September 23, 2013: Opening the Pyramids of Giza bringing out all original life and previous Universes to be united with our New World


Summary of the script today

22nd September: Opening the Pyramids of Giza bringing out all original life and previous Universes to be united with our New World

  • Dreaming of receiving original life when working faster than others, my sister not knowing what to believe about my spiritual voices, I keep on working even though my tank is empty – with the help of the Source, some life entered as mashed potatoes, I am invited inside the location of original life looking different and better than normal, and we are starting the big restaurant at this location of the Source to produce all of this food, i.e. original life.
  • Kissinger and the World Elite tried to implant their voice in me (“mind control”) to make me think that this was God speaking to me, but no, this is not how we work here. Kissinger almost believed that they could create a New World on basis of cheating and humbug, and how could you be so stupid believing that you could create sustainable life this way, did you not have TRUE FAITH? We keep stabbing us out (giving me sufferings) of here because of Kissinger’s resistance. Kissinger is mature to give up because he has now been told that he is alone among the management against me, and this is how easy it is to remove the most powerful man in the world when they no longer believe in it.
  • It is possible to see physical change to the three Pyramids of Giza, Egypt, (?), yes because this is where we bring out original life from, which has been inside of there well protected against human wickedness that was the reason why the Pyramids were built to protect our original selves from man, who did not know how to read and turn them around, and this is our saviour. In principle, I am standing inside of here collecting everything in here from the trees, which are also in here including all previous layers of life too, so these pyramids include everything and what happens when they are no longer needed (?), will they be hoist up revealing tunnels underneath the ground too (?), and it is from these tunnels that we pull up these structures of life (I was shown a fish skeleton), and we are now opening and bringing these to me. This is the real entrance to our worlds of all life, which are now coming out and being united with our New World. This is about the lid of the Pyramids opening, and I am the only one who can enter, and all of this life is right around the ears of you, but you cannot see it, which you only can with my code being everything, which is the only way to enter here and open for all of the world to see. Flashes of lights should be coming out of there now. The World Elite knew about this secret, which it did not want to reveal, but it could not find me inside, and now it is being revealed to the world and there is nothing it can do about it.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a layers, London Calling (resetting time), the man with the glasses, looking and getting smoke (darkness) in the eyes, and the final rest of the Old World.

23rd September: Margrethe Vestager brought me the keys of the world opening up to my new child and creation, our New World II!

  • Dreaming of celebration of the opening of the Giza Pyramids, working inside of darkness closing down its activities, everyone will see me on the sky freeing us all from evil, and my mother is afraid of my writings on the dark New World Order.
  • Today was about bringing “a delivery straight from my heart of misery”, which came together with the visit of the vice Prime Minister Margrethe Vestager and my meeting with her at a public meeting in Helsingør, where she brought me recognition, the blue stamp and keys of the world. She did not speak to me directly revealing her knowledge about me, but I saw it in her eyes not having courage to look at me, but to secretly look at me from the corner of her eye before she had received enough courage to look at me directly, and I was told about just how nervous she had been and was to meet me with this being her worst meeting this year. I have now broken out in a super league of myself after the world has delivered the dépêche to me and decided keeping up appearances until our New World will open. She was given inspired speech for example revealing her knowledge about the clearing of everything bringing us the immensely nice home of God/our New World.
  • This brought me the star self – the ball – of everything, which we are now pulling down to you. The whole train of ours has driven forwards to you, and I was shown a little child coming towards me, which was Karen’s and my (new self’s) child, which is bringing CHANGE to everyone, and this is not only a new child but a whole New World II – a new outermost layer of life – which we also have created, so my father and mother (as my old self) created the New World, and my new self and Karen created the next New World II, which is where we will be born as our new selves and still all other layers have been saved too for us to visit on weekend-tours! This child and New World II is now coming in via faith and darkness of Margrethe Vestager, which she brought me MUCH of today.
  • Margrethe says publicly that she is in favour of freedom and best practise, but she is really the worst dictator herself deciding everything for everyone centrally not understanding how freedom and best practise really works as I showed you with my memos on “the best labour market in the world”, which should be easy for everyone to understand, agree to and do? She also spoke about United Nations Agenda 21, but of course it was covered as something good and not the official plan of the world to take away freedom and property of man as the central plan of the dark New World Order.
  • Margrethe Vestager and the government have full access to secret files about me and were involved when signing a law to get rid of God/me including to kidnap me, use me as guinea pig, bring me mind control etc., and their wrong actions working for a dark New World Order too brought was taking out my heart, tearing down buildings and removing my duvet (creation).
  • The world was surprised to see me enter the Giza Pyramids, because they believed that they had efficiently closed all entrances to the secret place (!), but I have my key to enter, and as the creator, there is nothing that man can do to keep me out. I received congratulations from Kissinger knowing about this now.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show an economical debate, against the wind, waving to old friends, a smiling Africa, sitting in a tub, beware, a procession, pride before fall, you are always in my heart, our old friend the knight, as cold and turbulent as the Danish Government, shaken of what she sees, praying for all, like sad eyes, the Elephant Man, no wonder you are sad, Rothschild receiving a pedagogical lesson, the very end of arrogance, the mouth of God – be good.
  • Short stories of receiving warm feelings from Elijah to help opening our New World, and Elijah and David was sad together with all of Kenya because of the Westgate terror attack.


22nd September: Opening the Pyramids of Giza bringing out all original life and previous Universes to be united with our New World

Dreaming of starting the big restaurant at the location of the Source to produce all food, i.e. original life

I went to bed at 23.35 – still lasting far beyond what I should be able to take – and slept until 09.00 receiving far too many dreams to be funny, and yes these are the most painful to write because I often cannot read my own notes, and no, I don’t care, I want to get it as perfect as possible (under the conditions, therefore).

