December 2013 – IV: I am about to close creation, disconnect the world, become the Source and my new self before switching on the New World


Summary of Facebook IV – December 2013

  • December 18: My Christmas letter for Karen asking her to come home to open up to the main diamond of my inner self.
  • December 19: I am on my last round of removing darkness having the giant ball of light of the Source right in front of me.
    • It required all of my strength and will power to write and publish my Christmas letter for Karen without giving up.
    • It was impossible to open to the Source without the sacrifice of Karen and my mother unless I emptied all darkness of the Old World.
    • Approx. 20-30,000 people in Denmark are “hit by knowledge about you”, and you will be compared to Superman for all time.
    • Obama also had to issue a dead sentence on me because “the system” did not want its crime against mankind to be revealed.
    • I receive INCREDIBLE STRONG feelings of darkness and “a presence” wanting to enter me – it is my inner self via Karen :-).
  • December 21: I am at the very end closing creation, about to disconnect the world, become the Source and my new self before reconnecting with and switching on the New World.
    • I am “swallowing all of the remaining ship” of the Source because of reactions to my letter for Karen creating MUCH new and rare life.
    • I cannot bring everything of the Source inside creation as life because of the reactions of my surroundings to me deciding how much we can bring in.
    • We are on the very limit of being able to create more life, and even though we cannot bring all, we still create the rarest life of all.
    • The part of the Source not becoming life/creation will become the smallest part, which will still bring the force making everything work.
    • I will be separated from my old heart of the world, we will do a couple of radical changes (at the Source) and switch on the New World, which will take a split of a second.
    • I will become part of the Source (“the force of nothing”) as the Son together with my Father as well as the heart (everything) of our New World.
    • The system and my sister made reports on me “most likely not making it”, which were sent to all nations of the world including the final report: “Task not solved”.
    • We went to the Tivoli Gardens, which consolidated all life, and brought the end to the greatest performance of the world with my sister.
    • The Crazy Christmas Cabaret “Smartacus” symbolised me as the hero saving the world and Karen as Cleopatra being the diamond of the Source.
    • It required all countries of the world to have faith in me as the Son of God to set me free.
    • The road to Karen and my new inner self went through my mother, where I am not given access as my old self because my mother is still alive and Karen rejected me.
    • It was only a small group of the World Elite knowing about me; I had to do my best work to convince the world that I was not crazy in order to save it.


December 2013-IV: I am about to close creation, disconnect the world, become the Source and my new self before switching on the New World

I have stopped writing new scripts, but I have decided to bring updates I have brought via my Facebook profile after I have stopped writing scripts.

December 18: My Christmas letter for Karen asking her to come home to open up to the main diamond of my inner self

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December 19: I am on my last round of removing darkness having the giant ball of light of the Source right in front of me

Fb 191213 Stig 1

The lock to my bicycle has jammed making it impossible for me to cycle until I will be able to cut/saw it open, and this comes when I am (again) totally out of energy symbolising this. Is this the end of my old self now?

It is as if your father has not lived at all by now, this is how quickly your mother has taken over from him.

I received so much darkness that it again overtook my physical speech and movements of my body for a short while again remembering me about the NIGHTMARE when this was going on for approx. one year in 2006/07 (because of negative reactions of my family, Karen, friends etc. to me), and I did not want this to happen, and I was then given the feeling of attacks of darkness coming to me several times almost doing it again before it was stopped giving me the feeling that “it” followed my wish.

Do you want to play Skunk Anansie (?), and this is because you don’t smell anymore according to Karen? I felt defence of my kitchen (darkness of Karen) against what enters from the balcony (the Source), which is because of Karen’s resistance to me, and I was told that she is also “drunk” and a blend of the world and the Source too and it is the part of her being the world, which brings this resistance.

I was completely without energy but decided to go to the library today to continue working on my “script” and Christmas letter for Karen, and I “could not” but the Source part of me makes me “continue, continue and continue”.

I used the first three hours on my “script”, and was then about to give up writing the letter to Karen before giving it 5 hours deciding to finish it today going way beyond what I really could only to face reality at 19.30 that two stores did not have stamps and two supermarkets, which should have, were both ”sold out”, ahhhhhrrrr (!), I can first send it tomorrow.

We used the last part of the camera to get us self free.

I was told that what was on the desk of Danish Conservative chairmen about me has been passed on to Lars Barfoed, and I also felt the previous leader Pia Christmas Møller, and I felt Jens Rohde, and was told that he and other Conservatives have now been informed about “Stig is set free”.

