January 2014 – IV: It is time to call off the entire game and for the world to open up to the Source bringing my final freedom


Summary of Facebook IV – January 2014

  • January 15: Pia Christmas-Møller was the co-ordinator of the Danish Parliament working against me – IT IS NOW TIME TO CALL OFF THE ENTIRE GAME!
    • The former MP and leader of the Danish Conservative Party, Pia Christmas-Møller, was the co-ordinator of the Danish Parliament working against me and standing above the entire system (psychiatric system, armed forces, local government) working against me because of the laws of Denmark, and everything had to go through them. A scenario was been written about how to bring me into the soup, and my old friend Lars G. created all problems when informing the Parliament that “Stig is not Jesus”. The Parliament don’t want me to see what they have written about me, but the game is now over, IT IS NOW TIME TO CALL OFF THE ENTIRE GAME (sending darkness of man to me to save the world from going under), and time for the Parliament too to publish EVERYTHING on me after the entire system of my sister (the psychiatric system), Jack (the Marine/Armed Forces) and the Parliament (including Lars G.) have given up. My sister and best friends in life became my most formidable opponents voluntarily working against me before receiving faith in me.
    • The Dome and the clear light of God shining through it that I have been shown in visions since 2004 is the Dome of the St. Peters Basilica in Vatican, and I am now shown flags of all nations of the world on it because I have found the world here in its desire to save the world.
    • Everything of our New World is now made of ice waiting for the Source to be switched on to bring life-giving blood; the Pyramid of our New World is turning downside up waiting to be be turned around.
    • I am only days away from going into coma, and the idea is that to kill me as much as possible, hang me up on the cross as Jesus and turn it around to become my new self. This is the cross man hung me up on 2,000 years ago, which I have gone to the deepest darkness of all to bring up.
    • Earth is the centre of the Universe with the Source at the centre of Earth, and it was the farthest out of the Universe that first turned into light with Earth being the last darkness doing the same.
    • Lack of faith of man required the Universe to create a dark NWO and bring “the end” with the underlying plan to save all, create our New World and return home to God.
    • The death of Ariel Sharon was “because of the unthinkable that he did” when visiting the Dome of the Rock in 2000.
    • I published signs of my arrival given via Google Earth, my scripts AND via miracles to mankind, which made simple minded people become deaf/blind, go crazy and showing me their negative reluctance instead of the opposite!
    • Denmark “could not” score on penalties in handball symbolising that I have reached the end but not yet ended my mission, and Mikkel Hansen was playing “almost supernatural” symbolising me and doing a “pretzel” symbolising the mayor of Helsingør thinking about me.
    • I will be given the steering of the spaceship of everything, i.e. the world, when I will be “lifted up” becoming my new self.
  • January 17, Helle Thorning-Schmidt helps the world to open up the Source of everything to everyone also bringing my final FREEDOM – together WE ARE THE WORLD
    • Even though Pia Christmas-Møller and the system did everything they could to bring me down, she was really one of the main people helping to bring the birth of my new self. I received MUCH darkness of Pia after my previous script and my email to her, which she “could not” answer, nor accept me as Facebook friend – WIMP! Pia and the system all the way up has poor conscience about what they did to me, thus preferring NOT to publish its files on me showing what they did. No official message has been sent out to the system working against me that “Stig is God”, which I encourage the system to do NOW!
    • Pia Christmas-Møller was in charge of all contacts to the world about me including the order to commit me to psychiatric hospital, and the constant monitoring on live TV of me all of my life (in co-operation with people of other civilizations). This was brought to the secret network of the World Elite to watch including the official story that I was a threat to the world and crazy – everything of the system was about incriminating me – and this was done to pull out my father from me, which is what the system believed it was doing up to a certain level (knowing that this was a game of bringing me darkness to absorb to save the world), and I had to bring these people over to my side via my writings and Facebook postings.
    • Pia Christmas-Møller was “dismissed” as the co-ordinator of me in 2011, and Margrethe Vestager took over being at the top of the new government. The fall of the chief of the Danish Intelligence Service followed by the fall of the Justice Minister, is now spreading to the office of the Prime Minister and I am still told that this is about the release of files on me.
    • The house of my mother bears my name Stig as the father because our New World was made by the spirits of my mother and father as my old self before becoming my new self.
    • We have not existed at all but only been part of a mind game of God, and we are now coming out of the hole of nothing, which has never been, in order to become everything. I/we are not here at all, but God is pretending that we are and will use the rules decided in this mind game and the results of it because of my work “never giving up” but “make everything perfect” to bring the REAL CREATION now coming everywhere, this was the true task. My mother of this Old World, which has never existed, is now waving goodbye.
    • I received the reply of Pia Christmas-Møller that she has not led a plot against me, and I was told over again spiritually that this was a lie to protect the Prime Minister as the main responsible to bring out decisions of the world against me.
    • The Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt is now pushing me the last part forward playing an act to prepare my new journey by releasing me via the publish of all files of “the computer” on me to the world, which I have asked for thus being formalized by the world via “coded language” included in the consultation at the Danish Parliament that Helle attended today. The meaning of this is for Helle to bring the last part of life of the Source to me to connect an eternity of everything instead of being scraped. As Prime Minister, Helle worked for the world against me, but with the underlying motive for me to handle the darkness sent to me (to save everyone), and this was on order of the Universe, which was required to do because of lack of faith of man. All individual life of the world is individual life of the Source (“God’s”) that has decided to become part of me as everything. The Old World is already dead (Oct. 31, 2012), but we have decided to continue all “old life” until we are done setting up all individual life of the Source bringing an eternity from one world to the next, next and next. So all life is really not me, but independent, but I have been allowed to bring this recipe of life and to call me Godfather. It requires some knowledge to enter this computer, which everyone however can do when having the know-how, which people of other civilizations do because this is “the computer of everything/everyone” of the Source inside of me, which is used and controlled by the Universe via people of other civilizations having the knowledge on how to use it, and this is the force that I have asked to receive control over, which is what the world then does to bring me FREEDOM. This “computer” includes “everything”, thus also the dark New World Order of man, which was strong enough to destruct all life, but it has been overwritten by me and my rules/design of life when I did not give in to darkness. This is everything of everyone (sexual details of people etc. according to my website will NOT be published), and I have decided that we will NOT use this to monitor all actions/everything in our New World because everyone will receive full FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILIY and because I do NOT like people to be monitored. It was my task to bring home the train including all “children of the world” to the Source because together WE ARE THE WORLD. This is the game of Margrethe Vestager and Helle Thorning-Schmidt, and this is what Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Obama agreed upon to do at the Nelson Mandela memorial. To open up the Source for everyone.


