December 2013 – II: Reaching the end of darkness where Jesus was crucified from where I will become my new self and our New World will open


Summary of Facebook II – December 2013: Reaching the end of darkness where Jesus was crucified from where I will become my new self and our New World will open

  • December 7: The opening of our New World is going to become an amazing display. We are now bringing in the content of Greenland (the Source), and releasing the last string of darkness to me.
  • December 9: Reaching the end of darkness where Jesus was crucified from where I will become my new self and our New World will open.
    • Reaching the end of darkness now being Karen, who is really my father, which my mother and my self as the Son – and everyone – are too.
    • This end of darkness is where Jesus was crucified, which is where I will become my new self and our New World will open.
    • I will be put in a golden coffin where we will “soon” RING, RING until I will become my new self.
    • The world was brought down into a hole outside the Source and meant to go under after the killing of Jesus, but I saved it and created our New World as the true purpose of everything.
  • December 9: Alan is working as my brother and disciple taking on some of my tiredness making him out of energy.
  • December 11: Karen, Sanna and I (female, non-gender and male side of life) will become one as the Source at the workshop of the goldsmith.
    • The Danish Minister of Justice lied and had to resign as a symbol of a ROTTEN OFFICIAL WORLD lying, which will resign.
    • The official world met at the memorial of Mandela agreeing that I am “heartfelt welcome”, which is why I come.
    • Bringing out non-gender life of the last darkness by temporary giving somewhat in to temptations of darkness.
    • The Shrine of Bethlehem was removed to Copenhagen because of my faith and lack of faith of the Catholic Church and Muslims.
  • December 12: The head judge arranged and man designed Armageddon to be released with me giving in to darkness, which would have brought the end of the world.
    • The world wanted to empty me completely with the blessing of my sister, which however was how to empty and transfer the Old World to our New World.
    • My sister tried to make my mother believe that I was crazy, which was about to burn everything down but was needed for me to enter darkness.
    • I went through “controlled suicide” transferring the Old World to our New World unlikely going through darkness of man.
    • Man waited for me to give in to darkness to start their killing machine/Armageddon – wrongly believing that the elite would survive this.
    • Man wanted to bring out the gold of me accepting Armageddon as the means known to world leaders since the days of Nixon.
    • Man believed that it would be impossible for any man to be strong enough surviving this darkness without giving in, which I however was designed for.
    • Man has known about our presence inside the Giza Pyramid, and still they met us with hostility – required for our salvation in an “opposite world”!


December 2013 – II: Reaching the end of darkness where Jesus was crucified from where I will become my new self and our New World will open

I have stopped writing new scripts, but I have decided to bring updates I have brought via my Facebook profile after I have stopped writing scripts.

December 7: The opening of our New World is going to become an amazing display. We are now bringing in the content of Greenland (the Source), and releasing the last string of darkness to me

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December 9: Reaching the end of darkness where Jesus was crucified from where I will become my new self and our New World will open

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I was shown that we are down at the landing wheel of a big airplane (with the airplane being our New World), and this wheel is darkness of Karen and the outermost darkness, which now cannot hurt the marzipan role as I am shown the airplane/New World. But if I gave in to darkness accepting its agenda, it would bring some “uncertain flying” at the end. ”Now you are Karen”, which is about being at the worst darkness where she is, isn’t it funny to throw you out with violence because you are your mother (part of my old self), and this is what this darkness wants to do with me, to destruct me/everything and remove the clock if I would allow it and also terminate life – I keep being told about life/”information” now being lost, which I however refuse to believe in knowing that nothing will ever be destroyed. This is the worst monster now being brought over the bridge. So we have saved Karen as this monster, which is really my father inside my mother, which here comes together as one. I received a symbol of destruction and was told that my mother is really my father as I (as the Son) – and Karen and everyone else – am myself. Karen is made where Jesus was crucified, and I received a mark to my right wrist symbolising the crucifixion of my previous self, and I was shown a cross being dug out from the ground, so this is simply where you are now; at the place of crucifixion of my previous self, Jesus, where I will become my new self and our New World will open.

