March 2014 – V: Karen was the Source of darkness and I was light and together we created all life of our New World



  • March 10: Karen was the Source of darkness and I was light and together we created all life of our New World
    • My father has called on my sister, Sanna, switching rolls so Sanna now is my father lifting me up, and yes, this is possible to do and we do know that Sanna is the third part of you but not right now, we just have to become everything including her as non-gender life, and this is how it is that my own sister lifts me up with faith, which was completely impossible for her to obtain as a non-believer and psychologist believing that I was crazy. Faith of my mother and sister is strong enough bringing me to the Source without losing life on the way as “taxes” to darkness, and my sister has accepted the birth of me when accepting to go with our mother and I to see “Sneakers” (Sanne Salomonsen) in Tivoli, and this is what makes the force of the Source lift me up.
    • Several symbols including the missing Malaysian passenger plane tell the story that I am completely empty and cannot keep holding up the “airplane” of my self and the Old World. When I will stop working, I will cut the lifeline destroying potential life, and it is only a question of how deep I will go. The SAGA concert in Copenhagen April 28, 2014, will complete what we started October 31, 2012, and the Sanne Salomonsen concert in Tivoli on May 3 will be about delivering my new self, and that is if I can hold out this long.
    • Karen and I are completely identical except from one “chromosome error”, which is that she is female and I am male – and this goes through all lives inside us. It is darkness and light of Karen and I that we merge together as one, and this merger is done without cutting away flesh of life (making both sides of life the same size), which my mother otherwise should have done. I literally followed Karen to the end of the world to open her love to me. Karen was Bat Woman bringing the fire of darkness (of the Source) to me as building stones creating our New World. It is through Karen and her love to me that we have brought all colours (of creation). Karen is the eye of everything, and had I accepted my “old nightmare” with my mother, it really would have been with Karen uniting us as one with my mother’s blessing. Normally there is a code-lock to the Source but now it is only a ring waiting on me because of Karen’s true feelings to me and the acceptance of Denis, and our merger will be consummated via my “old nightmare” connecting us, which I accepted being done on condition that it will have no negative impact to my mother/life, which it will not have now when all life has been transferred to our New World. It is inside of here that there is pure fire of the Source where Karen is and also where your mother was too, but it is first now that you are arriving. So my mother/all life is really the creation between light and darkness between Karen and I. This is the moment of truth, it is really Karen and I as the Source and the Son that have created my mother and all life, and my mother was used to bring me the most fear of our “old nightmare” to bring out all power of me for creation to avoid this. Karen is the Source and when we will become ONE, the Source will become part of me as the Son. It was only through sexual contact between the Source and I that life could be created; I was only thinking of her intimately and she was sleeping with others, but what she didn’t know was that I was all life and when making love to others, she was making love to me, and this could not have been done with me directly, who would have brought too much force thus destroying life, and this is how Denis worked as the key and biggest donor to reach the Source. We are still a four-divided New World of my father/mother and Karen/I of this world with the Trinity of everything around us, and it was Karen and I creating life out of this space of nothing assigned to us. All life was created in darkness and hidden with me, and it was my task to return it to the Source, i.e. Karen, where all other layers of life are stored too, and now with me too when we are becoming one. Cold and misunderstood feelings of Karen also means that there is stored terminated life inside of her, which I have now decided to resurrect too.


March 2014 – V: Karen was the Source of darkness and I was light and together we created all life of our New World

March 10: Karen was the Source of darkness and I was light and together we created all life of our New World

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I dreamt about Britt selling a story, Russia opening a bakery etc.

There is not even a lock in here, it is faith driving us forward.

I was told that there are parts of the secret network believing that “Stig had all the advantages” because my website is public, and you may have to think again about you knowing everything about me via my public writings and I knew nothing about you.

Is it now my turn to hit the baseball – to “lift it high up”.

I was given LOUD hiccups and was told that still it is my father doing this – despite of being the Son having created this life.

Your internet behaviour the last days was almost as difficult to go through here at the end as when you were smoking, and about how this has also been using energy of my mother. But still “it is impossible for you to get up in rotations”, i.e. to do my script even though I do not FEEL like working at all, has much bigger importance than this, so the net result is still positive, which is why we are still following you.

