October 25, 2013: I will use the Shrine of Bethlehem to lift us home to God and ask the Catholic Church to bring it to me


Summary of the script today

24th October: Bringing out MUCH life from “bedrock”, which we never knew about, before becoming my new self

  • Dreaming of receiving GIANT VOLUMES OF NEW LIFE.
  • This new life is normally destroyed by darkness, they are created by something completely different than my father/mother. We believed we had dug out all life and there was no more, but there was life inside “bedrock”, which we have never known about or seen before. This is all life, which your mother could have created if she had found it, and this is what we first find now – coming together with the opening of the Catholic Church because I am now empty and completely clean. All of this life will mix with all existing life making life itself even stronger. I am still going even deeper into this hole of nothing to bring out more life, and I will bring EVERYTHING so far resisting strong desires to become my new self now, which would make me lose this last life.
  • I received the golden chair from the Black Pope, who is now following me, not vice versa, and he is also trying to hide as a wimp as all of the World Elite, and they are now stopping their most inner and secret activities, the game is changing from darkness to light. I will land as my new self right in the middle of everything taking over and being everything without a need for a taxi missing life leading to the middle. I will be born as the new King in Helsingør.
  • Short stories of Naser Khader struggling with his faith and religions and a Juventus player doing poor filming symbolising the filming of the Catholic Church.

25th October: I will use the Shrine of Bethlehem to lift us home to God and ask the Catholic Church to bring it to me

  • Dreaming of bringing forward life going through great sufferings, Mogens Lykketoft continues his work saying that “Stig is crazy”, difficulties bringing in new life having to accept the least bad of my “old nightmare”, doing my last and dangerous ski jump and there is a bomb deep down, which can potentially destroy this new life.
  • The Shrine of Bethlehem – or the Golden Chair – is still safe after these many hundreds of years of abuse and it will only work with someone being completely clean in mind, soul and actions, and this is what we will use to get up here to our new life, and this is what would be activated via my sister tonight. None has seen you sitting on this for a human age, and when you do, you become united with me up here. And this is what Karen would have brought into her grave because it was following her order – until you took over so now we are all following you instead. This is what the church originally had to watch for until my return as its very purpose but the effect was that it was forgotten right until now where the Shrine with scratches will come forward and be brought in front of me again, and I ask the Catholic Church to bring it to Helsingør Library, and to let me know about this not later then October 28 if you can fulfil the prophecy about my return giving me active help of the church. I have received a volunteer surrender of the world except from the Black Pope, but you will come with me too.
  • We are making a whole new lid in here – at the New World – using the newly discovered life as our new gold, this is how fine it is making everything even more beautiful. I went to Niklas and Isabelle’s graduate party together with 50 people including our family with the foundation being that these are the people speaking the most and most wrongly about me behind my back without reading, understanding and knowing what they spoke of, thus being the steering-column lock on me. The purpose of the party was to consolidate all new life, which we could not do without. I had a good talk with Bent Michael, who accepted/opened to me – after the had refused to become Facebook friend with me some months ago – and I was told that he was the key to go through the narrowest hole imaginable, where we found this a giant whale of life on the other side, and I had good talks with Isabelle’s Polish family too understanding that it was important for them to meet and learn about me and my “simple logic” that I write about, which everyone can agree upon. This is now the shoe sole and also the heart of this new life came in. The three newspapers of this new life, which we brought in recently, have now dried, and we had to go through a crisis when my mother “lost it” when Niklas and my sister did not see the fine gift card she had given, which made my sister “loose it” too, but we managed to bring it together the best way possible.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show it is all (about) souls, Islanders cannot grab any more money, the Archangel gets flowers.
  • Short stories of Jesuits removing my freedom of speech, and Naser Khader “crazy about” Allan Simonsen surviving as a God yet another round of “crazy about dance”.


24th October: Bringing out MUCH life from “bedrock”, which we never knew about, before becoming my new self

Dreaming of receiving GIANT VOLUMES OF NEW LIFE

I went to sleep at 23.25 and slept until 07.50 receiving this dream only.

  • I am at working at the reception of a new and giant bank – which is at my bed – which is now going to open even though its authorisation has not come through yet, and I see stamps all around me. Later I am at a giant university at a new area, which is also opening, and I see that many of the students have gone there before but have failed, and they do collections to pay for books, and I see that Tine (my old class friend) is there too. I meet a lady, and we go out walking together, and I see books everywhere.
    • This is about GIANT VOLUMES OF NEW LIFE coming in. Tine is still about darkness an my “old nightmare”.

Bringing out MUCH life from “bedrock”, which we never knew about, before becoming my new self

We van only find this life because your mother was so careful when drilling the hole into us. This life is normally destroyed by evil tongues (darkness of people given to me, but I handled it).

There are no sour lemons here, they are created by something completely different.

Are we now going to have double birthdays (?), no. It was good then that we did not become properly married.

This is also because we have opened a whole defence system, of USA, which is waiting on you. There are no bothering jet fighters anymore. There is nothing more than human contact, which makes my mother happy, and this is about how she met her old manager from Coloplast in the supermarket the other day, who helped my mother packing, which made her very happy. Yes, bring that boot forward, you are welcome all of you according to him there, Stig.

Is there a free hash club in there, and I am told that this is about Kevin sharing information about me, which may be wrong information given to me because I believe he is not as you can see from our chat here the other day, where he says that he looks forward to reading my pages, which he has NOT done even though I have given my links several times, and yes he is “too busy” watching and sharing MANY videos etc. apparently not realising the importance of my pages.

