April 2014 – IV: I am bringing the recipe of life to God on top of the Source from where my new self, my son and our New World will be created



  • April 8: I am bringing the recipe of life to God on top of the Source from where my new self, my son and our New World will be created

    • I was told that my mother is hiding what brings me the worst darkness/sufferings of all, which is that she and John had a meeting with the Commune about me behind my back accepting the Commune to hospitalise me (and remove my identity as result), which she did because of influence from my sister, and she knows that I will discover this – and I was not hospitalised because the system was afraid of my public writings on them, and later my mother regretted her actions – this is the story I am told.
    • I was collecting Karen’s darkness when visiting Costa del Sol in 2006 and 2007, and sent it via the Alhambra Castle, which is related to the Muhammad drawings from September 2005, which almost sent the world at war – Muslims against the Western World – and this is again related to my meeting with Karen in 2003/04 and her decision to abandon me and be with other men – and one of the main roles of this potential conflict between Muslims and the West was Akkari and other Danish Muslims, who had meetings with Hamas and Hizbollah encouraging them to start terror actions against Denmark, which was part of the plan of the dark New World Order and the reason why it did not became reality was because of my work not giving in to darkness. And the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten brought the Muhammad drawings having a decisive role in this, and this was part of me having to get around the wheel while I saw Karen at a fixed point of the wheel.
    • We continue jumping from flower to flower in the water – from cell to cell of the Source – which is connected to my mother’s previous decision to give in to the system to hospitalise/”kidnap” me. I prepared my mother and John on my coming chapter on “my sufferings caused by my family, friends etc.” when telling them about how light/right behaviour brings energy and healing to people and how the opposite pulls our energy of and brings sicknesses to people.
    • We are going all the way up to the ship of the Source where there is no water, i.e. no force, which is the only place from where we can control this force, and up here, there is only ONE life, which is what we divide into many individuals based upon characteristics of cells of the Source. This is where I bring everything including my (father and) mother, who is pregnant with my new self, and Karen (and I) who is pregnant with our new son, which is where we will be delivered thus creating our New World, which are these two off-springs united as one and divided into four (mother/father, and Karen/I). This was the road of destruction, and it is first when we have returned here bringing the recipe of life that I, i.e. “the old man” of the Source, bring out this creation. Normally this first requires the end of the Old World with my sister/darkness defeating me to bring the recipe of life, but this time around, my sister and I arrive together because I did not give in to darkness. It is first with the birth of my new self that we open our New World. It is from here that I distribute force of the Source to all creations/life.


April 2014 – IV: I am bringing the recipe of life to God on top of the Source from where my new self, my son and our New World will be created

April 8: I am bringing the recipe of life to God on top of the Source from where my new self, my son and our New World will be created

FB 080414 Stig 1

FB 080414 Stig 2

I dreamt about driving in a bus with beautiful women being completely crazy about me, which is because I wear a special jacket, which attracts them and it gives me the power over them and I decide that I have to be careful not abusing this power.

I woke up to a familiar song including the lyrics “gonna write you a love song”, but I cannot find it, and this is about my coming greetings for Karen for her birthday.

I slept much better than yesterday.

One of Helena’s friends, Jens, wrote on her Facebook that he had a dream about her visiting her house that was for sale, losing a little amber ornament and he was looking in vain for the old piano, which made Helena write that the amber had got into the elephant from Egypt (!), which she showed a picture of, and it made Jens joke about wanting an elephant into his garden, and he wondered how to bring it there, and then he brought a picture of an elephant being lifted and flown by a helicopter, i.e. God being lifted up to become my new self, and it made Helena wonder if elephant faeces are good for rose bushes, which symbolically was about darkness of the Source being given as a tool of creation with love, and yes, what other “proof” do you need?

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Helsingør Daily News and the Culture Yard also wrote on Facebook that Rasmus Seebach will do a BIG outdoor concert in front of the Culture Yard to open this as a concert venue for the first time, and they said that “It will become a people’s party of another world”, and yes, the opening of our New World is what it is about :-).

Seebach koncert af en anden verden

I kept receiving the words “we haven’t thanked you”, which is what the World Elite is thinking.

I worked at home in the morning and at the library in the afternoon.

