February 2014 – I: Becoming Christ including “endless creations” and the golden King Crown and Buddha of the Source of my father


Summary of February 2014 – I

  • February 2: Becoming Christ including “endless creations” and the golden King Crown and Buddha of the Source of my father.
    • We are trying to enter the Big Source of everything – not only of the Son – including “something I have never showed you”, and the question is how to make this access (?) because of my mother’s lack of faith making it “not easy” to do, but still we will do a try based on my understanding and writings of the design of life and faith in me. I received a dream and symbols of darkness blocking me for now, but I will NOT settle for the second best, but go for the opening of everything already from the beginning, if I can.
    • I received many “betrayed” feelings of Steen Kofoed because of my writings on him, he believes I treat him wrongly without wanting to understand that he is unable to understand the truth objectively about himself and me, and as result, he is bringing me MUCH darkness, which I absorb as more sufferings, and with this he is really helping us to take the step further up the ladder!
    • We will use the latest new technology, and our New World brings physical creation, which is what we bring to all previous layers of life, right that want to try living like us, which is a free choice.
    • It was impossible for my mother and father to receive faith in me, thus impossible to open to the Big Source, and this is where my visit to the village Valldemosa on Mallorca in 2007 comes in, because this is the residence of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, and this is where I picked up the BIG DIAMOND of the Source, and I am told that this is because of Catherine as another part of my mother.
    • The reason why I was first allowed to enter the Big Source and then I was not, because of STRONG darkness, is because of the game of the last of darkness of my father and mother coming to me, and we did not finish the build of this part, so your mother and father are not here at all but inside your head. This is from where we have pulled the Source in living without being alive. This is the end of the drop of darkness as the tool of creation leading to our New World. This is the bottom of Hell, which is leading directly to the light of us all, i.e. all previous layers of life inside the Big Source, which we will now open for too, and not wait bringing an extra creation after the first creation of our New World. Everything was directed by my mother and father before Karen and I could make our own little world. This was the creation of only one out of an eternity of “teeth”.
    • I received Christ as the layer surrounding all life/everything including the golden King Crown of my father, which was given to me by my mother including a traditional, brown monk jersey. And it is first now that the Big Buddha of my father is entering too, who stood behind darkness as the tool of creation.
    • My old friend Pia – or Lotus as she has changed her name to – is an ordinary woman, whom I met at Arthur Findlay College in 2005 and who saw my spiritual development in 2005/06 at weekly meetings in our meditation group, when everything spiritually opened up to me, and she spoke to my (funny at the time) spiritual voice (without my influence) and I told her about my sufferings, which made her understand the true spiritual nature of this, and also the most important person in the history of creation, when she because of this and her love received the innermost of me, Christ self, to be protected from destruction of darkness, and this is from where this part is now transferred to me.
    • All individual life become creators to create new eternal worlds and all worlds can choose what “clothes”/design to wear, and the physical life of our New World is only the newest and outermost layer of an eternity of layers of different life/creations, and it will become your eternal Joyride to choose between and live inside of these layers as the gift of life. This is the gift brought to you by Christ.


February 2014 – 1: Becoming Christ including “endless creations” and the golden King Crown and Buddha of the Source of my father

February 2: Becoming Christ including “endless creations” and the golden King Crown and Buddha of the Source of my father

FB 020214 Stig 1

FB 020214 Stig 2

What Steen doesn’t know is that he is helping us to take the step further up the ladder, and I am told that it is also my strength that makes people believe in me, and I keep on being given words I wrote about Steen, which is because he is “reflecting” on them, but I don’t speak the truth about you, Steen (?), this is what you are “completely sure” about?

