January 2014 – VI: Bringing in the “Big Source” with the LIFELINE, all tools of creation and the force that created our New World


  • January 23: Bringing in the “Big Source” with the LIFELINE, all tools of creation and the force that created our New World together with my Godfather and mother.
    • I have to bring much energy via Fitness/spinning to include all previous layers of life – to save the world from a “nuclear bomb” – but I slept 12 hours not making the spinning-team! Bringing in all of these previous layers of life is about moving the little drum (of my father) to get room for the big drum (of everything before us). The alternative to me bringing required energy is for darkness to cut the lifeline to these layers of life, which is what my father’s widow Kirsten could have decided to do if I had not removed her social security number from a document on my website – she received the power from my father when he died to allow me access to the Source, and she was the most dangerous “lion” of all. This would have turned all of this, the big drum, into “terminated life” until faith of our New World would have opened this too.
    • It was “the Big Source” outside our creation – and my father and mother – (containing all previous layers of life) that made us create life as we know it, and to select me as “the one”. We have no knowledge about this “Big Source” other than the sum of all of this life is what is “the force” bringing us life and the beating of our heart.
    • WHO IS THE REAL ORIGINAL CREATOR OF LIFE (?) – before my (God-) father of our creation – and I am told that I am originating directly from him/her/it, who made us with his invention of life and the characteristics of our “cells of life” inside the Source now being opened.
    • Our New World is this four divided life of my father/mother and Karen/I, including an eternity inside of us (of God’s/New World’s using our “recipe of life”), and the next New World will become four divided too including all eternal life inside of them according to how they decide to design life, and this principle will continue forever with the eternal lifeline as it has before us.
    • Our New World including all previous layers of life (creations) swing in time around a LIGHT circus ring being the Source of everything. It is first now that we have started opening all these other previous creations for you to come and visit.
    • I was shown an elephant trunk and told that this is the lifeline, and I feel how it is about being connected to me.
    • It is the force of the Big Source that would have ended the world if it was taken in as sexual energy (as the world did it utmost to do), and now it is becoming part of everything instead, i.e. entering every cell of all life of our creation (as non-gender life) bringing us “the force of life”, and we will receive “new glasses” enabling us to see and visit all of this life too.
    • This is the force that is brought down to the top of all pyramids – a pillar of light leading up – containing life, but we have only spoken about the Giza Pyramid(s) so far. And this is what we placed inside Karen to bring “confusion”, which was the power that would destroy the world because of her wrong actions.
    • The centre of the Big Source and all tools of creation are now placed inside of me with the Big Source doing creation as they would have done it.
    • I felt poorly today but still I decided to work my best and I also exercised at Fitness World to bring more energy required for me to bring in the Big Source in order to save the world from sacrifices. The International medium Billy Cook accepted my Facebook invitation, and I told him that I have now written the “design of life” as he told me that I would do in 2005, and that I have God inside of me. When bringing in the Big Source, I am really opening and bringing in Karen’s heart as I told her in 2004 that I would do (!), and this is done with the help of Billy Cook from Arthur Findlay College now being connected to me – this is the task of his life – thus being the one uniting/marrying Karen and I. This is not just a cleaning of our New World, it is ”everything” that we are bringing in, and it is the most complicated we have ever done. Billy was wrapped into “everything” of the Big Source, and we are now creating a passage through all previous layers/creations of this, which is done via the unwrapping of Billy when he is following me.
    • As a result of doing my best work/exercise today, Denmark received MUCH TEMPO when winning big over Iceland in handball, and Mensa and Green were on “top of the shelf”, i.e. “top of creation”, and “no one can stop Mensa this evening with legal means”, which is what Kirsten/Jeannette cannot do to me after I have removed Kirsten’s social security number making it perfectly legal for me to publish the settlement of her and my father’s estate.
    • Queen Margrethe knew from a little girl that she had to save the world as her father told her, and it came through her faith in me.


January 2014 – V: Overtaking the Source from the world and placing the Pyramid of our New World in my Blue Eyes

January 23: Bringing in the “Big Source” with the LIFELINE, all tools of creation and the force that created our New World together with my Godfather and mother

FB 230114 Stig 1

FB 230114 Stig 2

I went to bed after 05.00 this morning, and normally I sleep between 6 to 9 hours, and I was completely taken by surprise when I woke up at 16.47 (!!!) stressing me much because I had booked spinning at Fitness World at 17.30, and first I thought about “try to make it”, but no, it was not realistic to go to bath, have breakfast, cycle to town, buy a 10 tour card for spinning shoes, dress and be ready for 17.30, it just could not be done, and no, I decide NOT to try, and this was darkness coming at me doing its best to keep me from generating the energy required for today’s work (at Sweden/Helsingborg as I feel here), and I decided that I have to use an alarm to be sure to come up in town then. I woke up to a nice song including the lyrics “you can do everything”.

