March 2014 – IV: My mother’s friend Lis was a secret access to the Source, who is helping to lift my new self up to the Source



  • March 8, 2013: My mother’s friend Lis was a secret access to the Source, who is helping to lift my new self up to the Source.
    • After I finished writing and publishing my update, I had “nothing” to do in the afternoon – but still I used hours to improve the code/looks to my website – and I am still giving the strong feeling that “the end” has come. It cannot be long now. We are now removing the structure of the world.
    • Isn’t there anyone who will give you a spacesuit on (?); yes, this is my task and I feel my mother, i.e. to return him to the Spaceship of everything, i.e. the Source.
    • I visited my mother and John speaking about the corrupt game of the pharmaceutical industry and how their drugs are destroying us but hold the community in a stronghold, about the true effect of Cannabis oil, about how I connected to people committed to the psychiatric hospital in 2008 including Ben who spiritually saw who I am and wanted to kneel to me as result, about how I write with structure and logics making sense to everyone and more, which again helped faith of my mother in me, which then again brought even more (life inside) darkness to me.
    • I will first become non-gender life of the Source before I will receive all colours, i.e creations, inside of it including all “ingredients” from all cells of the Source making the apple of everything of the Source, which will all happen when we open our New World.
    • My mother’s friend Lis played records and told stories about jazz divas at the library, which I went to together with 60-70 people – my mother would have liked to come too but could not come – and I was welcomed by a smiling Lis, who is no longer afraid of me, which she was when she heard that I had been committed to psychiatric hospital and later that I had published my “negative” writings also claiming to be Jesus (!), and this comes after my mother had a serious talk with her and she now sees me as “normal” again, and believes that “Stig cannot be Jesus”, but still my mother’s telling her off makes her think that I am “special”, which is what makes us come through her too making her become one of the people now lifting my new self up to become part of the Source. Old “warm feelings” also between Lis and I was stronger than darkness/fear at the end. The deepest secret was about how your mother could get out (to the Source) – even if I had lost it – which was through Lis to remain friends with her and to make her obtain faith in me, and it was the increasing faith of my mother of yesterday and my meeting with Lis today that helped lifting me up. My arrival is “now”, and this is the gate that we went through today via faith of Lis leading my new self to the Source of my father.
    • I was given the feeling of M of James Bond – the Head of the Secret Intelligence Service – and I was told that it is now time for this Head to come forward saying “well done, 007, you went through everything without firing one shot even though you had license to kill”, i.e. I saved all life of the Old World without accepting any life to terminate to make the journey easier for myself. The Sphinx (to start up our New World) and everything is ready at the start line.


March 2014 – IV: My mother’s friend Lis was a secret access to the Source, who is helping to lift my new self up to the Source

March 8, 2013: My mother’s friend Lis was a secret access to the Source, who is helping to lift my new self up to the Source

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I dreamt about Sanna and Hans doing advertising, they are at their home in Albertslund, and the advertising is about a tower room in the woods.

Something about after a Spanish meeting, I see the band SAGA bringing their original drummer in to a new tour, fine wine and the cinema, and it makes Hans enthusiastic. I am out running, which is “impossible”, and it is a little bit difficult finding the lake. There is a party, lots of people including Prip (old colleague from Danske Bank), a phone is ringing but Bo (from Dahlberg) doesn’t want to speak. There is no fish in the aquarium, I have no money. I visit a giant arbitrage centre of a savings bank in Albertslund – a funny place of location – with many employees, Henning W. works there, I am recognises there and the manager brings me a gift including many now deleted and rare coins from different countries also including amber and other material. Four cars go through a washing facility to bring them 3,000 metres up to computers, which gives them access to both cheap and the most delicious delicacies – and yes, a dream about liberating even more energy/life from darkness of my sister/the bank, and yes, I also dreamt about a friend who is about to throw out poor chocolate, which I however eat (as a poor receiving from the table of the rich), and my mother is also hospitalised at the hospital where I am lying with critical disease, and it makes me worried for her feeling poorly too, and this is how it is when we are “empty” having no energy.

Again I slept and felt poorly from the morning knowing that I had to last yet another full day – going to see my mother and John this evening – and again this morning, I finished writing and published my update, and had “nothing” to do this afternoon, and I am still giving the strong feeling that “the end” has come and I am shown grapes and a high marzipan ring cake inside a bullfight ring.

