September 5, 2013: Discovering layers of life underneath our own creation from where we originate, which controls our transformation


Summary of the script today 

4th September: Discovering layers of life underneath our own creation from where we originate, which controls our transformation

  • Dreaming of receiving a clean access to the Source and Jane bringing the sail ship of the world, being accepted by all potential life inside the Source, and entering the highest level of the Source with the highest degree of quality/tools of creation and love.
  • I have arrived at a giant pyramid, and the door is open, which darkness throughout my entire life tried to close for, but I made it, and I am opening the pyramid via continuous work. There is no limit to the number of life. My mother – the world – now no longer has monopoly on me, we have decided to accept other “life forms” too without my mother making these life forms live side by side as layers. I and Karen are nothing compared to this life, and everyone will be able to transform life between these layers of life, which we speak of – it is not just turning around one layer of life, but many. These layers of life are underneath our creation, and we have never felt better. This is life inside the diamond of the Source, which we have no idea of what contains and how to sort it, but it has a logical order of everything here. Without a will, we would be nothing, and such a will is built inside everything, and it was the will built inside of Sting deciding to change life form, and without him, we would not be as we are today. Since I have decided not to become negative losing the game against darkness, these layers of life are now entering this Old World too. This is a higher power than me waiting on me to finish this transformation of life, and it has been pulling us towards it without our knowledge. We had forgotten all about this “completely different” power and it is really here everywhere, which is why we did not see it, and this is the power from where we originate, controlling us and having planned this transformation of life, which will also transform these layers of life, and we are only the outer layer of it. We are so deeply inside the Source that we cannot see this life, this is how small it is.
  • Darkness of McCain & Co. of the Congress/America was almost destructing me, and giving me pain to my teeth, i.e. everything, and again giving me a little bit stronger small heart attacks, and I am told that there is an inner core, which has not given up yet also wanting to abduct me from Denmark, which they however cannot when I don’t give up to darkness, which is why I ask this core to surrender to.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a clear picture of a man, a little more than a mummy, genuine curly hair (of the Source), ice queen, let’s have a look Rumpole, big – ha?, the turning of a pyramid, a big lady, and layers of life north and south of the river :-).
  • Short stories of a connection to Syria, genetic cleansing and the Judgment Morten Olsen loves young ones, the F16 effect of my scripts and “history is a set of decided lies”.

5th September: We created this life much later than the layers of life before us, which includes everything of all life

  • Dreaming of Obama and I being God with darkness of USA coming against us, the return of big corporations, continuing to play against darkness despite of having no energy, and co-operating with all layers of life to help creating future life.
  • What we thought was eternal dark in here is not, it is these other life forms. You cannot believe what is in here, this is what we have developed from. No one ever took a picture to get out of there, we just did it as we now also return there and turn around them too, and they are very tiny editions of us, who have been allowed to grow big, and what once was will come again to everyone wanting to experience this for a shorter or longer period when changing life form. This life that started it all doesn’t speak as we do, but still we understand/feel it as part of “being”. We created life much later than this not knowing about it. What is hiding inside of there then (?), and yes everything we need for this life and all other forms we can think of. It is when going further back to the origin of us as one that we discover this life. My mother – this creation of life – whom we thought created life, is the outermost part of endless life before us.
  • If you believe they were ruthless towards Diana, wait until you see the paper about what they wanted to use you for. It was a fight between USA and Russia to reach you, and did USA use the same weapon as Putin, yes, but with a slightly different purpose because they wanted to use your endless energy for their purposes, and Putin wanted to abuse you for his own sake, that is the difference. Bankers and other dark forces of USA do NOT want me to destroy their money system and power, but a new system has already been created together with help from inside of the bankers, which is our New World Order without banks and money (but “work hours” as means of payment).
  • Obama received support from G20 to fight dark forces of USA to stop the war in Syria, which the World Elite cannot refuse. This is how to stop a war. My Facebook friend Jerry and I work together to lift the lid of the Pyramid of the Source with all force and original life. I was shown the spaceship of everything hanging on the sky as if it was a star, and I could see it from my sofa, and also how light was thrown out to all sides of it because it is almost bursting sending out this force to everywhere, and what if I tell you that Diana – as the starter of the New World – is inside of here (?), as I was told, and also that it is me, my inner self here, regulating the whole world (in the play of it still being the Old World).
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show more layers of life, a strong face, joy at last, a musketeer, smiling face of a female, rum gathering, visit from space.
  • Short stories of unicorns creating life, Jerry is helping me to lift off the lid of the Pyramid, the LTO team letting me down,  and websites not having the courage to speak the truth about “science” of man.


4th September: Discovering layers of life underneath our own creation from where we originate, which controls our transformation

Dreaming of entering the highest level of the Source with the highest degree of quality/tools of creation and love

I went to bed a 23.30 and was awakened at 05.00 with strong chest pain and started receiving speech where I only wanted to sleep, and I was told that this was because of Naser Khader’s reaction yesterday, and finally I stood up at 08.00, and no, I will also not be able to continue work on the new website today, which is mainly because of the volume of work I am given to my scripts not allowing me to do this, and no I cannot and will not work during evenings, which I do not have the energy to do. So here are more dreams/work tumbling in.

