December 2013 – III: Man found the answer to whom I am and how to reach me through darkness to reach goodness of the Source


Summary of Facebook III – December 2013

  • December 13: Man found the answer to the riddle about whom I am and how to reach me, but you don’t just take over God and let man become evil!
    • This was a fight between my sister and I on our mother’s favour, and I won.
    • Man never entered me to bring out the gold of me, which would have brought destruction because life of man was not sustainable.
    • Man brainwashed my family, friends, the system etc. and made me attractive to ladies to help destroying me.
    • Secret files on me and my family, friends etc. show their detailed plans to destroy and make me become “raving mad”.
    • The files show how they worked against me to release the innermost of me by making me give up on life self also using drugs on me.
    • All work against me was monitored by the Catholic Church in Vatican and USA as the top of the dark Old World.
  • December 15: Karen is the Source of the Devil self, who had completely rejected me thus killing me and the world for years.
    • My mother brought home darkness of Karen from Stockholm with the risk of her own health.
    • We are still here because I planted a shooting seed inside of Karen’s heart making her in doubt about (and secret love with) me.
    • Karen is the greatest love in the world waiting to get out and be spread/announced to everyone.
    • I had the disposal over the Source as I had over the world overruling Karen/my mother and deciding for everything to become perfect.
    • My father’s widow believed that I was “terrible” not visiting my suffering father alive first now understanding that she was “terrible” herself rejecting me going through “the worst sufferings” of any man.
    • We are doing a final round around the King Castle to bring life in the border district between the world and the Source.
  • December 17: Man knew that we had to go through darkness to reach goodness of the Source of God ending all darkness:
    • Denmark did the impossible defeating Montenegro in female handball to bring “another world to wake up in” and a “yelling, funny road towards Christmas Evening”.
    • We are now inside the purest darkness, which tried to eliminate me/us, which is the purest light when turned around – in reality I am free now.
    • The attitude of the official world has changed into a rescue operation of me.
    • Karen brought me sexual torments to terminate the world if I gave in, but it was my “pure love” winning.
    • I lived in pressure between my mother (the world), Karen (darkness as tool of creation of the Source) and my sister directing darkness to me.
    • The dark New World Order of man would seriously have been launched if I had given in to darkness.


December 2013-III: Man found the answer to whom I am and how to reach me through darkness to reach goodness of the Source

I have stopped writing new scripts, but I have decided to bring updates I have brought via my Facebook profile after I have stopped writing scripts.

December 13: Man found the answer to the riddle about whom I am and how to reach me, but you don’t just take over God and let man become evil!

FB 131212 Stig 1

I was shown myself continuing inside a dark control room (of the authorities) where I see my sister shouting out football results (darkness vs. light/me). So this was a fight between my sister and I on our mother’s favour, and I won.

When I continued always rejecting darkness attacking me (negative voices wanting to take me over including to carry out my “old nightmare”), it means that man never entered me to look for and bring out the gold of me, which is what would have brought destruction because life of man was not sustainable, this was the difference. All of these rules of life are laid down by my father, and they cannot be overwritten.

Think if Sanna has known all of her life her task against you and have put a good face on it?

Who is your strongest ambassador (having faith in me?), and I am told that my mother is, and without this faith, we would not have been able to create our New World! Spaceships of people of other civilizations are normally the best sharpshooters, who don’t miss, but faith of your mother helped breaking their code and brought them under our control.

I was shown a giant diamond within my reach, and I felt Cleopatra of Egypt/Karen, and am told that Karen was also part of the game of man using her against me turning her into a sexual monster of darkness for years knowing about who she is and I am and that this would hurt me.

You shouldn’t believe that Stig was the captain of drums, which is part of it too.

Surely you cannot train local authorities – I feel Helsingør Commune – on what to do against me and then it gives up because they like me and don’t have the courage to hospitalise me (because of my public writings on them), and this is about the human factor of people influenced by me, which destroyed the plans of the world to bring me in for them to bring out the gold of me.

