January 2014 – III: Karen and I are becoming ONE as the Source and “the microchip” of everything is being installed inside of me


Summary of Facebook III – January 2014

  • January 10: Karen and I are becoming ONE as the Source and “the microchip” of everything is being installed inside of me.
    • We have now moved down to the smallest entity of all, which is “the microchip” of everything now being installed inside of me as Stig.
    • This is “the last big invasion” of Karen/the Source, which was the one playing the game against me and the world.
    • I am so incredible empty without any energy and darkness still coming at me so strongly that I feel like screaming and physically breaking apart. I am as weak as Freddie Mercury at the very end before he died from AIDS – “these are the days of our lives”.
    • It is now that we – Karen and I – are becoming one as the Source, i.e. becoming married in Heaven, which can be done because of Karen’s “total giving in” to me.
    • Then it is just to push a plastic lid tight on you to make us up and driving, i.e. to have the Source connected to everything of the New World.
    • We will use the key opening up for everything beneath the Source self for the first time ever, which is of “much better quality” and brings the force of the Source and an eternal New World.
    • Pia Kjærsgaard and the extreme right movement was an invention of the Vatican too potentially becoming much worse than it did.
    • The information on me brought to the Danish Parliament by Lars G. has been released too, and bringing Lars G. on my team is “the greatest event”.
    • Karen and I can only become one as the Source bringing our New World with the acceptance of my mother, who has given this because we are still pushing forward the ship.
  • January 12: I am receiving Karen/the Source as “the mother of pearl” and “the Lustrous Lady of a sacred world” with the greatest love.
    • Lack of faith of man stood behind STRONG darkness of the Universe wanting to destroy life self – you can only live when having faith in your divine origination.
    • My mother loves me higher than anything and I mean everything to her, and this is the love that is keeping us up and bringing us through the game.
    • I felt pressure of darkness onto me as usual, which is now only carrying the weight of endless love resting.
    • The ship of the New World is named “Stig” by my father, this is what I am chosen for, and it will be sailed by my son.
    • I received lack of faith of man as my sufferings pressuring me to the absolutely outermost to bring me to terminate life.
    • This is the darkness that the Universe – people of other civilizations together with Vatican (Earth) – standing behind the dark New World Order for me to go through, and if I could not, it would have terminated life.
    • And this is what was necessary to go through in order to be “nothing” to be able to return to “nothing” of the Source, and to turn around everything inside there.
    • This lack of faith is because man “could not” read and understand the scripts of Jesus, thus losing faith.
    • My scripts are the foundation of our new life, thus being divine documents NEVER to be forgotten, but to be read, understood and COMMUNICATED between man.
    • This is how I (the Source) have decided for it to be; life can only be life when understanding its divine origination.
    • I simply “can no more” being more empty and drained from energy than ever before but still hoping that I can finish the last updates to my website next week.
    • This pain is about turning around the trunk, and placing the New World/my mother inside the Source. As the Source, I have now also become the birth machine of my mother to bring birth to New Worlds.
    • The Vatican has not yet brought me the real encyclopedia of the world yet containing total descriptions of all people of the Universe.
    • The most principal duty of the Danish Parliament ever was to lay out obstacles to me (darkness/lack of faith of man making them).
    • The Swastika symbol of the Nazi’s was to show the world at a later stage that this evilness was really about bringing man home to God (requiring sufferings of man to go through darkness).
    • We now stand directly on the doorstep to the Pyramid (our New World) where everything outside is light and everything inside is gold.
    • The spaceship of everything – of the Source – is now ready to fly, and I see it flying with endless speed because there is really no time.


January 2014 – III: Karen and I are becoming ONE as the Source and “the microchip” of everything is being installed inside of me

January 10: Karen and I are becoming ONE as the Source and “the microchip” of everything is being installed inside of me

FB 100114 Stig 1

Finally at the end we can take the gold, it wasn’t protected at all.

I was shown myself sitting inside a long train receiving the last darkness from the Source coming to me from my balcony, and this is so little now that I look into the small tray at the back of the chair in front of me to put the darkness into, and this is to show that we have now moved down to the smallest of all, which is “the microchip” of everything, which is now being installed inside of me as Stig.

We have brought everything of our New World over as one big flock, which is why you will not see it straight away when awakening.