Again today I was UTTERLY DESTRUCTED after a poor night’s sleep and decided to stay at home this afternoon doing nothing.

You and Karen are completely identical except from one “chromosome error”, which is that she is female and you are male – and this goes through all lives inside us.

What people don’t understand is that the New World IS built, we just have to unveil it.

Yesterday Leif told me at the library that he did not pass his new driver’s license exam, which may be a symbol of “the taxi” not coming to get me yet.

You don’t have a father’s complex, do you (?), and this is about new information coming to me about the creation of our world done without my father, and you do know that as your old self you are a hybrid being of the spirits of my mother and father and you are becoming the Son as your new self, and also that the Old World was created by the Son and Mother as template for the true creation of our New World now coming, and also that the New World is divided in four with my father/mother and Karen/I, so hold on to the Old World created by you and your mother and first when life was sustainable we would call on father, is this how it is?

Why is it that your father had to die then, was he – the Source – in the world (?), and yes he was also as part of my old self, but now I had become my new self as the Son, and then we brought your father out to bring you up, and it is he, who has called on Sanna, this is how we have switched rolls so Sanna now is father lifting me up, and yes, this is possible to do and we do know that Sanna is the third part of you (as non-gender life) but not right now, we just have to become everything including her as non-gender life, and this is how it is that my own sister lifts me up with faith, which was completely impossible for her to obtain as a non-believer and psychologist.

I was given the name “Balboa” (“Rocky”) – as I have before received the name “Rambo” – who are invincible film characters of Sylvester Stallone symbolising my fight against darkness, and I was told that your mother knows that you single-handedly fought against the system as your sister knows too, and this is “good enough” to bring you here with their help, and I was given the feeling of Berlin as my new home.

So we have been through this stamp office (of my sister and mother) too, and there are no more remaining. And I have no more pocket money, i.e. no more energy being “nothing”.

You are not born yet but everything is ready, we just lack a signal from your sister, and eeehhhh she has already given her acceptance to go to Tivoli with you and your mother May 3 to watch Sneakers as I was told, which is really Sanne Salomonsen solo. Had she not done this we would have taken another road – the road of darkness.

And this dampens the desire of Denis to Karen and to fight you knowing that the game is over. So it is darkness/resistance of Denis that we are breaking down.

I was shown and told that it is the upper room of Kronborg Castle that we now come from down the stairs to bring you up.

I received a GIANT pressure from darkness coming so strongly onto me that I could have screamed/given up at any moment – also because of EXTREME “emptiness”/tiredness – and I was shown a giant ship entering from the balcony.

We are now driving up the inner column of Karen.

But still the building stones of creation poured out from the Source of my father, right? And when my mother connected to the Source to receive force for life, she actually connected to me as the Son – thus creating the Old World, which was also done like this because it was not meant to survive.

I watched the football match between Chelsea and Tottenham, and was hoping that Tottenham would win, and they were the best in the first half, but when one Tottenham player having the ball simply lost the balance and fell – symbolising that I can no more – a Chelsea player took over the ball and via one pass, Chelsea was suddenly in the lead. And it continued when Tottenham was “unlucky” doing a penalty and receiving a red card, and then they were behind by 0 to 2, and eventually they lost by 0 to 4 – and besides from this, Barcelona also lost against a bottom team, which no one had seen coming, and I was told that the missing/crashed Malaysian passenger airplane today heading for Beijing was another symbol simply meaning that “I can no more”, I am completely empty, I cannot continue flying the airplane of my old self including the Old World, I will have to break the lifeline. And I wonder if this plane was part of a “terror attack” because of “mystical passengers” flying on false passports (?), and later I understood that one of these had a ticket to Copenhagen, so what is this really about, is there a deeper story?

I started watching the final of the Swedish final of the Eurovision Song Contest, and I was amazed by the opening at “Friend’s Arena” with 30,000 spectators when Charlotte Perrelli song “Wonderful Copenhagen” dressed as the Little Mermaid, which is because the final of the contest this year will be in Copenhagen in May, and it continued with the Danish song “Jeg kalder på dig” (“I call on you”) by Rasmus Seebach being played all over when they presented the finalists, and I felt how it gave me gooseflesh watching – this is TV at its finest.

