October 27, 2013: Going through the WORST sufferings to transfer and unite all new life with existing life – we are now ONE


Summary of the script today

26th October: Going through a dangerous operation bringing all new life home now waiting to unify everything

  • We are arranging one diamond after the other out of many to be put perfectly together – assisted by the Danish Royal family. It is like polishing a frame number, which has never been there and this is about bringing forward this new life now, and this is also being done with the help of the Polish family at the party the other day. It was given to me with much stress/work and little sleep with the risk of losing it because of “inflammation of my mother/family” given to me, but we did “pretty well”. This was to bring addresses to all of this new life, which was to bring it home. We have never been this nervous before – would I be able to bring enough energy/work to do this (?), and I received signs that we lost life on the way, but maybe we still saved all? My mother is operative system all the way in there, but this is another life form, which we did not know if it would work out, but it seems to go fine – setting up “fuel stations” bringing energy for this life. Alternatively I would have had to be split in two making it impossible to ever see this life again. All of this life is visible in space, but man has decided to be silent. All very varied life is about to become unified, and the socket for switching everything on was installed inside of me.
  • I received STRONG pressure to release my connection to the Old World, but I still receive signs of life in there making me refuse this, but we are also completely out of energy not being able to continue?
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a little airsick, airborne at last, mind the back, archives have to be searched for more to save, a funny-smiling face, and Greenland is pouring water in the heads of darkness.
  • Short stories of thanking Niklas and Isabelle for the party, a Muslim who “could not” be open, listen/read and work carefully instead of gussing/”I believe”, as usual I have to “punk” my LTO friends Elijah and John to communicate, The “international playboy” and financial criminal Klaus Riskær is part of the worst darkness, and Theis is an example of an emotionally callous and SICK man.

27th October: Going through the WORST sufferings to transfer and unite all new life with existing life – we are now ONE

  • Dreaming of receiving an even more magnificent view/creation/life, becoming more popular among the secret network, and also the our new life “felt down”, which however was not true.
  • I am wearing the new watch of our new creation, but continue bringing in incredible amounts of new life, which we discovered at the very end, and it requires to work while receiving my ultimate sufferings these days to dig into the deepest of everything to transfer for all life to become ONE and not divided in two. We have returned to the first life of all not even knowing that it was there. This is Buddha coming in. Princess Mary was still with me to open the gift string, and Queen Margrethe found the balls for me. This process was ended today uniting all life as ONE – uniting sister and brother – which will also finish my worst sufferings – and very soon all of my work/my entire journey.
  • And I received the greatest sufferings imaginable – no sleep/energy – because of people of the party believing that I was sick/crazy, but they saw a normal and outgoing man, and because of my mother and sister “losing” it when my mother believed that my sister and Niklas acted “deliberate” when they did not read out loud her greetings card and told the party guests the content of the gift, which however simply was because they could not read the card (!), the same way as my sister “lost it” because she cannot take my mother “losing it” and also when being told the truth that she is a “chicken mother” making her sons incredible selfish, so now they don’t want to see each other “ever again”, which is only about “misunderstood negative feelings” instead of trying positively/objectively to understand the truth and to control your feelings (!!!), which is what they brought me all along when negatively misunderstanding me (!), and it was also a return to “normal conditions” before 2008, when my sister and the system, thus my mother and most people, wrongly declared me “crazy”, which is my mother NOT liking coldness/lack of gratitude of my sister but preferring me, i.e. for her to chose light over darkness (even though my sister is light too when finishing her act as darkness).
  • I was shown a chandelier designed for candles, and at the very end we will put in the candle at the middle, which very much would like to be lid. I was shown myself lying on my back opening my eyes and looking inside the spaceship of everything and I was told that when I open my eyes as my new self, this is what I will see, which is “everything”, but I will be myself as Stig and then here when I need to see everything.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show generations, not really to separate anymore, the BIG family, hard work and beautiful art.
  • Short stories of Scribd working again (saved terminated life), Kevin is “far too busy” (and impatient) to read/understand me, Lou Reed was sacrificed to bring us through strong darkness, a man fishing and the game of darkness and light of Helena, and telling a young British girl with cancer about cannabis oil to save her.


26th October: Going through a dangerous operation bringing all new life home now waiting to unify everything

I went to sleep at around 02.00 and was woken up at 05.40 receiving such a strong cramp to the toes of my left foot that it would not go away, and I had to walk it away and I was told that this was coming to me because of Steen Kofoed.

I had had a dream about flying in a UFO cleaning tons of sand every single night because of darkness of the world.

And I started receiving information when I wanted to continue sleeping including that it would not be good if we did not open for the safe now, and also that when the previous director of FSR – association of Danish authorised accountants – Uffe Conrad, asked for a meeting especially with me (around 1996 – about his private pension schemes), it was because he knew about me, and this meeting has changed world history ever since.

A little later I felt Queen Margrethe and I felt FSR again and was told that she has read for a while inside of here (about me together with the elite of the Danish community as I understood it), and I was shown that this is now the foundation for arranging one diamond after the other out of many to be put perfectly together.

Do you now have what it takes to stand up writing and publishing your script of yesterday (?), and yes my friends it was 05.40 and I was “dizzy” in my head, and this is what some of these people of the party of yesterday believed about me, but then again, we turned around enough people to work on this energy, and this is what is bringing me through the goal line. So once again, there was nothing to do. I had to stand up to complete my last “ski jump”.

I continued receiving Prince’ “Alphabet Street”, which to me was both about my “old nightmare” and also leading through this to “a better day”.

I felt the Danish Royal family – Queen Margrethe’s sisters – and was told that the question was how much I would be able to bring.

It is like polishing a frame number, which has never been there and this is about bringing forward this new life now.

If you had just gone back to sleep, it is without a doubt that we would not be able to align all of this from back then.

And I was given the feeling that this is related to my mother too who “lost it” at the party.

We could not bear to see you if you did not do this (new life), and it is also related to my sister’s reactions, who could not take my mother anymore.

Talk about independence.

It is not the cupboard of the ambassador that we are opening, is it (?), and I am told that this is also because of the Polish family and their view on me, which is “very different” to what they were told.

This is one of those half warnings falling out of the box, which we had to react to like this.

