September 1, 2013: Putin was the Devil literally trying to overtake me but instead I have turned him and his darkness into light


Summary of the script today

31st August: Putin was the Devil literally trying to overtake me but instead I have turned him and his darkness into light

  • Dreaming of the world receiving access to the global thought machine using it for mind control, which would break down the world if I had not absorbed it, banks controlling the supply of money potentially leading to economical breakdown (when they want to), and faith of Søren D. N. helps bringing the finest creation and deepest love.
  • I was told with a dark and negative voice ”rape, kill, children gangs” and do such exist (?), yes, and I was told that Putin is homosexual, which is in relation to children, i.e. boys, and how many boys have you killed, Putin, after you have “enjoyed” yourself with them (?), and that was in order for them not to be able to recognise or disclose you (?), and did you have a whole “factory” delivering you these boys almost as Spain has “factories” to produce bulls to be killed in the arena (?) – this is how this story was served for me, and this is also why Putin preferred to terminate life self (if he could) instead of admitting this to the world. Putin is also one of the biggest receivers of bribery from the oil industry.
  • Mind control was installed in me when I was sleeping including fat genes and even genes of Putin self, which I was fighting when awake. Putin tried to become me, i.e. to become God. Obama and Putin were major opponents fighting about me. Putin had me up on his monitor via live signals from UFO’s monitoring me, and was able to bring his mind control and genes as he wanted, but still it was not enough also because Obama was fighting on my side. I continued welcoming all darkness for years to absorb and convert it to light of our New World, and this was Putin wanting to take me over, and had I lost, I would have become darkness as Putin, which would have ended the world because life is not sustainable as darkness, but now I am winning and instead Putin is becoming me and this is because he IS another part of me now becoming light. This fight against Putin is leading to a “shoot off” when he is now giving up, which brings my final release from the prison of the Source to become everything of the New World, which we already are and we are just experiencing this somewhat delayed in this game of ours.
  • After my stories about Putin bluffing and not being dangerous anymore, Obama decided to launch a limited military action against Syria in one day, week or month from now AFTER the Congress have “handled” the question, which was both to show Putin that we are not afraid of him anymore (he cannot terminate life) and also to exhibit better-knowing ignorance of the Congress, who will now talk about and decide on their own war as part of our game against the system of Hell. Anders Fogh, the NATO general secretary, has also been working on my side for example arm wrestling with Turkey about me.
  • The public system made a “decree” on me, which was sent to the Communes (first Hørsholm in 2009, then Lyngby-Taarbæk in 2009 and Helsingør in 2011) including information about me “hearing voices” and testimonies of my own closest family, friends and previous employers confirming that I am crazy and dangerous, which they used as their foundation for the process of declaring me crazy and to kidnap me and lock me up, and everything was based on poor work, communication and misunderstandings of the system and my family, friends etc. and no one asked for my comments as the main character to sort all of this out! This was the cunning scheme of the World Elite using mind control on my surroundings, who orchestrated this making the system and everyone believe that I was truly crazy, and with this, it was “easy” for my sister to conclude that I had lost my mind and needed to be locked up/helped to protect people. This is how all people, who loved me, was bringing me my coffin without realising that they were the crazy ones simply “misunderstanding” me, and this is how my sister was cheated by the Elite using her against me.
  • Short stories of the murder of Lady Diana, John from LTO “cannot” communicate and has been cancelled as my friend, a Greenland canyon of importance, Niklas enjoys much success with darkness helping him, and Naser believes that history will judge Obama hard – are you sure, Naser?

1st September: Switching off Putin’s weapon (potentially) destroying life because my sister choose me over the system

  • Dreaming of copying and using best practice, I am hiding a secret, being all close to darkness and disarming it, I do NOT like relents demands to sale to create profits, longing home, making a female colleague a “giant business star”, receiving divine love of my mother, strong darkness of Søren H., even more darkness of Preben – and “call it love” ♥.
  • We had to continue this game with Putin’s weapon switched on in order to get all life out of darkness, and “now it is over with”, Putin has stopped this weapon and I was told that it is because Sanna chose the family and me instead of the system, and it was necessary to continue giving me negative voices etc. during this period where this weapon was threatening the last of the Old World, which was not transferred to our New World,, and the reason why nothing happened was that it would still require me to give in to my “old nightmare”, which I did not, and then I am the strongest. Putin succeeded not to destroy anything, and now when it is switched off, we will bring in the last life of this darkness too making everything “perfect”. Today was about the removal of one of the big drawing pins (of darkness), and the weapon of Putin was the danger about to kill my mother, which I held up, and yes the last part of her/the Old World.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show are you prepared of what to come, nice Davy Crockett energy, beautiful big shapes, by the beard of the prophet, nice hair on this man, watch that man, many beautiful heads, with hat and glasses, something is happening,  a lump of family life.
  • Short stories of the end of the fraud of Loveth, It took my absolutely best to defeat darkness/resistance of Søren H., the death of Ole Ernst and David Frost was to absorb STRONG darkness because of the s-c-a-r-y scenario Putin made the world go through.


31st August: Putin was the Devil literally trying to overtake me but instead I have turned him and his darkness into light

Dreaming of the world receiving access to the global thought machine using it for mind control

I went to bed at 23.20 and slept until 08.00 receiving these dreams.

