October 13, 2013: Creating new selves of Father and Son now including all life as part of and not connected to us


Summary of the script today 

12th October: Receiving the dark locomotive of father and Son after completing my train journey bringing all life to the Source

  • Dreaming of Jens Stoltenberg suffering because of me, poisonous food of McDonalds turned into love, Jack sending me darkness, not having given in to darkness at any moment, still fighting darkness much stronger than I afraid of not being able to finish work and I will become happy when I will experience our New World for the first time.
  • Karen brought life, and my task was to decide which life to terminate, what light of my mother to put out – because I could not take the sufferings given to me – but no, I WILL NEVER DO THAT meaning that no life was lost. I felt the white ball of the Source of everything floating right in front of me and how it is absorbing me. We are headed towards Trafalgar Square in London to reset time. Your mother will feel like she is floating above the see – almost being like us as the Source – because of the impact of Buddha, and because the hole to the Source – drilled by my mother – is done “perfectly” also meaning that the world doesn’t need any piano lessons from the Source because we have reached an incredible close contact. This is a completely new kind of airplane (life), which we have never seen before only made available to you because of you and the love of your mother.
  • I met my father a few days on holiday in St. Tropez – together with his wife Kirsten and my cohabite Camilla – in 1999, which meant that we could make St. Tropez our head central, and without this would not be able to mark life without having to yell about wasted life, and this is from where we are now collecting the most important of all, which is the locomotive of my father and I driving through darkness to reach home at the Source. And I received flowers/love of my mother to the world via the “crazy about dance” TV-program.
  • Short stories of Margrethe Vestager being brainwashed to believe that the world economy is going alright or simply a fine actor with a poor taste in her mouth, and Helena has lived a hell of a life.

13th October: Creating new selves of Father and Son now including all life as part of and not connected to us at the Source

  • Dreaming of clearly working inside the worst darkness about to become love, and working comfortably (and wrongly) as a top manager without truly working.
  • The tree (life) of the kitchen of the Old World is now being taking down, and I am given the game if this will mean to terminate life, which I did not enter. I felt Mexican Pyramids – every single pyramid is in play. I am on my way to release my inner self from the darkness of the Old World, which was tied up to me completely emptying/killing me, which normally can only be done when there are no more people. There is now only a very thin and completely see-through curtain around my bed, the King’s bed, which is to say that I am this close to home. We are now reaching sexual climax of my father, which is what will start up everything. I am the only one not originating from Earth but from the Source self as the hybrid being of the spirits of my mother and father (the world and the Source). My old self will be created as a “museum item” for our New World to watch, and I was shown myself from outside as this museum item with gawping people watching me and the (impossible) work that I do.
  • My father and I were exchanged with new parts of ourselves at the very last second because of what we found even deeper inside of the Source, where we decided that life will be part of ourselves as the natural force of the Source and not created around us with the Source working as a “reflector” to mirror all creation. So instead of lifting everything up and outside of us – connected to us – we found a way to have all life inside of the water container of the force of the Source self, and if this makes a difference (?), yes dramatic! No, we could not know if this Shrine of Bethlehem could include everything, but it can, and this means that it is not only us two (father and son) but everyone who have now been converted to new life part of the Source self, and I was shown an incredible beautiful perfume flacon including the finest blue perfume of me as everything, which is. And from here, we will continue the never ending story going deeper into the light of the Source.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a red thread, the window and many faces.
  • Short stories of the people being with Allan Simonsen and I, and disgusting behavior of Lars Løkke and also rich Russians.


12th October: Receiving the dark locomotive of father and Son after completing my train journey bringing all life to the Source

Dreaming of still fighting darkness much stronger than I and I will become happy when I will experience our New World

I went to bed at 23.55 and slept until 08.00 receiving these dreams.

  • I am with Lisbeth visiting my old class together with one of her daughters called “coolie”. I am setting up a link, I feel that I am Jens Stoltenberg playing “if you leave me now” on guitar out on the speakers for everyone to hear, and then I enter a swimming hall standing under water. Margrethe Vestager answers a question put forward for an employee in the radio, but the answer is wrong.
    • It seems that the previous Prime Minister of Norway is suffering because of me and fear that I will leave you because of what you did to me (?), and my answer is NEVER (!), but you may like to lift your ban of me on Facebook? And Margrethe is a marionette controlled by the dark world.

