November 8, 2013: The world is shaking/breaking down after my email to the UN with almost nothing now bearing it


Summary of the script today

7th November: Sending my last email to UN/NGO’s bringing the last of creation via incredible strong darkness coming at me

  • Dreaming of decreasing talk and increasing efficiency at work, I am not the problem, everyone else is (!), Lars Løkke follows me, nobody wants to do the job I have done, I am coming to the end of my work, darkness still obstructing wanting to bring me my “old nightmare”.
  • My last work is about being released from the last part of your mother (creation) for us (the Source as the spaceship of everything) to travel freely in space. This will become the biggest Tivoli stock/anchor (life) that we will release with the email I finalised and sent this afternoon to the United Nations via the Danish Parliament including the Catholic Church, Danish official Church, NGO’s etc. It was incredible tough/hard to come to this point without giving up. Much energy/life is released because of this, and let us see if this will be enough, and yes over the coming days. This may be the last piece of ceramics of “creation”, but truly the most important one. During the evening I was shown how this action is disarming solid darkness. Had I not done this and decided to release everything, I would have been put through a poor, false eye – instead of the eye of everything – trying to bring you your old nightmare to terminate this life, which is what my decision would be about. I will continue work for “some days” to receive and transform this darkness into light. I had to work fast the last couple of weeks so the moon would not fall down because of my mother being ready to give up everything after the “quarrel” (misunderstanding) with Sanna, and this was really an attack of darkness trying to bring down the world and me, but of course this was necessary too to receive and turn it around. At the end we will put the headlights on of everything. This was about overturning the whole world, which they had not seen coming, which what was required to bring this life to me. It is Karen bringing me this life – terminated inside of her because of her wrong sexual behaviour – because she is still pulled towards me because I have NEVER given up on her. The spaceship of everything showed me on the sky that we are waiting to receive fuel on the rocket to take off.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show distortion, the way to reach oneness, hiding behind unusual patterns, just speed it up, Prince Henrik appearing, a show room.
  • Short stories of Lars Løkke being a careless and irresponsible person, the Danish PET-Intelligence chief becoming “Pet of the Year”, 50 years anniversary of Espergærde Youth School, informing LTO about their last chance of communication, and I was also thrown out of the last (negative) Helsingør Facebook group.

8th November: The world is shaking and almost breaking down after my email to the UN with almost nothing now bearing it

  • Dreaming of people believing I have insulted the Pope, saving life before the house will break down, faith of Paul is helping me inside the Source – but first I continue work at Hell, now I need you more than ever (about Karen), and Tobias/Mia and Sanna/Hans not really listening to me when they continue living dark lives.
  • We will go for a tour around space without the state prison (when the last creation has been released instead of burning down, and this life – as solid darkness – never believed that we would save it) to inspect everything. Now we only have to bring the candle down to you (switching everything on). This was the most dangerous operation we have ever sent your mother on, which was to go outside (the Source), turn around everything (becoming physical life) and bring this home for us all to become like this.
  • I still receive STRONG pressure on my heart and DIZZY feelings coming through me as waves making me almost lose consciousness, but still I am working until the very end, when I cannot any more. Is this the hour glass that we are bringing forward to him showing when the last grain of sand (life) is pouring down? We are about penetrating (and saving) the last thin layer/membrane to the Source.
  • It is like everything in here is shaking, and this is what this the hardest storm/cyclone ever over Philippines symbolises, and yes “the whole gallery” of people on “the top” – not least my closest family, friends etc. – received my email of yesterday, and it is their feelings giving the dog (the world) a shake to release the last life inside darkness. It is simply the most dangerous part of my journey we have just gone through, but the world is still standing even though it is now very close to breaking down (nothing left to support it) – to be released by our New World, which we are preparing to launch. All of this was possible to do because I decided that “I can”, did it my way and did my best.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show good journey, the opening of the Great Pyramid of Giza, our New World – to take care, praying for Philippines, Superboy on his way, the way to San Jose.
  • Short stories of removing ALL HAIR of darkness, telling Anton to focus on the big picture and to grow up, Anton now believes that he suffered from a psychosis after his family etc. have told him (!!!), and Allan Simonsen survived harassment from “crazy about dance”.


7th November: Sending my last email to UN/NGO’s bringing the last of creation via incredible strong darkness coming at me

Dreaming of nobody wants to do the job I have done and I am coming to the end of my work

I went to bed at 00.00 sleeping until 08.30 receiving these dreams.

  • I am working with projects at GE Insurance and become unpopular when saying my opinion. I am also told that I am in top 3, and we have to see if we can correct the problems of this business, and I tell people that we have to change talk talk talk to work work work byt reducing talk with half and increasing efficiency with 1½. A man knows that I am not the problem but everyone else is the problem. Christian G. receives a price for improvement of productivity. Lars Løkke reads up loud my presentation from a projector on a screen.
    • Speak less but efficient, precise and with a target at work, improve productivity AND quality.
  • I am employed with DFM and Niels O. (my old commercial class friend) is offered employment on the same kind of contract as mine, which he finds too tough, and he says that “this is the work of God”. Some drinks beer and Finn from Brede Park waste his time. I have nothing to do myself.
    • Nobody wants to do the job I have done, and I am coming to the end having no more to do one of these days.
  • I speak to PFA Pension about their “flex-pension”, which despite of its name is not flexible because of internal rules that only PFA knows about. Kim S. buys 500,000 bottles of Portuguese wine of medium quality for the first time ever, and he sells it at a professional merchant in Denmark not knowing if he would make a profit, which he does, but only little.
    • PFA is darkness still obstructing, but still we have brought out much new wine.
  • My mother is sick but feels better, we are at my old apartment in Hørsholm, and something about Preben having installed something on my computer, I have many laptops there, and I am downloading porn.
    • Still inside the worst darkness because of my mother, whom however is feeling better, and the last couple of weeks brought access to many new computers/creations.

