January 2014 – VIII: The Universe sacrificed to bring me alive and was transferred to our New World, which will open with a new Big Bang


Summary of Facebook VIII – January 2014

  • January 27: The Universe sacrificed to bring me alive and was transferred to our New World, which will open with a new Big Bang.
    • I continued receiving darkness of Billy, Paul and Janet of Arthur Findlay College, and saw them reading my website, and I was told that they know about “the big deliverance” of me, but they also “could not” understand me because of their better-knowing ignorance and laziness.
    • I felt the elephant of my new self/God as part of our New World now being able to move without receiving resistance of darkness.
    • The force “is” because we “are”, and even though we are really not here as the New World, we still are because this is how we have decided to be without being, we are just ourselves pretending to be everything rather than nothing.
    • Denmark did not stand a chance in the handball final against France because France was “physically superior”, which was only because I was unable to do spinning this weekend (when I have an opposite day rhythm sleeping during the day), and this meant that the strongest darkness of the Universe coming against me from Billy, Janet and Paul made the stars of Denmark look like amateurs losing by as much as 32 to 41. It is NOT Ulrik Wilbek as the coach having the highest responsibility of this, it is me, I am the one having made Ulrik a “legend” in Denmark winning 13 medals as coach because of my work, and it was because I did not generate physical energy that Denmark did not have the physical strength to win even though I did my absolutely best as Mikkel Hansen symbolised doing a very fine match scoring many goals. Denmark received “French wash and ironing” as I wrote about already some days ago.
    • The Universe was willing to sacrifice to bring me alive, i.e. physically destruct to absorb darkness of man and to be transferred as light to our New World. There is now almost nothing remaining of the Universe, which is being hidden from man. The rest will be cleared via the new Big Bang coming, which will end the last of the Old World and start our New World, which will NOT happen from scratch because we will continue life as our new selves in our New World from where we left our Old World including housing, infrastructure and everything, which will be “upgraded” because no one will suffer, and I do believe that this will happen without pain and with magic in a split of a second, we will see. The Universe sacrificed to bring me alive, and all energy of the Universe has now been rearranged, i.e. destructed in our Old World and created in our New World or transformed from darkness to light, which is really what it is about.
    • Darkness was directed from Arthur Findlay College and Paul Jacobs (monitoring and mind controlling man according to the Universal rule of “bringing you what you give”), which is part of Nazi darkness – agreed between Germany, England and the top of the world together with people of other civilizations – and they have followed me all along knowing that I would come and received my “voice machine” (in 2006 – I have since received spiritual communication 24/7) and also the altar including the button to switch on our New World. Arthur Findlay College was the head office of “everything” directing the worst darkness to me to absorb and use for the creation of our New World also meaning that Arthur Findlay College really was the opposite.


January 2014 – VIII: The Universe sacrificed to bring me alive and was transferred to our New World, which will open with a new Big Bang

January 27: The Universe sacrificed to bring me alive and was transferred to our New World, which will open with a new Big Bang

FB 270114 Stig 1

FB 270114 Stig 2

It is now the coffee filter between the Source and the world that we are removing, and we made the New World even more beautiful with the publish of my previous script, one of the most important of all.

I had a dream of the previous major Johnannes entering the Danish Defence at Østerport Station seeing my commercial and criticizing it, my father is there, we are divided in two teams, my trousers are stolen and dissolving, they are revolutionizing but they want to create a new design and Helena wants to have them too to use for design, and yes a dream about the previous Helsingør mayor not being that loyal to me, and about what the armed forces/world wanted, which was to use me for reproduction, which Helena was part of.

It is now the coffee filter between the Source and the world that we are removing, and I strongly feel a gun inside of this, so this is also made by darkness.

I still receive sneezing, and today more than for a long time.

I was told that the true win is Sanna moving over on my side.

It isn’t possible to make the lake (of the New World) even more beautiful, is it (?), and yes my friends this is what I have just done, and I am told that it is because of my publish of my previous script, which is one of the most important of all, thus doing what it contains – because of acceptance of the world.

All of this is coming down to Heiligenblut in Austria (where I was on skiing holiday in 2000 with Camilla and René/Dorte), and this is also from where we will get out (at the opening of our New World).

