February 2014 – III: Faith of my mother gave birth to ALL four parts of my new self with the Source coming through a tiny hole of Paul Potts :-)


Summary of February 2014 – III

  • February 6: Faith of my mother gave birth to ALL four parts of my new self with the Source coming through a tiny hole of Paul Potts :-).
    • Helsingør City Council and Ask Rostrup brought support to me and excitement/celebration because of the finish of our New World:
      I went to a public political debate of Helsingør City Council including the mayor, other politicians and the political reporter, Ask Rostrup, from DR1 national TV, and I was told that this brought LOVE and support to me. They know that I am now finishing my work, and they were given several “divine inspirations” when really speaking of CELEBRATION because of the FINISH OF OUR NEW WORLD (“the excitement knows no borders to the place we stand on” (the Cultural Yard symbolising our New World) after having gone through the road of darkness, which they were part of themselves when working against me and/or being silent about me. Benedikte and the Conservative Party have now changed attitude in relation to me now having faith in and supporting me, where they used to be the strongest hell working against me, and Benedikte knows about me from the Parliament and Pia Christmas-Møller, and the TV-news also know everything about me, and this evening was the most exciting task in Ask’s life. The politicians were also inspired to speak about none (of my family, friends etc. and the world) will apologise to me because of their wrong behaviour, how all life has been pulled to the Source (in Helsingør), how some life had terminated with an “outcry”, the world being “upside down” (to be turned over to the other side of light), the opening of our New World (i.e. “new school”), and about how also they believed that I was “a grumpy old man” speaking about “conspiracy theories” of man (the dark New World Order) before they started understanding the truth of me. The previous mayor, Johannes, “could not” come despite of being part of the program, and there is a “good story” behind this. This was one of the last “performances” of politicians of the Old World – dictators over and stealing FREEDOM from man! – because there will be NO POLITICIANS of our New World.
    • I received a short but extremely strong wind of dizziness/darkness/nothing going through my head, maybe the strongest ever almost knocking me out, and this is from my mother because of the pictures of her on Google Earth, which she doesn’t like, which is the last part of darkness including herself with my father of the Source. And this comes together with the worst darkness of DR1 TV-news too (the media) hiding everything about me from the world. I have brought all life from outside to inside of the Source, and it is first now my mother is coming in as the last of all closing up everything. This is the loosening of the tent pegs of our old creation outside the Source, which is where my mother was brought to life as darkness with the task to create life, and become strong enough to turn around everything of this incredible strong darkness to light. She brought us darkness as our sufferings to absorb not to kill us, but to create us and our New World, which is divided in four made by my father and mother as one half of the creation, and all life on it made by Karen and I as our children as the other part of creation, which are merged into one New World – one of an eternity of creations of my father and mother, and the parent of an eternity of creations of Karen and my children coming. She is now bringing me the king sceptre.
    • I went to the cinema with my mother to watch the Paul Potts story “One Chance”, where I was told that this is about bringing together all four parts of our New World for the first time – my mother/father and Karen/me – which required faith of my mother. The spaceship of everything – the Source – is now coming through a tiny hole of Paul Potts, which required the break through that he received in 2007 singing the best male opera aria ever “Nessun Dorma” on a TV-show, which was VERY UNLIKELY for him to receive because of his great lack of confidence, and when this incredible beautiful song was played in the film, I was told that this is about the birth of my new self being not only Karen/I to start with but also my father/mother (bringing an eternity of different creations before ours for us to chose from as future life, and all force of the Source), thus also about the birth of my mother inside of me as Christ being the layer around everything. Faith of my mother and the opening of the tiny hole of Paul Potts brought forward this wonderful pyramid of everything of all creations of my mother, and not only our New World of Karen and I to start with.


February 2014 – III: Faith of my mother gave birth to ALL four parts of my new self with the Source coming through a tiny hole of Paul Potts 🙂

February 6: Faith of my mother gave birth to ALL four parts of my new self with the Source coming through a tiny hole of Paul Potts 🙂

FB 060214 Stig 1

FB 060214 Stig 2

I dreamt of reading one of my father’s weekly magazines being surprised to see that it contains the finest samples of bacon, smoked ham and more. I also dreamed about doing a new coffee programme (love of our New World), and being with my mother on a balcony, and there is a little mouse too, it is my sister, and it keeps wanting to jump out over the edge to kill itself, which is about my sister not liking very much what she has done against me and also that the entire world is going to know. I also dreams about the top management of EU participating in sex parties – don’t you think it is about time to stop this? And I dreamt about standing next to Michael Falch, and Tøsedrengene (“the wimps”) are about to play, and I tell him that it will be awesome to hear them, and he agrees and says “uhuhuhu”, and this is about a Facebook invitation I sent Michael a few weeks ago, which he “could not” accept thus putting him together with “the wimps”, and no, not what I had thought about you, Michael.

