March 2014 – XV: The Source winds me up and includes me in the sun containing all cells that make up the Source and bring force to all life



  • March 30: The Source winds me up and includes me in the sun containing all cells that make up the Source and bring force to all life
    • I went to bed but was not allowed to sleep, and I started receiving SAGA’s brilliant and “majestic” “WIND HIM UP”, which came to me for the next 2-3 hours together with the information that I am entering (being “winded up”) a solid throne (of the Source) made by stone on the very top of the pyramid. This is the last part of source water we install in you. This is about leaving Putin’s part of the Source (as I do with great sufferings) and continuing to the rest of the GIANT ship of the Source containing all cells that have not come life/creations yet, and it is the force of these cells that are united here to bring force to life of all creations. I am being included in this sun of the Source. This is about the opening of the yolk of the egg and the revelation of all the beauty in here, which we quietly have brought together through all time from all cells here. There is no negative energy here having to be equalised. The Source includes all of these cells including potential endless life that we will never finish creating, which we have now carefully started unloading – to become part of me. All of these cells will enter all streets of the world to live among us and create life for all life, i.e. “opened cells”, which is because all cells have decided to help me in the quest to create life. We only enter the Source because of my New World Order, which the world including Putin decided to vote for, which means that access here is open to everyone. This moment is the first time that the two surfaces (Karen and I) have close contact, which is a historic moment. I come here because I have used enough energy equalising negative energy of creation, which is bringing back “the rocket” that contained ingredients to bring creation, which originally was sent out by the Source. We have now brought in the first full round slice of the GIANT ship of the Source. We had expected everyone to die to reach here. Until now, we have been turned against you but we have now all been told to turn around (bringing light only). All of these cells also feel that they have received new life. You are not going to believe the beautiful vision we have “tanked up” inside of here, and you will get a shock seeing who we are and how we have arranged ourselves here.
    • I was shown the cockpit of the MH370 airplane and saw it flying directly against the light, as they were shown, they were told that they would now meet the carbon paper. There were no fossil powers connected with its disappearance, it simply vanished. It was not Putin at all but my own inner self pulling in the MH370 airplane, which was needed to bring me alive.
    • I am going through the wall of Putin, who could not enter here because he was not pure, and peeling off the skin of the GIANT apple of the Source. I come here because I have used enough energy to equalise negative energy of creation, and there is no energy inside of here, only the force of life. I have now brought back the original rocket that was shot out of the Source to bring creation. I have now brought in the first part of the HUGE ship of the Source – We are now pouring directly from the diamond of the Source to me. It is first now that we bring forward the choice of your mother, i.e. our new creation, to choose colour freely, i.e. which “clothes” to wear, i.e. which form of creation that she (our New World) wants to be (choosing freely from all previous layers of life). I am now the radio store myself transmitting ”spiritual communication” even though I don’t exist (as “nothing” of the Source), and we are playing that we do using this old instrument to bring in the force of the Source, which means that my sufferings and the play will continue for some time. This means that everything of the original content of the rocket that was shot out from the Source to bring creation has now returned and is inside of me. We are now for the first time ever inside the ship, and this is the ship of the Source that we brought on right keel after it sunk when man killed Jesus. I am now puppeteer for the first time, i.e. being all life inside the Source, and as the Source, we we are only held up by creation self, and I am shown myself on a rostrum made by meringue, which is made from the whites of egg, i.e. creation, where the Source is the yolk of the egg.
    • The final of the Danish X Factor included inspired speech about the return of “the rocket” – sent out of the Source to bring creation – to the Source, love and light of Lucy and the Thy Camp as symbol of the return of “original life” including love and light of our New World (“back to basics”), we are ready to move away from home and to fly (i.e. open our New World), Lina wore a beautiful PYRAMID necklace symbolising faith and our New World, our New World is expanding with “newspapers” of previous layers of life entering, I entered darkness with courage and the risk of drowning, we are “cleaning up” in the room that I have overtaken after Putin, Thomas and I were on the same wavelength thinking that “you’re the voice”, and Lucy sung Remee’s new INSPIRED song “The Swith” asking “Can we turn off the switch to get back to where once were, can we light up the dark in a different way this time” and UNITE? – YES, WE CAN and we will and have done, which will be revealed to the world shortly, but it was not Lucy but Anthony & Jasmin, who won the final because darkness of DR TV and the three judges Remee, Thomas and Lina (via their silence about me and selfishness) brought the pure love and light of Lucy together with the band Carpark North, which are symbols of the worst darkness.


March 2014 – XV: The Source winds me up and includes me in the sun containing all cells that make up the Source and bring force to all life

March 30: The Source winds me up and includes me in the sun containing all cells that make up the Source and bring force to all life

FB 300314 Stig 1

FB 300314 Stig 2

I went to bed but was not allowed to sleep, and I started receiving SAGA’s brilliant “WIND HIM UP”, which came to me for the 2-3 hours together with this information.

I was shown myself entering a solid throne made by stone on the very top of the pyramid.

I received the voice of the dark presence of my hallway saying that “I cannot continue”, and I received dark cough, and I was told that I will lose contact to “some” at start up, which is really contact to the spaceship of everything.

It is the last part of source water we want to install in you, and I was asked to listen and to show proper behaviour, which is still about proper Internet behaviour, and I really didn’t think that I showed that bad behaviour, but here I understood that this was the final warning, so I decided to accept and to do better.