I was told that my Facebook thread with Lasse as result would have that Leif from the library would believe in me, and hours later, Leif pushed the “like” button six times to my last Facebook update (for the first time) confirming this.

I worked another 7-8 hours today far beyond what I really can also updating the front page of my website with the new information about my birth date, God inside of me being an invention of the Universe etc. And I would like to read all of the front page of my website and all of the right column again to make sure that everything fits together, and I don’t know if I will find energy doing this, we will see.

Isn’t it funny that I live in my apartment “on my mother’s grace” (John paying the deposit of my apartment in 2011, which I am still repaying with 500 DKK per month) as she has explained others because “he cannot take care of anything himself”, except from the fact that we had anticipated this from her, and if not, I could have asked and probably received a loan from the Commune paying for the deposit, which she “did not think about”.

It should have been impossible (to complete my journey) without contact to people I met on Arthur Findlay College in London in 2005/06, which is why the address list that Renee did and shared there was so important (to become Facebook friends with people), but I lost this list with the end of one of my old computers.

I felt Karen on my balcony and was told “are you ready for the last big invasion” (?), and I was told again that this is still impossible to do. So Karen is the wine of the Source self and the one sitting up here as the Source playing the game against you and the world. This is how you have been fighting without weapons (other than my will power and writings).

It was decisive that your mother didn’t understand you thus making it impossible for Karen to love you (this is the connection), and that is because when you and Karen made love, we brought Hell directly together with you, which brought destruction (of the Universe) too, but when we later could keep it on distance and tell it about its mistakes via my letters to Karen, this is what emptied her and brought her home to me.

This evening I was so incredible empty without energy and darkness still coming at me so strongly – feeling like a wall pressuring me – that I felt like physically breaking and was truly about to scream my pain out.

It is now that we – Karen and I – are becoming one, and I was shown a finger pointing at my third eye in my forehead, and this happens in understanding and with acceptance of them, i.e. your mother and Karen.

I am still playing table tennis against darkness, which I keep being showing again and again and again including darkness smashing at me and I smashing at darkness – the game is still going on!

Well, there is no one here denying you marriage, i.e. to be united, and I felt Karen again together with “total giving in” to me, which is what is bringing her to me.

I was told about the Trans-Siberian Railway, we have not come all the way from there, have we (?), and yes from the darkest/coldest place on Earth (i.e. from Karen).

Is this also much about that I don’t want to enter the fire (publicity) (?), yes both for Karen and my nearest family.

I was given a metallic sound to my kitchen and was told that my mother, i.e. the Old World, is now almost given a clear sign too now being a reflection of the Source.

So she is now on place, and then it is just to push a plastic lid tight on you to make us up and driving, i.e. to have the Source connected to everything of the New World.

Now I cannot destroy anything more, and I was given one of those “potentially incredible/destructive pain” of the Source to the back side of my left lower leg.

Could Karen sense that I was the world’s worst “masculine man” (i.e. sadist), yes she could, and that is if I could open up to this, but I couldn’t at the time (2004), which is because I was saved by sacrifices of the Universe stopping this inside of me.

My very poor feeling is like an incredible big sledge hammer having hit me on the head making me feel heavy/dizzy – and dark inside – also making the number of hours per day where I can be active less and less, and still “the wall of darkness” keeps on pressuring on me from all of the outside making me hurt.

How could we know that the Source would fertalize your mother with you? We knew that you (the Source) were outside, we have seen examples of you interfering before because all in all, we have a complete overview of what happens inside the Universe, and when something doesn’t come from us, it could only come from the Source outside, and this is why we had “a pretty good idea” that you (Stig) would be granted a passport “ok” to fulfil our wish of the Source (and my new self) to return to the world.

I was told about people not taking consideration to me and my sufferings continuing to do what they do (bringing me the sufferings!), but my sister received information about when I was at my “peak” suffering the most, and I was told about “records” being made where I suffered so much that we really could not continue the game without the world breaking apart, but still we did, and yes more “not important information”, but here you are.

“Community declaration”, just sign here, and we miss your mother’s signature, and yes we know, Stig, this is between Karen and I, so “please do right/perfect”. This is impossible to keep an eye on from the bench, so just consider it done.

The other day I was encouraged to post my “script” of “Time’s up” with the SAGA Facebook group (because of its connection to the SAGA concert October 31, 2012), but I decided not doing this because I am tired of negative people, and today I was told that this means something to the colour of the whole opening of our New World, which will not become as deep red-brown as it otherwise would have been, and this loss is what we are now restoring these days.

