January 2014 – V: Overtaking the Source from the world and placing the Pyramid of our New World in my Blue Eyes


Summary of Facebook V – January 2014

  • January 19: Overtaking the Source from the world and placing the Pyramid of our New World in my Blue Eyes – when you look me into my eyes, you look into everything, which is.
    • Darkness culminated when my father’s widow, Kirsten, had the Probate Court calling me to remove her social security number from the settlement of the estate, which I have uploaded to my website, and even better to remove all of it potentially “shooting the swan” of me just before reaching the Source. I will remove parts of her social security number, but of course NOT the settlement, which Kirsten simply hates me for publishing because it reveals her wrong actions to the world, thus opening for me to enter through her darkness.
    • Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt was in consultation at the Parliament and received a “nose” in the case that brought the fall of the chief of PET and the Justice Minister, which however was not strong enough to bring her down. The game was to not bring her down.
    • The trick was that Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s consultation was not at all about making the world agree on freeing the Source, but to make it believe that this is what it was about, and since I cannot hear anyone “voting” against, I will take this as acceptance for me to overtake it and to release it for everyone to use freely, which is how creation was thought as.
    • My mother has bought a new painting symbolising a “death fight”, where it was impossible to find home going from darkness to light, but still this is what we did, and this painting symbolises everything of our New World.
    • The Giza Pyramid containing our New World is now with me, which is only because I managed to get to the very top of it. Two of my fingers were physically moved to and pointing at my two eyes, and I was told that everything (of our New World) is now placed in my eyes so when people look me into the eyes, they look into everything, which is. This is what BLUE EYES are about with blue being the colour of my new self.
    • The Parliament and Pia Christmas-Møller didn’t realize that they were about to “kill, kill” me when they authorized the psychiatric system to experiment on me.
    • All individual life of the Source was not meant to unite as eternal creation, but this is what it has accepted to do when turning around expanding life (force of the Source) instead of contracting as the result.
    • Denmark won the handball match against “the evil spirit” of Spain when the goalkeeper Niklas Landin did an “out of this world” performance also receiving a hard ball in the face giving him a “red snout” as a symbol of the darkness that brought Helle Thorning-Schmidt a “nose” yesterday – but both the handball team and Helle survived, this was the game.
  • January 21: Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden brought forward my new self (Jesus) coming to me from inside darkness of Karen.
    • Royals have created the road for me accepting me to overtake their kingdoms by stepping down themselves because I am the only king of our New World.
    • This was the man age then, in our New World we will not become human beings but Gods and yes there is a difference but we will still look like human beings.
    • There is no more energy remaining, which we have held back, thus disabling you, your mother and the world, and it will be nice to open up to the force. I am the only one man remaining of our Old World – VERY tall, completely dark, and flattened to a chair – which has ceased to exist as I have too, but still I am not ready with my work! This is why I am COMPLETELY OUT OF ENERGY/weak as none has experienced.
    • The next coming up is the birthday of my new self and our New World with time delay because this already happened October 31, 2012 – now coming after having “finished the great transformation act” of the Source.
    • My eyes are the New World, and the rest of my physical self is the Source providing the force for the New World. My mother, i.e. the world, is like the chassis of an amplifier without the (force of the) amplifier itself, which is provided by the Source.
    • We only survived because my mother chose me instead of following John’s wish to drop me to save money and my “unpleasant writings” on them.
    • It is inside of me that the world will take a tour of the rollercoaster turning around to become our new selves.
    • All cities of the world will receive visits from spaceships of people of other civilizations coming with the opening of our New World.
    • It was not without importance who became mayor of Helsingør, and it had to be you, Benedikte Kiær. A giant excuse is on its way from Helsingør Commune because they believe that “you are no fool, Stig”. The funny part is that my new self enters together with Benedikte because she has accepted me.
    • My favourite chain Fitness World opened today in Helsingør, and my mother was kind to pay the entrance fee for me, and even though I have far too little energy to train, I did a little training today, and will start one hour spinning tomorrow! This brings necessary energy instead of an explosion of the size of a nuclear bomb to bring my new self inside together with my mother, father and everything else. And my new self, Jesus, is coming to me from inside of darkness of Karen (!), and “MUCH life” is coming in now.
    • I was shown the light of my new self over Helsingborg, Sweden, and was told that “he” is being brought forward to me because of faith of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.
    • Denmark also won over Hungary in handball even though they “could not” continue the same high tempo, which is because this is what I could not do myself today after some incredible hectic days.
    • It was my new self being the sexual power brought to the spirit of my mother creating the Old World, which was because this creation was not meant to survive, but only used as a template of our TRUE CREATION now coming (creation of incest cannot survive per definition), and my task was to save everyone right until the very end where your original self of our New World will awake inside of you. So it was the Son inside the Source being the creator of the world and not my father at all. And it would have been me, i.e. the son, that had destructed the world if I as physical Stig had not been able to take on my sufferings to save man.
    • It was my new self standing behind the creation of our New World using my own mother as the architect.
    • My new self moved from inside the Old World when it dissolved to outside together with the eternal lifeline and force of the Source generating life – and still we don’t know from where this force comes.


January 2014 – V: Overtaking the Source from the world and placing the Pyramid of our New World in my Blue Eyes

January 19: Overtaking the Source from the world and placing the Pyramid of our New World in my Blue Eyes – when you look me into my eyes, you look into everything, which is

FB 190114 Stig 1

I had a dream about Michella being a girlfriend of mine, and I being a baker, which is about THE WORST DARKNESS coming to me.