  • Working for McDonalds in Denmark and a police action against them, where it is decided to destruct a big portion of food, which is “made up”, and immediately this is made into daffodils. I live with Jack in a room on Amager, and daily receive sausage tasting like crème fraiche. I am going to paint the apartment. He has spoken to my parents while I was sleeping, and it has to do with a red crane at the harbour where I received a customer order, but the goods have not arrived yet, and I ask them to look into this. Something about temporary work and I have not signed a pool pension with PFA Pension via my work. My Porsche pick-up without light drives out followed by hard criminals until a plane falls down. A man steals the car, there are two groups and I remove their knives, and I attack their female leader, who does not expect to be attacked, using two trays.
    • Poisoned food at McDonalds turning into flowers of love. Jack is still sending me darkness and spoke to my family behind my back “ordering” darkness to come, which it never did, which is why I am not signed up with PFA Pension being darkness self. I continue fighting darkness attacking me with much more power than I have, this is how life is every day here where I only come through being on my edge.
  • Something about a Falck test for the final exam where I cannot answer a question about trams, and four beautiful ladies being patients. I am with my mother and we have passed the mainframe building a long time ago, and I crawl up a half finished building, but I cannot hold on with my hands and am afraid of falling down.
    • I am continuing work with the greatest difficulties, but have not fallen down, i.e. stopping.
  • Thomas Rode is a chef both at a gourmet restaurant and at different café’s and nightclubs in town, and I meet him at the kitchen of a nightclub asking him if he can make everything, and he confirms that he can and that his main focus is still on the gourmet restaurant Kong Hans, and I see him make buns, and to my surprise his only 2 years old child is the “chief chef” having an incredible intellect shouting out orders, and I am told that when I for the first time will have dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant being together with my girlfriend and parents, it will be the greatest moment of my life.
    • The Michelin starred restaurant is about the moment when I will experience our New World for the first time being together with people I love the most.

Receiving the dark locomotive of father and Son after completing my train journey bring all life to the Source

If you had not taken your racing cycle to Århus (Helena), it is not certain that you would become Jesus at all, because it is not small loans of your mother that has been taken because of this.

And this is even though she gives asthma and is chief of the police association because what she is born with will benefit you and everyone.

How many times have we changed address because of those two (?) – feel my mother and John.

Your mother will feel like she is floating above the see – almost being like us as the Source – because of the impact of Buddha.

It is that square there – feel Trafalgar Square in London – which is our head goal.

I was given the thought of Kim S. and was shown myself inside the top room at the corner, and now this room has been painted and the carpet laid, everything is in order here too – because I have finished my work, I will only do not that important updates now.

No, we are not unemployed, we will not end the game with this, and can it be that Johannes the mayor has decided to officially declare me “ready for work”?

No, USA cannot stop time, this has to be done in London.

What time is it (?), yes this is included in the clothes of all life everywhere, which we will just get out of people, and yes you say that we have a new time ready too? And this is what the Beatles – all four of them – were supposed to do had they been alive.

Is the hole to the Source – drilled by your mother – done “perfectly” (?), and yes this is what you asked us to do, and this will follow us for always, so important to do your best work it is.

Don’t put that letter from you.

This also means that your mother – the world – doesn’t need to get any piano lessons because we have reached an incredible close contact.

Do you know how much darkness those Muslims will send you because of your previous script (?), but eeehhhh they know, which is that you have not shown to them because of their wrongdoings using the wrong gospel, funny right (?), and yes they decided to keep cheating the (Muslims of the) world even know they know the truth about me and my new gospel.

I continued working until 13.00 on the script of yesterday where I also published the last two days of scripts, and I am so completely exhausted that I am having the greatest trouble to continue working even though I know that I only have to continue approx. one week and then I am done, and it will really be the question if I can keep the steam of the train up, or if I have to slow down, we will see.

“Welcome to a whole New World life” – words inside of me waiting for me to present the New World on the big day.

Is it so that your mother has gone to the end of time without knowing it, and this will be the next we will implant to get a New World?

I was told about those bearing guns – at war – who are looking so much forward to a world in peace, and yes people inside the system of armed forces, who cannot take all of the war and violence they create.

We found feelings, which we did not know that you (we) had.

Have we (you) been born to do this since you were little (?), which is about finishing this work to my website, which I have started doing going through my list with many details updating this and that here and there.

So it was only a matter of how much clothes you would be able to wash (life to save).

Well, it is impossible to get my spaceship (of everything) through here, but we will make a go tomorrow (?), and I receive this with a smiling voice and also “below the surface, we know”, which is about my mother and John, and yes you have to be completely deaf and blind not to understand that “Stig is on to something”, right?

And this means that you are not “black/dark” in their eyes, but simply wants to improve this world, and who will resist you doing this (?), and no, John will not, which is also part of this opening.

