January 2014 – I: I am becoming the Source, ending creation, setting up ”the new sun” and coming ”on-line” after I was born Oct. 31, 2012!


Summary of Facebook I – January 2014

  • January 2: I am becoming “nothing” of the Source, thus ending creation of our New World, and setting up “the new sun” bringing force to all life.
    • All people are drawn towards “the biggest celebration” bringing the opening of our New World with FREEDOM without darkness as our gift for man.
    • The last HUGE ship of the Source, which we turned on the right keel some days ago, is now coming in.
    • Queen Margrethe asks people not to be small-minded but to show helpfulness, magnanimity, nearness and also to start listening to and bending into each other.
    • I spent New Years evening with my mother and John being completely broken down thinking if this was the last time going out as my old self?
    • This is the last suitcase we are bringing in including an incredible amount of life, we have started changing everything to become part of my new self.
    • I am reaching and also breaking through the top of creation becoming “nothing” of the Source, thus ending creation of our New World as my old self (hybrid being of my mother and father).
    • We are walking directly towards the sun – the new sun of the Source – which is constantly shining.
    • I am entering the Source, becoming invisible and visible again when opening the curtain of it. This is the part of me not becoming life, but bringing force to all life.
    • We are setting up the new sun of the Source to bring force to all life before I will enter as the last.
    • I was utterly tired feeling even more “completely empty”, handicapping me from doing anything (almost), and it is so tough that I am thinking that “I really cannot continue”.
    • The world industry is afraid of being bombed back with the end of the Old World, which there is no reason to because what you will get is “completely revolutionary”.
    • I feel how we are still pulling in more of the Source from the balcony, and I feel that it is really Karen that we are still pulling in.
    • The nuclear bomb of Nixon lies unexploded in Vietnam – it could have exploded at any moment all of these years – being the symbol of the world not secure but ending if exploding.
  • January 4: TIME’S UP: We are now catching up and coming “on-line” after I was born as my new self Oct. 31, 2012 and have absorbed darkness since to save the world from ending/suffering.
    • We are at the innermost of all where everything started, where we could have been met by the biggest drowning accident.
    • At the end we will turn everything upside down, which is about turning around all life to become our New World/new life.
    • The light of the old torch of our Old World is being removed to a much bigger light, which is being setup for our New World.
    • Nothing can bring Karen and Stig together, it simply cannot be done (darkness and light as two opposites), but this is what was needed to save the world. We will avoid throwing my book and the Old World into the burning building because Karen would like to get out of there and become mine! It is not only me about to fall over, Karen is too because of me and what I have written about her, which however opens up to my inner self (light defeating darkness). This is the part of Karen, thus the entire ship of the Source coming in and becoming me. The dark power of the Source as Karen carried could easily have destructed everything because of her wrong (sexual) behaviour. This is the force that was transferred to me wanting to overtake me and kill us all, which I turned into light of our New World when rejecting it.
    • My mother (the world) attracted my father (the Source) to create life, and had I given in to my “old nightmare” (sexual torments/temptations), it would have opened to all force of the Source, thus destroying the world. The last part of creation would then have been made inside the Source, and this is what the world now praises itself happy about having avoided.
    • It was also required for me to lift the heavy burden of (people of) darkness from the Source via my writings bringing faith in me.
    • I am now entering the Source seeing myself writing these very letters because time again has been caught up making us on-line, I am already inside the Source. This is going back to Oct. 31, 2012, at the SAGA concert where we went through all darkness ahead of time, which I have afterwards gone through to save the World from ending, TIME’S UP :-).
    • The riddle has been solved, I understood and wrote about creation and our New World to make the world understand and bring faith in me.
    • Hell is now meeting light, which should bring a proper crash, which we however keep from happening because of the effect of my work.
    • It is at the Source that we create life out of nothing – a simple process combined with us being “nothing” – and it is now the first time that we are inside our own creation also meaning that our New World will become as amazing as the Source. So far I am only the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and it is from me that we will let the magic go through. The mummy of my new self will be released from the Source when I decide to end my work, which is approx. “now”.
    • I answered “yes” for everyone to become our new selves on behalf of man, which requires marriage of Karen and I (we are already married in Heaven).
    • We cannot bring any more Christmas because we are already born, which happened October 31, 2012, thus being the date of the birth of my new self.
    • Had I given in to darkness, my sister would have been the first to be killed to open up to the Source for my mother and I.
    • People of other civilizations controlled/worked together with man to decide on how to divide darkness to man via war, “depopulation” and more according to the dark New World Order of man – if I had given in not taking on as much darkness on me as I did.