And I was told that it was not because of nothing that my old friend René lived in Stockholm for a long time – about a decade I believe – and Stockholm is like a coat that we are taking on.

I was given a sound to my oven at the same time as a beam was sent from the balcony, and this is the two of us – darkness and light – that had to be equally as big, and it is these two that we will merge together, which are Karen and I, and yes, Karen was hidden in the hallway outside my main door. And this merger was to be done without cutting away flesh, which my mother otherwise should have done.

And when I prepared dinner including two fried eggs, I first opened and poured out one egg to the pan, and when I did the second somehow the egg feel out outside the pan, which has NEVER happened to me before, and I was told that this is what was meant to happen, for us to lose one of the eggs of creation.

When Yohio – who was close to win the Swedish contest last year – sung “To the end of the world, to the end of Universe, you will be loved”, I was told that this is what I did when following Karen, which was really to follow her to the very end of the world to open her love to me.

I continued suffering my strongest being empty and I was told to take it easy, we got you when you give up, and I felt a force around my waist ready to lift me up.

I was shown myself in an arena fighting crocodiles including my sister, i.e. darkness, and a VERY BIG crowd was gathered around the arena, which is the secret network of the world following me in silence.

I was shown a woman dressed in a black costume and mask – Bat Woman – driving up right in front of me on a three wheeled black scooter, and there is fire all over behind her, and this was Karen and it was her task to bring me this fire of darkness of the Source.

Again I received a sound to my kitchen and was told that we don’t like it much, but we will now leave it on your mother’s order.

I enjoyed watching the songs of the Swedish final, and I really thought that Sanna Nielsen’s “Undo” was very strong, and I also enjoyed much watching the ABBA medley, and when Malena Ernman sung “Chiquita”, I was shown a giant guitar on stage symbolising creation, and this was given to me because of the importance of ABBA being with me knowing and also spreading the news about me, my gentlemen (?), which are the words given to me, and I feel Björn Ulväus here saying that “Stig is just a normal man”, and indeed I am.

No, I never became nervous about the top of the world – politicians, media, business, artists etc. – reading and following me, it had no impact and I did not take this into consideration when writing, I simply wrote what “came to me”.

This was the woman, Karen, who brought you through darkness, and I was shown a giant mouth full of sharp teeth (of a monster). And it is through Karen and her love to you that we have brought all colours (of creation).

Again I was told that it is inevitable that we will break the lifeline, and still I said NEVER because this is what I have become accustomed to do as the right thing.

The voting of the Swedish final was VERY exciting and it was a close race between Ace Wilder’s “Busy doin’ nothing” and Sanna Nielsen’s “Undo”, and to me there was NO DOUBT that Sanna had to win this one both because her song and performance was BRILLIANT in my mind, and because Ace Wilder’s song was about the lazy, spoiled and selfish attitude “don’t wanna work, I wanna make money while I sleep”, which to me is the worst darkness you know, and yes, at the very end, Sanna won by the smallest thinkable margin with 212 against 210 points, and to me this was also a symbol of my sister, Sanna, because I was given the story about her lifting me up because of her faith just before this final started, so there you have it, SANNA – my sister – WON making us all win, and the recipe was for her to obtain faith in me, which was “completely impossible” to do when she had no faith, believed I was crazy/sick and could not read/listen/communicate with me, but in the end it was our love as sister/brother that was stronger than all darkness trying to prevent this from happening.

And when she had won and performed the winning song again, suddenly she forgot the lyrics and she was speechless when saying that “now I have also forgotten the lyrics”, which was a symbol of my sister being speechless when she finally discovered that I only speak the truth about who I am – and who she is as part of me (“non-gender life”) – and our New World. And yes, this was truly the RIGHT winner, but it was only with the smallest margin possible that we defeated darkness and the desire to make money (of my sister too!), this is what it was about.

