September 9, 2013: The few richest bank families controlling the world and the dark New World Order have surrendered too


Summary of the script today

8th September: The few richest bank families controlling the world and the dark New World Order have surrendered too

  • Dreaming of receiving a new life jacket to secure our survival, Hillary Clinton/USA were able to destroy the world, the world no longer needs energy to survive, Christian Philipson believes that I am crazy, darkness of Dahlberg is cheating when counting life, my work brings in old layers of life, EU is doing poor work, and the band Toto helped promoting me to the world.
  • I continued working – with great difficulties – on my new website on the dark New World Order now on the few richest bank families owning most of the world, and I was told that this is melting down the Old World Order and these bank families running the world, the United Nations and all governments/nations have surrendered too but are hesitating to step forward as everyone else, and also that they really would prefer to have an ordinary life also meaning that the world was creating a monster of a dark New World Order, which no one really wanted, but people were bribed by money/power and were also too afraid to speak out thus making the collective decide to do what everyone knew was wrong to do. This darkness was needed as a tool creating our New World, and I was the only one who could close them down when the world did not dare to go up against it. This work is continuing to bring him many kings of previous layers of life.
  • Karen went through much pain doing what she did against me – working with the group of the National Hospital going to kidnap me using me as guinea pig giving me medicine/sex – because she really loved me and could not stand seeing me break completely down, which is what she thought/misunderstood as the system and her husband too helped her do. She is now “sighing for you” again being the diamond of everything as we are together as two as one.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show Napoleon on a horseback, one life divided in two as male and female, the sack saving everyone, the girl with the golden hair, many layers of life, and DNA over layers.

9th September: Queen Margrethe’s “tool of creation” is used to create room for all previous layers of life via Mary and Johannes

  • Dreaming of Naser Khader speaking about me and Syria to media and others, Tobias is starting to listen to me and not his parents, the world knows that I was not only Jesus but also Moses, a cunning device is terminating life, Henrik Ramlau-Hansen secretly worked for the government, my inner self bringing gold of creation, my mother still speaks wrongly about me behind my back thus killing me, free culture leading to my support of the former President of Maldives at the ongoing elections.
  • Not only Russia and USA have tried to abduct/kill me, Israel, China and Norway have done the same. The creation of the state of Israel in 1948 was with the purpose to be dominant against the Arabic countries around it in order for the World Elite to take over the whole region as we see now as part of the money game to receive central banks and the power to issue and control money. Governments all over the world were attacked by evilness from the inside using freedom of the world to bring it to its fall.
  • Naser Khader almost revealed himself by writing about information he has received about me, which he otherwise could not know about. He is is deeply anchored in the Hudson Institute think tank in Washington – part of the dark game of the World Elite – but in reality he is even more anchored in me spreading the word about me at parties etc. Naser was sent out as my servant to influence this darkness of Washington, which listened to him, and this darkness is what gives me serious pain to all of my teeth (“everything”) as I feel now, and it was vital to go through this darkness to survive but we had to balance on a knife edge because it could have become the end of us.
  • Johannes the mayor feels guilty about me, which is giving me chest pain. There is a big part of these layers of life, which is “hesitating” to enter me, this is the biggest force of all, the creator of everything, and we are using Johannes all the way in here, and I received chest pain again because he is the liaise to this layers of life and for “eternity”, and I was told that he is coming directly from the creator of the first layer of life, and he was the one receiving me in Helsingør and only if I did my best I would succeed making him believe thus opening to this first creator.
  • The item in Queen Margrethe’s possession – and maybe Queen Elisabeth too – is part of creation/gold that I have left on Earth, which you use when running out of water, i.e. it is a tool of creation of the Source, and this is what is used to create ENORMOUS space for these layers of life entering this world. This tool is at the very exit of the world now being used to create life instead of bringing us the end of the world, which is because of the turn around of Johannes making him believe in me, and it is this power, which is handed over by Queen Margrethe to Crown Princess Mary, which came to me at the recent Index Award at the Cultural Yard in Helsingør when both Johannes and Mary were guests. We are now not only one rotating axis of a French (coffee) press, there are now presses everywhere around us in all kind of editions with or without clocks as I see (other layers of life), and this is truly now becoming a BIG BIG WORLD.
  • My old employer, the Norwegian Investment company Acta and the founder, the VERY rich Alfred Ydstebø, closed down their business in 2012 when their concession was removed, and I was given the feeling that Alfred was part of the elite also following me. The now previous Prime Minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg, used the Norwegian HAARP weapon against me trying to protect their “oil fund” of 4,300 billion NOK – the biggest in the world – from me, and this was also supposed to be used to finance the dark New World Order. Alfred was part of the dark elite of Norway and connected to this fund, and when his business closed down, it was because of my work closing down his business and this darkness, thus the use of this fund.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show sufferings at my place, new patterns – going through dimensions, oneness to come, African, going down?, still wandering, loophole for the gray, the North Pole is the third eye delivering “oh, baby baby”, and Daddy is cool there :-).
  • Short stories of Jimi magically returning as Facebook friend from out of nothing, Novo Nordisk is NOT interested to cure people from diabetes – only to make MUCH MONEY, more information from Jerry, Meshack made me feel poorly completely unnecessary, and telling the world about the end of the dark NWO and banks and the introduction of my new NWO.


8th September: The few richest bank families controlling the world and the dark New World Order have surrendered too

Dreaming of receiving a new life jacket to secure our survival and my work brings in old layers of life

I slept from 23.10 until 08.00 receiving these dreams.

