October 9, 2013: Opening the light of my inner self at the top of the Source with diamonds of creation reaching all the way up


Summary of the script today

8th October: I will be alive as my new self as the sum of previous layers of life, our new creation and the Source

  • Dreaming of continuing work inside darkness receiving a little energy, my old friend Jens M. is strongly NOT believing in me, my sister leading me to my new shoes, Hans bringing me darkness also destructing me, which Prince is doing too.
  • What is lacking is to bring you together with the rest of the “healthy children of Earth” like Jack, which I understood as “my secret network”. Turkey was important/decisive to me, but not as important and hard shooting as Morten Olsen, the national coach of my own team, the Danish national team in football, and when he did not have faith in me, I could not play, but we did it anyway. David Cameron is helping me to set up my new apartment – for Karen, Sanna and I to become one. Do you realise that you have just been seated on the most dirty toilet because of this “threat” that you went through (?), which is about the Commune considering to stop the payments of cash help to me.
  • I was told about my sister’s husband Hans and his darkness/selfishness working for the dark New World Order, which also helped giving my mother the lung disease (in 2009) almost killing her, a cold pleasure. It is first with the turn around of Hans that we will bring everything home.
  • I wrote an email to Allan this afternoon including the New World Order – both of darkness and light – as part of the game to make him understand that “I am me” to help him bring my new self down to me from the top of the Source, and this email is as important as the paper on Jesus in 1988 in Nairobi and me, which I had first Elijah and then the LTO team to read in 2009 to receive their faith in me, and this is to set me free. If I had not decided to do my work at Brede Park meticulously in 2009/10, I would have dissolved. My father is collecting my new self from everywhere, and I will first be alive as my new self when everything is connected, and I have decided to end my work doing this. And it required for everything of the Universe – including Earth – and previous layers of life to become part of me in order to receive true freedom and responsibility, and we are now adding to this from the small case of the Source bringing in improvements of life.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show an elephant, faces and a beard/panda.
  • Short stories of the rope tightening around Lars Løkke Rasmussen and his attempt to carry out “the king murder”, 2,000 DKK per month is also a kind of money, the Pope was a little disappointed when he finally received contact with God – or was it vice versa (?), the Cello exploded but the swan survived, darkness of Pia Kjærsgaard, Dan Rachlin – the selfish and better-knowing ignorant and WIMP who cannot take his own “medicine”, Lecia Jønsson is an ambassador of mine.

9th October: Opening the light of everything of my inner self at the top of the Source with diamonds of creation reaching all the way up

  • Dreaming of Ole S. taking pictures, finding the finest life inside darkness, and my old friend Helle W. from South Africa.
  • The spaceship of everything inside there is a blue watch, otherwise everything (of life around) has been emptied, and we almost cannot keeping back the “explosion” of light. This is the ring creating everything, the giant ship, the apple we have been biting, the helicopter lifting us up, the birds of creation flying out, from where new eggs come out from as an incubator and this force is “dumb” unless we decide for it. This is where my inner self as the Son (Jesus) – on top of my father – is inside as “two in one”, and this is the force we now use to improve everything of creation, which can only be done when I am now everything, otherwise it would not open. This is my inner star where everything is connected to, and this is here that a big spinning whirl of light spreads out from all over the middle and I feel myself as this middle. This is what the Eiffel Tower is about, and I was told and shown that it is gilded with diamonds (of creation) all the way up to me at the very top. We have now turned around everything meaning that we will never again experience darkness as a tool of creation to turn around new life – this is the end of our sufferings. It was a condition for me to be “nothing” – a living dead – to come here, which includes the parts of me, which should have killed me (and the world) with lung disease and my mother with cancer in 2010/11, which it would have if I had not decided to keep on working ignoring this, which also would have meant that we would not have been able to create this layer of life of our New World but had to return to a previous layer of life. These parts are the most important parts of us now also entering my new self, and this is “him” that the world was willing to go through “third degree burnings” (terminating parts of life) to get out.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show fish is biting, my family as one, two sides of a dice connected to a dolphin, and Obama is helping to remove darkness.
  • Short stories of UNIQUE creation, the Christian Daily News doing poor work and still censoring me, Bella from Nairobi, and Pia Kjærsgaard painting of God/me.


8th October: I will be alive as my new self as the sum of previous layers of life, our new creation and the Source

Dreaming of continuing work inside darkness receiving a little energy, and Hans bringing me darkness also destructing me

I went to bed at 23.25 and slept until 07.35 receiving these dreams.

  • I am late at work with the result that Peter A., the CEO, decides to dismiss the assistant. He has now stopped working too. I look after a document lift at the archive room without playing a fool. Aon has received capital making it possible to continue a little while. Helle Aa. asks almost desperately what we will do if we don’t make enough earning the next year, if we will have to dismiss employees. Niels de Bang (the big manager) arrives, he cannot see out of his left eye making me think of him as a pirate, and he doesn’t like me but respect me and therefore decides to speak to me, and it is about unimaginable sufferings of people of Australia some weighing only 38 kilos, and while I speak to Niels, Lars G. stands up next to us listening to us.
    • Still working inside darkness and even though I have only little energy, I have received more capital/energy, and no, we are not going to dismiss anyone, and we will continue working regardless of the sufferings because when we can, we can, right Obama?
  • I am going with my old class friend Allan to a sailing club in Espergærde, and I feel and tell him that I used to do parachute jumping here. When we come closer, I tell Allan that I may know the two men playing football, and I see that one is my old class friend (from Commercial school) Jens M. (I receive a double sound to my kitchen when writing his name), and I feel that I know the other, who may be a friend of Jens, and I am surprised to see that Jens looks like a middle aged punker with a tattoo on his bald head and a stick sticking out on top of his head, but still he is the same as he used to be. I am smoking pipe, and have brought my printer, but Jens does not want to use it saying that he has six others and mine has an error. The manager of the club wants to throw me out and gives me a fine of 3,000 DKK, and I tell him that he is like the Russian Republic when it is at its worst. I speak to Jens and apologise for not opening the door when he and his girlfriend came to visit me for lunch, which I had forgotten about (approx. 1985), and he tells me that he is busy because he has to prepare a presentation for a meeting tomorrow at the bank with a client trying to win over their pension scheme from insurance to the bank, and I offer to help him and tells him about my past of being a specialist on top level, and I ask him if he has any questions he would like to ask, but he does not. He has a pepper quern of mine and says that it is disgusting because the first part of it was a slice of potato, and when I ask him if he wants to see me again, he does not.
    • It seems that Jens M., whom I have not seen since 1985, has heard about me, which may be at Danske Bank if he still works there, and it seems that he does not believe in me at all, and does not want to read me to understand, i.e. the printer, because he knows better self.
  • I am driving with my sister on our way towards the Espergærde Shopping Centre, I have some magazines including porn magazines in the back of her car, which she criticises me for and thrown out, and I feel that we are on our way to buy shoes for me. Hans is coming in too together with his Doberman, which simply loves me, and he knows that I am out of work and asks me if I want to become a teacher of his pupils either on general economy or maybe bank economy, and I tell him that it could be fun if there are text books, and he says that they have previously said no and they are also not to be found electronically. We are driving on King’s Road.
    • The porn is about my “old nightmare”, which my sister gives me, and it is her too making it possible to bring me my new shoes, i.e. my new self. For a long time – many months – I have been told consistently that Hans has faith in me, but this may be part of the dark game too because in this dream, if this is the truth, he brings a Doberman and as everyone knows from Shu-bi-dua, this is the one doing the “dog-shit in my garden”, which is symbolic for destruction of the world, and the part of becoming a teacher for him is because he is responsible for the teaching of high school teachers, and he may have learned from my new website on the dark New World Order III about bankers, and the lack of text books may be to say that his plans of future teaching of the dark New World Order is NOT what I like.
  • I am walking over a cross seeing Prince and a friend of him on motorcycles with two ladies, and one is loving Prince but has been offended by him, and does not speak to him even though she knows that he loves her more than anything, and she knows that he is so charming that she will open up to him again.
    • Motorcycles is about darkness and this may be to say that Prince is still living a WRONG life of darkness – too much money and wrong sex, my friend (?) – and this is attracting the lady which here may be my mother, thus this also being a symbol of my “old nightmare”.
  • I woke up to “Good time” by Thomas Helmig and the lyrics “crazy leon is”, and I felt that this is the true impression of Hans in me.