I was told something about Arthur Findlay College believing that they are pure light not knowing that they are the opposite (“darkness disguised as light”).

Steen Kofoed did as he promised yesterday, which was to block me on Facebook today, and no, I am NOT good for your “image” and potential business-income, is this what it is also about (?), and yes never funny to have “negative criticism” on you online on the Internet for everyone to see (?), and yes better to stop it now, Steen, and to tell the world that “Stig is crazy”, and what do you built this on, my friend, you “simply know”?

I received one of Electric Light Orchestra’s beautiful ballads, which is “Down hometown”, and this is because Billy Cook yesterday visited my “hometown”, “no, I did not like going too” (but responsibility not to cancel made him), and yes, he felt “it” too, and this song also contains a backwards message – there are many SECRET MESSAGES contained inside Jeff’s songs, I wonder why (?) – which is “it’s the mighty waterfall”, and this is really what you can call the Source of life here, which used one drop to create our New World, and it is now about TIME to open the tap bringing in all water required to bring eternal life inside of this New World of mine with everyone being creators of eternal life in their own rights, and no, it isn’t going to be boring, I promise you :-).

You are looking out on us”, and I was shown everything first as oranges (God’s) and then as chicken (creation).

I woke up at 16.00, and I was surprised that I was able to finish and publish my script before going to the library at 19.00 to meet Ask and all “the city roots” of Helsingør (City Council) as I call them – “roots of evil”, which is what ALL politicians are removing freedom from people – and yes, it was really tough to write most of it yesterday feeling incredible poorly.

I went to the library where Ask – the political reporter of the TV-news of DR1 national TV (he lives here) – had come together with seven members of the council from seven different parties, and the first that I noticed – except from Ask, Benedikte (the mayor) and other politicians noticing me – was that Johannes (the previous mayor) was NOT here as announced, and his placed was overtaken by a middle aged woman from the same party.

There were maybe 100-150 spectators, and the meeting lasted for 1½ hours, and it started with Ask saying something about “Copenhagen is dug up making it unrecognizable and my “behind” annoyed”, which to me was about Ask not liking to come here knowing that I would be here too.

What does this meeting bring then (?), and I was told peanuts and giraffe, which is about creation and my mother. It isn’t because we lack coins, i.e. energy, no, it is more about love coming from the TV-news and Benedikte too.

Each politician was given three minutes as their start speech, and Jan Ryberg was stopped after three minutes, which made him say “but I have just started”, which made Ask say “yes, but you have also just finished”, and this was given with “inspiration” to say that media and politicians know that I am (almost) finished with my work.

Henrik Møller spoke the words ”a twinkle in the eye” twice, which was about support to the sitting mayor (obviously not when standing :-)), and I felt how my spiritual friends spoke through him with much happiness, and this is about support of not only the mayor but me too, but in SILENCE, my afraid friends!

Christian Donatzky (the one who left me as Facebook friend after having met him at the meeting with Margrethe Vestager some months ago and had become friends with him) showed himself over again to be the sharpest and most visionary of all of these politicians with most of them being “administrators”, where he is truly a new thinker and developer, which I like very much.

Mette Lene Jensen from the Liberal Party was a substitute of Johannes Hecht-Nielsen, who “could not” come, and I thought – probably as many else – that now I hope she will start by telling WHY Johannes “could not” make it, but no, NOT A WORD (!!!), and instead she said that she was newly elected, thus having no experience and let us say also no skills to act on this level, and that is at least yet – on contrary to Christian who is also newly elected, but despite of this, he KNOWS what he speaks of (!) – and instead, Mette was a DISASTER speaking what ordinary people do not knowing about what she was speaking of, and yes Mette, this was your role this evening, and no, I do NOT like people to stand forward pretending to know what they know not, and I don’t like to hear generalities on a low level when I expect to meet “experts”, which is what I expect all people to become within their work areas, this is the goal. This is the impression you gave, and I looked her up seeing that she has a fine education and experience as a controller in Helsingør Commune etc., but no, you were NOT convincing me.

Benedikte said with inspiration that “it is lovely to hear about the Cultural Yard now harvesting the fruits”, which was about positive mentioning of the Cultural Yard of the other politicians, and “we have laid up for dance inviting everyone to participate in committees of the Commune”, and “the dance” part of this is a symbol of CELEBRATION, and this is about harvesting from the Cultural Yard being a symbol of our New World self.

She continued speaking about two key people of the business life of the Commune having dismissed and about how things look “black” and about “how we together can find a road out of this darkness”, which was to say that she herself was part of this road that I used going through my road of darkness to find light on the other side.

