October 29, 2013: The world council working against me to protect its NWO was darkness self, which has now dissolved


Summary of the script today

28th October: Lisbeth from the Commune helps opening “the bomb” of my inner self when repenting her actions against me

  • Dreaming of darkness burning, continuing my journey and saving life with difficulties.
  • I had my last meeting before becoming my new self with Lisbeth from the Commune and she had NOT received my new email to the United Nations, which made me use the meeting to tell her about the dark New World Order including population reduction to 500 million, “silent weapons” including HAARP, cancer, 9/11 and “terror”, the Catholic Church etc. in a new “best attempt” to make her listen/understand/receive faith, which mattered to me to save life, and I continued telling her that I have NEVER been “crazy” or incapable to work, which everyone VERY CLEARLY can see (until they learn about my website making them change their mind!) for example also at our party the other day, but still this is the WRONG diagnosis she and the system have given me working for darkness against me (without knowing it) with the agenda to terminate me and all life, which I had to go through and survive to save all life (!), and she is starting to understand that “he may simply be telling the truth” and to start repenting her actions against me even though she also made sure that I continued receiving my cash help making it possible for me to finish my work. Lisbeth has believed for two years that I could not be the only one being right and everyone else being wrong, this is what makes “mad men”, but this is the conclusion because the world was turned around making it believe that I was insane when it really was people themselves being insane receiving wrong feelings not understanding the truth as I told you. So the world (everyone) was insane, and I was sane.
  • Have we now for a long time pressed the stamp fully to its bottom. It is the symbiosis of my mother and Lisbeth, who both believed I was crazy, that is making us come out here, which is “us” from inside this bomb at the most inner, which is my sister too, this is what this was about today. And it was also carried by Lisbeth and my sister regretting/repenting what they have done to me, which is opening “the system” itself to me, which was designed to kill me/us. It is the system giving up on me because I was too strong for them even though they had prepared everything of their scheme to lock me up having the full political system behind them. This is the “mechanical place” of my inner self – divided as Sanna, Karen and I – which contains both the remaining Old World (now nothing) and our New World (now everything). This is “the bomb”, which was designed to explode everything I could not handle not expecting that I could handle everything and to come here, where there is no road leading other than my will power opening a road here.
  • No, I have NOT heard anything from the Catholic Church making me both sad and also thinking that they are the WORST slackers there is – what could be more important for you than to fulfil the prophecy of the church (?), and that is nothing, right?
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a happy bookworm, the green cock (the creator of the Source), out of order and then put together, heavy pollution is a “hard nut to crack”, night-party, South and North, bad conscience, beware what is in the hair, and hard work.
  • Short stories of short news from John and David, and forwarding my UN email to Lisbeth.

29th October: The world council working against me to protect its NWO was darkness self, which has now been dissolved

  • Dreaming of more darkness coming against me, still inside our New World cleaning up, and having lunch with Keld Heick.
  • The game continued about whether or not I am able to enter the structure of everything, and when I continued work today, the key was led to the key hole to open this door too. We installed the rest inside of me using the Shrine, which is really inside of my head and this will have to do when the Church decided to be cowards.
  • We started building the New World already after my birth in 1966 hoping that I would last for as long as possible, where we have transferred my old self (Old World) to my new self (New World), and the task is simply for me to shift over to become my new self bringing me access to everything and to do everything, which I will only do when there is a need to.
  • I was controlled by a steering committee having my sister as chairman, which has now given up its work because of growing faith in me – doing the impossible to turn around the worst system of darkness to make it receive faith, which was ended via the clash between my mother and sister with my mother choosing me (light) over her (darkness) and my meeting with the Commune making Lisbeth repent her wrong actions against me and to change side to follow me. This is making me walk right through the supermarket (of life) through the old to the new structure. There is now “nothing” remaining of the Old World and the Source, everything is united in my new self/our New World. Lisbeth and the Commune have made special reports about me to the council monitoring and working against me (to hospitalise me, use me as guinea pig, to suck out my life/mind etc.), which includes my sister in a leading role, and also the government led by Helle Thorning-Schmidt here and Obama in the USA making them and everyone able to read the official reports of the system about me and to compare these with my writings and decide on who to believe in (?), and gradually more and more decided to believe in me until this council has now dissolved itself. This evil system was the structure/system holding up the world itself, i.e. God/the Source, which I have found. This was my inner self/God working inside my sister (and Karen too), whom the world decided to use against me to protect their dark New World Order, which would have brought the end of the world, and this is what I had to transfer from them to me via faith of my sister/Karen/mother/the world for me to become my new inner self/God of everything. My sister was “God of darkness” and I was “God of light”, and we led a direct war on the world, i.e. our mother, who decided to choose me at the end based on her feelings that I am good and my sister is not. My sister’s realisation that that no matter what she does, I am – as light – the most popular with our mother is what is making hers and my reconciliation possible to take place. This is what is bringing me up to the spaceship of everything, which there is only one of.
  • I was happy to see the spaceship of everything flying above me in town with light rotating around and I was told that this meant “full house”, we have brought everything home. Later I saw another UFO, which first showed me constant monitoring of me as a camera recording my every move also using my mother against me, and then suddenly the camera is removed and then it showed its lights rotating around it giving me the feeling of relief/freedom, which is about the end of this council of the world and its monitoring of me.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show Mr. Sandman awakening in Egypt, the Lady of the desert, party again (?), wretch, an unhappy man, much activities, fill it up and let’s go, and Raymond x 2.
  • Short stories of the come-back of “the farmer” and Paula completely losing her negative feelings making her look like a fool to the world.


28th October: Lisbeth from the Commune helps opening “the bomb” of my inner self when repenting her actions against me

Dreaming of darkness burning, continuing my journey and saving life with difficulties

I went to bed at 23.00 and slept until 08.40 receiving these dreams.

  • Something about criminals, a 747 blowing up, the most skilled of them, one outside Russia. Bulgarian, Russian smoke, the last fire to come home.
    • I did not quite get this, but darkness burning?
  • I received extra hours at the Mørdrup school learning about bicycle, which is my interest to help Kim and four others. Big demands, not just a single Christmas tree. Spreading the cinema.
    • I also did not quite get this, I was TIRED and cannot remember the dream.
  • I am leading project work at GE about deductions, which Søren H. has shelved for a long time, and there is a risk that I will be dismissed as result. I tell Morten J. that he can be happy to not having to do this difficult work, and he said that instead at his new employer they have separated prospective clients instead of uniting them in groups to bring sales synergy. I look outside, we are in Albertslund and the drive in is incredible beautiful, and it says that we seek salesmen.
    • Saving life with difficulties also because of lack of faith of Søren H. – and because he was such a man who liked to “shelve” work he did not care about doing.

Lisbeth from the Commune helps opening “the bomb” of my inner self when repenting her actions against me

Mads – my old business relation from Dahlberg – keeps being mentioned again and again, and how do you believe that he is?

Is it so that Hans meets with Mette and others to speak about social studies (?), which I understood was to let people know about me.

I received a song about ”got married”.

