October 3, 2013: Receiving all power of the Source: My sister, Karen and I are ONE as no gender, female and male part of life


Summary of the script today

2nd October: Receiving all power of the Source: My sister, Karen and I are ONE as no gender, female and male part of life

  • Dreaming of darkness and my “old nightmare”, being inside the library of the Source – “there can only be one”, and more darkness and my “old nightmare”.
  • I cannot be given birth of my new self on this side, which has to be done on the other side, and the floating gold drop into my mouth is about the birth of my new self. I am receiving life without sexuality as the absolutely last. The GIANT SHIP of light has entered harbour.
  • I walk right through the football goal of darkness of my sister, and she doesn’t even discover it. Today she went to Verona for a “conference on psychiatry”, and I was told that her message to the professionals of this forum is that she has given up and “Stig has been released”. This message of hers was connected with my mother and I watching the film about “Spies & Glistrup” – the two biggest “originals” ever of Denmark – this afternoon where I was told that we were now transferring all power (of darkness) of my sister to me (as light), and this power was given my sister and also Karen as Anti-Christ’s, which was “impossible” for me to fight and defeat because of lack of faith or/and wrong behaviour, communication and work of man, which had received the destiny to go through the end of the Old World before the creation of our New World – if I had not done the impossible to defeat this darkness. My sister, Karen and I are really ONE with Karen and I being the female and male side of life, and my sister being (previous) life without gender/sexuality.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a lady, souls in a cave, God uses spectacles, very Karen Blixen like, use your eyes and filled up with souls.
  • Short stories of the street to Damascus, Ciau Berlusconi, does SAGA have faith in me now (?), and Imran “cannot” accept my friend request.

3rd October: I had to be clean inside the worst darkness for the Source to clean all darkness and save all life

  • Dreaming of Sanna working as darkness inside light under my co-ordination, Jacob becoming a new “tool” of mine, and Sanna and Karen work together as darkness against me.
  • You are still cursed with the satanic verses. The two (my sister and Karen) are still burning. The Flying Enterprise (symbolising darkness going under) has not disappeared yet. We will start the New World by letting your spaceship – the spaceship of everything – land.
  • You don’t yet have the new operating system inside of you and up running, this is what we are now installing, and it contains all original life, which Queen Margrethe will come and “switch on” (because Diana is not alive) on Saturday October 5, when she will open the new Maritime Museum here as the last part of the Culture Harbour of Helsingør symbolising the end of creation of our New World.
  • I was told about my work being a “unique achievement”. I had to be clean inside of darkness in order for the Source to work through me (from 2010) to clean all darkness and convert it to light. When I received clean energy from the Source, it was the creation of the Old World twisting this into the opposite for example giving me many wrong stories making some people never receive faith in me and leaving me, which would have made us lose this life if I was not strong enough to keep the pressure of all darkness not having faith in me, which is what brought me unbearable sufferings for years. I fought to be inside darkness instead of being released from my sufferings returning to the Source, which is what saved the world. Darkness did everything to keep me out – via thousands of small heart attacks, which easily could have killed me had I not protected myself the best way possible – because it was impossible to create life here, but we knew that there was something there, which now becomes the finest of all. If I had given up, there would have been life inside this darkness, which we would not had brought with us. It was a play of darkness telling me for years that this was only a play of God, who would save all life even if I gave up, and only by doing my best not giving up, we were able to save this life making it “perfect”. My sister having had the power of this darkness has now given up bringing everything to me without any losses of life. “Your task was to bring out all of this life, and you did this brilliantly, my son”.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show soul energies, dimensions change, Berlusconi with his tail between his legs, a wing commander, Lady Diana, layers of life, and a nice man with beard.
  • Short stories of the opening of the new Maritime Museum October 5 symbolising the end of creation, giving BT the last chance to write about me before the big opening, lack of faith should have meant the end of the world, and beer in the refrigerator as “block grant” of God.


2nd October: Receiving all power of the Source: My sister, Karen and I are ONE as no gender, female and male part of life

Dreaming of darkness and my “old nightmare”, being inside the library of the Source – “there can only be one”

I was thinking of the whole moral of people being wrong, and was told that this is how it is when Sanna cannot give you your “old nightmare”, we have to give you the whole engine in here.

I went to bed at midnight sleeping approx. until 07.30 receiving these dreams.

  • Something about the more women shows off, the better, and can we get out what we look for and money is the motive, no, we have to do without.
    • Still darkness wanting to give me my “old nightmare” with beautiful ladies, and something we cannot get out.
  • Half awake I was shown myself inside a “roundabout” made of shelves of a library including books but so small/narrow that only one man can stand inside, which I do, which is about symbol of the Source.
  • A woman asking “did we just make love” (?), tears, painted as only one out of 530 employees, a woman taking off her clothes to provoke surveillance, which is necessary to do.
    • Going through more darkness and my “old nightmare”.
  • Johnny Reimar tells about how he received a previous TV concept including competitions – and beautiful ladies – and Jarl Friis Mikkelsen, which I believe was recorded in the Arabic world.
    • TV = world, and this is about enjoying ladies?

