December 2013 – I: The Armed Forces housed the Source self, which I had to bring down to bring rebirth to my new self


Summary of Facebook I – December 2013

  • December 2: The end of the Mariana Trench of darkness, people truly do not understand the nature of my sufferings and feeling the noble character and King of my new self.
  • December 4: The dark power plant of Armed Forces of the world housed the Source self, which I had to bring down to bring rebirth to my new self.
    • The Intelligence Service and armed forces monitored and registered everything on me, controlled world governments, “the system” and my sister against me.
    • The key to bringing down this system was spaceships of people of other civilizations, who started working for me against darkness of man when I overtook control of them.
    • This is the dark power plant of the world housing the Source self, which I had to reach to bring rebirth to my new self.
    • I received the worst darkness/sufferings when man continued trying to commit me to hospital, which was really about the Source entering the physical world.
    • Man wanted to make the world believe that I was dead without telling that I was imprisoned and used as “the plant of life” controlled by man.
    • This was the real Doomsday game, would the world survive or not (?), which man worked for while using all resources against me, but it would not if I had lost the game.
    • Man worked directly against me and the opening of the Giza Pyramids/our New World, which however was required for me to go through to bring strength for creation self.
  • December 6: Darkness of man brought the sacrifice of Mandela to bring forward my new self.


December 2013-I: The dark power plant of Armed Forces of the world housed the Source self, which I had to bring down to bring rebirth to my new self

I have stopped writing new scripts, but I have decided to bring updates I have brought via my Facebook profile after I have stopped writing scripts.

December 2: The end of the Mariana Trench of darkness, people truly do not understand the nature of my sufferings and feeling the noble character and King of my new self

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Also: My sister and her husband sent me “the look” of people “knowing” about me for the first time ever.

Link to the article above:

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December 4: The dark power plant of Armed Forces of the world housed the Source self, which I had to bring down to bring rebirth to my new self

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I felt my new self from outside walking right through the last darkness – because my mother’s resistance has been broken – to me. This is the same as becoming my new self, which is also because of my sister and her husband. So it was resistance of my mother – thus the world – which prevented me from becoming my new self and to save the world. This is also what the spirit of my mother turned me (father of the Source) into, a Devil, because this is what she invented as the tool of creation. We controlled thoughts, feelings and movements of man. I received tooth pain – which I often had when eating/drinking without writing it – because I brought in my father inside of the physical world. So it is me who will come all the way into you to bring you rebirth, which has been an on-going process all of my life, and I felt Brett Anderson from Suede all around me as a symbol of God being all around me, and this is because his (early) music is what brings me the strongest feelings, and I received thousands of small heart attacks etc. during my journey leading here because of resistance of the spirit of my mother who was born being afraid of the Source and to become “nothing”, and she brought me the words “you are NOT welcome” very strongly, but since I was made as “everything”, I was able to override this “command” and deciding myself that “you are welcome”, which was to welcome the Source inside the physical world. Lately, I have been shown black insects and also the monster from the Aliens films being at this inner darkness of me, and I was told yesterday that we could not enter the last part because of my Internet behaviour, which I had to change a little then to keep the access open.

I was told that Jakob Scharf from PET (the resigning chief of the Intelligence Service of the Danish Police) has not “treated” me properly, and this was also about all data of me being “treated” against the law and stored without my knowledge/acceptance. He did not believe that he was going to stand accountable for anything, he could have sawed over his leg because of what he has said about me in closed committees, which is also included in files on me, which will become public. He was the man responsible for the surveillance of me. And his work included to bring family, friends etc. against me also including Helena. They have registered everything I have done not only as grown-up but also as a boy. This also includes information from the US on me, and I felt that they have accepted everything to become public. And they convinced my mother that I was dangerous to bring her along too against me (before the “resigned”). Jakob Scharf was one of the main people to put me into the “dark pot”.

