December 2013 – V: Queen Margrethe’s shrine included the Source, which rescued the world and made me who I am because of her faith in me


Summary of Facebook V – December 2013

  • December 23: The DSM-manual about “mental disorders” was a scam invented by man to turn me crazy and blame me for man’s crimes against mankind.
    • We will unite the two created worlds of Stig and Karen (male and female life), which are two identical halves based on Karen’s and my opposite experiences of life.
    • It was impossible to open to the light via Karen’s love to me going through my mother, but still their warm feelings were strong enough doing this without bringing death and pain to man.
    • This was a result of rejecting my “old nightmare” thus going right through my mother, i.e. the world, without being killed, thus removing this obstacle.
    • There is only good and happiness to look forward to, man will be experiencing joy and happiness as man has NEVER experienced before.
    • Our sufferings on this side have finished the baking of the cake meaning that the chassis of the New World will not feel rusty.
    • It was “stupid fools” of my family, friends etc. who “could not” read, listen to and understand me, who brought me sufferings/energy to create our New World.
    • The DSM-Manual is a scam about “mental disorders” invented by the American Psychiatric Association and used by mental health professionals that have turned up to 1 out of 5 on psychiatic drugs.
    • The manual was invented as a closely defined job to turn me crazy and blame me for the crimes against man, which the World Elite stood behind.
    • The American Psychiatric Association is now ready to stand forward admitting that it was a scam to turn me (and man) crazy to control me/us.
    • The Source is no mirror of the world anymore, but is inside the world from where we will turn around everything to become our New World.
  • December 25: The Source is extremely close to break through my skin, which is what will open everything.
    • The primer charge to explode the last of darkness was called back because we use everything for creation (suffering without needing the energy of explosion).
    • I was INCREDIBLE TIRED and EMPTY of energy with pain to my spinal column going through Christmas Evening as the worst torture.
    • If I had not spared the world, it would now be desperate to open up to the Source and our New World, and instead this is what I (almost) am.
    • I have entered the Source deeper than what was possible, but still we will always regret parts of the Source not becoming life.
  • December 27: Queen Margrethe’s shrine included the Source, which rescued the world and made me who I am because of her faith in me.
    • The lump of my mother’s and my throat, which is where the Source was hidden, has now disappeared, we now can everything.
    • Queen Margrethe received her shrine including part of the Source from Catherine the Great, which rescued the world and made me who I am because of her faith in me.
    • This is how we have created the ship (of the Source) all around everything (of creation (including the last part of darkness now dissolving).
    • Everyone of EU and the world elite have changed into my New World Order.
    • The Source is in the air, the art is now to come down to me. There has to be a cinema inside of here, which is about the difficulties finding the smallest entity of all, the Source.
    • We are working on getting the light of all four parts of the world to be co-ordinated pointing at me.


December 2013-V: Queen Margrethe’s shrine included the Source, which rescued the world and made me who I am because of her faith in me

I have stopped writing new scripts, but I have decided to bring updates I have brought via my Facebook profile after I have stopped writing scripts.

December 23: The DSM-manual about “mental disorders” was a scam invented by man to turn me crazy and blame me for man’s crimes against mankind

FB 231213 Stig 1

I was dreaming of being in the swimming hall having difficulties following Pia Kjærsgaard to the top floor, which is about the darkness/sufferings this lady sends me.

I was shown water of the sea rolling up on shore, which is ”very small”, and this is the size of the part of the Source not becoming life. Does this mean that we don’t have any cash (energy) back?

I keep being told about Flemming – Sanna’s and Hans’ friend – whom I have been told for years that he is part of the secret network.

I kept on receiving feelings of Karen, which is what is bringing more of us in. I was shown the old tape roll of the Source brought to my mother, i.e. the world, being empty and we are now driving on another roll not meant to become life.

One of the radical things we will do is to unite the two worlds we have created of you and Karen (male and female life), and I am told that these are two identical halves based on Karen’s and I opposite experiences of life and “pretty amazing” if we are to tell ourselves. And this is why she has become so damned over you despite of having the same loving feelings, and this is because she only thinks of sex in contrast to you.

So the world was guarding me, a black/smutty monster, which is also my sister. It is this darkness that brings us home. And we will now come out here – to the spaceship of everything – to experience true happiness for the first time, which no one has ever experienced before.