This is our email dialogue from yesterday and today (see my “February I” script on my website), and as you can see, Steen “cannot” understand DIRECT language, which to him is the same as “negative” language, which it is NOT, it is only the truth trying to make him understand positively/objectively, but no, he kept on receiving negative feelings, which he “could not” escape from, and as a result he sent all of his darkness to me as part of the play, and yes, “Steen, a man you cannot reach” because he “cannot” understand, he is too dumb, and a FOOL, and no, he “cannot” understand this word objectively, it becomes “far too much” for him, and eehhhh will you please tell me, Steen, when seeing this again, were you a FOOL or not?

Steen 1

Steen 2

Steen 3

Steen 4

Steen 5

I was shown vine and was told that we have to be careful that they don’t pull away – I see them removing into the ground, which is about the risk of the Source moving away.

Aren’t we just going up to Greenland (?); no, we are going much further up, something I have never showed you. Your mother doesn’t need sky high amounts, i.e. energy, to come here, just to be kind and we will show you all.

You are now inside “nothing” of the Source of the Son, so what is more natural than to open to you here? So it is the opening of a little safe that gives access to a GIANT factory behind it, no it is not quite like this, it is more how to we make the best access, and now it is us being the actors speaking to you, and yes, I can ask if you can approve me via my design of life (?), and yes, this is fine, but the question is if we have received and transformed enough darkness making us as clean that we can enter without polluting anything here, and the degree of support of your has also importance.

And the question here is more if I will let you enter giving you control over all of me, and is this how it is (?), yes and much more, and we will let you know when we have an answer, so until this, just keep on.

You will not enter us via sexual access, but more a feeling that we know you, do you remember the riddle in 2010 (“who are you”? – the hybrid being of my mother and father, which I had to answer to get access to the Source), and yes there has to be a match, and who are you now (?) – I am my new self as Stig divided in three (Stig, Karen and Sanna as male, female and non-gender life) including our New World divided in four (my mother, father, Karen and I), and is this good enough to enter (?), we will see.

So it is me as your father really being the fourth part, yes I now see it before me, and only if you understand correctly, you may enter.

And you cannot enter without (turning the left speaker, my notes may say), but alright, come in, we have all been waiting for you, mother’s new child. It is us inside of your right ankle.

I received the feeling that Steen is sad believing that I “destroy” him without understanding that this is what he does to me, so he is helping to pull us out.

There will be no more sexual torments given to you from here – the Source without sex – where you will just receive a duvet, i.e. creation. Isn’t this what we call for a perfect access?

“You are heartfelt welcome” – so what are we waiting for, and that is for all of you entering me. I am shown a car changing from colour to silver when entering the Source, and I was told that we will change form when entering here.

For days I have been told about constant pressure of darkness being sent to me from Falck since 2011, and no, they have not “approved” for my work for them to be shared with others, and they may still be thinking about “how to get rid of this” (vital document for creation – see my library!).

So I am not an old apple, but I use the latest new technology, and you bring physical creation, so this is what we now bring to all previous layers of life, right (?), and yes, those who want to try living like you, so it is a free choice on all shelves, so it is.

It is only because you took a risk and pushed the pedal down towards Arthur Findlay College that you come here, and yes these tree teachers could have decided to go up against me trying to remove their sittings on me from my website, but they didn’t, and why is that (?), and yes, it is through these that I enter the Source, and do you have something you would like to share with me that you haven’t told?

I dreamt about my a previous colleague and Facebook friend and a famous Danish musician having been child molesters, and I copy the content of their phones showing their crimes, which I will publish, and they know that I will do it and have accepted it, and this is what the dream said, but no, I will NEVER put forward pictures of sexual explicit nature, which will NOT be part of our New World.

I also dreamt about reaching the coast of Zealand, Denmark, and want to receive some help to cross the Øresund strait to Sweden to drive up to my mother and John there, and I call Danske Bank, Fredensborg, which in the dream is located on the Swedish coast, but they don’t answer the telephone until after I have called MANY times, and then they are not very helpful, so the question is if I really can cross, and this dream suggest that I have not been approved yet for all of our New World to enter all of the Source behind me as the Son.

