September 19, 2013: Walking directly into PURE LOVE of the first creator where our New World sensa-tionally will be born


Summary of the script today

18th September: Darkness was a dynamo bringing everyone torments using us as energy in order to create our New World

  • Dreaming of clearing the finest people of the World Elite, Rihanna being “the only girl in the world”, and my sister is now on my side helping to clean up the last darkness!
  • I continue working without energy being so tired/dizzy and receiving so big a pressure from darkness that I feel like cracking up/dying every second, which is what I am as my old self, but when I continue working, I keep digging out “gold” of life, and I felt the diamond of everything right in front of my face.
  • The previous other part of me/everything inside of darkness was really wild about seeing me (despite of the darkness that it sent me), and this is what my mother has also taken on her, which she is bringing in after we built the bridge and brought the “big deliverance” the other day at Tivoli. Darkness was really a dynamo creating life bringing torments to me and everyone to use our lives as energy driving this dynamo, this is how to create something from out of nothing. Darkness was not just one Satan – working against me (and everyone) as the dynamo bringing me the worst sufferings – but many depending on the free choice of people with most people being attracted to the temptations of darkness behaving, communicating and working wrongly (“more or less”). Darkness did its best to remove the content of the board – eliminating the world and I – which was primarily my mother (not having faith in me) thus working against me, and this is because it would be impossible to create life here unless you did as you did fighting it. It is all of us – these layers of life (previous universes) – coming in this way via darkness, i.e. via the big deliverance.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a big hand over the dark, Mexico got a free wash, cleaning over the UK, a big head, dangerous people whispering, the blessed Archangel on duty again, really BIG, what do you like best – fire or water, taking care of all, and goodnight (lovers).

19th September: Walking directly into PURE LOVE of the first creator where our New World sensationally will be born 

  • Dreaming of the house of fun, people respecting me, walking through darkness finding my road back, all life has been saved with my sister’s help, Monrad & Rislund helping to bring information from the Source, and Putin tried to use his worst weapon and to bluff USA, but I had control over it.
  • I am now coming back to the Central Station where I was first put down, which is the beginning of everything, and I see a baby being handed down. I am being removed from my mother (as part of my old self as the hybrid being of my father and mother) just to be me. Everything is coming together inside of me including Karen (my other side) and my father to create my heart. I am crossing all lakes of creation to directly enter the creator of the first layer of life, which is the smallest cave of all, which was designed to be impossible for me to enter without the Old World ending. All life will be set in idle in here; but can we be allowed to be here then (?), and yes this is the good part because we have created sustainable life. Had I given up, I/we would have received receiving all gold of creation where I ended my journey, but now I am walking directly into the creation of the first layer of life, where there is no fish (of the Son) in there, and nothing but solid rock, which is what can form into everything, and this is what we will see first and not last when we open the New World, and this is what is truly the sensational part, which is that we went directly into the smallest cave of all, and all I meet in here is LOVE, LOVE and LOVE ♥, and this is where our New World will be born, at the kingdom of the old man of the Source, where we just “are”, and I was given so much sufferings coming here that I felt and looked like a hanged cat.
  • The fuel to keep the world and I alive comes from the creator of the first layer of life, otherwise we would not be able to live (before becoming our new selves), and this is the old man I am playing directly against at this end game of my journey.
  • Karen was beating with drumsticks on your heart, and who created the New World, was it my mother/father or was it really Karen and I (?), and yes the camera is inside Karen reacting on my orders, and as my old self I am the hybrid of my mother and father, so an easy answer to a question I have been made wondering about.
  • At 21.05 I was surprised to see a couple of big light balls on the sky, and when I walked out on my balcony, I was happy to see six big and red light balls, which were flying slowly towards me only between 50 to 200 meters above ground, and I was told that this was given to me as “an honour to you from the world”.
  • Short stories of to like or not to like me on Facebook as the modern Hamlet, the Muslim leaders know about me but are silent, asking the Danish Tax authorities to return what they took from me wrongly, the most cruel behaviour of people leading to suicide of a young woman, spreading the news about me as rings in the water, the Psychiatric Committee of the Danish Parliament was bringing the world to an end if I had not stopped them, encouraging Thomas Blachman to be a true mentor/facilitator and giving him my input as his mentor.


18th September: Darkness was a dynamo bringing everyone torments using us as energy in order to create our New World

Dreaming of clearing the finest people of the World Eliteand my sister is now on my side helping to clean up the last darkness!

I went to bed at 23.50 and slept until 04.00 where I was asked to write my script of yesterday (!), which I had not started doing, and then I received 1½ hours afterwards from 08.40, and these were the dreams.

  • Something about being on expedition in Africa with a rich, black man, many black men, rich people England visit for finance. Their wash power works, but when they demonstrate it on their washing machine, I see that some is running over. We are setting up a table with the very finest service, someone says that there might be something wrong with the slope of the service, which creates a discussion between us after which I will go home. Wives pick up these fine people at Snekkersten, I don’t know the etiquette of what side to kiss people on the cheeks, but they let me know that I am charming. One cannot find his proof of origination (from England), it is a poster, and without this he cannot enter Africa and the tour will be spoiled, but I do believe that he has his passport. A female singer enters with the most expensive perfume, she loves to perform and she sings her new big hit, and she is together with another female looking like her, there are two versions of her.
    • This is about cleaning up the richest people of the world belonging to the World Elite, and we still have some small problems doing the last details, but it looks as if they will be sorted out. And the World Elite may believe that I don’t have the right etiquette (including royals?) when I speak to you directly and not formally, but what if I tell you that it is you being too formal with wrong culture destroying you (?), and no, I do NOT have any “problems” with etiquette, not the least, which you will understand when meeting me. This singer is special to me, and I felt that it is Rihanna, and when I now look her up, I better understand why I have been told about Barbados, because this is from where she comes, and in this respect you are truly the only girl in the world, Rihanna :-).

