March 2014 – X: The surrender of Putin and decision of the World Elite to return the Source (containing my new self) to me



  • March 20: The surrender of Putin and decision of the World Elite to return the Source (containing my new self) to me.
    • The pointing of the canon of darkness against me was removed when I came home as the King with the surrender of Putin delivering his place in the middle to me because he wanted to avoid a “man’s fight” with me – even though you were no challenge, Putin. It is “not easy” for the world to carry on the game of potential war in Crimea and World War III because of my decision to carry on as long as I receive more, but the world has received the message NOT to bring war because this would be “too crazy” – the people of Crimea has simply decided to vote themselves home to Russia.
    • After months away, I met Allan at the library again today clearly showing his knowledge about me via his flickering eyes, but still we spoke well as normal, and I was told that Allan decided to return here after having brought the message to “the top of the world” including royals that Stig is completely normal to speak to, which is a message that the world has now understood, Stig is NOT crazy, and with this, they have voted to return the Source including my new self (!) to me, which has been handed over to me also with approval of armed forces. This was about what should have been an easy task of the world to understand me, which however was “completely impossible” when you could not read and understand me?
    • It was the combination of all good and poor information and stories about me – among others collected by my sister – that was the foundation of this decision of the world, and it was the Queen’s Elisabeth and Margrethe were key persons to free me/us all. This also means that all of these world leaders, who are playing a game about Ukraine these days are really on my side. They voted for/against me without even informing me that this is what they did, which is what only wimps and “Badman’s” do! And it was my emails to Arthur Findlay College that were brought to the UK government and the world that led to this result.
    • We are continuing the game bringing in even more “furniture”, i.e. life inside of darkness, which has been released via my work and faith, and we have now united my mother and father too first now bringing my mother the feeling of “Nirvana”. It is still about how far inside the Source I will reach before we will start up our New World.
    • We played a game with the world when I wrote on my website until a couple of weeks ago that Obama is another part of me (as God), which was to make him STRONG to control world development at the end times, and since no journalists “could” ask him about me, he did not say that this was wrong, but it is, there can be only one, and that is me.
    • Jette completely “lost it” when she “could not” handle my encouragement for her to comment her pictures, and to understand before she makes herself understood, which made her decide to block me on Facebook, and yes, the most stubborn lady in the world who cannot understand the truth about herself believing that the messenger is negative without being able to look herself in the mirror – and this darkness is necessary to bring in the next level of life inside darkness to me.


March 2014 – X: The surrender of Putin and decision of the World Elite to return the Source (containing my new self) to me

March 20: The surrender of Putin and decision of the World Elite to return the Source (containing my new self) to me

FB 200314 Stig 1

FB 200314 Stig 2

I dreamt about preparing giant telemarketing campaigns meeting several telemarketing bureaus and preparing them on the details, and I am also going with a lift to Esso, which is driving far below ground and VERY fast, and this is about giant amounts of new life coming in.

I also dreamt about being driven around in Norway, and when we reach the beach of Stavanger, I tell the hosts that I have been here before, which is here that I came the first time to Norway, and I tell them that it is a very beautiful walk out on the beach, and out in the sea is a place called “Næsset” (“the foreland”).

And I dreamt about dining out with my mother at a restaurant on “Strøget” in Copenhagen, and Queen Ingrid has a very fine apartment on the other side where we see very fine guests inside.

So this means that we are on the way to a new BIG sale with your mother.

No, your mother knows now that you will not run away (not bringing in this next furniture).

This morning at around 09.45-09.55, I heard Carsten and Michael from the P6 Beat radio program become inspired after they played a VERY FINE – not to say GREAT – song called “In another world” by Sleep Party People (why is there a “hole” in your playlist also here???), and it made Carsten say that “this is super cool”, which I really thought too, and also that this song includes some of the same feeling as this, and then he played the theme of the Persuades (“The Unlucky HEROES” in Danish) as I have done before, and you do remember that “heroes” is about the result of my work saving everything, and I was told that you don’t get any higher recognition, i.e. faith, than this.

And it made Michael very committed too saying that a long time ago he believed that tf he ever was going to play in a band, it should be the one playing this theme.