  • I have peeled potatoes cleanly for our dinner. We drove right home from Jutland with a short tour to Fåborg Harbour to see the ship sailing in. Michella is leaving home after having been to the bathroom and after having played up to me.
    • Potatoes are the Source, which we have received a clean opening to, Michella is about my “old nightmare” leaving me, and the ship sailing in is the world and that is in Fåborg, where Jane lives because of the opening of her and the Health Committee of the Danish Parliament to me. Something about Jane being darkness inside a rock, and was it old not released love to you, which made the outcome to her, and yes Stig was nice also played a role, and she was decisive to bring in the sailing boat.
    • I received a nice song by Eric Claption from the end of the 1980’s, but I did not recognize the title of it.
  • I am at work and when I am about to enter the kitchen, I hear Tine and Janni (old school friends) talking about me in a flirting way, and when I enter, they have gone out.
    • The end of my “old nightmare”, and can it be that they were warm on me back then?
  • I am working at DanskeBank-Pension, and there are two main offices with administrative employees inside one big room and consultants inside another big room, and first I believe that Bjarne’s and my tables are inside the first room, but I discover that we have received fine rooms inside the room of the consultants. I see Michael W. eating a piece of chocolate in a red packing, and Michael P.N. has a nice, green pullover on. I tell Bjarne that it is good that he is here because he contains all knowledge, and I shake Kristen’s hand. Michael P.N. is about to come down to me reminding me about a task I should have finished, which I have not, and it makes me decide to go through all of my outstanding tasks to get an overview and to do the eldest first.
    • I have been accepted by the consultants, which may also mean that they are starting to have faith in me in real life, and this may be the same as being accepted by all potential life inside the Source.
    • I received Billy Joel’s great song “Scenes from an Italian restaurant” and the lyrics “you and I, face to face”, which is about new life coming face to face.

  • I see a man standing in the doorway into my living room, and first I pass him, but his face makes me think “I wonder if that was Jeff Lynne”, and I decide to go back catching him just before he otherwise would be leaving, and I think that it is really Jeff because his face does not look like him, and when I look at him, I see that he is incredible tall and much taller than I even though I am 190 centimeters, he has to be approx. 250 centimeters. When I look at his cigarettes, they have the initials “JL” on them confirming that it is really Jeff. We enter the living room and now he is at my height. I try to find one of my Electric Light Orchestra CD’s inside the messy closet, but I cannot find it, but instead I find a pile of many other CD’s including one by Talk Talk, and we listen to music on my stereo, which fills all of the long wall of the living room, and there is an impressive amplifier and speakers too, and I know that the resolution of it is absolutely reference class, and it makes Jeff say that the sound is incredible, and for the first time ever he can now hear details of for example when he steps down his guitar pedal, and after some time he suggests that we will go for a walk in Copenhagen, where I live, and I see that Jack and others stand in the hallway next to the living room.
    • This is about reaching the highest peak, which is now at my height, and what is coming in is giving us the absolutely finest sound ever of love and tools of creation, and still there are cigarettes, i.e. darkness of the game to fight, and what shall I play for you by Jeff this time, and what about his recent cover of the Buddy Holly song “Words of love”, which this is about, and yes it still sounds “completely Jeff-ish” you know.

Discovering layers of life underneath our own creation from where we originate, which controls our transformation

I was told about a lie about me 27 years back in time (which may be 26 years ago – in 1987 – when it is accurate) done by Lars H. – my branch manager of Danske Bank, Freeport – assisted by Henning J., the deputy manager, which could have cost my career at Danske Bank blocking my access to start with DanskeBank-Pension at the head office of the bank in Copenhagen, but they – the HR department – allowed me to start there despite of this because they believed in me.

It was almost like a mental handicap that Lars gave me (he was a “crazy man”, who was “chasing” me and removing my work authorities without a true reason, I have written about this before) saying that Stig is not fit to do bank work, which could have destroyed everything for me/us, which we will now recall.

This would never have led you to Marselisborg, which is both to Queen Margrethe and here her Århus residence and also Helena living there too, and instead we would have chosen a completely different road to you and everyone.

And Lars’ verdict on you was of course completely wrong/misunderstood based on his own mental disease – he WAS “strange” acting as a Napoleon – using me as his favourite object of hatred, and this is why it took a long time for me to be allowed to leave the Freeport branch and start work at DanskeBank-Pension (I believe it took 6 or 9 months to get through after DanskeBank-Pension had accepted me to start there, where it “just” had to go through the powerful HR-department), and yes it was almost impossible to bring you into the “holy halls” of the head office of Danske Bank where the most important decisions were taken in Denmark, and if you knew about what, you would shake your head, it was about “the end game” already back then and also the need of much fewer people on Earth (= “depopulation”), and how do we do this?

It is a giant pyramid you have come to, as I am shown here, and I am told that the door is not closed because of this – my work for Danske Bank then – otherwise you would never have come here.

I was told that Henning J. was not innocent because Lars H. had asked him to monitor me – and to report back to him, and let us just say that the agenda and view point was to find negative/dirt on me, and NOT the opposite, and yes I remember that it was a hell to go through, and both of these managers had arrived after the first managers there, Bjarne B. together with his “old” deputy manager Pedersen, and no, there was no problems with Bjarne B. (that I know of), but the whole climate changed when Bjarne stopped and darkness of Lars arrived, and I was not his favourite cup of tea and he really would have liked to kick me out of the bank, and why was that (?), and maybe because I arrived late some times, which was a true nightmare of me to go through (because I had big difficulties to get up on time then, and MANY times had to run all the way down to the train in Helsingør sometimes catching it and sometimes not knowing that it would cause trouble) because of how incredible “calculating” and excessive weight he put on small details, but I really just did my best to do my work and the truth was that I was a challenge to Lars professionally and he wanted to bring me down as a result.

Since then, you never looked back letting all slaughter pigs go right through.

This newspaper was thick as a book, as I am shown here, which could have broken you at any time, also here in 1987/88.

This is the giant farm you have now arrived at, and how do you want to attack it (?), and we know you simply continue work and let us do it.

I just say Dan Eggen, who is a Norwegian playing for FC Brøndby in the 1990’s, so here is another Danish/Norwegian connection.

All of this pain of my left eye – the newspaper – is now moving down to my nose, and I received a short period of a little cold and sneezes, which otherwise becomes less and less for every day.

