September 3, 2013: Opening the Source bringing life to all dimensions of breathless beauty via Putin and Crown Princess Mary


Summary of the script today

2nd September: Opening the Source bringing life to all dimensions of breathless beauty via Putin and Crown Princess Mary

  • Dreaming of my scripts being printed as a book to be used as the new Bible, arriving at the Trinity counting all life, my school and “old nightmare” continues, arriving at the farm of the Source still meeting many obstacles, big corporations of the World Elite threatening me and being at the Big Apple facing these big corporations.
  • I felt Putin now with me with some hesitation after I have broke him down making him completely lose it becoming furious with me. The decree to lock me up was written directly from Putin’s chair/desk, and when this did not happen, he wanted to kill me. Putin had to go through genes of thousands before finding me and discovering who I am.
  • You are not the paper you are written on, we are amazingly enough still alive as “nothing”, and are now “sheer will”, which is what took over everything of “nothing”, which used to be in here. I am entering the location where all life is “one”, where we directed darkness and kept the score between you and darkness. This is “nothing” where it is practically impossible to continue living as my old self just to reach here, but still this is what I/we did, and this is what pop/rock stars knew thus expecting the end of the world at any time.
  • After cutting the last string of darkness of Putin, we are now starting to open the piano of the Source self bringing it from horizontal to vertical position for the first time ever, which will also be a painful process. We – my inner self of everything as a knight templar – are now outside cleaning all of the three dimensional room where we were attached to the plate of the Source before, and we are bringing the recipe of life here not knowing what we will meet. This is also “me” that we are meeting, and the beauty of this is captivating and making us breathless, which is making us throw out one key (of life), which we don’t have and receiving another which we also don’t have but still we have it right here because we are thinking/imagining that we have it. This is to exchange the old tape recorder of the Source with a completely new. This (potential) life has felt/known for “ages” that we would come to liberate it as we do now. It is not worlds coming in, but completely new Sources. We are going through “obstacle courses” out here to bring life, and we would never have created ourselves as we did – with a heart – if we had understood the beauty of what is out here.
  • Crown Princess Mary of Denmark brought Johannes, the mayor of Helsingør, faith when asking “is this where Stig is” (?) at the Index Award other day, and this faith made my inner self being shot out of the prison of the Source using Putin’s rage as energy, and everything depends on my mother, but Mary is the part of my mother controlling the power being sent out, and it could only happen from here at the Cultural yard and library of Helsingør as the location of the Source, which is why she and everyone came here at the Index Award the other day. We are doing this work when I am receiving death spasms as my old self. 

3rd September: The Mary effect is now at full effect and we are bringing life to everywhere of the now upright Source

  • Dreaming of Putin hacking me and bringing me to my knees but my counterattack made him release me, doing “world class” work, darkness continuing to draw on me, Obama is living like a zombie too, serving dinner for Danske Bank, Jane and the Health Committee of the Danish Parliament are at a loss about what to do with me and don’t speak about details when it is better to speak about the headlines and preserve the big picture.
  • We are bringing life to the now upright Source using my book as recipe of life also here. Meine dame und herren, here comes Stig, this is how it sounds everywhere. We are now on our way out of the bus, also us and us …. We also found the meaning of life, i.e. the explanation to where the natural force of the Source comes from: There is nothing and then there is this and also this and other expressions of how “existence” can be formed as. We are the same everywhere and still different. What we have used so long to do, to link all gold together (for creation), it doesn’t exist at all meaning that we are very different, which we are first starting to experience now, and when all of this is put together, we will still be Stig and so on but developed to “perfect” using all of our new tools.
  • The Health Committee of the Danish Parliament is finally about to accept me and apologize too for their actions, and my sister has told our mother that she has withdrawn the order (to hospitalise/abduct me), which will end my mother’s and my sufferings including negative voices given to me because of my mother’s sufferings, and it required for the system to understand that their text books were wrong (about “voices”). This is the end of the “disagreement” between my sister as an ignorant expert and me feeling and knowing what “voices” are about, which the system could and would not understand, and had I been kidnapped by the system, it would do nothing to help me, I would rot up. This was the setup to make my mother (the world) and I bleed, which we however did not.
  • The Mary effect is now at full effect because Mary has read and understood my writings on her yesterday, and without her accept to be who she is this system would not work, and we would still need to blow up your mother, i.e. the world, unless my inner self took over.
  • It was not easy being born, and it went through Johannes and required his faith in me, otherwise we would be stuck. All newspapers are with me, but none dares to write/publish their stories about me.
  • The “civil war” in Syria is orchestrated by Obama’s and my enemies by the U.S. Congress (and bankers behind them) working to remove Assad and to get a Central Bank there of their control, and now they have trouble deciding on war when exposed to the world, and via Naser Khader I told Washington that the goal is to have NO war and to protect the Syrian people, and I asked the arrogant McCain & Co. to stop the war and “poker” game of the World Elite in Syria and to stand forward admitting to their sins to the world. This is about stopping this war – and riots in Egypt and elsewhere too.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show my sister with a hat on, the scenery of a nutshell with a general and survivors, souls in a long queue, and neither horse nor camel, quite a queue, it is really mixed up, and sailors arriving at new land.
  • Short stories of Lone and radio P6 speaking about the arrival of the King, Karen making me suffer, and fade into the light, Søren Pind is tired of being included in my scripts, I was not allowed to witness the training of the Danish national team today, a man had a dream about the football match against darkness (Michael Sadler) has ended, my mother and John cannot go on holiday outside EU, the beauty of Tivoli “captivates”, and wimps of Japan deciding to recover Fukushima.


2nd September: Opening the Source bringing life to all dimensions of breathless beauty via Putin and Crown Princess Mary

Dreaming of arriving at the Trinity counting all life and facing big corporations of the World Elite threatening me

I went to bed at 23.00 and slept until 08.00 receiving these dreams.