This is about moving the little drum to get room for the big drum. I felt Mikkel Hansen and was asked about how I believe that it will go in the handball match tomorrow between Denmark and Iceland – because I missed spinning – and yes if I don’t exercise tomorrow before the match, we may lose, but if I make it, we may win, but right now, it is not the best outlook. So the degree of metal to the Danish handball team depends on the quality of your work and now also exercise at Fitness World (?), yes.

I checked visitors to my website and saw how a returning visitor was visiting different sites of mine – including my latest script telling the story about the Probate Court calling me on behalf of Kirsten’s daughter Jeanette to remove Kirsten’s social security number, which I then did, but NOT all other information from the settlement of her and my father’s estate, which I decided is not “too sensitive” information – and you can see that this visitor only has one thing on her mind, and that is to “preserve” the interest of her mother, this has to be Jeanette, and not me, whom she doesn’t like and doesn’t give much for, is that how it is, Jeanette (which is entirely because of her own negative feelings, and NOT me, because if she understood me, she would be as nice to me as she used to be!), so THIS IS DARKNESS checking me to see if I removed the social security number, and yes I did it on time (!), and I wonder how she reacts being called simple minded etc. as I write in my script (January V) (?), and yes she is sending me the worst hatred/negative thoughts, which is what will also free me and that is if I can absorb it via spinning, and when I do not, you ask us to wait until tomorrow, where you will start. And is this good enough to calm her down instead of launching a major attack on me either legally or by trying to bring down my website to have her mother’s social security number removed?

GC 210114 Kirsten

This is also about getting to Lyngby Church to get to your inner self – something about people believing that I was me thus becoming me there.

This corresponds to doing one last main cleaning in the house, because of course there is room for me.

So this picture that you had from your mother, her old one – I received it yesterday – is really the picture of your new self coming in.

And this is where we will also use the findings from the ISLA MARGARITA traditional pottery store (located in an isolated area next to the road and out to the sea), and yes the Indian things, where Camilla and I bought an Indian mask and a big floor vase, and Niklas still got the mask, which I gave him before leaving for Kenya in 2009.

There are not many having the stamp with my name “God” on it, but you do.

So it is first now that you are moving into the central station, i.e. the man having planned everything in the background.

And you would have started playing the little drum without me – if I did not absorb everything now.

I am told about Jeanette thinking of me “what a raise (Stig has had)”, which is because she “has to” read a little of me when searching on “Kirsten”, and this is what helps opening up.

And I received threats like “the plane has been cancelled” and “be prepared, I come in with force” etc., but no, there is one thing “you” – my new self – have forgotten, and that is that I set the rules, and I don’t want anything to be destroyed, so if you cannot come in today, you will have to wait to tomorrow, that’s it.

So it is the Source self – or the opening to it – that was imprisoned, and is with my new self. And it is really this force driving us, and I understood “to create life”. So it is the Source, which is “onion”, and I am given a taste of onion.

I felt Jeanette/Kirsten and was told that “this can impossible hurt Stig as much as I am hurting”, and yes, it can, I am taking on your sufferings too.

This is the eternal rocket that we are setting up, and I am shown this “incredible long rocket” lying down and being installed.

I bought Himalaya salt yesterday, and I was told that this is what Buddhist monks of Himalaya is in contact with, my inner self and the lifeline of the eternal Source.

I continued receiving threats of Sweden (wanting to enter me), but again, it is a requirement for this “nuclear bomb” to explode that I accept my “old nightmare” and/or do very wrong Internet behaviour watching porn, and no I won’t do that, Meat!

I did work to my website in the evening – even though it is difficult working at home without a mouse (taking 10 times longer!) – and I had Sweden against Poland running on the TV in the background, and yes, I have decided to have Poland as my second favourites after Denmark, and they turned around this match completely because of “the orange miracle in the goal” of Poland, and let us say that “orange” here is with “inspiration of the Source” – I feel my inner self – helping you out, and yes, I really do believe that Poland is stronger than the otherwise very strong Croatia in the next match and will qualify for the semi finals against Denmark, we will see, and the commentator Joachim Boldsen said that “Poland has really raised from the dead”, which is what I will do as my new self, see? At the end, Poland had “erased” Sweden (old darkness) winning by 10 goals. After the match, one of the Danish commentators said that Poland was on their way home after the 1st round of the Championships – to be hanged – but now the Poles will raise a statue of them (!), and yes a reference to the statue of “Han” (“Him”) in Helsingør symbolising me.