  • Something about the employees and I going through spouse insurance and go through our things and see that the duvet is not insured, we have been cheated and two people give us a new life jacket, which is worth 100,000 DKK, there is a marketing arrangement and they ask me to check the package to avoid malfunction.
    • This is about our creation, which did NOT take into account also to include layers of life temporarily until the creation of our New World – meaning that we will not be terminated before our new creation will brought out for everyone to see.
  •  I stop working at 22.00 and forget to do a task for customers tomorrow.
  • Hillary Clinton says that when she said “tape recorder” to the computer, she could speak in commandos to explode the world.
    • The tape recorder is the Source/God, the computer is the world, so she could destroy the world using force of God, which at least could be done via the HAARP weapon, which was strong enough to cut Earth over in halves.
  • My mother has received a cheque of 4,000 DKK, which keeps being send to her and she returns it to the office everytime.
    • Is this about my mother, i.e. the world, which does not need energy anymore to survive?
  • I visit Christian Philipson together with my sister to receive a card, and he asks to receive a form about my mother, which I have filled out but when I give it to him, he takes for granted that I am crazy, and I have to stroke his chin – which may make him believe that I will hit him – to tell him that I am not. I receive the card and also a job at his business, and I notice MANY crumbs on his carpet. I am going to recreate his Internet. A career lady is working for him having a big 250 square meter house, and an attractive bonus scheme, and she says that there is only one receiving the profit as bonus, which is Christian.
    • Christian is the successful wine merchant, who has been my Facebook friend more than one year, and we need something from him and to recreate his system, which is not easy to get if he does not have faith in me. And I wonder how much profit his big business has and how much “pay” he receives for doing his “work”.
  • A commercial of Dahlberg is bringing direct access to USA to negotiate with. Niels and Bo change being director, and they speak about how good this arrangement with USA is and how much it saves customers, which makes me say that it is simply not true. Kim S. has received a letter from his accountant stating that it is cheat, and I agree. People said “happy new year” several times during the dream.
    • An accountant is about counting money, i.e. energy, i.e. life, so this dream is to say that Niels and Bo are darkness trying to say that everything is alright, when it is not still receiving life and now of other layers.
  • I am flying at the top of the roof, a black and red Ferrari land safely, a woman is afraid of a man being the wealthiest of all.
    • Flying is working, which is making the best cars and most “money”, i.e. force of let us say the creator of the first layer of life.
  • I meet Kim S. and Klaus Riskjær about the EU, and they say that they are incredible poor workmen. I met very early at work this morning having made coffee, but Kim S. and Helle Aa. did not see me.
    • Workmen is simply that they do poor work.
  • Half awake I was told that Jan Hoffman, the director of Topdanmark Life Insurnance, whom we/I (Kim S. and I) did the “safety arrangement” for the EDC real estate agents in the beginning of the 1990’s, has withdrawn, and now it is Ulla Plesner taking care of this, and this arrangement (protecting all store owners/stores in case of death and disability) is being uses as concept for others, and I understand that this is in a big scale in relation to the World Elite, and is this what you are doing, Ulla, being the insurer capacity of the World Elite?
  • I am with the band Toto in a shopping centre, and they show forward Ferrari’s for children after TV has received letters about doing a competition and encouraged them to sit inside a Ferrari showing the award, but they complain and say that it is bringing them poor image, and one is peeing inside the Ferrari saying that he was allowed, but the owner complains.
    • This is about one of the great rock bands of the world promoting me, however they don’t seem to like doing it being afraid of what it will mean to them, and when they pee, they are also destructing, so is this to say that they don’t have (full) faith in me (?), and yes you better hold the (life) line, my friends, and I still remember how incredible big hit this was in the end of the 1970’s, and how much Peter T., my old class friend loved it, and yes it was at the same time as he had received one of the first digital watches here, which I understand is also to say that this band helped me to locate this watch/heart of the world.

The few richest bank families controlling the world and the dark New World Order have surrendered too

I received Van Morison’s ”crazy love” and was told that this is love of my mother.

I was told that Denmark also has permission to do radio transmissions from here.

This airplane could use some paint in here.

I was told about “turmoil”, which I understood as both about “revolt” and “oil”, and don’t forget they stand behind it too, not only bankers, which is about the rich oil industry.

Don’t forget to update the Doomsday Scenario website about man made accidents leading to the end, which is also given to me to give me much stress because of far too much work and too little time, but no I have decided not to become stressed.

It is imperative that Stig will not know – feeling that it comes from World Elite.

If it was not for beefeaters, we would still be up on the moon (UFO’s)

Are there also agreements on which teams to relegate in professional football (?), also here in Denmark (?), and it is not always the case that this comes through because of “interference” of my spiritual friends?

It was my father’s birthday today, the first after his death not that it makes any difference to before, I still don’t see him, but it makes me sad that he is not here.

When I worked this morning, it was with great trouble again because of strong tiredness really making me unfit to work, and this is so strong that it will not leave me after a couple of hours, and I am given an increased number of small heart attacks again, and I wonder if I will be strong enough to work on my website today as planned.

Christopher is part of this delivery too, but not much because of his mother Mette speaking against me. And this is because it is much more fun when the grass is cut and not when cutting it.

Hørsholm isn’t the city where the national closet stood before was it?

I was told about the importance of cycling home from Preben was it last December (?) to open up everything, and If you believe this was the end of the teaching (of Preben – seeing me “normal”), well it was not.

I was told about the plans of Berlusconi to hand over his empire to the Christian Democrats if I understood it correctly, and he has now stopped crying over spilled milk, ”my friend” (?), and how much is it (in Italian) is the question here as everywhere else, i.e. “to be or not to be”?

Where are you headed (?), and yes to the final and most dirty exam of them all – with the feeling that this will include the revelation and break down of the entire Old World and its system behind the scenes. And this is because they have no goal keepers anymore.

They – layers of life – would otherwise have crossed the border at PADborg (Denmark/Germany border) with “PAD” being a reference to “Padde”, i.e. amphibian, i.e. darkness.

How much Marlboro do you believe that Karen – as part of this group – made your mother smoke (?), with the feeling “much”.

I received the feeling of Vivian several times and was given tears meaning that she is sad about me too.

No, it is not Christmas yet, and I felt Bjarne from the Commune, and who is following me, Bjarne, are you?

Are we going in to a sport store on our way home (?), and yes you have more writings to do on your new website on bankers today and just maybe a publish too, and yes it is now 12.00 and I have published my script of yesterday, and have decided to overcome strong tiredness and to keep on working until 16.00 when the library will close today, which has to be enough feeling as I do hoping that I will soon feel somewhat better.

I was told about my visit to the American Embassy in Stockholm in 2001, I believe, and also that there was only one place in the world where you could be born, which was in the Nordic – coming together with the feeling “because of what is going on there”.

I heard “I am going to the toilet” when I worked on the next chapter of who owns the world, and who owns the banks.

Do we wear a dark coat you say (?), and yes this is the bankers you feel being this last wall of darkness – as Karen represents to me.