Yes, we are heartfelt welcome with him, this is all he has said, and this is darkness of Karen coming to me also with the desire to kill me. So it is me (Karen) being the eye of everything, and I was shown and felt this eye all over me. I was given a new sound to my oven and was told that “now we have put this in place”.

And now the fun part comes, because accepting your “old nightmare” with your mother would really have been with me, eehhh Karen that is, and this is what really just would unite you and Karen with your mother’s blessing – after having saved all life between us (between light and darkness).

Normally there is a code-lock up there (to the Source) but now it is only a ring waiting on you because of Karen’s true feelings to me and the acceptance of Denis, and it will be consummated with the “old nightmare”, and we know “never” is still the feeling inside of me.

It is inside of here that there is pure fire of the Source – as I am shown, and this is as fire/darkness when turned around – where Karen is and also where your mother was too, but it is first now that you are arriving.

What if the whole world is waiting on this consummation between Karen and you to complete creation (?), and alright, I will accept this under the condition that it will have NO NEGATIVE IMPACTS to my mother/life. Again my oven gave a sound and this is the only way we can come out of darkness over to you.

So your mother/all life is really the creation between light and darkness between Karen and I.

Surely you are not born out of Punk Rock, which comes straight from my heart.

Yes, this is the moment of truth, it is really Karen and I that have created life, which is what Lars G. also tried to prevent and I am reminded how he didn’t want to sell Vilmart Champagne to SuperBrugsen in Hørsholm (approx. 10-12 years ago when they had the best wines in the world) after I had spoken to Superbrugsen about it, which made me wonder how strange/different/completely crazy Lars really is.

So this connection is the only road up to the Source, which is what Karen is, and yes yes, when you will become one, I – the father – will become part of you as the Son, this is how it is.

And it made me think that the Source is still here then, but my father is preparing this connection from the other side.

It was only through sexual contact between you and the Source that life could be created – so not all information in this script is right (“the creation of our world done without my father”) – and yes, Karen was the only one that I was thinking intimately about. No, there will be no changes to the four-divided world, but it makes me wonder because I understood that the creation of father/mother was our New World I with me as the result (the Son), and the creation of Karen/and I was our New World II with our off-spring as result, and now I am told that it was the Source and I creating my mother/life as the result, so we are still a four-divided world, which somehow is still mother/father and Karen/Stig, and yes, I will understand fully one day, which is not what I do now, and this is also about Karen transforming from being the Source to being part of me as the Son, and it is Karen bringing you your new self from a separate room inside the Source, and this is inside our new baby/creation that I sit.

And it required for you to go through your sufferings to make the world discover you to create your own creation from this space of nothing, which I assigned to you and Karen – and I felt (“Lady”) Diana with me too during this, and she told me that she was the explosive force/the tip of your mother/creation, which again was made by Karen as the Source and I, which sounds mystical/reversed and that is at least today.

I was shown the ship on the Tivoli Lake – after it was also shown in a clip of the Danish final – and this is the ship of my mother/the world created by us, i.e. Karen and I. And what about me being the result of all creation as I have been told all along (made by father and mother), was this wrong (?), and yes I was the hybrid of my father and mother as my old self believing that they were creators, and now I am told that it was my new self as the Son creating the New World, i.e. my new mother, together with Karen/the Source, and yes, it just has to sink in and I really have to understand it.

Yes, we created your mother to bring out the most power of you – fearing my “old nightmare” – and the Old World was created by mother and son as the foundation to the creation of our New World created by Stig and Karen, the Son and the Source, but it was my mother, i.e. life self, who was the architect designing life. So it seems as if I need to do some changes to my website about this information, but I really have to grasp it fully first, and I was given “save your kisses for me” by Brotherhood of Man, which is because Karen is waiting to bring me her kiss when I arrive.

And we arrived here a little oblique because of Lis, which we will need some time to correct, so I will continue playing the game – if I can, which is really the question today.

Alright, you have just signed the liberation papers.

All life was created in darkness, which was hidden with you (my right ankle), and it was your task to return it to the Source, i.e. Karen. Sanna is the only one, who has been released otherwise we would have brought you this – I was given strong pain to my arm – and John would die.