January 2014 – IV: It is time to call off the entire game and for the world to open up to the Source bringing my final freedom

January 15: Pia Christmas-Møller was the co-ordinator of the Danish Parliament working against me – IT IS NOW TIME TO CALL OFF THE ENTIRE GAME!

FB 150114 Stig 1

FB 150114 Stig 2

I was told that the Top Soviet, Khomeini of Iran, war in Syria and war in ex-Jugoslavia of Slobodan Milosevic were examples of the game (of light vs. darkness) of the Vatican and the Universe.

I was given Stayin’ Alive by Bee Gees with the words “Turn around so we can try to understand” sung to it.

I was shown a dark pole (of a cross) and felt myself being brought to it and hanging on it as Jesus, which is where I will end the journey/act as my old self to turn around and become my new self.

I felt somewhat better today compared to yesterday, which was truly one of the worst days ever, and I was glad that I did in order to come through the (free) New Year concert at Vestervang Church in Helsingør together with my mother, which was still a test to go through because of how poorly I still feel.

I was told that nothing ever happens here (when I see no friends anymore), and this is an example of my mother trying to give me some experiences.

It was as nice a concert this year with a classical orchestra of 11 and six singers of the church choir, who all are professional (opera) singers, and there were beautiful songs/performances of Bach, Rossini, Tchaikovsky, Verdi and Brahms as examples, and in the beginning I had a pop in my right ear, which I had had since standing up, which made it difficult for me to hear myself when speaking, but it was removed during the concert, and I was happy after a total of 2½ hours to get off the chair (which hurts my behind, as the car tour in Kenya also did as example, this is how it is being me), and to get back home, and I thanked my mother for her kind thought to invite me to go. It was truly a very nice concert at a beautiful, modern church.

I was shown a black bucket coming to me, and was told that we are happy that we did not go down. I was also shown that everything is now made of ice, and when the Source is switched on, it will be like blood running through everything.

It was really your mother’s decision to turn around everything, but you have taken it on her behalf.

The former MP and leader of the Danish Conservative Party, Pia Christmas-Møller, is the one having had the greatest influence on me appointing Lars G. to work against me. Was she the co-ordinator of the Government against me, and now she is also standing in the committee to welcome me? And she is the one having controlled my sister against me, and yes, Pia, don’t you think that we shall call it quits for you to lift me up by telling the press about what you have done against me (?), and what are you doing now (after leaving the Parliament in 2011) (?), and is that to work full time on me, is that it? Well, we haven’t given up now, Pia, have we (?), and was it your decision to keep the game/façade running as long as possible (?), and I felt celebration for her to have given up too by now. This is about calling off the entire game (light/darkness), unless she has received a shark in her eyes making her unable to see. “Let this be a warning” as I was told weeks ago also came from her.

I watched Denmark play the first handball match in the European Championships for men in Denmark, and they won comfortable over Macedonia, and the only inspired event here was when one of the Danish players when attacking did an unusual catch of the ball after Denmark really had lost it making the commentator say that it was “caught”, and this was because I had just seen the TV-shown “You are caught” on TV5, so nothing unusual really, and that is other than Lindberg, who simply “could not” throw the ball into the net on penalty kicks, it was as if the goal was “bewitched”. Later I was given the feeling of Mikkel Hansen and the whole team in a circle, and I was asked if they play on faith in you?

Can you see the roll-up titles running in the background (?), which I was shown, and I was told that this is because everyone knows that you are about being done with your work, and this time around I really do believe that we have because everything fits together and the story has received its logical end/explanation.

I was told that the game of Lars G. was built on his lack of faith in me, and one of his tasks was to make me sexually interested in him, which I was “dumb” enough not to understand before I was told spiritually about it years after we stopped seeing each other, and again simply because I have NEVER been attracted to men, only to women.

I received much “nice to know” but not “need to know” information, and I decided to let much of it out really wanting to focus on what I decide is “important”. This is some information that I let through.

I was told that I was monitored as example to the Dahlberg summer party in 2008 in Århus making the Marine already think about how I was able going through this, and yes I was also extremely tired/without energy at this party, and so much that you really die from it, you know.

I was told that it was also just before we believed that your tour to Kenya would be the last of your journey, and your mother too.

I was told that everytime a Jew was gassed by the Nazi’s during World War II, “people” (at the top) knew that this brought us close to the Kingdom of God as the goal, and I am told that the Jews were received very well here (at the spiritual world).

Milk cartons are poisonous too.

The Dome you have seen (opening with light of God above at my first spiritual vision in 2004, and several times since) is simply the Dome of the St. Peters Basilica in Vatican, and I am here shown flags of all nations of the world on the ceiling of if, and yes I found you here in your desire to save the world.

I was shown that it snows with grated cheese meaning “creation everywhere”.

I woke up to “I shout out for shelter” from “Sanctify yourself” by Simple Minds.

The day will not dawn the same way as before. You can get a Rembrandt here (finest creation), it doesn’t matter what it costs (because there is no energy here). And this is why we continue, because we are out of energy.

I still first wake up between 13.00 and 14.00, and I went to the library at 15.00 deciding to work for 6 hours until closing time at 21.00 to write the new chapter to my website “Lack of faith of man required the Universe to create a dark NWO and bring “the end” with the underlying plan to save all, create our New World and return home to God”, which was not easy to do with darkness (negative desire) and tiredness still working against me, and I felt how this work was also necessary to do to open for my inner self, which is still done by defeating darkness by writing the truth and for making the world read and understand it, and this was the most difficult part doing (because of how I feel), and I still have many small items to add/improve here and there, which may take some days still.