I slept from 10.00 until 16.30, and I had hoped that I would be able to stand up a little earlier and to go to spinning at 17.00, but no, I could not, and we know, not good for my mission these days, and I will also not do spinning during the next two days, where it is weekend again.

I woke up to Kim Larsen’s “Monkeymand”, which is a symbol of the Source.

I have continued watching “Big Brother” on Danish TV5, and it is completely INCREDIBLE how people – especially women – speak behind the back of other people bringing their misunderstandings as “the truth”, Nicky is the worst of them, and this is the kind of behaviour that I like the least from people, this is darkness self in disguise. Furthermore, they have had a visit all week from Joan Ørting, who is a famous sexologist here, and when she started, she divided people into pairs and said that she was excited to see how far they would go, if they would do group-sex etc., and I thought that “this is the worst that can happen”, but instead of this happening “guaranteeing” TV5 huge viewer numbers, nothing happened, and this is how it goes when I have decided to be part of the game too, and yes, look at Caroline, who is faithful to her boyfriend, this is how to do it :-), and yes, you may understand why the woman “Nirvana” is part of this show when I am writing about bringing everyone “Nirvana” (freedom from sufferings in our New World) these days?

Receiving light of the Source is now our goal, and it is not before now that a friendship has been established between my mother and father.

I was told that the “rose garden” song of yesterday was about the Source bringing us a HUGE armful of red roses.

I was told that the Queen song and the lyrics “a big disgrace” hit Steen directly in his heart.

I was told when the new Danish Formula One racing driver, Kevin Magnussen, in his debut time test for Formula 1 set the best time of all, see here, this was a symbol of the impact of my work – we are still driving forward quickly, also with the help of the Pope as I feel here, and yes, I have left out most people I have felt for weeks, but here the Pope came through.

I drove to the library to update my previous script, to send it to LTO and then to the kiosk at the square to transfer money to LTO, but for the first time ever, I was blocked by a system not working, and I asked if it was the system of Western Union or the dealer’s own system that had broken down, and he could not tell, but I saw this as a sign of darkness – as the almost dissolution of the Socialist People’s Party as we see these days with MP’s deciding to leave the sinking ship thinking of their personal ambitions (selfishness) instead of bringing the ship on right keel again – and this has to be because of the door of the Source, which we may or may not be opening. I will have to send the money tomorrow instead knowing that they are suffering and looking forward to receiving this money.

I was told with a weak voice, almost a feeling, that Helle Thorning-Schmidt would have had to leave as Prime Minister if the DONG/Goldman Sachs deal had not gone through, and can it really be that this is how powerful the dark world order is, Helle, and not even my encouragement for you to stop this was enough to stop “the system”?

I went to my mother and John at 19.00, and found my mother very stressed because her oven did not work, and she had fine tenderloin inside, and now she had to fry it instead, and this made a potential crisis of the big, and the béarnaise sauce had separated for the first time ever, so it was really “bad” and again a symbol of very strong darkness apparently impossible to penetrate, but still, dinner became fine, and we had the best wine – a fine wine from Argentina, which had stored for six years, and this is about “we will settle for the second best then – if the oven doesn’t work” as I heard myself saying, and this was to open our New World with our little Source only, but no, when have you seen me accepting the second-best (?), so all I could tell myself was to continue, and to see if this will not be solved one way or another, and then I was told that we are awaiting to receive approval to enter – which we have not received after all (?) – and I told my friends at the Source to “take your time” and “do not compromise”, this is what brings the best you know, and I was given marks to the back side of my left lower leg and told that we will start inside of here (“temporary terminations”) because of lack of faith of your mother, which is the challenge.

Despite of all of this darkness, I also received strong symbols of happiness for example with the character Regnar Worm from the Canal Wild Card Christmas Calendar (= MANY smiles) “playing/speaking” inside John for some time, and the late King Frederik speaking once via my mother and more.

I was told that this is not easy when my mother doesn’t believe in me, but we will do a try. And it helps that you update your website on a running basis.

