money, i.e. energy from me. I don’t know who Kenn is.
  • Søren H. is now at my mother, employees want to buy work shoes and they ask me for advice, and I recommend them to find the best balance between price and quality at 300-400 DKK with a maximum of 500 DKK, and some show shoes bought in London.
    • And still this darkness wants shoes, i.e. staying alive.

  • Rain, football, an airplane lifts off, no one to play with, my shoe come off.
  • I woke up to “two times” by Ann Lee, which is a song I like very much too because it makes me happy and is a good dance song.

The big bankers ordered my elimination and Putin would trigger his Doomsday weapon to avoid disclosure

I was given the name of “Spectrum analyzer”, which I did not know was about – “measures the magnitude of an input signal versus frequency within the full frequency range of the instrument” and ”to measure the power of the spectrum of known and unknown signals” – and I was told that we have attached our watch to one of these, and I wonder if this is about measuring frequency attacks on me from mind control devices to influence me negatively – and “my people” too as I am here told.

This morning I felt so poorly and tired again that I felt disgusted to continue work, and it seemed impossible to do, and it became a fight about whether or not I will stop work now before having accomplished everything of this dark New World Order, and when I feel how tired I am and focus on the amount of work, I “cannot” work because it is far too much and I feel far too terrible, but let us instead decide to focus on this: I will work everyday until between 16.00 to 18.00, and I will continue until the middle of September where I hope to have finished everything, and yes if I can, so focus on time and not content, that is the only way forward, and then to be patient and just do it – if I can.

And I still receive a negative voice wanting to take me over and pressuring me, and when I am just about giving in, I am almost met by the opposite loving voice and feeling.

Book printer – what do I see right in front of me on the table, and is that my printed book ready to be sent out to the world?

Have we changed a guitar string (?), and no, not one single.

How much “Morten’s evening” do you think it will become (?) – a traditional Danish evening having duck – and this is about my old friend from Karenvej, Morten B., who became part of the music elite of Denmark when playing keyboards in the band “Danser med Drenge”, and I have been Facebook friends with him now more than one year (?), and how much did you spread the news about me to the music elite, Morten (?), and yes enough to bring duck/creation you know.

He is already out, it is only a question of how “neat” the exit will become.

I decided that I do NOT want to be stressed no matter what, and I will not push myself, which is only giving me this feeling, so I will settle for what I will be able to make following my daily schedule, and then I will finish when I finish, and at the moment it may be within a couple of weeks, so we have good time, and yes please make sure that the world economy does not collapse in the meantime, will you?

Is it the whole leather sofa arrangement we are bringing in now?

I continued working until 14.45 to finish and publish my script of yesterday, which truly don’t bring much time to finish work on my website, which I need many hours to do, but no, no stress, it will probably work out …., and yes you know that when you simply continue working for many hours, somehow the miracle will happen, and one day you will end this too, and that is generally the plan, if I can ….

When I continued work on my website now starting the first writings on the new chapter on the engineered economical breakdown, I received much darkness including pain to the left side of my neck and so strong desire to stop that I was close to doing this if I had not just decided to keep on working not matter what, so this is what I do, and as you know, the critical part is always to get started, which is why this attack of darkness – I felt the bankers – on me.

I received the clear smell of dust, which is about “Ashes to ashes; dust to dust”, and I was told that the order to eliminate me came directly from these bankers, who do no spare any means at all.

Isn’t it funny if these top bankers don’t know that they are no longer in control of the military supporting their plans of world control?

I was told that this only increases to get even worse, because this – the global money control – goes directly up to Putin who has decided to trigger his before mentioned Doomsday Weapon (terminating all life) if you continue chasing him/the system in order not to be revealed to the world, and I really don’t care, because we are a New World now, Putin, so there is nothing you can do, and yes try to push it and “boom boom” and you will become your new self as we all will, so you really don’t have a power control anymore, do you like it?

I was told that these bankers – the top World Elite – have been following me since I had pimples (which I did not have much of) living on Karenvej, and what will and can he do against us (?), which is “nothing”, right (?), no WRONG!

Late in the afternoon at the library, Leif said that the Post Orchestra was playing outside, which he was going out to see, and I told him that he had to bring letters with him to come in, which made him say “no, it is you”, and yes, that is right, I am the mail man bringing everyone letters to survive.

And yes, Putin, if you pull the trigger, it is only remaining life of darkness that you are terminating, and as you know, we are really a New World where your weapon has no effect, so what do you want to do, to be a nice boy sending me a nice and friendly email, where you will also life your discriminations of homosexuals to start with?

So to Goldman Sachs, you have not broken them down yet.

Aren’t you curious about where they have put in Pia Christmas-Møller (?), and yes on top of their pyramid too.