This is a completely new kind of airplane (life), which we have never seen before, and yes only made available to you because of you and the love of your mother.

Isn’t it good that Jesus found of all (?), which is what everyone will feel in the future.

It is a little sad way that you had to leave, and I feel my mother and also that I will avoid this, and yes to leave the game too soon and in disgrace.

How many Congressional Hearings do you think there has been on you, which drew out – where you could not keep your time, my friends because you love to TALK, TALK and TALK, which you simply cannot get enough of (?), and what about starting to do some work?

Have we polished the new bicycle (?), yes there is also room for everyone here, and you are going to believe that this is/we are completely mad, but we are not really here, Stig, but what is here, which is not here, is INCREDIBLE, it is gold in another dimension and degree, which we have never seen the like of before.

We are waiting on you at this secret place, where your mother has brought us.

And in here, the bags (of creation) is not heavy at all to bear, which I understood that it/they have been until now, which is because we have found a new incredible lifeform/force in here.

This is because Karen doesn’t know that you are coming, and when this is the case, there is simply open here to an area, where we have never been before.

You cannot drag this out of Cyprus or Fuggi as I feel here, but this is what we did.

I did small changes to my website, and stopped at closing time 16.00 at the library, and no, I could no more today, which was one of the tough days.

I was shown a street gate and “all of this” coming out of a bottle of Coca Cola.

I watched a rerun of the second round of Mentor yesterday, and noticed how Thomas Blachman was told to go out and “smash the world”, which then came out of his mouth, and yes this was only one example of him speaking with the voice of darkness because you could not follow me, Thomas.

I was told that Kennedy and his wife spoke much about me.

Around 17.00 it was as if Peter Gabriel’s tour had been in Helsingør hitting me hard with his sledgehammer because I was completely knocked out by darkness/exhaustion – COMPLETELY (!) – and after one hour, I felt “better” and could complete the evening just being completely without energy, which in itself makes me suffer much, and I am still kept on my extreme edge of breaking down receiving negativity at the same time as light and positive voices are almost breaking through, I feel both.

I felt Olav from BT “floating” over me, and I was shown him in connection with an early picture of ABBA inside a car, which was in London (?), and this was a picture on one of their early singles, but which one (?), and yes I found it later, it is from their third album simply named “ABBA”, and is this because “Mamma Mia” is your reaction, Olav, not really knowing what to do these days when all of your house of cards is falling down on you, and yes I was also “cheated” by you and your dark newspaper BT.

I felt the white ball of the Source of everything floating right in front of me and how it is absorbing me.

I felt my mother on the way towards me in the middle (now turned around seeing me as the Source) asking for permission to become Queen, which is to create everything that we bring.

We can do this because Karen was not alarmed about you from your mother.

I received a stamp from India on my dot/third eye on my forehead, and I was thinking about the cyclone there going ashore hoping that it will not cause too much destruction.

My task was to decide which life to terminate, what light of my mother to put out, but no, I WILL NEVER DO THAT, Meat!

It was the most important task of Karen to deliver life, and for me to decide not to destroy it.

I was told about a secret office of Jack’s, and wasn’t it his task to record/surveil me too?

I was told that when I was out looking for a girlfriend in 2008 – which was WRONG of me because I had to be pure, which I did not understand at the moment believing that it was my right to feel love too – it drained energy from my mother to keep me clean, and also in this connection the result today is remarkable.

I felt Prince Joachim, and later Grace Kelly and how she is part of the golden light coming to me.

I received the feeling of Buddhists, and was told that Erik Meyer Carlsen & Co. have not forgotten about me.

I received the feeling of Søren Pjedsted – the old hairdresser/owner of the Cha Cha Cha chain, who cut my hair approx. 10 years ago some times and I met him once at Rotary in Hørsholm, where he was President, and does he remember you (?), and eeehhh do they talk about me in Rotary too (?), and this is also about Hans’ good friend Bent being in the Rotary club of Fredensborg I believe and about Niklas, who was sent by Rotary to Australia on their expense.

It was good for you to meet your father at St. Tropez, which I did in 1999, I believe, when he and Kirsten had decided to go on holiday there for approx. one month, where Camilla and I had some days of holiday there (living in our own rented room) before we continued to drive to Alicante Spain to be with my family there, and this meant that we could make St. Tropez our head central.

It is just me from the balcony now entering you, and I felt that this is the last of the presence there now entering.

I watched “Crazy about dance” even though I was not with my mother, and they had much inspired speech, but it was of the kind “not important” and also I have not much energy to write it down, so I decided to only include these examples.