Receiving all power of the Source: My sister, Karen and I are ONE as no gender, female and male part of life

Is this really the golden watch?

Did he really get away with the chef (?) – and then he was “un-educated” (?), which was part of the game to show you.

Something about not being able to give birth to me on this side, which has to be done on the other side, which therefore is “impossible” to do but we have broken nuts like that before.

So this is what the floating gold drop into your mouth is about, it is about the birth of your inner and new self.

Sanna went to Verona today for the “conference on psychiatry”, which she already told me during dinner the day we saw Michael Falch in concert, and this is where she will meet “the system”, so what will you talk about?

And it is the combination of “cigarettes” of my sister and my doings, that this birth is done – and my mother and the Spies & Glistrup film this afternoon.

I was told that BBC has access to secret recordings of me, and also that it gives us many opportunities after I decided that what people can accept from these will be saved, and yes let me say that I don’t mind in general what you have recorded of me – and others – in public, but I will NOT accept what you have recorded of me when I was in “privacy” behind the four walls of my apartment, my mother’s or sister’s home as example and that is unless I will specifically approve it.

Something about what Angela Merkel has also done, which made it possible even to enter October, and yes let us play one of my favourite songs by U2, which may even be my favourite of all.

I was given sneezes and reminded that I have not been hit by sickness – since 2009 – for days making it impossible for me to work because I decided that keeping my ability to work was the most important.

This morning I woke up to a new day with much work to do just to finish my script of yesterday and publish the last two days of script before I will meet my mother at 15.30, and the question is if I will make it, and no there is not room for just one day saying that “today I believe that I will relax and enjoy life”, and today I feel how difficult this is to avoid because I have promised myself to work right until the very end, so come on, Stig, the train is going, and I feel how “everyone/everything else” is ready to start writing today, the above was really only notes while having breakfast and checking Facebook.

I was told that my old colleague Janne would have called me and incredible that she did not.

Yes, he walks right through the football goal of your sister, and she doesn’t even discover it. And this was prepared when you worked at Brede Park – I am shown how I cut the trees at the path next to the park, and we know this was truly “impossible” work to do to with my friend there and his negative view of life, which he could not stop bringing out trying to bring me down.

So this brown mass/gravy really includes my favourite disc, and I am here given liver, which is my old favourite disc. And this is me coming from the other side of this goal – with no sexual torments – meant to come in as the absolutely last.

I read in the local free week paper “Nordsjælland” about the new Maritime Museum opening October 5 and saw how great it looks, and I was told that it is my new ship sailing in there, this is what it symbolises.

Are your sister now sitting in the airplane thinking about the message that she brings to these “professionals” at this conference and that is that “Stig has been released”.

This is the network and conference – a tool of evil:


Enmesh 2


I was told that it was Søren at Dahlberg who was influencing Bo against me almost having me dismissed, and today they are thinking “how could we” (?), which is because of my quality of work, which you have never experienced the like of before – just saying what is coming to me – and I receive the feeling of the Joker here from Batman, which is about your light and dark sides, and you were attacked by darkness when I tried to help you out (conflicts between partners) which you simply could not have, and yes “mental blocking” you know.

Is this a kind of World Association that your sister is visiting, and are they also preparing a “warm welcome” for you knowing about who you are?

When I cycled to the library I was almost giving up because I truly have no energy, but still this has not stopped me (yet).

What about Ireland (?), they are crawling all the way over to England to be with us.

And if I should give up now, I am shown that we would not sweep the very last part of the hall coming here.

We have stamped in and brought the type writer, and I feel my sister.

What is that (?), is that a whole new radio for me, which you have prepared “always” to give you the day of your arrival here.

We cannot afford an ashtray or Idi Amin anymore, and yes your sister is telling the “world society” that we have given up on Stig, which is setting me free you know.

If he was not so tired, we would thrown the new duvet around him, and yes it is already ready.

I was told about Jill Dahl from Joy Foundation that she is one example of a person wasting her time on “releasing spirits” etc. instead of supporting me and my work, and I had hoped that this would also be about how she has obtained faith in me after having been my Facebook friend in 1-2 years (?), but no, when checking, she has also left me as a Facebook friend, and yes she was the one introducing me to “clairvoyance” in 2005 at Joy Foundation in Copenhagen, but “too much” for you to believe in me when you also “could not” read and understand me but concentrated on your own meaningless activities compared to helping me to save the world, and just maybe Nønne “helped” you to believe that I was “crazy”, Jill? And when I now check, she has not only left me as a friend, but decided to “block” me to Facebook, and was that really necessary Jill (?), and yes let me also say that I still lose Facebook friends from time to time but I don’t check anymore who, which takes out manual resources, which I have decided not to prioritize any longer. Later I was told that there is no limit to the sadness of also Jill about “my faith”.

So the death of my father was really to make sure that we would bring no newspapers out – destroying the world – if I could bear extreme sufferings together with my mother and the world.

