September 11, 2013: Bringing in previous Universes via the worst darkness (big bankers) including this inner diamond of everything


Summary of the script today

10th September: Our New World will include all previous layers of life as part of us as the new outer layer of all

  • Dreaming of Camillas’s family loving me, taking on sufferings to spare my mother and John, the quality of our world is extremely poor and it is now improved by previous layers of life entering, warm feelings of Preben and I, bringing in new plates still receiving resistance from my sister and her husband, I will not accept tax/life deductions, and then a dream about destruction of creation, which is desperate to survive.
  • We never thought that we would afford being able to clean up this mess in here, which is to order all previous layers of life inside the diamond/pyramid of our New World. We have difficulties bringing all layers of life inside because of my mother – being the world – only “knows” about me inside of her but does not have faith in me with her awakened mind, which means that we cannot get everything through also meaning that the rest will enter as “mashed potatoes” via faith of Johannes the mayor, but everything will be fine in the end when everything will be united. The spirits of my mother and father have finished creation and it is these layers of life, who have learned my mother’s language to enter, which they amplify themselves. When we will start up our New World, it will also start all of these layers of life – previous universes – as part of the New World as the new outer layer. The force that will light up our new layer is all other previous layers.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a big window to look through, Antarctica telling stories, kid not satisfied with all that human stuff put into his mouth, big plates removed for making window bigger, shaking experience, ready with a knife, a very clear example of ONENESS and the Danish comedian Søren Rislund on the sky after I saw him playing God on TV the other day.
  • Short stories of Helena showing teeth, Jan Monrad calling God, The Syrian chess game of Obama also including Putin, John McCain being exposed to the world, 9/11 as an inside job for the first time on mainstream media, the general director of Danish National TV/Radio being the Devil and now a murderer too, and once again Denmark was WRONGLY appointed as the country having the most happy people, which no one can see is WRONG!

11th September: Bringing in previous Universes via the worst darkness (big bankers) including this inner diamond of everything

  • Dreaming of receiving warm feelings from Queen Elisabeth, Helena is preparing “life” too, darkness is still chasing and patronizing me on my train journey, I cannot drive quickly on my bicycle, and I am liberating the island of God from darkness of EU and banks.
  • The play, which can stop at any time if I cannot continue work, continued when I received the smell of sulphur and burned meaning that we cannot get all of these layers of life in (because of lack of faith in me of my mother), which will turn into “mashed potatoes” like a bombed privy. I received a STRONG feeling of airplanes wanting to crash land, and I can ONLY say that I want everything perfect, which made them stop and gave me a mark/pain to my left testicle to say that they understand that this is the way to enter, and it goes through my mother and my continuous work to influence my family, friends etc., thus the world, and to bring more faith to bring this life in.
  • I continued work on my new website and now understand that the wars of the Middle East and North Africa is about bankers wanting to secure oil, oil trade in dollars – backing the dollar to secure faith of the world in the dollar – and the central banks, and not about bringing freedom to the people! I will not stop this work before I have finished it, which may still take weeks. When I am understanding, letting other understand and dissolving this system of bankers it also means that I am bringing all of these layers of life (previous Universes) in from the worst darkness of all where it is located. The worst there is, these bankers, is also the inner diamond of everything.
  • No one was able to survive the “treatment” the world gave me, which is why they were completely sure that their dark New World Order would be implemented, because when not even Stig can help us, who can (?), and they knew that they were leading the world directly to its end, but still no one could stop it because of fear of the dark system and poor communication, amazing right?
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show little heads making big ones, just to make you smile, freedom of life getting out of darkness, unpleasant memories from my childhood, angels take care of the sick, a big heart for you, a portrait with no head or tales.
  • Short stories of Bob not believing in God or Morten Olsen – “Bob, Bob, Bob” (!), the 12th anniversary and last of the 9/11, most media are still WIMPS in relation to 9/11, asking Danish national TV/radio to remove the F-word, the Syrian game discovered, and I don’t have much more “marzipan” to give.


10th September: Our New World will include all previous layers of life as part of us as the new outer layer of all

Dreaming of the quality of our world is extremely poor and it is now improved by previous layers of life entering

I slept not very well from 00.30 until 09.20 receiving these dreams.