This coat has not only been very expensive, it has also changed into a duvet as I am shown, and yes the best part is that these bankers have also surrendered, and the order to surrender comes from the top as I feel here.

I was given the feeling of Ronald Reagan, and then Søren Pind – who has Reagan as his idol – and is the truth Søren that you were also promised a high position in this new world hierarchy, which you were looking much forward to too (?), and now Stig comes and destroys it all, is that how you feel, Søren, and is that why you decided to influence Helena negatively against me (?), and yes a DISGRACE, Søren, this is your faith.

I was shown the hills over the Rhein River in Germany next to Rüdesheim at the Johannisberg Castle, and what have we planned up there, yes an opening reception too (?), which is with the opening of our New World, and because I simply fell in love with this place when I visited it with Lars in 2002, and as I remember it, it was also a special place to Camilla’s father, who was the one making me learn about and love German wine.

How do you believe it was to look at the man you were loving to break totally together (?), and yes a nightmare it was for you to go through too, Karen (?), and yes not understanding that you were taken by the nose by the system as we say here.

Did we catch the airplane to Spain because of this (?), yes, this is what it took.

No, they don’t know what to do, and they are not all red-haired, but this is about Søren D.N., my old class friend, who is red-haired and knowing about me as I understand my old class does.

Have we received a telegram from the Russian Tzar Family saying that “the item” is safe and I feel Queen Margrethe, and am told that this was so important to get that it started the Russian Revolution in 1917, and yes what was it again that is in the possession of Queen Margrethe? Is this like a “gold reserve”?

I received a “burning mark” around my private parts, and was told that this is what these the few families owing the largest corporations and banks of the world – including international organisations like the UN, World Bank etc. – bring me, and yes you can find information about them on my new website of bankers, which is still not finished, but maybe we are 20% there now.

No, we don’t need to take bread with us to the baker soon, and this is because you are literally melting down the system of the Old World via this work of yours.

Was this almost a full tooth being reinstalled with the publish of this chapter?

We have really smart clothes on here, and we can now almost not hold back what I feel as the most beautiful vision of the content of the Source.

Have your mother also received the task to make you stop your writings on the dark New World Order (?), and is this because you believe this is “dangerous” to do, my dear family – also feeling Hans here – and you don’t understand that it is only dangerous if I don’t do it?

They can also not understand themselves that they were allowed by the world to hold on to owning everything. This is what was needed for them to do – to hold on to power via money – to keep me inside the state prison, and that was for us to have a chance to save everything.

I was told about “Declerque”, who is/was going to smash me too, but I don’t know who it is.

When I cycled, I was given a sound to the frame of the cycle coming together with the vision/feeling of a diamond, and told that this is what Karen is (now) to me.

I was told about these bankers – the few rich families owning most of the world – that there was only one who could throw them on the gate as we say here because the world “could not” because it was “influenced” by briberies, power and/or fear to speak out.

This is something as unusual as junket coming out, and for days I have been given the taste of Crème Fraiche etc.

I finished work at 16.00 at the library being happy about doing the next chapter on the bankers about how they own the world and whom they are.

I was “offered” my “old nightmare” – “sexual services” as real as reality – and if I should accept it would be given to me together with the information every time about how this destroyed creation, and I was told that this is what Hitler received including this knowledge, but when he had turned over, it was too late.

Do you remember that we will not speak like this in the future because we have much more advanced communication forms (?), and we will see what they are about and if there are more supporting each other.

Jack is still out there – I felt him as darkness on the balcony – and yes still a little bit and I have felt him the last days, and this is about darkness of the global military.

Later I was told about “families” and me being a “heaven stormer”.

No, we don’t have to change the voice – that is the good part of it (this is a reference to Morgan Freeman playing God in “Bruce Almighty” every time I am given these words with the exact same tone as Morgan in the film making me smile) – it just comes out in new communication forms.

Do you believe that Bayern Munich still remember when B1903 (now part of FC Copenhagen) defeated them by 6 to 2 in 1991 in Copenhagen (?), and I was told that this is one of several remarkable football results between Danish and German teams of the time, and Brøndby also had a couple of big wins, which is “simply impossible” against so big and professional teams, but it was not when they had my interest and support, and I am here told that this was to tell you about this now – I/God was the difference making this happen.

I was told that the World Elite is reading my website on the dark New World Order part I-II-III understanding how cruel it was because of my direct language, which is also how it is with the beginning of the part III page of bankers, which is what is lifting us up.

For hours I was told that now I will receive much more darkness from Karen, and I felt it to my right at the balcony, but then I was given feelings of hesitation meaning that these rich banking families are also not ready to stand forward making you deserve the same designation WIMPS like everyone else.

I was told that I have worked up this darkness myself through my wrong behaviour – living like everyone else here thinking of myself and having wrong sexual behaviour – until 2009.

It now pours out with kings of these layers of life, and yes you are welcome.

Is it so that Karen is sighing for you the same way as these rich families really don’t want their wealth and power if you ask them about their true wishes, which is to live like an ordinary man, but impossible for you to do too because of collective pressure, which no single person can change because you don’t have the courage to speak out the truth.

I felt McCain and was told that he is also about to follow you.

Do you now understand that when the Olsen Gang was breaking into the Royal Theatre – going through all walls impossible to break without anyone noticing – it was a symbol of you breaking in to the Source, which the symphony orchestra at the end is a symbol of, and yes this is Danish film history, and this is given to me because there are people out there talking about me, Ole Ernst and Olsen Banden, and I also felt Karla – the late Kirsten Walther – coming to me saying that she is part of the gang too.

There are trouts, mackerels and all kinds of fish here – of layers of life – which we just have to get to know, which we can only do when there are no piratos liquorices, i.e. darkness, which there is really not now, it is only a game you know, and all of this life is also entering and becoming part of me making me everything of these previous layers too.

Asbjørn Sennels, who is he (?), and I recognised the name but had forgotten about it, and he is a professional football player of Viborg and before that in Brøndby, which may be to say that you are speaking about me in Danish football clubs?

Karen has also pretended as if she did not know me.