I felt my aunt Inge’s husband and was told “no, Stig is not crazy, but eeehhh it is so difficult to tell when I cannot read and understand but only listen to Jan’s voice”.

No, Stig has no social rights”, is that coming from this conference (of my sister’s) too?

I kept on working with great difficulties because of strong tiredness and no energy until I had finished and published the last two days of scripts at 14.30, and yes now I will meet my mother at 15.30, go and see the film and afterwards to have pizza on the main square and again I am so tired that the day when I was going to meet Margrethe Vestager as example thinking how I will be able to last, or “almost as tired” then.

We met, and we entered the cinema (it was the last day that this film was shown!) – and I did not write down notes because of my mother but told myself to remember what I was told until afterwards – and first I was told that this conference is where Sanna will give up to the entire world, which has also been following me.

We will now transfer all of this power from my sister as Anti-Christ (together with Karen as another part), who was ordered by man because of your lack of faith or/and wrong behaviour, communication and work really making it impossible for me to save you.

I was told straight away that Glistrup is on my side and Spies – who excessed in drinking and chasing all ladies he could get hold on showing the worst sexual indulgence to the world – was the Devil self, and I was told that there was a risk for my mother, i.e. the world, to hurt, but it was connected with my possible acceptance of Spies by watching the many obscene scenes of the movie of him and (half) naked ladies, which I did not because I closed my eyes every single time this was shown, and this was my challenge of the day together with the fact that I received so much darkness the first hour still making me on my edge and feel terrible also including fear given to me if my mother died from me when I could not hear her, and later I was told that I would still have received all power even if I did not make this challenge because of the world being with me.

You are not Jesus, Mogens” as he is told in this clip of the film, but “I come pretty close, right Stig”?

Here is the original original:

When watching the film I was confirmed in my own understanding that these two are the biggest “originals” ever in Denmark, and I was told that they were also a fight between light and darkness before me, and Glistrup was fighting to close down the public sector removing taxes for everyone, and he had found a “legal way” of doing it, which the system of course could not accept because it was an attack on the system self, which made the system run down Glistrup, throw him in jail and eventually killing him, and this is what he was warming up to before my task started doing the same really, which is to end all of the public sector and end taxes.

During the film I was also asked about beautiful ladies I watch on the Internet because of my great attraction and still “the biggest hormones” given to anyone and if this is right to do (?), and no, even though I do NOT watch porn or nudity, some of what I see is “wrong attitude” because of wrong culture, and I know and tell myself that this is what it is, but obviously it doesn’t have destructive consequences.

Here is a clip of the film of Spies (without naked ladies!).

And here is the original original (hopefully without naked ladies, I haven’t checked):

I was told that the remaining faith of my aunt, Inge, in me is important, and at the very end, I was suddenly given tears followed by extreme happiness, and I was told that the tears are coming to me from my mother being very sad about “my situation” – still because of her misunderstandings of me – which will be released by this happiness when she will soon understand.

Afterwards we agreed that besides from the obscene scenes it was a brilliant movie especially because of the incredible performances of the two main actors Nicholas Bro as Glistrup and Pilou Asbæk as Spies, who did nothing less than marvellous when doing the very difficult task to act as these two “originals” – BRAVO!

We went to the other Italian pizza restaurant (mostly take away) at the main square of Helsingør, and I was happy to see that it was truly all Italian with Italian people, the finest ingredients and a fine atmosphere there, and yes not the “cheap lookalikes” of poor quality, which is what you see at 9 out of 10 places not making proper quality, but this was at the very top, and we brought home three pizzas, and my mother and John like these even better than Tony’s pizzas also because the bread is thinner than with Tony’s, and I told them that both places are 100 point on the pizza scale restaurants, but I prefer the thicker bread of Tony’s – and both places the ingredients are of the best quality possibly with a plus for this new restaurant to me, but you know these two places are symbols of the Source joining with the New World bringing joy and happiness to everyone, which is what Italy still means to me, and yes they had GENUINE ITALIAN SAUSAGES and cheese of fine quality, which you almost see no where in this industrialised country, where you will normally only get “supermarket sausages” of poor quality, and yes we don’t even have markets looking a little like what they have in the Southern Europe and no homemade sausages of the finest quality as they have there, and yes this is how the Devil is working all in the name of industrialisation, efficiency and profit, and does it make you happy, Danes (?), not it does not because I do believe that all of you begins to live when you come to the south because of the lifestyle and weather there including gorgeous food markets (?), and no, this is not part of the “happiness surveys” made by different institutions electing Danes as the happiest people in the world, and do you get it by now?

We had a very nice evening together where I saw how I lifted both John and my mother up again, and also that John needed this because of darkness he still receives from my mother, and I told him about how happy I am to hear him starting playing badminton again after all he has gone through with his heart, operation and last year when he was almost dying in front of us, which also made him happy, and yes today the mood was better for me to speak about hemp oil curing cancer, which I told them about because one of John’s friends has cancer “all over” and when John confirmed that he did not mind taking this himself (which I would have told him about if I had known about it when he – and my mother before him – had cancer) and also confirming me that diabetes (often) can be cured with a new and active lifestyle, it also made it easier for my mother to follow me, and again I told about psychoactive drugs making people zombies and “crazy”, and all school shootings in USA are done by people on this “medicine” making them lose control, and yes amazing how they could “understand” today what they could and would not some weeks ago.