I felt Pia Christmas-Møller and was told that she is afraid of being revealed, and also that she believes she has found a way out without being revealed, but you are WRONG, Pia, EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE IN RELATION TO ME WILL BE REVEALED – it is “on tape” inside of me, where it is NOT deleted, nice to know, right?

Isn’t there anyone who will give you a spacesuit on (?); yes, this is my task and I feel my mother, i.e. to return him to the spaceship of everything, i.e. the Source.

It doesn’t cost very much, and that is to remove the wallpaper, and I feel that we are now removing the structure of the world.

I went to the library again after lunch to complete my script of yesterday – design and pictures, which I only can do from the library when not having a mouse at home – and I received the idea that just maybe there is a HTML-code producing a line, which may work over all platforms (?), and sure, there was, and even though I cannot make it gray inside WordPress, where it comes out as gray, it is MUCH better than the manual underlining that I have done (it fills the entire width despite of platform, which was my preferred solution), so I changed all lines to my right column to this instead making me happy, and yes <HR> is the code, and no, I didn’t know before now, and no, no one told me despite of thousands of people having seen this “problem” of mine with some knowing.

But it seems as if my Spotify playlists to my right column, which works on Firefox and Apple, doesn’t work on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, and the same goes with the yellow texts when moving the cursor over menu points, which this browser “cannot” show fully, and why is this (?), and is it because I use version 8, which is the latest version for Windows XP, which is the operating system of the library (?), and yes, I do look forward to ONE BASIC SYSTEM of our New World elimination all this trouble and bøvl, you know.

I also used a couple of hours going through the entire HTML-code of my right column – which is unnecessary difficult to use compared to the main area of my website, dear WordPress (why don’t you use the same technology?) – and that is because I noticed on the clear Apple screen (than the normal ThinkCentre PC screen that I use) when I used this for checks on the lines that some text were in clearer black than other text, and yes, it was not easy going through all of these codes (including the colours red and black among other codes), but I managed to improve it making it look as I wanted to.

I went to my mother and John and as usual, we had a good time together, and I decided to ask them about their holiday memories of their lives and liked to be patient listening to this, which people only rarely do because they are more busy thinking about what they like to say themselves.

We spoke about “traditional medicine” again where I am coming even more through when I tell them that medical drugs are NO GOOD (!), and they do realise that this goes for psychoactive drugs because it is related to cocaine/other drugs, and just because the doctor says that you have ADHD as example and need to take drugs doesn’t make it more right to do – because you would NEVER decide to take cocaine or heroine right (?), and yes, I was surprised hearing that Tobias is diagnosed with ADHD, which I have NEVER heard before, and it seems as if this has been kept a secret to me, and I told them that 50 years ago, there was nothing called ADHD and it has been invented as a “disease” in order for the pharmaceutical industry to sell drugs for billions (and also to “dope” the population making it “dumb”!), and yes, my mother knows that these drugs make people like ZOMBIES – she has seen it herself on me and others when I was committed to psychiatric hospital in 2008 – and my message that nature medicine, if needed, and “conversation therapy” (including love and understanding), is what helps, has been understood.

And I told them that this is not only for psychoactive drugs but for all drugs, which was invented by Rockefeller & Co. early last century to make money, and this is about a billion-dollar business having corrupted the entire community including doctors, politicians and authorities, and when these people say that pills, chemotherapy etc. is “the right treatment” for you, otherwise you will be sick or die, this is what most people do then, but in reality this is VERY WRONG, and the Health Committee of the Danish Parliament as official Health Authority as examples are in the pocket of this industry doing what they want, and yes, they don’t know better, this is how it is, and yes, is this very difficult to understand, and yes yes yes, “the difference between you and me, mother, is that you have faith in this system taking their pills, which I would NEVER do”, and it is because she is now again receiving pills to make sure that her cancer doesn’t break out again, and she does it because the system tells her that if she doesn’t, there is this risk, and yes, she has strong side effects destroying her (and me!), and yes, mother, I would NEVER take these pills, but it is of course a matter of faith, you see?

