March 2014 – XI: It was known since Lenin that Putin would try to overtake me to become everything, which was needed for me to locate and become the Source



  • March 22: It was known since Lenin that Putin would try to overtake me to become everything, which was needed for me to locate and become the Source.
    • We have transferred all life of the Old World, and are now breaking down the house/structure of the Old World self, which is me as part of the Source, and we are doing it without breaking the world down with it. In this sense, I survived my mother (the Old World). I felt ancient Egypt, was shown a sarcophagus, butter inside of it and the spaceship of everything underneath, and this is from where I will be born as my new self.
    • I have entered so deeply into the mountain that I am now shown the spaceship of everything in front of me inside here. It is now only a question about how much colour of the colour cartridges – or flower mould – that we will receive before we will start up our New World, and this is layers of life of the Source that are now entering me, and I felt it coming in as gold in a fine stream to my right ankle. It is only here that we can chance direction of the Source from force of darkness to force of light given to our creation. It is not only energy/force that we will receive access to from the Source but also inventions of everything before us, which we did not think of ourselves when creating our New World. So it is first now that I am turned into the elephant of God. We now have access to tools of all of these layers of life now opening to us, which is used to reconstruct everything of our New World to make it “perfect”.
    • Karen knows that she couldn’t turn me into a dominant male and has a wrong sexual behaviour, which I have been working to turn her away from and back into “normal” for years, and this is what she is waiting for to happen. My spiritual voice has made a deep impact on her, and still she has been close to dying too because of desperation in relation to me during my journey.
    • I went with my mother and John to my sister and Hans in Rungsted to look after their dog and to shop at the supermarket next to Karen, which was “to walk with the coin, i.e. creation, and my mother back to the Source (of Karen)”. I received a STRONG feeling of Denis and was told that he is darkness keeping Karen from me. This was about turning around the royal coin to bring Karen home, and to bring all four stamps of the four-divided world with me – there is no everlasting creation without all four with me. This is the first time that we unite all four as one as originally planned as part of the law of creation. It is from here that we decide to stop the force of darkness.
    • Putin had his own plan to save life, which is what you have seen as the dark New World Order preferably with him in the lead as me receiving power of everything, but no. And all they did as part of this plan – changing the weather etc. – were sent as my sufferings to destruct me. This is what they have known since the days of Lenin, which is that the leader of Russia today would become the leader of the world against me trying to “steal me”. I felt Bill Clinton – leader of the dark world – and was told that it was Putin short-circuiting everything wanting to overtake the power of everything, i.e. all of the Universe by becoming me. Putin could not enter the Source when having access to the four-divided world because he did NOT have access to the Trinity of everything, which only “the one” has, i.e. me, and they did everything trying to bring out this secret of me by following me – and being willing to kill me – and again, it was only purity of the one and only that can open the Source via the Trinity of everything. They were the pressure of darkness on me bringing me my sufferings, but still Putin led me right to the forest of God, which was the main plan designed and carried out by the Universal Council, which big parts of the world didn’t know about. This is what I collected from Putin today – all of the four-divided world. So Putin was the gun aimed at me both being the worst darkness of all and really the gold of God to make it possible for me to enter the Source.
    • X Factor today included a nervous Remee in the main role having taken over from Thomas Blachman, who is NOT “another part of me”, but part of the people, which is part of me as the only one. Everyone will become FREE from darkness to do what you want to do receiving the love of my mother after I have been delivered and opened our New World. Remee did his golden moment rapping as he used to do with his old band Sound of Seduction, which brought me to his old hit “Welcome into my world”, which is what he will sing for all at the opening of our New World. We went through “flames all over” of darkness, but our hair did not catch fire, which brought everyone through. We are bringing out a black bicycle from the flames with the help from the X Factor judges because of the sufferings they go through being exhibited to the world by me. I carried the world on my shoulders including the answer inside of me to bring you free.


