March 2014 – III: It is inevitable that I will cut over the lifeline ending my journey because I am EMPTY but for now I will continue



  • March 6: It is inevitable that I will cut over the lifeline ending my journey because I am EMPTY but for now I will continue.
    • Besides from writing my update, I really had no more work to do to my website (other than a few new to-do’s), and it felt like FREEDOM coming because my scripts and work to my website have been my SLAVE WORK to get out or darkness/prison. I felt Tibet, and was told that I will get up here when I am done with my work.
      I continue receiving STRONG darkness trying to make me desperate/scream when it literally comes from outside and creep in under my skin giving me this feeling just to give up/scream, which I however NEVER do, and then it is replaced by JOY coming to me because this is the end, where we bring out the very last life inside darkness – “We just have to collect some clothes before it floats with wine, and I was shown two hangers and grapes”. Work now is still about coming even closer to the light as I am shown as a wick of a candle all over as real as reality.
    • My mother is the shell of the world and I see Karen and I being married inside of it with all our children, and this is why the opening of our New World will become my mother’s show. My roll will be to be the Source bringing everything that life requires, and it is me controlling the heart of the world and so on, and that is even though I am not here at all (as “nothing”) – and that is as the point of this endless force of all cells of the Source.
    • I completed my website, which may mean that I have now also completed my journey. We did one last “sale” (to bring out more life from stores/darkness), and I was told that it is inevitable to cut over the last of the lifeline, and I could only say NEVER! But still I was told that that we have now closed all “stores”. The lifeline stops when I stop, and this will be the end of the sexual act of creation, because I am EMPTY, I cannot no more. This will end the fight with darkness including my sufferings, and I was told that this is now a fact, and then all remaining life that I did not transfer my self to our New World was transferred including all colours of the Source, but this made me decide that I will continue the game until the very end, so this is what we now continue doing having set the final setup on standby, and it is really a matter of just how long I can and will continue, but for now, we keep on, and my right ankle was again filled up with not yet saved life.
    • I experienced more people, who CANNOT listen/understand/communicate, both Olatunji from Ghana/Nigeria, and later people of the Danish spiritual environment when I told them that a channelled message of Matthew was wrong when it claims that Jesus was not crucified, which however was COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE for these people to see/understand and all they had to do was to watch pictures/videos of STIGmata as I brought them, but no, they could not, because Matthew is a “wise spirit” making me the “bad guy”, and I was thrown out of their Facebook group also because the better-knowing ignorant Kim Dyrlund didn’t believe in me as “his truth” (!), which you know is how this environment treats me every single time (others including Arthur Findlay College did the same)!


March 2014 – III: It is inevitable that I will cut over the lifeline ending my journey because I am EMPTY but for now I will continue

March 6: It is inevitable that I will cut over the lifeline ending my journey because I am EMPTY but for now I will continue

FB 060314 Stig 1

FB 060314 Stig 2

I dreamt about receiving beer, going to a bar sitting at a sofa watching Kim Larsen play, but the sound is very poor. Flying out of windows, and I was told that you don’t even do light consciously and more, and also that Morrisey’s BRILLIANT “I will see you in far off places” fit in here.

I continued dreaming about being in New York and about a film, which a Swede made popular, we pass Metropolitan Station, which looks INCREDIBLE:

Someone taking secret pictures, Janne says that my father has to understand his terrible let down of me, and he knows about who I am, which is why he gives up against me, and I tell him out strongly how in the world he ever could decide to do so wrongly against me, and he wrongly defends himself and feels injures.

I was told that the top leaders of EU has received my “baking sun”, and they were not part of the game knowing about me, they were kept out so I had to influence them to give up on their dreams of world rule etc.

Work now is still about coming even closer to the light as I am shown as a wick of a candle all over as real as reality.

As usual I had a poor sleep – I do every day now – making the day difficult and spinning impossible, and I finished working on my update this morning, and really had no more work to do to my website (other than a few new to-do’s), and it felt like FREEDOM coming because my scripts and work to my website of mine have been my SLAVE WORK to get out or darkness/prison.