The chief of the Danish Intelligence Service PET, Jakob Scharf, (old ”school friend” of mine from Mørdrup School), and the Danish Minister of Justice, Morten Bødsskov, were forced to resign in December 2013 because of strong pressure about lying and using “dirty tricks” – involving wrongful access to the calendar of the MP Pia Kjærsgaard – to stop a visit from the Committee of Justice of the Danish Parliament to the Freetown of Christiania (inside Copenhagen) apparently because of a security threat to the committee self, but I am told that the real reason of this is about PET persecuting me and their files on me, and Pia Kjærsgaard was only used for the public story, and this is because they did not want to share access to my files, which is why they had to be removed to spread the truth of me, which the committee in agreement now have received access to behind the scenes to see what they have really written about me.

And all of their plans including to make me look “raving mad”, which are the words, which have come to me strongly the last couple of days, can be read from these files, also including how to create a doll (i.e. clone) of you and all of this, which they didn’t want to open to, which there was a demand to see, and this was to see how the official system was conspiring against you.

So the system used my own family, friends etc. against me brainwashing them, and they brought so much darkness to me that I could have screamed in pain because of the incredible strength of negative voices and physical pressure of darkness given to me, which would have only brought confirmation to my family, friends etc. that I was indeed crazy if I had let this happen instead of biting my teeth together.

Thus, there is not only one on the list in these files, but a whole network of files including my family, friends etc. spun together, which are now released to the world. This is the biggest secret of the world, which only the top knew about, which is why I had some placed there (inside PET and the Danish Parliament).

The files include my father, sister and many others, and they show how they worked against me to release the innermost of me by making me give up on life self, also via drugging of me, but it would probably be a little difficult with Stig being God alive as a normal human being, and yes you bet!

All of this information was united with your sister being part of this network, and it is this diamond of my inner self, which both they and I were after, and in my own care, it would save man, and if man brought it out, it would terminate the world, and the result was that man was never allowed to look inside of here after it, which is due to you.

Putin was not the only but the main danger to you, “I want Klondyke all for myself” was because of a disagreeing world. And you have not seen any other dangers because I have kept these from you because you did not give in to darkness.

They also made me into “a wonderful thing baby” attracting ladies to me knowing that sexuality would destroy me, and it was light keeping me as pure as possible going through all of this “danger” (giving me incredible shyness).

And if I had started giving in to darkness of man, it would start destructing the world, which also would be visible on my mother, but she made it through, right?

I was shown myself inside a very old globe and was looking up towards my father, and I felt Vatican, and yes it is true that they found the answer to the riddle about whom I am and how to reach me, but there were details where they were wrong including that you don’t just take over God and let man become evil, I thought you knew better but your desires ran away with you, and yes all work against me was monitored by Vatican and I also feel USA here too.

We now start the last hundred meters run at the wood way to get in, Sanna has been warned and released. So this is the road in for you all, and when you open, you and your mother will be shocked to see that I have already placed you in here because you don’t exist any more as your old selves, you are your new selves only pretending still being your old selves.

I felt Jack and was told about numerous people being part of these files, and it was Jack’s task to bring you in. He was my own lieutenant going against me.


I am shown the old Vasa ship in Stockholm, which I recommended my mother and her husband to visit, and this brings the key to release my mother and I who are locked together in handcuffs.

For hours I received the feeling of Stockholm (where my mother and John are on visit) and Bee Gees, and I was given the worst attack of darkness giving me sexual torments and heart pain.

I was given the word ”Interceptor” as I was also given the other day, and I was told that you are only given this when you are about to win, and I looked it up to see what it meant, and I understand that this was a special kind of fighter jet meant to destroy aircrafts of the enemy not used much today, and no, I don’t get the meaning of this today.

This refrigerator/diamond (of my inner self) is empty, this is what you believe seeing it first until you see how we have arranged everything, and yes we all live inside of this “nothing”, which is everything turned around, so when we have now turned around ourselves, it means that we are now everything.

FB 131212 Stig 2

FB 131212 Stig 3

December 15: Karen is the Source of the Devil self, who had completely rejected me thus killing me and the world for years.

FB 151213 Stig 1

It is a double turned diopol – feeling it as a Christmas tree of Karen and I – which your mother is now returning home from Stockholm with. You will not least receive praise also for having saved the double Universe of Karen. Isn’t this we have used the last year or two on, is it?

