February 2014 – VI: Reaching the level above God of “cells” of “opposite life” inside the force of nothing of the Source that created everything


Summary of February 2014 – V

  • February 13: Reaching the level above God of “cells” of “opposite life” inside the force of nothing of the Source that created everything.
    • I received the key for “the golden chest” of everything at Isla Margarita in 1996 from Camilla, the most dangerous journey imaginable. We removed the entrance (to the golden chest) from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to you.
    • I sent the email ““To my former managers: You abused my skills instead of using me as born leader, which almost cost us dearly”, which started releasing energy and dissolving darkness of these leaders when reading and understanding it including the messages that they were about to cost us the end of the world as result (me turning inwards because of them instead of outwards to attract Karen to transfer everything from her heart to mine) and also that I have the best skills as “world leader”, which is what they had to accept to make this happen. These managers were the most dangerous to me – with a force to break my leg – as well as bringing me the greatest reward when accepting me/not running away including to feel the pressure of this story on them being published and the fear of losing money/income as result. And no, I received NO REPLY from any. This was the main cable leading to my father also taking out incredible energy from me to save what was inside them. And this means that we will not throw out any life with the toilet of darkness.
    • This now makes it easier for Karen and I to merger. And if we did not, she would have had to die bringing the part of life with her, which I would not have succeeded to bring over. She was the weight of darkness where I was light. Karen had to overcome her strongest sexual disgust to me and decide to return to me to save everything, which was “simply impossible”. She knows that I am the chosen one and she belongs to me, this is “the key” message opening to “the bed of Karen” (beginning of everything), see below. It is to Karen that the rope – the lifeline – is leading to. I was given the vision of Julius Caesar and given the understanding that this was me too, and I was married to Cleopatra, who was Karen.
    • My email to the managers opened up to a new finding of ours, we have just found the deeper meaning of life inside the blue whale self, which is you when you had grown up. This is being given to me now when there is no more beer, i.e. darkness, and it is the content of “nothing” of the Source that controls us. We are now moving up from the second highest to the highest level, from the Original Creator to everything of the Source behind, which is “opposite life” of the eternity of cells inside the Source not turned around, and there was a language between these cells leading to the idea to turn around the cell of the Original Creator as the first in order to bring more “colour”, i.e. variation to life, this was the purpose of creation as we know it. You can now come here yourself to get out all the apples (Sources) of us, all of these cells can come freely out. It is us standing behind everything including darkness as a tool of creation, and as Stig I have the support of all of these, i.e. everything.
    • I keep being shown clear light and giant waterfalls of the Source just behind the last darkness. I felt my mother at the Source saying ”here is Jesus, your new self”, and we had to get here to bring my new self. I received the feeling of overwhelming love from my mother, and from “them” too pouring in over me because this is also how there is. My mother has now entered the top room and is throwing out orange juice (of the Source). Inside of there sits your father including everything.
    • I received a sudden pain to my stomach and was told to “look out”, which was because my father brought in the screw of the big ship.
    • The bed of Karen, i.e. “everything”, was protected by Queen Elisabeth from falling into the wrong hands of darkness. Queen Elisabeth was playing a double role both being the worst darkness of the world and also Karen/Cleopatra in another disguise having this bed of Karen at Windsor Castle (the very beginning of everything), which no one would believe in. Had I not been able to come here, this bed would exit the world including life that could not be created, but here you are saying that I am everything, please hand over the key to this castle, this is also my home, so this is what we do. This is also where we stored all saved life, which will come to me and everyone when I marry Karen.


February 2014 – VI: Reaching the level above God of “cells” of “opposite life” inside the force of nothing of the Source that created everything

February 13: Reaching the level above God of “cells” of “opposite life” inside the force of nothing of the Source that created everything

FB 130214 Stig 1

FB 130214 Stig 2

No, it was really not good signs that Laudrup was fired from SWANsea – the swan being a symbol of me – and Copenhagen Zoo having had to kill a healthy two year old giraffe, which went around the world with giraffe being a symbol of my mother, this is how strong darkness is.

Do the tutors from Arthur Findlay College have full access to the secret network where they can read everything about me (?), but no, they still “cannot” read and understand, you know, Paul?

