October 15, 2013: The opening of the Giza Pyramids will become the opening of our New World and existence self


Summary of the script today

14th October: Preparing to leave the hole of the Old World without terminating life to become my new self

  • Dreaming of receiving much new life, receiving much darkness from Africa because of John’s and Elijah’s laziness, and Ole L. not having the courage to follow me.
  • I work like a pump pumping out life, and what happens when the pump doesn’t work anymore? I continue receiving the game about saving life or terminating in connection with bringing my self out of the hold of the Old World as the finishing action, and I may decide to give into the pressure to accept my “old nightmare” using life as energy bringing me out but also terminating when doing so, but I have decided that I will NEVER give in, and then I was told that I can come out of the hole completely without killing anyone because we have reserve energy, which is about my decision from 2010/11 to save energy reserves for crucial moments. I felt how I will be “squeezed” out of this hole and given energy when I decide to stop working.
  • We have created more than 100% of what poured out of the Source to be created bringing us winning (improving previous layers of life) instead of the expected loss. We were very close to destroying creation many times during my journey, but we managed to save everything.
  • The transfer of life to become part of the Source is not just the greatest change of life of all time but a completely new way to create life. The structure of life is still unchanged – I am everything, and after me, my offspring is everything – according to the recipe of my website written in collaboration by my spiritual and physical self (for every single paragraph for more than 10,000 pages containing both words from my spiritual and physical self). 

15th October: The opening of the Giza Pyramids will become the opening of our New World and existence self

  • Dreaming of Lars Løkke doesn’t know when to speak out the full truth, Information about me at ministries which was close to bring destruction, bringing in more life as long as I live as my old self, and bringing the “keyboard accumulator” of energy with me.
  • I feel much relief because I am finishing my work in only days from now with my new email to the United Nations via the Danish Parliament being the last of what was truly both mentally and physically “impossible work” given to me writing about the dark New World Order. The last “bulk part” of my old self will be brought out via faith of Thailand and not Syria where the resistance is too big. I received the feeling of the Source entering me and my private parts, and I was told that this is the centre of everything.
  • I had my windows cleaned today symbolizing to bring in the last life purely without terminating anything. It is the last part of me coming out that we will create everything on basis of, and we are collecting everything around you now, and this part coming out is part of the Source inside the Old World as one part of my old self, which could not give in to darkness (to the constant negativity and sexual attacks given to me) before the creation of the New World and explode, which would be with so much power that it would end the Old World and terminate life not becoming part of our New World. I was both the world and the Source as my old self at one and the same time, which we could cut and balance (both) according to what I would be able to save, which became “everything”.
  • Egypt allowed visitors of people of other civilizations to the Giza Pyramids to prepare what we now face, which is the opening of these three key pyramids, which is to open for our new life, for existence self. I have been built up as my new self by an eternity of eternities which is inside the Pyramids, and yes here too, so we are both there and here, and the opening of these Pyramids will be the birth of our New World for everyone to see.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show Antarctic got a head and an arm, the Guardian … news, XXX = termination (?), piece of cake, and no crime.
  • Short stories of world leaders speaking about “financial supervision” and keeping banks in “short strings” appearing not to know about the world economy almost melting down (!), Lisbeth is inspired by the “mill” and “fish”, Jette is sad and giving up hope because no one hears us – which she should no better is NOT TRUE (!), mission impossible = mission completed, and I had my windows polished and Helena is afraid of having hers polished.


14th October: Preparing to leave the hole of the Old World without terminating life to become my new self

Dreaming of receiving much new life and receiving much darkness from Africa because of John’s and Elijah’s laziness

I went to bed at 23.35 and slept until 08.45 receiving these dreams.

  • Mail is pouring in in great quantities in Snekkersten. Exam results are approx. 10.75. The verdict has been pronounced, which is to write publicly to inspire the first dogs in the sky.
    • Mail is life coming in from darkness.
  • I woke up to Det Brune Punktum’s (“The Brown Dot’s” – inspired name for “destruction”) “Vi skal ud I det blå” (“We will be going out in the blue”) and the lyrics “arbejder med kosmetik” (“work with cosmetics”), which here has to be about perfume, and yes this “funny” group has made some monster-hits here, and this is one of them.