I was shown the train leaving from Copenhagen Airport towards Sweden. How many pictures will we have, you say? With a coefficient of four, it will become 7 or 700 million, and there is no limit, you decide – and this is about number of lives. Sexuality has now been implemented there too.

Camilla’s brother Christian also discovered that he could not touch you, which is why he turned into one giving me out of this world pain to my right ankle, i.e. turning around life.

This is how people always have been lying about you behind your bag as part of the game of darkness against you led by your sister and also Kirsten, my father’s wife, and Karen and practically everyone saw you as a threat and not the opposite.

I was told that it was a big mistake for me not to keep contact with Lis from Stansted – I could not find her. Sidsel is with you now.

I was shown a man with his right leg injured, which is about my new Egyptian hairdresser, and this is the weapon we will bring forward to bring peace in Egypt.

The story about how the taxi was on its way down to him, and it was coming also through all of these layers.

They don’t make prison cells any smaller than these, which are now being dissolved too.

Haven’t we changed telephone number (?), not that I can see.

The Zentropa house will have to be the most underdeveloped house, which is about Lars Von Trier’s film company, where the apple has fallen not far away from the trunk.

No, they did not drill at all in your mother’s/yours teeth also not out here.

I received the taste of bacon and felt Obama – a few minutes after he arrived in Stockholm, Sweden, today – and this is about you and our New World Order.

I was told that the greetings I sent via Carl Bildt to Obama is nothing against what he receives at his visit to Sweden, and they also speak about your writings on Putin etc.

I received Madonna’s great dance song “everybody” and the lyrics “Everybody, come on, dance and sing, Everybody, get up and do your thing”, which is about bringing life inside the room of the Source.

Are you not freezing (?), and no because of my mother.

I felt my father and was told that he had also planned on a talk with me, which is why I was told yesterday that “your father has limited ability to understand, he will soon look up to speak to you”, and this information is in here, this was his decision, which he never came around to do, and no, he was simple minded and “could not” understand me because of his laziness to read/understand and his enormously strong voice making him the strongest better-knowing ignorant of them all.

Isn’t it so that they had planned to use the police to abduct me without the use of a Judge, which only shows you how terrible such a tyrannical system is making rulers take decisions based on misunderstandings of people who cannot/will not understand.

Your mother now no longer has monopoly on you, we have decided to accept other “life forms” too, and yes good idea my friends.

I have not only received a bag, but everything else, which I did not know existed.

What do we do when your mother is not in the newspaper (?) – live side by side?

Don’t we receive pocket money then (?), which is about this new “existence”, which will live without energy as everything else, and I was told that this life will be without sexuality, which was possible to create when it came to the point.

You and Karen are “nothing” compared to what we have found in here, and what if we can change life from one “existence” to the other, and yes you can do everything so please do everything which is right to do.

I was told about a Stones-guitarist and “doesn’t he ever give up” (?), which is about Keith Richards apparently having a clairvoyant view about me too, and no, Keith, I have decided not to give up.

I was told about Johannes thinking of how terrible it is that “no one” wants to listen and understand me, and also that McCain is also one of these who “cannot” hear, so you did not believe in me for a long time (?), and I feel Prince Charles here being the same, and yes TO LISTEN with an open and objective mind without your own ignorant voice killing it is a good thing, right (?), and I am here feeling Lady Diana again, and “no feelings” between her and Charles as part of a larger play, which I first understood too late as she says here, and it was Charles killing me because of this, and yes, these are the words given to me from her.

What do you think Inge N. was used for (?), and yes a tax expert, who was one of our customers from Price Waterhouse when I worked for DFM in the 1990’s, and let us guess “work for a New World Order” too, and yes they were spread around me.

I received Michael Falch’s “lykkelig undervejs” (“happy throughout”), which is one of my big favourite songs of his, and it is here about the happiness of what we are doing now bringing life everywhere.

For days, the frame of my bicycle has been given a sound the same place when I have been cycling on it, and this afternoon after lunch when I arrived at the library, for the first time ever when I was about to lock it, I “happened to” push my cycle so it feel directly over to the next stand and it hit directly at the place where I for days have received this sound from – they are pretty good when they want to, my spiritual friends that is – and I was told that this was because of McCain & Co, who almost broke me down because of their work for the dark New World Order with the cycle being me.

When I wrote the chapter on Naser Khader and John McCain yesterday, I received pain to my teeth because these are the guys wanting to be considered as the good guys removing the bad guys when they truly are the bad guys themselves.

And what is the connection between Putin and the dark forces of Washington (?); and did Washington know about Putin and his plans with me (?), and I am told a clear yes.

I was told about the “air pictures” of UFO’s of man and “they are also in here”, which is inside these new layers of life, which was a major surprise for us to learn.

No, you are not a Rockefeller as my mother says.

Can’t you stop a Swedish football match, and is this about the dark New World Order, which had also overtaken Sweden, and now the Swedish Prime Minister Reinfeldt is speaking to Obama about our New World Order of light, which it will be replaced with.

I was told that “the build” – an area of Copenhagen bringing much trouble in the 1970’s – was part of the plan of the dark New World Order too, and this is how it was everywhere.

I received the physical feeling of something touching my right ear, which felt like a big insect, and I was told that mind control also does not work when there is no energy, and we are now “nothing” you know, so is this about Putin still trying, but as you see, there is nothing you can do, we have moved on without you.

I was told that it is still important for me to do my work quickly, which I am.

No, we did not score on penalty kick getting him married, he simply refused all the way, which is why we could not blow up the world, you had to accept it.

Did we just get out of high school there, which was about the publish of my script of yesterday, which I finally did at 16.00 today, and we know another tough one this was, and the meaning of this was to end my “old nightmare”, which this really is about with temptation of young women.