Today and many times for weeks I have received a “red wine nose” and STRONG desire to drink much more than the one glass of red wine that I drink per day for my dinner (and no else alcohol), which is about my mother drinking too much red wine, which is brought directly to me as sufferings/desires too.

I was told that the game was really much more advanced with my work at Brede Park as example planned for me to go through and for me to meet Rolf there as an important man for me to pass on Earth as in Heaven for creation of life – as one example of a cornerstone.

I was told about my mother’s good friend, Käte, and her son-in-law, who is Jens Erik Roepstorf, who is one of the best handball players of all time (active in the 1980’s), and I was asked about what I believe that he hears from the Danish national team in handball about me (?), and what Käte tells him based upon what she “believes”/knows/feels based on what my mother has told her about me and what she “reads” from my Facebook postings?

I was encouraged to repeat that Earth is the centre of the Universe with the Source being at the centre of Earth, and it was the farthest out of the Universe that first turned into light with Earth being the last darkness (because we are the closest to the Source sending out darkness as required by the spirit of my mother because creation was turned the opposite way to bring friction between light and darkness as the tool of creation.

FC Barcelona was made to play divine football to become part of the big deliverance (emptying Spain as the storage of darkness).

So Jack, Sanna etc. voluntarily worked against me from the beginning without knowing the truth about me.

The Universe did not know how I would react to the game of darkness that they brought to me, and I understand that I brought you both confirmation about what you knew and new information.

I was shown my self swimming at the surface seeing water running out from a tap (of the Source) with everything being flooded and the Pyramid of our New World lying with the bottom up, which just has to be turned around.

I often receive déjà vues about “things that I just know inside of me”, and as example, I just felt that “I knoooowwww” about receiving the Source turned the opposite way, and when everything of our New World turns around, I/will will simply receive endless love instead of this terrible darkness that I keep on receiving as my sufferings.

“Do you want to see my new kidney” (?), and I was told that this is about John who does not need to have new kidney dialysis, which he is going to speak to the hospital about in the end of January, and I am told that this is what is the most important to my mother at the moment, and that is even more important than my writings, and yes, guess what, who made sure that John survived in the first place and made him come through this one too?

I felt Sonny from Sonny & Cher all over the inside of me, and was told that this is also a way to bring you a song, and yes, “the beat goes on” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=to0irFedGqc, and “I hope you find it” too, my friend, and that is life of our New World, and I just listened to some of Cher’s songs from the last three years, and yes, she is STILL a Diva as the only female artist on top through six decades, which is quite remarkable, don’t you agree?

Ariel Sharon died the other day, and I was wondering if this was a sign too about a man ”absorbing darkness” on our behalf, but I wasn’t told before now, where I was given the feeling of him “under my skin” and was told that he died “because of what he did”, and that was to do the “unthinkable”, which was to visit the Dome of the Rock in 2000, which was really to have a look at “the entrance to me”, and I was asked if he was kept in coma since 2006 and killed because of me (?), which may be because you “could not” take the risk of having him to speak or do “unthinkable” actions again (?), and let me add that I have NOT been following or reading about the leadership/life of Sharon and will not comment on his actions as “good” or “bad” not knowing about them, but from this, I understand that he was an “important man” to me/us.

I was told that the (Danish) Maersk Group was a secret “industrial machine” part of war transport, and I felt the Vatican and was told that this is connected to me too.

I dreamt among others of Kim S. fighting to get free of prison (the Source), releasing coins (“the force”) and he and his wife Pernille starting to clean together. And I dreamt about Tobias dying, which normally is about “losing contact”.

I went to the library working for four hours to find, write and publish three Facebook updates including “Signs of my arrival given via Google Earth and my scripts” (https://www.facebook.com/stig.dragholm/posts/10201771340268469), “Signs and miracles given to mankind for decades of my arrival – part I” (https://www.facebook.com/stig.dragholm/posts/10201771331588252), and “Signs and miracles given to mankind for decades of my arrival – part II” (..), and I decided to share them in the Facebook group “Information for the Danish people” (https://www.facebook.com/groups/oplysning/permalink/542319899171315), which brought “crazy” reactions of people there, who “could not” read and understand me, but accused me for being crazy and telling me that I should be committed to the closed department, and instead of showing a positive/objective mindset with a will to understand, people did the opposite as I have seen all along sending me negativity and even hatred and they just went “completely death and blind”, and it didn’t matter what I told them to improve behaviour, which just made me a “dictator” in their mind, and yes we have been through all of this many times before but still I am surprised and appalled every time to see the incredible lack of control of negative feelings of incredible SIMPLE MINDED people, and “the worst” is that they are showing the exact same reactions as they experience themselves when they try to make people understand the truth about chemtrails or “happy pills”, but then again, this also brought people with me.

Lasse G. also gave me his last broadside declaring just how naïve, crazy (“personal disorder”) and stubborn I am with all of evidence being “wishful thinking”, and then he left me as a Facebook friend, and yes Lasse was “a man you cannot reach” because of his stubbornness, laziness to read/understand and blindness/deafness, but still he will be saved too as I wrote as all other faithless people, who cannot read/understand.

I knew with myself, and was confirmed spiritually, that I had done my best again not being “afraid” of negativity of people, but I am truly SAD because of how incredible WRONG people can be, and they cannot even tell/understand.