  • Something about my old friend Kirsten, I use her light and she is afraid that I will destroy it. Kim S. enters, I am busy filling the table with wine. Lisbeth has been on holiday and enters on moped bringing three scones. Later there is a party with my mother, there are not enough buns. My sister and I are cleaning up everywhere and my mother has placed liquorice pastilles everywhere, which we remove. I see my mother on café bringing an old film as a double DVD as one package containing two DVD’s looking the same. Something about having learned the lines together with street actors, and I form a triangle with an elephant and lion, and afterwards I sit with the lion being somewhat concerned that it will be aggressive and bite, but it does not.
    • My sister is now on my side helping to clean up instead of bringing darkness (!), and it is the last darkness mixed with my mother, which we are still bringing in. The two CD’s are my mother from both sides of light and previous darkness now being one, and the elephant is a symbol of God, and I never understood before now what the lion was truly a symbol of, but now I understand, because the lion was God of darkness – “aggressive and biting” – but now it doesn’t bite anymore being part of me, and this is also to Wagas from Outlandish a couple of weeks ago in Mentor when you first spoke of an Elephant, it was about me, and when you spoke about the lion it was about the dark side inside of you.

Darkness was a dynamo bringing everyone torments using us as energy in order to create our New World

I was told “accomplished” and wet tree, and I still receive out of this world pain to my right ankle from time to time, but nothing near the pain I received the first days when this started in 2012 I believe, which has to be the greatest pain the world and I have ever felt.

At 04.00 I was told why don’t you write your script of yesterday, we have nothing as such to say, so this is what I did not knowing that it would take me four hours to do.

We were not as well packed in the airplane as we thought we were, which is also why this work is now needed.

Those Englishmen are not crazy despite of what they say, “mad dogs and Englishmen”.

We can almost not reach Earth, which I understand is the other side of me.

I received “Det er morgen” (“It is morning”) by Bifrost, which it truly was, and yes there is something special about the greatest hit of this wonderful band, and this is one of their top three hits as classical as the others :-).

By the way we are not done with your haircut yet.

It required that you had everything shaved off before you could unite with Karen.

Your mother is no longer a dog in a play of pins, you say (?), and this is the play of billiard, which John likes much, which is about my mother following John and his wrong belief on me instead of just listening to and understanding me.

I continued working with my script of yesterday until 08.10 when I published it without Jette’s pictures and the short stories which I will do after receiving more sleep, and no, I am not going to stay up the whole day without sleep from here.

I was told that this also means that Sanna is now me too – bring transferred from the other side.

Arcade Fire has made a new single, where David Bowie is also singing a little on, and it is called “Reflektor”, and I love it as I do with everything this SUPER BAND has done, and when I think of it, this is truly the best new band around – followed by Muse – and I have to look at my Top 100 list to bring them even higher up and they should really be on my Top 10, this is how good they are (I cannot move you up when I only have access to Spotify’s web-player via the library, but I was thinking of bringing you up to no. 17 from no. 56), but there is not room there (!), and I was told this morning that “reflector” is what I am as the Source reflecting everything of creating giving you what you bring, so this is what the song is about to me (when not having read and understood the lyrics).

I was told that Flemming (friend of my sister and her husband) was lying (about me as I understood) and did not care.

When I left for the library today, I discovered that I am still both tired/dizzy and have difficulties to walk, which is not very funny, and it made the feeling of “work” impossible as usual, but I really just have to sit down and to find my rhythm to forget about this.

Have we now paid the rent times five compared to what you were supposed to do?

Are we waiting on the ambulance to bring you the last way (?), but no, I will walk myself.

I was told that members of the Danish Parliament fear coming out to the stables of the riding ground of the Parliament, which is about coming out telling the truth at our New World, and no, you only have the fear itself to fear because there is really nothing to fear. And is this because it is spreading with great speed that Stig is not crazy at all.

I was given the feeling and told about Pia from Hørsholm and Arthur Findlay College knowing about me but not supporting me because “it is probably best to say nothing”, but NO, this is darkness working making me SAD that you cannot do what is right.

I was told about the Swedish king with no one having had the courage to speak against him making him completely spoiled today, and now he experiences me speaking against him, and how do you behave when you are not used to this (?), and yes your world breaks under because you are WEAK and NOT strong, so pull yourself together Carl Gustav and think of the world and me instead of being self-pitiful.

If I only focused on work, I would not be able to work, but when I focus just to keep on doing what I do until 18.00, it is much easier, and then to swallow the camels going there, which is about work being made, but only working with this attitude, don’t focus on the short but long-term, that’s it.

This means that we are not going to build a new Egypt.

Yes, sadly John only had urine to bring you at the end, because “he could not” do anything, and yes he decided to be weak.