No, McCain was not out to get as much trouble as I was, which is Putin.

There was much work to do today so I continued working until 18.00 at the library to finish my script of today so far.

Has my mother been thinking about just how terrible it must be to have no one to talk to about my experiences (?), and yes more than once.

I received “Celebration” by Kool & The Gang because we are all coming together you know, “It’s time to come together, It’s up to you, what’s your pleasure, Everyone around the world, Come on!”.

I was shown gold on white bread feeling that the bread underneath is new and we have never felt better, as if there is a massive wind in our backs, Jacob Haugaard!

I received a little bit stronger heart attacks because of the reactions of McCain & Co., but still they are nothing to what they used to be.

I decided that if I will not get started on the last chapter of my new website during September, I will probably stop working all together, but then again I never know what happens.

You have never turned down work and to write down notes even though it has been more than disgusting.

We are about to set up the endless kitchen.

It really required full speed to enter this diamond, which we are now inside, and here the challenge is that we have no idea what is inside here and how everything has to be sorted, but as mentioned there is a logical order of everything here, and we now know who or what created us and how, and this is the most fantastic of everything, which Sting was also touching – I received his fine song and video “Brand new day” – and that is that if there was no new day, a will of this, there would be nothing, so where does the will come from (?), and yes everything is mutually dependant, so we could have decided originally to become the creation we are today if this is what we wanted but instead it became as turned inwards until someone received the idea to change it and to get everything with, and is such a will built into everything to try something new (?), and yes this is what we are part of, and this is not just about turning around this life, there are multiply layers.

We now see that we could not get up here without nervousness (fear), and it is not easy changing a full super tanker, and again I feel Sting and what was it that he brought (?), and yes a wish to change things, which we had placed inside of him as we see now, so without him, we would not be here today, therefore.

We have brought in all of the impressions you have received in life, but everything was started by Sting.

I received some nervousness about my writings about the goal of no war in Syria and to protect the population there at the same time and public statements of Obama about limited war, or is this a game of his and is it really my agenda that he wants and follows too?

Later I saw Obama and Helle Thorning-Schmidt with the Nordic Prime Minister’s on TV, and do they play a game saying one thing to the public – it was Assad using poison gas towards his people (was it really ….?), and internally they have another agenda, which they cannot speak about publicly?

Was this meeting of Obama with the Nordic Prime Minister’s really about trying a completely new way to pressure the Congress to give up its war game on Syria (?), and I feel Madeleine Albright here too, so why don’t you tell me what you know and do behind the curtain too, Madeleine?

I was told about the fire of the museum of freedom in Copenhagen (April 2013) , and this was also a symbol about the end of the Old World.

I received a BIG pressure for some time to make me become negative to break through the membrane, and I said that you will NEVER make me become this even because of this.

The heart was just one of many ways of life, and everything is collected in Queen Margrethe.

What kind of force is it that can give me these small heart attacks by now (?), and is it also those who ordered me killed?

What will we be transformed into at our New World, will it be beings no longer eating because we don’t need energy?

I was reminded about how Tobias has received new painful abscess to his behind, the name of these have been removed from my memory, and this is what my father had symbolising the worst darkness, and I had it briefly too, and Tobias is haunted much by it too, which is because of his wrong behaviour. Later I was given the word from “out of nowhere” – it OFTEN happens here – and yes of course “haemorrhoids”, and I had it right on my tongue, but it was removed from my memory.

At the end your mother will know everything and then everything is easy to understand when having wisdom after the event, but she could not on the way here, which is really what we have said about creation, which is that if we could have done it the opposite way, it would have been easy, but we could not.

Isn’t it funny that there is a higher power than me just waiting on me to finish with this transformation, which everyone will then use?

You are welcome” as I have continued saying is really us being pulled towards them without knowing it, and now we have come here, what will happen then (?), and yes make everything perfect for everyone, who has decided to follow you, and I am here thinking of the event of my bathroom in Lyngby again feeling that I was speaking to a higher power.

I was asked if I would not rather enter here, and I replied that I don’t care because I don’t know meaning that you are welcome here and I will also go there depending on what is right to do, but I will NOT become negative, and this was like being mr. nobody knowing nothing speaking to the mighty all knowing everything and just deciding that everything will be “perfect” and to stand my grounds.

I received feelings about how I visited Red Cross Denmark when I had a customer working there in the 1990’s when I worked for DFM, and my relations with them since as collector, working voluntarily for them around 2005/06, knowing Jørgen Poulsen and playing badminton with him, the previous general secretary, offering to work voluntarily for their head office around 2008, I believe, and Anders Ladekarl, the present general secretary, and the feeling that they know too about the dark New World Order and playing a game behind the curtains helping the poorest of the world without truly helping them, and it made me think if Anders is still my Facebook friend because I have not seen updates from him for a long time, and when I just checked, I can see that he brings many posts, but they don’t come forward to me, Anders, and yes, there have to be special friends of mine inside of this organisation too, but no, I do NOT like your double game – but prefer people to help people directly.

This is how it is, this power wants me to get out of the oven, but Stig refuses to be negative, and still you feel certain that we will bring you in, and that is because you have made a pact to never become negative.

Why do I show you Jørgen S. – my old GE Insurance colleague – here (?), is this because he believes in me too also lifting us all up?

This power was with you in Jægerspris (the summer camps when I was a boy), and is really here everywhere, but we had forgotten everything about it, which is why we did not see it, and this is the power having planned all of your sneezes. It is a little like the world, which could not find me when it did not expect God to be disguised as Stig.

So instead we have now come to you, and I felt this life entering me, and yes you are welcome :-).

