September 25, 2013: The World Elite have surrendered without informing the world continuing their dark NWO until I will take over


Summary of the script today

24th September: The World Elite have surrendered without informing the world continuing their dark NWO until I will take over

  • Dreaming of Kissinger still continuing his work as darkness and people having faith in me.
  • I have received “the new pen” of my child, which is what we are using to draw our new life with – which includes “massive force”. I was shown a big button up in the sky, which I am pushing and it is really me pushing it to start our New World and New World II having Diana and my child inside of me.
  • Bill Clinton decided to let the Old World continue as is for now – including work on the dark New World Order – until I will overtake everything, so he and the World Elite have given up but not told this to the system both in order not to lose face and also because this is really the most responsible to do on short term otherwise creating world chaos with everything falling apart if it came out now, and this is the United Nations of the world informed about. This is still bringing pressure on me as darkness (pushed by Bill Clinton toward me) bringing me the last building stones to finish my work on the New World. With this, I am as close as possible to have solved the secret of the world. Obama and I agree on the strategy, which is to continue work to the very end, which may be before the end of October, we will see.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the Trinity, turn for Stig to use, light opening at the North Pole as at the Giza Pyramids, a clear half face and the knight.
  • Short stories of Jane washing hands, John returning as my friend and a new coup on the Maldives.

25th September: Man wanted to kill/empty me and my mother transferring “God” to Queen Elisabeth to become the new Goddess!

  • Dreaming of being darkness myself playing against the New World (!), being together with Søren D.N. and Peter T. at the Source, being inside darkness which is also the Source, a new building of the New World II, and darkness of armed forces against me, and the worst darkness of the big bankers coming at me too.
  • My mother was invented/expected to be the queen of the world after the elimination of me by transferring all of my gold to my mother for her to become the top to adore. Even the Soviet approved her as a kind of over-Queen believing that they had shut the mouth of her, but it would not be as my mother that she would appear. She would be “emptied” too as I, and transferred to Queen Elisabeth, who was supposed to become the Goddess of the world changing history and hiding the truth from man, and new technology would make her continue to live. Man wanted to steal God from me and then from my mother transferring this power to Queen Elisabeth as part of their dark New World Order!
  • I am receiving the sideboard that my new self is hidden in, which is coming to me via Fanny, who was influenced about me from Jette after they have met, this is what we are bringing out now. We have moved force to our New World II, and we are uniting this New World II with all layers of life of the Source. Meeting Rolf from Brede Park again a few months ago saved the world from going through an “inferno”. It is all previous layers of life, which were darkness of our world – to bring creation.
  • It I had “lost it” to darkness, terminations of man would have started bringing Kissinger’s “depopulation plan” alive, and people would be told that they would be terminated, but they would instead be freed because this was only a play, you cannot terminate life.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the knight, dance, the heavy end is always the lowest, this is the gang, more and more are coming up the sea – rescued, big change – lots of energy, Archangel green in the face from pollution, two arms/hands make the move, sailor eating my lunch, the knight again, caught, and a big man with a knife.
  • Short stories of Jette meeting Fanny and Fanny WRONGLY deciding to leave me as Facebook friend (!), the kiss kiss kiss of death, a visit from my old friend Vivian, Lars Løkke Rasmussen and the Liberal Party LYING, and Imran from the Pakistan Network is one BIG liar and part of a movement sentencing death penalty to people opposing Islam, which I did when meeting him.


24th September: The World Elite have surrendered without informing the world continuing their dark NWO until I will take over

Dreaming of Kissinger still continuing his work as darkness and people having faith in me

I went to bed at 23.15 sleeping until 08.25 receiving these dreams.

  • Government, German, Nixon continues to drive on un-finance gasoline even though he should have been overturned. Chefs prepare drinks for everyone. Søren, I, folding chairs, looking at Torsten (from GE Capital Bank I believe), who is a warm personality, partying. I receive chewing gum from Mads (from Fair I believe).
    • Nixon – or it may be Kissinger, they are mixed together you know – is still running as darkness.
  • I am in Hørsholm, Helena is born again, younger and recognises me, not a baker, fast car. Tobias recognises me too, two news phones play “heroes”. Angela reads my monthly calendar at home with interest. I am using the toilet of the department store where Sanna is the manager. I meet someone famous asking me if it is only lack of sleep, which are my sufferings, and I explain that it is also negative voices.
    • Seems that some people have faith in me. By the way, Tobias continues receiving haemorrhoids after his recent operation, and let me tell you that this is DARKNESS coming to you because of your WRONG way of life, Tobias!