You have made an incredible impression on Kim S.

We will help you to never lose any potatoes.

The ball is still round, isn’t it (?), yes, Stig has helped us setting it up so we are now part of it.

I was relieved this morning that the last true sufferings seem to be over.

No, we haven’t become married yet, which is what we are lacking.

So now there is no more trouble with your mother (?), and no, not quite, because my mother can keep on thinking and thinking and thinking “forever” about what makes her sad, which is also bringing down the world and me, and it can take months before she will give “absolution”.

Have we now for a long time pressed the stamp fully to its bottom (?), which is also because of the reactions of Lisbeth from the Commune to you, and yes I am now on my way to see her again, and I am less tired than I use to be thus making this “piece of cake” to do.

You don’t even have to wash the threshold when you enter here, it is already completely clean.

There isn’t any better bacon than up here, Stig, you succeeded to bring everything.

On my way to the meeting with Lisbeth at 13.00, I cycled the approx. 15-20 minutes tour to the Commune in drizzle not realizing that this would be incredible uncomfortable making me completely soaked and also “impossible” as a “preparation” to give Lisbeth one of my good speeches to bring her on my side again.

I was told about the Radio News and “the bomb”, which was also given to bring fear to the world to bring out “your best” too.

When I arrived and had removed the worst water on my glasses, hair etc., I was received by Lisbeth, and I told her that this is what I go through to meet her with the rain of course being a symbol of the extreme darkness/sufferings she and the system has brought me.

She started the meeting by referring to my latest email of July 2013 (my first email for the Danish Parliament and United Nations), and I asked her if she had not received me new email a couple of weeks ago (?), which she had not, and right at this moment, I knew that I had to “start all over” to tell her about the content of this email and the dark New World Order trying to make her understand/believe in me instead of believing that I was crazy, and when I told her that I would send the email to her, she said that she would not read it (!!!), and yes what do you know if you “cannot” read (listen), and yes nothing (!), but maybe she will be motivated to read it after all after our meeting today.

So this is what I did telling her about the World Elite believing in Earth not having enough resources, their plans to reduce world population to 500 million as consequence, to use “silent weapons” and their “Agenda 21” with “sustainable development” – yes she had heard about these words and also the report from Gro Harlem Brundtland as the foundation of this (how much did you receive for writing this rubbish, Gro?) – and I decided to tell about a couple of examples of these silent weapons including HAARP, Cancer and cannabis oil, which they have forbidden (knowing about how it cures cancer), the invention of “mental diseases” to bring as many people as possible on psychoactive drugs to control/pacify them, the Catholic Church wanting world domination, the small World Elite on top wanting to be rulers using the population as their slaves, and I told about how the world had been “brainwashed” and suddenly, she was given the feeling/thought that I used “dramatic words”, which “disturbed” her, and this was clearly darkness given directly to her, and I could only tell her that she did wrong focusing on words instead of the story (!!!), and as result I received even more/stronger words, which I then told her and also that this is needed to make people open their eyes to just how cruel it is.

And I told her about the “brainwash” of “terror” and 9/11 as example with the World Elite doing these false flag operations to bring fear to man in order to suppress man, and this “woke her up” because she had seen a documentary on DR TV on September 11 about this terror attack, and she concluded – again being influenced by darkness blackening her view – that both sides of the story was represented for people to make their own decision of what they believe in, and “don’t you believe that I am able to decide myself” (?), as she continued to say over and over and over again because now she had let go of her feelings, which also made it impossible for her to listen (which she could in the beginning of the meeting, but not right here), and when I tried to tell her that this documentary (the one with an American magazine on mechanics being interviewed, who lied so shamelessly much that the water kept streaming out) and DR TV is NOT bringing the FULL PICTURE (among others details of the evidence of a controlled demolition taking place, which they “forgot” to bring) of what really happened because they are part of this elite NOT wanting to bring the truth to people and you have to read the chapter on my website on 9/11 where all of evidence is collected for you to CLEARLY understand about this to be what I tell you that it is, she “could not” listen, and in her mind she had received “all information” for her to decide on via this approx. one hour documentary, and I had to speak VERY LOUD to her among others telling her that I have been through all details of this knowing about it and giving you overwhelming proof of this on my website, and you only have superficial (and wrong) information about this, this is the difference, you guess/”believe”, and I know, and furthermore this evidence is based on “thousands of professional building engineers” providing all of this, which made her say that “maybe they are wrong too” (!), and no, Lisbeth, they are NOT wrong, they are the professionals knowing all details, where you know nothing but are led by your belief/wrong voice.

And I told her that she was brainwashed herself because the media don’t give you the full/right picture, and what I saw was Lisbeth also here showing a better-knowing but ignorant mind simply because she concludes on WRONG/too little information.

I told her about an example of brainwash about Mohammed on Facebook the other day, who liked my website on the Catholic Church but told me that the chapter on Islam being invented by the Catholic Church being wrong, and when I told her about this, she received a completely wrong look on her face, and was shaking it because clearly this is “completely madness” because everyone knows that this is wrong, right (?), no, WRONG, Lisbeth (!), and this was only to show you how BRAINWASH over many centuries work making deceptions the truth in the minds of billion of people including hers, and I told her about the story of how I was told this spiritually and then shortly thereafter finding a video of the author of “Vatican Assasins” on Youtube saying the same.

She told me what she believed in, which is that her faith or lack of faith God (and me too) is without importance because she has decided to lead a decent life treating people properly, and even though she doesn’t believe in God (!), she believes that if God exists, he will not keep people out because of lack of faith, and again PEOPLE ARE “SO WISE” THEMSELVES THAT THEY DON’T NEED ME TO TELL THEM THE TRUTH (!), so I could only tell her that to her, this may be the truth, but life itself depends on faith, and if there is no faith, man chooses “nothing” and would become nothing if it was not because I could take on your lack of faith (and sins) as my sufferings to save all people, and if I had not been able to take on these sufferings, I would have been forced to decide “let this live, but not this”, and it would based on lack of faith of man self, so DO YOU NOW UNDERSTAND WHAT THE MEANING OF FAITH IS, LISBETH (?), and yes don’t believe you know, when you only guess!

Lisbeth also still “cannot remember/understand” why I speak as I do and “humiliate her”, this is not how God is in her mind (!) and her feelings were almost getting out of control, which I told her and also that I have given you the answer on this MANY times, and when you “cannot” understand, there is only one conclusion, which is that your hurt feelings are bringing you misunderstandings making it impossible for you to listen and understand the truth – and we can also call it DUMB here because this is what you are because of this, Lisbeth, and yes I ONLY speak the truth and there is NOTHING wrong with speaking/writing the truth directly – it would be WRONG not to do it (!) – but it you take as premise that I am speaking the truth about myself, the dark New World Order etc., you may realize that what you have done to me is a GIANT humiliation (?), and yes she may start realizing that “what if he really is” and then “what in the world did I do to him treating him this poorly”?