January 2014 – I: I am becoming “nothing” of the Source, thus ending creation of our New World, and setting up “the new sun” bringing force to all life

January 2: I am becoming “nothing” of the Source, thus ending creation of our New World, and setting up “the new sun” bringing force to all life

FB 020114 Stig 1

I was dreaming about people being on display as art, but it became too much sex/porn, Siouxsie (Karen) is not being hit and kept in a dog chain anymore, and in the middle of all of this darkness is the diamond/creation of God making me feel the most wonderful things.

I don’t bring keys at all because “you are” by now, and I am just the last of the old Source coming in.

I was shown many people cycling on old bicycles towards the Town Hall Square of Copenhagen, it is clearly the day of liberation May 5, 1945, and all people are drawn towards the Town Hall Square as a magnet, and this is what we do now too on our way towards “the biggest celebration” of the opening of our New World bringing FREEDOM without darkness for everyone. And I am shown MUCH red gift paper band and green gift paper.

I felt Jack again, and was shown the last HUGE ship of the Source coming all close up to its place at the harbour, and it is not just because we cannot, and this is the ship we turned on the right keel some days ago now coming in.

Again today I was INCREDIBLE tired – “completely empty” having absolutely nothing left – and I was thinking of cancelling New Years Evening as my mother had been kind again inviting me for, but no, I would not, and she is probably as tired as I am but still making it too, therefore too ….

I was happy to hear the New Year speech of Queen Margrethe today asking Danes (everyone can use this!) not to be small-minded but to show helpfulness, magnanimity, nearness and to keep discussing, but now also to start listening to and bending into each other instead of being inflexible, and as usual the newspapers write politely about the Queen knowing about what to tell the Danes to improve, and I was thinking that she in a few, polite words says what I write very directly in detail on my behaviour/work website. Thank you for doing this, Margrethe, sadly you are the ONLY ONE doing it (politicians don’t know how or cannot, or both) and I was wondering why you had “trouble” this year reading parts of your speech making you fall over some words having to say “I am sorry”, and just maybe you are thinking of me too?

I went with trouble to my mother and John at 19.00 and we had a nice evening together with a fine dinner, and I had difficulties both moving and speaking/being social because I felt extremely poor, but not as tired as Christmas Evening, but still it made me wonder if this was the last time I went out as my old self. Can I do this again if I feel as bad the next time (?), we will see.

I told them about a new Facebook friend I have received (“asking questions” = Jonas), who do “sacred geometry” when doing his paintings, which he receives inspiration from “the Universe” via meditations as he wrote me yesterday, and I told them about crystals/fractals and artists receiving songs via dreams or “in five minutes” simply coming to them spiritually, which many of them are aware of, and this came after my mother had told about how my sister still has difficulties understanding that our father is dead (he is her father too even though not biologic and has always been) and believes that he might come for a visit soon, and I said that to me, I also miss him but it is not the same because I often “feel” him (“as clearly as seeing him”, which was all I said), and also that it makes people miss diseased members of their family even more if they believe they will never see each other again, and I said that life does not end when dying, which was information enough to bring renewed faith to my mother who is truly thinking of death bringing her much sufferings, and she said that your soul and not your body will survive, and yes, mother that is right, and I was thinking that “you have really not got it, the meaning of my work, which also includes to unite your spiritual and physical beings as one new, eternal life”, and because of this, she is suffering completely unnecessary, and yes if only she knew/understood, she would not suffer – also meaning that we would not be able to do our new creation.

I decided to go home some time after 22.00, I “could not” last until midnight as expected, and when I told myself that “I really cannot continue, this is the end”, I only received stronger attacks from darkness including sexual torment and negative speech, and what do you do then (?), and yes you decide to keep on even though it is not very nice you know.

I was shown the last of very many suitcases being brought in, and an incredible amount of liver pate sandwiches symbolising “very much life”. We have now started unloading this giant ship – because of my mother. We are now filling up that refrigerator too. I have started changing the colour of all ships from black to blue (my new self).

We are walking directly towards the sun – the new sun of the Source – which is constantly shining.

I was shown myself climbing up inside a huge Santa Claus chocolate man and I have difficulties reaching the top, which I however do and I keep climbing now outside of the Santa Claus now becoming “nothing” of the Source, which is also what is happening now. And it is first up here where we are not supposed to make love – the spirits of my mother and father of my old self – and it is first here we can say that everything else is perfect, so this is also about you transforming into “nothing” and coming home to where you came from starting your journey, do you remember (?), and no, I do not, you have removed my memory of this, and you have been allowed to eat everything else of us (for creation), and this is us, our original selves, remaining here.