  • I have been connected to a church, who knows who I am and use my scripts as their new bible fighting to make people believe in me. I feel like telling people that I am not evolved yet as my new self, I am simple a mere human being receiving spiritual information. I go together with maybe 10-15 people of this church to a meeting with three people of the church of Roskilde. I feel tired, and when one of the three of this church wants to write down on the blackboard, the blackboard includes budget figures, which have not been counted together, which he then does, and I say that it obviously only takes two seconds to do their budget. I am surprised to see my father’s mother arriving and that she is still alive, she does not say hi to Sanna, who is also inside the church, and I walk out with her telling her that my father did not make any difference to Sanna and I so I encourage her to speak to Sanna too. In the evening, Sisse from Aftenshowet on DR TV stands inside a sausage wagon cutting Danish chocolate buns in two, and my father’s mother is there too and I feel my cousin Jan and am told that he was almost killing his old girlfriend Tina. My father’s mother says that in the last moment she agreed to meet my mother on Christmas day, which is my father’s mother’s birthday.
    • Again confirmation about my scripts already having been printed as new books/bibles, and the church of three in Roskilde is the church of the Trinity, and the counting together of the budget is to say that we have saved all life. The chocolate buns divided in two are people being united in two halves as male and female, and my father’s mother has been darkness all throughout my journey and now with Putin coming home, my mother of the world will be seeing my father’s mother, and yes her birthday was December 24 simply to say that she is the key of my birthday. I felt several people of the Theosophical Fellowship of Copenhagen part of the 10-15 people.
    • I was told that the church was also swindlers deceiving in relation to me, and I was given pain to the backside of my right leg symbolising this.
  • I am arriving late at school, which is at Fair Insurance, where I meet my old class mate Lene and there is nice white bread for breakfast. Inside class I see Michella speaking and I still find her attractive. There is a man covering several places saying that he is a real estate broker, and I see a Volvo taxi leaving with great speed, and it is making a screeching sound.
    • School is my journey, Fair is darkness and white bread is the Source. Michella is threats of my old nightmare and the taxi is my new self.
  • I arrive at the most beautiful farm imaginable, and notice a building mess at the inside yard with material spread all over in practise making it an obstacle course to cross, and I am together with a beautiful young lady whom I make love too.
    • This is arriving at the farm of the Source, and when I woke up with this dream I was told that “this comes from Klaus Riskær, a Norwegian sport store says”, and this is about this old “Yuppie-idol” of mine from the 1980’s, whom I became Facebook friends with not many days ago, and apparently he is starting to notice my Facebook postings, and my influence on him brought him together with a young lady, whom he here yesterday says that he was together with everyday for 7 days announcing her as his new girlfriend before their storming relation was over with, and this is what is coming to me here as darkness/my “old nightmare”, and yes a “special friend” he is too, but the worst darkness with all of his business scandals and cheating over the years, and yes one of those charming people on the surface not having poor conscience in relation to other people, right Klaus?

FB 010913 Klaus R

  • I am playing table tennis with a number of people (“around the table”) at a company where a threatening voice – sounding as a lawyer – from a giant corporation is coming out of the speakers, and somehow this office room is belonging to my mother, and we now have to limit the area that we play table tennis because there is going to be a business meeting at a big business meeting table next to our table.
    • Table tennis is my fight against darkness, and this is about the business world part of the World Elite, who does not like my New World Order stopping yours based on greed and power and nothing else, and do you think you can scare me when no one else could (?), and we can soon agree that you cannot, right?
  • I am in New York together with two young men at the penthouse apartment of the tallest skyscraper in the world, and I suffer from fear of heights making this a nightmare to me, and I ask if the building does not swing much because of the wind at this height, but it does not. Later when walking on the street, I see a new building complex in style reminding of the skyscraper, and it includes a burger restaurant, which is not opened in the evening, which it is now, and there are people in the darkness sitting just outside the door of it where there otherwise are no people, and from here I can see the skyscraper, and I decide to leave. I feel “Google” in relation to these two buildings, and I am told that the skyscraper is called “barbican centre”.
    • This is to be on top of the world looking down and I cannot get any higher than this, and still there is darkness after me, which here is Google – and McDonalds – and when all of this darkness is over with, there is only the content of this barbican centre, which in reality is located in London, and hosts music, theatre etc. thus being about love/warm feelings.
    • I received U2’s “a sort of homecoming” again and the lyrics “and you know it’s time to go”.

Opening the Source bringing life to all dimensions of breathless beauty via Putin and Crown Princess Mary

I was told that Putin knew that my decisions effected the whole world, so he wanted to turn me around and for him to receive this power.

Does this mean the end of mind control/negative voices given to me?

I was shown my old friend Paul, and told that he/John Paul is still with me, and yes leading me all the way in.

This is what the virus on Sanna’s balance nerve was about, the planning of the end of the world, and yes via Putin, and this goes maybe 20-25 years back.

No more fightings, and you will be able to sleep now?

We look forward to be standing on stage again.

The bar is open – straight out that is.

Are we about having enough to roll together for a whole cigar (?), yes this is how it works, darkness becoming stronger because of wrong behavior of people and rolled together.

Steaks because we have now moved what was blocking …., and I am seeing a young bull in Jutland.

Is it you who were about to destroy my yarn (?), yes, but I am now with you, and I feel Putin, who was dark and now with me – but maybe with some hesitation depending on what the world thinks of you (?), and no, Putin, you have been broken down, I have made sure of this, so please enter, you are welcome.

Isn’t it hard to sleep all of the time (?), and yes John is sleeping much, which can also be “too much”, and difficult to get out of when you are in a bad habit, John (?), and yes stealing energy from me and also feeling that this was part of a mind control scheme of him to draw out energy of me.

Yes it was me bringing you all of this dirt/faeces on your fingers, it is as if it was a bad dream, did I do all of this?

So he was the doll leader, and when there is no leader anymore, we are cutting the last string of darkness setting ourselves free.

It has gone all the way back to when John was in Scotland, which is approx. 20 years ago – and yes mind control.

How strong do you believe the string was to Geneva (?), and yes the darkest city in the world (?) – because of all of their “world bodies/institutions” – which is why I visited it in 2009 to receive all of this darkness inside of me.

If you had stopped work, we would probably have taken care of this too, but now you are on the other side of this, and yes you still have more work to do and will continue working every day until approx. 18.00 until you decide that you are done.

And I was told that if my old nightmare would have started it would be because I was not quick enough doing my work, but it never did – I never allowed it.

McDonalds have practically closed too because of you – and because of what is inside their menus.

When I was close to publish my new script of today, I received a strong taste of fine wine all the way up to the back of the palate of my mouth with the feeling that this script is what removes the dark power of Putin, and at 14.00, it was published.

So your mother had started pouring out into sand (because of this weapon), and with the publish of this script, you are stopping this.

Can it take being opened fully (?), and this is about opening the piano self, and to bring it from horizontal to vertical position for the first time ever, this is now the next task.

They cannot understand in Århus that you did not sleep “all of the time”, and this is what John did instead of you, and immediately thereafter I saw this update from Dan, which is about the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, which has now been decided that it will be held in Copenhagen and not Århus or any other province cities in Denmark, and Dan said that a city council man from Århus was furious about this decision, and Dan’s logical comment was that he is mad about Århus Festival never takes place in Copenhagen, and “furious” is what people then decided to write about, and Jesper was inspired when adding a picture of Putin, which here is about this short/small man again losing his temper because of my writings on him and also to say that he is the one stealing my sleep from me, and yes shame on you, Putin, you are “pooh ba ba ba”, but soon you will become pure light too, and your purpose was to bring “a cookie” to the world also symbolising creation.

