January 2014 – VII: Billy Cook, Janet Parker and Paul Jacobs of Arthur Findlay College were SATAN self protecting the Source (the Holy Grail) from me


Summary of Facebook VII – January 2014

  • January 25: Billy Cook, Janet Parker and Paul Jacobs of Arthur Findlay College were SATAN self protecting the Source (the Holy Grail) from me – which however has now been installed inside my heart
    • I was SAD to see that Billy Cook had decided to BLOCK/REPORT ME on Facebook (!!!), because of his NEGATIVE FEELINGS without reading and understanding that I speak the truth about whom I am. He doesn’t believe in me, and wrongly feels sad for being misused by a “mad man” also without understanding the meaning of his previous spiritual messages to me (“you will write the Design of Life” etc.). He brought the strongest force of the Universe to me as negativity, which is the opposite on the other side, and it is this force that I absorb via generation of energy when spinning at Fitness World (even though I have NO ENERGY remaining to do this), and this is to bring in “Karen’s heart”, i.e. the Big Source and eternal lifeline. This is coming via Billy as the last of three teachers of Arthur Findlay College (Janet Parker and Paul Jacobs have already gone through the same as Billy now does with me) giving in to me (silently accepting my writings on them), and they have all shown themselves as the worst darkness, which is, i.e. as SATAN self, which are selfish people misunderstanding the truth when only listening to themselves and focusing on their own reputation/income (which they fear that I risk by publishing their sittings on me on my website) and because they misuse spirituality to teach thousands of people to use their gifts on delivering messages from deceased people instead of using the spiritual world to help communicating the end times to the world and helping me to save it, but they are really the opposite (of SATAN) when turned around. Still it is their doubts in me (“just maybe Stig is the one”) that bring the Source to me. Billy Cook, Janet Parker and Paul Jacobs from Arthur Findlay College – the “foremost” spiritual college in the world – were believed by everyone to be “only light”, but as you see, they were really SATAN self guarding the entrance to the Source from me (!) because they “could not” understand me because of their negative feelings believing that it was me, who was SATAN self (they sensed darkness in me not understanding that it was darkness of themselves/man that I absorbed), but the roles had been turned around, and these are the three – including my father’s widow Kirsten – that I had to pass to enter the Source.
    • The big opening of our New World or ”the big bang” will come when the two halves of Karen and I (darkness and light) have been brought together as one (light only). The last part of this merger would have brought the nuclear bomb alone if I had not absorbed it via generation of energy when spinning at Fitness World, and it is also about Karen deciding to let Denis go and to chose me. The Source has now been installed inside of my heart, transferred from Karen’s heart, bringing immense love, and we keep on improving the connection to it.
    • I was given visions of birth via my mother’s womb, and I was told that the opening of our New World comes with the BIRTH OF MY NEW SELF, which is what my mother will do, and this comes with “time delay”, because as you know, it has already happened October 31, 2012 (and we have since only transferred small amounts of darkness at the time not to destroy the Old World because this was my wish). It now means that we will be born inside the holy halls, this is the big birth/creation coming.
    • It is indeed the Source of all life – the Original Creator – who has entered me (and not only “our cell”) because this is the one that I am, and it will be everything of the Source including all previous layers of life that will be “upgraded” to physical life brought by our new creation at the same time as all previous layers of life will be kept all the way back to the Source for everyone to visit.
    • Denmark won the semi finals in handball against Croatia after being behind after the 1st half because of strong darkness of Billy coming against me, this is how it works very directly (!), but it was turned upside down – as our New World is – in the 2nd half after playing a “the best King-match ever”, which is because this is what I am doing against Billy and the worst darkness ever trying to protect the Source from me. The “colossal pressure” is now being removed both from the Danish team and from me (pressure of darkness), and Mikkel Hansen gave me a “high five”.
  • January 26: THE TEARS OF GOD brought to show my EXTREME sufferings these days.


January 2014 – VII: Billy Cook, Janet Parker and Paul Jacobs of Arthur Findlay College were SATAN self protecting the Source (the Holy Grail) from me

January 25: Billy Cook, Janet Parker and Paul Jacobs of Arthur Findlay College were SATAN self protecting the Source (the Holy Grail) from me

FB 250114 Stig 1

FB 250114 Stig 2

This morning, I felt an incredible lack of faith trying to take me over making me lose faith in myself, which it of course cannot, but this has to come from somewhere, and let us guess that Billy is a good place to start – including many clairvoyants having seen my posting to him but not believing in me, and Billy speaking about his wrong belief in me.