Are my former managers the last Alien monster darkness separating the two halves of Karen and me (?), which I am shown with this darkness in between us.

Yes, what was really the purpose for your and Camilla’s trip to Isla Margarita in 1996, I believe, and is it the key for the golden chest self that you took all the way over to collect (?), and yes, this was the most dangerous tour of all where I was close to being attacked/robbed both when walking through a poor area with Camilla, where NO tourist come, a drive in the evening where I simply COULD NOT find the right road home going through the same potentially dangerous area again and again and again and …., and “riots” with the police using teargas close to us in a city we visited, and yes, I have been told before that these were all “very close encounters”, but we got it with us from there.

It is for coming all the way up here to the gold that you received a tiny shoulder bag, and I feel that it was Camilla bringing me this because our trip to Margarita was the climax of our relation to her, which is what made her give it to me.

As so many times before, I received my signature song “Secret Messages” by Electric Light Orchestra and the lyrics “the secret messages are calling to me endlessly, they call to me across the air”, and this is how it has been for years when I have done fine/hard work, I am “rewarded” by receiving “secret messages”, and yes, this was one of them, when receiving the key for my golden chest.

You are not the most popular man in the Middle East, are you (?), and yes, this is the entrance (to the golden chest) that we removed from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to you.

I decided to go to spinning at Fitness World again today – after the weekend – and that is because I could despite of being dizzy and feeling disgust when I arrived there, but I did it, and this time there was a mini-computer on the bike, and I cycled for 50 minutes doing a distance of 23.2 kilometres and using 552 calories with peaks up to 1,100 calories per hour when it was the most tough where I TRULY felt that I was losing consciousness, and I was so “far out” that I felt how negativity wanted me to destruct the last, which was difficult to go up against feeling as I did, and I was told that if I had issued this order, there would have been back-up systems to avoid this, and yes, I have only just started, so the numbers can improve much. I was told that it is only I and not my mother, i.e. the world, that can bring this energy to open the Source.

I was told that there is no limit to how much my former music and religion teacher from Mørdrupskolen, Holm, has helped, and yes, are you still a monk, Holm?

All people close to me have received visions of me, but apparently not strong enough to make them understand/react/tell me.

You have showed that you were strong enough to remove the piano, and now we will just set it up to play even more beautiful.

It reminds us of the colour that we came from, but it looks a little bit different now, and yes, this is the impact you have had to everything setting this up doing it your way. No, this is not Henrik’s (Lars G.’s friend) fault, is it (?), and this is about the “bumps” we have found inside of here and their characteristics, which adds on to/colour everything.

Well, there are almost no people on the moon (?) with the feeling that there really is, and how much did they hurt when they discovered that the moon was about to dissolve as I wrote in my scripts in 2009 when I – and everyone – could look at the moon seeing how “physical alterations” of it took place.

Stig is not ready to kiss, is he (?), and this is about Karen who had to overcome her strongest disgust to me, which was her sexual dislike to me, and no, she would NEVER EVER IN THE WORLD return to me. When you and Karen are united, we will do a big test.

The other day I was encouraged to connect with Peter Holstein, the founder and manufacturer of Holfi – my stereo equipment, which he upgraded and personally set up at my apartment approx. ten years ago – so I sent him a LinkedIn invitation, but have not received his acceptance, and yes, he lives in Helsingør too, and may have heard about me making it “impossible” for him to connect with me (?), and yes, darkness too, and I have received many feelings of him the last days.

I was given the feeling of the very last part of my old self now not in the hallway but in my living room at my computer.

I have started sometimes receiving the greatest “discomfort” to my throat, which is not a lump but something “in passing” given to me, which is VERY uncomfortable, and this is the last BIG “lump” of darkness of my former managers that I am about to swallow.

I was shown Karen as a skeleton wearing purple clothes and driving in a jeep in a desert, she doesn’t know where she drives. It is her giving me my small heart attacks because she doesn’t/didn’t want to be together with me. It is to Karen that the rope – the lifeline – is leading to, and good that it has not broken, and no one just comes to the Source, no one wants to enter, but you don’t mind.

I was shown Bolivian female Indians, and slices of cake including raisins, and I was told that it is here inside of the Source that we decide the content of these raisins symbolising content of creation.