I was awakened by the Probate Court calling me and telling me – to my surprise – that they had received a contact by my father’s widow Kirsten’s daughter Jeanette (the one who blocked me on Facebook last summer when I wrote all children!) saying that she was not happy to have discovered that I had published the settlement of the estate filled out by Kirsten on the Internet, and first she said that it was because it contained the CPR-number (social security number), which it is known to people in this country to be careful about (people can potentially misuse it), and I could only tell her that I will remove the last four digits of it (which should be enough), and also that I had not noticed that it included this number and furthermore that my own CPR-number is on the Internet, and yes fine it was, but this was not the only thing she wanted, she also told me that this settlement contains “private information”, which they don’t like to have published on the Internet, and she asked me if I couldn’t remove the settlement as such to which I could only tell her “No, I have my freedom of speech”, and this information should not be of such personal information that it is protected by the law, and furthermore, the court had given it to me without blinking and without removing the CPR-number, and yes I was surprised to receive this call again thinking about just how petty-minded people can be feeling that they are the ones being “bothered” by me (when it is the opposite), and also that Jeanette “cannot” simply call or write me herself and yes we have always had a good relation in the past when I saw my father and Kirsten, but now I am like the plague to her and all of her family making me very sad indeed, and yes, now I have to do this job too on top of what is also on my list not having much time (within opening hours of the library) and energy to do it, and if I “cannot” do it, what may be the consequence (?), and yes I am sure that both the court and Jeanette will follow up on this, and if I don’t remove it, Jeanette and the family may decide trying to get it removed via my “service provider” (?), and yes the old threat of darkness thus potentially bringing all of my many thousands of scripts and website in danger to be removed and to stop me, and this is the game of darkness and simple-minded people, who cannot listen/read, understand and communicate and still thinking that they are the ones being right not understanding that they are darkness/the Devil self. This is how they decided to treat a man, whom they have treated the worst, humiliated, dishonoured and kicked to. It hurts me too see just how limited and narrow-minded they are, and again, this event confirms THE VERY WORST DARKNESS and the entrance to the Source goes via Kirsten being the worst of all!

Right after this call I was shown darkness of Jeanette & Co. on the staircase in darkness and a very thin stripe of darkness underneath the door leading into the apartment and light, and this is the very little crack to bring darkness of this family into me. I was told that this was a try to shoot the swan.

I was feeling so poorly today and having so much to write that I truly “could not”, but still I wanted to do it and to publish it, so I did it despite of how I felt having STRONG throw up feelings while working.

I heard the consultation of Helle Thorning-Schmidt at the Justice Commission of the Danish Parliament today, and she did fine, and it seems as if the Prime Minister survives this without being brought down (but receiving a “nose” – even though she already has one J), and while I heard it – while writing my script of yesterday – I first felt the MP Peter Skaarup and later the MP Pia Kjærsgaard, and in both cases I was told that “they know about you” and the true meaning of this. I received a big “Z” and was told that they are not sleepy (at this consultation – as I am VERY MUCH) – Zzzzzz – and this is also a reference to Pia Kjærsgaard and her past coming from the Progressive Party (of Mogens Glistrup), and I am also shown this Z as Zoega Coffee to say that Pia & Co. is really about the greatest love too working for me.

Again, I was told that this consultation included “coded language”, and that the world is following, and that it is really about the opening of the Source to everyone and bringing it back under my control, and I just noticed one “coded langue” by Helle at 16.52 when she said that “I believe that this would suit us all”, and I felt a reference to “the emporer’s new clothes” by Sinead O’ Connor the other day, and here I am of course given Shu-bi-dua’s “Kejserens nye klæder” (“the Emporers new clothes”), which very directly is about the fairytale of Hans Christian Andersen and here also about my/our new clothes as our new selves.


And I could also bring the song by the same title by Elton John, and yes another of his GREAT songs, a true pearl this is too :-).


I kept on having my TV switched on hearing this consultation of the Prime Minister live for 4½ HOURS where people kept on TALKING, TALKING and TALKING on a subject, which could have been handled by a memo clearly showing THE ENTIRE TRUTH thus saving an incredible amount of time of these “the finest people” of Denmark, but the WRONG culture is like this making people enjoy hearing themselves talk, and it is a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME if you ask me, and yes, the foundation is of course for everyone to act with FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY.

And no, this was not about the 20+ people of the Justice Committee trying to understand the Prime Minister because most of them had the attitude to trying to misunderstand her letting her answer the same questions over and over and over again, and no, this is NOT how I like people to spend their time/work in our New World.

So this game was about not bringing Helle Thorning-Schmidt out. I was told that Helle Thorning-Schmidt did not realise that she was helping to open up the Source.

And it was almost exactly this time that it took me to write and publish my script of yesterday feeling very poorly indeed, and after having completed it I was MORE THAN EMPTY knowing that now I cannot take on any more work, which I can not resume before tomorrow.

I was given the vision and feeling of Lyngby Commune, and was told that it is also because of them that we brought Pia Christmas-Møller to you, and that is because of giving in to you.

Don’t you want to know the trick (?), and yes the trick was that Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s consultation was not at all about making the world agree on freeing the Source, but to make it believe that this is what it was about, and since I cannot hear anyone “voting” against, I will take this as acceptance for me to overtake it and to release it for everyone to use freely, which is how creation was thought as.

No, we are not “star wars crazy”, which is about people of other civilizations also acting aggressive – so they are – and man knows about this play.

It was time for the weekly visit to my mother and John again today (even though I am also invited again tomorrow together with Sanna/Hans and Mette/Bettina), which I did – still with great difficulties – and my mother showed me that they had bought a new and VERY LARGE painting placed above the sofa in their living room, and it was done by the Danish painter, Lars Elgidh, who sells his large paintings at very reasonable prices via an auction-house here, and we spoke about it, and neither John nor my mother knew the painter in forehand, and I asked what the painting showed, if anything, which made John laugh and say with inspiration that “it is a death fight”, and this is indeed what it was, John (not least because of your “lack of faith” in me!), because I felt that this painting is a symbol of all life of our New World self, which is now completely finished, and my mother remembered that it was called something about “sparrow”, and when I look this up on the Internet, I see that the auction house Lauritz.com recently has had an auction of the painting “Død spurv finder aldrig hjem” (“Dead sparrow never finds home”), and I do believe that this is the very painting, and in this case, I can only say that even though “the sparrow” was dead (I was a “zombie” for a very long time), we still brought everything home.

Lauritz.com writes about the painter that he expresses his inner fantasy landscapes, “where he very often pull the spectator from the dark and forward – out into light, where he, as years go by, much rather wants to be than in the dark, black Universe”, so what you are seeing is the struggle to get from darkness/death to light/life, which was really impossible for “the sparrow” to reach. This is also how “inspiration” comes.

I was told that it is amazing that the world could be quiet about what they have discovered inside the Giza Pyramid, and a little later, I was told that the Pyramid is not there at all anymore, but here, and this is what this painting means, which is EVERYTHING OF OUR NEW WORLD including all life, and this is only here now because I managed to get to the very top of the pyramid, which otherwise would have required my “old nightmare” to reach.