  • I am together with Christian, Camilla’s brother, and I feel how much he likes me, his parents are there too, and there is a show and in comes Steve & Jack to perform, and they have only been paid 2 DKK and encourage us to give tips. Later I see a cat and I decide to stroke it, which it loves immensely and even more when I do it compared to the owner of the cat. Later we go to a restaurant where I sit poorly together with my girlfriend on cross of the table of my mother and John, and we have pre-ordered wine of 1,200 and 600 DKK, which my mother and John are supposed to pay, and when I sit there I feel that it is wrong and too expensive, and I cancel the order and say that we will settle with wine of the house at our table regardless of what they will have at other tables, and it makes John thank me and say that this would ruin them, and the servants say that they will have to earn their profits at other tables.
    • I loved Camilla’s family and I do believe that they loved me including Christian, who still tried to fight me when he learned about my scripts and “unreasonable stories” of Camilla, him and their family. You will NOT see tips in our New World, people will receive pay via “work hours”. The wine is to say that I am taking on sufferings to save my mother and John. I was told about Steve & Jack, who lived here in Denmark and was famous here years ago, that this is how we feel it, he never forgot about you.

  • My mother has prepared steaks and different kinds of fish/scrimps to be used as basics for the menu of a restaurant of very good quality, but they say that the food has been very poorly prepared, the steaks have been fried uneven and the fish are a disaster with some “naked scrimps”, other not cooked, and this is the last time that they will do this kind of co-operation, and they will not even serve the fish. I am there with my mother and many others about to being served this food, and I notice how my mother receives this truth, which is just the truth and not meant to hurt her, but she decides to believe that this is a setup to hurt her, and I feel her as if she is Queen Elisabeth, and also to increase their own turnover, and the restaurant replies that they would receive a much greater turnover if her food had been alright.
    • This is about the creation of our world, which is both uneven and or very poor quality compared to what comes to us via these previous layers of life – but recently it was the finest imaginable quality, but apparently not nearly good enough – and I do believe that they will help us “upgrade” the quality to make the experience of our restaurant too the best quality.
  • I have bought an expensive espresso machine at a store in Hellerup, and I tell Preben about it but he does not know the store, and we are now at his basement where I have made a cappuccino of the finest quality, and Preben and one of his friends have also made cappuccinos of fine but somewhat lower quality from a somewhat cheaper, but still fine, espresso machine, and we taste each other cups.
    • This is about “warm feelings/love” we are born with.
  • I am with my mother and John in a GIANT IKEA to find some plates, which I need, but Sanna and Hans want to hide them from John because they believe that he is too old and need to be protected, and something about packing them in without commercials for me making me sad. They have many slippers in size 42 costing only 29 DKK each, and I try them but cannot fit them, and I need to have size 45 costing 59 DKK.
    • I do believe that the plates are meant for our new construction, and Sanna and Hans keep information away from John, which they and my mother don’t want him to hear because they believe he is too weak, and yes wrong it is. The slippers are about individuality.
  • Something about calling Preben B. at Danske Bank – who has the same name as Preben, my old colleague/friend, but this man is an old tax expert – but I am told that it is not him, but the other with this name.
    • Tax is about deductions of life, which we will not accept here.
  • I am in Snekkersten at our old row house, and Lars G. wants to use work of mine to do sales together with Pia Kjærsgaard – using direct copies of my points and I see that in his scenario they form pins around a fiord – and when I decline, he completely loses his temper going nuts/bananas doing everything to enter the house, which makes me close windows and doors, but he enters through a small window and fall down on “taxes”, and I am together with Pia Kjærsgaard, who starts crying, and I show Lars out and says that even to me it is impossible to get into the inner side of his head to make him stop.
    • Lars G. is an old symbol of God, and is this about parts of layers of life doing everything they can to enter me and our New World without being able to do it no matter how desperate they are with a doom to be terminated (“tax”) (?), and I was told that apparently I have lost 6 to 0 destroying creation without knowing about it, and it makes me wonder what this is about because normally I am shown the road of God, but not here, and then again, I know that this is only a game by now, but still I don’t like it.
    • Later I was told “is this also about Lars” (?), which it then is, and is this about your wish to return to me as best friends, Lars (?), and if it is, just call me!

Our New World will include all previous layers of life as part of us as the new outer layer of all

I received SAGA’s “Money talks” and the lyrics “Tell me anything that you want, ‘Cause we all know that money talks” and “It’s all part of the game”, which of course is about the bankers that I write about these days.

Everything is bound together by Unicef, which is an organization not what it seems like, and yes they were customers at Danske Bank Freeport too (they have their world head quarters there), where I worked from 1986-88, and I felt milk powder, and is there a plan to kill a large number of babies in the third world with polluted milk powder (?), and maybe you would like to stand forward telling the truth?

I was shown a guard in front of the Royal Palace in Denmark and was told that they have a guard on because of me, and I felt Mary again.

Do we have the rainbow jersey (the world champion in cycling) on in every case (?), and yes not easy to continue work again today.

Mary has no one to turn to so don’t be surprised if she calls you, and yes you are welcome Mary and you too, Frederik, to come by for a cup of coffee too. Just call or send me an email if you like.