I continued a mix of writing the beginning of my new chapter on bankers/money crisis and searching for more information, which I found (= even more work), and I was then told that I cannot continue for weeks because the lifeline is as thin as it gets and there is really nothing more (of John) to give, and we will see, I will decide on that, and I am not done yet.

I received the feeling over again of my sister and her husband knowing that I am going after the whole system of hell, which is of the world.

Have I received a proper cleaning (?), I felt my mother, and yes it is all of this darkness that we are pulling out of her.

Spring form, we really cannot jump much higher than this.

I received an old déjà vue about how Obama and I should be too stupid to understand the greedy system of bankers running down the community, but I will give it a go also to make others able to understand what they have not understood yet.

And what you don’t know is that these bankers are directly involved with Coca Cola, and does this mean that big corporation can take out money directly from the Federal Reserve, which can be seen no where because there are shadow accounts, and nobody knows that this is taking place, and yes they are printing out money from thin air.

And what do they use this money for (?), and is that to produce even more Coca Cola’s which include “something” in its secret formula, which is directly killing people.

We have gone through the place where you and Karen were born a long time ago, so where are we now (?), and is that in the middle of no where land (?), and yes they are also involved in the martial law and the system set up to remove/abduct “dissidents”, which is already working now, which they wanted to use on you.

Now it is more like becoming equally burned all over like in burned almonds you know, only good.

I felt my father and was told that this is how we were born, as these bankers, who took the world as their hostages.

I left the library late today, at 20.30 – see the short stories – and my mother called telling me that the doctors have decided NOT to operate a new catheter into him tomorrow hoping that blood dialyses is no longer needed, which they are happy about, and then she told me to my surprise that Sanna/Hans and Niklas/Isabelle – but not Tobias who cannot make it – will come on Sunday for dinner, where I am also invited, and yes who should have thought that after my writings the last couple of weeks (?), and I can only say that I am happy for this to be the case and if Sanna/Hans have read just a little of this – with summaries being brought on Facebook (I have not seen my sister reading my website for weeks) – and still have decided to come, it is showing STRENGHT and the RIGHT decision to me and also that love is stronger than pride/darkness, and yes, it was not least a victory of my mother to unite us all.

And yes, my mother also said that Tobias has been speaking to “your old psychiatrist, Stig” (!) – which is Bente Jespersen from Hørsholm, whom I met only once (the one who locked me up on mental hospital in 2008, I wonder what “made” you do that, Bente (?) – and he should be happy about this and she has recommended him to end his education (!), and it made me wonder why he is speaking to a psychiatrist and not one from the family or his friends and yes why not me (?) as I had told my mother that I would like to do, and no, there would be a “risk” that I would tell him about my spiritual self, which they could not have – of course (!) – but I am here told that this is exactly what he needed, and furthermore, do you believe I can do as good or even better work with Tobias listening to, asking him questions and guiding him (when thinking of what I did to him in 2008 doing exactly this to help him with his life/work) as Bente (?), and yes, there is NO NEED for a “professional” to do what all people should be able to do, which is really just to be human, you know, and I feel Sanna here, and no, you cannot, my sister, because your inner voice takes over not being able to truly listen and understand others because “you know better”, and I wonder if this is also not the case with Bente, and yes you need to be OPEN you know.

Isn’t it strange that it feels as if Stig speaks to me constantly, and I felt Karen, whom this is about.

We have now returned to a common address/name of Karen and I, where we are one with everything being part of me.

Please remember that I am just a “make double” of everything which is, which is for me not to become disappointed seeing that I am this and “nothing” really.

We could not do this without Turkey, which cannot be said often enough.

I felt more of the plate of the Source entering me.

This was Putin’s, thus the world’s, last weapon to avoid being disclosed, and they did not know that it was made without effect.

I was told that (central) banks of the world are truly criminals using money, which does not exist but are printed from out of thin air, which is exactly what Stein Bagger did at IT Factory, which he was CEO of, when he made an economic circus of fake transactions pretending as if the company had much money, which made it possible for him to live a life in luxury, but it did not and it all broke down when it was revealed, and this was really a sign of the financial world and illusion of having values, which merely are paper money printed out of thin air, and all of this happened in front of the entire world and all governments, which of course could only be done because they are dirty too – money/bribery, power and sex you know – and 7 billion of people with most not understanding the circus play of this system, and yes the only sustainable system is to have a “currency” directly connected to work contribution, which is what is included in my New World Order, where there will be NO BANKS (!), because they are only about the worst evilness having polluted the entire world. 