Is the new US Ambassador to Denmark, Rufus Gifford, already alarmed about Stig, and what authorities of power and messages of me have you received from home (?), and is it “take him alive” (?), and do you think that you have the courage doing this (?) or don’t you believe that also he will receive the message to take it easy in relation to Stig, and is there an inner core trying to the very end if you can get Stig out, which is here giving me a new out of this world pain to my right ankle, and then we will take care of him here, i.e. in America, and I here feel McCain again.

This is the power we are bringing in theoretically still being the Old World because Stig doesn’t want to become negative to blow it up, and it is all of the power, which is not your mother, thus not you and me but something completely different.

And this is what hurts a little, and if you had given up, you would have been brought to America for “loving care”.

No, don’t change your website – I am shown the picture of liberation of World War II showing the happiness to come with our New World – and yes you, Jais and everone are not at all the life that you believe you are, which is where we have several layers, which can shift between, where we are the outermost, and what does this mean to the other layers, will they be changed too (?), yes, everything.

This is the power also operating inside of you and Karen, which is controlling us and the whole transformation process.

I was reminded that it is now some weeks ago that Allan/Alain has been to the library, and the last time there, we spoke about going out to take a cup of coffee in Helsingør together, and I wonder what happened to him (?); is it work keeping him busy elsewhere or has he received second thoughts about me and my writings (?), and will I see him again?

Rikke H. is also not the one she believes she is – I have received this feeling coming to me for days, but I am not told anything more right now.

So we are now transforming all of this life too.

This story is also to make them – the dark forces of USA/the Congress – to use the red card sending me off.

Yes, it was assumed that I would accept my “old nightmare”, and when I did not, you – the dark forces of USA/the Congress – don’t stand a chance too, so give up (!), and I am here given taste of old Champagne of the best quality.

No one knew that you efficiently had the media thrown out as condition also going through this, and this is because this requires no big commercials.

We are so deeply inside the Source that we cannot see this life, this is how small it is.

Google Earth: The turning of a pyramid and layers of life

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a clear picture of a man, a little more than a mummy, genuine curly hair (of the Source), ice queen, let’s have a look Rumpole, big – ha?, the turning of a pyramid, a big lady, and layers of life north and south of the river :-).

FB 040913 Jette 1

FB 040913 Jette 2

FB 040913 Jette 3

FB 040913 Jette 4

FB 040913 Jette 5

FB 040913 Jette 6

FB 040913 Jette 7

FB 040913 Jette 8

FB 040913 Jette 9

FB 040913 Jette 10

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Jerry has finally started working on his new script, which will include a connection to Syria, genetic cleansing and the Judgment, and yes, this is what you have been seeing. And here is something for you to “bite” in, which is what Jerry means to me, and yes part of “everything” you know.

FB 040913 Jerry

FB 040913 Jerry 2

FB 040913 Jerry 3

FB 040913 Jerry4

FB 040913 Jerry 5

  • Michael was inspired once again saying that if Morten wants to get hold of the young ones, he should use “Arto”, which is a Danish site for children and teenagers, and this came to him with inspiration after the story of yesterday, and this is what is hanging in the air because of you, Morten, so this is why it is coming out again, see?

FB 040913 MW

  • The other day I was told that the publish of my script equals the pressure wave of a F16 fighter, and here Henrik said that bus line 18 today extraordinary is served by an F16, which is to say that this is still the effect of my scripts.

FB 040913 Henrik D

  • Martin was inspired from my writings on Lars H. acting as Napoleon to bring a quote of Napoleon: “History is a set of decided lies”, which is really what the dark New World Order is based on.

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5th September: We created this life much later than the layers of life before us, which includes everything of all life

Dreaming of Obama and I being God with darkness of USA coming against us – and co-operating with all layers of life

I went to bed at 23.20 and slept until 08.00 receiving these dreams.

  • I am very high up on a stadium together with Obama, giving me fear of heights, watching Mark Knofler play, and I ask if Mark is serious. I am a little late, which Obama notices and says, and I see just how strong a character he is. I see a new ambassador meeting colleagues about a new contract to be signed. I bid him welcome to Denmark, and it is I who is going to sign the contract, and I notice that it is written in lawyer’s language being difficult to understand, and I tell him that I will sign it, but I have to take reservation about Obama also agreeing on the contract, and I tell him that Obama and I receive spiritual communication and also that I never know what is right and wrong of what I am told, and I tell him about a coming date not being the judgment, which I have been told spiritually and I believe in this.
    • The only thing riming on Mark Knofler is “Kartofler” as Linje 3 once said, so this is about meeting God on top of everything. The new ambassador will have to be the new American ambassador in Denmark, Rufus Gifford, whom I wrote about yesterday being a potential danger to me, and I always bid darkness welcome, so come on and give me the best you got, Rufus, and that is unless this story as example is a story of darkness given to me, which is not true, which I never know, and yes the Judgment is over as I told Jerry yesterday. Here is Mark in a beautiful concert with his characteristic play and singing, which I also love much.