I visited my mother and John, and my mother had her often coming pains in the loin and also her right arm, but she did not have the courage to cancel this evening as I was told (as she did three days ago when she was also suffering), and they had toured Stockholm, which I was told was bringing the most darkness out of this city – and tilled a bottle of red wine on the floor (symbolising destruction), which is because of the darkness coming to her because of my wrong Internet behaviour, this is how it works, but on the other hand, they have never had better duck than on a Chinese restaurant at “a farm”, and yes these are symbols given, and here about our beautiful New World. So your mother has collected the worst darkness in Sweden. We had a nice evening, and I was bothered much not being able to speak cleanly because of darkness given to my by my spiritual friends made it impossible. When I (almost) came home, I had received the worst diarrhoea ever, which again is a symbol of destruction (which is NOT accepted, the end result will become 100% perfect no matter what, it is really only a matter of who takes the sufferings now).

Write this to Karen – I was given text to write in my Christmas letter for her this year – and then there is only a road fill of BIG hearts made of spruce, and I am shown myself walking through all of these hearts where everything is blue, which is my colour, a very beautiful vision.

So Karen is the Source as the Devil self, who had completely closed to me and sent the worst poison to me, when she told everyone, but no there was a shooting seed inside of her all the time. This is the greatest love in the world waiting to get out and be spread/announced to everyone, “yes, Stig is mine, and I regret my statements on him”, and this is the Source from the balcony coming closer and closer to me all of the time, which is why it was important for me to keep my contact to Karen over the years (as the medium Mike had told me at Arthur Findlay College in 2005, see “Clairvoyant readings on me” on my website) so she would never forget her love to me in her desire after others, which was also about sending me darkness too.

I was shown a black sport car at a professional racing track trying to drive out from the pit to the track, which it has difficulties doing, and this is both about the official world knowing about my old wrong, video tapes as well as Karen, but the car cannot drive and it is full of flowers on the sides of it, and my writing to Karen is about bringing forward even more darkness.

This is what your mother is bringing home from Stockholm to the Source, which is me. This is the strength of Karen about to kill me and the world for years. Well, isn’t it funny that Karen is the force, which wanted to kill us all by rejecting me – she simply could not stand me at the end wrongly believing that I was “gross”, which I NEVER was, it was only inside her twisted mind (!) – and since we are still here, she did not completely reject me, which is how I went through darkness, it was completely impossible for a man-eater/masochist like her to fall for such an innocence like I, who “could not” be very tough on her but decided to make her love me via her heart going this way as nobody really has ever been able to do with her. So it was “completely impossible” to reach the Source, which was closed, not open to me, but eeehhhh “what if Stig is right, and his sister is wrong” (?), there you have some of it, this is how strong my influence was on her, and this is what I brought her to go against the plan of the system brainwashing/destroying her for years against me, and still she “felt” me underneath this darkness.

This is how we all of the time was about to close the light for you from Karen, which was about to close the light for all of the world. I am told that Karen was connected to John, and when she rejected me, it brought negativity to John against me via his influence on my mother, which then again removed interest from Karen to me because my mother and her are connected, and this is how it went around in a ring impossible to change, which only was possible when I kept on and on and on slowly opening for it. And is it so that you also had the right of disposal over the Source as you had with the world, yes because otherwise it would never have worked, which is why we needed you as the superstructure on top being nothing, which is now everything, do you see (?), and yes being the Source self (together with Karen). We needed to have one on top saying “I am completely careless, it has to be perfect” as you said (often receiving the words spiritually, but deciding on it as my physical self) in order to do what was impossible to do, and then it became possible.

It is about being over with the pocket money when you are coming home, which is about “no energy” inside the Source.

I have felt my father’s widow, Kirsten, for days and how she is struggling because of me and “the worst sufferings” I go through. According to Kirsten, I was terrible for not having visited your father while he was much in pain (because of his cancer for years etc.), and she influenced my father, her children and my aunt against me, and there is only one aberdabei, which she is starting to realize now via her children, which is that “Stig went through the worst sufferings in the world” meaning that what she accused me of so strongly was really what she, thus my father and her children and potentially my aunt did, which was to be terrible for not having visited – understood and supported me – and yes, it is really true, I went through worse sufferings than my father, who otherwise went through “the worst pain” for years in their minds.

I was shown and told that we are preparing to bring fuel on the rocket (the Source).