It is you too, who is the ancient Egypt jar, which I am shown packed in a cartridge belt.  We thought darkness stopped there, you are the only one breaking through darkness to the castle. And when Karen said that you were raving mad, it was impossible to bring her to open this darkness to the light, right? This is the dark mountain containing the Christmas Tree. Karen’s love cannot be brought forward because it goes through your mother, which you have rejected, and you cannot love each other directly in the old setup, which we will now change. This is how it was impossible to bring the love of your father to the world, only the love of your mother. This is the love that wants to come forward bringing you all of these small heart attacks. And is this what we will do now (bringing me a heart attack?), and no, I have no meaning on this, “do perfect”!

Eeehhh Stig, did we find a direct way making all of this unnecessary, which is to bring everything at once removing all pain and the final heart attack (?), yes this is what we have done saving you and the world from going through pain, and this is built on true feelings of Karen to you, and then we will just uncouple and couple in your mother, i.e. the world, and it will feel like driving over a bump on the road, which you feel in your stomach.

So the purpose was to make you afraid (of dying/the heart attack) to bring out the most of you, and yes we are inside this lump in your throat. This means that we have removed all pain now, and there is only good and happiness to look forward to. It is your credit that we have dug out your father from here, and this is because you cannot pull out more from us, and I feel Karen and this is about her sufferings because of me. So the only thing separating her and I is sex. We reached this point because of the sufferings of my mother and I.

It is not because I don’t want to but because I cannot (connect with me) – I have received these words for days, and they come from my new inner self, and this is how we solve this, so now we just have to do it.

Of course you are not Jesus, right (?), and yes you are, this is how far we have come with the understanding of Karen. My father spoke to me about how good it will be to have me home again. Darkness was our tool to get inside creation, and even though we tell you that we don’t come in (the last part of the Source), we enter anyway, and I felt this part of the Source from the balcony entering me (as non-life, the force of nothing).

Normally I don’t express feelings as I have decided to do in my scripts/Facebook comments – about my sufferings and the reason why – and I do NOT share these feelings with you because “I have to”, but ONLY to keep you informed about my life and development, and these are the feelings coming to me, so this is what you get, but please understand this correctly, will you (?), and this is because this is also what makes some people almost throw up because “Stig is far too much, we cannot take it”, and yes just like Jette the other day, who still “cannot understand”, and yes I am “too selfish” according to Karen/you, is that it?

In Tivoli the other day, I was also told that my aunt, Inge, was NOT part of the system fighting against me like my father, sister etc.

I was told that the International Herald Tribune has a front page (of me), which they are ready to print, so why don’t you (?), and after receiving this “news”, I looked up this newspaper to learn that they have changed name to International New York Times.

The sufferings you have gone through now are helping on the other side. In other words, the cake has been baked through, and the chassis of the New World will not feel rusty.

I am still completely finished/exhausted/without energy, which is NOT like feeling “tired” for normal people, it is a 1,000 times deeper feeling of being completely empty having nothing to drive on. And I continue receiving negative voices.

And this is how your new self comes to you from the balcony (I feel the full size of me coming), and again I feel my new self as the strongest darkness almost making me afraid, and I am told that the lump of my right foot, which used to be the Old World, has already been changed (with the New World). I also received sexual speech of darkness, and yes this is Satan that we were, how do we change to “the good guy” (?), and this happened while I was watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail on TV.

Doesn’t it mean that the whole world believed you were leprous because it couldnt read and believe in my story compared to the official story of me? Is this how they also fooled my sister to work against you (?), and yes “the expert”, who really didn’t know what this was about and couldn’t communicate with me nor follow my advices because she “knew better”, and this was also the case with my father, Jack and more, and yes “stupid fools” is what you were, and “of course” it was “totally impossible” for you to listen to, read and understand that I only spoke the truth as it was given to me, right? This was the strength of all of sufferings given to me – “many times stronger than me” – and still there are many not having discovered the truth of me. And this is really how you can cheat everyone to work for us (the opposite world of darkness bringing energy to the spiritual world to create our New World). Otherwise we could not have pulled out the plug from the hole as I am shown here, and this is the hole of Hell from where we received energy of the Source to create life.

I was told that the force making it impossible to bring me a normal sexual life was the opposite of the sexual force of my family, friends etc., thus making it impossible for me to live a normal life in this respect too.

I dreamt about being chased by a Catholic Church, hiding and freezing, and being sold as slave to a farm in Sweden producing fine cheese, and I was told that I lack the acknowledgement of my local mayor/Commune to bring doctors a place to expand.

You have become it already before time. Your role (as my old self) bringing energy to this new life is now over.