March 2014 – XI: It was known since Lenin that Putin would try to overtake me to become everything, which was needed for me to locate and become the Source

March 22: It was known since Lenin that Putin would try to overtake me to become everything, which was needed for me to locate and become the Source

FB 220314 Stig 1

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I was shown “a very little house” inside my mother, and this is my house that we are moving.

I received the feeling of Jack together with cutting the yolk of my finger, i.e. to bring termination, and I was told that this is because it was also the Navy that surveilled everyone (via access to the Source).

No darkness comes through there, which is the road from Provence, France, to Denmark, which is the road that brings the content to my right ankle, which is why it was important that I (together with Camilla) drove this road in car in 1999, I believe.

It is now only a question about how much colour of the colour cartridges that we will receive before we will start up our New World.

It is not everyday that we try to tear down the house but cannot because you have decided that we also have to survive this demolition of yourself and not your mother anymore.

I received the name “Sound of seduction”, which is the name of the old band of Remee, and this is about Remee again being inspired in relation to X Factor coming tomorrow. Later I was told that it is in relation to Lucy, and also that he is a “smooth operator” himself, and also feels scared about doing this work with X Factor because of me.

I felt my mother and was shown how the train is driving through big areas of flowers.

Eeehhh a special counsellor (?), no, I have none, but Putin could not have made it without his counsellors because what does Stig now and now (?), and yes, I am setting you mate, which is what the game of the monk is about, see my Signs IV page.

We believe that you have to kill …., but no we are now bringing mould for flowers, which is the same as colour cartridges, which is about other layers of life inside of the Source that we are now opening/bringing.

It showed out to be impossible for Karen to call you, which is why the world “could not” communicate with you.

I went to the library again this afternoon to work on and publish my script, and I was hoping to go to spinning too, but I became so incredible tired in the afternoon that I could not.

It isn’t so that her from Falster, i.e. Jette, is the bridge home to Denmark (from Provence, and here the last road from Germany to Denmark), and there are smiles on the buckle because he is now so big that he coves this road himself, and this is because we have entered so deeply into the mountain that I am now shown the spaceship of everything in front of me inside here.

I was given a sound of a vacuum cleaner inside the kitchen feeling like “structure” bringing force, and this is really me bringing the last force to the Old World, and in this sense I survived my mother. And later I felt and was told that this (in the kitchen) is really me outside here (at my balcony).

I felt Margrethe Vestager and was told that our meeting some months ago also showed to her that I am “normal”.

I was appalled to see how a cloudless and fine spring day today was turned into a day with thin “clouds” everywhere because of the strongest pollution of chemtrails that I have ever seen, and yes, there were MANY airplanes spraying out this pollution on the sky today, and no, I really do NOT like that man is doing this while the Universe itself is/was destructing – what in the world were you thinking???

I felt ancient Egypt, was shown a sarcophagus, butter inside of it and the spaceship of everything underneath, and this is from where I will be born as my new self.

And I received a new sound of a vacuum cleaner inside the kitchen and was told that it is also us here.

It is not only money as I am shown, i.e. energy/force, that you receive access to here but also inventions of everything before us, which we did not think of ourselves when creating our New World.

We can only enter here because my family and the world accept this. This is why you don’t receive any coronaries, and yes, you can just go ahead and grab from the dishes here.

I was shown a mouth and its row of teeth, and this is the same as entering my teeth. It is only in here that we decide to change a black horse into a white, and I am shown the black cover of the horse of our New World being removed and beneath it, the horse is white.

It is only a matter of how many trucks that I am shown, i.e. cartridges, that we will empty before we will open to your own.

I was shown the Queenie of the Blackadder sitcom next to Tower of London, which is full of light, and I see how this turns into the Colosseum of Rome also full of light.

It is here – the Source – that your mother and you come from. And we are in the mood of giving away presents …, when your debt first has been paid and you have reached home. And it is us, i.e. layers of life of the Source, following the same road in via the kitchen and your right ankle. It is us being the torpedoes too (of darkness).