Do you know where the coat comes from (?), I just asked my father, and no, he doesn’t know too – i.e. from where the force of the Source comes from – which does not correspond to what I was told recently that we now know.

No they were not lucky in Egypt to change government as they wanted, and is it so that USA work together with extreme Muslims, who are really their friends, but look as if they are the enemies (?) – as with Al Qaeda etc., and this looks to be part of their evil game of the world.

Isn’t if funny if Jørgen H., Kim S’ father in law, was part of the elite too thus influencing Kim negatively for many years?

I am sad never to receive any support from outside from anyone from governments, media, military, religion etc., and I was given some talk about how my scripts on this and that is received by people to cheer me up, and no, not very easy to be practically alone doing this, and also not to have any of my family or friends supporting me except from a little by Jette and LTO.

We have not been to Cyprus too to change colour have we?

Don’t you think that Irene (from Aon) is attentive to you?

I was told about the lamps that we previously set up to receive energy, and with a smile that it is because it was really previous layers of life inside of here, and when we remove these lamps, the force that “lights up” our new layer is really all other previous layers, this is how it has been decided.

All of my Inca-kingdom is inside this ship too, and I feel that this is the kingdom of the original creator of the first layer of life.

Jimmy has also suddenly woken up from dreams of you.

This corresponds to digging up Snekkersten Station (of darkness) with roots.

I finalized and published the script of yesterday at 15.45, and yes I will work until approx. 18.00 today just to get through it as the goal of today, and hopefully I can work on my new website again tomorrow.

We never thought that we would afford being able to clean up this mess in here.

We will soon buy a new suitcase for you to transport ourselves, and yes no matter how I do this life will come in anyway.

No, we were not at South Germany at the same time, and I here feel my old friend Kirsten, who obviously have been there too, and yes family is what they say that we are with her mother and my mother having the same father as I understand it, and yes Rommel you know.

No, you have decided not to give him any gifts yet, which is what previous layers of life understands from my layer, and this is wise because we are going to use some of this to open the lid of everything, and that is if I cannot continue working, let us see.

Is this about having switched on one Internet channel and then we will use his setup to change channels with, and this is what we are now about to have up and running, and yes this is what the difficulties with the Internet was about.

I continued working until 18.15, where I had enough.

I received “Anna Stesia” by Prince and the lyrics “liberate my mind”, which we are coming at.

I was told that “kill, kill” is me – the creator of the first layer of life – who has written the script of this all the way from in here.

I did not watch Armenia against Denmark late this afternoon, but I watched some of the comments after the match, and Denmark had a 0-4 defeat to make up, and they did it (!), they had received courage to play and won by 1 to 0 on their home ground, and the studio host said that John “Faxe” Jensen again had the same tire on, which has given two wins earlier, which made John say that he would bind it around his forehead, which made me receive the feeling of the “hotshots” movie, where I do believe that Topper has a tie around his forehead like this (?), and is it also inside a Tipi (?), and at least “tie” is a symbol of life, and here it is about “original life”, which is what it means to have you on our team, Morten Olsen, which is why you have “suddenly” received courage to play again, and where in the world do you think that this comes to you or is removed from you collectively (?), so now the question is if you will make it to the world cup (?), and yes it still look impossible/difficult, but just maybe this is also a symbol about my impossible journey, so who knows, we may be seeing each other in Rio next year at the world cup, if not before, what do you have FAITH in?

Yes, haven’t we gone through the worst now with Karen and so on?

I received the feeling about the government of Scotland having learned about the banking system via my new website, and it is not so that there are several governments around the world not knowing the truth about the banking system just like Kristian from Politiken (?), and I was given the feeling of the previous Danish Prime Minister Poul Nyrup who also did not know even though he was an economist?

What if I say that your mother has known all along about you inside of her? And this is what makes me say either I will enter or I will stay out here (my mother having faith inside of her, but not with her awakened mind), and will you then influence your mother on Thursday, in two days, when you will go to see Michael Falch in Tivoli (?), and no, this game is over with.

This means that we can only bring six layers of life in at the same time meaning that we cannot make it all come through, and also that no matter what some will enter as “mashed potatoes”, and no, you will not receive the approval of doing this, we will have to prolong the game then.

Is it this life that we have started hanging up to dry?

Still we will make it coming through in the golden chair at the end, and it corresponds a little to saying that you are not welcome.

How big is the impact of Johannes in relation to my mother (?), can he handle what my mother cannot because he has much bigger capacity – as the creator of the first layer of life – so this is what we do, and we will unite everything at the end. And because of Johannes we will continue to drive straight out and only because of this, but despite of this, we will still continue playing the game because this is what is the driving force.