This evening, Denmark played against Austria in Handball, and I was asked before the match what I believed that it would end (?), and I was a little nervous about Austria maybe being able to surprise and also about the effect of the incredible negativity that I received – I was told that this would potentially bring me INCREDIBLE darkness (but there is nothing much to give now) – and it did not take long before Denmark showed that they were sovereign in the 1st half making it possible to do experiments in the 2nd half, and yes Lindberg simply still “could not” thrown the ball into the net on the first penalty kick making the commentators say that “this is historic, Lindberg/Denmark missing four penalty kicks in a row”, and I was told that this is a symbol about me coming to the end of my mission, which I will stop when I will stop working, and the reason why Denmark could not do these “endings” is consequently because I have not ended my work yet throwing in the last ball. Mikkel Hansen had “one of these days” where everything that he did was “marvellous” and he even did an amazing “kringle” (pretzel-shaped pastry) when he screwed a ball around the goalkeeper and into the goal, which was so noticeable that they spoke about it and the meaning of a “kringle”, and when I heard this word, I knew that it was about the mayor in Helsingør – another pastry here is called “mayor kringle/pretzel” – and this is about the new mayor in Helsingør, Benedikte Kiær, thinking of me and “what to do” when the time will come to invite me in for a cup of coffee and to let the public know about me, and yes, don’t worry, Benedikte, it will all come by itself, nobody will be in doubt. After the match, there was no end to the praises of the commentators to Mikkel Hansen, who was “Denmark’s completely overshadowing player”, “almost supernatural” and “excellent”, and as you know, he is a symbol of me, and he played this well today because I decided to play my best when bringing “signs of my arrival” on Facebook today, this is what it was about.

I was told that I am only days away from going into coma, and the idea is that we will kill you as much as possible, get you up on the cross and turn it around for you to become your new self. So this is the cross man hung me up on 2,000 years ago, which I have gone to the deepest darkness of all to bring up.

I was told that Jesper, my old ACTA-colleague, told the story of me to Berlingske/newspapers that I lost my mind after ACTA, which is what he believes in, and this is the story that was brought to the secret network, and this was the kind of deliberate, wrong information that I was up against when fighting to bring the secret network on my side.

I received “Rock me” by ABBA and the lyrics “you can do magic”, which is about time coming for the final “ring, ring” to become my new self, and I felt myself carrying a bag (creation) and hung onto a wheel and turning around.

You are anonymous to the Old World, which will become the opposite in our New World when people will understand what you went through to save all and become your new self.

I was told that Pia Christmas-Møller was elected by the Danish Parliament to work against me not really knowing what I was, and also that she stood above Jack (Armed Forces) because she represents the laws of Denmark, which means that everything had to go through her to be approved, controlled etc., and I feel Margrethe Vestager here too, who knows all about it but did not have the courage to tell me when we met a couple of months ago? And this was a constant source of irritation to Armed Forces, and I was told that already back on “the Bowlerhat” (an old discotheque in Vorupbør, where we were on holiday in 1982), we knew that Jack was going to confiscate you, and yes a scenario has been written about how to bring Stig into the soup.

They had expected that Karen just would come at you, which no one should be able to survive (pulling all energy out of me).

And now all people, who were conspirators against you, are with you. So Lars G. created all problems because “Stig is not Jesus”, and yes, he played an act working against me behind my back while we as example went on wine-tours to Germany.

You were not meant to come as far as you are not being allowed to see what we have written about you, and I felt “the centre of the Danish Parliament”, which is about what Pia Christmas-Møller & Co. wrote, but now the game is over and it is time to publish EVERYTHING, right, Pia?

This was the Morse signal we sent you here at the end with the whole system of your sister (the psychiatric system), Jack (the Marine/Armed Forces) and the Parliament (including Lars G.) have given up. Yes, isn’t it so that your best friends in life should become your most formidable opponents?

How many people have poor conscience of having treated me as poorly/ disrespectful as for example Lasse (?), and there are some out there including my own sister.

I felt the spaceship of everything and when will the steering be given to him (?), i.e. me, which it will when I will be “lifted up”.

I received the magnificent ”Magnificent” by U2, and was told that this is a symbol of the work I did today, and in this great clip from Letterman, you can truly see just how MAGNIFICENT this band is with the strong rhythm, the brilliant guitar and the strength of Bono in front, and it is almost as if you were BORN to do this to lift us up, my “gentlemen”?

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January 17, Helle Thorning-Schmidt helps the world to open up the Source of everything to everyone also bringing my final FREEDOM – together WE ARE THE WORLD

FB 170114 Stig 1

FB 170114 Stig 2

I continue having clear dreams, but I have decided to cut most of these away – this night it included dreams of Janne (Fair), Helle Aa (DFM) and Nefer (Aon) doing TV on Mallorca/Sweden (darkness), and Bettina’s Søren who lost his spiritual power because he is too rich – and when I woke up this morning it was with the feeling “oh yes, that is right, people on Facebook yesterday were directly cruel to me”, and again it made me VERY SAD.

A northern miracle is what they call it – we avoided holocaust of the world.

I was told that Karen’s belief that I was ”gross” and that she could throw up because of me was almost killing my mother, i.e. ending the world. And this was because she was a “beggar”, thus completely emptying me from energy because of this, which was the reason why my mother was about to being killed too, and yes Karen “the machine” emptying me, this was her task.

Isn’t it funny that Pia Christmas-Møller is named “Christmas” (?), and that is because even though she, the Parliament and the system did everything they could to bring me down, she was really one of the main people helping to bring the birth of my new self, and yes you know because of the “opposite world” making this happen if/when I could handle this resistance/darkness.

I received MUCH information to write down in this script because of darkness of Pia Christmas-Møller/the Parliament coming against me after the publish of my previous script, so here we go writing this down, and pushing me to the limit because I still have many small tasks to do to my website too and only little energy to do it all, and the question is still if I can make it?

I was told that it means that Pia Christmas-Møller is the final station of darkness before reaching the Source. She controlled contacts to the EU and “the big world” about me including all inquiries, and I felt Pia many times throughout the evening and received many small heart attacks, and this is because you don’t like to be the centre of attention of the world (?), and what do you want to do now, Pia, do you want to tell the truth and accept me as your Facebook friend or will you continue rejecting me even though you know that the game is over?

Hi Stig, it is me your father”, which came to me from the balcony, and this is just to say that he is actually with me all of the time.