It is when driving out of Putin’s tunnel that we prefer to hit the railway tracks on the other side, which I am losing now, but we will do one last try, and this is because it takes nothing to lose balance of this ton heavy unit, and this is what creates light in all streets and alleys in all cities of the world.

We are the sun in the middle about to include you, and we would be sad losing you now.

These words are given to me while I try to sleep lying in my bed being completely empty and not in the mood to play games and write notes, which brings maximum disgust, but still the words are important enough for me to cross the disgust and write them down.

We are lying just beneath Putin’s floor at his giant presidential palace.

We could create lots of creations instantly – I am shown MANY coins coming out of nothing – if we had to, but this is what we have decided to use you for, which is to wake up these cells carefully, which is why we do as we do with me taking the pain, and yes, you are thinking that this is your destiny to continue from one new creation to the next for an eternity to come to take on constant sufferings always, and I wonder what I have done in the past, if only I had memory of this.

This is about the opening of the yolk of the egg and the revelation of all the beauty in here, which we quietly have brought together through all time from all cells here. This is the force kept here which all cells are happy to get released from because it really bothers more than it benefits when it is turned around – and I still hear the incredible beautiful choir of WIND HIM UP by SAGA, and this is what I am, being winded up and into the yolk of the egg of the Source.

This is the force that darkness of Mette and still Jette help setting up.

We were headed towards a big disappointment and I am shown ice of the inner Danish waters, and I had to tell myself NOT to be negative continuing being disturbed in bed trying to fall asleep.

Yes, he will discover the rest himself, which is that the bill will never be paid, which we have learned to live with which is about potential endless life that we will never finish creating, but until then, we will become happy to continue creating life, and I am told and shown that everything that the world including Putin have seen so far only fills a little plate of not many centimetres on all sides of not just a normal ship but an INCREDIBLE HUGE ship, which is what is coming in now, and I am shown that this ship includes all of these cells of the Source on the deck of it.

I was told that when I didn’t pay the bill to the dentist, we also almost lost connection to here, which we only held going via my emails to them informing them about my request for the Commune to pay, which I asked them to do February 15, and now 1½ months later, I have heard NOTHING from them, and no, this is NOT how to service “customers”.

We would still have put in the ship at dock, you wouldn’t feel good for some time and first on the other side after some time you would rediscover it because where had it gone?

I was shown cheese being grated, but then it cannot continue being grated because it is too stiff, and we would tell you nonsense instead, which however would sound credible – just as we do with Martin Spang.

And then we would carefully start to unload old cars – I am shown an old Ford T – from the deck. So the Source is all not yet delivered cells (creations/universes), and it is this force that we will turn around at the end, which we will now start preparing.

And it is all of these cells that will enter streets of Copenhagen (and everywhere) to live among us here, and they will create life for all cells, which have been opened, and this is how the process will continue being for an eternity to come – and yes, it means that there are cells that never will be created, doesn’t it, or will all eventually be created “in due time” (?), and yes, what is the answer to this riddle (?), and WIND HIM UP by SAGA is still being played when I am told this information giving me the feeling of “very important”, and this song is as monumental, grandiose and beautiful as the greatest symphonies of the world, this is how it feels to me, “majestic” really, and with such a quality all throughout the band that most other bands don’t reach them to their suspenders as we say here.

And I hear how the gentle guitar after the chorus is almost speaking and “painting pictures” to me, and then the keyboards doing the same followed by the INCREDIBLE STRONG and beautiful voice of Michael Sadler, which is one of the very finest and most sensitive “instruments” of all popular music. This band got something completely unique/magical, and from this song you can hear why SAGA is one of the finest bands around, there are NO other bands doing music like this, it is truly completely unique and like a great symphony to me with a harmony and “feeling” way above most bands, and yes, when you listen to most other “progressive rock”, they sound as “amateur music” in my ears compared to the very high level that SAGA reaches.

These are the words that came to me over and over and over again this night:

Wind him up, he can’t stop
He’s wound up tight just like the clock
That’s winding its second hand down
Wind him up, he can’t stop
He keeps on going ’round the clock
He’s winding his second hand down

Live version:

Album version:

I do believe that I will now bring the album “Worlds apart”, which WIND HIM UP is from, as my favourite SAGA album (even though “House of Cards” really is, but it is not on Spotify) – it is certainly their “greatest” – and to lift it up on my Spotify list of favourite albums now making it the 14th best of all albums, and yes, they have made several albums on the same high level as this including their first three albums, Behaviour, Full Circle, Marathon, Network, Trust and House of Cards as examples, and I LOVE seeing how productive they are compared to for example Electric Light Orchestra and Jeff Lynne, who have only done little music in comparison.

And yes, you started your entry with the SAGA concert in October 2012, where none of them would believe in you but still your words enriched them.

I was told and shown that here is a pearl chain, which is because all cells have decided to help me in this quest to create life like this.

So there are gold music instruments and stores around every street corner and we know that we are only living because of the force of these cells.

This is about going through the wall of Putin, who could not enter here because he was not pure, and to peel off the skin of a GIANT apple as I am shown to enter the true Source, and it is here that your New World Order comes into place because it was a condition to enter here that the world agreed on this, and yes everyone including Putin succeeded to vote for your plan, which means that access here is open to everyone, and yes, the leaders represent the world (“more or less”).

This moment is the first time that the two surfaces (Karen and I) have close contact, and I am shown two GIANT surfaces meeting with a big sound, and this is a historic moment.