The pressure from the dark voice and also physically is still unbearable.

I felt my aunt, Inge, as I do sometimes, and I was told that she is still out here on the balcony too.

I was told that the spirits of my mother and father have ended the creation and their lovemaking, and it is us – layers of life – who have learned your mother’s language, which we use to enter, which is then what we amplify ourselves, and I felt the creator of the first layer of life inside the spaceship of everything.

Surely no one is so stupid to enter directly into our trap, and I felt Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune when I moved there and registered to receive cash help, and this is about the system, which wanted to trap me, but you did not know that the wise one was fooling the less wise ones.

It means that your mother – the New World – is perfect (with some updates …), which we are not, and we have to be too you say, and you will first finish work when we are.

What has your father installed in you (?), a switch to start up everything including all layers of life inside the new layer.

I was told that my friend Kirsten’s mother, Inge, has almost clairvoyant feelings for you and I felt that she has faith in me, and yes I have always been a star in her eyes, and the perfect man for her daughter, which I never wanted to become.

Has Sidsel spread the news about you in the tele-sector, which is why she started working for the tele-company “3” in 2009.

I received the feeling of the spaceship of everything and was shown an “air-wave” of it flying around as incredible small in a bow inside my living room, so we are right here meaning that we have already come out, so what do we wait for (?), and yes to finish my work and still not everything has come out as I understand.

I have continued receiving feelings of Valby, Copenhagen, these days, which is where Lars G. lives, so you are thinking of me, Lars?

I also often receive the feeling of Falck in Lyngby, who are still not finished with me now two years after I was there.

I felt my old friend René and how he has turned from negative/not believing in me to a smiling Pierrot, and don’t you believe it is about time that you gave me a call again, René (?), and yes he stopped seeing me in 2010 when I published my scripts, which he simply could not bear.

Google Earth: Big plates removed for making window bigger the Danish comedian Søren Rislund on the sky

Short stories of Helena showing teeth, Jan Monrad calling God, John McCain being exposed to the world, 9/11 as an inside job for the first time on mainstream media, the general director of Danish National TV/Radio being the Devil and now a murderer too, and once again Denmark was WRONGLY appointed as the country having the most happy people, which no one can see is WRONG!

FB 100913 Jette 1

FB 100913 Jette 2

FB 100913 Jette 3

FB 100913 Jette 4

FB 100913 Jette 5

FB 100913 Jette 6

FB 100913 Jette 7

I felt Tommy Kenter when writing this story about Søren Rislund, and I am here told that it is because they know that I am VERY TIRED as Tommy was in his sketch in the Circus Revue in the end of the 1970’s, and I write about telling Jan Monrad about Søren Rislund “yesterday”, which is really today because this comment of mine is first written “tomorrow”, but the picture is from today, got it?

FB 100913 Jette 8

FB 100913 Jette 8B

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena said that she is showing teeth, and soon you will Helena with teeth being “everything”.

FB 100913 Helena

  • The comedian Jan Monrad may have received my message the other day, where I was told that he knows about me, because here he said “Telephone for Our Lord”, and first it made Josephine inspired to say that it reminds her about one of the U2 Zoo TV concerts where Bono called the United Nations having a voice mail about Third World Nations facing genocide as you can see below, and I decided to tell him that I received his message, and the true and free telephone line is below so he can just call me, and also that the UN voice mail is only funny until people will understand that this was in fact the plan of the UN via elimination of 80-90% of the world population etc.

FB 100913 Jan 1

FB 100913 Jan 2

  • I felt Putin, and was told, is this the end of the Syria war then (?), is this how the game was designed, and this is about Russia suggesting Syria to hand over its chemical weapons to remove the threat of USA starting a military action, and was this agreed between Obama and Putin some days ago (?), and I receive big smiles here. And when I first heard about this proposal of Russia, I was given the feeling of Obama together with “a game” and really a chess game, so this is how you put it together, you and Putin decided to talk, agree and “just do it”, and instead we have seen the U.S. Congress and the world media on thin ice showing its incapacities.

FB 100913 BBC

  • John McCain is told the truth STRAIGHT OUT that people do NOT want war by this Syrian woman exposing him to the world for everyone to see that he is one of the hawks wanting war (for their own purpose not caring about the suffering Syrian people) and also standing behind the attack using chemical poison, right (?), and no, I don’t believe that Obama ever wanted to go to war, it is part of the game you know. Is it simple things like Clint Eastwood now supporting Obama, which makes McCain change his attitude (?), and he was chosen to be exposed to show simple minded people of the U.S. Congress not having a clue of what he talks about, and he went straight into the trap, and I felt darkness concentrated inside at the centre of my palate to tell me that McCain is belonging to the worst darkness of the World Elite, and yes what an arrogant and better-knowing ignorant, and I wonder what your IQ is, John? Later I was told that we have a pleasant surprise to you, which is that McCain is being pulled over to our side too because of this.