I will be alive as my new self as the sum of previous layers of life, our new creation and the Source

I also woke up to hiccups and I still receive sneezes too, and also coughing, which I understood was because of darkness of Hans,

What is lacking is to bring you together with the rest of the “healthy children of Earth” like Jack, which I understood as “my secret network”.

I was told something about not to touch San Fransisco’s/Sanna’s ground. To protect her from you. Crazy leon is, is the keyword.

Soil pipe. There would not be a birthday without Hans. And this comes after she has been shouting after him. It was also him giving my mother the lung disease, a cold pleasure.

I told you to take warm clothes with you, but it did not matter to him, he just did it, moved forward with the plans of the New World, which he loved too because he was a central figure of it within his field, and no, in this matter, you don’t matter.

Don’t you believe that he needs an exit, and believe in the idea after all?

Where is your mother, somewhere around the head-office of your bank at Bremerholm, Copenhagen, as I feel here, and this is at my main storage of everything, and we are still working.

I was less tired today than for a long time.

We have never been so deep inside Greenland before.

No, you have not stamped out yet, you decide the time of this yourself.

We are now going to pull up many big sharks (from inside this case).

I was shown old fighters from World War I and one GIANT being coming out from a hole in Earth and into the plane – new life being saved – and this life picks up a huge black lobster, which is a symbol of the female side of this life.

I was told about how the national coach Morten Olsen is connected to my mother because of his many visits to Hotel Marienlyst – just opposite my mother – and the training camp at Helsingør Stadium a couple of hundred metres away. And he was irresolute about me because of her.

And the reason why I was told this was because I had planned to go to the training session at the nearby Helsingør Stadium, which started at 10.00 today, and I believe that I was there at approx. 10.40, and I stayed for approx. 15 minutes sitting on the left tribune together with maybe a couple of hundreds following the training, and I had hoped to being able to see on the faces of some of the players and Morten that they recognised me, but they were so concentrated training that they did not saw me – as far as I saw at least – and I liked seeing them training, but “herre-du-milde” (“Lord-you-mild”, i.e “good grief” – as you could have said, Morten – you are shooting catastrophically against goal as if you don’t take it seriously during training, and yes this is LACK OF RESPONSIBILITY of “your” people, Morten, and yes I was surprised seeing that …..

Morten Olsen & co training 081013The Danish national team in football training at Helsingør Stadium today,
where no one saw me, as I saw it

When I was there, I was told that they know about the story of Allan Simonsen (“crazy about dance” in Barcelona colours, surviving as a symbol of my old self surviving).

No, Stig is not Klondike”, i.e. the Son of God, which is about an attitude of some of the team too, and how much of this did I absorb today (?), and quite a bit as I understood it.

I left the stadium even though I would have liked to stay relaxing there and enjoying the sun, but I had work to do, and I left with the feeling inside of me “good luck” to the team, in the coming two matches, the first on Friday.

Shortly thereafter I was told by the voice of darkness if this wasn’t a true match (and not only training), and also that the entire field could have burned up, and yes this is my team symbolising the world, which could have burned up.

Are you just going to “do a Kyril”, and I was told that Kyril, John’s brother, could have cut me up.

Turkey was important/decisive to me, but not as important and hard shooting as Morten Olsen, the national coach of my own team, and when he did not have faith in me, I could not play, but we did it anyway.

And I felt my inner self almost crying if we had not succeeded bringing Morten Olsen over on my side, and I am here shown Adam Price symbolising “delicious food”, which is a symbol of life, and this is what your belief was about, Morten, which is “to be or not to be”, you know, and yes you were an important part of that game, therefore, see?

At the library I sat at the open space on 2nd floor with six computers in “an island” and a foreign lady could not get Java to work on two computers on the other side, and when I told her that it worked on mine – testing it on my bank – first she did not believe in me, and she had two men from the library trying to fix it, but then I showed her that it actually worked on mine, and she opened another computer next to mine, where it worked and as I told her “only coffee on this side”, and this is really where you want to be all of you, and that is together with me. And I was told that it worked on the computer next to mine because I had decided that she could use mine if it would not work, and I could move.

It is first with the turn around of Hans that we will bring everything home.

Are we now in the level of Downing Street setting out new “apartment” up (?), and yes David Cameron also “has a finger in this game”, and “finger” is life you know.

I felt everything of Sanna “falling down”, and is it so that this is what Hans makes her do?

I received the feeling of Niklas Bendtner, who was also out training today after having been forgiven for his sins and returning to the national team.

I received Ronan Keating “Lovin’ Each Day”, which is about the importance of every day’s work to the finish of creation.

I continued working on my script of yesterday until 13.00 where I published the last two days of scripts, and again with the feeling that “this was yet another big win”, which is how I feel everything I make it to publish yet a new script, and no, it is not that easy, but today is somewhat better than most days.