I am still as tired and exhausted – yesterday was a tough working day too – and wonder for how many days I can do what I do without breaking down, and this was the feeling I had after standing up, i.e. to break down, but I don’t have time, there is work to do, this is how it is.

We also just have to install the gear (to control all of the Big Source).

I went to Fitness World to start spinning at 18.00, and when I started, I was told that this generation of energy is to remove “poison” of the worst darkness, and after 4-5 songs, the instructor played “poison” by Alice Cooper, which this was about, and yes God as a DJ knowing what was coming :-).


I was told that Lars G. was the key to everything because of his secrets to me, and I was told about the Rhine River and that it was decisive that Lars and I did a couple of travels to Southern (and Western) Germany (wine travels to Rheingau and Pfalz in 2002-/03), and it is this area going down to Hitler’s residence “Berghof” and into Austria – which is why my Austrian neighbour, Manuella, is important – which is a vital area, and this is because this is from where my mother originates (via her “secret father”).

I was excited to see if I would be able to last 55-60 minutes spinning not having done this since I stopped at Fitness World in Lyngby in 2011 and from there only deteriorating physically, and I decided to keep a modest tempo and ambition level, but still I sweat pretty much and felt my heart beating strongly because of the exercise, and yes I also managed to do the stand up’s, which may have lasted approx. 15 minutes (?) – even though it was not that easy. And despite of how I feel – dizzy, no energy etc. – I still LOVE this.

I was told about John believing that it is my ”voices” making me ”wise” on ”this and that” for example when discussing different issues together with my mother, and yes I am often “right”, isn’t that the case, John (?), and no, it is NOT my “voices” making this because the voices are following me and it is me who decide on what is right and wrong, which is also how my scripts have been made, and yes Stig as a normal human being like you, there is really no difference, and on basis of my decisions, my voices have helped bringing me words on the way.

This – the Big Source – is the Norway ferry, which we were afraid of losing (as I was shown in visions going down around 2005).

It was a condition to create enough darkness to bring the world to its end – in order to save it – that people of the secret network of the world were willing to save themselves not caring about the rest, which was 90% or more “dumb people”, who would be terminated.

I noticed three young immigrants at Fitness World, and I thought about just how narrow-minded and “wrong mind” many of these have with cheating and wrong behaviour being their “normal life”, which made me sad, and when I after the spinning went to the library, three young men sat opposite me, two immigrants and one Dane, and the Dane was chatting on behalf of his immigrant friend, and they had such a negative and ROTTEN language that it was truly a pain to listen to, and everything was about the worst words of the language, and most of it sexual, and this was given to me as symbol because of the extreme darkness of Billy coming against me, and they were incredible primitive and dumb to listen to, and I literally felt how strong darkness was working inside of them as it does in millions of the same kind having gone in moral decay – it is often immigrants from a Muslim country, who simply have “lost it” (good behaviour).

And I was told about Zlatan Ibrahimovic who comes from a similar immigrants background in Malmö, Sweden, and how he has brought a poor moral with him to a much higher level where it is about “big money” not only for you but also to help serving a growing number of very rich people’s “interests” in football?

I was given a déjà vue about how more sexual torments would have to be sent to me when I was growing older – because of the moral decay of the Source.

I was shown a pipe coming to me and a schooner too, which is about the lifeline of the Big Source.

I was shown the whole fortune wheel being turned around, which is also a schooner, and yes Billy is shocked after I had linked his name to my Facebook post of yesterday “making him” see it.

Is this what it takes to come all the way in (?), and this is about a body-mind exhibition in Copenhagen the first weekend in February, where many clairvoyants and Billy Cook are coming too, and I have been encouraged going there as part of the game, but no, I don’t feel like it at all because of just how poorly these better-knowing and “happy” (but selfish) people (living a life in lie from the real world) have received me, and I am told that people of the clairvoyant surroundings speak about me, and Bo Ø., my Facebook friend, have many contacts, and “helps” spreading the word on me?

It is me – the TRULY old man inside the Big Source – who is the gold train in centre, which you and your train (of this world) is connected to.

Is it so that Coca Cola has turned people into “sending masts” (via nano-particles implanted in people after drinking Coca Cola), including you (me) too, and when they were planning to push the button, people would be radiated to death.