Sending my last email to UN/NGO’s bringing the last of creation via incredible strong darkness coming at me

You don’t need to show your red ”members card” (Henning W.’s old bus card) to receive access to Putin anymore.

Can it be right that I received tulips from Holland while freezing/sleeping (?), from your old “almost girlfriend” there, Karin, and yes this is what she would have liked, she “loved” me, but no, she was not my type at all, and furthermore she was married (but about to get a divorce, she said).

Therefore we have been prioritizing the late night owls – as I understand is because I decided to continue working my best right through this also.

One should think that it is China not wanting to open up – I see darkness – but it is not, it is myself.

This is about being released from the last part of your mother for us (the Source as the spaceship of everything) to travel freely in space.

You can also delete the Avenger, there is no such thing.

I still constantly (in periods) receive the voice of “you are not welcome”, which would be the easy way out for me personally, but no, it is WRONG, and soon this nightmare will be over :-).

This will be the biggest Tivoli stock/anchor that we will release – with the email this afternoon.

I felt Hans and surely you are not the subject of discussion between your sister and him (?), and no, they “cannot” speak out too and not even to you.

First it was about you being a liar – the conversation between my sister and Hans.

Erlandsen (my mother’s mother): don’t you think that we were ready to do the big jump (?) – back to the Source without life code.

No, you have not infected me with the pigs disease – well, let him just do this, and this is to continue my work bringing in this stubborn darkness at the end.

Anne-Mette K. Is not completely out of the game, which may be that she receives information about me from others (she left me as Facebook friend is it 1-2 years ago now?). And the same goes with Henriette and many others.

Strong darkness – voices, marks to my right ankle and disgusting small heart attacks – came to me at the library trying to make me give up doing the work sending the email this afternoon, and as usual I felt very poorly, and I have to decide being the strongest following my own agenda. And I would fall into this darkness if I just started relaxing doing nothing.

The rich man’s son, was this what Karen was looking for at the same time as receiving a ”simple life”, and yes impossible target she had in life.

You also like Hall & Oates, right (?), and this is what we have put the pin through, and this is of course about Karen and “man eater” except from me, her biggest (only) true love in life.

It is not easy opponents you have knocked out – all working for darkness of your mother/creation, but nothing comes close to the accomplishment of what you are about to doing.

Stig is embarrassing”, which is feelings of my mother, but soon no more.

I decided to leave out this (old 2nd) paragraph in my email to the world saying that I was only met by silence to my previous email, and it is now your last chance to react, and is there really no one having the courage to do this?

Igen blev jeg kun mødt af tavshed som reaktion. Der var ikke én eneste af jer, som havde modet til at sende mig blot en kort mail, selvom det ville have glædet mig meget at modtage verdenssamfundets sande reaktion, som er glæde over at slippe for jeres eget diktatur. Det er nu ved at være jeres allersidste chance, er der virkelig ingen, der tør?”

No, it doesn’t hurt as much now when I see how you are carefully preparing to send your email, and yes here at 14.35 after having added churches to the recipients and done several small edits to the email I will now start the old show about how Microsoft Word transferral to Google Email messes up, and am I the only one this happens to?

We are not still at the airport are we (?), yes we are waiting for this airplane to take off.

For days I have been thinking that I may actually come to miss my old word even though it has been a hell to go through, but then again, I will be my new self.

So this means that the burglary alarm for this place – feeling my sister – will never start (?), and I see the clock of a bomb, which we will get rid of then.

No, you are not really a prisoner. We are just coming out all of us from that place of creation from where you are/come out too.

You haven’t been inside of there for art, have you (?), and this is what the entire world will think was “impossible” to do.

Do you think that he will ever be tired of unpacking new gifts of life (?), no never, and this is what is created as foundations these days and that is the very last part of it.

I used some time also to translate my email to English and to write a following email to LTW in Geneva and Kenya.

Finally at 16.24 I sent my email – without thinking twice/doubting, which was a feeling darkness tried to bring me all day – and I forwarded it to LWF too in English as you can see at the end of this link.

I sent this message via UNHCR’s ”Online Contact form” – they did not have any email addresses on their website, haven’t you noticed that this is how people COMMUNICATE today? I wonder if this will ever reach the Commissioner, or has been censured a long time before.

Email til UNHCR 071111

Don’t you think that it stinks here too (?), and this is also “feedback”/feelings coming to me from people.

I published my email on my own Facebook timeline, and also to the Jerusalem UFO, Jette’s group, the “Crazy about Helsingør” (the “Helsingør” group has thrown me out two, which makes it two out of three groups, which “could not stand” me), and the Information to the Danish People group.

FB 071111 Stig 1

FB 071111 Stig 2

And yes, we know, Stig, it was INCREDIBLE tough/hard to come to this point succeeding to send these emails after having done “everything”, and yes I am now done with work, but I have decided to take tomorrow too, and to end with my script of tomorrow finishing this in two days to receive all reactions from this email and to do a little work here and there (I have some notes to follow up on), and then we will see if there will come “new surprises”, i.e. life which has not been saved/transferred.

