March 2014 – XII: Putin had overtaken part of the Source wanting to become me as ruler of the Universe, but he was a MAD MAN really leading me to the Source



  • March 24: Putin had overtaken part of the Source wanting to become me as ruler of the Universe, but he was a MAD MAN really leading me to the Source.
    • I am pressing my new stamp of the four-divided world fully in bottom meaning that we are doing creation and transferring the rest of gold, i.e. layers of life, with full speed. It is the golden elevator inside the Tube – of all layers of life inside the Source – that we are now setting up for you giving you access to everything. Everything that we do now is based on living life, and this is the life of passengers of the Malaysian MH370.
    • The world decided to save me when they discovered that if the world entered the Source without me, it wouldn’t survive. This was lead by USA and made Russia deflect its worst threat against me. This is why the song about the Badman is more about Russia, and this is what really woke up me as Batman. The warning of yesterday has been replaced by a fanfare today because I walked right through to “the bottling plant” of the Source without being stopped by Putin and his forces, and it is first from here that we will receive new, life giving force of the Source again. Yesterday brought a unique chance for Putin to jump into the Source connected to me, but no, which is why we said “full house, we take everything” because this was the potential manhood fight between Putin and I, but he didn’t play because Stig has already won. This is the height of my career overtaking world domination from Putin. We entered here without being noticed. This is about not losing “the very heavy fish” of my new self including all life and our New World. Putin had overtaken part of the wheel self (inside the Source) in his efforts to enter the Source, which is what I have now overtaken. Putin was allowed in here waiting for me hoping that I would lead him to the top becoming everything as an evil dictator of the Universe tormenting people for his own pleasure, and it was really me bringing him there for him to help me locate and enter the Source. Putin accepted me to take this over when he received Crimea – this is how primitive his mind works! Putin was a mad man believing that he was me until he discovered that he was not because he could not enter the Source and when he learned from media reporting about me to the secret network that I am “the only one”. There is now nothing holding us back, and I see the light/force of the Source as a sun in the middle where the wheel of all layers of life spin around. There is now a completely clean connection between the Source and I.
    • I read the websites of the VERY inspired, talented and intelligent Martin Spang Olsen and heard a lecture of his including his fascination of the the Greek Dionysus – who was God of wine (my symbol of everything of creation) and ritual madness – and his parallels with Jesus, and I was told that Martin has been told spiritually that he would take part of “the end times”, which he did as darkness opposing me (in 2012) bringing me incredible amounts of darkness/sufferings because of his resistance to read and understand me, and the connection to Dionysus is that Martin did not believe in me, thus not understanding his connection to me and his task at the end times making him “crazy” simply because of his better-knowing ignorance in relation to me. I was told that he has followed me since my confirmation in 1980 without knowing it, and I am shown him as an old, bald and wise man inside the church where I was confirmed. Later, I met Martin at the local Højstrupgård showing and speaking about his paintings, for example about one: “If you don’t give in, it is not good, just like Dionysus”, and this was inspired speech really about his own decision not to give in to me back in 2012, and he spoke about “stoic calm of the Samurai”, which was an inspired reference to his feeling of CALMNESS of me now that he was seeing and looking straight at me being on the same “sound wave” as me using “telepathy” as communication form. He also spoke about a tiger and how “it sharpens its ears, turns around and then we will get a better world”, which was inspired speech about himself sharpening his ears to me and turning around as the world is turning around from darkness to light, which is what will bring us all a better world. Later I told him that I hope that our personal meeting today will help to remove our previous misunderstandings about “light and darkness”, which we wrote a little about in 2012, and he confirmed that he has received the task of playing a part of the end of times, which will be replaced by a new beginning, i.e. our New World – and now you know which part you played, Martin, which was darkness because of your “craziness” and inability to understand because of your better-knowing ignorance. You brought me stronger darkness than any other person because of the GREAT man that you are, and darkness included the energy/building stones of our New World, so we could not have done this without you, see?


March 2014 – XII: Putin had overtaken part of the Source wanting to become me as ruler of the Universe, but he was a MAD MAN really leading me to the Source

March 24: Putin had overtaken part of the Source wanting to become me as ruler of the Universe, but he was a MAD MAN really leading me to the Source

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I dreamt about being at concert with SAGA receiving much criticism for their new album not taking unemployed into account, and one says that we can hope for a perfect work of art the next time. They have planned 8 kilometres of promotion but Michael says that the right number is 7 in connection to him, and he says that he has invited a young lady for dinner this evening, which he is going to prepare for her, and I ask him what about having lamb from Genesis, which he takes literally, and it seems as if “music is not perfect” from SAGA, which may be because Michael doesn’t like that I have written about his infidelity, which is what he is preparing again in this dream, but the dinner is about saving life, and the lamb/Genesis is about the birth of our New World and my new self, which it seems that he believes in, and what do you think about this song, Michael, is this one of the sources of your inspiration (?); and yes, GREAT song, right?