I was asked what happened to Acta (?), the Norwegian company I worked for in Copenhagen in 2007, and I had to look them up and was surprised to see that their operation looked as if it was closed down, and yes they had hundreds of “investment advisors” working in Norway and Sweden (and tried to start in Denmark, which they could not because of me!), and many thousands of customers having billions of NOK/SEK invested in many kinds of investments (property etc.), and then I read that the Norwegian Finance Authority had closed down the business when withdrawing their concession to work because of unethical business methods, which is really about “stealing” money directly from customers as “fees” to the business, and the same people have now started a new business under a new name not requiring concession as I understood it, and this was really another sign to say that we have closed darkness of people speculating mainly about how they could get rich themselves stealing money from their customers, which is what Søren H. also did in his insurance business, and this means that the worst darkness you have been involved in at Acta has ceased to exist, and why do you believe (?), and yes because I was employed there in 2007 and I did not like what I saw, not at all, and if only they knew, it is inside of here that I have also “stolen” something from Acta to keep me dressed, i.e. alive.

Finanstilsynet ACTA

We needed Karen to become married because she would not have done this against you if it was not for Denis.

I was told by layers of life that we feel related like brothers as if we have always been here.

And this is also why Karen never called you – because of resistance of your mother against you, which was also planted inside of her, but still the feeling here is that her inner feeling is that she loves me.

I was given the feeling that what is behind the dark wall does not want to get out, which is what the bankers do not, but I don’t care, I am not impatient, but will continue working until all of you is out no matter what you want, and yes the game is that I should become desperate, but no, this is not how I work.

It corresponds to having the refrigerator open and we don’t want to go out.

And it is not because Karen did not like you that she volunteered to burn you off, and yes let us say “uncontrollable feelings”.

I was told that Mogens Amdi Petersen, the founder of the Tvind-empire, which I wrote about last year, also knows about me.

I still receive distortion at least to videos on my computer, and not much on the TV.

You are not delaying traffic are you, Stig?

And it has nothing to do with a key you spilled – as the voice behind darkness say (?), and no, you don’t know, but you have decided not to give up so I will probably give in sooner or later and yes this voice you know.

And you have also not decided to shut off access here, so it will take the time it takes, and yes now we better know you.

This is why I have been told about mashed potatoes for a couple of days, and no, I will not accept that.

No, I don’t have plans to search on more information about the Vatican, I have to leave this out because of lack of time and energy, and that is if there is anything to be found.

Yes it is the prettiest half-timbered house, which was said with a low voice and the feeling is that it is good enough, the hesitation to enter is “nothing”, which we just have to come over.

I also force-feed Bettina with information on you.

The close down of Acta was also because of Jesper working with me there (because of who he is).

Is it the Chairman of EDC, Poul Erik Bech, who recommended such a “safety insurance scheme” to “everyone else”?

No, we don’t need your mother in the store, but do it anyway (for layers of life to live).

We have also never tried being photographed inside an airplane before, i.e. for previous layers of life to come to life via the Old World of a new layer like this.

We are really doing the opposite which is to paint the enamel of your teeth when being darkness.

Your mother doesn’t have any bags matching ours but we still try to make it all fit, and no, I don’t want any terminations before the final creation.

I am now seeing that these layers of life also killed us because we had to create room for them too at the New World, which we had not taking into account of the Old World when not knowing about it.

It means that we have accepted to become human first before returning to our layers, which is not very easy to do, but what don’t we do for someone we love – and just thinking that this Old World is only a shell and we are really the New World, so this might be a message of darkness too, we will see. 

Google Earth: One life divided in two as male and female

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show Napoleon on a horseback, one life divided in two as male and female, the sack saving everyone, the girl with the golden hair, many layers of life, and DNA over layers.

FB 080913 Jette 1

FB 080913 Jette 2

FB 080913 Jette 3

FB 080913 Jette 4

Fb 080913 Jette 5

FB 080913 Jette 6

FB 080913 Jette 7

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was encouraged to bring my birthday greetings to Niklas yesterday because my mother told me that Sanna had told her that she had laughed much of the Donald Duck movie, and Niklas “only” liked it thus not telling me what he really thought of it, and I was inspired to bring this cartoon, which is also about an understanding of the family that they were wrong all along about me until the end.

FB 0709 080913 til Niklas


9th September: Queen Margrethe’s “tool of creation” is used to create room for all previous layers of life via Mary and Johannes

Dreaming of Naser Khader speaking about me and Syria to media and others and the world knows that I was also Moses

I went to sleep at 23.40 fearing that I would receive a terrible night because of my new work about the bank families to my website yesterday, which was also the case when I started receiving speech at 05.00 not being allowed to sleep, which this time simply made me decide to stand up for a couple of hours to receive this until it was over and I continued sleeping poorly from 07.30 to 10.00, and here are first the dreams followed by the speech of the night.

  • Naser is returning to his hotel room from the Mørdrup train halt, and I tell him that he will receive free furniture removers, and I see how he communicates with few chosen media and others, who don’t deign to follow my answers, and he is asked about whether or not Jesus can take care of this war situation, and it makes me sad that they don’t listen to me because I have already taken care of the situation – and there is some unrest around Naser and he says that “I am not being bugged”. I enclose information about where to contact me on email for Naser and a journalist, which should be enough to make the world believe.
    • I am here told that Naser knew about me when I was looking at a bicycle in Fredensborg, which is now 1½ year ago, and the dream is to say that he is speaking about me and my plan to stop the war in Syria by stopping darkness of Washington and the World Elite standing behind. And it seems as if the media noticed my answer to Naser’s in one of his Facebook threads the other day.
  • I am sharing hotel room with Tobias. He has received a new computer by his parents, which is incredible advanced, and I wonder where to turn down the volume of it, which Tobias finally finds the button to do by changing the setup of it. I have myself only a small, old and poor handheld computer.
    • It seems as if Tobias is under too much influence of my sister and her husband, but Tobias is turning down their volume and starting to listen to me instead?
  • A man has found proof on Moses having lived in my house, and he is now setting up letters on the wall in the hall to make everyone know, and I consider how I will tell Naser and everyone else that I am this man still living in this house.
    • I was not only Jesus as my previous self but also Moses, which the world knows.
  • A cunning addition to my file structure has been installed, and it has now started to delete my hard-disk from the back, which I cannot change without having a special tool.
    • More terminations of darkness, which was setup to destroy the Old World.
  • Henrik Ramlau Hansen from Danske Bank is told that it is an important day to the government, who would like Henrik to do special calculations for them, and Henrik says that he would have loved doing it if he was to work today.
    • Henrik – as I knew from Danica in the 1990’s – is probably the best brain (in Denmark) for calculations etc., and do you think that he has heard about you, oh yes.
  • The train is driving into Nørreport Station, and I see bags on a seat including a fine, golden package, which I am tempted to take thinking that the man may not return, but he does, it is an elder man, and I tell him that I protected his backs including the golden package while he was away.
    • This may be my inner self bringing gold of creation.
  • C. V. Jørgensen is really Morten J. inside a Big Brother game. He is very dominating and degrading in his speech, and a lady at the toilet says that I managed to bring him down and making him good. Almost all people make love with each other but not our small group. C. V. Jørgensen is protected from being voted out as part of the deal, the lady is now playing up sexually, and it is discovered that she has just been on MTV live being disloyal when saying that she will vote out C.V. Jørgensen, and this game is taking place inside Helsingør Central Station.
    • Morten is an old symbol of God and I am here surrounded by darkness still wanting to bring me my “old nightmare”, and this lady says that she is on my side, but still she wants to send me out, which is about my mother not having faith in me at least with her awakened mind making her speak behind my back – but with her heart she is with me.