You are not crazy, are you (?), and was it possible that you could receive this “diagnosis” via a court verdict (?), and yes it sounds crazy, right?

And this is the reason why it will not become cloudy here in front of the Source when you will return home.

I received diarrhoea at 17.40 because of darkness rolling in.

No, this task was not that dangerous to do – it could have scared me to do earlier in my mission, but with what I have gone through, this just had to be done, and I am wondering how bad many people now start to feel because of my email, and how much darkness this will sent me maybe destroying my sleep (?), we will see.

I kept on working until 18.20 also bringing my new email to Linkedin for all my contacts there to see and forwarding it to my mother/John, Karen, Vivian, to Falck in Lyngby, Rolf at Brede Park via Lyngby Commune, Oliver at A2B via A2B, Rune at IKU Helsingør and Sarah there who is now at Copenhagen Jobcentre, to Allan (from the library), and yes I did my best to spread this, now the world has to do the rest :-).

No, we don’t have a parachute arrangement for you in terms of big money when resigning, but much energy is released because of this, and let us see if this will be enough, and yes over the coming days, and if not, we will continue, of course.

This may be the last piece of ceramics of “creation”, but truly the most important one.

And yes I am given the taste of garlic again, which I understand is not just about me to eat but a message to say that this can also help healing people.

And yes, the RELIEF is now starting to spread, this has got to be the end to the hardest work imaginable, right?

And is it so that I will now remove the last feeling from your right ankle for you to open the door in here yourself?

Finally, at 18.50, I was encouraged to bring my email also for Helena (!), which I did like this telling her that it is never too late to read and learn.

FB 071111 til Helena

This was the last big football battle, and we are not disappointed, and that is because you decided to send your email to “everyone”.

One almost gets the desire to lift up the baby, but I see/feel that this baby is very heavy.

Don’t we have permission to carry arms (?) because of him there sitting there, and yes that is the man disarming the world simply using his ability with words, but now, almost no more ….

No, don’t lose a shot against him and I am shown riffles aimed at me, which are lifted up by the simple minded man inside darkness now on my side.

We would have pretended to shoot against you – if I did not do my work – without anything happening.

I spoke to my mother and she said that she has moved our dinner tomorrow, Friday, to Sunday, where it is “Morten’s evening” here, where we traditionally will have duck, my favourite you know, and she said with sadness in her voice that she would have liked to invite the others too, but she has not heard from them, and this made me write this message for Sanna encouraging her to call mother, and maybe she will or maybe she will decide to keep playing huffy deciding not to call because “it was not me”, we will see.

FB 071111 Sanna

You would be able to see with your sharp eye that something was wrong when we would bring you through a poor, false eye and try to bring you your old nightmare.

So he hasn’t yet been exposed to receive the death kiss from us?

This is how it would be if you had decided to release us before time. It would be to crush Mussolini directly out on the glass plate (of the Source), which wouldn’t work, and this is what we have been careful not to do all along.

Do you believe that you can bear working until Sunday (?), of course.

It is more a question about bearing a little yet, and to exchange us, the last pieces of darkness.

And I wonder what I will do only having work for maybe half a workday now that I no longer – except from some notes – have work to do to my website, and no, I am not to fall asleep as the alternative.

It means that the pain – darkness coming to me – will only reduce gradually.

I was told about falling hammers of darkness being released because of my email also receiving Tore S. from LWF (now stopped working there), and after they (LWF) have sent snow storms after me because of their sceptical attitude – remember that “none of them” could accept me on LinkedIn some months ago (?) – the situation has now turned with my public writings on their lack of a true humanitarian heart bringing these the nearest people to me (thus strongest darkness) home too.

When reaching outside my home I was shown spaceship of everything again showing me that we are waiting to receive fuel on the rocket to take off.

I was told that it was important for me to work fast – but still carefully – so the moon would not fall down because of my mother being ready to give up everything after the “quarrel” (misunderstanding) with Sanna at the party, and this was really an attack of darkness trying to bring down the world and me, but of course this was necessary too to receive and turn it around.

I was told in relation to Helena that this wasn’t a frontal attack at the worst darkness, was it (?), and this is where I had parked one of my big cars for you to find via Søren Pind, who could not control himself in relation to Helena when I first had arrived – becoming Facebook friends with Helena (after seeing her via him).

It is not just the biggest thing you have done, your new comment for Helena – replying to her comment that “it is an email about clouds, I guess” (!!!) that it is not, but an email to the top of the world including Søren Pind and I brought the email encouraging her to understand and not misunderstand – but also all you can do trying to make her listen, and the conclusion can only be that she really was not told and does not know about me, and no it isn’t everyday that she receives a Facebook comment from a man saying that he is Jesus, which she knows per definition makes him crazy because she has no faith in Jesus/God and works at the psychiatric hospital in Århus – as far as I know – where this is what they teach you, so “completely impossible” to make her understand, but maybe there is a little hole making the light shine in?

FB 071111 Helena

Later Helena decided to say – without showing the RIGHT attitude to read and understand (!) – that “Stig, hope you have someone to speak to”, ergo believing that I am crazy, and whatever made her believe that (?), and yes only a crazy mind can.

FB 071111 Helena 2

I felt my father, and at the end we will put the headlights on of everything.

I received a hard and precise out of this world pain to my right ankle (beamed from the balcony) including the most concentrated/solid darkness.