And my message was really that you cannot cure yourself with pills, and it is about choosing the RIGHT lifestyle and not WRONG, which is “too difficult” to do for many people making them continue being lazy lying on the sofa thus keeping them in “sickness” no matter what kind of sickness this is, and I do believe that John and my mother believe that I was able to “cure“ myself via an active lifestyle (= work and behaviour) without pills, and yes “not easy” to make them believe in me instead of Sanna, but this is how it goes because of our weekly meetings making us come closer than Sanna, who does not see them as often living approx. 20 kilometres from here.

I smiled when my mother said that she would make what is really Hungarian Gullash when we will meet already on Friday – in two days – again, which of course is “inspiration” coming from Peter Abraham, my Hungarian Facebook friend.

They are now planning on going on a cruise to the Canary Islands (of Spain) at the beginning of November together with John’s brother and his wife, and they look so much forward to this – because they “need it” – and to have a good time also playing much cards together, and I was inspired to ask them if they don’t want to learn a new card-game instead of only playing the same whist, but no, they have no intentions doing this because it is difficult enough to learn the old game and what comes as new rules from time to time, and yes just saying that they are still playing their old game also speaking wrongly about me behind my back sending me darkness, which on the other hand was part of the game to save everything, and again I feel Margrethe Vestager, who are used to be playing by “new rules”, which you then adopt to and take in as they were your own ideas, which you then present to the public, and yes a DISGUSTING WORK you have, and is this really what you feel deep inside yourself, Margrethe, and yes also about to get used to the new rules of the game as I am introducing bringing FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY to everyone.

This transfer of power was taking place at the same time as Sanna gave up her status at this forum of hers, and also that the extreme chocolate I was told about the other day was about her selfishness, which she is born with, and I was given the feeling of Lyngby again (I should have been kidnapped before 2011) and “how could it go wrong” (?) – and I am shown the previous permanent secretary of the Tax Ministry who worked for the Minister trying to break down Helle Thorning-Schmidt and told that all of this was united with “tax” being darkness ending the world.

And this is a network/forum that you cannot get released from because they normally get their will through – also feeling Margrethe Vestager here being part of this setup.

I was given the feeling of Nazi and shown a half, red bow/curve and the feeling of “the old man” inside standing behind Nazism self – as a tool of creation you know. In other words, we are inside the dome as I was shown in 2004 via my first spiritual vision, and I am here shown it as a glass dome, and I was told that the Vatican also noticed this vision of mine.

Again I was thinking about what is the difference between Karen and Sanna because they are both Anti-Christ’s of darkness, and yes Karen is darkness in relation to my love relation choosing others than me to bring the end and Sanna is darkness in relation to our mother making our mother choose her for a long time to bring the end too, and we are really all three only ONE.

This is now the giant white ship arriving, and I was shown, felt and told this only vaguely, and I received the same “fragile light/love” as I have only felt inside of Geordie, but there is no doubt, it is exactly the same light/love of very fine character.

I continued receiving the feeling of Christmann wine of Pfalz, Germany, in continuation of receiving the feeling of the wine journalist Søren Frank for some days in relation to this “the finest white wine in the world”, Søren (?), and now it came to me with the message that Christ is close to me than ever before.

I received the feeling of people of other civilizations and was told that we are building a whole new Pyramid inside the Pyramid.

I decided to stay up despite of EXTREME TIREDNESS again at the end of the day to watch Natholdet on TV2 and this time Anders Breinholdt had the “legendary” film maker and Tour de France journalist Jørgen Leth as guest, and Natholdet had found a clip with Rolf Sørensen commenting from the Vuelta Tour of Spain where he spoke about Rasmus Klump – the cartoon – sailing in the Biscay, which the editors had checked up on discovering that it was really the character of Skæg (Beard) of this cartoon, who sailed there, and you do remember the story some weeks ago about liquorice pipes of Skæg, right (?) (by the way Solaima’s office now have these liquorice pipes as “standard equipment” for non-smokers as she wrote about the other day, which of course is about your darkness and “inability” to listen/understand others than yourself, Soulaima) and here it was to confirm the darkness of Rolf Sørensen and also of Jørgen Leth coming here this evening also because of your knowledge and SILENCE about me, Jørgen, and I wonder if you ENJOY THE SILENCE, my friend (?), and this is what he confirmed when he was inspired saying that he likes to discuss different editors of Danish media with friends but never in public, and this is how it is about me too, right?

Later Anders said that ”Anders from TV2 News has simply received the stamp from the master self”, and here ”master” was about Jørgen Leth, but it was really about the master of “the old man”, who has given me the stamp, i.e. approved me to become part of him as the Source.