So Mette “could not” accept me as Facebook friend, but her son, Kristoffer, could, and yes, she filled him with nonsense about me, but still he is open enough to accept me here, which she is not, and is that because by accepting me as Facebook friend, you believe that you accept my “nonsense”, is that what is keeping you away (?), and is this also what Tommy’s daughters have told you – they also “could not” accept me on Facebook – and maybe even Inge’s daughter and my old friend (also on Facebook) Kirsten too, and yes, much wrong gossip about me behind my back, but none of you could read or communicate with me?

It still requires to bring the tandem of Karen all the way in, otherwise this is without meaning.

And you come here because you have spent enough money, i.e. used enough energy, and that is because there are no bills, i.e. negative energy, here.

The dark presence of the hallway pricked me on my shoulder and said that this was my purpose, and I am shown the rocket being shot out from the Source, and now you bring all of me back.

Henrik was an important direct line to Putin.

I was told from the balcony that you decided to call us in, and we can almost cry from happiness, which is about my decision to “behave”.

We have now brought in the first full round slice of the ship, which is safely in, and I was told that there is also immense happiness of these cells to enter here.

We had expected everyone to die to reach here, and is this what Sanne Salomonsen was told when she received her stroke and was dying some years ago (?), thus not believing that you would come out as Stig now.

Would we have switched off all power for a short moment – because of my wrong behaviour – before you would awake, yes, but this is now over with, and this included to switch off the heart and thoughts of everyone, and this is why I have been given a nervous heart for hours.

Until now, we have been turned against you but we have now all been told to turn around, i.e. to land safely, so here you have us all back.

I was shown a statue of Abraham Lincoln one side of stone stairs leading up, which are being made for me bringing the entrance to this building.

And yes, I received FAR TOO MUCH to write also still having MANY notes from yesterday to write, and this destroyed my sleep against my expectation and how can I write all of this knowing that my day tomorrow will become poor and shorter because I still have my mother and John to meet in the evening, which also will bring the final of X Factor with even more to write, and yes, impossible to get out of this hole of Putin and into the next building it is.

Finally, after two hours, I decided to stand up and watch some TV – because I was not allowed to sleep – and I watched the outdoor concert of X Factor on the Town Hall Square of Copenhagen the other day, and I was shown a purple star (symbolising Karen) and a three dimensional diamond on stage, which is also because of the help of this show.

I felt Pope John Paul leading me in to the Source, and I was told that all of these cells also feel that they have received new life, and I received something about being the same life on both sides (as the natural force of the Source and creations of life), and is this how it is?

I was shown myself taking out a parking ticket at the parking plant of Copenhagen Airport meaning that I have access to all of this life, and still we have only brought out the nose of the airplane.

You are not going to believe the beautiful vision we have “tanked up” inside of here for an eternity.

Yes, the stomach ulcer of your mother is because it was us inside of her and we couldn’t get out to you.

Is this where Fuggi created the road to via his faith in you?

He, i.e. me, will get a shock seeing who we are and how we have arranged ourselves here, and you will not believe in it when you will awake and feel this for the first time.

We are now pouring directly from the diamond of the Source to you, and only in small doses to start with.

Finally, I slept poorly from around 04.00 to 10.00 and dreamt about believing that I would be the only one visiting GE Insurance at its last day, but several of the other colleagues have come too including Søren H., and I see that everything here of files etc. stand as they normally do waiting for a buyer to take over. Søren promises to give me new tasks “because you are a bank robber”, and he has started setting up a new business inside the automobile repair industry, and I don’t have faith in him bringing me new tasks, but I really don’t know, and yes, this is symbolising the end of the Old World after I have emptied it as the bank robber via the energy/work that I (and the world) provide equalising negative energy of darkness.

You are now under our protective wings.

This is here we tried to be an ambulance driver turning you away from these difficulties.

Jette tells me as comments on my website that she shares my new scripts, but who comments your Google Earth pictures now that you have blocked me (?), and yes, this is truly NOT a rational woman but a woman who could not control her WRONG negative feelings and once again she has left out the main person not realising the importance of her own group WITH me, but people cannot understand you when you don’t comment, Jette, and also when I don’t comment, so you have really made the worst choice that you can.

I was shown the cockpit of the MH370 airplane and saw it flying directly against the light, and I was told that they were shown light of the Source and told that they would now meet the carbon paper. So there were no fossil powers connected with its disappearance, it simply vanished.

I was VERY close to decide NOT to work this morning feeling so incredible poor that I did not believe that I would be able to work, and yes I had quite much to write to finish the update of yesterday, which I still succeeded doing taking 3-4 hours, and I had received all of the beginning of the update of today too before falling asleep, which however will first come in this new update, and first after having slept, so I may write this later today or tomorrow, we will see, and yes ”impossible stairs” to walk up it is, which I can only do doing this work.

Was it an extreme attack of Putin that you experienced during the night (?), and eehhh, Putin has lost his equipment so this was done by “the old man”?

I was shown the wheel of layers of life and was told that this was only possible to do because of love – more of this later.

I went to the library and published the update of yesterday at 15.00 and was told only minutes thereafter that people noticed the headline of it, and a little later I was told that I have been allowed to continue the game because of this, and yes, bring me more sufferings instead of stopping now, this is the consequence, bring it on!

And I was shown a number of guitarists, i.e. creators of previous layers of life, coming out from the hallway of the football stadium as result.

We are still all inside of the metal container here, which I was shown and yes, it is only little in size.

Yes, I am completely and utterly destroyed today working more than I normally do such a day and I have to go to the library too to publish my script to my website, which I suddenly cannot do anymore because the format codes from Microsoft Live Writer are now no longer exported too to my website, and this has now happened the last two times where there normally is no problem and this is to say that the codes for me to enter the Source have been removed because of my Internet behaviour, but let us se if we cannot get a TV repairman out to fix it as I am told.

