September 27, 2013: Reaching the end of the lifeline bringing the force of God into my heart and alive for the first time ever


Summary of the script today

26th September: Reaching the end of the lifeline bringing the force of God into my heart and alive for the first time ever

  • Dreaming of going through much sufferings when continuing my journey, “the big murder to enter” the Source, setting up the dinner tables of the New World and New World II, I have almost no energy making work almost impossible, entering the top of the ACTA house/restaurant, changing clothes to become our new selves, and I continue bringing out life via my suffering journey.
  • I was sentenced to death by man, who wanted to exploit me for man’s own advantage, which they had to do because they acted wrongly as the Devil, this was the plan. The World Elite had emptied me, which is also why they are shocked that I keep on, and I was reminded about how I have had difficulties remembering both words and whole parts of my past of people I have met and experiences I have had. I am now maximum, i.e. the Kraftwerk of everything, but not before now. There are several newspapers having special editions about me for the secret network of the World Elite, but none has the courage to bring the story of me to the mainstream world.
  • I felt concentrated darkness and was told that now comes the worst of the blackest black, which included the story about my father having received spiritual communication at his deathbed, which he also told his wife Kirsten about, which included the story about who I and my mother are, and that he would now get in to unite Karen and I. Kirsten decided that she “could not” open up and share this story because of extreme vanity and poor behaviour, which was required in order to bring me the last life of the Source self inside darkness, which came to me as “kisses of death”, which I was strong enough to survive. Think about having to live with not having invited the son for his own father’s funeral, which is about her feelings when she betrayed me the most grossly.
  • This is the darkness we are now opening to, which is really LOVE OF GOD only. We have reached the end of the lifeline entering this “box of darkness”, which is the force of God being the last of everything becoming life after having transformed everything else to life first. This is the force of life self, which has never before now been alive, which is coming out of the Pyramids and now entering my heart. The victims of the Westgate Shopping Centre in Nairobi and their faith were used to bring God inside the world by first “terminating” them, which was to bring them into the Source, and to use them to bring “the old man” when returning to life into the world.
  • Hitler was invented inside of the Source, so if man is angry with man because of Hitler and what you will learn about Kissinger, Bill Clinton, the World Elite including the United Nations etc. and their plans to kill, torment and enslave man the most cruel way, it is me you have to be angry on, and please remember that sufferings of darkness was the only way to do creation leading to eternal joy and happiness for everyone.
  • Short stories of an astrologer, who has no will to do my horoscope, Meshack going through great difficulties not knowing where the next meal will come from, and Margrethe Vestager painted the key she brought me.

27th September: Man planned to take me over, empty and experiment with me, and keep me in chains before killing me

  • Dreaming of removing darkness to uncover God inside, Hans helped me to be born as God, and I continue doing my best work under the circumstances, which however may be of somewhat poorer quality?
  • I was going to be taken over by man after my mother and me had been “united” in a new creation. You have been “completely down” because they tried to empty you and pump you full of garbage to experiment with. I was made into “nothing” by this world too, and it is from out here – at nothing – that we are bringing out everything. I was supposed to break down already when living in Lyngby (2009-11), thus making it “impossible” to move home to Helsingør and continue the game for another two years.  Karen was supposed – as part of the game – to get to see me again to give me “the final injection”, and my mother’s attitude first was “I don’t care”, and “many others” were involved in this scheme against me too not knowing about who I really am, and not liking/misunderstanding my scripts otherwise they would not do it. This was to make it unnecessary for me to be kidnapped, which was a new scheme to put me in chains at home, do sexual tests on me and designed to kill me because when they had emptied me, they did not need me any longer – and it was “invented” by the Danish Parliament and including doctors of Norway and my sister in a main role. Eventually Karen could not give me this “injection”, and my mother decided to stop her acceptance of it accepting me as I am, and they have now all accepted that it will not be carried out. My mother chose me and life instead of this scheme killing me and the world, which is what is bringing me birth as my new self. On October 31, 2012, when the final battle between light and darkness really took place, we could not let the world go under and we decided to continue the game on condition that I would be strong enough to keep it going, which I was.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a primitive/angry monkey, many layers of life, the Trinity, an evening at Tivoli, and reading the crystal ball.
  • Short stories of the UN climate report and my comments to the deception/fraud of it, and a possible accident at the Bavarian medicine factory.