Google Earth: The grail-story, dimensions trix and wake-up call for the Russians

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the grail-story, the crystal ball – looking into the future, dimensions trix, severe T. S. Kong Rey, wake-up call for the Russians, people are no boxing balls, the female energy, safe journey, Spain is looking old, the safe landing of the Source, and playing with a tornado.

FB 290813 Jette 1

FB 290813 Jette 2

FB 290813 Jette 3

FB 290813 Jette 4

FB 290813 Jette 5

FB 290813 Jette 6

FB 290813 Jette 7

FB 290813 Jette 8

FB 290813 Jette 9

FB 290813 Jette 10

FB 290813 Jette 11

FB 290813 Jette 12

  • Danish media brought the “incredible story” that the European Union is going to forbid “liquorice pipes”, which are popular here, and it simply made EVERYONE here burst into self-oscillation talking/writing about this and laughing about it, and here are only a few, and the most funny part is that everybody believed that this sounded “completely crazy” and without anyone investigating “can this really be true” (?), everyone had judged this as “the most insane they have ever heard”, and this was really to tell you the story about how people did the same to me in the beginning – talking and laughing at me without investigating/reading/understanding – and first I thought that it is incredible that people can spend time on something as “crazy” as this instead of not only Syria but all of the dark New World Order (!), and then I thought about “Skæg” (“beard”) from the cartoon strip “Rasmus Klump” smoking pipe, which this looks like and he has been used as a symbol of darkness for a long time – which “pipe” and “liquourice” also have – and after everyone had laughed and commented on this including showing themselves off with a pipe of darkness in their mouths looking stupid, the story broke that the whole story is WRONG, which the media and everyone just “could not” understand when they “could not” investigate – just believing that this is how it is – so what this is about is really to say that all of you “know-alls” were working for darkness of the Devil because of your WRONG behavior laughing and talking about what you thought but did not know about.

FB 290813 Lakridspiber

FB 290813 Lakridspiber 2

FB 290813 Don Ø


  • Here Connie from EU explains that they have not suggested to ban liquorice pipes and concludes “isn’t it just a bit embarrassing for you to see that most of the media goes bananas about a completely wrong story, where a minimum of research would have killed the story from the beginning?”, and yes just like the story about me in the beginning and as a large part of communication today, when people “cannot” work, communicate and behave properly, which I do believe that you understand by now, don’t you?

FB 290813 Connie

  • Michael Wullf brought this made up dialogue with the Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt with Margrethe and Villy (Trade and Foreign Ministers), and Helle says that she and other world leaders cannot watch Assad poisoning his own population and she wants to interfere, where Villy wants to have UN on the team first, which made Helle say that UN are WIMPS and “are you with them or Denmark” (?), and ARE YOU A WIMP, Willy (?), which of course is inspired too because “wimp” is the word I use about the wimps of world leaders, and what if this is a setup to make war possible now (?), and yes this is NOT about making war but about protecting the civil population from more attacks, which UN should have done from the very beginning as I told you too, but no, all you could was to talk, talk and talk just like the WIMP Villy today.

FB 290813 MW

  • A man was found dead in the harbor of Helsingør just outside the library, which is about strong darkness you know – with many of the “important people” coming at this very place this evening, see the story below.

FB 290813 HGOR

  • Today was “the biggest event ever of Helsingør” as it has been marketed as, which was the Index Award 2013 show (a prestigious Danish design award receiving worldwide attention), and it collected more than 1,000 visitors to a big show right here at the Cultural Area of Helsingør where the library is located, and while I had decided to stay at the library still working on third floor at 20.00 when this show started, all of the “important persons” – including Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Ministers, the director of Index Award Kigge Hvid (who “kigged” me out as Facebook friend approx. 2 years ago because you thought I was “crazy”, Kigge? and the first time of my encounter with her was in 2005 when my girlfriend Henriette worked for Danish Design Centre, which we visited together and which INDEX is associated with, and you have done well since, Kigge?), VIP’s from Denmark and the world, the media with Steffen Kretz (from DR1 TV news) as host of the show, and everything from Helsingør Daily News to CNN and of course the mayor Johannes (what a thrill for you to host this big event, Johannes?) and other “important people” of the city management – were  gathering right in front of the library a few metres from me, and everyone was busy to see and speak to each other with the media photographing to bring this “world event”, and yes none of you decided to visit me on third floor, so there I was alone again, naturally, so I was not important enough for you to say hello to and to invite indoors to become part of your community and for you to write about me too (?), and this has nothing to do with releasing you from the state prison too, has it (?), and yes with all of these “VIP’s” coming here right where I am sitting, which is as far we can get you into the very centre of everything.

Mary and JohannesCrown Princess Mary of Denmark together with Johannes Hecht-Nielsen,
the mayor of Helsingør at “Index Awards 2013”


30th August: Putin was “the kiss of death”, who decided to use his Doomsday weapon to terminate all life not to be disclosed!