And I wonder if Tobias receives this “ADHD-medicine” (drugs) because his mother tells him that it is right to do (?), and yes, my mother and John now know and have faith in me that it is WRONG to do – John also believes in “conversation therapy” having seen what B. S. Christiansen do on TV at the moment helping “weak women” out of abuse of drugs – and they spoke about how sad they are when Tobias is sad/breaks down when his girlfriend and he over and over breaks up, and again I told them about the story of deciding to be STRONG instead of weak as I do because it is simple logic that when you are strong, it is easier to go through difficulties, and it should be the same for you, Tobias, but your problem is your raise where you have been spoiled, and when you don’t get your will, you “break down” instead of being strong (?), and yes, COME ON, BE STRONG, how difficult can it be to decide doing what is RIGHT to do?

And I told the story about how sad I was to see how Denmark’s National TV directly spoke against Cannabis Oil in the programme “Kontanten” – “this goes directly against the doctor’s recommendation” as they said with a lifted finger – and I told them that I have shared information on Facebook including a scientific article saying that despite of what also the National Health Authority says, Cannabis Oil actually heals cancer (and more), and I said that there are references to foreign results showing the same, but to my mother, this is “very difficult” to believe in because her friend Käte bought Cannabis oil for her husband Erling, but still he died from cancer, so when it did not help him, this of course means that it is “totally impossible” for her to believe in me and these references that it really helps, but I told her that there are stories of for example Rick Simpson having cured thousands of patients with cancer, which made he say that it was maybe “too late to save Erling” and yes, was it really Cannabis oil that he received, mother (?), and yes, I HAVE PUBLISHED THIS TO FACEBOOK and I am sure that it also would help your kidneys, John, and yes, how difficult is it to convert my mother and John having had total faith in doctors and “medicine” in general and my sister in particular (about psychoactive drugs), and yes “total impossible”, but they are coming more and more over on my side despite of their obstacles.

My mother also asked me if I am still tormented, which I otherwise NEVER speak about, and I told her that I still am – and have been since 2004 – when still receiving the worst sufferings any man has gone through, and also that I have decided to be even stronger than these sufferings, which only I can do because of my will power – no one else can – and my mother looked like she believed me, and I told her that this was also to protect her from sufferings (thus the world) and that is because if I had broken down, I would have been committed somewhere to psychiatric hospital just lying there as a vegetable, and instead my mother would have been opened spiritually going through the same kind of sufferings like I, and yes, my mother understands more and more, and she told me how her heart is breaking because of the sufferings I am given, and what I didn’t tell her this time is that she was main responsible for giving me these sufferings when she for a long time decided to believe in and follow my sister against me – instead of just reading/listening to/communicating with and understanding me, and yes, this is explained in “my sufferings” on my website, but “impossible” to believe in when you don’t/cannot believe! And I told her that she shouldn’t be sad because this is my (and her) destiny, which is that “it has to hurt before it becomes good – this is my message to you” and also that “there is light at the end of the tunnel”, which is coming to us when we have gone through this darkness.

And she had always wanted to ask me why I became so close – almost “allied” – with the people of the closed psychiatric hospital in Hillerød in 2008 (who to her were “complete maniacs”), and I told her that I always do with people that I meet (deciding to focus on their good sides) (it is only when I tell people the direct truth straight out in my writings and on Facebook, that people “cannot” bear me and abandon me), and again, this gave me the chance to tell her that it was also because some of these people there were completely open spiritually and for example Ben “saw right through me” knowing who I was – making me smile because we received the same kind of information spiritually, which only we could tell and to “outsiders”, we may have looked like “crazy people”, but there was indeed a “meaning with the madness” – and yes, “he almost kneeled down to me knowing who I am”, and again, this was to help reminding my mother that eeehhhh is Stig really the one (?); and yes, I told her that it is also no coincidence that both she and I sleep poorly and is out of energy “because we are special compared to others”, and yes, this is really because the Old World is “empty” having sucked out all energy/life from us.

I also told her that everyone can see that I write with structure and logics in my writings and that “I am not dumb” when I write about the New World Order and how people have to behave etc., and yes, Stig “you are really hyper-intelligent” was the reaction of my mother, and at least this is what I am to her seen from her view, and yes, this is what everyone reading me can see, so again, this was to confirm that “I am NOT crazy”.