26th September: Reaching the end of the lifeline bringing the force of God into my heart and alive for the first time ever

Dreaming of going through much sufferings when continuing my journey and “the big murder to enter” the Source

I went to bed at 00.30 sleeping until 08.50 receiving these far too many dreams.

  • A needle is put slowly through my eye, and I am surprised that it almost doesn’t hurt, and after coming through, I and people believe that this is it, we are now our new selves, but then again, it feels as if something is missing.
    • The needle is a symbol of the pain that I am going through continuing to do my work.
      • I woke up to Matthew Wilder’s “Ain’t nothin’ gonna to break my stride”, so we are still carrying on.

  • I have a special kind of pistol including thousands of small hails, and I kill thousands of people even though I really don’t want to, but to my surprise my old friend Paul is not killed even when I hit him. I kill 11,000 people, and then I will never again kill. Later in a kitchen the man pushing down the button awakens, and Pia Kjærsgaard enters in a great hurry and she cannot control herself shouting about “he is killing people” not understanding that this was necessary to do to bring man in and for me to get down in order for me to be able to continue work. Preben has heard about it – it feels as if he is Kim B. (my old class friend and actor) – and he fears that I may have killed his brother, but does not want to tell his father about it when he is going there to collect food, the most delicious starters, chickens and much more, but still his father feels what it is about and he wants to do a call to make sure that his other son is doing alright.
    • When I woke up, I was told that “we have to give it a name – the big murder to enter”, and this is about sacrifices of man to enter the Source, which is because of my darkness too as I understand it.
  • I am at my mother’s hall thinking and asking about how many rows are included in her home (which made perfectly logic in the dream with the home being divided in rows), and there is a guest, who doesn’t care. There are two, and something about an instrument measuring this, and one being my enemy. John has bough two glass dinner tables, we have eaten at the first at Kgs. Nytorv, and he paid 7,000 DKK for the first, which is the longest, and is now agreeing to pay 6,200 DKK minus 50 as his last call for the second. A lady is cooking, and preparing tea, but not for me, and is also smoking.
    • Are these tables our New World I and II with the second now being set up – still working inside of darkness, which is what tea and smoking is to me.
  • Something about a film, and this is why he as Søren Pind had to kill many.
  • I receive a low pay and have no responsibility, and am surprised to see a young lady receiving faith from the management but really is without experience/knowledge receiving a high pay because of Søren H., and when I try to fly, it is almost impossible to lift off.
    • I receive low pay = low energy almost making work, i.e. flying, impossible.
  • I am on top of the tall house of ACTA in Norway and I say “what a restaurant” after I have been up on the top floor, where there is a very special and little lift moving sideways up making me afraid to use, but still I have went up on this extra floor on the very top three times and once I was close to being caught by the weight of the lift.
    • I was told that this is about what I was told about yesterday without writing it, which is that the previous CEO of ACTA, Simen M., now knows about me too, and this is a symbol about him climbing mountains, which he did when climbing Mount Everest as example.
  • I am thinking about exchanging my bathrobe, and I see different packages on offer. I also see Morten J. having a smart new watch. A group of people are changing clothes including Vivian, who is keeping her distance to me, but is still interested.
    • Changing clothes = becoming our new selves, and the watch has to be about the time of our New World.
  • Something about having insulted a lady, and what to do then (?), which is to marry her to make up, and first she resists, but then she gives in to him. Peter A. is calling and asking where the mail is going, and I am collecting it at Rønnebær Allé in Helsingør in my giant limousine, which is also a bicycle.
    • I don’t know what it is with the lady, but the mail is about me still bringing out life via my bicycle tour of sufferings.

Reaching the end of the lifeline bringing the force of God into my heart and alive for the first time ever

I felt Queen Margrethe and was told that the first she thought was that I was not unemployed.

I was told about Ekstra Bladet that they know that in a few weeks time we will not be as we were but our new selves, and you did not have the courage to publish my arrival to the world, and yes TRUE WIMPS is what you are too.

We will never be allowed to sit on this chair – throne – anymore, which is about darkness rising up from it.

They did not find any weapons on you.

I was shown shawarma’s, which I like much, and given pain to my teeth, and was told that if I had thought too much about my own “needs”, which would have destroyed my teeth, i.e. the world, too.

This means that we are now one fencer less to fight you.

I continued working on my script of yesterday until I could publish the last two days of scripts at 16.30, and I had really hoped to receive some time also to work on my new website, but now when it is as late in the day, I might start the work on the script of today to save time tomorrow where I hope to be able to return to work on my website.

