January 2014 – X: Transferring my new self from Karen and bringing the MUCH bigger Source in as new physical life – the New World is Karen’s and my children


Summary of Facebook VIII – January 2014

  • January 31: Transferring my new self from Karen and bringing the MUCH bigger Source in as new physical life – the New World is Karen’s and my children
    • My task today was to reach the cake placed the highest of all, which is my new inner self inside the coffin as the last of darkness. I felt my new self (Jesus) inside of this and I was told that it is me having planned all of this game (of creation – darkness vs. light), and you are now your own Source (as the son). Karen and I were born as each other’s worst enemies, and that is unless love between us would be stronger, and this is what made Karen to not stop me and my writings. The rolls have now been reversed after we have been all the way out in the hemp to collect you (my new self from inside darkness of Karen). This night, where I was COMPLETELY DESTROYED, everything of my inner self was transferred, and this is because “you are really not the worst” according to Karen, so we have now turned the Source of Karen from darkness to become you as light, which was “completely impossible” to do. It means that I am now both the feminine and masculine side of life, and Karen is “nothing”, which we will just shake up and down, and then we are HOME. I won Karen’s heart fully.
    • The New World is not my mother’s and father’s children, it is Karen and my children. I am the Son of my mother and father, and this is our New World containing the children of Karen and I Karen doesn’t know that we have delivered the birth of our New World together, which was also a condition to make it possible. “We believed that it would be ”impossible” for you to pass Karen” – to reach the Source behind her before after the opening of our New World because of lack of faith of man, but since I did not give up, still work and still have my mother with me, I have now brought in my new self via Karen, thus also the direct connection to all of the Source, which is what opens to everything already at the opening of our New World, thus not only our new selves, but EVERYTHING of the MUCH BIGGER Source including all life/force becoming physical life (an eternity of other creations) instead of only receiving a little of it via the old little hole of my mother until faith of our New World eventually would open to everything.
    • I was surprised to see that the Danish government and Helle Thorning-Schmidt let the agreement to sell parts of DONG-energy to Goldman Sachs come through, which brought the coalition government to its knees when the Socialist People’s Party decided to leave it as result. This is a symbol of the last and strongest darkness of my inner self, and I am surprised to see that Helle Thorning-Schmidt “could not” follow me stopping this sale. Why was this so important, why could you not go up against the dark World Elite comprising energy into “one unit”. But I understand that this was the prize for me to receive my new eyes.
    • The clairvoyant Steen Kofoed decided to leave me as Facebook friend “because it hurts me to see/experience”, i.e. my “break down”, and this is the ultimate defeat of a man abandoning God because his own romantic “dream world” of light cannot contain someone like me telling the truth about Arthur Findlay College and “darkness disguised as light” without understanding that this is what he receives himself, which he “cannot get enough of”. Not many seconds after reading his email, I was given “We will rock you” by Queen, which normally is a positive anthem, but not now, here I received the lyrics “you got mud on your face, you big disgrace, kickin’ you can all over the place, singin’”, and this is about Steen being A BIG DISGRACE because of his misunderstandings and WRONG decision to abandon me/God.


January 2014 – X: Transferring my new self from Karen and bringing the MUCH bigger Source in as new physical life – the New World is Karen’s and my children

January 31: Transferring my new self from Karen and bringing the MUCH bigger Source in as new physical life – the New World is Karen’s and my children

FB 310114 Stig 1

FB 310114 Stig 2

I slept poorly for five hours only – without sleeping five hours – making me feel poorly today, and I was on my very edge of feeling too poorly to exercise, but I decided that “alright, let us do it again today, but I am not sure that I can do this again feeling like this”.

I was surprised to see that Steen Kofoed, the clairvoyant you know, had sent me this email, where he says that he wants me to “find your inner peach and your contact to your GOD, who can help you via this contact”, and “I will delete you as friend here on Facebook because it hurts me to see/experience”, and yes, this is what he really wrote!!!