I was shown myself inside the snake of this worst darkness, which includes a big, black limousine, which is being freed, and I was told that we will soon put you in your golden coffin (from where I will awake as my new self). At some time we will RING, RING until it will awake you despite of what you may say. So you will attend yourself pushing this button (because I have made it here), and this comes after I hours before was told about the risk of “us” taking over from me because of my “partly improper Internet behaviour”, but still I have told that “everything has to be perfect”, and I have to be stronger than my own darkness, which is what is opening up to this! So it is down here that you found me intact, and this is as the son, but I felt my father. I was shown myself brushing off the dust of me, which is the Son, who will resurrect inside of me as my new self after the world was meant to go under after the killing of me 2,000 years ago, and I am here given a déjà vue; I know inside of me that this was the meaning of the killing of Jesus – it would lead to the end of the world, and that is of course if I would not be able to save it as my “old self” (the hybrid being of my father of the Source and mother of the world) to become my new self as the Son and the result of all creation.

It feels like the Source is still entering from my window and the Son is inside the Old World inside of my apartment, and is it so that Jesus was hidden inside of the Old World because Jesus is the world, and the Source is entering to save me, thus the world, and yes we will settle for this. And this is about the old story of how my mother attached to the part of the Source being the Son to bring life/creation, and this is how the Old World was made, as the creation of mother and Son – and not mother and father – this is the regrettable truth as my father says, which I have told you about before, and this is why I have been given threats of my “old nightmare” all along (darkness of my mother wanting to make love to me), but still all thoughts/feelings of man etc. come from my father (and our New World is made by my father and mother working inside of me as my old self). This is why Karen is darkness of man, which killed my previous self 2,000 years ago and still wants to kill me. Is it so that we brought Jesus and the world into a hole outside the Source where it would not be able to survive, and this is the struggle we had to go through to create our New World (?), and yes this was the true purpose of everything. It is down here that we will be born as our new selves.

Darkness coming at me is so strong that it wants me to accept my mother, i.e. the world, to rot etc., but NO, I WOULD NEVER ACCEPT THAT – OF COURSE NOT (!), only if this “terror of darkness” was so strong that it made me give up accepting its darkness, but no I have not lost my mind, right (?), and still I feel that if I had, nothing would really happen and that is in relation to our New World, but it would have brought more sufferings to our Old World and my mother, which I will NOT allow, which is really the reason why I have fought this darkness all along! I am told that we still have pocket money, i.e. energy to work inside of here, because of special circumstances, and this is despite of my Internet behaviour, which is not quite as it should be, but still it is not truly “bad” as it could have been at this stage. The fight now is whether to being able to work inside of here or to explode it because of strong darkness, and I have decided to handle darkness without making it explode. I have not been that tired the last three days, which is because of my partly wrong Internet behaviour, which is making the world take on some of this pain from me, but this is how I am opening to this darkness.

I received the strongest sexual torments ever given to me – trying to make me give in – because of the strength of this darkness, but I have decided not to care. I play my own game and have decided to be “careless” about my surroundings, but to play my own game, which is what brings the best results, which is NOT the same as being “careless”, you know, I just do NOT want to be influenced/”pushed” by my surroundings, this game will end when it will end.

They were going to use Jesper (my old Acta colleague), which would lead to the death of me – a whole page interview (for the secret network of the elite) about me giving a distorted picture of me.

Manchester United was also “made” to lose the next home match against Newcastle, which is “simply impossible”, and this is a symbol to tell you what I went against having to defeat during my journey. I was also told that Amin Skov of Restaurant Vejlegården, who first lost his restaurant and then almost his life when fighting the union 3F and their “dirty tricks”, is a symbol of me and just how close I (we) was to lose my life and “everything”.