And she spoke about how the new school reform will bring a good school, which made Ask “grab it” – also with “inspiration” as I am told here – when he said that “it is nice to hear that you believe the school reform will bring a good school, which the Conservative were against”, which made everyone laugh out loud, and yes, this is about how “crazy Lars Barfoed”, the chairman of the Conservative Party “could not” agree to the “famous school reform” agreed upon at the “special negotiations” of the government on Bornholm last summer.

More politicians had been speaking about the poor co-operation climate of the previous four years, and it made Ask ask them if they wanted to apologise to the voters because of this, and no, they really did not, and this was really about how family, friends etc. of mine including the world have treated me WRONGLY without being able to give me an apology, and no, it doesn’t look as if I will receive one single before we will awake as our New World?

The story about how the Commune lacked 200 million DKK four years ago, and today is in a much better condition is about “lack of energy” of mine to save the world, and even though I/we did not have enough energy, we managed to do it anyway.

Ask was inspired once again when he started saying “the excitement knows no borders to the place we stand on (the Cultural Yard), and it is a necessary evil to finish this area”, which is about connecting it better to the city core, and what it really was about, was EXCITEMENT OF THE FINISH OF OUR NEW WORLD symbolised by this CULTURAL YARD, which is really finished now.

Benedikte spoke about “jump down into the hole of the Marine Museum, and get up to get a cup of coffee”, and this is about my previous self, Jesus, coming up from the hole and becoming my new self as Stig bringing love, symbolised by “coffee”, to the world, and I wonder if it is now that the time has come for you to being able to invite me for a cup of coffee, Benedikte, or have I still overestimated you?

Ask spoke about the vision of 2020 to “pull giant population foundation to the Commune”, which is about what I have done, which was to pull ALL LIFE back to the Source of origination.

Ib Kirkegaard from Danish People’s Party started speaking, and I was told that he was now speaking with the voice of Pia Kjærsgaard, and he said that “before we will invite all the world to Helsingør, let us be ourselves”, and this is the same kind of narrow-minded attitude as Pia thinking about “ourselves” before everyone else, which is what the worst darkness is made of (basically contracting energy instead of expanding).

Have the TV-news collected all material on you (?), yes, this is what the school reform symbolises, i.e. “everything”, and I now better understand why the Conservative first voted against this, and this is because the Conservative as A PARTY OF HELL working against me with Pia Christmas-Møller, my old friend Lars G. and also key people of the PR-company Waterfront (important part of my previous story) in main roles not to speak about what I don’t know about today.

A little later, I saw this post by my Facebook friend, Bo, showing the toilet of Waterfront self – when speaking of the Devil, you know – and toilet/peeing is a symbol of destruction, so this was just to confirm that this is what Waterfront and the Conservative Party was to me before being turned around also understand and believing in me.

FB 040214 Bo Ø

I was given the name Malling, which was a reference to the actor Søren Malling playing the news director of the national TV news in the TV-series “Borgen”, and will Ask bring this story about you directly home to him, i.e. to Ulrik Haagerup, who is the “silent” real life news director of DR1 TV, and yes, he does.

Ask asked for questions from the audience, which brought many people to raise their arms and Ask to say with surprise “Hold da fest” (“I say” or directly translated “hold a party”), and this is what we will do very soon, Ask, can you hear the Champagne bottles blow and see all the flags and happy people in front of you?

There was a break of 10 minutes, and after the break, I was told that it isn’t so that the news about Jesus being here has spread to all of the library in the break?

I saw my old colleague from ACTA and “politician wannabe”, Jacob L.-S., in the break where he laughed with Henrik Møller and spoke to Ask, who is a “very powerful” man knowing all the political top of Denmark (he interviewed Helle Thorning-Schmidt yesterday as example), and yes, Jacob is a man making sure to be showed and “getting in” where the power is, which attracts him so much (he is now a candidate for the Parliament), but no, he didn’t like to say hello to me, and yes, after the meeting, I saw him sitting JUST BEHIND ME (!), and he looked down on his mobile phone pretending not to see me, and this comes after I was very popular with him and others at ACTA, and we saw each other also after having stopped working for ACTA (in 2007), and became Facebook friends, which lasted until he discovered that I brought some of his “dumb” Facebook messages showing you how a dumb man can become a politician and how simple minded people work when attacking each other, and this made him so angry that he blocked me too, so no, there as NO apology from Jacob to me today, and no, Jacob, I am exactly the same man as before, there is NO difference – other than I have gained weight, which was darkness doing it to me including your pressure (and MANY others including my mother).

Benedikte spoke about how “parking places have been closed without new coming, which has given an outcry”, and this was really about terminated life that ended life to become part of the little Source until it is now returning these days, and yes, this life is returning “from the ashes to the Source” (and not the fire, Ask!) and our New World.