  • A restaurant sends its invoices to us for us to collect. We only have three administrative employees connected, and the order is for us to be 57 percent more efficient than average. The leader wants to see the development over weeks. Inside I am able to fly high and low without problems as I want to, but when we go outside it is blowing strongly making it difficult to fly and I can only fly very low. I meet three from the HR-department (Peter from customer service of Fair and two others), and they are only interested in getting the biggest possible widescreen TV’s on the border between the three of them, and when I speak to them, they don’t listen. Employees ask after the responsible manager, no name is given, but a letter from Pauli B. (Lisbeth’s ex-husband) recommends me. A waiter from the restaurant has keyed in an invoice with the wrong amount, which he discovers, but he sends it to me anyway.
    • Restaurant is food = life, and money = life too, so this is what I am receiving, and this is now original life, and I still have to be quicker than the average of people to make this happen. Flying is working, which is still not easy. These are the three others of me in our four-division, and TV’s = worlds.
  • I work together with my sister and there is now a public control visit at our company, and I give her the name of one of her customers, which may be in risk of being revealed, and she knows that I should not be able to know the name of this business and she knows that I receive voices, and she thinks of what is right and not right, hmmm.
    • My sister is hiding secrets, which will be revealed, and no, she should be able to understand by now that I receive spiritual voices – both truths and deceptions – which you “could not” understand for years, Sanna?
  • Half awake I was told that my mother doesn’t have any more whipped cream remaining, what do you want to do?
    • Perfect!
  • I received the lyrics “where are you going” from Bifrost’s “Rippet og flået”.
  • I am together with my old (class) friend Allan M. H., it is 07.45 and I tell him that we have to go now to come on time at 08.00, and in the rush, I forget the jacket of my suit. All consultants from Danica drive from home in the morning at the same time. My car runs dry from diesel even though there should be 15 kilometres left on the tank. Svend Jakobsen and my mother’s husband John see that I have put white bread around the exhaust of the car to fix it, and they also see an angel formed in the clouds. They tell me that it is good that I have not taken out benefit from the insurance for small damages, and I tell them that the idea of insurance to me is to be covered when there is a total damage or similar, and I am thinking about where I can get the cheapest diesel can, from the petrol station or a DIY warehouse next to.
    • I am out of energy, but still I am looking to get more fuel to keep on working. Svend is a previous politician and chairman of the Danish Parliament, and if I remember correctly he was my mother’s cousin from her “forgotten family from Jutland”, which I cannot remember how it fits together, but she was there as young, and this was family belonging to my mother’s adoptive mother, I believe. The clouds are about Jette’s Google Earth pictures, which is bringing faith to people. The bread is the Source making sure that I am able to continue working.
  • I work hard in the evenings with my old class, I am popular. I am shopping at the baker and ask for Danish open sandwiches, which they don’t have here, but just on the other side through the door, they have their sandwich store, and I wonder that I may decide to take a shawarma instead, which may be cheaper, and I notice that they have mashed potatoes of 20 DKK.
    • Again it is about food = original life, which I am bringing in, and yes, did some life enter as mashed potatoes (?), and it looks as if.
  • I am at a station in Copenhagen, and everything including the clothes on people looks different and better – and both more futuristic and historic – than it normally does. When I look at the date of the newspaper trying to find out what date it is to explain this, I see that the date keeps changing. I live near Ballerup, I meet two men giving me “true handshakes” and they invite me in via their openness as I have never experienced before. There is a baker and toy store at the main street, which has the finest clothes, and when I leave I forget something in the store, which is now closes, but it is a game and open to me, I feel that one is following me, it is Johannes the mayor, and something about my weapon which they could not know sounded as it did. Lennart (from Aon) has lots of money.
    • Clothes = original life too, which is looking better than the copies we have been, and it is faith of Johannes lifting me.
  • I have been hired by Peter E. J. (my old Acta manager) as chef under him as the main chef, I feel Sidsel there too. I am cooking big and juicy steaks, which turn out even better than expected, and when I am done, Peter says that the Radio news is waiting on the telephone and he asks me who I believe they will speak to, to interview, and I feel that first they wanted to speak to him as the main chef, but now they want to speak to me because of my cooking. We drive to Vindinge, and I am surprised to see the most beautiful houses, one is both a mill and fuel station at the same time in an amazing, futuristic design, and there are a large number of the finest restaurants located there too one after the other, and this is where Peter and I are going to work, and I am surprised to see that the staff will be more than 50, who are now united for the first time, and I see an enthusiastic feeling of people and also some nervousness if we can cook, which I have myself not really being able to cook, but I hope it will work. Peter presents one of the employees as one of the previous members of Shu-bi-dua. There are MANY coffee machines and different kinds, and one brings his transportable stereo, which he believes will be fine to play music to the guests, but there is an inbuilt system, which however is limited because of the fees, which we have to pay to Koda/Gramex. I look around the restaurant and see that we are already serving for guests, the feeling is that the food is not the very best, but average, there are two big rooms for guest and one smaller room to enjoy coffee and a drink.
    • This is the storage room of all original life, which we are now starting to locate for the big replacement. I did not know the name of the small city Vindinge, but it is part of Roskilde, of course (!), and with a good will, it means “to win”, which is why we are here, and now we only have to make/locate the finest food = life. Koda/gramex is darkness trying to block us. The Shu-bi-dua man may be Michael Bondesen or maybe even Michael Hardinger.

Opening the Pyramids of Giza bringing out all original life and previous Universes to be united with our New World

Do you have the new inventions (?), yes, as big as the wheel as example.

You need to have a call name.

“Embarrassing” – did my father tell Kirsten something on his dead bed about you making her feel this?

I was told that it was Kissinger deciding not to launch the dark New World Order, and eeehhh didn’t Bill Clinton take over as leader ….?

I received Oasis’ Wonderwall and the lyrics “Maybe you’re gonna be the one that saves me”, which is about saving Kissinger via my script of yesterday, which I was working on this morning, otherwise he was doomed without knowing it.

I was told “Philadelphia”, which is about bankers vs. freedom of the American history, and then I received one small heart attack (of several this morning), which came from Kissinger, and yes he knows that I am coming via my new website, and when this is done, my friend, all of your power is broken, this is how it works, and you know it!

Kissinger, the big humanist??

Have we brought “evil tongues” about you also among professional tennis players – and elsewhere (?), where they had to fight and decide what to believe in?

Anwar Sadat was also not the man he appeared to be, and this goes on “almost forever” you know.

I was not even born with Greenland. This is just a method I have for the first one coming out as the last.

Guess who said when you went to the 9th grade that when he grows up, this is the man who is going to give me the strongest fight of all (?), and yes Kissinger.

No, they cannot operate to get that voice out of him, Kissinger knows that too, and yes they tried to implant their voice in you to make you think that this was God speaking to you, and for this to take over from the real stuff, but no, this is not how we work here, how could you be so careless and irresponsible trying to do this, my friends?

Kissinger was also one of those with binoculars to me. He almost believed that you could create a New World on basis of cheating and humbug, and again, how could you be so stupid believing that you could create sustainable life this way, did you not have TRUE FAITH, and yes your New Order STANK compared to what you had done if true faith had guided you and what you will receive through me.

We keep stabbing us out (giving me sufferings) of here because of Kissinger’s resistance, which is really my sister’s, and he is a “professor”, but there is not TRULY anyone home at your upper floor thinking PROPER thoughts, is there Henry?

I went to the library this afternoon to finish work on the last two days of scripts, and I had two female family history researchers sitting opposite me, and especially the elder lady could not stop talking about her discoveries of this and that son and daughter born in this and that year, which of course is interesting to you, but not to me when I was trying to work concentrated while I received one of those “big doses” of darkness, which did not like to be disturbed by you at all, so this is what I had to fight at the same time as you simply continued to talk/disturb not even realising that this is what you did (!), and first when I was already done, this dose of darkness was removed from me now making it much easier to handle, and this is how it works.

I continued receiving out of this world pain to my right ankle, and what is this now about (?), is it simply pain of the game given to me now without any meaning in practise?

I received Billy Ocean’s “sad songs”, which is both beautiful and sad, and I was told that this is what my mother is about me.

I was shown my arrival at a stock building including a large amount of drag racers, which is about original life including all force you can dream about.

I was shown a monkey sitting inside the light of a lamp post, and we would like to be found, so let us bring you the song of the lamp man, and yes it is a long time since I have had Gnags here, but I still love you my friends and you are still among the very best of Danish music :-).

I worked at the library until 18.25 today.

I was told about Angela Merkel “87, 88, 89 out of hundred” and also that she was one of the driving forces of the United Nations agenda 21 (of darkness), so do you think that she will be seated as the chancellor after the German election today?