Later they said that “This sounds more like Christiania’s football team”, and then they played “Dr. No” by BabyShambles, and yes, I LOVE THIS VERY MUCH TOO, and “Dr. No” is of course also the title of a James Bond film too, and this was a reference to my spinning yesterday with Christiania cycles – Christiania is “the FREE TOWN” of Copenhagen – setting me free, and yes James Bond symbolising me was the man doing it.

The famous radio/tv host and comedian Anders Lund Madsen and his daughter was guest at P6 Beat this morning, and he was much inspired by darkness when he kept on asking about this or that artist “is he black” (?) – referring to a story by Jørgen Leth that black ladies dry faster when leaving the swimming pool, which he found very funny – and also “I go to the toilet” close to when they were going to play a band called “the Dø”, which is “die” in Danish, and they had it in two versions, and Anders said that “it is also important not to scare away people with the original version, I have no idea what I speak of”, and this was to say that his darkness in relation to me was also bringing death to people.

And it led to them speaking of the death of Mick Jagger’s girlfriend, and Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven”, which he wrote after his son died when falling out a window, and Anders said that “Eric Clapton wrote a song, and then this fart was done” (about dealing with sadness), and again, “fart” is symbol of destruction and again connected with “death”, so there you have it, Anders, you were playing against me on the wrong team, “can you feel it”?

And this led them to Pearl Jam when speaking to a listener, which naturally led them to speak about the disaster of 2000 when nine people died at Pearl Jam’s concert at Roskilde Festival, and you do know that this festival is also symbol of “Heaven”, but here it was turning into Hell as a clear symbol – despite of “the best” security at Roskilde – and that was because of darkness of people, and yes, Anders, this was the dark influence you had on the programme today, and is that because you really don’t believe in me, is that it?

And there was more inspired speech of Anders, which I didn’t write down, but I do believe that you get the picture, and Michael said that his monitor was jumping wildly when they played Pearl Jam, and also about how he can play “opposite” using his new guitar pedal – symbolising to turn around the Old World from darkness to light, and still they were inspired to sing again and again YOU ARE THE SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE, which is because this is the light shining through now regardless of darkness of Anders & Co.

I was shown a tree as if it had water drops on it, but it was really diamonds (of creations).

Not long after publishing my previous update, I was shown a canon on Kronborg Castle facing me being turned around and brought away from me, and I was shown my mother there and told that “the King has come home”, which is about me returning to the Source breaking through darkness of Putin, who knows that this is a time of surrender – but still he plays his roll – and I received my old favourite song by Adam & the Ants “Stand and deliver”, and this is about Putin delivering his place in the middle to me, so spaciba, my friend.

In this post to Jette’s Facebook group – – I wrote:

FB 180314 til Jette

And no, I almost could not believe my eyes seeing this, could this really (“be Stig” – also about visions of people knowing me) be the most primitive REVENGE from a “completely crazy” woman, who “cannot” and will not understand, thus deciding to give in to her most primitive inner and behave WRONGLY (as everyone does “more or less”) taking “revenge” on what she believes is wrong behaviour of me (telling her the truth, see recent scripts) not being able to understand that she was WRONG from the beginning, and no, Jette, do NOT mess with me is the message – and still I receive smiles inside of me, because this is completely UNNECESSARY to do, you know!

And isn’t it amazing that Jette has NO comments to the other stories in my script about the end of the Universe and Putin, but still she focuses on herself? And yes, Jette again working as THE WORST DARKNESS not communicating/commenting her own pictures and now removing some of my freedom of speech – and yes “lunatic” is what she is! She is doing what I really should do (because I am right you see) if I decided to sink as low as her, which is to put sanctions on her, and yes even to remove her from my eyes because of her wrongdoings, and yes, do you see what kind of dark/wrong/negative feelings that people and here Jette are given, and yes, I receive them too and MUCH stronger, but I decide to do RIGHT, and that is the difference, Jette, do you see?

And the difference is that Jette “punishes” me believing that I am wrong when it is indeed her that is wrong, and yes, Jette, how can you be so primitive, small-minded and plain dumb (?), I don’t get it, you should be able to do MUCH better than this, and yes, just the truth once again, you do get it, right?