Bente Borg spoke about “the same twenty old and grumpy men of the local business life” answering questionnaires, and Ask asked her if she spoke of a conspiracy theory, and Benedikte also followed up on it, and this was other inspiration telling you how many of you saw me for a long time, which is a grumpy man speaking about conspiracy theories (not to be taken seriously of course), and how long did it take for you to understand that I am the opposite of grumpy, and I don’t tell you about conspiracy theories but the truth about the dark New World Order (planned by the world because of the mirror of the Source returning what man brings – because of lack of faith of man), see https://stigdragholm.wordpress.com/new-world-order/new-world-order-of-darkness-of-the-world-elite-part-i.

Henrik Møller spoke about a question from the audience being “turned upside down” – what can the business life do to help Helsingør Commune, and not opposite, which is how the question normally is – and yes, this was inspired too as I am here told, and this is about the opposite world now about to being turned around to become our New World on the other side of light only, and yes, it couldn’t be easier than this.

Christian said that one of the main thoughts about the school reform is that it has to open, and I felt how he spoke with divine inspiration given to him directly – this is how it works – and the school is “everything”, you know, so this is about “everything” of our New World, which is about to open, and yes, this is how ordinary speech can mean something completely different if you receive spiritual information as I do from my spiritual friends, and yes my new inner self, Jesus, together with my father of the Source of all life and mother of creation, these were the people speaking through most of you this evening, but mostly via Ask and Benedikte.

FB 040214 Biblo 1Ask Rostrup from DR1 TV-news directing the local politicians of Helsingør City Council at Helsingør Library with me sitting in blue/white shirt on row four

I was shown a connection between Benedikte and Ask, and I was told that this connection also includes Pia Christmas-Møller, Benedikte’s previous colleague at the Conservative Party at the Danish Parliament, and this was to say that both Benedikte and Ask knows about the story of Pia Christmas-Møller, who used to be the co-ordinator of the Danish Parliament working against me, and does Benedikte also know about the reports of my old friend Lars G. about me and my visits to Waterfront (where Lars worked a couple of years in the end of the 1990’s, I believe) (?), and yes, she does.

Is there a good story behind Johannes not being here today (?), and yes, is this because of my dream of him yesterday, where he believes that I have written negatively about him/the Commune, but still accepts me (?), and was it “too much” for you to come, Johannes, or had you just become “sick” (?), and yes, it makes me wonder, but still you were my stairway leading to Heaven, and yes, I have started playing many songs, which I have brought before including this one, but no, you will NEVER get tired of this one, and yes this is also about how “led” in Danish (“mean”) that Johannes was to me before he understood that I was “a good citizen”, is this how it is?

One said that he believes that he believes it is right for the Commune to receive a high tax of the turnover of outdoor servings of café’s on the main square because it is a “gold vein” that the Commune brings, and it gave the loudest boo-shouts from the audience, and this is about generating income doing nothing, which is COMPLETELY WRONG, and to me, it is also about STEALING THE GOLD/ENERGY from me, which is what politicians have done because you are the plagues self dictating over and removing freedom from people, and this is to say that there will be NO TAXES in our New World, and NO PUBLIC SECTOR and no politicians, isn’t life wonderful (?), and yes, my friends here at Helsingør City Council and EVERYWHERE: You are right now working your very last days as “politicians”, who look as if you know very much about things that you really know nothing or only little of, and no, this is NOT the way to generate a society – by turning the pyramid upside down letting a few on top decide on behalf of everyone else – and yes, it is a condition of life self that we have a “normal pyramid” where everyone will receive FULL FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY without anyone else limiting this, and no, this is “completely impossible” for you to understand, because you are “schooled” or brainwashed by the WRONG society of today, and yes, READ and UNDERSTAND MY NEW WORLD ORDER if you like to know of course. https://stigdragholm.wordpress.com/new-world-order/new-world-order-of-light-of-god-me/.

And yes, this was it, this is how inspired these people were today, and did you get it, my friends, this was really why I came, and yes to write this story about yourself, which normal people will not be able to read in Helsingør Dagblad/Daily News, and why is that (?), and yes because all media and politicians are still “afraid” of speaking publically about me, and I wonder why that is – WIMPS!!!

Is Benedikte nervous that I will write “negatively” about her including the resistance of the Conservative to me (?), and yes, but you may understand, Benedikte, that the worst dictators and darkness to me – my mother on top – are also the closest to me on the other side of light.

I was given Beatles “Ob la di, Ob la da” and I was told that this is because it is a VERY HAPPY song, and this is to symbolise the meeting with Ask and Helsingør City Council today, and yes, the joy of the crowd of people as you can hear here, is what you will also hear with FREEDOM and joy and happiness beyond imagination today coming to everyone with the opening of our New World 🙂 ♥.