So your mother is kept on the edge, but the truth is that you help her and the world via your “work”/updates and behaviour where the alternative would have been no work and “worse behaviour”. And this is driven by my fear of anything to happen to my mother.

Isn’t this the only way we can do it – for me to enter the last darkness via somewhat wrong Internet behaviour – otherwise we have to bring up the rusty anchor, i.e. potential life inside of this darkness, which will not be made as life as result. Does this mean that the ship with the matches will go down then and released by the ship of our New World (?) – and yes I am still shown most of what I write in visions too. The life that we are creating now comes into the border district between sexual connection between yours and your mother’s actions, and this is because I am now on Karen’s side of strong temptations on my way out from the world of my mother. This means that everything outside you is light, and I am shown myself inside a small, ancient and Egyptian room, which is my coffin. Does this mean that we are now so pure darkness, i.e. the Source turned around, and so little the world/my mother that it is almost impossible to create life here (?), which also should mean that we cannot hurt my mother anymore, yes.

We will just do a final round around the King Castle to see if we can bring more. And it is with your Christmas greeting for Karen that we will end everything. She has only been a crab of the worst kind waiting for you to come and get here because it is not funny to live a life like her constantly giving in to her sexual desires meeting new men, and there is really only one thing worse, which is to have the same desires without never receiving relief, which was my destiny.

Do you remember the Aliens vs. Predator film (?), which was also symbolic (the story inside a Pyramid under ground with humans and predators fighting aliens from reaching the surface), and aliens have been given to me often as the absolutely worst darkness of all.

I was told that I was about to being sent out of Kenya already when arriving at the airport and robbed too, which I understand is about the Kenyan government expecting me, and yes the corrupt officials there worked as you imagine the worst corruption in the good old days of the Soviet Union, where one official did not want to accept the stamp in my passport by another official, and the customs almost about to do a THOROUGH investigation of my luggage in the middle of the night, until I gave them the sign to set you free, as I am told, and that was because I told them the truth (at the time) that I was going to work for an NGO at Dadaab, which was my true passport to enter.

Isn’t it so that Søren Pind convinced Helena (last yeat) that “Stig is crazy” on basis of the official story on me (?), and they became sweethearts in the process, and this is because it was impossible to believe that I would be stronger than the system, Søren (?), and yes “a waste of time” is what your miss to bring the new Foreign Minister in consultation to explain about his careless statement of “Cuba as paradise”, and this was a “judgement” coming to you because I have for days told myself that it is a “waste of time” for me to do “nothing”, and this is really also to say that you bring darkness to me because you don’t like my writings on you (?), and let me say it clear, Søren. I DO NOT LIKE YOUR PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE SPEAKING “POLITICIAN LANGUAGE” TO SUIT YOUR OWN INTERESTS not necessarily taking the truth into account, and no, I do NOT like it at all, you are completely brainwashed, my friend (and the previous Minister of Justice Morten Bødsskov may be the one suffering the most from this sickness making me feel poorly when seeing interviews with him – please simply speak the truth OPENLY, DIRECTLY AND HONESTLY and that is ALWAYS!!!). And I am told that Helena cannot stop thinking about me.

For a long time I have been thinking that I am told the story of the world working against me gradually while I was going through darkness. It is the same people bringing you a thunderous welcome, who did everything they could to destroy you.

So Karen (Cleopatra) is the Giza Pyramid impossible for me to enter unless I knew about a trick, which simply is to be strong and be myself, this is what is opening the pyramid to me.

FB 151213 Stig 2 ÄNGLEGÅRD

FB 151213 Stig 3

December 17: Man knew that we had to go through darkness to reach goodness of the Source of God ending all darkness

FB 171213 Stig 1

I still receive dreams, which I have decided not to write down, because I don’t write scripts anymore, you know …., and one of these was about a murder with intent to rob in Sweden, making John crazy, and continuing work at DanskeBank-Pension with MANY pension calculations to do, i.e. new life coming in, and I was told that we have not found the main diamond (of the Source) yet, and also that this darkness I am going through is because of Muslim ruin.

I was told that the Wold Elite cannot get out in space, which is why they don’t have the courage to REALLY start World War III against mankind, and yes because they are not in control of their spaceship transporters anymore.