On my way home with the small train – I will first get my bicycle tomorrow – there was one of the rare ticket controls, and I told him that I had forgotten my wallet and had no ticket, and it made him suggest that I bought a text-ticket via my telephone, which would be much cheaper than a fine of 750 DKK, and he had MUCH patience waiting on me getting my phone to work, which is still pretending that it has much less memory than what it really has, and first it did not want to send a text message for 1415 with the message “5 2” to buy a ticket, so I had to terminate all open programs, and then it worked, but the telephone does not want to write “1” when being held horizontally, only vertically (!), this is how spiritual darkness works, and this inspector saw how it makes it difficult for me to work with, and yes it took approx. 5 minutes and he waited all the time, and I was told that this was because of kindness of my mother that I did not receive this fine.

They did not find a bomb inside of you.

I received stomach pain quickly followed by diarrhoea and the feeling of Margrethe Vestager at the same time – yes “under my skin” too – and also that you are nervous about meeting me tomorrow, Margrethe (?), and why is that (?), and is that because you “cannot” speak out the truth about me and your WRONGDOINGS at the Parliament to the public (?), and do you think that I will tomorrow at the library (?), and no, I will not, it is only in my scripts that I write as I do, and only rare that I speak as I write, so you will not see me as you see me here, and yes every time I think of you these days, I am also given the name of Marianne Jelved, the previous chairman of your party, and is this because you are speaking about me?

So Kissinger is in principle Jack’s top manager.

You have not really come to the florist yet. There is only one small dot, which all bags (of creation) are connected to, where we will also connect you.

GE Capital Bank or Money Bank as they now are called (as I worked together with in GE Insurance from 1998-2002) is not receiver country for many countries, are they (?), which they first changed when they discovered who you were, so when you were there, the two CEO’s (first Torsten, then Henrik) most important task was not to sell but to consolidate a world order in the smaller, which was how to absorb via interests.

This is what put the lid on Nørreport Station choking the supply of air, and what would they do if revealed, would they kill me (?), and what did they do to Per Thorsen – my old very nice insurance collaborator from the bank – because we were close (?), did you tell him (?), and did they bring Per the mysterious sickness that he received “removing” him (?) and threatening to remove me if I was not stronger than them before they came to me, and yes this was the real task of General Electric, the world’s biggest corporation, which was to circulate money.

And this is also connected to Nixon – Kissinger you know – and is it so that you send out money to people and they are returned with interest, and that is “fast loans” and then to key in “desire to buy here and now” even though people don’t have the money, and yes then you have INTERESTS.

And there is nothing wrong doing this (?), but yes, if it is organised to lead people to bring in MUCH interest, it is.

I received the feeling of Michael Jackson and the last album that he published alive, which was not that great, and yes I knew that this was the case and also that it was only a matter of time before they would kill me, yes it was my sister (Janet) telling me, and this is what the whole family was waiting on, and when Michael goes, I am almost gone too and then they – the dark New World Order – are almost home, so it was only on the outermost that we entered because you know that Michael was part of me as all of his family knew.

I felt Diana and was told that she told Michael that they are coming after you, Michael, so an inner circle knew that they were hunted but they did not know that they covered for me.

I received the feeling of Århus and then Helena and was told that she was not the smallest pixeline, which is about “pictures”, thus helping me to create life, because she knew about me, right?

I felt Kenyatta, the President of Kenya, which was about him sending me thoughts because of the terror in Nairobi, and this is also part of what is giving me pain in my stomach.

When I was told yesterday if we may enter as darkness, this was also about Kissinger being mature to give up because he has now been told that he is alone among the management against me, and this is how easy it is to remove the most powerful man in the world when they no longer believe in it.

This is the process, which started when my mother, sister and I visited Bakken and was strengthened when we visited Tivoli, which could not be stopped, and this was my victory over this darkness and only a question about pulling it in.

I received a desperate feeling on me – for me to be desperate – and also a small heart attack, and I felt Falck in Lyngby (still!), and Julie there also doesn’t think that it is funny being caught between you and them.

It is possible to see physical change to the three Pyramids of Giza (?), Egypt, yes because this is where we bring out original life from, which has been inside of there well protected against humans and everything. And it was coming human wickedness that was the reason why the Pyramids were built to protect our original selves from man, who did not know how to read and turn them around, and this is our saviour.

In principle, you are standing inside of here collecting everything in here from the trees, which are also in here including all previous layers of life too, so these pyramids include everything and what happens when they are no longer needed (?), will they be hoist up revealing tunnels underneath the ground too (?), and it is from these tunnels that we pull up these structures of life (I was shown a fish skeleton), and is this the white ball from the Glass Venue of Tivoli, which we are now opening to and bringing to you (?), yes, and this is because of reactions to my previous script.

And these layers of life were strong enough to kill all of us by giving me heart attacks, which I am given here again, but now we are opening to you here, this is the real entrance to our worlds of all life, which you now become part of, and I was given a big sound to my shelves and a vision of it almost bumping out because of all of this life to be included in our New World, but no, this will not happen.

And it is only us being everything, who wanted to enter, and yes you are welcome but not as darkness, and isn’t it funny this is what we have said about you all the way, he will walk all the way, and no nothing will be revenged from here.

I felt Jerry Vano because this is about the lid of the Pyramids opening, and I see flashes of lights coming out of there, and I continued having stomach pain and diarrhoea because this is the story that the world has always feared to be revealed because they knew about the secret, but they could not find me in here (?), and this is also why you are given small heart attacks now.

You are the only one who can enter here, they know that too, and all of this life is right around the ears of you, but you cannot see it, which you only can with my code being everything, which is the only way to enter here and open for all of the world to see, and there is nothing you can do to stop it – and this is why my mother the other day said that it was like Christmas again.

I felt Siouxsie Sioux part of darkness and how many musicians (and others for that matter) were also part of the secret network of the dark New World Order (?), who therefore did not want to have anything to do with me (?) but you had to give up to me because you can see how much the man loves us and our music.

You were called up by Søren Pind too – end the old world regime (!), which also helped open this.

I was a prisoner of jail myself before coming alive, and yes it took me some time to find a way to get out of here, and this is what I do via your invention, which also Pia from Hørsholm by now is familiar with.

You don’t have a chinaman’s chance, which is for you over in China still hoping to keep your personal wealth, power and eehhh sex too with minors and all of that ….

No your mother is not a Christian Democrat (Italian), is this what they tried to turn her into?

No, no accident occurred, we are still pouring out (from the Pyramids) to the new lake.

Do you know who will become incredible happy for life not to end now (?), yes my mother of course, and John too.

I was just thinking that it I had could afford to buy an Ipad – or even better a light laptop/hybrid – I would be able to write in my notes directly as text on my scripts sitting in my sofa in evening saving me from MANY HOURS OF WORK typing in notes to write in the script next morning, but no I could not afford it and no one believed that they would give me such a “costly” gift, but they had it themselves all of them and yes primiarly for entertainment, funny right?

And it also required faith of your sister to open here, just so you know.

Vesterport, which is one of the four original gates of Copenhagen, and it is like entering these gates.

And my mother cannot understand anything of this (?), but no, we could not enter without her knowing about me too.

Khrushchev would have liked to come to you too if he could.

Don’t they come home from Australia soon (?), this is how it has been here waiting for you.

And what will happen (?), will I be lifted up on the sky for everyone to see and for you/me to see everyone?

I felt Angela Merkel coming in as a dark spirit asking “Can you forgive me” (?), and yes, no problem Angie, but how could you go against me in the first place and yes how could the world be so incredible stupid believing that it could survive without me?