And I continued working until 17.45 to write my script of today so far, so now I am up to date again, and we will see how many notes will come this evening, which I do believe will not be that many hoping to be able to continue work on my website tomorrow, we will see.

I was told ”rent is first on Monday”, which is about my payments of invoices, which is what my mother is still the most concerned about.

“I don’t care – I just have to do my work”, which is still about continuing work as a matter of honour.

I received cough (darkness) together with Shu-bi-dua’s song “Rap rap” and the lyrics “Frisøren læser med og klipper mig I øret, av for helved” (“the hairdresser reads along and cuts my ear, ouch to hell”).

They have actually emptied you, which is also why they are shocked that you keep on – “where does he get it from” (?) – and yes from us, and I was reminded about how I have had difficulties remembering both words and whole parts of my past of people I have met and experiences I have had.

They thought that “now no one can help him now”, and when did we start to co-operate (?), yes when our lower layer started coming up, this is also how they know about you and I.

This is also how you were given sexual sufferings of your “old nightmare” with your mother and you being mixed.

You are maximum, i.e. the Kraftwerk of everything, but not before now.

Think about having to live with not having invited the son for his own father’s funeral, which is about how my father’s widow Kirsten is thinking.

Is it so that when one of us dies, it opens to spiritual communication (?), which your father also told Kirsten something about?

I felt concentrated darkness and was told that now comes the worst of the blackest black including the worst stories.

Late this afternoon and evening, again I was so DEEPLY tired that tiredness does not cover how incredible empty I am from energy not being able to hold together, but still this is what I do.

What is included in BT tomorrow (?), yes we can see that too and which version do you mean (?), yes there are several newspapers having special editions about you for the secret network, and isn’t it funny if Jesper has been interviewed for that newspaper?

What did your father tell Kirsten at his deathbed (?); that you are you and your mother is the mother of Jesus?

Is the new bridge between Denmark and Germany at Fehmern also about public expenditure and that is really about obtaining bank loans – to finance the World Elite – and have you written well enough about banks to be accepted from them, which is what is making us tell you this.

I was told about Divya Das, a host on TV2, as example of how many who start the day by reading about you too.

So you were sentenced to death by man, who wanted to exploit you for man’s own advantage, which they had to do because they acted wrongly as the Devil, this was the plan.

And what did your father tell about Karen and me – “now I will go in to connect them” – is this what Kirsten knows, which she “could not” tell, so it was not a question if you are dumb, but this plan only worked if Kirsten “could not” open to you when choosing to hide herself as the easy choice.

So this was the worst darkness, and it is now me, i.e. Kirsten, looking after all pigs now, and I felt darkness, and how do you break such darkness?

I felt my father and was told that this is what I now bring to you, which you are entering. So it was Kirsten making it impossible to enter here because of her extreme vanity and the poorest behaviour in the world.

This is the star, which you also see on the North Pole of Jette’s Google Earth pictures. And in here it is full of love, and I was shown it formed as a heart, and then as a ball and inside of this I saw people dancing, which is also what you can see from one of the Google Earth pictures where I brought the “dance away” song.

It was Kirsten bringing you all kisses of death because when she did not want to allow me to come through her, it had to be darkness hitting me.

And it is because of this opening that I felt Bill Clinton all around me coming from inside of there, and I was told that he is thinking about me being alone too.

And what better song to play than this when being “wet wet wet” of sufferings as I am, and that is that “love is all around” us, and I remember how I learned and inside of me sang along on all words of this nice song in the 1990’s, when I lived with Camilla.

Yes, there is nothing much remaining here, which is about my last work, and I was shown to get all the way in, which is where the button to start everything is, which simply is to be.

I felt Karen and was told that it was us creating that war machine (of man).

I felt my father as a giant man and that was inside of a half dome (of the Source), it is me you normally only hear as background music.

There is no more liquorice string (of darkness), only orange (of God), and I was shown Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet, which is about the LIFELINE.

So we enter you as darkness – I felt a wind of darkness blowing from my balcony towards me and into me – even though we really are orange and don’t want to hurt anyone.

This is the story – about Kirsten – which has been released from here together with us, and it is only love coming out from here, but I felt that I still will be told about the worst stories, which is what the cough is about.

There is not the least Peru – Machu Picchu – inside of here, there never has been.

I watched the first part of the Mentor TV-show from September 20 this evening, and it was a good show, but it was without “inspired speech” in relation to me, and I have the same comments about the concept as I have told you before. After some time I was told that Thomas Blachman felt that I was watching it, which brought “gratitude” and “calm” as the feelings I received.