My mother told me NOT to eat potatoes and pasta because it is fattening, and I could only tell her that I would NEVER dream about stopping doing this because this is part of “normal food”, and also that I don’t eat unusually compared to others and I really eat the same quantities here as in Kenya (except from wine and cakes), and “the conditions in Kenya was that I lost weight” and “the conditions here is that I gained weight”, and I could tell on my mothers face that this sounded wrong to her, and she decided NOT to believe in me because “then you only had vegetables in Kenya” and NO, MOTHER, WE DID NOT (!), and she said “but I could see how thin you became, so you must have had only little to eat”, but NO, MOTHER (!), and I had to repeat it to her over and over and over again and I decided to tell her strongly “HOW MANY TIMES TO I HAVE TO TELL YOU THE SAME – DO YOU BELIEVE THAT I AM LYING YOU STRAIGHT UP IN YOUR FACE?” and also “the next time we speak about this, you will still believe in your own (wrong) voice having forgotten about what I have told you”, and this is so important to my mother because “you are not losing weight” and again I could only tell her that I decided to accept becoming fat when I returned home from Kenya for “a period of time” and “I will lose all of it again”, and yes not easy to believe in when you don’t believe (!), and why did I lose weight in Kenya and gain weight in Denmark (?), and yes, the main reason is NOT because of what I eat or don’t eat as my mother so strongly and wrongly believes but because this is how darkness works in Kenya with poor people and how darkness works in Denmark with rich people, and it was easy to see on me because darkness came onto me stronger and stronger over these the last years, so there you see, mother, this is the truth, which I ask you to believe in if you can, can you?

And yes, John was listening to this and saw my trouble to make her understand, and shortly after this, I told John about a new offer from TDC TV, where all broadcasts are saved for one month so you can find a programme from their archive, which you didn’t see yesterday, and yes, this is what I said, but John started speaking about “packages of channels” that different TV providers offer and the difficulties to have your own preferred channels because “we have plenty of channels we never watch”, and NO, JOHN, THIS IS NOT WHAT I SPOKE ABOUT (!), I spoke about TDC saving all programmes for one month, which is not the same, and yes, these were examples given to me to show you how COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE it was not only to make my mother and John LISTEN and UNDERSTAND me, but all of my family, friends etc., thus the world, and yes, you were born with difficulties to understand other people than yourself and that is “more or less”, you know.

Their stereo, radiators etc. were also given LOUD NOISES and I was given the normal feeling that it is my spiritual friends doing this, and I could have decided to tell them, but I did not, and yes, they do NOT hear this thus not understanding that they are surrounded by these our “spiritual friends”.

My mother spoke about going to a restaurant (with a “sweet deal” offer) on May 3 when she, Sanna and I will go to Copenhagen on my birthday and watch Sanne Salomonsen in concert, and I told her that we could just go to my favourite shawarma restaurant on “Strøget”, but it made my mother speak negatively about this without ever having tried it, and it made me decide to tell her this: DO NOT START SPEAKING NEGATIVELY ABOUT NEW THINGS, SPEAK POSITIVELY, and yes, this is the same as when we were going to have “apple slices” in Tivoli in December 2013, where I recommended to go to the “Pancake house”, which did NOT sound good to you, and the same goes with X-factor this year until you start learning people, and I could have added American Idol on TV too where my mother recently said that she didn’t believe that people sung very well, which completely amazed me because there were 30 or more this year singing COMPLETELY AMAZING, and yes, my message is mother DO NOT BE NEGATIVE TO START WITH, but BE POSITIVE TO START WITH saying something like “I do look forward to seeing/experiencing this etc.”, and yes, this is what I have done myself throughout my life – deciding to follow the positive road to my best rejecting the temptations to be negative – and it hurts me much seeing my mother, sister and others giving in to negativity given to them, and yes, how difficult can it be to do RIGHT instead of WRONG (?), and yes “almost impossible”, you see.

When I later cycled home, darkness was again speaking physically out of my mouth (and grunting like a pig symbolising life!), which only happens when darkness is at its strongest, and again this was about my mother thinking of me as “the one”, which is “the worst” that could happen to you, mother?

Are they only in war mood when you are almost crossing the lines of what to see on Internet (“nudity”), and this is about Ukraine these days, and I was told the other day that what I was very close to doing on the Internet would have started war in North Korea if I had.