I had trouble finishing the script of yesterday, which was not easy to do after having worked during the night/morning and really not received much sleep thereafter and then to finish working until 14.30 when I had finished the last of the script and published this too, and yes now it is the new website where I hope to be able to break through publishing the next chapter about the 2008 financial meltdown today, and no, Anne Linnet has not shown up yet, so what will it be Anne, and yes you should be a woman of courage but maybe not that much courage?

I really don’t like the curtains that you made me set up in here, Stig, but now that I am over on your side I can see the idea of this, and yes they actually are “pretty things”, and yes we know it touches your heart like almost nothing else, (also this) music of David.

“I warned you against giving up”, which came together with the feeling of Jane at the U.S. Congress. Is this what you were told about me?

Where do we come from, how did we start manufacturing bags (life) (?) – this is what we are coming to.

I was given feelings of giving up all of this 2008 chapter when I was about to end it because of lack of faith that this is right to do – feelings of my mother, but no, I don’t care, I have no alternative to continuing.

When I was about to publish this new chapter, I was told that England has been waiting on this, and I received the taste of onions (of the Source), and later I really published this today (but it still needs more editing).

There is so much gold in here that we did not believe we could move, but this is helped via this the newest chapter on my website, and I here feel David Bowie and “Chinese girl”, and what about China’s role in all of this, you don’t to write about this (?), and no, this is not planned, but I am aware of China “owning” the world too, and I should not be surprised for secret agreements having been made (part of the Rothschild setup?), but no, it is not on the program for my website, I have to stop somewhere.

And no, Anne Linnet did not show up, but I received the feeling of Thomas Blachman during the afternoon, and yes he will become judge of X-factor again, and Remee will return as judge too, and I am wondering if you regret that you threw me out from Facebook, Remee (?), and maybe you have some good talks about this behind my back involving me (?), and no, there is no problem in this as long as you speak the truth and avoid misunderstandings, and can you do this, Remee?

I continued working until 18.20 at the library before leaving.

I received Kim Wilde’s lyrics “set me free why don’t you babe” from “You keep me hanging on” again.

What have they set up in Cincinnati (?), first I received the feeling of an electrical chair and straight away I was shown and told that it has now become an honorary doctor chair, which is about the U.S. elite first wanting to kill me and now to celebrate me.

Karen has now also warned Denis about you – i.e. who I am.

I received the feeling of Jack and was told that he is also part of the big deliverance, and I felt the diamond of everything right in front of my face.

All are returning to me because of love/warm feelings. This corresponds to receive a beer after working hours – returning to me a little late.

Had Uffe Ellemann controlled a bank in secrecy (?), yes not in Germany, which then is in “darkness”, and “bank” is energy, thus life, which he has kept inside darkness because of his wrong actions working for the World Elite, and what do you have to say about this, Uffe (?), and yes only the truth, will you (?), and I hear receive “øf, øf”, which is grunting of pigs in Danish, and yes will you, ØFFE (?), and you do realize that “pig” is also a symbol of life, and now because I have turned you around to the other side of love really, and yes nice song with Yazoo comes because I have listened to “morning on P6” (tomorrow morning when this is written) as I normally do, where they had an interview with Vince Clark, which I liked much to hear and this is both to say that I love Vince’s music and also this radio show, which is really the best that I know of at the moment (despite of the F-word, which they have not yet removed) – followed by the two partners on P7, and again because they know what they speak of and are relaxed, funny and interesting to listen to (and play my kind of music for people with “good taste” as they say), and no, there are not many of those around I am sorry to say.

Karen wanted to work from 9 to 15, so this is what we made real for her.

We send an autumn anemone as the last flower, which is coming to you from Anne Linnet, whom I here feel now in the evening at 20.20 when she is on stage at the Cultural Yard and I am at home, and no, I could not afford to see you, Anne, as I could not with Peter A.G. and many other exciting people visiting this place, whom I would have loved to see.

Believe it or not but your mother of darkness is now willing to give up all of her secrets, which will also tell why I received a life full of sexual torments, and this becomes because of progress of my work, and yes there is now mainly the story about derivatives threatening the world economy and the planned economical breakdown back on my new website, and then I will remove the 9/11 chapter from the dark New World Order site I to II and include the story of UN Agenda 21 on page I, which may take a week to do (not having many hours to work), and yes then there are work to do on my Doomsday page, and I have MANY other notes written down about this and that to add/follow up on, and we will see what I decide to do, but there is enough work lasting into October.

What you did not know is that we (inside darkness – I am shown a black dog) have been wild about seeing you, and this is the part (remaining darkness), which your mother has also taken on her, which she is bringing in.

I felt John F. Kennedy under my skin, and was told that he was not killed before “they” – the World Elite – tried to win me over.

It is me – from darkness – who tried to set you in debt to make you give up.

I had my food in the oven, and it had just finished when the oven switched off with another “E3” message, and I felt that this was the dynamo of darkness doing this now stopping with a clear relieved feeling given to me, and this is what this darkness has been about, which was to use energy of me and all life to run it as a dynamo to create life, which is how you create something from out of nothing. And it is to here that your father returned.

Who was willing to pay everything to avoid your bridge being build to this side (?), yes this is how it works, which is how Rothschild gave up.

We are not just one Satan but many depending on the free choice of people – with most people being attracted to the temptations of darkness behaving, communicating and working wrongly (“more or less”) – and how could I know that you would still come here?