I received extreme pressure from darkness on me most of the day almost making me scream, which is about this murder in Sweden, i.e. darkness coming to me, which includes much life.

I was told about my sister and other family, friends etc. wanting to bring me flowers and tell me how proud they are of me, but eeehhhh they “cannot”.

I watched Denmark play the 1/8 final in women’s World Championships in handball against Montenegro, and the situation was that Denmark had lost the last two matches against Serbia and Brazil, but still qualified, and they now faced an almost impossible to defeat opponent, who won the last championships and was among the favourites again this year. In the end of the match, the Danish commentator said, at 20-19, that this was like a prison game, which it is, I am still playing to set myself free, and they said that “it is another world to wake up to if Denmark wins this”, and yes you got it right, my “gentlemen”, and this is about the handball boys/commentators on TV2 back in my scripts.

Already hours before the match, I had been given the name of the Danish player Burgaard, and at the very last and critical minutes of the match, she suddenly received “inspiration” (from above) to take matters into her own control and hands, and she scored the last couple of decisive goals for Denmark, who did the impossible to defeat what should have been a much stronger opponent, and this is about continuing my game after I had a crisis (Internet behaviour) making Denmark lose their last two matches, this is how it works here, you know, and you saw from this match, that this was on the absolute edge of being possible because Montenegro scored at the exact same moment as the signal of the end of the match, and the goal was not acknowledged, which otherwise would have given a draw and extended match. The win made the commentators say in joy that it will now become a “yelling, funny road towards Christmas Evening”, it sure will (!), and they said about Burgaard that “she has so much ignition that it can light up a whole town”, and you may understand that she played with the light of my inner self, the man we will give birth to at my new birthday/Christmas day.

We are now playing the deepest tone of the old piano. I am still given sounds to my kitchen and feeling a presence from the balcony coming in, and I understand that the kitchen is the last (or first) part of the Source, which became creation or should have become creation really, and the presence coming in from the balcony is the Source. I was shown myself inside the spaceship of everything at the control room around a “round thing”, which was one of these “round springs” from inside a pinball game, and this is why we had trouble with the pinball game at the Gudenå class tour in 1978, I believe, which continued to “tilt”, but now it is fine. I received a double gong from Buddhist monks, which is about the double world of Karen and I, and “then we shall eat”.

We are now inside the purest darkness, which is the purest light when turned around, and this means that we have undressed you completely, and I am shown myself as a skeleton (I am my new self pretending to be the rest of my old self). This is the complete Pyramid we transfer to you, and I felt how it entered me, and this is from Karen because she is believing that you are “everything”, or at least may have some faith believing in me. I felt my father and was told that it is him having controlled all of this to bring me here, which is also what the handball win today symbolises. In reality you are free as Heaven now.

I was shown black train wagons and was given the feeling of Nazi’s, this is about the gassing of Jews, and I was told that we saw that it was necessary to go through this, and this is about the Vatican Church knowing that it and the world had to turn evil in order to save the world because we were turned around with darkness here bringing light on the other side to save the Old World and create our New World.

You have now entered the darkness, which tried to eliminate you. There is now no more money, i.e. energy, which was an invention of darkness of creation, i.e. a tool of creation. It corresponds to man burying you alive – to bring the Source inside creation of the world – this is what it took, this was the world trying to kill me and keep me out because it believed that it “could self”. They never entered the head of you because they had their heads turned the opposite way. Your credit card is overdrawn, but we have covered you to enter here and there to make you, your mother and the whole world live, which you otherwise could not. This was the invisible force holding you up, and I am shown my father smiling, standing behind the game of us.

This is not just one coffin, but two coffins we bring forward, for you and Karen, and I wonder if there isn’t a third one too for my sister?

I was told about the great importance of working quickly with my scripts because I was up against people reading and adjusting their “strategy” towards me, but when I had done my work and published it, it was too late for their new strategy to take effect. Speed is one of the main reasons why I succeeded.

I was told that Odense, which here is the head office of my sister’s work at the National Board of Social Services of Denmark, at the end changed into a rescue operation of me, and I was shown my visit to my sister’s work in Copenhagen a couple of months ago. It hasn’t to do with Karen, has it (?), and that is the importance of Karen and I together to the world. This is the last, which has happened, i.e. the turnaround of the official world to support you, which therefore is coming to me here at the end, which is also why we avoid Michella, i.e. my “old nightmare”/destruction of parts of the world.

