April 2014 – II: The MP Bertel Haarder is one of the Masters of the Source that brought “the rocket” of our creation and our future “colour of life”



  • April 3: The MP Bertel Haarder is one of the Masters of the Source that brought “the rocket” of our creation and our future “colour of life”.
    • I have now almost reached the bottom of the basement of God via negative reactions of the SAGA Facebook group branding me “a fool”. I am now becoming a diamond (including all of the Source) and I was shown my new self leaning forwards and back in a chair now half a diamond.
    • St. Peters Basilica was involved in both plans of darkness and light installed inside of me, and the question was only if I would be strong enough to follow the plan of light without being overtaken by darkness.
    • I had the power of the Source to decide on everything (to do “right” to save us or “wrong” to destruct us) and Karen included the Source inside of her acting as darkness, this is how the Source was shared between you. And Sanna was decisive of whether or not Karen and the world would understand, which was “impossible” because she was “deaf” knowing better herself, which should have brought “the end of the world”, which we however avoided when I did not give in.
    • I went to a lecture of the MP Bertel Haarder about education via Folk High Schools and free associations – ““education is to make the eyes see what they could not see, and the ears to hear what they could not hear” – and I was told that he was part of the setup that was supposed to con you, and his visit was to help turning around more of the Source. I spoke shortly with him about “limits of politics” and not only removing totalitarian regimes, but politicians like himself to bring true democracy to people, and he didn’t say, but I was given symbols and told that Bertel very well knows about me as “the voice” because he has access to the “great white book” of the Source about me (and “live tv” too, which has now closed), which includes EVERTHING about me, and also my “energy barometer” (to equalise negative energy of the Old World). Bertel brought me darkness of the Danish Parliament and the last part of the world community. At the end of the lecture, I was told that that the light of the masters is now united above us. Only Masters self have access to this great white book, whom Bertel is one of, and they are born with “special signs” including the ability to create life. He uses his political work as cover for the New World that he knows is coming, and he believed that he and the world would have to die first and that it was impossible for me to walk through his gate because he is higher up than the world, which I now do on my way to the top of the Source and this means that I am now opening to Bertel and these masters too. Bertel is one of the masters adjusting the colours of layers of life brought to our New World by the Source to freely choose form of life. Bertel was part of the rocket of the Source bringing tools for the creation of our New World. We are all the way out in the yard of the House of Angels with Bertel, i.e. Bertel is an angel of God. The sharing of this story via me, Bertel and the media will remove a strait jacket from me to open for “Eldorado”.


April 2014 – II: The MP Bertel Haarder is one of the Masters of the Source that brought “the rocket” of our creation and our future “colour of life”

April 3: The MP Bertel Haarder is one of the Masters of the Source that brought “the rocket” of our creation and our future “colour of life”

FB 030414 Stig 1

FB 030414 Stig 2

I dreamt about being on a passenger ship and part of reality TV. I am tempted by a very attractive woman, and someone shoots against me. This is really Danske Bank, and I am waiting to receive a new tooth. Later I saw the longest queues ever at the supermarket, which is still about bringing the Source in.

I was sad to see that the negativity of the SAGA Facebook groups continued against me, see here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/77703339709/permalink/10152287662654710/.

Let us give you another song this morning then, ”money talks”, which seems to be the key point of interest to Michael and the band, and I received the lyrics “we all know that money talks and we will do exactly what it says”, and despite of this darkness of Michael, this is one of their many great songs.

I was told that you have now almost reached the bottom of this and this is the bottom of the basement of God via negative reactions of the SAGA Facebook group, and despite of my disgust, I have decided to be stronger than this group and their negative comments thus deciding to receive the last word – to influence people positively.

I was told about receiving a hug, and this is the kiss of Karen, and we could really call it the kiss of life because she decided to bring the Source from inside of her own darkness to my light by accepting me – despite of all.

I received a LOUD sound to my balcony and was told that there is no knot here, but direct access, and this comes after I was about to send my email to Per Tærsbøl, the greatest “City King”/Mayor ever of Helsingør, because of his 40th jubilee in Helsingør City Council, which you can read from https://www.facebook.com/stig.dragholm/posts/10202211928762906 where I posted it for all to read, and besides from congratulating him, I also told him that politics is a “system of Hell”, which will be closed down with the opening of our New World, and also that I would like just to enter his reception today saying “hi” to all, but I cannot because of silence/rejection of both civil servants, politicians and the media, and I encouraged him to tell me why I am so unpopular in the city after just having done everyone good via my work, and no, I received absolutely no feedback on this today from anyone, but maybe some of you decided to speak about me behind my back again without inviting me inside? (In the email I write that I moved to Copenhagen in 1986, which is an error, it was really first in 1988 as I was reminded about afterwards).