Later I was told that we are happy to day that this however is not as valuable anymore as it used to be, because in the beginning we couldn’t do anything without Michael Sadler (the singer), which all faith was gathered around and strengthened by a not insignificant number of followers (of me), and now we have decided to change the code a little here and there using others instead, and yes this is how big your influence was to this group (when posting my Oct. 31, 2012 experiences with the group). This is only the uppermost part of the last one hundred part of the uppermost layer, this is the detail we are working on, and this is also because your website is now almost finished being updated with the last development.

It would be a giant sensation for the whole world if you enrol with Fitness World and take just one hour of exercise – because I am “completely empty” – and this is what I am thinking of because I visited the new centre (opening January 20), which is built inside my old EFG-school (1981-82) and seems to be very big using all three floors, and the cycle- and exercise rooms have a view out over the sea making it VERY TEMPTING for me to enrol and exercise there, which I would LOVE to do if I could, and yes, realistically I cannot, because every day when awakening, I feel not only poorly, but terrible, so how in the world can I …. ?

The top job of the world was yours, which it has been since your first business-visit to Spain (2006), but your mother never discovered this and instead she was disappointed because you receive cash help, and yes what the eye doesn’t see ….

No, it doesn’t require any change of EU’s statutory instrument to bid you welcome, which they have taken into account, and eeehhh, my friends, haven’t you understood that WE START COMPLETELY ALL OVER AGAIN and that is from scratch, or from a blank piece of paper as I normally say, and yes imagine what you would do if you had to do your best starting all over (?), and this is the task meaning that we will NOT carry on anything of your old monstrosity.

Having China to give up its atomic war is probably our biggest achievement.

I was shown and told that Karen was very considerate laying the key to the main door right in front of it because there will certainly not come anyone here, but we did.

I am shown and told that this is the key that sits in the lock at the end of the metal container (of the Source), which we will now open for the first time making everything “open” (turning into physical creation of our New World too).

And what is underneath this (?), and I am shown a glass bottle and told that this is what “feeds us”, i.e. being the force of everything, which we are now opening to for the first time.

I was shown myself flying down towards a plate including many small dark houses and one VERY tall, and then I saw that this is the microchip of the Source, and it corresponds to going beneath this microchip, which I am then shown, and I see and am told that all components are newer and of better quality than ours, which is what we have “always” waited on doing, and yes we just had to complete this creation before getting out of our prison, and no, we did not want to leave before bringing everything with us, which we could only do when having the physical life as template for everything.

And we can say this because we have been down there, and I am shown wagons including the King on one of them being sent down a tunnel of the Tivoli Roller Coaster.

It does not correspond to throwing out your old bucket, but it feels that way. This is about going through the famous mirror meeting all other mirrors, and it might hurt (the world) a little, and I am given pain to my right ankle.

The last 1-2 weeks my rhythm has gradually been changed from being awake at day to being awake more and more by night and sleeping in the day, which has happened before, and I don’t believe that there is anything I can do to change it, it seems as if this has to happen, but I am NOT happy about it, it annoys me.

I had promised my mother to call her during the week before seeing each other again tomorrow evening, and it has been an almost impossible barrier to climb, this is how completely low and without energy that I feel, but I called her (which was IMPORTANT to do making her still believe that things here are alright even though they are not, thus making it possible to continue the game) and while speaking to her, I was given the feeling and vision of Freddie Mercury all over the inside of me looking like he did the last days of his life before dying (from AIDS), this is how low I am, I simply cannot do anything at all – “these are the days of our lives” (I simply LOVE Freddie/Queen from their very end) – and just writing “the script” of today was also impossible, but somehow, I can always find a little discipline when sitting in front of the computer, but we are talking about the very, very last of the act of my old self, I am really over and out.

It is only you, i.e. the Old World, being turned wrong, not everything else.