Kevin 1

Kevin 2

Kevin 3

Your mother is NOT out in that lake there, where we are now working. Only supermen come down to us. So this is like coming down to the rocks, to bedrock after having dug all gold out believing that there was no more, but there is, this is where most life is, which we have never known about or seen before, and the attitude of your sister letting you continue work is also vital.

This life feels pregnant with me. So this is all life, which your mother could have created if she had found it, and this is what we find now, a little late, but it is as they say always better late than never.

I was told that this is what the opening of the Catholic Church means, i.e. my new website on them, and I was shown water of the New World running over the edge and into the dock where I am now finding and uncovering all of this life, and I will continue doing this as long as there is more life to uncover, thus holding back the water of the New World.

I am given strong encouragement and words and ideas of what to say in a speech now tomorrow at Niklas’ party, and this is also to convince others that “Stig is perfectly normal”, but no, I am not going to do that, I will NOT praise a man for his “success” according to darkness, and yes I could say that I would have liked Niklas to have the heart of his brother and his brother to have the will power of Niklas, but no.

I was shown famous people – for example Inger Støjberg and the actor Robert Hansen – knowing about my new website on the Catholic Church.

So you can call us for ”freedom fighters”.

Is this all of the ice that you are eating (?), and yes the message is to bring EVERYTHING.

I was told that Christian G. – my old school friend – doesn’t have to read to know about you, he feels you, this is how far we have reached.

This is the difference between using Thailand and Syria/the Church.

I was less tired today than yesterday making work easier, but still I was feeling completely empty, I have nothing more inside of me to give, but still there is life of this coming out.

Everything you did not receive from lacking friends/contacts from Arthur Findlay College etc., you were given as sufferings.

It is a little like pulling up the Egtved girl.

There is no wrong colour inside here yet. And yes you will keep on working until all life is out – not knowing from where you receive energy, but I do believe that it is still the New World keeping this up.

We don’t have a fingerprint to add here, and this is about the new Apple Iphone and to focus on Apple of our New World more then “surveillance” using finger prints to “control man” too?

No, we don’t have any more cigarettes to bring him.

Have we not stolen the drivers license from him (?), no he is thinking “now I will take a few days to calmly end my work” and no, no one is going to make me stop doing what is RIGHT to do, and this is right for me to do, and I think back of the incredible amount of work and stress given to me the last few months because “it is impossible to do” MUCH work feeling VERY POORLY as it was, it was MADNESS, and now I can mentally start relaxing having removed this darkness/stress, and yes what was your name again (?), and yes MADNESS!

I met Leif shortly at the library today – he was sitting another place – and said hello and for the first time really I am starting to see change of attitude of him in relation to me, which is this “look of fear” at me and can it be that Stig is the one?

I was asked if I would not have liked to know about cannabis-oil as the small wonder-mean effectively and quickly curing cancer in relation to my father so he did not die from this “not lethal sickness” if handled correctly, and yes I would VERY much, and it makes me sad that the world killed him by giving him another new cancer first here, then there etc., but as you understand, this was necessary to do for me to be able to clean up “behind him”, so this is what we did, and yes part of the plan, and I was told already back in Kenya in 2009 that my father had to die, and I wonder how Elijah’s wife Tina reacted to this news (?), and eeehhh you did tell her, right Elijah (?), or is it “no, I could not because I was too lazy” (?), and yes amazing what POOR COMMUNICATION can do to people and life, and Elijah belongs to the worst, who are – but still he is of course a kind mind with a big heart, you do “understand”, right Elijah?

Does he brush his teeth now himself? So you don’t have any warts or witches inside of you (?), meaning that you are completely clean, and this brings out everything which has even been inside of there (?), and yes this is basically the idea based upon your continuous work of course.

Yes, Matthew knows about you too, and I wonder if this is also about Kim, who translates and spread his messages in Denmark, who is following me on Facebook.

This is how hard your force would hit us that it would destroy all of this life, if you had given in to your “old nightmare”, so being careful/gentle/precise was the name of the game to release all of this.

I continued working on the “Georgia Guidestones” – the Ten Commandments of the Anti-Christ – to my new website on the Catholic Church, and when I had almost done this chapter, I felt my mother giving me a cap on, which has to be everything of my new self.

No, there will be no enslavement of man here, I know.

No, they cannot point their (evil) tongues at you anymore, and I am shown “ancient knights” standing behind this evil monument and New World Order, and this is with the completion of this chapter too as the prick above the “i”.

Did we “happen” to throw out the paper on Stig (?), and yes their evil plans – approved by Pope Benedict – on you are “not existing” anymore, which Benedict swore that he would take with him to the grave seeing where the world was heading, which was my victory over their dark New World Order, which made him decide to resign too.

What do you do (?), I bind the ties of my shoes.

Leif showed me a lunch buffet including “all good from the sea” as we say here, at the ferry, and said that you can buy three cases of Christmas beer cheaply on the ferries from November 1, and yes Christmas is coming to town and inspired he was.

Yes they do understand that there is no man higher than you, you are the man on top of the world, and I feel the Pope with me here.

No, it is not nice to have a “Glistrup sticking to you”, which is a man never giving up, and this is what Karen feels and knows about me.

No, they have not gotten used to the rule of having only one man on top of everything

I was told in Danish: Hvis bankerne fik “bank”, hvad får Vatikanet så (?); ja de er nogle være VAT-nisser, and this is about the WIMPS of the Vatican still being silent about me.

