October 1, 2013: The final unification of Father and Son as One Source as if we had been united since inception


Summary of the script today

30th September: The final installation and unification of Father and Son as One Source as if we had been united since inception.

  • We are going to test the force of God inside the New World, which is perfect by now. I continue receiving sufferings because of the World Elite not wanting to stand forward. And it will lead to the unification of father and son – including my mother and Karen as our wives – as ONE as the Source. This is my new self – the old soul of Jesus – in a new bottling, which I am not going to be disappointed with. This is now the final installation of your new self done by your father. We are playing the game what would have happened if you, my son, and I had hit the lake from where everything originates at the same time (father and son as one of the Source sharing everything). There is more of my mother (the world) sent out there to bring in the last of “the old man” and layers of life. I was given a mark to my right ankle and was told that we are entering here via this channel, which is what the Old World was supposed to get out of with the end of it, and this is the channel invented by my mother.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show layers over the North Pole, big love through dimensions, gathering of lumps, high layers/dimensions, Russians – go with love, we will meet again ♥♥, gent’s in a row, a couple at the South Pole, a super white woman driving, big big big faces, and why must I be a strange?
  • Short stories of Charlotte almost desperate when fighting the dark NWO, Muslim women and men acting wrongly at the Helsingør Swimming Hall, darkness continues to work through Niklas bringing him “success” to keep him away from supporting me, the mad man Berlusconi on his way breaking down, the inspired Hungarian artist Peter Abraham, LTO became happy to receive my money and get something to eat.

1st October: Receiving the “golden drop” and force of the Source via the opening of my sister

  • Dreaming of my sister “feeding” Putin holding me in a grip I should not be able to get out of, and Kirsten at the home of God.
  • We are pulling in the family tree and releasing Karen – based on her love to me, and family, friends etc., thus the world, understanding that I am NOT negative, but positive, and also faith of Elijah and Meshack now being lifted up to this level. My sister and Karen have not yet been out of coldness, what a gift they will receive. I am a gift myself (of life) but not anymore when you come in here becoming part of me as the Source, where I simply “am”. This is about the golden drop of the Source (being behind all creation), which is now falling down to and shared with me and not only Karen and my sister, who had this as opposite power = darkness.
  • We are more children in here waiting, which is not only Karen and I but also my sister as a third part of me and all new life as I understand it, which was made as part of our new creation because I at an early stage decided that my sister would have to survive too as an individual even though she did not have a soul of her own, and I know that Karen is my female side, and I am the male side of one individual being divided in two, and what will my sister be then when we are divided into three, a separate hermaphrodite? I was shown the doors opening to my sister, and the turbine of all force of the Source being inside of her, which was used to bring darkness to the world via her wrong actions (!), and this will become the light and force of our New World when turned around, this is what now is coming.
  • It was necessary to give me the worst sexual torments/temptations without me giving in for as long as possible in order to do creation, and when I would have to give in to them, it would burst open into the Source, which would bring the end of the Old World, but I never gave in, so when I will decide to break this membrane (without giving in), it will simply open our New World.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the star of the Source, the “brown mass”, the layers are both heavy and thin, big faces, bloooow, I was wise as “blockhead Hans”, another smoker, and Victoria Lake sending cleaned souls up.
  • Short stories of DR TV giving me recognition, the “season” (and last) opening of the Danish Parliament, “it is also kind of a time – Jesus 10 years”, “Jesus would end the fed” – and so he did, and we will NOT give up on Obamacare because of pressure of “juniors”.


30th September: The final installation and unification of Father and Son as One Source as if we had been united since inception

I did an error when deleting the notes on my phone after having transferred the notes of yesterday to and written the script of yesterday and BEFORE having transferred the notes of dreams of the night, and all I remember is that one of them was something about Japan, and otherwise I am completely blank, I don’t remember them by now when this is written at 18.30 today, and I do believe that this is the first time I have done this, but it is human to make errors – as long as you keep doing your best.

Turkey, we also had the power to shut you down.

The time coming now, we will be testing ourselves inside of you as the pork roast.

This means that if you took a tour up with a helicopter it would already now be perfect – because you have accomplished your goal to finish the description of the dark New World Order (even though there is more to do, which you however cannot see on the surface, and no I am not finished, I also have the United Nations agenda 21 to do).

That means that there is one more board to go (?), and yes we know there are also corrections to the Doomsday Scenario and at the end I have to do the email to the United Nations and Danish Parliament, and at the moment this looks as if it may take 14 days +/-, we will see.


Åh, disse minder, den tid kommer aldrig igen” (”Oh, these memories, this time will never return”), Den tid kommer aldrig igen, but it does, i.e. being reunited with God.

This means that your mother will be seeing you in the TV all the time.

Grenade bombs, maybe the rain is not over. Led by Elisabeth and others not wanting to stand forward admitting to the world what they have in their bags.

It corresponds to being at the Grand Hotel in England, but when they don’t want to come forward, this may bring some pain too.

This is why it is good to have faith from Hans, or “Hanse-mand” as I am told, to take the worst.

This is to get the “smell apparatus”. This is to exchange everything which is cold. This is instead of being cheated. All of these were part of my strait belt keeping me tight. And it will lead to the unification of father and son.

And who do you think should be our wife, and yes we know Karen will be mine as the son, and my mother will be yours as the father.

Have you asked what it will cost to bring out this mail (?), yes it will not be freed, which is about the need for me to continue work, which is not easy to do feeling as I do, and I wonder for how many hours today that I can keep working?