Dreaming of bringing out the best of me if I have energy to do it and being able to receive life from everywhere

I went to bed at 23.00 and slept until 08.45 (the idea was for you to make me fresh enough to stand up at 07.00, my friends (!), and no, I am not more fresh for “sleeping” longer) receiving these dreams.

  • I wear a red polo neck sweater and Kim S. looks at me and says “you don’t have much clothes do you” (?), which I do not, and furthermore there is a stain on front of the sweater, which he also notices, and I tell him that it will not go away in wash, and something about taking it, not being able to decipher the meat grill process and asking the producer of this and not the compensation.
    • “Red” is darkness, which I am washing and there is a stain of darkness, which I cannot get off, which is about “meat”, i.e. life, which I cannot make into life, and yes “do our best” and “not give up” and all of that, and yes 100,00% perfect is still the goal, we know.
  • I am going to move my best stereo equipment from my bed room to my living room if I have energy to do it because it feels like impossible to do when I have almost no energy, and I am not placing the stereo at the café next door because I fear that the open membranes of the speakers will be destroyed.
    • Bringing out the best of me with music being “love”.
  • I have stopped my banking school now for the second time without receiving the final exam because I have not had time to read up on the curriculum when being busy on work. I have made a list to my bank branch including many new business opportunities, which I am now going through together with another bank branch telling them that when it is options of one branch, it may be the same to them.
    • This is about not finishing work on my new website, and no, you have misunderstood this, my dear dream maker, I am NOT going to stop this work, not a chance (!), and you do remember that the new Maritime Museum as the last of the Cultural Area of Helsingør will open October 5, which is where I do believe that I will finish work, so we have “good time” you see.
  • I am living with my mother at Borupgård in Snekkersten, and I only have three minutes before my school starts and I have more than three minutes – more like 10-15 minutes – to school, and she does not want to respect time but continues to talk to me when I should be going. To my surprise the micro oven includes nice pork meat. The apartment is a mess and I would like to clean up, but I don’t have energy to do it.
    • Yes, I don’t have “time” and I am stressed, and no, I decided to put this behind me yesterday, so these are dreams of darkness, I will make school and I decide on continuing to go to school myself instead of stopping and the world must be strong enough for this, and yes I am the one setting the rules. And the micro oven is about my thought every time that I use mine that it is NOT good for nutrition of food, which it is destroying – radio waves are not good for health you know.
  • I have had a 6 months subscription binding me to the supplier, which is now over, and my telephone is now being made “code free” making it possible to use all providers. I lose the outer joint to my second left finger on the left hand, which simply falls off and I look at it thinking that I should get to hospital to have it back on, but there is a new joint underneath which has grown out making me confused. I have received a new and big radio tuner making me think that I may be able to receive even more radio channels than what I could using my otherwise also good existing radio tuner, and I receive a new amplifier too now making me have two complete stereo equipments.
    • The telephone is about receiving life, and now I can received life from everywhere, and is this connected with the end of mind control on me? What is the finger about (?) – that there is a new self of me underneath? And the radio is about spiritual communication, and two stereos is about love of me divided in two persons, which are Karen and I.

Putin was “the kiss of death”, who decided to use his Doomsday weapon to terminate all life not to be disclosed!

I was told about still having to pay a giant amount via work to my new website.

I received “the sign” by Ace of Bace and the lyrics “I am happy now”.

We now don’t have to ask your mother, you did not hurt yourself much?

The short distance to England was because there was no more soap.

Monday, Tuesday, we have gone through the head day countless times.

I was told that Geneva has accepted me, which is about NGO’s and other organizations of hell there.

DR P6 radio continued being “inspired” this morning from 09.00 to 12.00 and both included darkness, which I decided not to write here, and at 11.40, one of the hosts suddenly decided to say to a man on the phone “Drink a big draught beer from us this evening, will you?”, and this was coming directly from the Source about the Source because you do know that beer is God, right?

And at 11.48 they spoke about the name of a New York (i.e. “the big apple” of our New World) band being “Rapture”, and that this name was inspired by the song “rapture” of Blondie, and it made them speak of “dirty harry”, which they were inspired to call Debbie Harry from Blondie and “one of my top favourite songs” as the host said, which is “heart of glass”, which they then played, and yes I have also ALWAYS LOVED this band very much including this song, and this was really to say that we have carried out the rapture bringing all of the Old World back to the Source via the creation of our New World, this is what this “innocent” speech was about, and yes we also did it with the help of Clint Eastwood, who played Dirty Harry (with a reference to my previous stories about him), and yes his faith in me and Obama too, Clint (?), and this wonderful song to me is about the heart of DIVINE LOVE ♥.