I have been encouraged to look into greater detail and write about nanotechnology, which is a “big killer” part of the dark New World Order and also about WiFi technology, which is not only an “innocent” technology wireless transferring data using radio waves but also an “advanced technology” of people of other civilizations that can transfer minds of people (I do not expect that I will investigate and write about these subjects because I am really finished with my website), and I was told about Norway, who received the task to remove my mind (including my “eternal flame” of everything), and this was also the true reason why the Danish Defence Minister Nick Hækkerup was dismissed in 2013 because he approved this system to be set up to bring about this transferral of me. This is the task that spaceships of people of other civilizations was given – I understand this was done as a co-operation between doctors keeping me locked up/passive and these spaceships. They had hoped that my sexual torments/temptations would make me give in, which would have transferred me to a new clone of me under their control, this is how they had figured out to handle God. There was even a transfer sum on my head, and the big sensation is that I am still alive. Had I decided to be weak and followed my mother’s wish to be “quiet”, this is what would have happened; man would have defeated me, and only by being strong, I would be able to be victorious. This is how my mother was working when she was transmitting the worst darkness (of my sister and Karen) against me.

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December 9: Alan is working as my brother and disciple taking on some of my tiredness making him out of energy

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December 11: Karen, Sanna and I (female, non-gender and male side of life) will become one as the Source at the workshop of the goldsmith

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The Danish Minister of Justice lied and had to resign as a symbol of a ROTTEN OFFICIAL WORLD lying, which will resign:

  • The Danish Minister of Justice, Morten Bødsskov, was forced to resign after he had to admit that he had lied to the Justice Committee of the Parliament not only once but several times in connection with a visit of the Committee to the free town of Christiania (inside of Copenhagen) – saying that the Police Director could not go, which was a constructed set up/lie – and the Minister said that it was only done to protect the Committee self from a “security threat”, which he “could not” tell in public (!), and this is the offshoot of the case that also made the chief of PET (Danish Intelligence Service), Jakob Scharf, resign the other day, and this case only came out because of discontent employees of the Intelligence Service, and had they not spoken, their lies would “never” have been disclosed meaning that the system and the government would have got away with lying, and this is to show you the ROTTEN SYSTEM of not only Denmark but all of the official world lying to the public even though you believe they speak the truth, and yes MUCH MORE is coming of a character that people today even cannot dream about, you will be amazed of what these “kind” and “trustworthy” people did to you (!), and here the Minister lied because the truth could “hurt” the government/people in question, which is also why they lie or are silent about me and their own wrongdoings/crimes against humanity in order to “protect” themselves, but now not for long, and the Minister was forced to resign as a symbol of what is coming when all of the political world will be revealed and has to “resign”, which it “could not” do voluntarily to me. I was given the feeling of Margrethe Vestager, the vice Prime Minister, (clearly “under my skin” you know) standing behind this decision to “having to tell” the truth.

The official world met at the memorial of Mandela agreeing that I am “heartfelt welcome”, which is why I come:

  • I watched the Mandela memorial on TV, and was surprised of just how incredible BORING this was with MANY speakers talking, talking and talking for hours, thus being completely in contrast to the happiness of Mandela and the people itself, who wanted to celebrate and honour the life of Mandela by singing and dancing, and I was thinking that it would have been MUCH better to have a few speakers and the best singing and dancing of national and international artists making everyone smile and enjoy themselves instead of walking out as they did now. How could you be so WRONG doing a “show” of the elite for the elite instead of the people?
  • I was told that all of the official world united here know that they are finished, and that Mandela sacrificed his life to help lifting me/us up. And I was told that the official world speaks about and is grateful that the world did not crash bleed and go under, and this is led by Bill Clinton.
  • It was a condition for the official world to me and agree on me, and the death of Mandela was the only even making this possible, this is why. And yes, you are “heartfelt welcome” to the world, which is why I come. Thank you :-).
  • I like the “selfie” of Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Barack Obama and David Cameron and feel sorry about all of the negativity of many people/media condemning this. To me, this is about happy people, who like being together, and this is what I liked people to be when remembering/honouring Mandela, so all of you believing that this was “disrespectful behaviour” are WRONG! And you may understand that there is a reason why the Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt sat next to Obama because these are the two most important politicians in the world to me.