FB 020913 Dan 2

And then I was given pain to my right foot and told that standing up to vertical position will be painful too.

Are there people having written to Lublin without your knowledge (?), and Lublin is the former CEO of PFA Pension, which is an old sign of darkness, and Lublin also had the same characteristic as Putin, which is that he completely “lost it” when he did not get his will, which would make him act like a small, selfish and spoiled boy (I have witnessed it once around 1997, when he called Niels de Bang in Aon having criticised him publicly, and I picked up the phone, where he was MAD!), and this is what your life is about, Putin, being a small boy loving small boys and pretending to be a “big canon” to the world, when you are really nothing/nobody, and yes you are welcome to write or call me too and to let me know about your resignation, will you (?), and yes da da da, just like TRIO you know :-).

Yes, your mother must have believed that you were dyslexic because the decree about the lock up of you was written directly from Putin’s chair/desk, and no, he could not understand that this small country of Denmark could not easily do what he had ordered, and yes it would have been so easy for you to do this in Russia, but not here (?), and when you could not lock me up, you wanted to shoot me down instead?

And he was the one we needed in the community in order for us to stand up because we are now complete, and yes Syria became your Waterloo, my friend.

So how many shopping areas did we entrust Putin with (?), and that was basically all of them if he could break in to me.

Now I don’t need to wear the training dress that I wore all the way to return here.

I heard “the world will be slaves to my feet”, which was included in the darkness surrounding Putin.

I received the INCREDIBLE beautiful song and lyrics of “Der er noget i luften” (“there is something in the air”) here sung by Anne Dorte Michelsen, and yes she is NOT a wimp anymore also because she is one of the mentors of Thomas Blachman’s new TV-show “Mentor”, which you know is also bringing Christmas to everyone, which this song is about and it is almost making me cry here because of its beauty and also my natural reaction after having gone through incredible darkness of Putin, which is something you can feel, and now Anne Dorte is also one of the informed people of me yes “air” of the Source :-).

I continued writing the script of today this afternoon, and even though I feel somewhat better today, I am so completely mentally empty and exhausted that I could not concentrate and continue work on my new website, and I do hope that I will tomorrow.

I was told that my sister has “all cried out” because of my writings on her, which was needed to come here too.

This is the sauna, this is where we would have held parties – this is old darkness of Putin now transforming. This is where you can see yourself as your mother believing that you are not mentally handicapped, yes this is where everything is united as one.

And it is here we have counted your 1-2 goals lead most of the time. And you will see that you are not the paper you are written on, we are amazingly enough still alive as “nothing”, and are now “sheer will”, which is what took over everything of “nothing”, which used to be in here, so how can there be something inside nothing, yes there can, you will see.

Shall we let him in now (?), and this is for you to get in here where we played the Devil to create all of this you are now bringing us.

And no, no one is bringing the school bag up here, it cannot be done and all of that …,, we have been through this.

Do you know how many thousands people he, Putin, had to search through before finding you, and it was first when going through all genes that he finally discovered/understood that you/I are the real thing.

Essentially you have transformed into a “zero”, and this is what John has helped you to reach, and “without him” and so on …

I was told about Putin being able to set up all of this mind control and my “old nightmare” exactly as he wanted inside of this control room of darkness, and that is if he gained total control over me.

And is this what Prince felt, that you were losing, which is why he went in his “little red corvette” to Denmark so often during recent years to offer his support – with the feeling that Prince is inside of this layer feeling it. And the feeling was tick-over in here meaning that Stig is running on nothing. And this is what is crazy because you decided to enter home as nothing as your old self, which no one can live like, so you really had to terminate before coming here.

Not even Khrushchev knew the secret of you, which first came with Putin because of advanced technology making it possible to find and enter me, and is this what the surveys of me in 2008/09 was about (during and after my hospitalisation)?

And with this, he could make me go to town trying to find a girlfriend etc., is this still how it is, Stig?

At the end we allowed you to win over Putin/darkness, and yes I could not have done this without this co-operation of my inner self because I had not nearly enough power to take on this darkness, but we knew the recipe, so why decide to keep you waiting.

This is what Kylie Minogue/Robbie Williams and the other pop/rock stars did not bear to watch, the coming end of the world, and they knew that it would come because no one could go through this and so they thought, but as mentioned we decided to follow you simply because you decided not to give in.

So now it is about cleaning this bathroom here up at this floor, do you think you can do this (?), and yes I will keep on working.

Or is it so that it is I – my inner self – working as darkness/Putin sending you all of these voices, and this is what I feel here. And is it so that I am changing the feeling of me from your father to Putin to ….?

I was told that more negative voices just came in here and we have been allowed to renew these, and Sanna has decided not to apologise, which is why we can keep darkness running.

It is first now that I start walking around lose in your calendar.

I was told that when Kenneth V. from the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group – the one knowing all about busses etc. – decided to leave you as a Facebook friend and obviously did not mind as one of three administrators that I was kicked out of this Facebook group, we cried because it also meant that we had to bring his force against and not with you.

I had a nice evening together with my mother and John eating left-overs from yesterday.

We are now outside cleaning all of the room where we were attached to the plate of the Source before, and what do we meet here (?), is there resistance (?), no because if is mother’s love sending me out.

I was reminded about a comment of Sanna’s the other day when she spoke about a meeting she had attended in the National Labour Market Authority, and isn’t it funny that this is where the “experts” sit having made the completely crazy and tyrannical labour market system of Denmark as I have described for you, and I wonder if the crazy director Marie – knowing about me and my memo’s – has met my sister there.

I was told that Jack has now become responsible of dismantling parts of the setup of the dark New World Order.

We are pulling the gravy out here without knowing what we will meet.

We just ask do you want to come too to the master and they say yes please.

I was shown the B&W Nautilus speakers, which I imagine being the best speakers in the world, and I was told that here was just one coming down, which was a sign of incredible quality of potential life/love.

I was shown a knight templar with a red cross on a white background on the stomach/chest, and clearly felt that this was my inner self being free from all strings of darkness attached to the Source out now here working, and I said that we are not busy, my goal now is to work all of September too.

It is first now that we are folding out the Christmas tree. It is a new order system we are creating including everything coming in now, and I am here shown and feel that this is also with the help of the Egyptian hairdresser, and this is about the Pyramid raising up from horizontal position to become three dimensional.

I was told that this is also you that we are meeting, and I was told and felt how our captivated my spiritual friends are because of the beauty out here, and I was told that we had not expected this at all.

We are issuing air tickets even though everything was sold out (the new system), which we of course like to do.

It corresponds to throwing out one key which we don’t have and to get another which we also don’t have but still we have it right here because we are thinking/imagining that we have and we receive impulses from what is inside of this nothing, which is nothing but still something?