Is Pia also afraid that corruption of politicians will be revealed and showing an upper-class of very rich people who can afford to pay 50 or 100 times what “normal people” here can pay (and many thousands of what poor people of the third world can).

I felt the key of everything coming through this, and what is inside of the treasure?

Does the system have poor conscience (?) – all the way up to the top – and that is because of what it has done to me and this is also why the system would prefer NOT to publish these journals on me, but you will, my friends, right (?), and I feel that work is on-going to do exactly this.

I was reminded about the period of time where Karen decided to dump me in 2004 where she on one hand simply could not stand sexual contact with me and on the other she actually offered me to become a prostitute to me (!), which would have been the total humiliation of me, and this event is saved right in here at the worst darkness of all, and I was “blind” back then because I did NOT have any sexual desire after Karen, I just wanted our relation to work out, but still I remember having written a letter for her accepting her “services”, which I was ready to send, but when I wanted to print it out the next day from the computer, it had been deleted (!), and no, it was not me deleting it by mistake, and this was help from above that I received to avoid entering the play of darkness, and I have regretted many times that I could even think about doing what I was about to do, and I am glad that I did not do it, and NO, I have NEVER visited a prostitute for sexual “services”.

I watched Poland play against France in handball, and I very much liked when Poland played their best thinking that they were actually a little bit better than France, thus making this a match on the highest thinkable level because France is among the very best, and I was hoping that Poland would win, but there was a critical moment in the 2nd half where suddenly the Polish players “lost their heads” being far too quick without thinking, thus not scoring, and where the French goalkeeper suddenly did “out of this world” savings, and it ended up by a one goal victory to France, and this was only because of the strong darkness coming to me from Pia Christmas-Møller.

I was shown light at the end of the tunnel, and was told that all force of this light is laying upon an item not bigger than an old Danish 10-øre, and this is the item (of the Source) that we have been looking after inside a very big Universe.

The fine Danish restaurant “Kokkeriet” encouraged people the other day to suggest traditional Danish courses with the purpose to select one, renew it and put it on their menu, and I gave a couple of suggestions, but they decided to chose “Skidne æg” (“Filthy eggs”), and I was told that this was a symbol about darkness coming to me from fine Danish chefs where not all have faith in me?

I received strong diarrhoea again because of darkness of Pia, and I kept on feeling her – are you thinking much of me, Pia (?) – and I was told that now something is happening in relation to the publish of my case.

No, Jack is not yet being informed about you being you, an official message about you being God has not been sent out, and don’t you think that it is about time doing this to help me forward now when the game is over with (?), and what is your answer (?), I cannot hear it, and yes, Pia “could not” accept my Facebook invitation or to write me a reply, and that is at least not yet, and we know A TRUE WIMP she is.

You are not included in an ordinary archive, but in an FBI-like archive.

I felt my mother, and it isn’t so that my house has your name (Stig) on it, and yes, it has the name of my father on it, and this is because it was made by the spirits of my mother and father as my old self before becoming my new self.

We went right to the centre, and we are inside of Pia Christmas-Møller if you want to believe us, and that is a perfect hide because she doesn’t want to set us free, but now this has been done via the publish of my previous script on her.

She was also in charge of the system (of people of other civilizations) monitoring me, and I am here shown that I was monitored as example when working for Brede Park. And this was opened for the secret network to view on live TV meaning that they were spying on me for everyone to watch as they pleased, and this is because “Stig is a threat to the world, which is why we do this to him to keep him in chess, but eeehhh he doesn’t give up …”, is that it? And NO, I DO NOT WANT ANY SECRET MONITORING OF ME or anyone else, this has to stop, it is a complete disgrace and incredible humiliating for victims.

Some of this potentially incredible strong darkness was beamed from the balcony to the back side of my right lower leg, which is because Pia doesn’t want to let me in, and she is the one who gave Bjarne, the director of Helsingør Commune, order to commit me to psychiatric hospital and “keep his mother out of it” etc.

And all of this was to pull out my father from me, which is what they and the system believed they were doing, which is what they loyally worked for, and that is to work for darkness apparently not knowing about the truth behind the game (for me to absorb this darkness to save us all and create our New World), which we had to go up high in the system for people to know about (?), and eehhh is this only on Prime Minister level or “top government”?

The “game” about the fall of first the chief of the Danish Intelligence Service, PET, and then the fall of the Justice Minister took a new development today where it seems as if the office of the Prime Minister is also involved, which the Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt will answer in a hearing in two days from now, and this case is apparently about the MP Pia Kjærsgaard and the visit of politicians to the free town of Christiania, which PET and the Justice Minister lied facts about in order to cancel it, but I have been told that underneath this, it is really a fight about releasing my files from PET, and is it possible to think that there are some fools who refuse to release my documents?

It is just about holding out, which will bring me all through the system until the very end of it/darkness.

And the system decided to work against me because the system was “unbeatable”, and people wanted to be on the winning side not believing that I would be stronger thus accepting the dark New World Order, and this was the operative system for the entire world including the United Nations and their Agenda 21 of the future community, which is what cheated all including the wisest heads up to a certain level. And it is all of this system, which we are pulling in from the balcony – for example via my Facebook message to Vivienne Mckee in December 2013 about the true meaning of her Crazy Christmas Cabaret, which is what brought faith of these people to me instead of the system and their invented WRONG stories about me.

Is it Margrethe Vestager standing behind the PET opening all the way to the top of the Government (?), and so far it is on the desk of the Permanent Secretary of the office of Helle Thorning-Schmidt, and will it also include Helle Thorning-Schmidt self thus endangering the life of the Danish government (?), and this is connected to the release of my file (?), and I wonder how it ends, and how you have planned this, my friends.

I was shown the spaceship of everything all close to me in only a very thin line keeping it tight, and almost flying free, and this is the spaceship/everything that I will become the pilot of.