I was VERY tired when awakened here in the beginning of the night, and I was kept awake receiving information, which I truly had absolutely no motivation to write down, which I did after all, and I do believe that I received most of it.

I was told that a representative of the finest party of Norway received the key against me. In the mean time, the horse has been moved to Mogens Lykketoft, and I feel that he has an incredible format and a special way to move all beer, i.e. darkness to me, and I am told “welcome to international rescue platform – “When the boat comes in” – and there is no fish with it, the world cannot live, which is why the world decided to save you” and I feel that it was with USA in the lead. This made Russia deflect its worst political threat against you, disintegration. This is why the song about the Badman is more about Russia, and this is what really woke up me as Batman as I am shown here. This created an extra queue in the supermarket saving life, and it is not wrong to call this “the American soup” because of the work of Obama. “Everything is protected” is what he helped setting up, and I am told that the world only knows that we would not have let go on such a heavy fish. And yes, I loved this little tune from the TV-series of the same name many years ago.

I fell asleep again and dreamt about Pernille looking at me and feeling me and saying that ”he looks newborn”, and I was given SAGA’s “Time’s up” once again and here the lyrics “You’ve been wishing your life away”.

A colleague is distributing the finest and most inexpensive shirts ever from the airport. Bo from Dahlberg has stopped working, and Rikke has taken over his work including sales. Bo has opened a clothes store, which I visit, and I ask him and other people there including Margit (from Fair), if we shouldn’t finish by going to SAGA concert – and this is about Bo and Margit apparently now also being on my side, and their faith brings clothes, i.e. saves life, and everything we started with the SAGA concert October 31, 2012 (going through all darkness bringing the birth of my new self), will be finished with their new concert in Copenhagen April 28, 2014 (after absorbing all of this darkness from 2012 in small portions ever since, otherwise it would have brought the end of the world first).

I also remember a dream about meeting Ricky at a course, and I woke up to Anna Stesia by Prince and the lyrics ”Gregory looks like a ghost”.

I was told about people and my ”negative writings”, and you may not have been frightening enough because people owe you money.

“And the concept …”, yes, what about David, he never returned with his business plan as promised, and was that because you had not done your best job, David, and now you are improving it, but you don’t tell me about when I can expect to receive your plan?

I received “When I need love” by Leo Sayer and the lyrics “I hold out my hands, and I touch love” and “it’s only a heartbeat away”, which is about just how close I (we) now am to eternal love after having gone through darkness of Hell tormenting me.

It felt completely impossible to write the update of yesterday this morning and to go to the library writing the X Factor chapter, and I really felt like not doing it at all, but still I did it – via discipline again.

I was shown the big spaceship of everything just underneath the surface of water, and also a helicopter because this is how it works, i.e. lifting up everything.

I am told that it is also Allan from the library, who is opening me to Karen.

How crazy do you believe that John will think that he was when he will finally understand that you just spoke the truth, which he simply “could not” understand.

I was told that I was told about Norway in the middle of the night – at the worst possible hour – because they were also part of the worst darkness of all, and this is about their doctors receiving the task to bring me in and “take me out”?

Do we have the courage to tell him that the Source self has been framed and hung on his wall all of the time just waiting to be brought down after transferring everything of the Old World and Karen to it?

Is this about pressing your new stamp – of the four-divided world – fully in bottom (?), and yes, this is after I finally published my update of yesterday after completing the writing of the X Factor script at 15.00, and no, I did not have time to go to the Helsingør Exhibition today, but I may have tomorrow – the last day – we will see.

I would have liked to watch Chelsea playing against Arsenal this afternoon, but I didn’t have time when I was working, and after I heard the result 6 to 0 for Chelsea I was told that this has nothing to do with Arsenal’s decision to send out Niklas Bendtner into the darkness, does it?

This is about my left testicle, which almost did not fell down when I was a child, and this is where all of us are/were.

I felt my father and he said that it is now him controlling this process, which it was not before his death, where it was party my mother, and this is bringing extra security in relation to doing right coming all the way home, which it is about.

Pressing the stamp in bottom means that we are doing creation and transferring the rest of gold, i.e. layers of life, with full speed.