I was shown a place in Spain and was told that we have just gone down there again to clean up.

I felt Peter T. strongly with me, and received a constant hard pressure to my right ankle.

I was shown a tiny spaceship of everything flying around me and having a connecting to my head.

I was sad that after having done HARD work leading to my last email for the United Nations, I received almost no feedback and also complete silence from the World Elite.

So it is us from the balcony bringing you your new duvet, and I received the colour of purple, which is Karen’s colour, and I was told that she is the one bringing me the biggest pain in my life and her that you are cutting yourself into – and I feel that this is her feelings to my email to her, which was just forwarding of the United Nations email.

It is me with the football then, I never give in, give up to you, I will never return to you (Karen to me), but you do pull strongly in me.

This is like looking inside the motorcycle suit, who is in there, and suddenly I receive a STRONG desire to listen to Mr. Mister, which is a band I love, but here it is about the incredible desire of Karen to men, which she can’t get enough of as darkness slurping all life to it, this is where terminated life ends, the refuse bag of everything, and this is what you say, let me see, bring everything, which is then what we do, and this is because there is no one like you in her life NEVER giving up (still contacting her years after we met), and I am sorry to bring a song with you under these circumstances, Mr. Mister, because I TRULY like your music much.

I received the feeling of Gordon Ramsay and was shown one of the kitchens of hell, which is what is still coming to me.

At 21.35, the spaceship of everything was flying outside, and I was told that we just wanted to check to see that everyone is inside, which I felt is the case, but we will still continue for some days?

I still received darkness/negativity this evening, but less pressure than normal.

I was shown a gold chain around my right ankle, which was about Karen.

You could also have decided to focus on the love of the Catholic Church, which its priests show, but you decided to judge them as the Devil focusing on the main/top goals of the church and not the fine work that many of its servants do, which however is done based on wrong doctrines also decided by the top of the church, and it also applies here – as with “public systems of Hell” – that there are kind people working inside of it, and it is “the system self” (the collective everything), which is “sick”.

Your voice was strong enough to cut through to your mother opening her (to my sister) thus opening for a whole world via Sanna, which is just what we are doing now.

It is like a little ball coming to you.

I was told about Christian G. and Roland as he is director of in Denmark, and are you also part of the secret network maybe knowing about me from there?

So it is about making people believe in me, who used to ridicule me, and how many have now seen your as God for the first time?

We will do this start up of the New World at the most perfect time?

Eeeehhhh the spaceship of everything (the Source) is why Electric Light Orchestra was “inspired” to use a spaceship as their logo, which is why this band is no. 1 on my list and I gather that you do BELIEVE ME NOW (?) when I am about to steppin’ out into the STARLIGHT you know.

Out of the Blue

Something about overturning the whole world, which they had not seen coming, and this is what was required for us to come all the way forward to you.

I was shown my self at a tiny beach looking up at a GIANT man, who was also shown as Holger Danske/Ogier the Dane, and this man is my new self containing all life.

You are not one, who can make Helena’s world break down, are you?

I was shown a Japanese Sumo wrestler symbolising the greatest strength of darkness which you have challenged for a dance, and still your mother doesn’t know, and still you almost don’t feel it being at the centre here, and I felt giant life coming in but also how this felt as “almost nothing” compared to the endless life of the Source inside of me.

We are about to bring the ship on place, and I am shown the hallway inside of it with people sticking out their heads from a completely straight line of cabins reporting that they are ready.

Surely we cannot be inside of that pencil case (of me inside the Old World), and yes everything inside your small world, but this is what you “forced” us to do instead of opening you first (after the end of this world) and starting up, and it is in this connection that comments today of people have to be seen, who otherwise would have been dead. 

Google Earth: the way to reach oneness and Prince Henrik appearing

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show distortion, the way to reach oneness, hiding behind unusual patterns, just speed it up, Prince Henrik appearing, a show room.

FB 071111 Jette 1

FB 071111 Jette 2

FB 071111 Jette 3

FB 071111 Jette 4

FB 071111 Jette 5

FB 071111 Jette 6

FB 071111 Jette 6B

FB 071111 Jette 7

FB 071111 Jette 8

FB 071111 Jette 9

FB 071111 Jette 10

Ending the day with these short stories.

  • Several media picked up the story today about how Lars Løkke also “forgot” to inform about his “company car”, which he was obliged to do because the value of it would be deducted in his pay, and now it is turning into a “farce” with the game being that Lars is simply a careless person, who lack responsibility and cannot control himself often letting things “turn out” to his advantage, and no, Lars, this is NOT alright, and how could this happen with you have an accountant to “help you”, and yes did you get it LARS IS A CARELESS AND IRRESPONSIBLE PERSON, and this is the man we are bringing down the pedestal, which you wrongly had placed him on, and this is still “nothing” to what is coming, right Lars?

FB 071111 Kevin

  • These days my old “school friend” Jakob Scharf, the chief of the Intelligence Service, receives his ears in the machine as we say here because of stories of how he cannot control himself pawing lady colleagues at Christmas parties, and this is even more darkness being exposed, so HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THIS, JAKOB (?), and do you have a file on me, which you would also soon like to put forward to all of the world with your red ears, and yes “it was not Stig being wrong/crazy, it was us who was deceiving you all”, and yes CRAZY people they are, and this is how you become PET OF THE YEAR, Jakob, congratulations J.