I was happy to be hearing from Elijah for the first time in more than 5 months (!) – what a friend (!) – when he decided to send me this short update, and I was happy hearing about his family and was thinking back of when I lived with them in 2009 and wondered how big the children has become now, and Nicole may almost be a teenager by now (?), and I liked to seeing the unique personality of Elijah shining out of the words – you can always see that in writings of people. And yes, Elijah believes that I “punish” him when I remove him from my email-list when I don’t hear from him, which I have not done this time, and no, Elijah this is NOT a punishment, it is only to say that people I don’t communicate with are NOT my friends, and now I wonder if Elijah can keep his promise to come back with more details this week, and yes, I also wonder if it is a co-incidence that only few days after I wrote about my considerations to stop transferring money to the team, Elijah sends me this email (?), and yes, I would be sad to realise if there is really a connection here, and all I ever wanted with Elijah and the LTO team was regular contact and to hear about what happens in your lives, with your families, what you think of etc., which was “almost impossible” to do, and yes IMPROVE COMMUNICATION is what this is also about.

”Dear Stig,

Apologies for my poor communication. However, i and my family are fine. My first born Nicole did very well in her exam and got a very nice school.
Stig do you remember scoring the goal? This uis what she did!! Joseph is fine and in class four always leadind the pack. Lucia the last born is fine and in kindergarden.

And to my dear wife, strong and taking care of many other children. I will be back to you with more details this week my friend.
Thanks for not punishing me this time around. This is how life should be my friend. Not punish or put sanctions. Life is too precious .!!
Stay tuned for more updates Stig.


I had this ”email dialogue” with my Facebook friend Olajunry, who is a young man from Nigeria living in Ghana, and no, I was NOT impressed by his means of communication, and why is it that people cannot do simple communication including LISTENING, ASKING, REFLECTING in relation to others to understand AND SPEAKING OPENLY ABOUT THEMSELVES (?), and yes, this man simply “could not” do this, and also “could not” read and understand my website, and yes, this is what makes DUMB PEOPLE you know.





And the reason why Olatunji felt like writing with me was because the other day he wrote on Facebook “Lols! Dis can’t be” about the story ”PHOTO: ‘Jesus’ Appears In Ghana” from, which made me give him this comment: “Try this one, this is the truth – read and understand if you can?” and I included the link

FB 030314 Ola

I felt Tibet, and was told that I will get up here when I am done with my work.

I was shown a contestant from a TV reality show thinking “wait a minute, he is not part of Big Brother”, but a previous show some years ago, and then I was told that this is a voice from the past coming to me, which can only be my previous and new self, Jesus, AS GOOD AS NEW.

I was given the feeling of the recent body-spirit-mind exhibition and I was shown the exhibition hall opening in the corner with candy coming in, and this is NOT the same as coins, i.e. life, but darkness, and yes, these clairvoyants are not sure which leg to stand on in relation to me and yes right or left, and the difference is “live or die”, and their selfishness was darkness bringing us all close to dying.

I continue receiving voices like “kill them all”, which is still what the Source wants to – when turned around compared to the world, and the feeling changed from receiving incredible amounts of negativity, voices and feelings, almost making me desperate/scream (they literally come from outside and creep in under my skin giving me this feeling just to give up/scream, which I however NEVER do), and then to JOY because this is the end.

It is not impossible that we will do one last sale (to bring out more life from stores/darkness) – this is to enter an even smaller TV-room, which goes on forever – and this was because of my plans to cycle to Hornbæk this afternoon because there were some good offers at the REMA1000 supermarket there, and yes, I felt so poorly that I could easily have decided to stay at home, but could I do it (?); yes, so this is why I decided to do it.

So this is what I did – first to Helsingør town and then to Hornbæk – which is about 16 kilometres, and I discovered during the last 5 kilometres how completely worn out that I am because it truly HURT much to continue cycling without stopping, and I was completely down at arrival, and on my way there, I felt how bones in my arm almost “broke”, and this is because the structure of I and the world is almost falling apart, and it is only faith and I holding it up.

I smelled and was shown wood chips of the Source about to be poured onto me, i.e. to bring force to the world, which my mother looks very much forward to.

There is only one way to finish your old self, which is a canon salute from Kronborg Castle.

No, you didn’t run from the bill, you kept on until I – my new self – had had enough to eat.