They continued speaking about this single of Blondie that they played – one of the old ’45 singles you know – which was manufactured in Hamburg and they said that “it has been canon cheap”, which was to say that we have arrived at the kingdom of our New World, which Germany is to me, and “cheap” is about “no energy”, so this is also how inspiration works.

I continue receiving a little “cold” and big sneezes, which however are weaker than when they were at their worst approx. one week ago.

After lunch, I first drove to town to transfer money to LTO, see the short stories, and to get a haircut, and I met my mother so after a short talk with her, I went to a new hairdresser, Salon Cairo, which opened here five months ago, which I have thought about visiting sooner or later, and it became now, and yes I have my reference in the other hairdresser not many metres away on Bjergegade, and I was happy to feel a really nice and warm environment inside of there with ancient Egyptian art, nice furniture including leather sofa’s, coffee and small chocolate bars etc. and then a man from Egypt, who showed out to be very nice and skilled as a hairdresser, and I asked questions and he told me his story about coming from Alexandria, not Cairo, and having come to Denmark more than 20 years ago, being married to a Danish lady and having had 4-5 hair saloons in Ålborg, Denmark, which he had to stop because he received a bad right leg making it impossible to continue working, but eventually they moved to Copenhagen, his leg became better and someone suggested him to open this saloon in Helsingør, and what is the likeliness of an Egyptian opening a hair dresser here attracting me as customer (?), and I felt and was told that we have now created a new connection to Alexandria, where you will see development coming, and yes we had a very nice talk and he liked speaking about himself and when it was my turn to speak about me, I was only given not many seconds telling him about my work as a writer of philosophy, which made him think that “I know Egyptian writers too, do you know xx” (?) and then he talked about his book (and promised me to write down his name for me, which he forgot!) and also about his daughter and her school work, and no, he “could not” ask questions about me and my work, he was thinking too much of himself, but he was kind, open and warm, and yes he understood when I told him that this is my experience of people of poor countries in general compared to the selfish and cold Danes, and yes finally, he was indeed very skilful giving me the best haircut I have ever had – still only 125 DKK, which is only 1/3 to 1/5 of what “fine Danish saloons” ask for – and an even better service than Danish saloons also cutting/removing other hair in the head (eye brow, ear, nose), and this was of course a symbol of “hair” of the Source being the finest ever.

I was told about Obama, who will meet Nordic Prime Minister’s in Stockholm next week – receiving my greetings via Carl Bildt I hope – and that they was going to speak about Putin and his Doomsday weapon too, which they and the world feared, but now, not anymore I hope.

After some days with much tiredness and pressure of darkness on me, I felt less tired and with less pressure on me again, yes it is like a heavy coat pressuring me down all over which is lifting.

Yes, it could be VERY EASY to not prioritize my daily scripts and to focus most on my new website, and also today, but after the hairdresser, I had enough work to do on Facebook, Jette’s Google Earth pictures and the final details of my scripts of yesterday and today too that it took all day until 19.10 also meaning that I did not do any work on my new website at all today.

No, we will probably end up not burning myself/ourselves – with a smile given to me because we are removing all darkness as you can see from Jette’s Google Earth pictures.

The truth is that we don’t have any more clothes to wash, but still you have in this play of the Old World, which you are finishing.

Before ending work late today again at the library, I looked into a few articles on banks and their produce of money out of thin air, and I was told that this is why I worked for Danske Bank (1984-91), to enter the worst darkness of all.

I was told that my writings on Putin is what you can get indicted/killed for in Russia because of “treason” – mad people/system (!) – but Putin knows that there is nothing he can do, and I was told something about him having banks/the west behind him having taught him some tricks of how to become rich, and I feel Yeltzin here and “this is what I warned you about”.

I received a new dark and loud sound to the floor of my living room just on the other side of the balcony, and this is me, i.e. Putin, practically standing for the rest, and that is eeehhh because of this weapon, which is also holding the world in chess, and what gives me pain to my left eye, and that is because “I will destruct the world/mankind if I want to”, and he doesn’t mind telling about it, and what is the trench warfare of the United Nations about with all of the United Nations – except Russia and China imposing VETO – wanting to interact in Syria (?) and has Putin threatened the world with this Doomsday weapon if the world stops the war in Syria (?), which held the world back, and now the world knows that it has nothing to fear about Putin and this useless weapon of his, so what will the world do now?

So the game was that if I gave up/lost to darkness, Putin would push the button of this weapon – and he knows that you are not shy, which is the only thing that he respects, and that is one who is even stronger than he is, and I feel here that he is connected to darkness of my sister.