  • I am out driving to collect a child in Africa, a president is there, and a robbery by two robbers who search the car stealing everything, shooting and making me believe to be their slave. One evening I escape, I am quick and the robbers cannot find me, I am now black. In Copenhagen these two rubbers push their old Ford Taunus across the street, and it includes luggage and old maps, and they want to kick us but I will not allow them saying that it is different here.
    • This is about darkness coming from Kenya to me, and I was told that it is particularly because of John, who claims that he “cannot” write me, and still I see that he is active on the Internet writing with friends and watching videos, but no, he “cannot” communicate, and John, do you realize just how careless and irresponsible you are and the meaning of your actions sending me darkness (= sufferings and potential death) (?), and no, if you knew you would never dream about acting this wrongly, and you can take Elijah in your hand, and think that you could decide to NOT doing what is right to me, think about it!
  • I am at my mother’s apartment together with Susse Wold, and I tell her that when she phoned me to take out insurance, she was the first one ever doing this, and now she has taken out insurance three times. Later we sit a group outside at a café, and Susse and I are naked, and I am very attracted to her.
    • Susse is a symbol of my mother, who took out insurance = faith to create the world and also brought me threats of my old nightmare.
  • I also had short dreams of digging out dirt finding many ships, and a script of mine where Ole L. (previous chairman of the Liberal Party in Helsingør in the 1980’s, whom I saw much, and Facebook friend today) is in the headline encouraging him to act, and he replies on Facebook saying that he will not, which I understood that it is because he doesn’t have the courage.

Preparing to leave the hole of the Old World without terminating life to become my new self

Are we now going to turn this or the other way (?), I have it, let us try with mathematics and see what is the heaviest, and eehhh isn’t it funny that remaining almost nothing of what used to be weighs much more than everything of all inside of the Source, which weighs nothing, so that doesn’t work, we will use our logics, and still I feel a somewhat simple minded man but I also feel the actor of light behind this.

Isn’t it funny that your mother has been speaking to you at the wrong channel all the time, which we have held open despite of having much more advanced communication channels (continuing the game).

I continued receiving Queen’s “Made in Heaven” and the lyrics “written in the stars” over again.

I was told “mad eller maddike” (“food or maggot”), which again is the game about creating life or terminating life, and I will never terminate anything if I can avoid it.

I was told about how my mother/family sees me as tireless in my work just keeping on, and on and on, and has this also been tried to make me crazy because I “cannot” stop, it is an “obsession” and what you may be able to decide when you have a negative view as my sister has, and what about trying your best, which is what I kept on doing with one aim only, which was to save us all, which I could not and would not give up on despite of not being able to do what I did writing from 2009, and really also before this, and have you “discovered” this truth my dear sister?

And is this here when you would let the world run amok also with terror including nuclear weapons, HAARP and even an Alien Invasion while you were hiding when the number of people were reduced, was this when slaughter of man would happen?

How much do you believe that your visit to Merchant Bank at Danske Bank in late 2007, I believe, meant (?) – for a job interview with the management also meeting my old colleagues Carsten H. and Peter “Pension” – and I understand that it meant much because you do remember me, my old colleagues (?), and this visit helped you realise that I am indeed Stig, not crazy and maybe even the one (?), and yes, I was NOT hired because this “fine” department felt that I was over-qualified and feared that I would become a threat to take over management, is this it (?), and yes my friends, this is why I was not allowed to sleep that whole night making me “incredible tired” going through this interview, and yes darkness doing what it could to leave me out, but no, I entered and left this mark on you.

DR P6 radio had a guest this morning speaking about the band Queen when saying that “Queen sh.. to the edge”, which they were astonished to hear saying that it was an intensive statement and terrible picture, and it really means “destruction” because of lack of faith, which may be what these people have, and yes they really don’t care and still use the (M)F-word.

When cycling to the library after lunch and walking, I was still as weak as a zombie thinking about how to finalise my last work, but now there should really only be few days left, and I felt myself as this last life, which we will bring out of there – I do hope and believe – when you will not and cannot work anymore.

Do you work like a pump pumping out life, and what happens when the pump doesn’t work anymore?

I was feeling how I would be “squeezed” out when I decide to stop working.

What do we have a fire-engine for?

And then it cannot go quickly enough to ride out from there.

So you also want all of those screaming children from the school-yard with you (?), and yes we don’t make an exit strategy without bringing all life, because this is what you have decided on all of the time.

You just have to trust us that this is what we will do (?) – not knowing if this is the case, which it might not be, so I will continue working as long as I can, and these days are truly the last I have in me, this is how it feels being incredible difficult to work.

And then I will be lifted up from the hole – as I feel now – and will be given energy.