It is up here that we have layer upon layer of life – inside Karen’s head, which is now also inside of yours because you were allowed to enter by Karen and also by Denis, and it is from here that we will spread the light to you and all before you will die, and you just had to find us.

Yes, who are the four-back chain (?), we stand unchanged, which are father/mother of this world, yes, and Karen and I of this world, this is how it is, and the Trinity of everything (all creations/everything) on top, who are father, mother and son/off-spring, and it is only the composition which is a little different.

So it is pure light coming in from the balcony.

After the Swedish final, I switched to Danish TV and played back the final of the Danish part of the Eurovision Song Contest, and when I had just seen entertainment TV on its highest level (the Swedish final), it was a “flat feeling” to see the Danish final even though this was “fine” too, but not as fine as the Swedish final, and this was also and not least about the quality of the songs this year, which – to me – was NOT of the same quality as before, and it seemed to me that some manager of Denmark’s National TV had decided that this year we have to bring “young and modern songs”, so this is what you did on the cost of variation and quality, is this how it was (?), and to me one song was poorer than the other, and in the end, it was the least poor that won (by Basim), but I was truly very excited when Emmelie de Forest opened the final by playing her winner song “Only Teardrops” of last year – including the flute and drums symbolising “original life” to me – and it continued later when she played her new song “Rainmaker”, which is the signature song of the Eurovision Song Contest this year, and in my mind, this is of the same quality of “Only Teardrops”, and yes, these songs by Emmelie are of MUCH HIGHER QUALITY than Basim’s winner of this year’s contest, which is why I play Emmelie again, this is how it is 🙂 ♥.

I was dreaming of being with Fuggi and Michella at City 2 shoppping centre and going to the cinema – she is very beautiful. She wants to buy and bring home chicken from a grill bar instead of making it herself, and she looses a part of it on the floor. I also dreamt of Jack and I working in a bank brining me ice cream wanting to kill me, and I am not really employed by the bank, but still I receive a pay check that shows some debt posts, which I question the validity of, but still the end result is positive, and I had a GIANT newspaper in my bag, and this is about Michella still being a symbol of my “old nightmare” and Michella believing in creation (chicken), and I continue working inside darkness of the bank even though I contain darkness (debt posts) myself (wrong internet behaviour), and the newspaper is the result of our new creation.

I was shown the King Bed with one sleeping in it, and first I feel that this is my mother, but then this is erased, and I feel that this was also to cheat me making me believe that it was father/mother creating the world, which would make it vanish when I misunderstood it not understanding that it was Karen and I making it, so this is the importance of it and why I have to change it on my website too.

In the beginning you will feel that we are just an amplifier of everyone.

This is a part of bringing everything from your right ankle to me, i.e. to the Source.

I am again given heartburn, which is strong darkness coming at me.

And is there cold in here too (?), yes, this is the other part of Karen’s feelings to you, which is darkness doing its best to “scare you off” and thinking all the worst/most negative about you.

This means that your mother has plenty of life in the freezer – terminated life – which is only accessible here inside of Karen, and that is if you decide to release it, and I feel Kool & the Gang and “what you gonna do” (?) and yes “get down on it” (here meaning to release all of this life), which is both because of the coolness/darkness of Karen in relation to me – the part that I didn’t open up to, but still I was allowed to enter – and because this band simply means CELEBRATION to me, which is the feeling when releasing this life too.

And these negative feelings of Karen are of course only based on her and other’s misunderstandings of me influencing her because if she had understood me, she would only have had and shown positive feelings to me, which however would not have brought creation then, which you understand is based on misunderstandings of Karen too.

I was so tired today that I could not do spinning.

Is it so that Karen has shown the police your emails – recommended by others for her to do to receive calm from me – but they could do nothing to ban me from writing to her a few times per year?

No, you are not unemployed, she has understood the message too. And no, you are also not “disturbed” anymore in her mind.

All of this is what your father did to keep you away using creation self, but it could do nothing, I went through it all.

And it was Karen trying to stop me from bringing life into the Source, and these difficulties of mine is what brought life.

Well, she isn’t really the most beautiful ballerina in the world, is she (?), yes she is. She is your reward for having gone through horror.