  • I am out to download one of the new OMD albums, which I have downloaded but not saved before, and I am told that the computer line is very busy, and the download will probably first start working during the evening or even at midnight, and it works by me waving a sheet at the low part of the wall of the hall, and I am asked what I will do with the download, and I say that I will keep it – which not many dares saying because there is copyright – and the reason is that I believe in free culture, and this will also mean that there will be a beach promenade all the way from Helsingør to Hornbæk (approx. 12 kilometres), and I am now walking at the beach near Hornbæk where I meet my old friend Kirsten, and when we speak, Lykke Friis hears us but doesn’t speak.
    • This is about receiving music, i.e. love, which is not that easy. Free culture will become part of our New World. Kirsten knows about me and is suffering because of this, which is what the beach symbolises, and Lykke Friis knows too, and she said on Facebook that the former President of Maldives, Mohammad Nasheed, whom she and Søren Pind has supported much, was nervous about the election there the other day and the campaign before this, where he feared being killed, but now he is still alive and has won 45% of the votes being a clear winner but still he has to go into a second election round, and I was told that he has been protected by me because I have supported him via Lykke. I was told that the Copenhagen University, where Lykke has returned to after having been MP of the Parliament some years, doesn’t believe that you are hypocritical anymore meaning that they are taking me in to, and yes how are you doing there, Mads Fuglede (?), who also works there, and do you still wear the yellow jersey (?), and when would you like to stand forward giving me your apology for deserting me on Facebook and telling me and the world lies?

Queen Margrethe’s “tool of creation” is used to create room for all previous layers of life via Mary and Johannes

I woke up with hiccups as I also did yesterday.

The speech starting at 05.00 started when I was told that Israel has 3-4 intelligence agents here in Denmark, and people have a tendency to die from poisoning because of them, and I was shown the outer joint of one of my fingers disappearing symbolising my death, and I was shown and told that Manchester City has scored to 1 to 0, so you also wanted to kill me, my dear friends of Israel, not least you Benjamin Netanyahu (?) as I am shown here.

I was told that the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 was with the purpose to be dominant against the Arabic countries around it in order for the World Elite to take over the whole region as we see now as part of the money game to receive central banks and the power to issue and control money.

We could not deliver the newspaper if this had also not happened.

Naser Khader was almost revealing himself by writing about information he has received about me, which he otherwise could not know about.

I was told that Naser is deeply anchored in the Hudson Institute think tank in Washington – part of the dark game of the World Elite – but in reality he is even more anchored in me.

I was told that when Denmark defeated Malta in football the other day, Italy also won over Bulgaria in our qualification group and the other results also went our way because of Morten Olsen and his view on me.

This (darkness of Washington) is what is giving me serious pain to all of my teeth as I feel now, and it was vital to go through this darkness to survive but we had to balance on a knife edge because it could have become the end of us also because of my view on attacking Syria two years ago, and I felt Obama, and also BP and so on as I was told meaning that Syria and the Middle East/North Africa crisis is also to secure oil of the region on the hands of the World Elite.

Now we pour out much cream because it seems as if this attack is over with, it will not be launched because of the attention of the world and my decision not to attack.

I was told that “I would include Vatican on the list of what to research” – as part of the World Elite.

This information only comes because of the progress of my new website.

It corresponds to running after a white bread without being able to run.

Clint Eastwood and so on, and did my writings on him and how much I loved his film turn him over on my team to help this campaign of mine (?), and I feel Obama again, and that is also to stop your campaign against Obama, Clint?

I was told that my mother would have been the next victim, not John, which is how we disguised it with everyone including me believing that John would be the target, but it was really my mother, and that is if this bald game did not work out.

And all was about being able to print money everywhere, to receive world control.

And is it this lead that Naser via his work in Washington now working for me behind the lines is also bringing (?), yes via parties etc. when he is entertaining people about just how important he is also knowing me.

This is what it took to get these layers of life in. We could also not do it without the Netherlands.

Naser is the coin of all of this, who was sent out as my servant, and I felt him as “very close” to me.

And this is with Beatles and Bach and Beethoven and all of them, because they, i.e. Washington, listened to Naser, and why not send this out to “all the lonely people” – “where do they all belong” (?) – because my mother and I listened to this Beatles song the other day making my mother say that she likes it much :-).

Naser only received part of the virus on Sanna’s balance nerve, and it was up to you to find the rest.

Those sinus tones were also good enough to wake us down here, which is about the meditation tones I listened to in Lyngby to bring me energy, which was also heard down at deeper layers of life.

So from here it is Champagne football.

I was told about clairvoyant people feeling me as “the great Satan” because I was inside darkness rescuing life, and also how “perfectly logical” this was, which everyone will understand but it was “completely impossible” in the moment of experience of people, and this also includes the Arthur Findlay College.

I was told that the spaceship of everything was in the power of the World Elite but to me this comes from the inner Universe of God, so how can this be ….?

What do you do when governments all over the world are attacked by evilness from the inside using freedom of the world to bring it to its fall?