I was given the smell of sulphur – coming fire – and told that this is the only way to get us out of here, and no, it would require my accept, which you will NEVER get!

Kirsten – my father’s wife – doesn’t know that you are doing this resettlement.

Isn’t this what we say, you are the last man lacking to make our movie work.

I have been told several times and now again about how I was NOT supposed to survive my “activation” periods being sent out to work at Brede Park for 10 weeks in 2009/10 and 12 weeks in 2010/11 – is this how it was (?) – and little had you expected that I decided to work harder and better than anyone ever being there?

I finished the script of yesterday this afternoon and continued doing some of the very last details/updates to my three new websites on the dark NWO.

There is only one who can decide when it is time to get out (of this hole), and that is you.

And when you felt darkness coming to destroy you – physically – you decided that nothing is going to break me, and this is because nothing can kill you as the Source.

I received the feeling of “my new friend”, Morten Olsen, as I am told, who has now found me, and I was told that you have surely not played your last national football match.

I continued working until 18.15 today deciding that I will commence writing my email to the UN and the Danish Parliament tomorrow, but I may keep it for some days before sending it, we will see what happens, or I may just send it when it is done and the continue doing some small improvements here and there also to let this email “work” because of reactions to it.

What do you do (?), we just change a little again and I received the feeling of Adam Price, the chef, which is then about changes to life, and it was coming from the balcony.

I was reminded about how I encouraged Leif yesterday to go out to Helsingør Stadium encouraging the team to win by 6 to 0, but once again his darkness meant that they lost, this time by 2 to 3, which is also a sign about losing life, or let us say a risk because I have no intentions of losing anything.

So you are yourself the last of old life, which we will bring in.

I received warm feelings from Lars Løkke because of our victory over darkness, and wrote “det er ren løkke” (“it is pure Løkke/joy”) to a Facebook post about Løkke and his lies in Berlingske, which is also about what he truly is as his new self, which is completely clean.

I was less tired this evening than yesterday, which was tough and the day before, which was “impossible”.

I was told about Arthur Findlay College and how “sensitive people” there felt that all life has now become part of the Source.

It is not even possible to buy this duvet, it is much more expensive than what we brought out (of the Source to create), so the net result is more than 100 percent, and a winning instead of a loss as expected, and my sister is as much the reason of this as I because she did not attack me straight away (in 2008 when seeing my scripts), but awaited to see.

And it is also because you are watching beautiful ladies “over the limit” on the Internet (however no porn or nakedness) bringing you more darkness, which you still can handle.

So this is just what we had to do today, which was to bring all life over to become part of the Source with the publish of the script of yesterday and also to add this on the front page of my website to become reality, which I did when adding a couple of lines of October 2013, even though I have not written the summary of this and it is not over yet, and I was given feelings meant to make me nervous about the importance of this and the risk of failing, but no, it was work, which just had to be done.

And I was told that this transfer of life to become part of the Source is not just the greatest change of life of all time but a completely new way to create life, which I just have to get used to because who is and where am I now and the rest of life (?), and this structure is unchanged because my website is the recipe of this, which I have written myself, and I felt myself as a combination of my physical and spiritual self as the writer, and this is really how it was/is.

I heard the piano strokes of a nice and well-known song, and a few seconds thereafter, the memory of it came to me, which of course is the wonderful “Feel” (I just want to feel real love”) by Robbie Williams – my no. 2 favourite with him after “Angels” – and “real love” from the piano of the Source is what we will get in our New World.

So it is really the kitchen (of the Old World) that we bring out, and it is just before we will reveal all gold, which I felt from the balcony.

I was giving the thought of the World Cup in Brazil and then about Morten Olsen because he is thinking of me (?), and preparing the match against Malta tomorrow, and can Denmark qualify to the World Cup after all in the outermost theory by winning with 6 or 8 goals and other “amazing results” going our way too, which is theoretic impossible, but not in practise meaning that you cannot even bet on this at bookmakers – not because I intend to because this goes against my belief too, which I don’t see coming in our New World (to bet on money).

Don’t disappoint me now at the crucial finish point!

Does this mean that we can come out of the hole completely without killing anyone (?) because we have reserve energy, and yes this is the importance of your decision from Lyngby to save energy reserves for crucial moments.