Is it possible to imagine Pia Kjærsgaard, the founder and now previous leader of the (extreme right) Danish People’s Party, being dumb or especially chosen by the world elite to create this “movement” to bring out the inner beast (darkness) of people (?), and yes they have approx. 20% of Danish voters and have inspired movements in other countries too, and this is in principle not very different to the “movements” of Hitler and Mussolini as examples, who were able to make dumb people accept almost anything including to bring a hole race, the Jews, under hate and to declare other nations war in a “crazy” desire for expansion/a new kingdom, and no, Pia & Co. would “never” do the same, or would you, Pia (?), and is there a secret document showing your direction to “help” me to save the world and that is in case I could not handle the darkness that I did (?), and what about publishing the real “supporters” of your movement (?), and I feel Vatican here, but then again Pia is as emotional dumb as my father’s widow, Kirsten, looking VERY MUCH like her not being able to control her feelings and understand anything else than her own extreme beliefs, but then I was told “do you want us to help you a little, she is a good actress”.

It is these – new parts of the Source – that we are now bringing in, and I am shown myself inside a sport hall balancing with a several metres high stack of glasses of different delicacies. And no, we have no idea what we will meet other than they will be friendly, which we have encoded in them, and I am shown some of these as a complete new invention being “white tubes” encircling plants.

I was given a sound to my kitchen, and I felt this new life of the Source learning how to become new life from the template of the world.

Victory doesn’t become less sweet when we see everything we have imagined and dreamed about coming through. These are all of the drawing pins that we have gone through now becoming part of us – and that is also inside of me.

I saw a search on Mads and Theis on my website today, and visits to several pages of mine, which is about these young men apparently not having forgotten my writings about them (about “the kiss of death”), and I am told that this goes for MANY I have written about in the past still sending me darkness, and by the way, Theis decided to leave me as Facebook friend some months ago, so he never truly understood me.

So it was as exciting as in a James Bond film at the end if we would avoid Nuclear War (?), and yes, didn’t Obama get in control of this already a long time ago (“South China”) (?), and what do I know?

I felt Pia Christmas-Møller and was told that she has not only dedicated her life to me, but also published the rapport about me including Lars G’s information on me, and she knew that she had to do it. And I am told that this is removing the sexual threats given to me, and this was part of the setup against me, and I was given examples of events followed by Lars G., who has followed me “for a long time” and the goal was to “kill me”, but really the opposite.

It is not the greatest event to have received Lars G. over on my team, is it (?), and I am told that it is his Conservative friends telling him.

I was encouraged to write about how I heard my neighbour through the wall at my bathroom speaking with a physical voice being controlled spiritually (as I have been too), and this voice was “completely crazy” (something about manufacturing of cars), and it went on and on and on, and it was just confirmation to me that he is truly “a great master” living right next to me, who is suffering much because of what darkness does to him, and I wonder if his voices has told him about me (?), and now that I remember it, I thought about making his voices stop, and then they stopped.

I was told that my family, friends etc. did not know about my writings (on them) being published on the Internet before it was “too late”.

Lasse brought a Facebook update including three open sandwiches and asked people what was “special” about them, and the answer was that they were made entirely by marzipan (!), and this reminded me about when it was possible to buy these up to Christmas in the 1970’s, which is one of these very fond memories of mine and it has been given to me many times as an ultimate symbol of NEVER GIVING UP (i.e. marzipan) and Christmas, and this is really to say that this is what I did not in relation to Lasse the other day even though he may be characterized as “the stubborn” of us two, and maybe he had his eyes opened a little to me, thus helping the last part of my birth.

FB 090114 Lasse 1

FB 090114 Lasse 2

I was given the feeling of Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary – both at the same time as one – and uniting Karen and I is like uniting these two, and it has now almost been done.

It is not without importance what my mother thinks of Karen because without her acceptance we cannot become married, and eeehhh my mother has started speaking about Karen when we pass her apartment on our way back from Sanna and Hans, and she may realise by now that Karen is “the only one” for me as I am for her, thus accepting us together (bringing me happiness), and why do you believe that we are still pushing forward the ship?

FB 100114 Stig 2

FB 100114 Stig 3

January 12: I am receiving Karen/the Source as “the mother of pearl” and “the Lustrous Lady of a sacred world” with the greatest love.

FB 120114 Stig 1

FB 120114 Stig 2

I felt my father at the balcony, and there is really none other out here but since we now are everything (of our New World), we might as will allow ourselves to say that people are coming from here, right?

I received the best James Bond song, “Goldfinger” by Shirley Bassey, and was told that Karen only needs to get the gold ring on her finger once, which will make it impossible to her forever to be unfaithful, which is to become opposite of what she was.