It corresponds to shifting your old tape recorder with a completely new which you have never known existing, but here it is right in front of me.

It is something much better than a bathroom, which we have never thought about ourselves. It is like having a new daughter, an infamous one not wanting to be seen before now, and did “we” know or feel about you and your idea to come here, and yes is there such a sensitive “scheme” in here so wherever we come, they know and have known for “ages” that we would come to liberate them, and this is what you/I/we are now experiencing, and I feel “lack of breath” because this is what it is, breathtaking, and also because this is how I have felt physically today, having difficulties getting air and feeling dizzy/empty.

You will understand that your voice will not raise her voice, and is not that disagreeing with you, and I feel John which is because John is not?

So it is not worlds coming in, but completely new Sources.

So it is your mother having the key to all of this, her love.

This is part of bringing out newspapers, which we would have brought together through the mill via the planned blow up.

This was why it was important to visit Jais at the youth school in 2010, I believe, who is now lifting us up.

I received the feeling of my mother and was told that there is a new mother, and it is her that we are awakening first out here.

The other day I was told about Sidsel how I in 2006 when still working for Fair was speaking to her on the phone with my spiritual voice telling her about the danger of Kasper copying my script etc. and to use this other places, and it was “insane” talk if it was not because it was my spiritual voice speaking directly through me, thus not myself really, and this was the test given to her for her to break before she would be able to understand me, and I was now reminded to write this because this has importance these days.

And we are doing this work when I am receiving spasms – as I did this morning as example – which are really death spasms as my old self, and still we are continuing to bring on the whole stage because I have decided to.

I was shown a number of very clear old dreams – maybe 10 or 20 years old – including one kind of greenhouse, which I had to walk through as if it was a obstacle course, and another when I am running in the forest and enter a true obstacle course and have to go through this as part of a competition, and I was told if this was about sending out expeditions to see what was awaiting us out there, but still nothing has prepared us on how magnificent it is where our gold/creation is nothing because here is – how can we explain it – such a big invention that we would never have created ourselves as we did if we had understood this.

This morning I was told something about Vor Frue Kirke (The Church of our Lady), which I did not write down, and this evening, my mother and I “happened” to see a clip from this church of the 2004 marriage of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, and I understood that this is what my mother and I were “planned” to see, and besides from a very beautiful wedding and music, I was touched to see how fond both Frederik and Mary looked to be for each other, and also that Mary’s father was wearing a Scottish kilt, and I was thinking of Mary and her family coming from Tasmania, Australia, but her father originally coming from Scotland, where John and my mother were when John was stationed there around one year approx. 20 years ago, and what did Mary bring me via Johannes the mayor the other day at the Index Award at the cultural yard (?), and I am told “faith”, and “is this where Stig is” (?), is this all she asked (?), and this faith made us shoot out of here to discover everything out here, and it was Putin’s rage we used to be shot out, and this is my inner self you know.

This cannot be done with my father dead, which is why it required our approval to do, which was given when I decided as Stig not to give up.

So Mary is not the Tasmanian Devil, and everything depends on my mother, but Mary is the part of my mother controlling the power being sent out, and it could only happen from here at the yard/library at the location of the Source, which is why she and everyone came here at the award the other day.

This also required that the resistance of Pernille S. was removed.

As example, there is no need of a heart out here, and I felt questions coming to me, and as usual I can only say that I want everything to be perfect and I will not interfere/decide on details, which I have no knowledge of.

As part of the game I was told several times to “be careful” about what is inside of there, and as usual I can only say that I don’t care, I don’t want to be afraid.

I was told that to stop the negative voices and poor sleep given to you was only if you stopped the game, which we do not, so we are continuing the game using the same rules as always, and everything is driven by the force of my sister not wanting to apologise and being afraid of being disclosed.

I received pain to my heart region again this evening, and I was told that it is us bringing life to everything out here.


3rd September: The Mary effect is now at full effect and we are bringing life to everywhere of the now upright Source

Dreaming of Putin hacking me and bringing me to my knees but my counterattack made him release me

I slept poorly from 23.25 to 08.00 being awake the last two hours and receiving these dreams.

  • My computer has been hacked from a previous colleague, which has filled it up completely with spam/files/pollution, which is feeling like black darkness to me personally bringing me to my knees, but instead of giving up to this incredible power, I ask my neighbour and someone else to help me out by launching a counter attack, which is releasing my computer. They speak about which bicycle is the most sold in Denmark. One says that he had disciplinary cases outstanding, which is what made the co-operation stop, and we are now testing all wires and head phones via an old cassette deck, and there is hole through all to the Source.
    • This is about the attack of Putin on me bringing me to my knees without giving up, and instead I launched my counter attack on him making him give up, and there is now clear passage to the Source with the removal of this string of darkness.
  • I am working in the basement but I levitate outside, which makes someone say “world class”, and I am asked if I want to go along having crispy salad, and to watch a good, long film with James Bond. And something about having borrowed a laptop, which does not close because of virus.
    • Levitate is still about work, which is going well, and at least on my scripts, not my new website, which I still don’t have energy to work on.
  • I see how all banks have different kinds of marketing to attract new customers, and Danske Bank has decided automatically to give smart keyrings to potential customers and when they include their keys in this, they start automatically to receive interest of their savings and also free transport to and from work if there is less than 20 kilometres. The police arrives to do a test on theft alarms with me and a lady, and they decide not to use the alarm of the car, which is the real one, and instead they use another, and the lady and I are hiding behind hay bales inside the Irma supermarket, which the alarm can see through unless I move because it cannot detect directions, so this is what I do. I arrive at a counter of Danske Bank where it is possible to watch videos of employees servicing customers, and I see a video with Lars C. (from DFM, now Willis) who gives a new customer a credit on her salary account of not the standard 26,000 DKK, which is not enough for her, but 52,000 DKK, and he can do this because he has much seniority being able to offer credits of up to 169,000 DKK, and furthermore I see him receiving his wife and children at the bank. I go to the Espergærde shopping centre where I see Obama trying cheap, but good t-shirts and socks (on final sale) from the men’s clothes store, and he also wears a far too short tie, and I say hello, but he does not speak to me. Stores are throwing out old goods in the garbage container, and there are also small trees from the florist, which are fine and which I would like to get, but I cannot.
    • Banks are darkness wanting to attract customers to receive even more money, which is energy of me to “finance” their wrong actions and poor behaviour. The interest is about the interest of max. 5% included in my New World Order, which may be a fine balance, Obama (?), and at least this is what I left up to your and the New World to decide on, which I am here told was noticed by the world. The police is darkness, which could get me if it wanted, but I am allowed to go free even though it still requires my best work to do. Lars C. is lending our money, which is about speaking wrongly about me thus drawing on my energy too. Obama’s tie is to say that he is also struggling much as a “zombie”, and we don’t speak because this is part of the game. The old goods/trees are about life being thrown out, which I cannot save (?), and as usual I will not accept this.
  • I am doing dinner for five, I am making simple food, which is steaks of minced meet, but I only have four from today, but I remember that I have three in surplus from yesterday thus making it possible for me to do five. Peter Straarup, the previous CEO of Danske Bank, and his information manager are two of the guests, and the latter says that we have to do something about the mood, and I think that he doesn’t know what he is speaking about. Jannie (from Fair) says that she has become Minister of welfare, which is only partly satisfactory, and people congratulate her, and food including salad is brought in.
    • Food is life, and what is the meaning of Danske Bank here, which normally is darkness, and what is the meaning of Jannie?
  • Jane from the Liberal Party is visiting me together with a foreign colleague of hers from Tryg Insurance. They are offering me a collective pension scheme agreement, and when I look at their proposal, I see that they have not yet corrected the details of it. I only wear my shirt without trousers, and I bump into someone and say that I wanted to avoid Tryg taking my trousers and I take them on again. I see the cost structure as a percentage of payments, which is reduced at certain levels, but only to 4.2% as the lowest, and I am told that the lowest percentage for private pension schemes, which is 4.1%, is also valid here for payments over this level, and Jane does not know how to write this into the proposal/contract, and I tell her about several options for her to choose from, and also that she is not very clever. And when I look at people working there including the old actuary Jens L., who has become manager of the department selling through insurance brokers, I am not impressed by their professional levels thinking that I could do his work better, and really that they lack all round knowledge.
    • Jane is part of the Health Committee of the Danish Parliament and a pension scheme is a symbol of the world, and when she is correcting this scheme, it means that they are working on papers on me in there (?), and still you are “expenses/costs”, which is taking out energy of me, and basically you don’t know what to do, and what about simply speaking the truth and to do this both towards me and the public, Jane, and yes don’t be a cat circling the hot porridge, will you?
  • I received Faith Hill’s “the Kiss” and the lyrics “it’s the way you love me” coming right after “shooting straight across the sky”, which is what we have started doing you know.