For a long time during my journey I have been thinking of an old action of mine, which was at Aon after Kim S. had been pressured out and I had started and also in practise stopped again as secretary to the CEO now being completely isolated, where I did nothing to find a new job, and then I was thrown out because Niels de Bang “could not” have me sitting there as a “disgrace” and humiliation of him in his eyes, and it gave me the learning not to wait too long but to take action at the right time, and I could have decided to use this “learning” during my journey and “not to wait too long”, but still I have decided to go against this strong feeling and keep it going for as long as I could, and this was really the right thing to do, to bear my sufferings and just keep on and on and on.

Did we almost destroy a bond film there and there, yes. We can also arrange a sleeping car (when released from sufferings). So we really would much rather put you into the rat hole.

So it is I calling you up, and this is my inner self on top calling me to come home.

No there is nothing wrong with the colour on the sofa.

Yes, they do know at Arthur Findlay College that you are not “spiritual”, but the Source self.

And this is about getting everything with us before you close the hole.

Your mother knows how quickly time go when thinking back– 5 and 10 years is “nothing” – and she thinks that she will die “very soon”, which brings her fear.

You (from the hole) are of course obvious to be here because you are me.

You don’t accept even a little rain to fall down (to help you up), no!

We are already there, it is just who has exchanged the remote control for my big screen TV?

So we are not (going to pretend that we will be) drowning him from the boat?

Remember that you were cutting your hair as much as possible (?) – how much remains?

I received the amazing song “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder and the lyrics “Very superstitious, writing’s on the wall”, which are the same writing’s as what is written in the stars according to Queen the other day.

So this means that there is nothing wrong with the helicopter, but you prefer not to use it, and yes not if the price is loss of life, yes we know …. And I have a déjà vue saying that life will be terminated to be used as energy, but no!

This means that we will enter without any noise to remove the refrigerator of you.

We were almost dropping gold there too (flashback on my journey). You decided on a free Germany journey (I chose my journey self).

There is probably more hidden in him, yes I believe too.

It is just as if we have come directly out of high school – with the feeling being that as my new self if will feel as if I came straight out of darkness.

What do you bring into the refrigerator (?), yes stereo equipment. 

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena believed that Helle (Thorning) and Lars (Løkke) should talk and bring their clothes together, which is really what we do when uniting my mother of the world and father of the Source.

FB 141013 Helena


15th October: The opening of the Giza Pyramids will become the opening of our New World and existence self

Dreaming of Lars Løkke doesn’t know when to speak out the truth, and bringing the keyboard accumulator of energy

I went to bed at 23.50 and slept until 07.45 receiving these dreams.

First I was told that Muslims considered to announce “kill Stig” at their Friday prayers, but eventually they could not do this to me, which is why they decided to “kill” themselves.

I was shown fruit-meat being removed from a water melon and told that we believed that this is where life was but it was really in the rind.

  • Lars Løkke is asked when his book will be published, and he answers that he really doesn’t know, and people will have to come to him. I would like to ask him how long he has known about me.
    • Lars doesn’t know when he will speak out the full truth. I was told that Søren Pind, who is one of the people of the Liberal Party trying to defend Lars Løkke’s extravagant use of tax money these days (not doing very well), had a poor taste in his mouth when he saw my comment to Troels about Lars Løkke the other day.
  • A secret CIA agent set up a file at a ministry, they are busy and don’t have room for a secret file. Lars G. is waiting on me outside and he has to pee. Two women are promoted at work, one is single and without a telephone and a key, I have ordered a test copy believing it to be the real thing, I have two phones and one can speak/receive and the other can only receive.
    • Information about me at ministries which was close to bring destruction, i.e. Lars is going to pee. The telephones are communication with my inner self.
  • A festival at the very end, three more weeks, there is a queue already. They sell chops at a good price, a dog swings its tail, there has not yet been given beer fines.
    • Meat is life still coming in. I woke up to John Mogensen’s “så længe jeg lever, så længe mit hjerte slår” (“as long as I live, as long as my heart beats”), which is really the question these days as my old self.

  • A keyboard at the Borupgaard centre in Snekkersten is really an accumulator of energy, which I receive together with a modem from a business full of green plants all over, and when I leave, I have to go down the steepest paths full of rocks, but do it without problems, I have a duvet around me, am suffering and I look out over ship at the harbour including a fisher boat coming in, ferries and more.
    • This “keyboard accumulator” of energy will have to be the force of the Source, which I am bringing with me.

The opening of the Giza Pyramids will become the opening of our New World and existence self

We had to let Ipswich go out, they were not as good.

