February 2014 – II: Billy Cook brought the gold of the Source and the coffin of my new self to Helsingør without knowing it


Summary of February 2014 – II

    • February 4: Billy Cook brought the gold of the Source and the coffin of my new self to Helsingør without knowing it.
      • Billy Cook brought the gold from Arthur Findlay College to Helsingør/me via his visit to Helsingør today without knowing it himself being a man of darkness. He can also confirm that you will never get you hand up there (to the gold), no one can, and this is really about the story of King Arthur and his sword, Excalibur, which only he could lift, as I can. With this, we can change everything from darkness to light. Billy brought my coffin – my new self – wearing the English flag and Arthur Findlay College had formed a cross in toast bread, which has been put on the coffin without their knowledge too, i.e. bringing me sufferings. My new self stands on the clock itself, which no one has been able to remove me from, and my new self is now being grounded to me. We are now coming to the light, and I was shown a bulb after we have now gone through everything of all matter surrounding it. Welcome to the Source of life, which Billy brought without knowing it. We are standing ready with love and a big welcome reception.
      • It was decided on the highest level (British Prime Ministers) to use Arthur Findlay College as the home of the Universal Council being in contact with the Source deciding how to divide darkness/light to man, and who to appoint to become part of the secret network of the World Elite. This secret is now being spread via articles of Ekstra Bladet to the secret network, which is bringing me free. I ask the Universal Council to OPEN and TELL ABOUT EVERYTHING – I don’t want any secrets anymore! This is what all of the world has really been waiting for, which is for you to connect to the Big Source. So instead of me, man has been operating the Source bringing his own end because it doesn’t go without me.
      • The cylinder of steel – of the Source – is normally spinning around but is now stopping, which we will have to do, because it is not everyday that we will enter, and I was shown the door of the end of it opening, and was shown a long dark tunnel, which we have to go through now to reach the Big Source to bring my father as the fourth part of our New World including all force to bring it alive. In the beginning you will not feel the Source as anything else than a metal plate thinking that surely we cannot originate from this, until you discover what it really contains, which I originally did too, and I am shown a cucumber coming from out of nothing, and we just have to think about what we like and then it is formed.
      • Leaders of the world have been looking forward to the day when I would say the words that it was lack of faith of man that made it necessary for the world to bring darkness to the world because of the mirror of the Source bringing what you give.
      • Terminated life of the world, which the world didn’t know where had gone, was hidden together with my new self, Jesus, hidden inside a little Source apart from the world and the Big Source, and hidden inside of Pia. I am now bringing this out and fertilizing it – the closest of all to the gold of the Source – via energy I produce at spinning at Fitness World, to be merged with our New World. I am now welcome to return to the world, where I was not welcome 2,000 years ago, where man killed me and I was forced to build myself a new house being completely alone, and from here plan the survival of the world and creation of our New World, and this is how it became. It is me coming out with the guitar (symbol of the tool creating the world) and now in control of the spaceship of everything. I was shown Cleopatra in a beautiful, purple (her colour) ancient dress and was told that this is me you have brought out too, i.e. Karen.


February 2014 – II: Billy Cook brought the gold of the Source and the coffin of my new self to Helsingør without knowing it

February 4: Billy Cook brought the gold of the Source and the coffin of my new self to Helsingør without knowing it

FB 040214 Stig 1

FB 040214 Stig 2

The other day I went to the library, but I could not concentrate on work to my website, I was really beyond my limit of both exercise and work, and did the first, but not the last, and yes, this is also about “everything”, thus this incredible song, you’re the first, the last, my everything by Barry White, and I feel that “everything” is both me being “everything”, thus both the first and last.

I felt better today, the last two days were completely insane.

I received a strong feeling to my left ankle, and yes, we were inside of there, and we didn’t tell you?

Now we are only waiting for the ambulance to arrive, and I was shown a rock band standing inside an open beer truck now only having a very thin plastic layer in front of it ready to be removed.