The World Elite have surrendered without informing the world continuing their dark NWO until I will take over

I received Anne Linnet’s “Time og dag og uge” (“hour and day and week”) including the lyrics “those you are allowed to use”, which is about finishing my work, and I felt Anne Linnet and was told that Thomas Blachman was only magical on TV when you followed him.

You cannot imagine how big the gift is.

We (the New World of my son) were not developed with clip cards to the swimming pool, i.e. coming in via my sufferings.

I was told that Per E.s’ (who appears to have left me from Linkin!) career has been “taken care of” by Per Ericsson (the first was “secretary” for no. 2 as the Nordic Manager of General Electric, when I was temporary manager of GE Insurance in Sweden in 2001 meeting both every week) and the elite making him top director too, as Per Ericsson also would have done to me because of how well we talked together!

I had more sneezes and ”half cold” again today.

This script of yesterday is also helping to remove dew (of the dark World Elite) with the sun.

I felt the spiritual church in London, which I visited in 2006 after my tour to Arthur Findlay College, and I was told that they are also receiving me there, i.e. visions and speech of me, and this is my new self speaking.

Sweden is not part of a World War is it (?), and yes it was until recently when you were also breaking basic human rights, right (?), and I am here shown the Swedish Prime Minister Reinfeldt.

This is not a soap opera is it (?), and this is about cleaning, and I feel Pavarotti, and also one of the top chiefs of the EU, whom I cannot remember the name of. And lying is the same as taking my clothes off meaning that EU was killing me because of all of your lies to the world, SHAME ON YOU!!!

It is first now that we have safely brought up your mother from the motorway.

Has the BP oil company decided to close too or are they still holding out (?), and yes the feeling is the first, and I again I am given this highly placed EU man wearing glasses, who is he?

I felt Ole and was told “have we given him the new pen” (?), which has to be of my child, which is what we are using to draw our new life with.

It is not small pocket money we talk about here, i.e. what we have concentrated inside the New World II

This is possible what is inside of that plasticine (my child).

This is how to bring in the lunch package before it gets cold, which is to finish and publish my script of yesterday without delay.

It is like running into a building on fire to get us out, which is what the attack on the Kenyan shopping centre is also about.

I felt my mother and are we not allowed to see our new grandchildren (?), and I see red/orange and feel that she is not yet. So we are now entering there all of us now, the next level.

Can the food, i.e. life, get any better in there, this is what we are curious about seeing, and yes we know Stig BE PATIENT.

You are no lion anymore.

No, there will be no warnings when entering here, we feel that now and this is because I am finishing my script of yesterday and am about to publish it, which I then did at 17.30 today.

We have not given you all iron ore from Sweden yet, and yes this is about our New World II still entering.

I was shown a big button up in the sky, which I am pushing and I was told that it is really me pushing it to start our New World and New World II having Diana and my child inside of me.

You also like Rufus Wainwright, right (?), yes, but I have never really concentrated on really getting to know your music, but your talent is evident.

I felt Kissinger and then my right arm having difficulties swinging, which was about Putin, and I was told that the entrance to the Pyramid was closed because of darkness of the world making it impossible to “open” to me, this is how it was blocked.

I received a game wanting me to decide when to open for my mother to my child, but no, you will steer that making it perfect because I don’t know what is right other than “do it perfect”, and I was shown plaster being set up.

I received half visions and speech making it difficult to understand and write down.

I continued working until 18.30 today.

I received the foot of my mother, which was stamped down right next to me left hip, and I felt her as “Giant” in size.

I was shown a tractor pulling in a big plastic bag – see through – of mail.

They thought that Karen was the key to me not understanding out setup where my mother was decisive in relation to Karen via her feelings to me.

Is it Clinton – I felt him – who overtook everything dark deciding to let it continue as is for now until I will overtake everything (?), so he and the World Elite have given up but not told this to the system not to lose face, and seen from this point of view you have to look for long for a bigger wimp.

So this way, they have decided to maintain the pressure on you, and yes Obama is also playing a game at the United Nations today speaking about Syria, and everyone knows and everyone waits on you, and yes we know, it will still take weeks before I am done, and this was really the best you could do to continue sending me darkness (“building stones”), and Margrethe Vestager is also informed about this, which I understand that world governments are, and yes what are you speaking about at the United Nations behind closed doors?

With this, you are now as close as possible to have solved the secret of the world – and the Universe which is assigned to the world – and all of this is still about putting the bag down on the bottom of the Source.