I was shown a slow, black train entering from my balcony, which is because Billy, Paul and Janet are tired of me, this is how it was in my battle against everyone; I had to outlast them.

Is it possible being both here and at previous layers of life at the same time (?), and no, you will decide where, and then you will meet new life all of the time creating many funny episodes.

I was surprised that I felt pretty good today not being that tired, and after I had ended and published my script of yesterday I knew that this had to be a sign telling me to “now do the update to the front page of your website” including new information given to me recently, and I have felt too poorly to do this before now, and even though I knew that this would probably only costs a few hours of time, I had difficulties to chose to work during the night instead of relaxing and watching TV, but when I first had started, it was easier (as always) to do, and I was happy when I had done it, but it still leaves to read parts of this front page of old text to evaluate if other parts need an update, and no, I don’t feel like doing this at all, but I will have to do it one of these days.

And I also thought with a smile that I better do this work now if Denmark is to have a chance to defeat France in the final in handball tomorrow, and this is because of my email to Billy, Paul and Janet, which will probably generate more darkness, which I cannot absorb via spinning (because I sleep during the morning/day at the moment).

I decided to send this email – see my script of yesterday – even though I also thought that just maybe this will bring a risk of these three uniting against me trying to remove my website (not only on them, but all as result!), and instead of being afraid, I decided to GO AFTER THE THROAT and sending it, and later I received heartburn as result, and was told that when I continue working, I absorb this darkness thus removing their “desire” doing this.

I received more darkness but now it was coming to me as light, which is because this is the end of darkness.

I continued working for maybe 6-8 hours – I did not count – which I was satisfied with, and yes, there is more work on the to do list, but I was happy about what I made this evening and night.

This is the other side of the safe of Karen, which I was shown coming in and yes you believe that it is empty now and this is the fun part of it, which is that it will never become empty, it just keeps on being because I continue being and am this force.

I did not write about the handball match between Denmark and Croatia that my mother simply loved the Danish player Anders Eggert, which both lifted him up to become the player of the match and made the commentators say that he did a “freggert/frækkert” (“cheeky devil”), and this was also a symbol of the worst darkness of Billy Cook coming against me wanting to use my mother for my “old nightmare” you know.

I was shown a large triangle – as in Jette’s Google Earth pictures – in front of me, and yes this is the Trinity collected here at the Source, i.e. my mother, father and I together as one.

Isn’t it amazing that my mother cannot understand that I am days from dying and still is happy about me spinning to lose weight (?), and I even told her about the instructor being somewhat concerned about me before, under and after the spinning the other day.

Isn’t it funny if Arthur Findlay College knows that they are part of the act of the world misleading spiritually gifted people to “waste their time” (contact to diseased and sittings etc.), and when I show myself to them, they throw all of their darkness into my head because they “cannot” understand, and is this something that will bring them poor conscience when they are starting to realize the truth of me (?) also including having spoken negatively/wrongly about me behind my back solely because of their own “incapacities” and not because of me.

I was shown the big, black hat of Karen coming from the balcony and being put on my head (including “everything”), and I see and feel that this is the hat of Slash, who plays brilliantly on guitar on Michael Jackson’s “Black or White”.


Does this mean that they – Arthur Findlay College – knew that you were coming, but they were too lazy to read and underestimated you making them unable to understand you?

I still receive out of this world pain to my right ankle, but I have now come as far that I have overtaken control of the force.

There is a strong debate these days about the Danish national energy company, DONG Energy, and their selling of part of the shares to “the villains of the financial crisis”, Goldman Sachs, which has been agreed with the Danish state and “supported” by the European Union, and this is to be finally approved by the Danish Parliament on January 30, but more and more politicians have started questioning this move, and it has upset both the Danish press and population as rarely seen, and so far the Minister of Finance, Bjarne Corydon, is protecting this agreement saying that it is signed and Denmark cannot walk out on it, and to me, this is about selling energy to the worst darkness of all, and you may understand that this is a symbol of my fight against the last and strongest darkness of all, and this is “completely impossible” to stop because this is part of the dark New World Order trying to bring all energy into a new monopoly (?), and just maybe the storm of Denmark has grown strong enough for you Helle Thorning-Schmidt, if Bjarne Corydon doesn’t have the courage, to take the only right decision, which is to turn down Goldman Sachs telling them that we really don’t need their services, and do you think that you are strong enough helping me to do this (?), and yes as a sign of my impossible victory over darkness of course.