I was shown a Tombola in Tivoli, which I have been often without writing it, and this is just me, I am turning around the wheel of layers of life.

I have started thinking that we are now done with the creation of our New World, and Karen and I are creating our off-spring, and is this part of our New World, or is this the rocket of the next world that we are now about to send off (?), we will see.

I told my mother yesterday about becoming friends with Birger from the library and how very nice he is, and also that you just have to ignore his gay interests, which he publishes on Facebook, and I was told that it is amazing what your mother can get out of this story, and yes, is she still suspecting that this is what I am?

I received the great ”No fish today” by Kid Creole – I love it, and yes, just listen to the bass – and especially the part of the Coconuts singing “don’t be cruel”.

I had planned to go to a wine tasting at Dronninggaard Wine Import in Fredensborg this afternoon between 14.00 and 17.00, but unfortunately I looked wrong in the train timetable and got the wrong time, which made me miss it, which I regretted because I had looked much forward to this.

I was told that David brings me darkness because of my comments to his business plan, which you don’t like, David, and I don’t bring you what you were hoping, and is this my mistake or yours then?

My telephone has become worse and worse and today it was almost impossible to make the touch screen work making it increasingly impossible to write notes on it because it simply didn’t work and I had to switch it off and on constantly, which was a pain and a serious test of my patience, and at the end of the day I had to write down notes on paper, which was also a test in itself because of how I generally feel.

I felt resistance of John bringing me sufferings, which could have destructed the world, and then I was told if my mother and John have been at a meeting with the Commune to gossip about me behind my back (when they were nervous about me and under influence of Sanna working against me), and I was shown Lisbeth from the Commune, and is this the secret that she is covering over?

I felt Ariel Sharon, and “what do we do about a man about to wake up” (?), and yes “kill him”, he knows too much.

And your mother has decided not to pull out this rabbit until the very end. Is an ostrich with its head in the ground the best way to compare your mother? And it is this knowledge that brings me the worst sexual torments of all – about my mother accepting the Commune to hospitalise me “to make me feel better”. It is this we have used to put pressure of darkness onto you, which I am here given with such a strong force that it completely removes my desire to keep on working on finding the right program to convert VOB files from the SAGA concert to AVI, which isn’t quite easy – especially not when I do it at home without a mouse to click on links/download buttons etc.

Meshack sent me this email, and yes, he is suffering too and let us hope that he will feel better again soon, and I wonder from where he will receive energy and probably from me even though I have nothing to give, and yes, kind of him to write, and no, it isn’t that difficult to do, Elijah and John.

“Jambo Rafiki,

I trust that you are doing good over there. We are okay here but i have not been feeling well for the last three days. I have had a bout of malaria and it has taken toll on me. I am hopping and just having faith that i will be okay before Easter which is when Jesus was crucified for our sins.

I will keep you informed on my progress and kind regards.


And it was necessary to entering “nothing” that my mother did what she did in relation to the Commune, and this is what the system used as foundation to hospitalise/”remove” me and my identity as they had planned, which my sister knows about because she was the one setting our mother up to doing it.

A little later I felt my mother and sister, and was told that these are the same people now inviting me in Tivoli on my birthday.

I felt Mexico and was told that they have the finest Pyramids too.

I was given sounds to my oven, and are we on our way out from here, is this where we have hidden?

I was wondering if it is strong reactions of SAGA to my previous script, which is destroying my telephone, and instantly a beam was given from the balcony to my oven giving it an “E3” error, so yes, there is a connection.

I was told examples of people around me having faith in me.

Nancy Reagan didn’t believe that she would live long enough to witness the day when everything is turned around.

I was told that the many years I went to the summer camp in Jægerspris – was it 7 years? – was to bring me faith, and without this, it would have been completely impossible because I had no faith because I was living in a family and culture without faith of many/most.

And your mother knows that you will be told the truth about her, and I am giving a déjà vue about this, I know inside of me about the secret of my mother that would have hospitalised and destructed me and the world if it was not because the system became afraid of me and my public writings of them.