I don’t have any furniture goods because everything in here (of the white ship) is perfect, and in here we are not busy at all because to us it is all about quality.

I was told and shown that the GIANT SHIP had already entered harbour, and I was shown an anchor being thrown to the ship from harbour, and how this inspects the fuel cap on both sides of the ship and I received the feeling that this ship does not need energy (as we know it).

Can we move everything is with Sanna, which is not male or female but layers of life made without sexuality/genders (?), and yes this is what my sister is about.

I was told that they – the psychiatric “world forum” – had a vicious plan about how to control Lisbeth, my case worker at the Commune, against me.

Google Earth: God uses spectacles

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a lady, souls in a cave, God uses spectacles, very Karen Blixen like, use your eyes and filled up with souls.

FB 021013 Jette 1

FB 021013 Jette 2

FB 021013 Jette 3

FB 021013 Jette 4

FB 021013 Jette 5

FB 021013 Jette 6

FB 021013 Jette 7

FB 021013 Jette 8

FB 021013 Jette 9

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • We are still heading towards Damaskus as Jerry says, where we will end the war, and no, I don’t understand this connection yet, but it is there.

FB 021013 Jerry

  • Ciau, Berlusconi – comprende?

FB 021013 BBC

  • Jim from SAGA is making the new album with the other guys and he was inspired by saying that “the sky is not the limit” after I brought the song by Fleetwood Mac the other day, so is this to say that when I met SAGA and Michael Sadler in October 2012, I received their darkness and since that Michael and Jim have been my Facebook friends now having faith in me or is this too much to say?

FB 021013 Jim

  • I sent the “lying so the water is running” Imran a friend requiest, but he “cannot” accept me because the rumours about me have also circulated among the Pakistan Network, which Tanwir (the little picture) may have started?


  • Thomas has bough a ferry – a house boat – and is happy, and this is the ferry, which was on DR TV 1-2 years ago in ”Denmark’s most beautiful homes”, and I thought that it was nothing less than fantastic, and now Thomas has bought this thinking the same …., and he said that he considered inviting his Facebook friends on drinks thanking them for their advice and I told him that he is truly a friend of the people and a source of excitement if you understand such a small one (bringing me darkness when he behaves wrongly), and one of the true “heroes” (which I am sure that he understands), and the day after this, he said that he would bring a question Friday at 19.00 for people to answer about Mentor and after the live show (at approx. 21.30) he will draw the winners, but no, I cannot participate in this Thomas because I am visiting my mother there (seeing “crazy about dance” again live and first you and “heroes” later), so I will not be coming to visit you this time around.

FB 021013 Blachman


3rd October: I had to be clean inside the worst darkness for the Source to clean all darkness and save all life

Dreaming of Sanna and Karen work together as darkness against me

I went to bed at midnight and slept until 07.00 receiving these dreams.

  • Sanna is the HR manager of the group of a large number of businesses in Paris/Europe, and tells about the need to reduce the number of employees and to co-ordinate with me. Written me as prime contact with pencil in a notebook.
    • Sanna may still be working as darkness inside light wanting to remove life, but I am the co-ordinator and my decision is to save all.
  • I meet Jacob (from Acta) randomly several times and at the end he invites me home for dinner, but I cannot make it now, and he tells me that you and Jesper (his close Acta colleague) are friends and he is the same. I am shown a golf tool (a kind of iron), which I go to the store to look at and I am surprised that it is only 85 DKK. Suggs (from Madness) is the sales manager using my concept of a sales plan and “you decide yourself how you want me based on your work”.
    • Is Jacob – after having misunderstood me, blocked me on Facebook and spoken wrongly/negatively about me behind my back (as one of the worst) – coming home realising that I am his friend speaking the truth (?), and this is an extra golf tool to win the fight, and yes it is COMPLETE MADNESS!

  • We are at Sanna and Hans. Karen is sleeping the day away while I am out playing badminton during nights. Finally she gets up and goes to the bathtub, and brings me a bomb saying that she will go for one week with her “friend” Lars in a cottage house at the South, and I tell her just how incredible sad this made me, but she puts nothing in this and she doesn’t understand yet that she and I are meant to be together. Later Karen is a robot saying that he, i.e. me, is not open to be re-installed meaning that he is in risk of dying. Even later Karen receives the idea having a giant party “in there” and asks “can I change life too”?
    • Still the worst darkness of Karen and Sanna working together against me. When writing down this dream I was told that Karen is close to not being a Volvo too (close to dying), and also that you cannot become two children at the same time, which we have just discovered.

I had to be clean inside the worst darkness for the Source to clean all darkness and save all life

I received a famous song including lyrics like “cause no matter what you do I am still in love with you”, which I cannot find now, but it is about the love of Karen inside of her to me.

So you are still cursed with the satanic verses. The two are still burning. The Flying Enterprise has not disappeared yet.

I was shown the luxurious Dahlgaard supermarket in Hørsholm and Sanna inside of it, and still Sanna was always thinking of you.

Do we start the New World by letting your spaceship – the spaceship of everything – land?