Stig til Per 1

Stig til Per 2

Stig til Per 3

I was encouraged also to forward this email to Bjarne, the director, and I was told that he – and Alex Kørner from Hillerød Psychiatric Hospital – have thrown out their “secret files” on me, and I wrote these words to him also asking him when he will decide to accept me as his friend and to invite me on coffee maybe as the first.

Stig til Bjarne 010414

I went to the library after lunch, where I decided to share this story https://www.facebook.com/stig.dragholm/posts/10202212579579176 about the MP Bertel Haarder and his book from 1990 “Limits to politics”, where he speaks of “the less politics, the more democracy, the less rules, the more democracy” and about liberating the people not only from totalitarian regimes but also “from ourselves”, and I used this to say that there will be NO politicians of our New World making Bertel and his colleagues unemployed, thus following his “vision”, and I did this because I will go to a public lecture with Bertel in Helsingør Cathedral tomorrow afternoon, and this was also to “warn” him of my coming, and no, my mother and John didn’t like to go, I asked them.

FB 010414 Stig om Bertel 1

FB 010414 Stig om Bertel 2

And while I was at it, I also decided to bring my comment to the story about the next Bilderberg Group meeting, which will be hold in Copenhagen in May, among other places in Jyllands-Posten and also this thread of BT https://www.facebook.com/ditbt/posts/10151969338951078, and I told them that this is the true story of this group working with the dark New World Order because of darkness of man simply because this is what the Source returns to man – what man brings – and no, neither the newspapers or “crazy people” at conspiracy pages decided to pay attention to my post because they know better themselves or are too lazy to read and understand, which is the normal condition here.

Jeg skrev følgende på Jyllands-Postens side:

Jeg havde ikke planlagt at skrive dette, men her kom det alligevel – tør JyllandsPosten skrive om det, eller er I stadig nogle tøsedrenge, som I besluttede jer for at blive efter de “inspirerede” Muhammad-tegninger?

Dette er den sande historie om Bilderberg Gruppen, dens virke og baggrund, som kort fortalt skyldes menneskehedens mørke/synder og det universelle princip om, at Gud returnerer til mennesket, hvad mennesket selv bringer samt et dybere ønske fra Universet/Jordens ledelse om at gå igennem dette uundgåelige mørke for på at nå lyset/Gud selv på den anden side som grundlag for menneskets overlevelse og skabelsen af vores Ny Verden, som nu er blevet realiseret og blot afventer at blive åbenbaret for alle i år.

Er du i stand til at læse og forstå denne sandhed, eller vil du hellere bruge unødvendig energi på at udtænke dine egne ”holdninger” baseret på gætteri, negative følelser og frygt for det ukendte, og at dele denne ”viden” med andre, så du i virkeligheden vildleder i stedet for at vejlede alle?

Sandheden er, at der i virkeligheden intet er at frygte, og at Universets/Jordens øverste ledelse selv skabte Bilderberg Gruppen og dens mørke verdensorden, som du kan læse om, forstå og også blive bange for (!) på min side bedre end noget sted – hvis du altså ”gider”?

Et KORT uddrag:

Lack of faith of man required the Universe to create this dark NWO and bring “the end” with the underlying plan to save all, create our New World and return home to God

The Bilderberg Group wanted to control money and man via extermination/ enslavement and One World Government/currency/set of values”


I also received a reply from my dentist to my email to the Commune reminding them about my application for them to pay my dentist bill, and they said that an employee there had called them asking to receive a copy of the bill, which only tells me that the copy I gave the Commune 1½ months ago was “lost” in a pile somewhere there, and no, this is NOT good service, my friends, but now something may happen.

I was shown St. Peters Basilica and was told that they were involved in both plans of darkness and light installed inside of me, and the question was only if I would be strong enough to follow the plan of light without being overtaken by darkness.

Two women sat next to me at the library gossiping about just how unbearable their ex-husbands are, and it seemed as if there were no limits and nothing positive to say about them, and I wonder how much is truth and how much was their “negative imagination/feelings”, and it truly disgusted me to have to listen to this behaviour, which I would NEVER myself do as I am sure you understand, right?

I was so tired this afternoon that I felt strongly like giving up on all work and wondered if I can continue at all, and I decided to work on the library this afternoon and to collect my bicycle from repair, which should give me time tomorrow afternoon to start working on the story of my sufferings given to me from my own family, friends etc. – unless something unexpected will happen.