I was given a cracking sound to my shelves, and felt the elephant of my new self/God as part of it and now being able to move without resistance of darkness.

No, we will not be going out on the storage to collect spare parts for creation, because this is just how we are (everything is us). So we were not here as the Old World, and are really also not as the New World, this is just how we have decided to be without being, so there is really no one knowing about us so to speak, we are just ourselves pretending to be even though we are here in the middle of nothing, eeehhh everything, and this is how it truly is, and I receive another déjà vue feeling, I KNOOOOOW THIS.

I received cracking sounds to my kitchen and felt how it was beaming via a connection to me, and this is just one creation of many.

Does this mean that Karen’s façade is cracking, and has she told her mother by now that “Stig is the only man I have truly loved”?

How does it feel like being told that you have been living your life as a lie (?), and is this what is also starting to “bother” Billy?

And no, I haven’t heard from any of the LTO team members this month, and is that because they feel so low/poorly that they simply “cannot” write me (?), and yes it should mean that I will send you NO MONEY at the end of January, but I have decided to show mercy on them sending money as usual because this is what is “normal” to me, and is it really “completely impossible” for you to communicate with me by now, and does that go with you too, Meshack (?), and yes, it would be nice to know if you are suffering too much for you to handle, or have you just “forgotten” to write me?

How many people like Synnøve Søe have tried in vain to make people understand what really goes on inside of her – “spiritual experiences” – and yes this is “completely impossible” to do, and it is here given to me to say how difficult it was for me to communicate to the world of experiences “inside my head”, which is what I put out via my website/scripts for you to understand.

It is the inner membrane of the speaker – the metal plate – which amplifies everything.

I noticed how two people from England read a number of my main websites including my front page, clairvoyant readings and latest script on Billy, Janet and Paul, and since Paul lives in Germany, I guess that this is Billy and Janet, who did at least some reading and “research”, and can it really be that Stig is God (?), and maybe it expanded the crack of light a little?

This afternoon, Denmark played the handball final against France, and before it started, I was shown the French player Nikola Karabatić followed by the Danish player Mikkel Hansen, and I was told that both would receive a main role.

I saw on TV the arrival of Queen Margrethe, Prince Henrik and Helle Thorning-Schmidt, and it cannot go wrong whey they are there also supporting me and knowing that I “play along” too?

In the beginning of the match, I wondered if I have relaxed too much today and yesterday (Sunday/Saturday), and that is because I have NOT been spinning/exercising at Fitness World because of my turned around day rhythm (I sleep from approx. 09.00 to 16.45 at the moment, which is the opening hours of Fitness World).

And it started off terrible with Denmark soon behind by 2-7, 4-13, 7-17 and 16-23 at half time, and I was asked if this is about you doing a remarkable comeback? Later I was told that this is because the bridge from darkness is still open, and we had to bring out some more steam from Billy via your mother, and this is of course because of my email to Billy (Janet and Paul) yesterday, and the visits to my website today bringing me even more darkness.

I was told that the Danish player Mensa did not work from start today, and it was him that darkness went through (with a reference to his match against Spain and my sister’s “control” over him).

The only “light” of the Danish play was Mikkel Hansen scoring almost as he pleased and the commentator said that “Mikkel plays all the way up on the top shelf”, and you do remember that this “shelf” that they keep talking about is a symbol of “pyramid”, i.e. creation.

I felt Janet coming to me too as light, but I was told that this could be “darkness disguised as light”, and these three, Billy, Paul and Janet, were now continuously knocking me up, and I was just sitting in my sofa not exercising, and this was the main challenge of the Danish team, who simply could not hold the strong French players physically in the defence, they did not have the “physical strength” today, which is about me not having done my physical training to absorb this darkness of these three “incredible kind/sweet spiritual teachers”, who “of course” would never send me darkness because this is not what they are about, right (?), no, WRONG!