This is also why Russia was the most eager to remove me and so much that they decided to have either Putin together with the dark New World Order or – if I should win – to destroy the world/all life, but eeehhh you did not understand that you were losing, Putin (?), and yes not long ago that you lost control over all of your UFO’s and the human beings inside of them as they are now after being cleaned after having come over to me braking an otherwise impossible codec, which is because I am the creator, which you are not, Putin.

Is this about finally getting Putin over on my side (?), and yes he is completely in love with himself thinking that he is invincible, which was also the pathetic image he made of him self towards the public, but no he is just a corrupt dictator and manipulator grossly raping the Russian population.

120224044746-vladimir-putin-horse-horizontal-large-galleryPutin and his made up pathetic image as strong man  – who are you trying to fool other than yourself?

It is first here at the end that we can really address him, and do you think that you can surrender to Obama as the new World President (?), and yes not yourself or anyone else.

He is the only one being able to give me this pain to my left eye, which no one else in the world can, which is why he is the worst Devil of them all.

And he has followed me via my Falck memo etc., and yes Stig is no danger because this was rubbish and nonsense that I did and you did not understand that big picture of this being a mind game and about bringing me faith.

In periods – when not working as this evening – I still receive hundreds of times per hour (= “constantly”) negative voices wanting to take me over and we are still playing the game about the voice wanting me to say that you are NOT welcome, which I have to correct every time.

And did Putin not understand that he could not live/lead without me because fundamentally he did not believe in God, is this it (?), and he was such a “great man” that he had turned himself into God, and yes a true lunatic is what you are, right (?), and brainwashed by all of the people you have brainwashed/tormented/killed yourself, which is about power corrupting people, and you are the worst example.

This is because he is not integrated with me yet, and he is still coming in, and I feel him coming in from the balcony, and really feel him literally under my skin all over.

No, no one can give this man poor conscience except from you, and this was the clue to tell me that Putin is a PSYCHOPATH having lust for power, and yes I do remember how these psychopaths are, which is “charming” on the surface but completely without guilt/conscience being able to break down people just because of the art/their pleasure of breaking down people, and of course completely unreliable and lying about everything, and this was the man in charge of this Doomsday weapon deciding if all of mankind should live or die, a very sick man (!), and we have been pretty close for you to push the button when you have lost your temper, haven’t we (?), and yes it takes nothing to hurt feelings of psychopaths making them react strongly when attacking because no one is going to hurt them, which is the worst they know, and yes I know your type from Niels de Bang/Knald from Aon, who was this worst kind of psychopath too also meaning that the world was hanging in a very thin lifeline too, which I had to overcome too.

Has it something to do with being able to transform all of the energy of the moon to nothing (?) – and does this also mean that he can do the opposite, which is to create new life as clones of yourself as example to enable you to survive yourself forever, and yes crazy is what I told you.

Is this the cosmic radiation that I have been exposed to?

Putin is born with an inferiority complex meaning that he cannot get enough power and yes a little like Hitler, which is also why he is not happy about giving up this power, but again there is nothing you can do because Obama has practically been nominated as new World President also because you, i.e. me, succeeded to convince the world that he was light playing inside the system of hell as U.S. President, and this is not what we can call you, is it Putin?

On the other hand, this also means that he is an Indian inside darkness as I see/feel him as, i.e. original life and part of me.

I was shown my arrival to the park together with Elijah’s family in 2009, and yes Putin was with you there too surveilling you.

I felt nervousness of Lars G. coming to me from left – my lips were shivering – which is about the added comment I did to the short stories of yesterday where Bent Bentsen from the Conservative Party commented on Kristian’s (from Politiken) Facebook comment and Lars G. is part of this fearing to be revealed.

Putin is in reality the man pulling the dark duvet – as it is before turned around to light – in over me.

And he can feel you too almost as clear as you feel him, yes this was your ole, Putin, but you were mixed up as a baby coming with him the dark man instead.

This is about jumping over the stream – from darkness to light – and Putin found as the only one the answer to the mystery of life, which he grossly abused until I got the shovel beneath him and removing his power via these UFO’s controlled by him.

He was connected to my right ankle – to blow up life – but is now connected to my left ankle to destroy himself as the last darkness (because everything else before him is saved and in our New World), and is this what you want; to commit suicide, Putin (?), and are you really a wimp, who does not face the world and yes a small and scared boy behind the façade, and do you want me to save you?

And here I feel more nervousness of Lars G. entering because he is afraid of being revealed too, and this power is what is given to Putin making him nervous of being revealed too.

He is the main responsible for the sexual sufferings/torments given to me in this life, and on the other hand he was indispensable to the saving of the world because he was destroying it as darkness while I was keeping it up (friction between light and darkness = creation).