Without this connection – with my father in St. Tropez – we could not mark life, and yes we had some good days together as we have never had before when he was with Kirsten, and this is what makes us “crazy about salmon” not having to yell about wasted life, and I was told this while the first couple from “crazy about dance” stood in front of the judges, and did you notice how the sign with their names on TV faded out and into the screen, which I believe you have never seen before?

This is why you did not receive stroma.

And the breakdown of Lars Løkke these days – where everyone speaks about him being “full of lies” also on the front page of newspapers, this is the “inspiration” and stories coming now because of me – is what comes into the hole.

So you are not an eternal stamp machine yet, which I have also wanted to become.

The Judge Jens Werner said to Allan Simonsen that he was on “happiness pills” and positive, which is because of me, and would Allan do the impossible to survive for another week (?), and yes he does his best, but has no talent dancing and receives clearly the lowest marks of all, but yes, the viewers voted on him again and once again love of the people made him survive, and this is the love of my mother, family, friends etc., which is making me continue surviving and working too.

Britt Bendixen told Allan Simonsen that she feels sorry about him not having a talent to dance, and also about the other “much better” contestants falling like flies to him being nothing special, and this was really about the much stronger world falling like flies to me.

So right now we are at St. Tropez collecting the most important of all, which is where you and your father left you?

Yes, it was there we had hidden not only one, but both you and your father.

They kept on speaking about and gave “high five” in “crazy about dance”, and what is it about this “five” (?), yes this is how strong the connection between your mother and you is even though you are not together this evening, we took the challenge to transfer this part of the black locomotive itself to you.

So it is “Crazy about dance” that we have transferred the power to, and I felt Restaurant Noma, and then I saw two kisses being given in this show as if it was Thomas Blachman giving them, which was his “business card” from Mentor, and I here taste the finest cheese too.

It is me bringing the bicycle inside of you.

The dancer Uffe danced to the newest James Bond song, and received the James Bond theme afterwards, and the interviewer said that he had bought a tour pass for everything, which is really what you do in Tivoli, which was to say that I completed my mission as secret agent to bring us all to the Paradise of the Source/Tivoli.

I was shown and told that it was not ourselves sliding down the tongue/slide at the end, was it (?), and I received the feeling of the Soul King, James Brown, inside me at the same time, and yes he was indeed a GREAT artist, and what about this gigantic hit he did in the 1980’s, which I remember as incredible strong from when I (often with Jack) went to discotheque Roxy, later Ritz, in Helsingør.

I was reminded of what I don’t believe that I have written before, which is about Obama taking decisions as President on behalf of the dark New World Order (in relation to Agenda 21 etc.), which he had to do also to help bringing me darkness to clean.

Jens Werner told Mette Blomsterberg and her partner that he loved to follow the story of their choreography and he would give them as many points as there are letters in “Blomster” (“flowers”), which was a sign of love of my mother and New World going through Jens and Mette here, and Mette said that this is like a “concentration dance camp”, which was inspired in relation to my new website on the dark New World Order III including the information on new concentration camps being built for the military take over – Martial law – which obviously is a message, which has come out and been understood.

It is also from here that Ole comes from, and Niklas too, and this is why it was important being invited by Niklas.

So we will not try “a free fall inside porridge”, which is really a free fall towards me going through life, which we will miss, and these are the feelings/experiences given to me many times during (half) sleep when I was a boy, which was to prepare me for what was to come, which however never came because I decided not to give in at any moment, which is where this would have happened.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The Minister of Economy (and Domestic Affairs), the dictator Margrethe Vestager was at a meeting discussing “global economy” at the “fine” International Monetary Fund, and she concluded yesterday that it doesn’t look as black as the many suits, and I could only tell her that this is how it is when you are late for class (not reading me), and today I brought her my comment to Henrik Saas and link to my website on bankers and asked her to prepare herself and afterwards to let me and the world know if she really believes that things go well, or if she understands that the world is bending under to the tyranny and deception of banks, thus also you as politicians (?), and that is if you know at all (or are too dumb?) or simply play an act, which Margrethe is a champion to do, but she sure must have a poor taste in her mouth because of this deception and also Agenda 21 etc. I brought this on my Facebook timeline too, and it still makes me sad that most of my posts receive no or only very few “likes” and comments – “I fight alone” –  and much simpler posts of people – also within the same subject – receive much more, which may simply be that people cannot/will not understand me and either have resistance or fear to show their support in me.