  • A machine is brought in and I see the content of it in three dimensions, it includes all thoughts – as if they were music you levitate in – of the most beautiful Universe and I see all colours from the strongest light to the strongest darkness with the last corresponding to termination, but people are brought into this system – for example the accountant Frode Holm – making it possible to see thoughts leading from one person to the next, and Lars G. has given an order to close down this system via Helle Thorning-Schmidt and they are chasing the darkest black of the system to destroy it, but I have decided to take out the most dark in order for it not to be destroyed.
    • This is about all thoughts of the world, how they are connected from individual to individual, and mind control, which I understand is what the world discovered and tried to use to its advantage, and Frode Holm was the accountant working professionally for Helle Thorning-Schmidt and her husband, but his “carelessness” was about costing her her political life, which would have destructed us all (if she had not become Prime Minister in 2011), and I here feel Angela Merkel, who is also updated and that is of my script of yes, and “ja ja ja” or “da da da” as they say in Russia.
  • I sit next to my old class mate Christian, and on the other side I see our old class mates Johnny and Søren, and I say that I have not seen Johnny for 30 years. Something about holed plastic foils and deliscious food, which I have invented, and we are going home through Nørrebrogade in Copenhagen.
    • It seems that my old class mates “know” about me.
  • I received the lyrics “I’m taking a Greyhound” from “New York state of mind” by Billy Joel in one of his finest songs and here about our New World really in a beautiful duet with Tony Benett, the grand old elegantier, and yes I love him and his music too :-).

  • I have started working for Danske Bank, Espergærde, again, and I have no work to do, and decide to ask Per H., the deputy manager, if he has work I can do, which he has and he asks me to decide on whether or not I believe that a loan request of a customer can be approved. I lose raisins on the floor, and concentrate to get all up again, but I have to throw out some. I ask Jørgen if it is a time where we are reluctant to lend out money, and he says no. To my surprise my old class mate Søren D.N. enters the bank together with his twin brother, and he plays the guitar and sings a beautiful song giving a magnificent performance, and I tell his brother that this must be fun for him to see, and I ask Søren is he do concerts, which he does not, and also that we have some customer arrangements with homes for elderly etc., where I would like him to perform, and when he answers, I simply cannot hear anything because there comes no sound out of him when he speaks, and I feel both myself and him as actors.
    • This is about the decisions of banks of wheter or not to lend out money, and they can decide to cancel all excisting loan arrangements to economically break down the society, and yes I will not go deeper into this now but save it for my new website when I will get more time and energy to write this. Raisins are life, and I have not accepted to lose life so one way or another we will retrieve this. Søren is important to creation, i.e. playing the guitar, and this is about the deepest love, which is, and it seems that he now has faith in me because other class friends have told him that Stig is really the one.

Putin was the Devil literally trying to overtake me but instead I have turned him and his darkness into light

My first feeling when I woke up was once again about whom I really am – oh no (!) – and no, I cannot do more work of hell again today, and no I cannot continue working every single day, it is killing me, and yes I still have to try even though I was also feeling tired when awakening.

I was told with a dark and negative voice ”rape, kill, children gangs” and do such exist (?), yes, and I felt Putin once again, so is there something you would like to get off the chest while you still have a chance as your old self, my friend (?), and that is on the surface at least.

No, we are only here because Stig has never missed a penalty kick, and he has no plans starting now, which is the same as the certain end of you, Putin.

We also have greetings from London – David Cameron – saying thank you for doing this (with Putin).

We also could not fight Putin without having faith of Bettina, whom I feel here.

From the morning I received constant bombardment like “why don’t you stop and relax” trying to remove all of my work moral and will and yes the answer was “I have no comments/opinion on this” simply trying to to ignore this constant voice trying not to become tempted but simply to continue work according to my scheduled plan “no matter what” – if I can.

When writing the last of the script of yesterday, I received the feeling of a calmed down Putin inside of darkness.

We are at the apartment on the roof where there are still flying in black birds (?), and yes you saw these black birds physically flying outside your windows in Hørsholm in 2008/09 knowing that they were not there but visions and I am now told that they were really holograms, this is how real the world can work today. And this was their “help” trying to make me crazy, but no, you could not, and that is not at all.

When I finished and published my script of yesterday at 14.00 today, I was told that this equals the pressure wave of a F16 fighter.

My new Egyptian hairdresser informed me yesterday about his Facebook site, which I decided to “like” when I came home, and today he invited me to become Facebook friends, so now it will also not take long for him to understand who I am via my Facebook posts, which he can then spread to more people of Helsingør.

I received the worst cough of darkness and was told that if my sister and I did not come to my mother’s birthday tomorrow, it would become my mother’s death.

I continued working on my script also of today and to do the summary of my book of August – not easy to do when you are disgusted still doingthis work – which I ended at 15.45 shortly before the closing time of the library at 16.00, so now I will have a little time to work on my new website.

I received the old kind of pain to my chest when the system/the Commune is working against me, and again I was told about Johannes the mayor now being part of the secret network, and I was given the feeling of him together with Crown Princess Mary. And no “of course they have not planned to kill him, we are in control of that”, is that what they mayor has told people (?), and I am giving STRONG stomach/chest pain now.

Isn’t it funny that Putin is also one of the biggest receivers of bribery from the oil industry?

I was told that this is leading to a “shoot off” and I felt the one stuck at the end being released and united with another and then flying around as the spaceship of everything, which we already do, we are just experiencing this somewhat delayed in this game of ours.

And yes Obama thought that he was going to fight Putin and this evil system without me because I would have broken down a long time ago.

Did they also send a decree already when you lived in Hørsholm in the end of 2009 – with your sister – to this Commune including “he hear voices” etc., which they were starting to prepare, and yes going through the process, which they started in Lyngby later and finished in Helsingør without finishing, and who should have thought that he was able to cheat them all?

I kept on receiving the feeling of Johannes for hours and “what if Stig is the real thing”, whom I was about to lock up too?

Does this information – this decrete – also include the information that I am stalking Karen because this is what the system “believes” that I am – and this is what the system on top of this wants the system “handling” me to believe?