I keep being shown clear light and giant waterfalls of the Source just behind the last darkness, where we keep bringing equipment out from.

How do you think it felt like being on the moon not having been told about the risk of the world going under and seeing that it was almost happening in front of their eyes (?), and still, these people did not tell the world about their experiences but were silenced?

I continued working for some hours doing edits of my email to former managers to finish it today making it possible for me to send it from the library tomorrow evening.

Did we take a top job at the airplane then (?), yes, just for coming here we did.

I was told that one of the lamps we have set up is at the Source, which we will not need anyway and I feel that it is because of a play where we did not see the light when the Source acted as darkness, and I receive many smiles.

Is it so that your mother was pushed into a red room making love to your new self instead of Karen? This is what we are replacing, and this is the meaning of this email to managers, which I am really done with now, I only have to send it. So it was the spirit of my mother and my new inner self starting up the world with my mother being desperate to receive more to receive more force of the Source, and this means that there will soon be no more “kill kill”.

Among others, I dreamt about Brazil again winning the World Cup in in-door football in Stockholm, Sweden, I am on my way home, my sister stays at a hotel with poor food etc.

I was happy receiving the email from Meshack below, who is both kind as usual and has discovered how much I value these confirmation emails, and I checked his information stating that he did not receive my email with transferral details, and I can see that I sent it to all four of the team including Meshack, and if he did not receive it, it is either because he did not see it or did not get it the same way as I have also had trouble getting my emails forward to Lisbeth from the Commune, and yes, I am sad to hear about the passing of a child of Elijah’s sister, and my thought was to send him an email sending my condolences and warm regards to her and the whole family, but no, Elijah is not a friend of mine anymore, it should have been natural for him to keep in contact with me updating me on his life including this, so my thoughts will only be here and in no personal email to you, Elijah, and yes “the man you couldn’t reach because he was far too lazy/slow”.

Hi there, i trust that you are okay and doing well. Back home here we are okay and for the last few days it has been raining heavily which is good. I got the cash you sent but i had to rely on David because you did not sent the information to me but all was okay. I got a total of 3160050 shillings and distributed it to the team and i say thanks a lot for that.

Today we have a burial ceremony at Elijah place there is a child of his sister who passed away one week ago.

God bless and kind regards,


I felt my mother inside the room where she sat up lamps, and was shown a silver chandelier being polished, and this is where we will stay as the Source.

I went to the library to do the last updates to my email for managers and to send it, and I first did an English translation taking a couple of hours I did not feel like having – I felt VERY POOR today – to make four of the recipients (from Finland/England) able to understand, and while working on it, I was told that this will first bring LIGHTING to me, and yes storm before blue skye, you know.

And finally I sent it, here is a summary of it, and you can read the full Danish and English versions below with this summary:

“To my former managers: You abused my skills instead of using me as born leader, which almost cost us dearly

I wrote this email to my former managers from my professional career with the purpose to make them understand that they were dictators abusing and misunderstanding my skills making me do “slave work” as a specialist doing their “dull paperwork” because of their own laziness – instead of identifying, using and developing my natural skills as communicator and world leader, which I was born as (!) – and this made me feel miserable turning me inwards as consequence not showing my true strength and outgoing personality also making it “impossible” to attract Karen to save the world via the transfer of the Source from her dark heart to my clean heart. They were my prison guards and their understanding of this will remove the last darkness switching on the pyramid light of the Source over them, which will ignite everything of our New World.”

After sending the email I was told that we have a VERY BIG SHELL COMPANY for you, which is about hidden energy of these misunderstanding former mangers of mine, which will now be released.

No, it isn’t because Stig is afraid to come out here (the Source), and this is about darkness the last couple of days trying to bring me fear to send this email going directly after the throat of my former managers exhibiting them to the world, and yes what will they do about it, and will they go after me (?), and yes, come on and show me the best you got, I am ready to take you all!

We have just awakened a Centre Democrat, and then I was told that someone is part of this (forgot who) giving me the feeling that “Centre Democrat” is really a symbol of the Source too.

Isn’t it funny that you have said it making all come out of the hole, but we just needed a few (former managers) to come up too.

One should believe that you had written an heir to the throne speech, and yes, this is about Karen’s and mine coming off-spring that will be born with the opening of our New World taking over after me, and yes our off-spring will be “New World II” and I was “New World I”, and united we are the “New World”.