”Kære Stig, jeg ved godt at mine ord ikke på nogle måde vil have den effekt som jeg ønsker. Og så kan man spørger, hvad ønsker jeg? intet andet at du må finde din indre ro og din kontakt til din GUD, som så kan via kontakten hjælpe dig. Jeg sletter dig som ven her på Facebook, da det smerter mig at se/opleve. Må din indre ro brede sig. I kærlighed Steen”

Not many seconds hereafter, I was given “We will rock you” by Queen, which normally is a positive anthem, but no, here I received the lyrics “you got mud on your face, you big disgrace, kickin’ you can all over the place, singin’”, and this is about Steen being A BIG DISGRACE, and why is this (?), and yes simply because this man “cannot” read (ask) and understand, and believe that I have lost my mind – do you really believe I am making all of this up that I write, Steen (?) – and this is coming from a “clairvoyant” man – I keep on being told that he receives MUCH wrong information because of his wrongdoings in life, and what are they (?), and yes let us say that he doesn’t like to be “disturbed” with “negative” messages, which “everything bad” is no matter if it is true or not, and no “he doesn’t like it” and “cannot” read it – the dark New World Order as example – as result (the same way as Bettina’s Søren “cannot”, and yes “I cannot have it” by too sensitive people), and if only you “could”, Steen, you would understand that I only speak the truth about who I am and about you, and I was shown Steen as a giant bluebottle chasing away normal flies because he wanted to get everything, and then I am shown him as the penguin of the Batman movie reluctantly being brought up to me where I show him light inside a hole, and then he cannot see it, which is about a man living his own “safe” life in his own “romantic” dream world, which “cannot” bear seeing a man like me “going down” – which I do not, Steen, on the contrary – and no, his imagination doesn’t reach to understand other than his own misunderstood world, and my writings on Arthur Findlay College was the drop that made him leave, and I am shown a GIANT racket, which changes into a GIANT billiard cue, which is about GIANT DARKNESS (of “the game”) of Steen being sent to me, and I am told that we could not have gone through this game without Steen, the world’s greatest, selfish clairvoyant in my network, who “cannot” understand what many of my family, friends etc. by now have understood including thousands of the world elite, and yes, he was too dumb, and believed in his own WRONG voice without being able to read/understand/communicate, and yes, this is what we call “better-knowing ignorance”, and it is as this that he will go over in history. I was shown myself on the way towards the big supermarket – a symbol of “life” – but the street I am walking on leads away from it, and suddenly I am pulled into one of the town houses, which belongs to Steen, and I am shown and told that it is an incredible amount of beer that I have received from Steen, and “beer”, Steen, is darkness running out from the Source, and if you had read me, you would have understood that darkness is a tool of creation, and your “inability” and wrong-doings speaking about your misunderstandings of me behind my back, your selfishness (“I LOVE MY LIFE/THE LIGHT”) and greediness as I am also told here, has been brought to me as incredible sufferings for me to bear, and to convert into light of our New World, and if you had simply followed and read me as you may read this, you would have been on my team a LONG time ago, and instead you keep on your little and selfish life receiving “darkness disguised as light” – this is what it is, or SATAN in disguise (!) – and this is because of your “inability” to do RIGHT as a human being living without sins and to use your spiritual gifts to help me save the world, which you “could not” understand, but you may understand that this was more important to do than what you decided to use your “gifts” for?

When looking at my notes, I see that I have taken this note before about Steen, which I have decided to keep, so here we go once more: Sadly the story is that Steen is “too stupid” to understand anything else than his own strong and wrong voice because he cannot read/listen/ask and understand, HE KNOWS BETTER without knowing, and yes trusting in darkness disguised as light because he simply “loves” the light and how can this be SATAN self (?() and yes, Steen, your selfishness, your selfishness, see? You live a life in deception, and you are misguided by the spiritual world and that is because of your own misunderstandings and selfishness/greediness in life. And I wonder if his mind will “allow” him to think that “what if I did Stig wrong and he really is the one, this will mean that I have abandoned God” (?) and this is really what you have today, Steen, and do you think this will make you proud or embarrassed when the opening of our New World will come to you too (despite of your WRONG action), and you will know?

Status is that you have a well trained American kennels with you, and this is about American media and politicians having read my previous script.

I was told that there are Himalayan monks wrongly believing that I am destroying.

I was happy to have a short chat with David, and to receive this email from John (from LTO, Kenya), and this is after I told them that I was disappointed not having heard from any of the four of them in January, and yes, this made three of them send me kind replies, but Elijah still “cannot”, and how is it to be so incredible slow and lazy about everything you do, my friend (?), and no, it cannot be that difficult to do right, right?