This is the same “lady” that I sent this invitation to one week ago (at the end of this page:, which she did not reply to, and no, Jette, your WRONG and NEGATIVE behaviour doesn’t help on my desire to see you – you should have decided to do RIGHT and be POSITIVE, but you “could not” because you are “too simple minded” (?), and yes, the truth hurts you, but does this makes me negative (?), no, this is simply the truth, and yes, I still like the good sides of you, will you please show me these again because surely you don’t want to continue being negative making me sad as the consequence(?), don’t you think that you should lift your “revenge” on me, and stop being childish/foolish – and to understand/be positive and spread happiness instead of sadness?

“Thank you for your nice comment, Jette. Even though I am completely out of energy and Helsingør is relatively far away from you, you and Kirsten are welcome to visit Helsingør and me one day if you like – with options being to visit Kronborg Castle, the new Maritim Museum, Culture Yard and/or the old town, and to have coffee or lunch at my place 2 km out of town with the most beautiful view over Øresund. Please let me know if you would like to come, and when – all days are open to me. Alternatively we will meet for the first time AFTER the opening of our New World.

Here are more options of what to see and what happens in Helsingør.

BUT DESPITE OF THIS, I AM HAPPY TO SEE THAT JETTE HAS DECIDED TO BE STRONG TO CONTINUE HER WORK – AND ALSO TO BRING HER COMMENTS to some pictures. And yes, I am always happy to see people deciding to be strong and doing right, which makes me as happy as when I see the opposite WRONG behaviour.

I was told about the world waiting for me to decide ending the game and reading my update of yesterday telling them that I carry on as long as there is more, and yes, “not easy” for you do carry up the play, my friends?

No, I am not afraid of war on Crimea with the risk of spreading because it would be too crazy to do – going against the will of a people – and the leaders of the world are not so stupid, right (?), and I feel Barosso from the EU as example – and I am thinking that this is what was “designed” in the play from the beginning with the unrest of Ukraine?

I was given a déjà vue about how I was going to be sent as Stig to Earth to face the worst darkness, and I was thinking that maybe there are millions of people of other civilizations stationed in spaceships around Earth (?), and I thought that their people and worlds probably knew what was coming their way, “the end”, and why it was coming, i.e. because of darkness, and also that they probably were not afraid of dying knowing about spiritual life and about our coming TRUE New World, and yes, the difference between light/faith/knowledge and the opposite here on Earth.

I went to the library again this afternoon, and was surprised to find Allan there again sitting next to Leif, and he told me that when he visits his customers in Helsingborg, he has decided to go to the library in Helsingborg to work because it is better/more quiet, and I wondered if this is really the case after he used to come here very often, and yes, it was around the time when I sent him my first email telling him about who I am that he “vanished”, and was this also to get away from me, Allan (?), and yes, I could CLEARLY see from his flickering eyes that he was nervous speaking to me and thinking of my emails to him, and yes, after 10 minutes of conversation, I left to find a free place for me to work, and when I was working there, I was given the thought that Allan would also like to read my Facebook updates (if he was on Facebook), and I was told that this is what Leif is telling him about. Is he connected to Karen too?

No one has collected the video self that includes you, which required that someone had to get the idea to do it, which no one got because you didn’t give up to darkness, and this would have destroyed the world had it been given free, yes showing Stig under the control of darkness.

I finished the upload and publish of “the best concert” ever, which to me is the Lovesexy tour in 1988 by Prince, as you can see here, and I would have liked to ask people to share their best concert experiences with me, but I did not because people most often “cannot” comment my posts because of fear or lack of faith in me.



Prince 3

Prince 4

Prince 5

I was told that my mother is nervous, having butterflies in her stomach, when going to sleep because she feels that “something is there”, i.e. spiritual connection.

And yes, Allan is another of those seeing that “Stig is not crazy”.

For days I have also been told about people being proud of what I have done and also that I am loved.

I have also felt for days that I had to convince the secret network of the world – not knowing the truth about me – about who I am and also that the official story of the World Elite that they are chosen for their New World will NOT be carried out as the truth.

You have no idea of what Indian who is coming in now?