FB McCain

  • David Icke writes about John McCain here bringing the missing link to see why he wanted war in Syria, which is what he was bribed to do to “protect” the interests of the financial dictatorship of the Rothschild’s, and yes your days are over too, “my friends”.

FB 110913 David om McCain

  • Here the news of 9/11 being an inside job is finally on mainstream media – of Russia Today – and can it be that Putin has authorised this news to be shared with the world? CONGRATULATIONS for having the courage to do this, my brave people over there, and yes, this gave me a feeling of “calm” inside of me seeing the mainstream media for the first time sharing this story so clearly. Today I was also told that the Danish newspaper Politiken has held an editorial meeting about me and my message to Kristian the other day, and I was told that they have decided to continue being WIMPS, and yes, just to show you this in comparison, and don’t you believe, Politiken and all other media in Denmark and the world that you should start following up on this story and me too because now the ice has been broken, so it should not be that difficult for you to do now, and no, Ekstra Bladet, you did NOT dare when they other did not, it was opposite, you see?

FB 100913 Stig

  • I was told that this accident of a man falling eight metres down and losing his life at a P3 radio party on September 7 was because of my story of P6 September 4, which the Danish national radio (and TV) “could not” follow up on to confirm/show their connection to me by playing “into the light” by Siouxsie & the Banshees on radio, and when you decide to do what is WRONG acting as the Devil, this is what you then bring out this way, and why do I receive the feeling of you Maria Rørbye Rønn (?), who is the general director of this “institution”, is that because this was your decision that “we cannot risk being exposed to the world like this”, and can you feel the nervousness/fear and darkness working through you (?), and no, you do know that what you did was WRONG (?), so why in the world do you decide to do this (?), and this is what deserves you the predicate WIMP too!!!

EB 0809 100913

  • Today, much of the Danish media “swam over” with self-satisfaction and self-happiness because of a new survey – “World Happiness Report” uncritically mentioned here as just one example – appointing Denmark as the most happy country in the world, and you should be able to understand by now that neither these surveys nor the lazy Danes are the most happy people because of what I write at my website of “normal life”? And Michael Wulff decided to be funny saying that the first place was removed from Denmark again because of “doping” with the doping being psychoactive drugs (!), which of course is to say that a country having so many people on these drugs cannot be happy, which should be fairly easy for you to see?

FB 100913 MW

FB 100913 Stig 2


11th September: Bringing in previous Universes via the worst darkness (big bankers) including this inner diamond of everything

Dreaming of liberating the island of God from darkness of EU and banks

I went to bed at 23.20 and slept until 08.40 receiving these dreams.

  • I am going to the Eurovision Song Contest and am waiting on transport. Come from Queen Elisabeth islands, will return, much sand, a mother tells.
    • Music = warm feelings/love from Elisabeth, and sand is sufferings, which she also is.
  • I am at Helena’s house, Søren Pind is there too, and there will come people this evening and she is quickly making Danish Frikadeller (fried meat balls). While she stands in the kitchen, I tell her from the living room that I was fond of her, and we are now good friends which she would like. Something about standing in a reception and I tell people never to lie.
    • No, I was never in love with Helena. I don’t know her! But I would have liked a girlfriend all throughout my journey. She is in the kitchen making food, i.e. life.
  • I am able to get out of my debt, which my mother has helped paying off, after I have been close to going bankrupt.
    • I am still working, and my mother was as weakened as I, but I had to work hard constantly, which was the difference.
  • I am going two stations on the train from Helsingør to Espergærde, and I think that I can hide from the ticket inspector on the toilet, but the ticket inspector sees me, he speaks about automatic payment, which I don’t have, and he speaks down to me, and so much and slowly that I don’t get off at Espergærde, but have to get off at the next station Humlebæk.
    • The ticket inspector is still darkness after me to receive my payment, i.e. energy, as it has for years in my dreams.
  • I cannot drive quickly on my bicycle anymore, my sister gives me a bath and Fuggi is testing a new bicycle behind me.
    • This is how I feel everyday when cycling to town, when it is almost impossible to get started and to turn around the pedals.
  • I am playing chess and have arrived at an old Danish island very far away out in the middle of one of the big oceans. It is also connected with EU. It is 300 kilometers long and has a population of 200,000. We have a local guide telling us that the people there live in traditional houses. I am surprised to see MANY Spanish tanks on the island, which are there to protect. We are out walking, my old class friend Tine H. is with us, we are in good moods, we pass a lake with MANY turtles and small crocodiles too. I have no shoes on, and there are worms etc. on the path to look out for. We arrive at town, which I am surprised to see looks like “old Danish” city buildings with an exotic twist, and they and the streets have old Danish names too. I notice a bank. We enter a hotel where we will live, I am with Camilla and her family. Johannes tells me about the island, he reads up from a book about how a dictator is running the island. My bicycle is there, and I have my wallet in my back pocket.
    • This could be an island similar to the Danish West Indies, and it is occupied by EU/banks/darkness, which I am there to liberate together with people helping me. Small crocodiles are about “little darkness”.
  • I woke up to Dire Straits’ “Telegraph Road” and the lyrics “like a rolling river” and “got so deep and so wide”, which is the river of life.