  • Something about General Electric and returning something, it is Saturday, I see the Xanadu album, it is written in the newspaper where I also see an album by Electric Light Orchestra and the Move, and you only have to look at these albums to see that it is quality, and something about all sailing to return, and I see people in Helsingør laughing. Obama is busy at his office now also entering people to meet him on Sunday.
    • Is this about global corporations returning and there is much love and quality with favourite music here.
  • I am warming up on the tennis court, the height of the net for a whole match have been set in forehand, my training partner is a female professional tennis player, and I have not hit a ball for many years thinking that it may become embarrassing to me, and there is one ball I don’t hit, but I am able to serve twice, which otherwise was impossible for me to do as I remember, and maybe I will overcome this without being embarrassed. Obama is also good at tennis and I may play with him too.
    • Playing against darkness and still playing well and serving even though I have no energy to serve with, i.e. to continue working, and Obama as a potential opponent is because I am not sure about his plans of Syria as mentioned yesterday, but I keep having faith that what I do is right, and then it is also good enough for him.
  • I work for GE Insurance as the manager, and I am meeting the quality manager of GE Capital Bank, and we agree on doing a project to buy the best colour printer on the market, which will be a BIG printer, which can take care of needs of all GE businesses, and we have called in five printers of the biggest GE businesses, which have not worked together before which we will do now, and I bring the manager ideas of how to do a report comparing printers and their key features, and I am here a development employee. We present the project for all employees of the bank, and tell them that we will keep updating them, and I tell GE Insurance that we can use our own small printer, and when we have a need of big printing jobs, we can use this printer, and everyone follows us. We have now called in people to work in the project group, and they are placed inside an invisible (glass) box, and they are standing on material objects, which have been painted with an invisible colour to make it looks like they are levitating, which fits to what I do, and when I enter the box I see Søren Pind there and also Lone B. (old school friend). It is Friday afternoon around 16.00 and I call my company to tell them that I will not return to work today, and it is Pernille S. answering the telephone, and I have to shout because she is deaf, and I have a messy closet at work and Lars C. (from DFM) is my colleague having desk next to me.
    • This will have to be about working together with all of these layers of life to be able to print all life that we need.

We created this life much later than the layers of life before us, which includes everything of all forms of life we can think of

“The ferry will soon reach harbor”, this is not how it is, but this is how it feels.

Something about something I had as a child, which I used in Kenya, but it is first now that this is developed completely because now we know what it is. It is simply me, my father, after having travelled many miles to come here bringing everything with me.

It is because not everything in here is a freezer, we have learned to differentiate and can see that what we thought was the lock of the bicycle is much more. What we thought was eternal dark in here is not, but I feel it is these other life forms. You cannot believe what is in here, this is what we have developed from (thus understanding from where we originate).

No one ever took a picture to get out of there, we just did it as we now also return there and turn around them too, and they are very tiny editions of us, who have been allowed to grow big, and what once was will come again to everyone wanting to experience this for a shorter or longer period, and yes making life in all layers optimal.

And even though it is not season for potatoes in here, this is what we bring them, and yes doubleplusgood when putting everything together.

It is like having oatmeal porridge when you have never had it before – times two.

Where is the rent going to be paid, and the rent board is also you?

I felt that the life that started it all doesn’t speak as we do, but still we understand/feel it, and yes part of just “being” you know.

Have you heard about just how incredible the pain is (?), and this is about the pain of my mother and without this we would never come here, yes opening to earlier parts of us is also “completely insane” to do.

It is us deciding where the closet will stand. And if you had stopped your journey, we would pretend that this would have been eliminated, meaning loss of life. And once again we say “hello, hello”, this is done via the telephone of your mother.

So the camera first came much later because this was something you designed to create life without knowing about us. It is also completely impossible to get money, i.e. energy, out of them, and no they are not busy getting here, they wanted us to be in control first too.

And everything is in that tiny small hole, which your mother wanted to lock if she could – by stopping your work.

Have we launched a Procter & Gamble attack on the American Congress, which they know about, and cannot get out of too (?), and yes via your script of the day before yesterday.

If we had a reading lamp we would not be able to read it, it is all about sensing this.

What is left in Norway will surprise you, have they decided to keep their HAARP facility as a “museum” for people to witness how the war was?

Said the father to the son – this is also how it works in there, but ….

And with this life active – “Leepu”, i.e. racing cars.

So you were born in a manger is not really true…

I received Kim Larsen’s “Hvis din far gir dig lov, tar du så med mig i skoven, og din mor hun sir ja ja, så blir der fuglesang foroven” (going to the forest with birds singing), and was told that this is also how it works here.

Is it difficult to find butter in Kenya (?), yes, when you are not there. Is it difficult to find butter in Denmark (?), no, it is all over.

What is hiding inside of there then (?), and yes everything we need for this life and all other forms we can think of.

No they don’t mind living in celibacy or for us to have developed sexuality.

I was told that believing you only live for one lifetime – as my mother does – is only an illusion given to create life via sufferings (of having to die), which is how this life was developed, but there are many other ways to create life.

And I was shown two cups of coffee becoming one – Karen’s and mine – and it is when going further back to the origin of us as one that we discover this life.

Isn’t it funny that your mother, whom we thought created life, is the outermost part of endless life before us.

I was shown George Bush Jr. and later Condoleezza Rice, and are you my next targets (?), and without the co-operation of George Bush, it would not have been able to carry out the 9/11 operation?

What turned out of Obama’s meeting with the Nordic Prime Minsters yesterday (?) – and was that a complete support of your plan not to attack Syria, but to attack the dark forces of America (?), and this is what is still giving me pain to my teeth.

Does USA have pictures of you making love and I feel to Karen (?), and yes were they surveilling me too making it not only Russian controlled UFO’s but also Western controlled UFO’s?

We have not waited for an entire generation for the Source to open have we (?), and yes you were not expected to become older than you are, but still this is what you are becoming every day.

I was told about Japan in relation to my story of Fukushima yesterday – why don’t you play a song by Japan (?) – and also that they are happy about my return, and yes there was also nothing like the band Japan from 1979-81, and here is one of their amazing songs from this period giving me the strongest feeling.

I felt Stockholm, and was told that Helle Thorning-Schmidt received the truth about me yesterday.

I was told about a posting of Helsingør Dagblad/Daily News yesterday, which I thought was a sign yesterday but now understand what about, and this is about the explosion of an oil-fired burner at the restaurant Julebækhus (“Christmas brook house”) not far from me, and no, we have not told you the full truth about Helsingør Dagblad/Daily News yet.