And it is the content of this warning that we bring, because if Sanna did not like to let you in via your mother, this is how it would be, but when you now just smile and say “this was close” but not close enough, we are sure that your will power and work will be good enough to keep the door open of your mother because “he want it” is the strongest, which is.

15 more minutes and the worst inflammation is over with, and this is what your teeth was about because there is really no inflammation, but this is about what was allowed to grow with these family, friends etc. because of what your mother had told them, and as everyone could see, Stig is and probably never has as result been crazy.

So this is basically to bringing in these newspapers because this story needs to come out to take effect.

And this is much because of the stories you told the Poles about “simple logic” of life for them to understand.

This is also because the stores open very early because Bent Michael stands up early, and we have to be quicker than he.

My dance at the end of the party with Sanna was because we had foreseen that this would happen, which it has now slowly done, which is for this life to become visible.

This also has to do with avoid becoming matchstick people again – for this new life.

And is the worst that could have happened that these new garden tools would have been a little been rusty in the beginning

Your mother did not tell you that her “breakdown” was also necessary in order for you to “break in” bringing this out.

Yesterday evening I was also been told about Irina over again, and I felt that she was truly a threat to me?

THIS HAS GOT TO BE THE ABSOLUTELY MOST PERFECT YOU HAVE EVER CREATED – I will NOT accept anything else (!), and this was the attitude when writing on my script of yesterday, which I continued doing until 08.30 when I published it as wished for – and later until 09.00 when I also had written a summary of it.

Your mother received a crisis because we had not received addresses of this new life yet, which we have now together with your publish.

Then we ended this cycle tour – ending our shopping, and yes this has to be about the dangerous ski jump, and what do you say, Eddie the Eagle, did I do it (?), yes I believe that I did.

You did not buy a monster organ – of darkness – and we don’t even know how they play.

Do you know how many citadels we were about to say goodbye to (?); and yes we just had to bring them through to here too.

At 09.40 I was so incredible tired that I decided that I had to get a nap to make it through the day, which I did then until 12.40 receiving these dreams.

  • I am skiing, Fuggi has a course learning people to hit and I receive a giant punch on the jaw shaking me.
    • Darkness of Fuggi.
  • I watch a British music show on TV called “childrens view” including a top 10 where I am surprised to see Spandau Ballet playing in a more modern version, and no, they are NOT old when they are around 50. Further up the list is Medina at no. 3, and this song was the first son she had making it no. 1 on the international hit list.

  • Something about receive one dish with rice and curry and then trying curry in another combination, which doesn’t work. And I see the corner of Tivoli Gardens starting to being removed.
    • Life not working, which is being removed from Tivoli.

So we are now tied up to a straight jacket you say, and he says that NO LIFE IS TO BE ELIMINATED (because of the Tivoli dream starting to destruct life), and will he be strong enough to undo what I had started doing (?), and yes because is faith in me from yesterday to start doing this, and yes yes yes …..

So we have designed that there is still a bridge and when he keeps on working, we keep on bringing over more life.

My mother is operative system all the way in there, but this is another life form, which we did not know if it would work out, but it seems to go fine.

This is why we had lined up so many in front of you.

We had started writing cheques without cover.

Something about being the son of Elijah, but then the feeling that this was set up for darkness to believe in and instead being the son of Meshack.

This is a worse trip than on a spaceship that we have just done, which is why your mother had to feel bad.

Isn’t this an exercise, which was simply impossible, which he just did (?) which was to turn around all of this life as if you are turning a cake around to knock it out of the form, and how much life remains in such a process, and yes you don’t close the bridge before everything is located, saved and even recreated if needed/possible.

And this is where you were running around like a crazy with the scissor (to cut life, I feel).

No, he has no fright from jumping out from the stage.

It was to receive maximum effect from Bent Michael (that it was not a good idea to sleep, but I needed it), and we don’t know now if we can make these colours fit together.

I still felt awful/rotten, but decided that I had to go to the library to finish and publish the script of yesterday.

We could also say that we have only one colour, brown, but we will try getting all.

What became of Holm (?), your old music and religion teacher from Espergærde, and for all I know is that he became a monk approx. 25 years ago.

I received Shu-bi-dua’s “Ikke noget sted at bo” (“no place to live”) and the lyrics “they have made you knight of the Dannebrog (Denmark), and then we have no place to live”, which is about me becoming my new self, but there is still life not having received its address to become life. And this is also about Michael Bundesen still being with me.

What do we do with those having no place to live?

When I came nearer to completing the script at the library – including the short stories and Jette’s pictures – and to publish it also on Facebook for everyone to see, I felt that the feeling started to change from “potential termination” to “we will make it out afterall”

I am not least happy about your conversation with Bent Michael and your minutes of it.

There is still a William in play, i.e. Bill Clinton, and yes how could the world believe that he was Christ, and Putin wanted to be Crist, how does this match (?); and is this simply the old battle between US and Russia?

I knew you would go through this – to end up publishing my script today to Facebook, which I finally did at 15.10.

No, we are not motor mechanics, we cannot turn back time, but we can do something even better, which is to re-invent lost life?

No, we are not wimps, we simply cannot do what is right (feeling of my family, friends etc., thus the world).

By the way, Belgium – EU – is not torn between you and the Church anymore.

I continued working at the library until closing hours at 16.00, and the last ten minutes I tried to move some text and change a headline at my dark New World Order IV page, and I was seconds away from accepting the change but saw that the text I wanted to move and thought that I had moved was now missing, so I decided NOT to accept the changes thinking that I will do this tomorrow instead, and I was asked what this mean to you (?), and yes, we were close to losing information, i.e. life, but I do hope that we will manage to find addresses for all.

I was shown a star and told that we now only wait to bring this down to you.

I was shown an electrical arm taking something out, and it is not for nothing that we are saying that we have been the most nervous of all to bring this out, but it went pretty well, we think.

1-2 days ago I received a VERY STRONG view and feeling of my old friend Thomas H. and the “offer” to give in and let him take over, but it also came with the feeling of him being the Devil, which would remove the last (life) which we were working on, which I could not accept as result.

We are now setting up fuel stations.

Can we now credit money into that account too (?); and this is about being able to bring energy to this new life.

Why don’t we just always compare this with the last ice age (?) – thinking that this is the last sufferings that I went through.