Bringing in previous Universes via the worst darkness (big bankers) including this inner diamond of everything

I also had a sexual explicit dream, which was because of my mother still gossiping her misunderstandings about me behind my back as I am told.

I am sorry that we don’t jump out of the open window.

Your mother dreams about mysterious men holding her down.

We are right here at the yard if you should need us – with the feeling that if I don’t, we will just continue the game.

Bosnia, a silver arrow goes that way.

I received the smell of sulphur and burned meaning that we cannot get all in after all turning this into mashed potatoes as I understand it. Like a bombed privy.

Maybe this will become better when I do more work?

I received a STRONG feeling of airplanes wanting to crash land, and I can ONLY say that I want everything perfect, which made them stop and gave me a mark/pain to my left testicle to say that they understand that this is the way to enter, which is via my mother, and only if it is completely impossible for you to do this, please do what is necessary to do, your choice.

Have we secured a whole Parken full of people (?), which came together with the feeling of Don Ø, my previous stories of Parken and also about a concert there?

I was told about how Karen hurt me IMMENSELY – for example the day we went to one of the two operas we saw together at the Royal Opera in Copenhagen – where I collected her in Copenhagen, where she had partied from the day before making love to other men, and also about how she is thinking of this knowing how much she hurt me as she has hurt no one, and I was also told about how “completely impossible” it also was for her to believe in me and who I am, but now I am on your mind again, Karen?

And yes I continue receiving sneezes and a half cold.

I received new pain to my stomach and spinal column – practically making it impossible for me to work because of physical pain – coming together with the feeling of Johannes, which is also his thoughts about “I was almost picking him up and sending him to mental hospital”.

I felt the watch, and you are not behind time are you (?), and yes I decide when I finish, and this is the good part about being me, which is that I am finished when I am finished which may be October 5 or weeks afterwards, we will see what happens, I cannot tell it more precisely now because I don’t know how much work is coming to me.

I had hoped to being able to continue work on my new website shortly after lunch today, but it took until 15.30 before I had finished my script of yesterday doing what was on the agenda of this without jumping over the lowest fence as we say here, which now only leaves me short time to work on this today.

And I wonder how “easy” it is for my sister now to speak about my Facebook stories to my mother (?), and yes, if she does not understand who I am by now, she is more stupid than the police allows as we also say here.

We were supposed to be delivered with his final exam, you say (?), but now he is still working way over his final exam, and yes ending a war in Syria, which was also meant to blow up the world if it had gone as planned (?), and I feel Obama here being thankful because it would have been his job to clean up as good as possible when the world was going under, which would have been impossible.

If you go through this “giant ice cream cone” (= much sufferings, but also “Tivoli ice cream” as I once had with Lars G.), we will make it up to you later, and later I understood that this simply is about continuing work on my website, which is not easy to do when there is also much to do on the scripts.

I continued work on my new website both including more information on it and learning more about the history of these bankers controlling governments, the world, the economy and wars, and I received darkness of my father and his voice telling me that this is really how to bring in these next layers of life.

I received more stomach pain when I understood the connection between private bankers and protection of the dollar backed up by oil to make the world have faith in the dollar including war against the Middle East and North Africa when necessary as we see these years – including everything designed to make the public believe that it is an Arabic Spring to remove dictators – when rulers decided to release themselves from the bond of the dollar and trade or even create their own currency without debt to a central bank, which “of course” is totally unacceptable to the bankers thus the U.S. Government, which is the true reason behind all of this, and yes this revelation came through the video below and together with faith of Johannes we are still marching towards the end goal to release the first creator of everything you know, and no, it is not difficult knowledge when you first know it, and now the world knows about it via this script, so come on, will you please bring this news to the world, my dear friends of the media?

And this is what I should not be able to understand … (?), and no, it is easy when you first know, and no, when you have good teachers as I found on the Internet, it is piece of cake, and yes still it is, Kim S. & Jørgen :-).