I told her about the party the other day and how I was sitting next to five people from Poland, and how much I love to meet new people from other cultures making me ask them many questions to understand how they live, what they like etc., and also sitting next to Hans’ brother and sister-in-law, and how everyone meeting me believes that I am an outgoing, strong and humoristic man, whom no one would believe has been in contact with the psychiatric system, and also how I keep asking questions with people almost not asking me any questions because they “cannot” and love to speak about themselves, which only makes me say about my work as a writer that I write about “how to improve life, work and the community” and NOTHING ELSE if people don’t follow up with extra questions, which most people DO NOT (!), which is NOT like what I do here meeting you, Lisbeth, where I do my best trying to make you understand because your faith or lack of faith is important (!), and yes, this may also help her to start realizing that I am simply telling you the truth, how difficult can it be to understand???

She found a sentence in my July email about how I ask to receive “survival help” because as everyone can sees, I work full time, and she asked me what I believe she has given me, and I told her that I appreciated her decision not to let the doctor of the Commune “attack” me, which would make her decide to order me on “medicine”, which I would not take thus losing my cash help, and yes I DO UNDERSTAND what you did here, Lisbeth, which I appreciate, but what you did to me sending me to the doctor and afterwards to the “crazy Alex” the psychiatrist was WRONG, and yes I also said that now you have a LAST CHANCE to declare me fully capable to work, which everyone can see and have seen that I am (!), and now she told me that she would not because it would bring requirements sending me out on “activation work”, which would make it impossible for me to do my own work, and this is what she now tells me was her motivation, and she might think like this, but you do remember, Lisbeth, that you were fully convinced that I was “crazy” and what I wrote in my applications you “simply cannot write/say” – even though it was only the truth – so you were fully convinced that I was NOT able to work, and she now told me that the reason why she sent me to the doctor – before the psychiatrist – last year was to make sure that I would not receive a coronary while working hard on my scripts, and yes, she may think like this, but the whole motivation back then was to do this survey and if it turned out alright, she would send me to the psychiatrist afterwards because this was PART OF THE GAME, Lisbeth (!), and yes I was CONVICTED as crazy by the system, and you only obeyed orders, right (?), and I told her that I understood what she said, but whenever I said anything, it went right through her mind without attaching to her understanding, and I asked her very directly LET US PLAY THE GAME CALLED “I UNDERSTAND YOU”, which was to tell her that now I understood her, but WILL YOU PLEASE TRY TO UNDERSTAND ME (?) – and here it was also words given to me in this situation to say that Lisbeth in on the game of the system working against me – and then I told her that activation is without importance to me, for me it is only about AM I CAPABLE OF WORKING OR NOT, which everyone can see that I am, and DO YOU UNDERSTAND JUST HOW MUCH YOU HAVE HUMILIATED ME FOR DECLARING ME UNFIT TO WORK (?), and yes when I asked for her to do what is right to do (!), she confirmed that she does understand, but still she would not change my status here as her “last chance”.

She also had “one last question”, and that was that she had read about my sister in my July email, and what was this about (?), and I started explaining about my sister working at the central Social Agency – working as a “secret lodge” for example like the Freemasons, Rotary or the library of the Vatican, which everyone knows includes “secret information” not meant to come out – and I told her that this is where they have the “difficult cases” including “dissidents” like me, which the system wants to control/bring down, and this is what they were doing, and this is how my sister was working for darkness with the aim to bring “nothing” (for life not to survive) and I was working for light and “everything” (to save all life), and when I told her this, I received “complete inactivity/apathy of my spiritual voice making it almost impossible for me to speak, and I told her that this voice is ALWAYS with me normally strengthening my voice, but here it was making it “impossible” to speak, and I told her that this may be because you believe that this sounds “completely crazy”, but here I understand that this is simply because I had reached “the heart” of the system working against me, and yes do you know about my sister working in the background as “the expert” against her own brother to declare me crazy/lock me up (?), and this was the feeling I was given.

I had told her earlier in the meeting that this information about the dark New World Order as I told her about is what makes most people hearing it the first time think that “this cannot be right”, “I don’t want to believe in it” and “this sounds completely crazy – ergo he must be completely crazy”, and this is what made another Commune in the same situation as here where they had a meeting with a man on cash help (Kenneth) and he spoke about Agenda 21 etc. decide to hospitalize this man, and also that now I do the same, and I have better communication skills both when telling and writing about it, but you have the power/choice to use force to lock me up at hospital or to remove my cash help if you want, and I don’t care, you can do exactly what you want to, and it made her say that “of course I will not do neither”, and is this because of the decision of the mayor and director, Johannes and Bjarne, who received cold feet not having the courage to follow orders?

I was encouraged to tell her directly that it is me being sane and everyone else being insane in an opposite world, which was really an answer to her logics during all of our meetings, which is “it is of course impossible for you to be right and EVERYONE else to be wrong”, and this is what people “knows” is the characteristic of a “mad man”, but no, not me, Lisbeth (!); and then I told her about how Big Bang was pouring out of the Source as darkness, and that it is the struggle between darkness and light, which creates room and life, and first when life is bearable having taken the journey from darkness to light, it is allowed to survive, and if you imagine darkness looking from one side of the mirror and light from the other, man is looking from darkness receiving wrong feelings of darkness making it “impossible” for “everyone” to listen/read and understand me, which I why I have to speak/write LOUD to break through this deafness, and I told her about my old self being the hybrid of my mother/the world (darkness) and the Source (light), so I am on both sides of the mirror being able to understand everything, so this is the explanation. The world (everyone) was INSANE and I was SANE, but in this opposite world, it made you believe that I was the insane because “of course” you could not be insane, which was really because you “could not” look into the mirror understanding the true picture of yourself, and yes you were giving WRONG feelings thinking that you are “perfect” yourself but it is very EASY for you to see mistakes and errors with everyone else.

I told her again that I would not be here as all if people simply had sent me donations, and it made her ask if I have received donations from people believing in you, and she looked at my July email giving her a couple of examples of people believing in me, and I told her that I have not asked people directly, and I told her that most people are silent and in the beginning because they believe that I was a nutcase, and since for not having the courage to speak, and yes, this is also working on her mind my way, and no, I did not tell her about the thousands of people of the World Elite reading me, which I have documented before, but all of this is gently bringing Lisbeth my way, which you know was “impossible” to do in the first place.

She asked about what will happen with our New World, and I told her about her original life, which will open inside of her (and everyone) bringing her eternal life of incredible joy and happiness without any sufferings (when darkness will be removed – as I here receive a déjà vue about, I “know this” inside of me from a long time ago), and also how it will be possible to change life among all layers of life (previous creations before ours, which are VERY DIFFERENT life) and also how a new fourth dimension will open bringing access to all of the library of God forever, and how I will become all life (as the Son as my new self) as the result of everything, and yes this almost made her lose her jaw, because eehhh “eternal life” – “do I really want that” (?) was her reaction – and eeehhh will you be all life of the Source (?), and yes are you starting to realize who you played the game of darkness against, Lisbeth (?), and how much you were humiliating me as the Source of all life (?), and she concluded that if this is what is coming, who can mind this (?), and no, you are going to LOVE it not having the imagination to understand what this is about, and eehhhh couldn’t you have read and understood the front page of my website as good as when I told you this verbally, and this should really not be necessary, right?