I went to the Føtex supermarket and bought a few items including a glass of beetroots, and I received the thought that it would not be good to lose the glass because of the stone floor, which would break it, and five minutes later at the check-out, I put my basket from me on a shelf, and I did not notice that the shelf was narrow and really too narrow and the basket fell to the floor with the result that the glass of beetroots smashed and all content floated out on the floor, and there was a shop assistant, who was nice to start removing it instantly, and I could only think if this was the ““old nightmare” of the dream (with prostitutes), which I had to go through destroying some life after all?

I was reminded of Niklas receiving a special gift at his party from his old friend/employer and also landlord, which was a door from the apartment with the gift being that he would change it to a new door, and to me this door was symbolically to say that this party was the door for us to bring all of this new life through.

Is this because of the Count – as I was called – that we now see the sunrise for the first time (?), and I felt that this is new life seeing a red sun for the first time because this life is still suffering in the process of becoming life, and yes my friends, reach up for the sunrise :-).

I received “no place to live” by Shu-bi-dua again and now the special lyrics “I have to be home before a quarter to two”, and this is how we came home after the final publishing of my script to Facebook.

All of this life will get the best view from the cinema, and this is now also part of you.

You better believe that we saw some sweet ducks on our way out and the feeling was that this was life/creation that we did not manage to bring, and if this is the case, the task is to get back to bring it my friends.

It was not the most breathtaking set win we took here at the end was it (?), yes.

Well, you cannot drink whisky with one hand while you are drinking whisky with the other hand can you (?), and for the first time here at 17.00 I received a big smile, and yes Shu-bi-dua of course again again with their WONDERFUL lyrics and songs making people HAPPY and here “Coffeville”, which is “completely crazy”, which is what makes it “perfect”, and coffee is still symbol of love/warm feelings :-).

And no, no it is not the kind of Southern Comfort as they have on Southfork Ranch (from Dallas, i.e. darkness), this is the real and clean thing, life of the Source self discovered behind all fences of darkness.

This road also went through the media following and reporting about me.

Yes, this was the dangerous road that we went, and you do believe that I held out during your three hours of sleep and we caught up afterwards?

So England is now the unit list (“Englands-/Enhedslisten” as I was told in Danish) – i.e. everything is now inside our new apartment.

The idea is that when you lean back when you will stop working and no longer receive these small heart attacks, this life will gentle fall down over you – as I feel like a duvet over me.

Isn’t this also about the man with the “wrong feet” leaking water from the dream, which we went through (?), yes you bet.

These are people a generation old whom you are now coming with, and I feel a big move in of new people – welcome, my friends :-).

Have we hung up all of this clothes to dry in space for the world to follow (?), sure we have and still you say nothing at all (?), and I feel underacted happiness given to me also because I just received an answer from Niklas.

This is also the first time ever we set a flowers-setup, and the longer you stay awake, the better it will become.

It was also because you ended being a circus clown at the end at the Espergærde Youth School that we succeeded coming through, and yes you wonder if there may be even more narrow entrances into new life, which we will only get out this way before we start our New World (?), and yes who knows?

It is not very many years we have left, Stig, is it (?), no WRONG, you have an eternity to come, and yes this attitude of my mother and John is also pushing this forward.

Instead of having two solutions, we found one – otherwise we would have had to split you up and we would never have seen you again, snuffle snuffle.

I received the feeling of Camilla’s brother Christian being on my side and many others, is it now 40,000?

I received the feeling of my own light inner self just around me, and was told that you have found into my true I, thank you.

I received a strong pressure to let go on the connection of the Old World to my ankles, and I could only refuse because I still have the meeting with the Commune the 28th.

I was told that I cannot go to sleep because we cannot hold out any longer, there is nothing left.

Right, this is the most important that we lack, and that is the Shrine/ignition, so we are waiting to see if the Catholic Church will bring us this, and if not it will bring sufferings to life, is this how it is (?), and I could only NOT accept but to answer that we will have to make a new invention if needed then.

Do we now only run through a cardboard sign at the end saying “I love you”, i.e. no more life?

This is what it costs to bring the last ducks with us – not to sleep, but no, I cannot stay awake now, we will have to do our best with what I give you.

I continued receiving noises to my kitchen meaning that there is still life, which we have not brought out.

Good evening Madam”, and I was told that my mother will come to me that last evening before we will change.

Are we at the last or first verse now (?), it all falls together.

I received more sounds to my kitchen, and all we are saying is that we are ready to leave all of this, and I felt that this kitchen is really the same as the Old World connected to my ankles, and no, I will NOT give up on life still inside.

Have we now put up everything from Spain including you at the French Riviera waiting to start up everything?

So this is the unification of everything without me, and I received another sound to my kitchen – NO!

Where are we now (?), and I felt Firenze/Florence and Leonardo da Vinci and also a building, and is there a painting of me inside one of these?

Again I received a new sound to the kitchen and was told thank you for letting me be here.

I received a feeling from the balcony, and can we forge a whole bicycle together from all of that (?) with the feeling of great variation of life, and you can because we can be everything, and I was told that our new building cannot become high enough.

I was told that Paris Hilton also comes in here having importance in relation to the Pyramids, and this is only if we cannot get the Shrine, and no, I will NOT accept my “old nightmare” using her as cover.

I was shown a socket being installed in me from the balcony, this is how close we are now (to switch on everything).

We could use energy from Falck now – if I had visited Robert in Lyngby earlier this year.

Eeeehhhh, wasn’t this what Sanna should bring, which we just brought here?

So I have made a whole new me (from the balcony) to be able to make you.

And we do this because we know that you don’t want to send home any life, we just had to test you, which I was strongly, and I received “you’re simply the best” by Tina Turner from my inner self “outside” because you don’t give up being “inside”.

Have we said goodbye to all colours here (?) – more than once, but the feeling is that we saved them, and this will have to be “variation of new life”.

No, he is not unemployed – comes “with the wind” (of people speaking of me) to me.

Can we take a remote taxi, which is the fast train in here?

We better make sure that no one underneath the potatoes has cried then because he means it seriously to bring everything.

Are you sure that your apartment is big enough?

Karen doesn’t become “in love” – only happened once, with you. Some of the first she was with, she cannot remember, but she will never forget me.

Are we now going to throw in the last guitar in play (?) – it looks like it.

So this is the space which is now completely full of other living beings, which man can see.

But I really got a note with me home from school saying “schools out”, but no, not without bringing everything.