  • I am giving Preben instructions on how to prepare an overview of a customer’s pension schemes, and I only want to bring him the headlines for him to go into details himself, but he cannot help starting to talk about details. I meet Helle Aa. and a few others in another room, and inside a drawer here I see different cakes, and I say that this is where you had them hidden, and Helle wants me to take a higher tax percentage from her pay. Kim S. is the manager and he asks Jørgen (my old Danske Bank, Espergærde, colleague) about his view on different employees and he does so because Jørgen is the most experienced employee.
    • In many situations and meeting with people, where you really only want to focus on headlines – level 1 – people automatically start discussing irrelevant details without having the big picture, which is as wrong as people often in other situations not wanting to work in detail, and it is about doing what is RIGHT in the given situation, and to agree on which level of detail that your dialogue is. Cakes of creation have been hidden from me, which I find here, and when Helle wants to have more taxes removed from her pay, it means that darkness is also removing her energy, and are you on my side having faith in me? Normally I don’t like people speaking about their view on personal matters of other people including how they work etc. because of the risk of misunderstandings and “rumours/gossip” behind the back of people.

The Mary effect is now at full effect and we are bringing life to everywhere of the now upright Source

Half asleep between 06.00 and 08.00 I was told that we have solved Johannes’ “mystery” about me coming here, and now he sees instead of also wanting to strap me down. It was not easy being born, and it went through Johannes and required his faith in me – again I received the lyrics “it’s the way you love me” by FAITH Hill – otherwise we would be stuck at the Central Station, and I was told that he does have faith in me, but also does not speak about me publicly, and amazing how many who don’t do this thinking that this is right to do when everyone clearly should be able to understand that it is WRONG.

I was told that all newspapers are with me, but none dares to write/publish their stories about me, because what if ….?

Even Belgium (EU) on its highest level is with me, and they know what is awaiting them via the example of Putin, where I told Putin that he will also become part of our New World.

Yesterday I was told that we can clean the upright Source via work I will do to my scripts, and this morning I could only conclude that I will also not be able to work on my new website today because of poor sleep making me feel far too poor to do this, and can I just do my script, I am happy, and the first hour was a fight – also with the voice of darkness trying to stop me – about continuing work or not, and no, I did not feel good.

I have not heard from neither Meshack nor David after sending money August 30, and normally they always confirm the reception the day after, and this is making me somewhat nervous about how they are, if Meshack has returned from Uganda or if something has happened, or maybe they are cross with me for now having excluded John from my email/transfer list too (?), and it is making me sad/discouraged having to think about this too, and still also about Elijah and now John being “unable” to communicate and to show them as my true and loyal friends, and yes because of their own inabilities to read/understand and laziness too, and yesterday I asked David and Meshack to communicate with me, which they have not – and what is keeping you (?), and can it be that you have been unable to agree on what do to with my money, to divide it in 2, 3 or 4 portions because I have given you the freedom to do this (?), and is this giving you “problems” also as friends and yes money is the cause of all evil with you, and had Elijah and John just done what was right to do, i.e. to keep communicating with me, I would send money to all four of you every month making it easy to you, and yes how do you think you are doing yourselves showing you as “role models” to the world (?), or would you agree with me that you are showing yourselves as the opposite now?

I decided to send this email, and immediately thereafter received a sign of life from David, but why could you not do as you normally do, and why have I not heard from you, Meshack (?), it cannot only be because of computer problems?

Til LTO 030913

David 030913

I received Suede’s “the wild ones” and the lyrics “with the dogs today” and dog is an old symbol of man as darkness.

I guess we will have to say “scusi” (sorry) all of us for not supporting you, and I felt Pelé, and was then given the lyrics “Now that you’re gone, I just wanna be with you” from “Be with you” by Enrique Iglesias, which is to say that when my old self is gone, everyone wants to be with my new self, so I was not good enough for you as my old self, do you think this was the destiny I deserved?

I continued receiving double sounds to my balcony, but it was now as if they are dissolving because we are becoming nothing out here, and I was told that my book will also apply here.

Isn’t it incredible that we are singing the most beautiful songs via the shower of your mother – and yes the world also sees the opening of the Source.

I was told that it is not via reading of my website that Kim S. has received faith in me but via a spiritual opening, which we had to do.

I felt Inger Støjberg, and a growing understanding of hers that it was Putin working in the background, which made her react with the decree on me and yes not as Health Minister of the previous government but Employment Minister.

I am here reminded of an old dream – maybe 15-20 years old – about visiting a optician store in Jutland, and this is about “glasses” and why did you do sales work towards Synoptik – the largest Danish optician chain – in 1991 when starting work at Kim S. (?), and yes the glasses were about turning us over to the other side.