I am VERY tired again these days – especially around 17 to 18, where it is “impossible” to keep away and where I am also very cold – and it was also lack of energy (because I have decreased my work amount), which led to the death of Mandela. I was told – and shown the Source from my balcony – that we are only hanging on with the outermost. The whole world is waiting on you and also your letter to Karen patiently. So it was Karen bringing me sexual torments to terminate the world if I gave in, and since I stopped writing my scripts it has been stronger than ever. I was told about “the whale tooth” of the man delivering the lecture on Greenland at the nursing home (last year, I believe), and this is now coming to me. I received loving speech of Karen, which is about the last required to bring in the last of the Source inside of the world (with my letter for her).

I was told more clearly that the dark New World Order of man seriously would have been launched/triggered if I had given in to darkness (the old “Bomb of Nixon”), which would “remove all life” inside of darkness between me and the Source, and I was told that man knew that this was the road in, and this was the ulterior motive of the Catholic Church, and when entering the Source, it could only lead to goodness, because when reaching the gold of me, man had to change the dark New World Order because I am good, which would also end the simple minds of man. This is how to come home regardless of the road.

And is it so that the Catholic Church was hoping that you would not give in to darkness, but to come through it without making it explode (and seriously launch the war of the World Elite on man), yes – but you did not believe that I could. And I still wonder if your desires of world domination and living in luxury/sin were too strong for (some of) you making you forget about the original goal to release me from darkness to bring only light to man? Thus, the Church was both the worst darkness and light, which man knew about. I was given smiles and told that I am forgiven by man because you had to go through everything to receive this secret.

So Karen was the sexual energy of the Source, and my task was for this not to hit my mother, which would have brought the explosion of the world. And we are back then to the alternative scenario, where I would have been committed to psychiatric hospital and being in pain while the world would was going under, and the only thing that could change/stop this, was for newfound faith of my family, friends etc., thus the world, in me. So who was cheated the most about man being evil (?), and yes I was because man knew that mankind had to be evil to bring out the Source.

Remember that you had to convince your family, friends etc., thus the world, that you were (going to become) Jesus being a normal man doing it, which was not the easiest I have done, and I have been thinking that maybe 1/3 to ½ of my (silent) Facebook friends have faith in me today (?), and how many of their friends/network believe in me too because of “talk behind my back”?

It is about being GOLDEN TIMES (“Gyllene Tider”), and yes you may think that “you become dizzy”, but you don’t, it is really only before this, that you are dizzy, see (?), and yes who would have believed that there was still more in these good old guys (?), and this is Per Gessle’s (from Roxette) old, Swedish band.

It is a whole new town and new fountain, where we have never been before, which we will start inside to give you an idea about what is here, which no one (of our creation) has ever seen before. It is me then, Karen, bringing this to you (because of my letter for her). So all of this darkness was beer, and yes wine when it has been converted into light/creation, this is how “God is beer” becomes “God (and the New World) is wine”, Jan Monrad :-).

So we were thrown down into a hole by my father, and I am shown a bucket full of dark water including one fish being thrown into the hole, and this is how to get back.

All family, friends etc. were really helping me when they behaved wrongly to me. Karen is the darkness – I am shown her as a crocodile – and my sister directing it to me. And it is becoming my way of loving (pure love), which is winning and bringing Karen to me instead of Karen’s way (of darkness – a play between ruler/slave), which was the game she wanted me to play with me 10 years ago, which I simply “could not” find inside of me (despite of darkness trying to bring it to me), which by the way would have started termination of man. I am given strong tears of Karen in relation to me. This is how you have lived in pressure between your mother (the world) and Karen (darkness of the Source).

I am shown and hear the last darkness coming out of my kitchen – as small black balls – and this is matched by what enters from the Source coming from the balcony, and I am told that we are not really balls but oranges, as I am shown, that are waiting to get out to become life.

It wasn’t necessary at all for you to go through all of this darkness/suffering, you could have taken a taxi plane (letting darkness (partly) destroy man), but yes, it was a question of honour. I was told that the rocket fuel of the spaceship of everything/the Source, is all people/life.

FB 171213 Stig 2

FB 171213 Stig 3



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