I was reminded about Bent Michael telling me that the head office of Rotary is in Oklahoma, and I remember being told about Oklahoma without understanding why.

We also only wait for a rental to bring you up.

So did we get the goat cheese up from Southern France (?), yes, and wasn’t this the last one? And this is what you can see from this picture of Benedikte saying that “now this goat has been shaved”.

FB 261013 Benedikte

I received the special lyrics “here on the street where I live with my old mother” on Shu-bi-dua’s Radio Rita, and this is because “de fyrer hit efter hit efter hit efter hit af” (“they bring hit after hit after hit ….”), which is about new, eternal life also thanks to this band and the double Michael’s.

It is more like a rope we used to pull you in – I am without strings.

Was the “practise” position that Erik spoke about at the party a manager position and an example of people liking each other and speaking well together at these networks help each other without knowing about their true skills as I also spoke to Bent Michael about (?), and when you are first in, the network will make sure to help you throughout life, and NO, THIS IS WRONG when you are doing it only to “help” each other without truly knowing the skills of people, and yes VERY WRONG!

So your father has not broken out of his red sun yet to come and get you – but extended the play artificially.

Because we just had to get the golden watch on you and this is when we discovered all of this life because you could not finish your work – said a little provocative.

It is like a song, which is not published and you first got to know the rhythm and structure of it, which is what we have continued using time on doing.

She thought she heard voices, but she did not write them down – you will be surprised over their “experiences”.

Google Earth: Greenland is pouring water in the heads of darkness

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a little airsick, airborne at last, mind the back, archives have to be searched for more to save, a funny-smiling face, and Greenland is pouring water in the heads of darkness.

FB 261013 Jette 1

FB 261013 Jette 2

FB 261013 Jette 3

FB 261013 Jette 4

FB 261013 Jette 5

FB 261013 Jette 6

FB 261013 Jette 7

FB 261013 Jette 8

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I sent this “thank you for yesterday” email to Isabelle and Niklas, which people always become happy to receive (instead of hearing nothing) and told them that I was happy to meet their friends and Isabelle’s family, and how superb the party had been. Later, Niklas replied that they were happy about the arrangement too, and also that they would write my mother and John to clear up the situation from the party.

FB 261013 til Niklas Isabelle

FB 261013 til Niklas Isabelle 2

  • Mohammed from the Information to the Danish People Facebook group did NOT like what I write on my website about Islam being an invention of the Catholic Church, and he “taught “me that “this does not fit”, and it led to a dialogue about what he felt/believed/would like to be the truth instead of doing what it takes to understand and have faith, which is openness, hard work and cleverness and if you “cannot” bring this, you will end up “guessing” and “I believe”, and there is really nothing more “killing” attitude than this, which is the “sickness” of people everywhere claiming to know, but really only “feel/mean”, and no, I do NOT like people acting like this when they can do so much better.

FB 261013 Mohammed

FB 261013 Mohammed 2

FB 261013 Mohammed 3

  • As usual I have to “punk” especially two of my LTO friends – Elijah and John – to communicate, which they simply “cannot” because of laziness and lack of consideration, and I do hope to be hearing from this month, but I would not be surprised that I do not hear from John and Elijah, who “cannot” pull themselves together, and normally I hear from Meshack, but I have not yet this month?

Til LTO 261013

  • The “international playboy” and financial criminal – a man without conscience – Klaus Riskær was not out many minutes from jail before he started using of his MUCH money, which his creditors never saw (where have you hidden them, Klaus?) and lived a jet-set life in Mexico for some weeks, flew 1st class (?), and he here speaks of international debt, and Thomas brings Costa del Sol by C.V. Jørgensen, which is where the worst darkness comes from, and this is what Klaus shows the most clearly via his wrong actions.

FB 261013 Riskær

  • This is to show just how emotionally callous and SICK that Theis is laughing and becoming happy about the reality star Gustav, who was brutally attacked by people, who don’t like him because of how he is and because he is homo-sexual, and when he said that he believes that the attacker should receive a medal for doing this, he received 23 “likes”, and yes these people are EMOTIONALLY SICK/COLD people – just like German soldiers harassing and gassing Jews only because they were Jews.

FB 261013 Theis

FB 261013 Theis 2


27th October: Going through the WORST sufferings to transfer and unite all new life with existing life – we are now ONE

Dreaming of receiving an even more magnificent view/creation/life

I went to bed at 23.20 and was awakened at 02.20 to start working (!) after receiving this dream.

  • I am working with Kim and Pernille S. and also Helle Aa., and we have just changed offices at one fine place at the marina/promenade to an even finer place with a MAGNIFICENT panorama view from the office all over the sea including a small lake right in front of it and some trees, it is the most beautiful view I have seen, and I am working in this office with Helle Aa. I have driven there in a little red Opel and am now changing car here. Kim S. is stressing a temp working on the telephone making her cry, and he is temper because she has given a price in Danish Kroner without including the Øre (decimals).
    • Creation/life was great before adding this new life, and now it is even better.

Going through the WORST sufferings to transfer and unite all new life with existing life – we are now ONE

We were lost long ago.

I was shown that now we only have the bomb itself remaining – behind Niklas’ door (the door he received at his party), and I was told here at 02.20 that there is nothing to do, we have nothing more to bring.

Again I was asked to stand up and write the script of yesterday, and this time I was so incredible tired that I “could not”, but still I decided to pull myself together and to stand up and do it.

Do we need assistance from a lawyer now, Stig (?) – no, you will never get the approval. Dismantle the bomb!

So what do you do when you wear the new watch and he doesn’t want to become his new self because there is a little more to do (?), do you accept or …..? This is the question now and we have an answer, we will not like you for what you have done, we will ….

Do you know what we have just found on the Town Square Hall (?) – something very old, not divided by Pernille S. meaning that it is still intact and yes you can bring this too but it requires that you stay awake …., and we know, you cannot.

Who will run out being the first to tell him? We have returned to the first supermarket of all – I see the Superbest supermarket next to Karen in Rungsted.

Did you check the temperature on that cake (?), yes, it is perfectly baked and finished as you asked for.

So what will happen when I go to sleep again?

Did he have a ring on his little finger (?) with the feeling no.

No, we haven’t been to Kenya but he has promised us to ….. (is this remaining “life”, which cannot become life speaking?)