“Happy new year my good friend,hope you are well and happy in the new year 2014.Sorry i have not written to you this year due to the fact that i have been in bush where i work. My family and children are well,children are in school but with huge fees balances but we are hanging on. Am still working at Marsabit as i had told you earlier.The place is one of the hottest in Africa and security is also not good at all,communities keep on fighting over water,livestock and pasture. Anyway i have to work since things are not easy. Otherwise how is life and what are you intending to do this year? coming to Kenya again? or invite us to come to visit Denmark? getting married to a Kenyan? You be looking forward to sharing much more this year. Thank you my friend.”

John, I hope the best for you, your family and work, and I understand that it must be tough for you to do because of what you tell me. I still don’t know exactly what you do, do you asphalt roads, is this it (?), or is it another part you do?

There are many pretty ladies in Kenya, see David Bowie’s beautiful wife Iman as example, and I remember my interest to meet on when I stayed with you in 2009, but despite of this, Karen is going to become my future wife, but thank you for your concern, and yes, we will see each other again here and there when I am done with this creation and our New World “very soon” will start up :-).

We have a task up here for you, which is not solved yet – and your mother or John cannot reach it, it is the cake placed the highest of all, it is you, and yes on my way digging up new life.

I decided to go to spinning again, as mentioned, and I thought that this will also help the new Foreign Minister, Holger K. Nielsen, and his party, the Socialist People’s Party, to take the right decision to break from the monopoly of darkness of Goldman Sachs and energy also “helping” Helle Thorning-Schmidt to take the right decision cancelling this agreement, so this is what I did even though I felt bad (!), and when I started the training, I was told and shown that the greaseproof paper (of darkness) around the lunch pack (of our New World) is now incredible thin, and I was shown and told that there is really only my coffin remaining inside darkness (I feel it in a room to my top right coming to me as I also did with Naser as example the other day), and I felt my previous and new self (Jesus) inside of it, I received a STRONG word symbolising my “old nightmare”, and I was told that it is me having planned all of this game (of creation – darkness vs. light), and you are now your own Source (as the son).

I will also be born in Bourgogne/Bornholm, which are two places in France and Denmark but given to me at the same time because they are “connected”.

I was told that my old colleague Jesper from ACTA was invited inside the secret network of “the elite” – because he had a story to tell about me – and yes, you don’t believe that Jesper is “too dumb/lazy”, but belong to the top of the world (?), and yes, you could have fooled me!

Has Paul Jacobs known about me since I was born as a little boy?

I sent the birthday greetings below to my old friend Britt, and during the rest of the day and evening, I received the feeling of her several times, and no, she hasn’t completely forgotten about me, and can she recognise “the good old Stig” in these lines (?), yes, but no, she “could not” send me a reply, and yes, she “fears” me too.

”Hej gode, gamle Britt. Du får også her et HJERTELIGT TILLYKKE fra mig, og ja, jeg er stadig den gode gamle Stig, du ved nok, og by the way, skal du med på Sub’en på lørdag, så kører strandvejs-expressen, husker du? Pas godt på dig selv, jeg savner vores gode, gamle samtaler, løbeture og venskab. Hils Ann mange gange, og også din mand. Håber du/I har det godt :-).”

I have been told some times that my emails for the Danish Parliament and the United Nations of the world were of crucial importance to make media and politicians of the world understand what the dark New World Order was really about – and to obtain faith in me bringing them information they “could not” do or understand themselves.

After the spinning, I went to the library, but I could not concentrate on work to my website, I was really beyond my limit of both exercise and work, and did the first, but not the last, and yes, this is also about “everything”, thus this incredible song, you’re the first, the last, my everything by Barry White.

It is from here – Arthur Findlay College – that you and Karen were born as each other’s worst enemies, and that is unless love between you would be stronger, and yes, you are still here not being stopped by Karen, which is what she could have if it was not for her true feelings of me.

It will cost a high position in the office of the Prime Minister to follow me.

We cannot thank you enough for not telling your mother more than you did, and it does look like a very old polishing cloth that your mother brings you there.