I felt darkness and was told that we are all on our way to Denmark (to greet you).

We will just calculate this, which is bigger than first expected. And then you will feel as if Karen is your own.

For days I have been given the name of Lisa T., my old Fair colleague and priest in Lyngby, who also decided to leave me on Facebook maybe 6-12 months ago.

I was TIRED again today making it difficult to work.

Are we coming out of that typewriter (?), yes it is his work, which is creating us, and yes also at this late stage.

Is this about coming home for Christmas (?), yes, and that is by avoiding to wake up your mother, which would happen if you started terminating life.

I don’t have a new career for you in a new town.

I feel how work will be reduced or even stopped in a few days, and felt darkness and was told, what do you want to do, will you throw over the last darkness on him?

I was told that Stephan Pende from Center for Wisdom, & Compassion, whom I visited for group teachings in 2010/11, feels me but does not know who I am, so what about writing him (?), and yes AFTER my email to the United Nations and Parliament, which I have to do now while I still can work, and so far I found him on Facebook and sent him a friend request, so when he will accept, he will soon discover who I am via my Facebook postings, and no, I will NOT prioritize writing him now, this is a game to steal time from my mail to the United Nations and Parliament.

I had promised my mother to call the window cleaner in the beginning of this week, which had to be today Tuesday, which I did, and as usual people have difficulties hearing my voice because of spiritual darkness reducing the volume, and suddenly I could not finish the conversation because the volume completely vanished making it impossible for him to hear me, but he returned my call and received the last information and I told him about the difficulties of polishing my windows (4th floor, the windows cannot be turned), but he decided to give it a go and come to look to see if he had the courage doing it, and he would call me when coming, and yes I decided to use this man and his “home service” business instead of the recommended windows polisher here in order to save money. I was told that cleaning my windows simply means to bring in the last life purely.

I called my mother, who had promised to pay the polisher, and she would come by with the money, but called a little later saying that now their car would not start (!), and yes everything to show you that it is not very easy bringing out the last of me, and instead I cycled via them to the library, and received 250 DKK to pay for one hour of work as I expected that it would take.

And I was told that it is the last part of me coming out that we will create everything on basis of, and we are collecting everything around you now.

I was told “is it just me or am I on the air tonight” from SAGA’s “on the air” song with air still being the force of the Source.

Fashion designer, all colours, it is only you remaining being the stone at the inner of the Source.

This was a fight/war between you and your mother where there was supposed to be no winner with losses on both sides.

It can be compared to bringing in bulk-wine of Languedoc in one go (the last part of me).

I received the feeling of Karen floating in the air not knowing where to go – her destiny in life – and then she enters my body bringing me physical pain.

At the library I was surprised when a man from Somalia – living in Helsingør – came to me asking for my help to find the document he had created using six hours to scan in pages from a handwritten book of his from 1977, and he said that he had noticed me on the library and “you must be very clever”, and I thought that the right thing for him to do would be to ask the librarian, but I thought that maybe she was busy, and now he was kind, and if I could help him, I would, and it took me less than 30 seconds to find his document automatically saved under “my scans” at the file explorer and I saved it on his “Kingston USB-stick” (and no, he said that he was not from Jamaica J), and he became incredible happy because he told me that the librarian had not been able to find it (!),and yes how can a librarian work as an adviser/mentor not knowing these basic things?

Isn’t there a new plane going at 21.15 this evening (?), and yes this is about sending the email to all of these people, which will generate this removal of the last part of me in one go, and this is coming to me here at 13.45 today when I have started writing the draft of this email – despite of still being tired and having difficulties to get started.

And this is what makes it possible to avoid your “old nightmare” to bring energy to bring you out.

This is about balancing Salt & Pepper.

Is it out there in the cold – with these people representing the dark world – that I left my keys (and yes for my automobile to bring me home).

And when you come up, you will see that your gold is merely written on a black stone of let us just say it “nothing”, because we are not there, remember, and also not here, we are no where to be found!

This is when you will come “in your own clothes”, which is also that Michael Falch song you know, and yes he has been following you.

And the whole Middle East/North Africa have given up to you too, and yes the oil producing countries there.

To do this “just” required that you did the best website in the world collecting information of the dark New World Order to bring both the big pictures and “adequate details” – while feeling the worst – for the World Elite to understand what no one understands or have an overview of today, which everyone “easily” could have done if only you wanted to.

And this is what the apartment of England – or New York or everywhere – is about, which is still to collect everything – without exploding any airports, which are still here with you waiting eagerly to come in too.