I was also shown myself at the very top of the skyscrapers of New York, where we are building the last bridges for new life to cross.

I was dreaming of darkness completely erasing history of previous stock trading, and many people being brutally murdered with a big knife, which was because of shortly “wrong Internet behaviour”.

No, Stig is not afraid of flying our plane, which I understand is about flying/becoming the spaceship of everything.

I was shown myself enter a tipi on the beach, and when I close the curtain, it becomes invisible, and again when I open it, it becomes visible, and this is the invisible Source next to the sea as I am shown symbolising the New World.

It is not because we cannot, but because we will not – and this came together with the feeling of letting all of the Source becoming life.

I watched Arsenal play at home against Cardiff having the greatest trouble to win, and already at the beginning of the match, I had been told “Bendtner” knowing that “something would happen” with this man symbolising me, and it took until the 88th minute to demonstrate to the Arsenal supporters that “he still has it, and is not over and out” when he kicked the ball hard up into the net roof, and as the Danish commentators said, Bendtner has been completely out in the cold (from where you don’t return, but still he did), and I was told that this action symbolises the effect of my continuous work, and as the newspapers wrote, today was a historic day for the Danes in England when also Christian Eriksen from Tottenham and Daniel Agger from Liverpool scores, and just to say that things are going well here.

I was utterly and completely tired today feeling even more “completely empty” with the heaviest head, which is handicapping me from doing anything (almost), and it is so tough that I was truly thinking today that “I really cannot continue”. I also continue receiving many, small heart attacks.

I was told that even the animals can feel something new coming, and I was shown a big, kicking stag at the summer camp of Jægerspris.

I was told and shown that Jack’s actions decided how quickly the train of my inner self drove.

I was shown a wrapped up airplane engine being pushed by a bulldozer out over the edge of a rock, but instead of falling down, as it looked like it would, the wrapping is unwrapped and turning into wings making this engine fly.

It is not any bridge we are setting up now, it is what makes New York – the big apple of everything – work, and I am shown the bridge stretched out over the town. We are nothing without this force for everything.

For days I have received STRONG beams of “power” from the balcony into the back side of my right lower leg, and I am told that this is the force entering me, and this is the same I have felt with intervals as such strong force that it could explode my lower leg.

We will first set up this power, and then bring in my self at last. This is our new sun that we are installing, and I felt it physically on my skin as a big 3 climbing up on me towards my head.

It is like standing in an empty record store (being inside the Source); “what do you want to do” (?), and there is a free choice, you will see this later, and what about doing “the Joshua Tree” “where the streets have no name” (?), and yes, this easily comes to me because I was watching a documentary of this “one of the five best albums in the world” if you ask me (?), and what are the others (?), and yes New Gold Dream of Simple Minds is no. 1 and then you can add let us say the best of David Bowie (Low), Depeche Mode (Violator)), Siouxsie & the Banshees (Kaleidoscope) and the Jam (All mod Cons) – and really the Cure too (“Pornography”, which is truly one of the greatest albums of all, and greater than “the top”, which normally is my favourite!), and then we are there (still with Electric Light Orchestra flowing on top of everything), and yes an incredible/outstanding album is what it is; one of the absolutely best my friends :-).

I felt Queen Margrethe – the feeling of her “under my skin” as clearly as seeing her – and it came together with nervousness of her, and not easy for you to handle that you saved everyone, Margrethe? I also feel Princess Mary here and am told that the “Mary effect” is still working, so please continue doing what you do in this respect, Mary, which I am told is “nothing”, your being is enough bringing this force lifting us all up.

I don’t mind fat the least and I received smiles/warmth, which is about parts of the Source not becoming life.

The world industry is afraid of being bombed back with the end of the Old World and beginning of our New World, and I am told that they are saving “recipes” of old technology, and also that there is no reason to worry because what you will get is “completely revolutionary”.

I was told that complete enthusiasm of man will come, not one will fall out of our New World, which we can see now.

I feel how we are still pulling in more of the Source from the balcony, and I feel that it is really Karen that we are still pulling in, and I am still given feelings of her “under my skin” and thoughts because she is thinking of me, which is pulling her in. So it was her task as darkness to pull you down, not the opposite, but these were the famous margins.

You are now like a giant whale not being born yet.

I was shown my apartment from outside at the balcony looking in through the mail box, where it streams in with letters (from the Source bringing life).

Yes, I have forgiven everyone working against me via poor behaviour, better-knowing ignorance and misunderstandings of me, and this includes my mother, (father), sister, father’s widow Kirsten, and Karen as the worst, but besides from them MANY others.