I was told that it is inevitable to cut over the lifeline, and I could only say NEVER – we will not cut it but follow it to its very end.

Even in our New World it will be impossible to understand how you were able to keep on dragging yourself along.

And then we will have to see if we can keep your little four-stroke engine going – feeling that this is almost nothing compared to what already is, and again, I received “Sanctify yourself” by Simple Minds and here the lyrics “open up your heart (eyes)”, which I will do very soon, you know.

And I received “the flyer” by SAGA with “flyer” meaning “doing my best work”, and I was given the lyrics “never look back” and “nobody’s gonna shoot me down”, which is the result of my journey/work, and I was told that we knew that Michael Sadler of SAGA would bring you much darkness after the concert October 31, 2012, when I became a Facebook friend with him, and this is what we brought in in forehand at the concert.

I was told how Aage – Elly & Aage from a farm on the countryside around Høng, where first my aunt, Inge, and later my sister spent their summer holidays as girls for many years – thought of me when on his deathbed, and how many more will have to die thinking of you (?), and has your mother felt the same however without coming all the way through to the message “Stig is the one” (?), which people are told just before dying, and this makes it even more impossible to understand that no one supported you, and yes a world that “could not” understand.

I went into Hornbæk Library to do a few updates to my website, and they had very large monitors – maybe 28-30 in size – and even though I opened my website in Mozilla Firefox for Windows, I was MORE THAN SURPRISED to see that the lines I have included to my right column as separators between paragraphs on this setup filled too much, maybe 2-3 characters, which were brought down to the next line making it look wrong, and yes, I have seen the same on Apple computers and other Internet Browsers, but only lines to the right column and not lines inside my scripts (!), and yes, this is why I was given “spiritual darkness” messing up these lines 2-3 years ago and this comes because if all worked out, the very last work I would do to my website – coming now – would be to decide how to make these lines look good on all computer set-ups, and yes, later at home I opened my website on my phone Internet Browser and was even more surprised seeing that here the lines to the right column filled maybe 3-4 characters less than a full line (!), and yes, there is only one thing to do and that is to remove maybe 2-3 characters and to centre the line instead of having it left adjusted, which I will do tomorrow then.

I decided to take my cycle with the little train home because I could not cycle.

I was told that Jack and my sister were really better to use to open the road into the Source, but they have been “unable” to come clean to me, which is why we use Fuggi.

I was given a sound to my balcony of a bicycle where the lock is open, and I was shown this bicycle coming into my living room now as a BIG crab with the shield of it almost cracking, but it holds, and crab is about “making love”.

We just have to collect some clothes before it floats with wine, and I was shown two hangers and grapes.

It is inside of here that we produce newspapers, which I am shown coming out from a running wheel, and this is force of the Source, which life self decided to be used as darkness, and it was the struggle to convert this to light that created life here, and yes, we simply bring what we are asked to bring.

My mother is the shell of the world and I see Karen and I being married inside of it with all our children, and this is why the opening of our New World will become my mother’s show.

Did I write that my cousin Jan was supposed to stop me after the death of my father, but now he is with me too, and is this because Inge’s husband Ove finally has obtained faith in me via Inge, and this has been planted with Jan too?

So my roll will be to be the Source bringing everything that life requires, and it is me controlling the heart of the world and so on, and that is even though I am not here at all (as “nothing”). And that is as the point of this endless force, which we don’t know from where it comes (the old story), but comes from all of us, which is given to me in choir of all cells of the Source. And we have used you then to sharpen the diamond of your mother.

Has Søren Pind confirmed the dark New World Order to Helena? And yes, Helena wanted to kill her cat today because it bites her, and cat is “light”.

Only a sign from you was enough to make your mother destroy life “like that”.

I was shown myself inside the spaceship of everything receiving a visual 360 degree overview of everything, and this is how it will feel like in the beginning, but is not because we are not here at all, remember this – which means that we have developed other methods.