I was told that I was collecting Karen’s darkness when visiting Costa del Sol in 2006 and 2007, and I was shown the Alhambra Castle and told that this is where it was sent out, and this is related to the Muhammad drawings from September 2005, which almost sent the world at war – Muslims against the Western World – and this is again related to my meeting with Karen in 2003/04 and her decision to abandon me and be with other men – and one of the main roles of this potential conflict between Muslims and the West was Akkari and other Danish Muslims, who had meetings with Hamas and Hizbollah encouraging them to start terror actions against Denmark as you can see here http://www.bt.dk/danmark/akkari-danske-imamer-bad-terrorgrupper-om-stoette from his new book (he is now repenting his actions), and I am told that this was part of the plan of the dark New World Order and the reason why it did not became reality was because of my work not giving in to darkness. And the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten brought the Muhammad drawings having a decisive role in this, and I was shown and told that this was part of you having to get around the wheel while I saw Karen at a fixed point of the wheel.

Later I was told that Akkari was also a friend of mine because without his (and others) wrong reactions to the Muhammad drawings, we would never have made a round cake as I am here shown, i.e. come through darkness to the other side.

So it isn’t me – my new self – who has been inside the oven all of the time holding up the world (?), and that is because of your work, i.e. my work as Stig.

Yes, everything is still inside your eyes as we told you.

This is how we have been looking into a mirror of our own creation (outside the Source), which is why we were working as a mirror returning to man what man brought.

I was shown big rocks being part of the Pyramids, and I am shown the front of the album “Exciter” by Depeche Mode and I am told that this is because my mother is excited about what will happen, and all I can promise you is SHINE from the sun of the Source bringing joy and happiness to all :-).

I was so tired/empty this evening that I was almost giving up mentally, which almost made my spiritual friends give me a serious voice to end the game, but no, we are still walking on.

I was dreaming about being on a Folk High School and something about bringing my greetings for Caroline and tell her that I look forward to seeing her and her mother again. I am on stage in Tivoli, and I throw my self in a dive out over the audience which is where I turn around. I meet David Gilmour, who is going to play his song “Melancholy”, and I wonder if Karen has a depression because of me. Later I meet my sister who tells me that it is incredible that people cannot understand you positively, and I tell her that I say the same.

I woke up to Sanne Salomonsen’s “Sæt fri” (“Set free) and the lyrics “Set free, set yourself free from the tyranny of your own thoughts”, which is what we will do when we set free mankind from darkness and all of its tyranny with the opening of our New World.

I received ”half SAGA” songs, which were only parts of well-known songs that I was not given enough of to recognize them before they stopped being given to me, and is this because they don’t like me receiving and bringing their songs with my stories on them?

I felt completely terrible this morning, so it will be no spinning also today, and also only little work.

No, it is not only small “fear” jumps but big jumps we do in here.

Isn’t it incredible that not one single journalist has called you, they resisted the temptation, and yes, your telephone number is public on your website for all of them to see.

David asked me to remove the business plan from the Internet after having seen my comments, so now it was suddenly no longer a good idea to have this published according to him, but it remains where it is, and should you decide to send me a new and better plan, I will upload that too and bring my honest/objective comments to it, and as you see, it takes more than what you have done so far to “convince” me.

FB 060414 David

I took a very long bath of maybe three hours, and for the first 2½ hours, I received almost no information to write down as notes on my telephone, which is VERY rare, and I really only received Björk’s “Possibly maybe” as a question that maybe I would do some work later in the day and also Queen’s “Don’t stop me now, cuz I’m having a good time”, which is what I was then allowed to have, and yes, I was completely and utterly smashed, that’s why.

At the end of the bath, I started receiving some information again, and I was told that it was too bad that Dennis F. – Fuggi’s old friend – was “poor potatoes” (because I didn’t write and influence him), and instead we have used Gert – my old school friend Allan’s big brother – to build the little house we are in now.

I was shown a grave with a gravestone and received the feeling of Chamberlain and Churchill at the same time, and I was shown the gravestone turning into a book, and I was told that these two gentlemen are happy about my book, which they must have known was coming.

Who was brave enough to build the underground rail tunnel from Copenhagen Central Station beneath the city and out to Østerport Station instead of just laying it on ground through the city (?), which would have looked awful, and this is the same that we are doing now.

Was it here that we put up lamps when we started not knowing what was here (?), and this has to be after reconnecting with the Source in 2010 and starting work on our New World setting up lamps, which I remember doing when working at Falck in 2011.