I have noticed how my mother again for some time has read my Facebook postings, which I can see because she – or really John, the profile she uses on Facebook – is shown on my on-line list of Facebook friends when she is active and normally she is NEVER shown, and yes she has been here for a couple of weeks this time around, I believe, and is it exciting to see what I write here about my life and so on, which you “cannot” make me say when we meet because my inner self is a taboo subject to you, which you don’t like to speak and ask me about (?), and no, it shouldn’t be necessary, right?

We had been guaranteed a full melt down of the Fukushima nuclear power station by Japan, and yes you do remember that there was a period where things didn’t go very well (?), yes, my mother, father, John and I were very close to dying as examples up to and after 2010 and the Fukishima “accident” was in 2011, and this was strong darkness that had to be absorbed by man this way to poison/destroy the world, which was “our own weapon” of darkness.

Isn’t it so that there is a railway driving all the way into the gold of the Giza Pyramid, which the world can see is connected to me?

I was shown that the US Space Shuttle program was also decided by UFO’s (people of other civilizations/the Universal Council).

How far are you now to receive an apology from the entire system – I feel Obama here – which is now on your side (?), and yes closer than ever, which is “very close”.

For how long have I been monitored by this program of man together with people of other civilizations (?), and I am shown myself as a baby together with my mother, so it is all of my life that I have been “on-line” for the secret network to follow, and no, this is NOT a nice feeling, and that is NOT at all (!!!), but now for NO LONGER, I will NOT accept this under any conditions, STOP IT FOR GOOD!

I was shown the last darkness as a very thin dark stripe, and isn’t it funny that we have not existed at all but only been part of a mind game of God?

Everything of the system was about incriminating you for people to lose faith in you.

We are now coming out of the hole of nothing, which has never been, in order to become everything. Thus, you are no museum guard in Egypt, you are not there at all, we are only pretending as if you are and that the rules decided in this mind game showing sustainability of life is what we will use as template for the real creation transforming the Source from nothing to everything, this was the true task.

I was shown a giant “V”, which is both about my Victory – I was shown balloons symbolising celebration all around it – and also the letter-sign of the Danish Liberal Party, and this is because the Liberal Party (the biggest and main party of the previous government until 2011, where the Conservative Party was “little brother”) decided that Pia Christmas-Møller is NOT suitable as the coordinator in the work against Stig, which is why she was brought out of the Conservative Party, thus the Parliament, and who overtook control of this work afterwards (?), and is this you, Margrethe Vestager (?), bringing it to the top of the government, and this apparent, coming fall of the government serves the purpose to uncover the act of all governments of my lifetime, and it is the publish of all of this being behind this game of yours, is this how it is?

Don’t you believe that your mother will be surprised to learn that she has never existed (?), and I received smiles all over. It is now so that my mother waves goodbye, we have never been as close as now to nothing (even though we are not here!).

The system has also followed me via dentist treatments all of my life, and there are MANY of those because I went to special dentist including a brace and frequent visits and more.

So it is not at all the real gold of me that you will get because I am not at all inside your world (!), but a token of what will come, which is REAL LIFE for all (Simple Minds, you know).

I watched some of the beginning of the tennis match between Sharapova and Knapp in the Australian Open, and later I wanted to check the result, and came back to the live broadcast on Eurosport, and I was surprised to see that they were still playing with the result being 8 to 7 in the third set that had lasted more than 90 minutes, and I decided to watch the last of it having Sharapova as my favourite thinking that she should be able to pull herself together, concentrate and play her best game on the important balls (which was also a message to myself having to show the same attitude to finish my work without giving up), and I was also thinking of the risk and hoping that she would not pass out because of the extreme strain on her not only because of the hard game but mainly because it was played in EXTREME HEAT of more than 40 degrees celcius, and finally Sharapova did what I was hoping, which was to pull herself together and win the decisive points (despite of three serving double errors!) to win the final set by 10 to 8, I believe, and afterwards she was interviewed on the court and she was reminded about a similar match there six years ago when she won by 9 to 7 in the third set with similar heat, and Sharapova said that she was “close to passing out” at that event, which she also was today then, and this was given to you as a symbol of what I am going through being “close to passing out” here, and I received the beautiful “From Russia with love” while watching this, and yes, please say hi to Wozniacki & Co. will you, Sharapova?

So why are we not careless about what happens in this creation, which really doesn’t exist? This is to bring learning lessons to God self about life before the real creation in order to make this perfect and also because this “mind game” of life seems VERY realistic, don’t you think?

And the result of your efforts will be used everywhere because we will follow the result of this setup brought because of your decision to show your best will power/work and not to give in but for everything to be perfect – “come on, bring me the best you got – the whole gang” and “you are welcome” – and because you have not been delivering any wet papers at any time.

For days I have received a play where I can actively play along in visions deciding the direction of where we are going choosing between different options, and what to do etc., and it is still about the game of darkness and light, and I see it as a game only deciding that everything has to be perfect no matter what, and this happens “all of the time”.

No, you cannot blow up the bank by this, and that is “just write this script too”, and no, I don’t care about how I feel when I sit at the computer, I “just do it”, and this is how it was this time too, and yes I am happy that I am almost never given physical pain preventing me from work and that is because I need to have my full working capacity, which I have then despite of tiredness etc.

I was surprised that I did not receive an answer from Pia Christmas-Møller yesterday when I sent her my email because I could see that she was active on Facebook bringing a new update approx. three minutes after I had sent my email, and I thought that maybe she didn’t want to answer me at all, but today she decided to send me this reply saying that “I have never been part of let alone led a plot or done something else nasty against you! You are totally wrong about this”:

FB 150114 Stig til Pia

FB 160114 Pia til Stig

I was very surprised receiving this reply, and yesterday before sending my email to her, I was wondering if this is really the truth given to me spiritually or if this could be deception of darkness too, and I could not imagine anything else than the story is true about the Parliament having worked against me bringing darkness of the world to me (to overtake me, or to be absorbed by me) – all of this “bigger story” fits together – and this is why I decided to send my email to Pia, and now I received this answer, which made me feel nothing less than terrible, because can it really be that I was a victim of deception of darkness once again (?), and this feeling was potentially so strong that I could give up doing the rest of my work from now – I felt how negativity wanted to strengthen this, which I however refused – and I really had many small notes/additions to follow up on to my website.