FB 121013 Margrethe V

FB 121013 Margrethe 2

  • Today she brought this follow-up saying that two years change a lot in the world economy, and it may be a fragile recovery, but it is better than the opposite as she claimed, and can it really be that you as Minister of Economy simply don’t know about the TRUE RISKS of (Central) Banks and their plot to bring a financial meltdown to the world followed by Martial Law etc. (?), and no, you are not that stupid are you, Margrethe (?), and yes let us believe that she is just a fine actor with a poor taste in her mouth.

FB 121013 Margrethe V 2

  • Helena is happy with the assistant from the telephone store, who first replaced her phone the other day and now called her because he had received a flip-cover, and yes “a new phone” and also to say that she has a new boyfriend, which is “a cop”, who drank her drunk as he says here, and yes we know, Helena, you have literally lived a hell of a live as the policeman and your drunk status symbolise ….

FB 121013 Helena


13th October: Creating new selves of Father and Son now including all life as part of and not connected to us at the Source

Dreaming of clearly working inside the worst darkness about to become love

I went to bed at 23.20 and slept until 07.25 receiving these dreams.

  • I am trading the worst drugs of the worst gang of criminals, who try to kill us, and Jack says “foam”. I and another reporter are going to write about this, and the other is afraid because what will they do to us. Jacob sleeps there. I am now in the basement of the Illum Department store in Copenhagen, which is a florist, however there are not that many flowers, and there is a showdown there with drugdealers wanting to kill, and something about Russia saying it is an error and buying 7 back and there is time for Germany to fix all of this.
    • Yes, clearly the worst darkness I work inside including the scared media, which doesn’t have the courage to bring the truth to the world, and this darkness on its way to become flowers/love too.
  • I have become new director for a big insurance broker located behind Lyngby, and I start by saying that I want to have individual talks with all employees to receive their inputs, and Morten J. is there, Ole R. (from Aon), Nefer (from Aon too) and others are there, and I enjoy it because I can just talk all day long and ask an employee to print out what I need, there is no control of what I do, I am the top manager here, and Helle Aa. comes to me asking if I know a temp agency specialising in cheese, which I do not, but I suggest her to speak to 2-3 asking if they specialise within this, and if they don’t, to ask them if they know who does. I don’t know what my pay will be, but after the first month, I am happy to see that I have received a fine pay.
    • This is how many/most managers work (not middle manager), which is to talk, talk and talk without working but abusing employees to do “the hard work”, which they don’t bother doing themselves, and if this is right or wrong (?); and yes you do know by now that this is WRONG, and if I have ever myself been such a manager (?), no, when I was manager at GE Insurance (2000-02) and Acta (2007), I was really the famous louse between two nails of employees on one side monitoring and judging me from their narrow and negative view (“more or less”) at the same time as I had extreme monitoring by a manager above me doing exactly the same, which was impossible situations to be in also because I myself had INCREDIBLE AMOUNTS of work completely breaking me down, so no, I have NOT tried the “comfort” of being a “top manager” deciding on strategy, running meetings and being the “wise guy” answering questions becoming more and more ignorant when not truly working, and if I have had managers like this (?), sure I have, many/most of them abused me to do their work, remember?

Creating new selves of Father and Son now including all life as part of and not connected to us as the Source

So it ends up by Karen giving in.

We don’t have their address but we will make sure to send their greetings – no, I do NOT accept, find the address of everyone (make all survive) and yes also if you don’t bother.

I received a vague feeling of Martin Gore being a “discrete refrigerator”.

I feel Mexican Pyramids and am told that every single pyramid is in play.

I was told that Karen refused to get married to me, but still this is what she will become.

I was quickly shown a big monkey – my inner self – tied up, and was told that this is what I will come to, to release my inner self from the Old World tied up to me completely emptying/killing me. And this can normally only be done when there are no more people.

Karen has been kept awake too during nights, and it is amazing that she did not discover that this was in relation to you.

I was much less tired today than yesterday, at least in the beginning of the day.

I was reminded that I am the only one being turned the right way – with the world being turned the opposite way – and does this mean that I don’t have to die to “turn around” (?), which was the question given to me.

I had decided to drive via Helsingør Stadium on my way to the library to see the training of the national team in football, which would become the last training here this year, and when I was about to enter stadium, I received the great and catchy “clocks” by Coldplay, which told me that this is the game of Morten Olsen being silent/”cold” about me and also that he is part of resetting time.

While I stood there watching them – they were also busy training today apparently not seeing my face among maybe 200-300 people watching – I was told that no, your clock is not finished ringing, but almost, I hear the last of it ringing out and feel that this is about the process of waking up.

Where are the other liquorices (?), and I felt that there is hardly any more darkness within this national team and also that they represent faith/lack of faith of the world in me.