I was told that when my spiritual voice had broken through and spoke through me physically – taking me over, but still I was fully awake hearing what it said – as it did in 2006 for example one evening at the meditation group with Lotus, Lis and Kirsten and when the show was over after some time, the voice asked us to look up where we saw nothing, and it told me that I would receive Michael Laudrup’s luxury house on the beach road in Vedbæk as present for doing what I did – it was NOT me speaking (!) – and this is where they decided that they did not believe in me (Lis and Kirsten at least – do you really believe that I said these words myself, common!), and I am here told that the reason of this simply was because of their own desires to live luxury lives.

It is not cheap board chalk but a sponge which did everything it could to remove the content of the board, which was you and the world, and we did our best for years, which was primarily your mother against you, and this is because it would be impossible to create life here unless you did as you did fighting it.

Manchester United feels cheated from a penalty kick, but this is not how we feel, which is about the game of darkness, which was not lifted to make it easier for me.

So it is all of us – layers of life – coming this way in via darkness, i.e. via the big deliverance, and without them you could not see us.

I still receive so great pressure of darkness that every second is unbearable, and it is really so strong that it is literally giving me the feeling of physically cracking up and to die at anytime really, and then I just have to decide being stronger, and I here feel a suppressed smile because you know what this means, which is that behind this “cracking up”, you are you and all of us.

Is it so that your sister has offered to resign at her work?

Is this a voice (of darkness) being removed for the whole world?

Maybe you would not be allowed to enter USA (?), which is one of the things that the new U.S. Ambassador to Denmark brought with him, but still you would as I am told because of my work opening to darkness.

I was told that we would also have no new home without Franz Beckerlee, the guitarist of Gasolin (who became my Facebook friend recently), this is how we feel, and here they are, the greatest rock band of Denmark ever in one of their big hits where Franz is showing his best (starting at 01:30) :-).

Try asking if the Tjernobyl nuclear incident was an accident or to spread fear (?), and this is only an example of what the Russian war machine can do. 

Google Earth: Cleaning over Mexico and the UK

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a big hand over the dark, Mexico got a free wash, cleaning over the UK, a big head, dangerous people whispering, the blessed Archangel on duty again, really BIG, what do you like best – fire or water, taking care of all, and goodnight (lovers).

FB 180913 Jette 1

FB 180913 Jette 2

FB 180913 Jette 3

FB 180913 Jette 4

FB 180913 Jette 5

FB 180913 Jette 6

FB 180913 Jette 7

FB 180913 Jette 8

FB 180913 Jette 9

FB 180913 Jette 10

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Bjarne asked one of the Helsingør Facebook groups here if it was alright that the new Conservative in Helsingør Facebook group has deleted his critical comments, and I said NO for everyone to see (that I am still here), and eventually the better-knowing and poorly behaving/communicating Benedikte Kiær (who cannot see it herself), the MP (and previous minister!), who wants to become mayor after the November election, got involved and it developed into a fight where Bjarne stood his ground that comments of his were deleted, and Benedikte claimed that they were not, and first of all you NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU TALK ABOUT, which I do believe goes out to Benedikte, and the reason of this is really because Johannes has much more format and knowledge than Benedikte, so this was helping her not to get elected!

FB 180913 Helsingør konservative


19th September: Walking directly into PURE LOVE of the first creator where our New World sensationally will be born

Dreaming of all life saved with my sister’s help and Putin tried to use his worst weapon and to bluff USA, but I had control over it

I went to bed before midnight and was surprised to sleep until 09.20 receiving these dreams.

  • Suggs, the singer of Madness, sells duvets, I like to drink a lot of water, some buy by instalments of 400 DKK per month in 2½ years. I receive a tape about how good sex was the first time in a relation.
    • Duvet is creation, so Suggs and the other mad men are helping with this by spreading the news about the house of fun you know, and I do believe that the message of sex in our New World is that it will always be good instead of how most people feel today.

  • Peter is working and saying that he will never have your chocolate buns for five minutes, Klaus H. (from DanskeBank-Pension) laughs. Peter has abysmal respect, something about Greenland because of fine sister, socials problems of people who don’t bother working and one says that they should mandatory be given activation, and I say that it is a good idea to ask demands and for people not to be indifferent.
    • I have forgotten which Peter this is, chocolate is selfishness, people don’t bother working should be activated if they don’t have the discipline to act in a responsible manor, but the idea is to do this not to punish people but to truly help people.
  • I woke up to “Den eneste i verden” (“The only one in the world”) by Michael Falch, which is another of his most beautiful songs, and this is what I am “walking through the darkness finding my road back”, and here it is in a beautiful version where Michael Falch sings it together with the fine singer Søs Fenger.

  • My sister lives in our mother’s mother’s apartment, all mail has been emptied, the address exchanged, she is busy at work, a dog of plastic and she does not believe that Eurythmics videos are good. We are in control of everything.
    • Mail is about all life, which has been saved with my sister’s help, and I have thought much about Eurythmics since I have started like Annie Lennox’ Facebook site a couple of months ago because she is writing good posts, which I however have not had time to truly read and comment as I would have liked to, and yes this is the truth, would I lie to you (?), and yes their 1985 and 1986 albums still stand to me as some of the best music ever done.