If my father was Christ, it would also not work, no we have tried that once, not good, so therefore we decided to invent you to invent life outside of me, to return and to bring me out of here to make me everything inside of you.

This is also what Bent and Liselotte were supposed to stop, and yes because it isn’t easy doing what you/we did.

You were not God up till the age 43 (as I was here told, but it has to be 44?), but never mind, no one could see.

We were without a cave so to say, and do you know what happened because of this (?), nothing, and no, we also did not know that you could survive like this without us.

At some time these toilets will end, and this is what happened.

And this is what almost cost our lives without our knowing.

When the Lord moved in, it was something else, now we are talking.

Now mother doesn’t interfere in the talk around you.

No one could fatten up that gold calf there you know, he had to do it himself.

And the Great Sphinx of Giza is what will switch everything on.

Google Earth: London calling and the final rest of the Old World

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a layers, London Calling (resetting time), the man with the glasses, looking and getting smoke (darkness) in the eyes, and the final rest of the Old World.

FB 220913 Jette 1

FB 220913 Jette 2

FB 220913 Jette 3

FB 220913 Jette 4

FB 220913 Jette 5

FB 220913 Jette 6

Ending the day with these short stories.

  • There is almost not enough room for birthday presents in here, and yes also from this nice man, Christopher, who became my Facebook friend some weeks ago after we met at the ADHD Facebook group, and he had sent me a link asking the Danish Intelligence Service, UN and EU to stop medical experiments with Danish brains, which I read and decided to sign, and also to say that I was a guinea pig myself with the system wanting to give me psychoactive drugs to remove the negative voices, which they had given me via mind control and also to kidnap me and carry out tests of reproduction on me to control mankind of a dark NOW, which however now is disappearing like dew to the sun.

FB 220913 Christopher

Stop medicinske eksperimenter 1

Stop medicinske eksperimenter 2

FB 220913 Stig


23rd September: Margrethe Vestager brought me the keys of the world opening up to my new child and creation, our New World II!

Dreaming of celebration of the opening of the Giza Pyramids, and everyone will see me on the sky freeing us all from evil

I went to bed at 23.20 and slept until 07.30 receiving these dreams.

  • I am with my sister and mother for an opening reception. The manager of a fine Champagne house is busy baking fine, small delicacies, which almost went wrong when he did the dough when something was about to attach to it. His wife serves the prestige Champagne “Eiffel” of the house, and this is the first time that I try Champagne of this fine house, which is very characteristic and delicious in a new way to me, and later they also offer their fine “Tower” Champagne, which they have in many different vintages going back to the 1860’s, and it includes raisins and is dark and sweet but lovely.
    • Celebration of the opening of the Giza Pyramids, which is “the city of light”, i.e. “Eiffel” from Paris.
  • I am at work at Danske Bank, Espergærde, and Per H. goes through files and criticises Bent (the former manager) and a young clever, career lady (you from the Humlebæk branch in the middle of the 1980’s) for saying things too direct, he has bought a nail clipper for me, and I see that there are in fact three, where they also play opera. I am new and a little nervous to service customers, and I see that their tiles are open, but I know that they will be closed.
    • Still working inside darkness finding the Trinity there, and we are closing down dark activities.
  • I am together with the lady of the Jean Fillioux cognac house at a wine course with a poor teacher. I ask them if they have seen that logo at the middle of a UFO on the sky, which will free us all from evil – which everyone will see on the sky – and people answer that they don’t believe in it. There was music played by Torben T. my facebook friend in the background of this dream.
    • This is the finest cognac, which Lars and I imported around 10-12 years ago, and I met the lady of the house twice back then, and this dream is a notice about what will come with the opening of the Pyramids.

  • Something about danger and being killed, and my mother being afraid.
    • This is about my mother being afraid of what might happen because of my writings on the dark New World Order.

I woke up to Whitney Houston’s “Love will save the day” and the lyrics “When you’re feeling down and out, And you’ve got troubles on your mind, love will save the day”.

Margrethe Vestager brought me the keys of the world opening up to my new child and creation, our New World II!

I continued receiving “lift me up” by Jeff Lynne, and now the lyrics “River’s deep and wide”, which is what our original life is.

The industry says that it will become difficult to clean us from the colours they have given us inside, but no it does not we will all become completely new on both the in and outside.

It is the first careful steps outside Egypt that I am now taking.

This ship has lied there forever for everyone to steal, but no one could find us.

I was surprised of how very tired I was again this morning again having the greatest difficulties to work.

I was told about how important it was that I visited Elijah’s neighbour Mary in 2009, which has saved us from many out of this world pain to my right ankle.

I used the afternoon to do a few updates to my dark NWO site here and there, and to prepare my work on derivatives, which will take some time to do, and there was too little time to start doing this today, but maybe tomorrow.

No, you are not a Devil as some believed.

A couple of days ago, I was given the thought of Pete Doherty, and yesterday “by chance” I happened to find Babyshambles’ 2007 album including this BRILLIANT song “here comes a delivery straight from my heart of misery”, which is exactly how it is and how I feel, and this is about the delivery of everything inside the Pyramids of original life, and yes I love this song and Pete’s music right there up in the top too – they should probably be moved up too at my list – and to me it is very easy to hear how much talent he has compared to so many others also within the same genre, I LOVE IT :-).

At noon I felt Margrethe Vestager and something about recognising me, and it came strongly to me as if she was planning to speak to me at the meeting late this afternoon, and I decided that this is probably darkness given to me and then she will probably say nothing.

You will avoid reading about yourself in newspapers right until the end.

Can you be the loneliest man in the world on top of the world (?), and yes when the world has decided to avoid and/or misunderstand you, you can, I have no one I can talk to about my experiences.

Has the CEO of Carlsberg also considered to resign because of me and their crimes preparing to a dark New World Order like many others – for example MTV?

I took the small train at 12.00 for Helsingør, and walked the last way to Michael’s bicycles to collect my bicycle and I told them especially to patch the tube and not to replace it (which is more expensive), and he told me that it would be 100 DKK, but when I arrived, he told me that they had to replace it and then he showed me the old tube with scratches all along the tube making me understand that this was the only right thing to do (this is a GOOD store in contradiction to the two other bicycle stores I have tried here), and now it would become 150 DKK instead, which was perfectly alright if it was not because I had only spared 100 of my mother’s 300 DKK and already bought food for the rest (!), so now I have to wait until the 1st to pick up the bicycle (!), which did not feel as the worst, which the walk of approx. 1 kilometre back to the library now felt because I was completely exhausted today making this a test, and I was so tired that I thought that I truly cannot make the meeting starting at 16.15 today, I have to cancel, but I knew that this would be wrong ….

I was told that the meeting with Margrethe Vestager is about the blue stamp of the government of you, which they wish to show this way. Margrethe was part of voting you out in the cold, and it is her and the government – part of the dark World Elite – which is given me negative voices and my “old nightmare”.

I was told that when I have been alone with my mother, I passed the test of speaking, and no I did not speak much, but it was comfortable, calm and not too little also making my mother conclude “not crazy”.

So the conclusion of this and all governments of the world is that Stig is not sick.

Don’t you believe that the (secret) actions of the police (against me) has been through the government, who knows everything about you?