We just found the meaning of life here, and I felt that this is about where this natural force of the Source comes from, and the answer is right here in front of my nose, I just had to see it a little from distance and to do some measurements, and yes this is it, there is nothing and then there is this and also this and other expressions of how “existence” can be formed as, and we are first starting to see where everything comes from, and no we are not as special as we thought, we are the same everywhere and still different, so both/and is the answer.

What we have used so long to do, to link all gold together (for creation), it doesn’t exist at all meaning that we are very different, which we are first starting to experience now, and when all of this is put together, we will still be Stig and so on, and yes your decision is to make perfect always, i.e. to continue developing, and yes got it (also a reference to Kristian and Bendt the other day).

Meine dame und herren, here comes Stig, this is how it sounds everywhere.

Your father has limited ability to understand, he will soon look up to speak to you.

If we did not have this invention – a plunger – it would be flooded at an incredible number of bathrooms.

You may write that Kenneth from the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group has received hope again, which has to be via Leif.

Now we really don’t need to wash up anymore, so why do you continue working (?), and that is because I have more work to do, and I don’t know if I will ever get time and energy – besides writing my scripts – to finish my new website.

I was far too tired to go to the library this afternoon, but instead of staying at home with the risk of falling asleep, which was the alternative, I decided to go to the library where I met Leif, and when I mentioned the Egyptian hairdresser to him, he said that he has already been with him twice and also that he received haircuts from his grandfather when he was sailing on the Suez channel in 1970 (!), which they found out when they spoke together, and yes another link, and what are the odds of such a man to come together as one out of 85 million Egyptians to meet Leif who was cut by his grandfather (?), and yes this is how it works here when we want to bring together people.

I was told that we could give you a Porsche Cayman to open for this darkness, and this is both about a nice car symbolising Leif and also the caiman crocodile symbolising darkness – wrong actions – of Leif.

Have we come to your employment contract, is this what the dream of Jane is about (?), and that is for this committee to finally accept you and apologize too for their actions?

For some days I have been told about my old colleague Steen from Danske Bank, Espergærde, who had always been grateful that I did not reveal his mistake forgetting to lock in the money of his tile one evening and as luck was, the money was still in the open tile the next morning.

We are about to having prepared food also for here, and this was at 17.40 when I continued working today keeping my decision to work until 18.00.

I am now inside of this place of “nothing” where I am “one” and as examples I was told that Herbert Pundik – well known in Denmark and Israel – is reading you in secrecy, and I have been told about “Anja and Victor”, which is a film series of young love, and this is both to say that the two main characters know about me and also that love has been deprived from me, which is also part of my sufferings – to be all alone without love going through my journey.

We have also stolen genes from Tobias – Putin has – but none nearly as much as from you.

There is no one having told you about the strength of your glasses already now being five times stronger than this morning.

You don’t have a U/V filter cutting out the Source anymore (?), and this is what makes the difference.

It has just been dissolved this famous Council of Foreign Relations you know, which is part of the dark New World Order.

I left the library at 18.15 and said goodbye to Leif and wished him well the next two days when he will attend a course and he said that “this is to receive air in the system, isn’t this how you say it” (?), and air is still force of the Source, and just to give you an example of much inspired speech coming out of his mouth.

Your mother does not have time to receive last-minute nerves at all.

There are no limits to just how much life we have received through.

Your mother don’t believe you are part of a Sekt now, which is both about a sect and the German word for sparkling wine.

I felt my sister and received the words, I am sorry mother, I have to withdraw the order (to hospitalise/abduct me), and has this already happened (?), and yes the official order of the system to withdraw the previous order, which is about being issued, i.e. the dream about Jane too.

I was told that this order/decree also contained “sexual deviations” making your mother believe that you did the worst.

Does this mean that the skiing holidays (of sufferings) is over, and yes this was the order starting everything, which your sister brought forward “only to help”, which she is now withdrawing from a merciless system – except from my mother – which did not think but blindly followed orders.

And it required that my sister/the system (the Parliament) understood that their text books are wrong, which was not easy to do, but it was helped by your mother saying that Stig is normal also because he is laughing, which I understand that “mentally ill” people do not?

It was your mother and you being the lethal cocktail against this system because of deep love, which it did not understand.

At the end you were right, which was just about “disagreement” between my sister as an ignorant expert, who could not ask/listen/understand but was certain that she knew what it was about, and me having the experiences of receiving spiritual information knowing how and what it was, which no one in the system could and would listen to and understand.

My mother understood enough about how I receive both light and darkness – truth and deception – to believe in me.

Heart is the same as watch, do you want me to go back changing it (?), and the answer is that you are in control of that and “please make perfect” and to use time as a practical tool of our New World.

I received the feeling of Lady Diana and she said that the rulers were hit directly in the face with my Facebook update about the murder of her the other day.

Your mother has cried much about you belief of having been Hitler, and I felt Tobias strongly, and “what about me” (?), and does he receive the same feelings of me?

I received a new E3 to my oven, and the feeling/visions that this is because we/I don’t have any more energy to bring.

We had been allowed to stay inside this state prison that they had built for me to rot up, they would have done nothing to help me out because of their faith in Sanna as the “expert”, and it was only my mother and I working against this.

My mother and I did not bleed at all, this was the system set up to make us bleed.

Everything you have done here (at this part of the Source) has influence all other places because we are connected, so if we lost life in this transformation process, we would lose the same proportion of life everywhere.

So all of this is darkness, which had decided to let our small result become the result of everyone, so when it is perfect here, it is perfect everywhere.

And then we can turn down the negative voice given to me from my mother because of the decree of the system making her afraid of what would happen to me.

I am also calamari, and I felt a “new” part of me as Stig/Jesus coming to me.

EUREKA also does not exist anymore.

We are now on our way out of the bus, also us and us ….

I received the feeling of new life and was told that we were ready to destroy airplanes to come with us, but I have to be perfect, and for a period of time, I received U2’s “homecoming” constantly.

If we cut ourselves when cutting white bread, you now know that nothing will happen because we will bring the rest home (?), and no, I cannot never be sure on this because of a realistic game, but let us say “almost sure”, and still I continue because I have more work.

I saw, felt and heard an incredible amount of force arriving to my balcony giving loud noises from the chairs there, and this is a game of incredible force, which I cannot absorb as Stig, which then is done for me, and no, I am not giving up, maybe there will come days when I will have time and energy to finish my new website.

Is there ONE VOICE of the Universe at one frequency saying “STIG”, which is impossible to drown (?), which everything is made of.

I was told that none that Sanna spoke to about me – family, friends and the system – had doubts about her being right in her misunderstanding.