The other day I saw on Facebook the first pictures of the new Crazy Christmas Cabaret in Tivoli 2014, which this year is about Pirates, and I saw the cast “smoking” liquorice pipes and more, and I was told that this is because two of the main actors “could not” accept me as Facebook friend after the 2013 show, and yes pirates and this liquorice pipe are the strongest symbols of darkness self, so there you have it, Bent van Helsingør! And no, I cannot find these pictures now, which a lady had “tagged” Bent van Helsingør in, and that is because the search functions of both Facebook and Google are NOT strong enough bringing this to me – too bad!!!

I was told examples of this and that story of my website, which the world had read and understood, which is still a condition for creation to go on.

And Earth only lives because you are still alive as a Zombie.

So it is now Preben, the gay man from the library etc. that help me bringing out more jam glasses from the very back as I am shown, and yes, this darkness is opening to me now.

I have felt Jack for days, and now again and I was told that it isn’t so that all of the Source has now been handed over to you?

And why has Allan decided to return now to the library? Did he contribute to the top of the world now knowing that Stig is completely normal to speak to (?), yes, this was his mission, and now he is returning saying “10-4”, everything is alright, and this was to bring you the happy message that the message has been received, the top of the world doesn’t believe that you are crazy, but eeehhh “the one”, and it is with this understanding/faith that they allow the hand over of the Source to you including my new self inside of it!

And was the happiness of reunion great and was Allan asked to stay away until the world had voted about whether or not they wanted to return the Source to Stig, and yes, do we believe (?), and this is what we did.

So it is the combination of Jack/armed forces and “the finest people of the world” including royals as I feel here, who decided on this, and this is decisive to bring me out as I am here told from darkness of my mother feeling like a Queen and I am given a sound to the water boiler of my kitchen.

I felt Queen Margrethe at my balcony and I was told that there is only one “aber dabei” and that is that we have not gone through yet, and yes, it will take some time to bring the next furniture in, which is now release, and yes, we know PATIENCE, bring it on!

So we will now go through “World War III”, which however will not turn into reality because the world knows that it is crazy to do. This is also how we wake up a lady, your mother, inside of you.

No, you don’t have a screw lose, and this is a reference to both the vote on the world on me and also to the TV program “Kurs mod fjerne kyster” (“Course towards far coasts”), which was shown this evening about the TV-host sailing around the world for three years and in this program meeting the biggest (20-25 metres long) and most beautiful Fin Whales “playing” with them only metres from the boat making them nervous about whether the whales would hit and destroy the screw of the boat, which they however did not, and in this sense, this moment of “breathtaking beauty” symbolises the moment where the world decided to return the Source including all life to me.

So we have come even deeper into darkness of Karen, and this is the opposite of Hollænderdybet, i.e. “the depth of Netherlands”, which is the name of the street in Copenhagen that I lived on around 1990/91.

This is how we continue sailing the ship, I am shown the screw of it, bringing more to the story, yes, we have not vanished at all, and I feel Putin.

You don’t know what we have done here, which is to unite my mother and father, and I was told that it is first now that I, i.e. my mother, feels like coming to Nirvana.

What have I shown you? Yes, LACK OF CONTROL OF NEGATIVE FEELINGS of people everywhere, which would have been easy to control if you had decided to learn about it, meditate and simply to do right and be strong instead of weak and spoiled wimps.

I was shown two black birds sitting on a ferry, which cannot reach land, and I felt how they were sad because of this (not becoming life of our New World – according to the game), and I was told that this is more of my mother, which we are bringing in, which was not meant to be brought in like this.

Yes, we believed that the Tombola was empty again, but now you have decided to postpone everything.

It is still about how far in that we will start up the New World, and that is in theory at least.

I was told that we are still bringing in everything via Vorupbør/Jack’s mother.

I dreamt about doctors of a psychiatric hospital taking tests on me including a doctor, who has lost two of his fingers when he gave a blood sample, and I am told that this has to do with Allan bringing the information to the world that “Stig is completely normal”.

I also dreamt about being 007 having to get in to steal a journal at a military barracks, and something about a nurse and chocolate, and I woke up receiving Kliche’s “as an arrow on the sky”, and something about danger and being careless of this.

And I dreamt of my sister not being able to teach because of my laptop, which stands in the middle of a big plot of land, which is blocking the area all around it stopping her teaching, but still I am able to fly over these areas, i.e. to continue my work, and yes, this is how to stop “wrong teachings” of darkness about me.