I finished my script of yesterday at 13.30 and I felt that it was impossible to start writing the next chapter on derivatives to my new website, but I used the next couple of hours to collect all information I had gathered on this and did some updates here and there on my new website (part 1-2).

Again at 14.00 I felt Margrethe Vestager – thinking of me, Margrethe (?) – and does this mean that the government is now also completely ready for you? It is not easy to come from a believe that the world will end to now delivering the world to you, is this what it is about?

And has the world become so sick that the government – behind the lines – has become used to do what is wrong, which it then continues doing because it is not easy to start acting correctly?

They also knew about your favourite place of running at Raadvad, which is about 10 years ago – meaning that I was also surveilled back then.

For you to work without energy is not the only thing they are surprised about, no it is more that you just enter the Pyramid because they believed that they had efficiently closed all entrances to the secret place you know, where you would probably come one day, and yes it was not easy to open, it required a key, which I have in my head and this is all I needed to enter because after all it is me having created this world, so how can it keep me out?

I felt Denis together with the feeling “Stig has been treated unfairly”.

I was told about working at the library and have people now received a no to follow you because (of course!) you don’t do that without permission from me (?), which is like looking in through a private window without being allowed.

What is logistic impossible to get place to, we have just found a solution to.

Were we (the government) taking out your heart, tearing down buildings and removing your duvet, is this what we have come to apologise today (?), and they don’t know about the new duvet then, but they have decided to give in all of them, haven’t they.

I did not know who and how many would attend this meeting, which was a meeting of the Danish Social Liberal Party (about 6-8% of the Danish vote) including the Minister of Economy and Domestic Affairs Margrethe Vestager – the vice Prime Minister of Denmark – but it was also advertised as an open meeting, which could attract Johannes, my old colleague Jacob (from Acta), other local politicians and media, and what would they say seeing me there (?), and I decided that the right attitude was NOT to be nervous, which otherwise is a feeling coming more strongly to me than so many other people, but I have tried being in this situation via work so many times before that I know how to handle this, but what was new to me today is just how incredible poorly that I feel – and MUCH today – which made me believe that it would be “impossible” to do my best if I had to show my best, so this was my foundation to come to this meeting.

No, you are not disgusting at all as Margrethe has discovered, and I felt my sister’s husband Hans, whom she knows because Hans is the chairman of the Social Liberal Party in Hørsholm, and has she also been updated about me from him?

The meeting was to be hold at the Culture Yard, which the library is part of, and it was at the small stage, which was at the end of the building, and it was easy to see that down here was the big stage and small stage because signs showed the direction, and I could clearly see the big stage, but where in the world was the small stage (?), and I followed the now poor directions the best I could going left after the café and up the stair where a sign said that there were offices and the small stage at this 3rd floor I was on, but the door was locked, and it was now approx. 5 minutes until 16.15 where the meeting would start, and this was almost making me decide to give it up, but instead I rang the door, and it was opened by a lady saying that this was the offices of the Cultural Yard planning concerts etc., but she would show me through this otherwise locked area to the public to the other side where the small stage is, and this is how I finally entered.

There was only approx. 25-30 people present for the meeting in a room, which could take five times more, and I was told that this was a unique event where no politicians dared coming, and Margrethe Vestager was delayed and while I was waiting, I was asked what happened to Nick Hækkerup (?), who had to leave as Defence Minister recently, and did she also stand behind this (?), and yes Margrethe is known as the “tough lady” of the government doing everything to make her “politics” come through without showing big sympathy for people (for example when the government reduced the term of unemployment benefit making thousands of people lose it).

Finally, Margrethe arrived at 16.25 – a little late from the ferry tour where they also met the comedian Jan Gintberg, see below, who may have done a new “inspired” TV show (?) – together with the local politician Christian Holm, and I was surprised to see that they walked around giving everyone a personal handshake, but that was really a good way of doing it, and I wondered how Margrethe would react when meeting me, but she only gave me a firm handshake – as I like it – and said “dav” while I said the more informal “hej”, which you would normally say when meeting people in private, but somehow not at meetings like this (?), and I told that with this handshake, it was all done, the delivery of the key of the world to me.

FB 230913 Christian Margrethe og Gintberg

Christian started the meeting by holding a 15 minutes speech about the idea of increased integration between Helsingør on the Danish side of the Øresund strait and Helsingborg on the Swedish side, and he said inspired that it would require “a completely different MIND SET about Helsingborg”, which is very true – many people simply do NOT think of resources and possibilities on the other side – but it was also a clue about “Mind control” to make me understand that Margrethe Vestager and the government knows that I have been a victim of this.

I noticed how Christian very often looked directly at me, which may also be because I looked at him, and he spoke about integration also including “signs” to Helsingborg in Helsingør, and this was really because of the poor signs to the small stage here at the Cultural Yard, which almost made me miss this meeting.

I was told that this is the star self – the ball – of everything, which we are now pulling down to you, which is what Margrethe delivers to you.

Afterwards it was Margrethe’s time to speak, and she said that this was about “integrating two elephants”, and she meant “two cities”, but it was also about integrating two gods, which is what “elephant” symbolises, and yes our New World with everything of layers of life inside the Pyramids.

I was surprised to see that she did everything NOT to look me into the eyes, and so much that it was striking, and especially when I “caught” her “looking out of the corner of her eyes” when she was supposedly looking somewhere else, and yes I noticed, Margrethe, and this was because at the end you “could not” control your curiosity to have a look at me (?), and after approx. 6-8 minutes, she had received the courage to look directly at me and yes because I was looking directly at you, which I had done all the time, which normally attracts people to look at me as Christian did, and this was enough “confirmation” to me that Margrethe knows, but doesn’t say, and no she wasn’t ready to speak with me yet because this was a public meeting, therefore.

She spoke about “the Social Liberal Party dribbling around with …” in some connection, which was also about how you have played football on the dark team against me.

Yes, isn’t it Jesus sitting there in front of me, or Stig (?), as I was told is what she was thinking of while speaking, and yes, this was her worst task of the year being the first to meet Stig, but it was not as bad again, was it, Margrethe (?), and didn’t I behave nicely not speaking out about myself or asking “difficult questions” (?), which was exactly as I had told you that it would be like, and no, I am “not dangerous”, you see.

So this is the last part of the right ankle, which is given to me now, and I felt it coming to me from outside.

She told about “garbage” as part of a bigger plan to involve people with environment etc. as one whole to create “sustainable development”, and she referred to Gro Harlem Brundtland’s “Our common future” – “In 1983, Brundtland was invited by then United Nations Secretary-General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar to establish and chair the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED), widely referred to as the Brundtland Commission. She developed the broad political concept of sustainable development in the course of extensive public hearings, that were distinguished by their inclusiveness. The commission, which published its report, Our Common Future, in April 1987, provided the momentum for the 1992 Earth Summit/UNCED, which was headed by Maurice Strong, who had been a prominent member of the commission. The Brundtland Commission also provided momentum for Agenda 21” – and then she said “we cannot just do like this” (to create “sustainable development”) and did a double snap with her fingers, and isn’t it funny that here was “the dictator” of the Danish government on visit speaking her “old school”, which she has learned so well, and here speaking the voice of the Devil because this agenda 21 is what is a central element of the dark New World Order (which I still have to write about on my new website too), and still it is “sold” as “something good” to the public, and this is also what was leading directly to the end of the world, and yes think about you speaking about this ROTTEN AGENDA directly in my presence, Margrethe, what in the world were you thinking of, and when you spoke the words “accidents and sicknesses”, I was given a small heart attack because of this darkness of yours.