I was told that these people protect each other, and shown how money transferrals (“black money”/bribes) keep them together.

I received the strong feeling of Angela Merkel coming to me through darkness including “do you want me to resign” (?), and what is my answer (?), “I have absolutely no opinion on this”, so it is up to you to do what you believe is right to do, Angela, and the question is if you have the courage to TRULY do what is RIGHT to do (?), which I suspect that you do not.

I was told “Bank of America” and “up in the clouds of happiness”, which is a somewhat surprising reaction to my dark New World Order part III about the bankers, which is because I got it right (?), and because you really want to stand off the train of darkness, is that it?

So you don’t mind that your father and I will become married (?), which is making my mother “cheering happy”, and no, the system is that we are all one at the top and beneath me Karen and I will be together as my mother and father will – and all other pairs.

I decided to transfer DKK 2,300 gross to LTO today keeping DKK 1,300 for my self, and I have decided not to have my windows cleaned, which otherwise came as an opportunity (via a Helsingør Facebook group) to me to do for maybe DKK 250 and also not to buy a new pair of trousers of DKK 129, which I otherwise could use after the zipper of one of my two old pairs broke a couple of weeks ago, but still I have troubles (thinking of LTO) when buying four packages of Parma ham in the Føtex supermarket reduced from 21 to 10 DKK each, and no, I would NEVER buy them for normal price.

Isn’t it funny that your mother and John have not discovered the spiritual communication they receive when (half) sleeping including dreams/visions, feelings and speech.

Think that you could write about the parts of your upbringing being poor because of your mother without anything happening, which is because my mother truly knows (but doesn’t like to admit it to herself and me).

So think about the Son of God self being my son as my mother may think and John too (?), and yes without truly understanding what it makes them.

I was given a comment about the dream of Japan, which was deleted, and it hasn’t to do with them turning around too has it (?), yes.

Being unemployed in the eyes of the system and family, friends etc. is still the biggest joke of all with everyone clearly seeing that I was not but still all treated me as if I was out of a (normal!) job, and now I don’t even appear in the public statistic of unemployed because the Commune has decided that I have “other problems than unemployment” – and which do you believe? – and you did not believe that I was able to work and no employers wanted to use my services (?), and eeehhhh do you see that the joke was on you?

Despite of having my spiritual friends working as actors as my dictators, I enjoy the FREEDOM not having a human manager dictating and following me, which is a NIGHTMARE!

I went to the bicycle workshop – Michael’s bicycles, which are to be trusted, they are professional people not cheating but doing fine work – and I was told that my puncture was a sign about difficulties to get the last houses (from Christiansø, the yellow blocks, which I saw on TV yesterday) in, and I collected the bicycle, it was 150 DKK as they said, and they told me that it was punctured because I had cycled on too little air and also that I need to pump it once per month, and yes “now I learned something new today, thank you” as I told them, and yes making it a good day as Bent from Danske Bank, Espergærde would have said.

Ehhh, Karen would inject an implant – electronic monitoring and control – in you (?), and yes, it sounds completely crazy and how could she???

I spoke to my mother who invited me for the Simon Spies and Mogens Glistrup film in the cinema tomorrow afternoon, so she remembered and it is still on, and afterwards to go an get a pizza at the other Italian Pizza Restaurant on the main square of Helsingør, which should be even better than Tony’s – as a symbol of God too.

And what will we use that film for (?), is it to wake you and your mother up (?), and yes it is starring Nicholas Bro in one of the main roles, which you know was the one I spoke about the other day….

This is how to get the whole world – here you are.

I received “skies the limit” by Fleetwood Mac because this is what it is meaning that there are no limits of our New World together with God.

You were not born again when your mother had the new refrigerator, were you?

I was not feeling very well today, and had some trouble this morning, but here at 14.00 I had finished my script of yesterday and published the last two days, and I still have energy to continue working, so this is what I will do, and yes still for the dark NWO III, which I am not finished with.

You can now make the clouds vanish if you want to, and I am thinking that this is about artificial clouds made by man via chemtrails and HAARP, and no, I have NO opinion on this while I continue working as if I am my old self, we know.

What do you believe that he is bringing up from his bag, a gun (?), and all I see is darkness.

I can promise you that you will not be disappointed because it is your new self in a new bottling, I just have to get the package off, which I am shown is done with “big difficulties”, and yes another two weeks of much pain, at least.

I did a few updates to my dark New World Order I and II pages, which I do with new and relevant information coming to me from different sources on Facebook/the Internet.

This is now the final installation of your new self done by your father – and it came with much pride over what I have done working against the world self wanting to kill me, and right now I am watching these trailers about “smart metres”, which are not very “smart”, right?

So it would correspond to breaking in through your window to have such an implant inside of you – if you believe me that is, and yes how in the world should Karen be able to “implant” such a device on me without my consent or knowledge, and yes the first they would do without and when it was first there, I could do nothing, is this how it is (?), and we will see how much of this keeps water as we say here, i.e. to be true.

We are playing the game what would have happened if you, my son, and I had hit the lake from where everything originates at the same time.

This means that we will share all parameters, but only because you went right through to the beginning.

I felt resistance and lack of motivation to work and I was told that it is about your mother wanting to put the lid on this hole again, and I heard “it cannot be done”.

How much clothes can you sew per hour (?) – with me being the sew machine via my work and the amount of work that I do on a limited amount of time.

It is a historical timber you are opening to (because of its sheer size).