My mother was kind to offer me to receive the old painting that the new painting is replacing, and it is an abstract painting by a painter of the name Kaare from 1968, which she bought together with my father and she – and the family too – has now been looking at this for 45 years, and for me, this includes much feelings being connected to both my father and mother, so I was happy for her to offer it to me, and she said that she had cleared it with Sanna, and I told her to remember giving something to Sanna too.

We watched X-factor for the third week now on TV, and even though this is taped recordings of auditions that took place some time ago, it included an “inspired” element when a young lady simply fainted and was taken to hospital before she returned to do her audition (!), and this is about how I feel today still working being on my very edge of fainting and “losing my mind”, and yes, very literally to lose my life as my old self.

Bettina has problems with her liver, and has been VERY TIRED that last six months, and she doesn’t know why, and if the family “could” listen to me, I could tell her tomorrow that this is for her to help us absorbing darkness.

What your mother was needed for was to approve you being committed to psychiatric hospital, and then no more, and first the system had to send me to “psychiatric evaluation” at Crazy Alex in Hillerød, and where did the order to do this come from (?), and eeehhh from the Danish Parliament, and who possesses the red sausages, Pia?

What they were interested in was your brain, and who authorized this with the projected end result for me to end up like an empty headed zombie.

Pia hasn’t heard about how exceptional it is that I came through (?), and now I am coming to her (via my email the other day)?

It was necessary to have clean people at the top of Earth having strong faith to control the plan of the Universe to bring man and me darkness without themselves being corrupted by power, money and sex, which is why the Vatican was chosen for this task – and I wonder if all of you at the top succeeded to stay clean?

So they (the Parliament) didn’t even realize that they were about to “kill, kill” me. Is the story really that the Parliament was so stupid that they didn’t know what they were voting about when decided the extermination of me, and this is why Pia believes that she didn’t treat me wrongly?

I was told that when Helena wrote on Facebook that she was annoyed about a liquorice of Haribo’s “Skipper liquourice” being removed, it is a sign about darkness being removed.

Two of my fingers were physically moved to and pointing at my two eyes, and I was told that everything (of our New World) is now placed in your eyes so when people look you into the eyes, they look into everything.

So what are we saying (?), we are nothing without your eyes, and this is why I have been called “Blue Eyes” with “blue” being the colour of my new self (my eyes, however, as my old self are green/grey/blue and also some brown around the centre), and I have had a very special relation to this incredible fine song by Elton John since I won a Philips CD player in 1984, which came together with a mixed CD made by Philips, which was completely revolutionary to me at the time because it included what I remember as “incredible fine sound quality” making me listen to this song and music a whole new way.


Have they heard at the Parliament that you are “hyper-active” and do they believe that they have done nothing wrong, but only “helped” (?), yes isn’t it funny that we have build everything on basis of misunderstandings of people, and the saying is still (also for you to understand, Lasse G.) that you CANNOT help people if you cannot understand them and also when you cannot understand what you do.

Hitler believed that we only would make it to our new kingdom by continuing to kill, and how many of the world elite of today believe the same?

No, we will not let any black fish escape; Pia was the last of these and she approved the access to me, and it is this access that I am now coming to from the other side going through.

I was told that we – the Universal Council – could have released Armageddon already when I visited the Jægerspris camps as a boy/teenager, but we decided to wait until the absolutely last moment, which we are still doing.

Is it so that your sister also didn’t know that she was hurting you?

And is it because MP’s have so many papers that they approve what comes from the Civil Service without understanding it (?), yes this is often how it goes, and this “exercise” with me shows the world to do your work properly.

Did they authorize the psychiatric system to experiment on me (?) – as they did to others too – and no, this wasn’t difficult for you to do because you had faith in “authorities” of the psychiatric system without truly understanding it?

I was shown Chewbacca (the monkey pilot of the spaceship of Star Wars) entering and sitting down at a around bench inside a completely white spaceship, and this spaceship is the spaceship of everything of the Source, and Chewbacca is symbol of the Source of my inner self, and I was told that we have build in everything inside “such a capsule”.

I was shown my new self blowing a glass trumpet, and Helsingør Pigegarde (the girl guard of Helsingør) stands next to me, and I am told that they have also been prepared to celebrate my arrival/opening.

But my sister knew what they did to hurt me also having free access to all information on me? Those outside the secret network not having this access had “no chance” to receive faith in me (they had to read/follow me on Facebook), but those who were inside the secret network should be able to understand having access to everything on me (?), but no, most “could not” read and understand too.

It is “sacred trust”, we all (of the Source) feel like knowing each other, but we don’t yet. It is important to say that everything has come from one light, my light.

This is what Allan Simonsen was about, to spread the news on me.

I was shown Björn and Benny of ABBA calling me (”ring, ring”), and wine (of creation) being spread everywhere. I see drawings of the most beautiful curves being made inside a train also including the most beautiful diamonds and gem stones, which is about creation spreading all over the Source.

I was told as example that one invention of the house of one new Source brings 10 times more life everywhere because this house includes a VERY strong force, and the principle of this is transferred to everywhere else etc.

I was shown us as a starfish spreading over new territory, and was told that this is not how the Source was meant, but we have been allowed doing this when turning around everything (expanding instead of contracting everything).

I was shown the front mast of a schooner breaking through a glass house, and was told that this is in principle what happens when we enter a new house, but we have created a very soft way of doing this and received acceptance of doing this, and then it is just to connect our plug to a new amplifier expanding everything.

I was shown the Central Station of Copenhagen expanding in size and large transport belts being installed to prepare for MANY suitcases to be brought in of new life.

I received very poor and irregular sleep these days, and also far too much to write compared to how I feel – this is written after 3 hours of sleep during the night – and now I also have strong pain to my stomach and spinal column again, which is destroying me completely before I will get a chance to finish the last edits to my website.

How important do you believe that Kirsten – Hans’ sister-in-law, who works as at a psychiatric hospital – has been to Sanna in relation to you (?), and yes, I am sure that they have been “very wise” speaking about my “personal disorder” or whatever you have called me behind my back, and isn’t it funny that there isn’t anything to feel on me when you are together with me, Kirsten – as we were at Niklas’ party some time ago, and yes, did this help to open up the eyes of Sanna to me (?), and it might have.

We have now developed this system so instead of breaking the fine glass mosaic when entering a new fine church/house (Source), we now open the door.

I was surprised receiving STRONG heartburn of darkness.