This – and the development of Russia and the West speaking with different tongues in relation to Ukraine these days – makes me say that if people of Kiev want to be part of a FREE UKRAINE and if people of Crimea want to be part of Russia, let it be, and be sure to protect the basis human rights of minority groups, and yes how difficult can it be (?), let the people decide which country they want to belong to, it is easily the best choice instead of discussing what is “legal” or not – use your common sense and COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER – LISTEN AND UNDERSTAND (!!!) – and yes, also on this level among the top leaders of the world it is “difficult” for you to understand anything else than your own voice? AND STOP PLAYING GAMES SETTING UP EACH OTHER AND THE WORLD OPINION – BE STRAIGHT/HONEST IN EVERYTHING YOU DO!!!

I felt Pia Christmas-Møller and was told that all documents about me have been deleted, but not quite, Pia, they are still part of “my archive” you know.

I felt how I will become my sister to start with as the Source, i.e. non-gender life, which is to return to the foundation. It is from here that we will slowly build you up as Karen including all colours. Later I was told that this is part of the special event when we will open our New World, and this is what we have prepared for thousands of years, which is what “slowly” was about, we have already done this.

I was told and felt that the last of darkness from the balcony enters me with Formula One speed, and I was shown the King’s bed part of the circle of this.

It is a pear of Karen that we first will bring out before you can become the apple of everything, and this means that we will first bring you out to all other cells of the Source to receive what they bring in order for you to become who you are as everything, which is what the apple is, i.e. the contribution of all of us (cells of the Source).

I was shown a passenger jet at the parking place in front of the Submarine nightclub in Vedbæk, which I used to visit almost every weekend in the beginning of the 1990’s, and can you guess how many who remember you from there (?), and this is an example of how the rumour of me being Jesus that spreads in circles, and inside Danske Bank is another where many still remember me too (I stopped working for the bank in 1991).

My Internet behaviour these days is also a game because on one hand it may bring out the very last darkness and on the other hand it may close “the store” to bring in more darkness because even though I don’t watch nudity, it is really wrong behaviour.

So it is you being a little smaller than us out here.

I felt Sicily (our holiday there in 1978), and was told that we will go back there to bring everything from the installation of you. It is us – inside the two UFO’s at Sicily in 1978 – who saw your last work to your website being the lines to your right column.

“Just continue” (the game) even though I am really metal all over the inside of me, which I felt, and this is about being the Source now.

I was shown a very tall oval cylinder with a dome glass on top (the same as the “Opera Tube”) and it includes a huge tree all over the inside, and this is the family tree of everything, i.e. all creations, which is connected inside the apple of the Source.

We could not have warned you enough if Jais – my old class friend – had gone against you, but at the end, this is not how it went, and this is also why you have returned home.

I was told with a rare, serious voice of my mother “thank you for this evening, Stig, it has been nice knowing you”, and this is about the end of my old self coming.

The stamp has to turn up to make him come out of his own cave (my new inner self).

I dreamt about playing two rounds of golf against my old friend Angela, but I cannot afford to pay for the rounds, and decide to play them hoping that there will be no control, but there is when a lady from the club – who is really one of the hosts of DR1 TV – wants to see my receipt, and when I have none, I am given a fine of 2,000 DKK, which I cannot afford paying, and this is about immense energy that darkness of Angela, who “could not” understand and communicate with me, but abandoned me, brought out of me. And I dreamt about going to the same plant school as Peter A. buying the same plant, about reading an article of Electric Light Orchestra in Politiken, which I am surprised that Hans has not told me about (to express his warm feelings/thanks to me), and also that my old friend Kirsten has received a very little apartment as neighbour to me, but I see that it is very fine arranged, but I am afraid of going through her floors, which is about the narrow mindset of Kirsten, which almost brought my fall too.

I slept a little better this night, and I was told that this is because of increased faith/understanding of my mother.

The seven star hasn’t broken yet. It corresponds to step out of the newspaper roll/circle (to cut the lifeline).

It isn’t so that ”we can try again” has come up to the surface of Karen again, is it (i.e. Karen and Stig together)?