Bill Clinton also had the power to let everything fall completely apart – stopping the dark New World Order – but in reality it was responsible to let this system continue as the one which can hold on short term.

I felt my mother and was shown Ferrari F1 cars and was told that these are now almost impossible to keep hidden to you.

I felt a pressure being put on my mother to put darkness on me. They wanted to dig out all gold of me and see if they could get my mother over on their team. “Temperature measurement” – they also tried to transfer temperature from your mother to you, which only had small chances to work, this is also how they have experienced on us, this is how there are so many daft’s out there saying “let us try it too”.

Is it out there that Bill is (?) – I felt him outside to the left on the balcony or really behind it – which is at the “big lump of everything”, waiting on you to bring everything it, which he is pushing on as darkness.

I was shown the light of a UFO through my windows, and when I walked out on the balcony to see it, I was happy to see and be told that “it is me with the camera” – the spaceship of everything – and it is still a square and now it show me not one but two big antennas in front of it to symbolise our New World and New World II, and it was followed by two other and smaller UFO’s with less light on.

No, no one has dug after you there (your new self), which is about me not having reached my new self yet as well as man not having discovered my hiding place underneath the Giza Pyramids.

Who had hangovers (?), and I felt Lars’ old friend, Henrik (his private business is called “Swan” by the way!) who has done “big business” with Russia for many years (steel and much more), and I felt Putin and have you two met?

Yesterday, when meeting Margrethe Vestager, I wanted to tell her to give my regards to Marianne Jelved (the former chairman of her party) – and Helle Thorning-Schmidt – and this is to say that her bag, which she is famous for here, is really a symbol of the world, and yes darkness it was and when there is no more darkness, it is simply the world.

I felt Obama and was told that we forgot to say that we agree on the strategy, which is to continue work to the very end.

How can it be that when the world had ancient knowledge about me – I feel the Pyramids – that they still decided to go against me?

I still receive a strong negative voice wanting me to decide on details I know nothing about and trying to take me over, and this evening I received such a weak heart that I felt close to dying.

Isn’t it so that the ship (of our New World) is lifted up together with the opening of the Marine Museum here October 5 (?), and that is if you have finished work at this date (?), and yes, this is the idea or let us say when I will finish, which I will not to October 5.

For years when receiving my spiritual voice (since 2006) and since starting to write (seriously from 2009), the principle has really been to don’t care about what is true and false of what I am told and write, and to ignore reactions of people not understanding, and to wait until the day when all of this nightmare is ended and I will know what was right and what was wrong, and yes I have often had this thought, and to be indifferent and incredible patient waiting on this has really been the strongest mental challenge.

Do you believe that he will sleep hard as a rock (?), and we will see, and I was given “fear” to receive a hard night being awakened to work because of negative reactions to my script of yesterday, and I felt that it would be impossible for me to go through this again because of just how tired and exhausted I was.

I was told that people with headphones have been able to hear my family’s talk on me, which they have used as part of their strategy to bring me down, and if all of this is true, you have truly been the worst Devil working against me doing to human beings what is totally unacceptable, which I do believe that all of you can easily see (?), but still all of you decided to do it??? 

Google Earth: Light opening at the North Pole as at the Giza Pyramids

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the Trinity, turn for Stig to use, light opening at the North Pole as at the Giza Pyramids, a clear half face and the knight.

FB 240913 Jette 1

FB 240913 Jette 2

FB 240913 Jette 3

FB 240913 Jette 4

FB 240913 Jette 5

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Jane said that she was attending a conference at the Danish Parliament to reduce asthma and allergy and she said that the message is clear: Wash hands, and yes I bet that this is what you are doing, Jane, not taking responsibility for what the Parliament did to me and your own actions (?), and yes I can almost hear it “hush, don’t say anything” (!), and are you truly such a chicken that you cannot even send me a few lines for “all friendship”?

Fb 240913 Jane

  • I was happy to see that John was also returning as my friend after my email the other day, and yes I do understand that it is difficult for you to communicate John – despite of you being on Facebook without being able to write me – and all I ask for is to hear from you once a month, and if this is impossible to do because you are away from your email for more than one month, all you have to do is to tell me, and then I would be HAPPY to hear how you are, what you are really doing, your family, thoughts etc., and yes I have told you many times before, right?

FB 240913 John

  • Lykke said that there has been a “judge coup” on the Maldives and she spoke to (the previous) President Nasheed confirming that “it’s another coup”, and let us hope that they will be able to control themselves and to let us have Nasheed back.