I started watching videos of the planned financial meltdown making currencies worthless and I kept receiving the feeling of Bill Clinton and I am here told that this is why he was elected, which was “to help” break down the American and the whole world economy!

I felt “the men standing behind this” including Bill Clinton and the task I stood in front of to describe this dark NWO including the big bankers standing behind, and they knew that it was not going to be easy doing what I have almost done (not bringing everything, but to give the world a pretty good idea of what it was about), and I am told that this duvet (new creation) does not come in cheaply as the result.

No, you are not mentally retarded, which Helsingør Commune has “also been looking at” and yes on your sister’s recommendation.

Tear down the scaffold (building our New World) (!) – no we are not done yet (!), which is coming to me when I am tired of working, which I have to resist.

I felt Søren Pind and then directly afterwards the Muslim Ahmed Akkari, who turned around on a plate some months ago after having been an extreme Islamist trying to make Muslims abroad “go nuts” about Denmark and the Mohammad drawings, and this is also how it works meaning that Søren was part of the Danish Parliament working for extreme Islamist as part of their DIRTY war against mankind to bring their dark New World Order (“encouraged” by the big brother of USA), and yes Søren, you are indeed allowed to come out of the closet now, and you may also honestly, directly and openly tell what you warned Helena about in relation to me – being an “extremist”, i.e. “crazy man” (?) – and tell me what you have decided to do about it, and is that to work for me in the secret?

Yes, in the USA they have discovered that they can continue the system even though the debts had run uncontrolled into gigantic amounts a long time ago, and this is with the opposite sign of what is valid for derivatives (designed to meltdown the financial world and currencies because people don’t know and don’t care about them) meaning that when people don’t care, the system can simply continue just with larger amounts.

For days I have been told about “my oven” telling me deceptions and that this symbol was darkness of my mother there.

There is more of your mother’s hair outside on the balcony, which is about more of here sent out there to bring in the last of “the old man” and layers of life.

I was given a mark to my right ankle and was told that we are entering here via this channel, which is what the Old World was supposed to get out of with the end of it, and this is the channel invented by my mother.

You have put your bread (creation of the New World) into the oven and we just have to switch it on – having the Source to bring it into reality.

I received another of Elton John’s old classics, which was “Daniel” and the lyrics “Daniel you are a star” and “star” is as you know the Source too, and this is coming to me too because I remember my sister years ago naming this as one of his beautiful songs, which it truly is :-).

I continued doing a little extra work maybe 1 hour this evening to give me “better conscience” really.

I am now given the memory that my old (new and last) manager Jens Erik from DanskeBank-Pension – after Danske Bank and Handelsbanken had merged and we moved from Bremerholm to Nygade – was part of my dreams of the night where he acted as completely unskilled and unprofessional as he did in real life having absolutely no knowledge about what he was leading and doing making him do nothing, and yes a complete fool in professional terms, and the worst manager I have ever had in this sense, and I understood that this dream was about “merger”.

Here is the board (to jump off from) which we only use in emergencies.

Is it so that we have moved the magic over to TV2’s “crazy about dance” (from Thomas Blachman on DR1 TV’s “Mentor”), which follows you wherever you are (?), and I really don’t know and also don’t want to speculate, this is not how I am.

We also sent Jack out there – in darkness – to bring everything in for me.

Do you know what the task of Coca Cola was (?), and I was shown an empty bottle half buried in ground, and they are buried together with my mother as the darkest dark also having a potential to kill the population, and ohh to release a vaccine I say, what do you say?

Yes, a potential impact of sickness grafted into human beings practically anywhere, which is anyone having had a Coca Cola within the last previous approx. 5 years – also including Kenya where I drank these until 2009 and stopped except from one I had by accident in 2011.

So this is not an accident but it has been tested in labs where it is grown and now they only have to release it, is this how it is?

I watched “Natholdet” again this evening on TV2 and after Anders Breinholdt had shown a clip with Poul Erik Skammelsen in Berlin showing a huge 2,300 square metres big commercial with Angela Merkel, he said something about “removing the carpet from one of the very great in the business” and he meant Poul Erik, but this was really about my comment to Lene Espersen about “rotten carpet” earlier today, see the short stories, and here about removing one of the big of the business, which is Angela Merkel, and yes what a Kanzler if you are to say it yourself, Angela, but who did you “serve”, the Devil or me (?), and yes there is your story, and I was told that this is also about Kenya for that matter and they know about their end coming and that is “the whole gang”, but still they are smiling to the press and appearing as if nothing has happened, and yes actors is what they are.

I was shown myself sliding down the big slides at Citta del Mare, Sicily, (through swimming pools down into the ocean) when we were on holiday there in 1978, and I was reminded of the two UFO’s hanging there one evening in the sky for a long time for everyone to see, and I was told that already then they could have killed you, but why didn’t they (?), and yes because the combination of your mother and you was impossible to break.

Was Ben (at the mental hospital in 2008) also sent to destroy me, who ended up to protect me (?), and yes there was no doubt that he spiritually saw who I was, I did not have to tell him.

I felt the U.S. Senate and my sister, and I was told that the U.S. Senate feels that they are in direct contact with her but not with me.

I felt an angel playing harp, and this is also me, i.e. God acting as Archangels as we have seen on Google Earth.

I was told that Queen Elisabeth knew that the battle was lost when I wrote about Al-Fayed.