I was told that the top of the world – knowing about me – thought that the end had come when my mother approved “an examination” of me via my sister, which was really an approval to commit me to psychiatric hospital, which they however “could not” bring out (because of my writings on them), and I was told that we believed that you would be blown up (exploding the world with me) because you would be given sex (man knew about my preferences via the Source that they had access to, and actually “programmed” themselves) as part of man’s desire to control reproduction of the world, and we brought EVERYTHING we had to save you.

I still meet Leif sometimes at the library, and for a long time he has been working – with support from the Job Centre – to be skilled to work with driving for disabled people, and this also included for him today to go to the theory test of taxi drivers (required for him to get a “Taxi driver” license), but he did not pass, and I was thinking that this may be a sign of darkness too – together with the DONG and Goldman Sachs case, and yes, the taxi is an old symbol of bringing me to my new self.

You don’t have to cry just because there is a Swedish man on top, and this is about receiving my new self from inside Karen coming to me from Sweden.

I was shown Fuggi as the tone arm of a gramophone playing the record, and the record is the Source.

I was COMPLETELY DESTROYED beyond belief around midnight, but still I decided to fight EXTREME TIREDNESS and to stay up because I knew that things go on inside of me while I am awake during nights.

We still have your father with us. When we have used all of Fuggi’s energy, we will enter directly to your father’s room (behind mine as the Son).

The rolls have now been reversed after we have been all the way out in the hemp to collect you (my new self from inside darkness of Karen). So the egg self is inside of here, and “it doesn’t get any grosser than Stig”, which is about Karen’s WRONG belief of me – and eeehhh you “could not” help thinking that I wanted you sexually, which was “the worst” for you to think of, and you NEVER understood that this was NOT my aim, which I wrote you MANY times, and yes DEAF beyond imagination, she was.

Isn’t it funny that the whole world awaits for you to turn us around, and yes, you still have more work to do on your website, but it is difficult to find time and energy (especially when sleeping during day making it more and more difficult to get to the library in the opening hours), but no, you don’t want to give up, everything has to be perfect (on my website, thus our New World), that’s my boy.

You have no idea what you have done while you decided to stay away during the night, which is to transfer everything of your inner self, and now I understand why you were given me STRONG smarting pain first for minutes to my left eye and then to my right. This doesn’t mean that you are now Karen, who is really you (?), and this is because “you are really not the worst” according to Karen, so we have now turned the Source of Karen from darkness to become you as light, which was “completely impossible” to do.

Does this mean that we have now completed everything (?), yes. It means that you are now both the feminine and masculine side of life, and Karen is “nothing”, which we will just shake up and down, and then we are HOME.

You are “the Last of the Famous International Playboys”, which simply means that you won Karen’s heart fully, and I don’t have to tell you that Morrissey is also on the top of my list playing favourite music of mine (?), and yes, you can hear it, can’t you, an amazing talent brought to him directly from “above”.

The New World is not your mother’s and my (my father’s) children, it is your children, yes everyone in this New World is, and I should say your and Karen’s children, this is how it is, and that is because you are a child of ours, and these are then your children, and this goes for all life of our New World my friends.

I was surprised to see that I slept 12 hours (!), and yes, I was COMPLETELY BROKEN down yesterday, but 12 hours (!!!), which made me awake at 18.00, which is really late when I would have liked more time at the library today, which is where I really have to work to do updates to my website (which I did later, but darkness shut down the Internet connection there!), where I can write my scripts at home (without mouse), and this is how it is developing, which is much sleep every second day, and little sleep every second day, and this goes against when I exercise, which I do after only little/poor sleep, and yes, there is of course a connection.

I had a dream being in Germany and I thought that I might meet Fuggi, and when I was throwing peanuts to incredible hungry chipmunks all over the ground, suddenly I met Fuggi, and he told me about details of my new script, which so far was only notes on my telephone and NOT published, which made me ask him from where he has this information, and he told me that he has access to the latest technology making it possible for him to see everything behind, and this will have to be about Fuggi being on the list of the secret network too working against me, which is why you have been INCREDIBLE SILENT, Fuggi (?), and this is what we call for WIMPS OF THE WORST KIND here betraying your old friend, and I am here told that Henrik (Lars G’s friend) also received the same help when the three of us spent time together for wine tasting etc. around year 2000 +/-, and I understand that this also included to bring “reports of Stig to the system”. In the dream, the chipmunks stopped being hungry when I met Fuggi, and he was having stubbles.