Yesterday, I received 200 DKK from my mother for the rest of the month, otherwise I only had 60 DKK remaining – I never ask for money – which made it possible for me to buy some wine etc., and I went to Netto supermarket in Ålsgårde using the little train, which is two stops from where I live, and afterwards, I had half an hour waiting on the train to bring me home, and I was so completely without energy that I did not feel like talking when an old lady sat next to me, and all she wanted was to talk, so I didn’t say much, but maybe she thought that I was still nice to talk to?

I was told that the warning yesterday has been replaced by a fanfare today because you walked right through without being stopped.

So we have come to the bottling plant that normally fills up Coca Cola bottles with darkness, and you can really start from here if you like to, but no, we have to open everything here first, and I am shown only a little rotor of a little helicopter, this is all we have opened of the spaceship of everything until now.

It is impossible to improve creation now, and I am told that people are following me and can look in, and this is what they believe, but we can.

I received the “kill kill” voice from this bottling plant of the Source and felt my mother and was told that it was only because of her orders that we brought our force like this (friction between light and darkness and the will to live that created life).

I was told “Jumbo, Jumbo” and I was told that everything that we do now is based on living life, and this is the life of passengers of the Malaysian MH370.

I was told that my father had to travel to France MANY times (together with Kirsten on 1-2 months long holidays as they did every year for maybe 10 years) to open everything here to prepare for me later to bring everything from Spain via France to me here.

I was shown office chairs coming up through the floor from the basement, which is full of light, and yes, such a light is not easy to find when darkness doesn’t want me to find it, but this is where we are, and I was given this funny cartoon that I watched on Danish TV yesterday.

So you have had a cover over what already is inside of you, which we did not dare revealing before now, so we were the Source self alive in you pretending to be on the hunt for it to save all life, and we did not say to keep this secret hidden to keep everyone safe, and eeehhh is it possible to see this on x-rays (also old before 2010), and yes, if you look carefully, and could the world do this (?), and yes, but only if they knew what they were looking for, and yes, not only from 2010, but always inside of me – but this goes against “the first story” given to me and everything connected to reconnecting to the Source in 2010 and what appears on my website, which I cannot change the structure of now, so this has to be wrong, right?

I was given a sound to the oven and was told that eehhh we haven’t always been inside of here (inside the Old World), and no, we lost contact to the Source when Jesus was killed, this is the story that everything is built up on.

I was shown Fuggi as a giant, black ice hockey player sitting next to Superbest supermarket in Rungsted.

It is first from here – this plant – that we receive more tape from your father, and yes, everything else has run out. So we stopped the Source from bringing new force to the world to have the world return to here.

It was the most difficult of all to get here and unite the four parts.

Yesterday brought a unique chance for Putin to enter when I arrived at the deepest of their darkness, which is what lack of gold/fish etc. symbolised, but no, no one tried, which is why we said “full house, we take everything” because this was the potential manhood fight between Putin and I, but no, he didn’t play because Stig has already won, right (?), no, not fully, it was a bluff too, and this was because armed forces kept calm.

Eeehhh, is it also because they like you to enter, and yes, didn’t we say that it was only you who could enter (?), yes, but we were mixed together here, and who knows what would have happened if

Putin tried to keep his connection and jump in together with me to receive some of my glory, but no, he didn’t.

And yes, we also did not have stewed apples (symbolising the Source) yesterday, which my sister had prepared for us, and that is because my mother and I couldn’t find the whip machine, which was another symbol of the absolutely worst darkness that we went through, so it was with risk that we came here as it was the last weeks with my mother almost dying, and the greater the risk, the greater the reward, you know.

Has Jakob L. S. lost his honour by telling all of the constituency of the Liberal Party in Helsingør, which he was chairman for before becoming the local candidate for Parliament, about just how crazy I am – without knowing what he spoke of other than “guessings” – and now you cannot go back on your own words, Jakob (?), and yes, what a “Egon Olsen curses” …

Tomorrow I will be going to the local Højstrupgård to see paintings of Martin Spang-Olsen – yes, THAT one you know, the very intelligent alien man on Earth, who kicked me out from Facebook too – and maybe say hello to him, and this brought inspiration for me to read his websites, which I like VERY much – especially the training on senses to improve learning, which EVERYONE SHOULD RECEIVE as part of a normal school/life – and I also saw that he gave a lecture at “the Golden Circle” one year ago about his past lives (that came to him via regression therapy) and philosophy etc., which I listened to (here and here), and yes, these are all of his “secrets” that he reveals for the first time, and I found it very interesting and learned much from knowledge that he has, which I do not, and was also disappointed that he has not picked up messages of light/darkness, the dark New World Order, the end times and our coming New World via my website, which he “could not” decide to open and read when we wrote a little together 1-2 years ago.