I was given a sound like a ball or maybe a spring jumping out of my kitchen and was told thank you for posting your previous script to Lotus too as I did when tagging her on Facebook.

I was shown one film roll full of film with every picture being a world, and I see how one film roll is connecting to the next and next and next of what seems to be an eternity ….

So you may have understood by now that I only provide the tools/facilities, and you will decide the design of and live your lives yourselves, this is the basic idea of creation, so no, I am not a dictator.

It has now been spread to the planet (via my previous script) that we had hidden Christ inside Pia/Lotus, which was the part that man needed to fulfil his dark plans, and it is a condition that your mother, i.e. the world, understands this before we can start pouring water (force to create/maintain life) to you, and yes, I still remember my old déjà vue about what kind of Hell it would be to do the creation of our New World not receiving this force/energy until finished. And this is part of the last of the kitchen hidden inside of Pia, which was terminated/difficult to find, and I do believe that we have now given you all toilet paper, and is this really to say that Pia didn’t have faith in me despite of knowing of my true spirituality/sufferings, but if this is so, how can she be the most important person to me in relation to the story of creation?

Is it so that we – the ¼ to 1/3 that was “lost” – first move into your right ankle before entering the bundle of your stick (?), and this will take long time to absorb – which should surprise me.

Is the body-mind-spirit exhibition the last three days the reason why I felt terrible the last two days (?), and that is because of Steen, Billy and others speaking wrongly about me behind my back – yes bringing you down, and “we only want to help”, right (?), and this is then what you WRONGLY do because of your misunderstandings and negative feelings, which is what makes people sick, but you didn’t understand this, Steen (?), and it comes as a complete surprise to you, the man of “love/light”, that you brought ENORMOUS amounts of darkness to me?

I felt this last ¼ – lets keep it at that when writing – coming in as “perfect, pure darkness” meaning that it is really the opposite, and this is after coming from the Source, and it is us then being brought into you.

I felt Angela Merkel and a little later Nixon, and “I have been waiting hearing you saying these words about the leaders of the world”, which I wrote again today as a comment to Jette’s Google Earth pictures, see her Facebook group, and this is that it was lack of faith of man that required the leaders to bring darkness to the world, which then again was a tool of creation when we absorbed darkness instead of letting it destroy us.

I was happy to see that Danish TV2 Zulu has started showing the 13th season of American Idol this time having Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. as (my favourite) judges, and I simply LOVED seeing them happy and funny together when they received one very talented singer after the other at the auditions, and the highlight to me (of many) was when Maurice Townsend entered singing as pure and strong as a new Jimmy Cliff, see here, which was followed by his entire family – wife and four small children – entering, and it simply made me very happy and warm to see and feel their feelings of joy, happiness and warmth, this is how it spreads you know :-).

You have also been to Esbjerg Harbour (Denmark), centre of the Danish oil industry, and they also know about you and oil being the weapon/money financing the dark New World Order.

You can include Uffe Ellemann to that list too (Merkel, Nixon and ….), and he knows that he was your old political role model, and yes, we know, Stig, it was when you were young in the 1980’s not understanding darkness of politics as you do today, and it was really Uffe’s clear/strong communication, humour (but NOT your negative temper, Uffe!!!) and what I believed in back then was my motive power, and yes if we look away from everyday politics, I still believe in LIBERALISM more than what “liberalists” in practise show today, and that is 100% clear FREEDOM with RESPONSIBILITY, which “liberal” politicians of today have totally “forgotten” about when controlling all corners of the community, and yes, look at Lars Løkke, the chairman of the Danish Liberal Party, is he a true liberalist (?), no, he is a dictator, right?

I kept on wondering about Pia having faith or not faith in me, and if the example I was given – the cancelled Funk Brother’s concert being darkness – was a sign of Pia being darkness, thus hiding Christ inside darkness of the Source as “terminated”, but I keep being told “no, and I will tell you why”, and that is because you cannot bring out fish balls (Christ) twice, so there you have it.