I was told that the sexual imbalance of the world (too much darkness, i.e. sexual indecency/infidelity) is and has been given to me all of my mature life as my sexual sufferings, which has really been the worst torture every single moment since I was a teenager never being able to be in rest with this, but yes tormenting me constantly.

So the whole plan was that someone would could at the end to handle all of this accumulated darkness. I have felt Uffe Ellemann for days, and I was told that he knows about the dark New World Order and the purpose of it for me/us to go through to reach the light of the Source and our New World.

The ugly US military still holds back all the secrets about you, but not until the end of the week is what we predict, and yes please publish all material you have on me – except from any about sexual details if this is in your possession.

I was told that we have done our outmost creating the New World with the best of our abilities, because this is what I have done as Stig doing my work (being both the spirits of my mother and father as my old self). And we also have your mother up here, she sits at the end of the table, making the Source contain both father, mother and son as one.

Is there an inviolable agreement of Vatican and the world to make sure that darkness/corruption of countries should not make them break out? Are we going to pull back the accusations of Mogens Lykketoft and the Bilderberg group (?), because they also know that we had to go through darkness to reach light/survival.

What if it is the nuclear bomb of Nixon, which lies unexploded in Vietnam, which could have exploded at any moment all of these years, and no one knew why it did not explode? And as long as it was lying there, the world was not secure, is this what man has been saying for many years (?), and I feel Obama and Clinton, and understand that this is known among the very top of the world. President Nixon dropped a nuclear bomb over Vietnam, which would have brought the end of the world if we had allowed it to explode, and I understand that it was kept unexploded by people of other civilizations because of progress of the work of my mother and I. And for how long can such a bomb keep without exploding (?), and I feel nervousness of the world. Everything else – world trade etc. – was unimportant compared to how you were doing, which is also coming from the top of the world.

FB 020114 Stig 2

FB 020114 Stig 3

January 4: TIME’S UP: We are now catching up and coming “on-line” after I was born as my new self Oct. 31, 2012 and have absorbed darkness since to save the world from ending/suffering

FB 040114 Stig 1

FB 040114 Stig 2

I dreamt of being at Kim S’ farm (of the Source), where a piece is still water (sufferings), and we are bringing animals from one piece of land to our land, and there are beautiful storks (“birth”) and mooses too.

My sister is working for Kim S. being the HR-manager to keep me under surveillance, and I tell her and the family that she is sick in her head, and that I NEVER want to see this happening again. Karen tells me that regardless of the number of letters I send her, she doesn’t find me masculine enough (I “could not” play her “masculine” game years ago, which was RIGHT to do).

So people on the top of the world have been praying for you while they have sent all they had against you and the world.

No one has had their racing-bicycles stolen, have they (?), we are now at the innermost of all. It is in here that we could have been met by the biggest drowning accident of the sea, but we are not because of my choices. So there is just another cone in here, where everything started. If this had happened, it would not only have been me receiving the deathblow, but the world. This would make your mother bleed and cry out to space announcing that you had lost. This is a epitaph that you would first have known about later. It is not a question of money (energy) but skills to get here.

You are going to be surprised to see how deceitful newspapers have been in their coverage of you (to the secret network of the World Elite).

I was shown a room containing the main power switch, which is being turned on.

At the end we will turn the Eifel Tower upside down – I am shown the tower on its head, which is about turning around all life to become our New World/new life.

I was shown a giant light and how the light of a torch, which was the light of our Old World, is being removed to this much bigger light, which is what is being setup for our New World.

I am shown myself inside water of the sea with a submarine (of our Old World as I understand it) approaching me, and still I feel that this and I are part of a MUCH bigger ship of the Source, which is what we are bringing in now.

There is nothing that can bring these two together – Karen and Stig – it simply cannot be done, they have said these kind of “wrong stories” too in the radio, and this is what is/was needed to save the world, and “impossible” it is, but maybe you, Karen – I feel the other side of me – will explain just how close I was to win not only your heart but also your body because of my will?

I was shown and told about Sanna and Jack giving messages to the psychiatric hospital of Hillerød, where I was committed against my will in 2008, which included an “alarm” when their plans did not work because of me, and I am shown beers (of darkness) inside a cupboard being shaken and turning into wine (of everything of our New World), and this is the system that did this without knowing it.

I was shown myself at a stadium with an incredible thin shell, and outside of it, everything is light, and still we continue bringing you the worst darkness/sufferings also including some negative voices, which however is lower than what it was on top and this is also because I simply cannot stand receiving maximum again when I am as tired and exhausted as I am.