I was told that it was impossible to open to here without either Karen or I losing our head, and we will see what we will do depending on Karen’s reaction to the letter. It is now so that there is no bomb inside of me anymore, thus also not Karen, and my “old nightmare” would also have cost her life to open the Source to me as it was not meant for, which is what she was hiding and really “a double turnaround” with my mother/the world being the trigger via temptations of Karen because of her darkness.

I was given the feeling of the Vatican Church and happiness of the hallways for me having found the real connection.

So you and Karen are buried together, and there is no way out of here except from you emptying all darkness, and this is why there will be no explosion killing Karen. This is how Karen would die corresponding to how my mother/the world would die to open the Source, and it is not only my mother’s life that we are “playing” with here at the end (to release the last darkness), it is also Karen’s.

I had a dream about speaking for Willis employees (in Denmark), which was impossible to do because of people constantly disturbing, who could not control their feelings/temper and not concentrate, and I told them that this is their biggest challenge, and this is again about people believing/marketing themselves as “professionals/experts”, who are nothing else than “amateurs” compared to what they could do if they CONCENTRATED without being disturbed doing their best work, for example as I do, and this is also to say that people of this the biggest insurance broker of Denmark speak about me. Later I was told that approx. 20-30,000 people in Denmark alone are “hit by knowledge about you”, and I was also told that “you will be compared to Superman for all time” because of the strength required going against darkness of my family and friends thus the world.

The next morning I had to go the far too small mail office inside the supermarket of Kvickly in Helsingør waiting behind 11 in front of me ONLY because the kiosk of the supermarket did not have a table of postal rates therefore not knowing what value the stamp had to be (78 grams), and yes HOW DIFFICULT CAN IT BE TO USE YOUR HEAD/SIMPLE LOGIC (?) when this is part of your work (!!!), and just to say that sending this letter was not as easy as I thought it would be, and yes this is about photographing Karen, i.e. bringing her new life.

I watched the Danish “iron ladies” in Handball as they used to be called – and these words are given to me here because of my own strength writing and sending this letter to Karen, which I was really about to give up doing yesterday because of lack of energy – and this was when they played against Germany in the quarter finals in handball, and this is also to say that they won “relatively easy” by 31 to 28, I believe, because of my strength, which was given to them too. There was only little inspired talk from the DR TV commentators showing this match compared to TV2 showing the previous, and Ulla Essendrop had one inspired sentence when saying about a player that she “pull pearls on a string”, which was a reference to Karen being a “pearl” to me (as she has been since I bought her pearl ear rings years ago and described her as a “pearl” to me in a later letter, and again, this was to say that because I had the strength to write and will to send my letter to Karen and to publish it not caring about darkness, this attitude is what made Denmark win today, and aren’t you excited to see if I will continue being strong or “lose it”, which will determine the result of your coming semi final and potential final (?), and yes Jan Pytlick how does it feel to have me as a “determining factor” making your efforts as coach less important?

It is now the whole whale (symbol of “everything”) of Karen coming in.

We keep coming back to Brede Park, as I keep being given feelings and visions of, because this is here that we meticulously founded our New World via my meticulous work.

I dreamt about a dinner party of the most skilled employees worldwide being held at the White House (Alice from Slangerup was there too, I have been given her name for days), and I was surprised to find sweaty shirts of Obama on the floor, which had not been removed, and when I wanted to remove them, Hilary Clinton wanted to stop me, but still I removed them, and I understood that Obama has been working hard. During dinner, I sat briefly next to Obama, and was surprised that he did not speak to me, and later I sat on my seat, and changed into a skirt beneath the table (!), which made me INCREDIBLE unpopular by approx. 1/3 of the guests, and this is about an old symbol of darkness, which I have received often (the skirt), but never written about, and this is also coming in continuation of yesterday where I was told about “the President” and I felt something “not nice” coming, which did not come yesterday, but then I had this dream, and later today I was then told what this is about – because I am coming to the very centre of all you know opening for this – and it came when I kept on being told that Obama issued an order on my death (!), and if he had not, the equation would not have been resolved, so this is about the world wanting me to survive but still both Putin and also Obama issued dead sentences on me – because the world did not want its crime against mankind to be revealed, this is why as I am told, and I would be surprised if Obama issued this order himself without receiving a strong pressure by “the system”.