Karen is not a matron, no, she is completely new too, and not as a prostitute, but as my rose of love for the Universe, which is all of our New World and not Earth alone. And then we will be “home by the sea”.

This is now the cleanest darkness entering after having been prepared by the Source helping us out.

Late in the evening, I was given the feeling of Billy Cook and was told that he has now arrived in Helsingør – for his public meeting tomorrow – and I am told that he is thinking of me and Helsingør being the origination of everything.

Do you remember when the time was 12 (?), yes, I do, which I was shown much around 1-2 years ago, and now it is 15.10 as I was shown, and we are still running, and yes, as long as possible was the name of the game to do perfect, and I am here given the taste of rucola salad on the best pizzas, and this is the result of this – it doesn’t get better – and no, your mother has not even once asked you to be careful about what you write on your website (for example on the dark New World Order), and normally it takes less than nothing to make her react and to ask me to do just this, and why is this then (?), is this because she doesn’t believe in it?

Well, I haven’t been inside the deepest and finest Champagne, have I (?), and this is about these parts of life returning from the Source, and here again I am told what I haven’t written before, which is that the Champagne district of France knows about my love to “the best drink in the world” without comparison (to me), and I have been told that they have prepared fine Champagne for me, and my reaction is really to treat me as you would treat any other, and do NOT give me expensive presents, which you wouldn’t give the next man on the street, and NEVER to give gifts from businesses to private people, but I would love to taste samples and to buy what I personally like the most.

Isn’t it incredible that we match perfectly – the new part with our New World – so it is a perfect train entering here, abracadabra, now this is done, and now we only wait on you, Stig, and yes I may need a couple of visits to the library to finish my website with the last to-do updates, and my mother has been inviting me for some time to the cinema to watch a film about the amazing Paul Potts, which she wanted to do last week, but postponed because of winter weather, but it may be during the coming week, and I have already been given the feeling of his amazing version of Ave Maria, which is my mother’s (favourite) song, and this may be the very end of my journey (?), and that is of course unless something new will show, which has always been the case until now, but some day this story will also have a (happy) ending.

You haven’t been to Camp David negotiations (between Israel/Egypt/Palestine) too (?), which is given as another example of “negotiations” where the parties knew about my coming.

So it is now that we will make everything perfect as mentioned earlier, and this is about the scenario about recovering terminated life. This part is now also formed by my mother. And is this what my broken cheek tooth in 2006 was about, which is now returning?

Is it so that Billy brings the gold from Arthur Findlay College to you via his visit here? Yes, he can also confirm that you will never get you hand up there (to the gold), no one can, and this is really about the story of King Arthur and his sword, Excalibur, which only he could lift, as I can, and this is what Billy now understands (?), and this is the knowledge that he is now bringing to you, thus delivering the opening to me here in Helsingør.

Billy has been eager to make a drawing/cartoon of you. And cheat with the pools and Ipswich, and yes, Billy, a man of darkness playing and believed to be a man of light by “everyone”. And the best part is that he doesn’t know it, but brings this to me acting as darkness, and no, I didn’t hear from him regarding the “clear sight” evening tomorrow evening or about my invitation for coffee, so maybe you don’t like me that much, but “fear” me, Billy, is that it?

And with this opening brought to me, we can transform all chairs of a very long table from dark to light as I am shown, and yes, the Source is in Helsingør as I have written for a long time, but first now via this move it seems.

I continue receiving feelings of Steen Kofoed and words about “understanding”, which he doesn’t like to be told that he cannot, his negative attitude/darkness etc., and yes a very sensitive = weak man, who cannot take being told the truth as so many others.

Is this also life lost because you were too slow compared to darkness sometimes?

I was shown that we are about to polish the golden nose of an aeroplane.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt has a big apology on her way to me.

