January 2014 – IX: The Universe has direct access to the Source via Arthur Findlay College distributing light/darkness according to what man brings


Summary of Facebook VIII – January 2014

  • January 29: The Universe has direct access to the Source via Arthur Findlay College distributing light/darkness according to what man brings
    • This evening I met the previous MP and now member of the Hudson Institute think tank, Naser Khader – an expert on the Arab World and one of the secret leaders of the world – and already during the afternoon I was first told that Naser is “pure Greenland”, i.e. God too being this close or really part of the Source , but because creation was “turned around”, he has brought INCREDIBLE DARKNESS to me, and I was given the strongest out of this world pain to my right ankle for a long time as one of more symbols telling me this. Naser’s TRUE role in this game of darkness is to make Muslims look “crazy” to westerners (create uprising/war between the Muslim and Western world, if it was necessary in order to “burn off darkness” that I did not absorb). Later, I met Naser and his radio co-host Steen Nørskov, and they did a brilliant two hour long lecture on the situation in Syria and the Arab world, and I was told that Naser spiritually feels me as I feel him! He was afraid of meeting me because of the risk of receiving a trashing from me in my writings. Both Naser and Steen knows about whom I am. Naser was one believing that I was crazy/negative, but “Stig is not a fool” is what turned him into a believer too, and now he also tells people of the secret network about the truth of me. Naser and Steen were DIVINELY INSPIRED when showing BIG SMILES and the “V” for victory sign on both hands in connection with a story on Giza, i.e. the Pyramids containing our New World. He “could not” reveal his knowledge about me because of the ban of the secret network to speak publicly about or with me. They know that the real reason of the Syrian war is for people to sacrifice in order to bring strength to the other side helping to bring me and our New World alive, and the war will first stop with my arrival, but they “cannot” speak this to the world, and also not the risk of a new holocaust this time with the Western world being the Nazi’s and Muslims being the Jews.
    • The coming new Big Bang will not bring a huge explosion because there is (almost) nothing of the Universe to explode, it has already been transformed into our New World. I have to start up the New World from outside, which will be my last action as my old self, and energy of Fuggi is helping me doing this, and also “the last oil” of Queen Margrethe’s shrine of the Tsar’s, which includes the original child of me.
    • Everyone will be able to see what is behind your eyes, i.e. the Source, and that is “nothing”, and it is from this force of nothing that we have been created. LET ME REPEAT: IT IS FROM THE FORCE OF NOTHING THAT WE HAVE BEEN CREATED, i.e. from a “natural force”, which “is”, and for the first time ever, the Source will be alive with the New World being inside the Source making the world able to do everything having unlimited force at disposal.
    • We have used the spiritual power of thousands of people visiting Arthur Findlay College to lift the task of “the Universal rule” of the Source working as a mirror returning to man what man sent out to the Source via his actions (this is why I received “the worst darkness” from this place, because this is what man has sent via wrong actions/behaviour), and to bring life itself, and Arthur Findlay College wears “golden booths” meaning that it was set up as a model of our New World where man will do the tasks of the “mirror” of the Source having direct access to the force of the Source. Thus, Arthur Findlay College was the Source self, which I have been granted access to by its “guards”, i.e. the teachers, who did not stop me when I confronted them. This is how the Universal Council works; it works directly together with the force of the Source based on actions of man. This is the light that used to be in Jerusalem that we have moved to Arthur Findlay College, and I was shown myself inside the room of a GIANT clock only waiting to be started up – to start up our New World – and this is the room of the Source. Man had access to recordings of the Source on everything of everyone, which they received from people of other civilizations having found the secrets of the Universe and then just to open to its archive.
    • The shrine of Queen Margrethe includes the origination of everything, and it is her faith in me that makes me resurrect from here, and this is connected to my friend Fuggi, who is here “the foreign body” outside the Source asking to become creation. It both requires this foreign body and the force of “nothing” of the Source to create, and it is this original foreign body, which is the Source that is bringing the eternal lifeline turning around and transforming everything of the Source into physical life. Our spiritual selves – the mirror of our physical selves – were part of the Source, and it is now our spiritual and physical parts merging as diamonds, which are brought to my eyes as one.
    • I watched Obama’s speech of the State of the Union live on TV, and received spiritual contact with him, and was told that he is looking forward to the “Oregano” of our New World, and he saluted me as the commander-in-chief, and gave me feelings of Naser Khader too. All of the US Congress and media knows about me, they don’t believe I am crazy (anymore), and await my awakening. I supported Obama telling him to “do your absolutely best”, which he did by holding his best State of the Union speech ever “full of energy” even though he is a tired man too as I am still fighting darkness going directly after its throat, for example “big finance”. Obama knows that we are moving the piano of the Source over to our side of physical life, he supports me continuing to fight darkness until the very end. His task was to help the old system survive doing his best, which he did NO MATTER WHAT :-).