Karen also has one of your watches, it is only turned around. We are out on our last round and you decide yourself how long it will be depending on your actions and Internet behaviour. My mother keeps having some pain and nausea making life difficult, and John is going to have a new “plate” operated into his arm to prepare for later dialysis, and yes “not easy” to keep on being emptied from life/energy as this is about, and yes having your hair cut as a symbol – before turning around to become everything of our New World.

I was shown a giant ball of light having the last surface of darkness around it (looking like hardened lava) with light shining through, and I was shown this – this is the spaceship of everything/the Source – inside the yard of the monastery of Helsingør and seeing myself walking around it at the covered square of the monastery doing “my last round”, and I was reminded about an INCREDIBLE STRONG feeling of “the presence from the hallway” outside my apartment waling through my hall to me in my living room (I literally feel “it” as an almost physical presence of my height walking towards me) wanting to enter me the last nights when I have gone to bed, and so INCREDIBLE strong and with the feeling of darkness that it could make me scream – but I decided to be STRONG saying “just come” – and this is this ball of light and my inner self coming from the inner of Karen to me, this is how it is connected.

I received “it hurts like Heaven, Heaven, Heaven” by Coldplay – AMAZING song and AMAZING live performance – which is what it does to open for Heaven, and yes, Heaven only knows, Jeff :-).

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December 21: I am at the very end closing creation, about to disconnect the world, become the Source and my new self before reconnecting with and switching on the New World

FB 211213 Stig 1

I was given the feeling of Arthur Findlay College beaming in with the words “congratulations, you did it”, and this comes after I have felt the teacher and medium Billy Cook for days, and this is also about where Karen and I will become married.

I was told that it was also with the use of man-controlled UFO’s that USA wanted to kill me before they became under my control. I was shown myself in Lyngby on my way to the Netto Supermarket (not at the station, but the opposite direction from me), and I was told that these UFO’s were monitoring me and waiting to find the right time to hit me, where I would not be my strongest, i.e. be without/or have less protection from the Universe, and eehhhh, this never happened (because I did not give in to darkness at any moment), which is why we could not kill him as desired, Mr. President, and guess who became glad of receiving this message?

I was shown Formula One racers driving around below and a snake in the middle hissing out fire, and I was told that you went directly after the throat of the Source of darkness via my letter for Karen. It is really a round ball of nothing – as I see behind some black bars – which is more accurate than light. And this is the father bringing flowers to all, which is nothing, which you are now returning home to.

I was given a sound to my kitchen and was shown and told that we have started bringing down from the shelves of the kitchen at the back, which is because of Karen’s reaction to my letter, and eeehhh does Stig mean this seriously and no, he is not completely crazy/stupid, right?

It costs energy to get in the last part of the Source, this is how the game was designed, and this is why my mother is not feeling well these days.

I felt Karen and more of the Source coming in from my balcony. “Stur, stur nummer” (“big big act”) with the opening of our New World will come from your mother, i.e. creation, because I am “nothing” (as the Source). Surely you don’t swallow all of the sail ship, right (?), and I feel my head being opened in a triangle and the ship of everything remaining of the Source from the balcony entering me because of Karen. And we are inside of nothing, i.e. what was not created.

For a long time I have been given a vision of a small presence from the balcony looking in through my balcony window not being able to enter; we are not going to experience this, are we (?), and this is about my surroundings deciding what to bring in on basis of their reactions to and faith in me. And this last is stuck in my throat, which I here feel as an uncomfortable lump as I have felt often, and I am also shown my sister as a little girl, and is this where we are again now knowing why we cannot enter, but still we cannot enter without communication between your mother, sister and you about who was right that evening at the party (?), and yes I have really told my sister and mother about this, which is that my mother was wrong, but they also fell out because my mother had told my sister about how she and her husband have given their sons everything and done everything for them making them spoiled, which my sister simply “could not” take hearing from our mother, and here I agree with my mother, but have not told my sister directly, and yes the truth is that you have spoiled/ruined your sons making them selfish, Sanna, and yes it is probably “impossible” for you and your sons to see this.

And will this die out with you or rise again on the other side (?), and yes “everything has to be perfect no matter what”, and use our sufferings to bring this! So this will not be goodbye but “see you”? I can only say that I hope this will be the case, but I will not accept to leave out life meaning that we are NOT finished then, and this means that we will take yet another new round. This is about the old game about darkness, which will not come with us as life when we turn around becoming only light, and will this be lost forever (?), no I don’t believe this anymore, everything will be perfect no matter how we (the world and I) share the sufferings bringing us there.