FB 071111 EB PET

  • Jais is preparing a big 50 years anniversary party of Espergærde Youth School, and yes I would like to go too but I cannot afford it, and I wished him the best of luck saying that I also looked back with happiness on the days there around 1980 (even though I was also often lonely there).

FB 071111 Jais

  • Informing LTO about their last chance of communication, and I sent them my new site on NGO too, which David was kind to read and comment (as the only one yet).

Email til LTO 071111

FB 071111 David 1

FB 071111 David 2

  • People at the “crazy about Helsingør” Facebook group came with their negative comments as usual, and now they are “bored” with my message believing that it is “purely nonsense”, and after this, this group also threw me out as the last of the three groups of Helsingør, and yes there was no end to the amount of darkness/misbelieve they sent to me, poor them!

FB 071111 Vild


8th November: The world is shaking and almost breaking down after my email to the UN with almost nothing left to bear it

Dreaming of people believing I have insulted the Pope and saving life before the house (of the Old World) will break down

I went to bed at 23.25 sleeping until 07.45 receiving these dreams, and no, there is nothing as bad as writing dreams I cannot read the notes of.

  • Something about insulting the highest office, we have to play about it, four, Niels O. Follow up on Niels, a vital Christmas Lunch, a liver pate from a butcher, nothing more sacred, apparently – something about Jelling, what happened, circulating.
    • Do you believe that I have been insulted the highest office, which has to be the Pope (?), and I wonder what you believe the Pope and his church did to the world? And when writing this (“tomorrow” at 08.57) the P6 radio host says “a flood of piano”, and this is what it is about, this church was bringing the flood of the Source to man because of its wrong actions.
  • This is the best coffee in the world, not this poor ingredient you took, taxi taxi, I meant this raw material, and this man is in full dress and I manage to receive his business card with difficulties between two prostitutes. Stig, it is crazy, you have made your mother forget about the bag. Something about important notes, the Danish Social Liberal Party, running, don’t reach the head …, quickly up houses, but no fear of heights and feel three of four parts of a square about to fall down, but no.
    • The man in full dress was Martin Bigum from DR TV’s art quiz and this is because I like to see this, and he makes a big impression on me knowing details of what he speaks about (I like the host Adrian Hughes VERY MUCH too and his professional knowledge, communication and straightforward humour/courage to show himself), and this is the life I am saving inside this darkness – also of this political party – before the house is breaking down.
  • Paul (my old friend) is about to change bank together with his wife, and he receives offers from different banks, and he has agreed with the banks to finance a TV programme showing the process of changing bank itself, and they chose a cottage in Dragsholm too instead of a house because of the beautiful, rough nature (woods/mountains), which makes even Swedes believe that it is beautiful, and I drive up there myself during the night in snow, and I come to the first part of it, which includes beautiful houses inside the forest facing down into a small lake in the middle, and people are partying/eating – and I have no money and decide to go home again.
    • Bank is money/energy/life inside of darkness and furthermore the dream says that Paul and his wife have faith in me, and this beautiful nature is what we will experience inside the Source at our New World, but first I go back to my life in hell to finish what I started.
  • I am together with Karen and we keep on improving our relationship, we visit a nightclub where guests have been together with prostitutes causing a scandal. I tell her that the more she will get to know me, the more “fantastic” her experience will be.
    • I woke up to the lyrics “now I need you more than ever” from Rolling Stones’ “let’s spend the night together”, which of course is another of my favourites of them – this is the CLASSICAL Rolling Stones sound, which to me is the most classic of all rock sounds. And the dream about prostitutes and nightclubs may be a combination well known to Karen as part of her “offer” to people, and the dream about her is because she thinks of me.

  • Tobias and Mia are at a party being deadly enemies, and I tell them that it only takes a decision NOT to become enemies, and Mia doesn’t really want to listen, and Sanna tries to intervene, and I tell her strongly “no, let me speak”, and I see all of them including Hans walking their dogs.
    • Part of the game for Tobias and Mia to become deadly enemies and to make up from time to time as they do, and dogs are still “darkness of man”.

The world is shaking and almost breaking down after my email to the UN with almost nothing left to bear it

I was reminded that I also sent my last email for the UN to the Danish Queen and her family too.

Then we will just go for a tour around space without the state prison to inspect everything.

Now we only have to bring the candle down to you, and I received a song with the lyrics “we belong together”.

The UN would like to speak to you, but they don’t know how (because maybe there is gonna be one to save you, you know :-)), and yes let us bring this song once again, which this is about.

Keep close to the ground. Is this how we avoid forest fires?

Have we now broken up the code leading in here?

Are we just going to continue baling sand into your car, Stig?

Does a doctor keep reading/receive new homework (Karen).

Have you now put us all down into the gift package?

So this is the egg closest to the Source, which has not burned down (?), he is completely crazy the guy writing this (as I am told).

The logic is that darkness released via my email also has to be received by me via the work that I do for “some extra days”.

I continued receiving STRONG feelings about Helena all of this morning and a desire to reply to her comment from yesterday, she may be thinking much of me, but instead of doing this straight away, I decided to write my script of yesterday first.

I continue receiving small heart attacks, and also disgust to work, which was also not easy this morning because of tiredness and the potential risk of losing concentration because “now I am done”, but still I am not, and then there is only one thing to do and that is to continue working as I normally do until the very end, and no I don’t want to force open the refrigerator – losing life – as I was offered when I was on my edge again this morning.

No, the world has really not seen you cook for real yet, which is about ”amazing life” coming.

There is no school here, is there (?), and now we are going to show you the true children of Greenland (inside the Source).