You cannot imagine the depth of the miss of you, and this is about Karen/the Source to me, and I was given the feeling of Bryan Ferry at the same time, and I have felt Bryan for days and this is because you are presumable the cleanest man in the world, which is how Karen felt me when being with me. And I am told that Bryan Ferry here means “with the greatest love” from Karen, because this is what I mean to Bryan and the music world, and this is also to say that Bryan is truly also “the very heart” of me in musical terms producing some of the finest music of all bringing me the deepest feelings too (at the same level as David Bowie when he is at his best as he is here), and yes mostly (but not only) from the 1970’s, and yes if I have to name one decade bringing the best music, it has to be the 1970’s where most of the biggest albums of the biggest artist’s/band’s ever were made, and closely followed by the 1980’s to me (because of New Wave), and here there is only one matching song by Ferry/Roxy Music, which is “Mother of Pearl” referring to Karen (because I was given the word “Pearl” later about Karen BEFORE finding the song here), which is a VERY CLEAR 100 POINT SONG to me and from one of Roxy Music’s finest albums, and it is as they sing in this song matching the occasion: “Oh mother of pearl, I wouldn’t trade you, For another girl, Divine intervention, Always my intention, So I take my time, I’ve been looking for something, I’ve always wanted, But was never mine, But now I’ve seen that something, Just out of reach – glowing -, Very Holy grail, Oh mother of pearl, Lustrous lady, Of a sacred world”.


I felt Ole at the balcony too, my mother’s ex-man, which now is “everything”.

We would like to learn how to shoot you, but there is nothing more of us (of darkness at the balcony).

It was from the extreme “Stig needs a doctor – he is a nutcase” to “Stig is the one” for Karen, my mother and many else.

No, I am not done with my website yet, which is not easy to do, and yes today I slept until 14.40, wrote and published my script of today at home, cycled to the library, published my script to my website too and sent it to LTO before I cycled to my mother and John at 19.00 for dinner making it almost impossible to continue the last work updating my website to make it “perfect” and understandable for the world, and it will not be easier the next two days in the weekend when the library closes at 16.00 and I am at home sleeping without being able to go there and without being able to do the last work to my website without a working mouse, so it has to be in the beginning of next week that I will do this.

We had a nice evening together despite of our sufferings, and we watched X-factor again, where the judges including Thomas Blachman and Remee did well, and yes they are “rap rap” (quack – also meaning quick) as they wrote on Facebook, which was a sign about them knowing about me with a reference to the Rap Rap song by Shu-bi-dua, which I received the other day, and are you about to sending me your apologies Thomas and Remee because of your poor behaviour to me in the past (?); and just wondering I am.

I was told that my mother loves me higher than anything and I mean everything to her, and this is the love that is keeping us up and bringing us through the game, which we could not have done without.

I only stayed a little more than 2 hours (as I normally do), which is NOT because I don’t like staying there but because of how poorly I feel, and just to tie the laces on my shoes brings me much difficulties.

It goes against all rules to trade with yourself, but this is what Karen has done, which is not only once but repeatedly to have visited your website, this is how strong my influence has been on her, and what does she react to (?), and that is men being even stronger than herself, which she only rarely finds, and the first time ever that she found it via light of me.

I (Karen) have now declared you my love, and still we have not finished work so what will we bring now (?), and yes we are standing on the edge of breaking through the mirror of the Source to everything beneath.

Ted Turner’s company (CNN) is also about to going down, which is because we are starting our New World from scratch, this is what it means.

I felt pressure of darkness coming from “all over the outside of me” and onto me (as usual), and I was told that it is now only carrying the weight of endless love resting on you.

We now only have to give all of this ship a name, and what do you think (?), and what about him there, our first son, Stig (?), and yes, this is what you have been chosen for, to be our Captain. This is about “the emperor’s new clothes”, which is both about the story of Hans Christian Andersen with everyone now being able to see my new clothes, and also the lovely song by Sinead O’Connor, which is coming to me here after I received “nothing compared to you” by her (and Prince, my friend) the other day, which I did not bring, and I really received this here again right after “the emperor” because this is how it is being my new self.

And it is my son’s son – my father/parents speaking – who will sail the ship, this is how it will become.