We cannot get over now only on cold sore – if he should fail – can we?

I wrote my email to Allan this afternoon, and is this game about making Allan understand that “I am me” and not a fraud, which he believed and yes maybe the seriousness of my email and quality of my work will make him say “well, maybe Stig is indeed the one”.

This is how we shoot down the ball from the top of the Source, and yes receiving help from Allan to do this via his faith.

And this is what will bring my birthday present, i.e. my new self coming down you see?

Allan 1

Allan 2

Allan 3

Allan 4

Have we developed so much that Kirsten – my father’s wife – is really sorry for what she did to you?

I was given very annoying corroding feelings to my right eye and was shown that this is now your father pulling your dead inner self in, and I understand that this is in connection with Allan reading my email to him.

I read about the Danish part of the “Council on Foreign Relations” (CFR) here, and the following, which was really what I was told when writing about Jens M. yesterday, and no, I will not include writings on CFR on my NWO pages – it is part of the Global Elite together with the Bilderberg and Big Bankers.

CFR has been called “the school for statesmen”. The leaders of the West have almost all been through it. Presidents choose their top-people from the list of members. International top-positions are filled from it. Its magazines, in Denmark it is called Udenrigs (Foreign), are considered the to give the academic outline of the “correct opinion” about “national” foreign policy, which has to be followed, if one wants to make something of oneself, whether it is in politics, media or culture. To go against the agreements is equivalent to the death of one’s career. If one is on the inside, one does as one is told, in return one has the possibility of getting the highest positions in the world. And there is “jobs on the side” for everyone – just look at the chairman of the society”.

Again I was told about Queen Margrethe and Allan knowing each other. And this was a game of hiding, which Allan helped to uncover.

I was told that the national football player Niklas Bendtner shared my pain to get here – and now he is back too on the national team after a difficult year for him.

This email to Allan is equally as important as the paper on Jesus in 1988 in Nairobi and me, which I had first Elijah and then the LTO team to read in 2009 (decisive to receive their faith in me), because this is what is setting me free. This is about turning my inner lifeboat around, so I am no longer Tauron of your sister, but me via you, and I was given the last words with a completely different and now very serious voice.

It is me on the other side at the door outside on the hall.

No, you are not a blood donor yet – feeling that it is because of my inner self, who is not alive yet, but had been placed right to the left of me.

The most wonderful and “impossible” has happened, which is about Allan, who has decided to pay attention to what you say instead of yes, let us say it, speaking about me/myself/I.

I was told about Allan being sent to the library to “follow me” and later that he is sent by the Queen, and yes who knows, and no, I don’t believe in it, but it just may be true.

Can it be that we have never beaten Italy in Football before?

I continued receiving feelings of the national team in football during the afternoon.

Have we brought sheets with us (?) – bring the silver ones, which I do believe is from my new self.

I have continued receiving out of this world pain to my right angle the last few days – feeling that it is my mother being out here to collect my inner self.

This is close to being another egg being released.

I was told that David Cameron and his wife at home have watched me as much as ordinary TV hoping for me to come through.

The turn around of Hans is part of the turn around of my new self.

This is about shooting a war ship, and to press the button on the pen, and I feel that SPEED is once again a factor.

My mother called asking if I remembered what CD’s I have given her over the years (with mixed music, more then 60), which include songs from Saturday Night Fever, which I could not, and it was because she had Käte, Inge and two others for lunch, and they wanted to hear it, and yes, the first time the telephone called, it was impossible to hear her with the volume being maybe 1/10 of normal, and she had to call again before the line was normal, and this is simply my own mother working against me trying to do her best to shut down the telephone lines – by speaking wrongly about me to these friends of her – not bringing in any more life, and just like the speakers the other day.

I was told about how Allan has also made me a fool when speaking to others about me.

I was told about Carl Bildt, he wasn’t part of the Bilderberg group, was he (?), or the Council of Foreign Relations maybe (?), and also that my new website on bankers has also been a help to him and especially the summary, which he has memorised, and it really does not take much knowledge of politicians to look “wise”, and yes when you first have learned your lesson, you can “teach” this all of your life without developing/learning new, and yes welcome to the country of politicians, who seem so “skilled”, but are really the opposite, and who is the best example of this, and yes Lars Løkke or should be call you “stupid Lars” (?), and my monitor is here turning into yellow as a symbol of the end of me really because this is what “no development” is about, which you “do not really like”, Lars (?), and this is why you continue speaking and fighting about small reforms, which have no effect in the big picture, and with this you are fooling the entire population speaking about all of those things, which don’t matter, and yes you are too easy to see through, and that goes with all of your lies when you are on live TV as you were on the DR and TV2 news this evening, and yes about how you have answered all questions from the Tax Commission and have no more comments, and yes a professional liar who lost his conscience on the way (?), but no, not fully, Lars, this is what can be seen from your “nervous eyes” and speech, and yes I feel how you are suffering because you still “cannot” speak out the truth, and you are exactly as stupid as Bjarne Riis and all of these professional racing cyclists who for years said “look at me, do I look like a junkie” and so on, and yes, you do, and I look forward to you and all politicians doing the same as cyclists have done recent years as a symbol of what is coming to you, which is for you – and the media too, Olav at BT (?) – standing forward and saying “eeehhhh we did not speak the truth, we were lying”, and who took the burdens of you, and yes moi, father here.

When watching a clip from the Danish Parliament this evening – talk, talk and talk for the sake of talk, talk and talk and disagreeing (!) – I was told if we can come to my fernissage, and this is what the Parliament is waiting on.

It doesn’t take much for your mother to bring you into the soup for example saying that “Stig has no work” and then to have not more to say instead of speaking the truth of me and my work/mission.

I continued working on my script and website until 18.30.

Do you remember the first tree, my tree, you worked on in Brede Park (?), this is now coming back to me and that is because I decided to do my work at the park meticulously, otherwise we would have dissolved if you had not done your best there.

Yes, because I am made by this sand the furthest out, which someone has to be, and this is me then, and yes everything has to get with us, we know.

We collect you from the balcony, from top and from the hall – from everywhere – as a start because you are the sum of everything and are first alive when everything is connected.

This was also part of the gift from Berlin, which was left behind there, and maybe in the chapel below the stadium as Allan spoke about?

So this is about everything having decided to surrender to you – to become me – which is how you receive your own freedom and responsibility, which you cannot be yourself without me, which is what you had to see.