And I told her that this time around I am now finishing my work meaning that we will NOT be seeing each in three months, which made it difficult for her to believe in, and why is that (?), and yes if you receive a new job as she still encourages me to find (!), she understands and yes “unless something else may happen” as she then also said/understood, and this is what will make all of this system (of Hell) a “SAGA BLOT” as we say in Danish, which means “a thing of the past” in English, and this was also to say that the band SAGA is with me.

So this is what this “game” was about, Lisbeth, and you were one of the most valued employees of darkness trying to end the world and life self because of your “lack of faith” in me, and you may understand now why I did my best to “teach you” when you “could not” read and understand with an open and objective mind? You were destroying me and all life, but then again, it was necessary for me to go through this very darkness of you to bring out all life of this darkness without breaking down, DO YOU FINALLY START TO UNDERSTAND what I have told you all along, and yes TOTALLY DEAF is what you were, but still there were enough crackings to make the light go through to save all, this was what this game was about.

On my way out, I noticed a homemade figure on her shelve, and I asked what it was, and she told me that it was her daughter making it when she was six years old – she is now 37 – and first I believed that I saw the head of Jesus on it (!), but when she brought it for me to see, I could not see this, it was a dragon in my eyes, and she told me that it is a “dictator”, and do I have to tell you that this is a symbol of you, Lisbeth, and what you were designed to be as the dictator of darkness working against me?

I left at 13.20 and despite of the difficulties to understand, it was still a good meeting, and yes Lisbeth is a nice and “decent” woman, and you may understand that it really is also important for you to UNDERSTAND and HAVE FAITH (?), and this goes hand in hand and requires that you do your BEST WORK without guessing/misunderstanding, which I do believe that I have told you MANY times with the purpose to make you understand and NOT to “offend” you, and that is NOT AT ALL!

I felt the singer Elisabeth G. Nielsen as I have MANY times also in relation to your recent visit to P6 – both before and after.

Don’t we have any clothes to put on (?), and no, Stig, you don’t believe it, but this is about the symbiosis of your mother and Lisbeth, who both believed you were crazy and spoke with each other as I understand confirming this “impression”, and when there is now so much light, it means that we can also come out of here, which is “us” from inside this bomb at the most inner, which is my sister too, this is what this was about today.

Can you feel darkness of Lisbeth coming in (?), which I clearly could, and I felt that this is also related to my sister, whom she spoke about, and yes how much does Lisbeth know about my sister standing behind all of this (?), and is this why – when I explained her – that “everything came to a stop” when I almost could not speak when I told her, and yes Sanna was working behind the curtain to have me locked up and this was why I could not speak, i.e. darkness which I was confronted with because Lisbeth was the prolonged arm of my sister following her orders ….

When I had finished and was publishing my script of yesterday to Facebook at 17.07, the electrical power shut down all over town, and I was told that this is because of my sister, who don’t want the story out that there is nothing wrong with me and that she and the system was wrong.

It only took three minutes before the power was back on, but I had lost some information written in the script the last hour and also notes from my meeting with Lisbeth to remind me when writing this chapter.

Before the shutdown I had been told and written about the system giving up on me and starting to believe in me, or regretting/repenting what they have done, which is both about my sister and Sanna, and this is opening to my sister being the bomb as another part of me working inside there.

Was it also something about “tears of joy” for you to come here too, and yes this is about saving Sanna, my own sister, which otherwise would be impossible to do.

And this is just what you had to conquer, the system self that I had sent to kill you/me/all (before creation of our New World).

The power break down also removed many of my notes on Lisbeth and the meeting.

I continued working until 18.00 forwarding my email to UN/the Danish Parliament to Lisbeth.

The worst storm here since 1999 hit Helsingør (because of my “uncontrollable mother”) late this afternoon with gust of winds up to 40-50 metres per second, and when I left the library at 18.00, I told Leif that I did hope that Jacob Haugaard had fulfilled his promise to deliver wind in the back on bicycle paths, but this was not entirely the case here, Jacob where I had to cycle up against this wind some of the road, which stopped me, and I discovered that the wind was indeed so strong that it was highly dangerous to be out in with the risk of trees or tiles to fall down into your head, and the wind was so strong that when lose leaves blew directly into my head it felt like being hit by projectiles hurting me, but eventually I came home being happy that no trees knocked me down.

No, I have NOT heard anything from the Catholic Church making me both sad and also thinking that they are the WORST slackers there is – what could be more important for you than to fulfil the prophecy of the church (?), and that is nothing, right?

You haven’t received many warnings that you cannot live inside of the worst darkness here (?), and I felt Pope Francis and again I was told that it was the love of my mother carrying me through.

So there is nothing we can shut down for Stig because he decided to go through the whole way bringing everything.

These three were meant to be impossible to go through, and what is now remaining (?) – we still have to close down this place where we placed the Old World.

We haven’t as much as lifted a finger to you – to warn me about the risk of losing life – which is that same as complete superiority.

Lisbeth was very much a heart as the one we had to use to open here, and with this there is nothing remaining, which will bring you heart attacks, only my new mother and her love as I feel around me, and we will now enter you, you are this fine mechanics and you are really with your sister inside this compound construction.

When I heard on TV that this storm was caused because of an “atmospheric bomb” (sudden fall of pressure), I smiled, because this is what is inside this mechanical construction, my inner self, who would have triggered the bomb destructing the world (fully or partly), and I feel Karen here too as one also inside here together with my sister and I.

It is like coming yeast into a beer bottle and to receive all of it at the opening (of our New World).

Yes, Søren at Dahlberg was designed to stop you, and why (?) – because I was more skilled/clever than him, who was considered the “expert”, but he was really a novice, and what do you do then (?), yes he tried to make Bo, who hired me, to dismiss me again before I received everything with me from them, but no he didn’t disturb me.

You cannot turn the key and close here, Stig, and even less you can leave this place, it is me being the bomb.

Nobody comes in here to your sister and you because there is no road leading here, but when you don’t give up, we have to open – not least because of the love of your mother.

I was shown myself standing in a bar where a bottle of Champagne is being opened, but still I am “depressed” receiving a drink because of feelings coming from my mother.

Your mother did not only give you “Industrial disease” but also “love over gold”, and yes both darkness and light.

No, you are not allowed to start me up yet and I received big smiles, and this is because this mechanical construction is inside me containing both the New World and the remaining of the old.

Does your mother think why you cannot come through to Karen (?) without understanding that it is her lack of faith in me, which is the reason I cannot reach Karen, this is how we are connected, and this is also how misunderstandings of my mother is removing my happiness.

And despite of this, we have almost not been able to keep Karen from you, this is how strong your charisma is.

We keep filling up many bottles with beer, which I was shown coming down from the Great Belt Bridge, which you have chosen to be open all the way through to here.

So it is Karen, who has thrown in the lifeline, when she decided that her love for you was bigger than to hospitalise you, which is also what opened to all of this.