Here is Dragholm and here am I, and isn’t it funny that Dragholm has simply walked right through the gold of his mother. It is not just because we cannot but because we will not, ie. family, friends etc. ….. You are gold yourself.

They told the world about you as a sexual deviant, and a man without feelings to convince people that you were crazy.

My mother and John had invited my sister and her family and I for a nice Christmas lunch at the Kronborg Havnebad restaurant in Helsingør North Harbour, and I was happy to see that I was met with warm feelings from all and especially my sister showed her kind self totally without the “cold, steering manager type”, which is how I love her the most. As usual, I was tired and felt very poorly also having difficulties to speak without hacking, and as usual, this is making me feel poorly and it comes directly to me from darkness, I feel it. And no, no one at all says anything about my writings even though everyone knows and thinks about them. Hans broke a tooth, and I was told that this happened because he has protected me from darkness too.

I felt Karen much of the afternoon – the “it would be very nice being together for Christmas” feeling – and were there enough warm feelings of your family and Karen to walk right through your mother without receiving your “old nightmare” (?), and yes this is the setup. Is this how it is when they cannot kill me that I have to remove this obstacle while still being alive as my old self, and yes this is just what we are doing, and this is the effect of Karen considering you.

I was encouraged to bring a Facebook post about the crazy Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) – – which is the standard classification of (374!) mental disorders published (a scam invented from out of thin air!) by the American Psychiatric Association and used by mental health professionals that have turned up to 1 out of 5 (so far) on psychiatic drugs (read more about this here – “mental disorders” are not cured with drugs, which kill people, but by human love, care and understanding, and for example Cannabis oil if needed).

Well, is it so that you have gone right through your mother, i.e. the world, becoming your new self after all? This is something we not normally do, which is to turn around inside of your world, and not inside the Source, but this was the idea and that was to avoid everyone dying because you didn’t want to die yourself, thus to avoid sufferings for all. This means that you are the Tinderbox yourself. And we can do this because the two worlds of Karen and Stig are ready.

So my sister only wanted “the best” for me, and it was her misunderstanding and lack of communication skills that was killing me/us.

It was only a small part of man knowing that going through darkness of man led to goodness of the Source also meaning that these were actually heroes, and most people attending in the dark New World Order of man with greed, selfishness and killing/enslavement of mankind did this because of influence of darkness/the system without going against it.

It is just about swallowing the lump of my throat.

I was told about the UFO/spiral light of Northern Norway in 2009 (see my Signs III page), which I have been told about earlier being a spaceship in distress being shot down by man, and now I am told that this was me, i.e. the Source, to call on the attention of the world without getting it because man decided to “choke” this by lying about the phenomena saying that it was a crashing Russian rocket!

I felt and was told that the American Psychiatric Association has now giving up on its mess of the DSM manual, and decided to play with open cards telling man that they received a closely defined job doing this. Believe it or not, this is coming through Helena, who received (some) faith in me?

I was told that they started doing this DSM manual because they wanted to make you crazy first, then your mother too. And it was turning you into a “sexual deviant” that was the certain way to make people believe you were crazy. You cannot achieve anything higher than this, they are ready to stand forward to the world telling that this was a scam to hit Stig, and the world too. This was done to accuse me of the crimes against man, which man – the World Elite – had done itself.

The show hasn’t started yet (the opening of our New World) because we wanted to bring your new self to witness it, who otherwise would be the purpose and result of the show itself – created in front of the eyes of man – and now you sit there in disguise, and yes Karen has accepted you.

This means that we are not a mirror anymore, we are inside the world. You are a complete white bread (i.e. the Source), which we have not started cutting from yet.

During the evening, I received constant tears coming to me with strength from my mother and Karen too because of their wrong feelings and sadness about me.

I was still in much pain this evening, and I felt and was told that if I had screamed during my journey because of my unbearable sufferings demanding to be set free, it would have required to kill the remaining part of my mother, i.e. the world, which is what kept me imprisoned and gave me sufferings, and we would have taken a taxi then. And it would have brought me my “old nightmare” as consequence, which is what I did everything I could to avoid even though I was given the strongest sexual drive in the world, and could have received what I wanted, but when knowing that it would come from the spirit of my mother, this is what stopped me and gave me throw up feelings. This is how we protected ourselves, and this is what was a terrible situation being in because both was unbearable going through, but I decided to do the first going all the way through, because it was RIGHT to do.

To separate you from the world would also require your acceptance to kill your mother, no (!), and yes there would have been many difficult/impossible decisions if I had given up.