It was today at 17.00 at the library that my mother’s friend Lis would “turn records” and play and tell about jazz divas, which I had seen weeks ago in the programme of the library, and my mother would have liked to come much but she was unable because she and John was invited for dinner by John’s family.

So I went there alone now knowing from out last meetings that Lis would not fear me anymore as she WRONGLY did 10.10.2010 when meeting her and her daughter at the opening of the Cultural Yard and many months later when meeting her in front of Føtex Supermarket, so I arrived and saw Lis in front of a crowd of 60-70 people, which was more than I had expected, and I waved at her and she at me, so I was welcome.

First she started playing Louis Armstrong – even though this was for jazz divas – and I felt how my mother was coming out of Lis when she played Louis, and she sung along on the lyrics “I’m gonna lay down my sword and shield, down by the riverside” and “I aint gonna study war no more”, and this was as if these lyrics were spoken to me to lay down my sword and studies, i.e. to stop my writings (my “sword” and also “studies” or “homework”), and this is because I met the end in more than one sense today.

Lis has a fantastic charisma, humour and laughter, which infects people when she as here was singing, clapping, speaking about her personal meeting with Louis as young (she used to sing jazz herself) and more. People had a good time.

I was told that it is a little edged cathedral school that we enter because “Stig CANNOT be Jesus” to Lis, but yes, your mothers telling her off about me (not to be afraid) and my acting “completely normal” is what makes her think of this and lets us come through her.

So you are together with one who also tried to destroy you (because of her lack of faith), and now Lis is part of the people in me lifting you up, and I felt a “BIG FIGURE” of the Source first pricking my thigh and then about to lift me up. You now have the united rhythms with you.

Two middle aged ladies on the row in front of me had seen me coming, and they kept on turning around looking at me MANY times, and no, I didn’t know them, but maybe this has to do about Helsingør knowing about me and “see who is here”, you know.

I was told that the hatred of my father’s widow, Kirsten, against me was founded already when she lived at Høje Gladsaxe in the 1970’s before they moved together, and this is because my father told her that “Stig is not like the others”, but very ingoing/lonely.

Was this the last then that you brought in here (?), and I felt that it was. So there is now nothing more for us to collect (?), and no, I have no more work to do to my website.

Your mother and Lis weren’t best friends, were they (?) – especially in the 1980’s, where they could laugh together as NO ONE can – and I was told this just before Lis played “var blev ni av, lluva drömmar?” (“where did they go, the good times”?) by Monica Zetterlund, and yes, this is about how poor communication and misunderstandings between Lis and my mother for years destroyed what used to be the absolutely best friends in life, and Lis said that she has just seen the new film about Monica Zetterlund, which my mother and I saw a trailer of when we were in the cinema recently, which made my mother say that she would like to see this too, and yes, Lis and my mother should really have seen this together instead of letting old grudges still go against their friendship.

I was given the feeling of M of James Bond – the Head of the Secret Intelligence Service – first Judi Dench and then Bernard Lee, and I was told that it is now time for this Head to come forward saying “well done, 007, you went through everything without firing one shot even though you had license to kill”, i.e. I saved all life of the Old World without accepting any life to terminate to make the journey easier for myself, and I received the feeling of Jørgen Krüff – a Danish merchant and expert in the finest Champagnes – which is a symbol of the Source self.

I was thinking of my mother telling about Lis’ weak heart, and she is using a stick too, and didn’t look that good today, so she also came through our journey with difficulties, but she made it too, and I was told that “the smile is the shortest distance”, which is about the old warm feelings, which Lis has also felt to me, and I to her, which came out stronger than her fear to me, which had overtaken her a couple of years because I had been committed to psychiatric hospital in 2008 and launched my “negative” writings in 2010 claiming to be Jesus, so obviously I had to be both crazy and potentially dangerous, right (?), but no, I am still “the good old self”, which she also could see when I walked to her after her one hour lecture thanking her for a good experience and giving my mother’s best regards.

No, she doesn’t understand that you are the KRAFTWERK self, but that you are “special” because of what your mother told her when asking her not to be afraid of me, and yes, this is what came out from this rescue operation of ours.

I have had glasses since I was 18 or 19 when I started becoming short-sighted, and I have always had only one strength in my glasses, which however has increased in strength from 0.75 in the beginning up to approx. 3, which I believe it is today, and I have had my present glasses since 2008, I believe, but the last 1-2 years I have noticed that I now cannot see objects close to me as I used to when wearing glasses, which I have to take off, and just to say that my vision is also becoming poorer.