I was told that there are “fan sites” of me inside the secret network, which Pia Christmas-Møller subscribes to, but she “cannot” accept my invitation to become Facebook friends??? And is it from in here that Hans – my sister’s husband – knows about you too?

Isn’t the story about the Source outside – it is them what made us create life as we know it – exciting (?), and yes, Stig, we know nothing about “it” (our world knows nothing about the big Source of previous life outside), but do look much forward to getting to know this force, and apparently we were the best suited to take on this task on behalf of everyone else, and this is also how you were selected to become “the one”, and that is not only by man/creation, but by the unknown content of the Source.

Yes, if more people of the Facebook group “information for the Danish people” had decided to believe (receive faith) in you, it wouldn’t be necessary to bring this extra amount of energy via Fitness World.

This – my new self entering me from Sweden – is also what Trampedach (the Danish painter who died a couple of months ago) left to help preparing for.

And can it be that the force of other parts of the Source is what we call “previous layers of life” before ours (?), and yes, there you have it, and this is also the answer to a question I have had on my mind for a long time, which is if all life of our New World at the same time is also life of previous layers of life, and yes I was about to say that it is not then, but then again we will be allowed to travel between all layers of life as part of our New World – to take on the creation of each layers of life to discover this life too, and yes this is how I understand it, and this means that all of the Source is not only “the coat” of our New World, but MANY – an eternity – of different “coats”, i.e. creation, and we keep on meeting new parts of the Source and keep on creating new layers of life, and this is how the coat of our part of the Source came to look like, which will be used as template for all of the Source, remember (?), and eeehhh Stig, will we continue developing new coats (?), and yes, I understand that this is the basic idea depending on what we find when we open new parts of the Source, and this is also to say that we were opened by previous parts of the Source before ours, but I have also been told that we are no. 1, the first, creating this new life, and if it was not for us, other sources would not become this life, but now I am told that we had not become this new life unless the force of the Source outside us had made us made this life (?), and yes Stig, this was the basic idea.

And it is all of us – previous layers of life of the Source – that you are now bringing in, and that goes via my new self/Sweden, and I see a stadium (us) and feel a presence outside. And my feeling of this is simply “I am glad to understand how life started”, and the next question is of course, WHO IS THE REAL ORIGINAL CREATOR OF LIFE (?), and I am here told that I am originating directly from him – or her or “it” if you like meaning that I will now become everything of everything so far, until we will continue the journey via the eternal lifeline of the Source with the next after us becoming new life as they decide life to become, this is really the general idea, and I am thinking that our New World is this four divided life of my father/mother and Karen/I, including an eternity inside of us (of God’s/New World’s using our “recipe of life”), and the next New World will become four divided too including all eternal life inside of them according to how they decide to design life, and this is how it goes on and on and on, Benny & Björn, and you too Agneta and Annifrid for that matter :-).

And I am told that this is what Kim S. symbolises in my dreams, which is God as previous layers of life.

So this means that I am both my original father (the principle of the Rosenborg Wine) as well as my self.

And this information about not being life before turning around nothing to everything is how it was for us in order “to be”. So we have baked this cake in co-operation. It is all of us that you feel/carry on your right ankle.

I was told that the wrong sexual temptations torments given to me throughout my life could not have been different, and they were given to me by my mother who is a “product” of the combined world.

I was told that Lama Dorji, whom I visited only once in 2010 had ramifications to monks of Himalaya (he is from Bhutan), who are mentally with me at the very top (the lifeline), and he knows that this says “kiss and love”, which is what he practices/teaches then, and I am shown an old desk and a pencil bringing this message.

Everything in here is swinging in time, and I see swinging pendulums (in same time) hanging on strings on a long line around a LIGHT circus ring being the Source of everything. It is first now that we have started opening the hash pipes here (all other previous worlds/layers of life, and “hash” because they are still turned around) for you to come and visit us all here, and I feel that there is great happiness for everyone in all of these worlds to go on visits, and yes variation brings happiness, we know. We are like a row of safe’s/libraries directly around you, and I see these opening their doors.

And it isn’t to say that you had such a narrow window to bring us out – awakening at 16.47 and having to start spinning at 17.30, which I decided that I could not make – and yes for you to lose this lifeline (?), which would explode then, and yes he (Stig) doesn’t care, “everything has to be perfect” and that is regardless of what all of you tell me, which is coming to be as bombardments/immense pressure wanting to make me accept explosion/my “old nightmare”, and no, “I have no opinion on this”, which they want me to decide on, only “make perfect”, and no, you are NOT allowed to bomb anything, and no, I will NOT accept the lifeline to be broken (by Kirsten).