I was shown a gold chain of my mother’s being brought into a deep tunnel, and this is the tunnel going towards the Source, and we have packed it with everything you have – your scripts and faith in you. And I wonder if this will take days only and the we are done with everything (?), or can it be that when I stopped writing in November 2013 and said that I could continue for half a year, if needed, that this is really what is happening?

I wrote the script of today with difficulties after returning home, but I decided to do it helping to free some time and energy tomorrow for my website.

It is also built on your mother only wanting the best for you, and you have decided to continue until we can.

I have used not only one but one and a half drop to create you, which is why you still receive out of this world pain to your right ankle, so we have decided to continue the game because we can see a road out, and that includes for you to continue writing directly.

And everything is based on your mother not being too angry with you, which she still can become, and no you cannot come through your mother’s door to setup your father, but still we can because this is where the village of Valldemosa on Mallorca, which I visited in 2007, comes in, because this is where Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have a home, because if you cannot lift up your own mother, we may have a BIG DIAMOND here, as I am shown, which you can use, so this is what I picked up when visiting this charming and beautiful village, and I remember receiving the feeling when walking around this village that it was important for me to being there, but it is first now that I am told why.

Around midnight, once again I had to go through the worst couple of hours of terror when I was completely empty and could no more, and every time my head was falling down because of extreme tiredness, I felt how the spark of life was about to leave me every time.

So it is your mother having access to the Source, and no, we don’t enter without her faith in Stig, because you are me, so we will wait over here in Sweden from where your mother originates as Karen too. This is how your mother has been invited for Christmas evening but cannot come herself, like Karen.

This will not become the easiest letter to mail. So it is me bringing orange juice to you via your mother not believing in you, but having a big heart, and is it now that we will tell him the truth that we have not at all finished the build of this part, so your mother is not here at all but inside your head, which I (my father) am too, and isn’t it how it is (?), and I don’t care, just make perfect!

And is it so that the genuine of us was the diamond of Mallorca, which you have already picked up, and I feel that it was brought there by Catherine as another part of my mother.

So this was just an act to bring us out (?), yes. A seismograph here can measure your mother’s reactions (temper) every time she looses it where everything here shakes.

This means that we took a completely different and hidden way round because it was impossible to make your mother and father believe in you.

This is also to avoid your “old nightmare”/an explosion at the end because we were told that Stig will NEVER use this exit. This means that we are not here at all, but have prepared the table for you in case all of you wanted to enter here straight away.

It means that we have pulled in all the white without being here (physically alive without living). So we were just actors standing behind everything including your sexual torments as the tool of creation, and I here my inner self saying “I didn’t know, father”, but no, this is how you are raised, son.

Therefore, say hello to the men’s world. And this was the world’s worst darkness we had to go through, GOLDman Sachs, you know, and I feel and am told that there are probably some sitting there (at the top) knowing the truth about you too.

I was shown and told that first it was so that you would be revealed in the coffin by the Pope at the Vatican, but no, they could not really with their past, which is why it became according to your choice, and yes the Great Pyramid of Gixa was the greatest mystery to you, so this is where man as the best actor – I am shown John Travolta symbolising this – brought you as part of their play, and I feel that the world will laugh from a good heart when they will see this piece of art carried out.

I was shown that Boris Yeltsin’s role in the revolution of Russia was an act too being a symbol of you going alone up against the world.

It is us – again my mother and father as the drop of darkness as foundation for Karen’s and my New World – being the thin greaseproof paper, and I feel how this is falling down on me giving me the strongest sexual torments. And Michella was our most important weapon against you to refuse you access here, but now that you are here, you are of course welcome.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt knows that you are this close to Tivoli dissolving all of this darkness, and she was playing an act. And it is this darkness, which is leading directly to the light of us all (all previous layers of life), and it was Fuggi bringing you here. You have no idea about how incredible missed you are here, my Son.