So you have decided to continue shopping with your mother, yes, the good old way you know.

It is not brand new this car that we give you, is it (?), and somehow this is the Source self and my new self.

These were the tanks of Putin that we first had to remove, which is why this was tough to go through bringing sufferings and “impossible work”.

Did we remember closing the door (?), and I feel that this is about Putin who tried to stop me from coming through, and yes, it required a drill to enter here where Putin had barricaded himself.

I continued working all afternoon at the library also doing a few updates here and there to my website.

It was not Putin at all but your own inner self pulling in the MH370 airplane, which was needed to bring me alive.

You are not a stopped/prosperous (“holdende/holden” in Danish) man by now, are you (?), and this is about having access to the force of the Source symbolised by money.

Are we going to get a completely new stamp (?), yes, when everyone will enter here.

I went to my mother and John for dinner, and after days of having had much pain to her loin and “no energy” – “I had no energy and “could not” go home when I was out shopping, do you know how this feels like” (?), and YES, MOTHER, I DO (!) – my mother felt better today, and John is still feeling alright too, and again, we had a nice evening even though we really are all in pain.

I received some difficulties when speaking to my mother including words, which I simply could not say – they wouldn’t leave my mouth, and I could do nothing about it – and this is because of darkness that she still sends me, and probably because of what she still tells others wrongly about me, and is that because I am still “officially crazy” according to you, mother (?), and yes, she had her old class friends for lunch the other day, and just guessing I am.

The X Factor final: Can we turn off the switch to get back to where once were, can we light up the dark in a different way this time” (?) – YES, WE CAN!

This evening it was the final of the Danish X Factor 2014, and this is what was said “in between the lines”.

It started with Remee saying here that “I look forward to celebrating out three fantastic finalists, and to send them …, give them the most loving rocket to them to the other side of this program”, and it was not only about a rocket to the “the other side of this program”, but the rocket self that contained ingredients of the Source to create our New World, and now to return this “to the other side”, which is to return home to “the rocket man” of the Source, and yes, I am the rocket man you know :-).

And Remee continued here when introducing the first song of the evening by Lucy when he said that “one of the many fantastic things of working with Lucy, her miraculous voice and her incredible present personality, has been to meet all of her crew – because I think I have a good team, you have a little elitist team, Thomas, and Lina has half, which are very normal and half, which are “out of space” (this is “the rocket man” working inside of you, you know, Remee J), and I also have a fantastic team around me, but Lucy’s team is COMPLETELY CRAZY; there are Indians and Samurai’s, magicians, so this song will be a celebration to differences and tribute to being a team lifting each other because when we all use each other’s strength optimal, everything can be done”, and this was both the introduction to Lucy singing the fine song “Team” and also about the Thy camp, where she lives, which is a collective of people living their own ideal lives far away from temptations of the modern society, and this has developed a micro community where people care much more about each other and show much more LOVE than in the society surrounding it, and this is really a symbol about ORIGINAL LIFE now returning with our New World, but still a “modern life”, but with the loving mindset of original people, and yes, this is why Lucy was “selected” to be part of X Factor. And “Indians” and “Samurais” are also symbols of “original people”, and “Samurais” were brought here, because this is what was included in one of Martin Spang Olsen’s paintings, which is just to show “the connection” between Martin and I , which he both felt and later understood via my emails to him.

And I loved to see this song so much – with Lucy surrounded by people of the Thy camp, with the bright and very beautiful colours of the stage and her flying while still singing purely – that I told my mother and John that this is a winning performance to me.

Thomas said here that “we all somehow live in the Thy-camp because we all have much love to give, but who do you give it to (?), and it seems as if you have found out how to distribute this love in the Thy-camp, which we others could learn much from, it is a very fine message”, and yes, I truly loved to see how Thomas has come to terms – you can see the calm in him – with his new role of sharing love with the world instead of being me – very well done, Thomas 🙂 ♥.

And Remee followed up here saying that “it is magical just to be close to you, magical to work with you, your voice simply have so many adventures inside, there are many things that you represent, you sing into the soul of people, which I can see from all of your reactions, it is in a very different way to what I have experienced with any other artists in this, and it is also because you represent something that we all long for; the calm and “back to basics” as you are (in the camp) as you have shown me in a fantastic way, I couldn’t be more honoured than working with you”, and yes, this is the impression that Lucy truly has made on Remee, and I was happy to see that Remee had it in him to speak out the truth of his feelings this directly as he did, and yes, it touched me to hear, and again, this is about LOVE of original people of our New World, which is communicated here 🙂 ♥.

Thomas Blachmann here presented his couple Anthony & Jasmin and said that it is touching to work together with people you don’t already know and “it is a little like getting children, they pass through you, and then they stand there ready to move away from home, and we have come here now where it was the last chance to work together with them, they are simply ready to fly”, and to me, this is about what mankind is, we are READY TO FLY and that is as our new, original selves inside our New World, and don’t you think that this requires flowers from your mother (?), and yes, it does, and then this young couple did a fine performance of “Time to pretend”, which both my mother and I liked, but I still had Lucy in front of the competition.