These days I am also appalled of see the brainwash of all Western politicians and media in forehand having sentenced Putin as “the worst” because of what he did in Crimea, and it is incredible indoctrination of people who truly think this and cannot hide their negative emotions of what has happened, thus making the population here think the same, and have you all forgotten that a VERY BIG majority of the population of Crimea wanted to return to Russia, and yes, instead of focussing on “the negative” in the media items, why don’t you focus on the positive of most people being happy to return to where they came from (?), and yes, just wondering here, I am …, and yes, I know that “norms” and “laws” where violated, but what about THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE; have you forgotten this???

My mother called and said that she has promised my sister to look after her dog tomorrow evening – because she and Hans are in Sweden – and she invited me to go with them (because it is our normal Friday dinner) – and she said that Sanna had suggested us to buy one of the good fish dish’s from the fish dealer at the Superbest supermarket, which I did myself when I used to live in Hørsholm, and she was kind also thinking of me too, and yes, we will go there and it made me nervous about meeting Karen because this is just opposite Karen (20 metres away), and who knows, maybe I will be seeing her in the supermarket, and how will she react to me and also what the much weight I have gained will mean to her?

I was shown Putin receiving fish soup after an elephant (symbolising God) has jumped in it. Eeehh, when does the magic begin (?) – starting our New World – and this is what your family, friends etc. and the world is waiting on.

After I published the information of my previous update of Obama not being another part of me – but part of me – I received Shu-bi-dua’s “Sorgenfri” and the lyrics “what did we need a president for, such a people-police officer”, and yes, this also means that there are none other parts of you, which is the right answer.

We are now bringing in gold from the balcony to your right ankle, and I felt a fine stream coming in through a narrow/precise hole of my ankle.

This evening I noticed three new lights in a row over on the Swedish coast, which I have not seen before – a little higher than house/street lights – and first I thought that they were new permanent lights, but they were not, they were switched off after a couple of hours and did not return.

We could also have used almost every place on Mallorca to bring this in, but now we chose to do it via feelings of Jette to you, and I felt Pia from Hørsholm here too “haunting” in the background.

So it is first now that I am turned into the elephant of God, and I was given the feeling/vision of the trunk of an elephant.

I was shown a big drill drilling its way through to me in my cave where a gun is pointing at me, and this is what we used Putin for.

I was shown fire of a woodburner with light behind it, which used to be flames, and it was true that the light was hidden behind the flames of darkness/destruction, and thank you for you and the world being brave enough going through this road knowing that you had to sacrifice to come through but the most important was to return home.

Why do you believe that Michael Jackson’s ranch and “Paradise” was called “Neverland” (?), and yes, because he “knew” that we would never return home to Paradise.

So the darker we are, the more gold we are.

I was shown “the round tube” from one of the “new” Starwars films, and I cannot remember the story, but is this where a Queen speaks to her people/leaders (?), and this tube looks something like the “Opera Tube” I have been shown including all layers of life, and I was told that applause is streaming down to me from all of these layers.

This is what we have prepared your eyes for, and that is to include everything, which is, and this is what I have been given some times the last years, which are periods of maybe 15 or 30 minutes or longer, where I am shown physical objects on my eyes self making it difficult/impossible to use my normal view.

I switched TV channel and watched the final part of Napoli playing against Porto in football, and Napoli were clearly MUCH better than Porto, and they needed to win 2-0 to get the aggregate win over two matches, and they were in front by 1-0 and close to scoring the other goal, but within a few minutes, the match was totally turned around and Porto scored twice – the first goal was done when Napoli did a free kick to the black player of Porto, but the referee didn’t judge it and it led directly to the goal, and this came after I had noticed how exactly this player in the previous 5-10 minutes was “impossible” constantly losing the ball, and this was here that the game was changed – and were now able to play the ball without losing it, and as the Danish commentator said “who had seen this coming 10 minutes ago” (?), and yes, Napoli was so MUCH better than Porto, who was “invisible” on the field up to the first goal making a complete turnaround or let us say that it was “magic of God” doing this or should we say the Devil because this is power of darkness of Jette coming my way today. Sorry, Napoli, you should have won this one, but lost in aggregate after the match ended 2-2.