Can we get your help to setup your own bathroom (?), which is what he continues doing when he simply declares that “I am not done working yet” and then continues to work.

Do you know where this King-birth will take place (?), and yes right in Helsingør, which is where you have the most believers!

We have not seen mixed colours yet, but this is what we expect and encourage to see, which is about all newly discovered life to mix with existing life to make new, exciting life and everything even stronger.

Does this mean that we can exchange the train and receive a completely new, and yes this is what the meaning of the publish of your new website on the Catholic Church means, after you completed the chapter on the Georgia Guidestones: “The Ten Commandments of Anti-Christ calling for one World Government and religion limiting world population by 90%”.


And yes, I regret that I did not do the website on the Church before sending the email to the UN via the Danish Parliament, but I had no idea that this was hidden for me to find, but yes, better late than never.

Can you shoot with rye bread motors (?), and sure you can, and this is the “rye bread motor” of Jack’s mother as he and his father once called her, and this is because this is going through Vorupbør, her birth city.

And this means that we have simply not had the courage to move from you, so you will land as your new self right in the middle of everything taking over and being everything, and yes not need for a taxi we know.

No, your mother also has no new cigarettes for you, she is too tired with all of this information, and yes how can you run down a world with information (?), but this is what it took for it go give up.

We also could not be at the bathroom so now you have received your own, and we other two will find one next to it.

Have they had my name for a long time in St. Petersborg (?), and yes the old Czars you mean, which is why they were “cut down” by the Russian Revolution of the Catholic Church wanting to bring their and not my agenda, and yes this is how evil man had turned out, this is what I had waiting for you, these were the people – all of the world elite – fighting you and no, you had no idea and was born with “believe in man – until the opposite is proved”, and this opposite is now proved, right?

After publishing my script of the last two days, I continued working until 18.20, which was longer than expected, but it was fine, because it include the Georgia Guidestones, which were on my list, and now I only have a few notes back to do here and there, and maybe something new will show up over the coming days to be written down too, we will see.

At home, I was given the feeling of the Black Pope, Adolpho Alonso, behind me following me, which is to say that it is now him on top of the dark world following me, not vice versa, and I am here given the thought of “his predecessors” too.

For days I have been given feelings of Goran Ivanisevic serving inside of me, which is about darkness still working against me trying to terminate life, but no, I will not let you.

And all of this required your mother not to die for you to come here, and she was held up by me and John was too, this was the true art.

I was told that the Danish police were directly involved in the riots of 1992 in Copenhagen after the European Union vote, and I am told that this goes directly to the top of the police, and eeehhh it was “difficult” for you to explain the performance of the police back then, Hanne Bech-Hansen (previous police director?), and yes there is rottenness everywhere because of the dark world order being an octopus having its arms everywhere.

I was told about Connie Hedegaard, the Danish Commissioner of Climate at the EU, and do you have information/papers you would like to give me too (?), and is this about how you really co-ordinated the world against me and for global warming going against your “official agenda” to do your best to stop it (?), and do you feel embarrassed (?) and also to be a Conservative?

I was shown a knife from the balcony reaching my kitchen and I was given a double sound to my kitchen, and yes we will be going even deeper in this the Old World.

For days I have also been given the feelings that when I write about something, it makes people believe it – on contrary to the same information located elsewhere on the Internet – and yes like a “blue stamp” given to it, and is this how you feel, Lene Espersen, as example (?), and this is about the secret network feeling like this on contrary to much of my family, friends etc., who “cannot” read, understand and comment the same information.

Have we written – on my website – that the population of the world has already been selected in different groups, who will survive and not survive (?), and yes who are wise and strong enough and who is not (?), and yes in the very best “Nazi selection of Judes” style, and I look forward to the world putting forward this information too and ALL SELECTION CRITERIA including which races you preferred and which you did not.

This is still content inside the hole, which your mother wanted to close, but no your message is to bring everything.

And it was the force from your mother – including this dark New World Order – which wanted to kill me by giving me heart attacks, which would kill themselves.

I received the feeling of the Black Pope again and saw him placing a golden chair with red/bourdeaux fabric upholstery outside the door, and he tries not to show but to return into the apartment block because he doesn’t want to be revealed, but no, Adolpho, this is not how we play – don’t act like a little and scared boy, stand up and take full responsibility for your actions and that goes to everyone inside – and outside – your church too, do NOT be wimps, I do NOT like people acting as cowards, NOT at all!

I was told that the reason why I worked at Danske Bank (1984-91) was also to be able to write my website on the big bankers, which I would not get out of alive according to the Vatican (?) in order to write about you afterwards, but still I did it!

No, I am not going to be exchanged now with my new self, I still have more work to do, and I received pretty strong feelings of this.

I was shown myself as the point of a diamond/pyramid/hierarchy coming in from the balcony.

You will discover that it was not possible to bring all horses in – I am shown the horserace track at Falcon Crest – and you had to make choices, but no my will power showed out to be strong enough to bring everything.

So he doesn’t want to exchange pictures yet (my old with my new self), everything has to be perfect first.

Where was the group AKNU in X-factor USA this evening on Danish TV, Simon (???), when you had to pick out your final four – they were far the best I saw.

The Vatican had kept on waiting all the time for you to break down – at Brede Park and later.

If you accepted to change picture now, the last darkness would leave your mouth like star dust, and no NEVER (!) when I know that there is life inside of it, so as long as there is more, we will keep on and that is “forever” if I can.