And this made Lina say here that “this is to me the performance that made all the pieces fall in place for me”, and this may not be the only thing that made the pieces fall in place for you, Lina, because you wore the most beautiful necklace this evening of a PYRAMID, and I was told that this is a symbol of faith, so just maybe my “minutes” of the previous two X Factor programs and the TRUE meaning of your sayings have turned you from a non-believer to a believer (?), and yes, this is what the sign says, and I noticed this coming today where I also noticed how all world leaders – with exception of Obama – at the Nuclear Security Summit in the Hague, Netherlands, wore a Pyramid lapel badge on their clothes and were gathered around a giant eye with a floating holographic pyramid and a ring a tables showing ancient Egyptian symbols as you can see from this video, and yes, the Giza Pyramid includes “everything” of creation, which is now inside of me, so what you and the world are really showing is that you are all part of me, see? Later I was told that the world leaders hoped that I would be noticing this, and this is a sign to the world that we have now reached the very end before the opening of our New World – from inside the Pyramid.

Lina X Factor 280314Lina wore this PYRAMID necklace as world leaders at the Nuclear Security Summit in the Hague, Netherlands, also did via their lapel badges symbolizing FAITH

Remee here told Henriette, the third finalist, that “every time the dream of a person comes true, the world expands, which is why I love seeing you and your dream coming true by standing here, I don’t know if your dream was to be in those newspapers and all of this …”, and again Remee was lead by the rocket man of my inner self because as everyone will know “newspaper” is a symbol of creation, and right now, when these words are written down, the world is expanding with all newspapers of other layers of life “coming true”, so this is what you were really speaking of, “my friend” – is that what you really are, Remee (?), and don’t you think that it is time for you too to unblock me and become friends with me on Facebook?

The next that happened here surprised me much, which was when the band Carpark North entered and Lucy were to sing a song together with them, and no, there isn’t anything wrong with these people other than the band itself has been a symbol of “the worst darkness” – the car parked in coldness of the north (i.e. life inside darkness) – which is also why the MEP Jens Rohde (part of this worst darkness of the EU, and meant to receive a high position of the dark world government) sung one of their hits on TV some years ago, and no, I have never really liked their music, which is one thing, but another thing is that this did NOT match Lucy at all, and I told my mother that this could be the sung that made Lucy lose the final – and when compared to what Anthony & Jasmin and also Henriette did afterwards singing brilliant songs with brilliant artists, there is no doubt that Lucy lost much here. And to my mother, this is the worst kind of music too (she hates everything upbeat), but when Lucy sung alone, it had a magical effect on her now liking it much more, and simply because of the brilliance of Lucy.

This made Remee say to Lucy here that “You simply enter this with upright forehead and open a completely new dimension of yourself, and yes, it is a big challenge because I think that what should not happen is for you to drown in this big pop hit so people will not bring you on to sing your winner song”, and this was another way of saying that I entered darkness with courage and the risk of drowning, i.e. being killed, this is what this was about.

The next song was one of the best of the evening – “super cool” indeed – and it was the Danish singer Christopher first singing his song “Crasy” and the followed by his hit “Told you so” together with Anthony & Jasmin, which my mother and I liked VERY much, and yes, this truly gave many points to Anthony & Jasmin on the cost of Lucy, and I told my mother that this could be the winner for Anthony & Jasmin, and also that there is a little Michael Jackson of this, or maybe Justin Timberlake for that matter, and yes, Anthony & Jasmin truly could become stars because they did not sing poorer than Christopher, they were equals in my mind.

And I loved seeing how Thomas was shaking his head loving this performance, and afterwards among others he told Christopher here that “you are under-dressed this evening – and I suppose that we also have to do some cleaning up”, and I was told that “cleaning up” here meant to clean up in this room that I have overtaken after Putin to restore life inside here.

It was followed by a great performance too by Medina, the greatest pop star of Denmark today, singing together with Henriette here.

After the break, the show continued here with a fine performance of previous contestants of the season singing John Farnharm’s “You’re the voice” including the lyrics “You’re the voice, try and understand it” and “This time, We know we all can stand together, With the power to be powerful, Believing, we can make it better”, and this is really what “the voice” is about, and it made Thomas say here that “for me personally to be part of this, it means and come with all of this love, which I am born with and pass it on – that you are alive together”, and I felt how he was thinking of “you’re the voice” the same way as I, which is about the spiritually voice speaking inside of us also helping to say (some of) the words that we speak, and LOVE is what Thomas very clearly shone this evening, which I liked much to see, and I actually received the title of the album “You and me both” by Yazoo – a true favourite album of mine – when I watched Thomas here, which is about the spiritual voice that you and me both have.

The three contestants were narrowed down to two, Anthony & Jasmin and Lucy, who were allowed to sing their “winning songs”, and first Anthony & Jasmin sang their “Do ya”, which they did so fine (but not as great as “Do ya” by ELO you know), and Thomas said here that they are ready and are a cornucopia and can go in so many directions, which is really what the Source is and can do,

And then it was time for Lucy to sing her winner song “The switch”, which to me was of a much higher quality than “Do ya”, and for some reason, no one has yet uploaded this video to YouTube, so you have to watch it here as long as it is on DR’s website, and as you can hear on the lyrics, this is truly an “inspired” song – written by Remee with Chief 1, Corey Chorus and Lucy – with the chorus “can we turn off the switch to get back to where once were, can we light up the dark in a different way this time”, and this is really about to “take back to the beginning”, and this is indeed what we can Lucy & Remee, which is to “light up the dark in a different way this time”, which means that we not only light up the dark, but remove the dark and keep the light only bringing eternal joy and happiness to all inside the Source of God/me, where we will UNITE, and yes, I really enjoyed listening to the song and found it beautiful, and to me this was a true winner song, which should have brought Lucy to win the final. LISTEN TO IT AND ENJOY IT AS MUCH AS I DID – This is about love and light of our New World – thank you very much Lucy, Remee & Co., I loved it very much 🙂 ♥.