Well, it is impossible to set up a defence, and I receive smiles and this has got to do with Fuggi?

When I woke up it was to a chaotic day in terms of the Danish government, and that is because the first I saw was that the Socialist People’s Party had decided to withdraw from the government coalition (of three parties) and for the chairman Annette Vilhelmsen to resign, and it was the sale of part of DONG-energy to Goldman Sachs, which they were “forced” to vote for (against their belief), which was the drop that made the cup spill over, and I wonder why Helle Thorning-Schmidt “could not” call this sale off (?) – are your bands to the dark New World Order really so tight that you could not do this (?), not even to save your government (?) – and can it be that it is this last darkness that sent out the Socialist Folk Party from Government almost “destroying” the party?

This is what I have also been thinking the last days, which is that it may be impossible for me now to reach this last darkness, thus making the sale of part of DONG-energy go through as the symbol, and this is destroying the Danish government, thus the last of us, is this what it is about? And the story is that Helle Thorning-Schmidt had forced the Socialist People to vote for the sale to Goldman Sachs, and tell us, Helle, why was this so important to you – making you too compromise on your beliefs of “big finance” – instead of following me?

I wrote on Facebook about DING-A-DONG (see the picture on my website – about the lesson of going against your belief is WRONG!), and I am here given the vision of Morten Albæk, Vice President Vesta Wind Systems (windmills) and a Facebook friend of mine (who has also written about WRONG behaviour of people reflecting my writings), and I am told that he also knows about the REAL game of DONG-energy, and “energy of the world” comprised into “one unit”, and this is about the capital injection of Goldman Sachs to DONG, which is meant to be used for “alternative energy”, and I am given the taste of the best blue cheese here, which is connecting this to the creation of our New World. This was the price to receive new eyes, as I was told later.

FB 300114 DONG

And who can better than the police assistant Jensen from Olsen-Banden tell you what all of this case with politicians, DONG-energy and Goldman Sachs is about, so here you have a clip of him explaining that politicians have given up selling out to the big multinational companies, who only need to run as effective a business as possible WITHOUT having to stand responsible to voters as the politicians do, and yes, this was predicted already in 1979, and what do you see today, got it?

Now there is only one week until the Christmas sale.

And this may be connected to “the last oil” of the possession of Queen Margrethe. This was the only way we could bring your new self up to you – via this darkness of DONG/Goldman Sachs.

Well, isn’t it sad to see Stig breaking apart (?), and then to decide do nothing as Steen Kofoed as example, and I am told that this is also how my father WRONGLY felt, and he was part of the plot against me behind my bag (“it is alright for me too to commit Stig to psychiatric hospital/examinations”) without being able to tell me and without being able to listen/read/ask about/reflect to/understand my writings, and yes, how do you think it feels like to be betrayed by your closest family, friends etc. who “could not” understand that I only did my best to save you all (?), and yes, it feels like HELL, I tell you – how in the world could you all do something as WRONGLY as this both in professional and human terms, WIMPS!!!

And this is because they believed that I was the most negative they had ever experienced (for telling the truth about them!), this is what was breaking my neck.

I felt that I was given this much sleep making it possible for me to work both on my script and to finish my website, and this is what I try doing mostly here every second day, and there is nothing much remaining now, but new things are added daily, however it looks good now and “almost done”.

The next is to bring the cowboy film, and Cowboy is about darkness of God turning around to become the Indian of light, and this is why I simply LOVED being dressed as a cowboy as a boy, and I believe there is one picture of me as cowboy in my library.

I checked to see if the automatic search of Google has now been updated NOT to bring a link to the no longer document on my website that used to show my father’s widow Kirsten’s social security number (which I deleted, and also deleted the old document, and uploaded a new), and yes, it is NO LONGER there, which I understand gives her and her daughter, Jeanette, “piece of mind” from me, and yes talk about just how petty-minded some people can be. This is what “worried” them without being able to understand that they were darkness trying to destruct the world by bringing me the worst sufferings, thus not worrying them! Later, however, I was reminded about my father, who would go to his death without reading and understanding me before he, at his death bed, was told about the truth of me, which he told Kirsten, and this is what is now troubling her, and why is it that you “cannot” speak the truth of this and to start communicating with me, and is SHAME a big part of it (?), and yes SHAME OF YOU for the worst behaviour you can show a man!