The last days I have been “a little sad” – but tried to remove this feeling from me – about not having been the 1st cell myself of all finding the key of life, but only in this creation, and this is because this is what I thought I was, this was the belief given to me, and now it shows out that I and we are “just” the next cells in line to be helped becoming new life, but it is a “fun thought” when thinking that EVERYTHING – including the first one – is now entering me and becoming me and/or vice/versa.

I was told that it is incredible what my mother can get out of reading me (a little) – or hearing from John when he has read a little of me – and yes “Stig doesn’t lie, he only writes what he is told”, and this is to say that this was the foundation to bring in everything – without my mother having faith in me other than this, which was enough.

So we are still on the way of connecting the lifeline to your back.

I was encouraged to check to see if my script of today was also posted on Billy’s timeline (because I had “tagged” him), and no, his page now says “Sorry, this page isn’t available”, and I wonder why Facebook simply don’t write the truth, which is that Billy has now also decided to BLOCK/REPORT ME (!!!), and yes, another CRAZY and STUPID man, who “could not” read, understand and communicate but decided to let his negative misunderstandings and feelings run away with him – like everyone else (more or less).

And no, Stig is NOT God because “he was nothing special in my classes” (spiritual teachings at Arthur Findlay College in 2005/06), and this was the trap given to you Billy making you – and others at Arthur Findlay College (http://www.arthurfindlaycollege.org/) too – think that I have to be an impostor then, and yes a fool he is, and it only shows selfishness and clairvoyants living their own “protected life” in “happiness” and “perfect idyll” abusing their time (and MANY others) on “contact to diseased” instead of helping the world with its true challenges (using their talents like me as example), and there are no limits to how much negativity/darkness that this “man of love” can send me, which is really the worst darkness in the world, and

I was shown Roger Waters and “the wall”, and this is because Billy’s wall apparently is impossible to climb, so the purpose was not to make Billy understand and follow me, but for him to completely lose it to send me as much darkness as possible.

Later, I felt Billy, and eeehhhh is there also a little doubt about Stig (who may be the one?), and this is the doubt that we (Big Source) use to enter.

This is also connected to Fuggi, and why is it that he cannot contact me? What has happened which is so serious that he cannot? Did he fall into the claws of my sister too – influencing him wrongly about me – which frightened him so much that he decided to be completely silent on Facebook for now approx. 1½ years, or has he left the country, or …?

I was shown that we cannot recognise the Big Source, but I am shown it as a crown, and told that this has also come because of Queen Elisabeth.

No, we cannot find greater resistance to you in the Universe than what Billy brings you.

I was shown Stavanger, Norway – where I have been several times because it was here that the head-office of ACTA (where I was employed in 2007) was – and told that this is a hot spot of the world too (because of oil).

So there will also not come an apology from Arthur Findlay College, and yes we know “the leading universe in the world teaching people to develop spiritually”, and yes there are dumb and selfish people everywhere, and no, you cannot see it on Billy (or Paul or Janet), but you see this from his actions to me, right?

I felt Vorupbør, and was told that this access point still works (Jack’s mother), and this is also bringing us through.

And is this also about Billy being afraid of losing his good reputation (because of my writings) and his tax free income (which you don’t declare fully, Billy?), which gives you a fine and happy life (?); and yes pure darkness he is.

This is the same gang that Georgie belongs to – afraid of losing her good reputation, and that is because I also have the recording of her sitting with me on my website, and I am told that this is why she “could not” contact me again, and yes losing years of otherwise good friendship because of an incredible nice and positive person as everyone believes that Georgie is (?), and yes, there is no darkness in her (?), but there was, and you saw it via me.

And of course Billy is incredible disappointed about me – a mad man abusing him – and I feel his disappointment coming to me as a dark and heavy duvet, and why don’t you just read and understand me, Billy (?), and as usual this is the opposite world where a man is disappointed of me solely because of his misunderstandings where the truth is that he has treated me wrongly, and I treated him right and how could he be so negative/silent after inviting him for coffee and writing very nicely about him???

And Libby (another famous British clairvoyant) knows it, and how many others have you (the misunderstandings teachers of Arthur Findlay College) told the wrong story of yours about me to (?) – having no other proof than what they believe and “sense” in me, and they sense the darkness of themselves (and many others) that I am absorbing, thus wrongly believing that I am darkness.