I received the lyrics “If you’re blue and don’t know where to go to, why don’t you go where fashion sits? Puttin’ on the Ritz”, which is about happiness after my email to managers to open up the last darkness to the Source.

And I was told that there are more good songs on Sandinista by the Clash, and yes, this is about the Clash between darkness of lazy, former managers and me.

We were almost “destroying” this (layer of life) in order to come through to the Source, and this is because we were on the very limit of what we could bear.

It corresponds to have broken your leg, I feel my right ankle, which we hope to do without now having sent this email. It is like getting out hidden funds from Liechtenstein.

Let us see if there are any of these former managers of mine, who has the courage to send me a reply/apology – I doubt it – and in the mean time, I received Anders M.’s impulsive reply to my Linkedin email to him saying “hva er dette?” meaning “what is this” (?), and yes, open it to READ and UNDERSTAND Anders, and no, I don’t feel sure about Anders as example, if he will actually do this because he is tempted as most leaders to jump over “unnecessary details” to keep the “top overview” of things, and yes, there are even managers being “proud” of this believing that only they can do this, and not the people knowing about the details, and yes COMPLETELY CRAZY they are (!), and yes, I saw this when having Anders as Nordic Manager at GE Insurance from 2000-02 when he “could not” read and understand my detailed memo to him about eeeehhhhh HOW TO IDENTIFY AND DEVELOP HUMAN RESOURCES OF PEOPLE, but maybe you saved it and read it carefully through to help making you an “excellent” head hunter in Norway, is this how it is, Anders?

Do you think that your mother will show you her teeth now (?), and yes, this is how we could go on.

Do you still hold on tight (?), and yes, inside the roller coaster still going up.

No, there is not any of your managers, who is about to “throw up” reading your email, is there?

And then we can finally lay out the carpet “all over” (?), yes.

This was the main cable leading to your father, and yes, these managers of darkness making me inwards as darkness do instead of outwards, and yes contracting energy of darkness.

What a fight it also was in Sicily in 1978, we never thought that we would bring everything over to you.

I saw floods hitting London/England as “never before” – http://edition.cnn.com/2014/02/12/world/europe/europe-floods/ – and was thinking that this is also about darkness of these former managers of mine coming out this way, and yes, some have known that my email was on the way for days, and maybe HAARP is again involved in this so called “natural catastrophe”?

While writing this email to managers, I noticed how my sister on Facebook showed that she was with Hans on a luxury hotel in Ystad, Sweden, including luxury spa and gourmet food and yes “it can be recommended” as she said, and yes, Sanna and Hans, I wonder how in the world you can even dream about deciding to continue spending money on yourself instead of helping some, who have “nothing”, and do you know any (?), and yes, let us bring this here too. For some time I have been told over and over and over again – without wanting to write it before now (required) – that my mother’s ex-husband, Ole (1972-78), whom we loved much, also abused Sanna as a teenager, is this how it was, Ole (?) – now dead – and Sanna (?), and no, I don’t like writing this, but I am told that this together with my father’s abuse of her as child (yes, I have been told and written about this now some years ago) is why she “doesn’t like scrimps”, and yes, she never has, and scrimps is a clear symbol of mine for “making love”, so there you have it, and yes, Sanna, this was the way you had to go making you who you are.

I was shown a long lifeline between the ribs of Karen and I on either side of it, and after having sent my email this evening, it now becomes easier for us to melt together, and yes, I bought a raw liver pate from the butcher at Kvickly, and I decided to add spices – allspice and cloves – to make it “the best” (another symbol), which it became, and yes inspired by Sanna’s liver pate at her Christmas lunch last year.

Is your email also helping Kim S. etc. to understand that you had better skills than them (?), and yes, this is part of it. And does it also mean that the voices “isn’t it a pity for Stig” have silenced?

I received a double feeling of my mother, both inside the purest light and also when she said that I know that I said that I wouldn’t life your arm in a Nazi salute again, which she almost did then, and this is because you don’t tell off all your former managers at one and also because they don’t like to come into the public eyes for what they did to me, so oceans of darkness coming to me, and yes, there are probably also still some thinking “Stig is truly a lunatic”, you never know.