I continued having STRONG pain to my chest and spinal column today, which is truly “destroying” me, and is this darkness of let us say both Pia Christmas-Møller and maybe the mayor Benedikte Kiær too coming to me?

I was shown myself committed to psychiatric hospital and told about the reproduction tests they would let me go through using different women – to form future production of life according to man – and I was told that no matter what they did, life would not become sustainable because all women of the Old World are “parts of my mother”, and life made by son and mother will never be sustainable, thus also not our Old World you know.

I was thinking about the end of the Source monitoring everyone and everything and also the logic that this will be overtaken by each individual knowing/recording everything inside of himself, i.e. his own house/part of the new Source including all individual individuals/houses.

Do you see that all are “other parts of you” (?), and yes, I do understand by now. This isn’t what has made people throw up the most when seeing your website (the right column) – about Hitler and many others being “other parts of yourself” – is it (?), and yes many ran away when seeing this believing that I was a total nutcase, but this is how it is, all individual life really came from the same Source being one life (before our new creation bringing individual and unique life for the first time).

In principle all new Sources are stores including tools that can be used for creation.

I was shown long tunnels coming from these other Sources towards me inside my prison asking me when I will come? And I received “Gold” by Spandau Ballet.

My mother called and told me that she had spoken to Sanna about the painting she wanted to give to me, and I understood that she had really not cleared this with Sanna as she said yesterday (!), and she said that it was because “they have art in a completely different class”, and when she told it, Sanna had said that she did not mind giving the painting to me, but she did not like the way that it was done (our mother not telling her), and this reaction had now made my mother decide that I cannot get the painting now (!!!), and I told her the truth that I was happy yesterday, but it doesn’t mean the world to me – so happy feelings, yes, but no negative feelings today.

I received Michael Jackson’s “the girl is mine” and the lyrics “after loving me, she said she couldn’t love another”, and I received the feeling about Karen, which apparently is how she feels like after having loved me.

I was told that I had to write about Mogens Lykketoft and the world elite as I did when I wrote the pages on the dark New World Order before I was told about the top of the World Elite simply following darkness/lack of faith of man when doing this, and this was also necessary to do to bring out the most of Mogens & Co.

This evening, my mother had invited Sanna/Hans, Mette/Jesper, Bettina/Søren and I on dinner, but Bettina had to send her apologies because she doesn’t feel well – she believes that her tiredness is a virus (!), and how poorly do you think you feel like compared to me, Bettina (?) – and Søren was on a course (and how would you like meeting me again, Søren, after you “could not” accept me as Facebook friend some months ago?), but the others came, and we had a nice evening together.

However, after dinner I became so extremely tired that I once again had to fight keeping my eyes open, and I was told that this again is because of darkness of Mette, and also that I don’t have to underestimate Jesper’s negative influence on Mette in relation to me, but once again you saw a completely normal man in me, right Jesper?

Jesper will be starting in Fitness World here the 20th January, and my sister encouraged me to do the same “because you used to love spinning” as she said, and that is right, Sanna, but it seems as if you don’t read and understand my Facebook updates because if you did, you would have understood why I cannot, I am as close to dying as you can be, and when reading this, I feel even more empty, dizzy, poorly than ever before – feeling like an even bigger sledgehammer having knocked me down.

Niklas has been with the partners of his business on skiing holiday to St. Anton in Austria, so within the last month he has been to Monaco, New York and now Austria, and he is sure living a “great life”, Niklas (?), and it hurts me more than you can imagine seeing your selfishness without thinking of my LTO friends (symbolising poverty of the world) and me, and yes my mother and John are thinking of going on cruise again, and I was told that it is my family, friends etc., thus the world, continuing to live their ordinary lives that are killing me, and they don’t even understand that this is what they are doing, and what I am very close to now.

This evening, Denmark was also going to meet Spain in the middle round of the European Championships in handball, and Denmark had revenge of the big defeat last year in the World Championships last year, and we didn’t see the 1st half, but saw the 2nd half together where the most decisive event was that the Danish goalkeeper started doing “completely impossible” savings in what can only be called “out of this world class”, and it culminated when a Spanish player threw the ball hard against Landin’s goal and hit Landin directly in the face giving him a “red snout” as the commentator said, and this was coming from “the worst darkness” as Spain symbolises, and it was a direct reference to the “nose” that Helle Thorning-Schmidt received after the consultation yesterday and the message was that it was darkness working against me, which sought to the top trying to bring down Helle and the government (and their vital support to me), which it could not as you here saw, and yes, there was a huge difference in Landin’s performance in the 1st and 2nd half, and now you know the difference, and how would you describe it, Landin, did you really become so much better after the break because of yourself of because of my inner self lifting you up (?), and yes he also picked almost every penalty kick of Spain in the 2nd half just to show you the opposite of what happened in the beginning of this tournament, when Denmark simply “could not” score on penalties, and here it was darkness, which simply “could not” score on Landin in this match symbolising me. And you may also have noticed how Denmark and Spain were brought into situations in the 2nd half many times where they were lying on the floor fighting to get in control of the ball, and this was to show you the fight between light and darkness, we fought with everything we had on every single ball. At the end, Denmark won by 21 to 18 after having been in the lead by six goals, and yes, it is a VERY POOR ATTITUDE for you to accept opponents to catch up by 3-4 goals at the end as you did today as you have also done in other matches, and no, I don’t like to see you winning by 3-4 goals when you could have won by 7-8 goals, which was the true difference today between these two teams – YOU HAVE TO IMPROVE THIS TOO, my friends :-).

On our way out, Sanna felt inspired to turn around a plant standing in window on the staircase, and that is because “the side facing the light looks better” as she said, and you may understand that this is really about turning us all around to face the light and not darkness of the Source?

Sanna and Hans drove me home, and we spoke about the painting that our mother would give me, and she said that she really wanted me to have it, and she only did not like our mother’s lack of communication, and we agreed completely on this, and my comment was that you truly need to communicate clearly and to avoid misunderstandings, and yes another “inspired example” given, and no, it is not Sanna or I being “difficult”, mother, this time it is only because of yourself.

When I came home, I saw an interview with the Danish handball player Henrik Møllgaard with Mikkel Hansen standing in the background, and the interviewer said something like “we will now turn over to your minister standing behind and watching you”, and what a “funny thing” to speak about a “minister” here, right (?), and that is unless this was to close up on the story about the nose given to Helle Thorning-Schmidt, which was also given to Landin, but still both Helle Thorning-Schmidt/the government and the Danish handball team survived darkness coming at us – and of course to say that I have Helle Thorning-Schmidt standing behind and watching me.