Google Earth: Big love through dimensions and Russians – go with love

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show layers over the North Pole, big love through dimensions, gathering of lumps, high layers/dimensions, Russians – go with love, we will meet again ♥♥, gent’s in a row, a couple at the South Pole, a super white woman driving, big big big faces, and why must I be a stranger?

FB 300913 Jette 1

FB 300913 Jette 1B

FB 300913 Jette 2

Please notice that the following two pictures are the same as no. 1 and 3 above, and this is to show you a phenomenon starting yesterday I believe, which continued today with many pictures, which is about included pictures being “removed” with a little help from my spiritual friends, and we know that “picture” symbolically means “bringing life”, and when there are no more pictures, it can only mean that we have brought all pictures having completed the mission to bring everything/everyone alive in our New World including “the old man” self.

FB 300913 Jette 2 B

FB 300913 Jette 1C

FB 300913 Jette 3

FB 300913 Jette 4

FB 300913 Jette 5

FB 300913 Jette 6

FB 300913 Jette 7

FB 300913 Jette 8

FB 300913 Jette 9

FB 300913 Jette 10

FB 300913 Jette 11

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Charlotte is the one having the ADHD Facebook group and she may be the most knowledgeable of all here when it comes to what ADHD and chemical poision (“pills”) are not, and also about the dark NWO and here she posted a picture with Evelyn De Rothschild, who may be the banker on top of everything of the dark world as I was looking for recently, and yes Charlotte is also the one leading the fight to release Karina imprisoned by the crazy “doctor” Per Fink using her for tests with psychoactive drugs etc., and she is “desperate” when people don’t show up in big numbers for demonstrations etc. because  she is fighting the NWO and believes that we are in overhanging danger, and yes, I became Facebook friends with her recently, and told her here that there is an error on the picture which is that they don’t control Obama, who is not working for their NWO, but for what we here can call the NWO of light, which is the one soon breaking through, and yes not that easy for you to believe in me, Charlotte (?), when you use all of your resources fighting what has already given up instead of reading and understanding me?

FB 300913 Charlotte

  • This has to be an inspired story too, which is about Pia Kjærssgaard mentioning an event here at the Helsingør Swimming Hall, which I have used often as you know, and it is about Muslim women not caring about the rules of the place and to bathe with their clothes on, which was a “big story” here, and now Arab men have been watching girls down to the age of 9 at the women’s dressing room, and what does it tell you (?), and yes simply that there is darkness everywhere, and when you have removed this, all people will be able to agree on what is the right thing to do when swimming at public swimming halls, which is not to swim with all of your clothes on, and certainly not to do what the Arab men did here, and yes a contradiction to your “tradition” to cover up women with clothes for you not to become tempted (?), and yes there you have it.

FB 300913 Pia K

  • Lene from the Conservative Party – previous foreign minister and vice Prime Minister of the previous government before the media destroyed her – is here commenting on what the now previous Minister of Defence Nick Hækkerup has said a few days ago about leaders of the Danish Defence being disloyal as Colonel Hackel from the Matador TV-series running their own agendas, and she – and many others – had defended the defence by saying that their generals do excellent and are deeply loyal and will do everything to secure the best possible defence, and she did not get Hækkerup’s sour remarks, and I don’t know what is right or wrong, but if this is truly what they are – disloyal and running their own secret agendas – it is right to say it out directly, and it made me ask her if she is really sure that they do their work “excellent and are deeply loyal” (?) and that there will not be revealed secrets involving the defence (for example the war against mankind and people of other civilizations too), which will remove the carpet away not from the population but from the government and World Elite self (?), and no there is nothing swept beneath the carpet (which the old Conservative Prime Minister Poul Schlüter said in 1989 when he wanted to hide what later led to the fall of the government), it is the whole carpet, which is completely ROTTEN itself, and doesn’t it become an incredible good time we are going to meet with TRUE FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY coming to everyone instead of your dictatorship and disloyal behaviour towards the population/mankind, and yes I was told as I wrote that she may become “sick” (feel poorly) because of this message going out to the world, but this is how it is, Lene, it was planted for you, and I asked her to send my greetings to all of the disloyal members of the Conservative “peoples party” (as you would like to be named again?) and the whole gang of the Danish Parliament including the media, and yes you can really expand this to the world – and yes I will be seeing you soon :-).

FB 300813 Lene E

FB 300913 Lene E 2

  • Niklas’ business “Napp” was proud of having been approved to receive a so called “export start” for USA, which Niklas laughed about saying “exactly” (being proud), and Mathias said that maybe they should make sure that they mean “export start” and not some weird form of farting (“eksprotstart”) (“prot” close to “prut”, which is Danish for “fart”), and this is just to say that destructive darkness is still working for Niklas making him busy with his business instead of reading, understanding and supporting me to help save the world, and yes, this is what it was about, Niklas, all of your “wonderful success” coming to you as “a gift”, which was really darkness working through you and your parents too.

FB 300913 NIklas

  • The other day Berlusconi decided to pull out his ministers from the Italian Government to break it as a desperate last attempt to avoid a vote on you in a few days in the Parliament to make you unfit to be a member of the Parliament – if I understand it correctly – but now there is opposition against Berlusconi in his own party, which may save the Government, and yes we will see, but here is how a completely insane man looks like when he is breaking down.

Guardian on Berlusconi 300913

  • I felt a triangle coming towards me from the balcony, and I was told that this is about the artist Peter Abraham from Hungary, who found me and became Facebook friends with me a few months ago, and since I have enjoyed his many paintings – all of the triangles – and his “crazy stunts” as you can see from pictures of his Facebook timeline, and so “crazy” that they are genius to me, and I was asked if he/she is inspired by me (?), which is my inner self :-).