I was given the word “morbid”, which was divided in two as “mor” (“mother” in Danish) and “bid” (“bite” in Danish), and I was told that this is about catching the fish of my new self, which is the connection between creation and the Source when creation connected to my new self as the Source of life.

You had the power of the Source to decide and Karen included the Source inside of her acting as darkness, this is how the Source was shared between you.

And Sanna was decisive of whether or not the world would understand, which was “impossible” because my sister was “deaf” knowing better herself, and this is why we had expected an honourable second place because it would be “impossible” to make your sister understand you.

And it was Sanna who was decisive that Karen also “could not” listen to and understand me.

This is also where the Knight Templars, i.e. man, have entered, and that is inside the Source because I have brought life with me.

I was happy receiving these kind emails from David and Meshack, and especially Meshack has decided that he will “not fall down into a hole” again stopping communication, because this is really our lifeline, my friends, and this is what Elijah and in periods also John neglected to do, which was “life dangerous”. Thank you for sending these kind emails, where I can see the good sides in you again.

Dear Stig,

Thanks so much for the cash support. I will send you the business proposal concept and more update tomorrow.

Kind regards.



Hope you are okay and doing good. I am too with my family. Today it was a very difficult day for Kenyans as Public transport was parlalysed to to strike. I managed to go to town using a motorbike to have the cash.

I got a total of 25980 shillings and sent to the team members and we talked over the phone and they are doing well. Thanks alot on behalf of other team members and may God bless.

I will keep in touch and not get lost again.


I have MANY times – in periods – received the name ”Sander”, which I do believe is about Per S. from Espergærde from the time when I was a teenager and we were both morning newspaper boys, and we were not close friends at all, but we spoke well together, and I was told here that he is an “invisible helper”.

This evening, the three new lights over Helsingborg North switched on for the first time as the first lights switching on, and they are placed in line and as if they are placed on the very top of the tree-line, which is above all other lights there, and they continued being switched on for the next 2-2½ hours before they were switched off.

I received the feeling of the “pure soul” of Per Tærsbøl coming to me in the evening with “curiosity”, which is Per’s feeling in relation to my email to him, and I also felt Johannes, and I was told that “it is me (Per) being the true city king, and not Johannes”, and yes, Per used to be a mayor 16 years before Johannes took over four years ago, and now Benedikte has take over from Johannes.

I was told that I received no reactions from the city leaders because they are also “not allowed” to doing this.

I spoke to my mother who told me that a man called “Mr. Sundpark” that John was playing billiard with has suddenly died from heart failure, which came the day after they saw him at the Helsingør Exhibition, and I was told that this was to absorb “the worst darkness” too and that is because “it has to be perfect”.

I was shown a huge and incredible heavy elephant trying to back out from a wardrobe, which is far too tight, and it makes the wardrobe about to fall down constantly, and I stand next to it trying to protect the wardrobe, and it is only with my outermost will that I make sure that it doesn’t fall, and yes, the elephant is the Source and the wardrobe is creation, and several times, the wardrobe was truly about to fall down.

The spaceship of everything flew outside my window, and I was told that I cannot at all take pictures of you now – monitor you/everything – because of your decision to stop this.

I received the feeling of Nelson Mandela, and I was told that I, i.e. he, knew about Barry Gibb, but I did nothing.

I watched the Champions League match between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, and even though Barcelona clearly played best, Atletico had the most amazing defence, and at one point, I was given the feeling of SAGA and some of their songs, and two seconds thereafter, Atletico did a “Judgment Day goal” as the Danish commentators named it, and this was because of darkness of Michael Sadler, who still lives as darkness focusing on sex (infidelity) and money.

Around 65 minutes, I was told that we will strike in the extra time to show that you don’t give up against this darkness, but I didn’t have to wait that long because only a few minutes later, Barcelona equalised with a beautiful goal too, and for the next minutes Barcelona played “God football” and the Danish commentator said that “Iniesta is on another planet right now, it is amazing what he does”, and this “another planet” was a reference to where Matthew claims that the MH370 airplane is, which is really a reference to my new self at the Source because this is where it is. I received a LOUD noise to my shelves together with the feeling of darkness of it, and I was told that otherwise we would not be able to come out from here.

In the 3 minutes extra time, the Danish commentator said about Barcelona that “if they can get their scoring now, it will tip over everything on the head to their advantage”, and I was waiting for things to be settled here, but nothing happened, and I was given the feeling of darkness of Helsingborg, and this is why I was told a lie.

Well, we have placed a snow man in Helsingborg, and I was shown a World War I fighter flying very low, which is about the worst darkness ever, and this is also why the Swedish football supporter was killed there the other day.

I continued receiving the taste of the best white bread during the evening, which is also a symbol of the Source.