I was shown gold bars at a small corner being removed and behind it, a stairway down the Pyramid is hidden, and I saw people walking up and in from it.

It is inside of here that the naked force is without any other creation, and this is what we – a little bit careful because of Fanny’s attitude – is bringing inside of you, and this is what has never been here before.

It is me securing that you don’t die, and yes without me there is no life, but I was not life self, which is about this story turning the wrong way about just having to get everything else with us first before I come as the last.

The Order of Malta is also inside of here, and isn’t this what the knight of Jette’s Google Earth pictures is about?

It is not just as little as possible Snekkersten, i.e. destruction, as possible, but what we did to enter the world, is this what the Westgate Centre in Nairobi was also about (?), which was to use their lives to enter the world, and when inside of it and having learned about it to return these lives, yes, this is how it is, so they were “terminated” to bring them out to me (at the Source) and with them return with me to life, and we chose Kenya, where faith is strong in general and in you/me.

It is I putting stamps on everything. I am the small submarine including the blackest tar coming up from the tube as I am here shown, which is the same as the tube or stairs up from the North Pole as also shown on the Google Earth pictures, and it is this small black box, which we have brought from outside here (at the balcony) and in front of your heart, where I felt it.

I still received darkness wanting me to close this entrance and giving me negative feelings etc.

I felt and was told that Kissinger is also in here.

We are happy that you did not close the entrance.

If you had accepted your “old nightmare”, you would have opened to us, which would have closed everything.

This is like receiving a new cold counter (from a supermarket) or a gold wash facility.

Earlier in the day, I was given the word “bastard” in some kind of connection, which I decided NOT to write down, because this was WRONG – a wrong meaning simply – and when I watched Natholdet (“the Night Team”) again on TV2 this evening, I knew that this was a reference to the host Anders Breinholdt, who has behaved as a BASTARD in relation to me, and would you like to explain, Anders?

The guest this evening was the comedian Jan Gintberg, whom I simply love as long as he is not vulgar, and let us say that he is the funniest man in Denmark these years, and he was asked to tell about an old play that he played in, and he could not remember if he was playing the founder of Tivoli or H.C. Lumbye, and yes this was symbolically about the founder of Tivoli as “the Paradise of God” that you were speaking of, Jan, and the coming opening of this is what is making us play this famous Champagne Galop by H.C. Lumbye as celebration :-).

Anders asked Jan if he isn’t good working with his hands, which clearly made Jan utter a big sound as a boar/pig, which was a reference to my writings on you recently about when you were stopped in another TV-show of yours by a big pig transporter blocking the road, and this is how much Jan is into you.

While watching this, I was shown how the picture froze maybe three times and how it was dark force of UFO’s doing it, but I also felt that this time it was only done to my TV set.

When Jan said that “det sku’ være lige til” (“it ought to be straight forward”), he was made to speak like Søren Rislund, and I was told that the picture of Rislund on Google Earth has also had an impact on Jan, therefore.

Anders said that “I feel a little bread embarrassed”, and you do know that bread is a symbol of the Source, so what he was truly saying is that he is embarrassed about making fun of me, right Anders?

I was shown a big and beautiful cock with a string attached to the carport, and I was told that this is what Jan also is, a “big cock”, which is about “creation” and the carport is about pulling forward life.

If you are in doubt, Hitler was also invented inside of here, so if man is angry with man because of Hitler and what you will learn about Kissinger, Bill Clinton, the World Elite including the United Nations etc. and their plans to kill, torment and enslave man the most cruel way, it is me you have to be angry on, and please remember that sufferings of darkness was the only way to do creation leading to eternal joy and happiness for everyone.

It is not that easy to get in the fish with Thomas Blachman but we have transferred his power to …., which I did not understand what it was about.