Now I don’t get anything more for you from out here (on the balcony). Just let Stig be on the other side, which is what brings me orange slices as I am shown. And this is out here that Pia also enters, and eehh she has lived and been out here to collect what you lost, is this how it is (?), yes. And then we had not hid it inside of her but is collecting it out here (?), but this doesn’t match with only one birth, and it is a test of different messages given to me, which I have feared to experience (this much), and it is because I was unsure myself of what I was told, and when this hasn’t happened as clearly as this before, it is because I simply write what I am told not hesitating, and I will have to trust that the first message of Pia was true.

Now we only lack to turn you around. Billy is now bringing in your coffin wearing the English flag as I am shown, and again, he doesn’t know it, and they – Arthur Findlay College – formed a cross in toast bread, which has been put on the coffin without their knowledge too, i.e. bringing me sufferings.

I received a dark sound to my kitchen, so this is the last of me here, and I am told and shown that I – my inner self – stand on the clock of everything self, which no one has been able to remove me from because of my will, not even your sister, and yes this is what the world wanted to get access to, which is the force of me.

I was shown black stones running further and further down through some kind of device all the way to my testicles, and I felt Janet Parker, and no, they don’t know (about the darkness they have brought me). Yes, I have been encouraged to search for who is the manager of Arthur Findlay College and to include this person in my emails, but I have had too much to do and too little energy to do it.

And it is these herrings that ran through the shopping bag as I am shown – there is a hole in the bag – and they are located down here meaning that they are together with you and being part of you, i.e. my new self, which we will now merge with you, which is the biggest operation ever.

These were the sacrifices we were willing to bring – also because of lack of faith.

We cannot be closer with your new self now being here.

I was shown the majority of a plant growing rapidly, but a little piece of ground is empty without plants, and this is the part that we just have to fertilize. So this is what is now coming to you from the other side, and I am told and shown that we also enter through the Alhambra castle.

I was shown a roast being opened at the end and tomato sauce – this terminated life – being poured in.

Is this also because of Kristian Thulesen Dahl, the leader of Danish People’s Party, playing an act in the Goldman Sachs case (?), which I was already told the other day that he did, and Kristian was the one discovering this case started discussing it publically – this was the act – and if he had not, it would have passed without special attention from media and politicians, so this was also to fight for me. And I wondered if this brings me more pain too, because at least it brings more darkness, which is really what I needed to bring my inner self out. And do we also enter because of faith of Sanna too?

So this terminated life was inside my new self, who was “terminated” self, and now everything returns to us in our New World inside the Source. So this life was not brought to the Big Source, but to the Source of my new self hiding.

We enter despite of give-way-markings from René and others.

So my new self was protected from my mother and everything, and was hiding inside of Pia, thus neither being the world nor the Big Source, but apart. And it is now this part flying around inside of here as I felt, i.e. our spaceship of everything.

Some days ago I was encouraged to send a Facebook invitation to the drummer of SAGA, Mike Thorne, but he “could not” accept me as Facebook despite of his band colleagues Jim Gilmour and Michael Sadler being friends with me for approx. 1½ years now, and no, you “don’t want to” be part of my network, Mike (?), and yes, they are all together these days recording a new album.

We have been asked to return without knowing that we had disappeared. When I will enter, don’t I have to pay customs, i.e. lose life, no, and that is because I am now welcome to return to the world, where I was not welcome 2,000 years ago, where man killed me and I was forced to build myself a new house being completely alone, and from here plan the survival of the world and creation of our New World, and this is how it became, and yes, it worked “my friend”, but I tell you that it was a tough one to crack, and yes, the Bruce-song, we know, we know ….

This is how much love/warm feelings of Pia to me means. On one hand, it was also because of Lars G. that we are returning this, and I am shown us on wine tour at Düsseldorf (2002), and this is because we were not meant to become as good friends as we became, and this is because I decided to focus on his VERY GOOD sides (interest in people, communication/asking/understanding etc.), which are as good as his VERY POOR sides (EXTREME “shy”/cautious never opening his apartment to me, and hiding all personal information from everyone, eccentric and notorious the most difficult man ever making people “completely lose it” when he gets started), and “everyone else” focussed on his negative sides, thus “not liking him”, and this is the difference, and yes despite of all, we managed to be very close friends from 1988 to 2005, I believe, where I could not take his selfishness, and we broke.