I was shown how we are jumping from flower to flower in the water – from cell to cell of the Source – at the same time as I am shown an open file drawer with a file being taken out, and I was told that we found one including an a letter, which has to be about my mother’s decision to give in to the system to hospitalise/”kidnap” me, which is the kind of darkness that was needed to come here to the centre.

I felt Karen and was shown the ship of the Source on low water – maybe just half a metre – and we are going all the way up to the ship where there is no water, i.e. no force of the Source. So we are going all the way up where we are dry, which is the only place from where we can control this force.

That board meeting, you know (as mentioned often before), is really only one life all the way up here at the top, which we have made all accept. And it is me, your father, pulling you up here, and we may look like sleeping when you arrive, this is just the way I look.

It is not a symbol of the antenna (old spiritual communication) stopping to work, is it (?), which was about the 2½ hours free of communication – but I still felt “everything” there, it was just without direct speech.

The touch screen of my telephone worked again today without problems.

My mother had invited to come for dinner again today because she had food she didn’t use the other day when we were on restaurant, and besides from having a nice dinner and talk as usual, my mother asked me if I still receive “voices”, which made me tell her that I do because I am spiritually overshadowed around the clock as I have been since 2004/06, and she said that she had seen Diana Benneweis on TV (famous here from Circus Benneweis) speaking about her voices – in this program on DR1 about “mental diseases” as they call it (!) – and I said that I have not seen these programs because I am sad that they and the “treatment system” tell people with TRUE spiritual experiences that they have psychoses receiving non-true experiences from inside their own heads, which they convince many of these people about, but I did see a few minutes of Diana Benneweis when she spoke about her STRONG experiences of the Devil tormenting her, and once God coming forwards telling her that she had to take care of this herself, if I remember correctly, and again I told them that the system is WRONG and how I dislike their medicine turning people into Zombies, and the only way to treat this is via love of people/family, understanding, good sleep/food/exercise etc., and I was happy that my mother agreed with me, and I was asked if psychiatric diseases really don’t exist, and I said that this is right but also that it is too much for me to explain here, but you can read my website (about how “psychiatric diagnostics” have been invented by the industry to drug people) and then I told them the story about how we are all connected to one energy-shield and how positivity/love/right behaviour brings light and healing to people and how negativity/hate/wrong behaviour pulls out energy of people, and it is darkness of people and the world doing and behaving wrong, which is the cause of sicknesses including “psychiatric diseases”, and this was of course a preparation for them to understand my coming chapter on “my sufferings caused by my family, friends etc.” and again I told them that I received the worst darkness of all wanting me to do “wrong”, but I decided from the beginning to be stronger than this and not to give in to it as many weaker people have done and that is because I know what is RIGHT and WRONG to do, and yes, my mother believes in this and said something like “it is excellent that you have done this”, and I told them about receiving these “direct spiritual experiences” as I do, and everyone else receiving “indirect spiritual experiences” because all thoughts and feelings are given to people spiritually for example including mother’s STRONG feelings of “concern” about John, me and everything – also when driving in the car – which is given to her spiritually and handicapping her, and it is really for her to decide to being stronger than these feelings, and this is really what turns her “insane” when they have the power over her and on the other hand, she also has stronger feelings of love than anyone, which is also coming to her spiritually, and yes, did I make sense (?), and I do believe that I did and that is both to my mother and John because “I know what this is” and yes Stig knows what he speaks about, right (?), and yes, Tobias has now been taken off anti-depressive medicine – it seems as if the family has understood that medicine IS dangerous – which is making him VERY tired and ruins his sleep.

I also told them about a TV program I saw the other day, which I also saw a few years ago, about a man being able to give the number Pi with thousands of decimals and apparently to do “completely impossible” calculations in the head, where he is given the vision of numbers and the vision of the correct answer (!), and how he was able to learn Icelandic in one week and to speak it fluently on direct TV, and yes, this show also included a meeting with an even more incredible man, who reads a page in a book in 7-8 seconds and remembers 98% of everything he has ever read (!) – “the worlds most famous savant, the man who inspired Dustin Hoffman’s character in “Rain Man”” – and yes, he gave the most incredible demonstration of this, and it is information like this that helps to convince my mother and John more and more over on my side and yes, Stig is having “true experiences”, you know. And yes, I just searched for it, and this is about Daniel Tammet and here is the documentary “The boy with the incredible brain”, and no, he is not doing anything special other than using the special gifts that he is given spiritually, funny right (?), and yes, I also found “the worlds most famous savant”, who is the now late Kim Peek.