I also dreamt about meeting three senior politicians, Uffe Ellemann, Per Stig Møller and I third I could not see, and I felt Uffe as my old friend and how Per wanted to speak secretly among them. Søren Pind was also there and I tell him about a new policy based on TRUE liberal, social and RIGHT ideas (instead of what they do today) – and I took the S-train home together with Henning W. sitting in a very primitive place.

I woke up receiving Depeche Mode’s “Shoudn’t have don’t that” – about leaving my school – from “A broken frame”, which is truly a very beautiful album, and I remember just how BIG and STRONG this was with me in 1982 – it was “simply the best” with an “amazing sound like nothing else” you know, I loved it and still do :-).

Berlingske did not only place ad’s in their newspaper, but at the end they actively helped planning my release.

It is first now that you receive the key for my 3-room, which will have to be the Trinity of everything.

I was shown a BIG sponge working as a stamp, and it is placed in the very middle of everything, and I was shown Paris, and told that let us this time say that it is at the Arc de Triomphe.

I was sad to see that a Facebook friend and follower of mine, Erling, has passed away due to pneumonia, which his daughter wrote about here, and I told her that I will miss his voice and commitment on Facebook, which he showed much of. Later I was told that Erling didn’t die because of darkness brought to him to absorb for being my Facebook friend (?), yes.

FB 190314 Erling død 1

FB 190314 Erling død 2

Today, Michael Simpson said on P6 beat that he stole music sheets of the Smiths from the library and ”I have turned around those songs many times”, and it seems as if you do have faith in me, Michael, because of these symbols coming to me about you “turning around”, i.e. helping me to turn around life from darkness to light.

I had the feeling of strong disgust to write today, and was thinking that it I did not, I would not be able to catch up later, which would bring the end of my journey now, and yes, this is how small the margins are; I need to start working every morning regardless of how I feel.

It isn’t so that we have brought in a new disc washer (?), yes, we know, the old one of my mother and John broke down symbolising the end of my journey, but they got a new one, so with this, we are still carrying on.

And is this about “it is impossible to understand Stig” that the world had to go through and yes the task was simply for the world to read and understand me to obtain faith in order to bring back the Source to me and survival to the world, and yes, it should be easy but wasn’t (?), and please tell me why this is again?

I felt the middle of everything and was shown a dark tunnel, which is really not there, and I mostly felt the “disintegration” album by the Cure and the song “Lullaby” (about the threat of a spider, which is what brings me the worst darkness/sexual sufferings, which is what would disintegrate me/us all if I gave into this) – a HUGE favourite song from the most beautiful album by the Cure – and this is about the surrender of Putin to me to avoid a “man’s fight” as he is thinking, but no, Putin, you had nothing to do in this game and was no match to me.

I was told that it is about time to unfold the mystery of Kärnan, and I was shown a water hose inside of it, i.e. this is the Source too.

Yesterday, I visited the radio/tv store Fona in Helsingør thinking that just maybe their laptops for sale were connected to the Internet making it possible for me to see how my website looks in the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer via Windows 8, which I cannot see anywhere else, and yes, they had, and I noticed that my Spotify playlists in my right column are visible (this is obviously only a problem with Internet Explorer for Windows XP not showing it), but the yellow guide-texts when “hovering” over a link are as short in the new as in the old version of Internet Explorer, and MUCH shorter than in the other browsers, and it made me wonder why this is the case (?), and it made me decide to go to the library to shorten my text in the guide-text to the front page of my website (“home”), which could only be half of what it was, and there were two other texts that also had to be shorter, and yes, to make everyone able to read these texts regardless of which browser they use, and no, this shouldn’t be necessary, right?

And I did a few other cosmetic changes, and yes, I have noticed that since I brought the map of my home address visible at my right column maybe 10-12 days ago, the number of visitors to the map has increased from approx. 1,700 (in more than two years) to approx. 3,000, which is about 100 per day, and no, I only receive approx. 75 visitors in average to my website per day, and that is officially, and again, this can only be about visitors of the secret network of the World Elite that clicks this link.

You are something special, you have now started eating yourself, and later I was given the feeling that half of my left leg had vanished.