I was reminded about a story my mother told yesterday, which was about her old friend, Lis, who called her yesterday to wish her happy birthday, and my mother had told her what I had told her – that Lis is avoiding me – and Lis had told her that this is not true because we have always had a fine and warm relation, which we have, but as I told my mother, this was a direct lie because it is NOT difficult to see fear in the eyes of people when they don’t want to say hello and talk as we normally did when meeting and instead hurry to disappear, and yes, Lis, this was not only a misunderstanding and poor behaviour of you but when you lie behind my back about me, it is “the worst”, and do you really believe that I have deserved you to lie about me because you “cannot” speak the truth yourself (?), and yes just an example of how people spoke wrongly about me behind my back.

I was told that Prince is one pop star receiving clairvoyant messages.

I am still given the duvet of darkness coming in over me giving me terrible pain constantly, and I felt how the membrane can be blown at any moment and shouts of joy come out, but my wish to continue working is respected meaning that I volunteer to take on more pain.

I received the fine new hit song of this summer “get lucky” by Daft Punk together with Nile Rodgers, and I was told that this song is made to me describing this moment – to connect “the force from the beginning” – and also that Nile has waited to get free himself.

The Mary effect is now at full effect because Mary has read and understood my writings on her yesterday, and this is even though she has received an implant making her deaf, and I was shown from the balcony how this is making her deaf on her ears.

This is what the song is about, it is time to “get lucky”, and did Mary want to believe this about herself?

And I was told that the minister Henrik Sass-Larsen, who also attended the Index Award, was not without importance too, and he has not read so much of me since I visited the probate court a few months ago – because he was appointed minister becoming busy – but was he reading and updating the government and Helle Thorning-Schmidt about me and the most important events (?), and it is as such that he arrived at this award.

And without the time to “get lucky” via Mary’s accept to be who she is – I am given the strong taste of tomato pesto here, which is about becoming our new selves – this system would not work, and I feel her here and now she is seeing me too as I am told, and without Mary, we would still need to blow up your mother, i.e. the world, which is probably how it would be if my inner self did not have the recipe without my assistance.

Is Britt still your Facebook friend, thus pulling you up (?), and yes, she is, I just checked.

Do we have a mayor in Nuuk, Greenland, who has been speaking to Johannes about me?

At 23.00 I was utterly destroyed, it was a tough day today.

It feels as birthday no. 1 today for many of us with you as our father.

When Anne-Mette K. left me as Facebook friend 1-2 years ago, she brought me force of my “old nightmare” too, and some Facebook friends had to do this, to leave me, and she was one of the key players.

Asking the arrogant John McCain and his footmen to stop the war and poker game in Syria

I saw these facts about Syria including the interesting information that they don’t have a Central Bank controlled by the World Elite, which is what is/was the darkness behind everything (to issue and control money is to control people).


What do you need friends for in government when you have enemies, and this is about what Obama and I have in the US Congress, and it looks as if they don’t have the guts to start a war with Syria when they are directly exposed to the public and have to decide on this as Obama has asked them to do, and that is even though this is what you really wanted behind the curtain (?), and yes what about finding a way to have NO WAR but PROTECTION OF THE SYRIAN PEOPLE and don’t you agree with me that this is the goal, and what do you plan doing about it, do you want the killings to continue with your silent approval?

Naser brought this update with the status among members on congress with most members so far going against military action, and he said that “the three musketeers will be busy next week” and showed Obama together with the Republican senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham as if they were all the good guys, which you are not McCain and Graham (?), and both Naser Khader and these Republicans truly want war in Syria because this is part of your game (to remove Assad – and get a new Central Bank etc.?), which you would have liked the President to decide on, because this is what he normally does (?), so it was not part of your plan for the Congress suddenly having to decide on this, which is not as easy as it sounds when the world is watching?

FB 030913 Naser 1

I told Naser that the task simply is to avoid war and to protect/help the Syrian population as the international society should have done in the first place to avoid genocide and millions of suffering destinies, and I brought the picture above and said that this is the real reason behind the “civil war” of Syria receiving good help from his ruthless Washington-friends (the Congress & Co.), which I asked him to tell them and also that “…. 99, 100, now I come, you can all come forward” and that is from your hiding places, and that is because you have been disclosed, and that goes for the entire gang of you – STOP YOUR WAR PLAY IN SYRIA NOW!!!

FB 030913 Naser 2

How funny do you think it is for Naser to be knowing about me and still having to continue playing the game to speak for war against his own native country when the true executioners are among you with your “friends” (?), and no, not very nice, and no, he “could not” and would not comment on my reply, but had no problems doing this to others, and why is that, Naser (?), and is that because you are lost inside a world game, which you could not overview the consequences of yourself, and then it was nice for you to receive a little help to see clearly how Washington is truly working and no, you are not naive, are you?

Isn’t this how we end the war in Syria (?), yes they knew that Syria was part of my game with Putin to call his bluff, and now we bring the game to and when there comes no negative voices from my mother – see the script previously of today – we almost cannot avoid stopping this war.

I was told that this is why Naser moved to Washington, which is for me to bring him this message.

And what remains after Syria (?), and yes Egypt – and some in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Iran was in the pipeline too (?) – which makes me tell you to stop your war/riot actions everywhere. Who is President of Syria after the next election (?), is this planned too?

All day I had received the taste of red pepper without knowing it, and after I had this experience with Naser and I left the library, I went to the supermarket where I bought frozen vegetables on sale, which was pees, maize and red pepper called “American mix”, which made me smile because it was to tell me that this attack on the Congress via one of their footmen had been planned, and now it seems as if they don’t dare to bring out their own war.

This was written in the afternoon, and I felt Naser Khader several times during the evening, and do you have a poor conscience like Bjarne from the Commune?

Later in the evening, I was told that John McCain is also out here, and does he read/listen to Naser Khader about Syria (?), and eehhh is it right to launch a war also because Naser says that it is (?), or can we do something else to protect the civil population without war (?), and just maybe you have the key, McCain, to do exactly this, but instead you decided to become famous for your extreme arrogance when playing poker on your Iphone during the Senate hearing on whether to take military action in Syria, and maybe you will decide to do what is RIGHT to stop the war game of the World Elite against Syria instead of continuing to playing poker with lives and destinies of civil people of Syria as your victim (?), and I also ask you and your gang to step forward telling the world exactly what you were made of, the darkest coal, and what you did, and don’t you have any conscience about people, whom you slaughtered?


Washington Times 020913

I was told that this means that McCain and his footmen are almost also giving up now, and he was one of the first meeting with the Mujahedin’s to get them to work on your side as part of your war game.

And I was told that McCain & Co. is “Washington/the system” still treating Obama as a “black monkey” as I was told about the other day.