FB 290913 Peter A

  • After I sent the money transfer to my LTO friends, I was asked “do you think that they will become happy to get something to eat” (?), and you can find the answer below in David’s and Meshack’s kind emails – no, Elijah and John “could not” write even though they received ¼ each of the money – and I am sorry that I first gave you a wrong control number and the inconvenience this brought you, Meshack, it is not always easy seeing the handwritten number given to me on the paper from the man at the kiosk sending the money for me, and yes I had read an 8 as a 5, but we worked it out.

David 300913

Meshack 011013


1st October: Receiving the “golden drop” and force of the Source via the opening of my sister

Dreaming of my sister “feeding” Putin, who is holding me in a grip I should not be able to get out of

I went to bed at midnight sleeping approx. until 07.30 receiving these dreams.

  • I am staying with Sanna and Hans working on computer, and I ask them to bring me work otherwise I will find out myself. She is home from work the next day and something about a dog and a big cake coming via the monitor. She blows away all now inside the world where I meet life, and I start asking if you can imagine a game becoming a virtual world and then I fly up sitting on a bar right next to Putin and people are normally afraid of him but I look right at him being all close to him and continue asking that maybe it is the real world which has become a 3 dimensional game, and this may be your true self, Putin? I notice that he has a very long nose made by metal – and he feels like a metal bird sitting there on the bar – and he blows strongly out of his nose and keep me tight and I am surprised to discover that he is MUCH stronger than I, and he asks me that now we will see how you will come out as you also did the other place. Something about ACTA in Rødovre and “such game”, and I manage the impossible to get out of his grip and jump down to a swimming pool beneath us, and “how many versions of him keeps me tight” (?), but I see that when I keep being quicker than him and repeat the game over and over gain, I can move the whole game back seeing how his grip on me goes one step back and then one, and another one and so on until I return to the first and strongest part of him refusing to give up because I have both feet planted on the boat, which makes him surprised, and I felt him as a woman here at the end.
    • The connection of Sanna being darkness ”feeding” Putin, who held me in such a strong grip that I really could not escape, but when deciding to jump into the swimming pool prolonging my sufferings, it worked out in the end. Putin’s long nose means that he LIES MUCH!
  • A short dream about a cottage in Rågeleje – where my father and Kirsten used to have cottage – and I see how there are beautiful and too expensive houses there, and Kirsten wants to have more.
    • Cottage is an old symbol of the home of God too.

Receiving the “golden drop” and force of the Source via the opening of my sister

I woke up to Shu-bi-dua’s “Sorgenfri” and the lyrics “Der var engang et lille land, der boede en dronning med sin mand, de havde deres egen lille hær med bjørneskindshuer og gevær”, whihc is about the Queen of Denmark and her husband Prince Henrik living in a little country having their own army, and I also received the part about other countries beheading their Queen’s, but ours still have her head on, so there you have it, Margrethe, you are still Queen but not for much longer as you used to be.

We have not yet reached the critical moment, I can tell with a certain amount of pride as I feel my spiritual friends saying on top of the mountain.

And then I have camped right in the middle of this place.

I was told that newspapers are interested to read my comments on the US government shutdown – see the short stories – and “now we are going to starve too”, and I was told “over the weekend”, so let’s wait awhile, Janet & Co., to see what will happen and yes probably part of the poor politics/strategy of the dark World Elite.

Somebody who cannot hear and earrings.

So it was really an angel hop to bring me, “the old man”, in.

I received the kind of pain to my chest/stomach and spinal column this morning, which I do NOT like at all, which is hurting much and really still saying that I am dying, and can it be Lisbeth this time from the Commune not happy about going to see me again?

Isn’t this what lady bags (creations) are made of?

We are pulling in the family tree.

My mother called to postpone the visit to the cinema until tomorrow because John has the car today.

I felt Mel Smith and was told that he and others died when I worked too slowly making darkness requiring sacrifices.

Has Karen also thought that “maybe I loved him the wrong way”?

I was told that if my mother is afraid, what do you think that Karen is (?), and I kept on receiving a song I could not remember with “she said” followed by “hey, hey, hey”, which became “goes through the wall she said”, and this is the key for all.

Karen would love “Der Ring des Nibelungen” by Wagner, which is about this.

I heard SAGA’s live concert from Munich last year and “Anywhere you wanna go” to “klaptræet” (“clap the tree”) together with your mother as I was told, and yes I was re-experiencing my SAGA concert experience of October 31, 2012 when SAGA’s live CD/DVD from Munich from the same tour has now finally been released, and yes to be heard on Spotify, and this introduction “Anywhere you wanna go” from the concert can still give me goosebumps because of the sheer beauty of it, and they simply play WONDERFULLY live, and their new drummer is also lifting up their sound :-).

FB 011013 Stig

Is it then Karen that we release today? It is not you we are helping to get dressed is it (feeling Karen in relation to me)?

No, we don’t have any more paper to tear over.

It is not your mother bringing bread-and-beer soup and I am feeling that it is Karen doing this. ‘

Something about my sister – and Karen too – not having been out of coldness before. What a gift he/they will receive.

So you really have two in the class room.

Comments now are said so low that I almost cannot hear them, which is how it comes sometimes, which is really also part of my sufferings.

Do you have a place I can dry my shoes before coming in (?), and I feel “GIANT PEOPLE” coming in and mud (sufferings) on their shoes.