I received the feeling of my mother and then received the beautiful “This is no ordinary love” by Sade, and this is what my mother feels about me as I am told, and later I received the feeling of my sister and the song continued playing to me “this is no ordinary love”, and this is about her feelings to me, and I was told that this is because of the love that is expressed from my eyes, and you do remember that everything including all life and love is actually saved inside of my eyes, right?

What are you saying (?), have we received a completely new piano (?), and yes, is it also so that Karen is just waiting on the day that comes where you will move home (to her) (?), i.e. for the opening of our New World to come, yes, for sure – and then we can pack up and leave, and this is about the presence of darkness coming to me from the hallway every evening when I go to sleep.

I still receive out of this world pain to my right ankle.

Was Princess Elisabeth – as I was told – also a key person to free me/us all (?), yes, and this came after I had felt her for hours.

It was the combination of all good and poor information and stories about me – among others collected by my sister – that was the foundation of this decision of the world.

It doesn’t look completely open from the space, does it?

How do you believe that it feels like only having appointed you to “Key account manager” when you are “the best” (?) – taking “the cream” himself – and yes, this is about the feeling of my old manager Søren H. and my email to him and other managers some weeks ago, and wasn’t he one of the best that stood on goal

against me (?), and yes, this is what we removed via this email.

I received “Badman’s song” by Tears for Fears, which kept on being played to me, and the definition of “Tears for Fears” to me is “wimps”, and this was the song for bringing in wimps of the whole world, who “could not” communicate with me, but were silent, and yes THE WHOLE GANG you know.

We haven’t done “the vanished Swede” yet.

I spoke to my mother on the telephone, and she asked me about training, and I answered that I try to do spinning 2-3 times per week – even though it only becomes two at the moment because it is “impossible” to do more because of how I feel – and also that I feel “in good form”, which made her very happy to hear, and yes, this is part of the game to make my mother happy for doing what is impossible, and it would make her sad and difficult to understand if I “could not”, and yes, it is not easy coming through this game with this being part of it too.

One of the things that I have kept on telling darkness attacking me – on and on and on – is “I kan bare komme an” (“well, come on and give me the best you got”), which has been changed by my voice to “get started” and “come in”, which is really about the Source being open now inviting everyone in.

So all of these world leaders, who are playing a game about Ukraine are really on your side, and yes, I hear the West bringing sanctions on Russia, accusing Russia for lying and wanting to expand its empire, securing NATO members neighbouring Russia that they will act if Russia attacks them (!) and a LOT OF RUBBISH by so called “leaders”, who “cannot” accept the will of the people, but all stick to wrong “territorial rights” of Ukraine, law etc., and yes, they should hear themselves sounding and acting as clowns, but “a game” it is.

This is how the world votes for/against me without informing me about it – NOT A SINGLE WORD (!) – and do you really believe that this was right for you to do, or can all of you see that it was indeed WRONG???

Was there also a balance in receiving everything before the end of the world (?); yes.

This is why you visited Vorupbør (in 1982 with Jack – living at Jack’s grandmother and grandfather), which was to open to this channel of Jack’s mother, Evy.

I was told about a “flyversjus” (“flying drink” – snaps with lemon soda), and have all in the Malaysian airplane been told that you exist? Later I was shown this airplane first being caught by a chain, which however is broken and then I see how the airplane is brought to safety, and is this because some wanted to kidnap it?

So Allan returned to the library not only controlled by one but two Queens, yes Lizzie and Daisy from Britain and Denmark, who have both been on my team for how long now (?), and yes, it took some time to bring all of the world with us, which is why it is first now that I receive this message.

I was shown and told that we have found scrapers and lacquer brush’s inside of here.

Arthur Findlay College was the only way in here, and how did they react to my emails (?), yes, they contacted the UK government, and what did they do (?), yes, they contacted the world, and this is from where we received the approval (to have the Source returned to me), and yes, “fun communication”, right?

This is how the world changed from believing that Stig is crazy to having faith in me.

You don’t know what you have done to Lis, and yes, she uses a stick when you met her, and I understand that I have brought her energy to live too, and I am here told that it is also negative feelings of my mother against Lis for many years, which made her close to dying.