It is us that you could have decided to bring to your left ankle (“termination”) meaning that we would not start beating the “big drum”, only the “little drum” (without all content of other life of the Source), yes we would have left you giving you a little energy to survive (before re-connecting later inside the New World), but we do believe that we will now make it with exercise tomorrow, and yes it may be without spinning both because I may now sleep from approx. 09.00 to 16.00-17.00 (?) and I cannot enrol on the spinning class on-line at home because my mouse is not working (!), and yes these classes start at 17.30 and 18.30, and I have to order from the library or the centre itself, so we will see what becomes of it, otherwise I may use the cross trainer.

I was told that all of the chess games I used to play with my old friend Henning W. (at the end of the 1980’s) – we played for MANY HOURS every time we saw each other – was a symbol of the “play” of the showdown between light and darkness, and yes Henning was a little better than I, but not much, and he may have won 60% of all games, and I 40%, is that how it was?

Is there a link between Henrik S. (Lars G’s old friend) and Gazprom directly to you? Is this yet another scam against you, yes because they wanted to preserve “old energy” to maintain money/power, a big mafia they are. And this is also among the most evil (thus being the opposite) coming from here (at the top of the world). I was shown Frederikssundsvej where I lived around 1988-89, and was told that they have monitored since then, and that is what was the forerunner of Gazprom.

I was shown an elephant trunk right in front of me and told that this is the lifeline, and I feel how it is about being connected to me.

And yes, it was Kirsten/Jeanette who were meant to cut off the lifeline to us, and yes would she succeed to bring down my website, or would she decide to accept my writings in my previous script, which I can see that she has read, that I removed the “too sensitive” information, which was the social security number and wrote that the other information is just “private” but not “too sensitive” according to Danish law, and will she be able to discover/receive confirmation from “legal advice” that this is correct according to Danish law (?), and yes, this is logically the right answer, but can she control her negative emotions (?), and yes when I don’t allow my “old nightmare” to take me over, this should be “piece of cake” too, and this is how the game is and was throughout my mission.

And this is because Kirsten had the power to stop me (entering the Source), and what better time than now to play Ben Webster, and yes I LOVED his way of playing the saxophone when I watched a documentary of Jazzhouse Montmatre in Copenhagen the other day, which was world famous because of attracting the best jazz musicians in the world with Ben and others deciding to live in Copenhagen, and yes my mother has been there, she told me, and I wish that I would have been able to experience such an atmosphere too.

I was given a feeling to the hallway and was told with a very low voice that we would have returned to the world without your knowledge (if access had been closed), and no, I would NOT have liked my website to be removed, because even though I have saved hundreds of backups to my sites, I don’t have the latest versions (and NO pictures out of thousands should my site be deleted), which would have set me much back in case I had to recreate it – but we would have become our New World first as I am told.

And I was told that one thing was for me to bring information about my father on my website, but to publish Kirsten’s social security number was the famous drop that made the cup run over, and yes this is how it is with people who cannot see the wood because of the sheer number of trees, thus deciding to focus on themselves, which really goes for everyone (more or less).

Here is another lion – like Anton – and this one is the most dangerous of all, it is Kirsten, therefore. She was the one that my dying father transferred access to enter here thus deciding if I am allowed to continue.

I am calling not when catching a perch, only “much bigger”, and it was you, i.e. the son, who caught us (the Big Source including the eternal lifeline), not opposite, and this is because of a great eagerness to know our origination of life and what the force is. It is us, this force, that is drawn in as sexual force even though we are really non gender life, and I felt Sanna (who is the part of me that will receive this non-gender life).

And this is the game that we are finishing. This is what Hitler and all sufferings that we were willing to give was for, and that is to reach this Eldorado; the gold of everything and our origination.

The wallet here, i.e. force, did not just sit on tightly, it was impossible to reach from where you were, but it is good that you are now here so we don’t have to destroy everything – even though it doesn’t exist – but can exchange life without people really noticing, which is what you asked for, i.e. being the judgment.

And cutting the lifeline to the Source would have meant the end of everything. It is us bringing you the force and heart beat, which was said while I also received one (of many) small heart attack, which is because we are also darkness as you asked for. And it is us being God above you.

We have now almost come over to you from Helsingborg, and I felt how all was with me and very close to me in my living room.

And yes, my understanding is that it was “the cells” of my father and mother creating the world, but they are not God as such, which the force of everything is.

Did I write that I received my mother’s (and father’s) old painting yesterday (?), and this is a symbol of receiving my inner self, and now that it hangs on my wall, it feels as if it belongs here because I have also been used to looking at this all of my life.