And it is me in the middle of you – I felt my father – who organise all of this, and I was given a sound to my kitchen and this is about the closing down of this fraud kitchen (of the Old World made by darkness), and what do you do without this (?), and yes you have dissolved your old self becoming us out here (on the balcony) as “nothing” as my new self, but still everything, and this is how you also can do it, and this is the process we have been working on for some time now.

Is it so that your mother would only collect fragments of you, and you say “everything”, and this is the drivers license that we are waiting for when you will say “finish” and stop working.

What will we go shopping for tomorrow (?), and we don’t know, we have no idea what is inside the Source just as you have not.

I was told that the news of me stopping the dark New World Order is spreading among scientists – David Wilcock was given as example – which they appreciate.

You have no idea of how difficult it is to collect this ball of yours, and I was shown it as an orange ball shaking somewhat in front of me.

I was shown a (oval) ring of railway track made of light/gold, and shown the last part of the darkness of it being exchanged with light/gold.

I was told that this Agenda 21 and the dark New World Order was put together because of the life I lived before 2009 when I became clean, this is what my being was also about, to bring the world right to the end of the world.

I received the feeling of the Commune, and why don’t they just stop the cash help because he is clearly working as he say – making it “impossible” to receive cash help according to local rules here – and also because of the World Elite wanting to shut me down, and I am feeling Obama here also helping me out on this one, and no, I have STILL not been “drafted” for my next meeting, and yes GIVE THEM ALL YOU GOT, Obama, and don’t give in, you do a fine job :-).

Do you realise that you have just been seated on the most dirty toilet because of this “threat” that you went through (?), and no, he doesn’t want to send his email to the United Nations and Danish Parliament including the Commune yet, not a chance, so this is my challenge – feeling Obama again – as the closure of the U.S. Government is Obama’s.

How about this, I don’t live in Mallorca anymore?

Are we going to push through the Blue Agenda (?) – dolphin – no, not now, it will come when I am done, which is when all newspapers have been used.

I received much work via notes and short stories, which simply just kept on coming today together with strong sexual torments given to me too, and this was as a result of my email to Allan and his reaction.

Google Earth: An elephant, faces and a beard/panda

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show an elephant, faces and a beard/panda.

FB 081013 Jette 1

FB 081013 Jette 2

FB 081013 Jette 3

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Today was the day when the anonymous letter to the Tax Commission was published, which says that the Liberal Party has actively organised and run the complot against Helle Thorning-Schmidt – using the tax case of her husband to cut her down, thus me too – and the writer of this letter is a secretary at a lawyer’s office having created a legal memo on Helle’s husband’s tax case, which BT has used – they say that they have made it themselves – in big articles at critical times (up to the previous election in 2011)  to bring her down, and the writer says that the memo was ordered by a leading member of the Liberal Party, who sent many papers “supporting” their case (from the Tax Ministry etc.) and she has access to all of these emails showing the active role of the Liberal Party, and to this, I can only say that I am not told anything else spiritually than this is coming forward to help me reveal this case, which could have been the end of me and the whole world, and this is to prove the active role of Lars Løkke Rasmussen as the man on top ordering the “king murder”, which this was about because if Helle was not elected, she would not help me, and it would have been our fall the same way as if Obama had not been elected twice, and I am told that this order was given directly from the top of USA – not Obama, but the dark side – and also that Lars Løkke knows that I am going to bring him down, and furthermore that Lars is born with a “social gene”, which makes him love to speak about himself, so when he is a dinner-parties etc., he likes to speak about himself and also sometimes about me if you feel like it and cannot control yourself and that is because you simply love alcohol, and when you have had too much, you become careless, and yes auucchhh Lars, and how many have you told by now that you do realise that I am coming after you to bring you down, and help you to come in with me and everyone else in the New World, and yes you did not know the meaning of what you did, you were the executioner going to end the world via this action, which could have raised you to the skies of the dark world, but really ended everything, and yes, Lars, what a man, a stupid and lazy man loving to talk, who does not know what he is really talking about, also here, and yes Lars, this is your legacy, and there is nothing you can do to change it, and yes it makes me sad to see you continue playing the “king of Denmark” at the Parliament and on TV instead of just admitting your sins and speak out the truth, and yes just like a racing cyclist finally saying “yes, I did it” after you for many months have said “I have answered all questions, I have no more comment”, and yes as only a guilty man would do. And yes, I do NOT like people to be anonymous, but to show themselves, and no, you cannot use this letter as proof as it is now, and you also suspect that the letter is fraud, and no, I don’t know more than what I say, and I can also only encourage to the write to step forward and to bring out ALL EVIDENCE, which I like to see too – and really for everyone having access to information in this case to do it instead of hiding, which is the worst I know!

BT 081013 1

BT 081013 2

BT 081013 3

  • Lars Løkke was also ”unlucky” today at the Parliament when not regarding 2,000 DKK per month being much more than “a pair of shoes”, which made politicians and media react strongly, and I told Johanne that I live for a net amount of normally approx. DKK 1,200 to cover food, telephone etc.

FB 081013 Johanne

FB 081013 Johanne 1

FB 081013 Henny

  • Wullf said that the Pope was a little disappointed when he finally received contact with God (via the phone with God asking “what’s up”), and I told him and everyone else that the biggest disappointment was really that he did not have the courage to tell the world about this contact (knowing about me) but thinking of himself and the church as part of the dark New World Order together with other leaders of politics, media etc. including our own in Parliament and all leaders of media, and “no comments” was the silent answer once again.

Helt Normalt 081013

  • The Jeff Lynne Song Database – amazing work that this man does (!) –  is finding “secret messages” as I have done too through my journey, and he speaks about Mike Edwards exploding cello, which should have been done during the “Dying Swan”, which however is not true, and yes the Cello did explode, and what is this about (?), and yes “Cello” is a symbol of the case of the Source (see script tomorrow), or the loft of the Source where my inner self is located on top of everything, and we had to get in there via an explosion, but I did not die as the swan symbolizing me too, I survived, and yes this is what this story is really about, and you do remember how Mike Edwards died (?) which was when a giant hay bale smashed into his car, and yes hay is also a simple of the Source, which was out of order here, but still, I survived.

FB 081013 JL Database

  • Just to show you darkness of Pia Kjærsgaard too smoking the pipe of Skæg/Beard – or the liquorice pipe, you know.