It is me then now in control of the spaceship of everything.

Yes, it looked like a forest fire from here – the Big Source – but no, we were in control collecting everything with my new self hiding from darkness. We have also hidden inside your mother, this is how much love means. This is how we from the Big Source have tried to make you do your own creation.

Is it on Wednesday then that we will have dinner together, i.e. open everything, and we will see, it may take longer for me to finish work depending on my sleep and energy.

This is the dark corner of Karen that you/we were coming out from, and I understand that my inner self hereafter was hiding inside Pia and my mother, and was my task to be together with Karen in a weak moment believing in me and transferring this?

This is what we will bring in via your spinning the next days, which is on the programme again if I can because of sleep/energy.

And I had to hide from yourself because you had license to kill/terminate – via darkness coming to me wanting to make me the Anti-Christ, which is also why we hid inside your mother because you wouldn’t do anything to her.

I was wondering how this can now come from both Arthur Findlay College and Pia at the same time, and it seems that there is some kind of connection, which I don’t understand yet.

And I – my new self – can only enter with love, and I have hidden for 2,000 years. It is first now that I give a normal salute, which is then what my arm does without my own will – yes, it is like a “remote control”, this is how it works, I can only see/feel it happening.

I felt Helle Thorning-Schmidt and was the plan to bring the Socialist People’s Party (SF) out of government as a sacrifice to being my new self in (?), yes, this is how it looks from here, and now I also felt Margrethe Vestager. And was Holger K. Nielsen from SF the key player here because his key issue is to make sure that multinational business pay tax, and here Denmark was selling out of its resources to a giant capitalist bank also cheating with taxes making it impossible for SF to continue staying in government, and this was the strength that I was thinking of giving to him, and yes simply to do as you believe – it should be easy to do right, Bjarne Corydon(g)? – and is this about “opposite thinking” to make this go up, and yes, to bring me enough darkness to enter and liberate my inner self.

This morning at 06.00 when I wanted to go to sleep after having been up approx. 18 hours – I try to count the hours because I am out of rhythm – I was NOT as tired that I could sleep (!!!), and what an anti climax knowing that I had to get up in good time before spinning was to start at 17.15.

I was shown myself sitting in a very little pool with things being thrown down into my head, and this is my new inner self because this is what created life, so it was me making it impossible for you to find and collect me even though there was nothing else that I wanted more, this is about creation to do “the impossible”.

So it is me bringing the guitar (tool used for creation) out of what I am shown is a HEAVY armoured lift without hurting it, but only if you entered here with the alternative being that I (my new self) would explode everything if I as Stig has given up to darkness.

It was really me destroying life when you didn’t follow the plan in 2006 (when I could not stop addiction to Internet Porn).

I was told that my mother’s and my visit to Sanna’s work last summer was the last chance to see whom our mother would follow, Stig or Sanna, and the answer is that she really chose both, who wouldn’t if you could?

I felt the MP Marianne Jelved, the predecessor to the leader Margrethe Vestager, and I felt and was told that this new government without SF has been planned for a while, Jelved has known, and again, this was to make me enter the deepest darkness to bring our my inner self.

I was told that this new life inside of the Source of my new self has been made by my mother, which we will now correct, and at the end, the Big Source will switch on the power of all, who are children of Karen and I.

I was shown Cleopatra in a beautiful, purple (her colour) ancient dress and was told that this is me you have brought out too, and I am told that she is eager to meet me being “storming in love”, and I received Zombie Zoo by Tom Petty, because this is what I am, a Zombie being more dead than alive, and I feel absolutely terrible writing this down here at 01.30 being so dizzy that I really cannot work, but I decided that I had to do this today to bring me some working room tomorrow, and I also received Suburbia by Pet Shop Boys.

I was shown GIANT SHIPS arriving at Helsingør State Harbour with horn blowers standing on the deck playing their horns, and this is about my new self finally arriving in Helsingør.