January 2014 – IX: The Universe has direct access to the Source via Arthur Findlay College distributing light/darkness according to what man brings

January 29: The Universe has direct access to the Source via Arthur Findlay College distributing light/darkness according to what man brings (the Universal rule)

FB 290114 Stig 1

FB 290114 Stig 2

I dreamt something about a lazy radio repair man about to add an expensive item to an amplifier before he sees that the amplifier is empty and only consist of the chassis, and I tell him the truth of his lack of skills and how he needs to be activated, and still he is a loveable man, and this repair man was Billy Cook, who “cannot” read and understand me because of laziness.

I also dream of doing a consumer survey together with the MEP Morten Messerschmidt in Helsingør, and about Søren H. starting up a new insurance company and he wants to hire me, but it may take months before his administrative employees have prepared the business and before he wants to employ me, but I am without income here and now, i.e. have no energy.

I woke up to Whitney Houston’s “the greatest love of all” and the lyrics “Teach them well and let them lead our way” (the children) and “show them all the beauty that they possess inside”, and this is basically the idea of our New World, and I received smiles reminding me of the laughter of Karen.

The other day I was encouraged to search for Henrik T. H., an old class friend of mine, and I found him on LinkedIn and sent him an invitation to connect and a short, friendly message, but no, he has “not been able” to accept my invitation, and not yet at least, and we know, more darkness coming my way believing that I am crazy too, you are, Henrik (?), and yes I still remember how we listened to “Discovery” by Electric Light Orchestra once at your house, but you have still to “discover” me.

I was told that Kim – Karen’s old love, whom she mourned so much about that it was completely destructing her when I met her in 2003 – is not the worst that has happened to Karen because she has cried VERY DEEPLY because of me, which has been amplified by Denis, and this is what has drawn out ALL of me, and I am being told this now because this is what I meet from Karen here, her misunderstood sadness hurting her incredible.

I felt VERY close to the limit of feeling “too poorly” to exercise today, but Naser Khader – the former member of the Danish Parliament, (originally from Syria) and now part of a Washington think tank forming thoughts of the world about the Arabic World, which he lives speaking about – was coming to town this evening at 19.00 at the library, and I had told him that I would be there, so even though I felt too poorly just to cycle to town, I decided to cross my limit and to first go to the library during the afternoon to do a little updates to my previous scripts (pictures etc.), and when I arrived there, I received the feeling of Greenland, i.e. God, and then Naser Khader, and I was told that Naser is pure Greenland/God to me too.

I continued from there to Fitness World to do spinning despite of having the classis signs of tiredness, no energy, feeling “empty” and dizzy, and when I started this hour, I was told “aren’t we gold yet” (?), and this was about collecting even more darkness, which otherwise first would have been opened on the other side of our New World – it was “far out behind”, and I was told that this is the gift of Naser now coming to me, this is how “far out” Naser is, and no, he is not looking forward to coming to Helsingør today but being a responsible man, he doesn’t want to cancel, and I was told that this is how dark these think tanks are (Hudson Institute in Washington in the case of Naser), and they are playing the game of the world and here about the darkest dark, which is the Middle East and the Arabic World, and I was told that he feels like knowing me well too, and I wondered if his eyes this evening was going to reveal him as the eyes of the mayors Johannes and Benedikte did, and also Margrethe Vestager?