I was told that Tokyo won the election of the International Olympic Committee yesterday – before Istanbul and Madrid – to host the 2020 Olympic Games because of briberies (!), and also coming from Osaka.

This morning could also have been my last day working because of the load of work I had to do on my scripts of yesterday and today and feeling poorly, but after a couple of hours I felt somewhat better, but there was hundreds of days when it was impossible to work, which could have stopped me (a long time ago).

I was told that there’s a kind of hush all over the world – the World Elite still doesn’t speak publicly about me.

I received the feeling of Elton John and ”we cannot stand him”, which is what some people may feel about him, and I felt that this is also what many of the World Elite felt about me because of my communication speaking the truth straight out about people and myself.

I was told that I could also write that I would have liked to buy some t-shirts at only 50 DKK a piece (VERY cheap) at the men’s store at Espergærde Shopping Centre when I collected flowers there September 2 for my mother but I could not afford it, and I have had to remove the gene called “I would like to have this or that” and the feeling that “I cannot live without it” and simple say that I can, and I will receive a normal life too one day.

I keep being given feelings of Brede Park, which is about Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune thinking of me, and also about previous colleagues working at Danske Bank.

Is it a comfort to know that Kim B. – my old class mate – has been gasping for breath (to survive)?

No, we don’t hesitate anymore, which is because you don’t hesitate or think twice about publishing your new scripts, and at 13.45 today I published my script of yesterday bringing the message to the world that also the rich bank families have surrendered meaning that there is now nothing holding up the last darkness because this news will spread.

I was told that my mother would have died from heart uneasiness after my father brought darkness extra strength after his death.

Was Irina also a weapon of Putin against you (?), and yes we almost became sweet hearts in 2005.

Are we going to get more ships into the lake (?), no, not in principle, but …

It is hard to say it but there are no more bags – also meaning that we have saved everything of our old creation, and this new life has nothing to do with this lake or our bags.

What can we use you for if we cannot use you for sex (?), which is about Karen’s thoughts of me now also being restored.

I first went to the library at 16.00 today because of work at home, and Leif welcome me at our two man office saying that he had reserved the place for me refusing another (!), and yes, this is still wrong, but it shows his change of attitude. I was given a strong wind of nothing blowing through my head as a result of his actions.

Now we are as tall as your mother, but first now.

I was told that Johannes the mayor feels guilty about me, which is also what gave me chest pain this morning, however this pain is normally about lack of faith and negative plans of the Commune, which this is not.

Leif has been very cold for days, and he spoke about how his nose was running, which made me tell him that he has to run along then not to lose it, which normally makes people laugh when I speak like this, but not Leif (!), and when he was about to leave the library, he said that his Facebook said “Run time error Facebook”, and I told him with a smile that this is because of his nose running, and now I understood why he for the last couple of weeks several times has said that his computer showed different kind of error messages, which mine did not, and this is about the break down of darkness.

Think that we two should meet in the airport like this (?), which is the story about Kristian from the newspaper of Politiken, see the short stories, which I was told this afternoon was planted by the elite to make me react, and this is what I did at 19.00 this evening when posting my comment, and this will be a message that the world will “be able” to understand, right?

There is a top job waiting on you as judge, which is about this part of me coming up from out of the blue really, this is what this task was also about, and I wonder how the world is going to react on this, and will they be weak thus giving me another bad sleep (?), we will see?

This Jytte Gambit would like to help you with – I don’t know who she is and maybe “Gambit” is a referral to a superhero, whom I also don’t know about.

This is how we avoid pulling up the rest as one big blood lump (including all layers of life).

I finished work at 19.30 and left the library.

This was then the second warning – which was said by layers of life on the way in.

My meat loaf tastes better than the supermarket (my mother’s impression from what I tell her) together with influence on big bankers etc. is the most unlikely cocktail, but it works pulling out life.

Is it me, who did not want to enter yesterday, who has to bite the sour apple (?), and then I received an “E3” to my oven with the message that this is not enough yet, and no, I don’t care, I am not done working so when you can enter, I am sure that you will.

This is instead of having to blow up anything, which requires reactions of the world.

It also includes Johannes all the way in here, and I received chest pain again, and I was told that this is because he is the liaise to this layers of life and I was shown a horizontal eight for “eternity”, and wasn’t this Christian D’s task (?), and maybe both, I am just writing.

Then we take that in Hørsholm and combine it with Høsterkøb (close by where Kim B. used to live) and a little here ….

It is still a choice between mashed potatoes – or the blood lump – and do the last work, which feels impossible to do.

I was shown Derek Jacobi as Hamlet for the second time today and here together with a skull, and he did a big impression on me watching him on TV many years ago, and here he came with the impression as the creator of the first layer of life, who is difficult to get in.

So it is Johannes knocking on my chest, and is he like Christian G. being brought alive in this life without this creation doing it as a messenger of layers of life, and here I am given the feeling that he comes directly from the creator of the first layer of life, and he was the one receiving me in Helsingør and only if I did my best I would succeed making him believe thus opening to me.

I am now the most powerful man, aren’t you happy about that (?), and yes I am happy doing what I am created to do and it makes me happy, which is NOT to be misunderstood as self-satisfied or anything else negative.

I was shown a news item on TV about the U.S. Congress discussing Syria, and I was told that they are also discussing with the participation of Stig, which no one knows, and I felt that Obama is playing a game when he is retreating on military action.

Is George Bush Jr. also involved in this behind the façade (?), and he is the next we are coming to and I was given a sound to my oven.

I was told several times that it was important to write an email to the Commune – and Johannes – about my latest work on my website on bankers etc., but no, there is no natural reason to do this, so I will NOT do this, we have to do as good as possible without this.

Wait a minute, is there a club of former U.S. Presidents via Bush, which you are bringing down too via your message today via Kristian, see the short stories.

Well, isn’t this about whether or not Johannes believes in me and my writings on the dark New World Order as the condition to open into here.

Was a battue launched on you also including China (?), and is there anyone else wanting to report to the chorus (?), and yes we believe the world will be a better place without Stig, we can much better self, really?

Yes, you will wait sending your email to not only the Commune but the Danish Parliament and the United Nations until you are ready with your work, and that is if I can.

I was told that Mubarak was a key man to introduce the dark New World Order in Egypt, but then it could not go quickly enough.