And you know that the strongest waves of darkness comes shortly after an action of yours meaning that when you will publish your script of yesterday, as I do here in draft at 11.10 today, this will bring in most of this darkness, and hereafter the shock effect will reduce and then disappear, so therefore only a few days of work.

This morning, P6 radio was “on tour” to a record store in Odense sending live radio from there, and at some point the host Michael Simpson was “terrified” because “a wolf is standing right in front of me”, which was really a special kind of German shepherd dog, and I was given the thought about Simon Cowell from X-factor USA who asked a contestant if she doesn’t like animals, and when she hesitated to answer, Simon said “just lie” (!), which made her say that “I love dogs”, which of course was a “trap”, and one second after, the other host Carsten asked Michael if he doesn’t like animals (!) to which Michael said that “I love animals”, and this was just to say that he is knowing about me but being silent about me too, Michael (?), and if it had been up to him (not telling the world about me – I am here given a déjà vue of exactly this, i.e. the world NOT telling about me publicly) I would have received pain to my LEFT ankle, which I am given strongly here, and this is a symbol about the end of life – but then again, this is also what saved us because I would not have been able to survive all of the world to know about me because of the amount of darkness it would have brought me, so a slow spreading of knowledge of and faith in me was what it really too, but still, what Michael and all of you did being silent was of course WRONG, can you see?

I heard that we are moving around, bring darkness converted to light in, which is also still done because of the network reading your scripts.

So this was the most dangerous operation we have ever sent your mother on, which was to go outside, turn around everything and bring this home for us all to become like this, and this was your task to bring home.

I still meet Leif at the library, but we have not sit together for some time, and today he came in doing his “one-man speech” without asking questions, and yes he loves speaking about himself, and no, I do not love to hearing it when I am feeling LOW, but this is how it is, having to be patient, and this is also to say that even though I have been thrown out of the Helsingør groups and Leif sees what I write as Facebook friend, he still speaks with (to) me.

I kept on receiving feelings of Lars G. inside of me coming together with small heart attacks, which is what his darkness is bringing me.

We have been almost afraid to bring out your new bicycle, as I am shown/feel here.

I finished my script of yesterday at 14.00 today, and yes I have decided to continue working as “normal” even though this is also a tough day, and now it is time to continue doing some improvements here and there.

So Stig does not want anything more down this bucket (?), no BRING IT UP, and yes “faeces”, you know.

We never believed that you would come to pick us up on the pavement, and this is the last darkness of all, and it comes to me with a very depressed feeling, and I also feel the same depression with my LTO friends and they are suffering much too making it possible to come this LOW, and yes I simply love David Bowie also today because he has released his newest album in an “Extra” edition including (almost) a whole new album as “disc 2”, and no, this is NOT poor B-sides but FANTASTIC songs too, and take this “the informer” as example, which I LOVE after having heard it only once, now the second time when writing this (LISTEN TO IT AND LOVE IT TOO ♥), and I gather that you have “questions” too about faith, David (?), and if this is the case, I can only encourage you to READ and UNDERSTAND me – and to look inside yourself too :-).

“I’ve got major questions, About the Lord above, About Satan below, About the way we love, About the rule at the top, And the people coming up, And I still don’t know, What we were looking for, But it wasn’t you, No, it wasn’t you, NO, IT WASN’T YOU”.

I received a STRONG pressure on my heart and DIZZY feelings coming through me as waves making me almost lose consciousness and the feeling “do you have the courage also receiving this” (?), and yes GET IT ON!

I was told over again about the impact my email of yesterday also has on my mother, and can it really be that Stig is telling the truth (?), and no, not always easy to tell.

This is parts of my mother entering, who cannot even remember how flowers smell, and I am given a déjà vue of exactly this, which is about “solid darkness” now returning to life.

No, we have not been to that airport before.

Have we filled up the refrigerator or are we still doing it (?), and yes this is your call (when to end my work/journey).

Is this the hour glass that we are bringing forward to him showing when the last grain of sand is pouring down (?), and is this what I am watching now, and I see very few and the last grains pouring down, and yes it is now 15.45, and I am just doing a few improvements on my website here and there.

No, he is not going to the coffee farm yet, and yes he has just learned that my sister is “too proud” to call my mother – even though my mother really should call her, but when she “cannot”, I asked her to show magnanimity and to focus on making us all happy for her to call and for us to start seeing us again instead of the opposite, and this is what she is probably “sweating” about at this very moment when these lines are written.

FB 081111 Sanna

Have we just taken the ticket out of Hell (?), and yes this is the reason why, which is to make your sister decide to focus on “good” and not bad, which is what she has a tendency of doing, you see.

This is only the foreplay you bring in to him (?), and the feeling is that this is the beginning of the Source, which will make me speechless when I will meet it, and much more is coming.

So he walked right in to his new apartment in London even though he doesn’t have a key (?), and yes he was helped by me just thinking about doing this, which is then what opened all of this.

This means that we really didn’t catch the airplane – because you mother “could not” open up to Sanna admitting to her error – but when you decided that this should NOT cost us any life, this was the game I then made inside of my head, because of your actions.

No, it is not the least cloudy on the sky.

I was told about buildings and 9/11, and yes we are still working on Helena, which came some hours after I sent her my comment this morning, see the short stories, which she “understood” (?) but did not respond to.

FB 081111 Helena

At the end I decided to work until 16.30 today removing many of my notes still having not that many to do tomorrow.