So you are about to come to a golden moment of your life when this information is going to be revealed to, and is it based on “misunderstandings” of the system and people being interviewed and I feel the police too being involved – the Intelligence Service (?) – and compiled in a document from the Danish Parliament (?), and from this you are able to see just how incredible poorly people and the system work because it “could not” understand me, and this is basically what was killing us all, and yes why don’t you send me a copy for my comments (?), and no, no one wanted to ask me for comments (to sort out all misunderstandings) as the main character in question and everyone believed that it included the truth, but it did not, and where did the information about me “stalking” Karen come from (?), and is this what was planted inside Jack’s head when you and your previous girl friend visited me in 2008 making you both believe that I was crazy (?), and yes you never really know, but this was the feeling given to me too.

I was given new noises beneath my work table, which sounded as noise to water pipes.

But no misunderstanding including in this document is bigger than the one of my mother’s, who is quoted in this document, which is saying that “Stig is dangerous” according to his own mother, is this what you got out of it?

So all was based on misunderstandings of my closest family, friends and previous employers, who “could not” understand, which the secret network knew would be the case, so this is how they tried to set me up; via planted misunderstandings because of mind control, which they carried out on them, and yes a “cunning” scheme but of course part of an even greater plan of God for you to do this and to see for how long I could pull this train of darkness/gold forwards, and yes another of these secret messages now given to me when Putin’s world is also breaking down, and no, he does not like pressure this silly man.

And it is all of this information that your sister has had access to, and with this it was of course “easy” to conclude that my brother has really lost his mind, and we need to lock him up to protect the same people – close family, friends and previous employers – who set him up and who really love him over gold, and yes this is how we feel here, this is the disclosure of this entire setup.

I was told that Johannes is now also part of the secret network. It just means that they have not informed Johannes about their plans to kill me, and they used the Commune as middleman.

When my father died, they hoped that this was it because then they could see right through to me and Obama too.

I received Tom & Jeff’s “Free Falling” and the lyrics “crazy ‘bout Elvis too” and I was told Elvis/me too and then “Free Falling” without the falling as I was told and yes I receive many stories about this or that artist knowing about me too, and here it was about Tom, and yes what you did together with Jeff – and also the Wilburys – especially on your first two albums (including this hit) were simply outstanding, and this is about becoming free because of the falling of Putin, that’s how it is.

Your father did not have a birthday – September 8 – where he did not think about and miss you.

You have no idea what it means to get Putin home and part of us instead of fighting us, and I feel as if I wore a watch on my left wrist.

So Johannes was not completely turned around, which he is becoming now because of your Facebook updates, and I here received an out of this world pain to my right ankle because of him.

Without this from my mother, I would not receive “nothing” blowing through my head as it did as I here feel again.

This is judged to become the funniest Tivoli tour.

I was shown black, vertical clouds becoming a golden chain and I felt my mother and was told that this is how we get her back.

And everyone has sworn on their honour that they have told the truth about me, and I feel my father’s wife Kirsten, who has done the same and yes “his father does not see him because Stig has lost his mind”, and yes you have to be crazy to say things like this.

This is how the whole system (an family) believed that you really as crazy and the only thing you could do was to tell them the truth via your scripts, Facebook updates and at meeting with the Commune, and yes even Falck told them that you were crazy – you got to be crazy Lars, Christoffer, Robert etc. (!) – because this is also what everyone could read from my Falck-memo that I was (?), and yes everyone was too superficial doing poor work (reading/understanding) and better-knowing ignorants.

Do we just take a store on our way out (?), yes I am on my way out, was this what the Index Awards meant (?), and the man on his way out says “13”, which is the character he gives me (old Danish grade, i.e. the best grade).

This is how we release a small man as I was shown – I thought we had released the last of you, but nevermind – and it took a little international crisis (Syria), where Obama was also busy working to do this.

Yes, we – all of the system of the world – have waiting on your mothers/the world’s end coming, which we knew about, but no, you held out.

So Sanna was cheated by the system against me believing that I was truly crazy.

When Obama was on live TV this afternoon giving his statement about Syria – deciding for USA to launch a limited military action against Syria in one day, week or month from now AFTER the Congress have “handled” the question – I was shown Obama as a black monkey and was told that this is how Washington/the system is still treating him, and there is a underlying message in his decision too, which has to do about the retreat of Putin, and Obama is now not afraid of him anymore, and why is that (?), and yes because of my scripts on Putin showing Obama that Putin is bluffing. And he is “teasing” the Congress, who will now decide on their own war and they will be exhibited to the world about their betterknowing ignorance, which we also know about here, which is part of our game against the system, and “thank you for the ball, Stig”, which is what I played to my good friend, Obama, and yes not always easy to keep my faith in you, Obama, because are you truly my man or a man of the system (?), and yes I have decided to have faith no more what, so this is what is carrying us through.

FB 010913 USA Today OBAMA

Was this our best co-operation throughout all of the war (?), yes we believe it was. And without this act we could not show Putin that we are not afraid of him anymore thus cancelling his monopoly against “war” towards Syria to help the population and to remove Putin’s “special interests” in relation to Syria.

And Putin can do nothing – transforming energy into nothing – because we are already “nothing” as the New World inside the Source.

I felt my father and he said that Putin was his invention, and with Søren D. N. with you, it is straight home from here.

I was told about iron ore and then Northern Sweden (known for this), and what is up there (?), and nothing, Sweden rejected their wish to install HAARP there, which is why Norway received it, and that is as part of NATO, and is Anders Fogh (the Danish General Secretary of NATO) about to dismantle this facility because it is his responsibility (?), which is why we really hired him in that job, and yes Anders understands Obama, and Obama understands you, which is why Anders understands you too also in relation to his old Liberal Party in Denmark (and their poor behaviour, wrong actions and lack of moral), and what do you do then (?), and yes arm wrestling with Turkey about me, so there is the truth about Anders, who has also been fighting on your side and yes the international society would prefer to save life (in Syria), right (?), and this information you are given is based upon the progress of your new knowledge about a few families basically owning the world via banks, governments, media and the business world, which is what I “just” have to write down, and that is to compile a lot of information and still to have some blanks answered, which will take MANY hours to do and right now I have no/only few hours to do this work, so let us hope that time and energy will come during September to do this.