Have we soon solved the mystery of “unemployment” (?), and I feel that this is about the Commune and yes, Stig is not unemployed, what is he then (?), and yes he is only lacking money because no people will pay him to do his work, which is why he need this system of the Commune, Hell self, to make him survive while he is killing the exact same system keeping him up, and this is what the system is now finally understanding, and that is because STIG IS NOT UNEMPLOYED as anyone can see – I felt Putin too here – and he is only helping us all to get a better life via his work, which is really what I have told you all along, and yes the truth is what I have told you for years, which none of you could or would believe in, and instead you wanted to put me in all other boxes instead, and yes not “cash help”, then it has to be “permanent disability pension” then (?), and yes it was not easy keeping you out of that one, and what do you believe that Lisbeth will tell you in October (?), and could it be that you are released and no longer considered disabled by the system (?) – feeling Angela Merkel here too – and the funny part is that it was the system really making me disabled because of your resistance to me so I was working hard all of the time to make you understand that I was not disabled when I really was, but I could not let that stop me because it would stop everything and now that you will declare me fit for work this is what I will truly become, see …?

I was told that Asger Aamund – a famous business leader here – is reading me and also what the newspapers write about me, which will have to be that their writings are distributed via the secret network of the World Elite, and NO, I will NOT deliver a work, which is not finished (my new website), and this is about one of the six unemployed people on cash help he is mentoring on TV at the moment where a young man having much confidence in himself as intelligent and a potential manager “could not” deliver a finished report on the total costs of public job programmes and counselling when he was presenting it to Asger, and yes it just needed something here and there, and no, when you have an agreement to deliver work, the head rule is that you have finished the work and have done your best, which is a lesson I have from Kim S’ in the 1990’s, which I have done my best always to do, but it has not always been easy to do on this journey on mine because of other work coming in not anticipated or because I could not foresee the amount of work that I would do.

And this is how it is connected, to do more work, and no, I will NOT allow you to do “mashed potatoes” if we can avoid it via my work.

I was told that Leif is the symbol of people/darkness first not wanting me at his side and then to accept me and to become friends.

I continued working until 18.45 on the next chapter to my new website, which I was close to publish today, but no, I am not done with it, but it will come one of the next days.

So these bankers owning the world, are also the people owing all life, you do remember that money is a symbol of life, so when I am understanding, letting other understand and dissolving this system it means that I am bringing all of this life in from my balcony, yes this is the easy connection.

And this is what it is impossible to come through thus making it impossible to bring life, but we have our ways you know.

So the worst there is, is also the inner diamond of everything, thus also making these bankers special to me.

Do they have a special codec too that “Stig is coming”?

Isn’t it funny that they have made meteorologists all over the world silent about “strange weather”, who also fear for their life if they should talk about this being fabricated by man and HAARP, and these bankers pay for the military via taxes the government get in to pay on their loans to the banks also meaning that the military leaders work both for the government and for the bankers – the invisible government on top of it – as the government does too, or normally do because Obama and I are at war with them you know, and Obama must have 9 lives too as I.

We could not have reached deep enough to get all of this out without your father’s death.

Was Karen also a luxury prostitute for the Danish Parliament (?), and yes how many of you know this side of me from this way (?), and do you feel guilty about it?

For days again I have received strong feelings of a presence just on the other side of my main door out on the hallway, and this is Karen and this is just the side of me wanting to destroy everything, which I had to defeat.

I spoke to my mother agreeing with her to meet already at 14.10 at Helsingør Station to go to Copenhagen, and yes the concert with Michael Falch first starts at 19.30, but my mother would like to save money using her OAP bus pass before 15.00, and this makes it possible for us to visit the relatively new market halls before we will have dinner at a restaurant at 17.00 (half price deal) and walk around Tivoli before the concert, and yes it will probably become a good day, but I REALLY do NOT have time to pick out 9 hours of my day (I expect to return home at 23.00) to be entertained because I am busy with work you know.

It was not just a battue on you (of nations trying to kidnap/kill me) because no one was able to survive the “treatment” they gave you, which is why they were completely sure that their New World Order would be implemented, which everyone knew, and this is also why McCain chose the wrong side because in reality he is a good man, but he could do nothing else because when not even Stig can help us, who can (?), and yes they knew that they were leading the world directly to its end, but still no one could stop it because of fear and poor communication, amazing right?

I received the feeling of Acta, and who knows about me too “killing” this business (?), and yes the most professional sales trainer Ole-Bengt as I feel here, and no, no one goes up against him correcting him as I did at a course in 2007 in Stavanger receiving his “killer eyes”, and that is because he was close to Alfred, the founder/main owner of Acta, thus also the New World Order, and eeehhh was Stig Jesus visiting me (?), and he did to the world as he did to me/us (?), yes that’s right, and this power was impossible to defeat because leaders of the world were addicted to WRONG power, money and sex.