We have now created a free motorway (from Sweden to me), and I am shown a formula 1 car driving on this road in the air of my apartment.

I felt warmth and happiness coming from my inner self because this is what I wanted to bring to you, which you allowed me to do. This is where I, my inner self, was terminated to when killed 2,000 years ago, which was to go to the end of the world to find this force of the Source.

Does it mean that Kirsten has opened to me (?), and yes by not closing me down that is, and it seems that this is the case. I also felt Mette here and everyone else who has brought me resistance, which is the force gathered here, and this is what we have to go through (needing energy from me to do it).

Some days ago, I approved a stranger to connect to me on my Google email allowing this person to chat with me, and little did I know that I would receive many spam-messages like “hi” and other non-sense, which you do NOT do when you start chatting with a person – you will give yourself a proper introduction – and finally, I sent the person a “I do NOT like your approach, you will be deleted now”, and this was part of an old game where I have been told that if I delete people connecting to me on the Internet it would be the same as deciding to terminate life, but here I decided to set this rule out of power because my rule is still that no one is to be terminated, and this is what this setup was to symbolise; my acceptance of termination, but no!

“I felt nothing”, and this is us being inside of this.

The force is the sum of all (previous) life and now including us too. Dreams about Danske Bank were a symbol of this force. And it is my force that would destroy everything if we were not brought properly on place, which is what you have set up – by allowing us to pull out all bricks, bring us in and put all back on place. And we will not be placed as sexual force, you have enough of this to supply everything, so we will just be there as our new home.

It was also us giving you negative power moving your limbs (since Oct. 31, 2012, at least), and now you are cutting this over (?), no, I will NOT!

Is there also a bell ringing in St. Peter’s Basilica, when you have reached the top?

This was the meaning of rejecting your “old nightmare” and temptations of porn, and had I not, I would have been given a pain to my right wrist, as I received here, and I would tell the world that “we have reached the end of time”, and the end would have followed.

And it means that we will not enter your private parts but become part of everything – of my sister (non gender life) – bringing force to everything more than enough, this is how it works.

If you had not succeeded, it would only have been yourself as the last part of the Old World, which is really not existing anymore, that would explode.

We have been hidden at places on you not visible to you before we will bring you new glasses for you to also see and visit us when you want to, which means that everything is gathered in everything, which right now is inside of you, Stig.

This is the discovery that Kirsten and everyone prevented me from finding.

Was Henrik extra power put on me to find my weak point – how can we enter Stig?

Is the attitude of Jeanette/Kirsten also – as everyone else – that “we are becoming laughing stocks”, yes, and this is why you wrote as strongly and directly about them being simple minded etc. in your script, and for them to give up too.

This is how we become part of every single cell inside all of you.

You will also receive a storming reception of all of us in here.

I received a VERY STRONG feeling of darkness coming from Sweden and was told ”just keep on”, and yes I received far too much to write today, which also may be because I did not exercise.

Yes, I had to go to my extreme limit – level 42, hot water you know – to write this in the morning being very tired/exhausted and before going to sleep.

I was told that if I don’t exercise tomorrow, Kirsten may change her mind and my new self will return to the hallway (eehhhh, how will you do this, we don’t exist here anymore). And it is also crucial that my mother will be happy to know that I am spinning also because this may mean that I will lose weight.

It is all of these cylinders under the grand stands which are now coming, and it is also all of us being inside the spaceship of everything.

And this is the force that is brought down to the top of all pyramids – I imagine a pillar of light leading from the top and up – that contain life, but we have only spoken about the Giza Pyramid(s) so far. And this is what we placed inside Karen to bring “confusion”, which was the power that would destroy the world because of her wrong actions.


I had set the alarm and slept from approx. 09.00 to 15.00 being more tired and feeling more poorly than yesterday making me think how in the world will I be able to exercise today?

I dreamt of someone creating completely new recipes on liver pate, which I had never seen before (new creation coming in), and was shown a perfect recording of one of Kim Larsen’s solo concerts in the 1970’s, which made me outburst that this is the best that I have ever seen by him, and yes, Kim, this is how it is when the Source has saved (everything good – not bad) that you have done, so all of your concerts are saved for an eternity, don’t you like that (?), and yes it is “modern times”, and “what a feeling”, you know.