During the spinning, the instructor received an idea that the handlebars of my spinning-cycle was too low, and she hurried down to me raising it, and then she could not help showing me how to stamp in my pedals by stamping on the floor only few centimetres from my glasses lying there on top of my towel, which she had not noticed, and this was a sign showing just how close darkness of Naser – part of the setup of darkness against Muslims – was to break me down.

And when this instructor spoke, I continuously received the feeling of Benedikte Kiær speaking.

When riding my cycle all day, the gear shifting went “bananas”, and I felt darkness physically coming to me bring the force to make the gear “jump” not wanting to shift or taking a long time to shift, which was done in “jumps”, and yes, it is a long time since I have had this, and again, this is about darkness of Naser coming to me, so you were hiding MUCH of this, my friend.

And yes, it is funny to think that this room where we spin today, is the very room that I went to typewriting at my EFG school in 1981/82, I remember it as if it was yesterday, and yes, I was also the quickest of my class back then to typewrite, and I guess that I am still quicker than most.

What is Naser’s TRUE role in this game of the World Elite (?), and is it as simple as I am told that it is to make Muslims look “crazy” in order to create uprising/war via negative feelings to Muslims of Westerners?

Later, at the library a little before 19.00 when I was waiting for Naser and his part from the fine radio program “Arabic Voices”, Steen Nørskov, to arrive (to speak about the Arabic Spring etc.), I was given a GIANT out of this world pain to my right ankle – it is long ago I received something as big as this also saying that Naser brings MUCH darkness (!) – and I was told that this is because he also felt me already, he know that I would be there.

They arrived, and the public meeting started here at the library, we were no more than maybe 30 people – with thousands of people here in Helsingør sitting at home in front of the TV, why didn’t you come out (in the snow storm as it was) meeting Steen and Naser “live” (?), which is MUCH better (!) – and Steen (journalist from Denmark’s national radio, who seems to be as knowing and good a storyteller as Naser is) started by telling a story of the police in Egypt, I believe, which all people are scared of, and about a meeting there for someone to be trashed, and I received this feeling given to me when others speak with an “inspired voice”, and this was about Naser being afraid of coming here and to receive a “trashing” from me afterwards in my writings (like Margrethe Vestager and others experiencing my direct writings).

I looked them into their eyes when they spoke, I sat directly in front of them on 4th row, and I didn’t notice anything particular in their eyes as I did with the before mentioned – other than what looked like “looks of interest” to me.

However, after some time I was told that Naser thought about seeing me “the one” alive, and I was shown an arrow leading from Steen to me and was told that it is not only Naser, but also Steen knowing about me. And a little later I was shown two arrows leading from Naser to me and the other way, and isn’t it funny that Naser can also feel me spiritually.

They were quite “inspired” during these two hours here for example when they spoke about different groups of Arabs having different kinds of beards, and Naser told us about how the beard of Jihads look like, and Steen then said that they look like fishermen, and here “fish” was a reference to the symbol of me.

I was told that Naser believed that I was full of hatred/negativity, and what on Earth made you believe that, Naser (?), I just wrote the truth of what I saw.

They spoke about the Muslim Brotherhood and said that “people very well knew how they were”, which had the double meaning that Naser and Steen very well know who I am.

Steen spoke about how the Muslim Brotherhood and their sign of for fingers once was forbidden, but still there was a sign on their office door in Giza, they were “unofficially accepted”, and it made an inspired Naser tell the story about how a judge in football when giving a signal that there were four minutes remaining of the match gave a “V” using two fingers on each hand because he was afraid of the police if he had used four fingers, and this was really a symbol about the Pyramids of Giza containing our New World and VICTORY of course, and it made me happy to see them both working very directly as actors of the spiritual world, whom I felt working inside of them, when they gave their biggest smiles and both stood with both hands up in the air giving the sign “V”, yes Naser, this is how “divine inspiration” from above works when you are in company with me :-).