No, Nasdaq (stock market) has not discovered you yet, they continue working as they use to.

No, you are not a gay in the closet.

No, we cannot make trouble now.

We were all nervous about whether or not you had enough energy to pay the rent for all of this life, and this is what is now coming to an end, this is the meaning of the work you do this night too.

Why don’t you take a piece of chocolate (selfishness) then (?), and instead I see a piece of marzipan (never give up), and this is also part of this game.

No, it is Stig, who keeps being parked outside there sitting in his car, he refuses to give up and come with us.

This is also built with love of Bikuben (previous Danish savings bank), i.e. of Ole to your mother, and yes there is still an old Bikuben advertising sign on Nørreport, which I showed my mother when we were in Copenhagen some weeks ago, which brought feelings up in her.

I was shown a rolling pumpkin on the street and felt that this is Buddha coming in, and I was shown a man walking on the street in orange, and this is Buddha.

There are no limits by now to the apologies that BP will give you and the world for being part of “the oil scandal”.

I have received the feeling of my old Fair colleague Tenna strongly these days.

How many are really missing you out there?

I continued working on the script until 05.30 where I did the first publish of it, and yes it was difficult doing with writing cramp etc. pushing me much and I had to do my best to overcome the greatest difficulties/sufferings.

And the colossus of Rhodes, Stig, was about …. – with the feeling “destruction”.

I decided to take some sleep here at 05.30 where I was so tired that I really could not keep awake, which I did until 08.30 receiving this dream.

  • An imitator of me is on live TV as one out of three people being interviewed, and ”I” am on TV because I am popular and have started being noticed in the public debate, and “I” speak about Danske Bank and their poor image, but as my real self, I am outside the TV studio and want to enter so everyone can see my real self and to send out the impostor, and I go through a café and lay down the wall leading into the studio where I meet the old sport-commentator Claus Borre.
    • It seems that I am becoming more popular among the secret network because I tell you the truth about banks etc., but still you haven’t seen the real thing yet, and no, I don’t know what the impostor is about and try this “wrong sayings of your mother about you”.
  • I am ordering a disc at Kim S. grill-bar, and no, not the one with small cats at the bottom, the assistant make it wrongly.
    • I am baking a cake, and see that it falls together, it is not going to become “giant”, and who’s fault is this, yours or mine?
    • This dream made me very sad because it said that I was losing life because of sleeping, and I received – with low volume – “teardrop” by Massive Attack only strengthening the feeling, I had done my best, but apparently not good enough. At the end of the day however, I was told that this came to me as a result of darkness and was not true, and I had to go through this play to bring this out.

It was not only a game changer my way, it also blew me out of course, which is darkness of the Catholic Church. Not least because of their spying on me.

Do we have the start papers soon from Jan – my cousin (?) – and I see a pilot on an old plane of darkness.

Henrik Voldborg also fought for you even though he did not have much, and I have been given his name some times the last couple of days, and later I was told that it is because of the worst storm/hurricane for 10 years coming in here tomorrow, and yes this is the storm coming against me because of my mother and sister “losing it” at the party.

This is still by far the best that has ever happened to me.

The last couple of days I have also continued receiving “Nelly” by Mauro Scocco over and over again for example the lyrics “we will come to Heaven when we die”, which was used to say that we have difficulties saving/transferring all of this life.

I am still given the feeling of a big black dog – and my sister – in front of me, there is more coming in.

No, don’t turn the Earth around now – said by remaining life, we still have this saved for you should I decide doing this.

Now it is more like it is not that important who will receive which telephone line.

And this is even though the beer is not expensive here.

The more you lay down in the bathtub and relax, the more you will kill now, now it is about doing as much as possible, and this is because I was so tired that I wanted to go to the bathtub, but I didn’t because of this.

Princess Mary is still with me to open the gift string.

This ship is not burned, it will go there – but it is said without commitment.

If you don’t mess up, you will finish this evening – including a new chapter on NGO’s too.

This is also what Holm prays for, you.

We are in the special situation that we have placed ourselves into the sea and want to bring as much new life here as possible.

I decided to cycle to the library this morning despite of how incredible low I felt, which was to finish the script of yesterday including short stories and pictures, and to work on my website – for as long as I could.

We have now reached the place where they carve runes, which is “behind this new life”.

I was told that these extreme sufferings I go through is to make it possible for Bettina’s Søren to make money and for Bent Michael to receive a fine career within Rotary, and this is what they have decided to use their energy for instead of reading, understanding and supporting me.

So we had the fuel stations set up, we are now bringing this life to these stations.

Do we have Cologne – the Cathedral – with us now (?), yes.

Isn’t it so that the English apartment really wasn’t finished as we told you (?), and yes if you had energy for more, we had planned to bring this in too, so it was finished, now we are just improving and expanding it.

We can smell the fresh sea smell now, Stig (after I had done some work).

Do you know just how much it gave for you to visit the Danish national team in football at Helsingør Stadium?

These days are INCREDIBLE DIFFICULT/PAINFUL to go through, and yes extreme tiredness and exhaustion are still key words and here to the extreme limit.

I met Leif and he told me that he had found a wallet on the street without money but credit-/fuel cards etc. which he was going to deliver back to the owner, which is about his role speaking about me with people?

It is first now that we are on our way out of our small apartment.

Had we prepared a grave in your kitchen (?), yes.

When I did the revision of my NWO IV page I was told that this was to correct what went wrong yesterday, which was also almost costing the life of my mother the other day, this is how serious her situation was.

It is Holm who made that airplane there!

First now we have become a dark horse – it feels like more and more life coming in – in portions.

I was told about gift cards/vouchers for the market halls of Copenhagen, and how many vouchers did Niklas and Isabelle receive of 500, 1,000 and up to 5,000 DKK as gifts (?) including many luxury items (?), and how do they feel today, do they also sense that you have “next to nothing” – but don’t think about LTO, I sense – and yes it is not nice to have “poor conscience” from your WRONG lifestyle, is it Niklas?

Yes, we have all been shipped into Sydhavnen/the Southern Harbour of Copenhagen, and this is because of your work so far today here at 13.20 when I have finished the update of the script of yesterday including short stories and Jette’s pictures, which I normally do at the library and now also a few updates to my website here and there, and the question is really if I am strong enough also to write something about NGO’s, we will see.