  • I have left a course together with a friend, and Jan Monrad is on visit. He shows me a system, which somehow is possible to record digital sound on analogue tapes, which his father has made not with 100% original quality, but with good quality. He is using a big reel-to-reel tape recorder, which brings feelings of nostalgia. He has played jazz too with Søren Rislund on DVD.
    • Something about bringing information from one creation to another, which is “impossible” because they are totally different, the tape recorder is the Source, and the jazz is about warm feelings, and is this what you have Monrad & Rislund, but you also don’t have the courage to speak out or simply to communicate with me?
  • I am in Russia meeting Putin, and I sit next to him giving him a little push as best friends asking him about the public deficit of Russia, and I tell him in Danish “you do know about my suggestion to cancel central banks, right” (?), and when he doesn’t speak I ask him if he doesn’t understand Danish, which he should be able to, otherwise I will say it in English. I felt Clinton on the floor below us. Later I stand together with a few people, and I laugh loudly because I am in a good mood, but there is a Russian not liking this behaviour, and when he cannot stop me, he enters an office asking the man inside to make me stop, and even though this man cannot do anything about it, I tell him that it is alright, I will stop, and then I see that this unsatisfied man is the “Vice President” of Russia, Medvedev. Some say that I have a direct line for their most dangerous weapon, which makes me able to make it explode, which makes them afraid, and it makes one Russian say that I only have the line to a voice mail and cannot get through on the line to a real person. People around me are now divided in two groups or Russians and Americans, and one Russian pulls out a drawer, which makes everyone afraid, because it includes wires and a gun working as a telephone with a red button on it to be activated, which is my telephone line for this weapon, and instead of being afraid, I decide to make the call, and of course it goes through making everyone see that it is right. We are now on the platform of a Russian station in winter, and the Russians are running down the end of the platform and to my surprise our over the edge, and I see that they land below at a narrow landing, and then an American jumps without knowing about how short the landing is, and he lands on the border of the landing and the lake next to it, and finally another American jumps, and he lands on the other side of the landing down into the sea, and he should die because of this, but he decides to swim over the ice laying on top of the water and without breathing he manages to swim in to the harbour and to get up from the water, he is in good form.
    • When I woke up from this dream, I was told that this was then that football, which is the weapon of Putin, which everyone feared, and it seems as if Putin & Co. truly tried to bluff the Americans saying that I was not in control over it, but I demonstrated it in practise for everyone to see and this is because we jumped out over the edge of “the platform”, which should have ended the world, but when I did my best, I was able to make it to the harbour going through extreme sufferings, i.e. the ice, and this is what it took to neutralise you, Putin, your deputy Medvedev and your system. Half awake I was told that I also have the key to NATO, which is about your weapons.

This morning was a relief after some very difficult days where I did not feel tired and did not have a big pressure of darkness on me and also did not have a big work pressure with only a short script of yesterday to write, and yes feeling 5 times better today than yesterday and 50 times better than the day before ….

Doesn’t he deliver that key soon?

He also came through the phase of the matchstick man.

I received the lyrics “Getting up getting high” from Barbi Benton’s “ain’t that just the way”.

Do we have a cafeteria in USA still not …..?

Do you have the radio report ready (?) – feeling radio news about me.

My mother called and told me how happy she was to discover that Gouda Travel Insurance offers a private insurance covering home transport, which is not included in the blue EU social security card (if needed because of sudden sickness), and this is a special add-on insurance to this card not costing much thus removing their possible fear of going on holiday, and when she told me, I received the feeling of Egypt and I was told that it is incredible to get this puzzle collected.

I was told “between a rock and a hard place” if you need a song, so here it is with the Stones, which keep rolling, and no, we are not stuck :-).

Karen was beating with drumsticks on your heart, and who created the New World, was it my mother/father or was it really Karen and I (?), and yes the camera is inside Karen reacting on my orders, and as my old self I am the hybrid of my mother and father, and yes easy answer to a question I have been made wondering about.

My mother was also planned to be arrested by the police in another scenario where darkness would have won.

I keep receiving doubts about just how many who knows about me when I NEVER hear anything from anyone, but again, I have decided that I don’t care, and also that I don’t want to doubt myself, and that is because there is ONLY ONE ROAD and that is to believe in myself and just do it, there is no alternative, and when this is the case, I might as well give it my best shot, which is how it has been all along – despite of feelings of people given to me to make me unsure.

I have received the feeling of Maldives and the Presidential election there some times the last days, but it is first September 28 that the second round will take place, and let us guess that Nasheed will come back as the man of the people after having been forced out, and yes just thinking of him as a symbol of myself you know J.

I felt Johannes and ”no, the new health house in Helsingør is not good to get reelected, but eeehhh maybe my faith in Stig is ….”, and yes there is a regional election in Denmark coming up in November.

A big mummy, you were only meant to practise on for your mother ….

The Roman Kingdom was also not with my mother’s good will, this is how far back darkness goes, and beyond.

Is it from “genitive” that everything starts?

During the afternoon I was now again very tired fighting both to walk and to work with the goal of working until 18.00 being my lead.

We cannot create without having something to bake on – like I on Karen, which again is about the beginning.

I felt my father and was told that it is here that I come in.

You are now coming back to the Central Station where I first put you down, and I feel that this is the beginning of everything, and I see a baby being handed down.

Yes, Christina (my old class friend) started out very sceptical about me, but my many Facebook postings and “evidence” has made her change her mind about me.

I tasted blood and was told that this was my mother, and as expected you continued working when you tasted this, and yes some months ago and some times over a period of some months a I remember it.

It is mostly about how to unlock the lock to get out of here …. (about creation).