I was told that another thought of Naser was that you cannot see on Stig that he is tired, but I was and also had trouble keeping my eyes open at a period during these two hours.

Is Naser one of those who have sent me the most darkness (?), yes, and I felt Obama and have you met Obama to help him trying to understand me (?), which is also not easy to him, and I felt Jette too, and were Jette’s Google Earth pictures also part of it (?), and isn’t this how we bring Obama to you now (?), and that is via Naser.

Well, it isn’t true about the end of the world and a New World that you write about (?), and yes, this is because the world misunderstood you, “Stig is crazy/negative”, they couldn’t understand that it is always positive to speak the truth (very directly).

Have we now transferred Naser’s part to you before the end of time (?), yes.

They – Steen and Naser – do know the real agenda of the war in Syria and the terrible sufferings of people (including “KZ-camps” lookalike), which is to help bringing energy (the opposite on the other side, you know) to bring me and our New World alive, but no, they cannot say this, and this war will end with my arrival.

No, Naser also cannot bear reading you as goodnight reading, no one can, Obama neither.

No, “Stig is NOT Jesus”, and yes, this is now also one of Naser’s tasks when he travels the world to let people know that I really am, but no, he also “cannot” truly say hello to you this evening because the ban speaking publicly about – or with – you still stands, and I was told that if it had not, he would also have thanked me for saving the world.

There will come no Arab children out of you (?), and eeehhh this is because you don’t like Muslims (?), and yes, who have told you so (?), I have just been to the finest Libanese restaurant shortly before this meeting – “Royal Shawarma” (some of my favourite food :-)) – and yes, I care for ALL PEOPLE, but I do NOT like extreme Muslims (what they stand for, not them as people), as I do NOT like extreme Jews, Catholics or any other religion, is this clear enough?

It was about making the world believe that you were not crazy (the part of the secret network not knowing the truth about me, which only the very top did), which was NOT to believe in my sister’s and the official story about me, and no “Stig is no fool” is what was decisive to bring the world on your side.

At one stage I received Steen’s and Naser’s feeling of being part of “POWER” influencing the world via their radio broadcasts – and not least Naser being on TV all over the world as an “expert” – and yes, they do know what they speak about, and I like that VERY much instead of people trying to make people believe that they know what they speak of without knowing anything/much as Naser for example did at an election some years ago where he suggested a reform of the tax system without understanding the tax system, and this is really what brings people out on thin ice, and no, I do NOT like that at all, but this is how MANY politicians work like (“I believe …”, but often they don’t know ….) and that goes for the entire population, but here they are truly experts, and I was happy to learn about the history and present situation of the Arab world this evening, they were VERY good.

I was shown my head being stuck into something, and was told that I have herewith stuck my head into the conflict of the Arab world, and not only Obama, and no, not before now via this meeting.

Have the Jihadists also tried to recruit Naser (?), and yes, not many knows about this, and no, Naser was meant to go into another direction, which is why he stands here today.

I received the taste of Oregano, which I had the other day, and I connect this spice to Italy, and I was told that Naser is one of the (secret) leaders of the world together with Berlusconi, and I was told that this is why Naser was inspired to speak about the Italian Parliament and Berlusconi a couple of times (when compared the first Arab Parliaments with “something we know”).

I thought about a question I could have asked, which was because they spoke about the connection of Holocaust (of Nazi’s on Jews), Israel and the Arab world, and my question would have been about the potential danger of a new “holocaust”/war arising between the Muslim and the Western world because of “different values” and not least because of many people HATING each other on both sides, but no, I didn’t ask because what would they have answered (?), and certainly not the truth that this was the game plan of darkness, i.e. for World War to break out in case it was necessary for man to take on darkness that I could not, but now, this will not be necessary because I continued my work to the very end, and yes, part of the Doomsday Scenario it was.