No, there is no trouble with the lock here, I just don’t want to go home, and this is about my physical self as Stig being overtaken by this life – not my mother or father anymore – before everything has been saved, and yes you will come with me too.

And it will require the shortest imaginable moment of your “old nightmare” if you did not do this and we had to save you out.

I watched TV2 news at 22.50 from Brussels where Lykke Friis was interviewed and the journalists said that Europe was unsatisfied with something and then she put in “Malta too” as an inspired add-on, and this was to say that Lykke is also a Knight of Malta and yes chairman of the Danish Council of Foreign Relations, and you are “incredible bright” and was put forward as the new and coming star as a leader of the New World when you were brought into the Liberal Party a few years ago (?) and tell me why you decided to stop again not long ago for you to return to work for Copenhagen University?

During the evening I received much discomfort all over my heart region feeling a potential heart attack being close – because of darkness sent to me.

I also watched Sport on Swedish TV, who believes that Zlatan is greater then Stenmark, and Stenmark said it himself (!), and no, let us say that Zlatan is “unique” as one of the best football players (doing INCREDIBLE scoring four goals in his latest match), but Stenmark was EXCEPTIONAL being so much better than everyone else in his sport when he was skiing in the 1970’s, and he was so great that he is still my number one, so there you have it, Sweden – but I like Zlatan much too, but let us say that Björn Borg, Gunde Svan and Jio are also on my list before Zlatan, and that is because of the same, they were by far the best in the world.

So now you are stopping their activities at the most inner hell self – of the Catholic Church – instead of them making me give up after stealing my energy.

It would correspond to coming in with wooden shoes where the sole has not yet been attached to – if you accepted the change now.

Is this a whole game changer – of the Catholic Church – now coming to you?

  • Naser has written a book about faith, Islam and Christianity, which also includes his doubts in God (!) – eeehhh, don’t you read me, Naser (?) – and I told him that he can take the truth without losing control over his feelings (?) and shared the information about Islam being invented by the Catholic Church, but maybe you already knows this from “the top” of Washington, “my friend”?

FB 241013 Naser 1

FB 241013 Naser 2

  • Yesterday evening, I watched Real Madrid play against Juventus when I saw this Juventus player doing the most stupid thing in the world, which was to hit his foot into the ground pretending that a penalty had been made to him, and no, I do NOT like poor actors pretending that what everyone clearly can see is “film” is the truth, and when I saw this I was told that this is a symbol of the Catholic Church and all of their dirty tricks and “film” to make the world look different to what it really is, and NO, I DO NOT LIKE DEVILS LIKE YOU WHO CANNOT SPEAK OUT THE TRUTH ABOUT ME AND YOUR SINS, and yes, think about these people receiving testimonies of people and granting them absolution on my behalf, and no, I do NOT like the Devil at all, not the least bit ….

FB 241013 EB Juventus


25th October: I will use the Shrine of Bethlehem to lift us home to God and ask the Catholic Church to bring it to me

Dreaming of doing my last and dangerous ski jump and there is a bomb deep down, which can potentially destroy this new life

I went to sleep at 23.10 and slept until 07.40 receiving this dream only.

  • I am with my mother photographing churches and Virgin Mary gigues until sunset at the last day, I did not get all photos. They Royal Garden had a special little figure, which has now been removed and I notice that tourists have left their Coca Cola bottles etc. everywhere, which has not been cleaned. From there we enter a cinema, which is being closed from all sides like a spiral, it has already been determined, and no one (politicians) can hear from in there. It is a film with David Bowie, I am falling asleep and something about keeping my self awake, which I cannot.
    • Photographing Mary statues will have to be about bringing out new life from darkness going through the worst sufferings of darkness, which “tourists” are about which is because I told my dentist – with a smile – the other day that she is a “torturist” because of how much pain I had, which made her call herself a “tourist”, and this is also related to Queen Margrethe and the Royal family.
  • Half awake I was told that Mogens Lykketoft continues his work under the cover that “Stig is crazy”.
  • Something about an old game with my mother, a pixy train would like to bring dog but we have to catch it and bring it back, taste, snow, measure.
    • Difficulties to bring the dog of life.
  • I am inside a house full of prostitutes wanting to kiss and make love to me, and I chose the less bad giving them a smart metre calculating the price of electricity and everything because of me, and I shout out loud to them that they will be closed down.
    • Passing through the worst darkness.
  • A thyme delegation having done well, now in Kenya showing at the harbour what they did.
    • A replay of events to tell a story.
  • A game where the best ones drive almost without snow. It is the last ski jump that I will do, it is dangerous because of little snow and ice, there are two down-hills and the automatic process fastens and brings me backwards, and I see that there is mud at the end, where I expect fireworks, and it takes courage doing this, and I don’t care, I just have to do it.
    • And it is now 06.15 “tomorrow morning” after having gone through Niklas’ party and awakened to write this to avoid darkness from destroying, which this jump is about, read more later.
  • I am trainee at the bank, have been there for a long time and make papers for sale for customers, which the manager approves the price of asking if they are still for sale.
  • Something about pain and medical chocolate, which is delicious and a one percent market.
  • I have started working at a factory – feel it has to do with perfume – where I feel that a bomb has been sent down at the deepest part of it. We are shown around by the owner. I taste something very delicious they make, several have this and there are many bands waiting to start play and to have breakfast, but I see that one does not look right having a foot turned the wrong way and the other having black toes, he has been collecting shoes and is now walking with difficulties losing liquid from him, and I sense that this is the most dangerous, which can destroy everything.
    • This is about the creation of all of this new life, where there is still a bomb deep down, which can destroy this from happening.