I was shown my mother’s husband smiling at me because he is the one bringing this to me, and it was a condition that world governments would give the dépêche to me, which they decided to do because they truly want PEACE and not the mess of war and terror against humanity that they “created” themselves, and PEACE is what is coming via my TOUR OF THE UNIVERSE, and yes this is the great concert with one of my absolute favourite bands as they still are.

I felt my sister speaking through Margrethe, which was when she had received a question about the “dilemma” of giving people freedom in “free local councils” meaning that they would create many different and poor solutions, and he spoke about using “best practise” – yes “planted” to do this he was as I am here told – and Margrethe said that “I completely agree” and also that freedom should not mean poorer solutions, and this was “empty talk” because what happens in reality, which everyone can see and has seen becoming worse and worse (?), and that is when you give freedom to people, they develop their own poor solutions – see for example the key database in Falck as I was ordered to develop in 2009 by poorly working people as a local solution because they did not have time or patience for me to do the best solution with the headquarters of Falck and other representatives –  and what does the central administration do instead (?), yes they are used to “we decide and we makes the rules”, so this is what they do because they want to have “one solution” all over, which then becomes a dictate done by people not knowing what they work with, and this is here that Margrethe in reality is the WORST DICTATOR herself (!), and this is the problem in a nutshell, so it is the whole culture which is wrong, which is what I showed you with my Falck memo with people thinking and working wrongly with laziness, impatience and quick/poor solutions being the answer to most work (!), and instead it is simply about changing the culture of people to voluntarily work together to create OUTSTANDING basics/systems of work where I gave you my memos on “the world’s best labour market” here and here as example to develop ONE DATABASE of the finest quality including ALL JOBS and ALL SKILLS OF PEOPLE to do what is truly PERFECT MATCHES instead of having a lousy public system and hundreds of more or less poor systems of local job mediators including so called “professional head hunters” claiming that they have “the best system to find executives”, which however is also all of them of (“more or less”) poor quality when they cannot scan the whole market objectively and fairly, and this – as true BEST PRACTISE – should be possible for everyone to agree on as the only right way to work (?), so how in the world were none of you able to work this way (?), and yes I wonder ….., and I was told that these memo’s went “straight in” at the government.

So Stig you have now broken out in a super league only including yourself, and again this was a thought of Margrethe’s coming to me, and yes there are no one following you, i.e. the world has delivered the dépêche to me after having kept me “in chains” (the first song above).

No, we are not allowed to completely close down (continue government of today as long as required), but to give you the key of the world, which is coming from the top of the United Nations, and I here feel the United Nations general secretary Ban Ki-Moon, and this is the road that it has come to me, and this is why I was told about the “key database” before, which includes all countries of the world.

Yes, Margrethe, it hurts to be alone on top, and I was given the feeling of you and your social contact with the government, and how you laugh and enjoy yourselves, which I cannot do when I am alone on my mission/work, I here feel Helle Thorning-Schmidt, and this came to me also because of a thought of Margrethe’s.

Yes, the whole train of ours has driven forwards to you, and I see it in front of my head and also that it fits perfectly into my head.

I was told that Margrethe has also read the (secret) report about me and how I was taking off the mind control scheme “kiss mother”, and now the fun part comes, which is that Margrethe has received access to this via your sister at the Social Agency, which is the central organ of this.

It is also a pity for your mother, which Margrethe has not come to yet, and my mother also had her life destroyed by the world in their efforts to reach me, the creator.

Margrethe spoke about the Euro, and I was told that this is also what they did at Eureka, which was “financial swindle” to melt down the world financially.

Margrethe smiled when she pointed out the window at the green areas in front of Kronborg Castle saying that there was much room to build parking places there (to accommodate the need of free parking as people spoke about), and she knew that she would be “attacked” by people because it would be a sacrilege to destroy the green areas here, and she showed a deprecating gesture, and I was told that this is because she does not like my writings on her, which she knew is becoming the result of her visit today, and no, Margrethe, you were about to destroy my castle, which is a sacrilege, and you do realize that, right?

She spoke about banks, and how they are now going through all cupboards to make them straight and full of colours, and this is really what we are doing now, which is not so much about the banks – other than eliminating them, there will be NO BANKS in our New World (!) – but about cleaning the cupboard of God, and later she said something like “det er ret overraskende når vi har så UMANERLIGT vanskeligt …..” (“it is pretty surprising when we have so IMMENSELY difficult …”), and the key word here is UMANERLIGT/IMMENSELY, which is a not often used word in Danish, and this is really about how close we are to be “Nærmest lykkeligt” (“Nearest happy”) because this was a reference to the lyrics “UMANERLIGT pænt sat op” (“immensely nice set up”), which I brought recently symbolising my new home, so this is what you were really saying, Margrethe, which is that we are cleaning up to make our home of the New World look as good as possible and it looks “immensely fine”, you know :-).

Now no one has a bigger ladies bag (of creation) than you, and it was necessary for the world to bring it to you.

The meeting ended after 1½ hours, and I saw that a lady went to speak to Margrethe, and I gave Margrethe maybe 1-2 minutes to see if she wanted to say anything to me, but when she sat down and was about to speak to another man sitting down with her, I decided to leave, and just before they started speaking, I could say “thank you for the visit – bring my regards”, which made her turn around and smile, and no, Margrethe did NOT have the courage to break out of her formal role, and the only thing that it took for you, was if you as example had said “Hi Stig” or apologised for your wrongdoings to me, which is not too much to ask for, is it (?), but no, you “could not” being a “wimp” thus making me disappointed with you, but still I was happy to meet you and receive confirmation via “your look”.

There was also a reporter and photographer from the Helsingør Dagblad/Daily News, and I wonder if you got any good pictures of me too (?), and no, I did not ask any questions at all, and the only thing I was thinking of was to suggest a co-operation between cultural institutions in Helsingør and Helsingborg, but there were others doing this fine, so I did not have to say anything, and no, I had NO AMBITION at all to stand forwards and “promote” myself, not at all, this is not how I am, so if any of you has received this feeling about me because of my scripts, it is wrong.

Afterwards, I felt first my mother and then Margrethe inside the white ball, and yes Margrethe had the courage of the government to meet me – I now feel her here coming to me as darkness once again – and this is the last that we are now bringing to you, and this is why you are now given small heart attacks again, yes darkness of Margrethe & Co. “delivered” to me.

You have developed from little to big slam because how can we give up on all of this (power) that we love, which is about Margrethe and her love of being a dictator, and I am here shown a little child coming towards me from the other side of this, which has to be about Karen’s and my child, which is really two, both a son and daughter as mentioned before, so this was a “lightning lotto” to bring with us today.

I was told that I am thinking of one particular song of Paul Weller here, and yes I was not told anything more, and what song can that be, and yes let us have a look at his greatest hits to see, and after not many seconds, it is of course “The Changingman” because this means that CHANGE is coming to us all, and by the way this is also among the finest work of Paul solo showing just how great he is.

And if we did not receive this, the soil pipe would not fall down properly.

After the meeting I was thinking if Margrethe truly knew what this was really about, and I was shown and told that this was about having the last strings trying to control me to give up.