These two hours went quickly, they did a very fine lecture including questions and answers, and I hoped to get their attention on my way out when saying goodbye, but they were “distracted” by others, and only Naser saw me waving and saying goodbye when I walked by him. Thank you for a nice evening, Naser, and the next time, you (and Steen) are also very welcome to come by for a cup of coffee, and that is if you have the courage?

I was told that this new Big Bang will not bring a huge explosion because there is (almost) nothing of the Universe to explode, it has already been transformed into our New World.

When you have passed Naser as you have now, you are almost empty. And please understand/remember, Naser and Steen, that I only speak out what I am told here spiritually, and I never know what is coming to me as light/the truth or darkness/deception, but you may understand the story as it is told?

No, you haven’t used the last of the Tsar-invention (of Queen Margrethe), there is still a little oil remaining, and yes “the last oil” so to say.

You cannot blow the bank from within, can you (?), and yes, this is about starting up the New World, which has to be done outside of it, and this will become your last action, and it made me think that this may require for me to accept my “old nightmare” and/or “wrong Internet behaviour”, but I have decided that NO MATTER WHAT I will NOT do this as a matter of principle, and yes, there has to be another way to find the heart of Karen, and this goes via LOVE only. And there will be nothing much to explode because the Universe has already been transferred to our New World, and we are the last remaining.

Jack hasn’t been told by now that the war is over (?), and the Queen too (?); and I understand that this is what they have, apparently an official message has been sent out, and maybe you would like to send me a copy (?), but eeehhh you “cannot”???

I was told that Fuggi is decisive because he succeeded so well saving us through this, and I was told and shown that he is part of a GIANT weight, i.e. the Source, falling towards the ground, and I have been encouraged to write his old friend Dennis F. to ask him if he knows what has happened to Fuggi, but I have not, and this was to start this off, but now we will start anyway, and yes I can see on Fuggi’s timeline that one of his friends have “tagged” him after they went out for a walk in November 2013, so hopefully he is not dead, but just “cannot” speak because of darkness working against me asking you to keep away, is this how it is (?), or are you just a coward (?), or is there another rational explanation?

I was told about “the Queen’s thing” that always helps us, and I was shown it as a miniature orchestra coming out from a hole covered by a plastic layer. It is inside of this that the child of me sits.

It is now energy of Fuggi that we will use until we will enter, and I felt Fuggi on a motorcycle – which normally is a symbol of darkness – directly in front of me driving towards me, and it drives with incredible speech to return to me, and it is first now that we use him for this, which is what he is designed for, and yes, it would be easier if you knew what has happened to him – and maybe he has just discovered by now that I am “pure light”.

I was shown a Pyramid being bathed in light, and a motorcycle coming out from the forest, and does this mean that we have returned to the very origin where everything started? This is from where darkness is led out.

I felt Naser during the evening several hours after having met him, which is about him thinking of me.

Man polluted the world MUCH (I was shown INCREDIBLE pollution) trying to kill me, and it was their task leading me to the Source, and this is where your father has saved everything.

And we destructed the Universe to make me come clean.

It is not secret that everyone will be able to see what is behind your eyes, i.e. the Source, and that is “nothing”, and it is from this force of nothing that we have been created.

And I, the Source, have never been alive before, and I thought that it was about time to come on over to show you what I can do together with you inside and not outside creation.

This is what we mean by coming to the backside wall of Karen, so Naser’s task was to put the lid on.

I was given the feeling of Arthur Findlay College, and this is then where we are having used all of the spiritual power of thousands of spiritually gifted people coming here over time to lift the task about “the universal rule” bringing light/darkness (thoughts/”mind control”, feelings, sexuality), to people (depending on actions of people) including who and how people were to be hit by cancer etc.

So we have created a mirror of ourselves for creation, and I am shown one basketball hall after the other in an endless line, and a man flip-flopping from one to the other, which is about individuals deciding which “mirror”/creation that they will live inside and for how long, and the last remaining is for the cowboy, i.e. the Source of me, to enter.

I was shown GIANT gear wheels as part of a GIANT clock inside a room, where I am walking around as darkness, and this is where we are waiting to start up everything.