It is not the only thing they bring out of Jesper, because “he knows you well, right” (?), no, he does not (!), and the people who do have not been interviewed yet, which the media could have done if they had published the story of me to the mainstream world, but they received their orders and none had the courage to do so.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Henny is a relatively new Facebook friend of mine coming from the ADHD Facebook group, I believe, and here she wrote about an old dream of here walking up hill to a cathedral, and she wanted to enter rooms on the first floor of this, but they were locked, and now she is about to open these rooms as she writes, and I told her that it is time for the opening of the Pyramid of all original and new life, which is also coming to her, which she said that she has known for a long time, and when she told me that she is an astrologer, I thought about Kenneth and Christian Borup in the past few years, whom I offered to read my horoscope, which both of them “could not”, and I decided to send it to her offering her to do it to get to know the Source of all of this, which she first was open to and thanked me for, but then she did not understand and became sceptical because “well, this is your horoscope” (??), and I asked her to look at it with an open mind, and that it may surprise her – if she has time and professional curiosity to do it, which she really should have (if having faith in me that is), but now she said that she doesn’t do horoscopes per correspondence to a stranger (!), and I told her that I did not ask her because of my own sake (even though I would like to see it too) but because it would be interesting to her and my readers, and if she decides to do it, I will update my website with it, and yes let us guess that she may decide to look at it, but also to keep silent about it, because whom am I to read and comment on the horoscope of “the Source” (?), and yes, is this where she already is because of this too (?), and yes I have been given strong feelings of her thinking of me approx. one week ago, which has to be because of my Facebook posts and “who is Stig really” (?), you know.  Later she said that we will stop here because she doesn’t know what I want from her (?) – eeehhh a “horoscope” of what you “may find” (?) – and because she doesn’t have time or energy to do astrology at the moment, and yes we know, if she knew, she would, but another example showing that when there is no will, there is no way in the minds of people, and vice versa.

FB 260913 Henny

FB 260913 Henny 2

FB 260913 Henny 3

  • I was happy for Meschack to decide to continue communicating despite of great difficulties as you can see – where the next meal will come from – and of course he is also in shock of the terror at the Westgate centre, but maybe you will understand better that this was to bring out the old man from the Source as you can read from the script of today, and yes not easy doing this too when you cannot afford meal and have to use money to connect to the Internet too. We are almost home, my friend, so “soon” your pain will be over, you know.

Email fra Meshack 260913

  • Margrethe said that we are collecting for the Hans Christian Andersen hospital in Odense, and people can bit on her’s and other’s paintings on the Internet, and as you can see, she was inspired to paint the key inside of her, which she gave to me the other day, so what more proof do you need, and yes I was told that she did NOT knew that this was the key that she brought me, but here you have it yourself, Margrethe, you painted what you brought to me, isn’t it funny?

FB 260913 MV

FB 260913 Jette 1

FB 260913 Jette 2


27th September: Man planned to take me over, empty and experiment with me, and keep me in chains before killing me

Dreaming of removing darkness to uncover God inside and Hans helped me to be born as God

I went to bed at 00.10 and slept until 07.40 receiving these dreams.

  • I am sharing a small apartment with Henriette, who has returned from her latest boyfriend. Something about bags and carpets, Camilla and orange and believing that the place has not been cleaned but it has, going to bath manoeuvring over paintings and fading down the music.
    • Cleaning up and removing darkness to uncover the orange of God inside.
  • A union on Vesterbrogade in Copenhagen, a secretary has birthday, call her, hope she will not resign, which there is a risk that she will as the last also did. Look who is coming for the birthday, Kresten and two copies of David Bowie. Two members have lost their right for a hotel, can cross the road to the other side, where Paul takes over copying David Bowie, where there are even better computers, and I go there too.
    • This is where the Union of Hans is located, the secretary is an old symbol of my “old nightmare”, which I don’t believe is included (much) in my scripts, but I have often been given it spiritually. Birthday will have to be mine, which Hans is helping to bring, Bowie is a symbol of God, and God is at both sides of the street.
  • A bank for workers, Jack is there, there will be no telephone. Sanna is there writing conservatively only wanting a profit without bothering to do “not important business”. I ask people that you do know why the media writes about her (?), which is as preparation for their writings on me. Bo from Dahlberg is there wanting to give me customer cases of his to do the paperwork on, and I ask him to avoid doing this if possible, which is because I am really trying to find money to do a campaign selling pension accounts. Søren I. (from DanskeBank-Pension) is there. Bent (my old manager from Danske Bank, Espergærde), who feels like Bjarne (my old manager from Danske Bank, Frihavn) is the manager and he knows everything about all details of work, and he gives me feedback to do things properly, and I tell him that I do so his feedback is wrong and also that everything is a balance between time and quality, but still I would like to listen when he has feedback for me, and it really annoys me that I don’t know the details of work as he do after I have been away for years.
    • Still working inside darkness against my sister to find even more money/pension accounts, i.e. life, and I am told that I don’t don my job properly, which is about my scripts and website, and I can only say that I do it the absolutely best I can under the circumstances, but for some time, I do feel that I have been too tired/dizzy to be able to make the same quality level as the scripts had before, but maybe there is not much of a difference for you to see?