I will use the Shrine of Bethlehem to lift us home to God and ask the Catholic Church to bring it to me to fulfil the prophecy – if you “can”?

Try to imagine what would have happened in Kenya in 2009 – if I could not continue working – which would have sent us all home but without a new creation.

I was given a sound to my shelves and was told that we cannot move it, it is far too heavy. And this is really what is the New World and it is my old self, who cannot move this, and to my new self, I can only say “move it, move it” to make it perfect.

Even though we are innocent, don’t we deserve a warning before we come alive?

The reason why it doesn’t smell burned here is that your mother doesn’t mind you, this not me.

Have we been all the way in to the chief whip himself, but no, Morten Olsen ”could not” accept my Facebook invitation a couple of weeks ago.

Well, there are many “details” of the party tonight, which had to be sorted out, and did anyone mind that Stig was coming, and when this was not the case, you could come too, and if your sister was involved (?), and of course she was. And this is how to collect a full airplane.

For days I have been told about “Frederiksberg Bladet” (the local, free weekly newspaper of Frederiksberg, Copenhagen) and their article on me after I received a verdict from Frederiksberg Court in 2005, I believe, and I was told MUCH about it spiritually after my voice opened in 2006, but not for years, and I believed that it was wrong, that there was no article of my offense back then, but now I am told that the Catholic Church made sure that the verdict came to the knowledge of the newspaper, which wrote about me, but as luck was, I came over that too. They hoped that this would spread the story and eventually for my mother to hear about it and decide to abandon me.

People at the party tonight: We have been so busy all of us talking and talking and talking about you – behind your back – but no, we “could not” read to truly understand what we were talking about so we let our feelings betray us – lead by your sister – believing the worst, and these are the people, whom you were up against. Your own family fighting you with everything they had, negative and concerned feelings instead of knowing what they talk about.

So all of us with jackets of different colours have united to bid you welcome, which is what this party symbolises.

And this is the game I used my pencil to draw, and I see it on a small piece of paper, which is put inside a yoyo to play with, and yes I was pretty good playing with the yoyo as a teenager, and this is about “around the earth” trick to get everyone with me, and yes I could do that many times in a row, I remember.

And it was USA who became the power of the Vatican Church, not Europe, and yes they had Marionette leaders sitting around in Muslim countries acting as dictators following their orders.

He had a garden hose he could hit us with if he really wanted to.

And you had the biggest force in the world – the Source – which wanted to rape you.

They were inspired to speak about three/the Trinity at P6 at 10.30, and Bornholm too?

And these were the people being the steering-column lock on you – lead by your mother because of the influence of your sister.

My monitor at home was given a yellow nuance much of the morning, because we know that we are soon finished doing all of this work, thus ending “my old self”.

I was given the feeling that if you are used to doing wrong and lying, you become accustomed to it and in the end you cannot differentiate between doing “right” and “wrong” making you think that because you decide to do wrong, it become right to do – because you do it and know why you do it, and yes can you see just how SICK these leaders of the Catholic Church and the world rule of bankers, politicians, media, business etc. became?

Your sister doesn’t know, but we are making a whole new lid in here – at the New World – using the newly discovered life as our new gold, this is how fine it is, and yes it is going to become even more beautiful.

No one has had the courage yet to fiddle with the Golden chair even though it should not be that difficult (?), and as you know, it requires to be CLEAN to use it, and when you are not, you cannot, and this is how this chair is still safe after these many hundreds of years when Muslims too also tried to make it work but it will only work with someone being completely clean in mind, soul and actions, so there you are, Stig, this chair is in the possession of the Vatican Church, and they “cannot” make it work because of their own darkness, and this is what we will use to get up here to our new life, and that is all of us, and how will this happen and I feel a connection to Queen Margrethe and her “piece” too.

It is scary how they have used and abused it over the years, but it still works, and this is what will be activated via your sister tonight because “do you think Stig will come” (?), and yes this is also about your sister being afraid that you would decide to abandon them because of what they did to you.

None has seen you sitting on this for a human age, and when you do, you become united with me up here.

And this is what Karen would have brought into her grave because it was following her order – until you took over so now we are all following you instead.

This is the greatest insult to the Muslim Kingdom, it doesn’t work! Is this how far they have allowed the Muslim faith to grow (?) only with the people on the very top knowing about the truth?

It is a volunteer surrender except from the Black Pope at the end, but you will come with me too.

And is this the man who caused Belgium – the EU – to sit tight in the middle now knowing whom to show loyalty, the Black Pope or me, and yes, how difficult can it be to do what is RIGHT (?), and is then what they did knowing that you would end up as the winner despite of what he said (?), and this is how it had to be, having someone at the end going against me to play the game right until the end and of course fuelled by my sister he was, and now, he as the last puzzle of the game has given up too, there is nothing he can do.

How much did that air ticket cost you?

It is like Christmas – the 2nd wave – we are running around with the guitar.

Have we started opening that ”giant refrigerator – bigger than any before” (?), yes and this is what will be strengthened this evening via faith of your sister.

Have my mother read any motor-magazines about me lately (?), no.

Is this also about your sister and mother wanting to “make good” because “you are on the stairs to become your new self”?

I was told about how we have also been scared about the death of your mother for example during the Hungary crisis of 1956.