X factor Unite 280314Lucy Mardou: “Can we turn off the switch to get back to where once were, can we light up the dark in a different way this time” and UNITE? – YES, WE CAN and we will and have done, which will be revealed to the world shortly 🙂 ♥

And Remee was very kind and again direct speaking the truth here about Lucy and the song, and he said that “to me this is deliverance and the reason why I have ever been sitting here; this just occurred last weekend where we drove from here after the rehearsals, there was another song that had crashed, and write the song in the car on the way from the X Factor studio to Vanløse (maybe 10 kilometres) and a song has never come to me this quickly, “earthlings” and “unite” came into it, suddenly it wrote itself and Chief recorded horns and strings and everything Monday, mixed it Monday evening and delivered the master Tuesday, and to me, this is the best I have ever done in music, and it has come through …, because you (Lucy) just have …, we haven’t been able to show it with any existing songs, but we can show it with this one, you (Lucy) truly have a future, you truly have a miraculous talent, and then you have a depth and genuineness, which is …, well I cannot put words on it, and it is all of your calmness, it isn’t because you try or pressure it through, it is because you are a true star, a true star”, and yes, you do understand where the song came from, Remee and that I am following you, and this is what makes the connection, this is what inspires you as never before, and I am happy that you did what you did and also for you to speak out the truth and your feelings as direct as you do, which I truly like seeing very much – very fine work, my friends, a rare and original song, and yes “impossible” to do in such a short time (?), and no, not if you decide to do it, this is how it is to work under pressure.

And Lucy said here about being part of X Factor that “it has been a journey out of this world”, and this is exactly what it has been, because we are actually now part of our New World, which just awaits to be revealed to you all, and yes, I like hearing the words of Lucy and to see her attitude of love and care to people and not “always me first” as it is for most others (“more or less”).

After this, the excitement about who the viewers voted on as the winner of X Factor 2014 was released, and yes, to me the score was 2 to 1 to Lucy, but still the viewers decided to vote on Anthony & Jasmin as winners, and yes, I believed this was wrong, Lucy was clearly meant to be the winner this year “if everything went as it should have”, but I do understand the choice of the public because Anthony & Jasmin were also very good and my and my mother’s second favourites, so CONGRATULATION to both of you and also and not least to Thomas Blachman as your mentor winning for the first time, and yes, I told my mother that I do believe that Thomas did a fine job with these two lifting them much up as artists and giving them fine songs to sing, which surprised me and made me happy to see was not only “ballads” as Thomas normally prefers – you did a fine job all of you, and yes, I love to see and listen to you too, Anthony & Jasmin, you are potentially true pop stars.

After the show, I saw that Remee had said that it was catastrophic that DR TV had decided to unite Lucy with Carpark North, which may be the reason why she did not win, and he would NEVER have done like this as her mentor, and I fully agree, this was my thought too, Lucy lost MUCH because of this and would have won much if she was given the right star to sing with, and what this is about is really DARKNESS of both DR TV (for being silent about me) and the judges (also for being silent about me and for living luxurious and selfish lives without supporting me/LTO as symbols of the poor world), so this is to show you and the world the effect of your own darkness, which was what held back the pure light and love of Lucy, this is what the “imperfection” was about – your WRONG decisions NOT to support me and live right.

But thank you to DR TV and everyone connected with the production for bringing my mother, John (who watched the shows too with us this year making my mother and I happy) and I many good hours of fine TV :-).

I took the little train home, and was again so tired that I did not believe that I would make it uphill the path called “the end of the world”, which I have walked so many times feeling incredible poorly, and all the way home, and I was thinking of simply breaking down here, but then again, this wouldn’t be good, so the only right thing would be to walk home, which I then did, and yes, would I be able to make it home before giving in to diarrhoea coming, and yes, I just made it today, and no, this is not a nice feeling at all.

But the spaceship of everything was more visible to me on the sky, and I was told “Speedy Gonzalez”, which is because of the amount of work that I did today, and no, I didn’t take a nap, which I didn’t believe that I would be able to do without, but I decided to work “despite of”.

You don’t enter and now leave this house, and I have been told how “unlikely” it has been what I have been doing for weeks now and also here, and yes, I have also been told again and again and again that “this is exceptional ….”, and this is for not falling off the horse but continue doing the last shopping bringing in the Source the same way as everything else.

I was reminded of how I sometimes have difficulties breathing and have to snap for air, but it only comes shortly and leaves again.

I was shown light shining down from my new self, and I received a v-mark as “ticked off”, which is about passing work again today. This is how it is to leave the fight with Putin.

I was shown and told that we keep on playing the golden saxophone, which is about bringing in more cells of the Source.

Has Putin blown up the bubble (of the Source) for me (?), yes.

Again, I received “No ordinary love” by Sade and here the lyrics “didn’t I give you all that I’ve got to give – this is no ordinary love”, and this is truly no ordinary but an exceptional performer and amazing music.

How do we make your voices match Putin etc. (?), and yes, it depends on what is transferred to me from my mother via my sister, which also directs the madness of Putin because everything is connected in a cycle.

Can we afford a new duvet (creation) (?), and I hardly dare to ask and I feel my mother asking this, and this is because of new tools now available via the Source, and this is because your mother can see that you “feel well”, and this is the impression at least that I gave her this evening when I felt incredible rotten.