Billy has never seen anything like this, but still “there is something special about Stig”.

So this is the continuing story of SATAN of Arthur Findlay College, who is really the opposite being highly placed in the hierarchy.

I was told that the MANY chess games I played with Henning W. was also part of the game that I had to go through also winning my share, which required my absolutely finest thinking capacities and concentration.

This – the Big Source – was what Jack/the Marine were really looking after and making sure that only one would pass here, which had to be you and not even Sanna. This is the really “turned around” reason to why Jack has “looked after you”.

What does this do to Billy (?), and now he doesn’t look forward to coming to Denmark on his “tour” to Copenhagen and Helsingør in the beginning of February, and I receive the feeling here that he brings something for me, which he hasn’t given me already (?), and no, I don’t want to go to the exhibition to meet him now, it will have to do that he visits Helsingør February 3, I believe.

Is this the very pipe of the lifeline that he is bringing to me from Arthur Findlay College (?), and yes, if you don’t see him, it will have to be enough that he comes to Helsingør, which is where I place the entrance to our external, surrounding world, or it is really “inner layers of life” with the lifeline continuing to the next cell of the Big Source.

This is what you have now set up, and the more Billy is swearing about you, the better it is here (on the other side), so this is the energy setting this up; Billy’s negative and uncontrollable (and wrong) feelings about me. I am given a Z here for Zoega’s coffee and am told that his feelings for me are really warm.

If it was Sanna coming here first, it would have been with the instruction “end the world”, which would have happened if you had accepted your “old nightmare”.

Two of my fingers were moved (without my control) and touching my left wrist, and this was to say that there will be no explosion (this was at my right wrist), and this is because this lifeline is now being installed, and I understand that this is being done even before Billy comes to Helsingør.

I was shown Mette’s Jesper and an athletics stadium being turned around, and he is part of the energy turning us around, and that is as small dried fish tasting disgusting, i.e. negative energy.

I saw Jette sharing this message of Anna Merkaba – https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=234390303409527&set=a.155067438008481.1073741860.100005156763687&type=1&theater – and I saw in another of her threads that the timing of this divine return is January 30, so if this is the truth, we are really very close, and this is also what you can understand from the progress of my scripts, so we may have approx. one week remaining as our old selves my friends :-).

The big opening or ”the big bang” will come when the two halves of Karen and I have been brought together, and yes this will be what we call New World II or half of our entire New World (merged with New World I of my father/mother) as I understand it.

This is the merger that would have brought the nuclear bomb alone if I had not absorbed it via generation of energy from Fitness World, and it is about Karen deciding to let Denis go and to chose me.

I was shown myself looking up from a hole in the ground, which is used to be covered by a cover, and I look up at the four members of Beatles in their fine Sgt. Pepper uniforms, who are waiting on my arrival, and isn’t this what they were told in India would happen (?), and yes, we know Stig, things can really get very LONELY here – with my friends and the world in practice having abandoned me – so I may be a natural member of your band, Paul (?), and yes it is always nice with a little help from my friends, thank you :-). And even though I have Electric Light Orchestra as my favourite band and have told that Rolling Stones to me are the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band ever, there is NO DOUBT in my mind that of course the Beatles were the GREATEST BAND ever in history, and yes of course (!), and to me, this makes perfect sense (even though they are not no. 1 on my list, but I LOVE THEIR MUSIC VERY MUCH TOO, and the world would have been a pourer place to be, and we know, all of their love spread and saved the world too).

I received cracking sounds to my kitchen and was shown a coffee filter, and if you imagine that you are this coffee filter that gradually will be visible, this is what is happening now, I am now inside of you – and I am shown myself with this visible coffee filter for my eyes and the world behind it and how my view of the world becomes more and more visible with the filter dissolving, so this is to say that the Big Source and “the REALLY old man” is now inside of me.


I continue receiving “not important dreams” for example about my father who doesn’t want to pay for my bus ride because the flowers sticking to a dog has been cut off, which I don’t like seeing, but still I ride the bus without a ticket being allowed by the chauffeur, and I remember a fine Tina Turner concert where she sung a song with the title “you”, which is about me.