FB 240913 Lykke


25th September: Man wanted to kill/empty me and my mother transferring “God” to Queen Elisabeth to become the new Goddess!

Dreaming of being together with Søren D.N. and Peter T. at the Source, and being inside darkness which is also the Source

I went to bed at 23.40 and slept until 09.20 receiving these dreams.

  • I am playing football against the German national team in football, they play excellent. I am on goal and they shout over the goal but it would have become the goal of the year if it went in.
    • The German team is our New World so this is to say that I am also playing on the dark side via wrong behaviour of mine, which can only be that I watch videos on the internet with let us say “wrong attitude” of people even though it is not pornographic.
  • The phone is ringing, I am with my old school friends Søren D. N. and Peter T., and I expect Søren to be little but he is the same size as I, and I tease him saying “you haven’t always been little, have you”. I smile at them when walking in the door and ask them to see two (TV) license trophy’s made with watercolour, which have been hung up here at this small apartment in Albertslund where Peter lives, and I notice that the furniture is made by wood and how very well it is decorated using the space well. Now he is tired of this and wants to try something new. We listen to different ambient music.
    • I woke up to “just a reflector” by Arcade Fire, so this is meeting Søren and Peter at the Source.
  • I am at Sanna’s and Hans’ home, 6 floors tall. Children have been divided into groups of four, who are choosing furniture, and they can choose most of what is there except the marble table, which is too heavy to lift up. We are six people using the lift of max. 6 and we are heavier than the max. load, and send our Hans, and he fights to get out while my sister is yelling at him. The skeleton of a big new building attached to theirs have been made, and we are now on the roof of it and I don’t like how unstable it is, and Hans says that I will like it at the end.
    • Is this the home of darkness which is really also the Source and the new building is our New World II causing us some challenges?
  • I see an exhibition of dragons and wine too, for example three fine Spanish white wines of different vintages, and I try to be funny asking people next to me what a dragon is drinking, but the young man next to me doesn’t react, and I think that he is one of several people here behaving poorly. My mother feels physically poorly and has to sit down, and I tell her that here you see a Jack arrangement (I see his father too), and here I am at a golf arrangement for a bicycle regiment, and she excuses because she knows that I have told her before.
    • Dragons have to be darkness and wine is the opposite as “everything”. And this is darkness of Jack/armed forces, and I am playing golf against it, light against darkness, and the bicycle is symbol of the sufferings that they bring me.
  • I also had an explicit dream of the most beautiful girls to chose from, and banks calculating their profits as they show on overhead.
    • The worst darkness of the big bankers coming at me too.

Man wanted to kill/empty me and my mother transferring “God” to Queen Elisabeth to become the new Goddess!

I was told that it is still Michael Falch bringing us in.

I received Michael Jackson’s “man in the mirror” again and the lyrics “whom am I to be blind ….”, which is about their hunger, and yes I have NOT heard from the Danish tax authorities replying to my request for them to repay what they wrongly took from me, and when knowing about their bureaucrazy, it may take months.

DR P6 radio was inspired at 11.12 when singing the lyrics ”wouldn’t it be good to be in your shoes” and “the grass is always greener over there, wouldn’t it be good if we could live without a care” (if I remember correctly) from one of my old favourites “wouldn’t it be good” by Nik Kershaw, and shoes are life, and this is about our new life of joy and happiness.

He is not a small child receiving bottle milk, is he?

I had less work to do today giving me time to work on my new website this afternoon, and I had an alright sleep after the circumstances, but I was marked by hard work the last days.

I receive maybe five times per day at the moment ”horrific” pain to my feet or elsewhere on my body.

At the library I pretty often meet young school people pretending to do school work, whom however cannot concentrate and keep talking, laughing and playing up to the other gender, thus also today, and it makes me SAD to see a completely waste of time of lazy and selfish young people behaving WRONGLY, and because of this and also because the Internet stopped working – this time only on my computer – I moved place.

Your mother also doesn’t know that you/we already have the shovel under the world, which is continuing to make her nervous as part of the game.

This afternoon, after having finished the script of yesterday, I felt poorly as usual having absolutely no motivation or desire to start work on derivatives, and it is always the hardest for me to start on something new, and here darkness put a pressure on me making me feel terrible and trying to motivate me to stop many times, but I decided to keep working focusing on time knowing that at some stage, I would start to get a structure and also text out of my many different source I have saved, but easy (?), no, not at all, and yes the easiest would have been to give up.