Karen and that arrow there is also going through Nefer (old Aon colleague), and what does she think of me (?), what does the jungle drums of the insurance industry say about me with most of my old colleagues not being my Facebook friends, but Nefer’s and my old colleague, Anja (we had a three man group at Aon), is and she is known to have a big mouth, so if you believe in me, Anja, I am sure that you are spreading this, and yes she is in Topdanmark Life Insurance today together with Jan Hoffmann and a couple of others may know me there too.

What did Acta and the founder, the VERY rich Alfred Ydstebø, think of Stig when they closed down their business (?), and yes they also closed because the management did not do their work properly but were “too busy” to live a luxurious life with travel and entertainment for the sake of pleasure, and I was here given the feeling of some of the management, maybe you Alfred (?), being part of the elite also following me.

We have practised much in this airplane catastrophe drill, and no, it will not happen with me.

This is the greatest energy coming in, which is why I receive some small heart attacks again, and still I can feel them clearly but they are not as big as they used to be because we are “nothing”.

You did not come last in class of those going to pre-school, did you (?), and yes because I was both blind, deaf, negative and better-knowing, and who is this (?), and yes my sister is a good guess.

It is very easy for such a rich man – creator of the first layer of life – to become broke. And this is the story about how I entered the spaceship of everything, and all other comments are superfluous.

I received more pain to my chest – strongly – and this is the way we have decided to go, via Johannes, because he is the closest on you now.

I went to bed at 23.20 but I was not allowed to sleep and instead I received the following information for the next hour before I fell asleep, and yes I was so incredible tired that this is NOT what I liked doing, not at all and I could have decided to reject doing it, and I had to overcome pain to do it, which is what I decided to do.

It is part of creation/gold that I have left on Earth, and I understood that this was the item in Queen Margrethe’s possession – and maybe this is related to the item of Queen Elisabeth too (?), this was the feeling – and when you take a small portion of Perfume (of the Source) from it, you cannot see it.

This is what you use if you run out of water – I was shown Roger Waters, happy birthday my friend – as example when Hillary Clinton brings a GIANT ship, which I was shown at a house end of a Helsingør house, and where are we going to store this (?), and this is when you use a little of this to create space for layers of life in this world, which is what we now finish after having created a good understanding with Margrethe to use this.

Instead of a giant cross (of death), we are now creating a giant dinner table as I see the cross changing into, and this is done by turning around the cross, which we did via Johannes, and I felt my mother too.

Then to USA, and I felt Greenland and was told that this item of Margrethe is also strengthened by her many visits to Greenland (part of the Kingdom of Denmark).

I was shown triangles of the finest cheese (symbolising creation), and I was told that King Carl Gustav of Sweden would also much like to be on this ship, but this item landed in Denmark, which is why I am born here and not in Sweden, and it does not mean much in my optics, but the crucial part is that the road here went via money and a ship route from Margrethe’s father’s father’s time, and yes it was bought back as a kind of treasure trove.

And it is with this that we are doing this journey, and alright I was given the feeling of Crown Princess Mary, and has she overtaken this item, is this how it is (?), yes, it is more proper that it is her and not me leading the world safely in harbour, which is what I hear the voice of Margrethe saying, so this is the connection and that is also to the visit of Mary to the Cultural Yard here and connection with Johannes and me, so there you have it.

And then we can forget about everything of Lofoten in Norway. Was this what really cost the Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg the Norwegian election today (?), so now it is a Conservative new Prime Minister.

Was this ship driven by Hr. Møller (?), which is about Mærsk McKinney Møller or his father, and what is down there in the machine room (?), there are the two coins and I feel Margrethe as a teenager playing father, mother and children, and I feel Sanna and am told about “exchange of babies” ….

So instead of a smoking canon we are receiving the most gigantic horizontal rudder we have ever seen – I see both – and this is layers of life coming in.

The striking power of the Falkland Islands war is nothing compared to this, which is necessary to open up for this, and I am given a loud noise to my oven, so this is what we are doing now.

I was shown my old colleague from Fair and friend Angela standing inside a Tipi having first a cat and then an owl in her arms.

This is the eye on top of the tipi, which you are implementing, and I am shown a GIANT bridge being built, and it is power of these bankers that we are using for this, which is why you now will receive some stomach pain, which I then received strongly.

We are now not only one rotating axis of a French (coffee) press, there are now presses everywhere around us in all kind of editions with or without clocks as I see (other layers of life), and it is one big circus as I am told, and to me it looked more like a Tivoli really.

I was shown frequencies being jammed, and was told that Stoltenberg also tried his HAARP weapon on me, but unfortunately it did not work on Stig, and this would have sent me to dreamland, and I was given the sound of a sunbed (“dreaming bed” in Danish) on my balcony, and is this why you decided to close my access to comment on your Facebook profile, Jens (?), and what did he want to achieve, and was this to protect the richest country in the world including your “oil fund” of 4,300 billion NOK – the biggest in the world – and who owns this money (?), and is this what you wanted to protect from me (?), and what will the new Prime Minister Erna Solberg do, and is that to follow me too (?), and has she said this in her inaugural speech (?), and I here received a double sound to my oven and feeling wood, which is also why we are here meaning that a big part of the finance of the dark New World Order is now gone.

Is all of this what is included down in these blood vessels of layers of life, which we almost can hear singing at us, have you found a way out for us (?), and yes I thought you came in yourself, but it seems as if we are mutually helping each other.

Did my work at Brede Park mean that the EU could not agree on how to get access to this money – how do we get it over on our side?

I was shown Assad of Syria, and has he also followed the man in the chair (?), whom I now see with the back to me, and is this the money man over them all (?), and who is this (?), is this one of the Rothschild family (?), and he is issuing orders from his living room.

I was shown a giant ladder that I am climbing and also how the picture I see is peeled off making me see houses behind belonging to these layers of life, which have really hidden well for a long time, and that is all of the time it took to create this new layer of life, which came through almost an eternity of worlds before ours, and if you think of the magnificent size of this and add maybe “almost an eternity” of layers before ours (?), then we can truly talk about a big big world :-).