This is the last of us then from the balcony/Sweden. So everything was directed by your mother and I before you and Karen could make your own little world as we call it here, and I received the feeling of IMMENSE LOVE coming to me. This is the bottom of Hell.

The Hitler salute could just as well have been a normal military salute that I had brought as example of my arms/limbs being moved without my will, and this means nothing to me and is only one of what used to be part of my everyday in 2006/07 where all of my limbs were moving physically all of the time (many thousands of times) doing all kind of “crazy things” – except when I was together with people of course!

And this is only one tooth (I see it almost as a mountain in the landscape) that we have fixed, and there are endless of them (cells/creations). And it means that we have turned around everything. You are now two – you and Karen, and we will wait with the best for last, which is Sanna.

There is also English Steak and Sauce standing all around everything because of Arthur Findlay College, and is it so that they have waiting for you all of their lives without knowing where to look, and then they could not understand/recognise me, and when Billy will start receiving words from your email to him in his work when transmitting spiritual messages to people these days, this will become the start of the opening of me because this will make him/them go back to the system saying “we have found him”, and then we are home.

How does it feel like sitting on top of all of the pools?

This is also – as on Arthur Findlay College – that they recognised me in Stavanger (ACTA), and all the way round.

If you had accepted your “old nightmare”, you would have broken in to the divine plan. And it was us that would have landed hard on that planet (the piano of the Source). The family tree also comes from here – from my father and mother. And we would have “eliminated” everything here if you had decided to follow the road of darkness, which you did not, and still creation would have come (with man taking on sufferings, which I did not).

But you would have received another Columbus tour around the world, i.e. a new creation first before you would reach all the way home, this is how it was decided, but no, this is not necessary now.

We have thrown not only one but two flames, which has brought creation of mother/father and Karen/Stig at the same time with the total becoming the four parts of our New World.

Nirvana from Big Brother and her filthy language is what I had to come through as a symbol here at the end.

I was shown a completely white bathroom and something put into darkness of the wash machine and out comes sausages from it, this is how it really is – darkness (sufferings when wanting to live) is a tool of creation.

So it is your father coming up here as Darth Vader, which I am shown coming together with the Jackson Five video “Can you feel it”, which is about sufferings/struggle to live that brings CREATION.

This is just what we have done, and it is Steen Kofoed bringing us here. This, the Big Source, is the content of your right ankle, which we were ready to “destruct”, i.e. to remove access to, but now this content is up in your bundle at the end of your stick, and it makes me think of Soria Moria.

Wasn’t it so that you could only create when your mother didn’t know about you (?), yes.

So it was not only about saving man but also to receive access to the Big Source already now saving one extra creation.

This power of your mother and father would be the road bringing “nothing” if I had given in to darkness. So this is the power that essentially wanted to kill me/us that I had to turn around.

My eyes are still running in water, which they have done constantly for many months now, and that is every single day.

How does this extra creation match with the information that everything would have become perfect also if I had given in to darkness? Yes, in this case we would not have been ready to collect you, but eehhh, it isn’t so that the second creation would come “quickly” after the first when everyone had woken up understanding the truth and obtaining faith (?), yes.

We had calculated doing this in two steps/creations, but now we will make one roll of drums first opening to the little Source and after such a short break that it will not be noticed we will open to the Big Source too.

We continue being darkness coming to you from Sweden because you have not finished work.

Yes, it is your mother’s lack of faith in you that brought this darkness to you from Karen and that is because of Sanna’s wrong influence on her going against me.

Eehhh, have Kirsten – my father’s widow – said anything about you (from my father’s dead bed – telling the truth of me) to Inge, which has been given to her son Jan, my cousin, which has turned him around too to believe in you, which is also part of the opening of everything?

I have felt Churchill for some time and now also General Montgomery knowing about the truth of me too.

Michael Wulff is still divine inspired when bringing his stories, and here you can see a man who has completely lost his temper when attacking and directing all of his anger against an aquarium fish, and this is symbol of what Billy Cook and Steen Kofoed lately did towards me with the fish being the symbol of me.