No, we will not pay stamp duty to come through here because of Karen’s acceptance of who I am based on my correspondence to her, which is why it was important to do.

This is how I bring in Germans, and this is why I was inspired to invite Steffen CHRISTmann – from the Weingut in Pfalz that Lars (and I) bought wine – to become my Facebook friend the other day.

We just have to get used to being here (at the Source) and get painted here where there is dark too, and I was told that the connection between Karen and I have already happened without me feeling anything.

This is why Karen didn’t use contraception, and what she didn’t know was that I was all life and when making love to others, she was making love to me. And this is where Denis was the biggest donor removing my pleasure as darkness without knowing who I am and what he did stealing Karen from me. And again, to protect life because had Karen and I been together she would have received all my force destroying life, which is why Denis was the perfect dosage and part of my power.

After lunch I sat down in the sofa being very close to take a nap because of incredible tiredness, and I knew that I had work to do – start the updates to my website etc. – and I was told that I have to work and/or exercise because if I do nothing, there is nothing remaining and I will then become my new self as consequence, and so I went back to the computer to work.

There is also still the story about Karen having spoken poorly about you to others making it “impossible” for her to take you back.

One should believe that your mother is already air born.

So you are now inside the mail box – as I was shown – and it doesn’t feel different, right?

I was shown my self inside a very advanced control centre of a lorry, which is now being set up, and this is about the Source being inside the New World.

It is like bringing in a full, modern and busy world into a small African rural village.

I was shown an old Inca object, and was told that this was the last piece we had to bring out from Machu Picchu (via my sister’s visit there last year), which was about the right connection of creating as explained in this script.

So we are bringing out completely new SNEAKERS (?), yes Sanne Salomonsen knows about this too.

This work/script is also part of turning around everything.

And yes, I am truly also INCREDIBLE tired today making it “impossible” to do these amendments to my website, but when I look at it, I see that I really already had written most of it correctly with me as the Son planning the New World bringing the force of the Source to create the cell of my mother as the New World, I just need to add a few extra words and do a few amendments.

I am shown a hole between the back wall of a shelf, i.e. our New World, into the kitchen, i.e. the Source, about being made.

So now everything is united inside of you after having eaten up all darkness of Karen.

I was shown water from a tap running out with full speed, and we are adjusting this.

So Denis was the key to reach everything here – I am shown a HUGE key through the tunnel and into the stadium – and this was also for him not to reject you.

The Stockholm coat is made by cow skin, and I am shown my mother’s old painting by Kaare, now hanging on my wall, as if it was a cow skin.

I was shown huge yellow walls and separate rooms, and was told that inside of here is also a Council of all creations working together.

We have been strong enough not to close the radio contact (the spiritual communication that I receive).

I continue receiving hiccups and sneezing, and today was also a completely impossible day to go through because of being “empty”, which means that I truly don’t have energy enough to live.

I felt Hitler, and do you think that it will end with Hitler becoming a hero (?), yes, who else had the courage to act as the worst darkness apparently without consciousness in order to serve a higher goal.

We have now succeeded creating life from smaller cells than ever before thanks to you, and I am shown airplanes and space ships flying out of these cells.

This is also achieve because Denis didn’t give up bringing the fight (against me) even higher up.

We can move you in at any time now – when I will stop working.

I was given a sound to the oven and was told that it is also us coming out of here when you will stop working and it is only a question of how deep you will go before we will open the Champagne. So you will destroy us when you decide to come up to the surface, which is why I will continue going on if I can.

And it is Sanne Salomonsen we use to bring you up here as she also knows about. She had a cerebral thrombosis in 2006, where she was dying but survived because of me (I received a dream about this before the attack) and what she was told then was that she possesses the ultimate key to bring you up as God, and also that she would only be used in the ultimate situation otherwise man would die, which she and the music environment knows about, and now you are coming to her, which was really the message in your comment to her on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. So she was an impossible road that was really closed, which we are now opening, and this is only done because you refused your “old nightmare” for such a long time, which is why we now will use her for what her entire life is for, i.e. to crown Stig as God, and yes, why not play “Skt. Peders Engle” (“Saint Peter’s Angels”) here, which is my favourite track from my favourite album of her old band, Sneakers, the best Danish pop group ever.