Why don’t we take the plane home from Thailand, which is really the easiest – apparently because of strong faith.

No, we could not get out through Syria, the resistance was too strong, so we are now using this alternative route instead.

And isn’t it so that the Danish Parliament is also created to be representative to all Parliaments of the world as all Denmark is created to represent the whole world (?), yes, which also means that when you send this to the Danish Parliament, their reactions will bring reactions to the entire world, and that is in case that it should not be forwarded to the UN and all countries in the world from there, however I do expect that this will be the result one way or the other, and yes dependent on whether Mogens Lykketoft wants to play along with me or decide to be “too busy for that nonsense”, is this how you feel, my friend (?), and yes not happy to be put down from your top post of the Parliament and secret world society too?

We will make sure that we don’t have any petty debts around here.

When I progressed work with this email, I received “the heart sees” by Karen Busck and Erann DD and the lyrics “when the heart sees its chance to receive me” and I was told about a gift being “soft and ready for when the heart sees”.

And this email is part of my final attack on the world. When you “could not” surrender publicly, I will take over with the appearance of my new self.

The last day I have received the words “The National” many times, which has to be about the band of this name, so here you are too :-).

I continued receiving some out of this world pain to my right ankle.

I was told that the impact of my email will make the Congress decide to open up the economy and government of the US again.

I received a loud noise to my shelves and was asked “what about me” (?), and yes this is the New World, which is what we will open to via my new self.

Did you also manage to turn over David to a believer again?

A few times if I don’t write a note down instantly but just have to do something for maybe 30 or 60 seconds, the memory of this not is removed from me again and there is nothing I can do to remember it – unless it is given to me again, which is not always the case, and yes it happens, but only rarely because I normally write down straight away.

I returned home before 16.00 because I had agreed with the windows polisher that he would come after 16.00, and when he had not come at 16.45, I thought that he would probably not come after all, but then my door bell rang, and it was right here on my door and not down from the bell at the head door (which many people cannot find out because there are so many names – even though it should be easy) and yes it was the windows polisher and he said that he had called me four times (!) but he received an error message saying that it was impossible to come through, and it should not because “my phone is laying right there” as I told him and as he could see, and again it was spiritual darkness working, and the question was now if he dared cleaning the windows and I had calculated the right amount, and yes he dared, and we agreed that it would take one hour to do, which is exactly what it took, and yes he charged the 250 DKK as agreed and then “+ 25% VAT” making it 312.50 DKK, which I had expected thus taking out some of my own money giving him exactly this, and yes he did a fine job, and no he did not give me any receipt, and yes it was “black work” and yes he was cheating not only the tax authorities but also me charging me for VAT, which you are never going to settle (?), but I was happy to have clean windows again, and he was a nice man, and we spoke for minutes about “nothing and everything”, and no, you would be surprised too if people told you that they believe that I am crazy, right?

I have been told about the name of Klaus Riskær several times after he became my Facebook friend a few months ago, and now I was told that there is no one bigger than Riskær, and I understand that he is a “special friend” too, and he may understand some of what I post on Facebook for example about the bankers?

I was told that my family, thus the world, knew that I had launched a counter-attack, but no one believed that I would be able to do what I have (almost) just done, which was to finish what I started?

I continued working until 18.15 believing that I may send my email within the next two days.

I was told about the debt ceiling of the USA, which is running out October 17, see the short stories, and is this what was meant to be used as tool to create the financial meltdown (?), and I felt all energy/everything stopping at exactly the moment when my switched on oven was turned off with an “E3” error, and the explanation is that there is nothing remaining of my old self, which will bring everything to an halt.

I spoke to my mother again who was happy to hear about my windows, and she will come on Friday, October 18, at 10.00 am to help cleaning my bathroom, and I thought that this matches fine with finishing and sending my email on Thursday, and with time stopping on Friday, so let us see what will happen then. And she said that we can watch “Mentor” on Friday instead of “crazy about dance”, but no, I insisted to watch “crazy about dance” – and to see Mentor later if I have time and energy.

I have felt my old class friend, the well known actor Kim Bodnia, for days, and you know about me too, Kim (?), which may be both through old class friends of ours and also Danish actors?

I received a big sound to my TV and was asked “what about me in here” (?), and my only answer is for everything to be perfect.

I have seen everything from the front inside you being the only one turned the right way, and it made me think that everything else now has to be turned the right way too when transformed from darkness to light.