I was told that Margrethe Vestager has learned through me not to trust what is included in the official journals of people – because the truth is to be read in my scripts and not in the Commune’s files on me.

I received the feeling of Marbella in Spain, which I visited in 2007, and I was told that we have not told you everything.

I felt Kissinger, and was told that it has nothing much to do with you, but with your mother, because was she invented/expected to be the queen of the world after the elimination of you and your father?

Dragholm, we haven’t found this under the cake box, which we want to show you – which I feel is then what you have.

I was told that it is no wonder that I have received “sexual torments” throughout my life because of how my mother and I have been connected by the world’

This was invented after the death of your father – when he was not there to secure you – which is threatening to bring the entire world down, and I feel Kissinger here because it is under you?

No, they could not make Karen kill you, so they tried to use your mother in their new scheme to seize world control.

I was told about the Supreme Court and “the whole system” has been prepared for the dark New World Order, and let us guess that you have removed basic human rights giving the state all rights to do exactly what they want with “prisoners” including to torture and execute them as they please.

I was shown a Mujahideen of Al Qaeda, and was told that they have also given up.

I continued working until 18.25 with difficulties, but I broke the nut getting started on derivatives starting to write the first half of it.

So they wanted to transfer all of my gold to my mother for her to become the top to adore. Even the Soviet (as I was told) approved her as a kind of over-Queen believing that they had shut the mouth of her.

This is the ball, which I have now started to eat/absorb via my work today.

I spoke to my mother on the phone, and she said that now their refrigerator completely stopped working, and they decided to buy a new straight away, which they however first could not get delivered before five days from now, but then there was a hole here and now making it possible to get the new here and now and to save all of the food inside the old, which to me is a symbol of changing from life of the Old World to life of the New World without losing anything on the way.

I was told about Elijah’s neighbour again, and this time about the daughter of Mary, whom I remember hearing speaking in tongues during nights, and isn’t it funny that it was God that we had on visit back then in 2009, which I understand that she has now been told spiritually.

For some time I received constant praise for not having given up at any point during my journey.

Is it then there we have moved our safe to (?), which is to our New World II.

And had I started bringing out newspapers (if overtaken by darkness = termination of life), it would have meant that Kissinger’s plan of “depopulation” would have started working killing MANY people, which he would have been delighted to see, but no, we stopped this because I did not give in to darkness.

I was told that if this had happened, people would have received a sexual symbol (because of my “old nightmare” being carried out) and been told that they would now been terminated, but in reality they would have been freed for the last time, this is how the game was (no life could terminate, but I would have believed that it would be).

So we are still going through what they would have done to me because of the darkness still coming at me, and I am shown my self being kidnapped in front of the side of Helsingør Station with a blanket being pulled over me and I am pushed inside a pick-up.

I was shown a six-shooter pointed at me, the grave over the Central Station opening (as if it was closed), and I was shown my book with a black cover over it, which is also being read by the court system.

Is this what victims of Al-Shabab victims of the Shopping Centre in Nairobi were told (being terminated, but then freed)?

I was shown the six-shooter again (of darkness), which is really the same as the mill and the star as I am shown here, which is the Source of everything.

I half felt/saw a waffle making me think of EU, and in this case it is a cowboy toast being divided in two, which is now collected again, which is again about the Source and now the New World II being collected.

I received pain from the balcony again and was shown Karen Blixen’s house in Nairobi, and then I felt Elijah inside this darkness of the balcony, which is about his big dreams to live a material good life, which I ”stole” from him, and no, he never truly understood the need for him to sacrifice – as I and LTO sacrifice – so you kept on sending me darkness/pain, my friend.

I received the feeling of the Frankfurt area, which I visited in 2000, I believe, for a GE Insurance European meeting, and I was told that this was really about an “exchange of power” because you are not worth much without the Ruhr war machine, which we just had transferred to you there.

And with this, it is now tempting to throw the rest into me, but no, I am not done working yet.

Did I tell you about the vision of seeing my aunt Inge with Jan just behind her controlling her and also “no price label”, i.e. she is not allowed to speak of me.

Were we taken by a guardian angel there?

Even though it is a little late now, let me say …..

A sideboard I want to give you but don’t give this another thought (the Danish word “skænk” was used for the “sideboard” and “give”, and yes I received most speech in Danish, but not all, some comes to me in English).

They have not liked showing it.