It made me so happy watching Morpheus sing the wonderful NESSUN DORMA in this add that I decided to share it, yes, this is the truth you know :-).

FB 030213 Stig Morpheus

I dreamt about Johannes, the previous mayor, and something about something I have added to a castle, which has made him and the authorities to decide removing an incredible amount of dirt hiding BIG parts of valleys, and if they had not, this add-on of mine would have removed the possibility self to do this work. Johannes believes I have written negative comments, but when I come to him to get his comments to a job application of mine, he still decides to open up and look at it, and also to attend a meeting tomorrow first alone with me and then with the system too, and this may be about the meeting at the library tomorrow.

I also dreamt about me being one of three new employees having Søren H. as the manager, we work for a petrol station, and we are going to get company cars all of us, a new Audi with a 120 hp engine, and I see how Søren first cheats one of my colleagues to pay a part of the down payment himself, and afterwards he asks me doing the same because I am not a partner and also because I wear worn t-shirts (this is how it is in real life with many of my t-shirts), and I see that this does not apply to himself where the company pays all, and this is about Søren also emptying me from energy not having much money or hp to continue working, and yes, I wrote this down giving you an example of a dream

Will Billy tell me when he starts receiving spiritual information matching my email to him the other day (?); and no, of course not.

Your father was a Centre Democrat. Its gonna be a cold, cold Christmas without you, was the thought.

I saw this picture of a TRUE INDIAN inside the department store of Magasin many years ago – from the Facebook group “Old Copenhagen” – and Magasin is also a symbol of our New World, and it is filled up now with “original life” as the Indian is a symbol of, and yes when turning around becoming this life.

FB 030213 Magasin Indianer

What is that, “they call me the wild rose”, and this is both a very nice song for Nick Cave – I have started listened a little to his music, and I actually like it much – and a symbol of love of my new self coming to all.

Tomorrow evening, the local city council of Helsingør will meet at the library, and the moderator will be the political journalist of Denmark’s national TV DR1, Ask Rostrup, and since they have been SILENT towards me “forever”, I thought that just maybe I would be able to shout them and also the local city council up with this message telling them that I will be there too tomorrow.

FB 030214 til Ask

Later, I received the feeling of the city council followed by a voice on TV saying ”they have had many camels to swallow”, and this is about elected people there not liking much to go to the meeting tomorrow with Ask and I and that is because they know that I am coming too after having seen my Facebook post.

I slept POORLY, but still I decided to do spinning today because I could, and when I started the exercise, I was told that this is what was required to bring this terminated life out of my Source, and this is the closest to the gold of the Source, and what is inside of the last very thin greaseproof paper.

The world didn’t know where we had gone, we were nothing because there is no life inside of this “little source”, but we realise now that there was, this is from where we are now coming out.

And I felt Billy Cook, and I was spinning one hour before his “one man show” here in Helsingør this evening at 19.00 transmitting messages from the other side to the audience, and I was told that we are now coming to the light, and I was shown a bulb after we have now gone through everything of all matter surrounding it, and again, I felt that everything is made by 1’s and 0’s as I have felt before without writing it and this is together with advanced matemathics.

I felt Billy again, and you don’t go to Helsingør without Jesus Christ, do you, and yes if you are dumb and lazy, you do (not accepting my coffee invitation of inviting me).

I went to the library where I decided to write this email to Billy:

”Dear Billy,

You are now standing on the stage in Helsingør also becoming “popular” here in my hometown, but no, Billy, you are not becoming popular with me when you “cannot” listen/read, understand and communicate with me, thus ignoring me and not even replying to my kind invitation for coffee, and this is the reason why that the answer to the question above would be “not to be” if you were to answer it by following your wrong behaviour, i.e. your lazyness and better-knowing ignorance making you misunderstand and ignore me.