Yes, the Sphinx and everything is ready at the start line.

Have you been thinking that my final exam includes all of us/you.

I was told that the deepest secret was about how your mother could get out (to the Source) – even if I had lost it – which was through Lis to remain friends with her and to make her obtain faith in me.

It was the combination of yesterday increasing faith of my mother in me and my meeting with Lis today that brought out the last. It isn’t so that you have found your hiding place so I can come and get you out (?); and yes, you were at a place between your mother and Lis, this is how it was.

I was told that Sanna was also hoping to being able to get around me too and is this because she received order from the office of Pia Christmas-Møller to destruct all documents, experiments, results, everything about Stig.

And this goes right up to Ratzinger, and yes, he is the former Pope, and the new is Francis, and who is the new person of the office of Pia Christmas-Møller (in relation to me), and yes, it can only be Margrethe Vestager, right?

I was shown my King Bed with a tube sticking out of the fence of it, which is the Source.

I was told and felt that it is the blue (man) from the balcony that we are going to put through here.

I watched the Danish X-factor this evening, and I was so incredible tired that I almost didn’t write down any notes from it, but still I decided to bring you this story too.

Already yesterday, I was told about Remee that he was nervous about the show, and why was that, and yes, because I was following you and writing this story, Remee?

Thomas Blachman spoke inspired about Danish open sandwiches and to put on the final layers of decoration, which was the feeling coming to me, which is about the end of creation, and when Anthony & Jasmin had performed “Two lights on a table”, he said that “when new light goes through old glass, small miracles happens”, and this miracle was about transforming all life through the glass/window to our New World.

When I had not yet decided to write down notes of X-factor, I was told that we could have created the biggest redemption through Remee if you wanted to, and right after this, he presented Pernille Nordtop, who had chosen a French song of the Eurovision Song Contest, which was the theme of the evening, which simply was called DIVINE, and DIVINE is simply what it was, I also loved the song and Pernille’s strong/outgoing performance, and afterwards, Remee told Pernille that “we had to wait some shows until the magic of you arrive, which it did today”, and this is the MAGIC OF THE DIVINE, which you will see “very soon” when we will open the New World for everyone to witness, and it is almost as if Remee has overtaken Thomas Blachman’s roll in this show bringing messages via me to the people, and this is what made you nervous, Remee (?), and yes, later I was SMILING when I saw him wearing Bermuda shorts as part of a nice suit, which is a “completely crazy” (!) thing to do, Remee, because it is early spring here and below 10 degrees Celcius, and no, I have NEVER seen this on Danish TV before, but one time had to be the first, right (?), and this was REALLY to show just how inspired Remee also is and my influence over this show, because this came to him as inspiration after I yesterday spoke about “holiday memories” of my mother and John when they spoke about their tour to Bermuda in 1984, and how John had noticed official people wearing Bermuda shorts as part of nice suits, so there you are, Remee, this was your turn to get into the limelight :-).

During X-Factor, I was told that people believe that I have CHARM, which I first did not pay attention to, but then Thomas Blachman told a contester that “you have all the CHARM and X-factor, which this program can dream about being near to, which you have to take your hat off to”, and this was to say that if it was not for my charm, I would not have made it through my journey and my writings would not have stayed online on the Internet because my family, friends etc. and Falck as examples would have done everything they could to remove them, but they care for/liked me, which was decisive to keep my writings online, and no, one cannot help having charm, can one?

I was told that my email to former managers a few weeks ago also brought faith helping this process lifting me up.

I was shown a mix of guitarists and guitars symbolising “the finest creation”, and it started with Mark Knopfler and ended with Stephen Tyler, which is also to say that I much liked Stephen as a judge on X-factor, and even though his band Aerosmith are not among my top favourites, I much enjoy their greatest hits including the beautiful “I don’t want to miss a thing”, which I have always connected to Karen when hearing it thinking about all the things we missed together.

It is a secure crossing over the Øresund strait (from Helsingborg to Helsingør) “because I only want to be with you”, which is about Karen’s thoughts.