How did they bring my sister against me in 2008 (?) when she received my first scripts making her bring me to the psychiatrist in Hørsholm (for a completely unnecessary “family counselling”), who decided to commit me to mental hospital. I received feelings of Jakob Scharf and my old best friend Jack telling me that it was the Intelligence Service and Armed Forces (of the world also including the Russian armed forces), which did this (including the government, local authorities and psychiatric system), and I felt them as dark monkeys now coming to me, and these bodies were the controlling system behind the official system. These are the institutions who had me under surveillance using man-controlled spaceships of people of other civilizations against me, these were the institutions in control, and Jakob’s resignation symbolises the end of all of this system, which the world knows about too. These are the people I have called cowards actively deciding to be STRONG instead of weak. It was us – spaceships of people of other civilizations – who brought down their forces because we changed side working for you against all evil, that is why, this was the decisive piece. The rest is piece of cake from here, and these are the people/the system, which leaders of governments have hidden behind not having the imagination that I/God was stronger than the gang of all of you working against me, and it includes the media, business world etc. too.

This is the bivouac/cave I am coming out from, this is the insides of the machine (as I have often been shown in a vision), which we had to reach, and this is the inside of Karen as darkness, which is now being liberated. This is the system, which gave orders to your sister including to throw away my file and to keep my mother (and all others) from visiting me when I was kidnapped to/imprisoned at mental hospital meaning that I would be declared dead to the public but really be kept alive as the Kraftwerk/Power Plant controlled by man, this is how crazy they were. But they went dry for power because I did not get under their control. They had told the psychiatric system to make sure not to awake me and I would be kept under close guard. And they would continue using the system of Karen (darkness) – I received the feeling of “indecent sexual behaviour” – which has worked until now and they had worked to keep this system going knowing about my mother, i.e. the world, being at the middle as “the hostage” with the question being if the world would survive where they would pump me as the Source.

They believed that they brought me so much psychoactive drugs when I was hospitalised in 2008 that I would not be able to “break out”. This is what the hospital knew about drugging me and starting up this project, which went according to theirs plans, and I am given the feeling that they gave telephone reports to my sister reporting that I did not take notice to the drugs and just continued to work (to read the law using this to write my letter of December 2, 2008 to the mental hospital to set me free), and also that my sister reported this higher up in the system. It is all of this system, which continued to enter me giving me the worst negative voices/feelings/pressure continuing to try (ever since) to commit me to hospital, but they could not when they lost support of my mother. And this darkness is just me as the Source (my father and new self as the Son) coming in, which would work as long as I did not give up to this darkness deciding to be even stronger than it, this is how we decided to enter. This is more daring than everything, this is the Source working inside the worst darkness. This is the key, which was controlled by Sanna deciding to go against me, which was really to release me (the Source) when you (as Stig) would enter here. This is me working inside your kitchen (from where I have received so many physical sounds and visions).

They also wanted to breed the brood of Hell combining Helena and me (and others too). This was the real Doomsday game, would the world survive or not (?), and no, it would not if I had lost this game to the world, which is the irony of it. The world worked with everything it had trying to control and bring me down to bring alive its dark New World Order, which however would have ended the world and all life. There was not one true doctor in the psychiatric system working against you, which is why it was right of you to go directly after their throats (when sending my emails to the United Nations in 2013 via the Danish Parliament also with copies to the psychiatric system and local authorities) because they had to know that I spoke the truth and my sister false, and this is how I used the system they set up against me to turn them around working for me – also because they did not like being published.

This is the whole ship now coming to me from my balcony. This is the system that the Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt as example refers to, and this is the system that Jack represented working against me focusing on his own career and “a fine position”. This is what they were waiting on all of my life – I am shown the two UFO’s over Sicily (Citta del Mare) in 1978 surveilling me – and this is what the future world according to man was linked to. This was the battle between light and darkness. This is how the world was working against the opening of the Giza pyramids bringing our New World and new life, which then again is really to work for it because this is the strength that it took (for me to go through this darkness) to create it. This was the road in, this is how I was the biggest threat against their world, but also indispensable, which is why they did not want to kill me. The Vatican is the top of this system, and I am told that they have decided to release all their “secret information” too, which is opening the door to me. Man believed that the death of my father would strengthen them and weaken me, but when he was told spiritually and when he told his wife Kirsten about me on his deathbed, it is her knowledge of me, which is opening to this system. If man had won, it would have exploded/destructed the rest of creation thus bringing the power for the creation of our New World this way, which I could not give as Stig – but fortunately I was strong enough going all the way. This inside of the machine/Kraftwerk is the love nest of my mother connecting to the Source bringing creation, and this is from where Sanna was working from. This is the worst darkness that life is created from. This is the same as being back at the beginning of creation.

December 6: Darkness of man brought the sacrifice of Mandela to bring forward my new self

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