Robot-like discipline is his moral because this is the easiest to do when you are weak, and he gives me out of this world pains to my right ankle because he still doesn’t want to enter me, and once again there is nothing you can do, Putin, you are in my power, not opposite.

But now he is entering via my right eye instead, and there is no reason to only destroy yourself knowing that the whole world is saved (?), which was the effect of my work, which you did not really understand, and I am here given the feeling of pig dealer Larsen’s wife from the TV-series Matador (pig = symbol of life), which you saw too because it is the best TV-series of the world as I have named it, and do you think so too?

So Putin was meant to terminate the world, and he was losing, which means that this is what he actually had started doing (!), and yes to dissolve life by starting to use this weapon (!), which is why I am given the dreams about difficult to bring together life, but I do believe that the formula is intact with God/my inner self, and this means that you tried to terminate the whole world, my friend, and you did not understand that this could not be done, which was a result of one of your bursts of anger as strong as my mother receives.

I felt the power of “me and only me” inside of this darkness – Putin’s attitude – and is this bacon on the top too (?), and why Obama and not me (?), i.e. Putin, which is because this is how it was decided, and I receive a “childish feeling”, which is coming to me both because this is the feeling of Putin acting as a boy, who does not like to lose and also because he is coming from the original spring of life too.

So he is hidden at the most inner with bankers around him, and when he will know that he is a fish (i.e. me) too, we expect that he will accept me, and is it inside of here that the chest of all money (energy/life) is (?), which I am here shown, and in other words, it was impossible to bring Putin over on my side, he was lost in forehand.

He was part of half an egg, which was torn off my mother, which is a monstrosity, who thought that he had established himself in such a situation that he could not lose because Stig simply had to break down at some point because no man can go through what he goes through, but I could.

Have we lost a big golden coin right in the middle of mother, the world, which has now been dug free with the help of none less than the Great Mogul himself, which is how Putin sees himself.

And this was coming with Theis some months ago, who brought me this “kiss of death”, and you saw how impossible it was to turn Theis into a believer, right (?), but nothing is really impossible, and Theis is not making fun anymore but has become a believer with poor conscience about what he did to me?

This is when Putin had had enough and pushed the button of his Doomsday weapon, but as you saw, it did not terminate life and did not even kill yourself, and I was shown a black UFO entering my computer monitor, which was about your order, which would have become my death if I had not been prepared for it also absorbing this power, which is why you are also still alive, and isn’t it funny that you wanted to terminate all life not to be revealed yourself, but you could not because we are already the New World and this is how I saved you from killing yourself.

And this happened at the time when I brought you this Dirch Passer sketch – a few months ago – of the baby in the swing, who says “pooh ba ba ba” (“yuk yuk yuk”), which is what I felt you doing as a small baby not being able to control yourself saying “da da da”, and yes it was also with the smiles of Dirch Passer because there was nothing you could do, see?

Google Earth: Helping hands, a guard removing darkness, and the audience is ready

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a sock in the nut, helping hands, a guard removing darkness, the audience is ready, peace will come to me, new story coming up, invisible triangles everywhere, another helping hand, and protected by the shell.

FB 300813 Jette 1

FB 300813 Jette 2

FB 300813 Jette 3

FB 300813 Jette 4

FB 300813 Jette 5

FB 300813 Jette 6

FB 300813 Jette 7

FB 300813 Jette 8

FB 300813 jette 9

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena showed her working place until 23.00 but where is the candy automate (?), which is because “I have to have my liquorices” as she said, and just to connect her to the story of the liquorices of darkness.

FB 300813 Helena

  • Dan is now very active on Facebook again, and he said that he had heard that he is not welcome any longer at the Voice, which is the radio station, which he was part of staring up himself in 1984, which is because “I have told the truth about a manager, who has destroyed the work environment” and “instead of listening to the truth, some tries to kill it … well they have not succeeded to make me shut up yet!”, and Anders said that this is what he truly believe is cool about Dan, which is to speak out the truth directly, and Ole said that you always had to say what you believe (and “know” of course), but some don’t like to hear it, and this was “easy” for Dan to understand, and he said that it is also fine for people to tell him the truth directly if he does not behave properly (!), and yes, it is very easy to say that this is how you are, Dan, but isn’t the truth that when I speak the truth directly to you, it is “not easy” to listen to and understand because you don’t want to understand the truth about your own poor behavior the same way as the Voice manager does not (?), and yes, this is how it is.