I felt my sister and mother and was then shown a GIANT taxi arriving at the cinema, i.e. our New World, and instead of me being driven to our New World with the taxi, I am bringing everyone directly to it.

I felt myself as the Source inside an apple, and was told that it is “good enough”, it is me being the apple, and this is where I am bringing you in as the New World, so there you are, the Source is the apple, and the New World is inside the apple.

No one has ever been inside of here before, this is where all content of the giant money tank is, i.e. the force, and this is what for the first time will be given the New World disposal of, which will make you able to do everything.

I was told that Arthur Findlay College has golden boots on, and also that Uffe Ellemann was not born without this, and is it so that they have been set up as a model/template of our New World (?) – man using the Source to bring out the force and mirror of the Source, which in our New World will only be light/love – and this is “the living room” that was the home of the Source self (?), and this is what I have been allowed by the teachers/guards (not stopping me) to enter.

This is how I, the Source, have come out via all of these people working for me here including you, and yes, this is from where “the machine” was installed in me. And it is Arthur Findlay College that we will turn around using all of the force being built up there.

I was shown the Source at the top of creation – a round tower – coming bundles of new tooth sticks into new glasses, which are one New World after another, and I have no intention to stop doing this.

So this is how the Universal Council works; it works directly together with the force of the Source, and this is the try we have made, which we will continue doing. And is this what Paul Jacobs knows about (?), and while the Source was inside of Karen, this is what sent out darkness? This is why I received “the worst darkness” from this place, because this is what man has sent via wrong actions/behaviour.

This is the light that used to be in Jerusalem that we have moved to Arthur Findlay College, which is under your control, and yes, this is the “clock room” that I am inside as shown before.

You will never become tired of delivering coins, i.e. create New Worlds, and to see what hides inside of them (new cells inside “nothing”).

I was happy to be hearing from Meshack again, and it seems as if he has trouble with his laptop, and cannot come to town and sent me an email when it doesn’t work.

“Hi there,it is my hope that you are doing okay and the same is with us hereI have had no opportunity to write to you and the reason being that my laptop yet broke down and i had it repaired today.We are still carrying on with life despite the hardship we are going through. I still hold my great faith in you and i cannot forget the journey we have gone through with you and i know we are about to cross the finish line and no need to loose hope.Kind regards Meshack”

I was dreaming of my mother being under incredible pressure almost giving up, we dream the same dream about not being able to get a foreign football player out of our defence, but I see a wonderful view. All people at a hotel want to fight me believing that I behave wrongly, and they cannot understand that it is them behaving wrongly. I meet Michael Sadler and he is glad for my message that he is divine, but he cannot control himself bringing up much content of many basements without control.

I was told that a Centre Democrat is part of the last process to bring me freedom and push the button to our New World, and I “almost felt” Mimi Jacobsen.

I was told that the Source distributes the force of life to all layers of life according to the need.

I was shown a HUGE carrier ship being almost turned up in the right position, and the deck of it – the Source – almost looks like a computer card having endless roads and cells on it.

So it is I being inside of nothing, and I received cracking sounds to my oven.

If I did not write it, most of the Universe had destructed before I decided to live correctly from 2009.

Has the Queen known that this item of hers includes the origination of everything, and what do you use such an item for (?), and yes, faith is decisive, so it is her faith in me that makes me resurrect from here. And this is connected to Fuggi, who is smiling me up to the top peak of the mountain from where I will say “alright, we will start all over”.

And this is the Source from where everything originates, and how can the Source be both there, at Arthur Findlay College and here (?), and yes we are all inside the Source and the Source is all inside of us.

And it requires someone from outside to enter all the way here at the Source, and here I feel Fuggi being this person, and eeehhhh don’t you want to come, Stig, and to create a whole New World (?), and is it a wish of this that is the foundation of the creation, do you remember the story of the foreign body inside the oyster developing into a beautiful pearl (?), this is the story, and this is what we do then, create Christmas, and I feel myself as the Source and this outside element coming to me asking to be something.