Finally, the coach Ulrik Wilbek spoke about Spain being a formidable opponent and an “incredible pressure” they keep bringing on, and these were like words taken out of my mouth, Meat, because this is how I have felt darkness for years, i.e. like an “incredible pressure” literally coming against me (like a wall) and penetrating me doing everything to turn me over to the dark side.

I was shown Bjarne, the director of the Commune, all over my inside view, and I was told that the reason why I have had so strong chest/stomach and spinal column pain is because he has gone through my case with the new mayor, Benedikte.

I was shown a HUGE church – feeling like St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican – with my mother’s HUGE painting on the wall, and I was told and shown that we are now only waiting for the church to be filled up before revealing the picture symbolising everything of our New World. And I was told that “she is as good as CRYSTAL”, which is about my mother, and crystal is everything of the Source.

Naser Khader brought a Facebook post where he asked people why it is alright for politicians to lie to voters but not to each other, and Pia Christmas-Møller of all (!) said that it is not (!), which made me comment after her saying that you have to KNOW about what you decide/speak on and not blind trust the might of the Civil Service as the authority because it might have another agenda thus making you speak lies when you believe you speak the truth, and I said that this is what happened in my case when politicians believed in the system, thus speaking a lie about me without knowing it, which could have damaged me (us all) very much, and this is to say that you have to do your job the best way possible without being lazy (and also that the system of today is wrong with politicians having the power over the community without really knowing (as much as needed on) what they decide on). And this was brought to me to show that this is what happened when Pia Christmas-Møller “could not” understand that she had been working against me as the co-ordinator of the Parliament.

FB 190114 Naser og Pia

FB 190114 Stig 2

FB 190114 Stig 3

January 21: Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden brought forward my new self (Jesus) coming to me from inside darkness of Karen

FB 210114 Stig 1

FB 210114 Stig 2

Again, I was told about just how incredible sad my mother feels like, and no, it is truly not easy being her reflecting the world making it difficult for her to do right when communicating and understanding often making her do WRONG, and becoming sad, which she is because of the story of the old painting and the “strife” that this brought, and yes “why does it have to be so difficult” as she thinks probably not seeing that she only has herself to blame.

I was told that all of the American defence has been in the highest alarm mode fearing that a war was coming, and still the world doesn’t know about it (yet).

Lion means fire (also Kirsten) to open all.

It is our four-divided principle (mother/father creating me as New World I and Karen/I creating our child as New World II, which combined is our four-divided New World) that we bring on to everything.

I was shown a wall of water at the office of the Prime Minister, which we have taken.

I was shown Daffy Duck washing himself – I LOVE him too – and was told that I was born as my mother (part of me with my father being the other part of my old self) washing myself with the task to attract all darkness to me.

I felt Queen Elisabeth, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Charles as examples of royals and the common part is that they have created the road for me accepting me to overtake their kingdoms by stepping down themselves because I am the only king of our New World. And I am told that all of this has gone through Helsingborg Sweden just on the other sound of the narrow strait here.

I was asked for permission to kill my mother, i.e. our Old World, and can only repeat that “I have no meaning of this, make perfect”!

You are not chairman of the board yet, you just have to go through the door to the other side first, and how is this done (?), I don’t know other than it will happen when I sleep.

This means that we haven’t smoked the last cigarette (taking on darkness) yet. We have waited since the war to do what we are now about to do.

Among other dreams, I dreamed about meeting Pia Kjærsgaard in the train, and she reads my scripts but criticizes me for being negative to people, and I try to make her understand that I speak the truth directly without being negative (impossible for many to understand because they “automatically” include negative attitudes when they “criticize” people, which I do not as you understand), and when I woke up I was happy to receive confirmation from one from the World Elite that she reads my scripts, but then I realize that it was just a dream.

I also had a dream about the International Medium Billy Cook helping me to repair an old programmable calculator in London even though Bo from Dahlberg has just told him over the phone that he has dismissed me, and this comes after I noticed that the Danish medium, Annette Edel, will be visiting Helsingør together with Billy Cook February 3 (public display receiving contacts and transmitting messages from diseased to the audience), and I wrote this (see my website) to her telling her about how Billy told me in 2005 that I will write the “design of life”, which I have now done with more than 11,000 pages of my “One God, One People”, and I asked her to send my regards to Billy (saying that I could not afford coming to their meeting) even inviting them home to me for a cup of coffee, but no, I heard “nothing”, and is this because Annette is far to buys becoming “famous” and having her head into the sky (?) thus making it impossible for her to use time to send a reply to a man who seems as if he is “crazy”, is that it, Annette (?), and that is even though I told you that I have felt Billy “under my skin” for months, and you are now returning home to the city of origination of everything?

FB 160114 til Annette - og Billy

This was the man age then, in our New World we will not become man but Gods and yes there is a difference but we will still look like human beings.

I was reminded about speaking to Sanna yesterday about “crazy” attendants of X-factor Denmark, who simply “could not” understand that they CANNOT sing, and “crazy” when they cannot understand themselves (and also when you cannot understand others), and I told her that this is how it goes when family, friends etc. “cannot” tell the truth to people because they are afraid of their potential negative reactions, thus actually doing them a disservice, and she might understand by now that this is how it is and why I spoke the truth about people in my scripts not to be negative but to help them (and other people using them as examples) – Sanna has shown her best side to us for a LONG period by now, which may be a result of it – and also that I don’t have a wrong understanding of my own skills (being “the best” you know).

I was also reminded about my mother and her physical pain as she also had yesterday including her right arm, which she has difficulties moving.

I am still kept awake at nights going to bed around 05.00 to 07.00 in the mornings, and today I decided to stand up at 13.00 in order to go to the library before closing time at 16.00 – even though I was VERY tired – and that was mainly to remove my father’s widow Kirsten’s social security number from the settlement of their estate located on my website, which I did then again thinking that if I did not, darkness could potentially play dirty tricks with me.

I was told that a giant excuse is on its way from Helsingør Commune because “you are no fool”, and I felt Benedikte, the mayor.

I was told that the last room here is divided in four (as mentioned above).