And no, Pia “could not” accept me as a Facebook friend also today (as she also “could not” approx. 2 years ago), even though I can see from her Facebook timeline that she has accepted others she doesn’t know without problems, and she does know me, so why is it really that you “could not” do this, Pia (?), am I really so “nasty” in your eyes?

I was given thanks for what I did and was told that the train is still driving through a big tunnel to get out of the hole at the end because of Pia.

Here I received a song by Michael Falch, which I cannot find at the moment, but it includes lyrics something like “drop that Internet, let us go on”.

So I was now wondering if this information about Pia Christmas-Møller being the co-ordinator of the Parliament working against me was a deception, and I was told that there is also the opportunity that she is lying to me, and this came to me strongly for the rest of the day, and I was even inspired to answer a spam-email from a stranger saying “I have a project for you”, and I told this stranger to STOP LYING (!), and again and again over the next hours I was told spiritually that Pia is lying, and is this really the case, or can it be that this is strong darkness telling me a lie?

I was told that this experience is like sitting down on a bomb, or to take on BOXER-shorts.

Despite of the great lack of motivation that Pia potentially brought me and despite of feeling poorly, I decided to go to the library to work on my to-do list of small tasks for my website, and simply to take one task after the other and to focus on each task despite of having a STRONG desire not to focus, and when there was existing text on my website to be read/evaluated, I truly felt so disgusted – because of how poorly I feel – that I “could not”, but still this was the approach that I went for, and I did MANY small changes/additions over the next 3-4 hours before closing time (I had not believed that I would be able to go at all today also because I sleep during the day at the moment), and it made me happy and brought me good conscience, and this is really how I like (everyone doing the same) to feel. And I still have more to do, but now the list has been reduced from feeling “almost impossible to do” to “almost possible to do”, and no “it is not good enough”, and that is still despite of the message I received in Tivoli in December that it is good enough by now.

I was surprised to see when coming home that my main key for my apartment had become a little wry making it impossible to open my door, and I tried to figure out how this could have happened thinking that this could only be “spiritual darkness” doing it and I thought that this has NEVER happened to me before, and later I was told that this is also a symbol of the worst darkness trying to lock me out, and no, I had no tools to straighten the key, but I managed to use the opening of another door to do it with some difficulties, and then the key worked again opening my door.

During the evening, I continued receiving feelings and darkness of Pia coming to me, and I also still receive sexual speech/threats even though there is really nothing “dirty” remaining as I was told.

I was shown a small boat with an outboard motor eating a chocolate biscuit, and this is the Shu-bi-dua 2 album cover and the biscuit is a reference to their fine song “Hvalborg” (“whale castle”), which here both is a symbol of our new creation and also to say that Michael Bundesen is still with me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-M31cu6b0U

I was told that Pia is all the way in touching the gold of me, and I receive the taste of fine cognac here symbolising this, and I was told “don’t believe in her”.

Every day I have a couple of hours approx. 5-6 hours after I stood up, where I am so incredible tired that I really cannot keep staying awake, and have to fight to keep my eyes open, and in this land between life and death, I feel how my life is literally almost jumping out of me, this is the feeling, and it is not a nice feeling at all, and after this phase, I “wake up” but not anymore than I feel so incredible terrible deep inside of me for the rest of the day that I don’t believe anyone have ever felt like.

Is it now Helle Thorning-Schmidt alone, who is pushing you the last part forward? Can she feel that I am close to home (?), and this is why this PET-case is culminating now with Helle going to a long consultation in the Parliament answering questions about what she and her office knew or didn’t know about the case that cost the life of the PET chief and Justice Minister. So this is a crucial moment, will the press eat her explanation, and what is the connection to me, and I am told about a “code” behind this game to be understood.

I was shown the very top of the tower being covered on the inside with marzipan ring cake all over, and Helle Thorning-Schmidt is part of this, and I received Joy Divisions GREAT “Love will tear us apart”, and the focus is on the title of the band, and not the song.


I continued receiving sexual speech/torments from darkness (which is really the opposite), and it is now that everything form a synthesis, and I felt Helle Thorning-Schmidt on my balcony to convince the world following this that she will not go down on this act, which on the other hand is necessary to go through without the knowledge of what it is really about of the supporting party of the Government, the Red Green Alliance, which also is about preparing you for your new journey by releasing you, and that is because you have asked us to publish your files, and this is how we do it.

It is Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s task to bring the last tents all the way up to me. Well, it isn’t her that has also brought you your worst torments because of her job as Prime Minister of Denmark, is it (?), which I understand that it is.

Was this what Pia Christmas-Møller was warming up to because as Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt was responsible to bring the world the results that it had asked for in relation to me, and in this connection, Helle worked for the world against me, but with the underlying motive for me to handle it.

And this is how she was the most dangerous of all, but it was also necessary to do and for her to do this truly being on my side in order to save us, so it was a difficult double play, and it was vital to have Helle as Prime Minister really working for me instead of Lars Løkke working for the other side.

This is also what the consultation tomorrow is about. So it is about connecting all of these potatoes, i.e. parts of the Source, and this is because there is nothing to be scraped, and this was Helle’s task, i.e. to scrap parts of life not making it to our New World.

And this is what is connected to me via this meeting if it goes well. It is this invention enabling us to see from one theatre to the next, next and next, i.e. eternal creation, and that is via Helle Thorning-Schmidt turned around on my side.

Walmart (?), not I would never enter there to shop, which is because this is where economical crime started which almost all now do the same – without receiving new rules of accounts.

We never reached the point where: “Look out, Stig, they are going for your head”, and I felt how they wanted to cut off my head.

Originally, you weren’t designed to take on these layers, which I have first added to you later.

We have prepared endless and perfect hedges here for centuries including wine fields behind them, i.e. separate worlds of life of the Source. Later I was shown a beautiful, but simple principle being the foundation of this eternity.