Once again I was too tired to start working another full day and I was told that if I did not we would start our new airplane being on fire, and later I was told with the opposite voice that just maybe I have come as long that this will not be necessary, but nevertheless I will try to make it to the very end if I can.

I was told about the Order of Malta and shown two bridges over a stream being united, which is to say that these people helped to unite two of us, which may be my father and I.

When I did the first draft publish of my script of yesterday at 11.20 today, I received the totally amazing and “exploding” guitar play of Muse in “Stockholm Syndrome” from their Absolution album, which came to me as a symbol of “the strongest/finest creation” and it included ALL POWER of this amazing band to symbolise all of the power of the Source that I have received, and this is to say that this is really the music including the strongest power of all that I know of, and yes I was thinking that they are really at the same high level (100 point) as Arcade Fire, it is just “different” you know and yes “nothing better”, and listen to the outburst/explosion at 2:02 here, and yes I have a part of me saying “the more “acid” music, the better”, and this is what you can find here, and if this is music of darkness (?), no, of course this is power of light where the worst darkness is playing the worst death metal, can’t you hear the difference?

Was this then the transfer of the last chair on the balcony? And this is also why nothing will happen should I decide to stop work now.

This means that you don’t yet have the new operating system inside of you and up running, this is what we will bring you now, and I heard “welcome to Stig’s new operating system” as if it was a software package now being installed, and this package contains all original life, which Margrethe will come and “switch on” too on Saturday, is this how it is (?), and yes we know it seems as if there are too many switching on and I am here told that because Diana is not physically alive, we have chosen Margrethe to do it, this is what the opening of this marine museum symbolising “my new ship” means.

And no, I will NOT send my email to the UN and Danish Parliament now or on Saturday just because of this because I am NOT finished!

I met Leif at the library after not having seen him for some days, and I had one of the one-man offices/boxes, but he went in to say hello and kept on speaking about himself not asking any questions making me think that “it is incredible that people can be so incredible selfish behaving like this”, and when I spoke to him I received the feeling of Queen Margrethe coming together with strong liqiourice sweets so this is what she will be bringing me on Saturday; the last darkness she has accumulated – being silent about me you know.

Didn’t we come out of Cyprus (?), yes we were buried there too.

You don’t need that small calculator, i.e. to get this life with you, which was about new strong exhaustion and disgust to work this afternoon, and a game about life not making it but right behind this darkness is the voice “I will make it” if I should give up by now.

So we have transferred the driver’s license over to your mother.

Have your mother received an omen about the end of times (?), yes constantly because she is the world, but did she understand and react to it (?), no, this was Sanna’s task, to keep her in quiet because it would stop the whole process of the creation of our New World.

No, I did not have the courage to shoot Stig, and who is speaking?

No, Stig is not sick, isn’t everyone agreeing on this at the conference at the meeting that Sanna is in?

No, Stig decided not to be nervous (as we had implanted in him), can you hear your sister speaking?

I was told that “Martial law” following financial meltdown – as I am looking at now – was also prepared by John McCain, so what about it, John, why don’t you start speaking the truth to the world about what you have done and had prepared to do?

I felt this forum of my sister speaking about succeeded doing everything including to have your own family stab you in your back, so why did they not succeed after all (?) – the answer is WILL POWER doing what nobody can do as I feel Obama saying here.

The only thing they don’t have a plan for is how to control the Doomsday coming with the end of the world, and how could they (?) because they were convinced that they would cease control over me not understanding that by doing so, they were digging their own graves.

I received the feeling of Jennifer Lopez and was told “down on the floor”, yes this is what they are fearing too, and this is about the elite of man NOT wanting Martial State as you can see here, and no, it is not coming by now, but this is what was planned for the world and not only the USA.

Have we also closed down our mainframe computer before you will come and get access (?), which is about the World Elite, and does that include you too Al Gore (?), whom I feel here.

What about his mother, have we released her too (?), and yes it required that they had first broken you down in order to get to her.

I felt my father’s Kirsten, and was told that there are also people not knowing which side to be on, my or the dark side.

I continued working on my new website most of the afternoon now being close to finishing this, which however may be in approx. 10 working hours from now – which may be days you know – and then I still have Agenda 21 to do, some things to do to my Doomsday Scenario page and possible updates to my dark NWO pages here and there, so 14 days may be realistic, we will see.

Don’t you believe that the tumble dryer is ready and the clothes clean (?), which is about my mothers after work today also including martial law as the natural end of my new website.

It wasn’t Sanna being disgraced (not me any longer) now was it?

When cycling to the library, I received maybe 10-15 small heart attacks on the way being so uncomfortable that this was also about to stop me, and I was told that it is because they have not given up yet at the forum of my sister (who will continue their conference until October 5).

No, no one is going to be buried in the forest, which was just at home.

I was told about my work being a “unique achievement” and I was even close to receive the surrender of the world while alive as my old self.

It was only by letting the world believe that the world would go under that we could create a New World.