But wait a minute, can it be that there is a connection between Hamlet’s Kronborg Castle and me (?), and yes, this is why I live here, and the RIGHT answer to the question is “TO BE”, and not because of you as you understand, but me and my writings bringing the “Design of life” as foundation of our New World coming “now”.
Welcome to the Source of life here, you have brought it to me yourself without knowing it (!), and for how long do you think that your negative attitude can keep up its resistance to me (?), and yes CAN YOU FEEL IT, Billy (?), and is it “Dancing Queen” coming up to the surface inside of you while these very lines are written?
Take care, my friend, and send all my warmth and loving regards to people that you know. And yes, you will be saved too, of course 🙂 ♥.

Kind regards,

If you would like to know more:

I was shown everything at the centre looking something like a yellow sun with arms, and I see how this is spinning around quickly, this is the Big Source.

I was told that a Centre Democrat feels as if she has followed me all the way to the gold of the Source.

I updated my previous script with pictures at the library, and sent this message to Steen Kofoed telling him that my new script adds to his already existing world fame, and this is meant SOLELY POSITIVE, but no, this is not how Steen “sees” it because he has decided that I am “darkness”, not himself, and he doesn’t need me, so it made him tell me that he will now block me on Facebook, and it made me tell him that he is “a man you cannot reach” and he will go over in history as such, and yes, he has started receiving spiritual voices opening up to another reality – the real reality – instead of “the sugar buble” I have kept him inside, which I told him about, but this isn’t enough to make him try to understand objectively, and yes, it still makes me VERY sad to see so incredible WEAK and better-knowing people like that, and yes, it is just like the WEAK people of the kitchens of Hell that Gordon Ramsey visited, and yes Danish TV has shown some of these the last nights, and it is simply horrific to see how incredible DUMB, STUPID, LAZY, “PROUD”, and BETTER-KNOWING these people are – as “everyone” I have written about in my scripts too – who don’t want to listen or to change until Gordon shows them how to do it, and then they become so happy, so happy, and yes, I try to shout people up as Gordon does, but it is really “impossible” to make them read and understand me – but still Facebook did “the trick” bringing “many” over on my side, and I was told “do you remember”, and this is about the first signs given to Steen about remembering (from his spiritual self) who I really am.

FB 030214 Steen 1

FB 030214 Steen 2

We have been constantly photographing since Lyngby.

At 22.00, I was told that now we can stop the train, which is because Billy has ended his ”one man stand up show” – together with Annette Edel – and brought back all of me, and somehow this has come from both Billy/Arthur Findlay College and Pia/Lotus at the same time.

We are not standing ready with kisses (of Karen) and the big welcome reception, are we (?), and this is just on the other side of the Big Source you know.

There is a little more pain to your right eye, and yes it is coming now and you almost felt it the other day that the pain was not as strong on your right as it was on your left eye, and this is what is coming in now.

I was shown, felt and heard a photograph being taken from a plastic package in my kitchen.

Yes, now we only lack to ground you, and I was given the feeling of my Holfi amplifiers to which my Holfi speakers are grounded. And then we will bring the stream down to you.

How do you believe Billy feels like after having gossiped and now being in Helsingør with Stig, is it really here that he lives (?), yes. So all the negative he does, is the opposite here bringing it forward.

I was shown MUCH money inside envelopes being here, i.e. much life.

Don’t you think that it is about time that they started confessing, Stig (?), and I do believe that this has to be about the teachers of Arthur Findlay College knowing more than they “do not say”.

Even the rookies know that there is not long before Stig will awake, and yes this is about SAGA too.

Jette brought this Google Earth picture of my mother, and just maybe this is what it takes to make my mother “understand me”, and yes by focusing on herself, is this all that it takes?

FB 030214 Stig 1

FB 030214 Stig 2

FB 030214 Stig 3

I was shown the cylinder of steel – of the Source – and was shown how the end of it, a steel door normally spinning around that is now stopping, and I was told that we will have to do this, because it is not everyday that we will enter, and I was shown this door opening, and see a long dark tunnel, which we have to go through.