My mother called saying that Sanna had called her encouraging her to give me her old painting, which she will now do, and I was positively surprised that my mother admitted that it was wrong of her not to have told Sanna in forehand. Furthermore, she offered to pay the entrance fee to Fitness World, which opens tomorrow – we spoke about it yesterday because Jesper is going – and I could only accept it not having any idea of how I will start exercising unless I am given better sleep than I do now, and yes, it is also to say that the act succeeded all the way with my mother, sister and family not realising just how extremely close I am to dying not being “fit” for exercise.

Your mother, i.e. the world, is like the chassis of an amplifier without the (force of the) amplifier itself, which is provided by the Source.

Again, I received feelings of Queen Elisabeth and other royals, and was this time shown a blinking light over Helsingborg, and isn’t this the Source that we see here?

Is this what all of the miss is about (?), which is about us being missed by the Source.

Yes, there is no more energy remaining, which we have held back, thus disabling you, your mother and the world, and it will be nice to open up to the force.

I was shown the national team of Argentina, and Messi, and was told that this force also falls down directly into his head, and I was told thank you to Messi for expanding the knowledge about me too, and I am shown only a slice of a BIG roast being cut off for Messi, which is to say that he will receive the part of the united Source, which is him – as everyone else will too.

I was shown and told that there is now only one man – VERY tall, completely dark, and flattened to a chair – remaining on the stadium, and this is my old self, and I felt a “keeper” of the stadium around me, i.e. my father, and this is you then that we will pick up and continue the build on.

Now, you are not your mother anymore, i.e. the Old World, and I felt how this has dissolved.

You haven’t had staphylococci, but what have you really had (?) – and I felt that I have had a “sickness”.

For days I have reiceived “Hip Hurra, Det min fødselsdag” (”hurrah, it is my birthday”), which is about what I am now going to experience with time delay because it really already happened October 31, 2012, and that is the birth of my new self and our New World.

None has meant as much for creation as Falck did (because of their reactions to me and my memo on them).

It is as if you have very narrow sunglasses on now (about to being taken off), and it is first now that I have installed everything in your eyes.

I continue receiving small heart attacks – and being INCREDIBLE WEAK – and I feel that more darkness is still entering me from the balcony, but am told that it is limited what remains, and then we thought, “my God, have we already finished the great transformation act”? And this is Karen still coming, and I received “stranger” by Electric Light Orchestra with Karen being this new stranger in town, and yes just listen to it, this is truly my favourite music, the feeling …., I tell you :-).

I was told that my eyes are the New World, and the rest of my physical self is the Source providing the force for the New World.

We don’t have any newspapers in here, and we also cannot rot here, which was only what you could do, which you saved us from, and this is because you don’t exist at all.

I have felt the ”hunk” of ”everything”, as it really feels like, to my right ankle all the way through, also the last days, however not as strongly as in 2010-12.

Isn’t it exciting if you can break out of the strait jacket you had on (?), and this is the impossible task I gave you “save the world while time is”.

So we have now delivered the painting of our New World, but of course you will decide yourself when you are done, and yes we know, “not yet”, there is more work to do to my website, I have more “to do’s”, and that is if I can.

You haven’t been to Cincinnati recently (?), and no, I don’t know what is here.

In principle, you don’t have your own (old) heart anymore, you don’t exist, and this was simply the point that we had to reach with some patience, and this is why we have stopped the monitoring of the Source of the Old World.

I was also told that I will feel as if I have never existed, which I could not understand because all positive memories of our old lives – even though not existed – will be kept for an eternity, and then I was told that this will be my feeling inside the Source.

I received a small presence of darkness and was told that it is therefore my task to kill you, but it is still you deciding, and yes come on and give me your best try, you don’t stand a chance (!), and this is how it still is here – until I decide to lay back on my sofa saying that “I have been here”.

I was told that I have played the game against the miser John, which is how we got to know him back in the 1980’s, and still my mother accepted to help me, which was “impossible” for him to do, and the task was for me to send as much money to LTO in Kenya, and the more, the better (in reality transferring funds of John too via the help of my mother to me).

”I felt nothing” was also when I left the room in front of you entering you, so now there is nothing here at the balcony and everything with you, which is what we have always looked forward to.

What is happening on Cyprus, are they also preparing a small welcome committee?

I was told that the social security number of Kirsten, which I have now removed, was the last trick potentially creating an explosion to bring the last way, but no!

The game was also to bring my mother “enough knowledge” even though she is born with what enters one side quickly leaves the other side, and no, she is not smart because this is what the world as a whole is not (billions of people with no/limited schooling).

And then it was for her to chose you before John (and everyone else) saying no to give money for Stig (deposit for my apartment in 2011 as a big test), and to drop Stig – but my mother did not and this is why we are still here. And everything is because “Stig is not dumb” – and how can he be “crazy” then?

I felt and was told that the spaceship of everything has landed waiting for my order to take off.

We went through the smartest plan to save the population of the world to be involved in the showdown under cover that “Stig is crazy”, and those who understood and had faith in me could not spread the news of me because who would believe in them?

The top management of the Marine was also involved in the plan to save all via bringing the world and I darkness to absorb, and I am told that they are also proud of me not believing that I would ever come here.

It was also because my scripts were incredible painful to my mother that John wanted her to drop me, but still there was something even more important to her, which was love of the family, this was the game.

I received the feeling of a body of my size entering me from the balcony, and was told that this is my new self entering you when you are ready.

It is inside of you that we will all take a tour of the rollercoaster turning around.

Your father was really born with cancer, and there was nothing you could do to save him because he had to get out here controlling the entering of the last part of the ship into you, and this is the message that he received at his death bed, and is this what he told Kirsten making her believe enough in me, and yes terrified she is, but she didn’t have the courage to tell anyone, so he took it into his grave.

And then we can enter the catacombs (of Kronborg Castle where Ogier the Dane sits) driving him up too, and give your mother and everyone around you the greatest surprise ever because Stig is of course not Jesus, is he (?), and yes faith was strong enough to create this wonder.

It was also us – the Marine – standing behind the attempts to kill you in Kenya, which was necessary to do because of STRONG darkness, but your faith in yourself and me was strong enough removing these threats coming your way because of your mother’s failing thoughts of you and her health. This made us “this close” to destructing everything according to purpose, which it also was for you to take on this darkness without giving in to make us come through this darkness.