Pictures from this event where you can (almost) see me at row four behind a lady wearing a blue/white shirt: https://www.facebook.com/helsbib/photos/a.577717688987271.1073741882.100747563350955/577717718987268/?type=1&theater

FB 040214 Biblo 3Local politicians of Helsingør City Council with the mayor Bendikte Kiær speaking to the far right – and no, Johannes Hecht-Nielsen “could not” be there

The time was now 20.35, I had been happy seeing just how well and precise that Ask had controlled time/the agenda, and in general he did FINE WORK, and it gave me 25 minutes to update my previous script with pictures etc., which I cannot do at home (because of the lack of a working computer mouse), and while I was working with my Irfanview picture program, suddenly it was overtaken by my spiritual friends, who kept on bringing forward the picture of Ask from yesterday (my Facebook post to him) even though I inserted a new picture, and yes, the program was literally blinking with his picture, and I was told that it isn’t so that this was the most exciting task in Ask’s life, was it?

I just made it, and sent my script to my LTO friends, and a little thereafter, I was given the strongest pain I have ever received to the inside of my left shoulder, and it really hurt very much, and I was told that this is how much my mother is hurting because of the Google Earth picture of her yesterday, and yes, she simply HATES attention, and wants to hide if she can, and yes, this is the STRONGEST feeling of darkness given to her, but her true self is that she LOVES being in the middle of family dinners and parties speaking, laughing and making everyone laugh, this is how she truly is, but “the force” of Darth Vader is strong on her, and yes, because of darkness of man, you know.

And yes, Stig, you decided that you better write down this experience tonight because if you don’t make it, you will also not make doing the last parts to your website, which is not that much, but you are kept on the very edge of being able to doing this, and yes, I did not work on it today as I was planning and hoping for, but I do hope that I can tomorrow, and that depends on my sleep and energy and yes inside working hours of the library of course.

It means that I am all home now, and I felt metal and a lock to the Source inside of me.

I received a strong heartburn, and yes did we also receive darkness (?); yes, and that is because these are some of the people of the system – the secret network – that are SILENT about me, which is VERY WRONG as you know.

I noticed how Michael Laudrup has been fired as the coach of Swansea, which I have difficulties understanding because everyone should be able to see that he does a fine job making the team play what should be “the best way”, and yes, I was told weeks ago that what is happening with Swansea at the moment is also a sign, and that is simply because of STRONG darkness coming against me, and yes, the swan is a symbol of my new self, but the line was too short for Michael, but it seems as if I still have it here in my hands.

And yes, there is nothing like seeing a picture of yourself to bring interest of my mother, and if she believes in this, this will increase her faith in me, and I am told that this is because it is my mother, who will “make me big”, which is about expanding everything in size.

Jack is not old, everyone is on their way in now.

Elijah is also helping to connect the 360 degree round railway.

I still feel that there is more inside my right ankle, which is the same as saying that we will continue the work as long as there is.

Jette brought this picture of my mother on Google Earth:

FB 040214 Jette

The story is that your mother believed that you were possessed by evil spirits without understanding that evilness came from her and the family and your friends etc. self.

It is about time to put on fuel. I am shown flowers being thrown down, and we are entering new rooms where we have never been before.

I received a short but extremely strong wind of dizziness/darkness/nothing going through my head, maybe the strongest ever almost knocking me out, and this is from my mother because of the pictures of her on Google Earth, which she doesn’t like (bringing me this darkness as result), and this also includes the expand mechanism for us to become our big and right size.

I was told that Ask Rostrup has been allowed to seeing with my eyes, and I felt his head inside of mine.

It is the combination of everything now coming to you, and I felt the interior of me being a metal skeleton of the Source.

I was given the feeling of Lama Yönten remembering that I did not kneel for him, and yes, there would be no Buddha here without him.

I was shown the tube of toothpaste and was told that this tube is now symbol of our New World, and yes, he, i.e. me, succeeded to bring us all inside of here, and that is from outside of the Source where we come from.

We have also brought in all people of other civilizations, and it is first now my mother is coming in as the last of all closing up everything.

And is it Ask and the TV-news of DR1 doing this (?), yes, because they are the worst darkness knowing everything about me and being able to influence the world about me without doing it, so this is the worst darkness (media) that my mother comes out from. And this is because you were brave enough to meet people this evening who were not happy to see you and ignoring me, and yes, this is how it was, I do NOT like people acting like this, but I decided that they are probably more afraid of meeting me than I meeting them and their wrong behaviour.

This is what Ask knew. This is what is loosening the tent pegs self (of the Old World), which is also one of the most dangerous operations of all. This is where we settled outside the Source.

I received extreme disgust/darkness and I continue receiving diarrhoea, and also continue receiving now “only an outline” of a presence from my hallway, which is my new self from the Old World???