I received the feeling of my father – also speaking to Obama, but not giving us the same messages, and eeehhh, yes it was solely I as Stig who decided that it was alright for Russia overtaking Crimea because of the will of people (NOT my voice), and what did you do, Obama (?), did you go into the trap together with all Western countries threatening Russia and also speaking about rearming to “protect” yourselves (?) and yes because of a WRONG “justice system”, which made you forget your common sense (?), and yes, this is not the only difference between Obama and I because you are also “the only one”, but it was part of the tactics to make Obama strong by writing on my website (the right column) – until a few weeks ago – that he was another part of me, otherwise we would never be able to open the refrigerator (of all life), and yes, Obama knew but since no journalists were able to ask him, no one was told this secret.

It is the part of you still being part of the kitchen that we are now transferring.

Do you remember how Klaus Riskær – “world famous” Danish business man (with a WRONG moral) – tried to overtake the vacuum cleaner business “Nilfisk” – meaning “Nile fish”, i.e. a symbol of me close to the Pyramids – to make a quick profit, and instead of risking “dissolution”, this business has grown strong over the years, and Klaus has now been a Facebook friend of mine maybe 6 or 12 months, and he is following my updates and also learning from them, Klaus, for example about the dark New World Order including the corrupt financial sector?

I was thanked for collecting “decisive people” as contacts, for example Jan G. from 3153 at the end of the 1980’s.

I was shown and told that we are bringing in more whites of eggs, not the yolk, from the balcony. And yes, for days, I have been shown a little presence looking through the window of my balcony into my living room, and I have just said “you are welcome” and will NOT be left out there.

And no, Karen has NOT forgotten that I told her years ago, in 2008, I believe – the last time we had a drink together at the old café on the main street of Hørsholm – that when she would become 49, things would happen, and I do believe that this is what she still is (?), and is it now in April that she will turn 50?

I was shown the inner of a wheel, how it has been completely emptied and how four slices of bacon (of the Source) now comes out to wrap up each part of our New World.

I woke up to ”reformation” by Spandau Ballet from their brilliant Journeys to glory album.

When I opened my computer, I saw that Jette by now had completely lost it, this lady simply CANNOT and WILL NOT understand. This is what she now decided to write in the Facebook post

Jette wrote this with the first dot being her words, and the rest are my words, which she believes that “YOU cannot speak to your friends in the way you do, and no, she still has not found out why I speak like this even though I have told her over and over again:

Jette Uhlott
This will be the last ‘show’ : I became SAD when Jette once again could not control her negative emotions and MISUNDERSTOOD HURT FEELINGS – completely unnecessary of course – so now she is threatening to stop her work again, and no, Jette, you are NOT completely sane, are you (?), and yes, this is the kind of language that she “cannot” handle as most people cannot even though this is the objective truth, and by now, you should realise that I only speak the truth, right? Later, Jette, kept on as if nothing had happened – but sadly without comments to many pictures, and yes, she is the most stubborn lady, you can imagine – and no, she “could not” give me an apology after she “lost it” completely unnecessary.

Jette Uhlott
I am not in the mood to discuss this again.. YOU cannot speek to your friends in the way you do. You are the one who do not read and answer. I am your friend. An old tired – oneeyed-friend – and I DO MY BEST.

Stig Dragholm
“Misunderstood feelings” + “revenge” = WRONG.

Jette Uhlott
this is fine with me ..

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So what happened (?), I am still member of the group but ALL Jette’s messages have been deleted, and is that only to me because she somehow has “blocked” me or is that to everyone because she has left her own group, is that possible (?), and does this mean that all “evidence” from thousands of pictures and hundreds of hours of work has been destroyed because of her “uncontrollable negative feelings” (?), and yes, I checked up, and what did she do (?), yes, she decided to not only delete me but to REPORT/BLOCK me on Facebook (!!!), talk about TEMPER of a “sad” lady, who “cannot” understand the truth and “cannot” control herself, and yes, I still have access to her group, but it brings the result that now I cannot see anything she has written, and cannot comment on any pictures as result, but the evidence is still there, and yes talk about a mountain of darkness that she brings to me.