I was happy to see that Billy Cook had accepted a Facebook invitation I sent yesterday, and it made me decide to send him this message for him and his friends (including Karin from Holland, my old friend Lotus and MANY clairvoyants in Denmark, Britain, Holland and more) and my friends too to see (see my website), and right afterwards I was given the nice song “birdland”:

LATER: WHEN I DID THE FINAL WORK TO THIS WEBSITE, I “JUST” WANTED TO COPY MY POST TO BILLY, BUT I COULD NOT FIND IT, AND THE REASON IS SIMPLE: HE HAD DELETED IT (!) – it was a direct translation of what I brought to Annette Edel the other day, who also “could not” give me a reply (strange how silent people suddenly becomes just because you tell them the truth that “God is inside of me”), so this is how it is, he decided for to accept med as Facebook friend, but simply “could not” have my post on his timeline for everyone to see, so he deleted it without replying to my kind invitation offering him coffee, and why is that, Billy (?), and yes he must believe that I am completely mad, thus not understanding or willing to understand the true meaning and importance of his spiritual messages to me (to be read/heard on my website including clairvoyant readings), so this is how “the best mediums in the world” work, and yes THEY ARE COMPLETELY INSANE because they “cannot” understand, and if this made me sad to be received with such negativity and lack of kindness (?), and yes YOU BET!

Despite of how I felt, I decided to go to the library to work for a couple of hours, and then to Fitness World, and I had decided that I would not be able to spin for one hour today, so I would concentrate on the cross trainer, order a spinning time for tomorrow, and also to see if I would be able to buy a 10 tour card to rent spinning shoes (120 DKK) even though I only had cash and no Dankort as they require here (with the Dankort system working again), and when I asked the assistant politely “what do I do in this situation” (?), she thought of how to help me, and even though she could not, and one rare solution (direct debit invoicing) required a manager’s accept, she decided to do a “hush hush” solution, which was to sell me the card if I had straight money, which I had, so this is how this obstacle was managed (otherwise I would have had to bring my mother tomorrow with her Dankort, which I would like to avoid), and I then did 20 minutes today in the cross trainer – on level 15 with a resistance of 180-200 burning 202 calories (I start from COMPLETELY scratch), and it made me feel better afterwards also hoping that it will improve my sleep and make me feel even better tomorrow when I will do the spinning, which I don’t believe that anything can now keep me from doing.

I continued receiving George Michael’s “Faith” – I often receive the same songs I have brought for a while afterwards as a sign of people having noticed them – and the lyrics “before this river becomes an ocean”, which is really another way of bring the little (of our New World) and big drum (of the Big Source including all previous layers of life).

After the exercise I was thinking if this – and my committed work during the night – would be enough to make Denmark win over Iceland this time in handball.

At Fitness World I was told that Kirsten cannot handle it at all because first it was your father that she believed that you killed (!), and now you are persecuting/tormenting her, so this is what this energy that I generate will be used for, i.e. to be send to her for her not to break completely down, and yes as usual this is as WRONG as it gets.

I was told that this (generation of energy) is what removes the code from all DVD-films (creations) here, and also that this is to open Karen’s heart, this is what it meant when I told and wrote her around 2004/05 that I would be the ONLY man, who opened her heart, so this is what I am doing, and yes she is soon ready to be kissed.

Again I was told that it was impossible for me to do what I did – eat and drink what I pleased (with my budget) – and to reach the top to enter here, and also that this brought me other sufferings to absorb instead, and this is why Buddhist monks live a very primitive life at great sacrifice – in order to reach the top (mentally/spiritually), and yes, I did it my way as blue eyes you know :-), and this is because living like these monks is both WRONG and not what I had in mind doing myself, but you will probably agree that I was punished enough to come here?

I was given a sound to my TV and was told “what about me, am I to sit her pretending to be asleep” (?) and I said “no, you are coming with me too” – via the energy that I provide – and I was then given a new sound to the TV and now a voice lifted up saying “I am mighty happy with this”.

A couple of months ago I bought two packages of “Victoria Bars” (Nile Perch), and first I had the first, which simply tasted incredible poorly – the package had given its taste from it – and today I tried to eat the other believing that it would be the same, but I was happy that it was not, it tasted VERY GOOD, and almost as good as with Elijah and his family after we some times bought this fish fresh from the grill at the market of his neighbour village, and these are some of my best memories with Elijah and his family, and no, I will NEVER forget his wife Tina’s fine cooking and her very tasty gravies.

I was also happy to see that Denmark received “a flying start” against Iceland when Mensa scored the first four goals for Denmark, and this is to bring a story I did not bring the other day when Denmark played Spain when my sister said that she didn’t like Mensa, and directly after her comment, he attacked the Spanish defence and was stopped, which made the judge decide that it was an attack error, which was clear for everyone that it was not, and this came directly as what we here called “inspired play” because of darkness of my sister herewith stopping Mensa (me), but it was not stronger than when Mensa the next time attacked the Spanish defence and was stopped, he was given a “compensation verdict”, and here he was playing “out of this world”, which was to say that I had really given him and the whole “B-team” of Denmark, which was on the court today, a “vitamin injection” of energy, this is what I meant that I did the cross trainer and also my best work during the night, and eventually Denmark “ran over” Iceland winning by 9 goals – almost keeping the concentration to the very end – and Mensa did 9 goals of 10 tries, after having only done 5 goals in the first five matches, and yes I have believed in his potential all of the time, and here it was released.