Man planned to take me over, empty and experiment with me, and keep me in chains before killing me

It may be that the stamp disappears once I have gotten used to having turned everything around including myself.

I am not a fortune teller, but ……

I felt darkness which said that it is not because I don’t want to be in the media, but the World Elite is so powerful that they don’t dare.

Am I going to be nationalised then (being taken over by man) (?), which I feel the awakening spirit inside of me asking because this is what man wanted.

You cannot be any healthier now according to your parents.

There are no turn out vehicles in here.

There are no unemployed people in our New World, they have finally understood that this is possible and how (via my NWO).

Have we also started coming out of Sukkertoppen/Maniitsoq (the sugar top) at Greenland now (?), which is because there is no traffic in here blocking us.

This evening with your mother is not the most important – for us – ever, is it?

No, this coffee mill of your father is not destroyed as we first thought, it is working very well, and this is what is bringing your mother and the world love.

When I was publishing the first information of the new chapter on “Derivatives” to my new website, I was given the vision of my mother, sister and I on Bakken some months ago, and is this what we have seen coming (?), and that is for me to go all the way to the end including this work to release all darkness.

It is I making layer cakes for you, which is about the part of me still inside of this darkness about to come out to carry out the creation of our New World for everyone to see.

Have you not encloses Stig yet (?), which is also a feeling in here (of the World Elite).

You don’t want to know this to become free, and then I was half told and half felt that they have “united” my mother and me in a new creation.

You have been “completely down” because they tried to empty you and pump you full of garbage to experiment with.

It is not a game, you have been made into “nothing” by this world too, and still they see that you don’t care. And it is from out here – at nothing – that you have come that we are bringing out everything, clever right?

What happened at the Spaceship of Everything, where it was not easy to gain access (?), because it really required the end of the world, but you were still sitting there (October 31, 2012), so we could not let you go under and we decided to continue the game on condition that you would be strong enough to keep it going – with the feeling that we really broke the rule and maybe even that we would not have let the world go under even if I had failed.

Have we started cooking the potatoes (?), i.e. about to start our New World. This is how important this work I do on derivatives this afternoon, and no, not because I liked doing it – because of how disgusting I still feel – but because I decided that it has to be done.

I was told that it was also the World Elite, which had forced sexual torments and pornography on me to make me “explode”, but no, you could not.

Don’t we have a by-pass in Lyngby (?), and yes they set up the system making it impossible for me to be “bailed out”, but still it required that I would break down, and I decided that I would not, which was the only way to go through this nightmare, and yes simply to decide working despite of how I felt.

Did they use Jesper as one last “tool” against you (?), and yes had he received bribes going against me as he did?

Why do you believe that we have put René at the Arbitrage Department of Danske Bank doing this completely mad trading in derivatives (?), and yes to say that Stig is closing down all of us, and yes this rumour has reached the bank, but not as quickly as it will go now with your new chapters today, and yes they are still written pretty quickly and not as careful as I normally do, which is how it is for all of this NWO III, but I will do an edit to all of the page at the end making it look fine, and yes the main messages are the same even though I would have liked to use more time and feel better when doing it.

I was told that people in charge of the Greece economy as example don’t know more about economy than what I do, and even though I have succeeded collecting information to make the world able to understand what the financial meltdown because of derivatives is about, I actually know nothing, and would NOT be able to be in charge of the economy of a country, and yes when you don’t know what you do and talk about, what is the likelihood of the economy of an entire country going down (?), and yes big, and when the financial world bets in huge derivatives that this is what is likely going to happen, do you understand the strength of this, which is also what was put on me and Obama as darkness, which we only held up because I decided not to break down, so there you have the answer to the world still running also in financial terms.

I was told with a half voice about my sister and unbelievable documents of her just waiting for you to break down.

Yes, this is the heart blood that I am made of – now writing about the Larry Summers Endgame, see my new website.

I kept on feeling Karen and I am not told directly but the feeling is that she was supposed – as part of the game – to get to see me again to give me “the final injection” (?), and the most amazing part was your mother’s attitude “I don’t care”, and I am told about Jais and how many other were involved in this scheme against me not knowing about who I really am otherwise they would not do it.