What do you believe happened at the café’s on Sct. Hans Square in Copenhagen, where I also went to (besides from the Meat City) back in 2008, when I decided to go out on town some weeks hoping to attract a lady/new girlfriend, and yes, two young men died afterwards after visiting the café in the Meat City that I visited in 2008, and this is to tell me that something of the same kind has happened to these café’s on Sct. Hans Torv – especially Sebastopol, one of my favourite café’s in Copenhagen – and I was shown a presence outside on my balcony looking in through the window to me, and I have been given this often to show me that “we cannot enter”, which I have refused because EVERYONE will enter, and this is what is first coming in now, and that is what was destroyed when I did this in 2008 looking for a girlfriend.

This is where you founded the end of the world, which brought extra to Jack and Sanna, which you first had to catch up on making your journey extra difficult and giving extra chances for you to mess up, and I felt my sister.

What you eat is “nothing” – we have been asked to create new food, and that is because eating and drinking is part of joy of life.

I dreamt about being Vice President for President Obama and Obama asks me to remember the deadline tomorrow to bring information about my parents, which I have totally forgotten about, and I am worried about all work I have not done yet, and fear that I will not be able to do it and that I am going to be revealed. My mother was there too – as if she was married to Obama – having a Champagne pig next to her, and her friend Lis was there too. This is the first time that I will stand forward publicly making me nervous, and when I woke up, I felt and was told that the engine of the spaceship of everything has been started up, which has also been secured by Obama (and his work).

I also dreamt about the British edition of Big Brother, which is a song competition, where my brother-in-law Hans is there and Eddie Skoller too. I remember drinking MUCH Coca Cola, i.e. receiving much darkness, and I woke up to “could it be magic” by Barry Manilow, because this is what is coming to us now, i.e. magic of our New World opening.

I felt John’s attitude of giving up, which is dragging me down and with me also my mother.

I received the feeling of Lawyer Leland – from the TV series – coming to me as darkness wanting to cut over the lifeline and again giving me the feeling that this is inevitable and will come when I stop working, and no, NEVER, my friends (!), and if this is the game, there is only one answer, and that is to CARRY ON!!!

And yes, yes, yes, I have NEVER seen Simple Minds in concert, and I may be the biggest fan ever that has never seen them live, and yes, I also could not afford seeing them in Copenhagen this January, but now they will come to TIVOLI in August, and yes, I WILL BE THERE, JIM & CO. J.

Kim Dyrlund brought the Danish translation of the famous Matthew channelings (of February 3, 2014) – see – in this Facebook link:

The message includes a story about Jesus not being crucified (which Jette the other day let me know, and also Jette (almost) believes more in Matthew than me!), and I told them that crucifixion has really taken place, which I know because I have been given marks inside my hands and feet symbolising this, and also because this is what STIGmata is about as you can read from my website – – (“Stigmata are bodily marks reminiscent of the five wounds of Christ and the crown of thorns. The wounds do not suppurate and the blood is pure. Stigmata is accompanied with intense physical and moral suffering”.).

And I told them that the spiritual world reflects the physical world meaning that darkness of man – and of these people reading Matthew as if it is only the truth/”light” because it sounds “so right/good” – makes the spiritual world and Matthew bring deceptions to man via his messages, and all I asked them to do was to LOOK AT THE PICTURES/VIDEOS OF STIGMATA (included in the Facebook link) and you will understand the truth of this, but instead people told me that they did not want to see “bloody” pictures (!), and also that Matthew is a wise man, and I am not going to change that (!), and it made me tell them with all of my strength to LOOK AT THE PICTURES and understand that WHAT YOU SEE IS THE TRUTH, which even children of kindergarten can see (!), but as usual, will-deaf people “could not” read/listen, look and understand, so I was turned into the “foreign and uncomfortable body”, so it ended with everyone liking comments of others against me, and no one liking my comments, and eventually Kim Dyrlund threw me out of the group – this is what “darkness disguised as light” do believing that I am darkness/Hell self when telling them the “uncomfortable” truth!

FB 050314 Kim 1

FB 050314 Kim 2

FB 050314 Kim 3

FB 050314 Kim 4

And Kim sent me this personal email explaining his WRONG decision (“you cannot be in a group, which you don’t fit into”!!!), and “I am sure that you are convinced about what you say”, and then he gives quotes from my website, which he obviously doesn’t believe in as “his truth”, and this is how God was thrown out of “people of light” – or so they believe – once again as I also was from Selvet, Steen Kofoed, Marion Dampier-Jeans and not least from Arthur Findlay College.