We were saved when your mother changed explanation about you, which made the house of cards/the act to turn – because love was stronger than their game.

We are awaiting for it to become pay day too, and this came from inside more darkness at the balcony, i.e. for me to continue work, and this darkness is still strong enough to give me pain to my heart region, which I received this evening.

I was given the feeling of the Lama in Copenhagen – at the beginning of Amager – whom I visited once in 2010, I believe, and I feel him sometimes too, so there is still a connection with him too.

I was told about the museum’s I visited in 2010 that this was to receive energy of people coming there in order to make the New World more beautiful.

I received a sound to the door of my oven and was told that this is not closed, and I received a voice from the balcony saying that I managed to find myself home and I was shown a connection from this to me.

And this is how the whole International Society also misunderstood you, and yes the whole would could not understand, which first came along the road (but still there were at least some knowing about me all the way).

My head has not been scratching much – only little – for several weeks now.

I was shown Camilla’s family together with overwhelming happiness receiving me, which they will do too.

This is what the Russian sparkling wine was about, and this was a reference to when René and I maybe 20 years ago bought MANY bottles of this at a private house in Rungsted for a party, which he was going to hold and this was before it was possible to buy Russian sparkling wine in the stores here, and yes to turn around Russia as the worst darkness.

I received a dark sound to my shelves and was told that this was about Putin who wanted to prevent one world and for us inside of darkness to enter the New World.

So this was also what that meeting weeks ago between Putin and Obama (where they look incredible depressed not being able to speak together) was about, and I was told that Putin had “blown himself” up.

And Dragholm, did the system also speak to Christian – Camilla’s brother – who spoke about me on behalf of their family.

I received the feeling of a whole corps of late Danish actors – with Arthur Jensen in the front – which was because TV2 sent an old film from 1967 (“Nyhavns glade gutter”), where almost all of the old and beloved by the people actors were united, and I enjoyed myself much to see all of these even though the movie itself maybe was not the best, but the characters of these people, and yes Dirch, Poul, Ove, Karl, Vivi, Willy, Arthur and almost all of them were there.

Did it require homosexuality to get you out of there (?), and I was reminded about how the original “old nightmare” of mine was in relation to my mother and later that it should be about my father, and I was told that this is what Putin is about, and then I was told that this is in relation to children, i.e. boys, and how many boys have you killed, Putin, after you have “enjoyed” yourself with them (?), and that was in order for them not to be able to recognise or disclose you (?), and did you have a whole “factory” delivering you these boys almost as Spain has “factories” to produce bulls to be killed in the arena?

Several hours later Paula was inspired to bring this picture of a bill forced to run around with flames on their horns killing them after hours of gruesome pain, so this is what it was about, and did Putin’s boys know what was awaiting them (?), and yes it was part of Putin’s sexual game to let them know that they would be killed, and no, Putin, this is nothing to be proud of, I do believe you can see yourself just how wrong you did, and that you are a very sick man not supposed to be the leader of neither Russia or the world, so what about you filing your resignation (?), and the sooner, the better, you know.

FB 010913 Paula

I was told that my description of the dark New World Order until now – even though it is not finished – was enough to bring him out now, which is then what we did, and when he understood that he had lost his UFO’s, he understood that his power was decreasing, so now there is not as much “good Lord” and poor excuses anymore, and I felt him inside darkness of my balcony, and yes, you do know that you have to stand forward explaining yourself, and you did not mean it as bad as it became (?), but when you first was inside the system, it just became a poor habit and worse and worse letting you do what you know is wrong and “the worst” to do, and you know that this will not be “approved” by the public, and then it was better to terminate the world (?), and yes, Putin, you are the true MAD MAN of the world!

His anti-gay laws – which the world has spoken much about the last weeks – was not to throw suspicion on himself as gay.

It is him sweeping the door and saying that I want to enter too, and can you guarantee that nothing will happen to me (?); and yes of course Vladimir, you will become part of our New World too, you will not be beheaded by the world or by me.

I received the lyrics “defeat every day”, which is about Putin’s defeat, and it is from Sanne Salomonsen’s fine song “Tænk på mig” (“Think on me”) – from her finest solo album in my mind – and I was told that this is also because Café Momo in Helsingør has seen that I have now “liked” their Facebook profile, and yes the owner it the former cook of Sanne, and you do remember that I encouraged you to invited Sanne with Sneakers and also Danseorkestret to come to play an intimate concert at your café, and yes I am looking much forward to this Sanne & Co. :-).

Cafe Momo

So Putin killed my father and received his strength too when fighting me, and it is me, i.e. Putin, who has been here every day too keeping you under surveillance, and yes a commited/posseded man, he was indeed.

I was told that mind control was installed in me when I was sleeping, which I was fighting when awake, and can you also installe fat genes and even genes of Putin self …. (?); yes, he tried to make me him, and he told the elite of Russia that he was as good as home using me as clone to make him God, but no, it required my will, which you did not get, and it was good enough to be awake during the day to fight him, and had I been hospitalised, I would not have been able doing this and he would have taken me over, which would only have led to the end of the world you know.

So this was the plans of darkness, and what about Clinton, did he not want to become God or think that he was (?), but he was a “poor actor”, so this game of Putin was a setup against Clinton (?), and I was shown an orangutang for Putin and told that he was the real brain behind, and these are the plans that he is now giving up on, and this is how close he was to become God.

So it was not a slacker I fought at the highest level, and this was really about Obama fighting Putin about me, and this is how the Devil self, Putin, worked with my sister supporting him, and Obama and Putin were really just two sides of myself as light and darkness in order to use the friction for creation.