You are now becoming a diamond (including all of the Source) and I was shown my new self leaning forwards and back in a chair now half a diamond.

I was shown the Pyramid necklace of Lina from X Factor, and I was shown Queen Elisabeth hanging a peal necklace (symbolising Karen/the Source) over my neck, and I felt that this is because of Elisabeth’s happiness seeing this is my script the other day.

I received the beautiful “Sandy” from the Grease soundtrack by John Travolta and the lyrics “Stranded at the drive in, branded a fool, what will they say, Monday at school”, which is about what I am (or was) labelled as by many, for example right now among the SAGA community, and yes, John & Olivia, Grease is also an important soundtrack of my life, I love it and your characters – and you should really have sung more songs, John, you have a wonderful voice :-). And this is also a love song of mine for Karen really because “our two worlds will be one, in Heaven forever and ever we will be”.

Earlier today I was encouraged to listen to the live “debate” at the Danish Parliament, but when I switched on and heard that they are still FIGHTING about the Danish “Children cheque” – and do what they can to discriminate other people than Danish (removing or reducing this cheque) working and paying taxes in Denmark to “protect the welfare system” – I had enough and switched off, is this really the best you can use your time for, which is bureaucracy and NONE-PRODUCTIVE – and later in the day on the news, I understood why I was encouraged to see this because a spectator had decided to break out in opera singing “I will give you a million”, which was his protest against how they speak in the Parliament as you can see here http://www.b.dk/politiko/derfor-sang-den-maskerede-mand-i-folketinget, and yes, I don’t know the details about this children cheque, but it is interesting to see from outside how Denmark is obliged to follow EU law, and how all parties except from the Government want to break this law, which eventually could lead to the fall of the government and Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and yes because of everyone doing what is wrong, and yes, in this case (on contrary to the Crimea case, where it was “fundamental”), I do believe that you should follow the EU law and if you disagree, you should work to change the law – and in our New World, you will have no such law and crazy rules/bureaucracy to worry about, and yes, this is of course also “planted” to show you how darkness has tried to bring down the Danish Prime Minister, who is essential to me/us, and who else than Lars Løkke leading this attack (?), and yes, he is the Devil in disguise as you understand, therefore.

I watched Natholdet on TV2 and saw how the host Anders Breinholdt received an apple and liquorice powder as a gift – symbolising the Source and darkness – and he poured powder on the apple and started eating it, and did he speak of “drugs rape” (?), and this led me to the story that Helena shared, which is that she had had much to drink and had gone to a room to sleep without knowing that a man had followed her, and she awoke when he did sexual advances to her, which she of course disliked as much as she could, and for the second time I am now told that this is a symbol of how darkness feels like because of my entrance, which is that it is being raped by me, and I had decided not to bring this, but I was asked directly to do it, which happens very rarely, so this is why.

FB 300314 Helena

FB 300314 Helena 2

FB 300314 Helena 3

I dreamt something about pigs, and a wolf eating of creating, a code to Søren’s secret weather, and Kim S. and I are in New York. Danske Bank is serving the most delicious pan cakes. Niklas Bendtner is quickly losing status as professional football player, and is now selling all kind of things including paper to Irma supermarket, and Susan Boyle is there too. There is overtime work at Danske Bank, Espergærde, and we receive fine espresso coffee and parma ham. And there was a showdown the other day between the Faroe Islands and Vorupbør. I woke up to Elton John singing “shine a light”.

I have been shown my old friend Britt several times, and I was here told that without her there would be no landing (of the ship of the Source).

Do you think that your son will become an even better chairman of the board than you (?), yes, I am positive.

“The worst” is that you stopped nuclear war of the world, which the world would have had to bring if you hadn’t stopped them by continuing your journey.

I felt “ingoing darkness” and “outgoing light” with the last calling the first for “counterfeiter”, which is from where I would be given lies to my script had I decided to follow the road of darkness via wrong Internet behaviour.

Again, I worked at home during the morning, and went to the library after lunch to truly start writing this new chapter on my sufferings caused by others – despite of having the usual disgust before starting a work (but MANY notes as usual) – and I was told that we are going to use this to open the sour lemon (of family, friends etc.)

I felt Bertel Haarder during the afternoon as darkness and he is nervous to come because of me, and I was told that he was one of them who did not believe in me first, but now you do, Bertel (?), and yes, what a “destiny” for you to be “associated” with me inspiring me to remove all politics?