Bringing out non-gender life of the last darkness by temporary giving somewhat in to temptations of darkness:

  • I received very poor dreams including deaths, floods etc. and had to stand up in the middle of the night, and I felt my mother saying “stop it, we are disappointed with you”, and I was shown life being stuck inside a stone bridge as result, and was shown that we have had to lower down life into darkness absorbing and spreading this forever, and this is because of my somewhat wrong Internet behaviour lately where I have allowed myself to give in to STRONG temptations to watch semi-half naked ladies, and I did not receive the same resistance as normal doing this, which I also took as a sign for myself to dig down into darkness to bring out life inside of this, and I was shown my sister as a small girl and “hostage” meaning that this is non-gender life (before our Old World), which was at stake, and I now had to change my Internet behaviour, and did we make a system allowing this life to pass despite of your behaviour (?), and I received a STRONG heartburn as I do sometimes these days. I also received “Stars on 45” and their Beatles “poor imitation”, and at this hour I did not know if this life was lost or saved and Stars 45 was to say that we created life with poorer quality because of my wrong behaviour. So this is the story of which side of Stig was the strongest, the side bringing termination – I was told that my “not that bad” Internet behaviour worked as if I had accepted my “old nightmare” bringing termination as result – or the side of me deciding to be even stronger than my own darkness, and then I was told that we had put this life aside waiting for this change of my behaviour to happen, so here you have this package too J. And this is to avoid negative consequences to my mother – or Helle Thorning-Schmidt as another part of her (I was told that there was a risk of her dying the other day). This was the only way to bring out bicycle riders from a black cave (life of this darkness), which you did without knowing what consequences it would have to your mother, and I received praise for this. All of this has now become part of my fortress. Later I spoke to my mother, and she had stomach pain and nausea, which is because of this darkness coming to her.

Karen, Sanna and I (female, non-gender and male side of life) will become one as the Source at the workshop of the goldsmith:

  • I felt my father and was told that the meaning was for him to enter and free me being totally broken down/collapsed, but no, this never became the case because I decided that I could not lie down on my back doing nothing. I had too much energy (!), and it was WRONG not to continue bringing you updates. There was energy enough to save everything, which is why we use your own force to bring you back. I received praise for having decided to bring out everything without giving up and pullback. Isn’t it said like this that you will never become at the back again with the sufferings that this brings.
  • It is now only a matter of time before we will bring you out from here. You are now here as Karen (being where she is), and I was shown two trains meaning that we have made double creation (male and female side of life). The next, which will happen, is to let you become one. This is where you will learn about your secrets. This corresponds to enter an ancient Egyptian coffin as I was shown (full of light), and to enter the workshop of the goldsmith (my father) as I was shown too also full of light. This is about opening the runway of the airport to reveal a VERY LONG line of dinner tables (of everyone) beneath.
  • The doctors in psychiatry of Hillerød and Helsingør (taking “care” of me in 2008 and beyond) did not start their complot against me, it came from a much higher level, but they have also seen the smallest thing inside of me, which is gold, which we now enlarge, this is the part of me being the Source. This is the area of “Rottehullet” (the pub “Rat-hole” – see the TV-series “Huset på Christianshavn”), which we are turning around making everyone like you and me.
  • Your task was to kill your self and the world and to survive until the very end – not letting the force of the New World pressuring on to destroy the last of the Old World. And since Sanna has decided not to be a battleaxe against you, we bring her to the goldsmith too (being all “non-gender” life of previous layers of life). No, he cannot afford a taxi (going through and destroying darkness to come home) but he can do this last fine work, which may take 3-4 days to bring out, and I feel the “Out of the Blue” album by Electric Light Orchestra, which is to say that the result of this work is to create the spaceship of everything, i.e. the Source as one, as everything of everyone. Jack, your mother and everyone would like to see this too, and everyone will because it will be visible to all that it comes from you, and I see radiation coming out from my apartment out over the sea/space.
  • This is also the end of my “old self”, and I was (again) watching the (to me) incredible film “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder emporium” – with the magic toys being alive – on TV and the end of me will be as the end of Mr. Magorium, which is that “he dies”, just these two words summarizing everything before this, and yes, I simply LOVE the whole universe of this film and the acting of the main characters, especially Dustin Hoffmann, who is nothing less than INCREDIBLE in this film. The coming of this film is why I was encouraged to “like” Dustin on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. It is about time to bring out the magic of this wonderful Universe of our New World :-).
  • The world did not see you as unemployed, you walked all the way to the end until this predetermined time. Your effort at the end (stopping writing my scripts and only bringing Facebook updates) was enough to keep the world going at the same time ending everything, which was not an easy balance to find when I received much pressure to keep on writing – and this update today is really too long, but still good enough :-).