So someone is almost looking up and this is because Stig isn’t God, is he (?), and he is now exposing the truth on us (managers).

I received the feeling of Karen, and I was told that if we didn’t merger now, she would have had to die bringing the part of life with her, which I would not have succeeded to bring over, and yes, she was the weight of darkness where I was light. This means that life was inside of Karen, which had to be transferred to me before the end of time, and there was still an “eternity” for us to transfer and “no time” and that is unless we went all the road, so this is what we did and still do.

I felt my mother at the Source saying ”here is Jesus, your new self”, and we had to get here to bring my new self. And then it will simply pour out with salmon caviar hereafter.

I received the feeling of overwhelming love from my mother, and from “them” too pouring in over me because this is also how there is.

We haven’t seen you in Germany yet, have we?

We are still working to make you and the whole perfect in size to each other.

Does this mean that we don’t have to bring downfall pipes from outside the house down into the toilet (?), and I see the toilet of destruction disappearing.

I was shown and told that my mother has now entered the top room and is throwing out orange juice (of the Source). It is me, i.e. my mother, that you send up here, now with Sanna’s approval, and that is instead of blowing up the door.

I was given the feeling of Pia Christmas-Møller several times, and was told that it is the level above Sanna that we are on now, and this also includes Lars G. also coming to me.

So it was either about creation or to accept “wrong sex” including destruction.

I have received the feeling of David Sylvian over and over again, and here I was told that he is also a star on Heaven, and yes, I love his music too, and mostly what he did in his old band Japan, but here is a brilliant song about trees :-).

And this is how it is that we are now up here, and I feel and am told that Naser Khader is here too, and also Uffe Ellemann, and is he a secret leader of the world too, you say (?), and yes yes, it is not allowed to reveal this, and you have always been following me, Uffe, and not spoken or written a single word to me? All of this is coming from my balcony through the worst darkness (of my managers) dissolving. This is also why Laudrup was sacrificed being dismissed from Swansea, i.e. to help absorbing darkness. And this is what my mother was speaking of when she in the end of the 1980’s on Bornholm said that “it is like throwing up into the air” in some kind of connection, which is about going to extreme throwing up feelings/sufferings to create life.

I was told that Kim S., who has always been incredible GREEDY – using his calculator all the time to calculate his profits – is linked to the greediness of the top banks of the world.

What people don’t understand is that previous layers of life are hidden inside all of us and just have to be tempted out. This should be enough to get the Big God out. Your managers have also seen that you live for 1.200 DKK per month (+/-), which is also bringing out orange juice. We are now the hands of the clock self, and this is because no one has run away from you and this is because they understand that you like them all?

I received a sudden pain to my stomach and was told to “look out”, which was because my father brought in the screw of the big ship.

It is the combination of Arthur Findlay College and your managers that bring you forward. Your managers were designed to make you fear them the most to bring the best protection to darkness, and yes, they knew that they were next in line to be hit by me.

I was told about Lars. G. and “it will be hard to admit” (knowing about me and working against me), which is what we are over now, and how many of my old managers really know about me from being part of the secret network of “the elite” too (?), and yes, it will be hard for you to admit too (?), and this is returning much energy from them to me.

I was told about how incredible it is to find this incredible tiny hole, and so far no one (of your managers) has wanted to beat you up and I felt them at the balcony feeling me as big and strong, and isn’t it these people also making it impossible for me to live too while they continue living their luxury live, this is what I have helped developed.

I keep on being given ”Journeys to glory” by Spandau Ballet together with the feeling of Karen, and I am told that she prefers masculine men, and yes even muscle-men too, and is this what is on her mind of darkness holding her back, and yes, you cannot say that I have musclebound can you (?), but yes, you can after my previous too to Fitness World I do.


You have no money invested in that bank, but I have, and I feel darkness of my managers afraid of losing their money/income, which is what I am also up against publishing the story of them on the internet (“poor image” is NOT well liked by people even though it is the truth). This is the money they don’t want to share, but as usual we come through this darkness when publishing the story of it.

Inside of there sits your father including everything. No, no one had calculated with you coming here shooting with sharps against your old managers. So you reset your mother’s metre from “Stig is unjust”, and what is happening with the managers, are they also the dumbest on their way over to you.