I was given a VERY vivid vision of handball players walking right in front of me – almost as real as reality – being led by Mikkel Hansen on their way into the player’s tunnel, and they enter and come into a parking basement including one yellow and red super sport car and the other cars are still grey and all players are very eager and impatient to receive the colours of all super cars, which is also about these colour cartridges of other layers of life coming to us – also because of faith of these players in me.

Do we reconstruct everything now that we are in here (?), yes, and that is because you now have access to all tools in here, and how would you and we do this new creation together if we had to do it again (?), and yes, there is only one advice (from Stig) and that is to “do it perfect”, so we will continue, and yes, the tools are coming via the opening of all of these super sport cars/cartridges.

Inside of here is the purest marzipan, i.e. the best tools, because we never gave up (fine tuning creation with will power from out of nothing).

I was shown the crown of Prince John of the cartoon of Robin Hood, and this is why we called her Princess and not Queen Elisabeth, which is because she has also given up the crown (to me).

I was shown a crocodile walking up the slide where children are sliding down on the other side, and this is what we have started breaking down.

I was shown a man with white beard who said that I am all of this life, i.e. the combination of all life (now me).

Thus, the right thing was to make Jette see red to cough up as much that it brought me up.

I was shown the Danish comedians “Rytteriet” – who are incredible funny if they decided to be clean and not primitive focusing on sex – and I was told that they and Danish comedians in general know about my view on them being trashy, and I am shown Rytteriet changing into a giant wedding cake with many floors and two figures of Karen and I, so faith of Danish comedians in me also helped us come through.

The crash of the Concorde in 2000 in Paris was also a sign about the end of the world coming.

I received the feeling of the library in Hillerød, and was told that the book of Alice Bailey that I borrowed there and presented to “crazy Alex” the psychiatrist in our meeting in 2012 was also what saved me/us.

This is also how you can get out (creating) and back home (bringing creation back to the Source), which is in a completely different way than what our creation decided to do.

I was told that the lump of my mother’s throat and her ulcer without treatment (!) almost killed her, which is what it took for us to come through to here. The disappeared Malaysian airplane is also a symbol of everyone here leaving the old place and entering the Source. I felt my mother’s mother and was told that it was a giant layer of fat that we had to go through to come here.

I dreamt about waiting with my father a late evening on the train that doesn’t come, but the crew of it comes, and we have to walk 42 kilometres in heavy snow weather, which is impossible.

And I dreamt that it is almost impossible to get residence permit in Sweden, and I am walking up giant steps of a building bringing a drawing, I meet a woman saying that it is impossible for me to reach the top, something about no coffee and come down, it is dangerous. A female baker doing the finest cakes wants to see me, but is not sure about whether or not I have genuine intentions. I drive someone home, and stay myself in Sweden.

I was shown a giant structure of paper including the smallest airplane in the middle, which is what we are going to get released over the coming days.

I was told about Janet being a ”secret spy” at Arthur Findlay College, which is just as well-padded as Geneva is.

And now when your mother didn’t die, we have decided to put you back together in a new and “little odd” connection. Like hitting the backhand in tennis instead of the forehand, and yes, turning everything around you know. Like we once were a VERY LONG time ago. And this is because now it is you/me and not your mother deciding how to set her up here.

I received “Strangelove” by Depeche Mode, which is about the Source making love to our New World to bring force or let us say “music for the masses”.

I received a new sound to my kitchen, which is now a bed and I am told that it is also us bringing the duvet, i.e. creation.