I decided to go to spinning again today even though I felt the after effects of yesterday on my body, and it was a new instructor, who looked at me and asked me if I had ever done spinning before, and no, it doesn’t look like it when you see me (as fat as I am), and he asked several times during the next hour if everyone was alright (meaning me and maybe others), and afterwards he even came down to me to check to see if I was alright, which I of course was, and that is even though it was MUCH tougher today than yesterday where we stood up cycling almost half of the hour, and I followed as much as I could, but I had to let go at the end making me stand up too maybe 80% of the time, and yes it was so tough that I drove myself to the very line of fainting, which I felt several times, and this is really to SUCK OUT everything and I felt that this is darkness of Billy that I am sucking out – I felt how it wanted to speak physically through me – and I was told that if I didn’t do this, this presence would not come to me (but potentially being exploded). I also had MUCH pain to my hands and some to my behind making it difficult to come through the full hour, but I did it.

I was told that Billy is the last of the three guards of darkness of the Holy Grail (the Source of life) – with Janet Parker and Paul Jacobs being the other two – which I had to pass, which as mentioned was when bringing their attention to my website including recordings of their sittings (from 2005/06) with me, which they simply “could not” accept me to use to “promote” myself as they believed I did on their cost because they believed I was SATAN self without understanding that this is what they were themselves when focusing on their own selfish interests/tax-free income being afraid that I would destroy their good reputation without understanding that I was absorbing their darkness brought to me (and everyone’s else), which they spiritually felt with me thus wrongly believing that I was darkness.

And I smiled when he played Pink Floyd’s INCREDIBLE song “Another brick in the wall”, and this was a follow up from yesterday where I was told about the difficulties to pass Billy’s wall, and it also took for me to spin again today to do it, this was the message, and yes, I still remember how immensely strong and deep impact this song had on me when it was released, and I remember how we heard it in our (confirmation) class when we were driving on the bus on our way to visit Lund Cathedral in Southern Sweden in 1980, and yes.

I was told that the Source is also inside the cave of Mallorca that I visited in 2007, and not only at Arthur Findlay College, and we are using the energy created to do to fine-tune the connection to the Source, which I was shown as the walls of a tunnel being cleaned.

If it was not for me, these three guards would have let my sister enter the Source bringing an explosion of everything as the result. And I am entering because I brought their sittings with me, which they simply “could not” accept because of course I was an impostor and darkness self, right? And yes, they have twisted the minds of thousands of people wanting to develop their spiritual gifts, and what do you learn at Arthur Findlay College (?), and yes mainly to contact deceased people on the other side to bring messages to relatives on this side, which is a complete waste of “the best people”, who could have used their skills for the spiritual world to help bringing messages to alarm and wake up the world, but then again, this would NOT have brought salvation because the world was “turned around” and we needed people to do WRONG, which they did – but they “could not” see it.

I was shown and told that this is the Source being the crystal, white bread and Champagne, and no, I have never tasted Crystal Champagne, I only know that it is among the finest, which is, but FAR TOO EXPENSIVE compared to the number of working hours included per bottle?

I received the feeling of Fuggi, and he isn’t dead, is he (?), and this is the feeling I was given, but I do hope that he is alright, and it is nothing less than LOUSY behaviour that Fuggi (if alive) or Keld (his brother) have not replied to my question the other day.

Inside of here – the Source – I am both light and darkness, and it is only here that I can decide for everything to be light only.

I have been following the Danish “Big Brother” TV-show, and I look after the positive in people, and Nirvana is the one “sticking out” both positively and negatively, and first of all, she has an incredible (sexually) filthy and primitive language, and no, I do NOT like people to speak like her as “everyday language”, which I understand is “spreading” among young people (like the three young people at the library), and on the other side, I simply LOVE her joy and happiness, which is radiating from her stronger and much more than the others, and I have been told that this show was also “prepared” for me including the story about how LONELY Sandra felt like for days until recently, which was given to her to show you that this is how I feel because of most people having abandoned me, treated me wrongly and been completely silent to me, and yes, this is about ONLY THE LONELY, which is a very nice song by Roy Orbison, which my mother and John LOVE, and if I didn’t have them, I would have had no one to keep me company, and do you think that this is what I deserved from you (?) – and yes, isn’t Roy simply incredible (?), and yes the best male voice in pop ever.

So it was the combination of my father’s widow Kirsten and Billy Cook, who could have destructed our “photo opportunity” (to bring this life).

I was told that my wrong sexual behaviour was also given to me by the Universal Council – as the Catholic Priests were given sexual desire of children/young people.