The character “Bent van Helsingør” from Crazy Christmas Cabaret brought this post on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/drvanhelsingor/posts/10203664473632019, which I shared here https://www.facebook.com/stig.dragholm/posts/10202219774199037 and wrote about how the actress Vivienne McKee was inspired to create this character because of me, and also that The Julekalender was created with the same inspiration, i.e. my mixed Danish/English notes for my scripts after having written 12,000 pages since 2009.

FB 020414 Stig om Bent 1

FB 020414 Stig om Bent 2

I continued progress of the work on “my sufferings because of family, friends etc.”, and can it be that your father and mother both understood some of what you wrote about them and how you received your sufferings, which took away the worst part of darkness making them behave “nicer” to you (?), is this part of the plan/key too to bring you here, yes, you bet.

This is also how your mother took on her shirt, this was the only road leading there, and yes “some understanding”.

Your mother cannot understand that you haven’t stopped writing – as I told her that I did in November – and that you are still busy.

It was right there when we drilled the hole to Putin that the world kept its breath fearing the worst, what would Putin do (?), – nothing, which we had made sure.

I was told that Remee was also hit by the ban to communicate with me, otherwise he would have apologized to me for blocking me on Facebook.

Wait a minute, you cannot enter this much darkness via Bertel Haarder, can you?

Ohhh, was he part of the setup that was supposed to con you, and also that “Stig is not the one”, thus voting against you?

All of this is to turn around the Source even more.

Manson, is he coming as a Sheriff shooting a star into your heart?

I went to Helsingør Cathedral a little before 17.00 where the meeting with Bertel Haarder – MP of the Danish Parliament and former nine-time Minister – was to be hold, and we started in a separate room having sandwiches and wine, and I was told that it is “the mummy” that you are in the eyes of the world including in the eyes of Bertel, which is my new self awaiting to awake, and I was told this when Bertel arrived together with the dean Steffen Jørgensen, and they stood less than one metre away from me without Bertel saying hello.

After a few minutes, I was on my way out and into the church, which Bertel was too, and I took the chance to present myself and tell him about my post to his Facebook profile yesterday, which he did not say if he had seen, but when I told him that he had inspired me much in the 1980’s and also that his book “Limits to politics” had inspired me much, he said himself that this was in 1990 and he also mentioned “totalitarian regimes”, which were words including in my Facebook post, so I took this as a sign that he had seen my post and these are the words that first came into his mind, and I smiled when I told him that it is not only about saving people from totalitarian regimes, but also from politics in general to bring true democracy to people and I was encouraged to give him a clap on his shoulder as if he is an old friend of mine, and he smiled and reflected “yes, people like me”, and yes, Bertel, you are totally right :-).

And I told him how he and Uffe Ellemann had inspired me in the 1980’s to become member of Venstre, the Liberal Party, and to establish the local youth branch of the party in Helsingør together with Søren Pind, and I asked Bertel to give Søren my greetings and “he may remember” me, and I was surprised that Bertel asked me for my full name – isn’t Stig enough as I had presented myself (?) – so I gave him my full name, and Bertel said that he would pass this on to Søren, “who sits right next to me” (in the Parliament), and at this stage, I wondered if Bertel truly knew about me, and if he did, he didn’t show any signs of it. I told him that I looked forward to hearing his lecture, and he thanked me for telling him about how he was an inspiration to me, which was nice of him to do.

Bertel spoke about general education via folk high schools, free associations etc. founded/inspired by Grundtvig and Holberg, and for example how South Korean and Japanese Universities have been inspired by the Danish general education as their ideological foundation, which is “the best in the world” according to Bertel, and I was thinking that Grundtvig, who was a VERY inspired man also being the ideological father of Folk High School’s, was born in Denmark to bring this message to the world, which is that I do like the idea of general education of people above the age of 18 to take place at free Folk High School’s as one of more means, and I do like the idea about people working voluntarily for any kind of association that they are interested in (sport, culture, etc.).

At one stage, I felt Elijah coming to me clearly, which was when Bertel spoke about Jesus’ disciples as heathens.

Another place Bertel spoke about a “sect being put down with pins”, which was inspired in relation to my recent words about my mother first believing that I was associated with a sect or wanted to establish one.

A lady next to me received a cough attack and had to leave the church momentarily, which was a sign about the darkness that Bertel brought, and as Margrethe Vestager, he brought all of the Danish Parliament with him to me.

He spoke the wise words that “education is to make the eyes see what they could not see, and the ears to hear what they could not hear”.

Eeeehhhh, can Bertel now also tell that “Stig is kind” to his surroundings?

The dean had asked Bertel to choose which hymn to sing, and Bertel chose the first, which was no. 709 of the Danish Hymn Book (by Grundtvig).

I was told that you did not receive pocket money, i.e. energy, from your mother to enter here.