This was “the end game” and Putin knew that he had to give up, that he was defeated and these very words, “the end game” is also what the big bankers used when they removed all regulation on derivatives all over the world for an incredible/insane amount of “casino money” to drive us to the end of the Old World and beginning of the new as they saw it with one Central Bank, One Government, One Currency, One Military with the population controlled by implanted microchips/mind control connected to super computers, and yes, this will become part of my new website too for everyone to understand.

No, there is no force of Putin remaining, which can give me a heart attackt now because we are nothing.

And my mother was the difference when choosing me over Sanna and her scheme of me, which Putin also stood behind, and the story about Stig being a “kind man” spreading around Helsingør is also part of it.

Is my old school Roholmsskolen in Albertslund (1972-76) also informed about me via Mogens, my old music teacher, and are there people there remembering me (?), and I am here given an out of this world pain to my right ankle coming from here.

So it is Putin being all of the Caribbean and Island Records because darkness had really won because of my mother’s support of my sister and my father’s death, and this is what we are first starting now to receive.

And this is what is opening the oven from all sides, and I am here given sounds to my oven and the vision of it opening from all sides making me leave this prison.

Yes, isn’t it scary that Putin had me up on his monitor via live signals from UFO’s monitoring me, and was able to bring his mind control and genes as he wanted (including physical feelings to my private parts etc. as torment of darkness), but still it was not enough also because Obama was fighting on my side, and there is another story about attacks on Obama, and we supported each other when we slept on different hours taking over when the other was sleeping.

This is really my father’s gift coming in now but in the shape of the Son. And Putin tried to bring himself inside of me, and it is me, i.e. my father, bringing pain to the right side of your body, and it is this pain making me enter but not as Putin because Putin is becoming me instead, this is what the fight was about, and with the power of my father on his side, he believed that he was going to get me too because no one could take the pressure this brought on both my mother and me.

You are heartfelt welcome” as I continued saying all throughout meant that I opened myself completely for darkness of Putin, which I allowed to enter me in order to be able to absord and convert this to light. And if I had stopped doing this – given up – he would not have been able to live because he and my sister withdrew energy of me in order to live their dark lives, while I received their darkness of nothing for creation.

His wish to experiment with me to make him God as my main opponent is what is still given me strong chest pain as I receive now (?), is this him doing it (?), and no, it cannot be because his UFO’s and mind control have shut down, so this may simply be the other part of it as I understand, which simply is the Commune still doing/thinking wrong in relation to me which is coming to me via darkness without a mind control scheme.

I was told that Putin was “the God” speaking negatively to you via this mind control also bringing me my “old nightmare”, and again, I don’t believe that they brought everything, so we will see how much when I and everyone will know the truth.

It is myself sitting up there on the staircase inside of Putin still bleeding, and it is these two sides – darkness and light – which are uniting inside of me as light, and if Putin and the whole system of hell of the world had won, I would have been united as Putin/darkness, which would have made us all blow up because this life was not sustainable and could not live, and yes he knows now, and I feel him again. 

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I decided to share this story about the murder of Princess Diana with the world, and the plan of the World Elite to kill me too.

FB 310813 Stig


  • Dan wrote this “review” about the new “Mentor” show, which was really “poor work”, Dan – is this the best you can do not “understanding” the rules (?) – and no, he was NOT directly (as) disgusting towards Thomas Blachman as he normally is, so maybe you did pay attention to what I said?
  • I sent the first email here to LTO yesterday and the last today, and it makes me sorry that John has now decided that he “cannot” communicate with me anymore, and is this because I blew your cover last month showing the world that you are indeed on Facebook looking at “pictures” when you claimed that you were not and “could not” write me, and did this make you so “angry” for me to show that you now “cannot” communicate with me anymore, is this it, John (?), and yes what a shame ….

Til LTO 300813

Til LTO 310813

  • This canyon, which they have found beneath Greenland’s ice cap does not have importance, does it?

BBC Greenland Canyon

  • Niklas was in the business paper “Børsen” the other day on one full page as a follow up to the previous story of him 1½ years ago, and he says that he is proud of having gone from two man on a loft to now eight man in his company, and it is about their app-concet breaking the “monopoloy” of Apple making it flexible and up to each business using it to change the content without receiving approval from Apple every time, and really because I do NOT like the business model of Apple working as a monopoly milking money out of the world for the sake of milking money out of the world, therefore. Futhermore, this is also because he is thinking of himself and his mother is thinking of him too and is proud of him thus generating energy to help him to be successful instead of helping me and my LTO friends, and yes to make it possible for Niklas and his girlfriend to enjoy even more success, money, expensive cars, luxury etc., and we know not one single question to me about me, my work and mission, and no offer to help LTO and me at all, but they are sure enjoying their own success, and yes this is how Hell is ….. And of course the family cannot see this but enjoys hig succees and yes doing what I should have done, mother, is that what you think because I was also “talented”, is that it (?), and you still have no idea of the impact of the work I have done?

Niklas Børsen

  • Naser was so disappointed that Obama decided not to “punish” Assad that he said that “history will judge you hard” and more as you can see, and I am not sure about that, Naser, I do believe that history will judge the system of Hell/the World Elite hard, which I do believe you are part of yourself, am I right?

FB 310813 Naser


1st September: Switching off Putin’s weapon (potentially) destroying life because my sister choose me over the system

Dreaming of being all close to darkness and disarming it, longing home and receiving strong darkness of Søren H.

I went to bed at 00.0 and slept until 08.45 receiving all of these far too many dreams (if I am going to work on my new website you know).