I was told that Belgium, i.e. EU, was also not coming to me if I had not done my best work (to convince them).

No, we don’t keep running down the kiosk to get some “sportman” (Kenyan cigarettes), which I understand “helped” terminating life – before recovering everything, and is this what I did being on the wrong side myself, and gradually we turned you around (starting in 2006, but mostly in 2009) and with you all of this “terminated life” too.

I felt my father and was told that one of these evenings we will do what we did not think was possible only one month ago.

You also had to write about Castro, to drive the Ruhr District thin.

Who have you chosen as best man – my mother and what about it, is what darkness said with impertinent attitude.

So it was about penetrating this thin layer/membrane, which I understood is now soon “history”.

They were doing a fear campaign telling people “see what he became like because of wrong culture”, and yes the opposite world.

Of course you would have been protected against your mother if she fell down into a hole – if the world started to dissolve.

Did Lisbeth receive my email yesterday (?), and yes I also forwarded it to my Yahoo email and sent it from there to her, and I am too tired to cycle to the Jobcentre today to give her a hardcopy, and yes I received auto-replies from many receiving my United Nations email which again confirms that there is nothing the matter with my email, only with sending to Lisbeth.

I was shown and told that Helena is helping my mother to bind the sack of everything together, and I felt Tore from LWF, who is not uninfluenced on my email, and I have only noticed one person from Switzerland reading my NGO website (over and over again) after sending my email (to LWF in Switzerland, and Tore who is in Sweden now), and none from Sweden, and still I am told that it is like everything in here is shaking, and this is what this the hardest storm/cyclone ever over Philippines symbolises, and yes “the whole gallery” of people on “the top” – not least my closest family, friends etc. – received the email, and it is their feelings giving the dog a shake, and this is the Cure you know, and yes I love this one too, which you may be surprised to hear, but this is how it is, the Cure at their most “acid” moment :-).

The Vatican library has a file on me, which they have been writing on all throughout history.

It was also not very fun for Søren from Dahlberg to see that what he had used a long time before my arrival to set up without being able to make it work (using many people) – the administration of policies and claims of Income Protection insurance – you came in and set up immediately (helped by the employment of Rikke – trained by me), which made him fear you and lose his shoe the same way as many fear you when reading your website, and no, there is NOTHING to fear (than your own wrongdoings).

It was not nice for your mother to walk over the goal line all alone without you, so now it is only you we are waiting on.

The MP Inger Støjberg was on TV news this evening, and the first words coming out of her mouth was “This is a completely different world”, which was inspired to say that these words are indeed given you directly from our New World (playing our Old World until I finish work), and no, you don’t really have a heart towards weak people, do you Inger? (Watch the interview with her).

It is simply the most dangerous we have just gone through. In other words, the world is still standing.

It is me then – from the balcony – bringing you your school bag, which we haven’t been to yet.

I was shown a big snake at the operation table being opened, and in reality we are only a small part of the eternal lifeline, and this is what we decided to do with this (creating physical life via darkness).

It is yourself, who is …., and I received the taste and feeling of receiving gasoline in my head, and this is the rocket we are preparing for launch.

Cooking, cleaning and washing is also counting as work of my journey – to keep a “normal life” making everything “perfect” – and no, everything is not perfect here, as example I don’t vacuum as often as I would like, but the big picture is that I am happy with the level of cleaning that I keep under the circumstances, and yes we had to clean the windows some weeks ago to being able to come here.

I watched “Crazy about dance” on TV2, and the judge Britt told the dances Thomas and Mathilde something about the dramatic ending and a kiss, which she liked, and this is about “the kiss of death”, which is really what darkness still wants to bring me to eliminate the last grains of sand.

Thomas had decided to tell Mathilde when practising that he did not want to listen to her repeated “I am sorry”, and he taught her to say “I can”, and when the changed attitude believing in herself, she really could, and after their dance, the judge Jens said that when you believe that “I can”, wonders happen, and this is about what I did myself following the same words of Obama – “I can” – and then I really could and yes winning over MUCH stronger darkness you know.

I received the feeling of an old friend of mine, Nicole (as I have some times by now), who was the friend of Lani, and they lived together on Vesterbrogade in Copenhagen in the beginning of the 1990’s.

That restaurant in Nyhavn, Copenhagen, is bewitched, and this is about the Restaurant Den Sorte Ravn (“the Black Raven”) I visited three times within a few weeks in 2005 with three different ladies, Lisbeth, Karen and Henriette if I remember correctly, and yes this was about darkness as the name indicates, and yes I have been there also with Søren H. and Fair maybe 2-3 times.

After Allan Simonsen had danced, he said that in the beginning he had no tool box with him, but now he has some more in the box, and this was inspired with “tool box” being the tool box of everything of the Source.

I was told that we have expanded the limits of what is possible to look at from the opposite gender of our New World because of what I have been watching on the Internet, which has NOT been about porn (at all!) or even nudity (since I many months ago was told that this is “no go”), but let us say “wrong attitude” of people not having much clothes on, and especially a couple of videos the last days have been “over the limit”, but I was also told that this is nothing compared to what I have been watching before (including nude content as long as I thought this was fine, and yes I have been going through a “gradual reduction scheme” for years of what is proper to watch).