And is it all of these including Lisbeth, who sits with information about you, which they have not revealed, which made it impossible to you to reveal their complot publicly?

We have now brought up the herring, and we just had to get you/us out too, but no, the wimps of the Catholic Church “could not” help – and this is how we could walk all of the way without your mother believing in you, because of your sister.

Wasn’t Falck designed to give you the fist big traffic accident (when going against me) while your mother kept on not being able to shut her mouth about you.

And how much has Karen not cried for you too because you were such a lovely guy, which I felt have given me tears too.

So it is you sitting inside there – with the New World having taken over everything.

How many times have you broken out of state prison (?), yes many times, but never from this, which is the frame of creation self.

We are going home to look after the paper mass.

Isn’t it funny that one second before was one hundred years (?), and yes also part of the Cure you know, and the most “revolutionary/dark/mystical” of all of their songs, but I LOVE IT, and even though the studio album is INCREDIBLE and impossible to perform live to bring the same atmosphere, here is a good live recording of it.

You will receive one last colour throw.

If you have come liquor on Hans at the party, I am almost sure that he would have said that Sanna has now given up, and yes no one has ever broken one of their schemes, but the system had to give up to one person, who was too strong to them, me.

I was given the feeling of Bo and darkness and was told that everything was prepared including testimonies to bring me in, and I was given the feeling of Anders Samuelsen from Liberal Alliance also being part of this setup as the whole political system was, and not one single of you have reached out your hand to offer me your help and I here feel the editor-in-chief Poul Madsen from Ekstra Bladet to say that this also goes out to the media and everyone.

I received a small heart attack, I received quite a few this evening, and pretty strong they were, and I was given the feeling of the Catholic Church – this is the same as Vatican every single time – giving me this because of their silence and then I was given the taste of Christmas bakery, which was to say that they are silent even though they look forward to new times, and yes, you must have a poor taste in your mouth for being such wimps, and who would expect for you to being so irresponsible completely ignoring me (?), and yes this goes out to all of the World Elite, NONE of you had the “courage” to welcome me and offer your help, NONE OF YOU!!!

Robbie Williams has seen you entering a GIANT cathedral, where there is a GIANT hay horse, and this is about the Dala horse, which Lisbeth has on her office, which I noticed and we spoke about too, and yes from a very nice countryside of Dalarna in Sweden.

At 22.40 I received another small heart attack and was told that my mother has “lost it” again – still too strong feelings for her to handle about Sanna/Niklas – and I was asked to write the Source of today as consequence meaning that I would not be allowed to sleep, but no, my friends, I cannot, I am too exhausted, so even if I would like to, I cannot.

Don’t disappoint me anymore because this was the secret key – to a can with herrings as I was shown – to bring me out.

We cannot get out properly if you don’t do this – no, I cannot, I am far too tired/exhausted, and we talk about critically.

You have not only a week to finish all, we have just approved this.

I was given the memory/vision of the kindergarten/ after-school centre, which was located next to Rypehusene in Albertslund, where I lived, and a corner of their big “driving range” where we could drive around in go carts as they had there (when we jumped over the fence), and this was some of the best I remember from being a boy, and I was told that it is a little bit like this (opening the memory) that we do to Thomas (Ole’s youngest son) now.

It means that we cannot yet open to your heart. It was Sanna that we wanted to bring you here, and the hole leading here is so narrow that you cannot enter, and yes we will see over the coming days, where I have a feeling that things will work out – and this was also to show that I went to my extreme limit these days, I cannot do more now (before tomorrow morning). 

Google Earth: The green cock (the creator of the Source)

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a happy bookworm, the green cock (the creator of the Source), out of order and then put together, heavy pollution is a “hard nut to crack”, night-party, South and North, bad conscience, beware what is in the hair, and hard work.

FB 281013 Jette 1

FB 281013 Jette 2

FB 281013 Jette 3

FB 281013 Jette 4

FB 281013 Jette 5

FB 281013 Jette 6

FB 281013 Jette 7

FB 281013 Jette 8

FB 281013 Jette 9

FB 281013 Jette 10

Ending the day with these short stories.

  • I was HAPPY to be hearing from John this month, which I really had not expected, and he keeps on telling me about “no email services” even though I have seen him on Facebook three times earlier this month. But thank you very much indeed for doing the right thing to communicate, which is what friends do, and I am just thinking of precisely what kind of work you do, where it is, if you like it (or not) and how your family is doing in a greater detail, which is what I would have liked to know, but this is “impossible” to get out of your Kenyans, which simply are “good” but “could have been better” and that is “no details”, which is what I would have liked to receive ….

Email fra John 281013

  • This was the latest email to the UN, which I forwarded to Lisbeth at the end of the work day also bringing her information about the dark NWO IV, which you may decide to read, understand and believe in, Lisbeth?

Email til Lisbeth 281013

  • A short chat with David too, and why don’t you write me, Meshack?

FB 281013 David


29th October: The world council working against me to protect its NWO was darkness self, which has now been dissolved

Dreaming of more darkness coming against me, still inside our New World cleaning up, and having lunch with Keld Heick

I went to bed at 23.35 and slept until 07.30 receiving these dreams.

  • I am walking from a train and cannot fly when walking with him. Sanna is putting out my closet, and one is kicking me in the bed.
    • More darkness coming against me.
  • I am working with Kim and Pernille S., Hella Aa. and more at good looking offices. I have a cheap Opel. There are advertises of our pension calculations on front of a newspaper, and to my surprise I find bowls including old and poorly smelling cream, which have to be cleaned, Kim S. does good work.
    • Still inside our New World cleaning up, and Kim S. still symbolises my father/God. Calculations are about saving all life, which is on the front page of the newspaper, which symbolises creation.
  • I received U2’s ONE again and the lyrics “I can’t be holding on to what you got, when all you got is hurt – one love”, and what does this really mean, am I losing life?
  • How to make businesses free of debts (?) – by running constantly without invoices/electricity.
  • I am together with Keld Heick and others, and he loves to go out taking lunch, which we do. I change clothes, Danes come out, old colleagues, I pay.
    • “Mr. Eurovision Song Contest man” in Denmark and on top of the “Danish top” (traditional pop music) too, and when having lunch, we are saving life, so another man having heard about/having faith in me?

The world council working against me to protect its NWO was darkness self, which has now been dissolved

Yes we have reached the pencil case.

We will have to see then if I can dig you out without having to make you people of matches first. The last remaining corresponds to Vendsyssel (North Jutland) compared to the world, but it is not the least important, so can we do it?

What if we come magic men into the matchbox and pretend they are them and say “blow them up” into right size that is, do you think we can make it then (?), and yes Stig knows that with a few days remaining only, we should be able to do this.

Ekstra Bladet will go completely over the top for the Vatican Church not to let you know, but still not good enough for you to break the silence too, my friends, and yes what an anti-climax, see? We would have liked to vote down those four.

No, we cannot get out now Stig, but we have prepared for this having an alternative plan? This corresponds to having no faith in you and the system in there is closed.