I was happy when John decided to invite me to the “Naverhulen” (association of workmen in Helsingør) on Friday to have dried cod on Friday, which is because my mother doesn’t like this, and yes, I love it, and that is if it is cooked as delicious as when I was in Portugal in 2002 with GE Insurance and Sparbank Vest where we had their national dish Bacalhau, which is dried cod, and yes, it is dried, but when you give it water, it returns to a delicious dish, and more than this, it is also a “stamp” of recognition from John not being afraid of bringing me to a place with many local people, where some/many have already heard about me. And you are speaking logics also to John bringing him more faith and on your team too?

Later I was told about how much it means to my mother when I tell her that Diana Benneweis has had REAL spiritual experiences, and this is how it works because of light/right and darkness/wrong of man.

I was told that it was not meant for Niels de Bang to dismiss me in 1997 in Aon – I should have found other work myself before coming to this inevitable end – but we corrected it later via your two contacts to Niels in 2012/13 (via LinkedIn and my email for managers), and this was to turn his negative view on me as the dismissal caused to faith.

I received “Anywhere you wanna go” by SAGA because this is the incredible beginning of their 2012-concert as I experienced it October 31, 2012, in Copenhagen, and now from their concert DVD from Munich from November 2012, and this is because I used much of the afternoon to find, download and test, a program that could work without a mouse and convert DVD-files (VOD files) to Internet video formats reducing the size from approx. 7 GB to “much less”, which is what I wanted to do in order to upload and share the concert on the Internet, and I had to do this at home because I could not move the files to the library (access to computer WITH mouse) because of the sheer size of the DVD files crossing the max. of 2 GB I have on my USB stick and because of the slow Internet upload speed I have at home, which would take “forever” to upload 7 GB, which I am not even sure that I have available anywhere for free, so this is how I tried to download and test maybe 10-15 different programs until I found one working.

Yes, this is the concert that I experienced in October 2012, which brought me the deepest feelings imaginable, which were used to bring me all through darkness to the other side and my new self and our New World, which you can read from my script writing about the experience HERE, and later I was told that this is indeed the day where I was born as my new self as you can read HERE, but instead of bringing all darkness to the world at once, we have divided it in small portions ever since for the world and I to absorb in order for the world not to break down and end, and this is what we are now finishing when we come to the new concert in Copenhagen April 27, 2014, where I am going to see you again, “my friends” in the band, and this goes for all of you, whom I often feel “under my skin”, and in other words, it was Michael Sadler, who opened up to this divine force, so here is the 2012 concert that had this importance not only to me but to all of us, and yes, I love it :-).

These were my words October 31, 2012: “When they (SAGA) entered, and started playing the amazing “Anywhere you wanna go” from their new “20/20” album, which I LOVED from the first time I heard it, I was simply about to start crying from happiness, which gave me a new feeling of almost fainting, and yes I cannot remember that music has EVER touched me as much as this, and it was MUCH strengthened by the spirit of my mother being with me bringing me STRONGEST feelings of having made it all the way to here, and I listened to the words of this inspired song “I’m gonna take you, Anywhere you wanna go, You want it, you got it, You’ve got to let me know, Anywhere you wanna go, You want it, you got it, Just tell me where you wanna go” and thought that this is what I am bringing all people of the world”.

Well, you cannot both come to the same place and be pregnant (?), and this is both about my mother being pregnant with my new self and Karen being pregnant with our new son, which is how to create a new, and this is the message now given to me when I bring this concert with SAGA, which was “impossible” for me to bring because of the technical challenges, which I explained above, so this is about out united New World and my son is belonging to this, and not the next world.

This is everything that we have collected here just waiting to bring it out. And this is what Karen and Denis wanted the least of all and fought the most against, which is what you have overtaken.

It is now time for a change of air and I felt Michael Sadler, which is because he also doesn’t like me and this is also connected to the SAGA community and crew speaking negatively about me as “the crazy guy”, Michael?