I was told that the dark NWO also wanted to rule from Germany, and what a coincidence, and is this what Angela Merkel and Germany had been made ready for?

No, we don’t need a tour now to the great colossus of Rhodes now, and that is because you have decided to continue working on the notes I inspire you to bring too, and yes a little here and there to my dark NWO I-IV sites.

No, we cannot afford any more train accidents and eeehhh, we never had one, and this is why we continue driving the train inside this land where we have never been before – also with the blessings of Pope Benedict following you and knowing what this means to life.

It was not only a challenge for your mother to make Sanna decide to see you, but she also believed that it was a challenge for you to see her, but no this was never a problem to me.

So this is what the church originally had to watch for until my return as its very purpose but the effect was that it was forgotten right until now where the Shrine with scratches will come forward and be brought in front of me again, and yes what about bringing this to Helsingør Library, which we think is fine.

A little later I was told that this only has symbolic importance, which however could be darkness deceiving me, which I never know.

And this is for the Vatican Church: Do you believe that you can do this over the next few days and let me know not later than October 28, which is your last chance to fulfil the prophecy about my return and the active help of the church.

I was given the feeling of Thomas Blachman and asked if he is allowed to help, and sure, of course you are, please bring all the light you can, and is this what he did beneath the cover of being darkness also to cheat me as I am told (?), of is this darkness speaking again?

I was told about lack of faith of my mother and the Catholic Church as a consequence not believing that this was about the end of the world.

I continued working at the library until 16.20 where I decided to go home because I had to get dressed in full dress, and my mother and John would pick me up at 17.50, so this is what I did and I was happy that my clothes fit fine.

I was told that I received vaccination as a boy, which included sicknesses to develop later in my life, which did not develop after all (?), but not because of man.

I received a seven-fold live by my spiritual friends.

This is so unusual that we had our new clock before we looked a little demonstrative inside there to see if there was more, which there was and it was strong love of your mother making us see it.

I have been told about the handball team of Kiel over some days now and how they are happy and speak about me.

And this is all that new life, which we will consolidate this evening. We could not do it without this party, and we would be prepared to hop into the black pot again as so many times before.

Your mother has played as well as FC Barcelona because of you to make this happen – for me to be invited too for the party. And your father did too (when he was alive).

I was picked up, and on our way to Karlebo Inn 25 minutes from here by car, my mother told me that she had bought a tea-set called “Helena” for Isabelle, which made me think of tea as darkness of Helena in relation to the behaviour of Isabelle in relation to me including speaking wrongly about me, and my mother said that she had decided that it was a very special day indeed for Niklas to have graduated his law school, and she had decided to give him 5,000 DKK, and I was also mentioned on the card (because I could not afford buying presents), and I understood what she said, but to me this was all about darkness giving much money for a man not needing it and I was thinking of my LTO friends, who could have used this money much better.

When we arrived, we met Hans’ old friend Bent Michael immediately, and I happened to stand next to him at the reception area where we had a drink to start with, and I wondered how he would react to me because he did not want to accept my Facebook invitation some months ago but I had been told before coming that he knew about me and who I am, and he was kind and we spoke as well together as we have always done when meeting every 3 or 5 years for parties of Sanna and Hans, and he has become one of five Danish “Governors” – a one year position – of the Rotary network being responsible of 71 local departments of the club, and he told me about his work meeting a steering group of several countries and also his fine relation and co-operation with the World President, and it made me ask him a “searching” question, which was that even though the network works to help others, isn’t it so that “power corrupts” because people realize that having a (fine) position of this network helps their careers where “friends” help promoting people because they like them more than because of their true skills and instead of being entirely for the benefit of others, it turns into being for the benefit of myself (?), which I told him that I also have seen in political environments – people start wanting to help others, but end up with helping themselves – and he said that he understood what I said, and also that there were members, who were dismissed because of this reason, and I thought that there are probably many more accepting “friendly services”, and “how much can you change in only one year as governor” (?) – because people have a tendency to work on short term goals to bring “visible results” (or profits) here and now to benefit their career instead of working on long term goals to help others, which was really the goal – and again he fully understood where I came from, and we have a good talk about this too, and finally I told him with my spiritual voice that if I could give him and the club advice from “a friend” – knowing about who I am – he really does not need the “tinsel” of the “mayor chain” he had hung over his neck from Rotary including the badges of all 71 clubs, which made me think that this makes people feel “special” and above others, and later I noticed that as result, he had decided to take it off, and already when seeing and speaking to him in the beginning of the evening, I was told and felt that he is important.

I also spoke to Erik V., another senior Rotary leader, who had been team leader of Niklas and three other “bright” young people at their tour earlier this year for Australia, and we had a fine talk too about Rotary, and I asked him briefly about what I was doing – writing philosophy to help man receive a better life, work and society – and it made him say that it was a shame because he was looking out for someone to come in “practice” but he could not use me then (with this background), and I understood that this was both about being “approved” and also that I “could not” be used, which was wrong, but I had of course declined if he had made me an offer, because I work for myself and not for Rotary, and “approval” is what this was about also for Bent Michael in relation to me and several others of the party of approx. 50 people including family on both sides of Niklas and Isabelle and their friends.

Erik told me about “jet-lag” and how impossible it is not to be annoyed when you “suffer” from this, and it made me tell him and his wife that this is about being tired, and it was really “only” about a decision to do RIGHT and NOT give in doing wrong to be annoyed, and this was about me deciding to do right in general when being tired also this evening, where I did not have much energy too, but still I was not that tired.