FB 0409 050913 HD

Have you remembered the sack pipe (?), and I here feel this newspaper writing stories about me, and what if some of the news stories they write – about local tragedies – occur because they have decided not to publish their knowledge about me and any of their articles? And they are focusing on the local angle on you and the city.

These sneezes, which have almost stopped now, correspond to burning over all strings of darkness.

I felt Obama and was told that we are a somatic solution and now inside the diamond, and no, I did not know the word “somatic”.

I was told “Forsikring & Pension” – the Insurance Association of Denmark – and I also became general agent of GE Insurance in Denmark to join their annual management meeting of the industry in order for them to be able to find my name in their books so I was no “mr. Nobody”, and yes the Insurance sector of Denmark, and what can you tell me about it (?), and soon I will receive access to all of your secrets too.

What was the police arrest about in Kenya, was that to transform me out of the country, was this the agenda coming all the way up from the top of the Government – I am told ”Prime Minister”, and thinking of Raila Odinga, so is this how you decided to treat me, which was with “no respect” and expelling me because of “racial issues” – you are not “allowed” as white to stay with black people of Kenya, this was the decision of the authorities – and this is because you did not want to have “world politics” on your grounds, and then it is better to escort me out of the country, and “escort” and “girls” is that also what you have spent much of your time in government “enjoying” yourself with, Raila (?), and is that because you “could” and then it was just to do?

On my way to the library I received an even louder sound to my bicycle frame and was told that this was for Karen marrying Denis in 2006, I believe, which was because of Sanna warning our mother about my spiritual experiences, which was strong enough to override the code inside of Karen to be with me, which is a code that everyone has to find and be together with their other half.

Shortly thereafter at the library, the main door did not work and I told a flock of ladies around 60 that they could also enter through the café, which I then did taking the long way in, and when I reached the entrance, they had come in, and now they took the lift up to 3rd, which I was also planning to do, but they were so many that I decided to walk up the stairs instead, and I am so weak that this extra walk made me completely exhausted feeling poorly, and Karen was these ladies having an easy time to come through.

I continued work until 15.20 at the library, and I had hoped to continue work on my website, but I was tired and feeling completely drained, and decided to go out shopping and hoping that I could work at home.

At shopping and when cycling approx. 6-8 kilometres, I felt so poorly that I could faint, which was one of the tough days you know.

Haven’t we decided on the death verdict of Stig” (?), which are words inside of here too, and here also from the Americans.

No, of course Stig is not God”, and how many times did it take for people to start dropping this idea of theirs and starting to pay attention (?), and yes nothing like Facebook, that’s why.

The strait jacket is becoming loser and loser, and he cannot really decide on whether or not to continue work on bankers for his website.

I had hoped that I would be able to start work on my website this afternoon when returning home, but no, I was almost fainting when I was out cycling and I could not pull myself together today, but maybe tomorrow and the most difficult part is to get started, which I could not today.

And the game is still very much realistic with much darkness apparently coming to me preparing to take me over and torment/abuse me, but no, I will not allow you, so this is where we are stuck right now, but I will continue writing my scripts in September, and see if I will have more time and energy to do this work later.

Have your mother left a venereal disease, chlamydia, which is you?

I was told about how Stone – and how many others (?) – have tried to tell their family and friends about me and being met by the “are you completely insane” attitude (?) because of course Stig is not, people don’t have to know or read to know that, they “just know”!

Other media is for example focusing on Karen and reading all of my writings on her.

“Diamond” = “farm”.

So you consider letting the train driver slower maybe writing on my scripts every second day and my website the other second day, and yes work on my script tomorrow, and the day after on my website and “just do it” and see what will happen, this may be my only opportunity to get it done, if I can.

I felt the city of Vorupbør – Jack’s mother’s birthplace – and was told that we still have direct access through here.

Have I led a thread via you when walking the streets of London thin (?), and I felt Diana, and I was told that she is here with me all the time to start up the New World, and I am thinking that my deadline to finish work is October 5, which is when the last part of the Cultural yard is ready and this symbolises the end of creation of our New World.

I received a sound to my oven and was told that we have not given up then (to do my work), and I was given a feeling from the balcony that we are entering you from here via the oven, and it is still remaining darkness of my father at the balcony, and yes you are still welcome to enter, and it is he giving me tooth pain via the Americans as I received here again.

If you believe they were ruthless towards Diana, wait until you see the paper about what they wanted to use you for, which they will publish, and yes it was a fight between USA and Russia to reach you, and did USA use the same weapon as Putin, yes, but with a slightly different purpose because they wanted to use your endless energy for their purposes, and Putin wanted to abuse you for his own sake, that is the difference.

The story I have for you about USA will only come when you will work on your website.

Police is now guarding Alexandria, but there will come no opening there, no, it was an opening to Jerry to work on the inner lines, which no one can stop. Jerry cannot be overestimated, which is why we have decided to keep playing the act, and are there more cold and sneezes in there (?), we will see.

What happens at such a top meeting (?) – Obama was visiting Putin in Russia at a G20 meeting – and do they read my scripts seeing that the President and I am in war with dark forces of USA (?), and does this receive support, yes, but they cannot tell the public about this, that is why, and I am told that everyone there says thank you for a good fight.

This is how to end a war because when G20 agrees, the World Elite cannot refuse them, and this is what Obama had seen, and is Stig will with me (?), and yes yes yes, I do my best under the circumstances.

Is the management of DR prohibiting P6 radio to react on my encouragement for them to play Siouxsie not to take any chances?

Is it is pure gun we have inside there (at the balcony), where Putin was nothing compared to them (even though Putin should be the worst of them all), and that is because no one is going to destroy their banking system issuing their own money and power following it, and surely you cannot stop this, can you (?), and has Obama already launched initiatives also in relation to Syria and the question on Central Banks, which is what the World Elite wants to control everywhere.