This is then the sideboard that I am hidden in, and I felt my mother and yes she is not speaking much because this is about Fanny, who is no longer my Facebook friend (!), see the short stories, even though Jette has probably confirmed who I am to her.

Yes, it was not only difficult to obtain, we had to bring out Jette to get it, and eeehhhh is this here that I have hidden you as a baby with a blanket around as I am here shown, and yes this is me they call the fisherman, who is coming in via Jette’s faith, and I understood that this was about my new inner self, who is really the fish with my father being the fisherman.

This is how I was spread all around collecting some here and some there.

There is no limit to how much Angela has helped us since she understood about you.

I received the feeling of Pretenders and Chrissie Hynde, and why is this (?), and that is because I remember this music being played the morning after a party, which Fuggi held in 1981, I believe, where we were cleaning up, and this is because I sent this birthday greetings to Fuggi today, which I otherwise would not have shown here, and yes, I was VERY SAD not myself to receive birthday greetings from Fuggi or any old class friends, if I remember correctly, and it is not because they “cannot” because I saw some of them sending Fuggi greetings today too, and yes also other old friends made me sad back in May “not being able” to send greetings to me.

Til Fuggi 250913

This is how we have continued putting pressure on you from the balcony to enter via your work.

I was told that when I have not watched Thomas Blachman on TV, I have not received his energy absorbed from many thousands of viewers sending him negativity/darkness, which is because my mother wants to watch dance instead, which I really also enjoy watching, and yes I am so busy that I have prioritized not to watch about 1½ episode of Mentor, but I really still can make it you know, we will see.

Where does this Mujahedin track leads (?), and I felt Iran.

So it was first when your mother entered here at layers of life at the balcony that I would release my own child, your new self, and this is really about my old self (the hybrid of my mother and father) entering here and releasing my new self via Fanny, who knows who I am.

It is also there that Diana returned to, and also Spies and Glistrup are out here, and when do you have a cinema agreement with your mother (?) – it has not been arranged yet – and she will be shaken when we tell her about you (and her).

Again I received a STRONG pain to my chest and my spinal column, which comes to me when I am close to dying you know, but it did not last that long.

I received the feeling of Obama and appreciation for having saved Mandela, whom I saw on DR TV3 this evening.

How much of my mother’s freedom is because of Rolf from Brede Park (?), and I understood that it was much, and this is how much it meant when I decided to visit him that day now 2-3 months ago, where I chose to meet him and not Falck.

This spared the world from going through an inferno that you decided to be brave walking up the stairs, which I was close to not doing, this is how strong your sister’s grip was on you.

Well, your sister was all the way inside the hardest black core of this system, and all of this was because she believed that you were negative (because of my writings, which she “could not” understand!), and my reaction was that I rather not believe in this hoping that this is a deception of darkness, but you do know that it might be true.

I was shown a small combine harvester entering my dark apartment from light outside.

We could start to share the hat sending it round now, but no, we are NOT finished yet.

I heard “S T I G” with a voice creating a big space, and it sounded as if this voice came from bygone time.

I am still kept on my border to lose my patience, speak negatively and decide to not care, but I still chose to pull myself together to do what is right instead of the easy and weak choice of what is wrong, but it is still incredible hard and tiresome to continue doing.

So all of us out here – on the balcony – were cutting your hair short (or all away), and I felt my sister who worked against me because of her own gain.

It is us who are the motorcycle drivers leading all darkness, but when we take off our black leather suits, we are orange (of God) underneath.

I watched Natholdet/(the night team on TV2 this evening with Anders Breinholt together with Christiane Schaumburg (TV-host, actor), and when Christiane said “when you say A, you also have to say B”, this was telling me that she is darkness too working against me – not believing in me, Christiane (?) – because it was plan A against my sister’s plan B as a symbol that was the whole fight.

Christiane and Anders were both inspired when Christiane asked him to say the “hiphop name” of his daughter, which gave him this characteristic “dumb look” as some/many Danish Muslims of the hiphop environment have, and this was given them because earlier in the evening I had watched “Det slører stadig” (“it is still blurred”) on DR TV for the first time, which I actually thought was funny/interesting to see because it exposed just how dumb these Muslims are or can be when they decide to be just like that, and this came to Anders to show just how stupid he was when he also “could not” understand me, or should we say “would not” understand?

And when watching Natholdet, maybe you noticed at TV2 and elsewhere how the picture “jumped” was it three times at 23.32 (?), which I felt was not only on my TV but everywhere (?), and “characteristic” it was, right?