We are now closer to Vesterhavet/the North Sea – to start the heart – than ever before, and this is also because of my Nephew, Niklas, and yes Tobias too, and you do remember that this is the inspiration for the name of this Danish super group.

I left after 5-10 minutes, and later I received the feeling of Morten Olsen several times, and also that he only wants the best for those boys on the team.

And I continued receiving “just a reflector” by Arcade Fire coming to me because this is what I am as the Source, and yes P6 radio plays this song every single morning after the 11 o’clock news, which I like much because this is how good it is.

Everything could be seen in you, also ageing fast, which I however don’t believe that I did, which has to be because I refused darkness.

I was told about how impossible it also was for me to enter Kenya in the first place – because of the airport resistance of public employees, see my stolen scripts when you find them (?) – and from there everything has been incremental as I am told.

They are really not old those two, which has to be about my father and I as the locomotive.

Is it so that we exchanged you and me at the very last second (?), which has to be about what we found even deeper inside of the Source.

And this is what was almost impossible to bring out.

This means that we have been born completely without refrigerators deciding that life is simply part of ourselves, i.e. the force of the Source. You have no idea what this means to us.

And that is because when the trap of debt – of the big bankers – falls together (because of my new website), it opens up to us in here.

You don’t have a drop of Jewish blood inside of you yet, which has to be because of lack of support of Netanyahu & Co.

No, he is not at the hairdresser, and I was told this while writing the new chapter “False Flag Alien Invasion using extraterrestrial technology to maintain/acquire total global control” to my website on the dark NWO III, which was one of the “details” of my list, which I just did too, and this may be to say that Israel is deeply involved in this work, and cannot understand how a UFO could penetrate your defence flying above and penetrating the Temple Mountain itself in February 2011 (?), and yes what about coming out of the closet of darkness and come clean, my friends?

They have not completely – but almost – polished your new bicycle, which you are doing yourself by having total control of what you decide to bring on your website ending this with your best work under the circumstances, and I here feel Benjamin Crème.

I felt inside of me how remaining work becomes less and less seeing forward to finishing everything, and when you will deliver all of your work, it will also be about “Byggeren” (“adventure playground”), this was the meaning of this.

I was told that I would not receive a drop of water if I had not spoken the truth without lying.

I was shown the inside of a HUGE spring mattress, and shown LONG springs laying down, which are ready to turn around and jump up for all creation to become the physical size, which we truly are inside of us.

Making those mixed music CD’s to your mother, Sanna and Karen – more than 60 (and half approx. For my father/Kirsten – was not the worst you have done with the feeling that this has brought many appreciations from these people my way.

I felt my father and who will you call at the very end (?), which I understand will be my father, and I am here shown the winner of this year’s best baker program from DR TV, and yes I followed that too being happy to see people doing their best, and here it is about “fine creation”.

This is like pulling out a teeth, which we did not believe that you had room for, and instead you are coming back here saying that I would like to have EVERYTHING implanted inside of me, and this is simply what we do – and still do – then.

So instead of lifting everything up and outside of us – connected to us – we found a way to have all life inside of the water container of the force of the Source self, and if this makes a difference (?), yes dramatic!

And this is about darkness of the World Elite – including my sister – which has decided to let me finish my work without interference otherwise we could not do this. It also includes Falck, which decided to drop all accuses against you because “it would not be worth it”. And not least the surrender of the Rothschild’s And not least your mother’s view that there is really nothing the matter with you, and that you do not need psychoactive drugs.

So now I will become a fine man – because of the end of my work.

I was surprised to receive even more pain to my behind today – for the first time in weeks – which normally came from my father.

This is like Daniel (of the Matador TV-series) coming home with the train to Korsbæk, and not to become Hitler ever again to ruin what I did my best to create.

We could also have played the game “you died” – but no (!), therefore.

We have also saved war from breaking out in Kenya because of your work.

We have rarely enjoyed the view as much.

I finished working on my script, and most of my list of updates to do on my new websites (!) – however I have a couple of more things on the list, and can quickly find even more – and it brought me much relief coming to what is almost the end, which was truly impossible to do when I now look back on how much work I went through since August and how impossible conditions I was facing, and yes I also have backup of videos of these pages and the pages themselves to do, and of course to write the email to the United Nations and Danish Parliament, and I am actually at this stage sooner than expected.

I was shown myself from outside as a museum item with gawping people watching me and the (impossible) work that I do.

So in one week all of this may have ended, unless you decide to write about diabetes as example of another disease, which is also fraud of Big Pharma.