When I went to bed, the dark presence of the hallway again came to me, but I am not as strong today as yesterday, which is because of the impact of my work.

I was shown “parking” connected to Mother Theresa turning her back to me and leaving me while a cross with a black lady in front of it is sent with much power towards me, and the cross is about death to me, and who is this black lady?

I was told something about the Jumbo (MH370) reaching USA with lots of space for airplanes, and “explanation follows”.

I dreamt about being manager of GE Insurance, which is now being closed completely down, and I go through one office after the other deciding to throw out all old work and files except from the ledger, and Steen is there, and I am surprised that Jørgen comes too, and he is not that willing to clean up his office but wants to keep all of his old files/work. Afterwards we were going to bring in people as an opera choir at a room of GE Capital Bank, which I have designed, but I discover that it is not big enough to include all, and I am also surprised that neither GE Insurance in London nor GE Capital Bank have offered me a new job. My old colleagues go to the supermarket finding fine wine reduced to approx. 1/3 of the normal price with one named “Jesus”, and we are offered many cakes, and I managed to eat five, and again, this is about the very end of the dark Old World and getting access to all wine/creations inside of the Source using less and less energy to do so because there is no negative energy inside of here.

I woke up with the same disgust as often before, which is about receiving sufferings and having no support from people, but still having to fight negative reluctance of people.

You are now close to being able to choose the colour of your bed yourself.

It was good that you visited Karin in Netherlands (in 2006), this was the most important of all of your travels, because it is from here that we pull out the fish/bird as I am shown.

I noticed how Michael Sadler was playing a game via Facebook, which announced that he has now received a “gold fish achievement”, and yes, the gold fish is symbolising me, you know.

Sadler gold fish

Have we started doing a new main paper (?), yes, because we now have all ingredients to do it, and that is the final creation.

I continued receiving several out of this world pains to my right ankle.

I was told that when Karen started working for Gentofte Hospital (around 2004, I believe), you were already out of her mind, and it was only because I kept on contacting her for the next 10 years that I became part of her on-going mind.

I have been given the name of the ancient Greek city “Ephesus” – now in Turkey – some times now.

Putin asks why do you have to go through here, which is because this is the only road in.

So it is first now that we bring forward the choice of your mother, i.e. our new creation, to choose colour freely, i.e. which “clothes” to wear, i.e. which form of creation that this creation wants to be, which can be our own new form or any other form created by “almost an infinity of layers of life before us”.

Yes, you were meant to fall in the abyss – a long fall out into nothing as I remember receiving feelings of as a boy – and for pee to destroy your mother, i.e. the world, before we would bring our new creation out from the Source.

I was told about Kristoffer and how great it is that he is now also participating in creation being exposed to my Facebook posts.

So now you are the radio store yourself transmitting ”spiritual communication” even though you don’t exist, and yes, we are playing that we do and that we use this old instrument of yours.

Does it require courage to declare Stig “crazy” as Alex did after having received a memo and being explained the content “completely normal” by Stig self (?), and yes, this was his task but he had to do it on basis on his professional belief (= “brainwash”) that this is what I was.

It only required a very little match, i.e. mistake/wrong behaviour, to burn this we are going through now.

I was told a couple of times that my old colleague, Steen, from GE Insurance was meant to gossip about me (“him the fat guy”) after meeting him and “no, Stig is not un-normal”, which was part of the game.

I worked all morning at home on my script and went to the library in the afternoon to write most of the X Factor chapter of yesterday, and I was on my very edge of working feeling strong disgust, and I met Leif again and when he saw Thomas Blachman on my screen, he said that he had to come out from Auswitch or received chemotherapy, and yes, what an incredible (lack of) humour.

I felt Karen inside of me – the feeling was that now we have united and become one because I have entered the Source – and it was so strong that I wondered if she is given the same feeling about me.

You really couldn’t enter Putin’s area at all because they had top security, but we know, this was only a SECURITY OF ILLUSSION of course.

You have reached so far that there is not four back chain in here anymore.

No, your mother hasn’t asked for new creation yet, she has received an overview of what is.

No, he is also not going to change his bicycle, and yes, we have tested to be free from the speech of the radio a couple of hours – where I received no information – which really is part of my sufferings, and it is this radio that also made your mother furious (for what I wrote about Sanna and the family).

Does this mean that you have entered and been enrolled as one of us (?), which Putin “could not” – and this is instead of us “terminating” and becoming part of your right leg.

And we wouldn’t dream about hurting you here.

How many believed that I was speaking to myself (?) – and not receiving spiritual communication – and this is why it was important for my mother to see “the spirit” working inside of me in 2006 via my eyelids opening and closing for so long and often that she could see that I did not do this myself, and if we had not done this, she would have believed that I was speaking to myself.

We are not coming from the hall now (part of the original rocket used for creation) but from the balcony. So we have not changed the bicycle, the black bicycle is now coming from the balcony in stead – and this was after I had allowed “the play” to continue, and I was told that this is the first time ever that the Source directly is acting as darkness, and this is to use the “old fashioned way” of my mother/the world for the force of the Source to enter, and you can only do this when stepping hard on the stamp bringing it to the bottom.

I felt Jan Gintberg some times during the evening, and yes, Jan I also saw the first of your new programs “on the edge” and this time you visited the Danish National Church, and yes, I like your humour in these shows, and I have no special comments to give you now other than this church will not be existing in our New World, and this is also about his famous “speech to the nation” as a symbol of my first appearance speaking to our New World.