The Shrine of Bethlehem was removed to Copenhagen because of my faith and lack of faith of the Catholic Church and Muslims:

  • I was shown Tivoli and the Central Station in Copenhagen and the “radiation” of the Source – the place of original creation – and have they discovered what this is (?), and is it so that we simply have moved all of the Shrine of Bethlehem to Copenhagen (?), and yes it has followed you because of your own faith and the lack of faith in the Shrine of the Catholic Church and Muslims. So here you have the golden capital of my kingdom, Copenhagen. It is quite a sensation that Copenhagen still stands without having become a big hole in the ground and Berlin too etc., which would have happened in line with darkness defeating me, but it never won a set.


  • They wanted to keep me as a leprous waiting to see if something more would get out of me. So the story is shortly that the world would smear you and turn you into a leprous for the sake of filthy lucre. This is the scenario we have avoided, and we had made it impossible to do because we followed the wish of the world to make it impossible for you. So we just had to remove Satan to get to me. And this was sanctioned by Bill Clinton, the “kind” man.
  • No matter what, the dark New World Order of man would not have been carried out. If I had lost, the world would have gone under, and now when I am winning, we will change into our new selves and my New World Order.
  • I have not become more tired after stopping to write my scripts meaning that I could have continued doing what I did for months as long as I continued the habit of starting to work every morning and to continue until I was done, which I however cannot do now because I have received new habits not doing this work, which was really ”impossible” to do because of how I feel. These new habits of doing nothing and continuing to being tired means that I can hardly mobilise any more resistance to darkness.
  • I was given the feeling of famous hosts of DR1 TV news and have they invented wrong news about you (?), yes.
  • Helena also shortly brought a Facebook comment (before deleting it) telling about how a “public man” by the name of Jeppe was completely “love sick” chasing her (despite of him being married!) – trying to act as a master telling her as a slave (!) – and she said that she would bring his full name if he did not stop, and later a friend of her spoke about Jeppe from Bornholm, so this was probably the MP Jeppe Kofod, who could not control his desire for Helena, who seems to be very popular with Danish MP’s, and this is a result of darkness of Danish MP’s working against me, and they are attracted to “love of the Devil” symbolized by Helena as Søren Pind was too – and as the Europe Minister, Nicolai Wammen was too, see the update of Helena today, where you can see that Nicolai also fell on his behind to Helena, and it seems as if I was the only man who did not.

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December 12: The head judge arranged and man designed Armageddon to be released with me giving in to darkness, which would have brought the end of the world

FB 121213 Stig

I was told about receiving a special vaccination as a boy, which first would develop ”sickness” in me later in life (as man has given many). They wrote a report of your state around the time when you visited Lutheran World Federation in Geneva in 2009 including “no, Stig cannot bear anymore, he will soon break down”, and this was the weapon to hospitalise me to drain me for my power/energy/everything. The committee including Sanna was following you for example when setting up lamps when working for Falck in 2011 even though it is difficult for you to believe in. The most shocking is that your mother knows of this committee – I feel that it brings nervousness to the committee. They tried to convince my mother that Stig was crazy and could not handle his home/himself (even though I could despite of being out of energy for years), and also because of my writings on Hitler on my website etc. These are the people who said that “Stig is raving mad” (“rablende skør”), and these words come to me these days over and over again. So it was with the blessing of your sister that the world wanted to empty you completely, which also means that without your sister, we could not have emptied and transferred everything to our New World, which is what became the result of this when I did not give up. There were many things they did not know the function of, which they tried on you for the first time.