I have a little sad announcement, which is that we have not yet entered the centre of everything, and I understand that this is a matter now not of saving this life but of how pure it will become and if it will reach me at the centre before I will finish.

You don’t know my story at all, Stig.

Will we get the final word (?), and I receive these words together with a mark to my right ankle, and it is “to NEVER give up, but continue working” and yes also that part there on NGO, which I have started doing now.

I am given feelings about Hans and “speech about/faith in me” – with people at the party – and “it is spreading”.

Yes, your mother’s feelings about the gift voucher, which was not found, are so strong that she thought “it doesn’t really matter then, I have nothing to live for”, and later I felt that she believes that she has me to live for.

No, we have not said anything to him for one hour because he just sits there continuing to work, which makes it possible for us to send you “waves of nothing through you” making you dizzy/feel like fainting, and yes my friends all of your many Facebook posts are starting to pay off with people “understanding” more and more.

Yes, he still wants us to do “the absolutely most perfect” and to make sure that the final cake will be “perfect” and NOT fall together, and that is if you can based on what I bring you.

Am I just a carpenter, you say (?), and yes this is because you have decided to upload your “learning experiences” with LWF etc. in 2009 to a new page on your website about NGO’s for everyone to see?

Are we now only a stone throw away from Istedgade in Copenhagen (?), and yes this is because you have decided to upload a draft NGO website today, which you can edit tomorrow.

Have they all learned by now that you are not unemployed (?), yes except from one and that is your mother, who doesn’t see your work as “ordinary work” because it is “strange”, right (?), and no WRONG, and yes when people understand and accept you, what was “mad man activities” have suddenly become work, and is this also how you find it at the Commune (?), and yes just wondering and tomorrow will be the great day when I will say “goodbye for now” to Lisbeth from the Commune, and no, I COULD NOT use your “services” and “offers”, they were killing instead of helping me, and have you started understand by now?

Yes, we are used to the winter coming at this time of year, but now I dare saying that it will become the opposite with much joy coming to everyone.

Have we decided to do the best Cartoon strip ever (?) – also not least to the reactions of Hans after the party.

No, you may think that you don’t rule over all/everything, but you do, don’t you (?), and this also includes the Black Pope by now (?), and yes will you answer me no later than tomorrow, Adolfo, or is this impossible for you to do because you WRONGLY have people to do the “hard work” for you?

We feel like we are coming directly from out of Århus because this work of yours is giving us blood.

Who plays on this big organ (?), yes him there.

And here Peru is placed, which I would also do in your situation.

Have we received completely new bicycles (?), no this is not how it works here – life is very different – but we have received what can be compared with your bicycles/lives.

Have we been playing a role-play together – new and “old” life – to bring you these the worst sufferings in order to help out as much life as possible (?), and yes we have, and isn’t it really so “impossible” as it looked like, which we told you because of how incredible “down” your mother has been (?), yes my friend, this is what it takes to come out through the hole, which is to ask you to do the impossible, and yes working on the NGO website this afternoon is working at my extreme limit where work is not possible, but will power makes it possible to do some one step after another.

You weren’t put at the deepest part of your bed, were you (?), to receive all of this pressure of your mother and people of the party also required for you to do this work inside the deepest darkness, and no, people do NOT think about the consequences of their actions.

Yesterday, there was a collection show on live TV to “solve the Cancer code”, and I did not even want to watch it because it would give me a VERY BAD TASTE to see how the system still pretends that nothing has happened and fool people to believe that they are doing good to solve cancer when they are truly killing people, and I would have liked to comment on Facebook posts of the Health, Economy Minister and others working at the call centre to receive funds of people calling in to tell them about the SCAM OF THE SYSTEM, which they are all part of, but today I have been told over again that they do know that they are working on a scam because they have read if from me.

I was told about “MANY times Mallorca” – layer upon layer – and we have never known that this life existed.

Did we survive a premeditated murder attempt from Norway too (?), yes, but don’t say anything, they don’t want to bring it out, and it was related to Elton John and his song about Diana, and yes the British Royal Family did not want me to write about Diana and your involvement/guilt?

And this is what they have now completely stopped doing (trying to do).

It is mostly during nights they have been active, but they have also tried during days sending “packages” to you, which we have not opened yet, and this is now about new life and also to say that these continuous tries to kill me is sending me darkness making it possible to bring out this life.

The party was to show people that I am not crazy (“spadser” in Danish was used).

Isn’t it incredible that this is the force, which was built up inside of people for a long time – “there is something wrong with Stig – he is sick” – which was released at the party, which is also bringing me my extreme sufferings these days, and this was the only way we could receive enough power to set up this new life.

And no one could see anything wrong with me at the party – “we thought that you could” – but no, “negative misunderstandings”, you know.

Karen is thinking that it is not after all Stig only thinking about himself, it may be the opposite – which it is.

This new life doesn’t cost anything, but when I am still receiving incredible sufferings being completely emptied for energy (I don’t have), it is because of just how much life there is.

I was told that my mother’s attitude turning inwards – “I don’t need any help” as example of being “dumb-proud”/stubborn – is really coming to her as the sum of the attitude of the world.

I continued working to finish my script of yesterday and also on the new website on NGO’s, which was “simply impossible” to do because I was completely down where it hurts the most, and I continued working until 15.30.

And now I can tighten the anchor (?), yes this was it.

I was reminded how I received a “party-voice” yesterday because of how much I had spoke at the party, which I am not used to doing, and it was also a sign of “pain to my throat” symbolising darkness of people at the party.

There are no more pictures hanging out on the bathroom, all are out.

They are not created as “freaks”, are they (?), no they are perfect as you required.

I was desperately tired about to give up and to scream out my pain.

I felt Queen Margrethe, and was told that she found the balls for me.

No, we had never thought of having two apartments, this is what it was about – to unite this new life with us.

I was told that David Copperfield, the “magician”, recognises you because we show you for him everything he “conjure”.

Your mother bought you the “new” smoking and cannot imagine bringing me sufferings because she believes that she only helps me.

I felt Jack and armed forces, and are they about to register with you (?), and no, I do NOT “chase” Karen as Jack WRONGLY “understood”, I simply care for her very much.

I was told about others registering month(s) ago before holiday.

Are you ready for a surprise when we will turn around everything at once.

Pictures of you and your mother are sent everywhere around the Internet, and yes your mother is also famous before she even knows about it herself.