After Uffe had danced, Jens told him that he loves his attitude and how long this will bring him – being unimpressed having a “no nonsense” approach, “now we will do this, the worst that can happen is that it goes wrong” and doing his very best, which I have also told you about before, and he praised him for his “lovely feet”, and this was also inspired about my attitude doing the same with feet being “life”, but Jens also said that “this is where the film breaks a little” and then he turned around asking his fellow judge “Anne, can I borrow your body” (?) and then he showed what it was about, but what it truly was about was to say that I almost made the film of this last act break because of these couple of videos that I decided to see, which was “too close” to what I find is good for people to watch as my inner self says.

Afterwards Uffe said that his mother tells him that he has lovely feet while his father asks him why he doesn’t lose weight when dancing as much as he does, which again is about me and my weight problems.

Britt told Uffe that “you are insanely likeable”, and I felt Helena, which is about her being torn about whether I am insane or likeable?

I had difficulties remembering names of people, which simply did not come to me (for example I much liked the song by Grace Jones, which they played, and when I tried to remember her name, I kept on (actively) receiving the name of Gloria Gaynor before Grace’ name came to me after maybe 15 minutes), and this is about severe difficulties bringing out the last life/grains of sand.

This was followed by the dancers Mads and Claudia pushing their knees together, which made Claudia twist her ankle hurting her very much (she went to the hospital later), and it made one of the judges speak of these knees as if they were a shock absorber on a car not working, and this was a reference to my old Ford Cortina from 1968, which we drove in on the big land of Allan’s parents around 1980/81 (as one of several cars there), and besides from having the gasoline tank stolen, it also had its shock absorber physically break through the right side of the chassis, which I now understand was a symbol of the world self collapsing, and this is what this dance was about, which is my watching of these few videos, which was close to bring the remaining (“nothing”) of the Old World to break down, but still we are driving, so we have come through this too and yes because I am also saying that “everything has to be perfect”, so we pretend doing this (even though we are elsewhere!).

Mathilde said that she has “let go” (“give los” in Danish) and something about “nuts” (“gak” in Danish) with “los” also being the Danish name of a lynx, and this was a reference to “who wants to be millionaire” the other day about a question of a lynx having BIG EARS, and here to say that they are speaking about me at “Crazy about dance” and there are also people there simply believing – without knowing what they speak of – that I am “nuts”, so there you have it too, and yes there are still coming in more grains of sand as we call it here, and this is coming to me because Uffe said – after a long dance making him exhausted – that “I have Sahara in my mouth now” (!), and what a thing to say if you are not inspired, and inspired he was because this is about the “almost eternity of life”, which we have saved via my journey, and as mentioned, it is now only the last few grains of sand, which we are bringing in, and this is what this dance show and their “sceptical attitude” is helping to bring me too (when sending darkness to me because of this reason).

And Uffe won this exhausting dance, which was a collective dance in direct competition with the other dance couples, and he said that he had simply improvised and then decided to do his best, which was good enough to win, and again he was a symbol of me deciding to do exactly the same “improvising” my work and deciding to do my best, which was “good enough”.

During the evening, I was constantly receiving thoughts about Helena which is about her thinking of me, and yes she is not very strong apparently thinking much about what I wrote her as my last comment.

This evening I was also completely without energy still receiving negativity and pressure of darkness making me very close to give up constantly – this is still hell, and NOT nice at all.

Isn’t it so that they wanted to erase you from the world map – deleting my public identify – but to keep you alive locked up at mental hospital using me for psychoactive drugs and reproduction tests without the knowledge of the world community (?), and yes this is given to me to be included at my Doomsday website to improve this, thus helping to bring in the last grains of sand, so this is what I will do tomorrow.

At the end of the evening once again I received diarrhoea of darkness coming to me, and I was told that this is because of Helena, my cousin Jan (I have felt Inge for days) and my mother too.

Why don’t you play ”When the world is running down, You make the best of what’s still around” by the Police (?), which I do then – and yes there is NOTHING to fear, you do know that when the Old World ends, it is because our New World starts, right?

Google Earth: The opening of the Great Pyramid of Giza

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show good journey, the opening of the Great Pyramid of Giza, our New World – to take care, praying for Philippines, Superboy on his way, the way to San Jose.

FB 081111 Jette 1

FB 081111 Jette 2

FB 081111 Jette 3

FB 081111 Jette 4

FB 081111 Jette 5

FB 081111 Jette 6

FB 081111 Jette 7

FB 081111 Jette 8

FB 081111 Jette 9

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Michael Wulff brought this about Dolph not bearing “your sille November-beard – get it away!! You are a soft man baking sourdough bread”, and he said that moustache is only suitable for B.S Christiansen (former professional elite soldier), Hitler and the Culture Minister Marianne Jelved, and this is what we are doing, Dolph, removing all beard/hair before turning around receiving only “good hair” from the other side, and not darkness of Hitler, and the very dangerous Marianne Jelved and her bag of darkness you know.

HN 081111

  • I had this visit by Anton to my website again focusing on himself, which made me decide to wake up some aggression in the lion again by telling him to focus on the big picture and to grow up.

GC 071111 Anton

FB 081111 Anton

  • I was happy to receive this answer from Anton, which I decided to bring a reply to too.

FB 081111 Anton 2

FB 081111 Anton 3

  • “Crazy about dance” decided to change SMS-rules today (a maximum of 5 votes per telephone), which media said was to try voting out Allan Simonsen, but as you see here, this “harassment” was not enough to send Allan out (even though he still only gets approx. 1/3 of the judge votes compared to the othe1rs), and yes, I am still working too going up against strong powers, that is the connection.

FB 081111 EB Allan


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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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