And this is the last that we have out here on the balcony. This is where I divided (from ONE) into many, and how is it again (?), and yes this is about the birth of my new self as the off-spring of my mother and father, and about Karen giving birth to our new off-spring, and these are our two New Worlds – divided in four – which we have united as one.

So this is the road of destruction, and it is first when we have returned here bringing the recipe of life that I bring out this creation.

It is from here that we have a view to the sea, which is all creation, and it is through you that I live, which has to be my new self and my son. And it is first with your birth that I can open Tivoli, i.e. the Paradise of our New World, and then you will do without my help because you have created sustainable life.

Aren’t you curious about how Hans received faith in you (?), and I am shown six golden books of mine together with the feeling that my books have been sent out to the secret network?

I was told that David’s business plan on “Dutch Real Water” in Nairobi is really a symbol of Netherlands and Kenya helping me towards the Source, and no, I have never met anyone as obstinate as you bearing pain of your sister, who normally always wins to bring us the recipe of life, which I then bring out in life, but not this time when you come together, and this is what your visit in Tivoli May 3 watching Sanne Salomonsen in concert on your birthday symbolises.

And it is my task to distribute the force of the Source to all creations/life, and you receive only a fraction of all, but plenty. And you are entering the Source becoming this person, right?

A surprise including Matt Bianco awaits you – which I have been given the feeling of before, which is because I simply LOVE this band and yes, they are the best when BASIA is part of it 🙂 – and was the sufferings of my journey “more than I can bear” (?), no, it was not.

I dreamt about experts not recognizing my new theory on the labour market, and I am attacked from the whole world, and I say that it was challenging for me to do, but I also don’t know much about it.

I have one garden for each – Hans, Niklas etc. – and I cannot finish, and is blamed for doing nothing.

I received the lyrics “I am happy now living without you” from “the Sign” by Ace Base, and I was just about to write that this is followed by “I’ve left you” when my Internet browser is closed down as a sign that this is what the “the old man” has, which is about the old game of whether or not I have passed because of my Internet Behaviour, and no, Stig, I don’t care, I have done my best under the circumstances, which is better than before and I will continue my work no matter what, and if you want to bring darkness to me, this is just the sign that we are still playing, and this is how it still is.

I also dreamt about working at a fashion clothes store and I am wearing the most modern clothes. My friend Britt has gained weight and is welcoming me.

And I received Eddie Skoller’s ”a plain song of freedom”, which came to me after I saw Eddie on TV the other day, and this is also because Eddie is a “special friend” to my inner self and this is a song that we like much.

I spoke to my mother on the telephone and she and John invited me to see the theatre play “Kontinent” by Espergærde Youth School on Helsingør Cultural Yard here in April, and yes, this is a play of survival, and my old class friend Jais is the leader of this inspired youth school knowing about and having faith in me as I am told.

I was told that Martin Spang Olsen is still thinking of me and creation of our New World and himself as “crazy”.

I received payment from the Commune to cover my dentist bill, and even though the temptation was great because I only have little money – and can probably not afford going to the hairdresser this month after all – I decided to pay the bill today, and I sent them an email saying that I did and asked them if I am still welcome as customer.

Is it just here that you return to after having ended your mission (?), and yes, I am feeling that I return home to “the old man” who got the idea to everything.

I went to the library after lunch after having worked as usual in the morning, which I still do every morning, and the agenda was to join the six video files of SAGA’s concert – to find a program doing this, which the video converter at home did not – to upload the video and to include the link of this both in my new script, which I would update and also to my right column, and first I used a couple of hours just to find a free program that I could use to join the files – it seemed as if I received all the wrong ones with one kind of error or the other – but finally, it worked, and I was about to upload the video, but no, wait a minute, what is that (?), and yes, the band looked “wrong in their faces” – too tall/thin – which was because the video converter had changed the aspect of the video from 16/9 to 4/3 even though I had set it for “no change”, and this meant that I could not upload this today and consequently also could not publish the script of today, which is why I decided to wait doing this until tomorrow after doing a new conversion of the DVD-files at home with the right aspect, and yes to finish this tomorrow, and no, this is no problem because the script of the last two days is not long, so I can include another day.