And how much did you infect Martin and how much did he infect you back then (?), and yes, you invited him to enter, which would have given him a bigger impact on creation if he had decided to read, understand and follow me.

I was told that he has followed me since my confirmation in 1980 without knowing it, and I am shown him as an old, bald and wise man inside the church where I was confirmed.

All of your meetings with people have had an impact on creation, and now these videos with Martin have too, including his fascination with the Greek Dionysus, who was God of wine (my symbol of everything of creation) and ritual madness, and his parallels with Jesus, and yes, I was also told that Martin has been told that he would play a part of the end times, and this is what you do, “my friend”, without knowing that you do it as darkness opposing me bringing me incredible amounts of darkness/sufferings because of your resistance to read and understand me because you simply believed that I was “crazy” – and you may see the connection to Dionysus here (?), and the truth is that I am not crazy, but you are, because you “could not” understand me because of your own better-knowing ignorance, when I presented myself to you.

At the end of the evening I had so strong headache because of lack of energy that I could be no where, but still I am here.

I dreamt about the ship yard having delivered the most beautiful legs with four figures on, which cannot really sit tight, and someone wants to “pull down Bowie”, and it is about switching on all force. When I woke up I was told that this is the most beautiful creation, which cannot be done any more beautiful.

So Martin Spang has visited the hairdresser (me) both in dreams and visions.

Had USA nuclear weapon close to being fired because of Ukraine/Crimea and the traditional fight on power between East and West? And yes, in my mind the right would have been for Russia and the West to speak together and to have agreed for the voting of Crimea as the only right thing to do – forget about your warped old view of the world and put your negative feelings aside and MEET each other and AGREE on what is RIGHT without playing games as you normally do (!) – and then to do it without trying to play “Christmas tricks” manipulating the result.

My bicycle punctured a week ago, and I will first get it fixed after the 1st, so I am taking the little train to and from town at the moment, and this Sunday morning, I had decided to go to spinning at 11.00, which I however was only 2 minutes from missing because the train did not go any further than Grønnehave station today not going the last way into Helsingør, but still I made it just in time.

And when I started spinning, I was told that this would have an impact on the result this evening when Real Madrid would play against Barcelona – and if I had not, Barcelona would lose because of lack of force from me, and also that Ronaldo is nervous about playing this match (knowing that my favourite team is Barcelona).

When I had entered the spinning room, another team had just cycled for one hour and the feeling was like entering a sauna of sweating people, and I asked the instructor Steen to open the windows as result, which he then did “for the first time”, but after maybe 10 minutes he decided to close them again because it was too cold as he said and exactly after this he played Chriss Rea’s “road to hell”, which is the road when the window is closed to the other side of me, you know.

During the days when my mother received no treatment for her ulcer, and I did wrong internet behaviour, I also did not have that much work and was very tired in the afternoons where I took some naps, and here I was asked if I believe that the world could feel this (?); which I understand that it could, and now it feels that I am exercising again, and I was told “Bisset”, which is the stadium in Oslo and I was told “new world record” because this is what this stadium is known to bring in athletics.

Steen shouted to do our best as if “to put more into the casserole” as he said, which was a symbol of bringing more life, and he said several times that “this is super cool” with the same voice as the happy voice of the TV Commercial of the man having his tooth pulled out but still his new TV channels are “super cool”.

During the exercise, I also continued receiving the disgusting voice like a manager asking me over and over again “when will you finish your work on the sufferings Facebook post” (?) and really pushing/rushing me to get this done, which I will do whenever I have energy and time to do it besides from other work.

I used 654 calories today, and I told the instructor Steen after the spinning that instead of the three songs by TV2, which he played, he really should have played “Bag duggede ruder” (“Behind steamed windows”), which is their biggest hit and one of this biggest Danish hits ever, and yes, he smiled, and the assistant at the reception did the same when I told him the same, and yes, they really need to make the air-condition and air circulation work properly.