Was this why I sent the email yesterday to Lisbeth for her to receive and read this morning remembering what I told her and opening to this place again? Alright we will try again then.

So the dollar on the paper should be worth nothing but when people cannot understand the system, they just continue printing notes, which is what is saving us too – leading us directly to Egypt.

So the attitude of your sister yesterday is still the same today, you say?

We have not started sewing a completely new sweater to you, have we?

So there is really no snake in Paradise, Stig, it is just because it is a little difficult getting you out as a free man.

I was again incredible tired and without energy almost giving up work many times this morning – I have no more inside of me to give.

I continued working and eventually also started writing my chapter on the meeting with Lisbeth yesterday with MUCH difficulties because WRITING IS PURE HELL to me because of how I feel (and how much I have written), and I was told that we now see that this is the chapter, which will make it possible to open into here after all, and it was only because we had let your mother lose it again yesterday evening to pressure you, but when you couldn’t do this yesterday, we decided to let you wait until today and see if the key works now, and yes we do believe that it will, and I feel it being directed to the keyhole.

No, your mother is no hippo yet, which is the phase of darkness that she had to go through to become her new self, but you have decided that you do NOT want to have this phase at all, and you only do this when you decided to finish what you started, and yes “impossible” also to do today, but now we are only a few days away, and no, I don’t believe that new surprises prolonging this will come this time.

I still receive the uncomfortable feeling of darkness/life attached to my right ankle, which is what makes me feel poorly.

I have more in my bag, but you will not get this – and yes, let us see about that.

I was told that if I had stopped working around my birthday May 3 this year, which I was close to, we would have received a fine new life too and we would never have been told about the life, which we did not bring with us, and it makes me say that if I should have missed anything, I would like to know about this and to bring this later when we can.

I was also told about “do the most perfect as you can” (based upon what I bring you), and “perfect” may come with many levels because if I could have stayed awake completely without sleeping, we would have been able to do “100% perfect”, and now we are doing “our best”, and this is also because I am finishing work today, which I could not do yesterday evening, which would have made the result even better (?), and this is how it comes to me.

And yes, it is truly also a difficult day today making me dizzy as if I am fainting, which has to be because of my mother still not being able to control her feelings, and no, it should NOT be very difficult to do, mother, if only you DECIDED TO DO IT instead of becoming a “drama queen” completely unnecessary.

And yes, you had to publish your script of yesterday for this to take effect, which is to open to here, which I did as the first draft at 13.00 where after I went to the library even though I was also far too tired to do this today.

It is inside here that my heart is, which is everything.

I want to show you what comes after the master plan, so you have something to look forward to when awakening.

Michael Simpson spoke on P6 radio about their colleagues of p8 radio moving away, and that he would put drawing pins on their chairs because of this, which was “inspired” coming to you as an old symbol of darkness, and are you nervous too about having me as a regular listener (?), this was the feeling I received.

I forgot to ask Lisbeth about the dentist invoice yesterday, so it will remain unpaid until I become my new self.

I want to show you what has happened since 1966-67, which is since by birth in 1966, where I started up building our New World, which has not just happened over recent years.

I received David Bowie’s GREAT “she’ll drive the big car” and the lyrics, which was made into “just a little bit further now” (before I will take you home), which is about doing the very last work before we will get the big car of our New World.

He is not at the yard again is he (?), and yes this is where we will install the rest in you using the Shrine, which is really inside of my head and this will have to do when the Church decided to be cowards.

And was Lisbeth’s question to you about your sister to find out what you know about her and really to understand what she is about?

Is this to bring the milk right to the edge and without spilling, and I see how the pot is filled completely up.

Do we have difficult three-party negotiations remaining (?), and yes this is why you are still given now stronger again small heart attacks, and this time because of Leif, whom I am sitting opposite again after the library has repaired the computer in the two man room, which has not worked for a couple of weeks, and yes just saying that this is darkness coming from this “nice” man against me, but now it works again.

Have you told him that he is not a sapphire yet?

Have we increased and adjusted the salaries (?), and the feeling is that this is what we have kept doing since I was born, to bring more and more life/energy to our New World.

No, we could not make you decide to enter a porn cinema again (wrong internet behaviour, which would have destructed the world).

And is it so that in order to declare you crazy, your sister had to be the most crazy of them all?

Have your sister just collected a GIANT scrimp cocktail, and is this about reading about herself in your published script of yesterday?

And is this what is also bringing you many heart attacks today, and also cough? And has it to do with you being nearer to your mother again, and yes for Sanna to realize that no matter what she does, I am – as light – still the most popular with our mother. And this is what is making hers and my reconciliation possible to take place.

This is based upon my mother being ”deaf-mute” and only based on her feelings to decide that I am good and Sanna is not.

No, there was nothing more important than for yourself to go to Mallorca to put your mark all over this Island making it impossible for darkness to escape.

At this point I almost received constant speech about “nothing and everything”, which is darkness pressuring on.

Do you know why people are abandoning you now (?), poor conscience.

And this is what is bringing me up to the spaceship of everything, which there is only one of.

So it is really not about leaving that hole (of the Old World), but for you to remain here and to shift over to your new self, and do you believe that we are able to do this (?) with the feeling that it is “piece of cake” to do.

And what do we use this space rocket for? Is this only a tool to see everything, no it is your designed “consol” bringing you access to everything and to do everything, this is how it is “programmed”, and yes I understand that it works with the help of the mind.

Leif said that the end is drawing near, and he only meant the end of this month, but it was inspired about the end of my work, which is also the end of this month.

I told Leif that sadly Jacob Haugaard had not fulfilled his promise to bring the wind in the back on the bicycle paths, but at least the storm blew off most election posters in all lamp posts here, which symbolically to me meant the end of politics.

It is first here that you will enter the kennels receiving contact to everyone/everything.

And was this to make Lisbeth believe in me knowing that my mother does not?

This is also a space monitor, which we have only designed after your specifications, and yes when it may be needed, I will be able to see everything and to correct any errors, which may rise, otherwise I will not use it. And Karen will not get access to this, she will have her own responsibilities. You are not a vase yourself, are you (?), but this is what we have decided to bring the world via Karen, and that is the love of God to man.

I felt “strong potential sickness” of darkness just under my skin, which is what I understand is the feeling sent from Sanna to me.

No, we have not used a fire engine yet, and don’t expect to because this is only if we don’t reach the end, but you will and yes the plan is to finish all work October 31, and upload October to my website and library November 1, and then THIS IS IT.

This is what would have brought “It’s gonna be a long and lonely Christmas without you”, i.e. to use the fire engine, which would be to lose life.

And this life would not make it through to the cinema, which would make us very very sad, but if this is what the father (of my old self) said, this is how it would be.

No, we are no Space Invaders, and this is why this was a computer game approx. 30 years ago, which I liked much, and no, I have only played this game, pac man and a third game, and in total I have NOT used much time on this.

And no, we don’t need a notary to register that your last work day will be the 31st October because this afternoon you decided to do the summary of your book of October, and to end the work day with this at 16.00 and to decide using the last two days on scripts and to finish your new website on NGO’s.