We are not as deep into the freezer as we have never planned to be (?), and yes, this is because you are updating your website with “everything on creation” and really recent information from my scripts and some updates/improvements here and there.

My mother and John attended my mother’s brother’s 70th birthday last weekend, and I was told how much do you think that it hurts your mother to have to speak about how it goes with her “crazy son” to them (?), and this is how it goes when you first decided to talk about me as “crazy”, and I wonder what you answer without truly knowing anything (?), and yes, I am VERY SAD not to have been seeing your brother and his wife for years – since I brought the connection is it now approx. 10 years ago (?) – and this is because Sanna did not have it in her heart to accept them, but I had, and yes VERY SAD I am for your decision to lock me out as result, which was both WRONG and unnecessary of you to do, and that is VERY WRONG!!!

I still feel and carry around a big lump connected to my right ankle, and shouldn’t this be empty by now (?), or has it just turned around from darkness to light, where we are still on the dark side of nothing now.

When can we play the organ of Electric Light Orchestra (?), and yes not before I have finished my website, and I continued working on this, this night, writing and bringing a summary of a summary of my scripts from 2012 to 2014 replacing a much longer chapter to the summary of my front page, which I have really wanted to do all along, and yes one of the last bigger tasks to do.

I was thinking of the force of the Source and if I had given it free via my “old nightmare” it would have destroyed the world, but now this force was given to Karen because it was “only her” that I thought intimately of.

I was told that we cannot exaggerate the meaning of Espergærde Youth School, and the rumour of me is also spreading from Espergærde High School as result, and yes, Jais – my old class friend and leader of the school – knows that I am not crazy because I visited the school approx. 3 years ago now.

I felt Janet Parker now also being part of darkness coming to me and is this because she has visited my website on clairvoyant readings including hers on me now understanding what “the grail” inside of me – as she said – really is (the Source), and yes, this was simply what I asked you to do, which was to understand the meaning of your spiritual messages to me and not your own negative misunderstandings, quite amazing, right?

No, there is nothing on its way into your left ankle (= temporary terminations) because you would be told.

Is the explanation to the DONG-energy case that there was so much pressure on my inner self being transferred to me, which I could not absorb myself, that it had to be absorbed by man symbolised by this case?

The most amazing is that Karen doesn’t know that we have delivered this birth together, and it only proves her falseness because she knows that she loves me higher than anyone.

I was shown Bornholm clocks – stand up clocks – hidden inside the wall EVERYWHERE on Christiansborg, the Danish Parliament, meaning that you are part of me.

Doesn’t your mother know that you suffer terribly (?), and yes from Sanna and Facebook, and what does she do about it (?), and nothing when it comes to direct communication with and support of me, and that is because “we cannot”, and no, this is not different to speak about – to listen, understand – than when I am interested and asks about John’s “sickness” (as I do EVERY time we are together), and it only requires for you to listen and understand, but no, you “cannot”.

So Karen has no idea of what has happened, which was also a condition to make it possible. She was not the convict, you were, and no, she let herself go living a not sustainable life in sin, which could have stopped me, and no, she “could not” ask and understand me, and this is how she has led a terrible loss, which she thinks.

I felt the spaceship of everything flying around, and was told that it was controlled by my mother waiting for me to overtake the control of it.

Well, we could create all colours (of life) at once as answer to the question if God cannot do all (?), but we respected your wish to save everything of the Old World first, which required only a little force of us to enter at the time to avoid the destruction of you.

I felt Johannes, the previous mayor, and received “I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden” at the same time, which has come to me several times today.

It only shows that Karen’s true feelings of you was stronger than what she received via sexual contact.

You believed that your “old nightmare” was the risk of receiving what was happening between your mother and father spiritually to create your New World and yes creation on our side would be destruction on your side, and yes – when thinking – this was darkness of the Old World wanting to unite my mother and I because this is how the Old World was created, and when I did not understand this, what was really going on was Karen and I as our new selves spiritually creating our New World – “only her”, and I am shown pearls being taken up from her nest.