After the spinning I was surprised to see that the man cycling next to me was my old colleague from GE Insurance, Steen, and I said hello, and we sat down for some minutes outside the room and spoke well together, and yes, about what we do today, and Steen now lives in Espergærde and have received a family with two small children, and yes, he still works with insurance and claims handling (as he also did for us in GE), and is now a “product manager” focusing on “development” and having MUCH freedom also working from home, which he likes very much, and this made me speak of FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY that goes hand in hand and as long as he works carefully from home not cheating, it is fine, but if he does not, his employer may call him in asking him what he is doing, and this is the story about how Steen was the only one I have ever dismissed, which I did in 2001, I believe, after having given him many chances to improve his work by becoming more responsible, and this was also why I was given the voice of a manager pushing me while cycling because this is what Steen felt that I did – which I did – which he didn’t like, and I have been told before that he disliked me for years after dismissing him without really understanding that my goal was to lift him up and he was guilty himself to be “terminated”, which this is a symbol of – and my meeting with Steen today to bring back ALL LIFE – and yes, he also “could not” say hello to me pretending not to see me when I saw him somewhere a few years ago, and yes, today I told him that I was not happy about how our roads separated back then, but I hope that he has done well since, and apparently this talk “loosened” up on Steen this many years later, and we spoke well together, and yes, he also asked about me and what I do – hasn’t he heard from “rumours of the insurance sector” about me (?) – and I gave him the story about my travel to Kenya and my new work writing 12,000 pages then to improve life, work and the community to help people, and I gave him my memo of lifting up Falck to Noma-level as example for him to read and “steal from” – there are NO copyrights on this (!) – and again I focused on FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY that are connected (to give him a lesson because of his lack of responsibility back then), which he understood. And I told him that he may be surprised when seeing my website, and also that I have written it including “another inspiration”, but if he forgets about this and focuses on the content, he will discover that it is serious, and yes, please remember seeing me today as “the good old Stig” as you remember, and yes, he sure did. And yes, when speaking to Steen I remember how much I really liked him now many years ago.

Right after meeting Steen, I was given the lyrics “I’ve nothing to hide” from Madonna’s “Like a virgin”, and no, I do not.

The other day I was told that abuse of pills have a big part of the responsibility of destruction of the Universe – we are all one – and now I am told that this is why they were invented in the first place; to bring us to the end of the world (to return to the Source).

I was told that we are following several roads home with one being via Vorupbør and one via Provence in France, and this is why France was my favourite holiday country too, which I drove through some times together with Camilla in the 1990’s.

All of the gold streaming out now is coming because of the uncontrollable eruption of Jette.

Yes, it was planned by your mother to bring energy to equalise negative energy – as I did at spinning again today – to create life.

I felt Lisbeth Knudsen from Berlingske and was told that she is now once of my main spokesmen.

After lunch, I visited the fine and nearby Højstrupgård, where Martin Spang Olsen showed his paintings today, and I saw him going with a group of maybe 50 people from one painting to the next to explain his inspiration when painting them, which I liked much to see, so I connected to the group, and he showed a fine gesture when noticing me and bidding me welcome with a nod, and he explained one painting including the sentence “if you don’t give in, it is not good, just like Dionysus”, and to me, he was speaking about his own decision not to give in to me, when he simply rejected me in 2012 when we wrote together and I tried to open his eyes to me and my writings as the truth.

We moved to the next paintings, and Martin spoke about “stoic calm of the Samurai”, and this was a reference to what I was told yesterday without writing it, which is that CALMNESS is the feeling that Martin would receive about me, and this is what he spoke of via this painting, and yes, I liked his painting of Japan as the best of all his paintings, they were beautiful and STRONG, and Martin caught my eye again and again and again, which continued when me moved to the next paintings, and I thought about “telepathy” – also because this is what Martin also spoke of in his lecture at “the Golden Circle” – and a few seconds thereafter he spoke about sound waves also entering people and being part of the Universe self, which to me was really about telepathy, and he was strongly looking me directly into my eyes again and again, and what were you thinking about me, Martin, did I look “different” to what you would believe that I would look like (?), and he spoke about a tiger on one of his paintings and how “it sharpens its ears, turns around and then we will get a better world”, and this is about you yourself, Martin, sharpening your ears to me, turn around (as the world is turning around from darkness to light, which is what you do via this process) and this is what will bring us all a better world, which you know is the message of my work leading to our New World of joy and happiness.