You are really a gift paper yourself but not anymore when you come in here becoming part of me, which used to be black/red, which is now circling around me, and this was what I was shown the other day, and yes the “round thing”, which is really what makes everything.

Flowers – smell!

There might be more coming that you cannot hear, this is the only way we can do it, and this is about the golden drop, which is now falling down to you – for you to become part of, and this was also the case during the day, where there was information I could not hear/understand.

I was shown Birthe Rønn Hornbech, and her case almost led to the fall of the previous government, and yes this is NOTHING to what they have hidden inside of there, and yes have you cleaned up in there at the Parliament (?), and I see it as light/white – and what have you done with all of your files, and have you stored all of them electronically and in fine order as I asked you to (?), which is what I feel here.

This is because you did not want to become sweethearts with your own mother – and who can blame him?

There will never again be lid a light (lamp) in here, we will just be.

This isn’t the same as saying that the airport (of creation) is opening or closing because I simply am (something else).

No, because it is impossible anymore to claim that Stig is negative, it simply isn’t true – which is the feeling around me of my mother & co. making me/us come here.

This is why I cannot keep having you to sit there, and I see my sister being removed from a wall and I feel Karen.

I felt Birthe Rønn Hornbech again, and was she almost bankrupting you (?), yes making us all go under because of the previous government cheating and covering up their dirty games instead of supporting me.

Because it is impossible not to love him too, and I felt the darkest darkness, and Karen inside, which was really coming to me without a feeling but “just knowing”.

Something about socks being held up over my nose, and this will be the end of sneezing for him.’

Thank you for well done job, Stig, it is first now that we are bringing in the REALLY BIG JUMBO-JET, and I felt Elijah and let us also bring Meshack up here on this level because without him we would also not have made it.

No, your mother does not have many macaroons left to defend herself or attack you with, but an ingredient it is of her best layer cakes.

It is like nerve-gas what we have exposed your mother – and you – to.

Do we have a beautiful curl to end Syria (I see the tail on a black pig) (?), which is about ending this “war”.

I received sexual temptations of the most beautiful woman, and even if I accepted, I would be brought to the purest light, and who is lying there on the table, and I felt and was shown a man of pure light laying there, which is my new self waiting to become me.

We have exchanged all chocolate (selfishness) in the world to one brown mass.

Can we use him as the carrier cycle to send out flowers to everyone (?), and yes he is not too hurt?

We have never written any text in here (of the Source), this is not how it works here to create, but yes, you had to go the opposite way entering through the back door.

I continued working on the script of yesterday until 14.00 and hereafter on the summary of my book of September, which I ended at 15.00 and still I have to go through the worst disgust given to me also doing this work but I got over it, and published this at 15.00, and now I am given the old feeling of life passing through the narrow passage of my throat, which is really very uncomfortable.

Even though I had work up to my neck and the feeling of “far too much” I continued working on my new website of the dark NWO III including more material to it here and there, and I was not feeling that well but also not too tired not being able to work at least until 18.00, and when this is the case, I simply continued working concentrating on the clock and long term work knowing that one hour quickly will take the next instead of the opposite to stop as soon as possible.

I was told that part of my success coming through darkness was my neighbours in Helsingør – for example Knud – making me strong.

No, there has been no doctor here, Karen, and this was the only way to come through – to go clear of this hell they had in line for me.

At the end, I continued working until 17.45 finishing a new chapter to my new website making it a natural end to work today – and yes, I was “bombarded” with too much information going through my head working all today.

The last couple of days I have received a strong desire to buy cheese – other than cheap cheese to melt as I use as part of my gravies etc. – and I bought two “fine” cheeses at half price yesterday and today, and no, I would NOT have bought them at normal price, and cheese is also a symbol of our New World, that’s why.

There is agreement on not only them – my sister and Karen – being gold, but also me.

Is Danske Bank – for example their Arbitrage department and maybe even their economists including you Steen Bocian – reading my new page on bankers and worthless “paper/casino money”, which they are playing with at the bank realising that what they do is as wrong as it gets and you are part of the play of the big bankers to bring down the world, and no, you have “never dreamed about this”, had you (?), and yes what about you, René, my old friend?

So Jesper (from Acta) is an example of an old “friend” who stabbed you in the bag, and there are more?

Your homework is soon over with.

It is like going under the skin of a chicken/your mother.

I was told about “military secrets” – in relation to my comment to Lene Espersen – which also includes Martial Law here when the financial meltdown would come here and not only in the USA, and again here I feel Søren Pind, and who much have you been “secretly” involved in, Søren (?), and I received a sound to my balcony chair, which is him working inside darkness, and yes you received a new career inside the Danish Parliament to lift up this scenario locally in Denmark.

I was told about Mads – my old collaborator from Dahlberg and LinkedIn contact – who also described me as crazy.

I felt Pia’s husband Peter – my old friends from Hørsholm – and are there people already now feeling as complete idiots refusing to believe in me and also to communicate with and see me (?), sure there is and I understand that Peter is an example of these.

I felt my father and he said that I have always no more force for this, and then I heard my oven be given a new E3 error, and I would much rather have Burgundy wine.

Danish Design Centre has not moved all the way in after the Index Award and my writings on it, have they?

So I have been hidden as a hash pipe, and yes the pharmaceutical industry and doctors know about me and the revelation of their deceptions via my new website too.