I was told that my saying “do the best you have ever done” is sounding everywhere, and no, I have nothing against competing against all creations before ours wanting to become the best of all, this is natural to me, and if I do not, I know at least that I did my best.

This is my mother coming who was hoping that I would give in to the sexual torments coming to me from there too, because she was darkness self.

No one has said goodbye yet, and this is my, i.e. my mother, task on behalf of all of you.

No, we don’t see no sane being able to reach here, and what about bringing an item on me starting by telling the world that “Stig is not crazy”, DR1 (?), which is the only way to make people believing in me, and yes, when the TV-news says this, people believe in it, but not when I say it myself, which is part of the craziness of ordinary people believing in the media but not necessarily other people, and that is because with the media, we don’t have to think ourselves, it is served to us.

It is me inside of the refrigerator, i.e. my mother, who was sent out by the Source of my father, and it is me bringing the king sceptre. So everything starts with me.

It was also me bringing Falck to attack creation self, and I here receive “Blood on the dance floor” by Michael Jackson, which is to say that it was my mother’s blood that was terminated.

How does it match that our New World is the creation of my mother, but all life here are children of Karen and I?

And it was my mother who was willing to be disguised as any beautiful lady to bring me my “old nightmare” leading to termination of herself/us, and this is to say that it was necessary to create a setup where life became stronger and stronger until it was strong enough to overcome this natural darkness until we would turn around everything (from contracting all energy to opening up and expanding it), and you could return to here and say “it is your turn to come now, mother”.

It is me, i.e. my mother, directing this negative force against you. And it was me being willing to enter your left ankle (“termination”) waiting to come out until the next time, but no, you chose to take on all sufferings now.

So my mother was wearing yellow swimming feet, tied up and had a scarf tied up over her mouth while she was thrown off the rock and down into the water, i.e. suffering, being told that it is now your turn to create life, here are all the ingredients inside the metal plate, take what you need and keep on because we don’t accept failures, and when you have created life, turn around everything and you are welcome to return (to the Source), and yes I receive a new déjà vue, I know about this inside of me, and this is the process that all before us have gone through, and no, it isn’t easy to do.

No, you didn’t waste enough gold to kill me (my mother, and again I feel Paul Jacobs and “he knows about me”. This is the last link of the round railway, i.e. my mother is.

And yes, mother is connected to son in the Old World, but not the New World, which is a combination of the creation of my mother/father = New World I (me), and the creation of Karen and I = New World II, merged together as our New World, and why aren’t all life here the children of my mother and father, but Karen’s and mine (?), and yes, it has to mean that I am only one out of endless children (other creations/worlds) of my mother and father, and all of this life is life of Karen and I, and their children will become part of their four divided worlds with Karen and I bringing the creation as my mother/father did for me, and they will bring the children themselves, and this is how it will go on for an eternity inside of this branch, an eternity inside an eternity, which is a principle continuing for an eternity, and yes, it can be quite big such an eternity as you understand.

This information is what will bring the captain of the ship forward, i.e. the Source of my father.

No, I am not at all as bad, this is how I was born (my mother). I was shown a sausage bread being burned on the surface of it, and this is what we are saying, which is that it was impossible to bring me out now, but no, you don’t give up, and work is still the way forward.

The alternative would have been to remove a row of your teeth, which however wouldn’t be enough to stop you creating your New World – but it would only be as the little Source/world of Karen/I without my mother/father and the Big Source – and that is if you decided doing this believing that we were terminated for good, and no, it would not have been an easy choice.

And now it is only a little of the top layer of many, which is burned (of my mother, i.e. terminated), and yes, everything was inside of your right ankle being the foundation of creation.

I don’t believe that I have more secrets to you. It is also faith of Jacob (from ACTA) bringing me in.

This is the greaseproof paper self. It is me, i.e. my mother, bringing you all the worst sufferings even though we only wish to survive, and you are absorbing this because of your inborn will to live. And it is me, whom you cannot trust – like your mother (speaking WRONGLY about me behind my back).

So all of this darkness is resistance to become life, and we had to swallow our own energy to being able to turn around.

It would hurt like hell if you had decided to accept the creation of a New World without me, i.e. my mother, and yes “loss of teeth” you know.

I dreamt about Martin (from Costa del Sol) working as a life & pension insurance broker asking to use my favours as a consultant, which I accept, and he brings me to a decisive meeting with Jyske Bank, who is considering to use Martin’s or Kim S’ company for their new pension plan, and the foundation is that Kim is MUCH better qualified than Martin, who has “ordinary skills” (way below Kim), and I tell the bank that I know Kim and used to work for him for years doing all of the detailed work, and I tell him about some of the pension schemes I have created, for example for all accountants, and also that I am better qualified than Kim, and this makes the difference for the bank to chose Martin/me, and Jyske Bank is both my bank today and notorious darkness – this is why their BAD MORAL is revealed these days (offering rich Danes to hide their money in tax heavens away from Denmark) – and instead of this bank choosing Kim as darkness, which is what Kim is really a symbol of, they have decided to bring all of their savings to me, which is really the Source.