And then he ended the tour, and I had only attended the last part of it, and I decided that I would present myself to him, and as usual I did not know if I would “be allowed” to show my strongest and most outgoing communication and personality (as when I speak to Lisbeth from the Commune as example) or if darkness would make me nervous and give me difficulties speaking (as I have been shown with many “dark people” before), and I was not happy that the last was the case today when I gave him my hand and presented me as Stig, and with difficulties – maybe it did not sound like this to you, Martin, but this is how it was, and the reason was your darkness “attacking” me, this is what very directly in my case brings this reaction – I thanked him for his big inspiration not only with painting but with everything that he does, and he asked me if I have followed him, and yes, a little and also that because I knew that I would come today – I live “just around the corner” – I read his websites and heard his lecture from the Golden Circle yesterday (which “not many” do, right, Martin), and also that we have been written a little together before about the subject “light and darkness”, and I told him that I was sad that we disagreed and “could not” understand each other, but also that I hope that our personal meeting today will help on this, and I told him that I understand that he has received the message himself that he will be part of the end times, which he confirmed, and he said what I was also thinking, which is that it is not only the end, but also the beginning of something new, which I confirmed is the case, and I told him that I will write you an email today or tomorrow including information, which I hope will bring additional inspiration to you, which I cannot tell you in this short meeting, and I hope that you will read it, and this has to do with your very call, and yes, it is not many people who address you like this, Martin (?), and did you remember about me and how you also decided to block/report me on Facebook in 2012 because you had had enough of me (?), and yes, I now “follow” you again on Facebook – another profile of yours – and this is really about the story of “the intelligent alien dressed as a human, who “could not” read and understand me because of his own better-knowing ignorance”, and yes, there is MUCH information on my website about the world of today and the meaning of everything (!), which I had hoped that you would have come across and understood yourself, but you “could not”, and in this sense you have really become “CRAZY” because you “could not” understand me, and this is really the definition of craziness, i.e. not being able to understand yourself and/or others, and yes, also because I spoke “nonsense” to you, Martin (?), and that is because you like your own world, being and work so much that you did not have to get out of the “protective cover” that I had locked you inside to pacify you from what was your TRUE task, which was to help me to save the world, and this is how you reacted with the STRONGEST darkness of all darkness that I have received when you rejected me in 2012 (?); and yes, the meaning of my work – my writings as “Design of life” and “One God, One People” – is the foundation of our New World self meaning that without it, we would not have received this New World, and tell me about what is the deeper meaning of your work, Martin (?), and no, you failed to connect to me to lift up the world, this is what you should have done, but “could not” because you were crazy believing in your own WRONG voice instead of doing your best to understand me, and yes, I AM THE TRUTH, which is NOT difficult to understand if you decide to do your best to understand, and yes OPEN YOUR SENSES TO ME instead of closing them, and that is the difference, and I shouldn’t have to tell you of all, should I?

Afterwards, I went to the Helsingør Exhibition and the nearby Helsingør sport hall, which was really about “showing myself” among hundreds of local people, and maybe there were some there seeing that “Stig is here/completely normal”, and yes I met a “friendly face” I remember from the 1980’s, and he works at a wine store in the Prøvesten centre, and he was kind giving me two samples of very fine Rum, which I liked much.

Yes, this is the height of your career overtaking the world domination of Putin, and this is also helped via new openness to me from Martin Spang, and yes, I was also told earlier about Martin that he is a “great man” of the Universe, who has not yet recognised me, and I understand that we used to be “best friends”.

I felt my mother and heard “my eyes darken”, and it is from down here that Putin could kill/”cancel” everything.

Maybe he doesn’t know yet that he has lost it, and I wonder if he received access to this via another part of the same shrine that Queen Margrethe has in her possession (via the Russian Tsar), and yes, we entered here without being noticed, and no, Karen also did not come out to meet you in Superbest, and this is how we took this part of the Source.

Putin didn’t know about Obama not being another part of me – as I had written on my website for him and the world to see (and influence) – and this is what really kept the balance between them in their “cold war”.

There have been many before Martin Spang saying that I am humbug and learned, and my “calmness” and our personal meeting is decisive.

Your mother drilled you down into here – as I was shown the other day – which took us (the Universe) millions of years to do.

It is the golden elevator inside the Tube – of all layers of life inside the Source – that we are now setting up for you giving you access to everything.

I kept on feeling Martin Spang all afternoon – he must have been thinking of me – and I was told that he is part of the system not to loose the very heavy fish (of my new self).

This corresponds to bring in the ship next to much snow.

I was shown the car deck of a Helsingør-Helsingborg ferry, which is dark and includes a military tank, and this is where I now have received access to, and now we only have to bring out everything from here.

Putin had overtaken part of the wheel self (inside the Source) in his efforts to enter here, and yes, “we will wait on Stig and make him bring us in”, which is what we had to avoid, and we now have reason to say congratulations because he cannot now bring back what we have secured, and this is what the energy I provided via spinning this morning also means.