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December 25: The Source is extremely close to break through my skin, which is what will open everything

FB 251213 Stig 1

I dreamed about fighting many different “forces” from my spaceship of everything using negative behaviour of man and advanced UFO technology and winning over all after the system had stopped me.

Your mother was not at all prepared on being driven over, which is what we still do, and I was given some smell of a primer charge, which however has been called back and this is because we are using everything without exception for creation without the need of an explosion, which would have happened if I had given in to the strongest temptations given to me (Internet behaviour) when ending writing my scripts in November.

I felt the North Sea and the salt of it, and was told that we are still coming this way in, which is via Vorupbør (and Jack’s mother).

I was shown apple pure spread over a cake, which is what we will meet the rest of the way with apple pure being the Source not becoming life of the cake.

Is it so that the Centre Democrats (previous political party of Denmark) was a small break-away group from the dark New World Order, and there are more than this with the declared goal to find you to save Earth, but they have not had the courage to contact you because of their own safety (?), and yes they are everywhere.

I felt Karen from my balcony and was shown her with a stethoscope “listening” to me (if I had been committed to psychiatric hospital), and this is when she would have fallen for me.

I was told that Peter E.J. from Acta took a big responsibility employing me (in 2007) when he was part of the elite and had been recommended not to employ me, which I had to go through, and I was also told that Lars H. was employed as new branch manager of Danske Bank, Freeport, in 1987, to get me dismissed, which did not succeed when I met Michael P. N. from DanskeBank-Pension at a pension meeting for independent businesses, and he offered me to start working for them, which the HR-department of the bank eventually accepted.

I was given a STRONG feeling of how extremely close it is that the force of the Source from the balcony breaks through my skin really, which is what will open everything.

I dreamed of playing golf in South Africa where a local player hits the ball 400 metres, which impresses me much, and my old friend René is going to play too, and he is the best of them all, which is about playing against incredible strong darkness. I also had a long dream about terror against the world, where I had to get the world to accept a code to avoid bringing it this terror, which however was “impossible” for the world to do, which is about the difficulties avoiding to bring sufferings to the world when transforming into our New World, but I do believe that we will succeed despite of resistance of my family, friends etc., thus the world, to me.

I received the feeling of Karen and was told that I love him, so I should never ever have let him go.

Now we will just polish the golden chain. I was shown darkness from floor to ceiling, and was told that this is what we will avoid washing in our New World because we have done this now, and it was also impossible to get out of this debt prison.

I had received pain to the lower part of my spinal column this morning, and it feels as if it is bending under/breaking to the weight of me, and I had this pain all day long.

It is now an empty apartment to come to instead of experiencing more in here meant to become your mother.

It is not because we cannot, but will not or what, Stig (?), and yes when my family, friends etc. “will not”, I do (suffer/work some more) and then we apparently can, and this is how I go through another suffering Christmas.

I was completely broken from tiredness against today, and I would MUCH rather cancel Christmas evening at Mette and her husband knowing that it would be true Hell for me to go through, but no, you just don’t cancel Christmas Evening, so I had to go, and this was already from 16.00 and not 18.00 or 18.30, thus prolonging my pain, and no, I was NOT looking forward to this at all because of my pain.

We have never crossed this white bridge before, we shall see if it will work.

So everything, which was meant to go up in smoke – via my ”potential worst Internet behaviour” after I finished writing my scripts in November – has now been saved too.

I was INCREDIBLE TIRED and that is completely without energy, and it was a fight just to tie my tie making me exhausted!

My mother, John and I went to Mette and Jesper at 16.00, where Bettina already had come (Søren was with his family), and they had done beautiful Christmas decorations and a very fine arrangement with food etc., and the only problem I had was my severe tiredness and too much heat, which was so strong that every single minute truly was THE WORST TORTURE to come through, and it was symbolised when their four year old daughter, Sophia, was asked what she liked most from a theatre play she had just seen and she asked without hesitation “when it ended”, which made everyone laugh, and this is how “inspiration” also works because even though this was a nice Christmas Evening, what I enjoyed the most was “when it ended” because of my strong pain.

I was told that these are the people (Mette and Jesper) also killing you, who brought darkness to you – which we needed (building stones for creation you know) – and of course because of what your mother told them making them believe that you were crazy, and also sad because of this, and they have been looking for just small signs on you of what might confirm to them that you are crazy, but when you are “completely normal” they are also telling themselves that just maybe it is God sitting inside their living room, this is how small the margins are.