I saw and heard briefly my mother and Sanna speaking about “just how well Stig speaks to Bent Michael/Erik”, and it actually made me sad to see because this is how I have always done – and more and more over the years from the 1990’s and forward when meeting people at business – and what they should know, but I am family and they don’t see me the same way as when people see me for the first time or only rarely.

I was placed at one of six dinner tables of eight together with five people from Poland from Isabelle’s family – they have lived here for many years so they spoke Danish – and also Hans’ brother Lars and his wife Kirsten, and we had a fine time together, and I spoke fine together with Lars and Kirsten as usual and asked the Polish family (and also Lars/Kirsten) MANY open questions and when I spoke to them, I felt how much talk there has been of these people behind my back – I was told that it was amazing that I was allowed to come in the first place – and this was about showing them who I really am, and that is as “completely normal”, which I then did, and I spoke to the wife of one, who works at the Danish Foreign Board as a department manager/team leader, and after listening to her work, I told her about my writings of managers, who become dictators and decide instead of working as a mentor to lift up people with the most important task to make themselves unemployed as managers and to let people work with FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILY individually and in self-managed teams to make everyone happy and to receive a much more productive society, and she fully understood me and her husband too, and when I spoke about Danes who cannot administer their freedom making them lazy and irresponsible (“more or less”), they listened and understood also when I told them that one depends on the other, and you cannot have one without the other, and “these are the kinds of things that I write about, which is simple logic to everyone, but still this is not how the society works today”.

And when I spoke to one of the others, who works as a real estate agent, I told her that I am probably as good to estimate the value of a property as the real estate agents on Danish TV “estimating” values of properties they are shown, and this is more like “guessing” based on a number of airy criteria and individual opinions and I told her that I would prefer a system where every property has “the right value” for example as a plate has a value based on how long it takes to make, and if it takes half an hour to hand make a plate, this is the value of it and not what a buyer is willing to pay (to get it as cheap as possible) or a seller asks (to make as much profit as possible), and this is how you can set the value of a house too – to measure it in “working hours” – and I told her that a house in Hellerup may cost 10 million DKK and the same house in Hjallerup may cost 2 million DKK only because of supply and demand meaning that you pay for “nothing” in Hellerup the same way as you pay for nothing when millionaires make prices of the best Burgundy wines as example rise to maybe 1,000 or 10,000 DKK per bottle, which everyone can see is “completely madness”, and one of the other Poles said that it is the same with land, which one place may cost 1 million DKK and the same land another place 100,000 DKK, and I showed them my spoon and said that the earth on it would be the same both places making it logic that of course it had to cost the same – the true value (except that land has no value, it is “just there” and has taken no working hours to prepare – and it is only a matter of wrong culture and habits, which has made man using wrong price estimations, and again “these are the kinds of things that I write about, which is simple logic to everyone, but still this is not how the society works today”, and it made the conclude that “this is how it is, you cannot change it”, and I said that of course you can, you just have to agree on doing it (instead of doing nothing), and I did not tell them that this is what I have decided on behalf of mankind because it “could not” do RIGHT by itself.

I could tell that I had an impact on these nice people who “opened up”, and maybe it made you think and some of you may have understood what I said and others may have thought that “Stig is too smart” because of the strength I spoke with and because I spoke against your “traditional belief”?

During dinner I was told that this is now the shoe sole coming in, and also the heart of this new life, and I was told that Bent Michael was the key of this, and we had to go through the narrowest hole imaginable to find a giant whale on the other side, and now the three newspapers of this new life, which we brought in recently, have dried.

It made me happy to see many people having a good time, but it made me SAD to see the extreme focus on material goods – Niklas and Isabelle received MANY expensive gifts and my guess is that this party including very fine dinner, wines, free bar etc. was 1,000 DKK per person or maybe even more, which “burned off” 50,000 DKK just like that – and the toastmaster, which was one of Niklas old friends/employers, who was “obsessed” with money, wealth and BWM 7-series and also when Hans held his speech telling everyone about how proud he is of his son because of his great skills, prizes, education, fine business etc., which to me was about not important personal matters but status symbols, and this is NOT how I like life, and yes they spoke of Niklas “burning off money” paying a professional hunter to bring deer forwards for him to shoot the other day, but he could not hit anything, and everyone laughed, and I was thinking why you had to be so selfish, Niklas, focusing on yourself and Isabelle’s “needs” of material goods and luxury instead of helping me and my LTO friends (?), and I felt the desire to stand up and give a “nice speech” too because I like him and the people there very much (there good sides), but I decided to keep my promise, which is that I will NOT be a yes-man praising the Devil and his wrong choices, so I said nothing.

I told Lars – doctor at Slagelse Hospital – about how cannabis-oil saves people on contrary to radiation and chemotherapy killing people, and that the medical industry has no interest to CURE people but to “treat” people to make money, which I could tell that he understood/agreed in and at least partly, but he was determined that “we are completely free of the medical sector and only focuses on saving lives at hospitals – and to use resources the best way possible”, and I thought that he does not know what I believe is happening on higher levels above him, and I told him about how Rick Simpson as example has cured thousands of cancer patients with this oil and about “wrong text books”, and “if you really mean what you say, take this with you back to the hospital, tell your colleagues, and help saving lives”, and yes did he decide to believe in me (?), and maybe he did at least partly, but will he have the courage to do something about it (?), and no, I doubt it.