Bertel also has access to your “energy barometer”.

He said in an inserted sentence that we have never done better than at the time when the Parliament passed less than ever, which he said “you really have to think about this”, which made people laugh (!), and these were the “few pithy words” about “limits of politics” that I had encouraged him to say, that he said.

He spoke about the play “Erasmus Montanus” by Holberg – about academic conceit – and “it is truly unimportant what they learn at Universities”, which is really my words – there is NO NEED to receive learning about things you will never use in reality (and “general education” above the age of 18 is your own free choice in your spare time) – and he spoke about “turning it around making farmers examine rectors to secure that they are not lost in unimportant learning”, and “turning around” is really the name of the game that you now directly are involved in, Bertel, and the egg is the crown that he helps putting on your head, and I received the feeling of my spiritual friends touching my hair.

Bertel spoke about how in the 1980’s visited Danish Folk High School’s together with the Prime Minister of Tanzania, and they compared the free high schools and the Danish Cooperative movement with the compulsory system “Ujamaa” of Tanzania, where people don’t own the production machinery but work together collectively, and they agreed that the difference between success and failure was “freedom” vs. “compulsory”, and yes, in our New World you will be FREE and show the best behaviour, work and communication coming naturally to you, and with this foundation you will make collective owned production machinery and co-operation work as the most natural thing in the world being motivated to create and to do your best work instead of “profit”, which will lose its importance (as a tool of darkness to destroy man!).

So it is through Bertal that you received access to the centre axis of everything as I am shown going through the centre of a delicious pizza.

Bertel spoke about a hymn of Lindeman, and a lady asked him to repeat the title of this several times – inspired to make me hear it too – and he said that it is “Ingen har guldtårer fældet” (“none have shed golden tears”), and Bertel said that it is about how can you cry about something you don’t know, and “gold is Christianity” as he said, and more precisely, gold is God/the Source, and to me this is about how my family, friends etc. were crying about me without knowing the gold inside of me.

After Bertel’s fine lecture, people asked questions, and I was thinking about asking him why the Danish Parliament – and he as former Education Minister – have never introduced to learn children in school about good behaviour, work and communication to learn people to choose “right” instead of “wrong” to help all receive a better life and work, and I could have done it, but I decided that I did not want to stand up knowing that I would be met with darkness making me nervous and giving me difficulties to speak, so now you know why I didn’t do this, Bertel, and I also thought that it was not necessary doing at this point, but yes, why didn’t you do “basics of life” helping man to do right and not wrong as the answer to all difficulties/problems of life and work today (?), and I do look forward to the answer, and was this deliberate because otherwise darkness would not expand as it had to do to bring us to the end and to the light on the other side?

He was given a question about hospitals – is it a good idea to connect them to the state and not to the local region (?) – and I was told that he was thinking “why do I have to interfere with this” (?), and yes, Bertel, you became part of the sickness of the system and not the solution, you became part of Hell self.

I was told that at the Smukfest Festival in 2008 HEAVY rain tried to prevent me from watching the Franz Ferdinand concert – I understood that our connection is important too – and this is what Bertel has access to read about too.

Is he then the one bringing the last part of the world community to you (?), yes.

I was told that Bertel is involved in work related to my writing on the front page of my website to churches etc. to sell their assets.

The dean is also proud for you to be here, don’t be wrong about this.

The lecture ended after 1½ hours, and on my way out the church, I was told that this means that the light of the masters is now united above us.

I was told that Bertel also can read about me and Vibeke, a beautiful class friend I had on Commercial school, whom I would have liked to know if I knew how to, so it is the great white book that Bertel has access to and brought here as special trusted.

There is only access here for the masters self, whom he is one of, and yes, he and the Parliament knows about this and also that you don’t know, and yes, they know all via this “great white book”, which has to be access to the Source self, which I understand that only “few privileged” have.

And he is interested in everything about when Christianity was introduced and everything about you.

I was given the names of Søren Frank and Tony Franke at the same time, which is about “wine” and “access to surveillance systems monitoring me”, and Bertel did not need access to these systems as a special chosen, and these masters are born with special signs (I was told “tegn”, i.e. “sign”, in Danish both as tegn=sign and also Tejn=city on Bornholm, to say that they are part of the Source).

These masters are also born with special cameras (to create life) if things went completely wrong with you.

He also knew that the world had to/were meant to bleed to bring you birth.

And we sent him as a dragon to the European Parliament (1994-2001), and yes, you sent him an email back then thinking that you would get a reply from Bertel but no, he “could not” because communication with you was banned.