FB 081013 Pia K

  • Dan wrote one of his many vulgar comments, which this time was about Mette Blomsterberg – the lady with the fine cakes, and her on “crazy about dance” – and Michael, the previous famous radio host here – said that she is always speaking and thinking “flat” and probably the only one he could never dream about inviting for a civilized dinner party – yes this is what he really said (!) – and this is the kind of negative comments that Leif as example “excel” in, which so many people do and they cannot even themselves of how wrong it is and how negative they are being driven by the Devil self to do what is wrong/easy instead of what is right and good to do to focus on the positive/objetive, and a “folk sickness” is what it is, and no, I NEVER speak like this about people myself, NEVER (!), and I told him how disappointed I am with him and how he should learn from her and search for her many qualities, and I told Dan that he is cheap, vulgar and negative, which made him Dan is sad because he never does anything wrong – it is only the others (!) – and no it is the whole culture, which is dark, focusing wrongly on sex and spoiled making it impossible for them to see that I am helping them and not being negative, so now this is what I am, a negative man in the mind of Dan and the others, and eeehhhh did you read and understand what I told Michael (?), and did you agree (?), but no, you “could not” say because you did not think about being positive only negative, see?
  • And these were the kind of misunderstandings making it “impossible” for people to believe in who I am, because everyone can see that I am negative and probably also aggressive and even dangerous, right (?), and NO, this is what you THOUGHT you were seeing without understand the truth being the opposite! During the evening I was watching a fine Agenda 21 documentary, but I kept on receiving thoughts about Dan and my comment, which was NOT what I wanted to do – I had “come over it” but Dan had not, so this was he pressuring on sending this to me, and yes even more darkness, my friend, and was my comments before your long Facebook break the reason why you decided to take a break, and now you have been back for a couple of months, and suddenly you see a familiar face again, mine. And yes, I told Dan that I am not negative and wished him, Michael and everyone here all the best, but what did he end up doing, and yes he BLOCKED me, which he really should have done 1-2 years ago if I had done this before, which I was close to doing MANY times, and no, Dan is the very selfish man believing everything of himself and nothing/little of many others, and when he receives his own medicine of one speaking the truth with the same or even more strength that him, he cannot take it and run away like a little mouse back home to his mother wanting to complain about me, but no, Dan, there is no one to complain to because we are all the New World and there is no mother of our Old World remaining, and you also helped by bringing the last dark energy to me, and yes what a WIMP and better-knowing ignorant, and Dan is among the worst too. And yes, I had even written as I did for Dan to understand that I am not negative, and that is because he praise himself of his home being “tall to the ceiling” as we say here, which is that he will accept people to disagree with him as long as they are not negative, but eeehhhh you could not keep your promise in relation to me (?), and yes a weak man living on other people’s shoulder claps, who cannot get enough of this because he is “very popular” and “very funny”, and yes this is his image, and I am not the one who is going to spoil that making you look bad, Dan? And when Dan complains about me and my ”song” for him and says ”… I would start delivering a memory cake and go out to get more beer”, he is inspired because lately my mother has served me two “memory cakes” as they are called in Danish, and this will have to be about remembering who I am, Dan, which is coming to you, and the beer is of course God, you know.

FB 081013 Dan

FB 081013 Dan 2

FB 081013 Dan 3

FB 081013 Dan 4

  • A couple of hours later than writing in my script of “my vernissage” as the Parliament is waiting for – the opening of my new self and our New World – Lecia sent this invitation for a vernissage with two painters, and this is to say that Lecia is one of my ambassadors having faith in me – as a Facebook friend – which you are sharing with people of the Danish music milieu (?), which she is part of as a professional singer.



9th October: Opening the light of everything of my inner self at the Source with diamonds of creation reaching all the way up

Dreaming of Ole S. taking pictures, finding the finest life inside darkness, and my old friend Helle W. from South Africa

I went to bed at 23.30 and slept poorly until 06.00 when I started receiving information to write down and eventually I stood up at 06.40 – having received these dreams.

  • Ole S. (from Danske Bank, Freeport) is taking pictures with a special camera at the library, but he doesn’t want to speak to me.
    • Another old colleague still in Danske Bank taking pictures, which really means to “bring alive life”, but also doesn’t want to speak to me.
  • I am at Vapnagård in Helsingør. There is a building mess, and I come to a restaurant there receiving fine dinner and the finest Burgundy wines with one called “private label”, and I notice that it is separated in two dinner rooms with the second and most inner being for only four.
    • Vagnagård is darkness and inside of here, we still find the finest life (of food) and “everything” of wine.
  • TV2 News are in South Africa and they tell me that they know Helle W. (old friend and almost girlfriend of mine from the beginning of the 1990’s, we saw “Englegård” together as example), which makes me very happy to hear, this is how I feel, and no, it is not because I am interested in her as sweethearts as the TV believes, and I receive a pillow and am told that it is looked forward to meeting me.
    • I met Helle at Café Victor together with my poor, old “party” friend, Bent, whom I was with for a few months and after he had both seduced Liselotte and also Helle from me (who really “loved” me both), we broke our friendship, he was not to be trusted, and yes it made me VERY SAD too as you may understand because I liked these women much – one after the other, Helle first – and I had long writings with Helle when she returned to South Africa, and as I am told here, she was meant for me to meet too, and no, I have no idea where she is now, she may still be down there, but it seems as if the media knows, and yes Wagner is her sir name.

Opening the light of everything of my inner self at the top of the Source with diamonds of creation reaching all the way up

Half awake I was told and shown that what you are filming is the hard attack on the spaceship (of everything) and me together with a woman, and we are inside a long hall facing the enemy and the woman does not take my orders, and we will attack either to the left or the right as we use to do, but now we go to the left, but not the first hallway as she wants, but the hallway behind it.

The spaceship of everything inside there is a blue watch, otherwise everything has been emptied. Helsingborg is almost exploding to reveal its light.

Something about an Arabic attack, trams, and the Arabs feeling that they are stabbed in the back by the world.

Marion Dampier-Jeans has also brought a giant ship home even though she has looked in the wrong book (after blocking me on Facebook too is it 1-1½ years ago now?).

This is everything, don’t destroy all of it. This is the ring and I see it coming up from a temporary hole in the Culture Harbour in Helsingør, and I see it flying around and repairing elements of darkness here and there.

I was told that Dan Rachlin and Michael Juul Sørensen helped bringing me energy (of darkness) to open here to my secret testicles as I am told.

All planets etc. are the result of the energy of the diamond inside here, and I see many unopened boxes here as part of the top of the Source, and use some of this to improve reproduction.

This is a giant ship as I am shown, which has been flooded and first turned around now, and I see it at dock at the Cultural Harbour.

This is the apple we have been biting, and I see a helicopter flying above us, which is about this apple that has lifted everything up to where we are.