Late in the evening people were gathered around the gift table, and Niklas and Isabelle opened all gifts and read up loud their cards, which I LIKED MUCH to see and hear, but when they opened the card written by my mother, it was impossible for Niklas to read (my mother does NOT have an easy to read handwriting), and I suggested Sanna to go up and read it, and to my surprise she also could not read it, and yes first Isabelle had opened the tea-set, and when they now could not read the card, they had to give up, and this also meant that they did not see the gift card of 5,000 DKK inside of it, and they put the card back on the table, which made the biggest crisis imaginable, because if there was something my mother had looked forward to, it was for this gift to be opened and recognised as “the finest gift”, so she could receive credit for this too – this is ALSO how she works – but now she simply could not take it, and she also had had too much to drink, so she said up loud that this was just the finest gift ever and now she did not want to say any longer, she wanted to go home, and it was embarrassing to listen to and John asked her to stop, and yes when my mother starts feeling like this, it is “completely impossible” to make her stop, it is about “stopping the accident” and to let time do the job for her to fall down, but instead of going straight away – about midnight – she said that I could enter the other room, where there now was coffee, drinks and music, and she and John would remain where they were, and most of the people had now gone to the other room, and I went to Niklas and told him that it would be a good idea for him and Isabelle to go out and find that gift card and to thank my mother to avoid a crisis, but he did not “catch it” and lost interest, and I met Sanna, who invited me to sit down and have a coffee and cognac, which I did, and she had also understood that our mother was now “in crisis”, which made Sanna go directly into crisis too and “I cannot have this, I have lifted her up so many times, but not this time, she says that it is my fault (not finding the gift card) I don’t want to see her“ and as my mother, she simply kept on and on and on not being able to control her feelings (!), and I told her that when she acted like that, it would spread thus destroying the party, so I told her to “keep a professional attitude” and don’t speak about it, and yes, she tried doing it but it was “very difficult”, and I also said that the best she could do would be to ask Niklas and Isabelle to find the gift card and say thanks, which she then did, which made them go out and also speak to my mother, and I hope they found it and stopped the crisis the best way possible, and while this was happening, I was told that now I was sitting together with Sanna as darkness against my mother on the other side, and no, I did what I had decided to do, which was for my mother to fall down after a while and yes to work for other people to help reducing the crisis, and yes Mia – Tobias girlfriend –was there too, and she has a BIG HEART so she also went out speaking to my mother, and when I came back after maybe half an hour, she was doing better, but still wanted to go home, which I then agreed to do too because I was tired, and this is how the party ended making me sad that we had to go through this unnecessary crisis, and no, my sister was NOT to blame and Niklas and Isabelle was also not, and this time it was my mother being unreasonable blaming Sanna wrongly – it was one of those accidents just happening, and here it was of course orchestrated, but still “an accident”.

I also had a good talk with Mia about doing what is RIGHT and WRONG in a relationship and about NOT to become tempted when you are drunk, and she did not tell me directly, but this is about crisis of theirs because Tobias in unfaithful and yes doing what is WRONG when it should be EASY to do what is right in order to be responsible, and if you cannot, you are NOT responsible, and if you need counselling, take Tobias with you and come and visit me, and yes, I don’t believe they could go to a better place, but “of course” the family would not like them doing this.

Just before leaving, my sister insisted that she and I took a dance, which we then almost symbolically did – as a sign of celebration of our New World.

And no, Allan and Grethe did not come because of sickness.

And I was told that these are the people who have moved my cheese – the middle of the Source – the most because of their wrong and inconsiderate behaviour towards me, and yes I also said hello to Isabelle’s parents, but did not speak (much) to them, and I understood that these Polish people meeting them for the first time also “opened up” to us, and yes I will LOVE to visit Poland and no, I have never been there, and yes they could see my interest in their country and culture, which is “much more rich and happy” than the so called “rich and happy” Denmark and simply look at their much closer family relations and local food/markets, and you can tell the difference as we spoke about, and yes “simple logic” for everyone to see except from “everyone” who still believes that Denmark is the most happy people – even Manu, the Church Minister on Facebook the other day, and no, it is NOT forbidden to THINK “simple logic”!!!

Finally, I was home at 01.30 and most of all I was happy that I had had energy to go through this party too, which was “difficult” to get to.

You can choose all bags here, but we don’t have goat leather, which Lisbeth from the Commune will provide when you meet her on Monday (?), and yes, the goal is to receive ALL BAGS of creation.

Google Earth: Islanders cannot grab any more money, and the Archangel gets flowers

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show it is all (about) souls, Islanders cannot grab any more money, the Archangel gets flowers.

FB 251013 Jette 1

FB 251013 Jette 2

FB 251013 Jette 3

FB 251013 Jette 4

FB 251013 Jette 5

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The “natural reaction” of the Society of Jesus was to remove my freedom of speech because of course “Stig is crazy”, right (?), and you cannot “tolerate” someone like me (telling the truth).

Jesuits 251013

  • Naser shouted out in joy that Allan Simonsen survived this round of “crazy about dance” too calling him for “The Lord of Dance”, “Allan Simonsen is God”, “he dances like a butterfly” and he decided to vote for him, and the butterfly means “creation” and Allan symbolises my survival against much greater powers than me, so this just might be Naser voting on me, i.e. supporting me in the secret, Naser?

FB 241013 Naser 1

FB 241013 Naser 2



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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  1. Jette Uhlott says:

    nice party – a agree much too expensive presents ❤
    were you dizzy flying ?

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