The Danish commentator said that Mensa and Green (the BRILLIANT goal keeper, who also played himself into the tournament today, which had also been impossible/difficult for him to do before now, and yes this is also the impact of “inspiration/energy” coming from me you know) “played on the top shelf”, and this is indeed what they did with “top shelf” being “the top of the pyramid/diamond”.

Denmark played with MUCH TEMPO, and the commentator said that “no one can stop Mensa this evening with legal means”, which was a reference to Kirsten/Jeanette who cannot stop me because when I have removed the social security number of Kirsten, it is now perfectly legal for me to publish this document (the settlement of the estate) on my website, and this is why we cannot stop the transferral of the Big Source.

And the (FINE!) commentator (I like ALL handball commentators on TV2, one is better than the other, but I am sad that you have lost Joachim (to TV3)) also said (with more “inspiration”) that “one is tempted to say that this is the never ending story”, and this is truly what it is, my ladies and gentlemen, with the eternal lifeline of the Big Source coming to us.


No, you are not an idiot according to Karen, and her attitude is helped by my mother not excluding Karen and I together in her mind? Doing this work to win Karen’s heart also required that she believed that I was inexperienced with women, which I was not (as Henriette can tell).

India also want to be part of the company – of meditating monks reaching the top of creation – meaning that they also have monks etc. working on this level.

I also had a look from time to time to Poland playing against Croatia at the same time as Denmark played, and a Polish player was knocked so hard that he became lifeless and had to be carried out, and I was told that this was a symbol of how close we were to cut the lifeline because of lack of energy.

Fitness World is located at my old EFG-school in Helsingør, and I was shown the school over and over during the evening including Vivian walking in the yard (she went there too in 1981), and what is it about this school (?), what have we hidden here (?), and I felt that it was in relation to Vivian, and there is a reason for me coming there again after 33 years, and yes it feels like it was yesterday going there.

I received the feeling of my father and was told that it was my, i.e. his, last weapon of defence, which is Kirsten, and also that it was good that I took her threat seriously even though I almost had no energy and time doing it the other day.

I was shown and told that we are changing telephones – bringing in the Big Source – which is the most complicated we have ever done.

At the end we will give up darkness because you will be everything then, and then you will decide – for NO DARKNESS EVER AGAIN (!!!) – which will make everything FREE.

This is also what your father had to get her to do to help setting up, and whey is he here too together with my new self as the son(?), and that is because we are bringing in the Big Source to New World I and II.

I was told that the Nazi Eagle is the ultimate symbol on me/God.

I felt EU and Brussels, and yes you have been to the hot spots of the world, this is how it feels like (I have never been to New York, Moscow, Rome, Rio etc. – but to Paris, London, Berlin and more), and this is because of the importance of EU as part of the setup of the dark New World Order, and who didn’t want to listen (?), and yes people on top of EU, and it required for you to get their attention via your scripts because “who is going to stop us” (evil plans of EU/the world)(?), and yes none other than Stig, which they discovered.

I have felt like biting an apple several times, and then I was told that it is us – the Big Source – who are the apple and yes we know, Stig, I have also used the apple as symbol of our New World, and this is how it will continue being with or without you, which obviously is one of the finest songs of ONE of the finest albums (Joshua Tree by U2) of all time, thus being ONE of the finest songs ever :-).

I was given the word “pukkelpist” (hump ski slope), and how is Michael Schumacher (?), he has not died, has he (?), and no he is following you and me here (at top of the world), and I looked Michael up seeing that he “may remain in a persistant vegetative state”, but I feel him right here with me so he is not completely dead.

You may believe that you have handled the worst by now but we have only just started, and I felt how darkness tried to make me scared as usual, and I can only encourage you to COME ON AND DO YOUR BEST TRY!!!

I have now seen Billy Cook active on Facebook but without answering or even “liking” my comment for him, and is this because it is “completely impossible” for you to believe that “God is inside of me”, Billy (?), and that is despite of the words you were given spiritually about me, which really should made it easier for you to believe?

This is about leading teachers/medium’s of Arthur Findlay College who “could not” understand me despite of the spiritual messages they received and brought to me, which made Paul Jacobs to remove me as Facebook friend and Janet Parker not to accept me as Facebook friend at all (I had “misused” them to bring commercials for myself, this is what they seriously believed, thus focusing on themselves and their egos – instead of focusing on the importance of THE MESSAGE), and with Billy as Facebook friend we now have the perfect setup.