It means that everything of the original content of the rocket that was shot out from the Source to bring creation has now returned and is inside of me, so now it is “just” the last part of the HUGE ship of the Source that we are bringing in this way.

I received the feeling from the Source to thank the Universe to bring me/us here and that is because it was the Universe planning to bring us out and return to the Source.

And this is the ship of the Source that we brought on right keel after it sunk when man killed Jesus.

I watched Sade’s 2011 concert “Bring me home” on Swedish TV this evening, and it gave me the same INCREDIBLE deep feelings as when I watched SAGA in concert in 2012, which goes directly in to my soul so strongly that it “almost hurts”, and I feel how it brings me the strongest contact to the Source self and the feeling of beauty is so strong that it almost made me cry, and yes, I loved the “a little more raw” live sound than on the records, and this band is one of the few almost sounding better live than on record, and I was thinking that if this concert can bring me such incredible deep feelings, I wonder what seeing Sade live would bring, and she sings about love and it made me think about being together with Karen and finally receiving and feeling LOVE as I have NEVER felt before in my life, which I miss incredible, and who is better to express love than Sade both in her singing and personality (?), and yes, Sade and the band send out the strongest love and an incredible feeling of music, that just has “the rhythm” you know, and yes, Sade is still divinely beautiful, and why not play the INCREDIBLE BEAUTIFUL song PEARLS, which is a symbol of Karen to me, and also to say that we will all receive a much better life including eternal joy and happiness, which also includes this “woman from Somalia” that Sade sings about, and this is when THE SUN will rise as you can see from the beginning of the song here, and yes this is what BEAUTY is about, you will know when you will see our “new sun” – and this is coming to me because I have entered “THE SUN containing all cells that make up the Source and bring force to all life”, this is what it is about :-).

It makes me happy to know more and more about creation – where do we come from – and to know that everything is built on love, which makes it easier for me to accept going through still incredible strong sufferings.

I was shown the elevator at my sister’s work – which “decided” to drive up and down by itself when my mother and I visited her in the summer of 2013 – and I was told that she didn’t know that my visit at her work would infect the entire system and to remove her.

So it is now payday yet, no, it means that I still have to suffer without energy and also to continue saving money at next payday and send money to LTO despite their poor communication, which could have removed the carpet underneath them – and myself and the world.

No, we don’t get two chances doing this meaning that I have to be disciplined when it comes to “Internet behaviour” and still to work my best and exercise when I can, and right now I don’t know if I can continue for another month, the last days have been VERY tough where I have passed mountains I should normally not be able to pass, and yes, my main motivation to continue doing this is to save my mother and the world from sufferings, and no, I don’t want anyone to hurt my mother, therefore. And the truth is that I am so incredible empty/tired/exhausted that this alone could make me scream if I decided not to be strong.

Yes, it was a conscious close call for you almost not entering here, which was to bring everything. I received the feeling of beer, and no, this is not how we normally enter (normally, in previous creations, it has been through “the end” and “a new beginning” – the old creation should not be able to be alive at this point).

And no, I will not start becoming weak asking this voice to bring me sympathy for my sufferings, which both would be wrong when playing against darkness and this is also how my father reacted when he was sick, which I did NOT like – BE STRONG!

I was told that my old friend Henning W. has fought about enrolling me as part of “the elite” – and not the group to be terminated.

We are now for the first time ever inside the ship, and I am shown myself walking at long hallways, where I am offered sex – no thank you.

So it is now the spaceship of everything outside now transferring everything to you, i.e. becoming you – and not Putin. This is what Sanna opened for at Machu Picchu, and I felt a traditional Inca woman all around me.

I watched the last part of Real Madrid playing against Rayo Vallecano this evening, and I was given the name of Zidane – before one of the best football players in the world and now assistant coach of Real Madrid – and I was given his name in a mix of Danish/English as “Sig Dane”, which means “say Dane”, and this Dane is me, which was to tell me that Zidane knows about me too, and I was shown a sheik in relation to Ronaldo, and the feeling of “secret money”, and I saw her incredible selfish Ronaldo was in his game trying to score himself in “impossible” situations where one or more of his team players were completely free, which the Danish commentator also disliked very much, and then again I was told about Zidane, and a few seconds thereafter Alvaro Morata scored a beautiful goal to 5 to 0, which made the Danish commentator compare this to what Zidane could have done, this was the connection, so will you “say Dane” as you “say cheese” and that is to smile all over your faces, Zidane, Ronaldo & Co. and that is because I also love seeing you play football, which is some of the very finest of the world, and I like your new style with Ancelotti much better than your old style with Mourinho, you are “just” a symbol of darkness to me where Barcelona is a symbol of light, which you do understand, right?

So you are now puppeteer for the first time, i.e. being all life inside the Source, and you and we are only held up by creation self, and I am shown myself on a rostrum made by meringue, which you know is made from the whites of egg (where we as the Source are the yolk of the egg).

My sister decided to use some of the Saturday today to open 5-6 of my recent websites to see what I have written about her – she had searched for “Stig Dragholm 2014 – Sanna” (!), and no, it is still not the big picture that interest you, Sanna, but what I write about you (?), and yes, I do believe that I have been mostly “positive” writing about you for a long time, and “positive” in the sense that I only write what I experience, which is really “objective” and then you decide the content depending on your actions.

Sanna search

Yes, this was one of those “impossible” scripts to write and publish, but I did it.

FB 300314 Stig 3

FB 300314 Stig 4

FB 300314 Stig 5


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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