I had a nice evening with my mother and John, and my mother had been so nice to buy me a pair of spinning shoes – so I don’t have to rent at Fitness World – and they were nothing less than 80% off (in Espergærde), and she told me several times to “notice the name”, which was “Astral”, and it was to say that they have these shoes in Helsingør too at normal price, but to me it was to bring attention to the Astral body, which is from where we are working, i.e. the Source, and this is now what is uniting with all physical life.

“The astral body is a subtle body posited by many philosophers, intermediate between the intelligent soul and the physical body, composed of a subtle material.[1] The concept ultimately derives from the philosophy of Plato: it is related to an astral plane, which consists of the planetary heavens of astrology. The term was adopted by nineteenth-century Theosophists and neo-Rosicrucians.”

As expected, my mother is VERY HAPPY that I have started spinning at Fitness World, and she even believed that my stomach has become smaller, and no, mother, it doesn’t go that quickly.

I was given visions of birth via my mother’s womb, and I was told that the opening of our New World comes with the BIRTH OF MY NEW SELF, which is what my mother will do, and this comes with “time delay”, because as you know, it has already happened October 31, 2012 (and we have since only transferred small amounts of darkness at the time not to destroy the Old World because this was my wish), and John spoke about the spinning shoes and said “indkøbspris” (“cost price”) with inspiration, which was really about the Christmas song “Sikken voldsom trængsel og alarm” that includes this word, and at the same time I was told that you might say that going through darkness of Billy is preparation for your mother to give birth to you, and yes, she will know when the time comes where she will give birth to “everything”.

We watched the last of the semi finals in handball between Spain and France, and I told my mother that I liked Abalo a lot, and minutes thereafter he scored the last goals winning the match for France.

It now means that we will be born inside the holy halls, this is the big birth/creation coming.

Isn’t it funny if Billy Cook and others at Arthur Findlay College have received revelations about me with recognising me?

Is it me, who is the father of all, well, sure it is, which is to correct the misunderstanding I was given about my father in this New World only being the next cell and not the original, and here I am told that it is my mother being this next cell, not my father, so this means that “you are me”, i.e. the Original Creator, but our New World is not the first world, there are MANY layers of life (“cells”) before this one.

It means that by now you have in principle received all resistance of the world.

We watched X-factor – still not live shows – with Thomas Blachman speaking with his spiritual voice about coming to the other side, and I was that “the daughter of the bassist of King Diamond” was not chosen among the last eight of her age-group, she is the only one so far who had given me goose bumps for her very personal version of Cher’s “I believe”, and this might be a sign about Thomas Blachman & Co. not helping to bring forward the diamond of the Source because you are living a life of darkness, Thomas, and this is what is working against me, i.e. your own wrong decisions of life, but I liked that you “sacrificed” when deciding to be mentor of the groups (not having the biggest talent this year on contrary to the individual performers where there are many good). And I very much like Remeee’s humour and warmth, and yes Lina too, and these judges are the best of all according to my mother :-).

I watched the first half of the other semi finals in handball between Denmark and Croatia with my mother sitting next to me and John in his own room, and my mother had had too much red wine and brought many comments during this half of the kind “did he score” (?), “is Denmark playing in red” (?) etc., and no, it is not that nice to follow a match with someone who keeps on commenting it and not really getting it, and this is once again how my mother has been created reflected the state of the world population, and my task was NOT to become annoyed – I had to fight constantly against darkness wanting me to become exactly this – and I was told that this is the worst darkness of Billy coming out via my mother, and as result Denmark was behind with two goals at the break, where I decided to leave to see the 2nd half at home.

But my mother showed all of her love this evening also telling me just how much she looks forward to my Friday visits every week, which is just to say that we truly have a good time together despite of everything, and yes my mother has the biggest heart in the world as I told her (again), and this is really what she has.

It was a clear evening for the first time in a while, and I was happy to be followed home by a total of 6-8 spaceships, and one told me that we flash our lights as we please, no one (man) is following us and yes, “I’ve got no strings”, and this was the spaceship of everything (playing an act as the Old World as we all still are even though we are not!).

Denmark changed the match in the 2nd half being in front most of the way, and the commentator said that “the semi finals have been turned upside down”, which was also the case with France turning around the match against Spain in the 2nd half, and yes as turning the world around, you know.