And once again, I can only encourage you, Jette, to STOP YOUR WRONG BEHAVIOUR, you are showing yourself as a disgrace to the world, which I am sure you don’t want to (?), and I kindly ask you to cancel your blocking of me and come back as my friend. I have NOT “violated” you, you have done it entirely to yourself for “not being able to” understand and face the easy to understand truth. You are “the most stubborn lady” in the Universe!

Why is it that it is IMPOSSIBLE to tell people the truth and make them understand that the truth is NOT negative but positive (?), and yes, because they simply cannot handle being “criticized” even though it is the truth, and yes STRANGE BEHAVIOUR, right? And yes, I have to tell the truth directly and strongly to get in behind the armour of darkness of narrow-minded people, who cannot/will not otherwise understand.

And again, all of this completely unnecessary negativity makes me VERY sad, and all Jette had to do was to READ and UNDERSTAND the truth about herself and decide to be happy for learning, to adjust and to spread happiness, this was really the general idea, Jette, but you “could not”, and then you started a negative spiral to yourself bringing in what is really positive, and yes, also just to show that this is how she still is and also “completely impossible” to work together with because of her wrong stubbornness.

This is almost like when my old Fair colleague Nikolaj “lost it” when he “could not” handle me calling him a “fool” even though this is exactly what he is/was, and if we are still going in the right direction (?), and yes, you decided not to be afraid of losing Jette as a “channel”, so you lost her as a friend and this was the darkness needed to bring in the next level.

And yes, Jette has two Facebook profiles, and has NOT deleted me from her other profile, which she can use to follow me. And what is she doing now (?), and yes, she doesn’t have the strength to do anything and just lies down, is that how it is, Jette (?), and yes, when you do nothing, you bring darkness wanting to destruct me, and when you work, you help me, and what do you really want to do, to be lazy and destruct, or to help and create (?), and no, it shouldn’t be very difficult for you to do RIGHT (?), and yes, I do NOT like weak people trying to drag me down via a WRONG behaviour that I would NEVER show myself, and no, I really do NOT like it at all. And it is also a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME to take part in and write about this “completely unnecessary negativity”.

Yes, I continue sneezing and having hiccups, which is what Jette again helps bringing me.

Michael Simpson was inspired again this morning on P6 radio when he spoke about a free cow running around the streets of Holstebro, which was shot to dead by Falck, and yes, “cow” is a symbol of Buddha/God (me), and Falck shot it dead as they tried to kill me when they did “not like” my memo for them.

And yes, Jette also “lost it” last year in a similar way, and it took her 2-3 months to “recover” and come back to me to resume her work, and how long will it take now (?), and yes, while you are away doing nothing, Jette, I also take on darkness that you absorbed via your work, and I am here shown Abraham Lincoln coming down to me from the crown of the tree because of this darkness coming to me.

And with this, Jette can now start speaking negatively about me to her wife Kirsten and others too (?), and it will be “easy” for them to speak her after the mouth as we say here, because “of course Stig is negative”, right (?), and eeehhh, no WRONG, I only speak the truth about your WRONG behaviour, which you “cannot” handle.

I received a déjà vue about wrongdoings of the world bringing me sufferings, but it is “so difficult” to change your behaviour even though you know that your wrong behaviour hurts me (?), and this one was given with the government of Thailand as example, and yes, have you tried to LISTEN TO and UNDERSTAND your people?

I was shown the key of the monk of the Jerusalem UFO – see my signs IV page to see both the monk (darkness of God) and the key – and it had the chess board turning up, and I was shown the key inserted into the sea (of creation), and a very aggressive crocodile comes up from there trying to bite me and eat ducklings around me, but no, I will NOT allow you, and yes, this is immense anger of Jette coming against me, and how could you, Jette – please do what is RIGHT to understand and control your negative feelings, this is all I am saying, how difficult can it be, I shouldn’t have to tell you the same things over again, right?

Is Jette now thinking that ”she will receive no pay in Heaven”, but no, Jette, wrong.

FB 200314 Stig 3

FB 200314 Stig 4



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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2 Responses to March 2014 – X: The surrender of Putin and decision of the World Elite to return the Source (containing my new self) to me

  1. Jette Uhlott, photographer says:

    you did not understand and use much too much time on me – I am – the photographer and nothing else – I comment when I can – and I am still in no mood to read all your ‘knowings’ of who I am.. stick to your own kind

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