It is now me being the spokesman for those, who were judged outside – and this was the voice of the new life we have brought in.

Karen is probably the one who will apologise the most for not listening to you.

You are not the least crazy, and it took years for your surroundings to discover – pretty much (some of have not understood yet).

We had to create life ourselves, which is like digging out for a well, and I felt that all of this new life is now home with my mother.

I visited my mother and John at 19.00 – without sleeping first, it was a nightmare to come through, this is how tired I was – and after we had spoken about the party and everything around it, suddenly John was “pushed” to make a wrong movement turning over his glass of wine, which was nothing else than one of those small accidents, which happens, which you cannot blame people for, and it happened at EXACTLY the same time when my mother had to let it out, which was her “hurt feelings”, which FILL SO MUCH THAT NO PEOPLE WILL UNDERSTAND IT, and this was because it was “of course” deliberate that Niklas and Sanna “could not” read out loud her card and to tell how much they had received from her (us) as gift (it had nothing else to do than her EXTREME VANITY to receive “acknowledgement” – just like “Keeping up appearances”), and it was a “plot” because Niklas did the same at his confirmation and later big birthdays/graduation, and the conclusion was that “they don’t love me, and I will NEVER see them again” (!), and furthermore she said that it is “impossible” to get Sanna to understand that she is a “chicken mother” as we say here for her sons, which is especially Tobias, who is completely irresponsible also in money matters making Sanna and Hans pay much for him to bring him out of trouble, and you have to imagine my mother completely losing it making it IMPOSSIBLE for her to understand correctly and she repeated this over and over and over again with tears coming out of her eyes, and she was DEAF not being able to listen, but instead of being a yes-man just agreeing with her – as John did (!) – I told her strongly and straight out that this was one of those things happening which you CANNOT blame Sanna or Niklas for and YOU ARE WRONG because everyone knows for a fact that the entire family LOVES you, and this is about MISUNDERSTOOD HURT FEELINGS making it impossible for you to understand this simple fact because you don’t want to understand the same way as Sanna “cannot” understand the simple fact that she is a “chicken mother” having developed the most selfish sons, and she kept on saying “no, no, no, you are wrong”, and I kept on saying that YOU ARE COMPLETELY RAVING MAD (!), and this goes both for you and Sanna, and this is about strong feelings given to you spiritually, which you “cannot” block out – as I do – simply deciding to do right, which is to understand objectively and not to do anything so stupid and foolish, which is to decide not to see each other because of small details, which are unimportant, and no, it was completely impossible for my mother to understand as it also was at the party where my sister “lost it” too and could not stop speaking negatively about my mother and “I have saved her so many times, I don’t do it again, I don’t want to see her”, and yes these two people, my mother and sister, are the most simple minded people in this regards, who cannot control their negative and wrong feelings, which is what they also let out over me for years, and there is NOTHING I “hate” more, which is when the Devil is out playing, which people “cannot” handle, and it is because this is EASY to handle – decide to do RIGHT instead of WRONG (!!!) – and because I would NEVER dream about doing the same myself, and now I had to listen to this over and over and over and over and over and over again because this is how my mother is, she cannot stop, and it was one long stream of the worst negativity coming out of her as I also saw with my sister, and this is what they sent to me “knocking” me completely down with sufferings, which is what was needed to bring out this new life you know.

And it did not became better when Hans at the party had said that now when Niklas and Isabelle this year had decided to spend the Christmas with her parents, as they have, they will not go to Sweden after all to spend the Christmas at their derelict farm, and this made my mother go completely up in the black cross too – the corner of the goal, which I had to score through – because didn’t this mean that they were planning to spend their Christmas there WITHOUT John, her and me (?), and yes “of course” it was, and when I asked her if they had said this directly, she said “no”, so this was only “imagination/guessing” and no, I have no idea myself other than I understand that Sanna and Hans know that it is there turn to host Christmas Evening, so it is probably also just a misunderstanding of people who “cannot” communicate and “want to” misunderstand negatively instead of understand positively/objectively, and yes it makes me INCREDIBLE SAD/TIRED to listen to RUBBISH of smaller than kindergarten children speaking like this, and “no, Stig, I will NEVER see them again, and we will hold Christmas us three here” (!), and yes “mother, this is exactly the same as how it usually is when you and Sanna “cannot” communicate, and as time goes by, you will become friends again” but “no, this time it is different”, and yes how can it be so impossible for people to handle their negative feelings and yes LACK OF SELF CONTROL and trust me I receive even stronger feelings than them, and yes this was going back to how it normally was before 2008 (everytime having had importance for events of Earth as I was told), when the family thought I had lost my mind making my mother tie up with my sister as the Devil against me, and normally I am never on bad terms with my mother or sister, and it has ALWAYS been those two who kept on fighting, which is not least because of Sanna’s often “stiff” way of being and not being able to express joy and gratitude, and this is really also to say that now we are back to normal with my mother being with me (choosing light, not darkness) and my mother “hating” the Devil working inside of Sanna, but they will come around both of them, and yes I remember how I used to speak for hours with my mother speaking of her misunderstood and hurt feelings in relation to Sanna and afterwards with Sanna about her misunderstood and hurt feeling in relation to our mother in order to mediate between them, and yes they are COMPLETELY AND RAVING INSANE, which is what “everyone around me” is not being able to understand that I was sane telling them the truth about them making them “lose it”, which could have made me “lose it”, which would have become the end of life as we know it. And this was so strong that it was making my mother thinking about whether she would continue living because of this, yes MADNESS!

John has now received higher kidney figures again, which brings him the need of receiving dialysis again, and yes it is because of my mother’s “inability” to handle John often turning something, which could be an opening to a good dialogue into “negative misunderstandings”, which is hurting and killing John directly, and yes CONTROL YOURSELF AND YOUR FEELINGS – how difficult can it be (?), and “incredible” that you “could not” learn this in school as part of the upbringing of people the same way as you teach dogs (!), and I have often thought about how I could have changed my mother by giving her the “Fulton-method” of discipline if we had lived together as grown-ups by telling her the truth for her to understand instead of John being weak and a yes-man, which only made my mother even worse.