He uses his political work as cover for the New World that he knows is coming, and I feel here that he understands – and agrees – my words about Lars Løkke (a bureaucrat prioritizing personal power and luxury) in my Facebook post to Bertel.

It is as if Bertel is hanging forward a coat hanger for you and your suit, and I was given a sound and vision of my kitchen hearing/seeing exactly this, and this is also because I miss being dressed well – wearing a suit and smart tie – and also to be eloquent as I sometimes/often am, but never know when I am and when darkness attacks me removing the float of my language.

And they have followed you when you sold insurance and spoke about tax deductions (as pension adviser), and about your shopping habits (they know in detail what I have bought), and Angela Merkel is one of these masters too, and I receive the feeling of her her.

Bertel never believed that he would meet you. They truly cannot believe that you are sitting there. Is it so that both you and they know that you can speak together without being able to speak about “you and everything”?

I received the feeling of SAGA and people having faith in me including SAGA self, and then I was shown the three lights over Helsingborg North being switched on again as the first, but this time, it only took minutes before they were switched off again and not switched on again during the evening.

It is “blood unjust” and I received the feeling of Italy and Berlusconi – because of being removed from power – and this is about leaders knowing about me, but still being unable to control their feelings and love of their positions and “la dolce vita”/the sweet life of the Devil including all of his temptations including power, money and sex, and I was told this at the exact moment when the second program of the Brothers Price new TV cooking program from Italy started, and this makes me say that they also profaned Virgin Mary in my view when they clearly showed their lack of faith and lack of respect of faith of others when they used a figure of her as part of the cooking, and this is mainly because of Adam Price, who you can clearly see is belonging to the majority of people having difficulties with personal values and behaviour, which I am sure that he and most people “cannot” understand, but his spoiled selfishness radiates from him (as it do to very many here), and NO, ADAM, I DO NOT LIKE THIS “FUN PART” THAT YOU DID, but if you had faith and good values, I don’t mind you using a figure of Virgin Mary as a funny tool when cooking, and you will understand this when you look at my Signs I page including pictures of Virgin Mary and Jesus found in food etc.

Eeehhh, is the information above on Bertel Haarder already now out with Jack (Armed Forces), and yes, via my notes on my telephone, which you still tap as part of your surveillance system, and yes, STOP IT – do you have difficulties understanding what I tell you and to follow me?

And Bertel knew that it was impossible for me to walk through his gate because he is higher up than the world, but you were wrong, Bertel, because my example shows that you can do what you decide to do.

It is impossible for you to come here, and you have no idea what this means to Bertel that you are now opening the road up there, which is to open to his new life.

If Bertel is fully updated on Sanna (?), yes.

It is all of us masters, who were supposed to “terminate” and be stored inside of your right foot (until faith of our New World eventually would open to this life), and I am given a mark to my right foot here.

And yes, I am missing to be received with a warm welcome of people and the enthusiasm that I know is out there – because I am told about this for example as inspired words in the work I did this afternoon to the coming chapter on “my sufferings caused by others”.

I received Whitney Houston’s “Love will save the day” and the lyrics “When you’re feeling down and out, and you’ve got troubles on your mind, love will save the day”, which is about the difficulties I am going through, which will eventually open up to ALL LOVE 🙂 ♥, and yes, thank you for being with me, Whitney, which is a feeling given to me from the balcony.

I received more comments from the SAGA community to my recent post, and was told by someone who knows “very well” from personal studies of “The Tibetan book of the dead” and other gurus “so I know a bit about spiritual communication” as he said, and yes it is “impossible” to receive songs as messages from God (!), and yes, he knows and is therefore “the proof” of darkness that I am crazy, and what he and many others should do here is really to forget about their own better-knowing but ignorant voice, and simply read and understand what I tell them, which some people have as I am told, and again the incredible primitive Juergen felt like degrading/ridiculing me, and this led to the thread self being deleted (!), but I was not deleted from the SAGA group itself.

SAGA 0104 0204-1

SAGA 0104 0204-2

SAGA post removed

So you received an incredible ducking by the SAGA group, and I was here given cough as if I was under water swallowing water making me drown.

Eeehhh, are all “original life” of opened cells of the Source also connected together as ONE LIFE (?), and yes, which is because I created life, so I understand that the answer is not either/or but both/and – we are both individual and united life.

I received the feeling of Bertel Haarder coming to me during the evening together with a big smack kiss, and this is because he is opening to Karen, who will be giving me this kiss of life, and this is also to say that this is also what the “smack kiss” of Lina of X Factor was about.

So Bertel had prepared to die.

It is not because we don’t want to enter, is it, and I was then given a new out of this world pain to my right ankle, and this came to me from the outermost of the remaining part of the Source from my balcony, and it was given to me when I watched Paris SG play against Chelsea, and in the very moment when Zlatan received a strain and had to leave the match.