I received a sound to my kitchen coming together with the vision of raspberry – or any berry you want – and I was told that it was me that you had to defeat, and I received a feeling from the balcony and was told that when we come from out of here with your “old nightmare”, it is really darkness with you (of the kitchen here) doing this and not from the balcony, which is clean, funny right?

I felt Georgie and her love coming from the balcony, and I was shown Epernay in Champagne, so “she knows” about me. So Georgie is out there giving an E3 to my oven, which it was given (from the kitchen of darkness here as reaction), and so is Elijah and everyone else, yes original life.

Who has been here (in Denmark) recently, which nobody knows about (?), and I felt the military airfield at Værløse and then Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Obama, but then again this is only a “good story” because this airfield is closed, and this lie comes from inside of here, not from outside.

This is how it is, it is purity from out here reaching you and darkness with your creation wanting to kill you.

I felt Pia and was told that she is also out there and can it be that someone I have worked on (Georgie and Pia) received the task to become the first coming out here?

I felt my father and was told that it is not bad to be dead – returning out here – but it is a natural feeling alive not wanting to die and it was important for us to fight as much as possible and for my father first to die late as he did.

So you have fought to be inside darkness instead of being released from your sufferings coming here.

And as the Source we can only reach you inside of this darkness when you are clean, and it was your task to get us to clean everything in all corners of your mother – and I felt Anja Andersen, so hi, Anja!

So my “old nightmare” came from inside of here, and it was important for me to reject it and keep saying to us out here that “you are welcome” as I did many thousands and even millions (?) of times.

Darkness did everything to keep me out because it was impossible to create life here, but we knew that there was something there, which now becomes the finest of all.

If you had given up, there would have been life inside this darkness, which we would not had brought with us, is this the conclusion despite of what I have been told all along that “this is only a game to learn from, God would bring it regardless”?

And this is the darkness creating many wrong stories through me, which people didn’t want to believe in, thus not having faith in me and abandoning me, which therefore not would become life exactly as darkness wanted and that is unless I could overcome the pressure of all of these people given to me constantly for years.

The question is if I – the Source – would have had enough power to collect you and all life at an explosion, and what do you believe (?), and yes I have no idea except from what I am told and write, and can it be that it was a game of darkness telling me all the way that this was “only a game”, and if I gave up, God would still make everything come through (?) and the logics is of course to make me give up, which I decided not to do “as a matter of security” because you never knew what was right and wrong except from one thing, which was absolutely sure, and this was to keep on working never giving up so this is what I chose to do.

It is the space capsule of the Old World that you are coming out from (?), and it is us out here bringing you out (?), which it may be, but it doesn’t correspond to my decision to never give up and to bring you in here to start everything from here, but if it is true that I cannot be given birth as my new self inside of here, I will have to come out, but I will only do it as the last man of the ship having saved everything else in here first, and this is where the story of the Flying Enterprise also comes in because of the Captain refusing to leave the ship until the very end.

And this is happening because Sanna has given up because she had this life as the power of darkness in her, which you have now, that’s why. So the New World is out here after having been cleaned.

I watched the X-factor USA 2013 and smiled and became happy several times when watching people having incredible talent, and the strongest came to me when watching these three young men singing “Valerie” doing the greatest singing and dancing imaginable, and even if this had been a professional act, I would have been stunned of just how good it is, and this was done by “amateurs” (!), and yes this is the Motown feeling, which I also LOVE – and yes, I believe it was the previous round of X-factor where I also saw a 54 year old black lady, I believe, sing so strongly and clean that it made a deep impression on me too, and it continued this evening with a 16 year old boy having “Tourette syndrome” singing beautifully and showing a beautiful spirit, which everyone including me loved, and yes it goes right into my heart and my deepest self when I see happiness and joy as this, which is what music brings when it is at its best – and yes there were also examples of people having the worst voice and attitude, and this evening nothing more than the 29 year old man from New York selling bagels who had a completely twisted view about himself because of his friends lying to him, and he even wanted to beat up Simon for speaking out the truth, and how many of my family, friends etc. also wished me “to disappear to a certain place where the pepper grows”? WATCH THE INCREDIBLE SINGING AND DANCING OF THIS SONG, AND TELL ME IF IT MAKES YOU HAPPY OR SAD – there you have it!

This is the love from outside here, which is coming close to you, and I literally felt it right next to me, and this is because of the work I have done also helped by Glistrup.

So it is the energy of your father being in here (at darkness), but there is/was not life here yet, which you have helped bringing by deciding “everything has to be perfect”.

It is not only your father having a key in you but your mother too, but if you cannot make hers fit, you cannot bring her, but don’t be sad because of this because we have all original life here, but then again you are the key of everything and when you keep on saying “perfect”, this is what we do here.

Who is Nathan East (?); and I have no idea (but I believed that I had heard his name in relation to music before but not exactly in which connection), but when I now look him up, I see that he is a jazz, R&B and rock bass player and vocalist – having played with the greatest – and I understand that he has received a special talent too.

Your small heart attacks is energy com from out here (from the balcony), which is becoming like this inside darkness with you.

I cannot explain it but you are now all here, so your task was to bring out all of this life, and you did this brilliantly, my son.