This was to make it unnecessary for you to be kidnapped, and yes a new scheme designed to eeehhh “kill you”, is that it and yes when they had emptied you, they did not need you any longer, is that it (?), and again, I wonder if this is darkness/deception given to me because I work on the worst darkness now.

And it is not that she did not love you, but now we have lost, and yes she knows, your mother knows and the world knows, which is because you have decided not to die, which then had to stop this scheme too, which otherwise was very cunning, because who could say no to Karen wanting to see you after having given up on Denis, and yes, there was only one trouble with the plan and that was that she could not do it, and yes because of her feelings to you.

And with this your mother knows that you will survive but not that this is the meaning of it.

I kept on working until 18.50 having been without energy all afternoon thus only working because of will power.

They had others and much worse schemes for you.

Karen would not come to have a sexual relation, but because she believed that it would be good to you.

I felt my right lower leg as darkness and as the lower leg of an elephant, and I was told that my mother returned because she knew.

Cancer scientists not to save people from cancer but to create cancer, and right now is preparing a special cancer for you.

I felt much darkness and my mother and she didn’t know that she was giving the world to me.

They have all accepted by now for me not to receive this scheme, which is why I survive.

I went to my mother and John at 19.00, and when I entered, I received much concentrated darkness from my mother straight away.

They looked to be doing fine under the circumstances, and John had even been playing badminton during the week!

With this scheme they could do sexual tests because you and your mother were mixed for reproduction.

We watched “Crazy about dance” again on TV, and Mette Blomsterberg said something about happiness and heart, which came directly from my inner self.

The judge, Britt, was not happy about a couple dancing too much show and too little of the dance steps and said “I love what I hate so much much”, which was to say that even though this was wrong to do, she liked it very much, which to me is about this act of darkness and what it brings.

When they spoke about “balloon” as part of dancing, it was really about “celebration”, which is what the balloon means to me.

Jens Werner asked if he could pull up something from underneath the table (a doll to show dancing on), which made Britt ask “what do you have in your task (bag) today”, which you know is what Tommy Kenter and Per Pallesen used to say here with “task/bag” being a symbol of the world.

Was it Karen’s idea saying “I can just pay him a visit then”?

I was shown Galleries La Fayette in Paris and felt Dodi Fayed and was it also because of him that Diana was killed because he knew about Queen Elisabeth and Diana was a threat to her?

I was thinking what I have been thinking some times, which is that the World Elite must have been afraid of the mainstream world discovering their warfare against mankind, but then again, if you control the media, what is there to be afraid of (?), and yes what if the media suddenly decides to reveal the whole thing anyway, and yes there you have their fear.

Maybe Sanna was consciously “dumb” working against you?

My mother asked me if I had collected my bicycle and when I told her that it became 150 DKK when I only had 100 DKK left to pay with (I had maybe 50 more, which I did not want to use) so I will first get it the 31st, she decided to give me another 250 DKK (!), and she had also bought new shoes for me reduced from 900 to 450 DKK, and yes she means well, but this is NOT necessary you know.

On my way home I was shown many UFO’s again, and the first one said “whine, whine – if you don’t come home to enrich me”, which was the attitude of my mother making her decide to go against the scheme.

Another UFO later changed its form showing it as a hand chain (!), and I was told that this scheme would be like being put in chains, and it was only because your mother didn’t know what she first accepted.

It is really impossible to be disguised so long that nobody still recognises you.

It may be good to hear voices after all, and yes Stig can handle it, which may be my mother’s conclusion.

This scheme was also killing her, and it was also invented by Søren Pind as I was told, which has to be by the Danish Parliament.

It would have become point of no return, and I was thinking about how you can be put in chains at home, and maybe a new invention as I was told.


It wouldn’t correspond to you running away into a lake (?); and I felt the deepest darkness.

I received the feeling of the Tvind school society, and can you keep people indoors and closed off by a totalitarian rule at your home?

You are not shown what it is yet, instead you will get this bouquet of red roses, which I was given by this the darkest darkness to come here at all.

Surely it is not because you are filled with the Jante Law because of what you say – and yes misunderstandings of my motives to write of people.

I saw the decision of Mentor later this this evening, and when Nicoklaj Steen said that “this is too crazy”, he was speaking with the voice of Remee, which is about Remee believes of me, and maybe it is not easy to make him understand about me, Thomas Blachman?