I was shown Henrik T.-H., my own class friend, who “could not” accept me as LinkedIn connection the other day – people simply “cannot” stand me just because of knowing that “Stig says that he is Jesus” – and I was shown a hole at the other end of the tube we are now entering, and it is Henrik entering there as a crocodile, and yes, even more darkness from a “very clever” man in professional terms – he was very skilled in school – but a complete fool in terms of understanding me.

It was a total nightmare coming over the worst couple of hours this night with headache for being “way too empty”, I felt VERY poorly.

It isn’t so that we have started welding into the right ankle of him from outside? Hush, we are trying to bring the sewing room down to him.

I was shown four wok pans containing spaghetti, but the fourth was somewhat missing.

I felt less strong darkness this night not being so strong as the last nights, where it has been on the edge of wanting to take over my physical movements.

I decided to stay up all night despite of feeling the worst, and I thought that this is what it would take to transfer from Billy, and if not, I would have tried to sleep much earlier.

I was shown a big, dark and old limousine in England, and I felt Churchill and Thatcher, and was told that it was decided on the highest level to use Arthur Findlay College, and eeeehhhhh big secret, don’t say anything, and now I am coming and then they say nothing.

Do you know what the writings of Ekstra Bladet about my writings on Arthur Findlay College bring (?), and yes, they set you free because they know, and yes it is enough to disclose this secret to the secret network to release me.

I received the feeling of the dictator of North Korea and was told that he is a result of this, which is Arthur Findlay College containing the biggest secret of the Universe.

So Thatcher etc., i.e. the top of the world, have already brought you inside a car with flowers, and is this what Arthur Findlay College is about having confirmed these days?

They have not declared you for free yet, but this is what we are going to do, right?

I was shown how my task was to find an endless little dark coin, which I am now opening the cover of, it is now a fuel cover of an old car, and this is leading to the Big Source, and this is what we are going through now via this tunnel I was shown before.

I was shown chips flying up from a roulette and onto the roulette table, and this is about pulling up the Source to become part of us.

It corresponds to you being the Tasmanian Devil – because of darkness that I am given to absorb – entering a fine, little florist with black/white floor (1’s and 0’s again) where we stand ready to receive you with flowers because it is Christmas again.

Arthur Findlay College is this GIANT SHIP coming to me including everything, which is also the layer of Christ.

I was shown a drink of one millimetre thickness being served to me, and it is INCREDIBLE strong; this is the Source.

I was shown Fru Christoff, who is really the actor Tommy Kenter, and I was told that it is also these people at Arthur Findlay College appointing people to become part of the secret network of the World Elite, and this is also where I am, and I am shown a blue spaceship and the Pope too, and yes, this is from where the Universal Council is working from.

And you had to go through the centre of power through your sisters office, and also Margrethe Vestager and Pia Christmas-Møller, to whom we have delegated power from here.

I was shown Helle Thorning-Schmidt seat in the Parliament, and it is via her that we are connected to this council, which is a seat following the Danish Prime Minister.

No, Stig doesn’t come here – at the Universal Council at Arthur Findlay College – asking for everything to open (?), but yes, this is exactly what I do, which is to open and tell about everything, and this goes for you, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, as it goes for all of the Universe and this council, I do NOT want silence and secrets anymore!

This is what all of the world has really been waiting for, which is for you to connect to the Big Source. In the beginning you will not feel the Source as anything else than a metal plate thinking that surely we cannot originate from this, until you discover what it really contains, which I originally did too, and I am shown a cucumber coming from out of nothing, and we just have to think about what we like and then it is formed.

So instead of me, man has been operating the Source bringing his own end because it doesn’t go without me. And it is this giant ship being the Source self, and I am shown one flower after the other in an eternity starting to open to me and I receive strong warm feelings.

I was told about when I temporarily was rehabilitated by Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune in 2011, and reactions of this Universal Council following; “isn’t it sad to see him going down” (?), and no, no one believed that I would be strong enough going through darkness (because of lack of faith of man), and I feel Queen Elisabeth here too.

FB 040214 Stig 3

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About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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