This is what he has been waiting all of his life for, and I felt my father who is also bringing in Billy.

I was shown a stick lying on top of a pole and turning around, and this is about Søren Pind turning around in relation to me, which is because of Helena, and “I cannot live without her”, is this how you feel like, Søren (?), and yes you must go through a “hard time”, or is it really …?

Well, there are really no human beings here at the Big Source, but we are still Gods.

And no, no one had seen this coming, which is about Billy also being the entrance to the Big Source here, and yes he accepted me despite of Janet and Paul (who may have told him about my “poor behaviour” publishing their “sittings” with me?), and is this because I am “good looking” in your eyes, Billy (?), and yes he is gay.

I received a presence from the Big Source coming from Sweden, and I was given a feeling to my right ankle and was told that I really would have preferred to destroy your right ankle, but since you are now welcoming me, I will be happy accepting this.

So Paul and Janet are “out in the cold” in relation to me, and you do remember that you and Karen were going to become married at Arthur Findlay College (?), and this is what Billy will do as the “minister” bringing us together, and yes, he accepted me which Paul and Janet “could not”.

Dan Rachlin could have done the same, but we waited to bring in Billy at the end.

I received new diarrhoea (symbol of destruction), which I receive more often than I write, and it is me – the Big Source – giving this to you when I am entering you, and this is of course depending on how I, i.e. Stig, am received receiving resistance from my mother/John (whom I saw reading my latest script today, which is still “not nice at all”, mother?) and Elijah as examples, and this is the resistance bringing this destruction of the Universe.

This is not just a cleaning of our New World that we are doing, it is the whole stadium/”everything” that we are bringing in.

I was told about how Karen has used sex as a tool to bring her forward in life and been careless about me, and this is what Billy is now entering.

I was shown Genghis Khan and then Billy, and Billy wasn’t him, the greatest darkness, was he?

I am shown an INCREDIBLE wide and incredible storming river, which is what we are really out in now.

I was shown Queen Elisabeth – in fully “Queen uniform” and crown – walking around a VERY LARGE round table and she said “he will sit there”, and this is the Universal Council, which she is member of too, and this is the chair of my new self that she is pointing at.

And it is not a surprise that the train goes faster than ever, right (?), and yes we know Stig, there is FAR TOO MUCH to write and that is especially after I had stopped writing, which was another part of the game, and no, it was really not that difficult started writing these updates again, but at the moment, they are literally HANGING ME OUT OF MY THROAT as we say here – giving me throw up feelings.

The game is as it has been all along with darkness coming to me, and now we are transferring “everything” of the Big Source to me, which is MANY times more than our New World, and no, it doesn’t make me shake my hands, it is the same kind of game.

I was shown a lifebuoy on the deck of a ship, I feel that this is the Big Source, and I am shown the old King Frederik together with Queen Margrethe as little princess Margrethe (Frederik is her late father), and I am told that Frederik knew what he gave his daughter, which is “you have to save the world, my girl”, and yes this didn’t make it very easy for you to grow up, Margrethe (?), and this is how the feeling of an “incredible big responsibility” is, I know.

It is first with out entrance that we will bring permanent life, which Margrethe knew that she had to bring but not how and that it went through me, and it wasn’t easy to believe in that I was the person you had to direct your attention to (?), and then this was really it.

For days, I have received a well-known song played in the background, and now it was revealed to me that OF COURSE this is “Euphoria” by Loreen, which is because we are bringing out the Big Source from Helsingborg, where I saw Loreen play this fantastic song in 2013.


I was shown and told that it isn’t so that Billy was wrapped into “everything” of the Big Source when he was born? We are now creating an endless passage through all money tanks (previous worlds), and I feel that it is Billy’s reactions to me so far doing this, and I was shown the root of a salad head ramifying into all branches of “everything”.

When you first enter here, it looks empty until you have seen around and received an understanding of how we have built up this Universe from nothing, and I feel “hush, don’t tell him but now we are becoming everything”, which is “physical (visible) everywhere”.

I am shown the Big Source being placed between layers of our New World, and it is now us doing this creation as we would have done it, and I am shown a glass of salt (the centre of the Big Source) being placed in the middle of everything inhere. And it is Billy following you, which we will now use to unwrap ourselves. It is all tools of creation that we place now.

“Now you’re living in the lifeline – so live and let live in love – hu, hu, hu” – ARE YOU READY?

FB 230114 Stig 3

FB 230114 Stig 4



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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