And no, it was also NOT easy to write the update this morning, and I had to focus on writing one line at the time with disgust knowing that eventually I would come all the way through, so this is what I/we did – and yes, I keep on receiving feelings of the people inside the house of Big Brother, whom I still follow every evening, and yes, if you want to see people being “unable” to communicate and understand each other fighting and speaking behind the backs of other people they don’t like, this is the place to do it, and this is how people are in reality too, and yes Ginna and Jonathan are among the most primitive people there giving in to negative feelings behaving wrongly and speaking negatively about other people as they would never like other people to speak about them, and yes, TRY TO UNDERSTAND FIRST BEFORE YOU MAKE YOURSELF UNDERSTOOD and decide on what is right and reasonable to all, and yes, Camilla is NOT liked by the people of the house (but loved by the viewers), and even though she should be able to control her negative temper, it is truly the other inhabitants freezing her out (for example when deciding what to buy on their weekly food budget) that makes her react as she does, and no, I have not gone into the details, but I do believe that some of Camilla’s requests are truly not that unreasonable, are they (?), and yes, the others can have sodas and popcorn because all like this, but Camilla does not, and she cannot have cheap tea because this is “selfish” and only for her according to the others, and yes yes yes, talk about wrong behaviour of people ….

Michael Wulff was inspired once again when bringing his comic character Dolph here saying “Dolph reads that more and more Danes copy bank notes on their printers. It stops now!!! Someone should secure the printers with colour cartridges”, and you may understand that what he truly speaks of are “colour cartridges” of other layers of life now coming in, and yes, you do believe that it was God creating the world, don’t you, Dolph (?), and that is despite of your recent declarations of the opposite, and yes, you are not that dumb, right?

Helt normalt 210314

I am shown light coming in from the sea and in over the building of PFA Pension turning into light.

I was told about my old “almost girlfriend” Irina – around 2005 – and how she was the tool of Putin wanting to steal my power, and how was this supposed to be done (?), and I have been given indications about her poisoning me through the food, she served me at a dinner, or something like that (?), and did she lose courage to do this or did I take this as if nothing happened because I was given “much force” to overcome this? Or is this still deception of darkness?

No, Karen was trying to turn you into a dominant male that could control her, which there are not many that can, and yes, there are even fewer who can turn her back to “normal” from her “crazy/normal” sexual behaviour of wanting to be controlled, and yes, she knows that this is what you are and have been doing with her for years.

So in all of this time – 10 years – Karen has known that she has had a wrong sexual behaviour, and the only one who could bring her back home was Stig, and yes, this is what she is waiting for to happen.

And is this how she has been thinking positively about me (?), yes, and I was myself given the thought about how I liked Karen being without prejudices and just accepted me as I was back then 10 years ago, which she may do once again – despite of my weight, and yes, she may understand that truth that it was darkness doing it to me as part of my sufferings.

I felt down without energy and I was told that we cannot make it through without you, and a beam was then given from my balcony to my computer making it completely shut off, and I worried that it could be broken down completely but I got it up running again.

It is not the last tour to the cinema that you are preparing, is it (?), which was about the tour to Rungsted this evening.

Well, how deep an impact do you think that such a spiritual voice have done to Karen (and to my father’s widow, Kirsten, and others too)?

Putin had his own plan to save life, which is what you have seen as the dark New World Order preferably with him in the lead as me, but no. And all they did as part of this plan – changing the weather etc. – were sent as my sufferings to destruct me, but one didn’t know this when one want to be everything, and yes where is the limit of knowing to do this as part of the plan of the Universal Council and to be completely crazy (?), and this is what the West means about Putin wanting to expand his empire – that he is completely crazy.

And this is what they have known since the days of Lenin, which is that the leader of Russia today would become the leader of the world against you. And Queen Elisabeth was going to “steal” my mother as Putin wanted to “steal” me.

I went to the library again and asked Leif to do the favour to me to check if all comments I have made to Jette’s pictures in her Facebook group are still intact or if they have been deleted too because Jette has personalised blocked me – I cannot see them, because all Jette’s posts have been hidden from me, also in her group – and I saw that they are still there.