Yes, this was all we got out of the SAGA community helping to turn us around, and we will see what more darkness we can find from here.

I was told that Bertel has also seen my Falck memo, and I was shown colour felt-tip pens in a case where they can be shoot forwards and backwards, and this is because Bertel is one of the masters adjusting the colours of layers of life brought to our New World to freely choose form of life. So Bertel is one of those that we use to bring out bacon, i.e. the Source.

Finally, in the injury time of the Paris SG vs. Chelsea match, the player PASTORE scored a brilliant goal settling the final score to 3 to 1 to Paris, and the Danish commentator said that “Pastore is a master scoring in a master league”, so you may understand that this was inspired because of my meeting today with the Master Bertel at the Helsingør Cathedral, which “Pastore” is a reference to, so this is also how he was inspired to score this masterly goal :-).

This brings me up to the parking place at Rungsted Station, next to Karen, which I am here shown, i.e. being “very close” to the top of the ship.

Yes, I (Bertel) was part of the rocket of the Source bringing tools for the creation of our New World.

I received “London Calling” by the Clash and was told that this also goes through Bertel. And I was given the introduction to Anastacia’s “Left outside alone” – I like her MUCH too, but I don’t believe that she is on any of my top lists – which is a fantastic song, which in my ears in the beginning includes a sampling of David Bowie’s “Never get old”, and this was about David Bowie being a symbol of the Source and about Bertel helping creation to “choose colour”, i.e. form of creation, which can change appearance completely.

I was shown hills everywhere – cells of the Source – with what looks like two metal strings bend over them dividing the hills into four parts.

It isn’t so that they have been following you on live TV – for example how close you came to Trine from Fair (to make love with her, which would have been “destructive”).

I was shown a white strawberry designed as beautiful as the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, and this is only one creation of all that you are.

Have we now reached the time where we are going to bring you out from your rigor mortis, i.e. to become my new self awakening Jesus from out of nothing.

I was shown a GIANT hall including cowboys and hay and long dinner tables feeling like cows with each table being a creation, and I was shown a running man throwing himself down right in front of me with his foot in front as if he was hitting the final station in baseball and coming home with all of these layers of life now perfect inside of here.

I was told that Michael Sadler is closely connected to Bertel Haarder, and this came after I have downloaded their DVD from their concert in Munich in November 2012 – shortly after I saw them October 31, 2012, in Copenhagen – which I was here enjoying to watch again, and I will upload this to the Internet Archive one of these days AFTER I have finished my work on “my sufferings caused by others”.

Crossword – we have now come exactly half of the road and the question is if we will show one or the other side of the Source.

It is now up to Bertel to gossip about you, and will this stand in Ekstra Bladet in a few days (?), and yes, bringing us up the road, this is how it works.

Then we can take this off, and I felt something like a strait jacket on my front being removed, “and then Eldorado”.

I received a very strong heartburn, and I was told that it is because of him Sadler. And still it is Michael who can bring all of my power (of the Source) to the world via his faith in me when no one else of the SAGA community apparently believes in me. It isn’t him who has photographed everything from the other side of darkness, is it?

Out there, your sister has not yet been activated. It is only you, who has brought us here, and we only did all of this (since October 31, 2012) because we used the old fashioned way.

So we are all the way out in the yard of the House of Angels with Bertel, i.e. Bertel is an angel of God.

I was surprised to see this evening that John’s daughter, Mette, had finally accepted me as Facebook friend, but she did not reply to my short Facebook email to her, which I sent together with my invitation (just saying that I hope she is doing well). And no, I have heard nothing from Bent Michael. And I also heard Birger, the gay man, on the library say his full name on the telephone, which made me find and invite him to become Facebook friends, and I was happy to see that he welcomed me with warmth and a smile :-).

And yes, this was another pretty long script because of strong darkness making it pretty difficult to write feeling disgusted when I started, which I had some difficulties getting over, but still did it working concentrated.

I still wonder how Jette even can dream about continuing to bring Google Earth pictures to her Facebook group LEAVING ME OUT, thus not commenting to make the world understand these pictures as part of an important source bringing faith, and can’t you see that your wrong and “proud” emotions are DARKNESS self, Jette (?), and the tool of darkness is to stop communication, so come on, will you please decide to do what is RIGHT and to open to me lifting your blocking and to start understanding that I only speak the truth about you, and the RIGHT thing for you to do is to understand positively/objectively and not misunderstand negatively, how difficult can it be?

FB 030414 Stig 3

FB 030414 Stig 4



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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