I was thinking of how many of my family, friends etc. having played with a façade of the system working against me – I can think of several – and don’t you think that it is about time that you show yourselves as you TRULY are?

So man has had access to recordings of the Source on everyone, which was the only way for us to come through too, and it was used against us, and where does this advanced technology comes from (?), and yes from people of other civilizations having found the secrets of the Universe and then just to open to its archive, which man has had secret access to including everything on everyone.

So our spiritual selves – the mirror of our physical selves – where part of the Source. And it is now our spiritual and physical parts merging as diamonds put together in two diadems, which are brought to my eyes as one, and these diamonds, this light, is made from three parts, i.e. the Trinity.

Yes, it requires a world that wants to become a world. And this is just to find a part of the code of the computer card of the Source, so is this “foreign body” really ourselves wanting to create ourselves?

So we have not come from out of nothing but really from this foreign body/imperfection of the Source, which grew strong becoming the life that we know today, and this is the foreign body which we bring the eternal lifeline – as I am shown as pasta band here (I love pasta) – through, this is inside of here that we are, the apple of the Source, isn’t it incredible?

And it is us who have decided to turn around everything, and yes Stig, it makes you wonder if there are “imperfections” everywhere or only this one place, and yes, this imperfection in question became a pearl (which I now see is why I bought Karen ear ring pearls and am given “pearl of Karen”) deciding to turn around all other “cells”, so is this foreign body a cell that turned around by “mistake” in an otherwise perfect nothing?

I am here given the déjà vue about taking “an eternity” to develop consciousness, which is “not easy” to do.

So one thing depends on the other, i.e. to have a foreign body wanting to become creation/life and the force of “nothing” to bring the force/tools bringing this, and without one of these, there would be no life.

As usual, I was awake during the night – part of the process of turning around as I understand it – and I had decided to watch Obama’s speech to the Congress about the state of the nation, and a few minutes before he entered, I received the taste of Oregano coming together with a little heart attack (I continue receiving these) and the feeling of Naser Khader followed by the feeling of Obama, which was about Obama feeling me and knowing about my meeting with Naser.

I was given the name “Clegg” and who is he (?), is `this one bothering Obama as I was told (?), and at the same time it also meant “cracking an egg” (of creation). And this Clegg may be Nick Clegg, the British Deputy Prime Minister, and if this is the case, you may understand what this is about, and if you do, you may decide to “understand” and/or “improve” (?), and let me say that I have full trust in Obama.

I was told that this spice, Oregano, is now a symbol of our New World.

I was shown a BIG gathering of several hundreds of Americans standing closely together in a room, and one head sticks up, which belongs to the reporter of 60 Minutes, Morley Safer, and at the middle of this room stands the coffin of my new self, and everyone knows that this is about the awakening of my new self, and these people are American media and politicians.

Eventually, Obama arrived and started his speech, and I kept on receiving the vision of military salute and the word commander-in-chief, and this is about Obama knowing that I was with him and this is what he is thinking of me as the Source of everything.

I was also told “do you remember the one with the nose” (?), and this is about Obama’s speech in Ireland approx. 2-3 years ago where he itched his nose as a sign to me, and yes, it is not often that I am live together with you, my friend, but here I was at one of your big days, and I told you “go for it, Obama, do your absolutely best, take them with storm, be strong/confident, do what you do best”!

How many do you believe here (at the Congress) believe that you are crazy (?), and is that the entire gang (?), yes you might think so, but not anymore, which is also why Naser Khader was sent over here as your “delegate” to bring faith in you.

I felt how my sight was “locked” on Joe Biden – Hey Joe 🙂 – and I was told that he also had a principal part of our “game”, and I felt that these words were given to me by Obama, and also that he cares much for Joe.

I continued receiving the taste of Oregano and the word commander-in-chief again and again, and I was told that this is the main message of Obama to me, and I smiled and thought about an old saying here, which is “take care over there”.

I received the thought of Obama, which is about opening the closed military Area 51 and to bring the “imprisoned” people of other civilizations out of there, and this place also works as a unit giving birth to more people of other civilizations (to work for man).