I was told that when I started working for Kim S. at DFM in 1991, I was also given “impossible work”, which was to visit all stores of Synoptik to sell individual pension schemes where employees would pay 100% of the contribution without receiving anything from the employer, which had never been done before in Denmark, and yes it became a success, but it was not entirely sure that this is what it would become, Kim, right (?), so this was one of these many tests given to me to pass.

You have not asked me (at the balcony) for help at any moment against this oven at the kitchen, which is why we have let you go through everything to make perfect without breaking up “impossible darkness”, and this is because you never gave up to the unbearable pressure of darkness on you, and yes if I had, this would have made it easier for me, but it would have meant loss of life of my mother/the world.

Then I would have opened to what Danske Bank really have done, which is to inform world banks to “give up” and “wind up derivatives” removing these risks because he has seen us through, isn’t this what you want (?), fino.

And what has Karen done as a “service of friends” also opening the road to you, me, us (?), and this is because of the impact of your work.

Isn’t it funny that everything is controlled from outside here (at the balcony) even though you are eeeehh the Source at the kitchen, and that is if this is true …..

I felt Morten J. also coming from the balcony.

I watched Denmark play against Malta in football this evening, and was told that when Bendtner was out because of quarantine, Denmark would not win, i.e. qualify for the world cup, and this is also how it was even though Denmark played fine, concentrated and with “much energy” winning 6 to 0.

It is not just bills of exchange with Danske Bank, is it co that this is how a financial meltdown has been made impossible?

F.C. Barcelona has been ambassadors to you.

I was told that the treaty of Versailles was also not the paper worth that it was written on, but gold to me, which is how it was the whole way through (when darkness of the world was working).

Yes, we moved the heavy piano into the world meaning that the Source has to be outside on the balcony, which is logics, and it is you then (Stig inside the kitchen of the Old World) that we have come to bring out.

And you have received help from the financial world itself “turning around” to avoid meltdown, and the threat of the Congress is therefore merely a game because this is what is expected from them, and I thought that this may be the reason why I have received dreams of Danske Bank lately.

In other words I, as Stig, am the Source inside mother/the world, who is attacking me constantly with sexuality and should I give in, it would open to all power of the Source destroying the world, which is why I had to take on these sufferings to save everything first before opening.

And it is me (the other side of me) being my mother of the kitchen, but I do believe that we have now gone back even further before my mother to previous layers of life.

I was told that Mubarak of Egypt is also out here not only being the decisive key, he gave us access to the Giza Pyramids – “fine, fine, let them come” – which also included visits of people of other civilizations as I feel here to prepare what we now face, which is the opening of these three key pyramids, which is to open for our new life, for existence self.

This is what the crisis meetings of the Danish Central Bank was about, which has spread to the whole world because Stig doesn’t want derivatives, and I was thinking that this might be the case about derivatives – if this story is true – but if the USA cannot pay its bills, it will remove faith in the dollar and the security markets in general, which may continue falling until a meltdown is reached (?), and yes this is the game given to me whether or not this will lead to the financial meltdown, and it just may do exactly that after some time, unless the Congress stops playing their games and unless other central banks and currencies can take over for as long as is required.

Even though we at the balcony cannot afford to give you the finest leather shoes, this is what you insist doing when you will finish that email to the United Nations and the Parliament to finish what was truly impossible to do work, and this is what leads you directly into the New World and I was given the feeling of the shelves in front of me, and no we will not wait on Stig, he brings himself in safety using my will.

I received the feeling of the Source from the balcony entering me and my private parts, and I was told that this is the centre of everything.

I was told that it was also decisive that you attended the annual meeting of the (leaders of the) Danish financial sector as I did in 2001, I believe, which was to influence the whole sector.

Do we have one last mail to bring from the balcony to you?

Yes, you were both the world and the Source at one and the same time, which we could cut and balance (both) according to what I would be able to save.

You have been built up by an eternity of eternities – I was shown a large volume of the eternity signs inside of me – which is inside the Pyramids, and yes here too, so we are both there and here, and the opening of these Pyramids will be the birth of our New World for everyone to see.

We have also installed the well inside of you, and I see a cornucopia (of eternity) also being connected to me.

I still have fear about what will happen when we will open our New World and I will become my new self – it feels almost unreal to think that everything will change not knowing what we will get other than it will be “good”.

So no one knows when this secret time of starting the New World is, and I am shown the yolk of an opened egg not being born yet, it is you we are waiting on.