They knew that your book was your weapon, but not that you would be able to write 11,000 pages. And the worst came when your mother accepted the system to hospitalise you (again – after 2008, when I was hospitalised the first and only time for some weeks), which was the same as accepting everything to burn down but needed for me to enter and bring out everything inside this darkness. This is what brought my ““old nightmare”.

I am thinking about how much darkness/sufferings was brought to me by the system – via mind control – and how much was coming via negativity of family, friends etc. misunderstanding me and behaving wrongly behind my back (negativity of people brings negativity to people), I have been told about both being the reason of my sufferings.

I was shown a sword being led down my throat and I was told that this was controlled suicide that I went through killing myself and the Old World while transferring it to the New World. I received the feeling of being the swan, which is to have everyone/the world with me as I have now, and it is first now that it is complete. It was not only unlikely that you came through, the world knows everything about it because it prevented me itself by setting up the traps. The world had a free choice to chose its New World Order, but it “could not” do better than the dark New World Order as you can read from my website, even though it should not have been difficult to do right on basis of faith and simple logic – as when I wrote my New World Order – but the world was “not wise enough” doing this. Your mother has been very afraid (during my journey), but there was really nothing to be worried about as I have told her MANY times before, when all comes to all it was only a matter about who would take on sufferings to bring our New World, and I am happy that I was able to take on the most I could to spare my mother and the world.

So it was a conscious action of the world trying to convince your mother about you being crazy. Remember that after overtaking me, they would also overtake your mother. And yes, you are still the nicest man in the world but only because the dark voices did not overtake you, which is what would have made Armageddon break loose. This is how it was arranged by me as the head judge and designed by man, and even though man believed that the elite would survive their own Armageddon (terminating 90% of the world population), as the Source mirroring man, I would return what man brought, which would have been enough to terminate the world, this was the secret. So by wiping out me, man would wipe out man. And they would blame me saying that something went wrong, but we saved you and this is what remains (after Armageddon). They had made a special bed for you that could measure everything on you, which stood ready for use at the Danish National Hospital.

Isn’t it so that man and God work together where I make it possible for man to bring you negative voices – including wrong sexual desires. It would look too daft to kill him, so the story of man should be that we turned him around (from evil to good), and I am here reminded of UFO’s trying to kill me beaming deadly rays through my window (as I have seen, been told about and written in my scripts), and I understand that this is what part of man decided to do when there was no sign that I would give in. And they waited on just one mistake of you to bring your “old nightmare” (sexual abuse of the spirit of my mother against me as the son, which came STRONGLY to me hundreds/thousands of times every day for years) to launch their killing machine, which you have written so splendid about (see my pages on the dark New World Order), and yes it never really got started as designed because I did not give in.

Man wanted to go all in to bring out the gold of me knowing, accepting and planning to kill the main part of man to achieve this. And this was practically impossible to stop because they knew that you had to run every morning to get started driving the heaviest dynamo of the world imaginable (after angels had protected me while sleeping), which is what I fought every morning for years. They knew that the means was family, friends etc. going against you, which is how it was connected, which is what they worked actively to achieve not least to bring my father against me believing that I was crazy, so it was impossible for you to live, but man did not know that I was trained to be a living dead and still doing my best and hardest work to come through. This was a requirement to go through to switch on everything, and this has been the game since Nixon’s days as the leaders of the world have know about; “when Stig will come, it will bring Armageddon” and a controlled one is what they believed without realising that all of the world would go under (before the creation of our New World) – unless I would be able to handle all darkness going against me. So man believed that they first had to survive “a bombed privy” and to clean up thereafter to bring their design of a New World when returning from their escape to space together with their good friends, people of other civilizations under their control, who misled man in temptation (knowing that this was the road to salvation) because it was impossible for man to believe that any man could survive this without giving in. This is how I went up the steepest slope of the mountain, which no one expected that I could do, but this was really the only way to do it. So instead of emptying me, I emptied and transferred all of man to our New World.