We had planned that it would have been impossible for you to find our dice, and I am shown a dice with no 1 on top disappearing from four cups, but since you don’t want to give up and your mother is still with you, we will bring you the chance for not only no. 2 but also no. 1 of your father, and isn’t he already here (?), but I am told that this is what opens to the big world of the Source of everything, and this is because I didn’t want to accept anything less than perfect if I could make a difference, and I here receive “Never miss a beat” by Kaiser Chiefs, and this is really the goal, and yes, I receive many songs not brought here (symbol of love).

It corresponds to having emptied all of Costa del Sol (from darkness) and drying it up. And it requires a very precise strike to reach us, and this is what you do now being your new self having direct access to us, and it is me being everything, which you as the New World is now part of – and yes all of us will become part of you as the outermost layer of life, this is how it is.

No, your sister didn’t know that you had all of this hidden inside of you, which the World Elite had not told her because she would never have done as she did against me if she had known.

So it is Karen being the connection to all of this. It means that we will not only receive the Source via the little hole of my mother but all of the Source and that is from the first day. It corresponds to being inside a house only being connected to the Source via one window, and now we will open everything. It would be the same as the New World being eaten by a shark (of darkness), which however would require me to accept my “old nightmare” and this is the difference, I would NEVER accept this to bring the Big Bang.

I was encouraged to finish this script this morning before going to be and to publish it including to send an email to Steen Kofoed including the script as my reply to his email to me, and this is because he is now going to attend the body-mind-spirit exhibition in Copenhagen starting today (where Billy Cook and others that I know will be too), and this will spread “dirt on Stig”, and I am encouraged to visit this exhibition, but we know, Stig, I am sleeping during the day at the moment and cannot make it during the opening hours the next three days between 10-18.

I was told that Helle Thorning-Schmidt would wish that she could break the ban to speak and to tell why she could not follow me going against Goldman Sachs. Is this part of Margrethe Vestager’s plan to bring everything to you (?), and if it is, I cannot see how giving in to darkness will make this, but I may not have seen/understood everything yet?

The plan was then to keep the Trinity (of our New World) in chains until all light of the Source would break out via you with man of our New World receiving full faith and understanding.

My right arm was lifted (without my will) and given a Nazi-salute, and I was told that this is also what Hitler was meant to plant, which is “our seed” – of the Source – inside the Source to become you and everything.

And it means that the spaceship of everything would be controlled by your mother – one part of the four divided New World – and not you as the Source. But now we will bring this too. It means that there would still be darkness pressuring on the New World, and no, we didn’t believe that it was possible for you to reach here because of lack of faith of man.

This is now the last blue-yellow stamp coming in via Karen and the colours are references to the colours of the Swedish flag.

But isn’t this everything of the Source, which we have already brought in as new parts of everything in between layers of the creation of our New World (?), this is how I understood it, but no, not quite because we had hidden a full fortune out there behind Karen.

It is first with this that we dress you with a white tie to your white shirt, which means that you will not become Robinson Crusoe and “alone in the world”. And this is because your mother is not sick, and we turn her around too opening for the Source creating her.

It was Hitler and darkness of the world because of lack of faith that stopped us, and there is no way that Stig can bring us this far, the top of the world knows about this, but no, I WILL NEVER GIVE UP, that is why, and yes, I am still working as you can see, and right until the end if I can.

I was shown a crayfish of Karen in a dark, little corner of a building where my new self is sitting inside, and I am shown a number of judges of the Source outside deciding on whether or not the new creation of my inner self has succeeded, and this is up to my physical self (the other side of my new inner self), and yes, now you are coming her (at the Source) asking to become part of all of this and yes still based on the design of life of your writings, and I feel Billy, and now he and Arthur Findlay College is also behind you helping to lift you up, and yes, this is how we could continue.

No, you would not have exploded – if the Source didn’t open to us now – you would be secure, but it would require a series of tests to enter here. But now, instead of becoming a little boy (of our New World only), we will become everything now, i.e. ALL of the (MUCH BIGGER) Source will become physical life with the opening of our New World.

And it is us being the Source, and I hear running water from the top of the shelves of my kitchen, and as you have already written – understanding the “half message” given you – it was us planning life via the “foreign body” of the Source that made it possible.

We believed that it would be ”impossible” for you to pass Karen – to reach us behind her.

FB 310114 Stig 3

FB 310114 Stig 4



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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