I am working at Fair Insurance under Søren H. as manager, who is never there and I have NOTHING to do, which also goes for several other employees – IT programmers – and I have seen a group of incredible inefficient people from the company including the director discussing how a competitor, a taxi firm, now can debit Dankort automatically and directly, which Fair cannot, and I wonder why I am not included in this work, which I can do much better than them, and finally, Helle Thorning-Schmidt discovers that something is wrong, and she starts speaking directly to every single employee, and finally she also speaks with me for the first time ever, and I tell her about Søren H. as my manager and his expected resignation 1st May, which Helle tells me has been postponed until 1st January, and I tell her that it may be because this will give him extra time setting up his new business, while I do nothing, and I ask her to bring me work and also that I can create better solutions than the other inefficient employees. Later we are out driving in a car, where I stand on a bar next to her being incredible close to fall off, and we pass a forest, where we see the second biggest standard advertising campaign of the newspapers Ekstra Bladet and Politiken being displayed on the bottom of the forest visible from the road.

And yes, it was nice to speak to Helle in the dream, and this is really an oppressed need of mine that I have had for a long time, which is simply for people knowing about me to speak to me, which no one of “the elite” obviously “can”, and the inefficiency is also related to the Government/civil service, and Ekstra Bladet is in the dream as I am often told about them without writing it, which I understand is because of your continuous writings about me?

I woke up to Meat Loaf’s fine “Rock ‘n’ roll dreams come through” and the lyrics “keep on believing”, “I treasure your love” and “when rock ‘n’ roll dreams come through” was changed into when OUR dreams come through – of our New World with eternal happiness for all, and yes after the end of creation you know.


I was told that because you went through your visit to Geneva in 2009 without breaking down, we knew that you were not going to break down during your journey, this is what we were asked to make sure of, and yes, because I received everything at Geneva, this is the connection.

I felt the government and then the MP Inger Støjberg, and isn’t it incredible that Stig doesn’t know what this DONG/Goldman Sachs case is about (?), and I am shown a tunnel leading down to an egg in a nest, so again, this is darkness leading to the birth of me/us.

Yes, I am also INCREDIBLE TIRED today, and yes I cycled to town with the sole purpose to transfer DKK 2,250 to LTO (leaving DKK 1,400 for me this month – I need extra to pay for new brakes to my cycle), and I wrote the script of today, which was also “impossible” to do, this is how poorly I feel.

So this big creation will come as a surprise to your mother, and yes, it was necessary for you to stick together for you to receive her love to become part of creation.

Is there a little Christ inside the last darkness, which we now transfer to you making you our new Godfather?

This requires that you will crawl a little bit higher up, and to continue working. I felt Jack and was told that if he had not been with me, I would not have become Christ. And it is your mother bringing you this new King Crown, and yes your feeling as Stig is: I really don’t like the idea about a crown and will never wear one, it has to be a symbol only, but do as you find best.

Christ has now been transferred too, and it is him being the jersey of all making everything fall in place, and I am shown a traditional, brown monk jersey.

And what was the chance to come here (?), nil! There was no way out.

This is the result of your own mother calling you a madman, and no, she never really understood that you are completely normal. And I am told that my mother has gone through years of incredible pain because of me, which was transferred to me as my sufferings (because she was only in pain because of misunderstandings!), this is how it worked, and this is what was required to bring me this title, and with this, yellow also come, we are incredible smart too, and this is about all colours of “endless creations” before (and after) ours, which you can choose to wear too, yes we have all thinkable clothes for you to choose from.

And “Tivoli” stands on all of this, this is our command centre with all amusements beings symbols of happiness and variation of different creations, and I felt Per Gessle from Roxette with me, and I was asked what is your favourite song of his (?), and yes JOYRIDE of course, this is what it is about. All individual life become a creator to create new eternal worlds and all worlds can choose what “clothes”/design to wear, and the physical life of our New World is only the newest and outermost layer of an eternity of layers of life, and it will become your eternal Joyride to choose between and live inside of these, and it is as I said already in Kenya: Variation is a gift of life making you happy, it would be sad if everything was the same; the same appearance, colour, music etc.