There were no limits to just how tired I became at the library and I could not work as consequence – I am planning to write a Facebook post about how energy exchanges between people and how it was my family, friends etc. that sent me negative energy giving me my sufferings, which I have been encourage to do for some time, and I have started writing the first part of it when I have nothing else to do and still can work.

I was picked up by my mother and John at 17.15 at the library to drive the half an hour to Rungsted to look after Sanna and Hans’ dog, and I was told that this is to walk with the coin, i.e. creation, and my mother back to the Source (of Karen). This serves as warning. And as preparation for wedding on Sunday.

When we reached Rungsted, I received a STRONG feeling of Denis and was told that he is darkness keeping Karen from me, and John was inspired speaking about the program “Gold Rush” on Discovery – I don’t watch the new episodes – and how they struggle to reach gold.

We entered the Superbest supermarket opposite Karen, and even though I was nervous about meeting her, I also had the other feeling of me that if I did, hopefully she would be smiling and positive and maybe even deciding for us to see each other, but no, Karen was not there, and when my mother looked at the fish trays they sold there – as my sister had recommended – she was disappointed with what she saw and didn’t want to buy them, and instead she wanted us to buy pizza’s and if I knew a good place (?), and yes, Casanova on Bolbrovej is the best place – true Italian pizzas – so we drove there, but their store has just been closed, so everything seemed to go wrong during this tour or at least there was much darkness meeting us, and then we chose Amigo’s on the King’s Road, which showed out to be poorly made pizza’s, which is what you meet at maybe 8-9 out of 10 places here from people who don’t have the know-how and don’t do their very best.

I was told that we have used Lis for a small part of this road, but far the most we have used your mother.

I felt Bill Clinton – leader of the dark world – and was told that it was Putin short-circuiting everything wanting to overtake the power of everything, i.e. all of the Universe by becoming me.

So your mother and you gave Karen a beep today.

We had the pizza’s at Sanna and Hans’ house, and the dog went “completely crazy” at one point when it kept on jumping up of me and doing it more desperately than it has ever done, and so much that I actually feared that it would die, and it was constantly impossible to calm down, and I was given the feeling of Karen inside of it once, and this was to tell me that Karen’s life has also been at danger going through all of this because of pressure of me, and no, she has not been able to be calm.

Well, it isn’t the royal coin that we have turned around, my mother and I, to bring Karen home, is it?

I was given “Putting on the Ritz”, which is a song of celebration and also about Remee from X Factor because he used to go out on town 15-20 years ago on Ritz in Køge as he said in a former program.

It is here that we open a new motorway, which is because of the combination of darkness of Karen and Sanna meeting us here in Rungsted.

X Factor: Remee will welcome the opening of our New World by performing “WELCOME INTO MY WORLD” 🙂

The inspiration of X Factor this time started already at the very beginning here where Remee was asked if he was nervous because this is the semi final picking contestants for the final, and he said that “well, I am about to go completely into chips because of those nerves”, and yes, this is not only because 1.5 million but also me following and writing about you.

It continued when Thomas was asked here that the viewers have the power (of voting) this evening and “you don’t have much to say then, how do you feel about this” (?) and he replied that “I have never much to say, but one can recommend, and I am convinced …., also because this program has run for so many years, people develop their sensitivity towards quality, and I am part of the people myself, and in old days there was the creative class, we are now all becoming part of the creative mass, which is that we would like to take part of this and decide if it is good or bad”, and what he really said here was the same story as with Obama, which is that he is not another part of me as God, because there can be only one, and yes, Thomas is part of the people, which is part of me, and this is what he now realizes fully too.

And Lina took over from here saying that “I have confidence too that everything will go exactly as it is meant to go”, and then her contestant Henriette sung the incredible song “FREE” by Ultra Nate, and this is really what is meant for us all to become, Lina, and that is free of darkness for you to do what you want to do, and notice the FLOWERS in Henriette’s hair and on the microphone stand, which is the symbol of “love” of my mother to all 🙂 ♥.