At one time, a Croatian pulled so hard in Mikkel Hansen’s that his jersey was torn, and he didn’t even get a 2 minutes penalty, and the commentator said that “it is completely unreal that they let this pass”, and this is both about darkness of Billy tearing me, and this thing about “unreal” was really to say that we are NOT existing as real life in our Old World, where we are only mind games of God preparing the REAL CREATION of our New World coming now.

They said that the Croatian player Kopljar is “very very poisonous”, which was a reference to the song “poison” by Alice Cooper, which again is about darkness of Billy.

They spoke about Søndergaard playing ”his best King-match ever”, which is what I am doing here at the end first playing against Kirsten and then going directly up against darkness of Billy, and this was required to win over Croatia, who was VERY STRONG, and I was so impressed by them that I believed that they played even better than Spain and France, who are the other two of the four best teams in the world (with Denmark and Croatia).

They spoke about Thomas Mogensen scoring “from out of nothing”, which is about my creation of life from out of nothing as you have seen via my great exertion as you can read from my scripts, and I am here again receiving a déjà vue that this is what it was about, to create life out of nothing, which nothing did not like me to do at all, and this is about the cell that contradicted all energy and did not want to turn around, and this is the darkness that was sent to me to absorb.

And the goal keeper Landin did not save much in the 1st half, where I was told to notice what would happen in the 2nd half, and yes when you look at the last half of the 2nd half, Landin, where you suddenly once again did “out of this world” savings, you may understand that when you have God working with you, you have this talent, and when God does not, you don’t save much?

Finally, we won by two goals only, and Croatia was the team pressuring Denmark the most at this tournament, and yes it will be exciting to see if we will get the gold, what do you believe in yourself, the Danish handball team (?), and do you believe that it really has to do with how I am performing here myself against darkness using you to show the world?

Afterwards, they spoke about a “colossal pressure” being removed by the Danish team now having lived up to expectations going to the final, and this was also about the “colossal pressure” of darkness, i.e. “nothing”, which have been pressuring me constantly as part of my sufferings.

The players went to their dressing room where Mikkel Hansen was doing “high five” with his team mates, and then I was told “this is for you” at the same time as Mikkel was also doing a high five with the camera, thus showing his hand on the TV.

And I could continue for example with Ulrik Wilbæk saying “det eddermame meget” (“it is damned much”), and he was speaking with the voice of the comedian Jan Monrad (as “Mogens”), which was to say that Jan is with me, and to bring me smiles from my father, and yes, Jan, I LOVE your figure, but I don’t like people swearing.

The Croatian coach was incredible negative at the press meeting afterwards saying or indicating that Croatia was the best team, the judges were bribed to bring Denmark to the final (!), and it has been a terrible championships where they have lived like animals (!), and to me, this was nothing else than the worst negative temper of Billy coming out, and yes a POOR LOSER he is.

So what is the lesson for Billy Cook & Co. (?), and yes, do NOT believe that you know when you don’t know because you haven’t (listened or) read and truly understood. Stop being better-knowing and guessing on what you believe is the truth when the truth is really something else.

I was told that my mother will be told at the birth of me that what happened to me was not “the worst thing ever” as my mother believes but the opposite and also that she understood me when she listened to Sanna and John, who “could not” understand me and influenced her wrongly/negatively.

I was told that the true contents of Coca Cola and McDonalds are the best preserved secrets in the world, and they were appointed as “the big man killers”, and when these killings would start, man would ask from where they came, and a virus maybe (?), but no, from radiation inside of people via nano-particles triggered from outside.

Here is the largest key ever (of the Source), which I first see on the floor in front of me and then it is repeated on top of one tin of mackerel and cod roe after the other, and this is how it is, you have already seen/been shown this, and yes in a vision the other day of one oven after the other being on fire at the same time, so we have many new creations on-going at the same time.

How many people have Georgie told about you, and used you as a warning of what might happen (spiritually – making you crazy) if you cannot control yourself (?), and yes she used the sitting she did on me in 2006 – ““You are not happy”, “you need more laughter in your life”, “you spend too much time sitting and pondering” etc., see https://stigdragholm.wordpress.com/clairvoyant-readings-on-mewhich is how darkness made my life, and what she didn’t understand is that I am the complete opposite of this – happy, laughing, outgoing etc., this is my natural self – so she was cheated and went into the trap too.