Their plans were inconsistent with the story of you and our New World as I let them to be told inside the Giza Pyramid, and this is because man believed that no one can be so strong thus making man reject to believe, which is what almost brought the end as the condition to bring survival and our New World, do you see?

Is it all, who were ”invited” to become part of the secret network – the so called top of all trades/arts – who would be saved (via giant spaceships) and who were not allowed to say anything? Yes, this is how wicked the plan was, and it was made by man completely voluntarily but of course as we expected. Had I accepted the bomb of Nixon to go off, it would have started this Armageddon of man “doubled” by the Source, which would have taken some time before ending everything. This is what we saved the world from experiencing. It is all of this that World War I, the power of oil etc. (all evil) led forward to, this was the inevitable Armageddon according to man.

So my sister received the choice to work for them against me because “Stig would not be able to make it”.

It is me then you are releasing, which will take 3-4 days to do and I felt my inner self floating around inside of me being eager to get out of this prison to move around freely inside the creation of our New World. And it was me then that man wanted to bring out and control, but no, it would never have worked with man as the ruler because life according to man (“Agenda 21”) would not be sustainable.

All of the time we have been inside the Giza Pyramid, man has known about our presence but not been able to crack the nut of how to reach us, which first came with you, so far so good, and man then figured out this dark plan instead of just treating us properly and welcoming us, but this would of course not have saved us, and this is why the Old World was turned upside down because it would be impossible for man to not give in to darkness, which is how to cheat it and everyone. And this is what really brings man inexpressible joy.

This is why it was important for you to clean up your apartment, look well-groomed etc. for your mother to believe that you were in control and not crazy, and this is because your mother’s belief was decisive, and she decided to believe in my goodness/love/warm feelings, which she could “feel” after being in doubt for a long time because of the continuous negativity of my sister trying to make her believe otherwise because “of course Stig is crazy – negative and potentially dangerous – everyone can clearly see that” (!), but no, this is only what simple minded people believed when they “could not” understand that my direct writings were meant positive and not negative, and everyone could still see on my behaviour in person that I was positive, smiling and interested in other people, so how difficult could it really be (?), and yes “almost impossible” to the world, thus my mother, so there you have it :-).

So to my sister, it was unbearable to know that she would be losing her mother and brother for herself and own family to survive – as it was to many people too, and I feel Mandela here and the feeling “this is also what me decide to support the New World Order or man”.


  • My mother and John are a couple of days in Stockholm, which is really about bringing out the last darkness to me, and you may remember that this is from where darkness of Karen is coming, and I am still given some sneezes and out of this world pains to my right ankle. The real reason why I lived in Sweden (1994-96) was to receive strings of Karen/darkness around me. I still receive sounds to my kitchen, now the sound of fresh wood and MUCH life comes out of this because we have now learned how to bring this into life (old darkness, which has never become life before now).
  • I am in the worst shape being fat and not doing any exercise – except from a little bicycling – and I feel my weak heart and the risk of a heart attack, and it bothers me much feeling like this.
  • Again I was told that Karen is secretly in love with me. She has never received the same purity and warm feelings from anyone but me.
  • We have brought more and more over from the spiritual to the physical world for generations. It is now the highest number we have reached, which is you and that is to bring you over to our New World as we have brought over everyone else before you. We haven’t cleaned the board now, have we (?), and I see this cleaned board inside the Pyramid. I am still entering the rocket as I am shown, which goes through the smallest dark bathroom.
  • The button (to start our New World) is inside this Pyramid, which only I can reach alive or alternatively, if I had given up, by eliminating the rest of darkness on the way there, which is what we managed to do without.
  • Isn’t the selfie picture of Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Obama and Cameron an expression of relief over the saving of mankind? Yes, and isn’t it amazing that this is what man and the media all over the world decided to focus on making it go “viral” – are you sure that you don’t have more important stories to bring to man?

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Mandela on life



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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