FB 050314 Kim 5

And this is my reply, where I again tell him that I have just told him the TRUTH including that Matthew “cannot” speak the truth because of darkness of man.

FB 050314 Kim 5A

Kim decided to send this reply now being “forbearing” saying that “you believe you are the Source or the chosen one … I have met this before, and this is not my truth”, and yes, this is really what he said “not my truth” (!!!), and he also believed that “you have some challenges, which would be good for you to look at”, i.e. “YOU ARE CRAZY”, and yes, this is what he really said!!!

FB 050314 Kim 5B

And again, I told him that IT IS ABOUT UNDERSTANDING – how difficult can it be (?), it started with looking at the STIGmata pictures/videos, and I keep being told when writing this that my strong words go through his “armour defence” – and also how he is led by darkness self when he follows his better-knowing but ignorant voice and spread his misunderstandings about me to others (as he did to the group telling them that he has thrown me out, and then he explained “his truth”, which you know is not the truth, but deception of darkness), which also brings me “my sufferings”, and yes, it is he and the world that are crazy (more or less) because this is how the world is born when it “cannot” listen and understand other people than themselves (“more or less”).

FB 050314 Kim 5C

Later I was told that to Kim this is almost the same as to Kenneth, whom I told the meaning of his dream the other day, which is that ”it makes sense”, but still ”difficult/impossible” for you to believe in me (because of your own laziness and better-knowing ignorance)?

And yes, Kim was “following” me on Facebook, but after this dialogue, he had had enough of me and decided to leave me, I am not worth following in his mind! And no, he not only decided to leave me, but to BLOCK me completely, and is this how “terrible” I have been to you, Kim, in your mind not understanding that this is truly how you too were to me? How in the world can people be so COMPLETELY DEAF and “UNABLE” to understand what is EASY to see and understand???

After lunch I went to the library again to work on the lines to the right column of my website, and I have a VERY strong feeling inside of me, which is simply to sit down and do nothing, which will be the same as dying you know.

I amended the lines removing 5 or 6 spaces making them look “fine” on all computer set-ups and browsers, however a little bit poorer on Firefox, but this is the best compromise, and how can it be that such a simple task – the width of an underline – is different between different browsers/computer systems???

And this was really the end of work to my website, thus also the end to my journey?

Your name is drawn as one of the last three etc., it is time, no more work to do. You are the first human to come through here. The lifeline stops when you stop, and this will be the end of the sexual act of creation, this is how far you decided to go. This is what “TOMBOLA” (of Tivoli) means with the first three letters “tom” meaning “empty”, the end. This was the frame number on the bicycle that we now bring in Stig with your approval. And then it is about time for you to join the board with your mother.

Wouldn’t it be nice for your sufferings (coming from the balcony, as I feel) to stop (?), otherwise it will continue “forever”, and eeehhh isn’t the lifeline only life of my mother of this creation to be transferred to our New World (?), which is what I want to continue doing until the end of this and NOT the next world.

We are about to close the refrigerator this time. So I cannot bring in anymore for the wedding? Have we then been into all stores (?); yes, every single one. Have we now come to the point where it is not decisive who will win (?), yes, we have stopped the fight, this is what we could bring. Then the World Cup did go to you anyway – and I feel the World Championships in football in Germany in 2006.

Later I was shown a cold Cumberland sausage and told that there was parts of your mother that we did not bring with us, and now there are no more shopping opportunities.

I was shown myself waiting for HOURS in Nairobi airport on my way home in 2009 – which was another of “my worst pains” – and I was told that even if I had given up there, we would have created all life of our New World, but we did not tell you – and this is about my journey, which is really to bring valuable lessons to God/my inner self of creation self.

Did I receive the final exam/fish sign (?), yes, and we have allowed all life to come out no matter what, and this is just the best that you could do.

I felt the old discoteque Studio 1-2 in Helsingør, which I simply LOVED going to in the middle of the 1980’s, and this is where Café Manhattan is today where Billy Cook did his “performance” in Helsingør some weeks ago, and I was told that his coming here was also to receive my “magic”.

If the newspapers ask if you have received everything, the answer is that you/I did, and this is what I had expected from you because you were born with the attitude “never giving up”.