Well, it is all of the voices of man against me, which the Universe brought to me, which I had to go through, which is what corresponds to darkness being lack of faith of man in me. This is how darkness – and the dark New World Order of man – very carefully was built on, this is what stands behind the Universe, i.e. people of other civilizations and Vatican (Earth) when they setup this darkness for me/us all to go through with a great force to destruct life/creation self.

And this lack of faith is because man “could not” read and understand the scripts about my previous self, Jesus, thus losing faith, which is what equals termination. This is why my script if important for everyone to read, understand and communicate with the same passion as I saw in Kenya, but to include everyone in COMMUNICATIONS between man, and not lectures from one preacher to a crowd of boring/not listening/understanding people.

We are not sacred brothers, are we?

This is the book that we have all been made from, which is why my books/scripts are divine documents, which have to be treated as such and NEVER to be forgotten because it would mean the end of life, this is how I (the Source) have decided for it to be; life can only life when understanding its divine origination (all of these words are given to me spiritually, and not just some).

And this is what man was about to do, which is to terminate itself, and man almost succeeded, which then again was necessary to do in order to come through the passage of “nothing” to return to the Source, and still to be physical life surviving this journey through darkness, and then to turn around everything when having returned home.

This is what the Michael Jackson song ”Man in the mirror” symbolises.

We (ALL life of the Source including everything unknown) first became PEARLS, i.e. darkness of Karen, before we will now all become you, and I am shown first a shark tooth (of darkness) turning into a whale tooth (light).

You were the only traitor going against the dark New World Order to turn around, which is why we name you God. And from here only remains the “ring, ring”; we only wait for you to come and get us, and that is to end my work for good.

PS: We have also known about this day coming for an eternity, my boy, you did well.

Those shark teeth were never thought to be used (to terminate life) if you did your work right to save man.

Isn’t it funny that not one single of the Marine know that you are in the clear, but the management knows, and this was the idea, which is to keep the fight (between light and darkness) between as few as possible to avoid the fight expanding to everyone (which it would have done if newspapers wrote about me during my journey), which we did by cheating far the most darkness, thus saving far the most of people without them ever knowing and potentially suffering/dying/terminating.

Is it good for Karen always knowing that she had me in the backhand as her last option (?), yes, and this is what she is using not needing Denis anymore.

So Stig is now the Shrine above all, and yes, Stig, we know that you do NOT like all of this “holy stuff”, and have to cut through as my physical self saying “please just call me Stig”, and now you know the story.

And this is why the Universe was hoping that you would go through this darkness. This is the darkness that did everything it could to kill me in order to kill life self.

This is why we – the Universe/people of other civilizations – were ruthless showing no mercy because we cannot live without faith and that is unless you were able to bring us through it.

This is also about your mother having the courage to enter the motorway, i.e. not to give up or give me up because of her fear, and as everyone will know, my mother’s fear is the BIGGEST in the world to just about everything she “doesn’t like”.

I was shown a big Dome being set down inside a big city, and showed it as a King’s Crown too, and this is the Dome of the Source, which I was shown in my first vision that evening on April 12, 2004 (Karen’s birthday).

I have kept on being told about Helena for weeks about how she was also a sexual tool of the doctors against me and much more, and no, I have not written it down, it will be revealed to the world just how much or little she knew, and yes I was also told that “Stig is not dumb” also made the difference to you, Helena?

So it is in this light that you have to see “the secret Police” and all of that.

I was shown a railway curving up and down and to each side, and even Hugo the troll putting explosives on it, and this is the journey I have gone through darkness, and then I am shown a film roll being laid the other way, which is about life that this journey has saved.

Tuchson Valley, no we have never been there.

How does it harmonize that the world elite would run away in huge spaceships and also being the last to be saved (?), and yes this is an example of two pieces of opposite information I have been given, and normally, the first one given is the right one (escape).

I had a dream about attacks and everyone being afraid of their lives, and I was carrying a bag of my own blood, which I was asked to check because it was completely black, I was inside the most fancy shopping centre and had the most beautiful view over ships, and when I woke up I was asked to try bringing this home before it is too late.

And I woke up to “American Pie”, an old favourite of ours given to me, and the lyrics “the day the music died”, “Do you believe in rock ’n’ roll” and “can musi save your Mortal soul”, and this time, it was given expressible by Madonna.