I received Prince songs including “Peach”.

Of course he may play one of our songs, and I feel and hear Duke Ellington speaking on behalf of late jazz stars, and no, I don’t know much about their music other than it was brilliant, so here is one by Duke.

I was given the name of Stig Strand, which I am sometimes and told that there is nothing like you as if he was speaking to me and the subject is “creation”.

Yes, isn’t this just what we say that we will finish the apartment on Friday.

Google Earth: XXX = termination (?), piece of cake, and no crime

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show Antarctic got a head and an arm, the Guardian … news, XXX = termination (?), piece of cake, and no crime.

FB 151013 Jette 1

FB 151013 Jette 2

FB 151013 jette 3

FB 151013 Jette 4

FB 151013 Jette 5

FB 151013 Jette 6

Ending the day with these short stories.

  • Margrethe Vestager continues meetings at “fine world organizations” here saying that there is a “strong common interest in financial stability” and below “Common bank supervision formally agreed – first part of bank union – banks in short strings”, and I wonder if you did not read and understand my website dark NWO III about banks and the chapters below, and that is if you simply don’t know or if you are an actor pretending not to know, and it cannot be that you are many other leading ministers of the world are too stupid not knowing about the true games of bankers, can it?

“The greatest debt bubble in history has escalated into a “death spiral” and when it will burst, it will bring economic chaos unlike anything ever experienced before”.

“Banks run MAD RISKS and it only takes small decreases in the underlying asset’s price to wipe out a bank and bring the financial meltdown of the world”

“The Federal Reserve and big bankers used “revolver policy” in 1997 to force the world to accept free trade of derivatives to bring their “end game” of financial meltdown”

FB 151013 Margrethe

FB 151013 Margrethe 2

  • Lisbeth said that she gives away her old TV via the “first to mill” principle, and she replies to a hidden comment (by Søren F.-J., who blocked me already three years ago) by saying “fish”, and you do know that the “mill” is the Source, and fish is me, right?

FB 151013 Lisbeth

  • “It is all about faith”, and here Jette lost her faith again saying that “this is my last chance to be heard” and then she concluded that no is listening, and then she tells the story about her work with these Google Earth pictures for 18 months without being heard and also without me being heard, and how difficult it is to work together with me because I have decided to express myself “bombastic”, which is also making lazy Danes feel offended, and yes yes yes we know, if Jette had fully read, understood and had faith, this would also be completely unnecessary, and even though I am COMPLTELY down with no energy, I had to write my answer, thus for darkness of Jette to take out even more of this no existing energy, this is how it work, Jette, and I told her what I have written about before, which she should know/remember, but this is how it is for weak people, which is that they lost hope and will and may decide to give up in the end, so I told her about how I have documented several times about the elite visiting and knowing about me and her, how everything is “perfect” now because it was a condition for the world NOT to speak about me, which would bring me so much darkness at once that I could not take, which would stop my work and terminate life and also that I speak VERY DIRECT both about poor and good behavior so people decide themselves via their own behavior which side of me they want to me, and yes “a little more patience” and we are  there, Jette, do you believe that you can bring me this?

FB 151013 Jette post

FB 151013 Jette post 2

  • I had a chat with my new friend in Kenya, who is also struggling despite of having job, which MANY do not there.

FB 151013 Bella

FB 151013 Jette post 2

  • Lykke said “mission completed” about her chase on “freedomcheese”, which was to find cheese from Lithuania in Denmark, and cheese is a symbol of creation, so this was to say that my “mission impossible” saving all “cheese” has succeeded making it “mission completed”, and do you think you will be able to say “cheese”, Lykke (?), when I will “photograph” you too, which is to bring you your ORIGINAL LIFE.

FB 151013 Lykke

  • Helena was inspired today when I had my windows polished to bring this ad saying that it may be cheap, but this seems so cheap that she is afraid that it is a trick to be exposed to burglary, and yes darkness is watching out being afraid of me to clean out everything.

FB 151013 Helena

  • I was told that not raising the debt ceiling is meant to bring financial meltdown to the world, see the script, but I was also given the opposite story that we are in control, so who knows?

FB 151013 RT

  • Today was my old friend Kirsten’s mother’s, Inge, birthday, but since she has NOT responded to a few positive greetings I have given her, I have lost motivation to bring her more, and yes WRONG behavior of this “lady” and her daughter too, who has the same “gene” not knowing how to behave in this sense..



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