  • I am working at a business. Two men and one woman in fines suits are visiting, they have copied our products and entire setup making me angry and I tell a customer that their third floor was only possible because they copied us, which has made us lose business. They have a ring hanging in a handle, which I am not allowed to take. I am the second best salesman of our company, but we could do better, we have just started. I call and speak to a new colleague, who is not a customer because she has two children of 9 years and she wants to say hello.
    • Yes, I did not get all of this dream right, but many streams small make one big river, which is the basic idea, and this is to say that I do not mind but encourage people to COPY and use as much best practise as you can in our New World and to get inspired by other people’s success stories, and yes there will be no copyrights to slow down development of the world, so this is about everyone doing their best always instead of living on old “rights”. And is this also about how my genes have been copied and even manipulated by Putin & Co. (?), which it might be.
    • I woke up to Carola’s “Främling” and the lyrics “As Mona Lise has her smile, so are you hiding a secret”, and we will see what this will be about.

  • I have been allowed to be together with the Rolling Stones for a longer period of time, and I discover how incredible close they are as friends, and I tell them that I have never experienced anything like this before. I lid the pipe everytime to make all of the band smoke. We sit inside an old and worn down shopping centre when suddenly they decide to humiliate a poor man removing the last of his personal belongings, which makes the man desperate and he draws his knife, which makes Ron from the ban try to throw himself over him, but he is far too weak, and instead a strong woman, who is with us, jumps forward to disarm the man. We live at a hotel, and it is just before Christmas, and Mick hangs up two Christmas presents on the wall of an inner yard of the hotel.
    • Rolling Stones are normally about darkness and my “old nightmare”, and is this about me coming very close to Putin (?), the pipe is darkness, and who is the man being humiliated, is that Putin trying to protect himself and the lady is energy of our New World still helping us out, is this how it is?
  • A big American producer of videos wants to receive sales here and now, and show a completely unacceptable behaviour to motivate/brainwash/order their staff to bring it when telling them that next year will become even harder and those who cannot make a profit will be thrown out, and these managers keep pushing even harder setting relentless demands only to make profits.
    • The strongest darkness coming at me, and no, this is NOT how it is going to become, and yes I know from General Electric how this system of Americans works when managers of the system demands result of the level below them, which goes right through the entire system making people demand results for the sake of results without knowing anything about the market etc. of the people they demand results of. On the other hand, this is NOT a sleeping pillow, but it is about finding the right balance always doing your best sales but not for the art of sales but to satisfy the need of your customer being the main interest.
  • I received “Længes hjem” (“Longing home”) by Gasolin, which I do to get this hard work and life over with, and the lyrics “here in the living room I am the Lord and you are the Lady”, and let us take the song from the Gasolin theatre show, and I do believe this is from the second one, which I don’t know as well as the first one, which I simply LOVE as GREAT ART and Søren Lauenbjerg sings AMAZINGLY on this particular song (together with Caroline Henderson), but as mentioned here it is in the second, which is still good, but not as amazing as the first one :-).

  • I have made a female colleague a “giant business star”, and there is a large crowd of people around her celebrating her, and Dennis Kristensen (the Union chairman) appraises her and says that she is as good as the best business people. Someone is taking pictures of me, I wear a red shirt.
    • Who is this about, is this about Soulaima, who cannot get enough of fame and appraisals? Or is it about my “old nightmare” from Excellent (?) – learning from my business philosophy from our meetings (?) – what was her name again (?), yes it is removed from my head right now. Later: Sidsel of course – it was given to me.
  • I have received two glass tables of my mother, which have been cheap, but they are nice except from an underlay beneath the glass, which is dissolving. Lars C. (my old DFM colleague) considers if he will buy tables like this. I am one of two Swedish musicians, who have been invited – together with our wives – to come to Malmö, but I don’t know if I can afford it.
    • Is this about “heart of glass” too (?), i.e. “divine love”, and what is the underlay about? And when I don’t know if I can afford anything, it is about whether or not I am able to continue work.
  • I am working at our old row house in Snekkersten. Steen (my old GE Insurance colleague) has painted part of the kitchen light green as part of his work, which it will be for four days, and I actually think that it looks nice, and I ask others what they believe and if the colour is too shrill, and I am given a spiritual view where I am shown the previous colour of white a few seconds before it is turned back to the new green colour. I cannot afford to pay train tickets home, and there is 14 days until I receive pay, so I am thinking of cheating for the next 14 days. Steen has made a marketing campaign ordered by Søren H., and I see one public advertising poster in Helsingør and also some a few places at motorways around Copenhagen and one in London to make the head quarters see it too, and it is about insurance products including names and messages, which I think will have no effect on people, they will not understand/remember these. The campaign has cost 90,000 DKK.
    • What does the colour of green symbolise (?), and no, I cannot remember and I don’t believe it has been given to me and not as I recall that is. Kitchen is still about producing life and at least the colour is green the coming days. The advertising is ordered by Søren H., who is speaking wrongly about me behind my back to others potentially influencing them negatively about me, but it seems as if it does not have a big impact. There was also a beautiful girl in this dream, which is still about my “old nightmare”.
  • I am riding a small train with Preben and another and know that it will stop not at the halt, but shortly after it inside the forest, where we stand off, and from here there is a steep hill downwards towards the beach road, and the earth is mud, which we are sliding on and it makes us feel as if we are skiing and it is very difficult keeping the balance without falling.
    • Mud and water and difficult keeping the balance is about Preben sending me darkness, and yes he was also able to afford buying himself the new Basso Diamante 2013 racing cycle, which is DKK 30,000 or more, Preben (?), and yes you make me throw up too!
  • I am together with two others on our way on holiday, and we find our small cottage and start preparing food, and I unload a LOT of cigarettes. I watch a beautiful girl, and we decide to walk down to town, and I meet a musician outside, whom I cannot remember the name of, and I think if it is “Kevin Bacon”.
    • MUCH darkness because of the cigarettes, and the musician was really Lars Lilholt and “bacon” was about life of the Source, and yes let us here bring Lars’ old “world famous” hit in Denmark “Call it love”, which this is about ♥.