It is even unlikely for Karen to break that lifeline, which only you could do.

It required for you to come here that you exposed yourself completely, which “no one can”, and if there is anything these managers hate, it is to be exposed to the world, and it is not only you but also Ekstra Bladet writing about them. These managers contained the biggest danger to you, and also the biggest reward.

I was given the feeling of being inside Copenhagen Airport, and was told that it is your mother who is collecting everything in the airport.

Ekstra Bladet is also out here on the balcony – the worst darkness – because they are writing on you without sharing with you.

I was shown myself at the fuel station in Gachie, Kenya – where I lived with Elijah’s family in 2009 – which was here the drunks and criminals were gathered, and this is what it was about, the world tried its best to kill you.

Maybe Søren H. was not happy that I wrote my “personal” email to the email address of the customer service department of his little insurance agency (?), and yes, Søren this is how it is when you “could not” reply to my email sending me your private email address, and yes, Søren was the WORST in this respect, a man who “could not” reply to emails and do manual work if he could avoid it.

Well, it was also not easy being you, it was not only the book you fought for but to become someone yourself – I was not an individual soul of my own as my old self (but a hybrid being of the spirits of my mother and father) – and this someone was inside of darkness and you first had to go through all of this, yes, this is what you fought for too.

I was given the vision of Julius Caesar now for the second time in days, and now I understand that this was me too, and I was married to Cleopatra, who was Karen.

Leif passed the theory test of the taxi driver’s licence the other day, as mentioned, and he should have gone up to the practice test today, which however was postponed (darkness you know), but there should be a chance for him to pass this next week, and yes, “taxi” is a symbol of a transport mean bringing me to Heaven, and this is what Leif helped doing.

The feeling that Falck had when receiving my memo on them and seeing that it was online, is now the feeling that all of my former managers have.

Yesterday, my bicycle punctured again, and today I went to the workshop with it, and I know that patching it will be around 100 DKK, and I asked how much it would be to change both brakes on the front and behind (they are completely worn down), and I figured that maybe it would be 100-200 DKK, and was surprised to learn that it is 318 DKK (!), but still I accepted this to be done, and yes, I had around 850 DKK for the rest of the month, and I will now pay most of this to repair my bicycle, and yes for me to continue doing my work/journey as a symbol of passing the worst darkness of my former managers pumping all energy symbolised by money out of me, and yes, I really don’t have much food at home, so it will be tight to come through the rest of the month, but still nothing compared to the sufferings of my LTO friends, which they however don’t tell me about – how often do you eat, my friend?

I didn’t feel good also not today as I never do, but it was time for spinning again, and this was really harder than the other day and when we were asked to stand up for four minutes (after many 1-2 minutes intervals standing up before), this was really where I did my outmost to follow the program of the instructor, and eventually I had to let go and follow my own page the last seven minutes, which were simply too hard for me, and yes, I used 559 calories, and I felt and was told that my mother is now bringing forward even more VERY HEAVY parts of the Source because of the effect of my email to managers.

On my way to the library I was happy to watch a UFO above me showing me a broken leg, and this was the potential strength of these managers to me.

It corresponds to you having had caviar made by seaweed compared to what we have found here. It means that we are not only made to be pretty, Karen and I, no we have just found the deeper meaning of life inside the blue whale self, which is you when you had grown up.

I received the feeling of the late Erik Balling, the director of the Olsen-Gang, Matador etc., which I have several times lately, and I was told that he sits here waiting on me.

I received Lisa Nilsson’s “Himlen runt hörnet” (“Heaven around the corner”) and the lyrics “I have heaven around the corner, an own angel in a bed”, and this is what I about just around the corner, and this angel is not very big, it is my new inner self of everything inside this tiny hole.

I received the feeling of surprise, and no, we cannot at all understand what is controlling us, and this is not about this “nothing”, but more about what is inside of it. When the beer (force of darkness) has been deleted it says inside here that you will get access to us – going from the second highest, which I have played until now, to the highest point, which is everything behind, which we had forgotten how to communicate with, and yes, we use a secret language, and this is about all of these cells inside of nothing where the Original Creator was the first cell that was picked to turn around and become life because this cell had the best conditions to do it, and there are creators as the Original Creator inside all of the other eternity of cells too, and yes, there has gone so much water through the machine making us come to this level.