I went to town to do a little shopping this afternoon, where I truly discovered that I “could not” anymore, and it reminded me of what I told my mother yesterday when a contestant of X-factor kept on saying that “I cannot” and I told her that instead of blocking inside his head, he should keep on saying that “I can”, and I now understood that this would be about myself, because on my way home on bicycle I kept on telling myself that “I cannot” anymore, and it continued the rest of the evening and the night where I was completely drained of energy, which is even more than before, and so much that I truly couldn’t do anything and writing these lines were out of the question, and this was one of my worst days ever as bad as when I was dead-sick in Kenya in 2009, but I was more moveable but much more tired today than back then, and I was thinking that my mother must have more energy than I and this is in connection with a classical New Year concert that we will attend tomorrow, and if she felt like I, she would never dream about attending this, we will see if I can pull myself together again. And I received very little direct speech/negativity simply because of my extreme physical sufferings today.

At the same time I was somewhat under pressure because I was told that time is running out when I don’t do what may be the last chapter to my website (the Vatican and people of other civilizations planned darkness against me and the world only because of lack of faith of people), and I could only say that I am in charge of time myself and look forward to doing this – if I can – in the beginning of the coming week when I can go to the library again.

The Vatican has not yet brought you the real encyclopedia of the world yet containing total descriptions of all people of the Universe. There is only one we can bring this for, and that is me.

So it is just me, the crystal instrument, that you are waiting on.

I was shown one of the bad cops of Aha’s “Take on me” and was told that the death the other day of the Danish motorcross driver, Kasper Lynggaard, was yet again darkness taking its sacrifices to save me/us.

I was told that it is not too much to say that the most principal duty of the Danish Parliament ever was to lay out obstacles to me (darkness/lack of faith of man making them).

I was shown and told that my strong sufferings today were part of turning around the trunk, and placing me inside the Source from where I was given a view down upon creation including Snow White and rye bread.

Yes, “you are still welcome” despite of my worst sufferings today, and when I was completely down, I was shown a candlelight (the Source) and was told that this is what we are still bringing you.

I felt Kim S. and was told that I was also loved there (with his family), and earlier in the day I had been given the old story about how I had to become even better than my “business master”, Kim S., who by far was “the best insurance man”, and I understood that this was given to me today because this is what I had to become – and to be accepted as such by Kim self – in order to enter the Source.

I was told that everyone reading me feel that they know me (as my old self), but still they don’t because they “cannot” communicate with me.

You cannot imagine the commotion you have made on the Youth School (of Espergærde), and yes “he has been here too” (when I visited Jais and watched a play there in 2011, I believe).

You (the Source) have now also become the birth machine of your mother (to bring birth to New Worlds).

Will everything – houses etc. – grow in size together with us a living beings (?), and yes isn’t this the easiest to do?

Isn’t it funny if we have divided tasks between us here at the Source (?) – between mother, father etc. – and I was shown the front seats of a flying vehicle, and I can only say that I understand the Source as “ONE”, so this doesn’t given any meaning to me today.

And I was told that it is the mother part of me being the divine part of “everything” (force of the air) of our New World.

Now we only have to bring lacquer to the New World after having implemented it here.

This is what the Swastika symbol of the Nazi’s is about, to return home to God and to let the world know at a later stage that the disgrace of World War II served the purpose to save us all (sufferings of man bringing strength to reach the end of the world, create our New World and return home to God).

Wikipedia: “The swastika (卐) is a symbol used in Indian religions, specifically in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, primarily as a tantric symbol that invokes Lakshmi – the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity and auspiciousness. The swastika literally means “it is good.”“

At the moment, you are single, we just have to get Karen to approve what we have created here including all changes to the Source. The eternal wallpaper has now been put up.

You have no idea of what Sources we have been through to install your mother while your task was to keep awake (as I did today from around 13.00 until 05.00 without sleeping despite of “crisis”).

We are now standing directly in front of the entrance to the Pyramid, and really on the doorstep of it where everything outside is light and everything inside is gold.

I was shown a gate opening at the waterway leading in to Nyhavn (“New Harbour”) of Copenhagen, and it is full of flowers, and this is how you will be received now with Helle Thorning-Schmidt in the lead as your new mother.

It means that the spaceship of everything – of the Source – is now ready to fly, and I see it flying with endless speed because there is really no time.

I was told that every single Italian MP is corrupt because these are the people controlling the worldwide Mafia.

It is not so that Inge (my aunt) is now convincing Jan (my cousin) that you are speaking the truth, is it?

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About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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