During the evening I received much marks/pain to my left testicle, which is still the right way to create.

Do they also know at the KFUM scouts movement about me and my visits every summer for approx. 7 years to their summer camp in Jægerspris (?), and yes it will become fun to meet Anders, Lars, Bo etc. from this camp again these many years later.

Again this evening I was thinking that I will NOT accept “mashed potatoes”, and we will have to take it step by step to make more and more of my family, friends etc., thus the world, know about and have faith in me, thus increasing the faith of my mother in me, to bring in the last of these layers of life, so you have to wait to enter and NOT to become desperate my friends.

So these banks etc. resisting me not wanting to become disclosed comes against me as darkness, and when they don’t want to get out in the open, they are also holding back these layers of life, and WIMPS is what they are.

Was the Russian Revolution also planned by these bankers?

At the end, will we also be able to name the police inspector who ordered me kidnapped and locked up (?), ohhhh yes.

Isn’t it so that Irina was the safest card they had, but she could not kill you because she liked/loved you (?), and yes back in 2005.

I never received sexual satisfaction in my life making me a sexual freak in the eyes of people, and people of darkness who always got what they wanted of casual or kinky sex were not, which is also about the opposite world.

So all of us following you had taken the sorrows in advance meaning that we had prepared all of what you tell us that you don’t want and that includes how to come through being mashed potatoes and so on.

You were only arrested in Kenya because it was almost going wrong back then because of my father too whom I feel here.

When I have encouraged people to call me it is also not a number,

This is why we did not protect your father better than we did – out of your reach.

This is what I was trapped in for a lifetime in order to do and that was to bring it all over to you when dying.

Bent Stuckert, the journalist from DR TV-news, has known about this (big bankers and oil) for years, but been silent.

We have heard a little bird singing,

I received Kim Wilde’s “You keep me hangin’ on” and the lyrics “set me free, why don’t you baby, get off my life why don’t you baby”, which is to be released from darkness.

Google Earth: Unpleasant memories from my childhood and angels take care of the sick

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show little heads making big ones, just to make you smile, freedom of life getting out of darkness, unpleasant memories from my childhood, angels take care of the sick, a big heart for you, a portrait with no head or tales.

FB 110913 Jette 1

FB 110913 Jette 2

FB 110913 Jette 3

FB 110913 Jette 4

FB 110913 Jette 5

FB 110913 Jette 6

FB 110913 Jette 7

FB 110913 Jette 8

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Michael Wulff said that he as “Bob” doesn’t believe in neither God nor Morten Olsen, and he has written the article below about Morten Olsen’s tactics to qualify for the World Cup: “We aim at divine interference”, which is about all other teams losing and the return of Jesus to Earth to play for us, and it made me tell him that he is inspired but Bob’s conclusion is wrong – because it is ONLY possible for this team to quality with my help, which otherwise is “completely impossible” – which I why I give him the “Bob, Bob, Bob” video below, and if he had read my minutes after each national match the latest years he would understand that God/I play on the team too as the invisible 12th player and ALL THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS COME FROM ABOVE including if you are afraid or not afraid to play, and yesterday they were not which has to do about FAITH, and no, no reactions as usual, but maybe there were a few people out there in the country, who understood what this was about (my coming) (?), and still you don’t believe, Bob, Bob, Bob? I was also told that the racing cycling commentator Jørn Mader will now return to TV2 after being out in the cold for is it approx. 15 years (?), and yes, because of me.

FB 110913 MW

FB 110913 MW2

Helt Normalt om Morten Olsen

  • I shared this information on the 12th and last anniversary of the 9/11.

FB 110913 Stig

FB 110913 Stig 2

  • And I shared it with Berlingske too as one media only representing all of the media, which still sticks to the official explanation/lie, and simply called them WIMPS!

FB 110913 Berlingske

  • I asked DR, Denmark’s national TV/radio, to remove the F-word from all places of DR including P6, and you may understand that I do NOT like to receive the word from one of Prince’s well known songs from the beginning of the 1990’s many times during 9.00 – 12.00 where I am still a regular listener, and besides from this WRONG behaviour, which is making me suffer, I do like these people, their knowledge, programme and humour. 

FB 110913 DR3

  • This is what the game was about, which Christiane succeeded to discover.

FB 110913 Christiane

  • Henrik was relieved about a marzipan factory in flames not developing into the Tjernobyl of Marzipan, and no, I generally do not like his attitude, which so many people share with him, and “marzipan” is about “never giving up”, and when this factory is on fire it is to say that I don’t have much more to give, but maybe 1-2 months, who knows?

FB 110913 Henrik



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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