For some time I have received the word “industry” knowing that this is about “the industry of the world”, and today I was told that the industry knows that it has to stop doing “wrong”, and the industries involved in doing “wrong” (production of dangerous products, pollution etc.) know what they do wrong.

I was shown Karen and I in love at the centre with everything shining up brightly. When going to bed, my new inner self from the hallway was not at all threatening (as darkness) because “you belong here” and Karen knows – and most of the day I received feelings of Karen and references to this and that chapter in my letter for her being understood.

We are bringing goods on place at the top of the refrigerator.

I dreamt about continuing to fly in the strongest wind brought to me from my mother, Jack and Preben, and I am saving the rarest of all bird species, which there are some of however, Henrik Dam Kristensen is one of them (!), but it is too cold for it to live here, and further south, they die from rabies, but some of them do survive, which is about the most rare of all life being impossible to create at this stage, however some do make it.

I felt Dirch Passer, the late, great Danish comedian (the greatest in the world as a new documentary on him on TV confirmed to me, at least I know of no greater than him), and I felt Mandela, and I was told that all great leaders have some of me inside of them, and that is humour of God, which you know that Mandela had much of, and now he is here, and I was shown how he is helping me finding the most blue salad heads (my inner self).

Again, I received “I can’t live if living is without you” by Harry Nilsson, and also “I don’t know how to love him” by Yvonne Elliman and the end of the lyrics of the song “I love him so”. This song continued being given to me over again including the lyrics “what’s it all about” (?), which is about Karen’s doubts in me and “I want him so”, and I also received “yuk” of Karen, so many feelings.

I slept VERY poorly being extremely tired/without energy on a day where we had planned to go to Tivoli, Copenhagen, this evening, which seemed completely impossible to do, and yes I was feeling so poorly that I felt it all over my body, and did not like to do anything at all nor to be social except from relaxing. I took a short nap during the afternoon, and I did not watch Denmark lose the semi final in handball to Brazil, but I was told that this was because of my nap, which “the world” had to pay for. Later, I discovered that my mother also had slept poorly also being very tired, but we did it.

This is about creating life of your mother in the saddest state (without energy). I was given the lyrics from the Jam “You got to be tough” and I was shown a band playing inside the flames, which is the Source self. Well, this is the power of the cell that was your mother’s, which is about coming to its end. I was shown the Magasin department store in Copenhagen closing, and the two last apartment buildings of the town of Copenhagen being united as one while I am flying away and up to the spaceship of everything – of the Source. I was given the sound of crackling plastic bubbles from when Mr. Magorium did his last dance at his last day alive.

I have received feelings of my father’s widow Kirsten’s youngest song, Ricki, and I was encouraged to look him up today, and when I checked my latest email via Facebook for him and his two brothers, I see that he has now also decided to not only remove me as friend but to report/block me, which gave me strong feelings of just how simple minded, DEAF and better-knowing ignorants that he, his mother and siblings are, and this is after they killed my father as I am told (for keeping me out, thus not bringing healing to him), and this action of his made me very sad too, and why couldn’t you simply READ and UNDERSTAND (???), and yes this is a STRONG source of darkness coming at me.

I had agreed with my mother to meet this morning to go out shopping because my mother had offered to buy me wine and what I did not have here at the end of the month, which was my Christmas gift, and no, I really did not need this at all, it was goods of approx. 500 DKK, and even though it was nice to receive (and better to give me goods instead of money, which had the “risk” that I would send it to my friends in Kenya, which would “not be good at all”!), it is NOTHING compared to if she and John told me as example that “we have now done our very best to read you, and we now understand that you speak the truth, and we would like to speak to you about all of this and also to support you”, which is what would be RIGHT to do, but no, they “could not”, and yes they are now starting to speak about having to save on their money too, which may be about their private pensions being paid out (?), but still they could afford going to Gran Canaria and Stockholm instead of for example giving me a laptop to help doing my work (?) – which I know that my mother has been thinking about doing, but she was not allowed (?) – but then again, now I am done working so this is really without importance by now, and yes how many times did I have to go to the library because I could not work at home (?), and yes 100-200 times (?), and that is because no one could “afford” giving me a laptop costing less than 3,000 DKK.

It is now again becoming Christmas here too despite of serious lack of energy of my mother and I starting today with our tour to Tivoli to watch this year’s edition of “Crazy Christmas Cabaret”, the family going out for Christmas lunch in two days, my mother/John/I celebrating Christmas Evening with John’s daughter Mette and her husband and having Christmas lunch with Sanna and her family on 2nd Christmas day.