This is the story about all evil tongues, which never were right (to start destruction).

We have found a last and dusty sofa, and yes please bring it in.

No, we could not know if this case could include everything, but it can – and I felt, and now feel again when writing this that this “case” is really the Shrine of Bethlehem. This means that it is not only us two (father and son) but everyone who have now been converted to new life via hard work, and I was shown an incredible beautiful perfume flacon including the finest blue perfume of me as everything, which is.

Isn’t this still only here that we have reached, where we still have an eternity to experience when going deeper into this flacon/shrine of the Source (?), so this is what we simply continue to enter even deeper.

And it is the clothes representing the stage we have reached now that we put on you.

How many crisis meetings have the Danish Central Bank had because of you?

And I would not be the Source if I was not eternal, right?

So it is I who have performed as darkness being the reflector of everything you create, but now you are inside of me, and what does this mean (?), yes everything/everyone becomes the Source and not only I.

So I was born in Spain as darkness to become light via your mother as part of me – and this is about the Source drilling and sending out what we found turned around as darkness to become light, which used to be how we could create.

I was shown a very thin and completely see-through curtain around my bed, the King’s bed, which I am shown as my previous self as darkness, and this is to say that I am this close to home.

We will not be in England at Trafalgar Square before on Friday, October 18, so you will have to find more work (?), and yes I will do.

So I am not the least hell inside of here, and here is full access to the Source, and we just had to bring all creation of life.

You have no idea of how much I had to bend rules for you to watch beautiful ladies, which was to avoid going through a baptism of fire also because this is your mother’s wish, which required that I suffered too which I otherwise cannot, and yes there were many puzzles of the game to make it go up.

This is because we cannot grab with our hands here, which is to receive darkness, which we are not here, so we sent out darkness and everything returned here as light.

And it is me you are waiting on to enter you.

So the Queen of your mother wants to get up in my bed (?), and yes as long as you keep father/mother and Karen/I separate in sexual terms, fine by me.

I was thinking of the U.S. Congress and the prospect of “economic Armageddon” if they don’t agree to raise the debt ceiling and start the economy before the end of this week, and then I was given an “E3” to my oven followed by a hiccup symbolising darkness working against me, and is this what you really, really want (?), do you have the courage to play the game fully and also to launch Martial Law, my dear Congress (?) – and that is if you believe that you will be allowed?

No, Stig can impossible be the one when he is smoking, isn’t this what the many people at the wedding of the rural church in Kenya thought in 2009 (?), and what did Elijah do trying to change their minds (?), and was that nothing my friend, because you didn’t bother?

Again around 17.00 to 19.00 I was so tired and out of energy that I could scream of pain, and then hours feel very long before I can go to sleep.

So is this just before man would commit homicide in a great scale to “depopulate” man?

And will this happen, or will I be born as my new self bringing you the New World (?), and this is about pushing our work to the very end, and isn’t it exciting what will happen (?), and how many out there are afraid of what will now happen (?), and can you “smell” the fear, which is also lifting this up?

Has my network told the secret network that “Stig is not crazy”?

Are we back at the Cave of Mijas – the Virgin of the Rock – where you will be born, right (?), yes when everything has turned around, so this is where we will come out again.

No, they did not have the courage to kill you (via the two visible UFO’s “hanging” on the sky) at Citta del Mare, Sicily in July 1978, which is why we gave you and your mother the song “staying alive” the other day, and this is how it has been ever since.

Well, you haven’t passed the border of acting with us almost being normal?

I was told about the spirit of my mother being very afraid about whether or not I would come through my work at Danske Bank, Free port, from 1986-88 or would I be thrown out of the bank thus missing everything we had prepared?

I continued receiving big sounds to the kitchen this evening, and at the end I heard, felt and was shown this as “old wood”.

We are now reaching sexual climax of my father, which is what will start up everything.

The sounds to the kitchen don’t mean that we will lose life of your mother when we will now reach the predetermined time starting our New World?

You have not sent out a “whirl of darkness”, which would have woken up your mother to save herself from me, so it was really impossible to play the game without your mother being awakened, which however was what we did.

And she would briefly be allowed to stop time and retrieve what had been taken from her and then to continue the game.

It was amazing what the world survived of crises still being alive today, and I am told that Kennedy know what the Cuba Crisis was about the survival of the world.

But the biggest crisis was when you continued watching porn for a long time where I was being helped by my spiritual friends in 2008/09 to reduce and finally to completely stop using this, which I have kept ever since, and this is even though I was addictive as part of the strongest darkness being sent to me, and I was told that we did not want to die because of this, so we invented a special kind of soap.