With your wall sheet, it all becomes much easier, for you to become school teacher.

No, we have not found a refrigerator in here, Stig, and that is never, which is then what we had to create outside, but you do believe that we now have the key to avoid doing this anymore?

No, no one had what it took to bite off one of your teeth. This would be the same as taking off my clothes, and now we are putting on our new clothes instead.

You were not controlled by a steering committee, which had your sister as the chairman, were you (?), and this is the committee, which has given up its work?

And it was not because their credit card had broken, but because of growing faith, which cracked up their “business” with you, and yes doing the impossible to turn around the worst system of darkness to make it receive faith in you.

I received speech about how I would have decided what to live and what to not live, and this is what would have kept on bleeding until coming here.

I was told about the Russians having found the key of “nothing” – to eliminate life – and if they had only messed around a little with the lock, they would have opened up to us directly at the Source, this is how close man was to find us/God.

We do know … to throw …. is not located in Nigeria, but still this is where we are, and yes I keep on receiving “Nigeria”, so what is going on there now?

Did we get over this Golgotha thing?

No, Nigeria doesn’t have to do with bringing you a fat wife, or …?

You have also not seen your mother pouring out blood from her ears?

I left the library around 18.00 and at 18.12 I was happy to see the spaceship of everything flying above me in town with light rotating around and I was told that this meant “full house”, we have brought everything home.

I was told that the newspapers Berlingske Tidende and BT had the destiny to become my mouthpiece to the world, and this is why these newspapers – belonging to the same “family” – have been close to being closed by darkness for example in 1982 where it was close to go bankrupt under the old Berling family before it was sold.

I was told about the World President Bill Clinton and the wish of Putin to take over this position making him do as he did trying to overtake me.

It was therefore you moved to Helsingør in 2011, which was to come close to your mother for her to come back on your side and not the side of Sanna.

Isn’t it funny that different people in the same company, Dahlberg, wanted you as either director or “coolie” as Bo wanted me to continue being because I was not qualified for anything else in your twisted mind?

So it is me (you) with the sword coming – my new self – and yes I also sometimes receive strong pain to my feet lasting for seconds and still many small heart attacks, which is some of the worst ever today.

You don’t want to create a new government in Germany because you know that I am coming?

I was thinking that I have received energy from all over the world via the wine I have drunk, and also food that I have eaten.

I received quite strong and uncomfortable pain to my teeth and I felt darkness and Lisbeth, which came after I had sent her a new email when I came home including the summary of and link to my notes of our meeting, and this is what she/the Commune and Sanna could have done, i.e. to destruct my teeth/everything/the world.

I heard low speech about me not accepting my “old nightmare”, which is why we are now setting everything up, and isn’t this laid out like this via the process and repentance of Lisbeth via our meeting/my script and Sanna fearing my scripts and repenting too?

I continued receiving very uncomfortable pain and coldness to my teeth, and this is giving me my small heart attacks and not free to do, and I also felt Jane from the Parliament being part of this.

I received a sound to my kitchen and was told that this is us remaining in the kitchen, which is this system against me being the setup/system/structure of creation self.

All of this was planned when you were on Bornholm (Allinge), which I believe we were around 1988 (my mother/John, Sanna/Hans and I).

It is like walking directly into the supermarket going directly through the old structure, which at the same time is transferred to the new.

Already in July we thought that it would be impossible to reach October, but now we are here and finishing now, right (?), and that is unless you bring me new surprises.

I was told that George Schultz, the former US minister, is one of them waiting on me, who was part of the plot.

Do we still play Champagne football (?), and this is about Michael Falch, and yes we are, and what does he speak to the media about when meeting them when playing songs from his new album (?), and yes moi, and I remember another than Miss Piggy saying this, a man who said it and pointed at himself, who was that?

This is how we could continue.

I received big sneezes and throat pain, which are the last and I felt that this was because of Lisbeth again.

This is here that we would have made the world believe that the child – Jesus – had been choked and the world would go under where we would have used incredible sufferings of man to create the most beautiful New World, but you decided to take matters into your own hands also taking on this pain from man.

It is me being tied to your ankle being the structure of life self, i.e. the Source, this is how the game was.

Did they use me as manual for how to remotely control my voice?

Was it my reaction to Lisbeth’s question on Sanna including my spiritual friends making it almost impossible for me to answer her that brought her poor conscience (?), sure it was.

So this is a showdown with the past of wrong politics and a decision to change side from Lisbeth self to follow me.

And it is her, who is inside my kitchen cupboards – new sound. This is how we have decided to kick the dark football back to you.

The road here also goes through Yasser Arafat – the PLO leader, who was poisoned/killed – who was also an invention of the West as other Arabic leaders.

And now there is almost no sound to the kitchen – I was given a very weak sound – and this is only possible because of the co-operation with your mother when she stepped out of the co-operation with this council working against you behind your back.

I received the feeling of people of other civilizations and Vrillon – the voice of Vrillon was on TV in 1977 – and I was told that we (these people of other civilizations) have also acted as darkness because of the wrongdoings of Berlusconi, and this came because I was watching a documentary on DR2 this evening about the rottenness of Berlusconi and Italy the last 20 years.

I was told that the goat was a symbol of the Source being the creator of all.

I received the potential incredible strong pain to the back side of my left lower leg, which could break through and destroy both my leg and “everything”, and I was told that this pain comes from this structure of everything, i.e. the Source.

And this is then the part of me, the kitchen, which we call for mother (our Old World), which in reality is right here (at the Source).

You have not gone to the absolutely outmost limit again (?), which is where John’s kidney figures go up again, which is also because of his lack of faith.

You don’t first take Princess Mary out of one connection, and bring her a completely different place, which is what brought to the opening of Sanna and all of this council, which is also what makes all of us here receive you with open arms because we – this council – are all interested to bring you home to end our fake and evil system.

I saw a UFO on the sky from my sofa and hurried out on the balcony to look at it, and it first showed me constant monitoring of me as a camera recording my every move also using my mother against me, and then suddenly the camera is removed and then it showed its lights rotating around it giving me the feeling of relief/freedom, which is about the end of this council and its monitoring of me.

And isn’t it the meeting with Lisbeth and the clash between your mother and Sanna, which removed this system from you?

And the lifeline of Karen also leaving this system and many other processes brought us here to dissolve this system.

I was shown GIANT shoes and the lower legs of a GIANT man, and I was given the feeling of the tallest man in the world and then Hans Christian Andersen too, and this is my new self, whom we have been building on, who is also build on love from the Church as I am told.

I felt Danske Bank and was told that they are the ”world reserve”/head office for a new way to run bank business, and yes the media, banks and “everyone” is playing an act just waiting for their house of cards to overturn, and no one is saying anything publicly, and yes also my family, friends etc.

And no, we haven’t finished the report yet from the Commune to this council, which is done these days, and I feel more darkness.

So you are the same we have both killed (your old self) and created (your new self) at the same time since you were born where we were hoping for you to make it as long as possible.