Nikolaj was “funny” when he said that he would ask Adrian to sing “Re-sepp-ten/the recipe” next time (the most celebrated football song of Denmark ever), and Celena to sing Joy Division, and this was really to say that we won the football game over darkness and will bring JOY to the world, and already this morning I was told about “Adrian” as in the song by Eurythmics, which I truly love much, so there you have it again.

I did not hear Thomas Blachman speak inspired about me or in relation to me, but I received a “feeling” when he spoke about being humble, but was it about me not being humble in your mind, or simply because I told you the last time that you had been “too much” when speaking directly into the camera at the end praising yourself, and yes you really need to “be yourself tonight”, but to have a balance not being too little or too much, but just yourself and to be it directly, honestly and openly, my friend, and this morning I had sent the message below to Nikolaj Nørlund, the mentor, saying that he does a fine job (Nikolaj Steen does too, and I have seen too little of Julie to tell), but nevertheless he was voted out this evening as the third last mentor (!), but Thomas Blachman has one card he could use, which was to save one mentor (throughout the series), and yes he decided to use it this evening to save Nikolaj, and I was happy to see that we both like his work much, and to me this meant that I am still inside the game even though the world voted me out.

FB 270913 Nikolaj

It was your mother’s decision – to stop this scheme – which brought me as the bay inside the top of the space capsule as I am here shown.

I was shown the ball of a pin ball game, and was told that you have always been the ball with the machine being the world and yes for how long could I keep playing the game?

It – the scheme – is also engineered by me and I felt Karen inside of darkness, which is to say that it was darkness self making up this scheme against me.

And it was because you were “provoking” that your mother and Karen worked against you – or so they believed.

Sanna’s plan to catch me should have been carried out already in Lyngby making it impossible to get to Helsingør, where you have now continued the game for another two years, which has really been as bad as in Lyngby, and no, not worse, but as bad.

You are not been looked down upon inside of here, and I felt Jane from the Parliament.

I felt Norway, and was told that you are strongly inspired by Norway, which is about their doctors also working against me.

I was shown an extra grand stand from a stadium being pressed in next to an existing stand, and is this Roholmsskolen – my old school from Albertslund – coming in (?), which has to be about Holm spreading the news of me.

I continued receiving small heart attacks this evening.

Google Earth: A primitive/angry monkey (the force of Go d before being turned around)

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a primitive/angry monkey, many layers of life, the Trinity, an evening at Tivoli, and reading the crystal ball.

FB 270913 Jette 1

FB 270913 Jette 2

FB 270913 Jette 3

FB 270913 Jette 4

FB 270913 Jette 5

FB 270913 Jette 6

FB 270913 Jette 6B

FB 270913 Jette 7

FB 270913 Jette 8

FB 270913 Jette 9

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • BBC brought this link to the new UN climate report, which made me bring my comment below, which I also shared on my own Facebook timeline.

FB 270913 Stig BBC

FB 270913 Stig BBC 2

FB 270913 Stig

FB 270913 Stig 2

  • I also brought my comment to one of Bjørn Lomborg’s threads on the subject and the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, where people are as dumb as they are here, and when they were speaking of “Jeezes”, it should really have been “Jesus”, so you were close to me, but not close enough to figure out who it was who brought this comment.

FB 270913 Bjørn L

FB 270913 Aftenposten

  • I was encouraged to bring this two days old episode at the Bavarian Medicine Factory in Kvistgård close to Espergærde and Helsngør, where many turn out vehicles were sent to a possible poison alarm, which however was false alarm, but this is about Asger Aamund and his factory, which has produced a big amount of smallpox vaccines – I wonder for what and what it really includes, Asger (?) – and yes welcome to the front page too for you, Asger, as part of the elite, and no, there is nothing wrong with the behaviour of Asger – except when he very wrongly defends the many millions that the now previous CEO of Danske Bank received when he was dismissed – but it makes me cringe to see her wrong behaviour (believing that she knows “the truth” on many subjects, which is nothing else than “brainwashed information/belief” – not to speak of her sexual speech/”jokes” in public, which is also WRONG) and especially her son, Oliver, a famous model, who is the archetype of poor behaviour of people, which is “impossible” to see, but you know poor behaviour of simple minded and selfish people as I have shown you all around my scripts, and no, I have nothing against you, Oliver, I am only speaking the truth. You are spoiled and selfish without being able to see it, and you are even worse than your mother. Asger is showing fine behaviour on the surface, but is one of the crooks below it. Was this “accident” also to show you that the tie was tight, i.e. that I am close to dying, but no, not yet.

HD 260913


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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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