And Acta and Alfred Ydstebø was located in Stavanger, which is the oil capital of Norway, so there is a connection between Alfred and people on top of Norway controlling this oil fund also making Alfred part of this “dynasty”, and this is the ones I brought down – I feel Roger Moore/007 here – which is what they are thinking of, and I am here shown a champagne cooler and glasses, which is about their true attitude of my “genius plan” to bring them down, and yes this was the way leading in to the Source, and I am here given the feeling of Anthony Hopkins, which is about “the eyes of evil”, which the film he starred in “the Silence of the lambs” is called in Danish, and this is what evilness of Norway was about, and now you may understand why I was shown the Norway-ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo going down over again back in 2005/06 symbolising the end of the world, but no, it is still here, I see the ferry daily at my window at about 18.30 towards Oslo and about 08.00 I believe the other way.

And this is what I wanted to tell you now instead of waking you up later.

So it was us, I was shown the other side of the room of speaker membranes (speaking into our room) and that is everything which was here but invisible, which said that you cannot continue this world, but this is what we are doing now until the very end so everyone can follow.

This is why we cannot get the Internet working, and I was shown very old and useless bicycles standing in a corner, which has to be because of Christian Philipson not having faith in me, and this is why we cannot bring in the last?

I ended taking notes at 00.25 and was sad because this meant that it would destroy my plans to mainly work on my new website tomorrow.

Google Earth: The North Pole is the third eye delivering “oh, baby baby”

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show sufferings at my place, new patterns – going through dimensions, oneness to come, African, going down?, still wandering, loophole for the gray, the North Pole is the third eye delivering “oh, baby baby”, and Daddy is cool there :-).

FB 090913 Jette 1

FB 090913 Jette 2

Fb 090913 Jette 3

FB 090913 Jette 4

FB 090913 Jette 5

FB 090913 Jette 6

FB 090913 Jette 7

FB 090913 Jette 8

FB 090913 Jette 9

FB 090913 Jette 10

Fb 090913 Jette 11

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Jimi has been disappeared for 1-2 years as my Facebook friend and now suddenly today, he showed up again – the same phenomenon as with Britt but Jimi took very long to return.

FB 090913 Jimi

  • Kevin received an answer from the Danish medical giant Novo Nordisk, which produces “medicine” for diabetes, on his offer to share his story about how cannabis-oil has cured him for diabetes, and yes they make BILLIONS of DKK on their “medicine” and as they said Novo Nordisk only focus on medicine based on proteins, and cannabis is not within their “area of interest”, which is the same as saying that they are NOT interested to cure people, only to make MUCH MONEY on people, and he also did the same some time ago with “Kræftens Bekæmpelse” (“Fight of cancer”), who gave him a “lose talk” as reply, and yes there are cheaters all over the world and when the media don’t write about it, they have not been revealed.

FB 090913 Kevin

  • More information from Jerry.

FB 090913 Jerry

  • For more than one week I have been concerned about Meshack, which made me sad and was also part of breaking me down (!), and now he decided to let me know that he is doing well after having had some fever, and I can only conclude that because Meshack “could not” communicate – or ask David to let me know that he was alright – it made me feel poorly too and that was completely unnecessary. But I was happy finally to receive news, which is better late than never, which still goes for Elijah and John, but no, they “cannot”, and what is so important that it is keeping you away from me (?), and yes the Devil is and “completely unnecessary” that is …..!

Meshack 090913

  • Kristian, the writer of leading articles on the newspaper Politiken, brought the article below of “poor money pours out of the banks every day” (about banks lending out money, which they don’t have themselves making the debts of the community rise and bringing crisis after crisis), and he wrote “I hope that people will read this, wonder about it and want to check if it is really true (Let me help: It is not, it is nuts)”, and Atle asked him to explain, and he said that it corresponds to stop traffic accidents by forbidding cars and that operation of banks is very useful, and concluded that the writer of the book, which the article is based on, does not know what a bank is, and he said that the solution is to regulate banks, and yes that would help, but no, Kristian, this is NOT the truth, so this is why I decided to send you and the world my reply ……

FB 0809 090913 Kristian

  • …. here, where I told him that this starts in the central banks, their managements and the few rich families owning and controlling the big banks, central banks and industries of the world including the governments and organisations like the UN etc., which is kept secret by the same and the media, and I encouraged him to write the truth about these banks and their money produced from out of thin air to make people understand it the same way as I have written about it on my new website, which is only ¼ finished, but still he and the world can already learn from it now unless he is too stupid, brainwashed or simply keep this information from the world as part of the secrecy of the media not writing the truth to the world. And I told him about how the incredible amount of risky derivatives without government control is supposed to bring an economical breakdown to the world as part of the end game to create the road for one new world government, one  bank, one currency, military, religion etc., and then I told him about the dark NWO to eliminate 80-90% of the world population and to mind control the rest as work slaves including reproduction control etc. only to satisfy the needs of money, power and sex of the world elite.

FB 090913 Til Kristian 1

  • And this would lead to martial law, and this story is so nasty and evil that most people don’t even want to listen to and understand it, and most of the so called elite also don’t understand about it and that is the world order, which they have decided/accepted, which is why I have decided to write about it to make the stupid world elite understand what they were truly doing to the world, which could not be done without the media keeping it hidden, and I told him that this NWO will now NOT become our future, my NWO will, which will not only save everyone but bring FREEDOM and RESPONSIBLITY to all including eternal life and happiness beyond imagination, and I encouraged him to start writing about me and this NWO instead of being a WIMP, and also that he is not the wise man and role model as he would like to be – and a “star” on TV2-News – because he is truthfully pathetic and the man playing the role “the wise man who is really dumb”, and did you get it Kristian, and also Bo, the editor-in-chief, and all of the media and the rest of the world (?), and yes THERE WILL BE NO BANKS IN OUR NEW WORLD, and everyone of you knew or should know that this is what was destroying the old world, and still you let it happen because you were weak and decided to accept money, power and sex of the Devil instead of doing what was right, and yes when a few people did like John F. Kennedy, they were murdered, and then you went back to the old order because “no, we don’t want to get murdered”, and yes WIMPS is what you were all of you, and that is keeping 7 billion people of the world as victims of a few families of the world, and how could you be so corrupt and weak, and yes I am asking you, and do you look forward to giving the answer and yes to get out of your bubble of evilness and receive TRUE freedom of speech?

FB 090913 Til Kristian 2


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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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