I also had dreams including my old beautiful class friend Tine being a temptation to me, and later Sidsel being my “almost girlfriend” loving me and I love her, and we are going to the limit almost making love, but do not, and yes, I like Sidsel because she is as smart as she is pretty, and when I awake it was with a GIANT miss of a girlfriend/wife, and no, it is NOT funny doing this work alone also without love and support.

I woke up to Simple Minds “this is your land”, which is our New World, and I simply LOVE this song and the album it is from, there is truly something magical over this, and yes, 1989 was a very good year also in music terms. I also received “All I want for Christmas is you”.

I have been VERY SAD about LTO having had “difficulties” communicating with Elijah being “hopeless”, John being “almost hopeless” (but sometimes surprises positively), and the last couple of months, David and Meshack have also had “challenges” to send emails thanking for my money transfers and for Meshack to confirm the reception hereof, and I wrote them in the end of January that if I did not hear from them in February and did not receive Meshack’s confirmation, I may decide to stop sending money, which made John, David and Meshack write, but already now I am very disappointed again after sending them money the other day where I was feeling VERY poorly and still cycled to town in snowy weather with the only purpose to send them money, and no, I have NOT received any confirmation from Meshack or thanks from David – not to speak of John and Elijah – and yes, these friends of mine are now pushing the very limit, which is very close to breaking meaning that I may stop my transfers, and yes, this is how strong darkness is, my dear LTO friends, and isn’t it amazing that you still “cannot” do what proper behaviour tells you to do, which David and Meshack normally remember doing, but now they have also “forgotten”, and yes, if there is no communication, there will be no friendship and also no money – and you are pushing it to the very limit now!!!

My mother called at 10.30, which was not the nicest hour when I tried to sleep (going to bed approx. 06.30) and afterwards had trouble sleeping again, and yes, she wanted to invite me for the Paul Potts film “One Chance” (the Paul Potts story) and would come to collect me at 15.30, which I told her was fine, and yes also postponing my plans to go to Fitness World to tomorrow.

I slept some more, and met my mother at 15.30, and I was told that this is about the last link now entering.

At the cinema, I was told that it is a requirement that your mother believes in you, and I was told over again that she was now thinking “Stig is not Jesus, right” trying to reject it, and I was told that the spaceship of everything is now coming through Paul Potts through a tiny hole, and yes, this is about the most unlikely superstar, who was “born” in 2007 when he attended and won the “Britain’s got talent” TV competition, and as you can see from the film of him, this was really as unlikely as it could be after his nerves/lack of confidence and a turn down by Pavarotti in Venice made it “impossible” for him to stand on stage, but eventually he was given “the push” making this happen, and this was necessary for you to do, Paul, because you were hiding this very little secret, and yes, I clearly remember seeing you for the first time, which made an EVERLASTING impression on me because there has NEVER been anyone like you with your incredible opera talent breaking through like this before so it was noticed by the whole world, and it came after I had told myself for years “I wonder who many never breaks through because their true talents are never discovered”, but indeed you were with a little help from my friends, and yes, I have continued calling you for “the mobile sales man” in our family when we have seen you on TV or heard you on one of the Christmas and Classical CD’s I have recorded for my family, and this is because it was so incredible unlikely and “crazy” that a man with your talent were working as a “mobile telephone sales man”.

And then the climax of the film came, which is when Paul won the TV-competition singing “Nessun Dorma” making the judges cry tears of happiness and the audience to stand up shouting out their joy – they had NEVER believed that such a man should hide such a secret – and when we saw this, I was told that it is through Paul that we brought your mother’s birth of you as your new self, and it is first now that all four parts of me – my father/mother and Karen/me – are united for the first time ever making it possible for us to choose all colours, i.e. to chose life as one of endless creations before ours, and this is what required my mother’s faith in me to do, and if not, we would not have seen this film together opening up the little hole to “everything” through Paul Potts. I now also understand why I was inspired to bring “Nessun Dorma” by Morpheus the other day, it is about the birth of my new self.

And this is really also about the birth of my mother being “everything” of all creations inside of our New World – bringing everything with her now being part of me as Christ of everything, and yes, this is what Paul Pott’s BEAUTIFUL version of Ave Maria means to me, and this is included in the four Christmas CD’s I made for my mother, family and close friends back in 2008, and little did I know that this was the importance of Paul Potts to me/us, and yes, sit back and enjoy this favourite song of and about my mother, and no, mother I will NOT play it at your funeral as you have always told me, and that is because I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO DIE (!), we will now all go directly from our old selves to become our original new selves of our New World, and yes without dying first, and yes, this was only possible because of my love to you and because I would NEVER give up knowing that this would hurt/kill you and the world, see?