Switching off Putin’s weapon (potentially) destroying life because my sister choose me over the system

When I was writing down the dreams above, I was given flashes of at least three old dreams too.

I was told that Carnegie (bank) were also not “good”.

The only reason that these UFO’s are still in space is because of you.

I was given the feeling of Leonardo DiCaprio and the the Danish film director Ole Bornedal, and you don’t mind Leonardo to play you (?), and no, I like Leonardo as actor much, and when I wrote about Ole the other day, it was to help you casting your new film?

As usual, I was tired and feeling poorly this morning, which is NOT the way that you like a day to start, and I had decided that I would take the train (seven minutes) from Helsingør to Espergærde this morning because I had seen that the florist there had sale on a big bundle of lilies reduced from 100 to 40 DKK, and I decided that this had to make the “present” for my mother today making it better than “nothing” but still less than the others, who of course bring a present, but as you know I simply cannot afford this.

And when I was walking from the train in Espergærde the short distance to the shopping centre, I received the feeling of darkness of Søren H., which was given to me as pain to my legs making it difficult to walk – I was told that he is like Valencia to me, and yes FC Barcelona is meeting Valencia later today, so we will see who is strongest right now, Søren – and furthermore I simply felt so awful/physically poorly that I thought about the risk of not being able to work, but still I decided that when I come home I will simple work as usual instead of doing nothing, and what else should I do (?), and yes when you have the habit of working every day for as much as I can, this is then what I do, and I felt disgusted because of all of the notes I wrote down yesterday evening including many dreams of today, which gave me much work to do and again no work on my new website today – when having to go to my mother this evening – and yes we know, but there are no Google Earth pictures of Jette these days, who has simply decided not to bring any pictures and also not to tell why she does not, so let us hope that she is fine and will resume work too.

I also bought the cheapest meat on sale there (pork meat of DKK 34 per kilo), and the question is truly if I will be able to last all of September both in terms of money and energy to do my work.

To the mayor you were also just sponging on the social services department of the Commune.

I received the name of Himmler, which you know is Kim S. in this life, and was it a belly flop to him receiving knowledge about you telling the truth, yes “verdammt” (!) as I was told.

I am not getting just one but two home, and I felt and was told “also me behind”. My mother wanted to shut the hole to me here.

I was told that John’s brother Kyril is speaking about me to others that “Stig is crazy – this is what his mother is saying herself”, and of course his mother will know about the truth, right (?) – as some people speak about here – but no, WRONG!

I was told that I also cannot sit still now – when I am about to publish my script of yesterday – because of enthusiasm.

Now we almost dont have to wear our own violin case when coming in.

Lee Ritenour is in a house not far behind you, and he is updated on your sister too.

I was told that the A2B has never had “someone like me” before at their course (in Buddinge/Gladsaxe in 2010), and I felt Oliver and also that they felt inferior to me, but still you decided to work against me.

You were also Made in Thailand, and yes we know, we have also said this before.

I continiued working on my scripts of yesterday and today until 16.30, and since I was going to visit my mother at 18.00, I decided to call this a day thinking that I will continue working tomorrow, which I do believe will also be working on my new website again.

So it is with faith of Kim S. that we are pulling you up.

We had left one of the big wallets at the youth school.

Arne Treholdt, was he not also involved in trading secrets about me, which is what it is truly about?

I went to my mother at 18.30, and shortly after arriving I was told that the idea is for Sanna to put a lid on, and also that it is about stopping worries in the USA.

We had a very nice evening together, and my sister was very kind, and I received much inspired speech about Irma being with me (Margit), Jan Monrad too, Monsanto, the resignation of Jens Rohde (!) etc., and Dirch Passer was here speaking through my mother and me too when I talked to Niklas about his webpage as being his “business card” (I loved “my business card” of Dirch Passer in the film the other day :-)), the special light of Skagen, which is why the best painters of Denmark were gathered there more than 100 years ago to catch this light, the band TV2 on Greenland also part of the game against darkness to pick up “good vibrations” and more.

Sommeraften_pa_Skagens_SonderstrandP.S. Krøyer ”Sommeraften på Skagens Sønderstrand” (“Summer evening on the south beach of Skagen) showing ”the special light” over Skagen, the most Northern point of Denmark

My mother spoke about a “Romanian” asking her yesterday – on the parking place of Kvickly supermarket in Helsingør – about her car because he wanted to buy it, and afterwards two other “Romanians” were following her inside the supermarket, and it made everyone laugh thinking that she was crazy because of “conspiracy theories”, which is what the family apparently thinks of my “theories”, which made my mother sad – how do you think it makes me, mother (?) – and that was because she spoke to an assistant of the supermarket telling her that it indeed were people she should watch out for, and yes potential back thieves, so this was to say that the “conspiracy theory” was true and also that there was a risk for her to lose content of her bag as a symbol of us losing parts of the world and yes because of the Putin weapon.

I was told that we had to continue this game with Putin’s weapon switched on in order to get all life out of darkness, and John was taking pictures with his APPLE IPad and said “now it is over with”, which was inspired speech to say that this weapon of Putin has now stopped – can this weapon be stopped (?), yes it can – and I was told that it is because Sanna chose the family and me instead of the system, and also that it was necessary to continue giving me negative voices etc. during this period where this weapon was threatening the last of the Old World, and the reason why nothing happened was that it would still require me to give in to my “old nightmare”, which I did not, and then I am the strongest.

My sister had laid one present wrapped in light red silk paper on a narrow marble hall table, and it was wet and when she lifted it later, the paint of the paper had come off and onto the table making my mother VERY sad, and my sister stood there for 10 minutes rubbing on the stain, which was “impossible” to remove, but she removed all of it, and this was a sign of the stain of Putin’s weapon to parts of life, which looked doomed, but now that this weapon has stopped, we know how to bring it together again, so there you have it.