Not all musicians could see/feel the end coming, only some had enough sensitivity to develop clairvoyant gifts as in the general population, and I felt Kim Wilde, and was told that she doesn’t have these gifts to see and this is about these “kids in America”, who also cannot see, and let us say that this is about the small girls and boys of the US congress, and yes Kim, your song was very BIG here with me.

Google Earth: The scenery of a nutshell with a general and survivors

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show my sister with a hat on, the scenery of a nutshell with a general and survivors, souls in a long queue, and neither horse nor camel.

FB 030913 Jette 1

FB 030913 Jette 2

FB 030913 Jette 3

FB 030913 Jette 4

FB 030913 Jette 5

FB 030913 Jette 6

FB 030913 Jette 7

FB 030913 Jette 8

FB 030913 Jette 9

FB 030913 Jette 10

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • My former colleague from ACTA, Lone, here says that “the King is coming, the King is coming, hurray”, and she lives in Sweden so this is the Swedish king, and as a symbol here it is also about my coming, and right after seeing this, at 10.50 a guest of the inspired hosts of the P6 radio in the morning, Carsten Holm and Mikael Simpson, spoke about his inspiration of the Cure, Siouxsie, Joy Division etc. and then he said about his own band playing something like “there are magic moments when God is playing with the band, and when this happens, you can walk on water”, and this was connected to Lone’s message of the King, and my love of these bands too, and these hosts continued being inspired for example when one of them at 11.27 was singing something like “I am Jesus today and tomorrow, Jesus is back”, at 11.42 they suddenly felt the desire to sing “Diggi-loo diggi-ley – in my golden shoes”, which you may understand was about me too, and it was followed by them thinking of and singing “Maria Magdalena – creature of the night”, which was about Karen bringing me darkness as this creature, and one of the hosts claimed that the singer of this, Sandra, is from Netherlands, which came to him even though she is not, she IS German (!), because as I was told it may be that Karin (my old Dutch friend) has something to do with this, and I here see her and hear her saying “hi and also “you are not crazy, I know”, and her opposition to me alone was enough to throw up of. And they continued speaking the words “feel him, I truly do in that degree” and they called themselves for “the warm channel” as a result, which is about people truly feeling me, and shortly before 12.00 when they were finishing their show, they played Visage’s “Fade to Grey” as their last song saying that “with this we will crawl op into the letterbox of the Radio news”, and you may remember that “letter” is a symbol of “giving life”, which is what I am giving all, and I simply love this song, which is one of the biggest, almost anthems, of the new wave of electronic music emerging around 1980, and this song was also BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL when it was released, and I remember how we listened to it on a ’45 single via Jack’s gramophone and his old Philips radio, and yes bring the “Holland” part too, which is what they said about Sandra above, which I have now included, and a few seconds before 12.00 when the song was finishing, the host said “FADE INTO THE LIGHT, BOY” (!), and again you may understand that this is what we all do, and this is ALSO to ask you why you NEVER play Siouxsie & the Banshees (?), which was my thought I had the other day because you are playing the Cure all of the time, and you may not have realised the great impact of Siouxsie on the music stage and on the Cure too (?) – all channels of Denmark’s Radio have only played Siouxsie & the Banshees ONE TIME in 2013 (!!!), and this is why this was brought to you, which is the title of one of their songs too, which is “INTO THE LIGHT”, so why don’t you play this magnificent song, my friends (?), and many others of this band (?), and you may do it also to show me that you know about me and my writings if you dare doing this (?), and do it between 10.00 and 12.00 where I am listening to you daily. And will you please STOP USING THE F-WORD – it should not be difficult to do, just a decision to speak nicely, right?

FB 030913 Lone

  • Michael told Søren Pind that “you should shoot a white stick (“pind”) after that haircut”, and in his made up dialogue, Søren says that he is very tired of people speaking about his hair, and the next mentioning his hair becomes unfriended, and I was told that this has nothing to do with the picture of Søren with a liquorice pipe (the other day) has it (?), and this is what it does, and this is what Søren is tired of, and that is still to be part of my after you unfriended me a long time ago when you could not control your negative temper on me, Søren, and yes I am still looking forward to receiving your apology, and yes yes yes “hair” is a symbol of “the Source” and you are truly tired of me, and this was really the simple message of this inspired posting, see?

FB 030913 MW

  • Helsingør Daily News wrote yesterday that the Danish national team in football would train today at 10.00 and 16.30 at our local Helsingør Stadium and I decided that I would pay them a visit at 16.30 just to see what would happen, but during the morning, Helsingør Daily News wrote that the training this afternoon had been cancelled, and I was told that we cannot have Morten attacking you, and I was really just interested to see the looks on their faces when seeing me and that is because I hear and see nothing of a completely silent world in relation to me, but you are still talking a lot behind my back (?), and that goes for this team too (?), and yes if I am still working in October when you will come for your next training rounds in Helsingør, you may expect to see me there (!), and by the way, do you believe that you can handle Malta on September 6 (?), and yes it will be exciting to see if you can win over this “prügelknabe”, right (?), and by the way, I am still your prügelknabe when you cannot speak publicly about me.

FB 030913 HD

  • Sesam wrote a dream he had had about Michael Sadler from SAGA including the disappearance of the football stadium, which is because we have defeated darkness. And Michael Sadler is bringing all T’s on a caravan of cars on fire, which may be crosses, which he is burning off or would like to if he still could send out darkness, but it seems as if we have absorbed all of this now – and I received heart pain when seeing this.

FB 030913 SAGA dream

  • My mother and John said yesterday that they are hoping to go on holiday at the end of September if John receives approval from the doctors, and they are thinking of a cruise from Istanbul, Turkey, to Odessa, Ukraine, elsewhere and back to Istanbul, and we agreed that I would check the public (yellow and) blue health insurance plan to see what and where it covers, which I did today and I sent them the answer in this email telling them that the blue card covers existing conditions (as John has you know), but it only covers EU-countries and not Turkey, Ukraine/Russia or Egypt, so once again the recommendation is that if they don’t want to go bankrupt because of a sudden need of treatment, they have to stay inside EU for example going to Greece, Italy or Spain, and no, they cannot take out private insurance covering existing conditions.

Til mor og John 030913

  • Margrethe said that “the cheers will take no end! Tivoli CAPTIVATES with dance, acrobatic, sound, light, picture and Hans Christian Andersen. New, classic, good!”, and se was inspired to use the word “captivates” because this is the same word I was given yesterday when describing the beauty of the content of the now upright Source or “Paradise”, which is what Tivoli is symbolising.

FB 030913 Margrethe

  • I was told about Fukushima and the Japanese Government trying to recover the crippled nuclear station that “the wimps of Japan don’t have courage to do anything else” because they understand that we are late and already are our new selves.

Japan Aljazeera


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