You are heartfelt welcome”, in principle, it was the world through you that had to find me (the Source) through you as everything that we created you as.

I was shown Bono in a gold jacket being here too.

And I was told that my email to Pia Christmas-Møller also led to a phone conversation between her and Lars G.

It is all of this force of the Source that has now entered without exploding as sexual force, which would have made all bleed to death. The scale was my testicles, where my left (= “termination”) is empty.

Your mother didn’t know how to use the Source, which is why we needed someone like you.

I was hoping to be able to return to normal sleeping during night, but I was only given 2½ hours of sleep before I am now writing again during the rest of the night, which is NOT making it easy to start up at Fitness World later today, and the last days I have been going to my VERY EXTREME limits with lack of energy/sleep and much work (also now), which I have only been able to do going to my very edge being very near to a complete breakdown.

I dreamt about receiving a jacket on and was told that this is a new kind of hang gliding, and without looking at it, I jumped out over the steep hill and the sea, and was given a breathtaking tour where I also saw HUGE numbers of spaceships of people of other civilizations on their way towards all cities of the world, and I noticed how people were afraid of them, and I learned that these spaceships really learned to fly through me, and I was shown the very last part of a computer game, where the family now only have to choose from where we want to sit – and everyone else – to watch the arrival of all of these spaceships, and yes, this is what will happen with the opening of our New World too.

I was shown and told that a delegation of Helsingør Commune have visited the psychiatric hospital in Helsingør, and I was told that this was in secrecy and to help removing evidence of me?

It was not without importance who became mayor of Helsingør, and it had to be you, Benedikte Kiær, because she is with me, and this is also one of my all time jazz favourites by the way, and for sure the best jazz song made in my time.

I was thinking about the principle of the four divided world, and where is Sanna in all of this (?), and yes she is one part of me as non-gender life, with Karen being female and I male life, so in this term she may be the 5th part of life being non-gender life of previous layers of life, this is how I understand it. And I was given “My oh my” by Slade, and this comes because I highly appreciate my sister – Slade makes me think of her – when we can communicate and understand each other as we could yesterday, and this is when people receive these kind of warm feelings.

And yes, my old friend Fuggi has been ”completely silent” on Facebook for a VERY long time, which is since September 2012, and he “could not” say thanks to all birthday regards in 2013, and I have been worried about him thinking that he may be sick, at a home or simply taking a break from me (the risk of being brought in my script), and I am given heart pain here because of this, and what happened to you, Fuggi (?), I hope you are doing fine. I noticed another of his friends writing in October 2013 on his Facebook timeline that he is concerned for not having heard from Fuggi, which Fuggi did not answer, and I replied saying that I feel the same and I encouraged Fuggi and also his brother Keld to give an update, but none of them did.

I had some more sleep during the morning for example dreaming about updating the customer files at Danske Bank, Espergærde, and taking a bath having no clothes on, which was needed before I would go to Fitness World at 15.00.

I received some songs this morning, “Airforce,” Precious (Love) by the Jam (the gift coming) and darkness disappointed saying that “all of a sudden I am not as exciting anymore”, and yes the WIMPS you know.

My mother was kind to come and pick me up at 15.00 and we went to Fitness World, and she told me on the way that if Sanna had not called her encouraging her to pay for this for me, she wouldn’t have done it, and I had decided by myself that I wouldn’t have done it too because even though the opening of a membership was free (only today), I had to pay for the first 40 days of membership, which was 332 DKK, which I could not afford.

So we went there, and when arriving we saw a line of people waiting to become members, and I now realised why the Dankort (Danish debet card) system had been broken down since the morning (almost stopping Denmark because everyone uses this payment card), and it was because I had noticed some time ago that Fitness World only accepted Dankort and not cash anymore (!), and no, I don’t like “policies” like that leaving people like me out, who don’t have a Dankort, and it showed out that it was not only Dankort not working/working extremely slow, because they own customer IT system also worked EXTREMELY slow making it a game of PATIENCE to become members, where both my mother and I could have given up (we don’t feel very well really, and I was SWEATING indoor with my big jacket), but after maybe 20-25 minutes, I had become member, and yes the Dankort system went down because of darkness trying to stop me becoming member, and this is apparently how important it is for me to come here to generate extra energy as I was told later in the day. And my mother was kind not only paying for the first 40 days, she will also pay the monthly fee of 249 DKK, which she said was alright with John too, and this is also part of the game as you know, i.e. to get out money from the miser John, who apparently has accepted that there is no way out to stop me from sending (as much as possible) money to LTO, and yes, if I didn’t do this, I would have been able to afford this membership myself, so there you are.

I did some “light training”, which was 15 minutes on the cross trainer, which was difficult doing because of how poorly I feel and how long ago it is that I have been training, but it was nice afterwards feeling inside my body that I had exercised, and yes, it is a very nice Fitness centre in four stores, but it is an exaggeration to say that there is a view over the sea from the cycle room, which made me believe that you could enjoy the view while exercising, which you cannot, and no, I don’t like “smart people” making people believe what is not true. And yes, I have signed up for spinning/bodybike tomorrow, and this will become a moment of truth because how in the world can I go through one full hour of spinning with my foundation?

I was told that this brings necessary energy instead of an explosion to expand the little hole to everything of the Source.

I received Bryan Adams’ “the only thing that looks good on me is you”, which is about the Source/my new self becoming me.

I was told about someone who was born in Heidelberg, Germany, in the 1930’s, and I wonder who that is.

Later I was told that this exercise is to bring in pancakes which otherwise would burn, i.e. the last portion of darkness still here, which was designed to burn to bring necessary energy – and designed to work together with my father’s widow Kirsten being “unhappy” about her settlement of her and my father’s estate being on the Internet and what could have happened if I had not removed/amended it.

Is there something that Karen has forgotten to deliver to you?

The problem is that we cannot all be inside of there – mother, father, children etc. – but with your spinning tomorrow, I have found a solution, which requires this extra force to bring, this is why.

You are also close to Jupiter now than ever before, which has importance to our further development.

I was told that Karen will never forget that I used to sit beneath the public bench on Rungstedvej at Danske Bank visible from her window when I used to get my breath after having done my jogging.

And this – requirement of Fitness World – is because we have not become “the big glasses man” yet, and I continued receiving Tommy Seebach’s birthday song.