And here is half an hour from one of their concerts at Roskilde Festival in 1983 when they were on top of their career being the best (live) band in Denmark, and yes, I saw you too back then, you were simply amazing :-).

No, you never asked darkness coming on strongly to you to “get lost”, which would have been the natural decision of everyone to do because of the incredible pressure that it came with including the desire and words given to me on the tongue to do just this.

I was given a new sound to my oven and was told that this is what we mean by cutting the lifeline.

Isn’t it funny that what was the most terrible of all – Stig’s writings/behaviour – according to my mother, Karen and more is what creates/saves lives, which you fought against?

I was told that when I was committed to psychiatric hospital in 2008 and first was at the closed department in Hillerød, I followed the normal rules of such a place, and because I behaved well, I was transferred to the half-open department in Helsingør receiving a little freedom giving me the chance to study the law and write my letter bringing me out of there, otherwise I would never have come out, because they really wanted to keep me there.

My oven is daily given an “E3” error meaning that I really cannot no more.

So it is now me, Sanne, bringing in more darkness from the balcony (which is really light going through darkness around me inside my apartment), and this is how far out that Sanne is, and it isn’t a question about the survival of Sanne if you decide to continue working or stopping, is it (?), and this is difficult because I am feeling so incredible poorly that I only continue working day by day now feeling that I might stop at any time.

I was shown Albert Einstein, and was told that it should be unnecessary to say that the SAGA concert in Copenhagen April 28, 2014, will complete what we started October 31, 2012, and yes, I have not bought a ticket and they may be sold out, so I may not go, we will see.

I was reminded about my surprise the other day when I saw that my favourite Champagne, which is Rose du Mesnil by Michel Rocourt, is available in Denmark at – (no. 3 from left on the top picture), and yes with a little help from my friends to say that I am now coming to the most rare part of the Source.

It is like entering the ghost house of Tivoli driving up with the lift – if you can continue.

I was reminded about how my “old nightmare” would be – from an old and very vivid dream I had making love to Michella – and you haven’t received this (?), no, and I don’t want to experience it (only if it does NOT have any negative consequences), and yes, it looks as if the game will continue until April 28 with the SAGA concert and May 3 with the Sanne Salomonsen concert in Tivoli delivering my new self, and that is if I can.

I was given yet another sound to my kitchen and was reminded that “it has to be perfect”, right (?), which is what we bet on, and this is not to become dark dust.

We cannot go even deeper, can we (?), and I am shown even more beautiful wall paper and old genuine paintings on the wall of a castle, and this is what we are trying to motivate you doing now, and yes, I really don’t know if I can, I have no more energy.

We almost did this without radio so they could decide themselves.

I was given the strong feeling of my navel being pushed into my stomach – a VERY uncomfortable feeling – and this is about when to cut the umbilical cord or the lifeline you know.

So we are coming further in where we have never been before, and I am shown a giant Indian totem pole with the feeling “magical” all around it.

We are opening a new gate into a tunnel where we have placed a new train for you, if you dare.

I was told about how I received points for writing the truth about people – uncomfortable to them – for example about how my mother sometimes lies to make it “easier” for her.

It isn’t so that there are three apples here now (?), and yes, this will have to be father, mother and now the returned son as the Trinity of everything.

The life annuity was about the requirement to continue your journey that the Commune would decide to continue giving you cash help despite of your “uncomfortable” writings on them, which was also “NOT easy” for them to do.

I was shown a purple napkin on top of a chess game turning around, and this napkin belongs to Lis, who always wears purple, and this was her task to turn us around.

I was shown myself coming up the mountain of Mijas at Costa del Sol, which is about continuing my journey.

FB 100314 Stig 3

FB 100314 Stig 4

FB 100314 Stig 5



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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2 Responses to March 2014 – V: Karen was the Source of darkness and I was light and together we created all life of our New World

  1. Jette Uhlott, photographer says:

    Jette was here and send you a hug 🙂

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