At around 20.00 I was surprised to find that I was almost passing out because of tiredness/exhaustion, which still was “nothing” to when it is at its worst, but still at the end of the day, I don’t feel well after having stayed up and gone through a “normal day” feeling everything else than normal when not having any energy.

Well, the police (darkness) used your mother as weapon to challenge you/me/God to the outmost – for creation – and they used sexual torments/your “old nightmare” against you, which you had to not break down to as long as possible.

I was told about the “completely insane” result from the latest round of “crazy about dance” when Allan Simonsen once again “survived” not being voted out by the viewers even though he is VERY clearly for everyone to see “hopeless” on a dance floor, and instead the best dancer of them all Maria Lucia was voted out (because there was “too much show” in their dance!), and this is as MAD as it gets where everyone can see that this is WRONG and UNJUST, and this is really a symbol about my mother still being “unable” to understand me (“the opposite world”) even though it should be VERY CLEAR for her to see and understand who I am – and for the world following me to see how wrong she is when she “cannot” – and yes this is about TAKING BACK MY HEART you know ♥.

No, we could not know that the oil, big pharma industries etc. would block development, but we have a good idea about what money does to people, but not to you.

I was told about sexual temptations and you have not done enough at any time to burst open into me, and these temptations are also what is controlling the small heart attacks I am given.

And then I was reminded of when I worked at Berlingske in my sparetime in the end of the 1980’s selling newspapers via the phone where I was on 100% commission, and this was really the only time that I was “taken over” by money in my life making me careless about customers doing what these people do, which is to continue talking, talking and talking not caring about objections and rejections until I would receive an order, and this was to let me try how it is and this is how the big pharma of the world was run as example – with commission making sellers careless – and everyone could see it, and yes look at the power of money, and this evening I was disgusted by seeing a Market Director of SEAS – an electricity company – on “Kontant” on DR1 TV claiming that they don’t have a general problem with poorly educated sellers “attacking” potential customers on the streets and inside supermarkets of Bilka, Føtex etc. where they have been allowed to “hi-jack” (got it Jack?) customers when they clearly do (!), and yes the man self responsible of these sales activities working the same way as newspaper phoner’s being careless and lying (which I however did not!) just to get orders, and he is more interested in his own personal bonus schemes than to do what is RIGHT to do, which is to focus on both sales and quality, and to make sure that everything works “perfectly” and RIGHT thus not wrong.

And I was told that my work on Berlingske back then was also part of my “education” to be “careless” when I later (from 2010) would start publishing my scripts receiving STRONG resistance from family, friends etc. NOT liking what I wrote, and without this and more experiences in my life, I would not have had the courage to keep on doing this, and I remember how close I was in the beginning at 2010 to stop publishing my scripts on Facebook for everyone to see because of just how much this crossed my personal borders.

I was shown my inner self inside darkness pressuring and stressing me “incredible”, which I have been more and more from 2004/2006/2009 in order to create.

So it is me as Stig via my work deciding when we will open to this inner self of me, and it can be done now, but no, I am not done with work.

When I was cycling home from the library, I received such strong pressure on me that it almost spoke physically out of my mouth which came together with the feeling of the last thin membrane bursting to let my inner self free, which now – as you know – will no longer bring the end of the world, but the beginning of our New World, and it is really an art NOT to do this now, and we will see if it is possible to continue work without this membrane bursting for maybe 14 days or longer.

So this is why we keep on doing a little shopping, and no, I am NOT worried about the closed U.S. government, the derivatives bubble, the Fukushima radiation spreading etc., I am done when I am done!

We are more children in here waiting.

This is how we brought the mail forward, and this is about a small letter (the first of all) being shared with more there, but ONE here, and who (?), and yes Karen, your sister and yourself, and this is why we at a early stage asked you if your sister would live (not being an individual soul herself), and of course was your answer because you don’t decide to kill your own sister, that is why, and this is why we have made another surprise for you being three here, and it made me think because Karen is my female side, and I am the male side of one individual being divided in two, and what is Sanna then (?), a separate hermaphrodite (?), and it makes me think that all new life will not be divided in two but in three parts if I understand this correctly, and this is part of the brown gravy entering as a new invention as I am told.

This is why – my decision to keep working – that we will remain out here (on the balcony as darkness) a little bit longer, and we are sure that you cannot continue for longer than one week, and yes we will see about that.

And this is why we will continue bringing you darkness, and also your mother and the world, and yes I don’t care, make everything perfect!

Was it also Mogens Lykketoft’s task to tell the media that “Stig is crazy” – is this how crazy and disloyal that you were, Mogens?

This is how to bring in Kigge – the Index director – to me (after she had left me on Facebook a couple of years ago).

I felt my mother on the balcony and you are not angry with me then (?), which is about all of the sufferings she brought me because of her lack of faith and wrong behaviour speaking wrongly about me behind my back, and no, of course not, and this is also a condition in order to enter.

And this talk about my decision to keep working instead of stopping right now was really also darkness working making it difficult to get over this because I am so incredible tired/exhausted that I have NO desire to keep on working, and “just” to continue for another 14 days seems “impossible” to do, and it would be so much easier just to quit now, but this is not how I am.

I was shown double doors – very thick and black – being opened to a hangar including a fighter jet, and this is Sanna that we are now opening to.

And inside of here I was shown Nazi KZ-camp prisoners coming out walking in a long line delivering their empty food bowls.

It is inside of there that the turbine – or the helicopter rotor – of all force is, and wasn’t it from inside of here that we controlled the course of your “sickness” and also many others via Sanna?