I also watched Michael Palin’s excellent documentary about the Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøi, which he has “fallen in love with” (his work and life), and to me, this is the most interesting TV, which is, which here simply was “excellent” because of Michael’s knowledge/passion and winning character, so THANK YOU VERY MUCH, my friend 🙂 – and I was thinking of how amazing it is to see different talents of a man, who can be both one of the most funny men around and also do some of the best documentaries around, and yes what about that?

It is him then that we will bring out, the blue you know, i.e. my new self (with green being all of our New World), which is the last coming to my right ankle.

This is here where Karen and I become united, and I felt as three, which may be the Source, the New World and New World II.

This is the smallest duckling remaining, i.e. going back to the first of all layers of life.

I was surprised when seeing out my window a UFO flying by blinking with its light as if it was taking photographic pictures of me, and I was told that it is me photographing you for surveillance (for the World Elite), and the feeling is that this came to me because the World Elite knows that their system will cease to exist, and aren’t these UFO’s on my side now having stopped this activity?

I was told that this surveillance is also going to my sister, and I thought that this is probably wrong, and this is because we are going to “extreme” with some stories, which I have noticed the last weeks not always bringing what sound “way too extreme”.

Is this where the dog is buried (?), which is about information on you collected with your sister because she knows you the best?

It cannot go quickly enough to see the Spies and Glistrup film, and we will have to see when it will be if it is still running.

I received the word “Wharfedale” (producer of loudspeakers).

This is what “Gladbach” is about, which is about “clean-shaven”, i.e. to remove all hair when entering the Source, and this is why Allan Simonsen – one of the best ever Danish football players, who played his best years in Borrusia Mönchengladbach – and also why he is on “crazy about dance” and why he was saved after the first round by the viewers after having received the lowest points by the judges, and yes he is approx. as bad as dancing as he is as fine to play football, so it was a “miracle” carrying him through to the next round.

There is no Ford Cortina inside of here, which needs to be started up, this is the whole secret when we are here, we just are.

No, we will not take the long way round you because we are here and you are here, so we are really here.

You have the jewel box full of different jewellery – to bring everything for creation.

Were your mother meant to become Queen Elisabeth, whom I here see as young and beautiful, as a big Queen (?), and I now feel that this was about transferring my mother to Elisabeth for her to become the biggest Goddess of the world, yes.

Was this how they sadly also wanted to empty your mother because Elisabeth is known and your mother is not (?), and this is how they wanted to change history of course without telling man – and you would make Elisabeth “survive” via new technology given to you?

But first you have to defeat me, which you did not, so you never came around to this plan of yours.

No, Samsung has not yet started their plans of surveillance (via mobile devices), and their fights with Apple were a play for the gallery.

Your mother is now here seeing their plans inside here, and what cruelty is what I thought, did you not have any moral left to do what was right and not wrong?

This is what we are now moving out to make room for everything else in here instead, and yes they were allowed to play inside of here until now.

And you are given this information based on your new work on derivatives, which is not that much yet and no also not published yet, which will come in a few days.

Have they now thrown it all also because they discovered that Lars G. is part of this?

Yes, it is also a ladies store inside of here, this is at least what we made them believe even though it was only your father here.

And eeehhh Lars G. and Pia Christmas-Møller were friends, and was it Pia bringing you into the centre, Lars (?), is this why you were “drafted” (?), and yes the Conservative Party was the worst of them (too).

So we have never been duvet cover before, i.e. your mother, but we are now becoming it following your wish.

Google Earth: The heavy end is always the lowest and Archangel green in the face from pollution (darkness)

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the knight, dance, the heavy end is always the lowest, this is the gang, more and more are coming up the sea – rescued, big change – lots of energy, Archangel green in the face from pollution, two arms/hands make the move, sailor eating my lunch, the knight again, caught, and a big man with a knife.