I felt Lis with me during the evening – because she was thinking of me – and I was told that she also brings me darkness. And I felt my father and was told that we otherwise we should have been out via Gibraltar, which is about this last darkness leaving me from the South of Spain because I did not manage visiting Gibraltar and sailing to Morocco as I had planned on doing when visiting Costa del Sol in 2006, which would have stopped this escape route of darkness (I slept over and did not catch the very early bus).

I received much praise including that I did this work as a single man (not breaking down) to bring this through, which includes not only one but two ovulations of my mother (Karen and I).

This (almost) last radio report (communication of the Old World) is that the weather is fine on the other side.

During the evening, I felt how my new self entered from the balcony and was flying around me in my living room also giving me a Heil (Hitler) because this was me too (being darkness as a tool of creation).

I was told about Rikke and Bo from Dahlberg speaking about me to their British Lloyd’s broker David, and this gossip went from David to not only Lloyd’s of London but also to the Queen.

I also did not speed too much, which was a danger if I let in too many Facebook friends and LinkedIn contacts seeing my posts of new scripts with most sending me darkness for a long time, and yes, on one hand, this was needed to receive, absorb and save life but on the other, one man can only take “this much” and everytime I added a new friend/contact, I brought in more darkness potentially breaking me down/killing me, but I handled it.

My TV was given a LOUD sound, which was beamed to it from a bigger force coming in from the sky outside, and this is me – the Source – bringing you – my new inner self – out.

So it was the impenetrable door of Hans that we opened (Hans obtaining faith in me), which made the others quickly follow.

So there was another way out of your mother had you given up, and I was given a sound to my oven and was told that I was the engine – I was shown the rotor of an old fighter jet – of darkness including everyone working against you to pressure the most out of you, and it is from you (the Son) that your mother comes from, and it is not before now that she comes home to me, i.e. the Source of my father – and I am thinking of what I have been told earlier, which is that the building stones of creation poured out from the Source and my mother was asked to create life, which I was told before and have included on my website, and now I am told that it was me as the Son that created my own mother and all life. And it is first with the creation of all of this that I will come alive myself as the Son.

It was your new self sending your father out of the world – with the death of my father last year – for you and he separately to prepare this last dispatch (of my new self as the Son to the Source), and you said that there could be no delay, and this arrival is “now”, and this is the gate that we went through today via faith of Lis leading my new self to the Source of my father.

I was told that this could also not have been done without Ekstra Bladet following your road up there, and also not without the Danish Parliament, and yes, I was told the other day that the reason why I do NOT like Snaps is because the canteen of the Parliament is called the Snaps Parliament, so there you have it, I do NOT like politicians (“dictators” removing FREEDOM of people).

This is what your mother means, it wasn’t my performance, but yours as Stig, and this (the threat of bringing out incest – spiritually as real as reality – of my mother/I as my “old nightmare” if I had “lost it”) was the only way to bring out the most power. So all of this life has been created without God here – before now.

Fuggi brought you here, and Lis has now overtaken the tour home to “the old man”. And it is your mother together with Karen and everything else, which is life that didn’t want to be created and did everything it could to avoid being made.

I was told about Limfjorden (“the Glue Fiord”), and it is now that we glue you and Karen properly together for you to become your new self/selves.

I received “Tonight” from West Side Story, which I simply LOVE and the most by Kiri Te Kanawa and Jose Carreras, who sing this stunningly beautiful 🙂 ♥.

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About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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4 Responses to March 2014 – IV: My mother’s friend Lis was a secret access to the Source, who is helping to lift my new self up to the Source

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  2. Jette Uhlott says:

    ok ‘than’

  3. Jette Uhlott says:

    nearly 2 years – Stig.. hope to see you another place nor in the ‘meetings’ up there ❤ Please give my love to your mother.

    • Thank you for your nice comment, Jette. Even though I am completely out of energy and Helsingør is relatively far away from you, you and Kirsten are welcome to visit Helsingør and me one day if you like – with options being to visit Kronborg Castle, the new Maritim Museum, Culture Yard and/or the old town, and to have coffee or lunch at my place 2 km out of town with the most beautiful view over Øresund. Please let me know if you would like to come, and when – all days are open to me. Alternatively we will meet for the first time AFTER the opening of our New World.

      Here are more options of what to see and what happens in Helsingør.

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