And even though my mother told me that “sometime you are dumb too, Stig”, which is because she doesn’t like me telling her the truth, she will start thinking about what I told her, and I told it so strongly to her as NO ONE can, and also that YOU KNOW THAT WHAT I TELL YOU IS THE TRUTH so don’t make up wrong and misunderstood stories, and I felt that this was about the Source of me telling the world of my mother that she is wrong, and I am the only one being able to do this, and this is what was also needed to bring her down for me to regain my sleep and to end my sufferings, and this was also the final part of the process of bringing home this new life, which was for me to break through the defence lines of my mother scoring the goal mentioned before, and yes to let the light shine in.

So as you see, it takes absolutely NOTHING for my mother to ”lose it” and to create a conflict, which is not there – and really the same with my sister, so what this is saying more than anything is that it is amazing that I am still seeing both of them after my writings, and yes because of love of the family to me being the strongest.

I felt Annisette from Savage Rose, and was told that she is still with me – as the sum of Danish artists.

During the evening, I received ONE by U2 – it has to be one of the most beautiful songs ever – and the lyrics “I can’t be holding on To what you got When all you got is hurt”, “Sisters Brothers” and “We get to Carry each other Carry each other, ONE”, and I was told that it is especially the sister/brother part being important and “carry each other – one love”, which is about my sister and I becoming one as LIGHT and NOT darkness, because I/light was the strongest.

So because of my mother, sister and the party bringing me strong sufferings and my own decision to take on new work – the NGO website – I will become a little further delayed, and my new goal is now to finish work in October with my book of October becoming the last work that I will do and that is unless anything else that I don’t know about should turn up of course.

Have we just received a visit by a well-known lawyer who said “approved” (?), which is about you having passed this test too. Otherwise there would have been no heart for me this time.

The cinema is now soon ready.

There is also another part of the Devil, who had registered, which is that side of my mother, who has said that “I am done with the Devil”, which is what the break with my sister symbolises, and yes my mother loves both of her children, but mostly me because I am light (!) – and when Sanna is the same, my mother loves her exactly as much.

Who will bring the boat into the lake?

I was shown a chandelier designed for candles, and at the very end we will put in the candle at the middle, which very much would like to be lid.

The motto for you was to “Slå først, Frede” (“hit first, Frede”), which was for me to hit darkness via my scripts before it hit me.

I was shown myself lying on my back opening my eyes and looking inside the spaceship of everything and I was told that when I open my eyes as my new self, this is what I will see, which is “everything”, but I will be myself as Stig and then here when I need to see everything.

We have now received a very big new black bicycle, which is new life having arrived.

I was told that the Japanese Empire has led an active role against the Catholic Church, and I see how this has also led me forwards to the gold of everything, ARIGATO my friends, and yes very close to wine from Burgundy too :-).

There are people around you on Facebook, who are placed by the World Elite.

Google Earth: The BIG family, hard work and beautiful art

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show generations, not really to separate anymore, the BIG family, hard work and beautiful art.

FB 271013 Jette 1

FB 271013 Jette 2

FB 271013 jette 3

FB 271013 Jette 4

FB 271013 Jette 5

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • “Life” has returned to Scribd after a few days being completely “terminated”, and everything is here except from the second last day.

Scribd 2710 incl 261013

  • When Kevin said that Obama is ten times worse than Osama, I encouraged him to read my website (again) also to understand that Obama is light working inside the system, and when he does “wrong”, he is acting and it is the system being wrong, and again he asked me to bring the link, and yes isn’t it amazing, Kevin brings MANY links about the dark NWO every single day, but he keeps “forgetting” mine and he asked what my website is about (!), and I told him that this is the direct road to the Source and that he really doesn’t need anything else than me, and me the easiest access for him was via my sites on the dark NWO, and the only thing he said after seeing my website probably only shortly was “Buddhism, nice” (!), and after this picture, a friend of him said that Obama is Anti-Christ, which made Kevin “like” it, and yes this is the story about a man being open to the dark NWO and practically every video you can find about it on the Internet, but he “cannot” read my sites on the NWO and “cannot” read and understand about me, and shortly after this, he was “very busy” now bringing MANY other links, so no he “could not” read and understand, and yes how difficult can it be (?), and no, he did not have patience to understand ……

FB 261013 Kevin 1

FB 261013 Kevin 2

  • I was sad to hear about the death of Lou Reed, which to me was about one of those sacrifices – like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and others – to bring us through the worst darkness, and as you have seen, these last couple of days, I have been walking on the wild side of darkness bringing me incredible sufferings, and this is the darkness that was also sent to Lou now “transforming” him to his new life, and no, I don’t know Lou for much music, which I have had difficulties to understand even though I have tried, but I love his album “Transformer”, which he did together with David Bowie, whom you clearly can hear on the album too (background voices and “typical Bowie arrangements”, and “Bowie-guitar” too of Mick Ronson) and this is another of those “one of the biggest albums” in history including such classics as “walk on the wild side”, “perfect day” and “satellite of love”, and yes the last is one of those where you can most clearly hear Bowie, and LOVE is what all of this is about, which is what will bring us all “perfect days” of our New World J. And even though I had difficulties with much of his music (it is not the taste I have been given), it stands clear to me that Lou was one of the biggest and most influential of all. He brought an end to bring a new beginning for all.

FB 271013 Lou og Bowie

  • Jørn said that he doesn’t care about who you are .. “don’t walk on the water while I am fishing”, and this is about faith of one man making it easier to fish up everything.

FB 271013 Jørn

  • Helena was offered to receive a cocoa milk and sausage, which made her say that she could easily drink one litre, and we know, Helena, this is a symbol of your darkness/wrong behaviour/lifestyle, and she even claimed that cocoa milk (Cocio) is my gift for people with hangovers, and Christian was inspired to say that it is a little like bacon, which she said that she needs too, and this is really much better than Cocio, because bacon is God, so just inspired speech again.

FB 271013 Helena

  • I saw Lucy Sutton, a young British girl dying from cancer, on Danish TV, and I decided to send her and her parents this hoping that they will understand and react to the message to save their daughter, and if I had the time, I would share the same message with as much people having cancer as I could. And it makes me incredible sad to see how they system is killing this young girl and with her, millions of other people.

FB 271013 to Lucy



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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One Response to October 27, 2013: Going through the WORST sufferings to transfer and unite all new life with existing life – we are now ONE

  1. Jette Uhlott says:

    oh my eyes are so tired – hurting .. but done again.. your mother is so spoiled.. ❤

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