They have lived in their new house (from 1922) in Helsingør for three years now, and it has been restored receiving a new kitchen, appliances, furniture, TV, Ipad and Samsung tablets etc., which they must have spent a 6 digit amount in DKK, and yes they “could not” help me and LTO during my journey (as everyone else “could not”), they could only think of themselves and their “needs”, and no, these people cannot see that they are selfish, but believe others are ….

I felt physically handicapped at Mette and Jesper, and was truly fighting to keep my eyes open, and I was closer than ever to give up and considered how I could go home, but eventually I made it all the way through. I also had more small heart attacks this evening than I have had for weeks (because of their darkness hitting me). My mother is also still handicapped from pains in the lend and her arm.

Jesper is a policeman, and I was told already some years ago that it would become his task to check me in the police records, and I was told that he did not find anything wrong with me.

My mother told us (again) what I did not write down when seeing the Crazy Christmas Cabaret the other day, which was that one of the actors asked her to come up on stage to play a “sex slave”, which she rejected, and yes just a symbol you know of what could have been brought to her, if I had accepted the worst temptations of “Internet behaviour” ……

Before Mette and Jesper moved, they lived in one of the small houses of Hellebo Park, where I live, and Jesper asked me if I know “the man always wearing tights and sun glasses”, which I do because it is my neighbour Preben, and to my surprise he confirmed that Preben actually have a Maserati car, which I believed was “wrong imagination” of this man, so sorry about that, Preben.

When I returned home at 21.40, I was told that you better believe I have been busy, I have been building all evening (because of darkness coming to me). This is about shaving the goat properly.

I was told that if I had not spared the world, it would now be desperate while suffering to open up to the Source and our New World, and instead this is what I (almost) am, but I keep telling myself to be “patient”. I was shown a plane crashing and told that nothing will survive going through this darkness.

I was so tired/empty as ever before, but still I was not allowed to fall asleep for a long time and when I finally did, I had a very poorly night also making me incredible tired today, and my back hurts even more today (as it did during the night too), which is about pressuring me/us to the outermost (being nothing on this side before becoming everything on the other side) and my mother has invited me for lunch today, which I would MUCH rather cancel, and then there is the last lunch tomorrow at Sanna and Hans, which I have to go through, and yes a “suffering Christmas” it is.

I dreamed about the last 7 kilo joint of beet on sale in the supermarket being taken just before me, and also about going to the till of Jack inside “war hell”, where I wanted to cash a cheque of 500 DKK, which he could not do, and I was asked “what went wrong” (?), and this is about remaining parts of the Source, which will not become life and “this may seem like nothing now, but we will always regret this”, and I received STRONG heartburn, and this come after I yesterday was told that it was “impossible” for you to enter so deeply at the Source, so it is both “good” and the opposite.

We are running out of money, i.e. energy.

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December 27: Queen Margrethe’s shrine included the Source, which rescued the world and made me who I am because of her faith in me

FB 271213 Stig 1

My mother and John had invited me for a small Christmas lunch at their home, which was nice, and my mother said that she has now had a lump in her throat for 14 days, which finally has disappeared, and I understood that her lump is the same lump as I have felt, which is the Source we have now reached, and I was told congratulation, we now can everything.

My mother has been telling me about how they also have to save as I making me believed that their private pensions are running out, but it is not any worse than John was in a good mood today when telling my mother that next year he wants them to go out eating every week (!), and yes, they have to save you know ….

My mother told me about my sister having recommended me to buy a mudguard for my bicycle, and I was given the words “Sanna is also very wise”, which I then told her, which made my mother believe that I was speaking with irony, and it was really to say that this is what she and Sanna have spoken about me behind my back, i.e. “Stig is very wise” with the meaning that I was wrong where I was really right, so my saying to my mother was to tell her that Sanna was wrong about me (= “opposite world”).

I have told the truth very directly to my mother and John about items, where the truth normally is not said, for example when my mother said (as the often does) that “John is the best man I have ever met”, and I told her that “yes, this is true, he is the only one who could stand you” making John laugh (knowing exactly what I meant in relation to my mother’s uncontrollable temper/negativity), and later my mother said that she always treats people as she is treated, and yes mother, that may be the case and you are also the most loveable of all people, but the truth is that you have an uncontrollable temper, and yes there are NONE other than me who can speak the truth to my mother making her start thinking about ME, which is also “who is really inside of Stig”, and yes she remembers “the look” of my eyes around 2006 – blinking all of the time for approx. one year by “another force than Stig” – so she knows about this spirit working and speaking inside of me, and yes who can it really be, mother (?), this is what it is about, and yes I also told John that he is a yes-sayer, who gives in to my mother, which made both my mother and him instantly say that this is not the truth, but shortly thereafter John commented on something my mother said making him rationalize “maybe this was to give in” (?), and yes, John, because this is your way to avoid the worst trouble of my mother, but this is WRONG – because it doesn’t stop her negativity for good – and as John said “Stig only speaks the truth”, which is a message, which has sunk in here.