This was the force of darkness that the Danish team could not handle because I did not do spinning this weekend, and this is what today turned Denmark from “the best team in the world” – having won over all teams comfortable including France 14 days ago – into an amateur team not standing a chance against France that had overtaken this title, and simply because of how light and darkness was divided, and I was shown Ulrik Wilbek attacking the French defence, which had transformed into GIANT and AGGRESSIVE BEARS (symbol of darkness) against which he didn’t stand a chance, and this is to tell you, Ulrik, that even though you are a “legend” having won 13 handball medals for Denmark (first women and then men), you cannot fight this force when it is not on your side, and your results over time were only possible because you had me supporting you all the way, this is what made you into a “legend”, do you see?

So the trees are not growing all the way into Heaven yet, even though I continued receiving “hurray it is my birthday” by Tommy Seebach. What you saw is what I told you already the other day, which is “French wash and ironing” and besides from washing/ironing clothes, this saying has also to do with “sexual services” (from a time when prostitution was illegal in Denmark, and adds in the newspapers offering exactly this was really “sexual services”), and here you saw the other side of it winning because of the INCREDIBLE PRESSURE OF DARKNESS – of Billy, Paul and Janet – coming against me, and this is what Nikola Karabatić was about when the Danish commentator (with inspiration) said “the giant pressure of Karabatić is completely controlling this match”, and this is how you, Karabatić, today was playing for the team of darkness.

This was the superior force we fought today, and I was told that darkness that I could not handle has been handled by my mother, i.e. the world. However, I was shown and told that we still bring out the violin (i.e. love) inside the dark and dusty box (of darkness) and that is because I told Billy, Paul and Janet that I “love you all”, and you also have the same feelings for me despite of your incredible sadness and feelings about me treating you “unjust”, and that is because “what if Stig is realty the one” (?), and yes, this is the message that I came through to bring them.

There was nothing that Denmark could do in the 2nd half because even though they player fine when attacking, their defence was nothing less than a catastrophe because of lack of physical strength, and at the end they lost by nothing less than 32-41 (!!!), and it was not only the defence that broke down, it was also the incredible Danish goalkeeper, Niklas Landin, who saved nothing today, and the commentator said “from some strange reason, he did not find himself at all today”, and now you know the reason, I was not stronger than darkness today, which brought my force to play with France.

The commentators said that “all of us with the Danish flag in the heart, have now been hit hard”, and this is where darkness was hitting me, and “when you are on top of these hierarchies, you have to give you absolutely outmost”, which Denmark physically “could not”, and “there will be given much speculation about this collective break down”, and yes, it was not only today you saw this, you also saw it at the Olympics two years ago when Denmark lost by 11 to Croatia and last year at the World Championships where Denmark lost by 16 to Spain, and this was the same kind of match today, and the ONLY explanation is that I received “too strong darkness for me to handle”, see?

I was given an incredible deep resonance sound to my TV, and was told that what will stand back is a belief that it was incredible that you were able to come all the way down to this darkness.

So the conclusion was: Denmark received “French wash and ironing”, and could do nothing about it, darkness was too strong.

But still, Denmark played up to its absolutely best, because this is what I did, Ulrik, and silver is also fine, don’t you think (?), and if you are too disappointed not winning gold at your last match ever as coach, you know who to complain to, and that is me, and yes the responsibility doesn’t stop with you as the coach (as they said on TV), it actually stops with me.

I was happy seeing the very talented singer Nabiha singing this fine song after the match, and it is as she sings: “Nothing can stop now that I’m flying” and that is “because the world is in my hands”, and we will for sure “BANG THAT DRUM” of our New World soon, and yes “the world is little” as they say, and this is both what people will say when you will meet me in our New World – another saying here – and also what the world really is, we just imagine that we are much bigger J.

Arthur Findlay College didn’t know when I would come, it is more like “a daily contact” they had with God, and now I tell them that they are SATAN acting as light, which is “impossible” to make them believe in?