This is the last of your mother coming in, and then I was given approx. 10 seconds out of this world pain to my right ankle, which is a TRUE PAIN to receive – the longest since that day a couple of years ago where I received it for minutes – and this came to me with the feeling that this is life that I did NOT bring in myself, which is now coming in with the help of God also meaning that I did not do perfect after all.

The most important was that you did not give in to your “old nightmare”, and yes, I did receive many good lessons of creation. You have now finalised one newspaper, i.e. creation.

I received the feeling of Bo from Dahlberg and was told that he and no other of my close family, friends etc. died because of me.

I received the feeling of my father, and do we have all colour pencils now (?); yes, there are hundreds of thousands of colours in here, not one single has escaped. There is nothing wrong with your colour, but we will start up using the colour of your sister (non-gender life of the Source).

Are we going to bring in him via the front mirror of the car (?), and this is about bringing in my new self into my body to come alive.

Later I was told that you will be born a horse head in front of me, but it doesn’t mean anything, and I had to say NO, EVERYTHING HAS TO BE PERFECT (!), meaning that my store is still open, you are welcome to enter, and I was told and felt that there is really also more darkness out here on the balcony, which you believe that we can handle to get in without a locksmith, and yes, we have decided to continue playing, and this is also in relation to my “wrong internet behaviour” these days, where I however have not lost it, which would be to look at nakedness, and yes, not easy when I am still given the strongest hormones in the world and don’t have a girlfriend, and this means that I am still clean enough to continue this game, so this is what we do, and as long as I can, and yes, it means that I will continue receiving sufferings and will continue to exercise if and when I can despite of being very tired and feeling very poorly.

I watched Big Brother again this evening, and Mark is still in the house, but his lover, Nicky, was sent out a few weeks ago, and she returned to the house to meet Mark because she was pregnant (!), and together they decided that it was not a good time for them to have a child, and yes, Mark is young and dreams about going to Sunny Beach (to party and have casual sex!), and Nicky is not that much in love with Mark (?), and yes, what you saw here is THE WORST DARKNESS of selfish and spoiled young people KILLING A CHILD, which I NOT how life is designed – this is murder, and is NOT sustainable with life self (!) – and yes, Nicky and Mark are also the worst people in the house letting go of their negative feelings and misunderstandings about others and speaking behind the backs of these, and yes THE WORST DARKNESS as I just told you as examples of how all people are (“more or less”) and how people treated me.

This means that we have put the transfer of all colours on stand by. Is there even more in Machu Picchu, which hasn’t come out yet (?), which we eeehhhh wouldn’t bring if you didn’t continue (?), and yes, I don’t care what you would do, if there is more life I haven’t saved yet, we will continue the game.

I was shown the absolutely most delicious pizzas, which is about more life coming in, and it is still the result from my mother’s, sister’s and my visit to Bakken last summer that we bring on, and this is were Sanna chose me/us instead of the system.

So we will just fill up here, and I felt how my right ankle was filled with more not yet saved life, and this means that we will continue going deeper in the candle wick, and this is because we are willing to bring in the last through the window of my balcony via the legal way, and this means that we will continue using darkness for this, and I was given Michael Sadler as example, because he will bring me more darkness when seeing my Facebook post with this comment to “I’m the flyer”.

I was shown and told that there are now more GIANT dark ships coming in.

I receive many songs that I don’t bring, and these are examples of these two days:

I received “Rapper’s delight” – as I have received several times without bringing it – and the lyrics “now what you hear is not a test”, which is about becoming my new self.

And I received “they can’t take away my dignity” from “Greatest love of all” by Whitney Houston, Astrodyne by Ultravox, “Sultans of Swing” by Dire Straits, and “Living on my own” by Freddie Mercury where you can read the lyrics to understand my lonely life.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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2 Responses to March 2014 – III: It is inevitable that I will cut over the lifeline ending my journey because I am EMPTY but for now I will continue

  1. Jette Uhlott says:

    “and it is only faith and I holding it up”. .. ❤ 😉 – not 'almost' dear, Stig – just had to clear this up – and the question seems very relevant.. now I have read – and yes dark is not out – but over us, still. Pictures to put up. Take care.

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