We are now taking down the tree of the kitchen (of the Old World) because this is how he wants it – I am ending my work – and a little bit surprising, I feel and am told here that Obama is part of this because I am the only one not originating from Earth but from the Source self.

Have we dug a tunnel leading out from Havnegade (”harbour street”) for your mother to discover new life and decide to use herself to save all life, if she dared using it, and this you did not know, and this is also how life could be saved, but all of this doesn’t matter now.

No, we could not invite your mother all the way in there (at the flacon of the Source) at this restaurant, but you taught us that this is possible and that is because when there is a will, there is a way, and this was done because “everything has to be perfect”, and when you continue working, this is what we do.

Yes, it ended with pure 1-digits on the pools coupon, which is what is bringing you a pure 13 marks score, which is “perfect” according to the old Danish scale.

So life was brought through this the smallest hole to the Source, and all this life will now continue directly in our eternal journey going forward in the light.

Shall we tell about Lima (?), where I felt that faith of Falck in me was brought too (when my sister when there a few months ago), and yes when you leave for a place feeling that “I was wrong – I am sorry” as my sister did, you receive forgiveness, which travels around the world and home to me for us to become one, and this is what we had saved there.

I don’t like to admit it, but you won the fight, and I felt my father walking out of the sump as result, and it was me placing the cheese.

So it was just a football match to save life, and I felt Morten Olsen with me several times again, and I was encourage to find him on Facebook, which I did and I sent him a friend request, and I wonder about your reaction to this, Morten, and also if you can accept or decide to play “coldplay” again ignoring me?

And no, the picture of your mother (all life) is not shaken the least.

Your mother will run away on a new cruise, and no, Stig will go no where again, and yes poor conscience of my mother is also part of the game, and yes I am thinking of my sister and her husband continuing to go on very expensive holidays every year and “many nice travels” beside of this, Hans (?) – he goes on more than 10 travels per year abroad via your work (?) – and really the entire family and my friends too, who continued “feasting” even though I had nothing and was struggling to survive to save them right in front of their eyes.

If they applied to enter shipping school inside of me – i.e. losing life, which would not be created in our New World – we would become sad.

Was it your contact ad that we reacted to (?), which was about my mother (the world) inviting me in, which we did via your father creating you as the hybrid being of the spirits of my mother and father, i.e. of the world and the Source.

For days I have received Nanna’s “give me one last chance”, which I understand as darkness wanting this one last chance, but no!

If you had not made it, the world would be told that you have a giant fine to pay to enter, are you willing to pay and who is willing to sacrifice (terminate)?

Your mother will discover that when she went against me – being negative when feeling that I was “far too stubborn” – she brought a risk to destroy the world.

Google Earth: A red thread, the window and many faces

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a red thread, the window and many faces.

FB 131013 Jette 1

FB 131013 Jette 2

FB 131013 Jette 3

FB 131013 Jette 4

FB 131013 Jette 5

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Jens Werner from “crazy about dance” says that even though Allan Simonsen is not a good dancer, “he is insanely important to the program”, and Jens said that the more the judges humiliate him, the more we will vote on him because the people is with him, so there you see.

FB 131013 Vild med dans

  • Lars Løkke wrote this letter today to apologize for his “unlucky” behavior recently, and many members of the Liberal Party have defended him on Facebook, and Troels said that there is nothing more “deficit-like” than all of these defense-talks, and I told him that the interesting part is that Lars only apologies for what is in the papers and not the far more serious lies, which he works hard (lies or is silence about) not to be revealed to the people, and I encouraged him – and the media – to focus on what kind of shady work he has really been doing instead of what he was selected to and if a talk-talk-talk man with questionable behavior is a true role model?

FB 131013 Troels

  • Ekstra Bladet wrote here about two rich Russian’s in a “bar duel” using approx. 65,000 £ each on the most expensive drinks, which made me think that this is the most lousy and filthy behavior imaginable in this world with one billion people starving, and these are the kind of people who have completely lost any moral and decency doing what they do and laughing at the same time also when they use as much and more on prostitutes, luxury cars, cruise ships, houses etc. having no care in the world. DISGUSTING behavior of the worst devil, and yes they will be saved too, but they are the ones that I like the least – and yes they are part of the Elite together with politicians etc., and where do you believe that Lars Løkke receives “expensive habits” from (?), and yes you are on the pay list too of the business world, Lars (?), while you speak for and actually reduce cash help and foreign aid to the most poor in the world, and yes DISGUSTING, Lars, is what you are!

FB 131013 EB



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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