Has Lichtenstein now pain out almost all money (?), yes we have just followed orders, and no, we don’t like the bank secrecy to be revealed – which is why the money is paid out to the secret network. Helle Thorning-Schmidt is part of this money game too but without knowing what it is really about because this is about ransom money required to redeem you, and yes the world still agrees to sacrifice to bring you completely out

We don’t need a key for this darkness coming in now, it is already you. So you have no idea about the extend of the destruction of the Universe to bringing you out, but I feel here that Vatican does, and yes, we become less on a daily basis, and is this possible to see in the space surrounding Earth (?), and I here feel that pictures of space – stars/galaxies etc. – presented for the public are forgeries showing something that don’t exist by now?

But this will soon end, this is the last part of the Old World also meaning that we have almost ceased to exist. The destination of the ransom, i.e. energy of the Universe, is you as the last of everything. And I wonder if this is also why spaceships of people of other civilizations shown themselves as stars on the sky to reveal the lacking Universe from mankind on Earth.

This means that we have practically cleaned up the physical universe, which you don’t get rid off easily, and now it is only us remaining, which we will bring via a Big Bang giving birth to a whole new Universe – a New World you know – including us in the leading parts. This is only what is coming, which the official world knows about. And I am thinking as Stig about just how many billions of people – maybe billions of billions (?) – of the Universe, who have sacrificed to bring me alive (?), and also that I would have liked to avoid this from happening because this was really the goal of my mission, “to save everyone”, and now almost all of the Universe have died, but then again, I understand that this was the only way out to bring the energy of the Universe as building stones for our New World, and I am told that all of these people sacrificing their lives have been told about our New World and their new original lives coming.

I watched the James Bond film “Thunderball” this evening and was told that the name of another medium I was given the other day, Libby (I did not look this up to check, it is “something like this”), was a reference to the name “Lippe” as one of the characters of this film was called, and this was given to let me know that Billy & Co. would recognise me as James Bond, who is a symbol of me, i.e. “the one”.

The best is that we will avoid going through millions of years of evolution with our New World because we know precisely where we finished the old and where we will start the new, which will be connected.

And all of this destruction of the Old World was because of darkness of Earth sent out in space, but still it was part of our journey to continue to our final goal, our New World.

This darkness was directed here from Arthur Findlay College, and I feel that Paul Jacobs knows about this and also that I would come one day to bring him – I remember being told about him many months ago that he is “the worst darkness” as in “the worst worst” kind of darkness – so now he knows that the game has ended, you won.

This is also part of Nazi darkness, which is why he lives in Germany, not England, and that is because he had to return home to the world, which he felt, and I directed him home really to meet you, and he didn’t know that you came from North because the compass was not completely adjusted.

Arthur Findlay College brings me the altar including the button to switch on our New World, and I feel Hitler here – “I have been here” – and since I have already been there, this button is with me. This is what we are bringing out of Billy too, and it is Billy who is the informer speaking about me.

And you have the spaceship of everything with you, so you will decide yourself when the Big Bang will happen. Now there is only blue print all over following your design of life, does Billy now really believe in you and that is after having been reminded about his own (spiritual) words given to you from your website including recordings/transcripts of his and the other’s sittings, and yes funny, right?

It becomes even more crazy from here; is it from here that mind control of the Universe was carried out (bringing light and darkness from man to man according to actions, i.e. the old universal rule), and if it was, it has had to be in co-operation with people of other civilizations and their knowledge of the Source and that is unless it happened automatically?

And the Hubble telescope did not need “new glasses” to see the Universe, which is here that man truly discovered the degree of destructions of the Universe, which they didn’t want to show man.

This is what is the purpose of Christian’s (my old classmate) journey, which is to help lifting up everything and to bring this on place in our New World, and yes, we will not start unprepared, so roads, bridges, houses and everything is created, which we transferred from one place to another – from the Old World to the New World – and then, “Vupti” they say here on TV making me think of Tom from Brede Park (who liked this character).

Isn’t it funny if Paul Jacobs has controlled all of this monitoring program (of the Source monitoring all life of our Old World), and yes it sounds “completely crazy”, which may be darkness speaking to me, but then again, it may really be the truth too because the story simply sounds “right”.