We (all new life) are also coming in turned the opposite way to fit to you before everything will be turned around.

I watched Thomas Blachman on DR1’s Aftenshowet this evening – they start X-factor again tomorrow – and there was some inspired speech naming Thomas as a “golden fish”, which is about being another part of me (gold = power of creation of the Source, and fish = me), and right afterwards they were inspired to speak about crying much being influenced by feelings, and I was told that this is because Thomas is sad because of me (my comment on Facebook to him the other day about being a WIMP in relation to me), and Line told Thomas that “somehow you are on the other side of the table”, which is about Thomas being turned the opposite (and wrong way) compared to me, and I received two out of this world pain to my right ankle and was told that this is how much power Thomas possesses, and yes I had not imagined that we would not have become our New World yet, and let us see if this will still be the case when the live shows of X-factor will start in “a number of weeks” from now, and also if Thomas will act as light or darkness this time as I will tell you when “decoding” our “double-language”, which is really what it is.

How much faith did it bring to my family that I did NOT speak about my spiritual experiences for a VERY LONG TIME – and was not asked about it – and you should believe that the opposite was required to bring faith, but no, here it is the opposite world and when I shut up, it actually brought some extra faith.

How does the world know about Karen and I (?) – because I told them.

Thank you, we will now avoid throwing that book into the burning building (including the Old World), and this is because Karen would like to get out of there and become yours, but she doesn’t have the courage after having tied herself up because of what she told others about me, and it is really also because of your mother apparently not being able to understand you, and again, we get out of here because we avoided the “old nightmare”. And your sister would have watched you burn (physically suffer with the world) but not say anything.

So we are a dream team that has never played together with Karen being darkness and you, and you can also add your sister, and despite of being darkness, these two felt that there is still something keeping us together with Stig, which is “warm feelings/love” crossing this, which is what was “impossible”, and these two ladies will probably confirm their terrifying negative feelings against me (because of my writings on the truth about them!), but still there is something about him which meant that you could not help but being attracted, and yes it is the same feeling inside of you.

Now you have found me, and I was shown a little oasis in a very big desert.

Creation required people on both sides being light and darkness meaning that many were living in darkness of richness, poor (sexual) behaviour and selfishness/deafness while others where screaming in despair to survive trying to make a life, and yes where is God allowing this (?), and eeehhh my friends, this was required to finish creation of our New World, see?

It is not only you, who is about to fall over, Karen and everyone are too, and I felt how Karen is also destroyed because of me and what I have written on the Internet about her.

And if this was not the case, it could have because dangerous here, and I received loud noises from my kitchen and shelves to say that the danger would come here too, but now she is destroyed.

No, no one comes into my innermost baby (of my new self), and this is what it means to have the truth about Karen on the Internet without having had it removed, and that is access to my new self.

And we are doing this before the end of the clock of your mother.

It is a sensation that she – with this in mind – would like to see you again (as I am here told), and from there, it is “easy” to become sweethearts because the resistance is broken then.

This is the part of Karen entering me now – as I still feel coming in – and I was given a sound to my shelves (symbolising our New World) and told that we are now entering you too, and then we will have a lot of potatoes (the Source) too, this is the mix of spices (the Source and the New World mixed together).

Yes, it was the entire Source we had to receive (remember the piano of Laurel and Hardy that we had to bring down without dropping it?), and yes, it took approx. one year to do.

So it is the entire ship of the Source, which is moved in here, and I feel how it is moved from the balcony and into my living room.

This was the worst darkness (Karen), which together with my mother’s lack of understanding was designed to destroy us.

So it is me speaking physically out of your mouth (when darkness is very strong), and there is only one in the world being able to do this (the Source to me), and I was given an example (of thousands), which was my right arm being lifted (it was NOT myself lifting it, but this “other force”) and my fist being clenched, and I felt darkness and the words “I have won” were spoken out of my mouth, and no, this is NOT the case, and not at all in fact.

No, it doesn’t look like a catastrophe, the world hasn’t exploded, and yes Karen doesn’t understand that the power of the Source as she carried easily could have destructed everything because of her wrong (sexual) behaviour, and there was only one who could stop her, which was me.

And this is the force we have transferred to you – via her wrongdoings – which wanted to overtake you, and yes she is controlled by wrongdoings of a negative world, which would take me too as the last lifeline to save the world. And it required sacrifices on my journey – the death of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Nelson Mandela and many others – to absorb darkness and protect me, who is the part we started transferring everything to.