Yes, it cannot be difficult to catch Stig, and yes they knew what they were doing, and the government too – of course they did not know that they would have to give up – and this council is part of the government, which here is led by the Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and by Obama in the USA, who herewith have been able to follow the official reports of the system about me and then to read the truth in my scripts, and who do you believe that they believed the most in (?), and no not in the reports from civil servants, who cannot be trusted, but in Stig, who herewith had more and more brought over on my sisde until this council has now dissolved itself.

We cannot overestimate what Karen did – leaving them – which shook them up making people to leave too.

And this is this inside, which was the structure holding up the world, and yes the darkness/bomb itself, and this is because the world had accepted Stig to loose his head, but Daisy still has hers on (listen to “Sorgenfri” by Shu-bi-dua), so she also had to leave this council.

Do you still want everything to be perfect (?), yes (!), and then I was told here at 22.20 to start writing the script today once again, but it was with a lower strength than yesterday, and no, I cannot, it will be tomorrow.

This was their system to defend their dark New World Order against me. They were mostly interested to bring out life from me.

I received the feeling of my old school, and did Vera – my old class teacher and Facebook friend today – also receive a call (?), and yes this is how they got Facebook friends of mine to work against me.

This is the grand piano itself, the structure of everything, God, this is the Source you have found.

You have not also been followed by Ekstra Bladet, who has had access to this council while reading you too (?), and eeehhh, who speaks the truth (?), no, it wasn’t very difficult to evaluate was it (?), and I here feel Michael Laudrup and I was at Mallorca and you were too, Michael, and you also eventually understood and decided to have faith in me (?), and I was shown “the blue dog” by Gnags and felt Peter A. G. from the band, and all people who are something within music know about your coming too, and yes we are walking with the dog through town, which is certainly not the worst way of doing it, Peter :-).

And no, they did not tell your mother or Karen that they were wrong, but this is what they will be told now through you.

Think that they could get your sister to work against you, and yes think if they knew that she was sent by me to help their dark New World Order, which they fell for, which is how the world decide to chose the dark side of me via my sister instead of the light via me, and I just wonder how you could be so stupid deciding to do WRONG instead of light, you should realise that darkness/evilness is NOT sustainable with life itself or had you succeeded to brainwash yourself into believing in “fata morganas”?

Was this the reason why your mother’s mother was so close to Sanna (?), and yes she brought her darkness and darkness is what my mother’s mother was as I have been told several times for a long time.

It would really have been star-wars times two – destroying two parts of us at the end of the world – because we were divided in light and darkness leading a true war between us, and I was thinking back of how darkness and light was working independently from each other inside all people, and yes this was the game between my sister and I, and somehow Karen was part of me also working on the same side as my sister.

What happened between Sanna and Hans mutual relation (?), which was enough to blow up the bank safe too if it was not brought under control by me via the sufferings your father brought you.

I received STRONG marks to my right ankle.

And I received a corresponding low sound to my balcony – as to my kitchen earlier – which is to say that we have brought everything from both the Old World and the Source to our New World without losing anything (I hope).

So the kitchen cupboard is the structure of ourselves, where we found life inside (the bedrock), and that is inside the Source self.

You are not just a tallyman, are you?

This council also controlled the wish of the British Royal Family to kill me, and eeehhh have they also written a declaration saying that we are sorry for what we did, but we could not bring our public regrets, and this is what your sister, but not your mother, is part of.

And it was Sanna and Karen, who were God of darkness, and you had to transfer everything including God from them via their faith in you too unknowingly transferring and turning around their inner selves from darkness to light, this was basically my task, and this is the life that we were willing to give up via the explosion of the bomb to bring everyone home, but of course not what was included of energy of the explosion, but as you saw, the bomb never blew, because this was my decision and this is what darkness of Sanna/Karen influencing my mother and the whole system against me was DESPERATE to make me blow.

They were cunning setting up their plan accusing me of whatever they accused me for. Remember that they wanted to kill you and your mother.

This darkness of your sister is what developed Niklas “taste for candy”, you know.

Google Earth: Mr. Sandman awakening in Egypt, and the Lady of the desert

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show Mr. Sandman awakening in Egypt, the Lady of the desert, party again (?), wretch, an unhappy man, much activities, fill it up and let’s go, and Raymond x 2.

FB 291013 Jette 1

FB 291013 Jette 2

FB 291013 Jette 3

FB 291013 Jette 4

FB 291013 jette 5

FB 291013 Jette 6

FB 291013 Jette 7

FB 291013 Jette 8

Ending the day with these short stories.

  • I was happy to see that Michael Bundesen – “the farmer” – from Shu-bi-dua is ready for a comeback after his cerebral thrombosis a few years ago, and I commented that no one knocks out a “Hvalborg” (their famous whale symbolising him), and these days the band are celebrating their 40th anniversary, so why don’t we play something with Shubi40 as they decided to call themselves some years ago when they made a Christmas album in English as if they were a white reggae-band, and almost like UB40 you know, and yes INSPIRED they were/ARE, so here you have a “completely crazy” but very funny WHITE CHRISTMAS coming :-).

FB 291013 Shubi40

  • Today I had the little extra making me decide to try to help Paula – still attacking Obama MANY times every day – to understand the truth, but as you can see, she “could not” listen and control her negative feelings/strong inner voice making me sad once again – HOW IN THE WORLD CAN IT BE SO IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU SIMPLY TO LISTEN/UNDERSTAND and for you to be as deaf and stupid as here too (?), so she first decided to remove me as Facebook friend (!) and I kept on receiving feelings of sadness coming from her, and why don’t you simply read my comments – and scripts – objectively, and yes she doesn’t like to be shown the world as a “fool”, but this was your choice as a result of your WRONG action, and yes she could have decided to follow me and my recommendation, but no ….., and not long after she had found the way to not only de friend but to block/abandon me, and yes UNCONTROLLABLE FEELINGS are the tool of the Devil, and no “not nice” to be told the truth when you don’t want to listen to and understand it, and this came because she now misunderstood me so much that she thought I was stalking her (!), and yes COMPLETELY OUT OF HER MIND she is (!!!), and this was after removing me as a friend not realizing that I still received notification of her comments, which I clicked on and replied on (!), and yes she totally lost it because of this misunderstanding of course as a symbol of Karen totally losing it because of her – and her surroundings influencing her negatively about me – misunderstand that I am stalking her, which all of you can see that I have NEVER done, I have simply written her 2-3 times per year trying to make her understand and to react to her true instead of false feelings. I continued receiving feelings of Paula during the evening coming to me because of her uncontrollable feelings, and it wanted me to agree that I was happy to get rid of her, and I could only say that I am happy not to read her incredible wrong and simple minded Facebook posts, and the next step was for darkness to logically make me decide not to save this life, and to continue asking and asking and asking, and putting the words “alright” etc. in my mouth, but NO, NEVER, everything is to be saved.

FB 291013 Paula

FB 291013 Paula 2

  • This is my new email for Lisbeth today bringing her the link and summary of our meeting yesterday.

Email til Lisbeth 291013



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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