FB 250913 Jette 1

FB 250913 Jette 2

FB 250913 Jette 3

FB 250913 Jette 4

FB 250913 Jette 5

FB 250913 Jette 6

FB 250913 Jette 7

FB 250913 Jette 8

FB 250913 Jette 9

FB 250913 Jette 10

FB 250913 jette 11

FB 250913 Jette 12

FB 250913 jette 13

FB 250913 jette 14

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The other day Jette said that she and Kirsten were going on lunch at Nysted Sunday, September 22, and Fanny said that she was looking forward to seeing them, she was the host, and today I noticed a selfish visitor deciding to focus on herself when searching on her own name “Fanny”, and later I decided to have a look at her profile now seeing that she has decided to unfriend me (!!!), which is because of what I wrote in my script of September 13: “….decided to rely on deception of the spiritual voice speaking to her, which she “cannot” and will not understand because this voice is “so loving”, but as you know “darkness disguised as love””, so this was so “terrible” for her that she “could not take” it, and what does the Devil do then (?), yes put her tail behind her legs disappearing without communicating (as Jette also did last year before returning later), so now you know about the simple minded and selfish Fanny, who “could not” understand me, who did not want to bring sacrifices to help me come through, and who cannot take my “negative behaviour” writing the truth about her, which is making her so sad, so sad, so sad and yes sending her completely out of course thus bringing me even more darkness, and how in the world can you decide to be so selfish and WRONG (?), and yes because you decided to trust the “so nice spiritual voice of the Devil” given to you, and eeehhh didn’t Jette confirm to you that I am indeed the one?

FB 2109 260913 Jette og Fanny

GC 250913 Fanny

FB 250913 Fanny

  • Anders met one of your old friends, Anders, whom helped you to become NATO General Secretary (?), and yes kiss, kiss, kiss and then dead, no more, the end – if I did not help you out.

FB 250913 Anders Fogh

  • My old friend Vivian in Australia has not forgotten about me at all even though she “cannot” communicate.

LI 250913

  • In my script of September 23 (published September 24), I included links to my Falck memo and my two memos on how to create ”the best labour market in the world”, and as usual this made the “invisible World Elite” click on these links showing me that they are still following me in silence, and my Falck memo had 50 visitors Sep. 24, where it normally only have very few per day, and my two labour market memos had 49 and 48 visitors with normally 0-1 visitors per day, and the ONLY difference was my links in my script of September 23, which according to my WordPress site “officially” was only read 2 times September 24, and yes “impossible” is what it is, but then again, there you have it, and if there was a click-rate of 1% of the World Elite to these links in my script, which is not unrealistic, there are still approx. 5,000 secret readers to my scripts using the secret network of the World Elite, which is normally “undetectable”, but not to my “system” as you understand?

Scribd 2509 incl 2409

WP script 230913

  • The public Tax Commission has been working for a very long time now trying to find the truth about who did what in Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s old “tax case”, which almost made her lose the task of becoming new Prime Minister in 2011, and the three scoundrels of the Liberal Party below with the former Prime Minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, in the lead has done NOTHING to help lying about their active role to cut down Helle (!), and this is now what an anonymous letter is telling the commission about, and I wonder who has insider knowledge deciding to bring this to the commission, and also if this person has an interest to bring the truth about this also to help me (?), and yes I can only add that the only right thing OF COURSE is for everyone to speak the truth directly, openly and honestly and for the sender of this letter NOT to be anonymous, but that may be too much to ask for, you think (?), but still you know that this is the truth too?

EB 250913 Brev

  • Yesterday Imran Hussain, one of four owners of ”Tryghedsplejen” delivering home service to elderly people, was interviewed on TV2, which had documentation that they are systemically cheating with contracts, hiring unskilled employees when they promise to deliver skilled, pay out black money for employees and cheat when sending invoices for services they have never delivered, and Imran tried to look “cool” lying the excellent reporter, Morten Spiegelhauer, directly up his face and with him all viewers, but you can see that he becomes nervous and his only interest is to try to make people and his business partners believe that there is nothing wrong with HIS businesses, and if that wasn’t enough, but this was one of the “fine men” of the Pakistan network, which I met in 2010, trying to help their countrymen after the big flooding in Pakistan, and we even had one big meeting at Imran’s business address of this very company, and what Naser says here is that Imran 10-15 years ago was a member of the movement Minhaj-ul-Quran International and the leader of this “made” the blasphemy laws of Pakistan sentencing death penalty to people opposing Islam, which was really the same that happened at the shopping centre in Nairobi the other day when non-Muslims – and people who could not tell the name of Mohammad’s mother, I believe – were shot, and isn’t it funny that I was part of this Pakistanian network having these kind of sympathies, while I was writing publicly against Mohammad as the son of the Devil on my website for everyone to see (?), and yes part of the game, and yes, I was surprised to see that a “decent man” like Imran, this is the impression that he gives, shows out to be such a liar building his entire life on one big lie, and yes, this is the common picture of what you will see when it comes to thousands of the worlds top leader within politics, media, armed forces, the business world, education and religion, and no, NOT A PRETTY SIGHT, not at all!

FB 250913 Naser om Imran

FB 250913 Deniis om Imran



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