This area (of this ring/diamond/case) is dumb unless we decide what to use it for. This is what we have used to create everything with – I see all buildings of the Cultural Harbour – and now have a chance to improve.

It is like cutting over a peach into the stone in the middle, which had made everything. This cannot be open for a long time.

This is in reality about playing the piano with maximum volume.

It corresponds to se me dancing right next to the Central Station of Copenhagen. Busses keep coming up that hole too, and they just keep on coming.

We have not really built the bridge over there yet.

I was shown a department store with my ring being spun around, and I was told that part of the last darkness is Muslims, who have seen me coming.

At 9.00 I had finished writing the draft of the script of yesterday, and I decided to take a long bath in the tub for the first time in months because I truly needed a break from work, work and work, which has accumulated more and more disgust when not taking breaks.

What about Syria (?) – let them wait for me. Do they have a secret for you too?

And what happened in the bathtub again (?), and yes I was attacked with voices/information to write down, which I of course could have ignored, but no, they were too important, so I had to bite the sour apple as we also say here doing this work of Hell again, which could have destroyed me if I did not change attitude during the bath to accept writing this down instead of becoming negative and insisting to do nothing/relax, and if this was “fun” (?), no, it was a big pain/hell!

I was shown people inside the field of the Olympic Stadium of Berlin, and a giant hole opening at the side of the stadium from inside, and I was told that this is where we have hidden our big storage if we one day had one to enter there, and it will only work today and then you decide to go to the bathtub (!) – to relax where I need to work to get the most out of this.

This is from where new eggs come out from as an incubator as I am shown.

It is because you don’t know its nature, because when you enter, it closes automatically.

I felt Whitney Houston (first I was told that it was my desire to have long bats in my bathtub, which killed Whitney in the hotel bathtub), and I was told that she and “Bille”, which is Torben Bille (who also died recently, I was here shown a beetle, which is what his sir name in Danish means), and everyone are in there, and this is from here that we receive …., yes one star, please (where everything is connected to).

I was shown a GIANT elephant inside Camilla’s parents house, which used to be a giant snake.

This is what the Eiffel Tower is about, and I was told and shown that it is gilded with diamonds all the way up, and this is why it was built – this is creation of diamonds reaching the top of the Source, and here are DIAMONDS in another meaning that what Marilyn sings about in one of her finest moments on film, and yes a true STAR she was :-).

I was shown a unique purse around my waist, which is divided in two, which is about the Source being divided by father and son.

We will spill wine here if you don’t work as I was shown, which made me decide to change attitude not relaxing in the tub, which I otherwise truly needed after POOR sleep making me incredible tired.

Something about threatening to win over you, which was also the reaction of the Verona conference.

I received UB40’s “here I am baby”, which is because I have found my inner self, and not as unemployed, and yes I miss Ali Campbell as your front singer, my friends.

It is forbidden to stand on the grass here, and it is only when you are everything that you are allowed coming here.

This is the opposite of the match man, it is me having the force to making everything big.

Queen Elisabeth has fought you until the very end.

While in my tub, my dentist called to reserve a time for a check, and I had received her card some months ago asking me to reserve a time but lack of money made me decide to skip this, but now that she decided to call, I thought that a check may not cost that much because I don’t believe that anything needs to be done to my teeth now, so when she invited me for the 22nd October at 9.00, I told her with my voice “if you have everything ready, I will be there”, and I understood that this is really my deadline to finish my work and send that email you know before this, and yes it sounds realistic.

This is called the train/stamp completely pressured to the very end of the tunnel of end of the coffee maker.

I was shown a small thimble of concentrated darkness being poured out over Helena, and I see how a great number of small hairpins in all kind of colours are released from her, and I was told that this was her true task.

I was shown a bird having its beak deep down in the nest – to my inner self at this force – and I was shown how light as a big spinning whirl spreads out from all over the middle, and I felt myself as the very middle of this.

I was shown an elephant (God) laughing at a crocodile (darkness) saying that we can now create completely different (without the use of darkness), and I was shown ducklings entering turned upside down walking on the ceiling, which is what the train (journey from darkness to light) was for, which was to turn this around, and what if we can change everything and to receive it on the floor, and yes fino!

You have no idea of the resistance to you because of your goal to end all public business including banks and taxes, and this is what the complot against Helle Thorning-Schmidt was really about in order to hit me, and Lars Løkke knows about it, and this comes directly from the top.

This is the black horse carriage in the forest, and I am shown many yellow birds flying out of it as new creations, and it made me think that it is truly a good idea to keep this carriage/diamond/ring/case open always if we can, and no I see no reason to close this, which is the force of everything so the message is to keep it open if it can be done without negative effects.

I was shown a balloon absorbing a cross, which is to absorb our previous creation to become “nothing” as condition to come here.

We don’t have all of the Arabic world with us.

I was shown myself inside a slim and the most streamlined and best designed airplane.

I was shown a hole in the floor leading up to the floor above, where Yoda sits – symbolising me as the Son at the very top of the Source with my father below – and I am shown a string of pearls coming through this hole up to me, and these pearls symbolise Karen, and they do because I bought her pearl ear rings almost 10 years ago, and wrote about her as a “pearl” in a letter of mine back then.

It was when the German national team in football played at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin that we brought it there (the force), and I was given thoughts that Morten Olsen is part of this too bringing it to the Danish national team as we saw in the 1980’s, where the Danish team played “magical” football, and yes, Morten, they did because of you, and I here feel Ole Quist, who was my favourite goal keeper on the team then, and his sir name means “twig”, which is to say that Morten is part of the tree of God, so there you have it Morten.

I decided to leave the bath already after one hour, I did not want to stay there when I could not relax, and I thought that it will be impossible to come through the day without this “nap” there as I had looked forward to, but let us give it a go!

Thus, I was incredible tired and also sneezing harder again, which can only be because of Allan’s, Dan’s and maybe Michael’s reactions from yesterday sending an enormous amount of darkness to me.

It is good that you do this, because there is only one way out and that is via work.

Sometimes I feel or am told about Thomas’ – Ole’s youngest son, who left me on Facebook a couple of years ago – and here I am given an out of the world pain to my right ankle because of him and his sufferings because of me, and I am also feeling Lars Løkke because of the same, which is thinking and suffering because of me, and yes your “poor man”!

Yes, no one has called you – meaning no one has helped you from outside, this is still an “inside job”, which is also to say that when you simply continue and end your work, you don’t need help from anyone because you are everything yourself, and yes part of the game (that you needed it).

When I decided to cycle to the library to work I was told “still highest gear”, and no, I really could not go there because of tiredness, but still I did.