Thomas believed about this here that “I believe that you are on the right way – nice to hear that it is not a number breaking down and up all of the time” and “I believe that I can see it”, which is freedom of our New World, and he kept on speaking about how Henriette should open for the last happiness and joy, which in the final will mean that “you will be delivered”, and yes, this was about the birth of my new self and our New World that Thomas was really speaking about.

Remee presented the next song by Lucy – the great “Dub be good to me” – and here he actually song/rapped himself the beginning of the number, which he did great, and I loved the song, but there was really nothing “inspired” over it except from Thomas laughing/smiling when he said “and Remee is the best rapper of the competition, it is truly many years ago I have heard this”, and yes, I do believe that we have to go back to “the good old days” with Remee’s band “Sound of seduction”, where he did this – he has since mostly been a producer/song writer – which is why I was given the name of this band yesterday, and the inspiration to bring you this hit of his band, where you can see him rapping, and yes, Remee , this is what your role at X Factor and already back here in the middle of the 1990’s was about, which is WELCOME INTO MY WORLD, and that is the New World coming to you soon, you know :-).

Yes, it is Remee that we have now given the main role to, and not Thomas anymore, and do you think that you can live up to it, Remee when you will sing this song at the opening of our New World?

Pernille here song “Habits”, and in the end of the song, John said that “there are flames all over” as you can see from the background, and these are the flames of darkness of the Source that you helped burning, John, when you “could not” read and understand me, and it made the host Eva tell Pernille that “you brought fire to the stage” and an inspired Pernille said “yes, but the fire did not catch the hair”, which is another way to say that we survived the flames of Hell, and Lina said here among others that “I loved the picture of the fire, and Jesper Kryger, I love you, I will give you a big smack kiss later”, and this was a reference to your “don’t talk just kiss” attitude of last week, i.e. casual sex, which is what also brought these flames of Hell because casual sex is NOT sustainable with life self.

And I was shown and told that we are bringing out a black bicycle from the flames with the help from the X Factor judges because of the sufferings they go through being exhibited to the world by me.

In her second song of the evening, the beautiful “Soon we’ll be found” here, Lucy was dressed in white having flowers in her hair and flowers falling down over her, which made her look like an angel to me, and I was told that this is also because Annisette from Savage Rose is still with me, and yes, the world is lost, but soon we’ll be found and everyone will open the eyes inside our New World.

Lucy X Factor 210314Lucy Mardou looking and singing like an angel when performing
“Soon we’ll be found” with flowers all over symbolizing love of my mother ♥

Lina said about Lucy herewe need someone coming in that includes the answer in him/herself – you are surely the one coming with the clearest answer ever, I love your sound, your calm and safety”, which was not only about Lucy but also about my mother and I bringing the same. And Remee continued here telling her that “you carry so much on your shoulders, and there have been so great expectations to you, and the way you have worked with this is just touching to see” and “YOU ARE THE ANSWER – YOU ARE X FACTOR” which again is not only about Lucy but also about the burdens/responsibility put on my shoulders (saving the world).

I told my mother and John about my meeting with Preben and help on his spiritual experiences including “light and darkness”, but they have not understood yet that they were darkness bringing me my sufferings, which will come with my coming Facebook update.

I felt Belgium, which is the top leadership of EU, and no, I did not choose to go with Putin, I just did what was right without taking your “enemy” into account and this is regardless of Putin being “the worst” who is.

We left Rungsted at 21.00, and I was happy seeing the spaceship of everything in disguise with a sound like I imagine a bomb plane from World War II sounds like, and I was told that it was really Putin being in control over most spaceships.

Where do we have Flemming – Sanna and Hans’ friend – in all of this (?), no, he hasn’t forgotten about you, and he is really the right representative of the Danish Government to send if they wanted to give you a message, and this is at least according to what some feel, and that is because he has been planted as friend of my family.

It isn’t so that you brought all four stamps with you today? There is no everlasting creation if you didn’t bring us all four with you.