I was shown a Bikuben pen, and received incredible deep feelings of (happy) tears coming to me from Ole, my mother’s ex-man, too.

And alright, I will take this too. I was shown Benny Andersson from ABBA walking up the last steps of a snowy path to the surface symbolising me, and when he reached the surface, there was confetti of joy everywhere in the air, and this comes after I for days have been given the feeling of Agneta Fältskog over and over and over again, and when do you use confetti (?), and yes, it is often when you will enter a new year as we will now enter a new era of a golden now of eternal happiness coming to all :-). Yes, I love Sweden and music of Sweden, and it is here that my mother is coming through, and I receive enormous tears of happiness.

For hours I was given the feeling of my old friend Pia – or Lotus as she has changed her name to – whom I met in 2005 at Arthur Findlay College, and afterwards we created a meditation group together with Lis and Kirsten, which was crucial for our survival as I am told here, and haven’t we used Pia too (?) (this is the name given to me, and not Lotus), and yes, she was the first one taking me seriously when hearing the content of my meditations in 2005/06 and seeing my development when my spiritual voice started opening and speaking physically through my mouth (without my own will/influence) after we had returned home from a new visit to Arthur Findlay College in February 2006, and since, this voice spoke to and with Pia MANY times mostly as a “fun voice” making us laugh, and yes, I told her about the content of my sufferings back then, and all of this made her see with her own eyes that this was a “spiritual power” overshadowing me without a doubt.

And I am told that we planted something inside of her, which is now returning, and yes part of the big what used to be Hell (when turned around), now Heaven. We made her into “mashed potatoes” – potato is a symbol of God/the Source – to protect this from destruction. And she has had enough faith in me all the way making her the most important person of all in the history of creation, and yes, we haven’t seen each other since 2010, Lotus, but I do look much forward to seeing you again, and no, I don’t have time, energy or money to visit you in Jutland, where she moved to approx. five years ago.

When my mother was “too drugged” – darkness killing her – we brought some energy from Pia, this is how it also worked.

Is it possible to believe that Sanna would spread her faith in me to Karen etc. as she spread the opposite – “Stig is crazy” – about me, no, right?

Pia is the decisive factor that you did not receive such a big pressure of your “old nightmare” that you would have to give in. And when you did your meditations, what did we do (?); yes, transferred parts of God to her and not only to you, and who is Pia then (?), and yes, just an ordinary woman, isn’t it funny, and it is from here that we are transferring too, and this is what we wanted to protect the most including Christ too – and eehhh, don’t I receive Christ from inside the darkness of Karen (?), no, this part was transferred to be protected from destruction, and I am given the smell of burning hash.

And this is what the risk of making love to Pia was about, which could have happened if I had decided for this, and that was to play about me, Christ – and no, I have not made love to a woman since 2005, and I had to be clean especially since the spiritual opening of me to make it through.

This is what Sanna has the responsibility of meaning that you don’t need a life jacket to cross the road over to me – going from darkness to light bringing everything old still alive on the edge to the other side, where we really are – and yes the art was to keep the Old World alive for as long as possible (to empty it), and Sanna continued sending me darkness because she just ended her work against me without starting to work for me influencing people for me, which she “could not” do as expected. So we have sucked everything in here, but not blown out because of her, and it is things like this creating a New World.

I was shown the duvet of creation as a prayer blanket, and you haven’t asked people to pray in our New World or to fast for that matter, and this is where Medjugorje is wrong – ongoing apparitions and messages of my mother – and no, I only ask people of our New World NEVER to forget about our divine origination, and to keep reading, communicating about and understand my scripts as the design of life.