It is not because we cannot, but because we shall not be life (?), which is us from the balcony, thus being the Source, which is not life, and yes this also is, and this is you/me (father/son), welcome home. Wasn’t it our wish that this part would become the smallest part of us, and the biggest part to become life (?), yes. How much more life do we get because of your letter for Karen and the tour to Tivoli today (?), and I received the feeling “very much”.

It is now the last corrections to the landing wheel of the passenger airplane we are doing, and I am shown a very small room beneath ground including this wheel, and it is leading up to an athletics/race track. So it is us at the balcony, who are the Source, whom you are now returning to, and it is us being in control of everything, and yes, everyone has freedom and responsibility, and we make sure that everything works etc.

I was given a sound to the kitchen, and this is also the part of the Source, which did not become life, which we have to accept. Eeehhh, is it possible to bring in so much of the Source (?), and yes, it was your task setting the limit of this. We don’t have a heart out here, but keep the axis (heart/clock) of creation going, and what we have is nothing, which is the right answer. So we will separate you from your heart (the Old World), and bring you back home first, do a couple of radical changes and switch on all of the New World, which will take a split of a second. And I was asked if I fear this, which is about dying as my old self and yes for my heart to stop (?), and yes, I don’t like the idea of this much, not at all, but I do hope that it will happen without myself even noticing it for example when I am sleeping, and yes as my new self, I will be nothing at the Source at the same time as receiving a new heart becoming everything of creation. So I will still be “the force” of the Source inside and around everything making all work.

I was shown Karen bringing me through gates of the most beautiful winter landscape including beautiful patterns of fractals. I am told that she is created reversed to me (“the opposite world”) meaning that she is a man as a woman, which was the only way to do it, and yes, my sister has always disliked scrimps, which symbolise “making love”, and this is because she is “non gender life”.

I was told about my sister reporting about me to her head quarter in Odense, and how they report to “a secret place”, and then I was told that this “secret place” is the American Psychiatric Association, who also “invented” the DSM classification (of so called mental disorders, which was ONE GIANT LIE to control man!). And the reports stated that it was most likely that I would not be able to make it, and now they have brought the final report saying “task not solved”, and I am told that these reports on me were also sent to all capitals of the world, and I wonder what these reports really said (?), but now I am free, I could not be “solved”. This also means that I have now been elected everywhere, and it required all countries of the world to set me free. I was told that my father, Karen and Jack as examples were helping the system against me, but not my mother, who was the decisive piece.

On my way in the train to Tivoli with my mother and John – we were going to meet Sanna/Hans and their sons/girlfriends there – I was told that going to Tivoli together with my mother and sister consolidates all life that we have saved/created. The nice and smiling ticket inspector said that only one of four toilets of the train worked, which he tried to bring in order, and when we met him later on our way home, he said that they had to bring this train our of service, which was another symbol saying that the train cannot continue driving, we have reached the end.

On the way, I received the idea of where we were going to have the traditional Danish “apple slices” (small “donuts” cooked in a special kind of pan) and “Gløgg” (“hot wine/spirits/raisins/almonds), which was at “Pandekagehuset” (“the Pan Cake house”) as I have always called the little white house next to the amusement of boats going up/down and around, and this is because they do HOMEMADE apple slices as the only place in Tivoli (as I understood it) instead of the industrial prepared, which the others heat up and serve, which I do NOT like – I LOVE people doing homemade specialities/food/products – and also because we used to go there when I was a boy to have pancakes, which my mother however had forgotten about, and yes she was sceptical, but we entered there and I was happy to see the environment of this historic place being intact as I remembered it, and when I asked them if their apple slices are the best in Tivoli, they said “they are the best in Denmark” (!), and I told them that my mother will be the test, and if she likes them, they are the best in the world, and when we tasted them and the Gløgg too, there was NO DOUBT, these are the best apple slices and the best Gløgg that I have ever had, it was amazingly good, and my mother and John were as happy as I was, which I then told the assistant at the desk on our way out, and yes “pancakes/apple slices” are old symbols of me and Christmas, and it doesn’t get any better than this, this is what it as about, and yes this was a memorable experience I will treasure for a very long time, this is what people doing their best brings me.