We cannot make love on this side and your side too at the same time (it has to be opposite), which would have happened if I had accepted my “old nightmare”, which you know would have destroyed us instead of the opposite, and this is why I had to outlast my sufferings.

We would not have made creation without Britain, which is the reason why they developed spirituality for centuries as no other country, but it was darkness when they used spirituality for the wrong purposes when the world was going under without any warning lights given to them because they did not focus on the world but on their own selfish interests.

I was shown and told that this – the Source – is the outmost blue light on the rocket, which all life points at.

My mother has now also visited my Egyptian hair-dresser, whom she likes VERY much – both personally and professionally – and I was told that this is of importance too.

Have you seen Billy calling the police (?), and this was the risk that we took and is this because your words are so strong and direct that he also misunderstood you as “potentially violent” becoming afraid of you(?), and yes, this is what dumb people did about me, and I feel Billy here, and I wonder if there is an open line between us also making him feel me?

Sanna wasn’t told from above to stop her work (on me), was she? Yes, her and Jack’s work would have brought the world directly to explosion if they had succeeded committing me to hospital. So they did their best to bury you to profit themselves and they believed in the official lie about me and “could not” understand me, and this goes for a large part of the secret network believing the same, which is just to show you that these people who were appointed as “the elite” were both DUMB and SIMPLE MINDED not being able to read and understand, but going directly into the trap believing in their own wrong voice about me.

The Astral Body is not where we were first born and from there creating the physical world?

Isn’t Karen just my father (the other side of me) merging with me (everything becoming light after transfer everything from darkness), and yes this is the meaning of it.

I continued receiving heart pain and sufferings making me VERY TIRED of living in pain.

I have received the symbol of ironing including the saying here “French wash and ironing” when France defeated Spain in handball, and the wash is about turning darkness to light, and the ironing is to bring out clothes, i.e. life, in the finest order/condition.

No matter where we look, we see coins, i.e. worlds, coming to me, so it is not only eternal life inside this limited family that will come physical, it is everything. And can it really be that everything changes life form, but still we are saving our previous layers of life, and yes, this is how it is, which I did not believe in when I was also told this the other day somewhat weaker, but here it was given clearly, so this is how it was after I have gone through some days of STRONG darkness making me think wrongly.

So our Old World was the test for TRUE CREATION for all of the Source to become physical life following this template, and it is indeed everything of previous layers of life and everything to come that will become physical life, and still we save all previous layers of life going all the way back to the first creation of the Source – for everyone being able to visit, and yes I remember this principle from being told before.

So we are now all Stig and no longer Karen, which was my task; to transform all darkness to light, these were the two sides of me, and Sanna was the one directing darkness to me via our mother.

And it is all pendulums – previous creations – that will be updated to you who bring in new “functions” benefitting all.

Is it the handlebars that we lack putting on (the Source)?

You will be surprised of what your sister knew about you without reacting because she was goal-oriented against her own career/selfish interests.

Later I was told that she didn’t know what would happen to me at psychiatric hospital, and what would come next with our mother.

Jack – and the Marine – have not finished completely, they wish me the best of luck, thank you :-).

I received more force from my balcony being beamed to the back side of my right lower leg still being potentially strong enough to destroy this.

Sanna and Jack had secret tasks as part of their job, and how many have had this (?), and is this what generally characterises people of the secret network (?) – millions of people all over the world – and they decided to keep quiet about this because they also wanted to be saved while everyone else would die, and can it really be that this is what they accepted including your sister (?), which is why she didn’t think twice about delivering me because this was about her own survival, and yes for how long has Sanna known that this day would come where she would have to say goodbye to all of us because she was the only one from our family who would survive (?), and now you understand the game, Sanna, where you and the secret network went directly into my trap enabling me to turn around everything including the saving of all.

So it is Santa Claus now entering, and I am shown Santa riding on a completely see through sledge all close to me.

FB 250114 Stig 3

FB 250114 Stig 3a

FB 250114 Stig 4

FB 250114 Stig 5

January 26: THE TEARS OF GOD brought to show my EXTREME sufferings these days

FB 260114 Stig 1

FB 260114 Stig 2

FB 260114 Stig 3a

FB 260114 Stig 3



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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2 Responses to January 2014 – VII: Billy Cook, Janet Parker and Paul Jacobs of Arthur Findlay College were SATAN self protecting the Source (the Holy Grail) from me

  1. Jette Uhlott says:

    long story – long night – long day – take care ❤

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