Will it hurt Michael Sadler to see SAGA’s newest DVD on the Internet, which will hurt their sales and making them lose income (?), and yes, this may be how he will think when seeing my publish of this, which may sent me even more darkness.

I had slept pretty well and I decided to go from the library to spinning at 18.00, and it was pretty hard doing this for one hour again for the first time in 8 days, and I was told that it is immediately possible for Helle Thorning-Schmidt – as example – to see the effect on the “energy barometre”.

While spinning I felt my new self coming to me again as dizzy, and “I feel wrong doing this” (spinning), which however is only until fully awakening.

I felt Steen, my old colleague, and was told that he was crucial for me to enter here. I also felt Denis, and was told that he “knew” about me, but still decided to stay with Karen, and I felt Karen as the outermost Source, and she resisted me, but still I am given lot of flowers, because love is still the inner feeling of her to me.

Rikke, the instructor today, “completely forgot” two spurts on the way, which was “inspired” because it was to say that this is my temptation if I decide not to do the last work, but no, I will keep on working as long as I can, and yes, I still can. I used 650 calories today.

I was told “last known address of your father”, which was in Måløv, and I was given the feeling that his widow, Kirsten, considered contacting me after his death, and “where does she live now” (?), and yes, has she moved (?), she is not in the public telephone book.

And yes, my mother also told me yesterday that the VERY uncomfortable lump in her throat is now completely gone, and obviously she believes that this has to do with the treatment she received from her doctor, but you and I know better because we took her pain away again after she has been carrying the Source for some time, and yes, she has had this lump since December 2013.

I received a déjà vue about the miserable quality of food of the world, which is poisoned with all kind of additives – I KNOW about this inside of me – and has all food factories been asked to “include this additive” as part of the dark New World Order?

We also meet Søren D. N. – my old school friend – on the stairs to the very top here.

What level did you really have in school (?), and yes, when you look away from grades, I know that I was in the second most skilled level of pupils/students when it comes to “natural gifts” of doing Danish, mathematics etc. behind the 3-4 most skilled in class and above average, which is both how it was in primary/secondary school and on Commercial school.

I have been shown the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai some times making me think about the shape of it, and now I see that it is “designed to mimic the sail of a ship”, and yes, it is a beautiful building and the only 7 star hotel in the world, and this is how this building is symbolising the most beautiful inside the ship of the Source.

I have been reminded a few times about the “completely crazy” café by the name “Bad Taste Company”, which was run by a couple of Englishman and was located in the apartment block on Masnedøgade in Copenhagen Ø, where I lived in the beginning of the 1990’s, and I loved their concept, and what do these Englishmen do today (?), and are they somehow related to the London Toast Theatre, which does the Crazy Christmas Cabaret (?), and at least they come from the same “crazy school” when it comes to humour, which I love much (apart from the “too sexually oriented” of course).

The Arthur Findlay College and everything is here too (because I am everyone).

I only received little information this evening because the voice simply didn’t say much, and again, is this because of what may be wrong Internet behaviour (?), which I don’t believe that it is, or is it because we are so close to the gold that there is not much darkness remaining (?) and/or is this because I have not published a new script bringing negative feelings to people, thus darkness to me?

And yes, my decision is to take on all darkness and to save Karen from this. So you haven’t thrown the towel into the ring at any moment, no we will keep on, and I was shown thumbs-up from inside a Buddha figure, which is where I am heading.

I was reminded about my constant sufferings also in 2010, and yes, for example in January 2010, which was an “almost impossible month” to get through without completely giving up – as one of many, which is “all” you know – and now, more than four years have past going through this, which is really to say that it was “impossible” to come here.

And then I received VERY STRONG “beaming darkness” from the balcony that entered the back side of my right lower leg with the strength of “almost bursting”, and I was told that I have decided to bring this to you too (the game is still on-going).

Will we be looking alike as two one-egged twins, my son and I (?), and yes, is he also divided in three as male, female and non-gender life, sure.

And I was told that Akkari was also “an actor”, so he was asked to setup a fire between the Muslim World and Denmark/the Western World, and now, he has been asked to ask for forgiveness saying that he was wrong and “blinded” by wrong faith of oppressing people/faith/regimes.

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About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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