FB 300813 Dan

  • And Dan has been the one loving to hate Thomas Blachman the most of anyone (!), and Thomas will start a new TV show this evening called “Mentor”, which Dan will review at Ekstra Bladet tomorrow, which made me encourage him to understand Blachman POSITIVELY this time, and to tell him that he does his best to help people and has a big heart also speaking out the truth directly to make deaf people listen, which is what you say you do too, Dan, which should therefore make it easy for you to understand this, comprende (?), and no, Dan “hates” Thomas, so he will probable be NEGATIVE to him in his review tomorrow, we will see, and yes because Dan cannot control his negative inner voice and you only have to OPEN YOUR EARS to understand, Dan, which is “not easy” for yourself to do, see?

FB 300813 Dan 2

  • Later, Dan continued by saying that he did not understand what “Mentor” is about – eeehhh are you “dumb” and slow, Dan (?) – and look at these standard comments of negative, rich, selfish, spoiled and ruthless/disgraceful behaviour of ordinary people when they once again tear down Thomas Blachman (and me too) by saying just how bad it is and narcisitic he is, and Thomas believed it was ridicoulous and wanted a cool concert instead for example with the (brilliant guitarist) Stevie Ray Vaughan, and as Henrik said, Stevie fell down with a helicopter killing him, and this was to say that Dan’s and other’s negative/wrong/ruthless behaviour is what would have crashed my helicopter making it impossible to lift up the world and that is if I could not absorb your darkness. And it is also about this brilliant guitarist as a symbol of the finest creation. I saw “Mentor” myself this evening, which to me was an innovative, fine and professional entertainment show, and I had decided not to write down Thomas’ words of God because I really don’t have time and energy to do it, there are now even more important stories in my scripts and not least my website to do than Thomas, I am sorry, but this is how it is, my friend, and as a result I did not hear much – but little here and there – “inspired”/direct speech meant for me.

FB 300813 Dan 3

  • BT said that the sales of liquorice pipes 18 doubled yesterday (!) because of the wrong story of better-knowing but ignorant people, and this is again to tell you about the darkness that hit me when they showed me the same attitude.

FB 300813 BT

  • Lasse brought the story of Connie Hedegaard yesterday, and also a picture of Søren Pind dressed out as darkness with the pipe of Beard in his mouth, and yes you can find MANY of these pictures of STUPID people, who had a “meaning” of this without knowing what they spoke about just like you did about me too, remember Søren?

FB 300813 Lasse

  • I had not planned to comment the present situation about the nervous gas attack on civilians in Syria, which everyone says is the work of the Syrian Government, which is now being used as an excuse to start up war against Syria, or at least this is what some does, but Sherin said that this is not about starting a war but to stop the genocide of the population of Syria, and It made me say that this is what it is about, to protect the population from more encroachment, which the international society should have done from the beginning (as I encouraged you to do!) to avoid this genocide including millions of people suffering greatly as the result of lack of responsibility of the world with many people here being more focussed on themselves – not being able to see the RIGHT point of view of others – and saying that “we don’t want to go to war again” and “no, we have to think more about ourselves, and only if we have a surplus, we can help” (Søren Espersen, Danish People’s Party on TV!!!), and CRAZY things like this which I hear these days, and HELP PEOPLE IN NEED AND STOP MORE ENCROACHMENT, which cannot be difficult to anyone to understand – including the circus clowns of UN – is it?

FB 300813 Sherin

FB 300813 Sherin 2

FB 300813 Sherin 3

  • I was only able to sent a gross amount of DKK 900 to LTO today, which made me sad, and it was because I had a new electricity bill of DKK 1,535 (as you can see in my small budget below), and also because I am still being withdrawn approx. DKK 600 net per month to pay off on what I owe in TV licence and it made me wonder if I am not done with this soon, and I checked up the outstanding balance on my page of the Danish tax authorities, but the only thing I could see what an original debt of DKK 1,912 and no registration of my payments (which is now four or five times approx. DKK 600 if I am not wrong?), and furthermore they also want to withdrawn 2,000 DKK in old train fines from my cash help, which I believed that they had accepted to offer me grace not to pay (?), and yes SOMETHING IS ROTTEN IN THE STATE OF DENMARK, which is what this tax authority is about, and yes I have not written about their MAFIA METHODS trying to tyrannise and control people here and also not about Kristian Jensen “not caring” about illegal practise of the tax authorities when he was Tax Minister some years ago, and yes he is from the Liberal Party, you know, a party which forgot goot behaviour and moral becoming part of the World Elite you know, and yes BOTTOM ROTTEN as we say here!!! And basically, I am sad not to be able to help LTO even better (and sad not to be hearing from John), and also not to be able to afford a (proper) present to my mother on Sunday and again having to go through a month on a very small budget, which after paying DKK 125 for the hairdresser today truly is very small.

Til LTO 300813

Budget 300813


  • Question from Jette and my answer.

Jette 300813



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