I have received the name of the band “Carpark North” for days, which is about coming to the top of darkness and sufferings where my inner self is “parked”.

Is it possible to imagine that Ian Baker was ordered as the State Murder on you (?), and this is about how he fired me at GE Insurance in 2002, and you may have discovered my friends out there that it was WRONG to let me and not Morten, who was truly darkness, go.

At the library, I met Leif and we spoke of the strong wind, and last week “the wind stood at the wrong corner” as he said blocking the Queen Mary II to anchor at Helsingør, and this is about my inner self standing at this wrong corner, who could not get out because of the Queen then.

No, we don’t need a transport vehicle from here, and yes this is what the taxi was about. No, we don’t have to argue or anything because my mother is not keeping you tied, she is no more as she used to be, so we are free to go, and yes I just have a little more work to do first.

And this is what “the Danish water for a Danish man” – from Shu-bi-dua – is about.

What colour do we have (?) – is what I/we are asked – and we got all, I believe.

Have we been to Old England Town (?), yes we have now.

Isn’t this where we should be completely broken down? Yes, but we found another way here, and yes he, Stig, would not give up, so we gave him a little of your energy without anyone discovering it.

Inside here we can take out what we want from the cupboards.

So you want to bring “my little school” up to “a much bigger picture”, and if I think that I can do it, and yes it also depends on Jette, and if she bothers doing her work, and yes you have noticed how she has been relaxing the last couple of days not making it easier for me to come through, but of course this is not what you intend to do, Jette, but this is how it works because your work helps to push me in here.

I was told that Bettina has been following you all along.

No, the idea is that we don’t need a tractor to bring you down from the top there – how am I otherwise to come down?

This is about how you are not well in the eyes of people including Janne.

Because this is the big car with stolen gold and glimmer – and this is a typical American car owned by black people that I see coming in from right, which seems to be stolen life because of lack of faith in me from key people etc.

They don’t have any slaves at all in Nepal, which makes them proud (I feel that this is about “traditional munks” not only in Nepal), which is because none of them are truly in contact with me, which is how it is when you hide away from normal life, and yes this is “extremity” too, which I do not like.

It also includes people saying that “Stig is not crazy, but I really don’t know if he speaks the truth”.

This is what was inside this supermarket, all of the things forgotten on the way during out journey, and yes more life.

How many are there only having written about you as a spastic?

Berlin is about everything, which was left after everything was bombed symbolizing the end of the world too.

This is him – my inner self – that we were willing to go through third degree burnings to get out, and it was impossible to get my inner self our from Queen Margrethe, so it required one knowing her and united us via him and his (Allan’s) understanding of me coming here at the end.

So you have been spread out from Århus too – by Helena.

Your mother’s feelings that it is impossible to get anything (her wrong ideas, which she believes to be true) through you – because I am “stubborn” – and is it so that we have now turned around everything and will never again experience this darkness (?), well this was the ceiling.

I received the feeling of Jens Otto Krag – a late and very popular Prime Minister of Denmark – and this time I will let you come through to my scripts, and yes he has been with me many times, but not important enough to write about, and I was told that his story is also not insignificant.

Leif asked me about Allan, who was not here, and when I told him that he was going to Berlin, Leif suggest that we should buy two Berliners (Berliner Pfankuchen’s – “donots) for him, which of course was a symbol of father and son, and that is because “I am a Berliner” you know, and yes I have ALWAYS loved these “donots”, and this may bring additional meaning to the quote of John F. Kennedy?

This is simply so violent that you don’t want to listen to it – “I have no opinion on this”!

We just remember that you never accepted your old nightmare and doesn’t this mean that there is no terminated life in here, which only comes here when life is burned/destructed, yes I believe this is how it is.

Is this to say that you have finally reached home, and you are very heartfelt welcome.

Can we get a veterinarian in there (Karen) (?), no we could not, so Stig is coming and saying that I am him, which is her and her (Karen and Sanna), and he says that everyone/everything is with him, and this is here we will put everything inside of him as the empty shell that he is – and I keep feeling Obama, who is following what I do.

So this is what we do completely without sexuality, and that is to change you into 1/3 and back and forwards – and yes many details – to end up with YOU as ONE whole of everything.

So this is what we mean by everything, which is up here – and the question is if there is anything at all (?), and your mother has started setting up the dinner table you say (?) with the feeling that I will come down then – but still more work first.

I received the feeling of Henriette and was told that it is soon time for apologies too from her, and I saw a string of hers, which all were wrapped into each other.

I did a check up on my notes of things to add/improve on my website, and sorted it into subjects to get an overview, and so far there is 21 pages of mainly pictures/Facebook links, I will have to check up on, and yes I still have much to do, but let us say that it is much less than before and now only many details here and there because the main work is finished and yes except from some major changes, I believe, to my Doomsday Page, we will see.

I decided to work until 17.00 today being satisfied with what I did under the circumstances hoping that I can do even more tomorrow.

So this is about bringing all stars to you without exception as you wish.

This is as much as a rock opera disappearing because there will be no end of any life, and I felt Queen’s epic Bohemians Rhapsody, which I have received before at crucial times of my journey, and this is of course about the lyrics “Scaramouch, scaramouch will you do the fandango, Thunderbolt and lightning – very very frightening me, Gallileo, Gallileo,Gallileo, Gallileo, Gallileo Figaro – magnifico” with the Gallileo being the ship of creation self, and also “Bismillah! No – we will not let you go – let him go” and more, and yes we ended up letting let you and everyone go, Freddie & Co., we saved you all from the big “Scaramouch” 🙂 – and yes, this song is still THE GREATEST ROCK SONG EVER MADE if you ask me (even though there are songs I like even more).

We can now see England in sight as the end goal.

It is like standing on the skin side of the salmon and I see how the other side with all the meat is on the other side, where we are not yet.

All of the sky will change because when we no longer are material – but really “nothing” (!) – we don’t need space as it is.

I was shown a long line of people at a coffee machine bringing me coffee, which is about love they will always bring me because of what I have done not giving up but creating what we did during my journey.

At around 19.30 I was COMPLETELY DESTROYED by tiredness again of the kind that “you really cannot understand how deep this is”.

It is an incredible nerve of you to be here, you have been driving without a drivers license (= not living) to get here.

Are we creating a memorial grant for you (?), which is about creating my old self as an museum item for our New World to see, and yes fine by me if this will have interest for people.

I received lung pain, and was told that your lung disease (2010/11) – which I wrote about in my scripts – was ten times worst than everything, which we have not told you about at all, and we were really dead but decided to keep on because you decided to keep on working without stopping.