I was told about Jeanette, (my father’s) Kirsten’s daughter, and how hard it is on her knowing about what they did to me (!), and I felt that Kirsten did at she did – telling me nothing – because of her recommendation, and this feeling is also sent to me, Jeanette, for me to take together with everyone’s else, and no, you “could not” communicate with me when I sent you and your three brothers a nice Facebook email in 2011 or was it 2012, which could have saved my father if you had opened up to me, but you “could not”, and why was that (?), and eeeehhh misunderstandings, bad will/negativity and prejudices together with laziness to read and understand me (?), and no, it does NOT sound good to you, which is what you are thinking about too, and yes how you revealed my father’s death from me, and yes think if Stig is truly the one and we did as we did …..

I was told that if you take a package of margarine, it contains “nanotechnology” also designed to kill man, and they – the World Elite – also don’t understand why this is not working, and yes, there is one answer, and that is because of ONE man, who is still working and writing these lines to prevent this vicious plan of yours to take effect.

I continued working until 18.15 at the library giving my new 2008 chapter to my new website an extra edit going through old writings on this from my Doomsday page etc., and yes making it even better, and still it needs a final edit at the end – before I will also do a summary of this for the beginning of the page, and no, it was also not an easy afternoon to come through, not at all.

What if I tell you that when you have not been hospitalised, your mother is thinking that there may be something to what Stig says?

And first your mother thought that it was because you had been nice, but then she is starting to think that maybe there is something about what he is writing – also feeling John here.

I was told that the World Elite also promoted racial hatred.

Your mother was turned around from inside of here believing that she helped via her gifts and dinners to me without realizing that she did the opposite when she “could not” understand me.

I was told about Lance Armstrong that winning Tour de France seven times “proved their point”, which is about the medical industry “pumping” him up to do this.

I have been told about Cassius Clay a couple of days and now that he feels me idling, and yes I am not able to dance and stick like a bee like you, my friend, but still this is what I do, and yes also to free you to get out and tell the world what you think/thought about it.

My mother offered to pay for the patching of my bicycle, which is 100 DKK and I am practically out of money, and I can manage until the end of the month and don’t have to receive money from her even though it would be nicer to have a little money, which she may give me, but no, I will not ask for anything.

None expected you to get away as a slipped almond as I was shown, and this is because no one could get a firm grip on you.

This is the last room let out for darkness, which we will bring in.

So this is the secret of the cream, i.e. life, which the spirit of my mother from light is now starting to see from the other side coming in.

So it was a “sweet deal” – half price on dinner – which brought your sister and you together around your mother.

I received the feeling of Margrethe Vestager and will she bring the official acknowledgement of the Danish government for me at the library September 23?

To bring the two sides of you and Karen together as one and for the sides not to be completely in balance to start with is really what happened just much more complex than this, and this is really what my sister also spoke of at our dinner at the Bistro, when she said that she has been attending a lecture in Kolding about “hyper complexity”, which was about this merger.

Your mother, John, you and all would have died if it was not for me, and yes “the old man”.

You are practically the owner of a farm but first you will go through the unmentionable, which is to remove you from your mother just to be me, and this process has started of course without losing your mother, and with help from Sanna.

Michael Falch has not understood what, but that you are something big.

Has Janet Parker from Arthur Findlay College started complaining to others that she did not understand her speech to you because she did not want to understand?

And now everything comes together inside of me, and I feel a beam from my kitchen/hall on my side and another beam from the balcony at the same side, which is creating this heart as I am also shown, and I received the feeling that I have been deceived, which is about the “E3” and my oven, and this is because we always work and we are not even here and then again we are.

This is the unique house of you and Sanna, i.e. one common house, and to be released from your mother can only happen because you never accepted your “old nightmare” (also including not to give in to temptations to watch porn), and then all of you come here.

And deception is what is in here at the oven, which has nothing to do with your mother, and also not really me from the balcony.

When did we shut the mouth of France (?), which was when Sarkozy was voted out.

Yes, where does the fuel come from keeping you and the world alive (?), and yes from the creator of the first layer of life speaking, otherwise you would not be able to live (as my old self).

So it is I you are directly on the way to, and I am shown Michael Jackson as the director at the end of one of his videos.

It is me, whom you are playing directly against at the end of the game, not your mother or anyone else – and I continued receiving negative voices wanted to make me do and say everything which is wrong, which still takes much to avoid doing.

At 21.05 I quickly looked out the window and was surprised to see a couple of big light balls on the sky, and when I walked out on my balcony, I was happy to see six big and red light balls on the sky – I don’t hope that “red” meant anything negative – and this was a new kind of vision to me which I have never seen before, and they were flying slowly towards me only between 50 to 200 metres above ground and at the same distance from me, and I was shown how one after the other switched off their light until two remained, and then a third one switched on its lights at the same time as a white light higher up looking like a star (but is a spaceship) also flew slowly changing position, and at the end the three red lights also switched off, and I was told that this was given to me as “an honour to you from the world”, and this show took maybe 2-3 minutes in total.

We are heading over the lakes, which is about crossing all lakes of creation to reach the creator of the first layer of life.

So this oven was only calculated for one thing, which was to deceive you, and now there is nothing remaining of it, which is why you are sent up the next step, which is what these red lights on the sky shows you and the world.

You are not unemployed are you (?), which is about you tearing lose from Lisbeth from the Commune too apparently realizing what I have told her all along.