This means that there is now nothing holding us back, and I see the light/force of the Source as a sun in the middle where the wheel of all layers of life spin around.

It was a little part of the mountain that was about to fall off because of Putin’s inroads that we just had to bring back. This is like returning a corncob to all the others after Putin also experimented with life of this part, which we allowed him to do, but he really couldn’t because he didn’t know what he was working with. This means that the elephant has now returned back on the turn-around wheel.

So this is still about coming into our place of the wheel that Putin had taken, which he now very kindly has accepted to hand over to me and that is because he received Crimea, and yes, this is how primitive minds work, and I feel that he is controlled and am shown light to my surprise and not darkness.

I was shown and told that it is a little like having had Putin inside of my coat as a foreign body, which is not nice but necessary to bring me/us all inside of here, and this is why he has accepted you and not him to sit on the top chair of everything, and yes, he suffered from madness believing – as Thomas Blachman – that he was me, so there you see, Putin, you have to be clean to be me.

I saw the three new lights over Helsingborg again (or a few kilometres north of Helsingborg, which is the view I have from my balcony), and I went out on my balcony to look at them with my binoculars – it looked like “normal lights” but they were only switched on for “not long”, and I wonder if this is a symbol given to me about the Trinity of everything – and when I entered the balcony, I was happy to see the spaceship of everything flying just outside, and I was told about the strong sweating of both spinning today – and also two shirts I had on (one in the morning and one in the afternoon), which were wet of sweat because I had too much clothes on – and then suddenly this spaceship of everything gave a beam from it towards my apartment, which gave a sound to my oven and a new “E3” error message, this is how it works, and yes, more darkness coming in, and I received a smile and was told “it was not us”, but it was :-).

We could also have handled this by giving you a little and not serious blood clot – to remove Putin as darkness in me, and this is what we now avoid doing.

Have they already broadcast this news on DR1 TV about “Stig throwing down Putin” (?), yes, they have been busy too preparing your arrival by influencing the world opinion about me after they discovered that “Stig is good enough”.

This is how the boat of Cairo is still sailing forward, and yes, this is by MADNESS, and I here feel Arthur Findlay College, which is about what you still believe that I am, and I feel that you will be telling the world why it was so “difficult” for you to understand me.

This is why there is now a clean connection/transfer between the Source – of the balcony – and me.

I was given the feeling of Depeche Mode coming together with these three new lights (just above) Helsingborg and they bring a welcome gift for me, which is a new symphony you say (?), and yes, THANK YOU :-).

I was given the sound and vision of genuine tree inside my kitchen again, which is no longer poisoned by darkness.

And has Steen – my old GE colleague – now forgiven me too after years of debasement, yes.

Do they read Berlingske and watch DR1 TV news – special editions for the secret network – in Russia too, and yes, this is the power of the media, which made Putin understand that he is NOT genuine, but I am – and can it be that Putin was crazy enough believing that he was me and going to become everything without understanding that he was a piece of the Universal Council to bring me and man home to the Source?

I was excited to watch the football match this evening between Real Madrid and Barcelona, and could it really be that Barcelona could win this very difficult match away on Real Madrid’s field after they have had a weaker period until recently and Real Madrid has been very strong (?), and yes, this is what I was told because of my spinning this morning bringing the force – as a symbol – to do this.

And it started when the commentator spoke about a “cold try”, which was really about Real Madrid having a cold this evening, and I was happy seeing Iniesta kicking in the ball hard after five minutes bring Barcelona ahead by 1 to 0.

I was told that this is how we came through this process also “half dead”, and I felt how Putin felt invincible as dried tomatoes (tomatoes symbolise my new self) also because my father gave up to him (when dying), and exactly when I was told this, Real Madrid – symbolising darkness – scored to 1 to 1. So Putin believed that he had me, but it was really the opposite situation where I had you.

Shortly thereafter I was told if I have taken the impact of Martin Spang into account, and two seconds thereafter Real Madrid had scored to 2 to 1, and yes, Martin brought me the strongest darkness that I ever felt (in 2012).

Has Jack, i.e. the armed forces, followed the fraction coming close to 1/1 – equalising all negative energy – and they know what this means, i.e. the opening of our New World.

After 33 minutes of the match where Real Madrid was still ahead by 2 to 1 I was told that right now it looks as if that I have lost, and I could only repeat “never give up” inside of myself constantly believing that Barcelona would come back.

So we decided not to shed any blood from neither you nor your mother.