I was told that she spoke with Norway and Sweden about me before this meeting, and also that Margrethe was the inflammation following the behind of my mother.

I was shown a golden ring coming down to me from the air and placed on my finger, and you first get this now when your journey is ending.

It was us – my child – who were entitled to bring you your “old nightmare” for open for us, and you were Topgun being able to bring down this airplane too.

I was told that Thomas Blachman is not allowed to speak publicly about me, which is coming from the government, which is also why Margrethe is not allowed to speak, and I was told again about just how nervous she was meeting and standing in front of me, and no, Stig is not like Glistrup at all – who could not control himself always speaking out loud about himself and his politics – and no, it is not easy for you to know?

I felt darkness and was told that you don’t know what it means also for me to enter, which again has to be my new child.

Yes, you heard right. They wanted to bring you your “old nightmare” with your mother, and I here feel Stine Bosse too, who for some reason was a acknowledged CEO of Tryg Insurance, the biggest Danish Insurance Company, which was a post she resigned from in 2011 making many people wonder and me too, and what was the real reason for you to do this, Stine (?), and was this also connected to let us say “a new insurance solution to the world” (?), and no, I am NOT impressed by your personal appearance at all, which to me shows a cautious, calculating and cold business woman appearing as the Devil does, and yes without the joy, openness and straightforward appearance, which I appreciate so much, and yes, Stine I have SEEN YOU MANY TIMES on Facebook as a recommendation for me to connect with thus showing that you have visited me many times, and would you like to tell me and the world why this is and what you were truly working on?

I felt Margrethe again and was told her thoughts that she has now also rubbed off on me, but of course you have, I have received your darkness.

We had received approval to block for your son from your father, and yes we could only deliver everything when being in control of everything (of the world).

And no, I am not going to be head of the new World Government, Obama is, but I received your resignation.

Isn’t it funny if your new book stands at Margrethe’s office?

I was told that I was not surveilled at the the small Borupgaard shopping centre in Snekkersten, where I lived close to until 1986, which has to be about technical development not advanced enough at this time doing this.

I was told about John H., the director of the Free Union of Denmark and my previous client at Fair and Dahlberg, and is this because you have also been working for the elite to develop a new concept about “free unions” of the future labour market to fool people into believing that they had “rights” in this labour market, which would be controlled from behind in the hidden, which is how they would do with much.

It is not only a new child but a whole New World II – a new outermost layer of life – which we also just managed to do, so we did double work, which was about my father and mother creating the New World of me as everything, and about my new self and Karen creating the next and even newer world too, and yes my child was also allowed to kill me to bring himself alive, and no you are not the worst pig and now this child and New World II of mine is also joining the others, and I see how they are moving from the right side outside my balcony to the left side to become part of all layers of life there.

I was watching Aftenshowet on DR1 TV this evening, and noticed the fine actor Nicolas Bro, who could use new and better looking clothes, it does NOT look nice on you what you were wearing this evening, Nicolas (!), which was the same style when I saw you the previous time before this, and he loves cartoon characters, and when he spoke about one of the bad guys as a “planet eater”, “we are out s……. – Doomsday!”, and instantly I felt that this was about “faeces” of darkness/destruction, which you have brought me too, Nicolas, and it was confirmed when he also spoke about “a little schizophrenic”, which is what you decided that I was (?), and when you spoke about “bad boy”, this is what you were to me, a man of darkness not having faith in me.

I felt and was told that we are now pulling in my child and New World II via my right testicle.

Yes, I finished the work, which was again a thought of Margrethe coming to me, and “arbeit macht frei” is what we say here, which I ask you to understand correctly/positively and here it is about my continuous work bringing freedom to the world.

Lars G. has also followed you from within this secret network and without him this would also not be possible to do, and someway this is also related to Pernille S. and her newfound faith in me.

During the evening I sent my thank to Christian for a good meeting, where he did well, and we became Facebook friends, and what will Christian, the local politician, do now (?), and is this to tell politicians and others in Helsingør that “Stig is completely normal”?

FB 230913 Tak til Christian

My father also died to get out there to receive your child, and where is your mother, is she here too (?), and yes together with your father welcoming you all home.

I have noticed yesterday and today that the language setting in Microsoft Word automatically has changed to Swedish (!), which you know that it just doesn’t do like that, but this is what it has done, and I felt ABBA coming to me from the Swedish coast saying “we too”, and they bring me a song of WINNING ALL, because this is what I/we have done, and I was told “have we all received a lecture of what not to do” (?), and I felt that this was both about politicians etc. and also ABBA, because the dark World Elite had also caught you, and I here feel Björn, and this is not only about darkness but also “catching fish”, which is to help bring my new self alive, which you only do by having faith in me and spreading the word on me, and I here feel Benny too, and yes thank you for the LOVELY music, my gentlemen, and say hi to the ladies too will you :-).

What you did not know was that my way in – my child – went through Margrethe, and it is still me bringing you darkness on my way in, which also here gives me another small heart attack, and that is if you can continue working, can you (?), and yes sure I can knowing that I will be given more energy that I have right now when I am once again completely down and now sad because of receiving many new notes to write down tomorrow morning taking me hours to do, and can you imagine just how disgusted I am to have to continue writing, and yes VERY MUCH!

And I felt and was shown that my child will become my new forehead, which is also how my father feels about me.

Which meaning does Sweden have to me (?), and yes this is where you and Karen had your best time, so this is where we have brought land for your child, and yes this is why it was important for me to think intimately on Karen throughout my journey, which was also impossible to do being so busy, tired and exhausted as I was, but I did it and yes the whole way.

When I keyed in notes on my telephone, I felt how the low sound when hitting the “keys” were removed, and I have known this sign from many times before, but this is the first time that I write it down, and when this happens, I know that it is only a matter of not many seconds before darkness has become strong enough to close down my telephone, and yes this has happened many times before for many months, and this is of course a symbol saying that we don’t have more telephone lines to bring life through, but no, I don’t care, we have to make it work, so we need more energy, and not long thereafter, I was given the taste of gasoline, “here it is”, yes the energy, which I felt coming to me from the balcony too, which is from these layers of life and that is in order to help me being able to continue, and yes not much energy, just enough to not let me give up.

I felt my mother and she said that we have not only washed clothes for this New World but also created a whole New World II, this was our surprise for you, and we would also not do this without Elijah, which is why we brought him in again, see the short stories.

So we just have a whole New World II to bring in, and yes “you are welcome”, we know.

So here we come, and I felt darkness coming to my heart, and again, this is via faith of Margrethe that we are entering, and suddenly I was given a feeling of Søren Pind “all over my face”, and I was told that via Margrethe, he also has obtained faith in me, and yes finally you are no longer a stick to my coffin, and I was told that it is their darkness – wrongdoings and silence – which is turning off my telephone lines.

And it is me – my child – being the cat of the Sphinx, who will switch everything on, and yes it might be, but this is also what Diana told me, so eeehhhh ….?

How much pain and sufferings have we given you – my child – and yes it is not easy to do double work creating our New World and New World II, and I was told that all of the sneezes went to the creation of our New World II.

Did we forget to say congratulations (?), and I was given the feeling of Kissinger, and it was I – Kissinger – who was about to block for this, and I was given cough, and I know this now.