This is what brought forward this wonderful pyramid of everything of all creations of my mother, and not only our New World to start with.

And yes, this was a film of the heart of both my mother and I, we simply loved it not only because of the incredible singing by Paul, but also because it was “a film about life”, which is what makes film the best and most touching to me.

My mother also gave me a bag of newly grinded Zoega’s coffee, which she had bought on a tour in Helsingborg at their coffee store over there, and yes, this is where this coffee is from, and this was the ultimate symbol of endless love of my mother to me, and this is what made this entire journey and creation possible – and yes, this is what was the foundation of everything and no, darkness of my mother (also the spirit of my mother) as the “birth gift” of life did not destroy this.

Afterwards, I decided to go to the library where I used two hours to do a couple of updates and to send the email below to the highly acclaimed Arthur Findlay College – “The Worlds Foremost College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences” – telling them about: “The true meaning of Arthur Findlay College and the return of Christ”. https://www.facebook.com/stig.dragholm/posts/10201901717847827

“Dear Arthur Findlay College,

For your information I bring you information given to me spiritually about the true meaning of your college to the world, which I have shared with the tutors Paul Jacobs, Janet Parker and Billy Cook over the last days WITHOUT receiving ANY FEEDBACK at all even though they remember me personally as a “nice man” (?), have all given me sittings (mainly in 2005 at AFC) including TRUE messages about whom I really am, which they should be able to understand themselves if they cared to LISTEN TO and UNDERSTAND the content of their sittings (instead of their own WRONG personal voices/guesses), which they and the world can listen to and read transscripts of here: https://stigdragholm.wordpress.com/clairvoyant-readings-on-me/.

I thought you would like to know, and maybe you would also like to give a “public statement”, which I will bring in my next script? And if not, I will be seeing you as the new Christ, when I will open the eyes of my new self including the opening of our New World and all life as their new, original selves bringing the true gift of God to man including joy and happiness – without any sufferings – beyond your wildest imagination today..

Please read my website if you would like to know more, and please do understand that the spiritual messages given to me may not be 100% true because I am receiving both light and darkness reflecting the state of man/the world, which has been my “working conditions” as the only one, but all messages are 100% the truth in the sense that I only write very accurately what I receive spiritually, and I do believe that you will get the BIG PICTURE. And I write VERY DIRECTLY in order to penetrate DEAFNESS and BETTER-KNOWING IGNORANCE of the world including tutors of Arthur Findlay College.

I love you all and wish you all the best of my heart ♥.

Kind regards,

I still have some more updates to do to my website, and I could have used the last hour before closing time at 21.00 doing this, but no, I “could not”, and yes, it is very difficult finding the energy doing this – besides from the long scripts at the moment.

I received ABBA’s “people need love” and was given the special lyrics “you need love to make a new living”, and “you gonna need love as a family man”, and yes, this is about people, who “could not” show me (all of their) love on this side (but the opposite), who will do it on the other side.

If it was not for your mother, we would all shrink in wash, i.e. not become very big to start with.

We have already sent out the message that you are on the way, and I see a dummy (we are new born) going through an eternity of LEGO universes.

So the day today was about installing two extra cylinders, and I now see four big cylinders standing together.

And it was from Arthur Findlay College that we came out from, and yes, somehow also via Paul Potts, and no, I don’t know the details other than what I have been told and written to you, so my inner self was hidden inside a little Source inside of Pia, and the Source was at Arthur Findlay College and it was via my mother and the tiny hole of Paul Potts that it comes out bringing my birth as everything to “Nessun Dorma” – the most beautiful male aria ever – and somehow this is how it is.

And yes, I was thinking that Swansea is not on the same level as Michael Laudrup, and it makes life difficult when people around you are on a lower level, also mentally, and cannot follow you and your brilliant moves/plans (?), and yes, this is sadly how life is, I know.

There are still people out there saying “it is not the truth at all, Stig”, while a large number of people know that I speak the truth and are still keeping their secrets from the world, and yes, it is “completely unthinkable” to many people still that these people will come forward saying “Stig was right”.

I was thinking of the Arthur Findlay College tutors, and was shown the thrown of the King full of gold right in front of me.

Yes, that is right, Bettina’s Søren is now alone in India, because Bettina was too sick to leave, and what sacrifice this must mean to you, Søren (?), and yes, their yearly India tour completely destroyed or …..?

No, it was NOT easy writing this script today, I have to defeat the sofa deciding to write despite of feeling too poor to do it, but still, this is what I do, and one of these days, I truly MUST pull everything I have together to do the last updates to my website.

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About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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