And then Messi took things into his own hands or feet really when he decided to bring all of his force and will power to break through making it two to two, and yes, this was even better than the real thing bringing Three-2’s and not only U2, and yes, he really plays his own mysterious ways you know, and yes both Messi and U2 are almost better than the real thing, this is GREAT :-).

I felt how a mould shaped to fit me was brought down upon me, and this is how you will feel it at the end – when I will awake as my new self inside the coffin.

I felt Michella – symbol of my “old nightmare” – and was this the game used by Putin to make me give in to darkness so he could overtake me (?), and yes, this was the idea, but he didn’t succeed because I didn’t give in, and he would also not have been able to become everything as me because he is NOT me. This is how we found your little house, and I see the ray of light being replaced by machine guns, which Putin believed that he could rule with (as dictator of a “hell regime”).

I was shown a BIG dark arrow, and told that Putin was poisoned (with darkness), and this is to say that he truly believed that he was me and going to become everything ruling as a dictator tormenting people for his pleasure, and yes, Putin, come on, WAKE UP and get out into reality, will you?

And yes, Ronaldo was nervous before this match (because of me) as I was told this morning, and he did not play up to his best at all, but he received a penalty kick making it 3 to 2 for Real Madrid, and there was only one thing wrong with this penalty kick, which is that it was NOT a penalty kick but a free kick committed just outside the penalty area, and this is how darkness works, you know.

I received a feeling “far out” from the balcony, and I was told that we can now pack together.

And Sanna wouldn’t be inconsolable losing her brother – first being imprisoned at psychiatric hospital – and yes, but it was “impossible” to fight the system, so she had to play with them, and later she understood that this is the system that I fought, and eventually also defeated. And this is what also brought Lars G. and others to work against me, and HOW COULD YOU do what is WRONG instead of RIGHT (?) and yes because of selfishness.

In the beginning of the match, there was no end to the negative comments of the Danish “expert” commentator about Neymar and how poorly he is playing, and this was “too much” for me to listen to – extreme negativity – and I decided to tell myself to believe in him and his potential, and even though he really didn’t play that well in this match, he was still decisive – because of this thinking of mine – when he received a fine pass in the penalty area and received a penalty kick together with a player of Real Madrid receiving the red card, and this made Messi score to 3 to 3, and changed the game giving Barcelona a good chance to win it by now.

I was told that Martin Spang is still haunting, and a little later I was told that no, his darkness cannot kill me, he cannot hurt me, and does this match mean that we have turned around Martin to you and now he will listen to you?

So we had turned your mother and you completely down for you to enter here.

I received some coughing and was told that it is still Martin bringing me this – because of his darkness – making it almost impossible to win this match, and right after this, Barcelona received another penalty kick, and Messi scored to the final result 4 to 3 for Barcelona, thus making a hat-trick (even though he didn’t wear a hat) symbolising the Trinity of everything, and I was given TV2’s “Rejsen til Rio” (“the travel to Rio”) and the lyrics “give me free, completely free”, which was one of the three TV2 songs included in the spinning hour this morning.

After the match, the Danish commentator said that after Ronaldo last year received the title of the best football player in the world of the year, Messi stands as the King of “El Clasico”, and they spoke about how the match was turned upside down some times this evening, and yes, the play about turning around the world, you know.

And they said that “the art was to close down Ronaldo”, and one second thereafter I received a beam from the balcony saying that “the art was to close down Putin”, and I received Nelly Furtado’s “Forca, forca, forca” as a symbol of the force of life of the Source that she sings about, which no one can stop, which turned Barcelona into the winner of this match, and yes, I love Nelly Furtado and her songs too – forca, forca, forca :-).

This is how it was to win against darkness, and yes, my personal meeting with Martin Spang was part of this match too.

So the hole into here really required the death of your mother, i.e. the world. All of this is also wrapped up inside of Arthur Findlay College.

We are coming in with Fuggi, whom I felt from the balcony, and I was told that it was Karen throwing the towel to me giving up.

Michael Wulff was inspired once again in this “text message” – – where he gets the idea to get a pillow full of bacon, and you do know that “bacon” is a symbol of God, and duvet (this also pillow) is a symbol of creation, and yes, he continued here – – bringing a comic strip about when “God and the other one” (the Devil) were young, which made me write that this is really how life was created, i.e. friction between light and darkness based on the sheer will to live.

Helt Normalt Bacon

Helt Normalt Gud og Satan

FB 240314 Stig 3

FB 240314 Stig 4

FB 240314 Stig 5



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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