We are still going to Skousen (a linen chain of shops – also meaning “forest”, i.e. God) to bring more vacuum cleaners and force in, i.e. other layers of life.

There was a tennis player inside all four camps, whom you have to win over, and your mother was one of them, and yes the others were your father, Karen and yourself.

I was shown four huts in the crown of a tree and each has a Swiss watch, and this is the first time that we unite all four as one as originally planned, and it is first here that we are all coming forward as part of the law of creation, which is what faith of your mother brought forward today through Karen.

There is no more tax deductions so why don’t you tell him, and yes your mother is not really your mother but child, and since you are everything, you can decide to say “alright” – “alright”! – which brings up all four valves in the same direction, and it is first now that all have been unified and all include black colour.

Tell me, isn’t it him from Ekstra Bladet (?), and yes, this is also how you have been recognised by people.

This isn’t Scotland Yard, it isn’t here that he belongs.

So it is from here that we can decide to bring less red, i.e. darkness.

The Libor-scandal was only a little thing compared to the planning of also killing my mother and throwing her out.

No, you were not meant to work as fast to come here before the time of new creation.

It was through distribution of both US and Russian interests in relation to Ukraine that they didn’t go into the flesh of each other as we say here.

No, they couldn’t count to seven – our four-divided New World with the Trinity of everything on top – which made all of the difference because they believed that when they had the four, they had access to everything, but no, it requires seven to enter here (the Source), and only “the one” had access here, which is why they never could enter here regardless of how desperate they were.

This is only why they connected to you to see how it was done. Remember that Putin wanted to kill you via spaceships too to receive the secret, but no, we, i.e. Russia, cannot enter there with you alive or not, which is why it has to be something about me to do that no one else has, and yes, it is called purity and the only one, no one else.

No, you cannot just set up a machine replacing me. I felt Russians and this is about Russians coming the closest here. And it is Putin/Russians pressuring on me as darkness bringing me sufferings because they wanted to enter, which really would just have exploded the world if they could.

And with this, Putin led me right into the forest where we both wanted to enter, but only I was allowed to enter the spaceship of everything because he is not real, which is the difference, and Queen Elisabeth knows about this too because a voice told her – and also him – that one day a stronger person will arrive, the real one, and there is only one who can bring you in, which is why you have to follow him closely, which is then just what they did. This is what we went back to Putin to collect today and that is because there was open, and they had not expected me to enter this darkness?

It was also them fixing Fuggi’s silence to you, and no, I have NOT heard from Fuggi after I tagged him in my Facebook post the other day when publishing the Prince concert.

All of this has been planned since Istedgade – where my mother’s mother lived until she died in 1975 – and yes, would Stig make it to here (?), no, impossible, which is why we have to say goodbye before this, and eehhh Putin was inserted by the Universal Council against you to bring us to the light, but USA and big parts of the world didn’t know about this, which I understand was to bring maximum friction between light and darkness.

This has been developed because of your own training equipment, which is both about exercising at Fitness World and my attitude not giving up etc., and Tony Franke (the man I knew from the FSR-organisation of accountants as a client of ours at DFM in the beginning of the 1990’s and the man who later became director for a Danish IT-organisation from where he lifted the lid to me and brought access to people of the secret network) was the tax deduction leading them directly to you, and eeehhh for how long were you monitored by those who had access to everything via spaceships and the Source (the very top) and those who did not, who used these systems?

What do we do if he doesn’t answer the telephone one day (?), yes, this would mean loss of contact to the Source via me. And no, my father didn’t have access to the Source, only you, they have tried.

It was a help that “Stig” is written inside of everything, which made it impossible for Putin to enter. So Putin was the gun aimed at me both being the worst darkness of all and really the gold of God to make it possible for me to enter the Source.

So I have emerged inside the egg placed at Putin’s place and I see his guards with machine guns aimed at me. This is where the giant ship of the world is being impossible for Putin to enter.

FB 220314 Stig 3

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About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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