Jack’s mother, Evy, is also one of those who saved everyone.

Had I given in to darkness and accepted my “old nightmare”, it would have been to open up to the force of the Source making love to your motherly side, and you don’t do this without destroying everything because of the sheer power of this force.

Who is Flemming (Sanna’s and Hans’ friend), is he one who was appointed to keep an eye on me?

This is how we would have overtaken everything inside of here (at the Source, if I had given in to my “old nightmare” bringing an end to the world), and to finish the last part of creation inside here. And this is the little difference, which the world praises itself happy about. It also could not have been done if my family, friends etc., thus the world, had kept on believing that I was crazy, it required that you lifted the heavy burden of these from me via your writings bringing faith in you, this is what faith is about.

And this darkness kept on constantly trying to stop you, for example via computers/the Internet at the library not working, which was really because of lack of faith of my mother thus working to bring the end of the world, but wait, can it really be that Stig is right ….?

It is also me, little Sanna, being inside of here.

No, you will meet no one in the darkness when entering the dark igloo (of the Source) as I am shown, and that is because you are already inside of here where you will meet yourself typing these very letters where time again has been caught up, and we have become on-line, and I felt myself from the balcony now being myself sitting on the sofa.

This is going back to October 31, 2012, where I attended the SAGA concert in Copenhagen going through all of this darkness “ahead of time”, which I have afterwards gone through taking small parts at the time until all darkness (of the Source) now have entered me, and “the game” for these 14 months was if I was strong enough absorbing it without accepting my “old nightmare”, which would have ended the Old World before everyone would be reborn later with our New World, and since I and you are still here, the answer is that I succeeded my mission. And which SAGA-song you do you want to play symbolising the end of your nightmare (?), and there can only be one, which is their beautiful TIME’S UP, and this is also because we are now all safe inside of here – it is Christmas again – and I am becoming “nothing” of the Source, thus about to having ended creation, i.e. lovemaking of the spirits of my mother (the world) and father (the Source) inside of me, which this was about, and this is the force that your mother had attracted to create life, but at the same time it is such a strong force that if I had given in to the strongest sexual temptations/torments I was given constantly, the force of the Source would have ended everything, and this is how it is, my friends. This is the end of WORLD’S APART, which is about the two worlds of darkness and light (which have worked completely separated at the same time inside of all life) becoming ONE as light only, and you may understand why I simply LOVE this album by SAGA as one of the greatest in history too (even though I have decided to have another favourite album, THIS is really their masterpiece) :-).


It also means that no man from space will come down to kill you, and yes I have tried until the end to keep the program (of people of other civilizations under control of man having the power to monitor, extract my mind and kill me etc.) alive (via man), and to launch it had I given in to darkness.

This is how it was, the riddle has been solved, and it was my task to understand – and write about to make the world understand – what was impossible to understand while I was surrounded by simple minded, better-knowing and lazy people, who “could not” understand me and my experiences even though it was really easy to do with an open mind and some reading/communication, and this was most people of my family, friends etc., thus the world, around me, who worked as darkness giving me my negative voices/sufferings and preventing me from doing my task to save all.

No, Sanna cannot understand what it is that Stig has, which is honesty that attracted the Source, which wanted to get out of darkness.

This is also why I could live a life myself in darkness including wrong sexual behaviour (Internet!) until 2009, where I decided to come clean as a condition in order to reconnect with the Source in 2010, and no, I was never given much sex in my life in order to be as clean as possible to being able to do this reconnection.

“Jump they say”, this is about the impossible jump of the summer of 2010 where we reconnected with the Source, and this was to a completely different world of “nothing”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avJt0SQec0I

I felt Benedikte Kiær, who has now started as new mayor here in Helsingør, and it was followed by some of the well-known pain to my stomach/chest and spinal column, and is this because she is the one that will bid me welcome on behalf of the world (?), which is “not nice” of you to think of today, Benedikte?

At the end of the evening, I received very strong pain around my left collar bone.

If the world had started burning, we would really not feel it because we are nothing, and this is about feelings that are now also being filled up to our new selves from here.

It is like having your fingers down into the dough.

It is like going home, and I was shown ET cycling home, which this is about.

Yes, everything became “perfect” back then in 2012, and everything has been a game since for you to decide to take on as much sufferings as possible to avoid bringing sufferings to your mother and the world.

We are just packing together our night clothes, and yes because Stig is now again at the library doing some updates here and there, and we know, not easy to get out cycling and working, and that is still because of how I feel and not least because I feel “far too big/heavy and in poor shape”.