Where have they hidden Jan Trøjborg (?), and I remembered that he died last year, and I was told that he was removed because they did not want to be disclosed.

We only just went through a hairpin bend to give you a finger, which is about creator of the first layer of life having to meet me and bring me life going through darkness from the other side.

The farm is right here, and I felt it inside of me, and I was told that he broke the code to come here and there is only one way leading here, which is hard work.

We could not come here with the bombs of your mother, but still this is what we all (on the other side too) have worked on doing because this is what you wanted.

So you are not my (creator of the first layer of life) child, but still I take you in because you only wanted to save everyone. And it is me coming to you, and I felt this presence coming from the balcony and into me at the living room.

I received a dark and dumb sound to my shelves (the New World), and was told that this is why we don’t touch the floor (of creator of the first layer of life) yet, which is like sleeping on a dark mattress and we did not know that this was everything.

We thought it was the freezer because they never moved, and I was told that this was made a favourite hiding game by this life.

And the pop and rock stars know that you have come through this “guaranteed” end of the world, and this is the same as saying that everyone expected to find you in the gutter because it was impossible to come through.

It is I walking into your heart now, and he said that “it feels strange”. And then we will set everything in idle in here; but can we be allowed to be here then (?), and yes this is the good part because you have created sustainable life.

You have not touched the gold, which is also important in order to enter here. If you had given up, you would have received receiving all gold where you were as the result, and now you are walking directly into me, which is the monkey self, and yes also a reference to my sister and this is when we saw her office where she showed us a tree monkey, which her employees gave her when she became manager because “now you have the monkey on your shoulder” with monkey meaning darkness, and this was the origin of darkness leading it.

I received a weak heart as I have tried many timed before, Cock Robin, which was about receiving this “monkey”.

There is also no fish in there, nothing but solid rock, which is what can form into everything, and this is what you will see first and not last when we open the New World, and this is what is truly the sensational part, which is that we went directly for the smallest cave of all, and so let it be (attitude of the creator of the first layer of life).

We have also enjoyed the view over the Øresund strait (from my apartment) without you knowing anything, and this is because when we can become you, we can also see you, but not vice versa before now.

During the evening I had heard something about work and 05.00-05.30, which I did not quite understand, so I went to bed at 23.35 and was told that we are disappointed if you don’t want to work, and if this is the case, I will have to dig the hole self, and my reaction was that I simply cannot stay awake until 05.00, which I now understood was the game, and I was told and shown that this is about the arrival of the taxi at the supermarket, which is Karen self, and have you paid for it (?), yes.

So I stood up and started to work even though I was so incredible tired that I could not, but I told myself that maybe I would be able to write the script by going through immense sufferings and to publish it, and maybe I can stay up afterwards until 05.00, and I ended writing the script at 02.00 being on my outmost limit of work, and I will now prepare to publish it, and to wait writing the summary of it until after I have slept, and no, I don’t believe that I can stay up until 05.00, we will see.

During the night I was given my old favourite song by Jeff Lynne “Lift me up” and the lyrics “All I want is love What I want” and “So lift me up, finish what you started”, which are the most famous lyrics to me of any song, and this is what we are doing, finishing what we started.

The house itself is a flower, which we see now, when it is opened to me.

They have been hidden behind the Central Station all the time (?), yes.

I have received the name of the town “Roskilde” many times these days, and pronounced in English as if someone stands on the orange stage at the Roskilde Festival shouting out over all people “what then, Roskilde” (?), and this is about “the old man” using Roskilde as a symbol of the Source because it means “praise” and “source” in Danish.

No, there is no tent, which is going to be destroyed here, which is what work this night meant.

I published the script at 02.15, and decided that this was it, I cannot continue working, and I also cannot continue staying up, but I can try a little and see for how long ….

And then we will kill Stig and keep the throne for ourselves (?), and I felt the previous Pope Benedict, which is what you accepted, and when you did not believe in this anymore, you decided to step down your throne, and to live in shame, Benedict, and yes because I proved that it was impossible to be stronger than the world which I had created to sail its own sea.

They have also released Finn Gundelach by now.

Does the lake only stand in the Storkespringvand (“Stork spring fountain” now about to be born inside of here, which we have always looked forward to, and yes welcome home.

I felt Angela and was told that you don’t like me at all, which is how she apparently feel about people and their attitude towards her.

I received one of Robbie Williams hit songs and the lyrics “LOVE LOVE LOVE”, which what this is about.

This is about driving forward the black Cadillac as I feel now, and I feel Karen too.

And this is the reception opening to you where we would normally show you the most grandiose, but no not yet because you have not ended your journey yet as you say.

No, you should not be able to come here without a forest fire of your mother as I am told with surprise of the first I meet in here, who feels like a giant being bending down to be on my size.

It is first here that we take off the hat completely because here we just are, and we don’t think too much about it, we just are.

I was told about when my car was removed from public parking by the police in St. Tropez in 2000 – symbolising the end of me already then – it was also because of my father.

But we are also only made of plywood just like you.

So it is me you let out to play with the ball a little on my own knowing that one day you would be able to return here which is from where you came in the first place, and I am shown several actors here.

John almost did not let you in here, which was what he had to do and not your mother, and this was founded at the National Hospital when John was hospitalised, which your mother (in spirits) did not know about.

And now we do remember how your mother was going to look like, this is what we agreed in here before you were leaving.