I was shown Obama in the last right corner of the Danish department store Magasin in Copenhagen (at the entrance at Bremerholm) – this is the last and very little corner of darkness with everything else being life of our New World – and he leaves Magasin, and I see him down on Bremerholm, which is where the head office of Danske Bank is (and where I worked from 1988-91), and this was to say that Obama is still working inside of darkness too against the big finance, and this is also connected to my resistance to Goldman Sachs and their agreement to buy parts of DONG-energy of Denmark, which will be decided January 30 by the Parliament, and status today is that the resistance of Danish politicians, media and population is VERY strong, the Minister of Finance looks like a clown trying to defend this agreement (going against the normal policy of his own party) including Goldman Sachs residing in “tax heaven” and many employees of DONG potentially receiving HUGE bonuses, and the Socialist People’s Party is considering leaving the government (consisting of three parties) because of this issue, which is FAR ABOVE their “pain level”, and the question is if you believe you can survive taking Goldman Sachs as the worst greedy darkness in as partner, Helle Thorning-Schmidt (?), and we will see what happens. And I felt Angela Merkel here too now also on my side, and yes, we have not heard much from you for a long time, Angela, and aren’t you the strong lady of Europe anymore?

I was shown a big heart around Obama from my father, and I was told that this is because he is not afraid going directly after the throat of the big finance, and this is coming to you because I am not afraid doing the same against darkness I meet.

This is also confirmation from Obama that we are ready to take on the last darkness, and that is because Stig is not tired, right (?), and no one can see on Obama that he is tired too (?), and yes, well done “old man”.

I was told that St. Tropez is still open, we are still bringing in more darkness.

It is difficult for Obama too to listen to and understand people because he also has a spiritual voice speaking to him at the same time as I also do, but still, this is not what people have experienced with him/us (?), and this requires MUCH concentration for us to do.

It also means that Obama knows that we are moving the piano of the Source from one side to the other, so Obama is not the problem, no this is what these deaf people of the Congress is/was, and they know that Obama is “another part of me” receiving and speaking with my voice, but it is based on Obama’s decisions as a normal human being doing his best inside the old system, and this is what will be scraped, but it was his task to help the system to survive until the end, and to play an act about our future, which will not be as he speaks, but something completely new – my New World Order – in our New World.

And yes, Obama really took the Congress with STORM for example when speaking passionately about minimum wages and equal pay.

I keep on being told about Jack with a low voice not really saying something, but I was told that he is not forgotten.

I was given a symbol of darkness (“faeces”!), and was told that Obama looks forward reading about my meeting with Naser Khader, and I received a TRUE FAVOURITE song of mine, which is “NO MATTER WHAT” and not by anyone else than MEAT LOAF – I heard it the other day, and realised/was confirmed just how much I LOVE his version of this song, which may be the best he ever did in my mind – and the lyrics “no matter what they tell us, no matter what they do, no matter what they teach us, what we believe is TRUE”, and let us use this song as a symbol of Obama’s fight against darkness helping us to return home, and I do believe that we are about to being HOME BY NOW :-).

We are still seeking deeper into darkness – down towards your coffin.

Obama’s FINE and STRONG speech ended after one hour, and I was told that we become stronger and stronger, and we stand behind you, and these were words of Obama coming to me, so thank you my friend for your continued support – I feel Meshack here too, Obama knows about your presence, support and humour despite of your troubled situation – and for your fine work, and Obama truly did a fantastic speech, and so much that my old Facebook friend – but not anymore – Mads Fuglede said that this was Obama’s best State of the Union speech ever, and “he was full of energy”, and this was because of my support of Obama and because I continue spinning, you know.

It is not so that the repeating attacks on Obama’s healthcare reform is a sign on constant attacks of darkness and if the Republicans had succeeded bringing this to its gave, it would have been a symbol of the world succeeding to bring me to state, this is what it meant and as this is a gift to Americans, I am the gift to the world.

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About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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