We walked around the gardens, and I told my mother and John what I thought, which is that this is the most beautiful Christmas decoration/exhibition of the world, and this is at the very place of origination and that is our Paradise, you know, it was amazingly beautiful, thank you Tivoli for doing a WONDERFUL job :-). Among others, we noticed the beautiful peacock in front of famous white building, and my mother said “see there”, which was about a very beautiful made swan in her eyes standing at the doorstep leading up to the Balcony restaurant, and yes, this is also how we can make it, and this swan is the symbol of my new self after I was an ugly duckling as my old self. And it was here that the greatest performance of the world with my sister was ending.

We met the others at the Glassalen theatre, and started watching the Crazy Christmas Cabaret, which this year was the best that we have ever seen. It was incredible funny – when not taking all of the WRONG sexual references of the play into account, which seem “impossible” to avoid in this Old World – and when they asked a lady of the audience of her name, and could not hear it, they were inspired to use sign language when asking her the same question again as if she was deaf, but it was really about the “false interpreter” of the Mandela memorial service and the angels communicating with him, which had moved with us here to say that these angels of God and Mandela were with us this evening, this is what it was about.

The play this year was about Spartacus (here “Smartacus”) saving and bringing FREEDOM to gladiators of Rome, and it also included Cleopatra, who received the most precious diamond as a necklace, and Smartacus was the HERO symbolising me saving the world – the audience shouted out loud “hurrah” to the hero many times during the show – and Cleopatra was Karen containing the diamond of the Source and my new self, this is how inspiration was given to the brilliant director/writer Vivienne McKee, who has turned this yearly cabaret into an “institution” in Denmark, and I am told that this became the case after I watched one of her early Christmas cabaret’s in the 1980’s about Dracula, which made me laugh very much, and this is how she and this cabaret were moved into “the place of origination” at Tivoli. Our family have now watched six of the last seven years of cabarets making this a precious tradition of ours, and we all laughed very much this year agreeing that this was the best of all of those we have seen, and yes one of the MANY funny parts of the play was that Smartacus was a Scotsman speaking like Sean Connery and having a sir name starting with “Bond”, and yes another old symbol of me having “license to kill” if needed, you know. Thank you all at the production of this, and MERRY JUL, and yes, you may say that “it was so little”, we know :-).

During the play, I was told that it required all countries of the world to have faith in me as the Son of God to set me free, and also that they had planned using Karen as part of their “sexual tests” on me when locked up at psychiatric hospital. They wanted to get to my mother too in order to receive control of the world, and they had John on their side too, and it was from this group that Hans decided to break out.

You prevented that it became grand slam, and I was told about the recent development of China (claiming ownership of islands/airspace), and North Korea (brutally executing the uncle of the dictator), and is this what is preparation of the world to launch a new World War as part of their “depopulation” plans?

I have said thousands of times “it is not good enough yet” meaning that there is more work to be done to make “perfect”, and when I said these words to myself, I was now met with the answer “yes, it is good enough” for the first time ever, thus also saying that we have reached the end.

I was told that the road to Karen – and my new inner self – went through my mother, and I was shown my inner self as dark and “no access”, which is because Karen has rejected me again as I was told (and because I have not “removed” my mother, i.e. terminated the world, to become my new self), and this is why I first have to become the Source disconnecting the world from my old self – which is connected to me as the Source of this – and to become my new self and connect the world to this.

How many of these people working for the system against me – family, friends etc. including the world of politicians, media and others inside or outside the secret network – knew about who I am or believed in the official story of the system that I am crazy (?), and I was told that it was only a small group knowing about me, and I had myself to convince most people about the truth of me, which is what was the game on life and death. And this was only possible to do by doing my best quality work (under the circumstances) and my repeated Facebook messages to convince people, which brought rumours about and faith in me spreading from people to people.

How could the World Elite be so foolish to believe that it would survive Armageddon (not taking the mirror of the Source into account)?

So all negativity, better-knowing ignorance, SLOW-WITTEDNESS and wrong/disgraceful behaviour of my family, friends etc., thus the world, who “could not” take me seriously while they continued doing “nothing” and living in abundance (while the poor world continued suffering/dying), was darkness destroying/killing me.

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  1. mesh itumo says:

    Hi there,hope you are okay and doing well.We are okay here back home. I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy new year.Kind regards.Meshack.

    • Hi my friend. Thank you very much for your kind greetings. I wish you all the best in our soon to come New World, which will become in 2014 after it also was “not possible” to finish everything in 2013. Take care and me warmest greetings for your children and family. :-). Stig.

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