I cannot really say it before you get started on your website, but we already started doing this when you connected with the Source in 2010.

So you don’t give up on bankers (?), no (!), and no, I am not a black monkey everywhere (Obama that is), and I have connection to people from the banking system on my side fighting against the system from the inside, which also releases me from out here on the balcony, and this is about my father wanting to come and speak to me.

So we are only waiting on you, i.e. me, and yes we have a new system ready, which I understand is my New World Order without banks/money, and this was not the easiest to do, to convince people about me being the king when they did not want to read or to change their system and lifestyle, and it required strong gift of speech, which Obama has.

This is the short version if you cannot do your work.

And the story about what they wanted to do with me is still included inside darkness of the balcony, which will come to me if I can absorb it through work on my website.

Is it here then that we have the real watch?

As London, I also led a thread through the streets of Stockholm, and everywhere I have been, and London came up because I watched “Yes, Minister”, which is truly showing the worst darkness of people and their wrong attitude.

I was shown the spaceship of everything hanging on the sky as if it was a star, and I could see it from my sofa, and also how light was thrown out to all sides of it because it is almost bursting sending out this force to everywhere, and what if I tell you that Diana is inside of here (?), as I was told, and also that it is me, my inner self here, regulating the whole world (in the play of it still being the Old World).

So Diana is the starter and what is my mother then (?), and yes she is everything of the world with Diana being part of her.

And if you could not do the last of your work, we would try saying that we cannot bring in the last life from darkness as the consequence, but it would really require you to accept your “old nightmare”, which I would never do, and it would also never be given to me now, it is only a game, and I feel darkness withdrawing when I am almost losing it a few times.

What made you change your attitude about Syria (?), and yes when the conflict started a couple of years ago, I thought that a quick intervention of the world community would remove the regime as aggressor thus saving much life and refugees, and now Sherin influenced me to agree that the only right thing of course is to have no war and to protect the people of Syria at the same way, and yes peace is the goal, not war, so this is what we are going for.

I was given a laser-precision like out of this world pain to my right ankle coming from the spaceship of everything outside, and I was told that this is because of the little story about the P6 radio, which is bringing people much pain coming to me like this.

I have been told about how friends are dreaming of me, but none as much as my mother.

So you are working together with Jerry to lift the lid of the Pyramid.

If it was not for Thailand, we would have ended the game a long time ago.

I was INCREDIBLE tired/exhausted/empty, which was destroying me, and I received such strong darkness coming in over me in waves that I could not absorb it without being overtaken if it was not because I decided “rubbish, I will not give in”, otherwise I would have laid down crying and giving in.

I was told about the two UFO’s just hanging over Citta del Mare in Sicily in July 1978, when we were on holiday there, and we have visited the hair dresser since as I was told, and this is because they were ready to shoot me down there and they showed themselves so clearly so I would remember them for later when they would try to set up their shield around me here.

I was told that in Kenya in 2009 it was a question of money to get you out.

I was given the feeling of Rio Flowers in Espergærde, where I worked as a teenager, and “all over the world” by Electric Light Orchestra, which I clearly remember hearing there on the radio, and this is about love coming to me from all over the world, but still there is a small elite, who don’t want to be thrown out still resisting.

Have they wanted to send a “big bomb investigation” after me (?) with the feeling that they wanted to bomb me when they could not shoot me down.

Denis Mor-Timer was about “mother” and “hours” as his sir name means in Danish, i.e. about the last hours of my mother and the Old World.

The world was also about to go under when I was in Amsterdam in 2006, which the world saw.

I was told that Trampedach was painting about the end, this is how sure we were that no once could survive this.

Google Earth: More layers of life and a musketeer

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show more layers of life, a strong face, joy at last, a musketeer, smiling face of a female, rum gathering, visit from space.

FB 050913 Jette 1

FB 050913 Jette 2

FB 050913 Jette 3

FB 050913 Jette 4

FB 050913 Jette 5

FB 050913 Jette 6

FB 050913 Jette 7

FB 050913 Jette 8

FB 050913 Jette 9

FB 050913 Jette 10

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Michael Wulff said that to knit has become a hit among unicorns, and you do know that “clothes” is a symbol of life, and unicorns are also special to me, and let us say that there are two creatures of life here creating life, which is what this is about, and I also bring the pig with the oranges with pig also meaning life and oranges being the symbol of God, and this is how inspiration comes to Michael.

FB 050913 MW

FB 050913 Jerry 1

FB 050913 Jerry 2

  • I asked Meshack and David to let me know if they divided my transfer in two, three or four portions, and first now David tells me that they also decided to share with Elijah and John, which is right to do, and these my close friends are bringing me MUCH sadness these days because of Elijah and John, who cannot communicate/understand, but still take my money in silence, and Meshack, who cannot communicate with me now without letting me know why, and are you sick or maybe angry/sad with me, Meshack, and yes you should be supporting me and giving me strength, but no, you “cannot” either.

050913 David

  • “Science” wrote about big holes in the ground after pumping up hole, which may lead to earth quakes, and I decided to share my story about man creating earth quakes and more via HAARP, which gave some visitors to my site, and the only reaction was Mathias who said that you need to be careful about having such a “conspiracy website”, and why is that, do you think that the Americans or Russians will kill me for it (?), and no, we have been there, there is nothing they can do, but there is MUCH that this website and Facebook site as one out of thousands could do, which is simply to have the courage of telling the truth to people, which they “cannot” as this is an example of.

FB 050913 Videnskab

Videnskab 2

  • Doesn’t this look like Loveth as the fraud she is, and no, I do NOT like WRONG behaviour like “hers” at all.



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  1. Jette Uhlott says:

    layers, ha.. something is happening.. good.. 🙂

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