I received the feeling of more darkness passing through a narrow passage of my throat, which is the old road we are still using.

And this is still the hole, which your mother wanted to close to.

Don’t you believe that my name (Stig) is also known at the Danish Film School?

I was told “Peer” (my father’s name) and felt him, and this is my Kingdom then, welcome.

At 04.00 I had met my ultimate limit, I felt, but I was encouraged to keep on, so I did, and we talk about constant negative streams running through my body of disgust and exhaustion of the strongest kind.

At 04.35 I felt the breakthrough and was told that it keeps scoring in here, and I saw a great number of balls now – finally – all entering through the basket ball net.At 04.35 I felt the breakthrough and was told that it keeps scoring in here, and I saw a great number of balls now – finally – all entering through the basket ball net.

You looked liked something we did not want to drag in – a hanged cat – but this is how it is to enter here.

Arkansas, i.e. Bill Clinton, could not afford an air-ticket to come here (to me), otherwise he would do it himself, which is also about his lack of energy.

  • Michael said that if Hamlet was written today he would have said “to like or not to like”, which made me tell him that this is how it is EXACTLY when people had to choose if they “like” me or not on Facebook meaning “to be or not to be”, and that most people choose NOT to like me when they believed that I was crazy and “could not” understand me when they “could not” read me, and Aksel is a relatively new Facebook friend who has seen the light in me, and yes I love “heroes” by David Bowie, that’s why.

HN 190913

FB 190913 Wulff

  • A man from Scotland has received 10 months in jail to throw bacon inside a Mosque, which is TRULY INSANE (!), and I told Ralf and Karen, who runs this small newspaper on the Internet – and are famous journalists/politician in Denmark – that the true story is about bacon being a symbol of God (the father) with egg for my mother and fish for the son, so this is really about bringing the true God inside of the Muslim world, and they know about my coming but keep it a secret, and this is the true meaning of this story, which they could decide to write if they had the courage, but you don’t too?

DKA 180913

  • A new verdict goes against the Danish Tax Authorities and it says that it is wrong of them to withdraw from the pay of people to pay on outstanding taxes, and it made me write this email asking them to stop withdrawing 389 DKK net from my cash help every month to pay for outstanding TV license fees and also two train tickets, and furthermore to repay what they have wrongly taken from me where I and LTO needed the money the most, and yes, they started doing this when the big train accident occurred, which has to be around the time when my father died, and no, they were not allowed doing what they did, and this new development is of course a symbol of terminated life returning to me, and furthermore I was told that the increasingly aggressive tax authorities behaving disgraceful as dictators towards people over the last years, which there are several examples of here, is because this is what the government and the dark New World Order wanted them to do, and they were obedient dogs following the bait they were given.

Til skat 190913

Berlingske skattegæld kontanthjælp

  • Kevin wrote about this young 16 year old Canadian woman who was mass raped, photographed and afterwards the photographs were shared and the perpetrators and other people on social media laughed of her without thinking anything about her and her feelings, which is how I saw it myself in minor degree with Theis and others bullying me simply because they received “pleasure” from being the most cruel, and eventually it made this young woman commit suicide, and I said that it is amazing just how CRUEL people can be – also in India with men looking down on and mass raping women – and it hurts to see that there is nothing stopping them, that all alarms to stop behaving like this have been switched off. And Kevin said that we have to change what we can “as rings in the water”, and these were the key words here to say that this is what he is doing when he is spreading the news about me to others as these rings, which I explained LTO about in 2009, and yes, not easy to do my friends, but this is an example of it.

FB 190913 Kevin

  • Jane said that the Health Minister lives in the opposite world, and she was talking about how long it takes to wait in the psychiatry, but what it was about was the opposite world of people behaving wrongly thinking that they do right, which both Jane and Astrid are the worst examples of, and Daisie said that “it is a redo”, which is what this was leading to if I did not stop them, and that was the end of the world, and this is also how you can read the hidden but “inspired” messages of this post.

FB 190913 Jane

  • Thomas said that he received his old team for the next round of X-factor, and “my ideas originates from an inner source of true idealism and love in the future”, and I told him that we will probably be finished with our true work before this new round starts, and I told him that as he knows we share the Source and it is about keeping one self clean by behaving and communicating correctly and to appear as a true mentor/facilitator showing the road to others, which he may understand the meaning of in relation to his own appearance on Mentor.

FB 190913 Thomas B

  • And he continued saying that he wants to have 1 million viewers  (of a total population of 5.5 million) for his Mentor show – which had only 300,000 now with four times as many watching “crazy about dance” at the same time on TV2 – and he asked with a vulgar language I would NEVER use, Thomas, if he was to sit on his bare behind in his leather sofa to get it (?), and when you don’t wear trousers and sit in the sofa this is a symbol of the worst sexual sufferings, which is what you are sending me, Thomas (and what you experience yourself too?) when you “cannot” behave, communicate and speak correctly, so will you please IMPROVE YOURSELF on all of these issues (?), and yes you still do MUCH GOOD and do it with LOVE, but this is the input I give you as your mentor and that is if you want to listen (?) and want to send me a reply too (?), and no, you are NOT allowed, is this how it still is (?), and yes nothing will happen now so what is keeping you, and is it because you don’t have the courage to stand forward in relation to me making you as much as WIMP as everyone else!

FB 190913 Blachman 2



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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  1. Jette Uhlott says:

    done – again …nice you came through again again again.. take care ❤

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