I was told that people all over the world have received dreams about the world going under because of this action of Putin.

My mother was not visible happy about the flowers I brought her – not very easy to get and to drive on bicycle – but she was incredible happy with Sanna and Hans’ fine gifts and flowers, which also included a fine GREEN vase, which matched the dinner table including a green tablecloth perfectly, and here you have the GREEN colour again, and is this the colour of the Trinity (?), and I really cannot remember, and if you don’t call me GREEN, you can call me Al, right?

I was told that the reason why we fought against the “implant” of John – the catheter – was that this was truly an “implant” for the system to take control of John, which is what they were doing this late in the game.

When I spoke individually to Isabelle and Niklas, I could clearly see that they were nervous speaking to me, and I wonder why (?), because I am still the same Stig as they have always known, but now they know that I am “something more”, and yes when you suffer from fear of touch, it makes you nervous.

Sanna spoke about an event she and Hans went to having long time roasted pork, which is what brings this “pulled pork” delicious meat, and my mother said that she certainly did not like this because it is too fatty, which she had got into her mind, and this was really about her saying that she is sure that she don’t like our New World, and therefore I told her that she does not know what she talks about because she will love this meat – as tender and juicy as the lamb shank we had in Tivoli.

And then as an “incident” spoke about my father’s death and suddenly I was attacked by everyone with my sister, Hans and mother in the lead believing that I should have chased both Kirsten and the probate court for their wrong actions and that is “because it is your father” (!), and yes incredible disgusting this was knowing that they were driven by negative feelings and a desire of “revenge”, and I could only tell them that just because Kirsten had done the worst act of her life (towards me), it does not mean that I will decide to do wrong towards her, and it is EXACTLY the same that if John became a widower after my mother, I would never demand my inheritance after my mother but of course accept him not to divide the estate with me (before after his death), and I was told that it was important for Niklas to hear this explanation from my mouth because it made sense to everyone, I believe, but it does not when my sister has spoken about this as just one example and how wrong it was of me to do nothing and of course behind my back.

We spoke about the undergraduate dissertation of both Niklas in his now finished law study and also my sister’s some time ago in her finished management education, and they both received the grade 7 on a scale of 12, which is average or just above average, and when I asked them questions about this, it turned out that it was a misunderstanding about how communication was intended to be for my sister in the oral examination, not that she did wrong, and in case of Niklas, his supervisor had praised him for his work as being the best right until the examination where the censor and now the same supervisor criticised lacks of the paper, which he himself had recommended Niklas to do as supervisor (!), and yes both Sanna and Niklas believed they had done papers to receive the highest grade, and here it seems that it was poor communication and laziness of “teachers/censors” bringing the grades down, and when I asked Hans if this is a general problem also because censors are individual people with individual views, culture and values – where one may give a low/average grade to a paper, which another will give top grade – he said that from an average point of view of a total study (with many subjects), it means almost nothing, and to me this was about having to do better in our New World, and there was also a reference to “considerations” of Hans and his “secret committee” of how to pull down students of the future dark New World Order (?), which you now know will not become real.

My mother said that John was not feeling well, and I was told that now my mother feels better herself having had a visit of both Sanna and I, which also will help John, and yes, I/we brought healing to John too, and it will continue tomorrow when I will go there again to have left-overs.

And the message of the evening is that everything is becoming “perfect”, which my mother was helped by our spiritual friends to say several times.

When we left at 22.00, I was completely broken down of tiredness/exhaustion, and I was told that today was about the removal of one of the big drawing pins (of darkness), and the weapon of Putin was the danger about to kill my mother, which I held up, and yes the last part of her/the world, which had not been transferred to our New World.

Ohh, were Putin’s actions approved by Bill Clinton (?), and no, I don’t believe so – the first information given to me was that this was a setup.

And when I went to bed I was shown gold coins everywhere and was told that Putin used all power to destroy us.

Google Earth: Nice Davy Crockett energy and by the beard of the prophet

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show are you prepared of what to come, nice Davy Crockett energy, beautiful big shapes, by the beard of the prophet, nice hair on this man, watch that man, many beautiful heads, with hat and glasses, something is happening,  a lump of family life.

FB 010913 Jette 1

FB 010913 Jette 2

FB 010913 Jette 3

FB 010913 Jette 4

FB 010913 Jette 5

FB 010913 Jette 6

FB 010913 Jette 7

FB 010913 Jette 8

FB 010913 Jette 9

FB 010913 Jette 10

Ending the day with these short stories:

This was the end of the fraud of Loveth – darkness coming at the worst period of time.

Loveth 010913

  • It took my absolutely best to defeat darkness/resistance of Søren H. symbolized by the hat trick of Messi.

FB 010913 FCB

  • One of the great Danish actors, Ole Ernst, died today, and shortly after reading this and becoming sad to hear this, because he has “always been there” – to me not least because of his part in Olsen Banden but also fine character roles – I received the feeling of him and was given darkness and cough, so Ole also absorbed darkness by sacrificing his life.

FB 010913 Ole Ernst

  • I was happy to be hearing this news.

FB 010913 Mandela

  • One of the most famous journalists of all time, David Frost, died from a heart attack, which is because this is how darkness is hitting us, so one more absorbing darkness for me/us, and together with Ole Ernst, this shows you that we went through one of the truly dark pins.

FB 010913 Frost

  • Dan said that tonight ”it will become s-c-a-r-y” – he had invited friends to watch a horror film in the cinema, and he continued saying with inspiration that the first asking a stupid question will be beheaded, and this is really about the story of yesterday with Putin asking me to be spared where I told him that “you will not be beheaded by the world or by me” and that is despite of you having led the world go through a s-c-a-r-y scenario because of your twisted mind.

FB 010913 Dan


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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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