From where was the Immigration Authorities of Kenya (that kicked me out of Kenya in 2009 because of racial discrimination telling me that I was not allowed to live together with local people) controlled (?), and is that from the Danish office of the Prime Minister?

So it is me, i.e. Helle Thorning-Schmidt, who was the scout watching the world, formulating politics (towards me) etc., which is why it was important to have Helle on my team.

I received an incredible force of darkness coming against me this evening, and this darkness is still penetrating me – entering me under my skin – trying to turn me around to become negative, and this is what makes it difficult because this was immense pressure. I also received INCREDIBLE physical pain to my foot soles and was shown BIG FURNITURE entering here at the end.

I was shown asteroids flying towards Earth with great speed, but they are removed by windscreen wipers, and no, it did not become this bad, and this was also included in the potential Doomsday Scenario, where the Universe would literally break up and fall down upon Earth for everyone to experience, and that is if I had not been able to absorb as much darkness as I did, and no, it would not have been “nice” for everyone at all.

Everything is done because of love to me from not only Helle Thorning-Schmidt, I also feel Obama here, and this is opening to Sanne Salomonsen here as example of everyone else, whom we have given life and whom are part of the Source, so you/I are not the only one, but I was the one receiving the idea of this life, which is what will remain in the history books about me.

It means that your mother, i.e. the Old World, is already dead here, but we have decided to continue all “old life” until we are done setting up all of this life of hedges/wine fields to make everything perfect.

So all life is really not me, but independent, but I have been allowed to bring this recipe of life and to call me Godfather, we have made sure of this via our language up here before awakening all, and yes they are very excited. This is why the Source really is not one, but endless, individual life, and it is this life that we have brought forward “millions of time” using the greatest patience. And it is also this life that has decided to become part of me as everything.

It is not so that Pia Christmas-Møller is in collusion with the Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt against you (?), and that is because no one brings in the Prime Minister to him – I feel Helle Thorning-Schmidt being pulled in to me from the balcony – and this is because she is protecting the Prime Minister thus lying to me.

It requires some knowledge to enter the computer where my information is stored, but everyone in principle has access to this if they have this knowledge, and this is what it is really about, which is to open this safe including all information that it contains so the world will “fall” over it itself also seeing all of this setup of the world against me, thus finishing the game, this is what it is about, and no, we don’t want to bring the fall of the Prime Minister, but it is necessary that she walks all of the line to receive support behind the curtain from the whole world to do this, which you have wanted, and no, I cannot tell it more clearly than this – and Pia Christmas-Møller doesn’t know about this.

There is not big enough computer in the Universe compared to this, which really is the sum of everything and everyone and really is located inside of me, which is the force that the world is pulling on – via people of other civilizations having the knowledge of how to do this – and this force that I have asked to receive control over, which is what the world then does.

This will leave your sister in shock to see what the world did against you to overtake this force, which is strong enough to destruct everyone, which only few knew, and it is all of their evilness (of the dark New World Order), you have overwritten (in this computer) by telling me to be good and not evil via your scripts and not to give in to darkness, and this really means that you have overtaken the control of yourself from the world, which the world now will formalize/approve to be opened to everyone.

It is the content of this “register”, which is strong enough to destruct or to create everything. And I received “Vi er verden” (“we are the world”) by the band TV2, and I have felt the singer Steffen Brandt for days, and this is about what we are, we are all together the world, and it is also to say that the world did not burn down (“Brandt”). And it is inside of here that everything is hidden, and this is the Source of the monitoring of man that people of other civilizations had access to, and no, we will NEVER again monitor all life this way again, I have decided on this, and that is “only if my intervention may be needed in the future”, and when everyone will become FREE and RESPONSIBLE, I cannot imagine a situation when this should be necessary.

This is the mating process we have been working on to create our New World including all life of the Source. And I am told that the old symbol “sausage”, which was a symbol of darkness of my “old nightmare”, is really a symbol of this life.

I watched Denmark win over the Czech Republic in handball, and no I heard and saw NOTHING (!), which here is also a code word for becoming NOTHING of the Source, and this comes after I for days have heard the words “I FELT NOTHING” from the funny sketch of “the fakir” of Circus Nemo, so I did not notice anything special, which is really special in itself because normally I do, but it turned out pretty well, didn’t it (?), and this is also to say that you don’t need my help in future where you will become your own individual life, and yes, there is one thing, and that is Hans Lindberg, who returned as “the safe penalty shooter”, which is just to show you that he was truly “bewitched” when he suddenly “could not” score on penalties in Denmark’s two first matches, and you may understand the force doing this for you to see and understand?

This is the very top of the Pyramid. Isn’t it so that it is my very best friends – Helle Thorning-Schmidt and more – who have controlled the world against me in this double play?

And my train (bringing all from darkness/termination to light/survival) was to bring home all of these children of the world, i.e. individual life of the Source, and that is because together we are the Source of life, WE ARE THE WORLD – “we are all part of God’s great family, and the truth, you know, love is all we need”:-).

“We are the world, we are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So lets start giving
There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
Its true we’ll make a better day
Just you and me”

And this is the game that Margrethe Vestager and Helle Thorning-Schmidt play, and this is what Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Obama agreed upon at the Nelson Mandela memorial. This is what we are working to bring on place before you will die. And Pia Christmas-Møller belongs to the side that wants to close me up, therefore.

I was thinking of the location of the Source when it wasn’t with me (in my adult life until reconnecting with it in 2010), and I understand that it was inside of Karen sending out darkness to destruct the world.

You don’t belong to stateless, you are imprisoned because the world is using you and now giving up the control setting you/me free. It is really Karen’s half coming from the balcony and merging with you.

Finally, I was told that the new Opera House of Copenhagen was not only a gift from Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller to Copenhagen/the Danish people, but to you and our New World.

I am here given a smile, which is because I also managed writing the script – as it is – of today, and these two days have not been easy going through, but I did it, and this is really because I don’t want to get behind work thus not being able to finish what I started.

FB 170114 Stig 3

FB 170114 Stig 4



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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