That light in Helsingborg has not been switched off, because it is your new self. It is first now that we bring in “the big shopping centre” (of life) with you. I was told about Luke from Star wars now arriving, yes the man that destroyed the enemy of darkness/the empire.

So you have been as close to dying as James Bond was in Casino Royal (in the car outside the casino), which is why there is still just room for you if the others of us move together.

I watched Denmark win over Hungary too in handball now ready for the semi finals, and there was nothing unusual about it other than they could not play in the same high tempo as they did especially in the match against Spain, and yes, the reason is that I have been working for many days with a tempo way above what I really can do, and I had to take it slower today not to “burn out” – I was thinking of doing more work to my website, but I “could not”, I needed a break – so this is what collectively hit the Danish team, but still they were no where near losing.

I received the feeling of Benedikte Kiær, and I was told that now the funny part comes because you (my new self) enters together with Benedikte. So now we just ask if Stig can enter (?), and yes, we are just waiting for you to say “go”, and this is because Benedikte has accepted you.

And it was my new self being “the pole” of sexual power creating the Old World, which the world/the spirit of my mother didn’t know about, but this is how we arranged it and that is because this creation was not meant to survive.

What happened to all of our children (?) – children of the spirit of my mother and my new self as Jesus (!) – and yes they cannot survive per definition (universal rule of incest), and everyone will be replaced by their new, original selves of our New World.

And this is what the Swedish crown princess Victoria pushed forward – my new self – because of her faith.

I have not brought Jette’s Google Earth pictures here since I “stopped writing” my scripts in November (!), but she is still bringing her pictures, and I am still commenting, and in this picture she said: “17.43 19-01-2014 pyramid in the blue eye showed by the both pointing – fingers”, and I replied that this is what happened to me the other day as you can read from my script https://stigdragholm.wordpress.com/2014/01/19/january-2014-v-overtaking-the-source-from-the-world-and-placing-the-pyramid-of-our-new-world-in-my-blue-eyes.

FB 200114 Jette 2

It should be piece of cake to bring my new self on place (?), but no, it requires surplus of force.

It was when you stood at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin (in the 1990’s together with Camilla while the new skyscrapers were under construction) that we created you (my new self).

So it is now “the man eater” from Karen, i.e. my new self working as darkness (!), who is entering you, and this is about Karen being created as my new self, and this is also connected to Sanna being part of this creation, and this is what I am soaking out of her.

So it was the Son inside the Source being the creator of the world (that the spirit of my mother connected to) and not my father at all. And it would have been me, i.e. the son, that had destructed the world if I as physical Stig had not been able to take on my sufferings, and this is why I continued receiving my “old nightmare” (mating mother and son) as a great part of my sufferings to reject.

And I (my new self) knew that I had to enter the world to save man from sufferings and from terminating before finishing the creation of our New World.

If you didn’t create room (for my new self) as you do now over the next week or so – by continuing to exercise – I would have blown myself way in, which would have hurt some people here and there. Later I was told that this would have required energy from a nuclear explosion (!), and it isn’t a total ink storm (darkness from an Octopus) coming now that we are trying to prevent (via this exercise), is it?

Is this like Paulie” (?), which is about the couple of a TV-series (starring Michael J. Fox as the chief of the mayor of New York’s department), who simply loves each other, whom I here seeing reuniting, and this is about Karen and I finally becoming reunited.

I have been told often about how Jesper, the manager from Falck in Lyngby, felt less than me and my skills, and also about my later application that I sent to the head office including my memo on how to life up the entire Falck business, and how “funny” it was that they “could not” employ me, and maybe you will tell the world why, my friends (?), and was it because of my or your mistakes (?), and yes let us say “attitude and mindset”?

I am shown a VERY BIG black door opening leading into a giant room of darkness, which we first enter now (?), and is this our New World II (before uniting with New World I)?

It is not entirely correct, but your new self comes from outside the world, and I see blue sky.

So it is now you as the Son, who is “stamping in”, not your father, and I understand that this is about bringing life to all, which is the role you overtook from me as I understand my son will take over from me etc.

And you have told us that you don’t want your new shirt to be too short, and yes, this is the man standing behind the creation of our New World using your own mother as the architect

How much do you believe that Ekstra Bladet will sell tomorrow, do you think it goes well for them (?), and this was just one thing I decided to write down because I am often told about Ekstra Bladet writing about me, and maybe you would like to send your articles to me (?), and eeehhh, no you don’t have the moral doing that??? Not to mention Berlingske ….

I was told that when I decided months ago that I could not continue exercising, my mother had to pay with her wallet instead, i.e. bring energy that I did not again meaning to bring sacrifices to the world.

This is how we (Karen and I) continue getting married, the process goes on.

No, it wasn’t everything that we brought with us from Mallorca.

The thing is that you had to turn around everything before you enter yourself.

Will we continue receiving children (?), yes forever and ever, there is no end to it, that is the best part.

How could my new self suddenly move from the hallway to Sweden (“my balcony”)? Is it because I was also moved out from the Old World and over to the Source (?), and I was given a sound to my kitchen and was told that we are not here anymore (the Old World has dissolved).

There is a ramification to Henrik (Lars G’s old friend, and today a LinkedIn connection to me), and I have been told several times lately about Henrik and his “Russian business connections” on a high level, which may go up to “the top of the system” (?), and this is why we placed him there and next to you too.

I was shown the first brick of my new self being inserted into an existing wall, and we will continue doing this.

It was me that man did the ultimate try to reach because man knew that there was something out there, which they wanted to connect to, to bring out creation of man, but no, they were not this skilled.

So it is me being imprisoned that we open up to for the first time, and what do I contain here (?), and yes it has to be the eternal lifeline of the Source, and I felt my mother and was told that this is the force that we keep making love to without having any idea from where it comes, and is this the lifeline that Kirsten via her daughter Jeanette wanted to cut over, which we will now do our outermost to bring over to be with you?

The only thing we know is that three kings are united beneath us. I received a cracking sound to my balcony (“Sweden”) and was told that we have brought this sound from the kitchen with us here where the same principle applies.

We are nothing without having the other side, which is about the Source truly being nothing unless my inner self “woke up” and decided to create the other side to come alive.

This is the lifeline that we connect to your back, which will always be there, and how can we be sure of this (?), and we have a pretty good idea (I was given the feeling of underacting).

This is the Source that we had hidden in the world, which really is outside.

FB 210114 Stig 3

FB 210114 Stig 4


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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