And would it have meant – if I had stopped early – that we would have returned to previous layers of life concluding that we could not create this life?

This is when we had to be tough on your mother because of her lack of faith giving her the aggressive cancer, do you remember (?), and yes I do because everytime she received chemotherapy, I was directly dying and suffering incredible from this poison killing everything, and isn’t it funny that hemp oil cures cancer, but not according to the Treatment of Cancer association of Denmark as you can see here, and yes just a proof of this being a fraud association not meant to cure but to spread cancer, amazing right (?), and yes “all people” believe that they do their best to fight cancer, and it makes me sick to think of your dirty tricks!

And this is the part of you and your mother the furthest away from you, which we have now reached, and I felt these parts of us and how they are now coming up without having read a word of me, this is how the system is here.

I was told about when my sister and I bought cappuccinos at Baresso Coffee at Strøget in Copenhagen, where I spoke to the assistant there, and your sister did not know that spoke normal to people (!), which is whey we brought you together there for her to see, and yes not a sign on Stig bring crazy, which was also to open to you.

You don’t come out here without feeling as poorly as the life we cut away with your lung sickness and your mother’s cancer, and this is the part of us that we would terminated if you could not come here, and of course the most important part.

And these are the parts now kindly asking if they may enter, and of course you can, no problemos :-).

I received a smile and was told that this would happen unless we would be able to bring this in later, and have we now returned to the game of my journey only being a game to learn from (?), and isn’t this what it seems like (?), and yes I am only writing what comes to me.

What does it mean that we have kept this place until big brother of you would come asking me to move (?), which would still make us enter.

Can we come in now then (?), and yes you are welcome, however I have not finished my work yet.

I continued receiving thoughts from Dan this evening, who apparently still thinks of me, and yes he is very sensible and easy to shake this weak man, and no, I did not tell you of just how sad that I became when he left me because he is truly a smiling, funny and gifted man, whom I like much – as long as he is not vulgar and a better-knowing ignorant doing what he hates others doing to him!

Well, we are not out here also together with the Jehovah Witnesses, are we (?), and yes we are because they did not want to know of me – when I wrote them an email and also had a visit by some of their missionaries – because it would end their business empire.

You have not become standard reading there and many other (similar) places because they want to be admitted by me (?), and it is also with the opening of religious institutions to you that we are opening this place here.

And this is from there that the match man is coming from because I am the smallest unit of all, and this is what you had to be to bring me out, and now that you are here, it means that we can start up the New World optimal.

During the day and evening – always – I still receive constant pressure/pain/discomfort, and this is the reward that I am now receiving to go through all of this.

I thought that the information before about Big Brother taking over and still saving the rest in there may be another game given to me to make me give up now, which would be EASY to do because of incredible tiredness, but no, I will NOT stop working before I am ready and satisfied with my work.

It is not the completely big story about Svend from Dahlberg, who received the Queen’s medal or watch back in 2008 when I was there (influencing this), and this was to seal up the connection to the Queen.

I received a noise to my kitchen and was told that this is to where that I am returning from the balcony in order to become my self via my old self.

I was told that my mother still receives the greatest pain everytime having me visiting her knowing about my writings, and yes she sees that I write down notes on my mobile telephone when we watch TV.

So it will first be at the very end that we will take a picture of you including everything.

We are now setting up the most beautiful circus tent, and I see firemen crawling down and taking their helmets off from the inner and middle pole keeping the tent up after they have set it up, and this is of course about the impact of Falck helping creation through their opposition to me and some faith too?

This is my partner at horse coming there, and this is said from the balcony about me as physical Stig.

I was told that the dream about Jens M. also meant that I am not welcome here at the very top, but we have to get in, this is how it still is.

It would require my acceptance to die if I should not bring everything with me.

It is me then bringing the white duvet above you, and it is my writings on the Agenda 21 and not least Allan bringing this, and nervousness of your mother.

I was shown the sea and shore, and how a very little opening is bring in a drop of water – as if it is a drop of gold – into a tiny hole, which is the last part of me, and this is what makes me become big.

It is also me bringing you incredible impatience throughout your journey where you did the only right thing, which was to take your time doing your best under the circumstances.

Google Earth: The fish is biting, and two sides of a dice connected to a dolphin

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show fish is biting, my family as one, two sides of a dice connected to a dolphin, and Obama is helping to remove darkness.

FB 091013 Jette 1

FB 091013 Jette 2

FB 091013 Jette 3

FB 091013 Jette 4

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • When Mogens brought the video by ToTo, I thought that this is good, but I know a much better clips, and I told him to listen to Prince playing the guitar after 3:28 better than anyone, which is simply UNIQUE, and when I wrote it, I understood/felt that this is about CREATION, and this is also to say that your old music teacher was helping to lift you up via faith in you (?), and yes Stig is completely normal as you can see here, right?

FB 091013 Mogens og Prince

  • The Chrisitian Daily News said that the explanation on seeing the face of Jesus in the sky, on the moon or a pizza is because of a phenomenon as science call”Pareidolia”, and yes they are so lazy at this newspaper that they “cannot” check stories and find the true answer themselves, which is also why I am still BLOCKED to comment on their Facebook posts (!), and if you had only decided to read and understand my Signs I page (and the others) including the picture of Jesus and my mother many places, you would not have been in doubt about this being the real thing. I asked Jette to bring my comment, which she was kind doing, and I told them that I was surprised to see that they were as careless as they were to bring this news without doing research, which would have shown them about the truth of these pictures and me too, and when will you lift your ban of me (?), and yes I just wonder, you know (which is also about them knowing about me and this).

FB 081013 Kristelig

FB 091013 Kristelig via Jette

  • Bella from Nairobi became friends with me after seeing my comment to Daily Nation the other day, and maybe she hoped that I could afford buying property through her, but no, I cannot.

FB 081013 Bella 1

FB 081013 Bella 2

  • Pia was inspired when painting a beautiful painting of a little, new elephant to be sold on auction to bring money for children at the Hans Christian Andersen hospital, and it made me happy to see her heart for weak children and also her beautiful painting – I wish you would have this to the entire world and ALL people, Pia – and it was like a small adventure as I wrote to her, and yes the elephant is a symbol of God/me.

FB 091013 Pia



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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One Response to October 9, 2013: Opening the light of my inner self at the top of the Source with diamonds of creation reaching all the way up

  1. Jette Uhlott says:

    små – eventyr og store eventyr – alt har bund i en virkelighed – der måske viser sig, at være selve eventyret.. ❤

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