Well, isn’t it so that everything here is a castle behind us of “not turned around life”, which decided to do a try to make life more colourful, i.e. bring more variation to life, which was the purpose, and then we got started turning everything around.

I was thinking that it was probably tough being the first cell – of the Original Creator – to turn around, and no, not really because I had all of these behind me and we have seen how life becomes because we decided ourselves because “we are”.

On my way home I was shown a new big UFO right above me – disguised as a passenger plane, but it sent signals to me via its varied lights and spiritual messages – and it included a “double light” of Karen/I, and I felt Obama and was given a normal salute, which is because I am everything as “the commander-in-chief” above him.

You can now come here yourself to get out all the apples (Sources) of us, and yes, we are ready for you.

This is like reaching Easter Monday, which none other than you did, which is why you are coming out here all alone.

Now all of you can come freely out (these cells), this is how we feel like, and it is us standing behind everything including darkness as a tool of creation. You are not only the only one because you (as Stig) also have the support of all of us.

I felt good today having told the truth directly to my managers yesterday. I was told that all managers have seen the quality of my work making it “easy” for them to understand that I was “the best”.

Do you believe Mimi Jacobsen will become unhappy about the Centre Democrats being a symbol only?

This is what your mother was afraid to burn her hand on, the gold, and this is what you were needed for to reach.

I was shown myself on top of Tower Bridge, and would I jump out and into the river or reach the other side of the bridge (?), and I am shown the last, and then I am shown a bed full of precious stones, this is the bed of Karen, this is everything, and I am shown Queen Elisabeth and told that this is what she was protecting from falling into the hands of the wrong people, and that is if I should have “lost it” during my journey.

Why do you believe the Windsor Castle caught fire a few years ago (?), and yes, quarrels between you and your mother, maybe (?), and I feel Elisabeth here with me, and yes, Stig, have you now come here to reveal my double play to the world being both “the meanest darkness” of all, which was a play to hide from the world that I was also Karen/Cleopatra self in another disguise, which no one would have believed in, so there you see. This is how we did it to hide from darkness self.

If it was not for your ability to receive secret messages, we would still stand here waiting for you knowing that you would never arrive – also meaning “bye, bye, it was not now that the world had grown strong enough to reach me” and yes at the very beginning of everything, this is where I am, and yes, I felt “threatened” by Diana and let her death be part of the act not to reveal that this is the birth of civilisation/life self.

And we knew that it would be us having to take “prisoners at the fortress” and bring them home with the message that it would not be now that this life would receive eternal creation, but here you are saying that I am everything, please hand over the key to this castle, this is also my home, so this is what we do.

And no, she is not ring engaged to anyone, and yes, Karen knows that she has to be with you, that you are the chosen one and she belongs to you, this is “the key” message opening to here.

And even though you are nothing than skin and bones, you are welcome here because this is also here that we have stored all life – funny enough – that you have saved, and this will come to you and everyone when you “marry” Karen and move in here.

So all people were brought here with some meant to go to their graves, and others to follow you – following the result of man and what you were able to do to correct this.

We now offer to bring the goods out on the shelves everyone, and I see a pick up from the Olsen-Gang being used for this.

So it is Dragholm that she couldn’t stand, that she – Karen – is now returning home to.

This is what it costs to sit on first row at the cinema, which is for the managers to accept that “Stig is the best”, which was completely impossible for all to do only a few years ago when I did my new CV, which everyone reacted strongly against (family, job courses, the Commune).

So we are not at all alone in here inside me, all cells will become new life, and this was also the task of my father after leaving physical life, to bring these forward.

Has some of these managers started to understand you and feeling sorry about your sufferings (?), and yes I feel them and also my aunt Inge.

And we are also inside the oven, which made a big sound, maybe the last.

I received the feeling of a row of artists, Kim Larsen, Robert Smith, John Lennon and more all being with me.

This is the last red (darkness) before the giant gold engine of everything that I am shown here, this is where we stay, the Source of everything.

I was told about peace negotiations held at Kaliningrad (?) with the attitude of people “if we only can keep the world going until Stig will arrive”, this is how it has been for a long time.

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About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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