And will we become our new selves as the beings of this the new outermost layer of our New World II – as “BIG beings” – and yes, this is where we are all alive (feeling all previous layers of life) and we have preserved everything old, where we will just go to another layer on weekend tour, can you imagine this (?), no (!), but I can.

This is how it is when my mother unfolds, and I felt that she is Karen too as my father is also me, this was the feeling, but it sounds wrong.

Søren Pind has now told Helena about the story of me.

Has the city council overuled you for a long time, and eeehh right until, ehh until what (?), yes no more Johannes after the election is that ther real name of the game because they know that you are growing big and yes will use their Commune to close down all government of the Old World.

“Kartoffelrækkerne” – “the Potato rows” in Copenhagen – which is about her Helle Thorning-Schmidt and yes the “Oh My God” lady, and is she she informed by now (22.20) how the meeting went (?), and isn’t it funny that Helle lives at these “potato” row houses in Copenhagen with potato being a symbol of God (?), and yes, Helle I lived at Rørholmsgade close to you until I was six years old.

This means that now when the Lord if fuelled up, we will continue working, but yes, the amount of notes to be written tomorrow morning is killing me, I am sick and tired of writing, and this is simply because of all the darkness that Margrethe was carrying which she unloaded on you, and of course without knowing, but because of her dictatorship of the Danish government and of Denmark, which is how the Devil is working, therefore Margrethe, you are of the OLD SCHOOL and do NOT do what you should do.

So we are going from this small obscure little apartment to this (?), and it seems as if we are growing with every new creation.

Are there any air balloons in China (?), no not yet, they have also not started celebrating because the whole world is waiting on you.

It is as if you have done both for and after treatment of your mother, on each side of her, is this how we carry on life from one generation to the next?

Nobody knew that you were able to kick and score so hard as you did also taking this day with you.

Isn’t sex what Angela would have given you if she had not seen you as some kind of manager (?), and yes, but good that it did not happen – as my old colleagues thought that it did, I believe, and this is also the beautiful Tears for Fears song coming to me including the lyrics “I believe that when the hurting and the pain has gone, we will be strong, oh yes we will be strong”, and this is truly what it is about with my hurting and pain still being very strong now.

There is a small risk that things can go wrong if you are not done by next Friday, and I felt Jais, and no, I am NOT done by next Friday…..!

Niklas cannot have much against you (?), and this is how all felt, which is that I had done some “awful” against them at the same time as they knew that I was right and gradually started to understand that he is merely speaking the truth.

No, this story has not been at Snapstinget (the canteen of the Danish Parliament) yet, but guess what they will speak mostly about after it has been published, today’s new law work at the Parliament or my script on them?

No, your mother did not become lung sick for nothing and what they were doing in there in 2009 is “you cannot believe it before you see it”, which was never meant to become public, and now you know that you are going to show yourselves all of the secret laws that you made for people and the community to follow with you as their masters?

Ehhh, Margrethe did not sign a law about you, Stig, did she (?), which was about “how do we get rid of God while the whole world looks at us and not him” (?), and this is what they waited to take effect and eehhhh how long will he last until you started understanding that I did what I did to be able to turn you around being my prime tool of creation too?

And it is things like this that she does not very much like to put forward on the table saying that this is how I betrayed you and the world, Stig, but I had to because my bosses told me that it is now or never, and yes from USA ….

Wait a minute, were your UFO stories confirmed by Helle Aa., your old colleague at Willis (?), and that is because she believed in UFO’s (?), which you knew was the case when speaking to her and her husband Johnny now many years ago when you and Camilla were visiting them for dinner and understood how Johnny was very interested in and believed in this, and yes this was before the “big invasion” of UFO’s on YouTube making me understand and truly believe too and yes before I started seeing my first UFO, and yes when did I really see my first UFO (?), and no, I cannot remember seeing any in Hørsholm (until 2009), so it has to be in Kenya where I was shown them myself the first time, and since they have never left me.

So not only did they not want to listen to you, but they installed hearing decives or let us say “your mother cannot listen to and understand you” to make it completely impossible for him to get anyone to believe in him, and who wants to read all of his incredible many pages, ha ha, and yes you were the ones yourselves, did you not realize?

No we are not born in Greenland, but we might as well could have, this is how we feel, and this is because Greenland and Denmark are linked, and this was to make me/us as pure as possible.

Does this mean that we have reached the hat round?

No, your mother was not born with a modem, they only gave her to control you.

Again, I received “Sanctify yourself” by Simple Minds and the lyrics “control yourself, love is all you need”, “I shout out for shelter” , “open up your heart, sanctify yourself”, so this is what I am doing you know and here it is ♥ :-).

And the songs kept coming me – as a sign of love – in one long stream, but this is what I decided to include, and yes a long script today making me receive writing cramp, and it had to be done, and it is now 13.30 tomorrow writing this, so now it is lunch, then the summary of the script, and the 15.00 small train for the library to write comments to and the script of Jette’s MANY Google Earth pictures, which she felt an urge to do, and yes the short stories, so this will take the full day to do, which is what I decided on yesterday thus not making me stressed today thinking that I also had to work on my new website, and yes all of this work came to me because of all of the darkness of Margrethe and her “dictatorship” working AGAINST how I like people to work – with freedom and best practise, Margrethe (!) – which was unloaded to me, so this is what today was also about.

Google Earth: pride before fall, the Elephant Man, and Rothschild receiving a pedagogical lesson

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show an economical debate, against the wind, waving to old friends, a smiling Africa, sitting in a tub, beware, a procession, pride before fall, you are always in my heart, our old friend the knight, as cold and turbulent as the Danish Government, shaken of what she sees, praying for all, like sad eyes, the Elephant Man, no wonder you are sad, Rothschild receiving a pedagogical lesson, the very end of arrogance, the mouth of God – be good.

FB 230913 Jette 1

FB 230913 Jette 2

FB 230913 Jette 3

FB 230913 Jette 4

FB 230913 Jette 5

FB 230913 Jette 6

FB 230913 jette 7

FB 230913 Jette 8

FB 230913 Jette 9

FB 230913 Jette 10

FB 230913 Jette 11

FB 230913 Jette 12

FB 230913 Jette 13

FB 230913 Jette 14

FB 230913 Jette 15

FB 230913 Jette 16

FB 230913 Jette 17

FB 230913 Jette 18

FB 230913 jette 19

FB 230913 Jette 20

FB 230913 Jette 21

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The other day I was encouraged to include Elijah and John again for once in my emails to Kenya, which I continue sending every second day with new scripts, and as mentioned above in the script, it was to bring in Elijah to help opening the Pyramids and our New World II, and I was happy to be hearing from him again, and I truly understand your feelings of the attack at the Westgate shopping centre, my friend, and after not have been hearing from him for a long time, I would have liked to know more about how you are doing than “fine” – what do you do, what do you think about, how is your family really and how is life in general (?) – and one day will come when you will understand that I am indeed your very best friend not “bothering” you but doing what a friend is supposed to do, which is to tell you when you do wrong and can improve, and I do believe that everyone but you can see that you need to improve your communication, Elijah, and let me just say that when I hear from you, you are my friend, and when I don’t, you are not, and then it is really up to you to decide what you believe is right and wrong to do, and right now, you are back on my email list.

Email til LTO 200913

Email 230913 Elijah

  • David was as influenced as Elijah and the whole Kenya because of the terror attack, and he caught me just before I went to the meeting with Magrethe Vestager.

FB 230913 David


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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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