It was not wrong that I wanted to close down your mother/the Old World – I feel her bleeding – if you could not keep it going.

So it was your mother – the Old World – wanting to force your “old nightmare” on you to destroy herself, and we succeeded when you were able to bear your sufferings allowing us to enter and clean up.

This is how we bring Händel and Hallelujah.

It was like saying no to Foie Gras to you because you know that the way to produce it includes cruelty to animals, which is “more than difficult” to do because you LOVE Foie Gras, and this is because of the extreme desire given to you to do everything which is WRONG, and for you to chose to do what is RIGHT as the only way to bring creation.

And how does all of this correspond to what I said that life will never be lost (?), but yet, it requires that we are able to find it to make it live!

I tried to keep awake to watch Natholdet on TV2 starting not at scheduled 23.10, but always approx. at 23.17 because people have to watch commercials first, which is why someone wrote about this the other day on your Facebook page, Anders, and this is because I do NOT like TV2 as standard doing what is WRONG to “fool” people to watch commercials, and it ALWAYS bothers me, so when you have a schedule to start at 23.10, you will start at 23.10 (!), and yes, this was a side leap, have you tried any of these, Anders, when you were “too tempted” to keep your fingers to yourself (?), and no, I was too tired this evening not being able to keep my eyes open, and when I finally went to bed at 23.40, I had seen a few glimpses of this show, but I had not heard and understood what you spoke about, this is how tired I was.

Google Earth: Berlusconi with his tail between his legs, a wing commander

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show soul energies, dimensions change, Berlusconi with his tail between his legs, a wing commander, Lady Diana, layers of life, and a nice man with beard.

FB 031013 Jette 1

FB 031013 Jette 2

FB 031013 Jette 3

FB 031013 Jette 4

FB 031013 Jette 5

FB 031013 Jette 6

FB 031013 Jette 7

FB 031013 Jette 8

FB 031013 Jette 9

Ending the days with these short stories:

  • The new Maritime Museum in Helsingør Cultural Harbour will open on Saturday, October 5, as the last part of the cultural area symbolising the end of creation of our New World, and I did not know before seeing this that it will be opened by Queen Margrethe and her husband Prince Henrik at 13.30 and from 15.30 there is free access to visit the first day, which I plan to do, and I was told that it is with Margrethe that the last part of my mother will enter perfectly, and I can almost hear your voice, Margrethe, inside of me, this is how close me are. Later I was first shown pig-dealer Larsen from the Matador series, and do you really want me to cut this out in cardboard for you (?), and I was given the feeling of Ms. Larsen and was told again that the Queen is bringing all life. Later I received heart pain and was told that the Margrethe and Henrik are nervous about meeting me on Saturday (?), and yes I will be there.

FB 031013 Kysten

  • I was encouraged to bring this Facebook post on Olav Skaaning Andersen’s Facebook timeline telling him that he and his newspaper BT, which he is the editor-in-chief for, are specially chosen by me, and I now give him the last chance to write about me before the big opening comes to the world, and I encouraged him to write the true story about just how close we are to a true economic collapse of the world, which he can read and understand from my new website, and when he can, there is a chance that he can make his readers understand too, and yes it doesn’t have to be that difficult if only you bother and the question is if Olav bothers and also if he bothers to give me an answer. Half an hour after bringing this, I was asked – what did you do just there, was this a sign to the world about “the opening of our New World”? Later I was told that his answer is that “we don’t want to bring fear/panic to the world”, so this is also why you have decided to keep the truth from the world, and do you think this is right or wrong to do (?), and yes it is ALWAYS right to speak the truth – no matter what – so what you are doing again, Olav, is to go the errand of the dark NWO even though you know that it does not exist anymore and also that the Old World self does not exist, so what does that make you and yes THE GREATEST CHICKEN IN THE WORLD!

FB 031013 til Olav

FB 031013 til Olav 2

  • Wullf and Morgenthaler have brought back their old character, Dolph – a fascistic hippo (!) – and here Dolph said that Helle Thornings opening speech at Parliament was about potato peels and where was the promise of world domination (?), and if it was up to Dolph no one had to peel potatoes, everyone should have their fingers cut off (!), and yes, Michael Wullf, what you are truly speaking of here is potatoes = the Source, and world domination = the dark NWO of the World Elite, and your lack of faith would have brought this, which would have cut off the fingers of people = termination, so there you see, revealed once again.

HN 031013

  • An MP of the Danish Parliament from the Faroe Islands, which are part of the Danish Kingdom, here spoke about visiting a friend on the Faroe Islands drinking beers from the refrigerator, and after they had had 5-6 beers, the friend said that they beer came from Lars Løkke Rasmussen, who had borrowed the house and when he left, he had filled up the refrigerator with beer, and the Faroe politician said that this was also kind of a block grant falling at a dry space, which made everyone laugh, and what it really was a symbol of was beer of God now being inside the refrigerator of the New World, so this is how inspired you were, Lars :-).

DR 041013 Løkke øl



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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