So Karen has been sighing after and searching for a man/sex, which only you could bring her (of the Source). And this is why it was “completely impossible” for her to get satisfaction too, when she “could not” understand/feel that the answer to love for her was you. Is it really possible to get a new date (?), and yes, this is what Karen is thinking of.

For days I have been shown my cousin, Jan, and now I am told that he is “compli”. And I am told that this is because we are no longer down “the hole”, and yes I brought up Jan too symbolizing this.

No, there is not a single picture in here hanging wry.

We have never seen a better looking and bigger cone bakery than this, and I felt my mother saying this when seeing the Source for the first time and what created her, and I am shown a very big thumb forming clay into the figure of my mother.

It is not only Helle Thorning-Schmidt, but America and the whole world looking after you, more at the end than at the beginning.

What happens when Hell meets the light (?), and yes you would expect a proper crash, and this is where we are right now without this crash coming to the world. We are both sitting inside the tipi of the Source and seeing the curtain of it being opened from outside.

It is here that we create life out of nothing, and I am shown big whales and ships (symbolising creation) being built, and it is now the first time that we are inside our own creation.

Light will also start at that glass store in Prague (on the first left corner when having your back to the church clock on the square), and this is where I saw two very beautiful, young ladies work back in the 1990’s, and this symbolises everything about beautiful Czech ladies to me (which developed “wrong sexual behaviour/business” of this country!).

I was shown Prince Henrik of Denmark at my balcony, which is because he is part of the Source too entering me.

I was shown a hedgehog, and reminded about when Morten B. and I saw one in his garden around 1979, and then I was given “Sommergryder” by Shu-bi-dua including the lyrics about a sleeping hedgehog, which may be to say that Morten brings me tiredness/darkness too, but he and I were CRAZY about Shu-bi-dua, you know. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71eKN5-5_hY

It is so simple that you will refuse believing in it, and this is about how “endless tape” (of creation) is created by the Source, and it is combined with us not being here, but as you can hear, we are here very much indeed.

Can Karen be nice (?), and yes by turning her around. So it is Karen of all killing me. She both loves and hates me more than any other man.

I was shown myself skiing downhill pulling a train (of the world) behind me, which is why I have always had only little energy (becoming less with time until now, when it is “nothing”).

I received feedback from my mother, i.e. the world, about just how great/amazing the Source is and “so much more than us”, which however is what we will all become with our New World.

I felt the former MP Pia Christmas-Møller, whom my old friend Lars G. invited me to meet personally at her office around year 2000, where we spoke about her “public image”, and it was only a question of when Lars would be set in to set up this meeting, and this was for her to receive an impression of me back then, and she was the worst darkness with the purpose to get rid of me. And she made a report of this, which was sent around to all parties saying that “Stig is not the one”, which is also because Lars G. said that he wasn’t. And it has been uphill since, “Jesus is certainly not Danish” as the rumour had said, which was brought to the end here. And this is where the Devil was awakened later bringing Karen and my entire journey.

We keep on bringing in “tons of pictures” from the balcony/the Source, which is MUCH new life.

So far, you are only the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and it is you that we will let the magic go through.

Just in a short while we have a mummy very cheaply for sale for your apartment (the world), and it is us (the Source) releasing your new self, and we will do this when you believe you have finished your work, and yes I believed I had finished in November, but more work came, and will even more IMPORTANT work come now, or is this really the end?

Yesterday I was shown the finishing of a lemon finishing creation, which I did not understand because a lemon symbolises darkness (?), and yes this is how creation is done before we will turn it all around becoming our New World as the orange including the Source. And this lemon/orange is made by the combination of Karen and I, and the New World is again divided into four parts, the old principle you know.

So one afternoon very soon you will not lie there alone, but be cheered/celebrated by the world.

So it has not been much about world trade, world piece or power struggle, but about saving you (for a small group of the world, which also includes Dalai Lama as I am told).

I received a creaking sound to my kitchen, and we would have said that this (the last of creation) would be destroyed forever (had I given in), and that is unless you give in to me, which here is Ole as the Source, and this is then what we would have done, to return creation to the Source one last time, but this turned out being unnecessary to do, and that is because you succeeded bringing in the Source through this small hole created by your mother. So it was only about postponing the flood until you would return here bringing everything – this was the meaning of the flood, to bring back creation (and bring our new creation).

I felt Karin from Netherlands, and was told that she only lacked the lexicon showing the road to me, and ”eehhh, is he one I have already known”?

I received the feeling of my physical skull being everything, this has already happened, and you may call this “trespassing”.