It means that all energy of the Universe has now been rearranged, i.e. destructed in our Old World and created in our New World or transformed from darkness to light, which is really what it is about.

Do we need Naser Khader’s voice – I will meet him tomorrow evening at a public lecture on the library – as direction marks bringing us the right place (?), and yes, this is how he is laid out.

And I wonder if this new Big Bang will hurt, and I am thinking that this is NOT the idea and we are really not here anymore, we were already created October 31, 2012 and we will now experience this with time delay, and then it will not hurt (?), and no, I do believe we will see it happening on the sky and then with magic we are suddenly a new place as our new selves but we will recognise the place as being ours (?), and I wonder if all poverty will be transferred too (?), we will see how it will look, but I feel “upgraded to light without sufferings”, so it will turn out fine for everyone, this is the basic idea J.

So this is the little that remains of me, i.e. the remaining physical Universe, and this is also because I have no force anymore, this is why there is so little remaining.

Well, was the destiny of Arthur Findlay College really decided by the Nazi Germans (?), and I am here given the feeling of “co-operation with people of other civilizations”, and was there really a co-operation also between Germany and England and more at the top of the world, where this was part of (?), and yes, why don’t we use this place where Stig will come one day where we will then connect our “voice machine” to him, and this is how it happened in 2006, where it did not take many days after I returned home from my second and last course there before my constant spiritual voice opened to me.

So we are not billionaires, no, we are down on one Krone remaining, i.e. no energy, and we have held all of this back since World War II knowing that you would come here because this is where I, Hitler, brought my most valued belonging, which is the button to our New World, and yes what do you still have from Arthur Findlay College (?), and yes a candle, and why don’t you lid this to send a sign to the Universe that we are in control.

I felt Billy and was told “viskelæder” (“eraser” with the first part of the word also meaning “whisper”), and this is what he was, the eraser of me and also whispering the truth about me and Arthur Findlay College, which became too much for him to hide, and yes, one day God/Jesus will come, but he didn’t know that it was me or was he an actor too?

And it is from here that your sister was signed, and I am here given a weak déjà vue slowly starting to come to me, which is that “I know” that this is the head office of “everything”, thus being “the worst darkness”, but really the opposite because can it be that Paul Jacobs and others know that they had to be “darkness disguised as light” to fool the world in order to bring it to me for me to absorb and use as building stones for our New World (?), and how can it not be?

Yes, I am writing these lines even though I cannot – I am completely “finished” – but this is because I like to publish this script too with important information to the world if anyone cares to listen out there (?), and yes, the mainstream world, i.e. Earth, simply don’t care, it “could not” discover me and the end time having destructed most of the Universe and that is right until the very end before the new Big Bang will come, and this is quite a performance, right (?), and yes needed in order to bring me all darkness for me to transfer to our New World, this was the task of man/Earth.

I was shown the propeller of a small plane, and this is about installing a new engine on everything.

It means that the whole universe has sacrificed to bring you alive, and this is the first time that this is said to me clearly – I have really only received indications verbally, but I know from many signs that the Universe has sacrificed, otherwise I would not have been able to handle darkness MUCH to strong to me, this is just the first time that it is very clearly said to me.

So Arthur Findlay College have seen the shipyard, i.e. they have seen you coming all along.

I felt my father and was told that the idea was NOT to destroy anything of the Source – by not giving up – which means that everything has been transferred/saved.

Does Arthur Findlay College also know that fat in sausages really doesn’t exist – because we are “nothing” – and did they also plan you (?), and it sounds as if this is here that the Universal Council is located (and/or a body beneath it?), but I didn’t see any people of other civilizations when I was there in 2005, but “you are closer to the truth than you believe”.

It is also here that they were willing to throw you – and the Universe – down into the grave, and yes we will start all over from here.

I was shown two kings (Karen and I) becoming one, and I felt (the not Lady anymore) Diana asking me “when are we done” (?), and yes, I still have more work for more website, but the list is not that long now, however I may have difficulties finding time and energy to do this work.

I was told that French victory in handball is also about darkness of Denis coming to me trying to keep Karen from me (?), and I guess that Prince Henrik at least is happy?

FB 270114 Stig 3

FB 270114 Stig 4



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