I decided to stay up to watch Natholdet on TV2 again thinking that this is a fine way to work too – with the host Anders Breinholdt and his guests live on TV – and I was shown Anders and his guest from outside in the kitchen opening the disc washer where I am sitting inside in darkness, so this is what you mean to me, Anders, for you to spread the stories of me too, and do you dare to say “I have faith in Stig” by now instead of laughing and joking about me?

His guest this evening was Mads Steffensen – a TV and radio host of DR TV/radio – and Mads was inspired to tell the story about how he once had Morten Olsen, the national coach in football you know, and someone else on TV for an interview, and both of them use hearing devices, and he thought that it would be funny on live TV shouting everything he could “WELCOME TO THE EVENING SHOW”, and what this was really about was Morten Olsen, who had lost “that loving feeling” to LISTEN TO and UNDERSTAND people because he had become accustomed to work like a DICTATOR as a coach for many years, and I am here given “one of the most beautiful songs/performances ever” by Righteous Brothers, which is coming to me because of LOVE of God to you, Morten, which is because of your faith as I understand it, and yes I wonder if you have the courage of having open training sessions in Helsingør here in October and to welcome me?

They had a clip with the MP Brian Mikkelsen, and not long thereafter Anders “felt” that he had to share his experience of his sexual debut with the nation, and NO, Anders, we really don’t want to hear, this is what you are supposed to share with your partner and NOT the world (!), and I was told that this is because of darkness of Brian coming to me because of my Facebook comment to him earlier today, see the short stories.

This is then the GIANT outboard motor that we are bringing in, and I am here given the feeling of Glistrup and told that he is part of this engine too, which is why I am going to the cinema tomorrow to watch him and Spies, and I am told that it is a condition to receive this from my sister that she has faith in me!

Mads Steffensen was inspired once again when speaking of “the walnut trick”, and when I say that a nut is a symbol of creation, you may understand when seeing this that he is really speaking about creation originating from darkness of destruction.

Google Earth: Victoria Lake sending cleaned souls up

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the star of the Source, the “brown mass”, the layers are both heavy and thin, big faces, bloooow, I was wise as “blockhead Hans”, another smoker, and Victoria Lake sending cleaned souls up.

FB 011013 Jette 1

FB 011013 Jette 2

FB 011013 Jette 3

FB 011013 Jette 4

FB 011013 Jette 5

FB 011013 Jette 6

FB 011013 Jette 7

FB 011013 Jette 8

FB 011013 Jette 9

FB 011013 Jette 10

FB 011013 Jette 11

FB 011013 Jette 12

FB 011013 Jette 13

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Today it was announced that Simon from “Mentor” will NOT sing “light my fire” by the Doors on Friday as requested by me, but before requesting his mentor Nicolai to play this, I was really thinking about requesting Bowie, so what did they chose (?), and yes “Heroes” by David Bowie, which you know is my favourite song of all and a symbol of my journey saving the world, and during the day I was given the feeling of the general secretary of DR TV, Maria Rørbye Rønn, and I was told that this is coming from above as a “recognition”, and I was given the feeling of this several times.

DR Simon Bowie

  • Today was the opening of the Danish Parliament, which everyone (but me) marked as a ”great day for democracy” as Brian wrote here – with the Queen on visit etc. – and he also said that he looks forward to the new “season”, and this was a reference to “Natholdet” on TV2 yesterday showing clips about people calling everything “season” when it is clearly not, as it is also not here, Brian (!), and yes this is about people “pouring out water of the ear” as we say here when they talk “garbage”, got it (?), and I simply commented that this will also be the last (“season” you know), and I wished them “good pleasure” and I asked him to bring my greetings, and maybe you also saw and spoke about this in the corners (?), and this is what I was told.

FB 011013 Brian

  • Anders Morgenthaler – the partner of Michael Wulff – brought a link to an article about their 10 year anniversary and he said “it is also kind of a time – Jesus 10 years”, and yes it is not only Michael Wulff who is “inspired” so I told him that it is indeed “him” (Jesus) inspiring you, and I asked him to send my greetings to the faithless.

FB 011013 Morgenthaler

  • Paula is a fine painter, but one of those “dumb Americans”, who keep on attacking Obama, Obamacare etc., and she brought this picture today, which I tried to make her understand the truth of, but maybe she believes that I am crazy not being able to read and understand who she has been Facebook friends with for is it 2-3 years, Paula?

FB 011013 Paula

FB 011013 FED

  • And then it was time to shut down the American Government again – for the first time in 17 years I believe – when the Republicans could not help playing a game trying to put a stick into Obama’s and my bicycle when wanting to shut down/postpone Obamacare in order to accept the new budget, and I was told that this lock-out is part of the game to bring energy to bring in the last part of me, and to me this is a dirty political game of “dumb politicians” taking the whole nation as hostage and showing yourselves as what you are – better-knowing ignorants – and if Obama has my full support (?), and yes do you think that I would encourage Obama to give up his Obamacare just because of your “juniors” (?), and no, STAND FIRM, Obama, and don’t give in an inch on Obamacare NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS (!), and yes Obamacare was the right thing to do in the Old World to “save everyone” instead of being selfish, fat and doing nothing but being betterknowing ignorants as many of you in Congress are, and that goes to the whole country of uninformed and “temperamental” people reacting on something they don’t have the slightest idea what is about.

FB 011013 Obama

FB 011013 RT

FB 011013 RT2

FB 011013 RT3



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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