There is also a ’45 with Otis Redding, and I felt “sitting on the dock of a bay”, which is one of the most beautiful soul songs of all time, Otis was to me as great as Marvin Gaye (!), and this is where I am waiting on you – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCmUhYSr-e4.

Yes, don’t say you don’t have turmoil, I have pushed everything of you back to create this new version of you, do you want this (?), and yes please, I will answer as physical Stig on behalf of all knowing that man don’t want to die/terminate.

The condition of this is that you will marry, which is why you (“we”) proposed for Karen that day in 2006 in her kitchen, and even though she did not reply, we know her answer at her innermost light behind all darkness, and this is “yes”.

I was shown the two Indian pictures I bought on Arthur Findlay College in 2006 (showing destruction and clearing, or darkness/light), and what have we founded there (?), which is from where you will resurrect.

PARAmount pictures – we are ready (“PARAt” in Danish), and this is for the movie of our New World.

This is why your mother cannot get any more Christmas because we are already born, and yes it happened that day, October 31, 2012, when watching the SAGA concert in Copenhagen. So this is really the birthday of my new self, everything else (including my new self waiting on me outside on the hallway) has since been a game to absorb darkness, save the world from ending/suffering and really also to prepare the opening of our New World.

So there will be no “Crash boom bang” this time, and this is coming here because Per Gessle of Roxette is “part of the process” too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoXrd3_3fYI.

This is how you climb to the top, and no, this isn’t another of those “marvellous” appraisals again, is it (?), and this is because I have received many of these not bringing most in my scripts, and yes these Facebook updates have turned into scripts, which is NOT how I wanted it, but how you made me do it with the stories you bombarded me with.

And it was your sister being the hostage, her that we would kill first because only by giving up on Sanna, we would be able to open to you and your mother (to the Source), but this would have meant that Hell would have broken lose, and it would have been your task then to “control” it as good as possible, but yes, another scenario if I had given up also meaning that my sister’s hard work to bring me in on behalf of the system would have brought her own death, did you realise this, Sanna (?), and no, another misunderstanding, right? And while death and destruction of the world would occur, we (the Source) would enter.

You were a little outpost, who was sent out (with creation) with most of you being at home.

I was given the feeling of the now previous mayor of Lyngby-Taarbæk, Søren Rasmussen, as I have been given MANY times for some time, and how many times have you sworn that they will not find you and what you did, Søren (?), but we will!

So we came through without war in North Korea, which some will say was also pretty miraculous, and this was controlled by us, people of other civilizations, and when it would have been necessary to push the button (to have darkness absorbed by man, if I could not) via the “poor fool” of the “supreme leader”/dictator Kim John-United Nations, who is also really just a poor actor of ours.

And this is really to say that it has been people of other civilizations controlling/working together with man through darkness giving it darkness/sufferings that I have not been able to take on me.

I was given the taste of the finest Burgundy wine, i.e. creation, which is how we are flowing now.

I received “Jeweller to the stars” by Simple Minds – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gh3ef8zYliM – and Shout by Tears for Fears – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ye7FKc1JQe4- and “a whole bunch of others with love” (of the Source) as I was told.

Is it possible to believe that Lars G. was my friend (very close friend from 1988 to 2003) but he was working for the system against me bringing information about me etc. (?), and this was his real work for as long as possible? And was/is it Lars giving me this nervous heart as result as I am here given again feeling restlessness and fear of heart attack all over my body, and were there also other “not true friends” placed by us?

I felt Dragsholm Castle, and remembered the stories of the ghosts there, and I was told that I have spread everywhere I have been and “Dragsholm Castle will also not be a boring place to be” (when the New World opens).

So they have all received a muzzle on by me, Helle Thorning-Schmidt and also Thomas Blachman, but yes, we know he is still a WIMP to you being afraid of communicating with me.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt has been held in a tight string from up here – the balcony, i.e. the Source – not revealing anything, and yes she is part of a plan against you directed by you/me (my inner self) to lift us all up, and no, you didn’t know this, and it has not been nice planning my death, war etc., but this was done because of my inner self (father/son).

This is how there is a Council of the Universe deciding on these actions (depending on actions of the world and I, and “what is needed” going through darkness including to bring the end of the world if necessary).

It is everyone in a growing secret network who can read about and follow you.

I was given the feeling of Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode coming to me with “incredible love”, and I felt other favourite artists too and was told that they know about me, and this love is first and foremost because I saved the world from ending.

This was then the piece of layer cake that your mother brought back from Stockholm. And yes, we know, Stig, this “script” was far too long for my liking, but I decided that it was “important information”, therefore.

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About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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