I was reminded about “the mirror” that Steen Kofoed and I wrote about, where I told him about the Source being this mirror reflecting all actions of man, and isn’t it funny if we also bring him spiritual references to me and our chat?

Is Jack/the Marine and Intelligence Services using access to the Source – monitoring everyone/everything – bringing them access to everyone on-line (?), and yes, but not anymore, and it will be embarrassing to you when it breaks that you were really not looking after the world, but you own interests doing everything you could to break me and depopulate 90% of the world.

I was shown the last part of an airplane engine of darkness coming in. This is how you are the garden of the world. And it is your mother bringing you everything.

While everyone said that I was a madman, we worked concentrated without being disturbed from darkness of these people not believing in or knowing what I did, which was to empty them!

I was told that it was darkness that had the concert with Funk Brothers – the legendary band behind the Motown hits – in Vega, Copenhagen, cancelled in 2007, which I had invited Pia/Lotus to see, and we didn’t realize before we were standing in vain in front of Vega seeing the cancellation, and this was probably the last chance that we had to see this legendary band, and who wouldn’t like to see them again in our New World?

Today was as terrible to go through as yesterday, a tiredness/exhaustion so incredible deep that it crosses what I do believe anyone must have experienced, it is truly the worst torture including dizziness, water in my eyes, lack of concentration etc., and not “healthy” at all.

I received the feeling of my mother including everything and was shown and told that here is the clock then.

And I received the feeling of my sister as the very last coming in including what was destructed, and is their destructed life at the very back which we don’t know about before now? I was shown a big heart and a gold brooch hanging on a Christmas Tree, which was connected to Sanna. Is this parts of your mother, which didn’t receive a morse code and simply vanished? So this is about what Sanna won, this is what your heart burns were about, and it isn’t so that we simply dissolved/vanished life as result? And it isn’t so that these parts returned to your father, the Source, because of your wrong Internet behaviour (?), and now, this is returning as the most concentrated wine, as I taste here, after having been home at the Source being made as you wanted, and was this because you started to late after having had difficulties stopping your Internet porn addiction (as all men here have more or less) back in 2007/08. This is why I started destructing everything without saying anything, this is how the Universe was removed, and was it between 1/3 and ¼ that was removed, which we first receive back now in perfect condition too?

And it is first now that the Big Buddha of my father is entering too, and I received a sound to my kitchen and was told that it was me hidden here that is now coming out. This is how we worked together, and I was told that it was great happiness when I finally stopped watching Internet porn in 2008, and no, I was not told of the meaning of this back then, but I received strong encouragements to stop.

It is me – the Source – standing behind everything and I felt that this includes darkness, sufferings and sexual torments, and yes it was a drop of the Source that was my mother starting and creating this world, which Karen and I brought life to.

Yes, it was possible to create the New World from what remained that was not destructed (brought out), which is because this included all ingredients. You are now receiving a voice from the past, which is the voice of my father of the Source, and when I am told that now I am bringing in my father, I have really been told and written this maybe 25 or 50 times before, which does not excite me very much, and yes fine, get it over with, please, and make it perfect. All of this is included in the golden crown that I now bring you.

And this was because you were the only terminator because of your acceptance of your “old nightmare” and/or wrong (internet) behaviour after we started the last part of your journey to connect to the Source and the time of conversion had come.

I was told that the local church of Elijah’s and Meshack’s rural village also contributed in removing my cross, not least because of Elijah as I am told.

It is first when you are here (at the Source) that we will switch on the water not only bringing you one drop, but endless water to create endless life also inside of here.

I was told and felt how many Berliner’s are coming in, including Helmut Schmidt as example. And also that it required my mother to drill a hole to the Source, which she feared the most, but she/we did it.

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About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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2 Responses to February 2014 – I: Becoming Christ including “endless creations” and the golden King Crown and Buddha of the Source of my father

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  2. Jette Uhlott says:

    🙂 Budda was showed shortly 15.15.. ca. 02-02-2014

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