I have been told about stolen goods and police auctions in relation to Hans, which I don’t know what is about – other than police is a symbol of darkness, and it seems as if we are here about to have stolen goods returned from darkness with the help of Hans.

I am still tired and have pain in my spinal column, however somewhat less today, but still at 17.00 I had become SO TIRED that it was “out of this world” – a tiredness that others will never feel, so incredible deep.

I was shown chairs being taken in from my balcony, and it is not because we cannot.

I felt Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, and was told that she is a regular reader of me. And I was told “was it Caterine the Great (“the most renowned and longest-ruling female of Russia”) we meant back then” (?), where I do believe that I wrote about an old Danish Queen, and I was told that this is what brought one of the greatest openings, and I was shown a door opening. This is so fine and so secret that it first comes in here at the end, and is it from there that Queen Margrethe received her shrine (?), sure. Yes, this is what had turned into a black gem until we brought it back up again making it the rescuing of the world, and yes it wasn’t a coincidence that the Royals felt over me or was it?

It was with this that you became who you are; I don’t know how we would have entered without this access, which was prepared then even though the contact/faith of the Royals in me may seem accidental.

Without this you would have had to cross the railway tracks again on the way home not becoming who you are now, and yes this would have meant the end, this is the meaning of it. It is this and the faith of its owners in me, which crams you in. So now, this most precious of my belongings is with me, and I was given a feeling to my upper, back, left teeth. Otherwise your mother, i.e. the world, would have received a coronary.

This is the thing that contained a part of my self – the spaceship of everything – but only if the owner believed in me as Stig alive, and this is how this, thus my new self, woke up alive after man judged me out 2,000 years ago by killing me.

This is how we have created the ship (of the Source) all around everything (of creation) including the last part of darkness as I am shown inside this 360 degrees round ship as the evil Gargamel from the Smurfs.

This requires faith from your mother, which was founded when I lived in Lyngby, and also Karen, and if we had not done this, it corresponds to having a four rowing boat, which has lost its coxswain making impossible to sail.

This is part of the process fasten the egg of the New World inside of here.

I was told that my sexual life has always been completely destroyed by my father making it a constant pain of my life, and it was my physical father doing the same to my mother. And I have never really been able to receive sexual pleasure with a woman because of the impact of my sister on me as “non gender life”.

I am sleeping incredible poorly these days. One of many dreams was about President Barosso of EU teaching me and another about the Cairo treaty, which lacks Bo’s (from Dahlberg’s) signature, which is on its way in, and also Turkey’s signature, and I tell him while others hear it that the development of EU may not become as they have planned, and this is about EU knowing about the “Cairo treaty” as our New World coming and closing them down. Later I was told about Kofi Annan and everyone, who have changed to my New World Order.

In another dream, Karen was crossing the river to France easily, while I had a video in a rucksack (not to become wet), clothes and plates to bring over to.

I felt Karen and was told that “this is not love because I cannot handle it”, which is about how important and how wrong her view on sex is.

I was told the true story of my old friend from Rungsted, Bent, whom I went out on town with over some months approx. 20 years ago, and that was about the two ladies Liselotte and Helle (from South Africa), whom he “stole” from me because of wrong sexual desire and impatience while I was getting to know them (one at a time) about to build up “true love/friendship”.

No, the family tree has not moved, and the colours are not different to what we had planned, which I understand would have been the case had I given in to darkness.

I received the word “Pontiff” not knowing what it was before looking it up and seeing that it is a “high priest” as a Bishop, for example the Bishop of Rome, i.e. the Pope.

I was shown a stamp in the air (this is where we are), the art is now to come down to you. And we will use a phone number to enter? I was told that there has to be a cinema inside of here, which is about the difficulties finding the smallest entity of all, the Source.

I felt Karen and was given words from my Christmas letter to her – as I still am given sometimes – and I was shown many hen inside a room and was told that it is her reactions to me, which is bringing all of this new life.

I am still tired and my back hurts, but still it is less than Christmas Evening, which was the absolutely worst coming through.

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About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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